From Mind Control to Superstardom: The Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”


The music video “Marry the Night” tells the story of Lady Gaga’s rise to fame in the entertainment industry. Oddly enough, her “journey” begins with her describing the symptoms of a trauma-based mind control victim. Is there a deeper meaning to this video? We’ll look at the symbolism of “Marry the Night” and its underlying occult meaning.

Lady Gaga generated a great buzz among her fans when she announced that the video to Marry the Night would reveal a part of her past. Did her fans expect the video to begin with a traumatized Gaga inside a psychiatric ward with a bunch of lobotomized girls? Probably not. But from that strange starting point, the video proceeds to depict Gaga’s rise to super-stardom. How does all of that tie in together? To most, this doesn’t really make any sense. However, to those who understand the relation between trauma-based mind control and the entertainment industry, it makes perfect sense. While many of her previous videos referred to mind control in subtle and symbolic ways (see previous articles on Vigilant Citizen), Marry the Night takes it a step further, pretty much spelling it out. At the very start of the video, Gaga’s monologue defines in unequivocal terms the plight of a mind control victim. Despite her hardships, she says, she is determined to make it in the music business and is ready to do whatever it takes to reach her goal. She therefore “marries the night”, an expression that has a profound meaning.

The video is Lady Gaga’s directorial debut and, according it is basically a “big thank you” to Interscope Records – the record label that signed her. This is definitely true but the video also says thanks to those behind her record label: the “Night” that she married. Let’s look at the video’s most important scenes.

In the Psychiatric Ward

The intro of the video shows Gaga as the patient of some kind of psychiatric ward. While laying on a stretcher that is pushed by two nurses, Gaga describes the way she perceives reality. Affected by a violent trauma, Gaga escapes into her own world to be able to go on. The mental dissociation that is described by Gaga is in direct accordance with the purpose of trauma-based mind control, the basis of Monarch Programming (see the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control for more information). Monarch programming uses various methods, including violence, drugs and abuse to induce violent trauma and cause the victim to dissociate – a natural defense mechanism of the brain. The fracture of the personality that results from the process is then exploited by the mind-control handlers to program within the subject’s mind new “alter” personalities. This is also described in Marry the Night, as Gaga creates a new persona to obtain superstardom.

The process also causes the victims to have huge memory gaps when recollecting the past. In during the intro of the video, Gaga describes how a victim of Monarch programming would perceive reality:

“When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happen, it’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest, because I invented it. Clinical psychology arguably tells us that trauma is the ultimate killer. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics. They can be lost forever. It sort of like my past is an unfinished painting and, as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again. Its not that I’ve been dishonest, it’s just that I loathe reality.”

Gaga basically says that she went through trauma that was so horrific that it caused her to dissociate from reality. Since she cannot cope with the true nature of her existence, her psyche has “filled in all the ugly holes” and created an inner-world where she can escape and survive mentally. This is exactly what happens with MK slaves, who, while dissociated into their fantasy world, get programmed by their handlers. Gaga then proceeds to describe how her dissociated mind perceives her surroundings.

The nurses wear their caps in a “stylish” way because we are seeing Gaga’s dissociated perception of reality

In Gaga’s reality, the nurses are wearing “next season Calvin Klein” and she is wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Also, the nurses’ caps are tilted to the side like Parisian berets because she thinks “it’s romantic”. So what we are seeing is not reality, but Gaga’s perception of reality that has been distorted by trauma. Since she loves fashion, the fashion world is integrated in her mental escape to make reality bearable. The premise of this scene is very similar to the movie Sucker Punch (analyzed in the article entitled “Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy), where a young patient of a psychiatric hospital dissociates from reality before getting a lobotomy.

Lobotomies also appear to be happening in Gaga’s ward. As she arrives in her room, we notice that it is filled with brain-dead girls with bandages around their heads. This hints that Gaga’s “institution” deals with mind control-related stuff.

On her bed, Gaga speaks with a nurse – who also happened to have delivered her when she was born. This is rather odd (for many reasons) but confirms that Gaga’s existence has been under tight control since her youth. Is this bit part “autobiographical” or fiction? Hard to say.

Something happened to her back

When Gaga turns around, her back reveals that something awful happened to her. The nurse tells her “No intimacy for two weeks”, which hints to the fact that the trauma might of been of a sexual origin. She nevertheless tells the nurse that “she’ll make it” and that “she’ll be a star” because she has “nothing left to lose”. In other words, the trauma she suffered left her lost and empty but that hole can be filled by her two obsessions: fame and success.

The Metamorphosis

After the depressing hospital scene, Gaga is in her apartment when she gets a phone call from her manager announcing that she’s been dropped by her label. She replies “But I’m an artist!”, as if artistic integrity is the top priority of record labels. She then loses it and goes into a topless frenzy involving Cheerios and smudged makeup. The messy scene is juxtaposed with images of Gaga gracefully dancing ballet – as a “true artist”. The two scenes are diametrically opposed yet have noticeable similarities. The ballet scene ends with Gaga topless and crying, indicating that both scenes happen at the same time: One in real life and one in her head.

Gaga topless and crying, like in the apartment scene. This represents how Gaga perceives herself, yet she is rejected by her label.

In the next scene, Gaga is in the the tub, accomplishing a significant task: Dying her hair blonde. Her new alter-persona is being created, the one that will become a pop star.

The transformation from Stefani Germanotta to the alter Lady Gaga symbolized by the dying of her hair blonde. She is beginning to do what is needed to make it in the entertainment industry – A shallow alter-ego that will do what is required by record labels. While she’s doing this, she’s humming “Marry the Night”, something she is actually beginning to accomplish here.

Once the transformation is complete, Gaga says goodbye to her ballet company (were they the ones that were lobotomized earlier?). The “true artist” is gone and the superficial diva is born. The camera stays on the art of the room for several seconds, probably due to its symbolic meaning. (the scene was shot at Snug Harbor Cultural Center in NY).

As the camera pans, we see several interesting things. At the top of this shot is Poseidon, the king of Atlantis with his trademark pitchfork. Although he was probably painted there because the shooting location is a harbor (a nautical place), the god takes another meaning in the context of the video: Poseidon is an important figure in the occult elite’s mythology as he is the king of Atlantis, the place where the Mysteries have originated from. Under Poseidon is a lighted star similar to the Blazing star found in Masonic lodges. Underneath the star is written “The Cross is My Anchor” – a Christian saying – but in reverse. I am pretty that the phrase is not actually written in reverse in Snug Harbor. Why was the image flipped? Does this represent Gaga’s spiritual shift as she “Marries the Night”?

The camera then pans to the room’s oculus (a circular window at the apex of  a dome) with a sun as the pupil of the “eye”. The oculus transitions into a full moon. As the scene turns from day to night, Stefani disappears and Lady Gaga emerges.

Marrying the Night

Most music sites say that Marry the Night is about going out, partying and having fun in New York city. But, as it is often the case with Gaga’s works, the symbolism and the imagery of the video hints at a deeper, more ritualistic meaning. As we have seen above, Gaga is passionately fueled by her drive for success and she appears to realize that the key to make it in the industry is: Initiation. Or, in more sinister terms, selling one’s soul.

In the context of the video, the expression “marry the night takes an almost metaphysical connotation. Marriage is a religious ritual, a binding association between two people. What does it mean when one marries the night? It can mean associating with people who deal in the dark: the occult elite (those we call the Illuminati). It can also signify embracing one’s own flaws and “dark side”. In all cases, there is a definite sense of “rebirth” in the process. And, that’s what we see: A blond Lady Gaga (the alter of Stefani Germanotta) emerges from a Trans-Am dressed in black.

Gaga then goes to “Pop Star Training”. No more ballet, it’s all about doing cool, hip, music video choreography now.

“Yeah, that’s how you need to dance if you want to be on MTV. Go back there and keep doing it”.

Once her training is complete, Gaga is ready for the “big time”. She becomes a glamorous diva and dances what is almost a parody of MTV music videos.

With her cool shades and fashionable backup dancers, Gaga now has what it takes to be a product of the music industry.

We are then treated to a video montage of Gaga living the highs and lows of stardom, complete with gigantic hats, bathroom stall door slamming action and emotionally instability. However, all of this crap pays off: Gaga gets signed to record label.

When you “Marry the Night” (or sell your soul), the doors of the music business magically open. Gaga gets an appointment with Interscope Records.

The video ends with an odd and ominous scene:

In this fiery scene Gaga is dressed in red – the color symbolic of sacrifice and initiation. She is wearing a Paco Rabane hat that is fashionable and symbolic: it completely hides her head. It is owned by the Night now.

Gaga’s live performance on X Factor also exploited the theme of headless-ness in a rather graphic way.

The setting of Gaga’s performance on X Factor emphasizes on the underlying occult meaning of the song. The full moon, the torches and the religious imagery play on the spiritual significance of “marrying the night”. Gaga began the song with her head literally chopped off, a perfect way to describe what figuratively happens to industry pawns.


In Conclusion

Although many describe Marry the Night as a “new direction” for Lady Gaga, the video still exploits her favorite theme: The price of fame. The intro of the video is basically a introductory course in trauma-based mind control, where she describes how dissociating allows her to cope with reality. As the artistic brunette turns into a blonde diva, the Lady Gaga alter-ego is created, one that will do what is required to make it in the music business. The most important requirement is “marrying the night”, which is a poetic way of saying “selling one’s soul” and associating with the dark side. Gaga had to deny everything she previously was to become a brand new person. Therefore, beneath the fashion and the dancing, the video hides an underlying ritualistic theme, as the death of a ballet dancer gives birth to an MTV pop star. From the broken girl who had nothing to lose to international superstar, it took a marriage with the dark side to turn things around. But at what cost? The final scene of the video, complete with hellish fire and a sacrificial red dress tells volumes.

In the grand scheme of things, despite her apparent originality, Gaga brings to the youth a message that is very similar to other pop stars: “Mind control is cool, everyone is doing it” and “Submit to the dark side and you’ll get what you want”. But when things get scary and the night becomes an abusive husband, asking for divorce won’t be an option. Ask Princess Diana.




    • "In order not to destroy prematurely the original institutions, we have laid our efficient hands on them, and rasped the springs of their mechanism. They were formerly in strict and just order, but we have replaced them with a liberal disorganized and arbitrary administration. We have tampered with jurisprudence, the franchise, the press, freedom of the person, and, most important of all, education and CULTURE, the cornerstone of free existence."

      Confusion will keep you in chains, those that you unwittingly placed upon yourself in a spate of naivete. We can sit around all day and wait for VC to ANALyze the next creepy pop STAR's video or song. Or perhaps a monument or photograph but aren't you the least bit curious as to who's currently mind f()@&*ng you and you friends and loved ones?

      The truth is unreasonable, the truth frequently is depressing and it often seems to be evil, but, it has this eternal advantage, it is the truth, and what is built there upon neither brings nor yields to confusion.

      Gaga, you are building on crap baby, therefore you and anyone who "looks to you" will be of the crap.

      • Anyone else wonder if Lady Gaga & Amy Winehouse look similar? The "one who resisted" them is gone, and the "one who accepted" is here.

        I wondered once if God was "a know-it-all." So I wondered about Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All. Sure enough, in her video, her necklace looks much like big horns. Wearing a dress that looks a little like black, dead, torn flesh as well.

        Ducks: It's great that you can recognise truth's eternal advantage. But I think you've forgotten faith, hope & love. :-)

      • And are you sure that the truth your ego is built upon is the actual truth? As what we occultists would say, doubt everything especially those just handed down to you. She is not building on crap, she tries to tell us that. You people are making a big deal about this there are more pressing issues our World is facing right. Sheesh.

      • @ zeus

        Sheesh indeed. You pull out the ego card in hope that no one notices that you call yourself zeus.

        Whatevers clever.

        She Iz building on crap, literally. Do you occultists still not know what the "One eye" represents? Oh, my bad yo, your'e just not allowed to say. So go paint a lightning bolt across your face (zeus) and keep on partying with your bad self. It's what Prometheus would do!

        Under various screen names you keep on referring to the same meme…..knowing it all……my opening quote was from a well known, well respected individual who tried to give us a warning when he wrote his book back in the twenties. THE TWENTIES. It resonated with me and therefore I like to throw it out there, if you would have been the great researcher you like to think of yourself as, you would have understood it a little closer to its contextual meaning. So don't think of it as knowing it all (that's your pet [ego] talking) just think of it as knowing more and you won't feel so jaded.

        In conclusion (@ Steve) Wouldn't it be an act of faith/hope/love if someone were to share with others their hard earned knowledge of this world so that they to could know MORE also?

      • I am a christian but I agree with Zeus on Ducks asking himself the wrong questions because as a christian I think it is far more respectable to stand for freedom and equality than spending our time fighting what is different or what doesn't fit in or doesn't suit our tastes. we live in a cookie cutter world, and if you want to change your society, ask yourself what you can do to help the poor or the sick for example instead of feeling sorry that people are different. Lady gaga is like she is because she is different, meaning smart and educated to me, which is less and less common nowadays. Isn't it what repulses you the most ?

      • Yeah, she did what 'any girl would do'… ((Cucked some sock))

        Once again, not only is she blatantly stating the ugly truth, but just in case you didn't quite catch the inuendo…

        She's gonna pantomime it for us, just so we are all clear.

      • I thought it was a reference to Winona Ryder's line in Black Swan, where she asks Natalie Portmen if she sucked his d*ck?

      • She is gesturing to all those looking down on her to suck it! Duh! Really reaching sometimes……

      • this stuff is amazing….i had heard about gaga and maddona being Satan worshipers but ths site proves it all….i dont understand y gaga is revealing the secret through music…cant illuminati see that the world is gradually realising that they exist???was Micheal jackson also a part of this industry???

    • OPENyourEYESNOWorELS on

      Does anyone here know about the Lina Morgana incident?

      Apparently, Lina and Gaga recorded and collaborated on some music together and were friends before Gaga broke out into the mainstream. Lina released the music video "Far Away" in 2007. She was on the brink of fame, before Gaga.

      Okay, here's where it gets weird:

      Lina jumped of a building and killed herself. Reports say.

      Her family firmly believe that not only was Lina murdered but Gaga stole her soul.

      Was Lina a sacrifice?

      "Every other word she says is from Lina. She talks about having a dark and tragic life, but she had everything she wanted in the world. She went to [the same] high school as Nicky Hilton, her parents were rich. But Lina did have a tough life, and she often talked about her tragic life."–Mrs. Morgana.

      • I DID read an article that was linked from infowars about that, but it was some mighty speculative unsubstantiated journalism. I don't think Stefani killed anyone unless it was part of her MK programming. It is very possible that Gaga was created or inspired from Lina, because often alters are reflections of the idealistic desires of the host. If Lina was the person that Stefani coveted, then that would indeed makes since. However, There is not enough evidence to determine if Stefani pushed her off the building or if it was someone else.

        Knowing that she takes her broken memories and makes them "artistic" if you watch the "paparazzi" video, it is very possible that she witnessed it or knew about the fall. This is all very speculative, but perhaps Lina didn't have what it takes to be a "star." I don't know enough about Lina to really form an opinion.

      • Did you know that when one sells it's soul, gets 10 years to live up it's fame? Lady GaGa did that. And when those years are up, for every extra soul it collects and offers it gains 5 more years. Lady GaGa does not have much left, because she cannot find a suitable soul for her next sacrifice, she will die this year.

    • Lady Manufactured 99 on

      Lady Gaga should've never been so hugely famous in the first place.

      People have the STRANGEST of taste, it's ridiculous.

      Lady Gaga is like a really bad joke… that somehow managed to become famous and have many fans.

      Lady Gaga's fans are ALL MONSTROSITIES, indeed.

      Lady Gaga is the biggest overrated, wack, silly clown I've ever seen and heard.

      • It's not that people have strange tastes, it's just that we're all drawn to things that are fantastic in some way. By "fantastic" i mean based on a fantasy or just seemingly so unreal that it consumes your interest. Hate or love Lady Gaga's "music" she has a knack for being programmed and selling herself as the brand of Lady Gaga. We know how manufactured she is, and yet we still discuss her. We may not necessarily discuss her from a fan's point of view but we're discussing her and that's the ultimate goal is to be discussed for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

        Great article though. I haven't seen the video but I remember there was a massive buzz about it.

        I do have a question though. What's with all the chanting in the songs? She's done it several times and it's really weird.

      • OPENyourEYESNOWorELS on

        Gaga spelled backwards is simply:

        "a gag."

        Gag by definition is:

        1. A thing, typically a piece of cloth, put in or over a person's mouth to prevent them from speaking or crying out.

        2. A joke or an amusing story or scene, esp. one forming part of a comedian's act or in a film or play.

        That is exactly what Lady Gaga is doing, playing a huge joke on us.

      • it is sad that you feel that way ,are you not just a little envy on your part. i am sure that you are one of the people that feel NELSON MADELA( the devil bigest demon) of south -africa is a good man.

      • I take my had of for lady gaga she did what it takes to be the best.

        Did she kill anybody?

        Did she step on someone to get were she is?

        Did she sleep with someone?

        Did she steel from you?

        and the answer Is NO to all the above………………….

        The fact is she always has time for her fans.

        she does not drug her fans to go and she her , we are her fans because she is who she is .

        not like same diva 1.whi———

        2. bey———

        3. reh——–

        4. jan——-

        5. nao—–

        that think they are famous because of themselves.

        you are famous for how you make people feel about themselves when they come in contact with your art or music.

        year ago elvis presley were the devil demon so were is the truth, were your common sense,

        grow up , why dont you concentrate on real things.

      • Yeah but also one of the most talented artists to hit the scene since Madonna.

        Maybe more talented…

      • Also one of the most talented artists to hit the scene since Madonna.

        Maybe even more talented.

  1. HeavenInFlames on

    Spectacular article VC, as usual.

    I just have one question, I didn't get the end, about Princess Diana. What's the theory on what happened to her?

    • I don't know about anyone else, but simply the name "Marry the Night" automatically clicked with "Selling your Soul" for me.

  2. Thanks VC for posting this, I do not watch any videos anymore.

    I only read what they are about.

    It is funny that people like ''us'' see through a lot of things in the video..

    For example, no back spine.. that is a saying in Dutch so everyone should notice that.

    But her true fans and other people who are unaware think it is just fashion and expression.

    Odd actually that she shows us all the details about the price of fame.

    It is really strange that they are showing us these things.

    I don't understand why people still love her so much, what does she have to offer?

    She doesn't teach the youth any good things.

    If Britney would tell us she sniffed coke and did drugs a lot. Was a lesbian/bi

    Everyone would gossip all day and it would be so bad.

    Gaga is getting away with all of it. The companies want a person who will be bad..

    Do everything they want, so they can come into our minds.

    We are all programmed, yet we believe the true artist are not. Because they acts so normal

    And they talk and laugh,, funny that Gaga is showing the otherside of it.

    • But we are indeed programmed, I can see it in myself as I grew older. Nowadays I find such things fulfilling and exciting to say so, of course I know the true meaning behind it all but I can't help, deep inside, it's exciting and I'm sure I ain't the only one. Another day I came to think that I have created many different worlds and personalities within myself to try and escape the reality I did not want, my parents are in no way abusive and I never suffered traumas like the said ones, even so I managed to created those new realities and I'm aware that I shift in between them from time to time. Overall I think all of us do so, unconsciously, but we do.

      • Did you make a video about it that got 20,000,000 hits on youtube?

        This is about a little more than the masks that most people wear, mind control goes just a tad further than that…

      • Without us they wouldn't make 20,000,000 hits on youtube, so we are as much controlled as they are.

      • There's no more to mind control, the thing is that it's as easy to be achieved as breathing. Just about anyone could do so, that's why it's so dangerous.

    • timome evelyn on

      It's not that she get's away with it.. It's that she uses her mistakes in a weird way to help others… It's alright for you to say that but she's a very empowering person at the end of the day.. Illuminati or not her good out ways the bad and that's why she has so many fans.. it's not that they don't see the bad… They are more focused on the large number of good in her that the bad is shut out. She represents reality in the music industry, to me I rather here someone talk about their struggle and bad habits than talk about their fame and how perfect their past was.. because it's more real to talk about your mistakes and that's what she does and that's what people like.. They like to know that as famous as an artist get, they can talk about their mistakes and teach them to not be afraid of your mistakes, learn from them and that's what she does.

    • I am a fan and totally aware that it is much deeper than fashion.

      She is showing the other side of it because she is smart and normal.

      And doesn't like it.

      You guys are just way extrapoling things beyond recognition, and it doesn't lead you towards the right direction, if you want to stop it.

      This is scarier than what you think she is, believe me, or not, …

    • They're only doing this now because time has come now everything is blatant then its suppose to be.We are now at war between GOOD VS. EVIL and Man VS. God…time has come its not in our hands anymore we've tried and tried but there are soo many other of us who are still stuck in the whimsical world..that we have lost the battle terribly god is our only hope now…repent now or forever be tortured and put to shame.

      May we all rest in peace….so help us god

  3. As soon as I saw this video, I told myself: Damn, this VC dude was right all along! The first part is 100% about mind control. Can't be more blatant than this.

  4. I watched this yesterday and came to the same conclusions. The video reads like a book. I don't know whether it's supposed to be a wake up call or as you've concluded promoting the subject matters as cool and desirable. Either way it's very sad to know this type of thing is indeed reality because at this point, it's hard to deny.

  5. The parts in the video where she was putting the hair dye on, lieing on the bed and pouring cereal over herself, seemed too real to be scripted, it's like she has adopted the alter personality of a child in those particular bits. I'm not sure if anyone else thought this too, it's really quite disturbing! It seems she has had some programming of some sort.

    • It was kind of like throwing a temper tantrum or something. But way creepier, because a child would not writhe around like that half naked. And looked like she very much had a screw loose. I just don't get why people want to be entertained by this. And then when the music finally started, I just thought people will think of this as some kind of power anthem, you can't keep me down! But that is false, because she is so far down it is not funny!

    • You are absolutely right. That part of the video, the part where she throws a tantrum/has a breakdown was the only part in the entire video that was not scripted. Watch the Marry the Night interivew, she says so herself that they filmed her for over 30 mins. freaking out all on her own without direction from any outside source. I believe that this moment in the video represented her dissociation to create the alter persona Lady Gaga. The call from the label, dropping her, was the last drop in an already overflowing glass of trauma.

      • Just like I said in my last post. That VEVO interview was very chilling! I still cant figure out WHEN she was programmed. I wonder if it was from birth or if it was a requirement of her first record label. Maybe the reason she lost it was because she sacrificed herself to them and they still didn't want her. I know if I knowingly or unknowingly forwent those atrocities and had nothing to show for it, then I would have a nervous breakdown like that.

        Something else that makes me think it was performed by the record label is that she mentioned that she chose the mint beres because she thought they would be popular in fashion next year. Well Karl Lagerfeld added mint green to his staple black and white on the Fall 2009 Chanel runway, and she broke onto the scene in 08, so thats around the same time.

    • No she says in an interview that she really was like that.. Some scenes are actually a replica of how she was before others are just alter images.. the alter image for that was the ballet scene.

  6. Interesting article as usual. If you don't mind, take a look at Willow Smith's new video "Fireball." I'm interested in your perspective.

    • The average person is NOT "stupidized," as you put it. There are simply people who do not know the whole story. They need to be educated, not insulted.

      Don't be insulting.

      Thank you.

    • She says that this is her most real video she's done and that it tells her story. She's not hiding anything, she's telling you exactly what these artists go through to be a star and it's not pretty.

  7. I have one Question, you say Lady Gaga has been brain washed and they are now using mind control on here (or there is a possibility that they are). Now if they are controlling her, I am sure Gaga (in a normal state of mind) would resent this, and tell the media. But because they are controlling her, they would most likely be a big part of her directorial decisions. Why would they let her (or even make her) put so many references to the Illuminati and mind control in her video?

    • yeah that is something to think about. it almost seems like they are saying, “how much can we get away with”. Maybe they are testing the waters so to speak. And when everyone eats this up with a spoon, they will push further and expose us to worse stuff through her videos. Maybe it is a joke to them, how much people will accept without question. Hard to say.

    • The same reason they put them in other videos, because they are desensitizing people to the Illuminati symbolism so that they would think nothing of it when they see it elsewhere.

      • Predictive Programming : making us expect and want this crap in the future. Sickening

        I remember a time when music videos were made to promote music. Not to promote submission, fame-seeking, totaliarism, idolatry and stupidity.

    • @ Dayton

      very good questions.

      these are my opinions:

      1. "they" are narcissistic psychopaths. (understand the clinical definitions of these terms)

      -through thousands of years of inbreeding, "satanic" practices, and secret societies they have morphed their ilk into something that is no longer a "normal human being.", and can not be reasoned with.

      2. "they" feel that "they" are the chosen people of their deity. (sun/baal/lucifer,,,whatever they call it)

      -"they" feel that we (society) are merely human livestock here for their purposes.

      this is why they have no problem raping this planet and everything on it.


      they have, VERY SUCCESSFULLY, dumbed down society and have no fear of the SHEEPLE seeing the messages in plain sight.

      if a friend and I speak a language that you dont understand (ie. occult syboligy, russian, swahili, etc.), we could say bad things about you, looking directly at you, and you would not be aware of what was communicated.

      "they" have LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE decoder rings to decipher the messages.

      – as a chosen people , they have a mission from their deity. that mission is to

      2. "they" love to hide (themselves and their messages/occult symbols) in PLAIN sight.


      • @nvra75…. I agree with you that people like this do have a deity, and that it is Satan. However, my deity is the ALMIGHTY God, the creator of the Heaven's and all that is on the Earth. My God cast their deity out of Heaven for the defiance he showed against God. I believe that we are living in the last days of this world and that is the reason it is getting more blatant with everyday, but then again the Gospel tell's us that not even the Son Jesus Christ knows when His return will be, but I have faith that God is protecting us and after I watched this music video I prayed for this world and all that inhabits it. I am afraid, but through God my creator I am beginning to find peace in my heart. I hope everyone else will form a relationship with our creator as well, and accept His loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ before it is too late to have a chance.

        I also encourage everyone to keep fighting the good fight- DO NOT GIVE UP! God is giving me strength and the wisdom to tell my loved ones about certain things that I find and I see people waking up ALL over the place! I pledge to fight the adversary by telling of God's WONDERFUL word with all that is within my soul until the end of my days!

        I also would like to add, on a separate note, that I am in NO way/shape/form better than anyone else. I am imperfect and sinful, just like everyone. However, I am a Christian. I am fully aware of the bad reputation that Christianity has (as a whole) but that bad reputation that is given to us by hypocritical professors of the Faith is NOT what we are, so I beg everyone to look only to the Holy Bible with an open mind and an open heart and see if you feel the Holy Spirit move through you.

        I love you all and wish peace upon your hearts!

      • I just realized that I forgot to finish one of the most important thoughts of my post! (guess I was typing too fast, lol)

        But while I stated that I am not perfect, am a sinner, and human like ALL of us– Jesus Christ IS perfection. He was the perfect sacrifice that lifted the veil between us and the Almighty God! I have accepted His sacrifice as the atonement for my sins, and everyone else has the exact same opportunity!! (This is what gives me strength to get out of bed every morning!)

    • I don't recall where I read it, but from my understanding their belief system requires that they have their intentions displayed in plain sight. However, only those 'in the know' would be able to understand what is being said. I think it may have been in previous articles I have read under this site. I'm not sure, but that is my understanding. Also, I do believe that Lady Gaga and others who are being 'controlled' have an understanding of what is going on. I think they would have made it aware to them before and they just agreed to sell their souls. Satan always copies God and God does not force anyone to accept him. He lets you know what he has to offer and you accept or deny, so I think the devil would copy this as well. Just my thoughts.

      • It's more complicated that that. Devil is the shrewdest and most ruthless adversary of all times, he wouldn't just reveal himself and be straight with you.

    • when you're brainwashed/ when u're already Marry The night, u just dont think again. she wont resent. she's enjoying her time with the night. maybe because it feels to good with all the fame, sin and everything. no going out(unless God). in her video, all the illuminati symbollic, of course to mind control US. the song itself already have chants so that we feel addicted and "hypnoticed". and people just seemed so blinded. they denied to see the truth(because it hurts) people love her, and surely be broken hearted if they know that she's a devil worshipper. i mean, they know, they just refuse to believe. people can choose devil over God without being asked.

      but the answer to your question is, its to mind control us back.

      • Hello the patshow.
        Nodody's "stupid" but people are under the sway of what they hear on TV.
        They will be fooled by "spooks" as you say if they continue to believe in every nonsense spread everywhere.
        I am saying this as a believer and I agree that mind control only works when you believe in it.
        But it is difficult to go against what you are conditioned into believing.
        Peace :)

  8. It seems weird that it is so blatant in symbolism. Of course it makes sense that MTV ignores all the symbolism. They don't want us to know this so they can keep conditioning us. But I wonder, if she is making it so blantant, how much really happened to her (not literally) and how much of it she just wants us to believe happened to her. Obviously she gets a lot of attention for this stuff. Now I am going to start thinking about happier things. Her video gave me the creeps.

  9. When I first saw the video and her "pathetique" I knew there was a much more sinister meaning behind it all involving rituals and mind control, but there were also a lot of things that I missed (her being "spineless") or that I wasn't quite sure about. Great breakdown of the video!

  10. Thank you so much VC for posting this! Me and my sister come to your site all the time and discuss this stuff for hours! If I had watched this video without an explanation, I would be able to tell that there was some dark symbolism there, but I would never be able to break it all down and fully understand it. Thank you so much for helping those who "really want to know" what all this stuff means…

  11. I just don't get why would the occult elite in control of the media let something like this out. It seems to me that Gaga is quickly rising towards her next crash and it won't be pretty. Now that she's got spotlights pointed at her anything that happens will become gossip. I wonder if she is indeed trying to sell it as something nice or if she's trying to double-cross them by sending wake-up calls to the fans.

    • Sometimes I think Gaga is fully aware that she might get thrown under the bus by her handlers. She can't be so naive to think that she will be on top forever. She often talks about how the public LOVES watching "train wreck" stars and would probably love to watch her fall, secretly. It's true. The culture of the West has become a culture of death and perversion. Intelligence is feared and mocked. Beauty is ugliness, etc.

      • thanks to the Gaga revolution, the roles have reversed. bad is good, good is bad and so on… thank you VC for posting this I had a feeling you took a while cause it's a very detailed video. In my opinion the very last image of the video (her in the red – after the fire) looks like the baphomet "as above so below" gesture.

        for any one who is watching it it's minute 13:30

        God bless!

      • Gaga is said to be a hermaphrodite. Her voice is quite masculine too, isn't it? She sounds like those men who take hormones to develop breast tissue.

  12. Also, please notice – she combines water (rain) and fire together, the Sun and the Moon, Gaga's doing alchemical work – coniunctio.

    • @jb

      Sometimes the coniunctio is seen as the union of sacred incest, omnipresent in world mythologies: as fiery gold, Sol is the result of the alchemical transmutation, and as watery Prima Materia, the spiritus aqua, Luna is its origin. This makes Luna the mother of Sol.

      The Night is the Mother of the Daylight, without one, the another can't even exist. Is this the true meaning of the video ? Coping the darkness in our hearts ?

  13. Let me clarify:

    The term "sell one's soul" is definitely not literal when it comes to Illuminati (of course); it must mean "sacrifice yourself", "subject yourself to them", "marry the night :-P" or anything that shows that a person was voluntary to do it.

    Therefore, if Gaga was part of this since birth, it is not her choice and she's a slave ever since.


    how did she "marry the night"?

    • I took this to mean that she sold her soul to the devil. Illuminati is very occult, and use satanic ritual abuse to traumatize as well as build power. After her abuse, and her subsequent determination to become famous, she realized the ones with the power who get what they want are the ones doing this satanic stuff. I took this video to be describing how it happened… how she came to decide to give herself over to satan in order to get what she wanted…. just like everybody else in the music industry.

      An interesting website is, it lists all kinds of musicians and actors and their connections to the occult and how they mysteriously became big once they got involved.

    • An arranged marriage that she has no control over, maybe?

      That's what I see as the basis for a lot of the expression in her vids. She's always submitting herself to an unseen force she feels powerless against.

      • Great breakdown VC reading this prompt to see that "Night" refers to Knight….in other words Marry the Knight…..

    • @Pseudoman97

      Let me clarify:

      if you believe in the ideal of a "soul" then to "sell one's soul" is quite literal, even without the scary deities involved.


      "Therefore, if Gaga was part of this since birth, it is not her choice and she’s a slave ever since.


      how did she “marry the night”?"

      you want specific answer to an irrelevant question to detract from a real issue. you want this to make sense in a traditional linear fashion. "they" do not think linear.

      who cares "how did she marry the night?"

      the fact is that all of her "art" is highly occult oriented and falls in line with an obvious agenda.

      • And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a LIVING SOUL. (Genesis 2:7)

        I'm a Christian and I usually differentiate the words "soul" and "spirit" (there must be no living spirit or dead spirit).

        Therefore, "sell her soul" may actually defined as, as I said earlier, “sacrifice yourself”, “subject yourself to them”, “marry the night ” or anything that shows that a person did it VOLUNTARILY.

        Granted, you can sell your soul without any scary deities involved.

        But can one sell its own soul with deities involved?

        I have not heard and confirmed anyone who has direct contact to such scary deities.

        If you would sell your soul to Illuminati, that would only involve such things as torture, or any thing that reflects MK-ULTRA.

        Now, the question "How did she marry the night?"

        I don't care on what tortures did she undergo because VC himself listed partial of it on

        Here's what I want to know:

        1. If she was born in a psychiatric ward, that would mean that she was born in the Illuminati; SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE OPTION TO DECLINE.

        2. If she sold her soul (a.k.a. marry the night), then that would mean that SHE VOLUNTARILY COMMITTED HERSELF TO THEM.

        Those two were contradictory.

      • @Pseudoman97

        you seem to want to debate the semantics of this issue.

        i cannot answer any of your questions.

        the point i am trying to make is:

        either you understand that there is a group of inbred, psychopathic humanoids that have been controlling and manipulating humanity for a few millennium (atleast in this current paradigm) or you don't .

        if you don't understand….. well, im not sure there is much else to say.

        if you do understand ….. why do you care about these minute details of LG when there is much more to this situation than (He-Ru) worship.

        are you a christian and a LG fan?

    • I just have to say that even if someone is born into something, they still have choices. They may not have a good upbringing or anything close to it, but there are still choices to be made.

      As far as what it means to "marry the night", these people work their way up in the organization. Even people born into it receive constant training (abuse and mind control, we would call it), and they aspire to rise up, and have people under them, like employees in a company. You can look at it like a company if you want. When you rise to a certain level, have done certain initiations, you could use "marry the night" as an analogy for what you have done/accomplished. I think that is what is meant by "marry the night". But the thing is, what did she have to do/suffer/inflict to get to this level?

      I don't think selling her soul means she literally went to a crossroads and made a deal with a demon or something. But it does mean that she serves evil, and that is her goal and purpose.

    • I wonder if it has something to do with a 'Marriage to Satan' – which I think is a ritual of sorts. 'Marry the Night' could be a play on that phrase as it is often said that the devil can appear as various forms including a Knight.

  14. It is becoming so blatant because Jesus Christ is on his way. As the end approaches, the symbols will become even more blatant. The devil wants to make Hollywood, blasphemy, sin, mind control, etc. cool so that when Jesus comes to send him back into the pits of hell , he (Satan) will have numerous followers to go with him. Sadly Lady Gaga is just a pawn in Satan's deceit. Going to Heaven is a reward that cannot be replaced by fame or money. I know I am not supposed to bring religion on this thread, but you cannot ignore THE TRUTH. everyone should take the time to read the book of Revelations (King James Version). To God be the glory, forever and ever. Great job Vigilant!

    • It all loses credibility when you input religion fanaticism into the equation, especially christian. That's just retarded. It's obvious one of the most powerful means to achieve world domination is through religion. It'd hypocritical to state they don't shape people's minds in the church, to make them more and more capable of accepting whatever lie they're told. It always amazes me the number of christians here seeing and reading about mind control, when they're being mind controlled themselves. But of course christians reading this will satanize me… but it's ok, As I said they're trained to respond in this way.

      • TPTB are trying to do away with Christianity…true Christianity that is. They want a one-world religion and Bible-believing Christians need not apply.

      • Well, certain branches of Christianity have either been taken over or have been controlled from the start.

        One example is Catholicism, what with the Pope calling himsef "Christ on earth" and all that jazz.

      • wanted to reply to Dante, but Alexandra and TurntoChrist said it best. (I guess I'll reply anyway lol). You (and most of the world unfortunately) have been exposed to the pseudo-Christians- the pentacostal, the FOX news conservatives, the Catholics (which is a whole different discussion). Remember, D, Catholics killed Christians during the Dark Ages when they kept the masses from reading the Bible. Real Christianity has always been ostracized, as it naturally would be, because it is the truth in a world of darkness. Outta check out this series by the Fuel Project called "Know Your Enemy" (available on youtube) which goes into the history of religions and the NWO. Religious zealots get offended and respond angrily. People with open eyes and minds respond methodically, not attacking the person but addressing the issue. I hope that I have demonstrated the later. Be blessed.

      • I could agree to certain degree that the very essence of christianity stands for something good, however, what I'll never agree to, is extreme fanatic beliefs ie. 'The return of christ', 'everything is sin', etc. All these examples represent how far the Christian church has so far been able to control the masses and turn them into sheep. to me, THAT's a conspiracy Theory! Think about it, If you assume that TPTB are behind the propagation of these christian institutions, then it's a very serious scenario indeed, given that almost 80% of the US is a christian nation, it's scary. I've always considered all the ramifications of the Christian religion (Pentecostal, evangelical, etc) to be merely a mind-control experiment, and one which has succeeded so far… a christian fundamentalist is so brainwashed that he/she at any time could manipulated to kill in the name of Jesus. This may sound far-fetched, but I'm sure many will agree to it. I'm just saying, If I'm saying anything that TPTB are dividing and conquering.

      • well said….All religions. Sit around and wait for a messiah or prophet to return and save the day, while theyre sitting on their butts reading fairy tales. No Accountability or responsibility. Theyre decencitizing the populus with all this symbolism everywhere so when the New Order is put in place, things wont seem out of the norm. The younger generation is eating it all up. Some are even getting tatoos of alot of the symbolism….

      • That reply is pure ignorance of what Christianity truly is, religion is what has hurt the world, Jesus even hated religion, the original religious people were the people who persecuted Jesus. TRUE Christianity is NOT religion, matter of fact, if you truly knew what you were talking about, you'd know that TRUE Christianity says to LET GO OF THE WORLD, NOT TO DOMINATE IT. So please, with ALL DO RESPECT, learn the Bible before you make assumption on what TRUE Christianity is. ALL religions are fueled by Satan, but TRUE Christianity is about sacrifise and denial of self and the world.

      • I agree that religion and religious fanaticism are total opposites. Maybe Masons should all reread the Bible because the principles that they claim to defend : democracy, freedom, … are not imcompatible with christian principles. This being said, if western democracies have experienced so many religious conflits, it is above all because of intolerance. I agree that Christians have not always been tolerant, far from it, but extremist ideas are pretty much anchored in Masonic lodges as well. Indeed, in spite of their ideals, all I see in their comments is pure hatred against Christians. As a matter of fact, I believe it will not help our societies at all to divide people like this. Can't we all just accept our differences instead of hating each other ? Wouldn't it be smart, eh ?

  15. If you're wondering WHY this despicable specimen made such a blatantly symbolic video on something she should be criticizing instead of glamorizing, the answer is simple.

    This is her, mocking her audience. They are laughing at us. Taking it as far as they can, testing us to see just how dumbed-down we are. I'm sure it amuses them to find that some are stupid enough to believe this video is just about "partying in NYC".

    This is a game. It has come to this point. It's all a game now.

    • Really! If someone from the time before television and rock and rock came to the current time and saw this video, they would freak out and probably look around to the others in the room watching, and ask, panicked, who they should call. Police? Church? Gaga's parents? The girl has clearly been horribly abused, plus she is clearly either insane or demonic, writhing and dancing half naked the whole time with a dead look in her eyes! She needs help STAT! And what of her abusers? This must be brought to justice! This is a great atrocity!

      But that person would look around at the room full of modern day MTV viewers, to desensitized eyes. Maybe a few would laugh at the naivete of this person from an outdated era who doesn't understand the edginess and coolness of this video. "You don't get Gaga! Don't you understand that she isn't a real person, she's just there to entertain and be crazy and dance naked and wear meat. Her videos aren't indicating anything except to be weird and push the envelope. Watch a few more videos for a few more hours here with us, that'll catch you up"

    • What you are saying goes against what most people are vsaying here—–that Gaga was indoctrinated at an early and never had a "choice."

  16. Although some of your past articles on Lady Gaga have a strong logical base, this one I'm afraid is a little over pitched.

    This music video partly describes Gaga's life in a surrealistic, exaggerated way. The clinic scene is pretty straight forward, with Gaga being called "morphin princess" and the nurse telling her to avoid intimacy for two weeks, which is something that is told to patients after abortions.

    The video starts off as flat as possible, in terms of reality, and as it goes on it becomes more surrealistic.

    The ballet scene, depicts Gaga's inability to practically compare herself with other girls that have more talent than her. In other words, it depicts rejection. The dance scene, where the choreographer talks to Gaga, has nothing to do with MTV. This was a pretty silly comment if you would like my opinion. Instead, if you pay close attention, you will realise that he asked her to go to the back of the class, which for anyone who's had dance classes is clear that is a degrading way of telling a student that they don't dance well enough.

    The whole transformation is part of the idea that is trying to be put across in the video, which is to never give up and if you wanna be in this business you just have to fake you are a superstar. Let others think that you already are what you wanna become, as a trick. And about the end, the explanation hides in the progress method of the video, which follows a surrealism climax. The end symbolizes the "miracle" that is success in the eyes of an aspiring performer.

    Don't try to exhume witches, when there are none. You don't want people to think you are a demagogue and trust me friends and fans of Gaga will know.

    • "nurse telling her to avoid intimacy for two weeks, which is something that is told to patients after abortions."

      A nurse will also tell you to avoid intimacy for two weeks if you've been badly raped or sexually abused.

      And I think that in the article where VC has the screencap of the choreographer whispering to Gaga that this is how she must dance if she wants to be on MTV, his caption is meant to be facetious. At least that's how I interpreted it… I laughed out loud.

    • Lady Born This Manuf on

      VC's analysis makes more sense, in general.

      Why are you talking about abortions and whatnot? Why would Lady Caca make a video about an abortion? How incredibly random.

      And yes, The MTV comment is blatantly and obviously facetious. Everyone agrees that Lady Caca is being told that she isn't dancing like she should, anyway. Period, point blank, that's the bottom line for that scene.

      Your know. Lady Caca is all about being a manufactured puppet, a fame-attention craving lunatic. Therefore, again, VC's break down of the video is the most logical. It's what Lady Caca and her people do all the time : lame, messy, illuminati-ish music and videos.

    • Agree with your analysis Andy, she had an abortion. The intimacy comment, the fact that they removed her spine – she saw it as a cowardly act, juxtaposed to her saying her mother was a saint. She is crying and saying, I'm going to be a star to the nurse, justifying her actions to herself, but it was a traumatic event to her. From there she decided she was going to do everything required to be a star, including selling out to the evil men in hollywood, losing her soul in the process.

      • Stefani Germ is a ca on

        So Lady Gaga had an abortion? Really?

        If that's true, Lady Caca is an even bigger mess than I thought.

        About the repetitive chanting in Lady Caca's music… I think she does it because she is a troll and also because she is attempting to sing in the style of Whitney/Aguilera/Mariah, but fails horribly. Fails extremely horrifically.

      • I agree with the abortion analysis. It was the first thing that came to mind when she was told no intamacy and the comment about birthing her and her mother being a saint. She also says she has nothing left to lose. Did she sacrifice her baby for fame? Who knows?

  17. soon as I saw this I was like wdf this so obvious and than she even says in the interview that its about her marrying the dark side and im like ok…..

  18. I don't think the video implies she had her spine removed. I think it implies that she had a spinal tap because there was only a single injection site that the nurse was treating. This is an extremely painful procedure, used to determine the cause of illness or toxicity.

  19. Marcos Vinicius on

    thank you vc,you open my eyes about the true lady gaga and others artists,sorry for my bad english,i from Brazil,but i loved yours articles,his open my eyes!

  20. Marcos Vinicius on

    I would be very grateful if you look up the song "Major minus" from coldplay, I was quite curious about that letter! now I'm thankful!

    • Great awareness Marcos. When I heard that song, I immediately knew the illuminati imlications. It couldn't be any more blatant. Coldplay is a pawn as well. Just look at their most recent performance on SNL. The eye is in the middle of their stage wall and is in almost every shot of them.

  21. ballet…

    I knew a woman who was into ballet, may have been a rising star at some point. She quit when she noticed that she was no longer doing the moves – she'd black out and suddenly watch herself from the audience. The first time she thought it was something odd; the second time she quit.

    As it happened, she had an abusive past. Parents were "barely there," and the abuse came from someone outside the immediate family. At least that's what she said – I wonder if many abuse victims rewrite their histories to soften their pasts, turn abusive parents to absent parents who allow abuse from other sources.

    As it happened, she got married to an abusive husband. When she divorced, her father supported the husband (Her father vowed to support the husband if she went to a Hindu retreat, she went to the retreat. Her father was a man of his word, suffered for it). She ended up with nothing, changed her name in response.

    She's still active, still teaches yoga. She was a Shivite last I heard from her (though it's been years since I last saw her).

  22. Also … as she starts losing it (after getting dropped), she smashes a mirror with her shoe. This represents the fragmentation of her mind, during which alternate personalities are created. Immediately after, Lady GaGa is born in the tub as she bleaches her hair.

      • Yes and don't forget the exploding car with her in the foreground. I remember that from Beyonce's Crazy in Love video. VC said it symbolizes the death of the original person before the reborn superstar.

    • Also, in spirituality, glass or windows are considered to be the windows of the soul so breaking through the glass could be equivalent to breaking through to spirit or another reality… and the shoe could also be a homophone (a sound alike) as in sole and soul… so in shattering the mirror she could be both fragmenting her mind and breaking through to the lower astral which is the domain of Satan and the demonic elementals so this could be seen as sending her soul through to the lower astral. I was also interested in why she was hanging upside down in her car, which was rather bizarre. But this could be another homophone as in Car and Ka, which in Egyptology is another name for the soul. And in Satanism everything is reversed, so she could be symbolising the reversed crucifix, which is always seen in satanic rituals. I think this is why the lettering in the hall is reversed. Trans Am could symbolise the transformation from God to Satan, I AM being another name for God. Or the Am part could symbolise her own transformation. With reference to those who cannot understand why this is so blatant, from my understanding the Illuminati like to 'hide' everything in plain sight. They really do think we are too stupid to understand what they are doing and they don't care anyway. They are just mocking us basically. I also don't fully believe that people like Lady Gaga and others, are fully responsible for their actions. If, as she says, she was 'born this way' then she's been mind controlled from birth, so she's not fully responsible for anything she does and is literally a puppet in the hands of the controllers. They methods they use in trauma mind control are so violent and ugly as to beggar belief and once trapped it would take a gargantuan effort and outside help to break free from it. Because, they just bring these alters back and fore to do this, that and the other as they see fit. It's sick, it's ugly and my heart goes out to all these poor people who have been sucked into it, not knowing the extent of what they were getting into until it was too late. They deserve our compassion not our judgements.

    • Wow!! A lightbulb went off all of a sudden. I looked up emblem for trans am. I got a list of symbols for different cars. The trans am's emblem is a phoenix and it said a Phoenix rising! Just like vc's analysis of crazy in love where beyonce dances in a fashion likening a Phoenix rising in front of the car she's supposed to be burning in. Also there's a lot of stuff on fire in gagas video with the trans am. Remember beyonce kicking the top off the water spout and then the flames of the car? Well gaga is splashing around in water dancing and writhing on the ground while everything around her is on fire. Crazy how their initiation videos are all so similar!! My analysis of the video is this. First she's in the women's clinic. She suffered major trauma (doesn't matter what kind). She has sacrificed something important possibly a baby for fame. But it wasn't her soul. So, her sacrifice wasn't sufficient. So, she's dropped from her label. She's is re traumatized all over again and breaks down. She then smashes the mirror symbolizing this blow is the final one to complete the shattering of her psyche. She is then reborn and baptized in the bathtub creating lady gaga. She leaves her dance co and tells everyone to suck it with her hand gesture as they all look down on her. She goes back to the studio while the video goes back and forth from her dance class to her and the trans am. I explained what I think the trans am's meaning is. Basically representing she's all in. I think when she says she won't give up on her life she means that she's been groomed and handled since birth and she's not gonna let that go to waste. Think of how many mk ultra Victims don't make it or have lackluster careers? They still went through hell just for the chance. She's determined that at all costs she will be a star bc she's determined that all the trauma isn't going to waste. When she finally gives it all….. Bam interscope records. Who knows? She may have been dropped by def jam purposefully as a way to break her down even more knowing all along she would be an illuminati pawn.

  23. I saw something very strange on the last season of So You Think You Can Dance. It was nearing the finale of the show and Lady Gaga was a guest judge. I had recorded the episode, so I was able to rewind what I had witnessed and confirm it with my husband. As the camera was panning back and forth between the judges for just a moment the camera shows Lady Gaga and her eyes are rolled up in the back of her head, showing the whites and she appears to be having some kind of seizure as her head in shaking back and forth. It was so freaky! I thought I was seeing things but my DVR confirmed it :-) Also there was a fly that kept landing on her face and crawling on her hat throughout the entire show.

  24. I get the impression Gaga has been reading the theories about herself and has deliberately used alot of this 'symbolism' in this video purely for this kind of reaction. This time around the content and imagery are lower rate and TOO obvious. I feel she may have made this as some form of mockery to the conspiracy theorists she has spoken about and she is getting all the attention and the reactions she wanted and needed from it?

      • that is funny. people believe what they want to believe.

        im sure it will get to the point where LG could make a song called "i am an illumanati tool" and shoot the video inside of a hardware store. sheeple would say "the video is her way to parody a HOme Depot"

        it's not the sheeples fault. the dumb-down cocktail that "they" are very powerful.

    • No not at all, hence why i said 'this time around' but i do believe artists are using certain imagery now purely for mentions on websites such as this one as it boosts controversy and therefore attention on themselves.

  25. OMG…Enough witht this cult stuff. Its getting really boring. Yes she does say that fame has a price in some of her videos…but really…Marry the night is more about when she is about to give up on her life, but then she realizes she must be strong and face her fears, her obstacles (the night, dark) and makes the choice she is going to never give up on her dreams. Its already sad on how some of you are beliving this cult…selling her soul stuff just because you misinturpret what she does…And the fire stuff at the end is representing a phoneix rising from th ashes…not some sacrificial ritual bull…

    • First of all, it's occult, not cult. Second, I think you should read some REAL background information before you start defending Lady Gaga. You're saying exactly what the music industry wants you to say. Just the name of the song "Marry the Night" has so much occult symbolism attached to it. Sadly you're just another one of her brainwashed "Little Monsters". Honestly, I don't really appreciate being called a monster, but you seem to be cool with that.

    • I agree that the ending symbolizes rebirth and is quite phoenix-esque. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain a phoenix is supposed to have a head! Her giant hat isn't simply there for fashion, my friend. It steals the scene, and it was surely meant to. "Headless" images are textbook examples of mind control symbolism. To be completely honest, I have always really liked this song and continue to have a great respect for her musical talent. Moreover, I believe that compassion is something we can never have too much of, especially these days. That said, I'm not about to lie to myself because I like her music. The symbolism is painfully obvious, and you don't need to do very much research at all to realize this. Call a spade a spade.

      • Fascinating article!

        @ KB- I agree with you. I have great respect for her talent…. and I'm not a 'little monster'- don't have one of her albums…. most of her songs don't do it for me but having seen her on the piano just doing her thing on some show or other…. I have this weird dichotomy going on where I loathe the symbolism in her videos( being well aware of the 'controllers' agenda) but admire her talent and you know…. she's likable and i feel compassion for her. She shows a human vulnerability and there is an accessibility about her that maybe was not so there with say Madonna for example. I think it's all very sad though; this video, her other videos, her being an illuminati puppet, that bad is now good.

    • what do you think a phoenix rising from the ashes means exactly? do you think they threw some ideas in a hat and pulled some out again at random and made her video that way? every single thing in the video is very significant. it's all there if you want to see it. sheesh!

    • You sound so Mickey mouse,MTV,glee,lil monsters dumb right now. This and all her videos ar displaying the occult truth, whether mockery or not. She knows exactly what she's doing.

      She and many other artist – Jay z beyonce, drake,rhianna, Nicki menage etc know they are a puppet and are willing to do Whatever to be number 1 to be on top, they don't care the sacrifice, you ever notice they are the only ones playing on the radio? So much talent out there but nope they get no play, they are not part of the club…

    • @alex

      Thanks a lot for enlightening the debate and reminding people that the truth is relative. Black is a positively connoted color in some cultures. The rest is interpretation and symbols can mean many things at the same time. The truth is also what you make of it, and people will not become better Christian by getting into conspiracy theories, on the contrary, peace.

    • So why are you even on this website? If you think it's "boring" then why are you here? No one forced you to read it.

  26. EverydayHipster on

    The princess diana link- story is scary and true. The truth is, Gaga probably will die because of this fame. Physically or spiritually, she doesn't have much Stefani Germanotta left, and its only a matter of time before Gaga goes out of style.

    • I think she is in over her head, enjoys the proceeds of her work, and even if she wanted out, knows there would only be one way made available to her. She has to get a backbone, and it may very well mean that she dies fighting, but its better to die for one's liberty than in the spiritual hell, and bondage to some kind of satanically enforced covenant. Some really do make it out alive, but only with God's help and an overcoming mindset. I hope she finds a means, because nobody should feel powerless – yet it seems common today. In a lot of ways, she's a child, and she's allowing herself to be used and abused in exchange for a few years worth of glitter and gain. But inwardly, the chick is dying – it ain't worth it! I think she probably wishes she could get out somehow –– but oh, the money!

      • Hmmm yes the money. That she will never be able to spend all of it. How many houses can one live in? How many rooms of a huge mansion can you be in at one time? How many pairs of shoes does one need? That go out of style in the blink of an eye and who cares!?! How many $15K handbags? How many yachts can you float and private jets can one fly? No one and I mean no one NEEDS all of the crap they waste money on. You can get just as intoxicated on a $20 bottle of champagne as you can on a $500 bottle. It's over the top silliness. Doing all of that for approval of mere mortals.

      • Mariah Carey got out, she fought and they made her look like a Nut, but with God's help she got out.

  27. As soon as I saw this video I actually said out loud to myself "wtf they are just rubbing it in people's faces now!" And you're telling me people still don't get what is going on and think this is just 'art'? What's going to be in her next video, this can hardly be topped, surely? I don't like the way this is going now.

    On a different note, thanks to VC for opening my eyes. I've actually been making my own playlist on youtube of videos that I've found which havn't been posted on here. Now I know the signs and symbols to look for there are so many of them! I don't like to think how the next year is going to pan out =(

    • I am under the impression that your average-Joe MTV fan says, "Wow! This is weird! COOL!" For this type, weird is cool.

    • lilyofthevalley on

      Hi Chloe,
      Its depressing is´nt it?
      I am almost terrified of my kids seeing the tv nowadays…if they are not advertising some poisonous subtance for them to eat or drink, (ramming consumerism down their throats)they are showing them base morals or symbolism.
      I totally agree with you when you say you do not like the way this is panning out.

    • It's because I have a 10-year-old son and he doesn't need to be seeing this kind of stuff. He was up, so when he came into the room I turned it off.

  28. There is nothing new under the sun. What has been done has been done before and will be done again. Don't be suprised by this.

    • yes, it's true that there's nothing new under the sun but at least it was your own choice to be under the sun. now it's fed to you and available to you with a click of the mouse. the world has always been evil in it's subliminal way. since the beginning. but we can't ignore that fact that it's more mainstream than before. the only difference from then and now is that it's everywhere. out in the open. nothing hidden. you don't control the music being played in the stores, restaurants, etc. or any type of commercial and visual projections wherever we go these days. screens make up most of our architecture now and i sure don't have to wait for that special video to play on tv and record it on vhs anymore to re-watch it. i can do everything at click of a mouse, blink of and eye and massively infect my self conscience while at it.

      there is not evolution of the subconscious mind or of humanity in general. i can say there's devolution, but no evolution. materialistically, yes, we've evolved but we don't use it for what we should. we only tend to destroy ourselves (satan that plants the seeds of doubt).

      so yeah, there may not be nothing new under the sun but this time around it's as if there is no censory or "sunglasses" to protect you from the rays. (same thing with homosexuality, perversion, immorality, drug uses, etc.) good is bad, bad is evil. and so forth…. if anyone can understand where i'm coming from… lol

      • Hello downhere !
        I totally understand where you are coming from, lol ! Let's talk metaphors :
        I am not so sure people need sunglasses if it should prevent them from appreciating the "beauty" of the sunlight in a georgous landscape, especially if the light unfortunately gets darkened by dark clouds, but it is to be discussed further.
        As for me, I prefer to "dance" in the dark, if you understand where I am coming from, …
        I am sure you will, though, the symbolic is clear, but for those of you who do not understand, I am just a free person who doesn't like the truth, because it is NOT beautiful in most cases, unless you are lying to yourself to make it more beautiful.
        In fact, just like the sunrays can give you a nice feeling of warmth and be attractive for a while, it can soon become a source of scortching heat, which burns your skin and makes you thirsty.
        It is just a matter of perception, …but this is not enough to say if the sun is good or bad in itself, in all cases.
        The world is static, and societies remain the same, because human and therefore flawed,
        but if you can't change it, you can at least stop feeling sorry for yourself as a person and remain optimistic, away from people which are trying to bring you down. :)

    • downhere…its no more mainstream than it was 20 years ago. It's no more evil than It was 2000 years ago. That is your perception telling you this, nothing more. Work on yourself to a acheive balance…for that is key. Once you do this your future will become more clear.

    • @downhere – With all do respect, we are NOT helpless victims at the mercy of the evil media. To think we are takes away all of our power as individuals. Please do not fall into this trap.

      We have the CHOICE to listen to whatever we CHOOSE to. If we are in a situation where we have no choice, such as a store or other public area, we have the choice to leave the building or to IGNORE the noise and NOT let it get to us.

      You say there are no "sunglasses" when in fact, there are many ways to spiritually shield yourself. You can pray to the deity of your choice… you can envision yourself surrounded by a protective force-field of white light… you can chant to yourself… you can even "disassociate" in your own way… or once again, you can simply IGNORE.

      I hope this makes sense. Peace!

  29. did anyone else notice when the doctor is speaking to her after gaga says "im gonna make it," the doctor begins speaking and then says: "No intimacy for two weeks." If she's in a "hospital," where in God's name can she have intimacy? Ew.

    • that might be eluding to the rumors that LG is a trans gender individual.

      it might have been the doctors advice after a procedure involving the surgical alteration of intimate parts.

  30. Very good article

    but I have always wondered, why would Lady Gaga exploit her mind control self/illuminati beliefs this publicly? wouldn't it be something she would keep secret?

  31. I don't think Lady Gaga makes up the symbolism for a reaction mainly because she had symbolism in the video for just dance before the rumors even started. . It seems to me she is trying to expose what's going on or maybe she enjoys the power. I also noticed at the end Lady Gaga is seen rising up possibly symbolizing her rise or degree in freemasonry. She may be reaching 33 degrees.

  32. This is very reminiscent of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" and "Diva" music videos. Its the exact same thing just less complicated. Beyonce goes through the same transformation in CIL. Lady Gaga's had symbolism in her videos from the start-from "Just Dance". She is nothing like she used to be. You really do have to sell your soul and become a new person to make it these days.

      • Be more open-minded on

        Yep and don't forget upgrade you. It all has to do with the birth of Sasha Fierce. In Crazy in love, Jay z is the deceiver with shades on. He's in the back seat. Who's driving????? Basically killing Beyonce to create Sasha. In Upgrade, Beyonce becomes the deceiver. Notice in this video she's in the trunk and in the back seat one has on shades, the other doesn't. Where as in Diva, ahe has deceived many( Dummies in the trunk) hint hint "dummies". She continues to deceive. Then she goes on tour and makes everyone throw up the pyramid over one eye basically worshiping the devil (I guess)

  33. Like her video implies, she used to be an artist – now she portrays insanity and NWO symbolism put in a blender in such a way that you can not not look at her like a car on fire on the highway.

    I feel bad for her in the future because the industry will dump her just as fast as how they made her famous. I will pray for her, but not before I pray for all of us in this world just trying to survive.

  34. What does the sky blue lipstick that her, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, and MIA have also been seen wearing in the last year represent? I just find it odd these specific women have been seen sporting this strange shade of lipstick..

  35. I actually feel sry for her after reading this…we dont choose the lives we are given but "selling your soul" def isnt the answer

  36. In the lyrics she calls herself a loser and a sinner, maybe thats how she feels about herself after "marrying the night"

  37. About the Snug Harbor Cultural Center scene, if you watch it again, pay attention in the first frames…. it confirms your suspicious… the readings "The Cross is my Anchor" is written in the right way.. and then she take off the sunglasses and it's all back flipped!

  38. i feel bad shes possessed

    but i shouldnt feel bad that im not her and not in her state of mind

    fame is more than fortune. cant risk my soul, not even for a penny.



  39. As usual, this is Lady Gaga's way of honoring the Illuminatis for whom she owes her success in the biz… There's no way of stopping all these dark and devilish music videos bcoz it's 'them' who owns the music industry… but as vigilant citizens, let us keep our eyes open! we should be aware of what's really going on around us! Peace! Godbless!

  40. Interesting analysis. However, I don't believe the "spinal cord removal" interpretation is accurate. I'm pretty sure the wounds are supposed to resemble detached wings. GaGa herself claimed that the video was "the story of the broken bird." I believe this motif encompasses similar ideas you had in regard to the "spinal cord" theory while also contributing to the occult themes.

    I caught "The Cross is my Anchor" thing immediately. Very odd. Also, the assertion that she was born in the hospital left me a little perplexed.

    • "Also, the assertion that she was born in the hospital left me a little perplexed."

      This is because VC is incorrect in his assumption that this is a psychiatric ward. I'm by no means a Gaga stan but she has stated NUMEROUS times that the beginning takes place in a women's clinic. A women's clinic in which Lady Gaga was very likely born and then had an abortion in, NOT a spinal removal. It's also very likely that the baby she aborted was conceived due to rape, which could easily explain the scratches on her back.

  41. Is it just me or in the last pic is there a baphomet in the left fire cloud and a strange man in the right fire cloud? I dont know, I could just be sleepy since Im at work on the graveyard shift, LOL. But seriously, anyone else see this? (if someone already mentioned this, I a

  42. Wow, I had no idea until I read this article that there was a full-length version of this song! I've only seen this video once on MuchMusic and it was the shorter version. Now that I've read this insightful article and seen the whole video, it makes much more sense now.

    I have to say however, from an artistic point of view, the video is quite impressive. Creepy, but impressive.

  43. i love this article thank you VC ! finally i agree with some of what you said that i look at it and well she pretty much explain ALL of her trauma mind control. But what shocks me is that the end i did not see that coming. i mean i know she will died young im sure lady gaga will just like amy winehouse and the rest who from music industry has killed, but i wonder if she will be more famous when she dies like Michael Jackson? i hope which i doubt it will happen but i hope she tries to fight back like MJ. its sad how she has nothing left.

  44. After reading the article and watching most of the video, I have to admit that's probably one of the most disturbing things I've seen on TV recently. I've been skeptical about the mind control/traumatizing of music stars for some time now but this video takes that possibility to a whole new level. The "mental hospital" scene was extremely creepy, and it's all too clear what that scene means– even to a casual open-minded visitor of this site such as myself.

    I suppose I have a couple questions though:

    -Does Lady GaGa know what really happened to her if this is all true? Or was this video made "as an original art piece" because those around her were planting into her head that this is what is cool and artsy?

    -What purpose would the elite have in putting the exact process in plain sight time after time like this, SuckerPunch, etc? Lady GaGa was hardly "sexy" in my mind when she was playing the doped up patient, so the idea of "sexing up" the MK-Ultra process seems a little far fetched in this instance (unlike what SuckerPunch seemed to do– I *will* catch that movie eventually).

    If this is a representation of what actually happened to Lady GaGa, I feel terrible for her and the others that have undergone this process. Britney Spears clearly is unstable, the poor girl is likely to crack completely after her career is over.

    I'm wondering if this isn't a big middle finger to those of us whom notice the symbolism, much like that Rhianna music video for S&M.

    • We're all out there looking for answers, and hopefully none of us who comment have first hand knowledge of this stuff. So I don't have full answers to your questions.

      However, I believe that the reason it is becoming more obvious is that they are working on desensitizing us. And it has been working. Compare a Charlie Chaplin movie to a Saw movie and you can see how much more terrible stuff we will watch today without batting an eye. (I have never seen a Saw movie and never will.) They are trying to put the pieces in place to roll out their full NWO plan, and they want us primed and ready to accept it when they do.

  45. Thank you for the article VC, still think it needs more meat though. Can you please do one on fever ray, I have not seen any articles on fever ray. And you will know why i recommend that once you see the videos.

  46. Did anyone else think about Beyonce's Crazy in Love and Diva videos where she blew up the cars? And why does Gaga CONSTANTLY cock her legs wide open for everyone to see that she has no peen? Or at least she doesn't have one now

  47. I just want to add that the scar on her back was meant to represent being stabbed in the back by DefJam Records.

    Also if the sun is bad(sun=Ra Egyptian God) and the moon=night=bad. You really can't win here. If they show the sun or light it means that they are being enlightened which = illuminati. So that kind of isn't fair because I associate the light with God. And the Moon reminds me that even in the darkness there is always a light that never goes out(the sun shinning it's light on the moon, which reflects it on us). It just bothers me that you can't show or sing in your music video about a beautiful part of life that God created without referencing the occult.

    • As to your comment about light in music videos, you have to remember that context is a huge part of what symbols mean. God is light, of course. In the context of this video, the light symbolizes something else. Illuminatti or New World Order are Luciferian. Lucifer is "Son of the Morning". They use light to symbolize this. There can also be other interpretations Sun God etc. Pragmatically speaking, in my opinion, Egyptian Sun God and Luciferian goes in the same bag, they are both worshipping false gods. So you always have to ask yourself, who created this? where is this coming from? Because that makes all the difference.

  48. What does it mean in the beginning when she says:

    " see that girl on the left? A couple of hours ago she ordered gummy bears and a knife. They only gave her the gummy bears. I wish they had only given me the gummy bears."

    • My first thought is that this is a mental institute, and she's just making that clear by stating the crazy thing the girl said…..Then I wonder if she's trying to say she "Got the knife"……(I wished they'd JUST given me the gummy bears) Mental hospital or women's clinic,,,,,hmm. There are many loons walking around, that's for sure. Maybe it's the 'women's clinic' part of a mental hospital or something? "Everything went very well"…She defiantly had some sort of procedure done.

  49. KoujiLittleMonster on

    this is so true and i knew this all along from the first time i watched the video but its helpless I Love her so much that non of this things can pull e away from her and her music i'm even studying fashion for her just to have a good chance in meeting her ='[.

    • I am sure she would love to meet you, but although I like her art and her political stance, I would advise you not to think of her as a goddess because she is human, like the rest of us. She doesn't want poeple to live for her but for themselves in order to be happier, so study hard but do it because it is your passion, not hers. Just a piece of advise :)

  50. Lady Gaga is one of the angles triangle along with rihana and beyonce, the three most influential

    "stars" used by the illuminati to control young people's mind…

    Good job VC.

  51. Similar to Bad Romance and Paparazzi theme wise. May also have to do with her drug use, especially her really coked out days.

  52. She speaks about her past like she is aware of the fact that she has undergone MK-related trauma. I thought they didn't really know what's happening to them, in the past and currently.

    I'm going to feel a whole lot less sad for these people if they choose right from the outset, with full comprehension of what is about to happen, to undergo these procedure for the sake of fame.

  53. Marry The Night: Analysis from a Film Students Point of View

    The video is made up of sequences; The Clinic, The Ballet, The Bedroom, The Dance Studio, The Car, The Street, The Montage. Half the video also takes place within Gaga’s mind; at least that’s what the fades tell us. So let’s get into this analysis.

    First off if you listen closely it starts with a film reel starting to turn, when the film reel reaches speed gaga starts to talk and the fade from white begins. Usually, when a character begins to narrate after a film reel reaches speed it means that they are watching along with us or are looking back on things in their life. Fades from white generally mean death or an ascension into a different plane of existence or thinking, it can also mean an out of body experience or that the events being seen are taking place entirely within the characters mind. From the fade to white we go into a close up of Gaga’s face. Close ups are very important in film and have one very important main function, they show the audience what is important in the scene, here we are given a facial close up and these are used to get inside the mind of a character. With this close up we are being brought into the mind of Gaga. Close ups are also extremely intimate shots, when you think about how close you allow people in real life the only ones who get that close are very close friends, mothers, significant others…the people who are important to you, Gaga is letting us in. Another thing about close ups is that they are either used to make the audience feel comfortable or uncomfortable with a character, here it is being used to make us feel uncomfortable. Because the close up starts by spinning counterclockwise it gives us the sense that something is off, there is something going on that is not right. Another thing about the close up, film aside and this may be reaching a tad, but gaga is wearing peach lipstick and the color peach is symbolic for strength. As the nurses push gaga they are going up hill, this is symbolic for struggles. Majority of the clip is being shot as a medium tracking shot, giving the impression that we, the audience, is following the characters along, but also because of gaga’s voice over and her comments about the nurses and what they are wearing and what they are doing and the little moves the camera makes…like craning up a bit when they start to approach the door gives us the sense that its not only us that are following gaga and the nurses along but gaga is also following herself, almost like an out of body experience. She is taking us on this journey.

    From here we go into another close up shot of Gaga, as she is talking the camera zooms to an extreme close up as she starts to cry, giving us another very intimate shot. In this shot she is not only telling the nurse/dr and us what her goal is, she is telling herself. When the music starts Gaga puts on the cap and the camera start a dolly out, as we move back gaga’s arms go up along with the music and then she lies down, as we continue the dolly out we are shown the room in a symmetrical shot. Symmetrical shots are very important, symmetry is used in connection with personal enlightenment, it is also often used to convey, the high-status position of characters, it may also be used to show community, or it is often applied to scenes concerning death. Also, this is purely speculative, but as we move back into an extreme long shot we see all the other patients running around, laughing, with gaga in the middle of it all, this could easily represent the struggles she had with her demons. As we continue to dolly out the screen fades to white again, as I stated before a fade to white means that the character is entering a new plane of existence or thinking, we are still in Gaga’s mind. The entire ballet sequence takes place within her head. She stands alone, center stage, the most important spot, the center of attention.

    From this shot we fade to black, this fade means that we are now entering reality. We are given a long shot from above of a room, long shots are used to establish setting, and shots from above looking down are used to give a sense of an omniscient presence. We then see a time lapse, Gaga being undressed and put into her bed, she is being taken care of. The color red is extremely powerful in this scene, red is the most emotionally intense color, it stimulates a faster heart rate and breathing, it is usually used to symbolize something of great emotional importance. Which makes sense considering in the next shot she is receiving the call that she is being dropped from the label. From here we have another extreme close up as Gaga holds the phone and rolls towards the camera, this tells us that we are about to have another intimate moment with gaga, she is letting us in again. Now we go into several quick close ups of gaga, clearly devastated. The quick cutting adds tension, uneasiness, upset, distress, these cuts are intertwined with the ballet sequence, with this cutting we are going back and forth between reality and what’s going on inside her mind. The ballerina’s dance represents her internal struggle. The dance goes from being slow and beautiful to extremely quick and chaotic, one scene the ballet gaga even appears upside down; this is a representation of how her world was literally turned upside down. The shot of ballet gaga on the ground looking up at other ballerinas on the stage, symbolizes being the lowest of the low. She started off all alone on the stage, being the star, now she is replaced by 5 more ballerina’s all looking down on her, essentially taking the spotlight from her. This is symbolic of replacement.

    We fade to black, this represents a lapse in time, we are now moving forward. In the next shot we are shown a blonde gaga in the tub, the film reel can be heard again and gaga can be heard singing marry the night in the narration. This tells us that gaga is still watching with us, she is still guiding us on this journey. Her sitting in the tub is symbolic of her beginning to transform from Stefani to Gaga. We have another fade to black and we are propelled further into time.

    The next sequence beings with a low shot of gaga, we are looking up at her this makes it seem like she has some power, she is beginning to rise up. However, from this shot we quickly go to another shot looking down on her, showing that she still isn’t the most powerful. All the dancers are looking down at her, she is still low. This shot also contains two important symbols, first the wall behind the dancers says “The cross is my anchor” the anchor is an ancient Christian symbol signifying hope. We also have Neptune above that, Neptune God of the sea represents inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion; A youthful, and sometimes naïve, person. He is also associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment, as well as the yearning of the soul to break free from restrictions and limitations of matter/reality. From the shot of Neptune we move to a shot of the moon, this shot is both symbolic as well as transitional, it moves us from one place to another. The full moon is symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, and the fullness and obtainment of desire. Now, in this sequence we have gaga both in the trans am as well as dancing around it, there are cars on fire as well as rain, water and fire are complete opposites and the symbolize two different things. The fire symbolizes the powers of change and purification. Whereas the water and the rain symbolize the subconscious mind, the world of the soul and dreams, evocative of all the emotions and qualities which cant be measured by physical means.

    From this scene we are brought back to Gaga in the dance rehearsal, this is shot mostly with medium and close up shots to keep us right in the action with gaga, like we are with her taking part in the class. There are also some tracking shots, these are used for us to follow gaga, with this shot we see that no one is really interacting with her, she seems alone in the class. In fact no one interacts with her until she picks Dina up off the ground after she falls, then she is brought into the group so to speak and all the dancers begin to surround her as she dances. This is symbolic of acceptance, finding her place.

    The last sequence is my favorite sequence, in this sequence gaga uses Soviet montage theory. This is a style that relies heavily on editing, and it is used to have the montage express much more than just a simple lapse in time. Here she uses basically two types of montage: intellectual and tonal. Intellectual montage uses shots, which, combined, elicit an intellectual meaning. For example, the cutting between shots of gaga destroying her room and breaking glass and ballet gaga doing her dance. Or the cutting between gaga about to purge in the bathroom stall and gaga in the bathtub dumping water on her head. The meaning does not exist in the individual shots, but only arises when they are juxtaposed. Tonal uses the emotional meaning of the shots—not just manipulating the temporal length of the cuts or its rhythmical characteristics—to elicit reaction from the audience. An example of this is when gaga is shattering the mirror, or throwing the wine glass, or the extreme close ups of her crying while holding her head, she is emoting distress, sadness, anger, frustration, so much emotion, and it is made clear to us by the cutting between shots.

    The last minute or so of the video is comprised of quick cuts between 52 shots; this last minute, and quick montage is gaga showing us what struggles she overcame. We see her dragging a piano, eating, then purging, then crying, then dumping gas on cars, all of these shots are cut between with ballet gaga, doing her dance, the struggle within her mind. In the quick shots with gaga dragging the piano down the stairs she first refuses help from the man but after falling down the stairs the man helps her up and she finally accepts the help. This scene is cut between gaga purging in the bathroom, she enters the stall after throwing away her food and makes herself sick, she then stands up and starts smoking. After the shot of her accepting help form the man, we cut back to her in the stall, she slams open the door and we see a close up of her throwing away her cigarettes, from here we go to the shot of gaga walking out the door carrying the piano with the mans help. We then have gaga sitting on top of the trans am and standing next to it watching as the cars around her blow up, this symbolizes gaga overcoming her demons. She accepted help and is on her way. We then see gaga get into the black car and then the extreme close up of “Interscope Records Hollywood, CA 4pm” written on her hand, we all know what comes next. Gaga has achieved her dream.

    The video ends with Gaga surrounded by flames, dressed all in red, with the blue mask on. This is symbolic of the phoenix. The phoenix is a universal symbol of the sun, rebirth, resurrection and immortality, this legendary “fire bird” was believed to die in its self-made flames periodically, and then rise again out of its own ashes.

    In short, the video is about Gaga overcoming her demons and becoming the woman that she is today. It’s a video about how no matter what it Is you are facing, no matter how impossible it seems, there’s always a way to overcome it if you are willing to fight for what your dream is. You have to pick yourself up and go kick some ass.

    Some side notes:

    The video reminds me a lot of film noir, a lot of the shots are filmed or shot for night, there are lots of mirrors, glass, windows, reflections, and water. Noir literally translates to “dark film” and they are just that, dark. They deal with dark subject matter.

    A lot of this video is filmed through P.O.V (point of view shots) meaning that it puts us in gaga’s shoes a lot, we are seeing what she is seeing. Like when she is looking up and all of the dancers are looking down on her.

    There are three colors that are mainly used in this video: Red, Green, and Blue.

    Red-emotionally intense color

    Green-calming, refreshing, this color relaxes people

    Blue-The complete opposite of red. The least intense of colors.

    • Excellent analysis. I do not doubt Lady Gaga's artistry, or even, controversially, her singing and lyrical ability. She straddles a fine path, a mix of indoctrinating her fans with secretive messages and flooding them with lyrics and themes seemingly simple in their meaning. It is, however, in her illuminati messages that we here take offense, her offerings to Baphomet and her blasphemy of God. Perhaps there is hope for her, perhaps not. But we need to stay vigilant and be able to discern what is harmful and what is beneficial in nature.

  54. really appreciate the article, but what significant difference does it really make? don't get me wrong i'm thankfull that vc is educating us and stuff but on the larger scale of things, isn't the establishment of nwo inevitable? i mean, googling lady gaga or any other illuminati owned puppet reveals to anyone what kind of world we live in, where satanism, luciferian doctrine is worshiped and hailed as true. where stupidity and mindless magnetism to standards set by the hidden hands that govern society and its standards is the modus operandi.honestly, there is no hope at the end of the day. maitreya is coming soon, america is just about to get destroyed in so many ways and a new order is about to take full effect. the fact that this was prophesied thousands of years ago astonishes me and tells me that the end of all things is here and we need to truly turn to Christ before He returns to end all this nonesense.

  55. i started listening to lady gaga's music about 9 months ago. I learnt a lot about her(including your articles) and i can assure you that you're saying wrong! Marry The Night video has nothing to do with what you're reffering to, but it has to do about the difficulties lady gaga passed through to become a star! Because she wanted so passionetelly to become a star! That video teaches us that when we want something so much we have to fight tilll we get it!We shouldn't give up. Never. It's our life and we have to ignore people who are trying to get us down! Its such a pure video and you analize it like its the most evil thing on planet! It's just a video and i think that if people got the real meaning of that ( That we shouldnt give up) the world will be better now!

    • "Just a video." That's as telling as it is chilling. How much money do you think was spent to make this video? What's up with all the constant repeated symbolism? Why do that at all? The Gaga fan is viewing the girl in the video, the rest of us are witnessing the occult symbology. I've studied the occult for many years. I know intimately a dozen and more true worshipers. You would be shocked to discover that true occultists are VERY aware of the symbolism in these videos (and more). Most of the chosen I know merely believe that the symbols are showing up because of the spiritual paradigm shift (due to all their wicked rituals). But a few I know do admit that there are powerful masters at work at the very top of the entertainment world. They admit that there has to be, because there's simply NO WAY all these age-old occult symbols and rituals would continually show up in these multi-million-dollar presentations. Over and over, over and over again. It is an occult mantra.

  56. @ James:

    You might want to go back to doing more homework about this stuff. A woman can't be a freemason, therefore this video and her fame have nothing to do with getting to the "33rd degree".


    and now I understand the music video better. Keep it up!

    anyway has lady gaga seen your work? how do you understand all these so well? any communication between you and her side of people?

  58. I'm starting to wonder if Lady Gaga has a strategic plan to expose the ugly music industry on purpose. There is a story in the Bible of the teacher who indulged in all of the worlds vanities and restrained himself from nothing all for the purpose to know what wisdom and life's meaning really is (read the book Ecclesiates). It turns out that he learned that working yourself to the bone in order to gain fame, money, and success is pointless- in fact it is counter productive because the more material possessions you want, the harder you have to work for it, thus always being a slave to your lusts. The teacher learned that to be wise and happy in life is to always be satisfied with what you have. This doesn't mean that you can't strive to achieve great things, but you should always be happy in your pursuit because at the end of the day what you have is what you got, and you shouldn't despise what you have but be thankful for the blessing.

    Back to Lady Gaga- I'm wondering if she is secretly seeking revenge on the music industry for rejecting her original artistry as Stefani Germonatta by playing the ultimate pawn, showcasing the true motives of the music industry machine- to manufacture and spit out robots who advance it's agenda to destroy all things morally correct. This video paints such a vivid picture of the music industry (and I know because I used to work in the music industry) and it's not in a positive light. there have been some artists who have tried to blow the whistle and were severely ridiculed and labeled as crazy for it (Dave Chappelle, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson to name a few), maybe this is Gaga's plan to get the word out. Could she be a martyr for all the artists who were rejected by labels for not selling their souls out? I'm starting to think that maybe… or atleast hope so. Because if not then this is one horribly lost soul and is in desperate need of prayer.

    • Great post. I, too, like to think that there is some kind of "logic" and point to what she is trying to portay. It's the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise, she's a blind puppet making a complete arse of herself in front of millions. I guess time will tell.

    • Be more open-minded on

      You've taught me something. I took the story as him working for what he needed and wanted. Realizing that everything he did as far as building and planting etc… how all his hard work was meaningless and how he went most of his life doing these things instead of enjoying the simple things in life and having God in it.

      • sadly in America and other countries the "magic box" has become the new religion. it teaches you to consume and have more, more, more! so you will never enjoy your time. so many people who spend 90% of their time working to have these materials sitting at home. i don't think having material things is bad, just don't make it your God. it's NOT important, and shouldn't define your worth and who you are. that's the sad part… that everyone is program to think that the one who has the most is the one who should be respected and admired, and that my friend is very sad.

  59. Wow, lady gaga sure puts a lot work into her music, unlike other artists. I just wish she can use her talent for something good.

    • Yeah..she’s clearly a “devil worshipper.” I guess her references to loving Jesus must have some secret, mind controlling agenda! I suggest watching on youtube “Gagavision no. 41” then tell me she’s a devil worshipper.

  60. Hi!

    I think the article is great especially when it comes to the first part of the video analysis.

    However I have one more question…

    You haven't mentioned the part in which she says "and that girl on the left, she ordered gummy bears and a knife a couple hours ago. They only gave her the gummy bears. I'd wish they'd only given me the gummy bears."

    What is your opinion on this?

    Honestly I feel in her every video an urge to jump out from this "dark world" if we can call it that way. For me this song sounded like a cry for help since the first day I listened to it and not as a promotion of the dark side. I don't know… maybe it's just in my head.

    I am a musician myself and I understand how painful and frustrating it is to look at the industry and realize that the only way to get your music and your art noticed is through a denial of your own identity. I look at her old videos where she performs at NYU and I see someone passionate about music… I really believe she didn't want this for herself, but sometimes life's circumstances just push us towards wrong directions and towards wrong choices.

    I think that more than judging her for her behavior we should pray for her so that God can set her free from whatever is holding her. The often empty look in her eyes says it all.

    • I see you stated that you yourself are in the music industry. I'm curious how someone like yourself stumbled across a website such as VC's considering the content….i mean depending on the magnitude of your fame I guess.

      • I said I was a musician. It doesn't imply that I'm in the industry. I'm not a professional musician yet, but yes I make my own music, and I'm a music student at a Conservatory as well.

        Being a musician doesn't mean you are a part of what people call the industry. Besides, there are many assumed christian musicians in the industry and that does not make them evil or wrong.

        I came across this website because I'm very interested in knowing the meaning behind certain things, and as a christian I believe we should be informed of things like this.

        I hope that answers your doubts.

        God bless you.

    • She truely is stuck in the dark and i highly doubt anyone would want to feel evil or be a part of it. I often too see the look on her eyes and they are full of desperation, like shes pleaing for help. Before she became Gaga she was just a passionate singer, it really saddens me seeing what she has become. I really hope one day Gaga will be the one to bash the illuminati.

  61. I never really paid any attention to her…I would notice the media outlets primarily talk about weird outfits and when she first came out I thought "she's crazy." Months ago I flipped through the channels and noticed a special in which I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes, the act was disgusting and I thought, too bad she actually can sing. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I saw her on a talk show and she said that song was about "embracing" the darker side of oneself and not being "ashamed of it." She reminds me of a pronounced version of what I noticed in middle school–people who wore the jean jackets with Megadeth and weird stuff written on it..I initially thought "devil worship" and kind of billed it as something white people did. As an adult, it seems to be a proliferation in any music with few exceptions (like classical)…at least I had some sense from a young age. It's unfortunate that children are being raised with single parents, tv babysitters and overt disinformation now…what's next?

    • And it's not just "what white people do"

      Take a look at Drake, Niki Minaj, Rhianna, Kanye West and Jay-z. It's ALL over rap right now! Every single song on the rap stations, and every other song on the other stations, are by these artists, and it's all very dark, and sinister.

  62. Can I just~

    "Marry The Night" is about marrying your darkness, embracing yourself and marrying your obstacles. The entire video represents this.

    I have no explanation for what happens at the beginning.

    But, I do have an explanation for the rest.

    Gaga was never a ballet dancer, as this article suggests. When she goes back to her school, she is dancing the choreo in a studio. This represents her starting to work to become ready for fame and working to get record deals.

    This article describes the final flashes of video as the downside of superstardom. Actually: Gaga used to carry her keyboard up and down the stairs to gigs BEFORE SHE WAS FAMOUS. When she got the call to go to Interscope for her appointment, she threw up in the bathroom and did a line of coke. That's what those flashes represent, nothing about superstardom – but rather what actually happened to her.

    The end scene, with the fire and crazy hat, is her being a phoniex (I don't know how to spell it, don't judge me). She is rising from her ashes to become the superstar she can be – from marrying her obstacles she has overcome them and has been 'reborn' as Lady Gaga, a strong, talented superstar.

    Just thought I would point out what the article got wrong lalala~

    • @Molly:

      Just saying, you do realize things can have dual meanings right (almost anything anyone says or does has more than one meaning)? VC didn't say Gaga was a Ballet dancer in real life, she was talking about the video… I think you should realize that while you may be right in your interpretation, so is VC. Why? Because any intelligent person is going to mask the true meaning behind another meaning so its not apparent to everyone or EVERYONE would know what has really happened to her, but the fact that you DON'T know what the beginning means, really says it, you don't really understand the secondary meaning of the video, which is about her giving herself over to the dark side.

      Not only that, but as a fellow writer/singer/dancer/artist, when you truly create art and lose yourself in it, you may not even know the true meaning or secondary meaning(s) until a much later date. This happens to me all the time when I write books or songs or paint, I go back to the same story or song or painting 5yrs later and realize exactly what it truly meant, hindsight is 20/20. And I KNOW w/ Gaga this is very true, she just tries to let it flow and not hinder the creativity, which I admire, but this also shows what is truly going on behind all of the fashion and weirdness, if you know what to look for.

      God Bless ~Amy

    • That MAY be what the SONG is about, (questionable, but I'll give it to you) but the video?? No. None of her videos have ever made sense to her songs. This video does not teach me to fight for what I want, and never give up. Remember Born This Way? When I watched that video, I did NOT have fuzzy warm feelings and think, "Yeah… YEAH!!! I'm perfect! I was BORN THIS WAY BI@*&S!!!" No. I thought "WTF… What is this mind numbing idiotic nonsense??" I'm not a Gaga fan by any stretch of the imagination, I never have been, and long before I came across this website, I KNEW there was something off about her. I couldn't even get all the way through the Bad Romance video for so long, because it freaked me out so bad! She is not as she seems. That's for sure. be smart, don't idolize someone you've never met, and know nothing about. It is so, SO easy to get on stage and tell everyone how much you love them to create a following. Do not be deceived.

    • I hear you. She's sad really. The number of kids who like her is even sadder. I am not a fan, but it's good of her to get as close to honest as the Idiocy– my bad industry– gets. I shouldn't dis mental patients like that, but they wanted to create chaos and then make order out of it. Too bad the best laid plans… .

  63. Be more open-minded on

    She is old news. I'm tired of hearing about her. Honestly, didn't think nothing of her until I came on here and here she is. Her music is only on certain select stations. The songs that actually have a occult meaning gets no play on radio. Rihanna is rarely being played as well. So soon, hopefully they'll be PLAYED OUT!

    • well i live in miami, and every time i put on the radio i usually hear the same 4 songs. rihanna, gaga, katy, and maroon 5. it might just be where one lives. i'm sure in the big cities of america it's where it plays most. i've always said what makes america powerful are the big cities. that to me is the true america.

    • I dunno where you live, but Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, et la get played NON STOP here, and its getting old… But I don't really listen to the radio anyway, mainly b/c of that, too much of the same mind-controlled people… lol

      • Be more open-minded on

        No matter what station I tune into, I always hear Beyonce. It's sad bc I used to listen to all her cd's until I was turned on to the illuminati. This guy was giving away free dvd's call the truth and basically had some disturbing things about the music industry, who was in, who was now out, who were blood sacrifices and how beyonce's sacrfice was long over due etc…. but rihanna will have to come out with a new single before she gets played and maybe it's the stations I listen to. I normally just pop in some soulful music anyway. Anthony Hamilton, Calvin Richardson, Erykah Badu, you know the ones that didn't sell out.

    • Hate to have to break it to you but, go you tube Erykah Badu's first video for "On an On" or whatever the name of her first break out hit is. You will see her with HUGE butterfly wings on her back and the lyrics speak of her being "born underwater".

  64. Hi VC. i read all your articles at work (tisk tisk) and desperately want to know HAVE YOU WATCHED THE ARRIVALS YET??? LOL i know a lot of people suggest things to you, and you have to weed through but I'm fairly certain someone like yourself would not be disappointed! I found your website after watching the webseries, and I'm glad I watched it first. Had it been the opposite I would have thought you were psycho. Although I don't think your site is "perfect" for lack of better terms, I can see your heart is in the right place and intentions are good. I would also love to read your observations on the musice video/ song ET by Kanye and Katey Perry. That video is filled with symbolism from the first to the last word. Thanks for your time and possibly your response.

  65. All of her videos are strange. Its all showing her being controlled and brain washed to be this money maker for a large record company.She has this ability to escape through the pain in her life. I don't believe anyone would act or dress that way "just" to be different. Its all so in your face with the imagery of a dark side. A side that satan and the illumanti would rather work in. She has no life but the one chosen for her. Her world is small inside and her soul is stolen but evil corrupt people in the music industry. The different personalities she conjurs up are to fit a place/mood or to escape. They all have different reasons for being inside her. Where are her parents through all this great music life she is suppose to be living. You don't hear much about her family?

  66. …the resemblance of this with sucker punch as well as other "COOL" Movies right now is so ….EVIDENT… i almost cried, I pity gaga…all those crap, for fame and fortune.

  67. He missed the gesture she does right after she says, "and I did what any girl would do." Watch what she does with her mouth (left cheek) and her hand at 7:28, it looks just like she is sucking a penis.

    • She's doing it at the lead ballerina girl who is taunting her by showing off her skills. She's saying "You only got to be head ballerina because of this".

      However, later on we see Gaga helps a ballerina when she falls over in front of the dance class, so she doesn't hate all ballerinas, just that one lmao.

  68. it's funny to see how the "little monsters" react to these analyses. you guys really do prove yourselves wrong lol. btw, F*%K YOU too 😉

    • p.s. – i thought lady gaga was about love and acceptance. one thing i've noticed is her fans are far from that. you guys are even more hypocritical than the fake christians. keep pointing fingers but you'll always have 2 pointing right back at ya! :)

    • The rules say no hate speech yet your very jhateful writings against gays persistt. You and your kind are hateful, mean people and you are the very reason why sp many turn to help the illuminati now.

  69. You did not explore the lyrics at all. I think there is a lot of hinting at the social revolution.

    "I'm gonna burn a hole in the road. – Leave nothing on these streets to explode."

  70. First, thanks VC on another amazing analytical dissection of the video, "Marry the Night."

    At first, I thought you had enough of Lady Gaga's videos because you didn't cover, "You and I." Which, I find personally more disturbing than, "Marry the Night." Which seems so much more real to me. "You and I" has a horror movie feel to it. Kind of like the movie, "Saw." Again, all about mind control.

    I have to say, I'm sure some people will be like, what: I don't know why everyone is hating on Lady Gaga.

    She is truly a talented singer.

    Granted, she's outrageous with her outfits and such. She has had some dark themes with no apparent reason. Take, Alejandro-could of been a love story on a Carribean island. But no we got a raped nun, with mickey mouse burning film shots, nazi-ish, s&m, emasculated dance routines. What?

    At least this video goes with the song!

    I've met her. She is a GENUINE ARTIST. She is also a very sweet person. Educated, kind and polite.

    I think we (here on VC) should be thankful, her videos tell the true meaning of making it in the music industry. She's fully aware that she's showing mind control and the horror of it. Particularly, in this video, VC it is not sexy! Granted, nudity abounds, but she is degraded (ballet) or crazy (the breakdown) in them. This is the first video where she is telling it, like it really is. I mean she is telling us her version is a lie. How can she be more honest? I think, in this video she is showing us her decision. Even if she has regrets, it's too late now. Like it or not.

    She does compile with trying to make mind control "cool." But the fact that she shows things in a much more RAW fashion makes her way more honest than say: Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, etc, etc. In my observational (be it humble) opinion.

    I think it would be very helpful if you covered some videos from the 80's and 90's. This stuff didn't happen overnight. When did the timeline begin with all of this imagery?? I'm specifically talking about MTV and music videos.

  71. Spot on analysis of this Illuminati puppet

    however just a thought here

    I know the media and the music industry are controlled by the Illuminati and therefore ignore it as much as I can

    Once you realize this, playing spot the Illuminati symbolism won't really help your situation.

    If your constantly looking for this symbolism your distracted from actually doing anything, exactly what the elite want. Maybe this constant symbolism is just a way to distract those of higher intelligence who have woken up from being gullible sheep.

  72. In an interview, she stated that she had dreams that a demon was torturing her, but that she was standing in front of herself. The demon asked her to do things in order to "take the pain away and safe her." That interview is disgustingly crazy!

    • I know it was in Rolling Stone Magazine and her dream is in Reference to the Films Hellraiser and the Horsemen.

      Do you have an audio or video link for that interview pls?

  73. I have never said this before on here, but I though I should.

    I stopped watching Lady Gaga videos, okay, my husband and I had talked about it prior to "Born this Way", not watching them, but I felt so drawn to it I did. And what I am going to say is NOT a joke or a LIE. I am a Bible-believing Christian and have a lot of discernment when it comes to occult things, but at the same time I've always been drawn to them as well. So I talked myself in to watching "Born this Way" when it came out. BAD IDEA.

    As I watched it, I began to feel VERY odd. I began to feel like I was losing control of my body, and by the end of the video all I wanted to do was hurt myself! I got up and started moving towards the knife block in the kitchen when I realized what was going on, and I couldn't stop my body, I started flailing around and hitting my head, and it was then I started screaming "GOD HELP ME!!!!!!" And then I began to feel better.

    I have no doubt in my mind if that went on much longer, I would have killed myself. I've had a lot of experience w/ the occult and demonic influences and have learned to distinguish what is demonic and what isn't. And I know that was a demonic influence as the Bible says the Holy Spirit gives us self-control, and I had the COMPLETE opposite. The ONLY other time I felt that feeling that strong was when I actually asked Satan to possess (At that point I'd given up ALL hope in life so I was kind of being an idiot) some years back (and trust me I immediately repented and cried out to God, but it took days and weeks to get "back to normal" even with the direct demonic influence gone).

    Since I am a believer, I know that I have the power in Jesus' name to cast out demons, and they have NO authority over me. But I feel for those who don't b/c they watch these videos, and while they may not have a violent reaction like mine, it is going to affect them in a very negative way, w/ most people it would be a gradual change, not a crazy fast one like mine though b/c I have so much experience w/ the occult I have found that Satan automatically hits me w/ everything he has when I'm dumb enough to walk in to his traps.

    Anyway, because of this, I have NOT watched ANY of her videos since, but have read descriptions of them b/c I am curious what she would include in her videos this time. When I read the description of "Marry the Night" I was very puzzled, but I just didn't make the connection of all the symbols yet, now it makes complete sense, and I am VERY happy I'm no longer watching anything by her, or any other pop stars. I wish I could say so-called "Christian" music is w/o these influences, but its not. I often only listen or play hymns or older Christian-themed music b/c so much of the new stuff often has hints of the occult in it (esp anything involved in the so-called new prophetic movement) and it does the same thing to me, makes me lose control (on a smaller scale sure, but that's not good), and I know when that happens something is SERIOUSLY wrong. In fact, I started listening to secular music more b/c I KNEW most of it was rubbish, so since my mind was all ready guarded, I'd just listen to it, not often, but I would. Now I know better.

    God promises that things will only get worse as we get closer to the end times, and while only He knows when that is, I think its pretty clear, things aren't getting worse, moral decay gets worse daily, in fact ppl w/ good morals and faith in the God of the Bible are almost always derided and those w/o morals or faith the the God of the Bible are celebrated.

    I just hope by sharing this, I can wake even more ppl up to the realities of what this stuff does to you when you watch it!

    God Bless ~Amy

    • @Amy – Wow – that's quite a story — quite an effect Gaga has on you. I wonder how many other people have those experiences. Considering that millions of people watch her videos (assuming that YT is not "rigged" to make her seem more popular than she is), this is a scary proposition.

      It's a tough concept for me to get my head around, b/c when I watch her videos or hear her music, I feel nothing. For someone who tries SO hard to be shocking, she bores me to tears. Maybe I'm blessed, maybe I'm lucky, maybe I'm just jaded.

      Anyway, I'm glad things are better for you now. God bless.

    • "As I watched it, I began to feel VERY odd. I began to feel like I was losing control of my body, and by the end of the video all I wanted to do was hurt myself! I got up and started moving towards the knife block in the kitchen when I realized what was going on, and I couldn’t stop my body, I started flailing around and hitting my head"

      Wow, just wow.

      I am in tears because I'm so in shock!

      wow, weird that, I seem to of had a very similar experience just NOW as I finished watching the video of 'Marry the Night" for the first time.

      Wow, just so in shock, I too, was overcome with an unusual and overwhelming desired to harm myself after viewing…..???

      I just felt like I wanted to go crazy and let loose and the thought of cutting myself (which I never do) randomly popped into my head….??? Thoughts of suicide, sacrifice, self-torture just seemed to flood my mind… lasted about 10 minutes, until I read your comment, and became conscious of it all, and snapped out of it. I kept telling myself that I am truly evil deep down inside, and that the world is mostly evil, and all the people in it too. I got this random idea that only the Devil exists, and that everything- including the idea of God, is his creation, which is his cruelest joke of all. And that one day he will laugh in our face and tell us he is our God, we were so pathetic to have hope. Woooow….my God… is funny.


      Actually, I feel like the video triggered something in me on a subconscious level and encouraged the repressed side of myself, if that makes sense. Like, all those negative thoughts and feeling which you dismiss and ignore or just reject all in all because you know they are wrong.

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      take care :)

      P.S. I don't actually believe any of those negative thoughts, I have never had thoughts like that before, and hope to never have them again!!

  74. This review was better than usual because you didn't try to place your own interpretations of it on every sentence.

    It's possibly Gaga (and other pop stars) simply just had a less than glamorous rise to fame. It is after all a cut throat industry and everyone wants to be a star so not everyone's rise is going to be as simple as walking in the door and landing a record deal. Life can be incredibly, horrifically dark even without the theory of Illuminati imagery to fall back on. It's depressing but all this imagery could just be a metaphor for how much life can fucking suck and kick you down.

    Gaga recently explained that the song means she is coming to terms with her past and "marrying" it – accepting it, if you will. She's not ignoring it or romanticizing it any more, she's putting it out there in the world to be seen and to be judged. That's pretty brave, no matter how you look at it. She could've easily kept pretending she is this fully actualized artistic pop star but she chose to show her fans, and in turn the world, how it really happened. She drew back the curtain for once and I think it paid off because this is clearly one of her best and most coherent videos so far. I like that she stepped up and directed it, too, rather than letting some stranger interpret her personal story.

    Gaga also said she actually was in the hospital before she got dropped – maybe the two events are related? She wasn't able to record or write or something because of her injury so they dropped her for it? We'll probably never know since she hasn't offered an explanation other than "that did happen" so far. Obviously it's extremely personal, whatever it is. On the subject of traumatic events that require no "intimacy" for two weeks and cause someone to disconnect from reality – it's quite possible she was raped. The hospital being only for women only fuels this theory. I would hope that, if this turned out to be the case, the public in general will stop trivializing her trauma with theories about joining the occult and that she gets the real support she clearly needs. But until it's explained I can understand how you see it this way.

    "Most music sites say that Marry the Night is about going out, partying and having fun in New York city." – That's incredibly disappointing if that's the case. I've never once considered this song to be lightweight or about anything remotely fun. It's one of the most emotional pop songs I've ever heard. How sad that a fast beat can eliminate all meaning for some listeners all together.

  75. Though VC's thoughts on this video was not so obvious to me as I watched it. One thing did jump out at me was the fact that this particular artist get away with everything. I was shocked to see a completely nude Gaga on national tv in the middel of the day. I guess that if you only cover your nipples and vagina then it's ok kids to watch. Ten or more years ago this would have been inexcusable but now I've heard nothing of protest or controversy. Now we just go with the flow out of fear of being called a prude. Now kids face images like rihanna tied up on the floor looking like sexualized a little girl and we don't even look twice. And I'm aware of the fact that controversy sells, (maybe even more than sex). And the wonder why the illuminati are so successful.

  76. LOL.. my hat goes off to anyone who could watch that video without getting a sick stomach. Thats one NASSSSSSSSSSTY bitch, she does her eye makeup like Amy Winehouse did and that cereal scene was really gross.

    (insert vomitface.jpg)

    VC you should add anonymous redirects to all outgoing links on this site or people can be tracked as visitors to your site through refferer. Just FYI.

    • So what if they're tracked as visitors? Whatever will be, will be. Why living in fear when there is really nothing to be scared of? You get dealt a hand of cards in life. You get dealt a poor hand and spend your time moaning about that hand of cards, or you get on with doing the best you can with these cards.

  77. in the end of the day, the video is what you make of it; just because you have a certain interpretation doesn't mean you actually get to impose it to others and say it's the correct one, because there are no correct interpretations. You can interpret everything that's symbolic in a way that resonates with you in a more spiritual way the best. This one is just as valid as Anthon's.

    The thing is, there's all this masonic or iluminatti or whatever you want to call it symbolism but does that affect you in any way? I'm sorry, but to me it just seems ridiculous. You can argue Lady Gaga or every other pop act is trying to make me sell my soul, or to control my actions, or to exploit me, or to make me worship Satan, but… if they are really trying so, well, they suck at it. I'm a good person, I'm a volunteer in an animal shelter, I'm a well-mannered and principled person, I strive to do what's right, I try to be a good student although I can be a bit lazy sometimes, I'm a good friend, AND I occasionally listen to Lady Gaga's songs. To me it doesn't really makes much sense to argue we're all being controlled by the music industry and it's blatantly obvious symbolism, when I think it really is up to you to be controlled or not. It's not like there's this demonic force forcing you to anything like Amy Johansen said. I'm not hating or anything; as I said, yours is a valid interpretation as well. What you're implying is what it doesn't make much sense. Thanks

  78. I just see her as a some nasty freak that will do anything to get rich and famous. She is nothing but a mind controlled illuminati puppet.

  79. please analyse also foster the people-pumped up kicks…it's just a sick song promoting violence shootings it's so sick they use a happy sound and video but the lyrics are so disturbing and hypnotic you just have to pay attention

    i hate this satanist music industry

    this song is an example of manipulation

  80. At the end of video when Gaga is in red dress and fire all around her, she shows symbol of pyramid or masonic divider with two fingers on her leg..

  81. What solution? I love when people gripe about no one coming up with a "solution" to the millenia-old elitist control structure. There IS no solution in the current paradigm. You MUST allow the current paradigms to destroy themselves before rebuilding. This is not a defeatist attitude, it is a realistic viewpoint. What are you going to do? Love them out of their positions of power? Get a majority of the "masses" to start loving and forgiving them, trying to break into their top-security castles to give mass-hugs and hold love rallies? Be sure that absolutely NOTHING would change from a violent reaction to them. 5 billion people uprising in violent revolt, stringing up the elite would only create another violent, control structured world. Violence begets violence, never forget this.

    You cannot "love them" out of their positions of power, either. These people are a group of inbred, death cultists who thrive on fear, hostility, and violence. You must allow them to destroy this materialistic, consumerist, materialist orgy that they have created ON THEIR OWN because that is where we are headed. After something is completely demolished, a new way or paradigm can be formed. You cannot change the world as it is. No one is going to be able to get 6-7 billion people to suddenly stop worshiping their "heroes" and trusting their "governments" and give up their materialistic view of the world. It is simply illogical and impossible.

    What you can do is hold back fear, maintain that love energy, and survive through the fall of the Age so you are still here on this plane when the new Age arrives. Then, out of the ashes of the fear filled, materialistic paradigm, we can create a love filled paradigm where sharing/respecting all of the planet and its resources in a tribal/community founded society.

    The point is, why do so many people think that an entirely different way of life can just happen out of a world society such as what we have? It is foolish. You must allow it to implode before the new ways can be successfully sought after.

  82. I tend to think that perhaps Lady Gaga is a symptom of the Apocolypse … not like you might think, though …. but, as part of The Revealing …….. the awakening of our true given indiviuality …. and not so subtlely, exposing the occult nature of elite control systems … she is driven, talented, has a powerful voice, well crated songs with thoughtful lyrics, talented musician, visually stunning art direction, trumpets individual pride and self-esteem, and presents such an obvious statement on how we are controlled … and it ain't by us ….. and that we should take our 'born this way' self and realize the masterful gift of our individuality …. "Don't be like me, be like you." Mayilyn Manson

  83. Please understand that in depicting the transformation of the oculus to the full moon Gaga is overtly referencing sacred Illuminati sex magick mind control rituals involving sodomy and semenancy. They are fully on course to finally and thoroughly destroy our moral reality in 2012.

  84. After her/his psychotic break following rejection as "an artist", they

    found her/him, and created a slave who would bleat the message to the

    sheeple that one should forsake that which is righteous and pure.

    Marry the night, indeed!

    It would have been hard to make the story any clearer. At least Dr.

    Faustus sold his soul for something valuable.

    Not only does she/he represent something truly sinister, she/he

    epitomizes tackiness and baseness.

  85. The message in this video is very similar to Rihanna "We Found Love". These vidoes show how our morals have become corrupt over time. I cant believe that these videos play on day time televsion and is heard all day on radio. On second thought, actually, I can. Its really not a suprise and should not be as we all know that the end of the this world as we know it is near.

    I find it hard not to view these videos and the events they display without considering my Christianity. The one thing all these videos have in common is they all reject Jesus. I dont think we will see anything Christian video, get publicity like Lady Gagy or Rihanna. Our society has fallen in love with the Devil, and is about to marrying the night, quicker than we think with globalization.

    Great Article loving the analysis. I keep checking daily for new stuff.

  86. Lady GaGa gave y'all a good introduction to "Marry The Night" through her song "Dance In The Dark" from "The Fame Monster." "Baby loves to dance in the dark coz when he's looking, she falls apart . . . " – She loves to dance in the dark (night) which ultimately meant that she would be on her way to marrying it (selling soul).

    I am not afraid to say that I love Lady GaGa and her artistic expression but I do understand where VC is coming from as well. I am not bias – I just believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  87. If you listen to any of the sick flavors of hard rock/metal, the meaning and themes of darkness, shadows, night, midnight, and so on are clear, it it all about evil and inviting evil into your life. At this point and time, I've found ALL secular music I've had the unfortunate experience of listening to, contain double meanings, codes, obsessions with the night, with hell, with evil, symbolism and often use of cryptographic methods pointing all to evil.

    Possibly one of the best posts in this thread is this:

    @Amy Johansen:

    "I often only listen or play hymns or older Christian-themed music b/c so much of the new stuff often has hints of the occult in it (esp anything involved in the so-called new prophetic movement)"

    An excellent recommendation. I believe ALL of today's music, even those hiding under the illusion of Christian or another religion is POISONED/COMPROMISED with occult symbolism which most do not understand and will allow into their minds thinking it to be one thing when it's another. The POWER record companies and producers hold over their victims (the so-called musicians which are nothing more than puppets who are made to talk through the subtle passages from record company/producer or other outside and unmentioned source) is mind boggling.

    Much of society ingests popular music without ever understanding it. The same crowd who denies their evil hard rock/metal music (has ANYTHING to do with evil and say they just listen to it for the music or say the evil themes are just used as gimmicks to sell records or are just fantasy are either deluded, under the claw of evil, blind, or just stupid.) are the same people who defend video games featuring the slaughter of people as harmless recreational material which has no ill effect on the mind.

    A true Christian, when loading a game like Grand Theft Auto, will FEEL bad inside whenever their virtual character does something negative to another, virtual shooting, hitting them with a car, what have you… because WE are made in the IMAGE of God, and these are virtual representations. Have you noticed most of the popular books and shows on TV now focus, if not glorify, murder? Then you have Jerry Springer and other shows which dumb down the people and make them into circus attractions. This again is a clear ATTACK on humanity, especially films and shows which enforce the attitude that, "Life must suck" or "Life sucks then you die". It's mostly all negative influences which you consume and adds or subtracts to your moral character. It is a clear attack on the image we were made in, God made us in our image and see how the corporations (few of them, mind you, consolidation of power and control of the majority of minds world-wide) project this image, they show creatures constantly bickering with one another, sowing deceit, attacking someone else, causing chaos.

    Did you think Pulp Fiction was cool? The words of sacred scripture (Bible) were perverted and manipulated by an evil persona, yet many felt these were powerful and cool portions of the movie. Words, like thoughts, have REAL POWER, but we have forgotten this, especially those who have distanced themselves from Christianity and cloaked themselves in the darkness of agnostic or total unbelief lifestyles. They'll bend over backwards and still some, like a talented acrobat, knocking down all the cards of religion and why it sucks, most of these people who loudly bash religion are blinded by the darkness surrounding them and they don't even know it. Instead, they are tools, used by evil without them knowing this, to spread anti-God/anti-Christ material. If a true unbeliever did not believe in religion/God, they would dismiss it, they wouldn't run mini-crusades in meat space or online vomiting the same old egotistical self-worshipping rants in the attempt to remove your precious faith from you. I've heard ALL the arguments, the twisting of truths and the use of Science as if it were a god in itself. Deluded people NEED the light of Christ in you to shine before them. Be a light for them in their lives.

    If you want to feel better, if you want CLEAN music, if you want to feel as if your spirit is truly raising itself up to God and glorifying him and him only, go back to the OLD Christian music, the hymns, the chants (not chants released by modern means), some of it in Latin (only if you understand Latin, it may sound beautiful but you NEED to KNOW what is being said, like modern secular music, even Sinatra and The Beatles, which much occult material hides within). Pick up old Christian themed records and convert them to digital. Listen to them as much as possible. Use them for background noise in place of the one-eyed monster: the TV. Sing along with the hymns and praise God. Fall asleep with your MP3 player piping this beautiful music into your mind, some of it will continue for awhile before turning itself off if you've set it to turn off at a predetermined time.

    The Bible says to expose evil, but also that our eyes are lamps for our body, so a fine line is needed. How much time do you spend studying occult symbolism hidden within the media, vs. reading God's word, praying, listening to sacred music. It's fine to see and avoid the evil, expose it, but move on. Don't let symbols and hidden meanings in the world consume you or tax your relationship with God.

    On demoninations, I'm not sure what denominational or non-denominational church would pass as true these days. It seems, like what used to occur in the world, studying the Bible and meeting in home groups to study and pray is more useful than going to [Catholic] Mass and hearing the Priest, apart from the rubrics, crack jokes or spend five or ten minutes on something which does nothing to spiritually inspire you, let alone the commandment not to BOW before ANY image. "But they're just pictures/statues, like your pictures of loved ones you may kiss in rememberance but not worship."

    Who said images of any sort are really permissable if you examine the Bible's commandment against making them. Images have torn apart the world today, driving our minds into so many different directions, programming us, how joyous it must be to be an Amish or other type of Christian, having been raised without all of the pollution our society bombards our minds with on a daily basis.

    In our media, saying Christ's name in a manner other than for worship seems to be like a hoop a celeb has to jump through to continue their work. How many programs make use of the word, "God" in dialogue? How many shows and films use Christ's name without praise? Do you continue to dismiss these words or do you change the channel? Take an average viewer of TV for an average week, most of the shows mention hell, evil, curse God/Christ or otherwise desensitize the public to evil in one way or another.

    Turn OFF the TV, even if it's used only for background noise (many commercials are now using catchy rock/metal soundtracks to drive their ads, these stick in the mind and they are poison). Ignore any broadcaster, especially one claiming to speak the TRUTH, who uses hard rock/metal in their shows.

    When you start to drive a wedge between yourself/your faith and this world, people will start to treat you differently. Some may say, "You cannot live your life inside a bubble!" but they do, by consuming popular media, they live inside the bubbles created for them. Imagine the imprint on our lives secular media has on us. I snort everytime I hear someone say, "Well, [TV] is real life!" no it is "programming". Programming, programming, programming.

    Don't listen to music because it sounds good, pick through lyrics with a fine toothed comb and KNOW what you're REALLY listening to. Read about the musician, the record company, the producer(s), do they check out as really a Bible backing Christian, or are they poison-in-the-air acoustical pill pushers?

    Programming starts early, especially when it comes to establishing a friendly and tolerant view towards the military. How many generations have played out war with their buddies and thought nothing of it, by way of plastic toy pimped by a plastic like cartoon show, or cowboys/indians, and so on.

    What if we had been raised with a focus of character in all forms of media, of helping one another, being selfless? Instead, we are fed the direct opposite, from cradle to grave.

    Turn it off, go outside and enjoy nature where you can't hear the sounds of modern world, lift your mind, heart, and soul to God. Google this: pope says not to use the name of Yahweh. This is a big no-no and any Catholic, Roman or otherwise, should comprehend this. It is not 'being respectful' in not using God's name, God's name, Yahweh, has been used for a long time by mouth and by book. I know I feel better when I pray, calling on Yahweh, Christ Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. The word "God" could mean any god, I prefer to use His Holy Name.

    Let us continue to expose the darkness while embracing the true light of Yahweh/Christ/Holy Spirit. Come Lord Jesus, Amen.

  88. Glory to God in The on

    Correction from my posting:

    "It is a clear attack on the image we were made in, God made us in our image"

    Should rather be:

    "It is a clear attack on the image we were made in, God made us in HIS image"

    Thank you.

  89. RE: Marry the Night

    “When the wings of the night spread , keep your children in, for the devils come out at that time” – Islamic Hadeeth

  90. This was a very good dissection of the video, but there are couple of things I noticed that you didn't mention. When she is on the stage dancing in the latex, there are little "fairies" that are flickering around her. This is probably a reference to "Tinker" programming. Also I think the scene where she is saying goodbye to the dancers was shot backwards to signify that it wasn't what really happened, but that's how SHE saw it. After that in the scene where she is in her studio apartment, she claimed in a VEVO interview that everything from that scene really happened. She said she sat everyone in a room and told them that she was going to wear something unattractive, and relive that moment exactly as it happened and that she just needed them to shoot it because she couldn't be the director right then. It sounds like she dissociated for it because she said there is 30 minutes of footage for that scene and she didn't stop herself when the music was over, nor did anyone yell "cut." She also said that the entire video is autobiographical.

    My guess is that the phone call was the label rejecting the SGB (her band) which is why she became Gaga. What I don't understand is WHEN was she MK'ed? And that nurse saying that she "delivered" her, I think she meant her "rebirth" and not her physical birth. And that rash on her back was probably a VD from her handler.

    Finally, I think the final scene with her in red and burning was her way of saying, "Yes, I know eternal damnation is my fate, and I've accepted it." After all, to her, she had nothing left to lose.

    • She had probably been MKd since birth.

      Let's not forget that she was raised in a strange building, and one day she told a dream to her mother, who responded nonchalantly "Oh, You're dreaming an Illuminati ritual."

  91. This video is disturbingly similar to Black Swan, and that's all that came to mind the first half of the video. But, the second half was resembling Beyonce & Jay-Z's Crazy in Love video, when the car is blown up, yet the new Beyonce emerges next to Jay-Z. Ironic how she married Jay-Z. Marrying the night, and the Head "Hova" in it.

  92. I believe this can be a good site. But if Vigilant does not propel you to take responsibility for yourselves and a people in this nation to take charge with what opportunities are set before you; but simply lure you to this site for entertainment, then you will be dependent on those who have the “upper hand” in whatever avenue and stuck in a negative cloud of helplessness.

  93. Symbolism is used by the global elite because it is important to their reptilian minds & once a symbol is engraved in the subconscious/conscious minds of the masses it becomes a powerful symbol in hyperspace. The language of god-mind in hyperspace is SYMBOLS…not english or chinese for pete's sake. They consist of color, shape & tone. Another example would be the teletubbies…that crap on their heads are archetype symbols & when lined up it says "Activation from space to create robots". If you watch ANY cable TV you are being programmed like it or not. you must protect yourself by putting yourself in violet mentally & putting a brown X over what you view once again mentally. If you find yourself being triggered put all of yourself in brown. My suggestion is to throw the TV out…it is maddening. I have found that people who watch TV are more fearful, less intelligent, more judgemental & more superficial than those who don't. You certainly should NOT let your children watch trash unprotected…this is how 'problem children' start. I have never seen this video & never will.

  94. It's a shame people have to sell their souls to get what they need & want! And now, lots of people are not only coming out & saying that, they are admitting it, like Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Britney, etc. This means it will be difficult not to sing

    one of 5 hits from Perry latest CD. That music just sticks in your head. And what about those headphones with the skull & cross bones on them??? I won't buy those. I am just surprised no one has tried to kill off those controlling the music industry.

    Perry is constantly asked about her religious background & her new persona. She makes light of it but you know she's another programmed star like Britney, Nikki Minaj, Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter). I may have to stop watching TV altogether but then, I'd have to rely on word of mouth for news.

    And I just read this interview from Thomas Jane, actor who stars in HBO's 'Hung',

    Another Republican was on the Early Show (CBS) and talked about how all those drugs that were given to children who weren't ADD/ADHD have been made passive by the drugs. And it's interfered with how their minds work & how they react with their attitudes all doped up.

    Folks, we just have to pray harder and more often because there is light at the end of the tunnel . . . we just have to move the dead bodies of all the Republicans who've been blocking the light!!!

    Thanks VC . . . another good read . . . and without a smokin' a joint! ROTFLOL!!

  95. theres another bit thats quite symbolic and just generally nice in this video.

    those who have followed gaga from the beginning may have spotted this to.

    When gaga first started out she had 2 female backing dancers for her small club gigs but when she made it big they were nowhere to be seen. the reason for this is because during one performance gaga accidently hits on of them in the face with her mic which caused them to fall out, however in this video the two are reunited, she is the girl who lifts up her leg, in an intimidating manner, in the snug harbour scene, she is then seen during the pop school dance scene (shes the girl in the pink ballet outfit, which also may symbolise similaritys to the earlier ballet scene with gaga) during the routine gaga accidently knocks her over but then apologies, helps her to her feet and the two hug, kiss and make up.

    cute that she added that in there i thought :)

  96. let the truth set yo on

    strangely enough similar marks on the back were used in the black swan, when in the mirror (natalie Portman) you saw these marks and you never knew how or where they came from. Now it makes a tad more sense, bearing in mind she also uses ballet. Considering the most recent film Black swan was full of MK control.

    I am personally not a fan of Lady Gaga myself, but I went on youtube and in two weeks alone it has had over 20Mill views. The first 9 mins were the most interesting, but without even reading your article, the video seems very disturbing, it just didnt sit right with my spirit and god forbid that I had children, there would be no way in hell I would want my children viewing such things. she reminds of a young maddonna and secondly the product placement is very raw and clear. (next trends mint!, i mean what is that! half of these impressionable kids are going to now declare that there new fav colour is mint, just cos she has said so.

    As much I think she is highly over rated, she is creating a disturbed generation of young thinkers that believe that n order to be famous they will do and accept anything and literally anything, just to be famous or to experience fame!

    Since when and how has the world has the world become so obsessed with being famous. An all consuming disease that will allow you to be abused and manipulated into situations in order for you to be loved or perceived to be loved by your so called fans, that declare they love you, based on the fact that the image you perceive to be real is actually a fake. Its a just a smoke screen…as to what we will never really know.

    The strange thing is that watching lady gaga briefly, i never feel as if she doesn't really love herself..

    .Hence the ability to morph into characters in order to be loved

    Too truly understand i think people need to focus on their own core beliefs as compared to trying to figure or decode, a message that is being repeated and regurgitated in the form of various mediums, and artists not just by lady gaga!

    My only solution is to display opposites of the behavior, these artists display, such as love, respect, compassion, and honesty!

  97. Just saw the video, and a quote comes to mind. Forget the full quote (so I'll give a paraphrase) and forgot the exact book it was in (a book about hollywood) but I do know the quote was used in the beginning of a chapter of the book "The Wicked Ways of Malcolm McLaren" and I know how to paraphrase it:

    "People think that to become famous you need a something extra, but it's not that that drives people to fame, it's a something MISSING. They're trying to replace something that's missing from them with the fame."

    The backboneless shot is what brought that quote to mind.

  98. No one is going to read this cause it is as the absolute bottom, but I just made myself watch that video. Oh my word. If you do not know what a judas goat is, please familiarize yourself, with a quickness!!!! That is not art, that is not 'freeing' that is not anything positive. Good God I'm dumbfounded with little monsters.

  99. I think her video "Yoü and I" is a continuation of Marry the Night. At the end of Yoü and I, she marries her handler. Get it?

  100. For an idea of how far gone this culture is and how little critical thinking there is out there, I recommend you take a look at the comments on YouTube for this video (which has 21 million hits, BTW). These people are off in a fantasy world.. Did you know that they refer to Lady Gaga as their "queen" and their "mother monster"? It's crazy … and depressing. What's really amazing is just how blatant Gaga's message is in this video, in which she spells out exactly what happened to her in her quest for fame, and no one even seems to notice the clear message that she is explicitly making. I think this explains why the Illuminati feels it can put these messages out there. They know that people are so brainwashed and under control that they won't even notice.

    I love your site, VC, and value the analysis, but I'm wondering if it is going to become obsolete as their "symbolism" becomes more blatant. Next thing you know they will be announcing their identities outright and explaining their agenda in plain terms — such as, "We are the Illuminati and we plan to take over the world." Not much analysis of their symbolism will be needed at that point. Keep it though, you're doing us all a great service.

  101. The White Snake on

    Six words: Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

    Seriously, I've been waiting for this article since the video came out. The fans were sooooo excited after the MTN vid came out, saying it was better than "Bad Romance" (it isn't for a number of more or less impartial reasons) and that Gaga was a genius yet again. Then I actually watched the video and was scared, not to mention appalled at the taste some of her fans had.

    THANK YOU for getting a snap of her surgery. At first glance, I thought she had marks that looked like she had had wings removed, which would have had a whole different smorgasbord of symbolism. I knew there was something wrong with her 'therapy.' You watched the vid enough times to see exactly what was bugging me. For that, I commend you.

    MTN is my least favorite Gaga video to date (yes, even after "You and I" and "Telephone"). It's barely a music video. It mooches from everywhere (including Faylan, one of my favorite J-Pop artists) and hasn't a drop of originality in it. The song does not start until 8 minutes in. That should not happen in a music video, which, by definition, should have more music in it. Blatancy is one thing; how Gaga's 'true' monsters can go along with this puts it on a whole new level of bad. The song is passable; the video, not so much.

  102. wouldnt it be fair to say things like USMC boot camp are 'trauma-based mind control'? they are admittedly trying to 'break you' so they can 'build you back up' the way they want you.

  103. Yay!!! I'm so glad to see we are all on the same page about this video!!! I did a micro mini post about it a couple of weeks back,, and I have been waiting for your opinion on it. They are getting beyond bold about spelling out the price of fame these days. Good for us, but also good for them because it still shows the world they we (they AWAKE) are right, but its ok, ITS NORMAL NOW!!! SMH.

    Thanx again for spelling it out, VC!!!!

  104. I've been a constant and loyal reader of VC that watching music videos of pop artist have become easy to interpret as you watch them even on the first time. However, yes I know that these popstars undergo various traumas before they become successful but my question is, why do they need to undergo these multiple types of programming when the Illuminati can just pay them and have them sing or perform the way that they want, do they really need to be mind-controlled in order to do so?

    sorry i've been really confused and I need some answers :0

    • I would not be surprised if much of the stuff done on stage isn't done by the people doing the "dancing and singing," but instead by other entities. Spirits (or Demons), to be exact.

      I knew a Ballet dancer who got out of Ballet when she got to the point where she was watching herself perform. She loved the idea of being on stage performing, didn't like the idea of watching something else doing those moves with her body.

      And she suffered under a dose of abuse in her childhood and into her adulthood.

      But put the poor souls under enough trauma to multiply their personalities, and they'll hide within themselves when it's time to perform. The Spirits/Demons then can enter into the body and perform the stuff. Plus there's no need to worry about them suddenly getting a backbone and saying "Enough" as it won't be them who's trying to do everything.

      All sorts of musical expression seems rife with spiritual/demoniac possession…from Robert Johnson meeting Legba (the spirit of the doorway and intermediator between humans and the other spirits in Voodoo and many African tribal cultures) at the crossroads to many rock-n-roll groups talking about an extra member of the band who comes in to perfect the sound to writers who watch their works run away from them at certain points.

    • Unfortunately the programming is necessary. They wouldn't want one of these big stars getting a "mind of their own", creating their own brand or calling out their game, would they? Look what happened to John Lennon. He tried to call out the NWO and he's gone. John Kennedy knew the truth and wouldn't play along, he's gone. If you don't play the game, you get the devil horns. They not only want full control, they want to exploit it to it's fullest, abuse it, what have you. "Sex Kitten Programming". Look at Anna, Marilyn, Brittney, Christina, Rihanna, Beyonce, countless other women that are just plain "trash" but pure "fantasy" to men. They are created that way, because sex sells, and us real people think that's the way you need to be to get attention. In the end, we are all programmed because of these puppets. If you watch TV, you are programmed to think a certain way, buy certain things, conform to a certain way of life. Ultimately, the whole idea is to control us.

      • And that's why they vilified adorable/talented/beautiful Ingrid Bergman. She refused to comply with stupid demands and did her own thing. I never understood why Bergman was always so underrated but after reading her biography and your comment I fully understand the reasons behind the contempt/hostility/ostracism she faced. The same applies to Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren. Such beautiful and sweet creatures but overly underrated and then you have Monroe who is supposed to be the best thing besides bread and butter. Obviously these are the ones who had their own mind, the ones who weren't willing to conform with a blatant agenda.

      • As a matter of fact we haven't all of us successfully programmed to like the trash as you put it. It's just we go with the flow and sugarcoat our comments pretending we kinda like them in order to avoid conflicts and being criticized of being jealous or something. It's called political correctness dear Jennifer.

  105. comic book bitten in on

    "why do they need to undergo these multiple types of programming "

    The more you understand this, the better:

    "Ephesians 6:12

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

  106. The most disturbing part of the video, to me, is the very end. It is, as Vigilant stated, very ominous. She has become something hellish, this has been a very blatant theme with her, especially after "The Fame". Practically every video since has portrayed deeply spiritual warfare, and not from the side of light. It really makes me sad to watch her… to watch all of these artists spiral down into the depths of darkness. Although she may not be as amazing as everybody says she is, I can see talent in her, and passion. Creativity is a beautiful thing, and to see it twisted and manipulated for evil means really pisses me off.

    I suppose it all comes down to a choice, and she obviously made the choice to submit to the "powers that be", as all of these sad people have. I love to do creative things (write, draw, sing),. but I would never sign my life away to these horrendous abominations of so called "people" just to do what I'm passionate about. Maybe the fire doesn't burn enough inside of me, but it just does not seem worth it. I don't think it could ever be worth your mind.

    My heart really does go out for these people, they are obviously in pain. You can look into Stefani's eyes and tell she is hurting deeply inside. I know that all these people have become a part of the "agenda", but I don't think that they even entirely understand what that is. Especially if they have been programmed. Look at Britney Spears, every time I see her now she looks tired and miserable. She doesn't even look like she wants to have anything to do with music anymore.

    Anyway, I hope that people are starting to wake up to this crap. Thank you Vigilant, you have certainly opened up my eyes to the truth.

    • I hate to say it but I'm a huge Gaga fan. But that doesn't mean i can't look at her objectively. I really wish i new about all this before i became obsessed with her, but I'm trying my best to take control of my obsession. I wanted to ask you VC, if she is mind controled then how does she know what happened to her, because it seems like she knows she's been tortured and programmed as we can see through the video. I aslo want to note that I really do see the desperation and hurt in her eyes. Its so sad. It makes me so sad, what she probably went through and I pray to her everyday because thats all we can do. I also want to ask how she would want to be in the illuminati. I heard that she tried to get the illuuminati to accept her and that she went to them with her own will. I'm sure she regrets that deeply. But don't they(artists) know that they're getting into a huge mess and about to ruin their lives? I see 2 sides of Gaga. One is really evil and she helps the illuminati on that side and exploits sex and whatever. But she also has a good side and its so nice someone might think if its all a joke. I truely think she really has a good side and she really is fighting and loving for her fans. But she has 2 completely opposite characters that they probably are form mind control. I think the good side is her real side and the other is the one illuminati created and sadly i feel the evil Gaga is taking over her good sometimes. Please God. save these people. they are trapped in the biggest evil. Help them get away from them, they are innocent! I highly doubt Stefani would do ANY of this with a normal state of mind. Its all because of illuminati. She even says in her Born This Way Album in the last page of the booklet where she gives all her thanks to her team and producers. She thanked her family and wrote a part of her lyrics from her song The Queen: "Tonight I will return, the fame and riches earned. With you I'd watch them all be burned."

  107. No, it is much more simple than that. Gaga is NOT a deep thinker. She did try to appear a thinker, saying that Lennon was her "hero" and how she has peace sign tattoo on her wrist in his honour. However, she has not made even ONE comment about the Occupy movement. This is despite that for 3 weeks Anonymous has been posting to her pages and asking her" What does she, the Most Influential Person of the Year – think? Yoko and Lennon's son Sean both have spoken in support of the Occupy movement; Sean even went down to one site.

    No, Gaga has had a blessed life. She has not really ever had to struggle much. She "made it" age 22. Yes, she IS talented, yes she works hard – and wouldn't that be nice, doing what you love and being adored and rich!

    She isn’t one of the 99%.

    (And that "I was bullied" stuff – bullshit.)

    No Gaga is after some "street-cred." She's had it Good. So – I think her story means that in that time before she "made it" she got pregnant, had to decide between her possibly successful music career or a kid. She got very depressed, had an abortion and spent some time in a psych ward.

    Whether that actually happened to her doesn't really matter. Gaga has shown that "I feel pain too!!"

    She's not deep – that Marry the Night clip was unadulterated self-indulgence.

    Influential – join this and point her in ther right direction…

    CUT AND PASTE TO FACEBOOK!/events/240932072639966

  108. Wow I always get really uncomfortable watching her videos..

    What was the purpose of the shot of her hanging upside down on the roof of the car with her ass in frame for too long?? And the nakedness in the bathtub?

    Last year I went to her concert, and there were a lot of children with their parents.. They probably didn't know what was about to happen.. I wouldn't want my child watching a singer play with " blood" on stage and smearing it all over her body.. So weird..

  109. Are these MK Ultra victims supposed to know they are programmed? Gaga's video is telling us she's aware of her programming (notice the butterflies that starting coming from her at 4:43, which signifies Monarch programming). But sometimes I wonder if she even writes her own songs, or even actually directed this video. I think every facet of her is controlled, just like Britney Spears. I wonder who will be next?

    • I find it hard to believe that anyone can be mind controlled if he or she knows about it. So, good point that seems common sense to me ! But if we consider this to be true, Gaga cannot be mind controlled, can she ?

  110. I have been waiting for this review! When I watched the video, I knew it would have another article from VC, 'cause I was able to notice some questionable stuff there. Thanks so much for this article, VC! 😀

  111. Gaga is definitely a human being just like the rest of us but u can't deny she has a dark spirit (the devil) consuming her. I think she is a talented artist but she is possessed ….sorry. everyone will know the trutg wen God comes back. Then you'll see!

  112. Being a very thin person, I am able to contort my back to where it would appear the same as in the video. I don't think she had her spine removed, I think we need to focus on the splotches on her back. Lady Gaga suffers from a disease called Lupus, which is know to cause red splotches on the body, I am not sure what it means, or why it is in the video. But that is just my theory.

  113. When I first saw this video on VEVO I was like, "Yup, this is going to be VC's next article!" I don't know about you guys but at the end, when she's engulfed in the flames, I see an eye in that disc-shaped hat. o.o

  114. Yo how can they worship the devil etc. when science has proved that the bible is flawed and that God is possibly fake, genesis says how he created us from dust but we actually descended from primates. I dont think that the devil nor god is real and our purpose is to be happy and reproduce.

    • Why couldn't man be made of earth, water and oxygen? Makes sense to me. Everything we need to sustain our earthly bodies comes from the earth, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, minerals, etc… You can choose to believe that monkey story all you want but ask yourself where did the monkey come from? Darwinism is the dumbest thing I ever heard and I was young and dumb when I was taught it, but knew better than to fall for it. Background check of Darwin: a former preacher whose child died and then he became an atheist. Unless he saw a monkey change into a man with his very on eyes, I won't believe it. I'll say one thing for him, he has a vivid imagination.

    • Science has "proved" that God is "possibly" fake? lolololol…

      If you really believed that then you would not need to say "possibly" fake if it was really "proven." But you know that is not true so you have to include the disclamer that says "possibly" fake! THANKS FOR THE LOL!!!

  115. I feel that you have to join a number of societies in order to live on this earth. Wether it is good or evil or both. She is there to make money.

  116. I used to hate Lady Gaga because of her bizarre outfits and weird makeup but everything changed when I watched her live performance on Youtube. She didn't do any Illuminati symbols at all! All I could see were Gaga and her piano. She is very talented and different.

    To be honest, I disagree with this kind of accusation saying that she's in the Illuminati society. All her music videos may have some weird stuff shown but she was a student of theater school ! To me , it's all about her creativity. So funny to learn that an OK gesture is actually one of the symbols! I always do that with my friends. Dear VC, although me and Gaga are two different religions, I pray to my God everyday. This MK Ultra thingy has never come into my head and gets my brainwashed. Neither me and my friends is brainwashed by Lady Gaga. You see ?

    Lady Gaga has many stories. Watch ''MTV Lady Gaga : Inside The Outside'' where she talks about herself getting thrown into trash and being bullied. It's very pathetic to know that she had to laugh despite herself to avoid her friends from seeing her cry. Just stop accusing this girl. She is born superstar. Remember , it's wrong to hate. She's inspired many teens these days and makes them feel secure. We may despise her but she makes her fans to feel grateful being born the way they are. That is all. By the way VC , do not delete my comment or anything. I just wanna see the reaction of others. Thank you.

    • Take A Closer Look on


      You seem like a sweet kid. No one is saying Gaga is controlling YOU. Gaga is controlled by leaders of the music industry. Leaders that have hidden agendas and have taken over the business, using it to INFLUENCE you and desensitize you. The use catchy beats and high fashion to glamorize and sell sell sell. However it's more than music they're selling. They know kids just wanna have fun and be carefree and you can be, just don't idolize and imitate oversexed pop stars that make "darkness" inviting and fun. Know where to draw the line.

  117. something more than on

    "Remember , it’s wrong to hate"

    Ephesians 5:11

    Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

    There *is* a diference between hating, judging, and bearing false witness, and exposing the fruitless deeds of darkness. Your post does not help, in my opinion, nor does it convince me otherwise about the performer or her video(s) in the way VC has illustrated.

  118. The scars on her back represent the removal of her celestial wings..

    She is just like mother except her mother was a saint, and then the camera takes focus on her back.

    That is a representation of her fall, like the fallen angels from heaven.

  119. The symbol of Poseidon is also a greek letter 'ψ' (psi) , which is also used to write the word "ψυχή" (psihi), that means "SOUL". Might be a connection, I'm curious of how you might interpret this, VC. :)

  120. It looks like a blatant 'shot at the LATE Amy Winehouse. Perhaps, Amy didnt follow along, and chose to remain "Artistic" or Free from the pitfalls of Marrying the Night. Which is sad becuase most people have issues, I figure it was a depection of Amy winehouse at the depths of her addictions and with a percieved no way out -Being mocked by the Cheerios/Blue hair dye Scene Lady Gaga -so artistically played out.. Bravo Gaga. NOT!

    Gaga is Disgustingly hideous! Her teeth resemble Mr Wilsons in the photo shoot scene in his garden from the "Dennis the Menace" remake. Only Gagas teeth are real. Perhaps she needs a "Artistic" bunny ear hat and an Extremely large Carrot to showcase that smile at the next VMA's. Well with age and her soul being gone and all, She will resemble the other non-soul Bab-wa Wa Wa tehrs! uuughhh Gross, But its okay Her DAD will always have loving arms for her to jump into — ; )

    • Also, did anybody notice the Cross on the Hospital Bed Pillow? If you watch the video again you will see another Cross pretty much at the foot of the bed. The Cross on the pillow is Hollow, just that ugly green color. Now look at the foot of the bed, the cross is black.

      -If you combine the two… All it makes is a black circle. What do you think this means? Or what might they be trying to get across?

      • Okay one more.. At the end of the artcile, there is a picture of Gaga holding her head. for the X factor performance That might be elluding to the END TIMES, where there is a single world Govt, single world religion, and ultimately the bible states the christians will be persecuted for their faith. Persection means several things along with being beheaded.

        Look at The moon inside the big hall with the pitchfork paintings, while gaga's saying goodbye to the other MK's, resembles the light coming from the all seeing eye on our dollar bill… Under it says – "The Cross is my Anchor" backwars for some reason.

        Gagas intro voiceover sounds like someone entering sentences into a coputer that recites them in GAGA's voice… Also shows the Controlled theme..

  121. The title of the song "Marry the night" reminds me of the Magic Flute of Mozart, and in general of Masonic and Rosicrucian teachings. It is important to notice, that Masonry isnt evil, it can be used for good or evil, for noble or twisted purposes, etc.

    Ok back to the point, in the Magic Flute and in general in Esoterism the "Night" is the delussion, also insanity, treachery, darkness, etc. Represented in the Taroh by the Moon arcane (darkness, depression, obscurity, illusions, all that leads to sadness) In the Magic Flute, the Night Queen is the evil character, the one that wants Sarastro (Zoroastro, who represents the Sun, enlightenment, knowledge) killed. The Night Queen uses her sexual-hypnotic voice to persuade Tamino, and also tries to impulse Pamina (her daughter) to commit suicide.

    By the phrase "Marry the Night" I assume she means to marry the false, the ilussion, what is darkness and can be seen at first sight as beautiful. In the most material form, this would be that she prefered to entered to that fake world of the show-biz, while in deeper levels it could mean that she's working for such forces.

  122. There are TWO kinds of people "categories" : (1) people who have done some research on MK ULTRA and have intelligence towards the deeper meaning of what is shown to them, they can read the symbols and the truth is right now in front of them the other kind of mind set, or shall we say "the gaga" people (2) do not have the awareness or IQ to figure things out and only read the candy coated story line-DO NOT GET IT, WILL NOT GET IT, NO MATTER WHAT, are in a vulnerable position to be manipulated.

  123. Do you think there may be a connection between Lady Gaga's Dance in the Dark song and Marry the Night?

    Wikipedia say Marry the Night is Dance in the Dark's true successor, not to mention th involvement of darknesson bothof the songs. Dance in the Dark seems suspicious too.

  124. is it just me or i have seen that the "marrying the night" scene are exist at Alejandro video background of fire and cars silhouette? when gaga was surrounded by the male dancer and show the-one-eyed symbol?. thanks

  125. I don't even think what Lady Gaga is doing is wrong. People go around spreading the name of God, why can't she spread the name of Satan. I know it sounds stupid and I am not supporting the "Illuminati" but I am not againist it.

    I think when she joined Interscope she didn't know what she was going to get herself into and now she can't quit, but if I have a musical talent I would atleast try to join for the fame and fortune but my talent lies in art and fashion! :(

    Speaking of fashion, Gaga always talks about fashion designers, does this mean they are members??

  126. She is such a lunatic. You should see all the positive comments on Youtube about this video. Insanity is becoming the new norm. The funny thing is that before whatching this video, I thought indeed Gaga should be in a psychiatric ward. Her name fits her perfectly.

    • I don't understand what people see in her that I fail to see. Honestly I never liked her or her music except for one of her songs "just dance". She has a strange stare that gives me the creeps. Apparently she's dating now uncle Mason from the vampire diaries.

  127. —>people today are "sooo" blinded moreover, deaf. Well, just to remind u guys, God gave us two eyes and two ears for a purpose. But so sad, many of us just don't realize how to use them. Before, I was really fond of hearing songs from a lot of artists in music industry, grew up from it and I wonder why it sounded cool but thank God, I now understood.

    Thanks VC! You made it again :) God Bless U and more articles to come :)

  128. Lady Gaga is unfortunately nothing but a puppet. She wanted to achieve her dream so much she didn't think about the gravity of the consequences,and she must now pay for them.

  129. I was a huge fan of Lady Gaga the moment she came on the screen, when I realised I didn't fit in with people I prayed to God to send someone who would free me and make me comfortable in my own skin, then I began to have dreams about her when I was 6 or 7, and I would see her and she would stare at me, giving me signs she was coming for me. Weird as it is. You see, I was the bullied one, bad childhood, no friends, gay, the 'controlled' one at home. I was like under house arrest all the time. I used to have a dream, one day I'm gonna be a star, I'm gonna dress outrageously, I'm going to change people's thoughts, I'm going to promote Gay Rights, I'm going to be free from this house and I'm going to be big. At that point I even said with my deep desire for fame that was like an unquenchable thirst that lingered on my mind, "I'll even sell my soul to the devil if I have too." Not knowing what I was even saying at that age, I don't know what caused me to utter such words.

    After my grandfather passed away I began to see death everywhere, it was unavoidable, dreams even in reality I was scared at that young age. All I saw was judgement day, and how I was always going to go to heaven in the end somehow.

    When Gaga arrived on the scene I was automatically drawn to her, like a moth to a flame. I did heavy research and became addicted to her in such a way, that eating wasn't a neccesity because her music somehow sustained me and kept me going on. I was shocked how the theme of death was gyrating around her work, and how coincidentally her first album was called "The Fame" when I had already decided that if I released an album that would be the name I would call it; months before the album released. It was from this point on, her music was all I listened to, her attitude, her promotion of Gay Rights, my life was her and doing everything to be 'free' like her.

    It wasn't until 2009, when I came across Vigilant Citizen and came across her horrific truth, which I spent a year denying to myself. I kind of accepted it but rejected it at the same time, but rather than forget her and stop listening to her, I was more enamoured with her work. I began to do severe research in the occult area all over the internet and came across many truths. But, fascinated by it like Aliester Crowley. I was ignorant over the truth but I always found it hard to reject her because she was so deeply rooted into my psyche. I knew signs straight away and began copying them in a 'fashionable' style. The A-Ok handsign, the devil horns on hands, the lightening bolt etc. I was 'in love with Judas' here clearly. I felt closer to God because of her to be honest (I was a Muslim, so it was a bit bad to idolize over anyone, and people hated me for it and made fun). But after her release of her second album "The Fame Monster" In the song Bad Romance I somehow connected with it, in the terms of people controlling me etc. It was this song that I loved insanely I understood the meaning behind it instantly and Vigilant Citizen proved exactly what I thought. But, my life fell from here as my addiction to her expanded and I felt like worshipping the devil, and I wanted to be possessed, I wanted to be raped, I wanted the 'ugly, I want your disease'. I wanted the most disgusting things ever. But, I didn't stop I felt like giving up Allah, I wanted to be part of Satan. Then later I found out that songs have a way of receiving a message subconsciously through our minds. So, like for example: The song "Like a Prayer" Madonna, if you hear it backwards it says "Here us, save us Satan". So, although the listener hears something else without realising it they are doing exactly what their undercurrent music holds. I always somehow disagreed with VC in order to justify I am right, nd came across other sources which gave a story and forced myself to believe in it!

    I began not listening to anyone, and just cried for hours wanting to be famous and wealthy and donate the money to poor (I still had humanly qualities LOL), I hated money with a deep passion, I wanted fame but riches I didn't need, coincidentally Gaga claimed 'I hate money!' I was so like her even in thoughts, expressions, ideas it seemed a little too impossible.

    Then Born This Way came out, I fell in Love with it. In fact it was a freedom through the lyrics, but I noticed that the video was a bit 'out of control/sense'. I listened to it everyday and night and VC analysed it, I began to agree with VC more now than ever. I began to realise how much things were going out of hand, but I still loved her. After Judas came out I loved her yet again but I disagreed with the story to an extent that VC gave, I feel it tells two stories, one about the new-age and the second is her asking for forgiveness at the same time. You could see that because at one precise moment on stage the number on the background of the stage where Jesus stands shows '697'. This is perhaps a coincidence but if we looked at the bible in Psalm 69:7: "For I endure scorn for your sake, and shame covers my face" and if we look at the previous verses i says:

    “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters, the floods engulf me.”

    Because at one point VC talked about the age of horus and then in the end shes stoned to death because the public didn't like her music I think. It doesn't go unless theres more than one story being told that as well as the age of horus, the music Gaga writes is negative represented by Judas and she's asking for forgiveness and that goes hand in hand with her being engulfed by the ocean.

    Penultimately, I gave up Islam two weeks ago after I accepted Christ as my saviour and life has become sweeter and I don't feel the need to listen to her anymore. Jesus is my life, I think I've learnt my lesson although life is still hard after I have to come out to my parents about me converting and they'll probably kill me! But, i'll die in the name of Jesus if I have to. After all, if he died for my sins and the rest of the worlds I can owe him that at least. :)

    I wanted to tell all Gaga fans, with my story as a wake up call: Whether you relate to her or not, she is not good for you. She is controlled, she enjoys it, but I feel she has no control of what she thinks at all as represented by her headless logo. I feel sorry for her, but VC is truth she gives the idea that 'It's Ok to turn to the dark side, it's Ok to sell your soul, It's cool!' but it's not. As opposed to Gaga who believes this life is 'eternal' said in her manifesto of mother monster. This life is nothing, this is temporaral life, you want to dance for how long six-seven years and I am certain Jesus will be back for the rapture. Prepare to live in Jesus' ways, stay away from the satanic music, listen to Gospel music if you need to. I know it's hard I have related to her in many ways and I know deeply what it's like. But, you are not a puppet neither r u a robot! Your a human, use your logic its more evident and blatant than ever. I knew straight away what "Marry The Night" was about, the songs connotations are negative in itself try years of analysing songs and videos and poems and you'll realise. Trauma-based mind-control, escapism, its blatant. BTW she portrays gay people negatively, in a promiscuous manner and wrongly, it's fucked up. Jesus loves all thats what I believe. I still listen to her music occasionally but one or twice nothing more and no videos otherwise they deduce more thoughts. BTW i'm shocked that most artists in the music world are gay, i actually feel its a product now being used to get people interested. Its fucked up, their making it seem like a choice when it isn't. P.S: For those who think AID's are the wrath of God, think again, the occult are the ones who gentically created aids as they did with michael jackson when they injected him with vitilgo as the music industry and film industry etc are racist and want to cause rifts.

    I had already thought of names for a stage presense, Monster. First album Phoenix about rebirth and submitting to the dark side. First single 'Born to Darkness' inspired by Interview with the Vampire.

    Doing crazy fashion and do handsigns and gestures and acting as though I have multiple personality disorder on interviews. These are some of the ideas I came up with when listening to Gaga inspired by her gothicism. Which lead me to a question, with the knowledge I have about the occult, say if I created a music video and filled with illuminati symbolism and gave an interesting title. Would the occult let me play along? or would they kill me for the knowledge I have? Or would they be clueless?

    VC could you check out the following films and analyse them: Heartless (2009), Disturbing Behaviour (1998), they're occult related I think, well heartless is about someone who sells their soul in order to get what they want and realises it was a crappy deal, the second one is about high school mind-control victims. Also, as a plea could you talk more about the death of Diana and why she is contantly used by every artist at one point in their career. What is the fascination?

    Thanks :)

    • First of all, I would like to say I'm Muslim. Not to be judgemental, but i think you have made a huge mistake on giving up on your religion. I'm not going to argue with anyone else but if you were a Muslim, you should know that Islam is the true religion. We also believe in Jesus and that he's going to come back. But we also believe in Prophet Muhammed (pbh). All i wanted to say is i found it extremely weird that you claim you saw dreams of her and that your grandfater died and such. These are the exact same things that happened to Gaga. I hope your not mixing up your life with hers. Just saying.

      • Okay, firstly I respect your opinion. I love Muslims but I see that Islam is evil to the core! I never questioned my faith until I started finding some strange things out about Islam, and I did the stupid thing and started to research. With the research I found I realized there is no way on earth Islam is right. So, I had to find a new path and so I began to search up and everything and then I chose Christianity! But, I don't really want to elaborate on that!

        LMAO no I'm not mixing my life up with hers! I find it as strange as you do in truth! In fact there is no logical response to what I encountered and how it occurred in reality. I don't know how or why it happened, but for some weird reason everything I wish for comes out half good and the other side comes out ruined. I'm surprised at the similar struggles and what we stand for, that always shocked me. And the prayer thing and then it ending up happening! As a child I felt very close to God but the questions began when I became older!

        Advice: Sometimes questioning something can help us find a deeper meaning; don't just believe what your told but try to find out what is the truth! Because if I am honest with you, If I didn't see the paranormal as a child and didn't see death over and over again in life, I probably would be athiest with my logic. But, think about it which religion do the occult attack the most and why? Why is the New World Order going to be Shari'ah Law and not something christian? Islam has created a counterfeit devil to disguise from the real devil, and Islam makes the true God of the bible inferior in love. God loves everybody unconditionally in the bible, but Islam's God hates everybody who disbelieves in him, hates anyone who is; proud, boastful etc. God of the bible loves with a deep passion and compassion! He hates the sin but loves the sinner. Now try comparing your God with my God, and they are not the same God!!! Don't be fooled! I believe something did come up to the cave of Hira when Muhammad was in there meditating, I believed it was a demon or the devil himself; and Muslims called it an "Angel" hmm… that is sooo strange as Muhammad never not once claimed it was an Angel but rather a demon trying to kill him! You can search that up in the Hadith; in fact he is the first Prophet ever to become suicidal because of what he was seeing; and in the bible it clearly states even Satan disguises himself as the angel of light. So… there's a little info you can search it up if you don't believe me! But, do research look at what people have seen in near death experiences, look at people's prayers answered and to which God. Look at the treatment of women in Shari'ah Law and how bad it is, we should be fighting against all these evils?! :) I pray that you find the truth, and realize how Islam is wrong in every way! I could go on telling you how wrong it is! But, I don't want to be mean LOL because you could find out yourself 😉 You can see that Muhammad or Allah are worse than the greatest peacemakers in history to have ever existed. Muhammad/Allah are not good when compared to people like… Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King etc… they are just terrible! I hope you dig really deeper in your "Religion". BTW I don't consider Islam as a "Religion" because it is NOT a religion. Islam is a political doctrine that imposes itself by force and if anybody disagrees with it should be killed! And there is no such thing as a "Moderate Islam" It's not moderate our Christ is your Anti-Christ, and your Christ is our Anti-Christ; in the end you will kill us! So, that is just stupid! No Offence 😛 Just dig deeper, because I looked at most of the details of Islam in depth and discovered its falsehood, you should too?! :) A Programme I recommend is Jesus or Muhammad ABN you can learn alot about Islam, and you'll see how Muslims can not answer the questions and alter the text in order to make their point, and have no clue what they're saying half the time, or make death threats when they realize how stupid they are and got nothing better to do, etc etc… If after that you still disagree your choice 😉 God loves you regardless and I do too :) I just want the best for you :)

  130. lost in paradise on

    Hi, VC. Great post!

    I just watched a music video called "On A Mission" by Gabriella Cilmi. It's not new or anything, probably from around 2009-2010, but still, I definetly think there were some illuminati and/or mind control hints like pyramids, robotic movement and sex kitten programming. Could you check it out? (Warning: the song is horrible!) :)

  131. I think at first, the last scene does seem dark and ritualistic and like someone is burning her alive, but in reality she engulfed herself in the flames and is then reborn from the flames, i.e. the phoenix. I think this video has to do more about going inside and finding what you yourself want and want to be rather than an organization or outside force changing you. In a way, it's like shes using the outside force or organization as you all call it rather than it using her.

  132. i think the last clip of her in the fire is something completely different. it's supposed to represent a phoenix. she is rising up from her own flames. despite have a bad past experience, she is over coming that and restarting. she burned (getting dropped from her record label), and now she is being reborn (interscope). just a thought.

  133. this stuff is very interesting, but it shouldn't come as a shock.

    what's happening is nothing new, this idea of selling your soul to the devil or jinn to get what you want has been around for thousands of years.

    think of the story of aladdin for example, i don't know exactly how old it is but i'm pretty sure it dates at least a couple of thousand years back. he finds a lamp which contains a genie (english translation for the word jinn) and is granted three wishes.

    see the similarities?

    (by the way, i'm not too sure what the jinn is exactly, but from what i understand it's like an army of the devil's minions)

  134. I am not a fan of Lady GaGa but i think you guys should let her have the benefit of the doubt. She might joined the illuminati to unveil their secret example: at the begining when the nurses are bringing her to the room. She is kind of showing how it goes behind the scenes. I am not saying that Lady GaGa is not an illuminati puppet. We all know she is but she might have a secret mission that no one knows about

  135. "Did her fans expect the video to begin with a traumatized Gaga inside a psychiatric ward with a bunch of lobotomized girls? Probably not."

    Actually, that's pretty much exactly what we expected. If you search far back enough you can find plenty of predictions by fans stating exactly that, and other, closely related things.

    At the end, she is a Phoenix, rising.

    Of course, this song and video has many meanings and interpretations, and I actually agree with you about much of the symbolism. And I have been concerned that one very viable interpretation is selling one's soul. It just makes sense.

    That being said, I understand the symbolism in Gaga's videos already. I wish people weren't so concerned with just her, because there is so much symbolism going on in other videos (and other mediums) by other artists. It's silly that people beg for every one of her videos to be interpreted, especially this one, which had such an obvious meaning already. There's a lot worse than Gaga in this world but people are so focused on her that they are blind to it. I find that to be the most troubling thing of all.

  136. i think a lot of music video on this site have been misinterpreted including this one. and i don't think these stars are mind controlled. i've read every article and i'm just not buying it sorry. i could see how some people might think that though.

  137. One day I was looking through MTV and it said something about lady gaga, they were giving false information as to why the all seeing eye of horus are usually in her videos. They said it was from the egyptian godess Isis and it's for protection.

  138. warren anthony on

    VC thanx guys for an awesome site. i would reali appreciate it if you could write an article about Jay-z,Beyonce and Ivy Blue Carter.

  139. Anonymous Ben Anonym on

    "The Cross is My Anchor" – a Christian saying – but in reverse is not actually written in reverse in Snug Harbor where it's superimposed, therefore it's meant to be there.

    This represent Gaga's spiritual shift as she "Marries the Night".

    The Night (a person) reveals the cross as the sign of the beast (sign of death) and the idol on the cross that is worshiped as Lucifer (the false messiah) who is societies anchor weighing society and progress down, being a burden to society and to Lady Gaga.

    Symbolism of losing her head or mind in following death and destructive behavior in the cross, she is now transforming out of her crazy destructive past into a new line of thinking, one that drives to be all one could be.

    Marriage is a religious ritual, a binding association between two people. What does it mean when one marries the night?

    It means she is giving her devotion to the GROOM (MOSHIACH) the Evening Star/shiloh who over throws the Morning Star (Jesus-Lucifer the false and imposter messiah).

    People who don't know what's been going on the last decade and a half and never heard of the man named Night nor seen his revelation of who Lucifer was have jumped to their own conclusion that somehow Lady gaga is revealing selling her soul to darkness to be accepted in the music industry.

    Once you know who the Evening Star is (representing the rising star Michael over turning the fallen morning star Jesus/Lucifer) then the song takes on a whole new meaning whether intended or hidden.

    Darkness is where intuition and revealing comes from while light inhibits our intuition (a glandular thing) thus blinding us, so any mentions of darkness can have more then one meaning depending on context and intent.

    In the case of the song using the term darkness, it could refer to coming out of blindness into realization or coming to the Evening Star-The Night.

    The confusion comes from not knowing that spiritual darkness (lies and ignorance) comes from PHYSICAL Light (sun worship symbols) while spiritual Light (knowledge and truth) comes from Physical Darkness (intuitive reasoning is heightened in darkness).

    So Physical Darkness is spiritually good while Physical light (Sun, rays between the sun and earth, and Luciferous light) has always been a symbol of evil.

    So Jumping into darkness can mean jumping into knowledge and truth or a realization of truth thus finding the groom (Messiah) to be and marrying into the congregation with all the other stars (Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama etc) who have discovered and found the truth.

  140. Anonymous Ben Anonym on

    The all seeing eye represents the father (spiritual head of the congregation) in the world to come. THe top of the pyramid being the cap stone, the finishing piece, they had Micah on the cap stones, the MICAH glistens as it's used to protect the cap stone from decay from the hot burning sun. In Judaism the head of the congregation is Archangel Michael so the cap stone and all seeing eye or eye of the father and watcher is a very accurate and revealing symbolism

  141. If Lady Gaga and her message of tolerance and acceptance is evil, then I can't wait to burn in Hell with good people.

    Also, Marry the Night means, to embrace or marry your obstacles, to overcome them. Come on. Really?

    I read almost every article that you come out with on your site, but sometimes, they are just ridiculous. Its just too cynical for me. Have some faith that. This Illuminati mind control that you are "exposing", everyone knows about it. People like Gaga do it because it gets people to talk. The occult is "cool". Take a chill pill VC :)

    Haha, even if I don't agree with your articles, they are still entertaining (I love getting both sides to any argument)

    • @ facepalm

      The occult is not right or wrong in itself, it depends on how you use it. It can be either positive if you use it wisely or destructive if you don't. Just saying

      I agree with what you said on gaga :)

  142. Most of you are truly oblivious.

    Do you not see she is exposing all of this information ON PURPOSE? She knows her fans are smart and will uncover the symbolism, she is not trying to hide what she did. She's telling the truth.

    She sold her soul. I think she should be praised for being so open over it.

  143. People these days would just do anything for fame even if it means giving themselves to the dark side.

    Lady Gaga a.k.a A Gag is definitely a perfect example of how one would "Make a Deal with the Devil"

    The symbols in all her music videos just explain everything which many can't recognize because its staring right at them in the face but they just can't decipher the meaning of it.

    Wonderful article VC you always keeping me vigilant all throughout

  144. The illuminate are all part of the Saturnian religion which has been perceived by the catholic church. This ancient religion steams from Babylon, they worship the Sun God and his star saturn. It is no hidden secret, symbols are not a mystery if you understand this religion and the concept behind it.

    King Solomon also practiced certain rituals steaming from this religion, the mason's and elite have adapted Kings Solomon's keys to draw energy from the Sun God (satan) this can be done through symbols and mathematic equations. The reason why god forbids dark magic is that no one has the strength to control what comes through it usually ends up controlling them as they know so little about the demons, the only person that could ever control these fallen angels was solomon who summoned them with the help of Michael the archangel, Solomon casted the demons into the dessert.

    When jesus ventured into the desert the demons (fallen angels) tormented him but he was too strong for them, so when they failed the devil himself came before jesus and tried and failed. If you look into Aleister Crowley he too ventured into the desert to summon the devil and fallen angels through an ancient ritual which comes from Solomon.

  145. This is by far the best translation of the song's real meaning. Now I get it 100%! This is now my favorite website! A real eye-opener and really liberating! Thank you so much. :)

  146. Vigilant you see Gaga as an artist who is expressing the story of one who has made it in this industry. The illuminated are not famous. Just cause a person will sing and dance to a tune in order to rake in the bucks–doesn't mean they are illuminated. Gaga is not talking about her career because in my view–gaga doesn't have much to do with the content of her own work. THAT is what a puppet is. Don't go calling Gaga a puppet in one case and accuse her of revealing a hidden truth about HER experience in another case. Either she is a puppet OR she is an artist.

  147. The video is viewed by the public as a bloated, self indulgent, mess so it's likely the video's true meaning got lost in translation. She reveals the truth about her and it ends up being the biggest flop of her career.

  148. people see gaga as a "unique" artist with "talent"

    when in reality she is just used and makes herself look like a fool

    I don't understand why she gets away with it all, she is a sick person.

    imagen what else she does in private, if she shows horrible things in her performances, can you imagine what goes on in their gatherings.

    they think they run things but in the end god will come and they will be suffer for their poor decisions.

    we need to stand up and let people know, i tell people all the time about this website and ive changed so many peoples thoughts about this, lets all unite and stand up for what many are afraid of saying!

  149. marry the night its seems like talking about devil or sending a crystal clear massage to the youth that submit to the dark and you will get what ever you want just like lady gaga,s other previous singles its look like she is trying to thank some one in this video a some one who is trying to help her washed the youth,s brain that,s what the dark force i mean (IL) is trying to do but i thank to this very very very good & helpfull site for leading us to the brightest way but after reading every single article of lady gaga,s singels on this site i am now a vigilant citizen (tahnkyou) vigilant citizen your new fan abrar hussain from pakistan

  150. Hey,reading your articles has really opened my eyes about what kind of world we're living in.It's absolutely astonishing!We have a very corrupt society…

  151. She also always mentions in interviews that she lives half way between reality and fantasy. This also is a sign of mind control. She also says to her fans that we should love the bad or ugly things about ourselves. Maybe thats how she copes with her life, if she submits to the evil side they are trying to make her, it would be much easier to live her life then to constantly try to resist them because she knows she cant turn back on them otherwise they will kill her or her family. I also noticed that shes afraid to die because of fame. she says "on these flashing lights i pray the fame won't take my life." i also fear (as a fan) like what if they kill her when shes 27? like amy winehouse? then that means she only has 1 year and a couple of months to go. hope nothing like that will happen.

    • Amy Winehouse killed herself by abusing her body (living in the UK we got constant dribble day by day on her antics). The difference with Amy and GaGa is Amy really was a lost soul trying to find some peace, GaGa is a lost soul catcher – think of the pied piper – theres your answer.

  152. "When you get older and wiser, being delusional tends to not be so great for you. But as an artist, I think delusion is the greatest gift that you can bare. How much can you get away with? How delusional can I really be?" Come on people, this is so blantantly obvious. She is stating she is delusional, or mind-controlled.

  153. I guess we'll never know the whole truth of Gaga, but you have to admit, this video is not sexy. She said that she was going to say the truth in this video like she never has before. And she did. Was it easy? no. Was it brave? yes. She clearly showed everyone in the world what she went through. And for those who think that shes trying to make mind control look "cool". it obviously is NOT cool. This song is a pop song, but the lyrics and the music is sad. There are no lies in it.

  154. I genuinely feel REALLY sorry for Stefani. God please help her. And why aren't her parents trying to help her? They are the closest to her! They need to save her!

  155. The thing that sickens me most about Gaga is the fact that she actively tries to become God, or some kind f superior spirirtual entity. She is essentially talentless and she only gets anywhere by use of shock and awe. She appears fearless to most viewers/listeners, and that may be appealing to them as well. I just don't understand why her "followers" feel the same sense of fearlessness when it comes to idolizing the woman. She obviously promotes nothing light, nothing positive, and certainly nothing holy. I feel like listening to her or even looking at her only makes me vulnerable to the same evil force.

  156. Heres a link to one of lady gaga's show interlude….

    Called "Manifesto Of Little Monsters"

    Everyone should check this out its one of the creepiest videos shes ever done…and so symbolic.

    shes wearing a mickey mouse mask, wearing a lot of mask and making wierd gestures.

    Even to one particular scene where her eyes roll back as if she got possesed..

    its disturbing but heres more proof shes into the illuminati.

    (I HOPE VC would cover this video and some of her other interludes)

  157. Really????seriously??? Why are u guys making such a big deal about this ? I'm a Christian and I LOVE lady gaga , she so talented and kind hearted and always try to make things better. I admit some of her creations are pretty odd but why people have to go to the extreme and say she worships the devil >.> she is fricken awesome. FOR ALL THE FELLOW CHRISTIANS THAT THINKS SHES "evil" *rolls eyes* , God loves LADY GAGA and I (I as in us ) with no end, everyone has a purpose and GOD MADE US WHO WE ARE, if ur a Christian who thinks she's evil , aren't u contradicting ur selves ? Seriously if u forgot that we are made in his image, then I think u better drop that bible in the nearest church and never go back.i mean , if u can't accept people for who they are in this world , how u ganna get along with them when we go to the next one? Surely it wont be called "heaven" no more xD lol

  158. Sorry. I agree with your stuff to a certain extent but you take a lot too far. You got 95 % of this video wrong. She did not sell her soul to the devil, if anything…she sold out to what the record companies wanted at first. A superficial celeb. Notice how she unbelievably superficial and shallow she was before being dropped and before joining interscope? There were eye symbols every 10 seconds in every video, for publicity. Interscope supports her vision completely, she calls all the shots now, she didn't before. This video is an artistic rememberance of what happened that day. Not mind control making her lose touch with reality. I do believe the illuminati exists and that it has a certain amount of control over movie companies and record companies, ect. I do also believe that artists must submit to a certain amount of behavior in order to become famous, hence "selling your soul for fame" the devil has nothing to do with it. It's irrelevant. Lady Gaga worships Jesus Christ and God, she speaks openly about it all the time.

  159. Art is always occult-ish and filled with symbolism. Actually, everything is filled with symbolism. You can find a story in a pot of roses. Is there a conspiracy there? The flower symbolizes many things depending on the culture you grew up in. The internet symbolizes a global mushroom connecting all of us together. It's pure chaos, man. My point is that the music video you take and break apart fulfills YOUR agenda, and fits your model of reality. The brain is a powerful instrument because it can create heavens and hells, and make patterns out of chaos (order out of chaos). YOUR ARE ALL OCCULTISTS – receiving signals via the brain and ordering it to fit your model of reality. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories, perhaps thousands. Of course, your premise is that the occult (which simply means "hidden") is "evil." Wait, let's flip the word evil around. What does it say now? Read it backward. Is that a conspiracy?

    The brain is powerful.

  160. Of course, I don't disagree that there are definite religious symbolism all over pop culture. If you want to find out who is behind it then look toward the people behind it. What kind of person are they, and what influenced the art that they create? Artists feel the need to express their subconscious (which is a primitive part of our brain that contains many elements, usually gods and goddesses – the masculine and feminine aspects of our psyche). This is expressed through art, and the medium for that can be anything. The conspiracy element of it is the fear that we are being controlled. There are brands everywhere coercing you to consume. It's all about money, honey. Why do people want money (take for example, the very wealthy)? Because they want to live lavishly, and also consume. You see, we all want the same things. There are the suckers and the suckered. But the cosmic joke is that we are all suckers, constantly searching for fulfillment in this life, forgetting that we are a creator. We create heaven, hells, judgments, conspiracies, demons, labels, inventions, etc. The brain is powerful.

  161. I know a girl like Gaga. She sees things in symbols, and expresses freely. Paints. When I look at her paintings I think, damn..this girl can really reveal our hidden archetypes.

  162. I think that what gaga has showed in the video deserves applause instead of severe critism,alittle critism is always allowed though. In the video,she says she has nothing to loose and what would you do if you had nothing to loose? there is no way i can blame and start judging her for what she does. I mean if you look at life,you dont have much choice,you either marry the night or stay in your room alone with self pity which will take you nowhere. I guess if i was in her shoes,i would do the same,its a matter of putting yourself in someone's shoes to really know and understand what they are going through instead of judging and going to conclusions without fully understanding the root cause of everything.


  163. Can you explain why would she give so much information away when others are watching (like yourselves and me)… I can understand the mind control bit to the youngsters, but it seems strange that this is so blatant. Is the youth so dame sure of its self that its becoming untouchable ??

    I see Rhianna is following the same path now – definity in the same mold

  164. I'm not a Christian and I'm extremely concerned about what's going on.

    This "sex culture" propaganda is just the worst and more catchy thing to destroy the society, and in a hardly unreversible way. It's now been going on for years, but in the last years it's been just overwhelming, choking. Girls dressings like sluts and all they are able to do is posting their photos on Facebook while they do those "brainless" face posing shots. Nudity and pornography ever-more entering the daily stuff as if they were something acceptable. All of this sex talk, sex imagery, sex-blinking content or acting. Anyone feels more free to lose its substance as a person and becomes just like vacuum cattle. Going on like this, it will all end-up with a sheep of sex-addicts, sluts and wankers.

    THAT is the problem. Even the people that say "Lady Gaga is vulgar" they don't happen to recognise that this is actually a straight campaign to change the society in a different, beast-like way. The potential in music is terrible, now that it's always matched to the video, it penetrates and just shows you how can you behave, and how you should behave to be ok for this era.

    Moreover, for the very few ones that are possesed of a higher culture, they can also see that Lady Gaga is right spreading out what is a secular Satanic campaign to corrupt the masses, while the Church was conducting its own campaign to keep the masses apart from what would have corrupted them.

    Most of people now talk about "sex" as if sex alone was an act of pleasure that they can perpetrate!

    They don't even know what they are, they don't even know that sex is actually only the act for reproduction, and by nature you receive pleasure from it, otherwise you would not breed, and so would get extincted.

    Doing sex not for reproduction is itself a thing that should be strongly punished, but ok.. if you're so dull you can't recognize it by yourself, at least you should shut up, not showing, not divulgating. Keep your stuff into decency.

    Now it's much more far, and the results are out everyday..

    Debauchery comes from sexual behaviors but arrives to any other aspect of life. A debauched person is no more good for anything. It's like having to deal with uneducated beasts.

    But I'm twenty, and I don't really want to have sons in a shitty dirt world like this.

    Those kind of people destroy all that is pure, deep, and beautiful out there, and they blur it, they mock it. I can't even imagine how void and grey are they inside, to not be able to inhale the deepest feelings and just laying their lifeless bodies for quick pleasure, fun, debauchery, nothingness.

    Christendom is now so weak, almost dead, and the Church is a terminall ill person. In the Western world, I wonder who/what could stop this degeneration? I think none..

    And for the few parts that once I read from the Bible, I'm now recognizing how wise were many passages, about temptation and "evil", and about the spreading of evil to handle the people. It's like it's all out there.

    Thing is the the Bible ends with the Apocalypse, but I don't want to end like that; I'm alive!

    • The apocalypse means "revelation", and not the end of the world. Just for you to know. I let you find out for yourself what truth or revelation it could mean. (I have my own opinion on the subject but people should find their own truth, so I won't tell).

  165. Lady Ga Ga is a disgrace to our country, she is working with the Devil and is trying to brain wash are young people. Time is running out people we need to be paying close attention to what are children are watching and who is influencing them. As adults we must beware of the wicked which are all around us. I know what happens in the end Biblically to all of them . I follow Jesus please follow him too.

  166. JusticeWillPrevail on

    On a more obvious level, the "night" represents the forces of Darkness. She's admitting that she has chosen the side of evil by marrying the devil. Her arrogance reflects the arrogance of the conspiracy as a whole.

    • What if it was just what they want you to believe ? It is only symbols and words, come on ! You do not have to take it so literally, do you ?

  167. actually the video is about her being dropped from her label and doing what she did back then all over again but changing her look because she realizes that if she want to do her passion in the art of music that maybe she needs to catch the attention of the record labels and show that she is strong performer. i mean she did freak out but when she was dropped but that was her passion. she did what she did in New York all over again to do what she loves doing, oh btw when i think of fire and the color red, i think of love and passion (why do you think red is in Valentines day?) and so the satellite is meaning that she is broadcasting her passion to her fans and spreading goodness. if she was in any cult then theyre probably good people because she is spreading love, acceptance, and peace. Illuminati was an enlightened thinker group of scientists, my friend's teacher was a free mason (which is not related at all to Illuminati) and she said that they werent bad people. ya'll ratchets. you need to stop believing in every conspiracy. bye read your history book.

  168. all people should be aware of this stuff… especially keeping in mind that mostly lady gaga's and similar mtv watchers are children… it makes me angry …. this stuff should be banned and all directors put to justice. :)

    • MTV doesn't care about what children are watching, or how much people are becoming uneducated.
      Let's not lie to ourselves.
      Why will they ever be brought to justice ? Because it is criminal, …
      No, because they have succeeded in making people believe that the real crime was worshipping satan.
      And it has worked out so well that people do not even accuse them of creating wars and poverty.
      Because they are.
      It is all because of the devil if you follow the logic, a logic that is not even Christian, …
      It doesn't matter if what they do is wrong, the devil is there behind it, and it is enough to explain injustice, because it is easier to put the blame on the devil than real men.
      No need to do so, because now people are more concerned about what the next celebrity magazine will invent about their favorite star.
      And people, YOU, let them do it.
      The same as when Martin Luther King fought to make people understand black people were human beings.
      Nothing has changed, really.
      And it is up to YOU, people to all of us.
      Share the message if you at least agree that poverty kills children and make them suffer and that it is a real evil.
      Thanks !

  169. the Illuminati exist & that's a fact. V.C, i'd appreciate it if you could give me tips on possible Nigerian celebrities who are in the Illuminati… would appreciate that….

  170. Or the video could simply mean that she does not want to acknowledge reality. I mean, who exactly WANTS to experience reality for what it truly is? If you're trying to "expose" people (if that's what it is that you think you're doing), then why not expose the thousands of authors that encourage blurring the lines between reality and fantasy (including mythological writers as well, such as Homer, and, one could argue, the writers of the Christian Bible itself)? I mean, Goethe, Shakespeare, and Dante all play with the disconnection between reality and fantasy because no human who has had anything traumatic happen to them actually wants to experience life in and of itself.

    Gaga here got denied by her label, had a breakdown, and pulled her shit together, got out there, and tried again. The hospital was not full of lobotomized girls; it was full of traumatized girls who have had something awful happen to them, Gaga being one of them. She had her dream crushed and decided to not let it define her. THAT it was Marry the Night is about. Stop analyzing everything so freaking much, damn.

  171. VC, I came across your site a few years ago when Gaga's Born This Way video dropped, and literally scared the shit outta me, so I investigated its symbolism and found you. I hadn't looked much more into it until recently some FB friends have been sharing a video of Beyonce's Super Bowl performance where a narrator describes all the occult imagery involved. (Perhaps you can look further into that.)

    Anyway the point of this comment is to look back on what we perceived as so many obvious signs, as a result that the elite really are shoving it in our faces at this point to desensitize us. However some time after this single dropped I noticed no more of her singles were getting new radio airplay, and no more videos. I really love that album despite what many consider occult messages in it, and there are some seriously fantastic songs on there so it struck me as very strange that no more have been released; in fact I'm pretty sure she is going to be releasing an entirely new album, when I can think of three or four more songs off Born This Way that would probably garner significant air time.

    That made me question whether the content of this video was actually part of this bigger plan of the elite to desensitize us, and left me to think that perhaps this was her exposing them. As a result, her flame seems to be fading. No more singles off that album, she endured that debacle with gaining a lot of weight, recently had to postpone tour dates due to a hip injury and subsequent surgery (or something to that extent). Madonna, who you claim to be the mighty priestess or something like that, has really never had a kind word about Gaga's music. Just wondering what you think about the recent turn of events and what seems to be her star burning out… or are we to wait until the release of PopArt to further analyze. Thanks!

  172. lilyofthevalley on

    Incredible bit by bit breakdown of this terrifying video, thank you. But I still do not get who these videos are aimed at !! If they are revealing the truth then surely the record lables would not allow them to be financed… ?
    If they are a cry for help….why be subtle or speak in riddles? She has the attention of millions why not speak out? I am lost and am the only one in my family who is awake, so I feel very alone.
    I want to embrace the love in all of us and put away my morbid interest of the dark side, i.e. Bohemian Grove, possible existence of Reptiallians, the evils of Hollywood, Mk Ultra, Monarch Programming etc ,but first I just need to answer a basic question… why do they need to torture celebrities to get these symbols and messages across? Why are the symbols so important? How do they REALLY affect us ( or is it just a desensitzation that gradually escalates? Ok, that was far more than one basic question, but I am floundering here. Please help me, I want to focus on more positive ways to raise the vibration and turn away form the paedophilic word of celebrity. Love to you all.

  173. So I'm curious, does Lady Gaga know that she's programmed, a mk slave? And likes it? Because from my understanding, mk slaves do not know they've been programmed.This video is so blatant, how could she not know?

  174. How can anyone watch this and NOT see that she is possessed?? So sad that so many people idolize her and yet don't see what she had to pay in order for "her" to be where she is now. And I say "her" with quotations because it isn't really her anymore, it's a demon in her figure and she just has to be the puppet.

    • Hello sofia,
      I understand why you think she is a puppet, but I do not agree with you at all. Let me explain why :
      As far as I know, she is a performer and a political activist who wants to change society.
      She probably knows better than anybody else how show business is above all based on profit.
      She never accepted to go by the rules but because she is a smart girl and knew she didn't have the choice, she decided to play with those rules in order to avoid them. This is not new and lots of artists have done the same in order to avoid censorship before.
      She uses lots of irony in her songs, and this is clearly to not be understood literally. She is making fun of people who claim to be christians but do not act as such. And remember that christians are not supposed to be hypocrits : "thou shall not lie".
      Nevertheless, I am a christian myself, but when people do not behave well, with ethnic minorities for example, I do not appreciate that, as a christian, and consider that a lot of this is hypocrisy.
      As far as possession is concerned, I think that she is trying to talk about the demons in her head, that is to say mostly her fears. Art is supposed to be cathartic : to help you with your fears. Don't any of you study art at school ? I mean come on !
      I think you really shoud stop listening to everything you hear and try to make your own opinion about this, otherwise, you will be confused, but I let it all up to you, since I am sure you are a clever girl, no irony this time, it is just a piece of advise.

  175. You guys are absolutely insane. I came to this article by accident and after seeing these comments, I'm ashamed this site is in my browser history. Not everything's so "occult symbolism." Seriously, Gaga is a great artist with amazing vocal ability. God definitely blessed her, and I think He did so because she spreads such love and compassion…something this world needs. God loves everyone, that includes Gaga whom has been incredibly blessed by Him.

  176. I actually think her videos are are quite cool and creative to say the least. So what if she's a pawn,aint that her problem

  177. hi. I've been reading your articles for about two days now and I've loved every single one of them. but I have a question. is this only happening in American? I mean the mind control and everything

  178. Now (2015), Gaga showed her real black hair, (swinefest), wears it openly sometimes.,,have a different manager, said she is now out of the box, and not controlled by people in the business,. She also give emphasis to the fact that she is an artist, not just acelebrity. Does it mean she survived MK and that she is now free from mind control and people behind it? I hope to get an answer.

    • She has always been free and speaks much more openly about her and her life than the majority of artists i know. There is probably no simple answer but you can see it as a point of view. It is amazing how people lost interest in her when she stopped being so trash, even if they are criticizing her for it. I just find it hypocrit.

  179. There are many artists that have tried to share their knowledge and expose Illuminati occult influences. Stanley Kubrick being one of them (6 Days after Eyes Wide Shut he was murdered), and Gaga is one of them. We have to understand something here, that MK victims are just that, victims. Like all victims, there is a path and a choice to make as to where you will go once you have accepted the fact that you were abused. The video shines some light on her acceptance on her abuse and depicts very clearly what has happened to her. She is not a mindless puppet that has no idea she is being controlled.This was part of her "coming out" and since then you can actually see a change in her music/videos. Don't get me wrong, she still does whatever she wants to shock the crowd, however she is no longer a victim. Celebrities are not these idols that are either good or evil. They are spirit beings, human beings, just like us and they are constantly battling with forces of good and evil just like us.
    She didn't knock on the doors of Skull & Bones and ask to sacrifice/sell her soul like our wonderful George W. Bush did…that is pure evil with full intent. She was a victim, and like others, there are choices to be made to no longer be a victim. She still has her soul. She still has a choice. We all do.

    • Exactly, at last something smart that shows how all of us are abused but have a choice between being a victim or not.
      I chose not to be one, and I think it is the best way to respond to so much bullshit and ignorance from them.
      Stop complaining and you will have a much happier life, wanna try ?

      • PS : I totally share your vision about the former US President. The evil doesn't come from muslims, and I am saying it as a Christian. That is the example of a big lie, if you want one, …

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