Azealia Banks’ “Yung Rapunxel”: New Artist, Same Illuminati Symbolism


Azealia Banks is a new rap artist garnering a lot of media attention. Unsurprisingly, her first major single is dedicated 100% to Illuminati symbolism and the Elite Agenda. We’ll look at the occult symbolism of the video “Yung Rapunxel”, more proof that the Illuminati Agenda is becoming increasingly prevalent with each new artist going “pop”.
Azealia Banks signed with Interscope Records (home of countless “industry puppets”) in 2011 and since then, she’s basically been all about Illuminati symbolism … and a strange Internet controversy. I first heard of Azealia Banks in 2012 when the music producer Munchi got mad at her and tweeted: “Go be a puppet bitch to someone else“. Azealia then replied “@originalmunchi thinks I’m in the illuminati… I’m being very serious right now.”

Munchi then posted more details on Facebook. Regarding the “Illuminati” reference, he wrote.

“I think she is in the Illuminati (thirsty for fame and success by portraying occult references in every step you take is not something i want to affiliate with. Even less because it is a hype nowadays, it’s fucking music yo).”

One year later, watching her first single Yung Rapunxel, we can conclude that Munchi was right. Of course, she is not IN the Illuminati. She is just another face used to push the same Agenda that is being pushed by countless other artists. Yung Rapunxel is indeed a rehashing of a lot of the Illuminati symbolism described on this site, mixed with some disturbing images for extra shock value. There is no deep storyline going on, just some strong visuals that blatantly communicate that she is completely on board with the Elite Agenda. Let’s look at the symbolism of the video.

In Your Face Illuminati

Yung Rapunxel recalls the name “Rapunzel”, the fairy tale princess who was trapped in a tower and who used her long hair to allow her Prince Charming to climb up to her. However, the video has absolutely nothing to do with any of that: It’s all disturbing images and Illuminati symbolism. Nothing more, nothing less. As usual, the artist is portrayed as a person with little to no control over her own mind, surrounded with the elite’s symbolism and, to top it off, some police state promotion.

The video begins with an image that sums up the whole situation at hand.

An owl with an eye of a different color flies out of Azealia's head, who also has one eye of a different color. Yes, another one-eye signal by a pop artist. Also, the owl is the most ancient symbol representing the Illuminati (also, see the symbol of the Bohemian grove). Does the fact that it flies out of her head represent the fact that she's been brainwashed by Illuminati?

An owl with an eye of a different color flies out of Azealia’s head, who also has one eye of a different color. Yes, another one-eye signal by a pop artist, very original. The owl is the most ancient symbol representing the Illuminati. Does the fact that it flies out of her head represent the fact that her mind is owned by Illuminati people?

The first grade of the Bavarian Illuminati was called "Minerval" and was represented by Minerva's Owl. This pendant was worn by actual Bavarian Illuminati initiates. The logo of the Bohemian Grove is also inspired by this symbol.

The first level of the Bavarian Illuminati was called “Minerval” and was represented by Minerva’s Owl. This pendant was worn by actual Bavarian Illuminati initiates. The logo of the Bohemian Grove, the elite’s yearly gathering in California, is also an owl.

Inside Azealia’s head, there’s some hypnotic stuff going on, all related to Duality. MK Slaves are programmed to have a dualistic mind, with one personality mirroring and opposing the other.

Inside Azeala's head, there are multiple symbols representing the concept of duality such as the waning and waxing moon and the circular Ying Yang symbol. The ancient symbol of the Hamsa hand is also there, with an All-Seeing eye within it.

Inside Azeala’s head, there are multiple symbols representing the concept of duality such as the opposition of the colors black and white, the waning and waxing moon and the circular Yin Yang symbol. Also, the Hamsa symbol (the hand with an All-Seeing Eye) is there – probably to add an All-Seeing Eye to the mix.

The above symbols closely resemble an important symbol in Wicca: the Triple Goddess.

A Triple Goddess pendant.

A Triple Goddess pendant. In Wiccan mythology, the opposite of the Triple Goddess is the horned god, which represents masculine energy.

In another scene, the concept of the union of opposites is depicted in classic occult symbolism.

In this scene, Azeala is riding a bull -  which represents the masculine energy. Above her is an upright moon crescent, a symbol representing the female principle. The combination of these symbols is basically the union of the opposites through sex magick.

In this scene, Azealia is riding a bull – an ancient symbol representing the masculine principle. Above her is an upright moon crescent, an esoteric symbol representing the female principle. The combination of the two with the sexual connotation of the scene make it a representation of “sex magick” through the union of opposites.

While not inherently “evil”, the symbols described above are definitely not there to communicate profound messages about the meaning of life. They’re there because they represent the occult elite, ruled by secret societies like the O.T.O who revel in that symbolism. In short, it is about indoctrinating people with symbols they know nothing about because they represent those who rule the world. One scene appears to be reflecting this idea.

Swallowing a pill: Great way of representing being brainwashed.

Azealia swallowing a pill that’s actually mini “Beats by Dre” audio speaker. A great way of representing “swallowing” the Illuminati Agenda through entertainment acts.

Here Azaela raps with a giant triangle with All-Seeing Eye in the background, complete with owls flying around her. Yeah, that's a lot of Illuminati.

Here, Azealia raps in front of a giant triangle topped by an All-Seeing Eye while owls fly around her. Could this be more blatantly Illuminati?

As if all of the above imagery wasn’t enough to make this video an Illuminati manifesto, there is yet another crucial part of the Agenda that is in this video: Police State imagery. In the 2010 article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music, I described how videos are used to normalize the concept of a repressive police state. More than three years later, the trend is more prevalent than ever. Yung Rapunxel is yet another pop video featuring, for no apparent reason, police in riot gear.

Yet another video with police being violent. Meanwhile, police is being violent in real life.

Go away, nobody wants to see that in a music video.

At first, Azealia “rebels” against the police by doing something that is beyond useless: She breaks a glass bottle on the police’s protective gear. Of course, this “rebellion” causes no damage the police squad at all. What’s the point of that scene? Is it a way of saying that it is useless to fight against the police state?

Well, Azealia apparently thinks so because she gives up and she even literally bends over backwards in front of the police.

Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on shield and bending over backwards is not a winning strategy.

Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on a helmet and bending over backwards is not a winning strategy.

With this, I pretty much described every single scene in the video – all of them having some sort of relation with the Elite Agenda. Oh wait, I forgot about one scene:


Kill it with fire!

What is this? Kill it with fire!

In Conclusion

It is rather difficult to watch Yung Rapunxel without being slightly annoyed and disturbed by it. Many “edgy” Illuminati videos indeed leave viewers with a “wrong” and “uneasy” gut feeling because they tend to tap into negative energy. Judging by Yung Rapunxel’s YouTube “likes” and “dislikes”, this video is definitely not a fan favorite – and I’m guessing that those in charge were kind of expecting that response. But yet, it’s there, as if to say that the Agenda is more important than the artist. Her Interscope Records label-mate Lady Gaga also released disturbing Illuminati-fueled videos and in doing so alienated a lot of her fan base who didn’t relate to that crap. But, once again, the Agenda is more important than the artist. If people get tired of an artist, another one will get signed and push the same thing.

Some might say: “LOL Azealia be trollin yall consparacy peeps with that Illumanaty shyt!”. That’s what I’ve been told countless times about Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna and many others. Those attempting to rationalizing this strong current maintain that these artists are doing it on purpose to get sites like Vigilant Citizen riled up. Does it make sense that all of the biggest stars in the world, with the million dollar machine backing them, are gearing their entire product towards “trolling” a few Internet websites in order to MAYBE get mentioned by them? That doesn’t make sense. The fact is: The music industry is used by the powers that be to indoctrinate young people and push a specific Agenda. And if a rapper jumping around in front of a pyramid, All-Seeing Eyes and owls and submitting to an oppressive police force is not enough to convince you, then I guess nothing will.



  1. Light & Truth on

    Another brainless, mindless robot bimbo…who think money is worth more than her soul. I pray they find their way back to the Creator!

    • Its almost like she tries too hard to include everything she knows about symbolism evb if they dont make sense in her videos. She also cannot rap!

    • I really, truly believe that these recent artists are doing it for the attention. They know that it would be controversial, so the do it. I mean THE WHOLE "young Rapunzel" video was filled with occult symbolism FOR NO REASON. And it is known that Azealia is an attention whore anyway.

      • Doesn't anyone get the irony lol Azealia is doing all of this symbols bs for attention she wants to join the elite so badly. Also I'm guessing this ghetto chick is like illuminati shit ain't real yo. Rofl The conclusion oh shit is fo realz then she'll sing like kesha, Katy Perry, etc About the industry being evil and that she had no choice rofl This is a pattern all this new artists are going to go through. Smh when will they learn.

    • She’s been out as an artist for years. You even featured her in the symbolic pictures of the month several times. No new news…

    • There is no agenda. They are laughting at you over and over, giving you myths and false data to prey on. Basically they are as clueless as you. Maybe they know a little more than you, but all is just gibberish. Secondly they are searching for answers exactly as you are, so they give you this funny bits and pieces of information hoping that someone will ultimately solve this giant puzzle. There are no gods among us, there is no creator and no satan at all. It is just a false echo created in a human twisted mind. Quantum (or whatever you may like to call it) consciousness is all there is. And your minds are "its qubits" & your personal tools to create world around you, as you see fit. It is that simple yet so complicated. In my opinion fully realizing it is crucial, but it is not a key to solving a mystery. It is a giant structure with many levels, dimensions and mind traps. By your lack of faith, obsolete wisdom, improper use of knowledge and most importantly ignorance you created this twisted world where all mighty gods exists, but evil will win over and over till the end of your tiny, puny, ludicrous world. Do you know why? Because it is easier to walk the path of evil. You don't like what you've created, but subconsciously accomodate to it. It is another mind trap. Some of your questions can be answered by studying the archetypes, looking deeply in your inner self, tracing history nad most importantly observing mechanics of human behavior, trying to understand your psychology and to apprehend what you minds (ultimately joined together) can accomplish. One more thing….I am just an observer, sitting somewhere, everywhere and nowhere. Looking at you, at your blindness. The fact that you are lost for such a long time now is bringing me unimaginable pain every day. You may belive in this or you could treat me as condamned one. It is of no importance to me. I could only observe with this "thing" which I been given at birth and I've been studying it almost 35 years now. Cannot do nothing which is really sad. But know one thing. If you could see it as I can see the world around me. If you could see yourselves..and the TRUTH. If you could just realize what is trully going on here half of you couldn't have taken the pain and the other half would probably die of a heart attack. I hope that someone who could teach you better than me and show you what you had been doing for almost 20 000 years will be born somewhere and sometime. If not I could only pray to "your" illusionary gods if you think this could help you at all.

      • To a degree I think you are very incorrect.
        You sound almost like an intellectual type. I read a book about intellectuals and people like that are usually the most easily fooled.
        Basic psychology.

    • @ Light&Truth: Exactly that… so many hop on the wagon train to be dropped off in nothing land. In the end it don't add up to anything. Hey Vig… another great expose but you forgot to mention, the scene that shows her swallowing the pill (beats by Dre) that her eyes are also blacked out. Speaking of beats by Dre a lot of people may not have been aware of the commercial they aired before 'beats' dropped. It shows Dre as a Dr/Scientist and three womem bring him a specimen on a platter… each displays the numeral 6.. he presented the product as beats as to trick people into thinking that the 6 is a b but its not. I refuse to purchase the item… I wonder where the other 6 is hidden.

  2. Another one desperate for fame and money and will do anything to get noticed. Thank God I hardly listen to secular music these days and if i decide to, there are much better artistes.
    Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair. Yes, Rapunzel was a Disney character.
    Yung is a misspelling of "young" but she could well mean "ying" or "yang" in there.
    They should keep promoting all these no talent attention seeking whores! I will never buy their music.

  3. sad case in mankind´s place, enforcing anomalities of something they can´t quite comprehend….or do they?
    an aside- i am a major "matrix" fan, what is the VC analysis of this movie? Thanxalott and keep up the good work :-) GOD BLESS

    • It is an undeniable fact that all artists in the music industry are nothing but puppets. Nothing but a bunch of redundant, copy-pasted clowns all doing just slightly different versions of the exact same thing.

      There is NO creativity going on there. No creativity to be found whatsoever.

      Kanye, Britney, Katy, Kesha, Rihannne, Lady Caca, Azaealia, etc etc etc = all a bunch of copy-pasted people that do whatever their bosses tells them to do. All copied, all the same. Same things over and over. The so-called artists invent nothing.

      Creativity = 0%. Fact of the music industry.

      Point blank, bottom line.

  4. Keep it up VC, lovin your work. can you do a look at oblivion and elysium? i think they are trying hard to push this NWO, and fast.

  5. another idiot.
    another soul to the industry.
    another crappy song.
    another group of sheeple buying this crap.
    another way to make humans seem gullible.

    another reason why music and the industry in general is more than corrupt – its a living hell.

  6. vigilant rolex on

    I don't know who you are Vigilant Citizen, but you certainly make laugh out loud sometimes. "Kill it with fire!! " LOL
    Great job! Love this site :-)

  7. i think a majority of people just separate the artist from the music- my best friends doesn't like Nicki Minaj but likes the beats she uses and just gets the instrumentals no words just music. Plus this the first time I'm hearing of this woman and its probably because I don't listen to the radio anymore- I normally just check out youtube for music nowadays; its how I found out about bands like Lacuna Coil and Xandria- my ipod is just a mix of music from around the globe

    • You talk about artist and music. In this clip I saw/heard neither! It's just blatant and creepy Illuminati imagery together with some rather chaotic cussing and screaming.

      • well there are people that no longer listen to chris brown because he beat rihanna and they are some that dont like him as a person but still listen to his music. i dont like marilyn manson but i like his version of tainted love

    • no_koolaid_for_me on

      I couldn't bear to watch the entire video of whatever her name is. It was just vexing and was NOT music. You cannot call noise music. Music is the stuff they used to play in the early 2000s and before. I miss those days!

  8. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    The police state agenda isn't just music video imagery. Watch any footage from the Boston lockdown. 9,000 cops dressed in riot gear plus ATF, SWAT and military, over one lone guy. All the while the media talking heads were going on and on about how GREAT this all was, look at how very hard they are working to keep us safe. And, how GREAT that there was surveillance EVERYWHERE to catch this one guy as well. So, the guy's in custody, everyone's happy. And police states just got a little more real and more accepted.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I caught a whiff of the Police State agenda in Atlanta, Georgia. The may be random incidents but each encounter my gut and senses went on alert. I was riding the bus and on the bus route, there was this hge road block of all types of police forces that were piulling xars over. I immediately did a quick search to see if there were any major crimes been committed recently and the news blogs didn't show any for my area. I always look in the sky to see if there are any helicopters because they are becoming regular fixtures whether they are police, black helicopters and also some type of silent type. I live in a very rural farm land where very wealthy people are buyiong up acreage lately.
      So when the bus finally got up to the line where the carember seeing policemen with jackets that said FBI, ATF, DEA, several county cops from the 11 surrounding countiies that make up Atlanta. So I called the following day to inquiire about the police road block on Highway 29 which was named after President Roosevelt they said it was routine.

      The next time I saw this type of joint exercise was when the local television channel WSB Channel E did a story boastiong how the Atlanta Police force is armed and ready for any event. They have a command center similar to FEMA's command center

      The next time I saw this type of fire powere was the day after the Boston bombing. I don't know but I would say this type of command center is across the nation because the news reporter doing the story said this is a rare view into how the police force operates. They sit at a desk that has multiple screens that stream live feed from cameras that are in plain site and persumerbly hiddden as well.

      The other thing when the reporter doing the interview with the police chief I don't get a very good vibe off him. He appearss were being searched they waved the bus through. I re

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I apologize for the last two paragraphs. My Android phone appears to take on a life of its own and it is nearly impossible for me to go back and correct misspellings. The auto correct is activated and puts in words or it automatically cuts and pastes from one letter to several paragraphs in other parts of the post or it will take me completely out of the post to other parts of this site.

        I wanted to say that the police chief looks to me to be a handler. I know that's judgemental but it's something about how he says what he said and how he carries himself after the camera spans oiut long enough for him to flash the triangle symbol. He has an air about him that says everyone that doesn't belong to his circle is a criminal. There is a lot of crime and some of it is sensless crime so he can justify it to some extent but it is how he said he doesn't like vagrants who hassle people.

      • I live in Atlanta. The chief flashing the triangle doesn't surprise me.
        How about what went on last week? On Friday, a two-hour shutdown of Collier and Howell Mill, and surrounding areas, due to a "suspicious package," which turned out to be a box of stuffed animals!? That went on for hours. Then, that same morning, the forty-five minute shutdown of the GA 400 toll plaza along with some MARTA train lines due to another "suspicious package," which inconvenienced THOUSANDS, causing untold amounts of time in lost productivity, and of course wear and tear on commuter's cars, wasted fuel, and plenty of added pollution. The reason? "Atlanta police say the package turned out to be promotional paperwork for toll personnel." WHAAAT!!!???
        From the Atlanta "Urinal-Constipation," here's what went down earlier in the week [all of this is unprecedented, by the way]:
        "A day earlier, the bomb squad blew up an unmarked cardboard box that a deliveryman had left inside the Wells Fargo Bank on Roswell Road at West Wieuca Road. The box contained Buckhead guidebook magazines."
        So, just like the toll plaza, the "experts" were unable to discern the boxes were merely full of paper before swinging their dicks and blowing it up in front of "plebes." Got it!
        That's not all for Thursday:
        "Thursday evening, the intersection of Peachtree and 4th streets was blocked off after someone noticed a computer bag left on top of a garbage can. The Atlanta police bomb squad was called to the scene, and determined that the bag was empty."
        Since when has the bomb squad been called for an empty laptop bag? Much less RESPONDED to such a call? I've been here thirty years, and never knew the bomb squad was to be summoned whenever a box or discarded satchel is spotted. With the amount of garbage around this town, they'd be working around the clock.
        But wait, that's not all:
        "On Tuesday, a police SWAT team was called to the Turner Field area after ball park security officers found what appeared to be a suspicious electronic device under a garbage can on the sidewalk near the entry gates. That device also turned out to be harmless."
        A "suspicious electronic device" that "turned out to be harmless." Um, What In The Eff!? Was it just a discarded cell phone? We'll never know.
        My favorite quote from our esteemed "paper of record" down in these-here-parts:
        "The contents of this week’s other suspicious packages, which have snarled traffic wherever they were reported, have ranged from magazines to stuffed animals to nothing but air."
        That's as much information as they gave us "mundanes." Guess we just have to take their word for it. While furloughs abound, there is apparently a bottomless pit of money for "law enforcement" to show up, fully decked out, ready to impress us all with their limited skills.

        And, all of this specious activity occurs immediately in the wake of the New Boston Massacre. How convenient.

    • I understand what your saying totally but…
      I live here and there were two people, one of whom I knew from high school, running around with guns and explosives killing people. In the middle of the night. I was terrified because I live down the street from the first shootings and was in that 7 eleven that night right before it all started. I wasn't thinking about all the things I have learned about the police state agenda or how the media is corrupt. I just wanted to be safe. When I saw the men in suits in the train stations checking all our bags and the thousands of police officers I was scared but I'm sorry I could not help but feel safer/safeish.
      All I'm saying is that it was scary and it was nice to know people were out there trying to stop it. I would not want them to not all be looking for him just for the sake of not looking like they are pushing the police state agenda.
      However I get what your saying! I just wanted to say that it was in fact scary last Thursday night/Friday and it was nice to know that we were doing something about my old school mate and his very very Very (out of character) wrong deplorable acts.
      please do not think that I am becoming okay with the police state agenda its just that for that case I feel like the police were warranted.
      I mean they had explosives.

      • If you feel strongly that these actions were out of character for him, why would you believe he really did do it?

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Okay, I hear what you are sayiing about checking bags and their presence making you feel safe. Now let's take that a little further, if someone did have a device and pray. That this never happens and that device goes off, what do you think would jave happened to that safe feeling? You still would be traumatiozed. My point is you still wouldn't have gotten true safety because in emergemcy situation, the first thing would have been you are a potential suspect and you wouild have gone through. A series of steps thay would have stripped you of your freedoms just to prove your innocence. We have the mindset of innocent until proven guilty because we have been taught a mindset of being protecting by constitutional rights. Thisjust went in the opposite direction of you having those rights and why subject every citizen to that because a few don't like that type of society because it hasn't existed for them? My point is the constitution specifically describes who has that type of power and this police state has gone against it. A deputy sheriff has been entrusted to protect the citizens yet we have begun to agree to allow other forces in front of us to continue to gain more and more powere while the real power is being ignored

    • True, and some anti-conspiracy types are trying to liken Alex Jones and Mike Adams to Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church. Regardless of your opinion of Jones, why is it considered "hateful" and "disrespectful" to do some critical thinking?
      (Anyone else think the one kid looks like a Jonas brother?)
      We now return to your regularly scheduled topic…

  9. Kill it with fire indeed. That final image was super creepy. Thank you Vigilent Citizen for keeping us informed.

  10. Although the topics you write about are quite serious, it is good to see that you haven't lost your sense of humour.
    The captions "Go away, nobody wants to see that in a music video",
    "Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on a helmet and bending over backwards is not a winning strategy"
    and "What is this? Kill it with fire!" had me floored.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. I wonder what goes thru their mind as their soul gets succd out there body?
    Tf makes u wanna work for evil forces against your family and people?

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I've wondered that too. Most of my family I am now realizing have connections to Masons or Eastern Stars. But a comment that my youngest sister made recently made me wonder if she and her husband are Illuminati. She constantly talks abouthow totally embarrassed she is about her family and we can't be seen around her because she doesn't want her friends to know she is related to us. We have never supported her so she talks to her friends about us and they tell her this is what we should be doing. So I can tell you it is not pleasant what goes through their minds especially when you tell them it is none of their business but they make it their business. Their goals are far more important than yours and family is supposed to help family type crap. Just imagine living through this hell each day as you try to get to a better placee.

  12. Roxannna Mapache on

    I definitely said all of this on Youtube and everyone was like "No, she's doing it because she knows she'll get attention". I fear for my generation. The music even sounds like garbage.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      The fact that you recognize is is one huge victory. As long as you keep that focus you will recognize others who have similar feelings as you

    • That's not even music. I've heard industrial stuff that sounded better. Heck, I've even listened to the whole of METAL MACHINE MUSIC and found it better than this.

      And no, I'm not joking.

    • I'm also on YouTube in an attempt to open the minds of each and every viewer that comes across that atrocity, but to no avail..

  13. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    If the Illuminati is gonna force their agenda down our throats no matter what, can we at least get music that isn't complete shit? Pretty please??? The so-called "artists" are anything but. I'm offended, actually, that they think I dont know bad music when I hear it.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Okay, this is what I have thoughts about if they control the money; if they control the resources; if they control how most people think; then they will continue until they are made to withdraw, regroup. It will continue to come in waves and they won't try the same thing twice.

      I take this frma a business perspect. Take each thing we notice is a project which we have found out the have project paercliop, etc. Then there had to be a group that convened to plan the project. In busines it is known that a project is a temporary endeavor that produces a product or service. It goes through phases and each phase is analyzed to see if it was successful or not and a decision will then be made to continue terminate or make adjustments such as how can I improve on this process. There are those who are involved ion this planning process that gathr the risks. A risk is a known event or unknown unknow events.

      So my take on this is they are using this event to evaluate what their next step will be to accomplish their goal. Since managers are used to control the resources, then who knows how they will be allocated.

      So when we can't understand why a country has trillions of dollars in assets yet their over seventy percent of the populatiion can only have thoughts such as where is my next meal coming from or where can I lay ny head for the night just think about to get them a meal goes through something like this

      I didn't explain

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I'm sorry but I deleted three paragraphs and I will stop typing lenghty messages that don't have everything in it.

        Our freedom is our most precious resource so they want to take that away

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I'm sorry if this is off topic but my android phone is jumping all over the site.

        I was posting about the military-police state and try to correct my words and my phone auto corrected the copied and I ended up here.

        The article that I was mentioning that I found very intersting is The Washington Post — Top Secret America A Hidden world growing beyond control. The website is:

        Now does that sound like a body of people made up from the rest of the people that it represents its best interests when they themselves have to be secret about it?

      • Thank you Truthseeker for your post…and that washington (com)post link is veddy intellestink. But remember, that rag was funded by the banksters (and since cia controlled) – the rockefellers if I remember correctly.

  14. It is sooo easy to get in the "mix", the trend, the "in-thing".
    Psychological warfare hasn't been more creative and blatant. It's shocking!

    It is everywhere. From developed to developing and third world countries, strategic symbolism has made many of us oblivious of the compelling obvious – Control the mind, control everything.

    In fact, where is it that 'manipulation' isn't the food of the day?
    Religion, Politics, Banking, Business – It is everywhere. Sometimes I wonder, who's fooling who?

    I will arise, I will open my eyes, I will be "insane", I will fight, become the odd one. I will tell the truth.

    I suggest that we all read these articles with views to 'understand', not to base our lives on.
    Information out there is distorted, but if we will only think, we steady, we will prevail.

    This enlightenment is not for a few, it is for "all who care to unfollow the rest".

    "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom. And in all thy getting, get understanding" – "Be still and know that HE is God".

    V.C, thanks.

  15. There we go again, another money loving young women. Nothing to see here folks, its even in her name Banks! does it ring a bell!!?

  16. Radical Sojourner on

    I watched the video. She carries herself as in a trance, and when she dances before the police it is almost as if she is an oracle of Delphi. Weird!!!! I couldn't understand any of the lyrics and she was screaming in the chorus. That is not music; that is some satanic garage right there. For the record, most of the YouTube comments called her out to the carpet for being Illuminati. So that was somewhat nice to see that more people are becoming aware.

  17. Azealia riding a bull could also be a reference to Europe being abducted by Zeus ( )

    And as a side note:
    “The paradox, as it seemed to Lucian, would be solved if Europa is Astarte in her guise as the full, “broad-faced” moon.”
    …would explain the moon above her, if you intrepret it from this angle

    So maybe it’s not just an occult, but also a political reference.

  18. for a couple of years i stopped watching mtv's because of the crap im seeing…i'm so glad i stopped watching, and good job VC ^_^ keep it up

  19. theslickest1 on

    Azealia Banks is WACK and this is NOT real Hip Hop. Thank God I grew up with real Hip Hop in the 80's and 90's because most of the Artist today Male and Female have nothing good to say on the Mic. "Gained the whole world for the price of your soul Tryin' to grab hold of what you can't control" – Lauryn Hill voice.

    Thank you keep up the great work

  20. Jahprovidethebread on

    'The Pretender' by the Foo Fighters was the first music clip in which I noted the riot police presence. And it makes me wonder…….

    • capricorn by 30 seconds to mars was the first with the police riot stuff. and it's funny because it came out about ten years ago.

      • …not to mention "foo fighters" – they were flying saucers and orbs the nazis developed that chased the engines of allied planes…great name for a band, I s'pose…

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Jingoes! Cheers, Watson, I thought they were some kind of Japanese jet fighter lol far out, Nazi alien Warcraft…. I am constantly amazed…

  21. This caption, "What is this? Kill it with fire!" made me laugh so hard, you made my morning! Keep up the great work on helping to reveal these villains for what they are!

  22. "Azealia is probably not the best person to lead a revolution. Breaking a bottle on a helmet and bending over backwards is not a winning strategy." – HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Sorry I can't help myself.

  23. The King Is Coming on

    When I looked at the second picture it made me recall a series that I saw on Youtube entitled: The New Age Agenda by the Forerunner777. He analyzed and broke down Lady GaGa's performance on MTV. You know, the one where she was bleeding on stage…
    Well, in that performance Lady GaGa's right eye began to bleed, while she hung from the rope, and it supposedly symbolizes the dying of the "old man [God]" and the resurrection of the "new man [Satan or the left eye]". He did an excellent job with that series, by the way.

    I have to say, that the agenda in this music is to take the minds of the youth and generate a multitude of foot soldiers for the Devil. These kids today are already possessed and it's going to get worse – much worse!

    • I remember that, where she is dressed in White in a church setting and she starts "bleeding" from the stomach……………That was a symbolic representation of a human sacrifice and Lady Gaga is more than willing to scarifice her life/soul for fame and riches and that performance was a confirmation of that

    • i rember that performed – i thought it was good cause i understood what she was trying to say. " im your biggest fan and i'll follow you till you love me paparazzi" – critics and paparazzi can either hurt your career or help it and majority of artist dont like it but they wont constantly be thrown in our face until they love the paparazzi

      • childofisis, stop trying to sugar coat it, you are beating around the bush – her performance was a symbolic representation of a human sacrifice and she is more than willing to do that for the "illuminati". That's what the real reason was for the concept of the performance. Bleeding, dying and then hanging youself in a supposed church has got nothing to do with her shitty "Paparazzi" song, nor does she convey this aspect in the music video for the song.

    • God didn't die, he is immortal. Christ didn't die he is immortal. Jesus died but it was only the physical body of Christ that died. Christ cannot die.Satan (Ahriman) is being used by God to help humanity along with other fallen entities, he is not god and never will be. He has his purpose here.
      It seems even those illuminati are stupid and brainwashed, that little ahriman is lying to them.

  24. Mediocrity strikes again. Mediocre "artist", mediocre ugly ass video clip.

    QUESTION! I wanna know when the people will realize the pattern which is repeating over and over again on those crappy videos. I mean, c'mon! People don't ask why there is another pyramid, another triangle, another one-eye shit, another horned something, another fucking owl, another "rockafella" sign. People don't ask why and what is that?? Damn, even the blatant "ad nauseam" repetition of those patterns don't make people ask questions!

    1- people realize but don't give a damn anyway.
    2- people don't realize it? I think it's unlikely.

    It's kinda weird.

    • Haha Hillary. Half of the artists I've never heard of. In fact, thought Azeaila was some flowering plant type. Haha

  25. Taken directly from Wikipedia, make of this what you will…..

    Banks has said she admires Aaliyah and Beyoncé, saying the latter "[is] the queen of everything. She's the most remarkable performer and musician. And this is just my humble opinion, but I just think she's better than everyone else making music right now."[37] Banks has frequently drawn attention due to the use of profanity in many of her songs,[39][40][41] as well as her often fast-paced rapping (or "flow").[41]

    Since writing "212," Banks has adopted an alter-ego named "Yung Rapunxel". This alter-ego was adapted from Banks referring to herself as Rapunzel, due to a long weave she wore while working at Starbucks as a teenager. Banks discussed this with Rolling Stone saying, "Yung Rapunxel is that girl who pisses people off but doesn't really mean to. She's actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she's so herself; she's not even trying to be unique or different. She literally just lives in her head; she does what she wants to do. So, the lipstick is here for someone who is happy to be them self."[37]

    • Its just like an interview done with Nicki. Where she was talking about Roman and how he is rude n likes to piss people off… its fucking disgusting!

    • She admitted to being abused when she was younger and claimed Cold play's manage put his hands on her last year. I also remember reading that she USE to be under Ga Ga's manager, but, she "fired" him and has knew management that she was/is also dating.

      Back in March (I believe) she stated she would be working with Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

  26. A Love Supreme on

    That picture with the mouths for eyes makes my skin crawl Very disturbing. I see parallels between her and Iggy Azalea. Apart from the name, both have suspect music industry 'origin stories' that make you wonder what they were really doing before they got signed – both have a sex kitten rap schtick. In a disturbing Dazed and Confused interview last year Azaelia – who was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater in her first video – talks about her mother's mental health problems and being a sexualised kid. All pieces of the jigsaw.

    • It's funny because Azealia B. and Iggy A. had some twitter beef last time. Calling out each other. A public catfight.

  27. The all-seeing-eye symbol in all videos these days is becoming very, very BORING. Even if they danced with Satan in their videos, that would be at least different…

    • I agree. Any difference would be better.
      The songs even all sound the same.

      I like a lot of rap/hip hop … But every artist's video is black guy rapping, tons of 1/2 naked girls around him, partying with bottles, and in a wealthy setting with guns and gold.

      Over and over and over.
      No originality anymore in the videos, lyrics, and sounds to songs.

      • rofl that's true. All of them predictable gangstas. Don't forget that they wear quite often some fur jackets, plasters on their faces, pipes, white powder out of their a*s and each one of them ugly as sin.

  28. Interesting that this article is posted on the day of the lunar eclipse given numerous lunar references in the video!

  29. She was a piece of shit artist to begin with… But I think that's what the industry looks for. The less talent they have, the more eager they are to do what's necessary

  30. VC- Can you clarify something for me? I'm a law enforcement officer, though not a street cop. Are you insinuating that the "police state" is a pawn of the illuminati? I help people in my job, and I've never abused anyone, much less in my official capacity. Am I missing something? Should I not be a VC supporter b/c of my chosen career?

    • I believe its the militarisation of the police and use against the people that vc has the problem with. Plenty of good cops about like you. Its the growth in power demonstrated in boston recently that scares people and the pushing of it as normality through youth-

    • I work for the government as a civilian. I have noticed certain things in my profession. For example our commander who is a Major is always calling our higher-ups "handlers". He is a strange stand-offish "gentleman" who's daughter is always dressed up and very quiet. German last name, blonde hair. He justs strikes me as odd and he always uses that word. I confronted him and said we are not dogs or slaves so we don't have "handlers". Just pay attention.

      • By the way, us lower level employees have been correcting and confronting them on certain issues. We had a class in FEMA room and they were talking about "see something say something and extremism and blah, blah, blah". Then they said that the founding fathers would have been considered terrorists! At that point we all jumped on their arses! The higher ups are also very controlling and micro-managing. Sometimes I feel they are just playing head games! It is our duty to stay good and do the right thing especially when the time comes.

      • Rissa,
        let not your heart be troubled.Police state is not coming unless they will turn the world as we know it into bloody unruly mess. Order out of chaos says it all…

    • @Rissa

      I think it depends on who you stay true to and who's laws you choose to enforce.

      You are paid by the public to protect their interests; however, many laws serve to protect corporate or gov't interests.

      If you are good at your job you will enforce the law either way. Law is law. If you are good at life, you will question the laws that are designed to destroy constitutional rights in order to replace them with tyranny.. because if you enforce a law that results in people losing their power, it would not be very helpful and could be considered abusive.

      As for the videos, they usually show police officers in riot gear fighting with protesters. Protesting is the only way people can express their dissatisfaction with government. To constantly see a mockery of this process in music videos is extremely distasteful and reflective of a police state. Since these images have become common in pop videos, this has become a reality, which is something I think you should probably consider.

    • He means that eventually the government will be a police state. Where regular citizens are completely powerless. Where military/police will control everything and the citizens' right to choose or think for themselves is no longer possible. Not currently happening and doesn't apply to you or people who are not corrupt and genuinely want to help others :)

    • Asking someone what you should or should not support. WOW. How pathetic. Can't figure it out for yourself? You're just as much a sheep as the people this site hates on.

    • I'd argue that it's rarely those who work on the streets that are a part of the agenda but rather those with elevated positions (and probably have the elite familial background to boot) who can enforce changes, or persuade (bribe) those to be their eyes, ears and enforcers.

  31. Go be a puppet b to someone else… To some extent this Munchi was right…
    Makes me wonder who can watch and listen to such a crap.

    To me it is clear-celebrity and their handlers are not main problem.
    The fact that people do not see strong spiritual influence is much more disturbing. And unlike pervert stars of the glorious 60's nowadays all crap is being imposed primarily on kids.Who is able to help 12 years old being indoctrinated day by day?Not just creepy.Sinister.

    One more thought.This stuff is not just occult.It is occult and violent. Is this brainwashing supposed to produce bunch of unruly teenagers to commit endless evil deeds in the time of next crisis/collapse?

    • 'who is able to help 12 years old being indoctrinated day by day?'

      Isn't that what parents are for? I was never allowed to listen to music, films or TV with swearing, sex and other smut. why are parents letting their children?

      yes, they may here it at school and in other people's homes but your house your rules!

      (not aimed at you personally hvns, but many people act helpless when they should be taking responsibility for themselves and their young families)

  32. Watched the first minute and had to shut it off. :O It was not jibing well with my spirit. :( Obviously! Even if, and this is a BIG IF, it was trolling (which it obviously is not), it's still spreading around some massive bad juju. I firmly believe there is some magick going in to that video, it has a dirty and dark feeling to it, not unsimilar, maybe even worse, than Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" video did.

    It's no wonder the people watching these things regularly are so mindless, they are under constant spiritual control and they don't even know it. :(

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        There was a youtube video about a man who left the satanist group. I can't think of his name. He mentioned that every record made has a witches spell or a curse placed on it so when it's being played, it releases a demon through the music that vibrates through you body and attaches to you

      • Not sure if I believe his take on things, although to be fair that's as good an explanation as any.

        As it is, it's well known that all sorts of darkness has found a place in the modern "popular" music industry and has cleansed much of the good out from itself (thanks to file sharing of mp3's, though I think it was more from opportunism than planning). The fact that Belinda Carlisle, known to have cast spells inspired by The Satanic Bible, is still in the music industry should make this clear.

      • Yeah, John Todd Collins. He was a member of the Collins family which is one of the top 13 bloodlines. Something happened to him but I don't remember what. He is the only one that has claimed this so it can't be confirmed.

      • I was also reading up on the Golden Dawn and their use of frequencies on the human body. There is something called the devil's chord (or pitch). I don't remember the exact frequency or note. They also claim to have designed the trident shaped frame of the twin towers to resonate at a certain frequency. I have a degree in electronic engineering and am familiar with the resonant properties of tuning forks and tridents and have studied metaphysical "sciences" to see if there is a connection. For example: "serpent energy" is electromagnetic waves. There could be something hypnotic to the music you are listening to and it could be designed to affect you in some way.

      • Yeah like if you hear a song and then the next minute, you cant get that song out of your head, even if you dont like the song, you still cant get it out of your head…………Regarding John Todd, why would he say that in the first place though?

      • Don't know if it's the same but the minor 4th cord was banned by the Roman Catholics for awhile for being "the devil's chord."

      • Upon disclosing who Thurmond was he was arrested and stabbed in prison.
        All charges were later dismissed.

        Nothing for sure,but something is eerily familiar…

      • That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Come on people. We live modern times… This is so ignorant.

      • so pretty much according to this statement we all have demons? well i have 1,254 songs on my iTunes so i guess i have that many demons as well………

      • Not you.

        Check out celebrities.Many really are-whether you believe in them or not.

        Real problem starts with all the changes artists bring with them.How few clowns with crazy music drive people insane? Why to smash everything? How come that folks becoming filthy immoral upon celebrity's visit?

        That is not about music. Rather about demons.

  33. I have noticed an increase in the whole police in Riot Gear as well, Muse, well-known for their supposed stance against government control, had prevalent imagery of police in riot gear in their video for "Madness". But a lot of people have noted their duality all ready, but it just made me realize how many of these videos have that imagery! It's ridiculous!

  34. The overboard nature of this symbolism is to make up for the lack of substance on this track… no tune… no rhymes… no lyrics… trying to launch a career with this pap….. try harder interscope this girl is sh!t!

  35. She looks like an evil witch! Maybe the producer, Jam Sutton, is the biggest pawn of the Illuminati for creating many videos with this diabolical flavor. PS: Is her screaming considered talent? Yuck.

  36. OFF topic: but recently Im into KPOP and I cant believe the amount of symbolism in music videos and live performances. Its so blatant that you just cant deny that something is going on. The music industry in America is way more subtle with the symbols.

  37. Democracy SOS on

    two words, no talent, no future. This means they are reduced to scrapping the bottom of the barrel. The gibberish coming out of their mouths can only be understood when recorded and played back slowly.

  38. Her songs 212 and Luxury are really good, but this one is very mean.. And I'm talking about music only, not about video. I'm sad a bit, because I like(d?) her. Pozdrowienia z Polski.

    • Yeah her ealier stuff was really innovative, but it looks like they forced her to do this dark screaming stuff. She's under the control of Jimmy Iovine head of Interscope records just like Mariah was controlled by Tommy Mottolla…

  39. DOn't understand why this is so blatant now and the ONLY excuse they all keep using is "artistry". Well your artistry can't be THAT great if everyone's doing the same damn thing. How is NOBODY calling them out on this??

  40. We all noticed the picture of her sticking out her tongue and the microphone. But did anyone notice her EYES in that pic?! They are all black as if she is demonically possessed.

    • Light & Truth on

      Didnt beyonce eyes turned like that during the superbowl performance. I believe theres a theory about ppl seeing black eye children walking around. Strange, eerie and scary.

      • Yes, i said that about Beyonce on the Boston Marathan article and also the March Spotm article – There is a video on youtube, an analysis of Beyonce's performance at the superbowl and they show a close up of her face in slow mo and show her changing experessions and at one point her eyes go black as night and then they go back to normal and also the scariest bit is when Beyonce leans back and it looks like there is a creature coming out of her neck, i cant believe it! – Its very similar to the scene at the begining of the film "Constantine", where the woman is tied to the bed and she is demonically possessed and Keanu Reeves tries to release the demon (jinn), but PLEASE notice how the demon tries to come out of her neck and Keanu Reeves's character punches it – This is how it looks like when Beyonce leans back – YOU ALL NEED TO CHECK IT OUT.

      • i have seen that vid and think its stupid – dont you guys know anything about lighting? i have dark brown eyes and in certain lighting they look completely black and same goes for a majority of people i have met with brown eyes. also as for her veins – have you ever tried to sing when you start becoming breathless from dancing? you're trying to take a breathe so you can hit some notes so its hard and your trying really hard to push it out so you start seeing veins; same thing when a woman is in labor you'll see her veins

      • Light & Truth on

        Theres always an excuse….why we never saw that with anyone else…their lighting was out of this world? She bleached is lighting or make up….why no one else has this problem, really?!

      • I haven't seen the Beyonce video and either one of you might be right. But this video has made Azalea's eyes all black on purpose probably through CG. It is most likely fake but the message is clear!

      • its probably contacts – you can buy contact lenses like that at very reasonable prices

      • I agree with you too, BluBoy.I watched that Beyonce video also- how can anyone watch that scary footage not think something crazy is going on?? That video was all over the internet and there were also countlesse articles over her performance. Why?? Because it was out of the ordinary! She doesn't always perform like that! She looked INSANE. She performed a RITUAL and was then POSSESSED. I dont care what anyone says. It was not the lighting (really?) or because she was out or breath (come on)- those things always occur at her shows yet this time was different. Explain that.

      • childofisis, sorry i never realised you were the stage manager for the superbowl, my bad….. :-/ (sarcastic face) – The iris of your eyes might go black yes, i agree, but the whole of Beyonce's eyes go black, even the whites of her eyes go BLACK! Beyonce was channeling the spirit of Sasha Fierce, i dont care what anyone says, but how about those evil facial expressions, were they special effects also childofisis? hmm? What about when Beyonce has admitted plenty of times about a spirit inside of her and has said: “I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am,” – Is that a special effect also childofisis?…………….

      • Azealia's eyes are black on purpose, its obvious that its a special effect on this reason & you can tell because the whole premise of the video is dark, but with Beyonce's performance it was different. Childofisis, one thing ive noticed with your comments is that you try to sugar coat everything, stop being indenial from what's right in front of you. Oh and another thing, someone singing and dancing on stage to someone giving labour? really? the two are on the total opposite ends of the scale. Also when you are breathless you dont have your mouth wyyyde open like Beyonce did, thats just ridiculous. No one does that when they are out breath.

      • i'm not trying to sugar coat anything. I just tell what I know from what I observed from life and the people around me. Some people do open their mouths wide when they are breathless- I've seen it

      • Childofisis actually makes more sense than most of you. Do you not realize that cameras distort images even during live performances. I can't even right now. You all are so frustrating, but I put up with it because I do like to read the articles and skim through comments from time to time.

      • lol wut?……….. Explain "Sasha Fierce" and what Beyonce has openly admitted, love to see how you answer that one

      • i never said i was the manager but i did take drama in high school and learned about lighting and colors and such on how it makes you appear on stage. I already stated in my comment above about her facial expressions? I never really watch any celebrity interviews nor document because to me your personal should be kept private.

      • "Because to me your personal should be kept private"…

        But yet on here you tell us your real name, your upbringing, your age, you've been bullied, what music you like, your eye color, yada, yada, yada……

        I usually skip over all of your ridiculous "hey look at me" attention seeking comments, but this one made me laugh. Seriously, girl, you're something else….lol!

      • Are you the same person that called someone a "cow" in another thread? Oh, Okay…

      • Everything in music videos and movies and pop media is PLANNED. Too much money at stake not to be. If it's a professionally done project, there are no accidents on something that important. Showing eyes as black happened because that's how the director/producer wanted it.

        childofisis you are free to have your own opinions, but listen for a sec to those "making of…" sections on DVDs. These people wax eloquent on why they choose such and such detail in such and such scene to express such and such "whatever." I watched one where some lady rambled on for at least 5 minutes about how every aspect of the protagonist's outfits, from the pockets to the purse, were chosen to express something essential to the movie. Pockets and Purses, seriously?? I had to go back and review the movie in that spot just to see if she was telling me the truth because some aspects were SO MINUTE!

        There's a reason there's a "red eye" correction setting on most modern cameras/printers/scanners — weird eyes on people/animal look freaky to most people. But yet you're trying to convince us that in some 3-5 minute video when almost all the focus is on one person, some one just "forgot" to get the eye color right? That "person" would be looking for another job if that were the case.

        But opinions are like belly buttons: enjoy yours.

  41. Did you know that she call her white cat "Jehovah" and the other (black cat ) "Lucifer" ! Jhwh bless you guys !!

  42. I have a friend who made it to the top 50 of an American Idol season. She told me Simon loved her but Paula said she "wasn't ready". This friend has also worked with a producer of the Backstreet Boys and taken lessons from Christina Aguilera's vocal coach. I ask her why she hasn't been signed yet and she tells me that the industry isn't what we see it as. She has amazing talent but I respect her for not selling out.

  43. Anything from Interscope Records is going to be rife with occult symbolism. One of my students said that he was friends with one of the executives at Interscope. He confirmed that the artists must include so many occult symbols to be given "air time". He also told me that all the artists and executives get free vacations to Belize. Belize is one of the suppossed areas named by Edgar Cayce as the lost empire of Atlantis. Then there is the Belizean Grove. Belize seems to be very important to these occult elite.

    • Christina, please check out The islands of Bimini – it is also supposed to be one of the sites for "Atlantis" and also check out Juan de Leon's search for the Fountain of youth (another illuminati reference), The fountain of youth refers to the Elixir of Life, which Alchemists were constantly trying to pursue, well modern day chemists, cosmetic companies are still to this day trying to rejuvenate youth and vitality.

      • (The Fountain of youth is supposed to be located in Bimini, which is in the Caribbean/Bahamas)

      • I believe the Fountain of youth may actually be located in Lake Titicaca. In Sumerian mythology it is described as a lake on top of a mountain. Anyway the local lore and legends are very interesting. The local indigenous build reed boats just like the Egyptians and have legends about the "Great White Brotherhood" whose boats came from the sky.

  44. The people "pushing" this stuff are like occult nerds. Is there a comic-con for really dorky, wanna be sorcerers? This reminds me of that episode of King of the Hill where bobby gets into "magik, the gathering" or whatever. "I'M BAKING A CAKE…..A CAKE OF GREAT POWER"!!! "I'll destroy you with my +10 magic bubble spell. If I had billions of dollars, I'd probably just spend my time living peacefully on an island or something, not pushing my obsession with meaningless symbols onto everyone. What a bunch of losers.

  45. It's getting so blatant it's ridiculous. Thanks to VC for teaching me so much about this shiz. P.S., where has Lady Gaga gone?

  46. The world is definitely about to go over a cliff and take a nose dive ! It’s sickening and sad . I feel sorry for people who don’t have a mind of their own because they’ll be like sheep willing to be slaughtered. May God open the eyes of the blind

  47. I think these no-talent, pathetic "artists" are just getting desperate. This is exactly why I don't listen to the radio or watch tv. It's truly become satan's megaphone.

  48. cindy blackchick on

    The DHS rounded many amo to hurt us in case of economic downfall, do not go and fight or rebel, stay at home, or their will be another blood sacrifice.

    • The DHS only has about 7000 assault rifles. And the US Army only has about 3 million (most Army people are decent and wouldn't turn on their own). American citizens own around 270 million firearms and are the most armed populace IN THE WORLD!

      • Do not be so naive…
        If things will go as planned by elite even kinsmen will turn against each other.So is the Army.
        The very idea that Army has high moral and ethical standards sounds a bit creepy. I have been
        heard all sorts of stories from servicemen who were sent abroad (not to warzones).

        Excellent example is current instruction manual in Colorado-fundamental christians are
        threat to national security. Really a threat as long as they know the truth….

      • Really? I have been working for the Army for 18 years and most of us know that this is bunk!

      • Not yet, I am in the best place to influence right now. I instruct young soldiers and on the side I talk about other things tactfully. Their minds are opening, so no I haven't quit yet.

      • I am trying to make a difference not only on these forums but in life as well. I was involved in the occult for over 20 years before I had a revelation and "got out" and have studied secret societies for the past 6 years. Most of the soldiers are good guys and girls, just young and naive sometimes. They are our sons and daughters and therefore not the enemy! Just like young Wiccans and Masons are not our enemy. They just need to be informed.

      • Had a revelation?
        Is that you who testified about a dream how the church is filled with satan worshippers?

        I found it on this site 6 months ago.No longer remember the name…
        If not-would you please tell what a revelation?

      • That was not me. The revelation was that all the things I was into involving the occult was not spiritual enlightenment, but things that I had been conditioned to believe by the media all of my life. From the movies I watched and the books I read. I was not a freethinker like I thought. I turned back to God when I realized that Jesus was the ultimate rebel who upset the establishment 2000 years ago. I mean that's why they persecuted Him. And I started reading the Bible with an open mind.

  49. Just to let you know that Yung Rapunxel is a nickname she gave herself as a teenager because of the long weaves she would wear. This is just from wikipedia: Banks discussed this with Rolling Stone saying, "Yung Rapunxel is that girl who pisses people off but doesn't really mean to. She's actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she's so herself; she's not even trying to be unique or different. She literally just lives in her head; she does what she wants to do. So, the lipstick is here for someone who is happy to be themself." I don't know but, this alter ego seems to be represented in this video a lot. But I dunno, just my take on t

  50. Love your articles. They keep me in touch with what the music world is doing to our world. New World Order is around the corner. I have learn so more from just reading you articles. Thank you..

  51. As soon as someone Azealia Banks or Lady Gaga that gets famous with a big label, people tend to find about the blatant illuminati symbolism from sources like vigilant citizen, thus exposing the truth about big labels and the ideas they are trying to push. Call me crazy, but are the puppets purposely going above and beyond what the industry is already asking them to do, so that it makes the whole industry look like a big joke? Subtlety wont expose the truth to the masses, meat dresses and mouths for eyes will clearly. I bet Lady Gaga is reading this now and quoting it for her next album. Shock value this generation means no limits.

  52. The image of her with mouths instead of eyes reminds me a character called Corinthian from Sandman comic books. Google it!

    • Or in the bible "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" or in the video "Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth" and eye for a tooth.

  53. Another Illuminati, no-talent whore to add to the collection.
    She probably isn't evil, but just made to look that way by 'them'. They'll probably let her know that it's cool to 'sell your soul to Satan' and to 'tell your fans' to 'Hail Satan' in the concerts. Completely vulgar. It's a wonder no-one else can see this rubbish.
    BTW, VC, I don't know whether you have it in your country, at a few of our bus stops here in Perth, the words 'OBEY THE HIVE' have been stencilled. Evil Marozia feels like grabbing a paint can and replacing 'obey' with 'exterminate'. I am registering a complaint with the local council on the grounds of offensiveness.

      • Yeh, i have, 33rd degree Freemason, one of his well known books is "Morals & Dogma" – he was also one the chief leaders for the KKK.

  54. I don't even listen to music anymore. Music has been ruined for me. Just delete your music, it's very freeing, you will find you never needed it anyway.

  55. (thanks VC for another insightful article – don't stop educating us)

    dear wannabe illuminati jack asses,

    yeah, yeah, we get it – mind control, prison planet, puppets…

    why don't you step up your game and move beyond talentless bitches and hoes doing your dirty work. are we supposed to be threatened by some lame "singer" dancing around a pyramid?

    who gives a shit.

    why don't you all do what you came to do and get it over with?

    we're not afraid. we're bored.


  56. What's very interesting is that she refers to herself as a "witch" sometimes. Her music is even categorized as "witch-hop".
    So clever, you guys!!!

  57. This chick is repulsive. I don’t understand why anybody wuld bother listening to this type of crap. Either A) There Awake and choose to be intoxicated by darkness.. probably dependant on some type of taboo crutch, ex. Pills, hc porn, raping people. Or B) (more common) There misled into thinking this crap music is artistic, revolutionary and impresive. Either way, This shit there pushing nowadays would make almost anybody from the 1950’s go insane. Were so desensitized. It makes me sick to watch kids like justin beiber be obviously manipulated and misled. The war for the mind of men is on RIGHT NOW

    • You don't even need 1950's. Just watch any music clip from 1990's and see how long way they have went down the path of perversion during even last 15-20 years….

  58. She creeps me out man. If those policemen starting beating off camera, I would start saying "Hit her again man, hit that scary bitch again man, and DON'T YOU DARE STOP!!!"

  59. The hand and eye have an occult meaning of the great goddess and her son, according to Kenneth Grant. I don't completely understand why, have been trying to find more info.

    The mouth for eye motif is Surrealist, from Dali. Occultists use Surrealist imagery to illustrate the derangement of the senses associated with black magic Kabbalah, the Qliphoth. Madonna uses it in her Bedtime Stories Illuminati video.

    And I think the mechanical bull scene is the woman riding the beast from Revelation. The harlot is Babalon, the goddess Ishtar.

    • Good info! I have read that even Krishna warns about the negative aspects of Kabbalah and using it incorrectly. And I've been reading up on the Qliphoth. Apparently "demonic" entities can be attached to it such as Malkuth and Lilith. Is that true?

  60. I've seen Rapunxel spelt as two words frequently "Rap Unxel". Unxel an anagram maybe? Can't find anything googling and google refuses to try and translate it.

    • well , i foudn something, minght be a but far fetched. when i used to play kingdom hearts sora's heartless was called roxas. basically sora anagram with an "x" in the middle. so i did the same with this name.

      i looked on an anagram finder omline for the 1st bit rapun and then i saw that el, could be changed to le ( which is french…. anywhoos i got le par nu, which according to google translate means by the naked eye.(if you add the full stop which was odd) if there are some french speakers around please speak up :S

      on another note when a disaster happens ( ie london riots) i look at the name/s that are featured.

      ie mark duggan: mark is "dedicated to mars/war-like" and duggan is dark.

      anywhoos this might all be paranoia, but i thought it might be interesting as vigilant did say there was lot of one eye imagery in the song.( i didnt want to watch, the last image freaked me out to much)

  61. "Since writing "212," Banks has adopted an alter-ego named "Yung Rapunxel". This alter-ego was adapted from Banks referring to herself as Rapunzel, due to a long weave she wore while working at Starbucks as a teenager. Banks discussed this with Rolling Stone saying, "Yung Rapunxel is that girl who pisses people off but doesn't really mean to. She's actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she's so herself; she's not even trying to be unique or different. She literally just lives in her head; she does what she wants to do. So, the lipstick is here for someone who is happy to be themself." Straight from Wiki

  62. With all this crap in the west i thought african music and Africa is the safest place in the world……oh wait kanye west has a song with debanj..did akon sign p square…wake up Africa your turn is here

    • Africa safe? Voodoo place like the Carribean. You are nowhere safe, they'll get you wherever you are located. Even in the caves.

      • We are safe.

        Under God's supreme spiritual protection they will not get you.
        Unless you come out…

  63. can someone provide insight as to why the industry uses 'artists' like azealia/lady gaga/rihanna to promote their imagery but they leave the biggest boyband at the moment (one direction) out? and they are signed with Simon Cowell as well but their videos/concerts dont have the symbols???? slightly confused as to why the industry is so selective.

    • Just because the symbols arent in your face doesnt mean the artist is "good" or on the right side of things. Not everyone responds to freaky shit, so the Industry makes stuff for regular joes as well.

      • A Love Supreme on

        They haven't been left out – I think they just can't get too deep into symbols in videos because their bubblegum, inoffensive image is so carefully contrived. Their tattoos are more telling. Harry Styles of 1D has the letters MK and a giant butterfly tattooed on his body. Also loads of pictures online of them making the 666 symbol over one eye.

      • good point thanks, i guess ,no matter what they are still heavily controlled either way.

  64. have you ever thought that her and just like so many other "new artist" put these symbols in their videos for attention? they know that people will respond to it. it doesn't bother me like it used to. people these days just want attention and it seems they're getting it.

    • Actually Interscope requires a certain amount of symbolism to get "play time" from their artists. This was confirmed by someone I know who is a friend of one of their executives.

  65. Woooow!!! VC, Thank you soo much, so glad you did this article. (You listened to me then, he he lol). Once again you never fail to deliver and you point out alot of the things that the majority wouldnt even realise. I mean how scary is that video? and all that chanting/shouting she's doing……… I have'nt read any of the comments yet but ohnestly guys if there is one comment trying to rationalise the concept, theme, symbolism, occult imagery at this point, you really are doomed.

    Also please check out her Album cover for "Fantasea", her "Atlantis" video and other videos, she takes part in alot of photo shoots with an underyling occult theme. The Industry Elites are definitely promoting their agenda through her music/videos, but that aside i do think she is gorgeous though.
    Thank you once agaIn VC!………Symbolic Pics of the Month next perhaps (",)

  66. Great post VC but I would definitely like to see an in depth article on Jay Z sometime soon since he is high up there on the totem pole along side Lady GaGa in regards to symbolism, etc

    P.S. Hope to see more articles at a more frequent pace "have read just about every article already" great work!!!

  67. HackGreenFever on

    dead………all dead.. and to think that music should b e getting better………..waste of talent………yuck

  68. Have you noticed the owl doesnt just fly out of her head, it flies out of her Pineal gland (third eye/dream molecule) Owls represent wisdom, they can see in the dark, they can see what we cant so to speak………You can teach someone knowledge but you cant teach them wisdom and an Owl is a very important symbol in the occult.

    • It might be an important symbol, nevertheless the occultists are devoid of wisdom. Wisdom is not taught as you said, it's only a trait found among godly people. Surely the occultists find desirable a trait that they couldn't have the ability to familiarize themselves with.

  69. Munchi: “I think she is in the Illuminati (thirsty for fame and success by portraying occult references in every step you take is not something i want to affiliate with. Even less because it is a hype nowadays, it’s fucking music yo).”

    Like VC said, most likely she has close to zero clue of the illuminati agenda at all. So she is not IN the illuminati, she is just another puppet used BY the illuminati. A lot of people conclude that these pop stars are initiates of the illuminati. I guess some are that to a low degree, like Jay-Z for example, but others like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber etc. are more like clueless kids who do what they are told to do by the industry in exchange for fame and who are most likely completely unaware of what they are used for. I guess they are chosen for their low intellect or are classic examples for being mindcontrolled.

    So people, don´t concentrate your anger too much on the illuminati pop stars and don´t waste your time too much to condemn them because most likely most of them are so controlled that they don´t know what they´re doing. Others may know that to some degree, but still it´s better to go for those who move the pawns instead of the pawns themselves.

    • Ben Santo exactly, majority of people dont even know what "illuminati" means – it annoys me beyond belief when people say certain celebs are "in the illuminati", i mean how the fuck are they in the illuminati?

      These celebs/stars are just pawns in the hands of the "illuminati" and the illuminati are pawns in the hands of Satan.

      • You also have to be white to be part of the "Great White Brotherhood". So I fail to see why black artists support these "Dragon bloods".

      • First of all, sorry about my poor english. I'm writing this lines from Brazil, and portuguese is my original language. Have you ever heard about the human ego being "satan" in all and every one of us? Something like the "real battle" between heaven and hell is ocurring inside ourselves? Between our self, the real self, versus our ego? In fact, sometimes I ask myself if it's not immature or naive believing in some apparted superpowerful entity, one good (God) and other evil (Satan). But, it is presumptuous to think that we have this forces inside of us and, therefore, in some level, we ARE this two forces? I really like to read the articles of this site, and/but tend to think that our enemy isn't outside. Peace and love.

    • Yea to actually be in the Illuminati you have to be born into it, you have to be in the bloodline apart of the 13 families. All of these pop stars either don't know like you said or they do know and just dont care to push the agenda, Jay Z is a mason I believe but I don't think he is in the illuminati either, just a puppet like the rest…a MAJOR Puppet though….

  70. Is there a common director with any of these videos? I know most of these artists are not coming up with the treatments for these videos alot of times its the director.

    • 1991 or Liquorice, though the latter is a little on the profane/innuendo side.

      Azealia's early material was great, but this newer stuff is just D-grade dumpster quality.

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      The Skin I Live In is another very disturbing film that I think should be analyzed. Human Centipede was sheer depravity smh.

    • The concepts and themes covered in these films are based on the sexual deviant rituals of the "illuminated". Who else thought "Yes, i will make this into a film and distribute it" Why would you do that………Its to slowly desensitize us of any morals and to see itas "acceptable" which is where we are heading guys, its going to get MUCH MUCH WORSE

      • have you seen Evil Dead the original and the remake? both pretty good films but the remake adds more detail to the story line. Hemlock grove isnt that a netflick original ?

      • Yeah, and one of the main guys is eating a girl out in the bathroom while she is menstruating. The other guy turns into a werewolf and then devours his own flesh! It is very disturbing. And there are always flashes of symbols of ouroborus, the snake eating it's tail.

      • Really?!?! is that "Hemlock Grove" you are talking about, havent seen it but could you tell me roughly what its about? sounds fuckin' disgusting. Regarding Evil Dead, there is a scene where a girl gets raped by trees……..yeah………..i know…………raped by trees – I wonder where the makers of the film obtained that idea from?

      • I only watched two episodes and that was enough for me! It involves two strange guys. I know one is a Gypsy and a werewolf and the other guy is rich and I think he's a vampire. They become friends. Some girl ends up dead and mauled and the show revolves around them and the investigation. There's lots of Ouroborus symbols. I couldn't sleep after watching it.

  71. I'm actually a fan of Azealia Banks and have been for a year or so…yes, her earlier work did show signs of her being a puppet, but her music (mainly during the 1991 period) was actually pretty good. You could definitely see a growth in the amount of symbolism she touted last year with the Fantasea mixtape and some of the other imagery, like the album cover (and, of course, the infamous Atlantis video). Observing Azealia, I don't think she's fully "in" as far as being mind-controlled, but she's certainly fully embracing the Agenda, and Yung Rapunxel is kind of a culmination, and not something I'd even bother trying to defend as a fan. It's unfortunate, because I don't think her talent will get the recognition it deserves, but she clearly wants the fame, so I don't think she cares.

    I think it's also worth noting that she's only 21.

    • Only 21, yes. Hence born around … 1991 (May 31to be precise). So I'm wondering what she could have been producing "during the 1991 period".

      • My bad and apologies. You meant the song "1991". I'm not so knowledgeable of this artist.

  72. jupiterqueen on

    I think Azealia is getting reprogrammed right now. I heard she got into countless twitter wars with other famous people and her record label finally banned her from twitter. Also the release of her album was delayed.. I think shes not obeying orders or something. Somethings going on with her she's a loose cannon and cant even seem to help herself!

    Plus, she said on her twitter that the music industry is a "weird place". I think she's being MKd. If you listen to her earlier stuff its more light hearted and funky. Now shes doing dark, ugly sounding stuff. This is all on purpose by her record label.

  73. I read an article about how she started out and thought it was interesting for what it didn't mention. Apparently she was travelling around the US looking for a record label who would have her. She slept of the couches of friends and low-level music producers just hustling and trying to get signed.

    What the article DIDN'T say was what she had to do to ultimately get noticed by Interscope. It just said she got her mixtape around and someone heard it and suddenly she got an offer. It was just an interesting little BLANK in the article that spoke volumes. I also read about how her mother was supposedly abusive towards her growing up. It just really makes one wonder what goes on behind closed industry doors when someone is travelling around the US, effectively homeless, with no strong ties to family and is desperate for fame….

  74. The person above me mentioned that she's been mouthing off on twitter a lot and has angered many fans which is true. Its also true that her album has been delayed a few times, and I think they are getting her ready in some way or perhaps using her for some purpose until they are ready to "unleash" her. Any time you see a entertainment person go "crazy" and start behaving irationally should raise red flags.

    She's also connected to the fashion industry and has been linked to people in that industry, including Terry Richardson, and we all know about him. All signs point to her being a controlled monarch who was noticed at an early age and then absorbed into the industry by accident/on-purpose like all the rest.

    • I found in the wikipedia that her father passed away when she was 2… she was brought up by her mother, I'm wondering what kind of male role models someone can have in Haarlem. A widow with 3 very young daughters. Were there many uncles in the equation too?

  75. Nothing surprises me much anymore. Nothing at all. It is interesting however to see what these people are getting up to.

  76. I love this song, total raging and angst! Imagery is a bit too much, but we see you AB, what you're trying to go for lol. Sheep are everywhere and they will be led to the slaughter.

  77. Wow…VC you should do articles on how satanism is also hidden within greek frats and sororities. I thought about it when tjhe saw the word Minvera, that's the goddess Delta Sigma Theta looks too…

      • This is so needed an article about these organizations and the satanism in them as well. Yes this needs to be discussed as well. This mess is everywhere!!!

      • You guys are getting into much darker spot now. Truth is if a person wants free education union do-nothing dream job guaranteed sky high overpaid contracts-frats are the place to start.

        If statistic to be trusted Masonry recruitment is on record low level.However I do not trust statistics. They just digged themselves deeper and now are growing in number as never before. All this fraternities/sororities stuff is small part of the plan to dim and diversify hidden agenda. I got bright example of it back in europe-Soros Fund. Horror show….

        How easy is that- get in the system take a pledge/oath follow the rules (though besides nondisclosure there no much rules) undergo initiation/funeral ceremony and get it all.

        I want God's mercy instead. Love and peace to all who understand.the truth.

  78. I gotta say I love Azealia and I love how aggressive she raps because most guy rappers won't touch a song this abrasive in their careers. I feel like this is a little more witchcraft then mk uktra slave though. If you listen to her first line "who's cooler then this, witch" she basically states she's a witch. I think that's why you see more mysticism and magic. I am a sensitive and I feel things and I feel that this is a magic video. She has always used small symbolism in her videos without going as far as slave besides a mickeymouse shirt or two. But I feel she has a clear head and a strong mind and is very skilled in black magic. You gotta give her this though, she rocks the hell out of some Illuminati Sumbolism. It's almost like a horror bed time story in a way because the images are like something you'd see in a dream. Well god bless.

    • I don't understand. You say she "rocks the hell out of some Illuminati symbolism" like it's the latest runway accessory. How is that in any way something to be admired?

      And even if it's just a "magic video", how is that any better ? Isn't it still pushing the same agenda and bombarding us with the same symbolism?

      • What would you rather see people getting tortured, rape, abuse, disgusting lewd acts on children? Or a voodoo ceremony. Yeah that's the difference right there. Obviously I would rather see the second one referenced to versus the first. Ever heard of the saying "lesser of two evils".

        And btw I suggested this video so I know what's going on. I was the one to she the light on this. And relax. Chill out. Nobody has time for rude ignorance.

      • Witchcraft do not exist. So do black magic sorcery…

        Somehow they are selling 700.000 copies of it.Easily.
        Copies of the thing that does not even exist? Use more of your brain!

    • I think you need to read up on what it means to be an MK-Ultra monarch slave vs. a witch, vs. an industry pawn. Basically, you have a LOT more reading to do.

    • Well, if she does see herself as a witch, I would advise her to be careful what images and energy she's playing with…. The people who control her career are a little more skilled at this game than she is, and there are many PITFALLS in the world of "magick". Don't fall for the black magic sorcery, kids. It never ends well.

      • Yeah, been there done that got the t-shirt. Don't play. The masters are playing chess and we are all playing checkers!

    • You do realize that the Illuminati are responsible for countless wars, asassinations, poisoning of populations, genocide, slavery, keeping us in the dark, and corrupting our children
      for starters…Why would you support promoting their symbolism??

      • Haha you guys are funny I probably know more about MK Ultra then you do, and what I mean by rocks it is that in my opinion know one else goes this far an serious with it. Do you not notice how every other star with symbolism is controlled by it but he seems to be using it. And I had fallen from gods path and studies witchcraft before so yeah I know more about that then most of you do as well. And did you realize that everything in society in any way shape or form is created by them? We are using the Internet that THEY created so yeah I get it. I knew someone would get offended by my comment but seriously the fact that you guys are even looking at these symbols is what they want. Why do you think sites like this are not shut down? As long as the symbols are being seen its still using your energy and making you take the negative but I'm strong enough to push the energy back and you all can be too but fighting me on some random comment isn't going to help. Yeah I wish she didn't use these symbols because I genuinely liked her 90s throwback rap style but whatever. And dude the symbols are a fashion trend! Ever look at a Vogue Magazine and there is nothing but symbolism. So yeah it is in. But all I have to say is relax obviously I'm on here so you know what side I'm on. I also think that she enjoys the shok value it has to say the least. One of her lyrics are and I quote " I guess that cunt gettin eatin" so shock value is important to her.

      • The symbols are a fashion trend? I was involved in the occult for over 20 years so don't even! And my father was electroshocked and LSDed. You are trying to make this crap sound cool and "in". I get what you're saying about the negative energy and "reflection" but don't brush this off as something to be admired.

      • First off have you even seen fashion lately?! Go look at The Symbolic Pics of the Month most of them are Fashion shoots. And I'm sorry that its in your past but don't use it as pitty party material. I was sexually abused as a child but I'm not throwing it in faces until you pull the sad card story. And alot of people are, unfortunately, but we don't flash that in front of people. So yeah I truly am sorry that you have that past. I'm so not trying to make it cool all I'm saying is that she wears the illuminati symbolism like its hers. Rihanna, Katy Perry, any other star looks like they are owned by them were Azealia looks like she reps it. Rihanna I guess plays like its her thing now but remember Disturbia. Azealia seems to use it as her own magic and sorcerey. Don't take my tone out of context and try to use it as a fight picker. I guess you won because its working. I should apologize to everyone for making people misunderstand what I say.

      • There is no point in arguing with you because you make no sense! And where the f– do you get off with the pity party bs?! I was simply conveying the hell I went through as a child watching my father switch personalities due to these people you think are COOL and fashionable! Stop making excuses for this garbage.

      • Don't bring it up you are using it as a weapon in an Internet argument. And did I make excuses for her to be an illuminati puppet? No I didn't I'm making excuses for the words I chose to talk about it. So honestly quit playing cards you shouldn't use and get over it. If you didn't like what I said move on I'm not asking you to read my comments. And I'm sure as hell not asking for your opinion. I did not want to fight about stupid useless shit anyway so take your shit elsewhere I just wanna make a comment when I see fit to do so. I have better things to worry about. And honestly if its that traumatic which I'm totally agreeing it very much is dont throw it around you talk about it like its nothing. Do you have any idea how hard to even say out loud that I have been abused most my life? We all have horrible pasts but life is to move on and accept that you are stronger then the devil and his negativity. We have struggles in our lives so we can see how much God means and to learn to love us no matter what.

      • I'm sorry you were abused. But I get the feeling that you can't handle someone disagreeing with you or telling you that you are wrong about something. Besides you are the one who started the beratement in this first place. Don't say stupid things and then not expect people to not agree with you!

      • Actually read your comments I didn't say anything other then my main comment until you came along and took my words out of context and started fighting me. It was an attack on my comment not your opinion. I did not ask for you to come and stir things up but honestly if your willing to start things be ready to have them finished. And I love how I don't make sense. I'm pretty sure I know how to speak English. Learn to read and learn to maybe not pick fights. I'm done. Your annoying and I don't care enough. You are just an Internet troll who liked to cause drama.

      • Oh an I'm not saying this is cool. I am saying society wants it to be fashionable. I actually emailed VC to tell him to do this video. I know what I'm watching and I knew it was bad. So yeah. Just stop causing drama I know your only looking for a fight.

      • Azealia? Is that you?! Girl, just STOP. These people have been at this for hundreds of years. Don't think you can beat them by joining them. The joke WILL be on you.

  79. What the hell? I have about 10 of her older (before she got popular) songs on my phone and they all sound better than this. I couldn't even understand what she was saying either. Her style of music is very different from the usual so many won't like it but I do…well, I did. If the rest of her new music sounds like this, she lost a fan.

    In regards to the video, I cut it off after 20 seconds. There was "in your face" symbolism at every turn. And I loved the shameless advertisement for Beats by Dr Dre. Nice that we can't even watch illuminati music videos without seeing ads.

    • A music lover on

      I know, right? I started listening to her around Christmas last year, and was really impressed by her sound, her delivery, and how her producers were using old school techno and deep house behind her flow-which if not exactly "clean", was a definitely more positive and melodic than this. I felt the style of her flow was almost like Bebop Jazz.

      I remember raving about her to my boyfriend and expressing the hope that Interscope wouldn't change her sound to make it more palatable to the masses (i.e. the typical, negative, hip-hop crap) with all its predictable production value.

      I have no doubt that her records (as John Todd mentioned) were "cursed" with spells to create an earworm for those who heard them and were receptive to their subliminal messages and electronic beats. I saw from the very beginning that she was headed for this and I'm not surprised, I'm just sorry that the Illuminati sees fit to punish us with sub-par music like this when clearly there are a lot of naturally talented individuals out there who could make way more interesting, positive and fun sounding music.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Her ealy stuff was rad, and much nicer than this. I'm not sure what happened..well actually, I am.

  80. Actually the "Hamsa" -the open hand (without the eye in it) represents a curse in middle eastern tradition…Hamsa literally means five in Arabic (i.e. five fingers). I think the same symbol is used in Judaism as a good luck charm except the hand is upside down…

    Its also interesting that they show the triple goddess symbol because when I was listening to her music before, I got strong goddess imagery even without any visual aids! Just in my minds EYE, when I listened to her songs, I would see images of a rose on someone's lips, triskeles, vulvas, Barati (image of the Phoenecian Goddess with a spear, standing), Melusines and other stuff. It was very interesting, but it proves that her music is encoded by the secret societies for those who are capable of psychic intuition.

  81. V for Vendettaa on

    You know what's funny? I believe this video is just for attention to tell the truth. If you've seen her twitter she's been in coultless arguments wih other celebrities and artists. Also many times on twitter she's been outspoken about the industry and the evils and secretiveness of it. This is jut so confusing so I'm not gonna take sides but just keep an open view. That's all we can do.

  82. In reference to what you mentioned at the end, about people seeing all this evidence time and time again yet will say that these artists are to doing it to ''troll'';

    They're most likely not on the right vibration to wake up yet, perhaps in this lifetime they never will.
    I think its come to the point now where if you're still TOTALLY blind (even by choosing to, and without a hint of open mindedness or curiosity) at this point then there's very little chance that these kinds of people will awake.

    Probably best not to waste energy to awaken the those who slumber and instead help to continue to educate and enlighten those who are awake (who by the way are becoming a significant population! EXCITING!!), when you're on the right side you do not need so many numbers, our collective positive energy outweighs a million peoples negativity, and they know this and they are OH SO scared! It's unbelievable how truly weak those people are, I laughed for a week when I realised.

    Let's concentrate on grouping together now for the sake of the world, our example will also help to awaken a more perhaps.

  83. total control on


    "The "Young Rapunxel" is infamous for feuding with anyone who rubs her the wrong way, but those days are over. All but one tweet from the Harlem rapper's account have been deleted, and she's handed over her Twitter password.

    Rumor has it that the label, or a publicist will now control the account. As of today, the only thing on Banks's page is a link to an Instagram message, "Play Your Role."

  84. Great article VC! I found some interesting information about the news using the same actors over and over during staged news events. Some include the Jackass cast and a family tied with the Rockafellers and Cohens (Bravo). The man who did the article believes Tina Fey IS Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga IS Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry IS Zoey Dechanel. Who knows? Perhaps another personality programmed within them to keep reusing artists?

    Well Aware 1…google or YouTube it. Interesting. He also says Chelsea Clinton was "Natalee Holloway.

    Satan is very real people and the end is soon to come. Trust in God and repent!

    John 3:16

    God bless and love to all :)

    • Ummm, those people look absolutely nothing alike! They look similar but not alike! Don't believe EVERYTHING you read.

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      Shyeah, I think Dallas is right about most and wrong about others but at least he's doing something proactive with his time. I find his videos on YouTube pretty good, he has a nice voice and I appreciate that.

    • I won't completely agree with you, but I will say I have noticed that there is a LOOK the media keeps trying to perpetuate. I noticed that with Sandra Bullock and, and what's that girl's name from the newest Les Miserables… Then I started realizing that a lot of stars as they get "older" (and sometimes before) they seem to get replaced with folks that have similar characteristics (same hair/eye/complexion color, roughly same age when they get there important media recognition, etc..) That girl (whose name for some reason is completely evading my mind) has been in a LOT of movies over the past few years, but Sandra has been involved in other projects lately, and I haven't heard much about her.

      And that's only one example. The "brooke shields" type was really popular for a whiie, and then, of course, you have to have your bevy of blonds. I see it more with females, but even males have their types (tom selec, robert redford, the harrison ford/john wayne/clint eastwood figures, etc) You rarely see anyone that complete breaks those molds, at least not in "important" roles. Those people are considered not "photogenic enough." Or at least not the "right type."

      This is just me developing a theory on this, but it kinda make me wonder if TPTB want to deliberately distract us with only these types for some reason. Especially since when anyone does not correspond to the "type" everyone acts as if this was the worst person in the world. Like that "Gabby the gymnastics" hair issue, or the cheerleader that isn't the "right weight.," or people wearing the wrong clothes to the X event, or the countless other nit-picky idiocies. (forget the fact the person was doing an excellent job at whatever it was)
      Why? Why do they like messing with folks in the first place? (yes, I know tons of theories)

      But it does make one wonder (and even I had to wonder if they were "the same person" for a 1/2 of sec). You might be on to something Missmelis23

  85. It's a real shame things are like this. They're definitely pushing this agenda hardcore now, more and more blatant as you all can see. This world is going into rapid change fast and it's going to stir a lot of people up. No one should ever worry what will happen in this world. I know it's an f-ed up place cause of certain evildoers, but just be positive and keep your mind free and you'll never be a slave of any kind. We all have a soul that is more powerful than the shell we're in. Get any one around you that is misinformed and get them some unbiased news QUICK (lol). God bless!

  86. It is wise to see what your enemy is up to in order to understand the need of spiritual preparation for what will surely come to pass… Those of who believe on Jesus Christ understand the prophecies spoken of within scripture about the short term… Our Creator knows the end from the beginning… He is allowing for evil to come to a point unlike any time in human history… Bank on it, for the bible has been proven time and time again to be 100 percent accurate… Despite the naysayers and those willing to be "ignorant" about what the Truth is…

    I do believe in the near future there will be an economic boom unlike any other we have seen in a while… This will serve as a test for the saints, and will also bring down people's natural defenses to what is transpiring within our world… People are on edge in many ways because of the unknown… We know this is how Satan works… Control through chaos… The "powers that be" cause the chaos, and come up with a solution that had been previously planned for… During economically prosperous times people tend to forget about God, and fixate themselves on pleasing the flesh… Allowing for their morale compass to become hedonistic in nature… Has happened in the past and will happen again… Considering where we are at, morally speaking, this will be the final push to subject the majority of mankind to this spiritually oppressive Satanic agenda…

    As the bible points out in 2 Thess chapter 2 there will be a "great falling away" which is the result of the "mystery of lawlessness." And the bible points out that sin does result in death… There will be a tremendous body count once everything is said and done because mankind refuses to acknowledge our need to obey God according to His commandments… Our need for repentance through His Son Jesus Christ, and to forsake the lusts of the flesh… Again, these events were prophesied to occur centuries ago… We are on God's timeline and always have been… God is just watching what He already knew would take place… Our responsibility is to spiritually prepare for what is about to come to pass.. Will we be wise virgins, being lead by God's Holy Spirit?… Or will we be foolish virgins being lead by the flesh, which in the end leads to death..

    "The love of many will wax cold." This is because God's Spirit will no longer be as prevalent as it is now within our world.. In some areas His Spirit is stronger than in others…. But for those who are faithful, and do not allow for sin to over their inmost being He will abide in and dwell in through His Spirit… Those in Jesus Christ are the temple of the Living God… Stay clean in a world filled with wickedness… Remembering that these things must surely come to pass… But ultimately God's kingdom will fill all the earth, and destroy His enemies… Their schemes will surely come to naught…

  87. Um…? This was intended from the start to have symbolism. She is mocking those that freak out about that kind of stuff. Many in the industry do not like her and she is more of a shock jock than illuminati puppet.


    • Oh my GOD! You are so stupid! Thats what they want you to think so you don't connect the symbolism to "them" . There is no 'owning' the symbolism, theres only the deception of evil. This is what comes of evry single pop artist showing this crap; it was only a matter of time before one of you brainwashed fools thought it originated with that artist. Doh!

  88. I'm sure it's not that hard to pull these talentless creatures from the ghetto and use them for whatever you want to as long as they can make some money and believe that they are having true success. This welfare mentality is what has killed this country and they are all too ignorant to see that they are still slaves.

    • I'm not making that comment to be racist at all but the welfare mindset that someone owes them something for existing (white, black, hispanic….all races living on public assistance) and this illuminati agenda is perpetuating the slavery systems that have been ruling this country since the 1930's.

      • How is it racist if it's true? Damn near all mainstream rap talks about is the hood, bling, and hoes. It shows them getting everything for doing nothing, being nothing, and adding nothing to society. If that's not the ghetto entitlement mindset, then i don't know what is.

  89. Idk how ignorant people keep accepting these retarded artist, i cant believe there so desperate for fame and money, i just hope God forgives their stupidity.

  90. The Harlot riding the Beast represents Religious Babylon. She is portrayed as a "harlot" or a "prostitute" because she commits spiritual fornication with the kings or leaders of the world. This would be interpreted that she left her First Love, i.e., preaching the Reconciliation to God in Christ, pursuing instead pure monetary and political gain. Her primary purpose is to gain power over the Saints of God (and even non-believers) by any means possible. That is what her riding the bull means, to me that is.

  91. I was annoyed and disturbed not only by the Illuminati stuff, but how awful this song is. Horrible song for more horrible purposes.

  92. Wow, and yet there are still comments on youtube that say there is no symbolism or this song is “dope.” I guess the VC is right, if this isn’t obvious enough, there is nothing he can say to convince some people.

    Also “Kill it with fire!” LOL.

    • Yes and when these people get involved with the occult they will think that is was their own ideas and that they are freethinkers! I know I did. The revelation came when I realized I was being brainwashed and those ideas I had about spiritualism were not my own.

  93. Did anyone else notice, when it shows her inside her own head, she keeps saying "I wanna be free." As if she is trapped by mind control.

  94. yung rapunxel: Young Ra (Anti-christ demon god and one of the most important "gods" in Egyptian mythology; also not sure what "Young" means, but Jay-z refers to himself) as Young PUNKS El (Elohim, Jehovah, God of the Bible)

    Not so clever.

  95. They and many other mindless drones in the music industry are probably often times unwittingly part of the wider 'agenda'. Record execs or those associated with them who are likely to be the real behind the scenes 'illuminati' power brokers have worked hard over the years to ensure that their creative directives calling for the same type of 'themes' to be pursued in music videos, ultimately attain a semblance of familiarity among viewers/artists which can in turn pave the way for mass desensitization and blind 'acceptance'.

    As a result, while the past few years, has seen 'Illuminati' imagery/symbolism go mainstream, the VAST majority of those who have heard of the term and/or researched it a little will in their trance induced conditioned states brush off the whole idea as delusional nonsense advocated by nuts on the margins of society. Thus, the majority of directors and artists alike whom most likely feel the same way, now have a field day exploiting this type of dark imagery because for them it's just provocative 'art'. The term hidden in plain sight springs to mind, because to actually believe in this 'stuff' is just too ludicrous for most people. The 'elite' are MOCKING ALL of us and it's quite frankly despairing to bear witness to all of this stupidity.

    To make my point clear this Daily Mail article explicitly mentions the term in its description of the video: 'The daring video features Illuminati-esque imagery, countless owls (including one that flies out of the singer's forehead), and eyes that suddenly become teeth.'

    And if that wasn't enough, here's a comment left by one of the readers which just about sums up how many unawakened robots view the concept of the 'illuminati': 'they use the symbolism for shock value they arent affiliated with anything, some people are so gullible, you think no one knows of ilumaniti, its like the biggest viral internet hoax, and in fashion right now, ppl get famous bc they get a lot of attention and the public makes them famous and like their music/movies'
    Read more:

    Remember everyone, to the drones WE are the ones that are gullible. We, whom dare to question are the insane ones? As John Lennon once said, 'Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.'

    Nevertheless, I don't pretend to fully comprehend how this insane agenda is managed, how their hierarchy is observed, nor how much of the information presented to us on all of this, is true. All I know is that you must all employ CRITICAL THOUGHT in order to rationalize much of the information as best you can. Do not jump to conclusions by reading say one VC article because by doing that you're just as bad as the mindless drones that have jumped to their own conclusions by reading say one article on the 'illuminati'.


  96. I watched the video in youtube, and I was "wut on earth, was that even a song?"
    Only foolish people will buy that, seriously. I mean, seriously? Who would even watch a video as disparate as that?

  97. This actually makes me sad because I listened to her music before she went illuminati crazy and I liked it. Oh well, guess it was just in a matter of time.

  98. Yuck! It is the most hideous thing I have ever seen! These so called entertainers and their puppet masters are sick and twisted to the core

  99. Forget this crap. Has anyone seen ‘Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy? That video is so disturbing on so many levels that it’s not even funny. I still don’t know what to make of it.

  100. This is off topic, but what's the deal with Lauryn Hill signing a deal with Sony? Says she's doing it to pay off her taxes and to be creative. Not sure I buy her victim story, these celebrities are always evading taxes and she probably just got caught at it. They can't stop spending frivolously either, it's not like she doesn't get royalties, I have a hard time believing she's so poor and broke. Making a deal with the devil again? Thought she knew better.

  101. She's a joke. I saw her YouTube video mentioning the illuminati stuff. She is a lawn and won't admit it. Of course, what artist would?!? I don't understand her dumb choice to misspell words on purpose. To me that doesn't show that's she festive. Just shows she's an idiot who thinks she's creative and different.

  102. "Yeah" because the Illuminati is going to include ghetto black kids in their fold… like they aren't made up of only white elitists, politicians and bankers. I would like to know more about the director and producers, but I doubt this girl is part of anything and just does what her bosses tell her

    • You need to understand that the "Illuminati" is made up of witches, warlocks, magicians and possible nephilim (the bloodlines) who have the "seed of the serpent". They seek to lead people astray and do the will of their father, not to get anyone into their "fold".
      All these talk of "white elitists, politicians and bankers" is just nonsense perpetuated by the controlled "resistance" like Jones, Celente and Company. Bilderburg, CFR and like minded groups are fronts for the more sinister Satanic and just plain evil groups like Crowley's O.T.O mentioned in this article.
      They are not bankers or satanists, they are not politicians, they are Satanists. And the "great plan" is too bring the Anti-Christ to this world. It all begins as per Revelation 9, when the beast is released from hell by Satan.

  103. ok this is just plain terrible.. it isn't even music it's just noise. i have no idea how that video even has 1 like, how can someone be so stupid and ignorant to listen to that i have no idea.
    also, why would they just put it out like that with all the symbolism right in your face, what are they trying to tell us? how will they achieve a "new world order" by filling peoples heads with owls, pentagrams and what not. can someone please give me a logical explanation

  104. notimpressed on

    It is an undeniable fact that all artists in the music industry are nothing but puppets. Nothing but a bunch of redundant, copy-pasted clowns all doing just slightly different versions of the exact same thing.

    There is NO creativity going on there. No creativity to be found whatsoever.

    Kanye, Britney, Katy, Kesha, Rihannne, Lady Caca, Azaealia, etc etc etc = all a bunch of copy-pasted people that do whatever their bosses tells them to do. All copied, all the same. Same things over and over. The so-called artists invent nothing.

    Creativity = 0%. Fact of the music industry.

    Fact. Period. Point blank. Bottom line. The end.

  105. unknownsolider on

    ra ra ra i want your bad romance
    you need some alteration roman
    on your clothes and your brain
    i hear your heart beat to the beat of the drum
    lets make most of the night like we're gonna die young
    shine bright like a diamond cause we're like diamonds in the sky
    i will love you until the end of time,i'll be your baby promise not let you go
    monster high freaky just got fabulous

  106. you know what would be really funny if this whole illuminati and nwo never happens- i wonder what people would do then

    • Yes that would be such an embarrassment when I will find no eternity no God no conspiracy against Him!
      That will make me wonder why did I live like a normal person without harming people and violating the law.

      Is that response you expected?

      Believers will loose nothing if…if…if…

      Unbelievers will loose everything in the day of Judgement. It is near.

    • They are too insane and committed to the cause. They'll achieve it, we are talking about weirdos of first degree.

    • They've been setting this up for several hundred years. You think they are going to quit now? The Rosicrucians have been planning the new world order since the middle ages. They've written books upon books about it. Two big ones are "Brave New World" and "New World Order". The first one is by Alduous Huxley (VC has an article about him) and the other is H.G. Wells who is a Rosicrucian.

  107. I have met this lady. She is the nicest celeb I have ever met. She gave me free tickets to her concert and a backstage pass after to hang out with her. We talked about this illuminati stuff and she was actually mocking it. She doesn't believe in it so this is her way of mocking it. It also gets her more attention because everyone will be like…"oooo she's illuminati". It's a tactic.

    • do you think there may be chance she's been told to say that? to somehow make what she's doing seem cooler? or maybe she keeps telling herself that to make sense of the intensely controlled life she's living? for her sake i hope she's right, she sounds like a nice person.

    • If she doesn't believe in it then why is she mocking it? Does she have any idea what those occult symbols mean in her videos? Does she produce her own videos or just go along? And there is more than one occult secret society. The Illuminati doesn't exist anymore but there are others which still exist.

  108. How dare u call this monstrosity a rapper slug is a real rapper shes a poser puppet. All music videos look the same now. I miss the 90s when music was good and more original. Hip hop was never about illuminati. It was about the struggles about growing up in the hood. There aint no hood in the illuminati. All these puppet arent even in the illuminati cus they dont even have enough money to be in it. U must have an infinite amount of wealth to join the club. Richer than billionaires.

    • The 90s music, the 70s, the 80s too. What do they do currently many of those British 'artists'? They steal songs from different eras. One direction for example stole blondie's song "one way or another". It's a regular occurence to steal old songs and slightly adapt them. The other one from Cuba/Florida, Ptibull who adapts old songs.

  109. Yeah, if no one gets it, it's being hammered into people's brains. It's being hammered on purpose because the choice is out there not to choose this crap and idiots are ruining this planet by doing so. If people would wisen up and ignore all of this bullshit already and choose love and say FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM MEDIA! AND FUCK YOU CORPORATISM! Then we'd be fucking getting somewhere, somewhere better.

  110. The video is terrible and music too, I don't like it at all.
    But strangely enough I i can't look away ?!
    Visual and Sound effects(special frequency) to influence the brain(hypnotic).

  111. It's Obvious on

    Don’t fall for the facade of Sex Magick. All female singers signed to these labels are told to their face that they must dress slutty in order to get paid more and grow their fans, it’s not a secret anymore, hence the increased comfort over the recent years when talking about occult/esoteric subjects. All the masses need to do is NOT pay attention, NOT pay for their songs and NOT interest themselves in such profane exploitation.

    • That reminds me of a quote from the Selena movie way back in '95/96. In the movie there's a point just as her career was taking off that she and her manager decided the best look for her would be to wear a bustier on stage. Her father hit the roof, but even her mom talked him down by telling how "everyone is doing it now –it's popular! It doesn't mean the same thing that it did when we were younger. It's no big deal."

      Sooo if it's "no big deal" why do it?
      Oh right, you can't "leave home with out it." Or least, not the small stage.

  112. Truth in truth on

    So sick and tired of looking at $#!+ like this. Is this what the human race has come to? How can anybody get any satisfaction or any edification out of garbage like this? And there are people that actually look up to a vile, repulsive, nasty waste of human flesh like this and aspire to be like them? My goodness! It's no wonder that God had to break open the fountains of the deep and bury the old world under water and mud. From being created in the image of God and being strong, noble minded, intelligent creatures to this… And the majority of young high school and college aged people enjoy and choose to lend their ears and minds to the so-called artistic expressions these low-life dirtbags try and feed us? BURNED she will be if this woman chooses to remain a tool of the enemy. Jesus is purifying this world by fire next time. Get on the ark friends, Jesus wants you to be saved.

  113. hahaha what a LOSER! Real rap is K-Rino, even if you don't like rap read the lyrics and poetry of this lyrical master in action. Second to none, heck him out.

  114. this is true:

    "Never work just for money or for power. They won't save your soul or help you sleep at night."
    Marian Wright Edelman

    these people/puppets will all get their judgements at the end. the bottomless pit will open and swallow them whole. they will fight for the devil at Armageddon, and they will see what glory is when God, Jesus and all the hosts of heaven descend and open a can of whoop-ass on them.

    They will learn in time what it means to worship Satan, and they will regret it.

    we, as soldiers of God, must shy away from these people, and protect our children. the more these puppets expose themselves, the more we learn. so in a way its good, what they are doing. they are exposing the fact there is an Illuminati, and they are trying to win.
    but in the end, God is great. God wins.

    who's side are you on?

  115. I think I lasted a half minute into the video. It just assaulted me too hard…. and I am sure my YouTube comment will garner lots of flack. I pray to the good Lord above that this critter does not make it big… she is downright assaulting to listen to let alone… watch? Agreed…. very creepy video.

  116. Maybe im wrong but that might not be a pill shes swallowing. Looks like a black painted RFID verichip. Hence shes taking the mark of the beast.
    Love VC

    • Jimmy, thats exactly what i thought, i mentioned just her eyes and everyone started to go on and on, its this its that and i thought i'm not even going to mention the chip but yeah i agree with you on that one.

  117. Hi vc i would like you to take a look at the new video by naughty boy feat sam smith called la la lah the video has nothing to do with what the guy is singing but creeped me out as at the end of the video it seems the boy is either sacrificed to a horned statue or worshipping the horned statue if u can do a synopsis here is the link….

  118. Another new puppet emerges and we will see more puppets who are ready to do whatever they asked to do because they are idiots.
    Thank you VC

  119. spastically bending backwards is also a contortion that trance mediums and possessed persons go into as they are 'taken over'…..

  120. Hey VC. Love your articles.
    Please do an article on Jay-Z (I believe he is the head-honcho and 'chose' Beyonce to be his queen and controls just like her father does. She is possessed.)
    Jay-Z always references "yung" (his demon perhaps?) in his videos and I wouldn't be surprised if that somehow ties in with "yung rapunzel".
    Keep up the good, in-depth, doesn't-beat-around-the-bush articles you do. God bless

  121. Well, what do you expect…. God is a cunt. He is the evil in this universe. He created the ruling elite to be like him.

  122. I have concluded that the industry is here to destroy us and make us waste our lives trying to be like the people we see on TV. I havent read a book or even made a goal for myself since i started smokin weed and listening to rap. i listened to tyler the creators song 48 and it made me realize that they are just corrupting us. I actually almost became a satanist just b/c of music. It is totally brainwashing and i denied it every chance i got. I know tyler is wrong in alot of ways but he basically said the rap game is like the crack game and these artists are making music to destroy people just like them. influenceing them to be something they are not and will never be. Kanye said chasing the stardom will turn you to a maniac. he was not lying. I wasted so much of my life writing corny raps because i thought i was just as good as them. I am good but i will never be as good as satan. he writes that music and he is a genius. i just thank god or tyler or whoever is responsible for helping me notice what a waste the last 2 years of my life have been.

  123. In the fairytale, Rapunzel has her very long hair cut off by the witch so the lover can no longer climb up to see her. Sane is true of her career.

    At some point in her career, the devil is going to cut off her acces to the public.

  124. The black eyes shot is interesting…There are actually people who can shift their entire eyes to a pure black like we see here. They are a species of Reptilian. The V is the symbol that represents this particular race also.

  125. It actually does make sense if they’re trolling with all that symbolic stuff. Even if they’re on top (of the entertainment industry) at the time, they can easily be replaced, like you already said.
    So this illuminati thing sort of is a reason for the media to give them more attention.

  126. smeegolsue on

    Also,''Young Rapunxel'' is the name of her alter ego, meaning she probably has multiple personas like Britney, Beyonce, Nicki minaj, Lady Gaga and other Illuminati puppets

  127. Time to kill illuminate but the only way to do it is not physically but spiritually.
    If more people would wake up and follow Christ, they would disappear like a fart in the wind.
    They only have power because too many of the worlds population are sleeping and don't recognise this evil.if people wake up to this evil and turn away from it they will become weaker. It is all in the hands of us.
    Evil has it's purpose on earth but these singers are just beyond stupid. They will have such a hard time when they die that they will be regretting every piece of their satanic life.
    The things they do for money, it's despicable they clearly don't have any morals or decency.
    I would rather be poor than support that trash.

  128. Does this brainwashed bimbo moves her stupid ass in front of the green screen with no fucking idea of what her video is going to look like? That makes only sense to me. Because if she is knowledgable of how video is going to look she has to be fucking retarded. Not only a puppet, but retarded, like fucked up in the head really hard.

  129. Blake Gildaphish on

    it's a shame, because i REALLY thought she would be different. she's so talented… really a shame.

  130. The face with all the mouths (the one that should be killed with fire) seems to represent possession. She cannot freely speak or see for herself. All the mouths move on their own, as if they are their own separate entities. Perhaps it also represents multiple personalities through mind control.

  131. As an MC she's extremely talented and her beats are sick. The girl has talent.

    People need to begin to separate the artist from the clauses in their label contracts.

    • maybe the talented artists should form their own record labels so that they don't have to bow to the evil ones..

      • A lot of music distribution today is monopolized by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group; or the music is distributed on independent labels that are signatories of the RIAA, which again is controlled by the "Big Three" of the distributors.

  132. No one would waste the money it takes to produce these music videos etc for mere random imagery. The message is getting more blatant with each video and the target audience more desensitized. Which begs the question; what are they trying to prepare this generation for? What do they want them to regard as the norm when they finally introduce fantasy as reality? Vampires, monsters, zombies and bloody rituals …would we have condoned this content 30 years ago? I remember reading about the controversy over a character in the movie Gone with the Wind using the word "damn". Wow! We've come so far haven't we? I shudder to imagine the future of this world.

  133. I think it's funny how fast some of you eat these articles up. Being knowledgeable is one thing but to try to associate everything with the "Occult" is a joke. Hell, if i was an up and coming artist, I'd use these symbols too to make you people look like fools and the more you'd watch my videos to decipher, the more money I'd get :) It's a game. Some of you actually think Tyler the Creator and his crew are illuminati puppets as well. Lmao. Azealia is definitely trolling, do you think this 21 year old girl from Harlem who isn't even well known is an illuminati puppet for real? Wtf would be the point? Isn't the point to be very famous and rich? Her album title is "Broke with expensive taste", yeah that's so illuminati like. Oh and to top it off, you clowns stay calling these artists "Talentless". Really? Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Justin Bieber…no talent whatsoever? That's hating on so many levels. They can sing, that's talent.

    • Yeah, ok they can sing somewhat if their voices are edited enough. But "their" music still sucks. I agree with you on all other points though.

      • Have you never heard Justin sing acoustic live? Or Beyonce or Lady Gaga live? With no editing, they are very talented. And, well that's good. It's good to see some people actually have some sense.

  134. heyi'mjustsomedude on

    this is great, but i kinda hate how all of you react like "go back to god !!!!!" chill the fuck out, it's better to raise awareness and just try to be more picky with everything you do to live a more sane life. For some, "going back to god" isn't the answer at all. It's better to be of SUPPORT and try to show them the right way.

  135. The evil, demonic, horrifying pictures speaks for themselves. Too f*&^ing creepy to watch, although I haven't seen it yet but I still get the idea of this little puppet becoming another one of the illuminati's bitches.

    The video is clearly checker-boarded and symbol-infested all over just the way the elite likes it.

    Made me feel sick to my gut

  136. Sorry for my cursing BUT GOOD LORD THAT SHIT CREEPED ME OUT TONIGHT I AM NOT SLEEPING!!!!!!! I couldn't even watch 2 minutes. Why did I commit such stupidity? What is sad is YT comments. So many…. retards. Lord just by hearing "Danger danger" No no noooo Lady Gaga's BTW is nothing like this. I actually find it more comfortable than that that thing I just saw. LOrd lord lorrd have mercy. How can someone watch the whole video? How is it possible? Horror movies are way more comfortable than what I just saw. indeed kill it with fire. I am more glad to hand you 400 gallons of gasoline, 3000 ounces of alcohol, 20000 cigarettes you name it VC. Cuz I ain't even exagerating. whoever saw the whole video is my new hero. Anyway Iam (kinda) done of rambling. But that was so ratchet. Speaking of ratchet, she and gaga I think did ratchet, I'm not sure. I am tramatized, that is what I know. Great job VC…

  137. You should see new video clip of polish artist – Doda , name of song is 'Electrode'. I thinkt this clip is full of sybolism… 😉

  138. TheBattleIsNotOver on

    azelia banks is one of the reasons i do not like rap music. her and nicki minaj are tutti heads. may they find peace before it is too late.

  139. I think she get's it, she has "the brains" and she is doing it to provoke…I think she is against "the illuminati" or however they are calling themselves…she is a real artist,she is not trying to sell herself, listen to some of her interviews and you can see what she's about….and in this song she's singing about being free, being sick of it all, fighting against the police, and she's completely overdoing the illuminati theme for a reason! Don't judge that quickly just because you would like her to be stupid soul-selling greedy person…hold your frustrations and leave space for different opinions

  140. truth bringer on

    The Lord don't like ugly! These people really dont understand what an eternity means! Wants Jesus returns all that crap they worship will lead them on a one way trip on the scorching highway to hell… They can have it! God bless!

  141. People need to remember that they are subjects to no one. You decide yourself how you want to interpret Things. No one can tell you how to understand the world but yourself. You are responsible for your own thoughts. If you feel appalled and afraid because of the supposed Illuminati symbolism then you are in fact being brainwashed, because you react on what someone has told you to believe. Not what you see with your own eyes, and that's the only thing that matters in the end. This can only be dangerous if you let it be.

  142. I'd have to actually disagree with the title of this article. Same Illuminati symbolism it is not. That video is more intensely Illuminati than anything Jay-Z (or Shay-Z as I like to call him) can ever concoct. Really freaky video. Somebody needs to kill the history of this video with fire. Smash it…pulverize it.

  143. i really liked the video TBH, and yes i know what its all about but sometimes we just tend to see what we want and I think that she made it simple what means shes just doing the opposite

    • I definitely do not want to argue with you, but you should check out the articles on this website that deal with the various types of Illuminati symbolism. I used to be involved in the occult and the owl and pyramid eye are not the symbols you normally try to utilize in that sphere (she's described on Wikipedia as being in the genre of witch-hop; she is obviously involved with the occult). In other words it becomes obvious that she's using dark and (literally) powerful occult symbols. I would say that there's a high chance that you haven't seen the articles mentioned here and/or done extra research to see if they're backed up by facts. I recommend looking into Wikipedia to do your research; if there's no citation than it might be a dubious fact (I have an account on Wiki-P). Note: If you have obsessive tendencies, I don't recommend this website or any one like it — this website, that is. :)

      • Sorry about some of the typos. I usually proofread my comments. :( I myself am obsessive, like that.

  144. carol rules on

    remember how jay z is always referring to young? young this, young that, young b…. who is young. i'm thinking he must be satan. it's a creepy name. now we have yung Rapunzel or whatever. weird.

  145. "And if a rapper jumping around in front of a pyramid, All-Seeing Eyes and owls and submitting to an oppressive police force is not enough to convince you, then I guess nothing will."

    Okay, you are TOO funny! It's all true for sure…but I just can't help laughing at the way you worded this!

    Another very well thought-out article.

  146. The picture with her and the ox is familiar to Dumuzi the son-husband of Gula-Bau Who is also wore a lunar crown representing his godhood.

  147. Dying future on

    Pathetic crap loaded with subliminial messages… we older/ awake folks see right through it… the sad part is the younger generations ie our children don't… so they are sucked in… god help the innocent before it's too late

  148. This has been on for so long….. my blog is coming out very soon people, please y'all need to check it out and learn how satan has decieved the whole world Revelation 12:9…. So many so called minister are on these too deceiving people according to Matthew 24… Jesus said all of this will happen so am not bothered or surprise but I will admonish everyone to watch and pray the most anoying part is they have perverted the true Gospel that Jesus preached when he was here…. Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God Mark 1:14…

  149. But minister and pastors now preached the person of Jesus as the Gospel. mixing it up they cause confusion and so therefore deceive millions into accepting false hope of accepting the name of jesus alone without works, what Paul preached is, Jesus died for all so that if any repent and accept Jesus that he is the Son of God and accept the Gospel he preached he will be qualified to enter into the Kingdom of God as long as he continue to obey all of God's law and commandments and such person does not sin. 1John 3:4…. Waky waky people the devil is all out to decieve you…. The Devil will deceive many into accepting his mark, and dont be deceived the mark is not gonna be in any chip, If you want to learn what the mark is? reply this comment and put your email there I will show you his mark from the scripture and you will see how so many will be decieved to accept….. God Bless you VC and God bless you all!!!

  150. While reading this article, I often read her name Azaelia as AZAZEL, who we all know who that is in mithology!

  151. I've heard of her. Her first single was 212. The video is pretty normal. It's really such a drastic change from that video to this. There's really no other word then she's following some sort of a path many are following. That Lil' Wayne video is still the weirdest one though. But at the end with the mouths on the eyes. It reminded me of madonna's bedtime story video.

  152. kill it with fire fuck that… burn it to fucking ashes divy the ashes up into as many individual portions as possible and scatter each portion in different places far far away from each other. preferably in bodies of water, in lava pits, vats of acid and outer space if it all possible

  153. GreekRevolutioner on

    If you think more clearly,all these things that singers,actors e.t.c. do are completely stupidities…Why would they sell their soul to devil for money and fame in this earth and then regret it in the next life for an eternity???
    I realy hope that one day they will ask forgivness from God and they will walk in the path of the real Light…

  154. Besides being filled with symbolism, it's also flat-out painful to listen to. The combination of Illuminati symbolism and a lack of talent makes it agonizing.

  155. Controversy and playing on conspiracy = attention, works every time. The blatant illuminati symbolism will stop when it is no longer in fashion and doesn't get the youtube hits that sites like this give it and help with its success lol

  156. great post. fact is tho the imagery DOES attract massive attention/publicity. If this song and video were more 'normal' (whatever that means lol) then both the artist and the song itself in my opinion would get next to no attention. The fact it attaches itself to such imagery, regardless of any deeper agendas, does mean this bellow average song now suddenly is guaranteed mass media coverage (and not just from conspiracy blogs) and suddenly becomes 'all the talk'.
    Regardless of all else this fact, and obvious twisted promo technique can not just blindly be ignored. Its like that saying 'any publicity is good publicity'. Illuminati association has almost become fashionably cool in this pop world now, like Munchi said "its a hype". Artists know association with such pretty much guarantees at least a low level of success, Money and fame are the puppets God (prob more so than actual Satanic idols themselves).
    So would an artist who is hungry for such and of that mind set, be willing to associate with such imagery to gain their hearts desire of fame and fortune? even with the obvious negative attachments that come with it, id say most certainly yes!
    To clarify i am in no way saying that this is not what it appears on the surface and trying to make out the illuminati is not what it seems, no way am i suggesting anything of the sort….but at the same time, i believe many of these puppet artists are simply ridding a 'fashion bandwagon' of sorts, or using a dark but currently very fashionable marketing tool, which amongst other things, almost does guarantee some sort of instant attention, which in turn is promotion, which leads to eventual sales….
    just an observation :)

  157. Im starting to believe that the video's are no longer for the "NORM" consumer. But, perhaps they are for the ones that have already been traumatised by the elite and are set out to the world among us. Because it dont make sense to us other than these occult symbols that we see on nearly all music videos. TRIGGERS for the masses (MK) to prepare for a riot maybe, war, genocide, mass murders et cetera….

    Point I am making is that maybe these videos are no longer about telling a story to those who are "the Norm Masses" (obviously) but just maybe they are really for those already under the elite spell who are assuming normal lives waiting to be triggered for their part in the world take over NWO?
    Just a thought, I wouldn't mind some replies to what Ive just said.

  158. Besides the disturbing video I just want to point out that this song is a clear example of how music has gone down the drain these days. She Doesn't sing, hell.. I wouldn't even call it rapping, just an angry girl screaming some stuff over a beat!! Or should I say screaming for attention just like most of the talentless fame whores in the industry nowadays. This is NOT music people! and if so then my farts must sound like symphonies to the people who listen to this crap.

  159. Shizzzzzzzz that… that last pic is horrifying. Im reading this at 12 midnight and you popped that last image there. Why VC why XD

  160. Please media PLEASE do some researches before criticizing an artist. You don't even know what she meant by Rapunxel or her video clip. Your only job is to treat artists of belonging to the Illuminati group (which existence isn't even proved). Let me explain: Rapunxel is actually the nickname lof Azealia Banks, because of her long weave. The song is actually written for one of her boyfriends with who she had a lot of problems during her relationship. When they broke up, she was so sad that she wrote this song, redefining the stereotypical idea of love that everyone has stuck in their minds. The mouth instead of the eyes, the owls, the eyes in the background,… don't you get it? It's the sign of the "I can see everything, don't hide it from me". I'm disgusted. The media nowadays is just criticizing new artists for no reason, claiming that they belong to the Illuminati thing. Azealia Banks is just like Miley Cyrus and her Wrecking Ball video: people were disappointed, but when they understood the video, they were amazed. Good job, media, good job. I'm disgusted.

  161. Truthseeker2013 on

    Great biblical quote that can explain God's words about human sacrifice especially the hip hop culture seeking fame and fortune pass 20 million dollars and how family members and close friends mysteriously die around them and they suddenly shoot to fame along with getting a fortune

  162. Do not overstate sudden death.
    Do you remember Janice Joplin will before her suicide? For some even death is attractive.

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