UK Newspaper Describes Britney Spears as “Zombie” and “Puppet”


In the article entitled Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”, we’ve looked at the many symptoms and events indicating that Britney Spears might be under mind control. About a week after publishing the article, more telling facts are appearing in the news, where Britney is described by insiders as being absent-minded, robotic, zombie-like and highly unstable. Regarding her music career, she is said to be “a puppet who would be told what to do”.

This article from The Sun describes Britney’s robotic behaviour and the total lack of control over her career. It pretty much says much everything without outright saying it: Britney is under mind control and is completely manipulated by her handlers. She is not the only celebrity in this situation. Britney is simply becoming more transparent as she reaches 30, the age where Monarch slaves usually experience “breakdowns”.

‘Zombie’ Britney Spears is still on brink, say pals

T0 the naked eye it seems Britney Spears is back – and on her best flesh-flashing form yet.

The 29-year-old singer has returned to the spotlight with the release of her seventh album Femme Fatale, already hailed as one of the best of her career.

The CD’s launch has been supported by sexy new images, raunchy television appearances and the announcement of a huge American summer tour.

Four years after shaving off her hair during her infamous public meltdown, it looks like Britney finally has her head screwed on once again.

She appears to be back where her fans want to see her – on stage, in the charts and in skimpy outfits.


But scratch beneath the surface of the tight basques and even tighter PR machine and all is not as it seems on TV.

Members of Britney’s inner circle are terrified her pristine pop star mask could slip once again at any moment, sources have told The Sun.

They are concerned she will not be able to maintain the act for even a five-minute interview if she strays from their control – let alone a gruelling two-month, 26-date tour.

And their fears have created the most painfully stage-managed promotional tour showbiz has ever seen.

A source close to the star told The Sun: “She’s very fragile. Up until a few months ago she was still heavily medicated and popping up to ten pills a day.

“It’s like she has to be wheeled from one place to another. She can’t be trusted to do anything on her own. Whether she is performing or recording it’s the same. Sometimes she’s like a zombie. Her mood swings are unreal too. It is four years since she famously cut off all her hair and hit rock bottom.

“But as recently as last year she was still pulling the same stunt – hacking her hair off with scissors when she wanted attention from her staff and loved ones at home.”

Britney walked head-on into an airbrushing row with the pictures produced to plug her new album.

The heavily doctored snaps show the star looking slender and sexy.

But the source said: “She has lost a lot of weight for her comeback but then releasing pictures like those take any deserved credit away because they are so far removed from what she really looks like.

“And it’s not just the pictures – it’s like they are airbrushing her whole life.”

The singer’s promotional appearances in America this week have been criticised as among the most stage-managed of all time.

American TV host Carson Daly, 37, tweeted that her management had requested he hand over his pre-taped interview so they could edit it.

NBC host Carson, who has known Britney for ten years, wrote: “Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this… it’s really insane.”

Central to her comeback plan was Britney performing a short, three-song set on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

But she was blasted for obviously miming and barely dancing during the performance in San Francisco.

The Billboard Charts’ associate director Keith Caulfield said: “You expect her to dance ferociously because when you’re lip syncing, we expect you to dance.”

A San Francisco paper blasted her “awkward dance moves” and “dead-eyed stare”.

The critic stormed on: “She strutted robotically, her gaze never straying to the audience.”

The Good Morning America breakfast show was apparently chosen over other outlets for the big comeback because they let her mime and allowed the appearance to be tightly controlled.


On the show Britney announced she was going on the road with pop heart-throb Enrique Iglesias, 35. But hours later he pulled out of the tour. Next it was Britney’s turn to pull the plug on a planned appearance, on Ellen DeGeneres’ popular daytime chat show.

Her team blamed “scheduling conflicts” for the move but rumours swept TV circles that the format of the show was deemed too relaxed for Britney to keep up the facade.

Instead, she took part in a tightly scripted, albeit funny, comedy skit on late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she pretended to be shot into the air in a portable toilet.

Another major element of the album’s PR campaign was a role on hit TV show Glee – where again she could hide behind a script. A source on set claimed she was “out of it”.

A respected US website reported: “They led her in front of the cameras and she’d sit there like a deer in the headlights until she had to say her lines. When she was finished they’d take her by the hand and lead her away again.”

The Glee source also said she was totally reliant on her team of minders in order to function professionally. The control-freakery also made its way over the pond on Wednesday, during an interview on London’s Capital FM radio.

Britney’s ramblings were cut short when her management told the interviewer to “shut up” in his ear.

One aspect of her comeback to have dodged much of the criticism is the album itself. Despite her voice being heavily autotuned, some pop critics have called it her best yet.

A number of the tracks, filled with stomping beats and lashings of sexual innuendo, will clearly be dancefloor fixtures for years to come.

But how heavily Britney herself was involved in creating the album has also come under scrutiny.


Describing the process inside the studio, a former pal revealed: “I was with Britney when she recorded at least three of the tracks on Femme Fatale.

“It appeared she had almost nothing to do with its creation other than vocals.

“She was like a puppet who would be told what to do. She’d go into the sound booth and basically read the lyrics from a sheet.

“But they’d have to stop when she kept getting it wrong.”

Also bubbling behind the scenes is a legal row with former bodyguard Fernando Flores, 29.

He has launched a sexual harassment lawsuit against the star, accusing her of pursuing him for sex when he worked for her last year.

The former policeman has even told pals he has filthy nude photographs sent by the singer and the fear is he may release them to support his case.

One source has claimed that instead of a musical comeback, Britney should be concentrating on her health and wellbeing. Her rocky relationship with former manager Jason Trawick, 39, seems to have settled down in recent months.

She has also been praised for behaving more like a responsible mother figure to Sean Preston, five, and Jayden James, four, than ever before.

A source said: “She seems to have lost a lot of her drive – and who can blame her?

“She has been through a hell of a lot and is coming out the other side.

“But rather than the pressures of putting on her pop star mask again, she should do what makes her happiest. And if you ask me, that would be just being herself, being good a mum and eating fried chicken around the pool at home.”



    • just like..Big L. like Biggie.. like 2Pac…like Marilyn Monroe…like Heath Kurt Cobain like Aaliyah like John Kennedy, like Jimi Hendrix and Mr. Micahel Jackson the great. Shall I continue? I think not.

      God bless them all.

      • Maybe smth like an "OD" in a hotel room #66 with Charlie Sheen…on maybe 9/11/11.

        Don't quote me on that if it turns out to be true. :(

      • some believe (not saying I do or don't) that it was a deliberate crash.. reminds me of the plane crash in josie and the pussycats where the pop band Du Jour "start to ask questions, so they are squashed" basically…. whatever you believe about that theory, but I was just trying to elaborate where someone would claim that she was killed on purpose and not just a 'freak accident'.

      • I saw on a youtube video that supposedly Aailyah's boyfriend, Damon Dash, used her as a sacrifice. What is interesting is that he was the co-founder of Rock-a-Fella Records with none other than Jay-Z. He ended up selling his share to Jay-Z for $22 million in 2004. Aaliyah died in 2001. Coincidence? Who knows?

    • I fear u might be right. :/ When they turn 30 it's time, so soon in her case.. Such a shame though. Such a beautiful young woman that could have had her whole life ahead of her.

    • Shame, really. The only actual evidence they have of her "excessive drug-use" is the one interview where she admitted to trying ecstasy.

  1. Im starting to think i would be more shocked to learn brit was not under some form of mind control. Its getthng hard to see what else could explain her behaviour. My question is why are the media letting us know, are they contuing to set the idea she is crazy so when she does breakdown again nobody is suprised. what im saying is why do they have to tell us? They could downplay this but they are doing the opposite.

    • "Why do they have to tell us?"

      So then you'll know who is abusing us. Part of their fun is revealing themselves, while the masses continue to sit back and be entertained.

      We don't stand up for ourselves, and they love it.

      The funny thing is, after enough systematic abuse, victims don't even know they're being abused anymore. That's just as true for Britney as it is for any one of us who is systematically abused by our televisions every single day

    • Because when they are going to do it to us we won't be neither surprised nor try to resist. We'll rather think: if they did it to Britney and she couldn't do anything about it, even if she was rich and famous, what can I do? It's called predictive programming.

      It's also a sign they've become so powerful and sure of themselves that they don't care to keep their evil doings secret any more.. It's like a criminal's specific "modus operandi", a pride thing.

      • As the OG of MK himself, Dr. Mengele, once said:

        "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."

        Such is the power of dissociative trauma.

    • HER millions? Are you serious? They just pose with the money like the pose with anything else, then they overdose and let the money fall in the 'right hands'.

      Hint: stars never splurge. They only buy houses or properties that can be later recuperated… I wouldn't be surprised if they live on allowances.

      • Michael Jackson once said in an interview that James Brown was so broke because of his record label, and because of their racism reduced his royalties (money) so, the only way he could get by was constantly going on tour…

      • She does! She DOES live in allowence! She has a sum of money her conservator gives her to spend per week. Read it on Breatheheavy.

      • little bunny fufu on

        so wait, Raphael, we knock the artists if they're "super divas", but if they're down to earth and like Target (like everyone else does), then we are to bag on them for not living up to what we think should be there "super diva" status? you're ridiculous.

        Taylor's never come across as "super diva" in her actions (like Lindsay Lohan and those like her) so why are you knocking her?

      • I was definitely not knocking her off, I was merely giving an example. There are plenty of examples, she just happened to be the first I came across. But take any other starlet (emphasis on starlet, because there are big shot stars like Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Meryil Streep etc. ,the leaders, who really own their money) and see what, where they buy and what they invest in…

    • LOL what? She's the highest paid female musician of 2012 ranking in 58 millions and she is still here and not going anywhere.. She's the queen of pop and she's still very successful but just older, thats all..

      • I agree. I think that after her attempt to escape they zomified her, and what we see now's just a shell being hauled around to recoup money losses.

    • Totally obvious! Otherwise, wouldn't she be raising her boys? You know she misses them and feels like she's missing them growing up…and she is!! She is missing out on all the best times of their lives, for what…to make them money? It's not worth it. Money cannot buy time that you can never have back. Once they are grown, that's it.

    • So many people think fame would be so great. I would NEVER wish my child to be in show business. Even before I knew about this, I thought that would never be what I wanted for my child. So much psychological damage is done. Giant amounts of money isn't worth it.

      • agreed. i remember an article i read a while back regarding mary kate and ashley olsen. they were quoted in the interview by saying "they would never wish their childhood upon anyone. not even their greatest enemy."….money can not buy happiness. and more importantly it can NOT replace a childhood…..for the love of money is the root of all evil.

  2. i like how in the original article on the sun they have an old picture of her beating the car with a "brolly" — never heard that term before but i digress. i went to look at some old articles/pictures of her from that incident and came across this:

    "Her mother lost it with her. She is devoutly religious and was telling her it was against God what she was suggesting. She was telling her she was possessed by the Devil. Lynne was saying she needed to go to rehab to cleanse her soul"

    full article here:

    just a bit more from carson daly:

    In another tweet, Daly added that he's known Spears since the start of her career and she probably doesn't know how strict her handlers are being: "shocked her mgmt won't let her do a normal interview. … I've known and supported her since she was 15. This has nothing to do w her."

    — i like how they straight up said "her handlers"

    rooting for you britney, everyday.

  3. Ok, I just watched that performance on GMA in San Fransisco-
    (comments are disabled- I wonder why? >.>' )

    And really? "WASN'T THAT AMAZING?" the host woman asks the audience. What's amazing is how oblivious the audience is to the horror of what they've just seen; their idol in an electric chair. How AMAZING!

  4. I've never been a fan of Britney, but I feel badly for her. She will probably end up with the same fate as Anna Nicole Smith. Very sad :(

    • A little off subject, but has anyone noticed in one of nikki manaj's rhymes on that song "bottoms up" she says "rest in peace to anna nicole smith"? Although her life & death was sad, why in the world would she be idolized by anyone? Reading ur comment made me think of that mentioning anna nicole…anyway it's all too similar the breakdown between britney & anna nicole. Did you even notice stars being heavily "put on display" to openly show their "insanity" before their "untimely" death? Heath leger=the dark night…michael jackson=hanging children out of window & the this it tour…anna nicole smith=the anna nicole smith reality show…charlie sheen already laid out his coffin w/ that interview that made it to broadway. Just like dave chappelle said though everybody's not crazy or sick it's a way of making these "unexplained events" dimissive

  5. This is just sad. She also seems zombie like in her video Till the world ends (which of course is using the whole 2012 thing). Most of the video is just other people dancing and her looking all sultry towards the camera.

  6. stardom and mind control, which is all about some agents pulling the strings behind the curtain. Today's pop stars are "zombie-like, insane, heavily medicated, unreliable, promiscuous, and dead-eyed puppets." Aren't there any other words that best describe them? Sad. I am sick to the stomach.

  7. I'm still awed by how much more blatant they get about MK every day. And I am so sorry for Britney! She seems to become the female MJ. I hope for her that she won't have the same fate as he did =(

  8. I've made this comment before, it's like they keep pushing her out at us, when she really isn't that talented or even emotionally capable of handling her job. It's like they're saying, "We put all this effort into Britney, YOU, the masses will like her and buy her stuff…she's baaaack!"

    • Feel exactly the same way. Like they're pumping her for every penny they can get until they murder her, and then she'll sell even better since she's dead.

  9. A couple AM talk show host once said to the effect that Brittany Spears represented what was happening to America. Her rises and falls were parallel to many of the events that is happening to the US. She went from a cutsey Mousketeer to a tarted up artist that swings from exaltation to degradation with each news cycle.

    It was just meant to be a funny statement, but I've noticed a lot of true in those words.

  10. How much more do people have to see before they realize what is going on?

    Wait, they must still be blinded by the flashing lights.

    Damn Disney.

    Praying for your Brit, and that your torture will soon be over- as it most likely is.

  11. I fear Britney is beyond recognizing her need to escape. She knows nothing else than the life she leads…and I should put the word life in quotes because it's not really a life at all. When I saw a recent picture of her, her eyes reminded me of Marilyn Monroe…empty, vacant, lifeless, yet with a hint of eagerness to please. Not the eyes of a normally functioning human being, not even the eyes of an animal, but the eyes of a person whose life has been sucked out of them and replaced with outer-directed influences. The price of fame indeed…although I don't think Britney (or any of the other mind-controlled celebrities) fully comprehend the price they've paid, what they've lost, what they've missed out on.

  12. little bunny fufu on

    my heart breaks for her. she's obviously been manipulated for years and years. now, i know it's The Sun, and they aren't exactly a bastion of credible or responsible journalism, but i tend to want to believe this article.

    let's not hate her. she doesn't deserve it, and we're not called to that. we don't have to love what she does or what she represents, but we should be compassionate of the fact that she's been used her entire life, beginning w/ the disney machine and her mickey mouse club years. don't wish her death, don't wish her failures and more breakdowns. rather breathe up a prayer for her and ask God to be the healer of her heart and of her mind. at the end of the day, she's human. she's a daughter, she's a mother, she's a sister, she's precious not only to those that truly love her, but to the heavenly Father who knew her in her mother's womb.

    • I agree, truly beatiful. She just wants to please and has no idea that her egarness is naturally geared to please God. I pray he has mercy on her.

  13. It was obvious that Britney wasnt the same on her MTC appearance on Femme Fatale. She seemed so different and so lost. The way she spoke was even different. They're really pressuring her for this comeback. Britney is as sick as she was four years ago, they're just trying to hide it better.

    • Does she have the conservatorship still because she's mentally ill? Or because the conservatorship is a perfect way to have full control over her by her father, managers and record label? Also, is she mentally ill because she's medicated wrong and simultaneously mind controlled? Or does she have a 'natural chemical imbalance?

    • Britney wasn't sick four years ago, she was trying to escape.

      In response, they made her sick. Zomibified her.

      That's why her voice is heavily autotuned now. She can no longer sing, so they go out of their way to make it as if she sings.

  14. I feel so sorry for her! I feel like she will be a victim in a matter of years, and her poor children will be without a parent like the children of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole, and Kurt Cobain.

    • The children of the people you mentioned will be properly handled by the correct hands, and will be raised in such way to never question their parents' death. look what happened to Brandon Lee. Nobody wants that fate.

  15. Its very sad but I don't think they will ever let her retire. Just like Maddona and Bob Dylan they will keep her on the circuit for as long as they can. Providing she makes them a profit. Or if her programing breaks down badly they'll sacrifice her to further their agenda. So according to their sick view of things they win no matter what happens.

    • Danielleaylesworth on

      No offense but Bob Dylan is well- known for his dislike of the direction government is leading society into .. have you read the lyrics to It's Alright Ma. He has long been on the circuit based on raw talent and a following of bigger minded people.'s-

      Many of his songs have relevant themes to what is discussed on the website not every artist is an Illuminati and they'll have you know it.. it's become a popular topic especially on things like twitter. Remember to think critically !

      • Yes, but even he made a deal with the devil…which he seems to be driving at in an interview I saw on Youtube-he said he was still out here because he was keeping his end of the bargain and the interviewer said may I ask with whom did you make a deal and Dylan said, with the ??? el capitano…ruler of this world and the next…so, I don't know.

  16. doen's anyOne see the three 6s in the loOps of FEMME FATALE? – (Britney's latest CD) o_O what the efferz…

    • I noticed it too the three 6s. Very strange.

      And her promo video on GMA was very strange too, her voice was not hers (some say she had a cold) but it didn't seem as if it was Britney.

      However, it's obvious she isn't herself

    • Also her album name is VERY interesting..this is what i found:

      "The phrase is French for "deadly woman". A femme fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lying or coercion rather than charm. She may also be (or imply to be) a victim, caught in a situation from which she cannot escape"

      • you hit the nail on the head with that one. it disgusts me that the people in control of her record think that everyone is so stupid they could just give it a title like that it makes me so mad. they put all the answers right in front of you.

      • You're right. And of course fatale in French means fatal. Really sad for her and her boys.

        Looks like she and Lady Gaga are planning to record a duet. Prepare for more in-your-face symbolism…

  17. So numerology is important with the illuminati. Does this date mean anything?

    Femme Fatale is the seventh studio album by American recording artist Britney Spears, released on March 25, 2011.

  18. Her story broke my heart 4 years ago and still breaks my heart today.

    It is obvious she is being forced to do things she doesnt want to do, wouldnt you dance it half heartedly too?

    I cant imagine being forced to be so provocative from such a young age for the whole world to see.

    She was robbed of her childhood and now of even a normal adult life as well.

  19. It's imperative that we do all we can to enlighten those who are asleep in the fog.

    Art and entertainment should be about entertaining us, and telling stories, holding a mirror up to nature, and celebrating the human spirit and it's conditions. not pushing nefarious agendas.

    Check out this track, about mind controlled pop starlets. Nothing but the truth.

    And the truth shall set you free.

  20. Oops I Did It Again on

    Listen folks,

    I do feel for her also, but we have to remember these artists make deals for fame, not knowing what it really entails. They think for the moment, not knowing that they have REALLY signed a life long contract with the devil. They don't read the fineprint, they just sign on the dotted line and enjoy the initial benefits. Therefore, after time they break down when they realize that they are owned and they just can't get out when they're ready. If everyone would just watch the Twilight Zone, they would understand these types of scenarios. I swear whoever wrote for that show was on point about these types of situations and that show is old as dirt, but has many lessons in it.

    • Sure many 'artists' do sign up for the fame either naively or knowing what it entails. But in Briteny's case she was forced into it (both showbiz and abuse) as a child and so she never actually had any say about anything.

      From what I have gathered about MK'd illuminati slaves (if that is what she is), having an album released called 'Femme Fatale' at age 29 does not bode particularly well for her. Let's hope she escapes and manages to become an ordinary mum at last.

      In other news…. anyone know where these places are?

      *Apparently* from what I've read Jolie is a member of the CFR and suspected MK/ human laptop/ spy and what have you…

      • OK I read the article (linked above) properly and it seems only one new line was added and the other six were the birthplaces of her 6 children… whatever….. anyway I wonder what the 7th coordinate means?

        Interesting that she's in Libya on 'humanitarian mission' – I mean given the rumors about her….

  21. Metal Mickey on

    Have you seen Britney's advert for her Radiance perfume? – the tag line is "choose your own destiny" – oh the irony.

    I think they've already replaced her – (with a robot, clone…?!) – she doesn't even have the same voice, mannerisms, etc any more. Unless she's so heavily drugged/hypnotised that it's affecting her speech and movement. She's dead behind the eyes – nothing of the old Britney remains.

    • she sounded worse on that mtv special she just did called femme fatale it was really weird they said that was because of a cold too but she also seemed really akward.

  22. Lets all pray for poor Brit x

    But just to quickly touch back on A Jolie is George Bush cousin, and Madonna's, she is married to her cousin Brad…. and they are all related to the Queen, not to mention all the others just google it to see…. so many other names in the family tree ….. they are all inter-locked with each other in the so-called elite …… please research this and you will see ….

  23. If you take a look at her eyes now, they changed… she seems pretty aware, not as zombie as circus, but now she is angry/bad eyes/ like wanting to rebel, but knowing she has no how… poor brit

  24. Is this video new? (sorry I don't really follow Britney)

    Britney Spears – Till The World Ends Official music video HD

    I just scan watched it … apart from thinking 'FFS let her retire, she looks totally knackered!' – I wasn't getting much symbolism….. the sun as always …..maybe D.U.M.B.'s and a kind of 'waiting underground for the air to clear' vibe …

    …. more than anything it just made me think how nice it will be when everyone has woken up and moved on from the illuminati politics of war and their crappy indoctritainment videos. It's as if humanity won't even need to defeat the illuminati agenda with any kind of revolution or showdown after all …. everyone will just get so bored of all the wars and shitty politics and shitty lies and shitty culture and bullshit and going through the motions again and again (like poor old Britney) that we will all just decide to change the channel…. yawn!

  25. who best to get it from but the mass media themselves, i think they picked up on VC's article and ran with it and did a follow up. Guys trust me visit wikipedia now an again an you'll learn what VC haz been telling us. Nuff love

  26. zombinesshappens on

    Britney does not have the same energy she had when she was a teenager, 10 years ago. Why? I'm not sure, but I definitely to not think it is mind control. I don't think mind control exists.

    Britney never had control over her career and she is forced to release more music because of the contract she signed with her label. But that does not mean that she has no control over her own mind.

    Britney had a breakdown a few years ago and probably still struggles with some emotional problems of some sort.. Again, it doesn't mean she's under mind control.

    Britney is going to be 30 years old soon and is probably not into being a star that much anymore? She most likely knows people in general don't like her voice/lypsynching anyway. At this point, as an adult, it must be slightly embarrassing for her to try to compete with the other slightly more talented artists. The lack of drive, health, energy, etc explains her "zombie" look. NOT mind control.

    Britney's people will obviously convince her to keep doing these videos and albums no matter what, at least until people stop buying her music. Hopefully, Britney will be allowed to retire soon if that's what she wished to do.

    Femme Fatale is Britney 7th album? It MIGHT be the last album she owes she record label.

    • i do think something is wrong seriously with the whole britney spears picture but i will agree with u that i am 28 and i will tell the truth i do not have as much energy as i did at 18 im sorry i just feel bloody knackered all the time and if i was out all night dancing in clubs aged 18 i will tell u for sure theres no bloody way i could now……so some of britneys lacklustre could be just that shes older now


      the rest im sure shes being manipulated and controlled

      how can u not believe in mind control when it is documented as fact and even in hospitals regular hospitals here in UK they used to do mind control experiments

      VC has an article just up taken from newspaper that talks about it

      • zombinesshappens on

        @ thursday

        That Celia article… that is simply an example of torture, in my opinion. Not real mind control, I have yet to see REAL evidence of true mind control. I refuse to believe that our species is actually mind-controllable. You cannot mind control another person! You can maybe drug them, electrocute them, etc, etc, etc but you will not control. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own behavior, we all choose our own thoughts and values, NOBODY controls that for us.

        Some people are more easily influenced than others, but that doesn't mean that they're being mind controlled. Some people are a little bit NATURALLY zombie-like for whatever natural reason (bad health, drunkness, ETC). It doesn't mean those people are not mind controlled.

        Britney seems like a puppet, because she is a manufactured artist, she has no incredible amazing outstanding talent and always had other people do things for her. I bet she doesn't even know how to do the laundry, maybe lol for example?? She is told what music to sing and what producers to work with and goes along with all that.. that's her business, her problem. Regardless, she's certainly not being mind controlled or getting things plugged to her head! I really don't think so.

      • I'm sorry "zombinesshappens", but you are talking out of your ass on this one. I guess one can speculate on whether or not Britney is under mind control, but denying that mind control exists is simply untrue and a result of ignorance. There are TONS of documents and video footage proving that mind control experiments have been conducted (and still are) by various governments and organizations.

        I suggest you research "Dr. Mengele", "MK-Ultra" and "Ewan Camron" for starters. VC just posted a great video that covers important elements of mind control… .

  27. notpowerless on

    I feel her kids are being used as a bait for her. You know how powerful her handlers are. Maybe they are using the kids (maybe threatening Brit that they will kill the kids maybe) to force her to continue her puppetry. This is freakin' bad. I seriously think we should avoid pop music, or turn off your TV as much as we can. Stop patronizing these artists. Maybe this way the handlers will realize that their efforts for control will be as futile. We can't do anything about Brit's situation because it's like climbing an endless wall before the situation change.

    • I hang out on a fansite of hers since many years back, and it is being said that they've threatened her to never see her children again if she doesn't obey. :(

  28. "It's like theyre airbrushing her whole life" – ask anybody who works in the entertainment industry and knows how these managers/agents work their is too much damn truth in that statement right there.

    • That's been going on in Hollywood since the twenties. The difference being that before part of the airbrushing was an attempt to protect the artist, whereas now it seems it's to use up the artist.

  29. Well who can blame her? Whatever it is that carries Britney's name makes real good money. I've been a fan of hers since I was a child but as I grew old she started to become less important in my life. Then when everyone was talking about a comeback, after she had that break down in 2007, I noticed it from the start. She's not into it anymore. Everyone can tell she wants to stop this, she wants to be a full time mom, she said it a thousand times – that she would give up her career to take care of her children. I never thought she was a bad mom, she was just going through a bad time in her life. And for God's sake, doesn't anyone notice she's so lost and lonely? I've never seen someone as lonely as she is. I mean, when she released that reality show about her and Kevin, it was crystal clear that she saw him as an escape to her loneliness. She has no one who truly loves her. And that's not only because she has lots of money. That's because no one gives her a break, everyone wants her to be there in the spotlight. When it's clear she doesn't wanna be there anymore. But where could she go? Her mother was the one who started this, she grew up being "Miss American Dream", she had no time to make real friends and stuff. I believe she really felt this at the beginning, she was good at it, she could dance and entertain, though she was never a great singer. She FELT it, she had it going on. But it's like she's been swallowed by all this evil around her. Now what to do? She's been told who she should be all her life, I don't believe she can find herself now, when she's been living a lie for 30 years. It's sad, it's really sad. When I look at her, I wish I could give her a hug, keep everyone away from her so she could get some rest. I still see somewhere the sweet and special girl who, at the beginning, used to fascinate everyone. But I would find it hard too to reconnect with the lovely person I was, if I were in her shoes. I just keep wishing she can find a moment of peace someday. I know God's watching over her. Because no one in the show business deserves a place in his kingdom more than she does. Keep her in your prayers, people, because I have a feeling no one would know how to deal with what she has to bear alone.

  30. they aren't doing anything to Btiney that they aren't doing to this entire freaking country. Wake up. We are all being programmed and handeled everyday. Thats why people are so compelled to do things that they know makes them miserable on a daily basis. And we handle all the stress by getting doped up just like britney. Then we are ready to go back to work, or back into the system. The system of toiling our lives away working to buy things we dont want or need and put money into the pockets of some rich ass who is poisoning our mind, body, and souls.That is why there is a pharmacy on every street corner. Somebody is taking all those drugs.

    Oh, and if you actually dont take drugs to make it through todays crazy world then they'll get you through the food and water. We all know we will be dead soon enough. Sure we try to live in the delusion that everything will get better, but honestly it wont.

    I mean lets just be real what the hell can we do to stop them……… vote?

    So we dope ourselves up everyday and they t.v guide us tgrough our lives until they have no more use for us. Then they kill us all.

  31. Things That Make You on

    You might be right on… Think back to the night she was taken to Cedar's by ambulance, she locked herself and her youngest son in the bathroom refusing to let anyone but herself touch her kids… There were even reports that she had a gun trying to get them to hand over her oldest son…. Its just so sad, she was so close….

  32. brick by brick. things are falling into place. i hope more people are getting to see the house of evil that VC has been talking about.

  33. The poor woman is held to a contract for a certain amount of albums and songs by an industry that cares about nothing except the bottom line. Her record company and producers couldn't give a crap about her physical and mental health unless like her last breakdown she is unable to perform. I don't believe that it's mind control as a lot of people here do but I do believe she is under control from a far more mundane though just as cruel method…fear.

    She'll of been threatened with lawuits and losing her roylties, the people in charge would of probably used her child as leverage to force her into a regime of god knows how much medication, taken any creative control from her and forced her into the position she's in now despite the fact she's clearly mentally unfit for any kind of performance.

    Also I doubt she'll be killed by anyone, far more likely they'll dump her once she fufills her contract and take as much as possible when they leave. I'm going with simple human cruelty again. The people who are most likely to succeed are unfortuanately the people who'll step on others to get to the top.

  34. Poor Britney. I feel so sad for her. Defo her life is extremely hellish. Maybe that Jason Trawick is her handler.

  35. Sun newspaper belongs to Murdoch, illuminati's mouthpiece. You know the owner of fox network, fox studio, fox news channel, new york post yada yada. Britney is ready to be disposed then. On to the next one then.

  36. I feel sorry for her, strings have been attached to her the since she was young, she is no longer knows how to live without strings.

    Damn Puppeteers.

  37. It seems like the age 30 has signifigance somehow…

    She said in an interview that if any of her sons wanted to be in show business that she would lock them up until they were 30.

  38. oh god… i remember i left my ipod at home so i was stuck listing to AT 40 with Ryan Secrest (spl?)

    ooh gosh… Britney was a guest on the show, i remember Ryan saying something along the lines of

    "wait hold up! i just want to point out that you(brit) look amazing! you seem to be doing great and look like you're in a really happy place right now!"

    and all Britney's response was soo…. DEAD…. like well a zombie, that was my inital thought when i heard her speak, and her voice so frail and weak… only speaking in short sentences… Ryan did all the talking.

    It was around the time I just saw that creepy still of her in Hold It Against Me, where she had this ventriloquist dummy smile plastered on her face, Soooo Creeeepyyy…

    I tried telling my friends about this (im in 9th grade) and oh boy! the crap they gave me about being a retard! lets see who will be laughing…. mind control…. so creepy…..

  39. omfg you guys notice the weird notice on MTV special "I Am Femme Fatale" as well? At first it looks as that is her voice as she all tired out. She really seems lost like her facial expression her body language is like she talks but it pretty empty well in my opinion. I LOVE britney since i was a child, and i still do but this is sad if she being push to her limits…. especially if she is UNDER MIND CONTROL! she a MOTHER for god sakes! :( maybe her own way to escape is just pretend it doesnt exist but how she coping with her kids??? Also, I wonder since her new video till the world ends is all into 2012… creepy. Hmm im wearing if this fate falls for lady gaga, rihanna, ke$ha, and katy perry? Because compared to Miss Spears she is a legend to what she does regardless how old she is. HIAM is too creepy shows the reality of her mind control. Blackout was REAL and original album she made that i say was truly her instead this whole autotune b.s. but my opinion lol. Brit brit run with your kids far far away before its too late but i doubt she can since her soul been set with H-I-M . Also i agree someone almost in their 30 shouldnt be partying at clubs or touring since her health is in danger or have kids.

  40. Another article from Sun newspaper today 8/4/11. Check it out. It springs to mind M Jackson. Do they intend to get rid off her and milk her die hard fans. Who knows. Certainly there's something dodgy here. Let's not forget who owns Sun newspaper.

    BRITNEY SPEARS was last night accused of being played by a MAN in her new pop video.

    The 29-year-old singer's new promo for single Till The World Ends has become the talk of the web over suspect scenes that some eagle-eyed fans believe show a male dance double performing as her….

  41. Not every article is controlled by 'them'. The article writer could be expressing his/her feelings towards Britney Spears, just because it is in the newspaper, doesn't make it part of 'their' work.

  42. "Describing the process inside the studio, a former pal revealed: “I was with Britney when she recorded at least three of the tracks on Femme Fatale.

    “It appeared she had almost nothing to do with its creation other than vocals.

    “She was like a puppet who would be told what to do. She’d go into the sound booth and basically read the lyrics from a sheet."

    It seems weird that the article isn't mentioning this guy by name even though it wouldn't be too difficult for Britneys team of handlers to track him down, and make him stop babbling. Because that's what they would want so that the theories about Britney being under controle weren't being confirmed right? Unless this is meant to get out to the public, by the elite?

    I often don't believe gossip news about celebs because it's almost always a "anonymous source" who is a "close friend of the celeb", who gossips about their own friend? It would seem that big stars like Britney would know who to trust now(seen from an objective point of view.)

    But then again, in my opinion she is being controlled, but it's just weird how the anonymous guy isn't so anonymous after all, I mean Britney would know it was him who said it, since he was with her to recorde the last three tracks. How many people could have been stuck in a studio with her?

  43. Sorority Luchesi on

    AFAIK, Britney could truly have some mental disorder, she's human and she is just as prone to have a psychiatric or psychological problem. I don't think it's because of mind control. She's been through a lot and she probably is still recovering. Mental illness is something that one afflicted has to deal with everyday and her management is probably trying to help protect her and cope with the stresses of being a celebrity.

    • Yes, it's called Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder). When commenters here mention mind control or MK Ultra they are usually referring to the multiple personalities created through the use of trauma in various forms. They (the abusers, personality creators, handlers, etc.) then use these personalities to do their bidding, thus the victims are under severely heavy mind control because the personalities are created for the purpose of doing the creators' and handlers' bidding. This is what most of the commenters here are referring to when they state that Britney is under mind control.

  44. I will always carry a little light of hope in my heart for Britney. She was brought up in the South and I convince myself, maybe, just maybe she will have a divine revelation and realize what is really going on. She's already made her millions. Go home, Britney! Back to Lousiana with your two kids and be normal again! It's never too late to make things right with God. I pray she does it while there's stilll time. =(

  45. Britney spears's poem that she released on her website at the same day she released snippet of her song 'rebellion'

    Remembrance of who I am

    Enough of the pain

    Now I'm craving

    Something sweet, so delight

    How do you stand sleeping at


    No more chains

    That you gave me.

    Enough of pain

    Now Im craving

    Something sweet, so delight

    How do you stand sleeping at


    Silly patterns that we follow

    You pull me in

    I'm being swallowed.

    By the ones you think you love

    They pull you down

    You can't see up above.

    Manipulation is the key

    They screw it in

    Because you're naive.

    You come to me now

    Why do you bother?

    Remember the Bible

    The sins of the Father.

    What you do

    You pass down

    No wonder why

    I lost my crown.

    You don't see me now

    You ask yourself why

    My crown is back

    And it's way too high

    For you to be in my presence

    Especially my son

    You should bow down

    I've only just begun.

    The guilt you fed me

    Made me weak.

    The voodoo you did

    I couldn't speak.

    You're awakening

    The phone is ringing.

    Resurrection of my soul

    The fear I'm bringing.

    What will you say

    And what will you do?

    She's not the same person that

    you're used to.

    You trick me one, twice, now it's


    Look who's smiling now

    Damn, it's good to be me!

    *This is for everyone who thinks

    they know me…

  46. Man… this gir… woman may be used and abused everyday to have reached this point. Hardcore mind control…

  47. This was really sad to read. I actually feel very sorry for her. Imagine not being able to live your own life, and to be controlled so blatantly. It's very sad. Free Britney!!

  48. Vigilant Observer on

    Don't write the poor girl off just yet but alas in Hollywood these days it seems dead celebrities are worth a lot more in net profit than when alive, they even gain more notoriety not to mention post-humous accolades, weird…… no, bizzare…… maybe.

    Michael i always suspected he would go before his time, he had reached a God-like status in terms of fame that it would have been easy for the world to sit up and listen albeit carefully if he saw fit to reveal the real evil shenanigans of the entertainment industry.

    My heart bled for Heath, such raw talent and now it has become customary even in Hollwood to hear young actors saying, "Iwill die young" when their fame crescendos to unparalleled levels, you would think they hold a special seminar to tell them that when you become 'twilight' famous overnight expect death….disturbing really.

    Back to Britney, I feel sorry for her kidz, they never signed on for this, hope she can somehow break free from this MK ultra induced daze, she's a good girl who was just unfortunate enough to be surrounded by very BAD people.

    Rooting for you Britney!!!


    I had to add this.

    If you go back to Britney's initial comeback with 'Circus,' she appeared on the David Letterman show, reading off his top ten list or whatever it is named. For NO REASON AT ALL, Britney is sitting on a desk in a two piece bikini. WHY? Why is this woman not fully clothed, when everyone else is in suits, dresses, etc.

    As she reads off the top ten, you can see her forced smile, and how uncomfortable she is sitting on that desk in barely nothing! I felt so bad for her, and it was that moment I realized what was really happening to her. If someone could find that clip and post that, you all would feel really bad for this woman.

  50. As an aside to the manufactured pop star angle, my roommate's kids are watching the Nickoleodeon show Big Time Rush right behind me as I type this. Something caught my attention and I turned around to watch, and my mouth fell open in horror. There's a cute young boy band in the show and the sequence I watched was a "music video" they made. The video is a sci fi parody, with the band as the crew of a ship like the Enterprise. Their producer/manager, who looks kind of Satanic with a Mephistopheles beard, plays the evil space villain. He zapped them with a gun that shot green light like lightning bolts, which forced them to start dancing like puppets, on a stage with a black grid pattern like the electroshock in other videos I've seen, and there were showers of sparks on either side of the stage. Then they cut to some sexy space babes, who, of course, made meowing, cat scratching and hissing noises. Electroshock and Beta programming, in plain view.

  51. There are so many evidence it's like they are mocking us!

    You can tell its not even her anymore because all the meds,she looks so dead and sad. All the interviews she did this FEMME FATALE era are pre-recorded,she seems so nervous and awkward on stage its so clear that she doesnt want to keep doing this.

    Just like in the past ,when they canceled the Original Doll Album which included the songs "Rebellion" that never got leaked in a full version and probably never will because its all about this mind control, and "Mona Lisa" ,same idea,it was eventually released in a different lyrics ,"the Break the Ice" video that seems that nobody took a moment to overlook the fact that its a cheap animation video and just understand what this whole video about-britney fights the illuminatimind control/w.e youll choose to name them(atleast in my point of view),she used to run her official britneyspears website by herself but after she posted some s.o.s signals like the song "remembrance of who i am" that someone already posted the lyrics here it was taken away from her, the words she said when she shaved her head saying she doesnt want anybody to touch her head anymore — its everywhere on the net!

    And this still goes on today, the co-ship is still breathing ,why the media isnt making noise about that-a 30 years fully grown woman is controlled by "her managment" so much that she herself admitted somehow that she isnt even allowed to have her own cellphone(10 things you dont know about Britney spears i dont remember the name of the magazine but its very recent),the dancers on the set of "till the world ends" video said they were forbidden to even talk to Britney in anyway on the set,and those paparazzi that keeps following her and both her sons making sure there wont be a privacy anyhow, and it goes on and on. but yet i keep forgetting that they did such a great job making Britney looks so insane that no body wonders about it,and no one probably will when she will die from "overdose" or such after Jive will decide its time for her,just like they did to MJ so they could keep milking her fans with rare unrelesead records,tapes and such.

    I love Britney and i wish there was ANYTHING that i could do but again..maybe i just have an exagerating imagination.

  52. One thing we have to remember, is that this article is from the Sun which is basically a junky UK tabloid LITTERED with rumours. Also, throughout the article, the quotes are provided by unamed sources which basically means, the journalist made it up.

    Whenever you read an article and see the word 'friend', 'source', 'bystander' – ESPECIALLY in a magazine or tabloid, the journalist has invented that quote.

    The media is no longer bound by doctrines to get them to be truthful in their reporting, which is why our papers are RIFE with rumours and downright lies.

    This doesn't negate that Britney may be in this situation, but this article is not the source of that truth. The only thing that can be taken on its merit is the tweet from a named friend of Britney's. Everything else is probably just another dig at Britney.

  53. I pray for her ! you know her going into this industry she had the right mind into what she wanted to do like yeah you wanted to be a singer/dancer but then you meet these awful people and they just try to ruin and control you forver and it's like she never had a chance i wished she would had this type of information before she got into the buisness , my heart goes out to her and the others that are in her situation.

    its just all the good ones in the industry need to come together and take them out "good will always conquer evil"

    and I want to be an actor and im so thankful for discovering this website it has showed me so much

    i still want to be an actor but not for fame or the money i could just have a sex tape or just get a doctoral degree

    i just want to act is that so wrong? no its these stupid fucking pathetic people in the industry wanting to ruin it for everyone , but one thing i will stay far away from these people and if it comes down to it

    i pray at night for GOD JESUS MY GRANDPARENTS AND MY GUARDIAN ANGEL to protect me form the evil that is in HOLLYWOOD and for them to keep me away from evil and for me not to be manipulated by their ways and i know for a fact i wont let them do this to me because like the quote i said earlier "GOOD WILL ALWAYS CONQUER EVIL !!! GOD BLESS

  54. Poor Britney. I can't help but feel sorry for her. At this point it seems there is no other explanation for her strange behavior other than mind control, anything else doesn't add up. I hope she can come out of this alive.

  55. I'm letting you all know now, I am going to her concert in Wisconsin in July. I am going to save her. I am going to open the world's eyes. I have the means and the motivation, it's time to break down the walls of social slavery. Wish me luck. God Bless us all.

    June 24, 2011


  56. So Britney is controlled when she looks normal because of the programming and Britney is her real self when she looks troubled because she knows what situation she is in and she's not happy about it…is that right? Because I can't tell anymore..was there even a time that she was truly happy with her success with out the programming?

  57. The only thing i can say is God is the judge of everything..everything happens for a reason and before you remove the speck from someone else's eye,remove the speck from your own eye..God has a plan and he knows best so let what it is be what it is!

  58. All I can say is if they let it happen to them after they are 16 then they want their life to be that way. they have people who arent 'in on it' so they could just go to them for help, if they wanted it.

    but they dont.

  59. See The Light on

    Do you guys remember VC posting that video of her "hello, oh, hello, ew" interview. I noticed something.. I think her trigger words were used there. "Weird" was said right before she went insane, and all of a sudden it was all good after she said "strong britney." I think "weird" and "strong" might be trigger words for her alternate personas.

  60. I remember when she first came out and i was younger. I followed this girl around Walmart because I just knew she was Britney Spears but she wasn't lol. Anyway's i remember how Britney was and this woman here is not her. I don't have to know her in person to know that this is not her. There are just some celebrities that are so relatable that you can feel the authenticity through the tv and she was one of them. I really just want them to leave her alone. As much as I care about her and eagerly want to know about what she's doing (just to now that she's alright) I'd rather she be totally out of the spotlight than be forced to entertain us. That's not what I want out of my artists which is for them to be slaves. I want them to do it because they love it not because they have no other choice. I want Britney to be ok. I mean it. There's not many celebrities that i feel for but for some reason I want to be protective over her.

  61. > "Four years after shaving off her hair during her infamous public meltdown, it looks like Britney finally has her head screwed on once again." <

    ahem .. when she had her meltdown was when she successfully struggled to breakthrough and take control of herself.

    Being an empty vessel to be professionally manipulated, no matter how nicely dressed up, is *not* having your head screwed on.

  62. I personaly think she is bipolar and has social anxiety disorder. There are hints all though her interviews,documentaries, songs and videos to support this. She is surely on.meds now which focus mostly on treating mania and the depression episodes when they start to occur. Her dancing akwardness is mostly likely caused by walk disturbance which is a physical symptom of anxiety. I also have a idea she was possibly doing a drug maybe cocaine or ectasy at some point.. She is not crazy. It makes me sad to see her like this because as a true fan ofher i want her to live a happy normal life.. i think maybe her dad is going to far and is actually enabling her social anxiety by taking away any possible discomfort which enables the flight response with her anxiety… She is being told what to do where to go and how to act etc which takes away independance.

    • Also the post partum depression played a.huge role when she lost her kids. Emotional things like this and stress can trigger episodes of mania , depession and mixed episodes which are the most dangerous.

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