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UK Newspaper Describes Britney Spears as “Zombie” and “Puppet”



UK Newspaper Describes Britney Spears as "Zombie" and "Puppet"

UK Newspaper Describes Britney Spears as "Zombie" and "Puppet"

In the article entitled Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”, we’ve looked at the many symptoms and events indicating that Britney Spears might be under mind control. About a week after publishing the article, more telling facts are appearing in the news, where Britney is described by insiders as being absent-minded, robotic, zombie-like and highly unstable. Regarding her music career, she is said to be “a puppet who would be told what to do”.

This article from The Sun describes Britney’s robotic behaviour and the total lack of control over her career. It pretty much says much everything without outright saying it: Britney is under mind control and is completely manipulated by her handlers. She is not the only celebrity in this situation. Britney is simply becoming more transparent as she reaches 30, the age where Monarch slaves usually experience “breakdowns”.

‘Zombie’ Britney Spears is still on brink, say pals

T0 the naked eye it seems Britney Spears is back – and on her best flesh-flashing form yet.

The 29-year-old singer has returned to the spotlight with the release of her seventh album Femme Fatale, already hailed as one of the best of her career.

The CD’s launch has been supported by sexy new images, raunchy television appearances and the announcement of a huge American summer tour.

Four years after shaving off her hair during her infamous public meltdown, it looks like Britney finally has her head screwed on once again.

She appears to be back where her fans want to see her – on stage, in the charts and in skimpy outfits.


But scratch beneath the surface of the tight basques and even tighter PR machine and all is not as it seems on TV.

Members of Britney’s inner circle are terrified her pristine pop star mask could slip once again at any moment, sources have told The Sun.

They are concerned she will not be able to maintain the act for even a five-minute interview if she strays from their control – let alone a gruelling two-month, 26-date tour.

And their fears have created the most painfully stage-managed promotional tour showbiz has ever seen.

A source close to the star told The Sun: “She’s very fragile. Up until a few months ago she was still heavily medicated and popping up to ten pills a day.

“It’s like she has to be wheeled from one place to another. She can’t be trusted to do anything on her own. Whether she is performing or recording it’s the same. Sometimes she’s like a zombie. Her mood swings are unreal too. It is four years since she famously cut off all her hair and hit rock bottom.

“But as recently as last year she was still pulling the same stunt – hacking her hair off with scissors when she wanted attention from her staff and loved ones at home.”

Britney walked head-on into an airbrushing row with the pictures produced to plug her new album.

The heavily doctored snaps show the star looking slender and sexy.

But the source said: “She has lost a lot of weight for her comeback but then releasing pictures like those take any deserved credit away because they are so far removed from what she really looks like.

“And it’s not just the pictures – it’s like they are airbrushing her whole life.”

The singer’s promotional appearances in America this week have been criticised as among the most stage-managed of all time.

American TV host Carson Daly, 37, tweeted that her management had requested he hand over his pre-taped interview so they could edit it.

NBC host Carson, who has known Britney for ten years, wrote: “Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this… it’s really insane.”

Central to her comeback plan was Britney performing a short, three-song set on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

But she was blasted for obviously miming and barely dancing during the performance in San Francisco.

The Billboard Charts’ associate director Keith Caulfield said: “You expect her to dance ferociously because when you’re lip syncing, we expect you to dance.”

A San Francisco paper blasted her “awkward dance moves” and “dead-eyed stare”.

The critic stormed on: “She strutted robotically, her gaze never straying to the audience.”

The Good Morning America breakfast show was apparently chosen over other outlets for the big comeback because they let her mime and allowed the appearance to be tightly controlled.


On the show Britney announced she was going on the road with pop heart-throb Enrique Iglesias, 35. But hours later he pulled out of the tour. Next it was Britney’s turn to pull the plug on a planned appearance, on Ellen DeGeneres’ popular daytime chat show.

Her team blamed “scheduling conflicts” for the move but rumours swept TV circles that the format of the show was deemed too relaxed for Britney to keep up the facade.

Instead, she took part in a tightly scripted, albeit funny, comedy skit on late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she pretended to be shot into the air in a portable toilet.

Another major element of the album’s PR campaign was a role on hit TV show Glee – where again she could hide behind a script. A source on set claimed she was “out of it”.

A respected US website reported: “They led her in front of the cameras and she’d sit there like a deer in the headlights until she had to say her lines. When she was finished they’d take her by the hand and lead her away again.”

The Glee source also said she was totally reliant on her team of minders in order to function professionally. The control-freakery also made its way over the pond on Wednesday, during an interview on London’s Capital FM radio.

Britney’s ramblings were cut short when her management told the interviewer to “shut up” in his ear.

One aspect of her comeback to have dodged much of the criticism is the album itself. Despite her voice being heavily autotuned, some pop critics have called it her best yet.

A number of the tracks, filled with stomping beats and lashings of sexual innuendo, will clearly be dancefloor fixtures for years to come.

But how heavily Britney herself was involved in creating the album has also come under scrutiny.


Describing the process inside the studio, a former pal revealed: “I was with Britney when she recorded at least three of the tracks on Femme Fatale.

“It appeared she had almost nothing to do with its creation other than vocals.

“She was like a puppet who would be told what to do. She’d go into the sound booth and basically read the lyrics from a sheet.

“But they’d have to stop when she kept getting it wrong.”

Also bubbling behind the scenes is a legal row with former bodyguard Fernando Flores, 29.

He has launched a sexual harassment lawsuit against the star, accusing her of pursuing him for sex when he worked for her last year.

The former policeman has even told pals he has filthy nude photographs sent by the singer and the fear is he may release them to support his case.

One source has claimed that instead of a musical comeback, Britney should be concentrating on her health and wellbeing. Her rocky relationship with former manager Jason Trawick, 39, seems to have settled down in recent months.

She has also been praised for behaving more like a responsible mother figure to Sean Preston, five, and Jayden James, four, than ever before.

A source said: “She seems to have lost a lot of her drive – and who can blame her?

“She has been through a hell of a lot and is coming out the other side.

“But rather than the pressures of putting on her pop star mask again, she should do what makes her happiest. And if you ask me, that would be just being herself, being good a mum and eating fried chicken around the pool at home.”

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UK Newspaper Describes Britney Spears as "Zombie" and "Puppet"

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This was really sad to read. I actually feel very sorry for her. Imagine not being able to live your own life, and to be controlled so blatantly. It's very sad. Free Britney!!


I remember when she first came out and i was younger. I followed this girl around Walmart because I just knew she was Britney Spears but she wasn't lol. Anyway's i remember how Britney was and this woman here is not her. I don't have to know her in person to know that this is not her. There are just some celebrities that are so relatable that you can feel the authenticity through the tv and she was one of them. I really just want them to leave her alone. As much as I care about her and eagerly want to know about what she's doing (just to now that she's alright) I'd rather she be totally out of the spotlight than be forced to entertain us. That's not what I want out of my artists which is for them to be slaves. I want them to do it because they love it not because they have no other choice. I want Britney to be ok. I mean it. There's not many celebrities that i feel for but for some reason I want to be protective over her.

See The Light

Do you guys remember VC posting that video of her "hello, oh, hello, ew" interview. I noticed something.. I think her trigger words were used there. "Weird" was said right before she went insane, and all of a sudden it was all good after she said "strong britney." I think "weird" and "strong" might be trigger words for her alternate personas.


> "Four years after shaving off her hair during her infamous public meltdown, it looks like Britney finally has her head screwed on once again." <

ahem .. when she had her meltdown was when she successfully struggled to breakthrough and take control of herself.

Being an empty vessel to be professionally manipulated, no matter how nicely dressed up, is *not* having your head screwed on.


So Britney is controlled when she looks normal because of the programming and Britney is her real self when she looks troubled because she knows what situation she is in and she's not happy about it…is that right? Because I can't tell anymore..was there even a time that she was truly happy with her success with out the programming?


One thing we have to remember, is that this article is from the Sun which is basically a junky UK tabloid LITTERED with rumours. Also, throughout the article, the quotes are provided by unamed sources which basically means, the journalist made it up.

Whenever you read an article and see the word 'friend', 'source', 'bystander' – ESPECIALLY in a magazine or tabloid, the journalist has invented that quote.

The media is no longer bound by doctrines to get them to be truthful in their reporting, which is why our papers are RIFE with rumours and downright lies.

This doesn't negate that Britney may be in this situation, but this article is not the source of that truth. The only thing that can be taken on its merit is the tweet from a named friend of Britney's. Everything else is probably just another dig at Britney.


Lets all pray for her. Why dont they just leave her they already have gaga!


I pray for her ! you know her going into this industry she had the right mind into what she wanted to do like yeah you wanted to be a singer/dancer but then you meet these awful people and they just try to ruin and control you forver and it's like she never had a chance i wished she would had this type of information before she got into the buisness , my heart goes out to her and the others that are in her situation. its just all the good ones in the industry need to come together and take them out "good will always conquer evil" and I want to be an actor and im so thankful for discovering this website it has showed me so much i still want to be an actor but not for fame or the money i could just have a sex tape or just get a doctoral degree i just want to act is that so wrong? no its these stupid f-----g pathetic people in the industry wanting to ruin it for everyone , but one thing i will stay far away from these people and if it comes down to it… Read more »


There are so many evidence it's like they are mocking us! You can tell its not even her anymore because all the meds,she looks so dead and sad. All the interviews she did this FEMME FATALE era are pre-recorded,she seems so nervous and awkward on stage its so clear that she doesnt want to keep doing this. Just like in the past ,when they canceled the Original Doll Album which included the songs "Rebellion" that never got leaked in a full version and probably never will because its all about this mind control, and "Mona Lisa" ,same idea,it was eventually released in a different lyrics ,"the Break the Ice" video that seems that nobody took a moment to overlook the fact that its a cheap animation video and just understand what this whole video about-britney fights the illuminatimind control/w.e youll choose to name them(atleast in my point of view),she used to run her official britneyspears website by herself but after she posted some s.o.s signals like the song "remembrance of who i am" that someone already posted the lyrics here it was taken away from her, the words she said when she shaved her head saying she doesnt want anybody… Read more »



I had to add this.

If you go back to Britney's initial comeback with 'Circus,' she appeared on the David Letterman show, reading off his top ten list or whatever it is named. For NO REASON AT ALL, Britney is sitting on a desk in a two piece bikini. WHY? Why is this woman not fully clothed, when everyone else is in suits, dresses, etc.

As she reads off the top ten, you can see her forced smile, and how uncomfortable she is sitting on that desk in barely nothing! I felt so bad for her, and it was that moment I realized what was really happening to her. If someone could find that clip and post that, you all would feel really bad for this woman.


It wasn't hard to find, dude – I searched Youtube for 'Britney Letterman':


Man… this gir… woman may be used and abused everyday to have reached this point. Hardcore mind control…


Britney spears's poem that she released on her website at the same day she released snippet of her song 'rebellion'

Remembrance of who I am

Enough of the pain

Now I'm craving

Something sweet, so delight

How do you stand sleeping at


No more chains

That you gave me.

Enough of pain

Now Im craving

Something sweet, so delight

How do you stand sleeping at


Silly patterns that we follow

You pull me in

I'm being swallowed.

By the ones you think you love

They pull you down

You can't see up above.

Manipulation is the key

They screw it in

Because you're naive.

You come to me now

Why do you bother?

Remember the Bible

The sins of the Father.

What you do

You pass down

No wonder why

I lost my crown.

You don't see me now

You ask yourself why

My crown is back

And it's way too high

For you to be in my presence

Especially my son

You should bow down

I've only just begun.

The guilt you fed me

Made me weak.

The voodoo you did

I couldn't speak.

You're awakening

The phone is ringing.

Resurrection of my soul

The fear I'm bringing.

What will you say

And what will you do?

She's not the same person that

you're used to.

You trick me one, twice, now it's


Look who's smiling now

Damn, it's good to be me!

*This is for everyone who thinks

they know me…


Thank you for posting this poem by her. Never seen it before but it makes sense.


It seems like the age 30 has signifigance somehow…

She said in an interview that if any of her sons wanted to be in show business that she would lock them up until they were 30.


Everyone calling for her parents to help her fail to understand that her 'parents' have been MK'd as well.


I personaly think she is bipolar and has social anxiety disorder. There are hints all though her interviews,documentaries, songs and videos to support this. She is surely on.meds now which focus mostly on treating mania and the depression episodes when they start to occur. Her dancing akwardness is mostly likely caused by walk disturbance which is a physical symptom of anxiety. I also have a idea she was possibly doing a drug maybe cocaine or ectasy at some point.. She is not crazy. It makes me sad to see her like this because as a true fan ofher i want her to live a happy normal life.. i think maybe her dad is going to far and is actually enabling her social anxiety by taking away any possible discomfort which enables the flight response with her anxiety… She is being told what to do where to go and how to act etc which takes away independance.


Also the post partum depression played a.huge role when she lost her kids. Emotional things like this and stress can trigger episodes of mania , depession and mixed episodes which are the most dangerous.


Weird…I have a relative that got to meet her…she said it seemed like she was on drugs…vacant or something


I'm looking at someone worse. Lindsay Lohan


The only thing i can say is God is the judge of everything..everything happens for a reason and before you remove the speck from someone else's eye,remove the speck from your own eye..God has a plan and he knows best so let what it is be what it is!


Aaliyah knew something was up so did Lef Eye. Funny how most of the these women are no longer singing.


I'm letting you all know now, I am going to her concert in Wisconsin in July. I am going to save her. I am going to open the world's eyes. I have the means and the motivation, it's time to break down the walls of social slavery. Wish me luck. God Bless us all.

June 24, 2011




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