Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses


Last November, I posted a short news article entitled Taylor Swift’s Performance at the 2012 AMA’s: A Typical Initiation Ritual where I described how it symbolically represented an occult initiation ritual. For the 2013 Brit Awards, Swift brought back that same symbolism as she performed again her single I Knew You Were Trouble. While the setting of the performance was different than the one of the AMA’s, its symbolic meaning and the color code used was identical. Furthermore,  the ritualistic symbolism of the entire thing was even more blatant. Here’s the performance.

As it was the case for her AMA performance, Swift begins her song dressed in a virginal white dress, symbolizing purity and innocence. She stands at the door of some kind of temple.

Swift stands in front of the door of a temple, signifying that she is not yet initiated. The burning fires emphasize the ritualistic aspect of the set while the horned head above the door is a hint that this temple is far from holy.

Swift stands at the door of a temple, signifying that she is not yet initiated. The burning fires emphasize the ritualistic aspect of the set while the horned head above the door hints that this temple is far from holy.

After dancing for a while in front of the temple, the doors open. The set then gets very fiery and the ritual begins.

The screen behind Swift now shows the "inside" of the Temple. If you look closely at where the horned head used to be, there appears to be another horned head now.

The screen behind Swift now displays the “inside” of the temple. If you look closely at where the horned head used to be, there appears to be another horned head now…

Do you see it?

Do you see it?…Or am I seeing things?

Looking at the screen from a distance, its almost as if Baphomet was presiding over the entire thing.

Looking at the screen from a distance (as if being one of the audience), it almost looks as if Baphomet was presiding over the whole thing. Or it might be an illusion…Or a calculated illusion…Not sure.

At one point, Taylor is surrounded by bunch of guys and emerges with a brand new outfit.

Taylor is now dressed in black, symbolizing her initiation. The "good girl gone bad" narrative is complete, once again.

Taylor is now dressed in black, symbolizing the completion of her initiation. The “good girl gone bad” narrative is complete, once again. She lets her hair down and has a nastier attitude.

During her performance at the AMA’s, Swift also started singing with a white dress to end up in a sexier, black outfit. The fact that this exact change of costume color occurred again is proof that none of this is random. In fact, it symbolizes a very profound process and this ritualistic color code is used across the entertainment industry to underline occult meanings in performances.

Looking back at the beginning of her career, Swift was known for being very timid and down to earth. With the release of her last album, Swift embodied a new, feistier, nastier persona. This performance symbolically represents the same process, one that is apparently required to be in the good graces of the music industry. How many young female pop stars went from good girl to bad?

Some people who read my previous articles might ask: “Didn’t Taylor Swift get initiated during the 2009 VMA’s?”. Remember that these performances are not actual initiation rituals (which occur behind closed doors). Televised performances are meant to expose the public to the Illuminati’s rituals and symbolism in order to make it trendy and part of popular culture. As the occult elite knows all too well: The best place to hide something is in plain sight.




    • missgreeneyes83 on

      Maybe "I knew you were trouble" is her "initiation" song? There's always one. With Beyonce it was "Crazy in Love". Rihanna – "Umbrella". Jessie J – "Price Tag". Listen to the lyrics – "you got me alone, you found me/I knew you were trouble when you walked in, shame one me/the joke is on me/the blame is on me/a new notch in your belt/that's all I'll ever be/" – to me it sounds like she knew exactly what she was letting herself in for but she went along and did it anyway. Silly girl.

  1. If you looked at the Taylor Swift topic that was on the msg boards, someone posted pics one of her other performances (i think at the country music awards) where the background had evil images camouflaged in the background. There was also masonic stairs,duality and checkerboard. One of the images in the background was upside down but when flipped had a striking resemblance to the entity that contacted aleister crowley. I think if people saw that they would see how blatant this theme is in Taylor Swifts performances.

  2. Daaaamn!! I hope they don't get Carrie Underwood next, it makes me wonder-do they KNOW beforehand what they have to give up?

      • I used to wonder too on

        I don't think that they're fully aware of it all before hand & sometimes even during.
        To me, that's a part of the trauma process.

      • Yeah I wondered if it like how you boil a lobster: slowly turn the heat up so that the lobster relaxes and submits and before it knows it it's being cooked and cannot escape.

      • Yeah I saw it and unfortunately her last two videos "fly away" and "2 black Cadillacs" were so dark and dismal compared to when she first came out, breaks my heart to think that's what she's becoming.

    • Carrie's "Good Girl" video flashes a scene in which someone, supposedly her, steps on and crushes roses, which I think is symbolic of perhaps her purrity bring smashed. Anyone see that?

    • I find it most interesting that Fans of Country Music never seemed to accept Taylor Swift as one of theirs.

      Even though it's now obvious that Country Music itself seems to have been long invaded by the Satanists, it seems that the fans still have SOME standards. Maybe it's their still-strong belief in Jesus (however corrupted it may be) that still shields them from the worst of the effects. And since Taylor Swift has never been accepted by them, she's been shifted over to the Pop Realm where the Satanic forces are more advanced and people are willing to cheer on a Country Music Reject (as the Dixie Chicks proved after their one Post-Country album).

  3. Besides isn't it strange that she's in Britain, has a British accent and dating with British guy? May be just a coincidence…

    • She did sound like she had a British accent there at the beginning. Doesn't Brittney Spears get a British accent every now and again? Taylor reminded me of Brittney throughout that whole performance.

    • London is the CENTER for the family of demon entities that posses these people. It will also be the place that the rule of international law will emanate from. It's not a coincidence that there has been a massive increase in British TV personalities working in American media over the last few years. We are being exposed to these people so that their accents, mannerisms, culture and values will appear normal to us so that when the take over occurs, and they are placed in charge, we will not rebel as readily if we hadn't been exposed to them. It's all part of the great and larger plan thats been in the works for a very long time. Read the Protocols.

      • Yes, it is check out the Tavistock Institute, it serves as one of their purposes for Mind Control experiments, but they say it in a nicer way so people dont think anything suspicious

      • Read the Bible instead of the protocols.Everyone in Russia knows that the protocols are bogus.Concocted to provide excuse for pogroms that followed…few years after….

      • No, the Protocols are 100% real. All you have to do is read them and look around at the world to see them being implemented everywhere. I highly doubt the Romanov family would've made something like that up as they were good Christians and would not vilify an entire group of people without a reason. Maybe the group mentioned in the protocols should ask themselves why they've been kicked out of over 100 countries….were all of those countries wrong, lying or just plain racist? I doubt it. At some point people are going to have to accept the truth. It's not easy to admit that you've been lied to, manipulated and that this whole thing is one big conspiracy done by one particular group, but the facts are the facts. I'd personally recommend reading the Talmud and the Kol Nidre prayer to learn more about WHY the Protocols are real. If you are unable to believe it from an outside party (from a country like Russia that has suffered the worst under Jewish domination), then perhaps you'll be more willing to believe it from the horse's mouth, their very own holy book.

      • That is not Romanov's family.That is one of Nicolas ministers.Though,for me it is not a point of discussion.Protocols or not we are dealing with old sinister conspiracy. As for Jews did you notice that Holocaust victims were mostly strong believers,had big families,were not involved in any high ranking banking scams?I am quite sure that both world wars were planned to destroy those who follow Bible and plant strange ideas throughout Europe subsequently destroying moral and ethical values of the Old World.

    • The British empire has always been evil. They still are. The U.S. have turned back into their colony. We are under the control of the enemy our founding fathers liberated us from!

  4. She looks possessed, esp at the end, she does not smile or say thank you like most do.

    She seems almost taken over after the clothes switch when she is thrusting on the floor, Beyonce was the same at the superbowl. Almost like they lay themselfs down on the floor and invite the spirits in?

    • I noticed that too, the projector screen/temple set up in the back was definitely creepy, but what really bothered me was her lack of 'presence'. Kind of just going through the motions, I worked at a concert of hers a few years ago and had the chance to watch bits – she was very engaged with the crowd. This, is entirely different. :(
      Pray for her.

      • Gbearthnotgreed. on

        Make sure to pray for your kids to not listen to this music I've been deleting a lot of songs that I didn't understand and found out it was covered by evil means to brain wash me no wonder it sounded so good mind altering power I've been paying more attention to my music I hear and deleting has been my favorite button now.

    • I always wondered if this song is about ritualism and possession. Read the lyrics with that in mind.

      And I realize the blame is on me
      Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in
      So shame on me now
      Flew me to places I'd never been
      Till you put me down
      I knew you were trouble when you walked in
      So shame on me now
      Flew me to places i'd never been
      Now i'm lying on the cold hard ground

      • I agree Tuneful. Just like Halo by Beyonce.
        I read somewhere that Kanye or Jay z or someone slept with both Bey and Taylor at the same time- around the time of her kanye west incident. This does sound crazy, but who knows? Sick stuff happens in Hollywood.

  5. While watching the video, my jaw dropped and stayed there for a good two minutes, what happened to the Taylor I knew? (What have they done to her?) This is so reminiscent of a Beyonce performance, and we all know what that one usually is like. Taylor seems to be a favourite pushing that agenda these days, what is this world coming to??!! This shouldn't surprise me in the least, but somehow it does, every time it gets more blatant!

    • She has been pushing it for some time now. This is from the CMAs in '09:

      Masonic and demonic imagery, she climbs thirteen stairs then slides down a stripper pole before writhing on the ground, everything red, black, and white. And, her singing is terrible. Instead of being laughed out of the business, she has been elevated. Hmm…wonder why?

    • They didn't do anything she didn't want them too. These artists have to want to participate unless you are a Britney Spears and are indoctrinated. At a very young age and have no choice. These seem to be the ones who break down at 30 not the Rihanna's of the world who got in at adulthood. They are reveling in this shit

  6. to be honest it always has seemed as though taylor was desperate for the fame even if it meant that she is constantly publicly humiliated for her strange dating habits.but they arent strange at all. what is strange is that they ALWAYS end it with her and then she blames them without looking at her own life for a change.

    • I used to wonder too on

      I might get trolled for this one but I don't believe she was really with any of them except maybe the first one.
      I think she was bearding for her image & it backfired on her. Everyone started to call her loose, and then in comes Harry the very NEXT day on damage control saying the reason for their split was because she was a prude.
      It's just the machine trying to do a clean up job & she has to go along with it cause it's in her contract.

      • hey everyone on

        yeah, they probably even get both sides of their PR team to say "Hey..lets hook u and so and so…" to make a song, etc..smh. Cuz really she got famous for "Break-up" songs and nothing else.

    • They almost got smothered by a whole lot of crazy and naive, with a big side of needy. She needs to find herself before she can find anything else in life…

  7. Taylor swift that’s what she wants can blame her for action no one can please allow to do she desire
    One thing for sure God in holy heaven will forgive each of them bcos he’s full mercy

    • Not if they have denied God in their transformation to the occult. Beyonce and Taylor Swift were both Christians, devout ones. Now, they've been transformed by Satan. When that happens, God gives them over, forever.

      • Like God needs Beyonce etc. He can create as many humans as He wants and if He wants He can make them obey Him.

  8. Well,like I said that she know what she no one force have think about and make her decision
    So let wait and watch what will come out of her action I believes it’s ok,God himself creates the good the bad and even give them spiritual gift. when satan disobey God he never take his gift him that why he’s so powerful today on planet eart do know satan was one good angel then turn bad he was great a musician in holy heaven before spirit of envy enter him so people allow each of them do to do what right never you judge

    • Yep, I noticed that, too. And the male dancers had two sides to their outfits indicating split personalities as well. These performances are getting so predictable.

  9. Originally with the awards where she was humilated by Kanye, she went from white to all red. Then in the next awards ceremony, she went from white to red and black. This time around, she went from white to all black. The transformation must now be complete? She certainly doesn't look like the old Taylor Swift anymore – especially at the very end where she looks out at the crowd – seemingly with disdain and a "look at me now", attitude and expression. Wonder what the name will be for her alter.

  10. Beligerent Bulldog on

    oh taylor swift…i knew you were trouble when you walked in!! now look at you you illuminated initiate! oh how can us mere mortals become like you you swift cat??

  11. That girl perpetually snuck the devil sign in. This explains why Selena Gomez is a companion of Taylor Swift. Both serve the same master. This music industry is too treacherous to even begin with.

      • As soon as she dated Justin Bieber, her name was literally becoming widespread. On her Wizards show, she is advocating the theme of wizardry and witchcraft (I mean couldn't the show revolve around something else. Why not another topic out there?). Selena gomez wore a 666 smiley faced shirt to a children's hospital. I find this unspeakable, especially after "seeing" the way she maintains that "squeaky, clean image." I presume VC covered this, and you can do your research on it. Simply ponder over why things in the media are transpiring the way they are. It is not a coincidence.

      • "Selena gomez wore a 666 smiley faced shirt"


        Seeing as "you people" have made satanism hip again, that is hardly surprising.

        If the use of buddhist symbolism made you rant about end-of-the-world conspiracies at the hands of musicians in dire need to shed their child-star image, they would use buddhist symbolism.

        Attention means money and media relevance. Your obsessiveness and confirmation bias about these fashion statements and stage shows, only serve to give them an air of mystery and danger; attractive – as you should have learned by now – to their young target audiences.

        Believe it or not; artists like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z have noticed your satanic panic paranoia about them. Why wouldn't they use it to their advantage?

      • thetruthseeker4real on

        I never liked her or her show.
        However I never really gave it time that she was supporting the devil,yet people are people.
        That is her life,yet hope still exists for her,
        I see hope for everyone.

    • Selena Gomez is popular with kids, teens and young adults… She has a lot of fans on facebook, but her music is not that good and she cannot sing. Her acting is average at best. She does seem like a nice girl, and even if thats just an act I hope she doesn't become trashy and oversexualised (that would be extra creepy since she looks about 12 years old anyway)… However I think part of her fame comes from the relationship she had with Justin Bieber and the friendship she has with Taylor Swift, because based on talent she is nothing special in my opinion

  12. I'm from the U.K and watched the whole event. Being a regular VC reader I was half expecting this but it still disturbs. Another aspect of the show was the promotion of a band called alt-j from North of England. The presenter went over the top saying how great they are and how big they will be. Guess what symbology they use ? VC should investigate…..

  13. I saw that coming. My point is: what a long period of initiation, huh? LOL
    Poor Swift! She's so mediocre. I bet they will mantain this "pure virgin who was perverted" imagery for a long time in her carrer. What remains after that? Oblivion? SMH

  14. Curious Swifty on

    I'm a little confused, does this mean she's joined the dark side? Or is she simply spreading the Illuminati's propaganda through her performances? Does this mean she's sold her soul? It doesn't mean she's been initiated has she? What would have brought on such a drastic changement in her live performances?

    I also noticed that at the end of this Brit performance, she didn't seem very happy or excited, could this be sadness due to what she's "forced" to do?
    Is she really forced into this?

    • EVERYONE has to sell their soul to be a big household name. It's obvious she did!

      Once you sign a contract they own your life.

      • Anela> not everyone HAS to sell their soul to gain recognition. There is a certain version of fame that comes with selling out and perpetuating the agenda of the machine and this is exactly what we're witnessing with TS, JB, BS, all the Disney "singers" ect.
        Many artists gain fame the old fashion way – through talent, hardwork ect but BUT BUT BUT the system is making it very very difficult to MAINTAIN that fame without joining the other side. They will dangle the carrot of fame and then dangle the carrot of failure and explain that without the assistance they ( and only they) can provide, failure is inevitable.
        I am associated right at this very minute with people who have been taken by the machine and are being worked to climb the ladder. They are good, honest and hardworking people but I'm very interested to see what sort of "compromises " will be asked of them in order to CONTINUE their rise.

      • I think you got things right.

        I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the system has gotten to the point where they CAN NO LONGER prefabricate a success (Britney being one of the last of those) and thus must now constantly find something real to corrupt.

        That would explain quite a bit of what we've seen over the past few years….

      • I think this is true also. Have you seen what happened with Owl City (since we're speaking of Taylor Swift)? Used to be really big but (it seems) refused to sell out and so has disappeared off the radar for the most part. He's still here and there, for certain movies and being featured in certain songs, but the fame's shifted from how it was before. If reading his blog, he has quite a few God-centered posts as well so it's hard to tell what they're doing with him. I've not seen any of his award show performances either.

    • At the end she's just tired after all the dancing and singing…… so she's just expressionless now stop tiring your brain too much lol

    • thetruthseeker4real on

      I seen this with Madonna and so many others.
      She may have joined or she may be promoting them or this may be antics of hers.
      Other celebrities did bizarre stuff too even Kanye West who I also do not really like.
      I do not hate Kanye West,yet I am not a fan of his.

  15. Another "wholesome" pop star marking their transition to hot pant wearing sex kitten. Sigh, the music industry…

  16. shame people still think taylor swift is this innocent girl next door. not someone your child should look up to, kids shouldn't idolize anyone in the music industry.

  17. Blairwintersavannah on

    wow that is sad . Some people thinks it's Taylor Swift being successful but to me it's just Taylor swift drowning .

  18. GansterGrasshopper on

    Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.[1] Her father, Scott Kingsley Swift, is a Merrill Lynch financial adviser.[2] He was raised in Pennsylvania and is the descendant of three generations of bank presidents. – Wikipedia

    That alone should give you all the insight you need on T. Swift. She was born Born Dec. 13 – to specifically pollute the minds of young adoring fans. What's worse than a bankster? I really can't think of anything.

  19. 1. Wow, her music is wretchedly bad.
    2. Without the Scarlet Woman red dress of the previous initiation, her costumes become straight up dualistic. And the Baphomet glows gold at the end – more alchemy,
    3. Does anyone else find the juxtaposition of the bubbly, shallow pop sound of her music juxtaposed with the incredibly dark imagery rather horrifying? It's almost like setting a Satanic ritual to a peppy bubblegum soundtrack makes it even more deranged in it effect?

    • That's why I always mute the music, that and because the music is awful. The juxtaposition really fucks with your head

  20. EyeSeeTheTruth on

    I been a VC reader for almost 2 years maybe 3. I have learned early on that It's the same pattern with these lame satan worshipers almost a waste of time to analyze their actions, rather than studying there petty rituals we should be looking for God and making sure we wont be destroyed together with these "elite" fools. Satan knows his time is running out so don't be surprised to see the "elite" pushing there "agenda" and provoking the public to eventually revolutionize. It has all been prophesied.

    • However, in order to fight against it, and not fall prey out of ignorance, we should know the enemy and its rituals.

    • True, it is "almost" a waste of time. I agree with everything you said, except I feel that it's a good thing to spend at least some time analyzing a portion of their actions, if for nothing else, than for those that are aware of it and stumble across the results. most don't change and definitely don't immediately accept God without first realizing why they're wrong or have been being duped in the first place, after all.

  21. I said this about her mooooonnths ago and was just waiting for VC to do an article, she used to be a good little girl with her little guitar and her shitty little country songs, now she is all set up to be an illuminati puppet, The sacrificial/alchemical colours, symbolism, her style and image change now is just all too blatant…….Its like what Pam said i wonder what her name for her alter ego will be?……………………Keep it up VC, A++

  22. I like Taylor Swift and the girl has talent but she is described as country-pop and it doesn't sound country at all. She should just drop the country and be a popstar & stop with the love songs like seriously talk about something else.

    • thetruthseeker4real on

      I am really undated by it all.
      I never liked her music.
      I never was a fan of her at all.
      She did a song where she said someone laughed like a little child,I guess she should quit putting others down.
      She always blames the men,yet never herself which is her biggest flaw.

  23. Before this performance, i heard on the radio that her performance was going to be more "dark" than her last performance of this song.!

  24. I have listened to some of her songs (and watched the vids) before, and she has definitely changed.
    Compare the song and vid of "you belong with me", with this.Its pretty evident that she has sold out.

  25. Whatever. she's just broke up with Harry Style… so, who can blame her on her stressed? maybe she just broke down…

  26. The next part of her initiation into the Illuminati.
    Does anybody remember her first part? It was when Kanye West burst up on stage and 'humiliated' her at the awards.
    Now for the 'true' initiation!

    • NoFallenAngel on

      So true! I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the future, Taylor & Kanye are seen out together & it gets played out to the masses as "apology accepted, all is forgiven" however, more sinister things are going on!

      • It was to break her down in 2009. It did. Now to build her up. From 'innocent cute country singer' now to 'Red' sexpot.
        Good going, Kanye *note sarcasm*, now you have another slave to pander to you and yours?

    • thetruthseeker4real on

      I really do not know whether that it was Kanye West or her personal goal.
      She wants the attention and the time,yet she really needs Jesus.

  27. How far back, in various previous awards shows does illuminati symbolism/initiations etc. exist. Is it only a fairly recent occurance or can it be identified in awards decsdes ago.?

  28. Lots of updates recently. Thank you. How about that lightning bolt striking St. Peter's Basilica? I know it's unrelated to the article above but considering all the changes happening there at the moment i.e. the Pope's resignation and his request to remain a permanent resident of Vatican City…

    Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, has scheduled a meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for Saturday, February 23 to discuss securing protection and immunity from prosecution from the Italian government, according to Italian media sources.

    Ratzinger’s meeting follows upon the apparent receipt by the Vatican of a diplomatic note from an undisclosed European government on February 4, stating its intention to issue an arrest warrant for Ratzinger, who resigned from his pontificate less than a week later.

    In response to the February 23 meeting, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), through its field Secretary, Rev. Kevin Annett, has written to President Napolitano, asking him to refrain from assisting Ratzinger in evading justice. (Source – OffPlanet radio – Thank you!)

    The above article could be completely untrue but it wouldn't surprise me if it's not.

    There are a lot of prophecies concerning many Popes', search Saint Malachi and Nostradamus, and, although I know there are a lot of Christians who come to this site who may not approve of Nostradamus, I wonder what your take is on whats happening in the Catholic Church right now.

    I'm sure you're very busy VC, and I wouldn't be asking if I didn't think you would investigate the matter better than anyone else.

    • What happened to the Catholic church was a good way. Emiritus Pope Benedict is just after the wellfare of the Catholic Church. A good leader of sound health and mind is needed in order to be effective and the Pope thinks he could no longer be effective as he has health problems. He is just after the welfare of the church…

      And no one knows when the world will end not even that Nostradamus
      God will just come like a thief

  29. Sigh.

    I'm really sad that Taylor Swift had come to this. She is a country singer, not a pop star robot. I really could not understand why the management behind her would seem to want Taylor to adopt this image when she's obviously doing well with country singing. She can't even dance well.

    Moreover, the set-up and performance- it doesn't even relate to the song!


    • All the same. Pop, country, rock, doesn't matter. They all serve the same purpose to the masses – to distract.

    • Unfortunately, Country artists arent 'immune' to the illuminati, Rizza. Doesn't matter the genre, Christian, pop, rock, etc…

    • I don't think she was really accepted by the country fans, so she's gone to the Pop part and taken the so-called adulation from the pop fans.

      Although I feel for you. I've seen quite a few artists forced down the road to imitative-pop "superstardom." Sia, Justin Beiber (aka Carly Rae Jepsen) and Adam Young (Owl City) come to mind, I'm sure there's a few others who've found themselves forced on that road

      • I have said since Day One, that I will never understand how she became famous. I haven't heard her sing a song yet that was on-key. Her singing is AWFUL. I think someone (possibly daddy) shelled out some money to move his daughter along, and she has obviously sold out to TPTB. Plus, I always find it interesting how she is the main feature on awards shows…….and again……..she cannot sing. Her music or lyrics is nothing original.

  30. I don't think it was a coincidence that Kanye interrupted her speech about Beyonce. All of this stuff is planned! Look how much buzz she got and fans because the poor girl had her speech interrupted. She got her fan base up and now they've got her ready to control their minds!

    • thetruthseeker4real on

      Maybe not.
      Maybe she will see the light and leave the fame behind or realize her flaws and change and be true.

  31. Another thing to pay attention to is how the lyrics and the ritual go together. Listen carefully to the words.

  32. Im not a Taylor Swift fan but i have seen the media coverage & familiar with her award show performances. She has now officially been initiated. When she first emerged, she always represented the number 13 as her lucky number; we all know the signifigance of the number 13 in the occult & also this is the year 2013. Anyway, her 2009 MTV thing with Kanye was her being "chosen". After that the media starts focusing on her dating life with random guys but in the meantime she is being portrayed as an innocent little girl that everyone picks on… Taylor has now completed been initiated via sex programming & has been demonized.

    • I don't understand why a person would allow themselves to be programmed and controlled. do they want to be famous that badly? Give up your soul for temporal pleasures? The songs become more and more shallow and uninteresting to me, also, without real substance and emotion.

  33. I love how all live performances contain the same ole dancing. How annoying. If its supposed to be intriguing or sexy its not. I mean how many times have we seen this type of dancing since Britney Spears or even Madonna, Michael Jackson etc. ? Then we follow with pink, avril, taylor, christina, nicki minaj, justin timberlake, beiber, usher, chris brown, rhianna, jesse j, gaga, all of the boy bands. I mean is this the only style of robotic "sexy dancing" or what? Its lame. Shes pretending to feel the music, when in reality she cant feel shit. Souless fuckers.

  34. Iam not suprised. After her album SPEAK NOW, i lost 'gas' for her music. RED album was the last straw. There was a change in the music. I think the 'public initiations' where the artists change from white to red and black are a message to those already IN of who the NEW members are. Yes, its true the outfits are picked out for them at the performances but does the music have to turn dark aswell? Unless ofcourse the artist CHOSE TO or was FORCED TO.

  35. So sad to see people like Taylor Swift sell out. But kinda knew it was gonna happen, a long with anyone in the entertainment business. Keep up the good work VC.

  36. … Just an addition VC: you didn't mention that some of the dancers mouth's were closed down with butterflies on their masks (as if silenced by Monarch programming), and also the dualistic design of their outfits…

  37. Screw Taylor Swift. I would really like someone to explain the whole Capital STEEZ incident to me. He claimed to have known about Doomsday 2047. The number 47 was really big to him. Pro Era, the rap-group he was apart of, contained 47 members. He died on December 23, 2012.

    12 + 23 + 12 = 47?

    But before his apparent suicide, he also stated that the Baphomet came in "peace" and how humans were meant to use alchemy as to heal Mother Earth. I don't know. All of this confuses me, especially VC's article saying the Baphomet represents good and evil. The Baphomet itself scares the crap out of me. I get this weird and uneasy vibe just by looking at it.

    People claim he had schizophrenia, some thought he was mislead by dark forces into taking his own life, some think he was deeply involved in the occult and Satanism, but STEEZ claims that he will be resurrected on 2047 as an Immortal God. Something like that.

    BTW – this is my first time posting on the site, although I am a regular visitor & I always read the comments section. If anyone is interested or knows about the whole circumstance surrounding Capital STEEZ, please leave a reply.

    Knowledge is power.

    • Wait…I never even heard of Capitol Steez' death. Supposed suicide and he believes that he will be reincarnated as an "Immortal God"? Now, I listen to Joey Bada$$; which is why I know this guy. He was only 19 and he had this thought process? Strange kid. I'm really intrigued. Will definitely have to give this a look up.

      At 11:59, he simply tweeted, "The End". He was most likely talking about his life, but I can't help but get some kind of Tupac vibe. I don't know if you're with me on this, but Tupac also talked about being reincarnated heavily before his death. Just as Capitol Steez. Tupac left a ton of cryptic messages with no answer. I don't know about this man…

      • That's exactly what I mean. It's like he was hinting his death. There are so many disturbing pictures about his conversations with friends on Facebook. It's like they're trying to reason with him.. but fail nonetheless.

        @BluBoy – yes, the date he died was in fact during the Winter Solstice.

        I would advise you all to check out the link below & read the images that follow on the page. Very unsettling ….


    • I will have to check this STEEZ guy out and isnt wasnt December 23rd 2012 the date of the Winter solstice???? (or around this date)………Satanic/Pagan holiday that is celebrtaed so human sacrifice perhaps…………….

  38. I know for me, these articles have shown me not to listen to almost all music now. My ipod has about 5 songs on it. So, theres a solution.

  39. They've been making the rounds over here in 'merica as well. I believe they might have played a few small shows in Los Angeles (where I am) last year. Great band FWIW, but obviously heading down the WRONG path.

      • She is marrying the dark side….Or like lady gaga's song Marry the nIght (Check out the analysis of that video on this site)………..Check out lady gaga's video You and I, she gets married to her "boyfriend", but who does this "boyfriend" represent/symbolise?

    • I remember thinking that myself during the white part of her performance. The implication of the clothing switch being, of course, the transition from the Wedding to the Wedding Bed, where the sealing "act" of the marriage happens.

      The further implication being that this is the third part of the "initiation" being broadcast.

  40. And what about the lyrics? Maybe they are about her handler. "I knew you were trouble when you walked in" and the part "now I'm lying on the cold hard floor" maybe this song has a darker mean than just some guy.

    • That's how many steps Madonna came down during the performance with her, Brittney, and Christina… the one with the infamous "smooch".

    • Yes indeed – it's imperceptible in the wide shots, and all the strobe lighting and flames in front of it, but if you pause at 0:23 you'll get a clear view. The top step is shorter than the rest, but it's there…the one she stands on to kick off this abomination.

  41. It's Just Me on

    So tired of Taylor Swift, my mother doesn't even listen to Pop music and she's fed up. We all saw this coming and quite frankily I never really fancied her music…or her. She is being constantly pushed with all of these shows. Too much Taylor.

  42. There seems to be confirmation bias present in numerous posts: i was expecting that and lo-and-behold it happened because it supports with my predilection.

    Taylor is still a performer and i am certain she was 'told' to perform at a point in the show and had no creative input over the set or theme.

    i would be more interested to know who are the set designers choreographers program designers and THEIR relationship to secret societies and THIER affiliations to the entertainment industry etc…
    That is where you will find the conspiracy and the truth.

    Her own awareness of a greater plan is in dispute.

    However, clearly the 'ritual' and theme itself seems familiar.

    I cannot understand why people assume she will not grow up and evolve. She is not 19 any more and natural she would become more assertive more womanly, dynamic.
    This is normal. This is human.

    Clearly many of the contributors here have yet to evolve themselves, yet have forgotten what it means to be human and creative.

    I am a taylor-swift-apologist and not shy about it.
    I believe she retains her own mind, yet to some, her success presupposes nefarious origins.
    If that were true consider what society would exist.

    Clearly the pursuit of truth clarity accuracy objectivism are not uppermost motivators of many of those who post here.


    • I really enjoy reading comments like this. It gives me hope that perhaps intelligence still has chance. Although I bet you're a psych buff or have studied it a bit, at least. Sometimes I wish Psychology was a required course in high schools and as a general ed requirement for college as well.
      "It happened so you know, I totally KNEW it was going to happen!" 😉

      • I am studying some philosophy which is a bit separate from psych.
        Taylor is still a girl after all and still not particularly wise to the world. who is at 23?

        she is still evolving 'growing up' is simple terms.
        what people don't get is that she is a performer. Meaning that she is also acting and no doubt has been trained and coached to some degree.

        i say good luck and my best to her.
        In the last shot in this article she is starting to look like her mother a bit… :)))


    • I respectfully disagree. Even if she was told to dance on a particular set, she consented to it. If you want to defend her that is your choice, but she has clearly sold out.

  43. I saw it in the lights too VC.. It's just right in our faces now, at least those of us who know what they are doing.. Taylor look like a different person at the end of her performance.. How scary, por lost souls, they really think that they are doing something by gaining this evil world…

  44. VC have you inspected Kidz Bop CDs? I have been made to listen to them and I find them very sinister. They are children singing very adult themes and songs of many corrupted artists you have highlighted. The round the clock advertising on supposed childrens programs is even more perverse. Please advise

  45. kriticalthinka on

    To me I don't see a baphomet, looks like a image of a endless corridor .who knows…brainless music nonetheless.

  46. also one reason you see all the performances dancing, stage, lighting, costuming, etc the same on several diff performers is that it's the same possibly initiated production company, crew, designers, backdrop people, stage people working together – it's really difficult to get thise crew positions unless you are GROOMED and initiated – the behind the scenes of vids and shows would curl your hair – children being sold up and given up by their stage moms to group sex, etc in the back – what you see is not what you think – it's much much worse. these executives KNOW they have young girls and boys seeing these performances like TS and BS and others and KNOW they will have an ENDLESS parade of kids to screw and corrupt – END. LESS.

  47. I have never been a fan of Taylor Swift and I think the whole Kanye VMA thing was a complete set up for publicity. And her fans seem to be completely oblivious to all of this because Taylor tends to play the victim in everything. She is completely overrated and I am sick of being forced to hear about her stupid love life. This article doesn't shock me. Taylor was groomed for all of this and the people who follow and admire her, her fans, are partially responsible for her overrated-ness.

  48. her expression at the ending is creepy O.o anyway i was a fan of taylor swift back in 2008-2009 and she changed so much. especially her music and her performances.

    • Ugh, that expression…how obnoxious. Trying her best to look all "hard." It'd be laughable if what was behind it wasn't so sinister.

      This has been such a set-up from the beginning. The jig was up when she warbled through a song while playing guitar (or acting like it, back when she was in 'America's Sweetheart' mode) at the grammys a few years ago – it was wretched. An obvious industry hack.
      I can't remember the song (as they're all horrible and utterly forgettable), but I believe it was the same year Katy Perry pitifully 'sang' "firework" with the obligatory children's choir.

      At least people are picking up on the sham. Open this clip (TS at brit awards) in youtube and check out all the anti-illuminati comments. So nice to see!

  49. When the door opens, it also looks like some kind of portal, especially with all those lights.Is that a portal to hell?

    • Her scrawny self looks so ridiculous prancing around the stage like that trying to be all "grown". I'm embarassed for her.

  50. At around the 4:01 mark, it appears that the all seeing eye quickly flashes within the center of the yellow triangular light pulsating in the background.

  51. It is weird what these media people are doing to the alchemic symbolism.

    In alchemy, black (nigredo) is the first stage, followed by white, and finally red.

    Black is ruled by Saturn, the death and putrefaction of the material. Black is the color of tests, of life challenges and of course, of the death (of the ego) . Once the person is dead, the white (seed in his interior) will make him reborn in a pure being, without trace of obscurity.

    Finally the red, is the solution you get in the end once enlightenment is achieved. Dualism is surpassed and things are felt as they are, rational judgement is completely over.

    In Christian cosmology this was represented by Virgin Mary (black or blue) Holy Spirit (white) and Jesus (red) The French flag was created out of this cosmology, just that the black was replaced by the blue, but has same meaning.

    ***Alchemy and mystics used mythology for explaining life phenomenon. For example when a person has to confront demons and their temptations, it is merely a metaphor of the duels of own’s mind, the mental disorders, intrusive thoughts, etc. Nothing sinister about it.

    The weird thing about Jay Z and his gang of losers is that they have inverted the order. Thus from white they go into black. Its like a step back, or falling from grace. In a mystical plan, there’s absolutely no point, and is complete stupidity to go out from purity to fall into the fangs of materialism and its minions (greed, lust,etc)

    • That's a very profound observation. Apparently these people do celebrate the glorification of the carnal, material and bestial aspects of human nature. Rimbaud sanctified destroying the higher aspects and returning to an animal state, the occult artist Austin Osman Spare sought a derangement of the senses that would interrupt consciousness and Anton Lavey celebrated greed, selfishness and willfulness as realistic human characteristics, not as challenges to overcome. It is going backwards. One of the hallmarks of the Qliphotic nature is mirroring and reversing reality.

  52. Hidden to many, yet clearly seen by a few (like myself) thanks to the Vigilante for exposing the dark truth.

    No wonder why the "industry" not only doesn't give a damn about you, but it also cannot make a dime without you, as stated in the words of DMX.

  53. Just a one more thing. When I mean that Virgin Mary represents the black/blue stage by no means I'm intending to say she's an evil symbol. What I mean, is that she represents the part of sacrifice. And what can be hardest than to witness the sacrifice of his Son?

    Its like the 3 original mysteries of the Catholic Rosary:

    the Joyful mysteries, the Sorrowful mysteries, and the Glorious mysteries

  54. Yeah I think, these articles serve as an "eye opener" for 85% of the population still unaware of these things… Before finding this site, I had already studied the occult and influence in the media, politics, religion, and education, but VC breaks it down to details that lets me realize I still miss some of these symbols. It may seem repetitive over time, but I think it still serves its purpose–and that is to "make aware." And once aware, you're free to find your own solution ie. teach your kids, others, turn that TV off, etc.

  55. Why would they do the same thing with the same 'pawn"? Is it really to embed over and over to 'us'?
    Seems so ridiculous to see the same singers, singing the same songs, the same melodies and tunes, over and over.
    The little tweens just can't like and obsess over the same thing thrown at them continuously … Can they?

    Come on- it all looks and sounds the same. All of it. How can people like it ?

  56. Just wanted to add some impressions. The dress of the dancers carries the whole duality/checkerboard symbolism up to the point where you cannot distinguish male and female any more plus part of the male dres looks masonic, men and women wearing the white gloves etc.

    Yes she looks evil and possesed at the end.

    The Baphomet projection fades and distorts during the instrumental part. Is that a hint that the demon somehow travels into the screen or off it into the victim. In the end the projeetion picture seems to ejaculate golden rain, just like in Rihanna's "umbrella", part of the demonic possession triumph. Swift sighs as if she has orgasm.

    Candles suggest black magic/satanic mass.

    Swift's white dress also sugegsts marriage.

    In the last seconds her voice sounds altered (deeper, last time she says "trouble"), she symbolically commits murder (kills a dancer) and we see that the demonic entity has taken over and is free to act now.

  57. Two or three days ago I made ​​a post to you about it, I'm glad you analyze it. Should expect terrible music video

  58. everybody lo0k for the bo0k of illumination.it will take you deeper an help explain some of these things and why they happen

  59. Awesome post once again VC!! What i don't get is the constant repetition of one and the same ritual performance? It's clear we understand they want to get the message across, but have'nt they done it already in the past? I think we got the message… :-(

  60. The first time I heard this song I knew she was referring to the devil coming into her life, handler, whatever. but some type of evil force that was being pushed at her, she slowly accepted it but it seemed to take a while, now shes just like f*** it im all in now. Her album is even entitled Red. Kind of off topic, but one time while I was high (of course lol) i was listening to katy perrys e.t and I turned to my friend and said "is it just me or is this song creeping you out too?" i guess i was really listening deeply to the lyrics and it gave me chills, it just felt off. Most people think shes talking about a human that seems different, like an alien…but i kept thinking about the devil. Same thing with Call Me Maybe, knew she wasnt talkin about some guy.

  61. Great post, VC. Also, do you notice the expression on some of these singer's faces after their performances? it looks lost or sad. Look at hers. You can tell there's something wrong there. Not proud or like she just did something she really enjoyed. I saw it on Rhianna too after she performed on the AMAs.

  62. RE: the huge door/portal on this stage set, the box office bomb Jack the Giant Slayer is about a kid who opens a space-time portal to a land of agressive giant beings who want to take over this world. Nephilim, anyone? Also nearly identical plot point to last year's Avengers film. And it's just like the door in black kabbalah, Da'ath, that opens onto the interdimensional negative space of the Qliphoth where the Old Ones/Elder Gods dwell.

    • I think by now we've all realized that "Hollowood" films (and music) are just a peak into the twisted imaginations and ways of the satanic elites. Call it a premise to what goes on behind closed doors and what they have "in store" for us. Pre-conditioning. That's why I'm all for boycotting what's left of the entertainment industry because by people paying for a movie ticket or an album it's really just supporting their agenda, and they win.

  63. PS – RE: my comment above about a door to the Other World or Underworld, in quick succession I just found both of these things at random:

    I think Santa Muerte is Lilith, ancient Near Eastern death goddess associated with graveyards and the Underworld:

    Reminds me of the Deepwater Horizon spill – at the time I thought it was an ominous incursion of the "Underworld." Hole in the bottom of the ocean where black gunk seeps into the world – sounds exactly like Da'ath, the door in the bottom of the kabbalistic Abyss that lets in chaos.

    • Crude oil is literally liquid death – dead organic matter. And you don't call the mess that spill caused 'chaos?' The ancients were very literal about where the 'Underworld' was located – under the ground.

  64. Talk about being awake. This guy sees shit that nearly all of us miss. Thank fuck for VC. Waking up the symbol minded, one ritual at a time. Love ya work

  65. When did music stop being about the music, and instead became a performance with a music score background?

  66. I think you're right about the screen mate, it is clearly from a far meant to look like that. I mean, why would you have a screen showing just the rafters/roof fixtures and candles ?. Anyway, who watches this rubbish on TV?

  67. I do see the horned head you spoke of. Even before you pointed it out something about the image portrays evil… but yes, the head is quite evident. Even the shape of the nose and such.

    • Not only that… the whole performance gives me a sick yet excited feeling. There is definitely something more to that performance than meets the eye and this article shows why. Undeniably ritualistic. The dancers seem very sneaky and perverted.

  68. count down to zero time on

    unless one is aware its a really good song the way they are doing it its also hypnotic. the masses are caught in a fantastic hypnotic trance

  69. Sorta sounds like she's tring a go at the Florence And The Machine vocal styling in the begining there, the part before she does the robotic stutter stuff. Also hear some Def Leppard influence in there as well, along w modern synthelectrpopdubstep shit sprinkled in.

  70. another observation on

    I don’t know if it is just me, but near the end of the performance the baphomet/hall starts to go real crazy with fire right? It looks like it is shooting fiery triangles in various position that imitate a 5 pointed star.

    • Re baphomet going crazy with fire at end, maybe orgasm at end of sex (ritualististic satanic) looked also phallic, just a big satanic orgy .

      They reel everyone in over and over with the good girls, get everyone hooked on liking the person, then they switch them, as if to mock the fans, over and over same stuff. Everyone keeps taking their word for things also regarding "love lives" but – music and hollywood have long long history way back of all being bisexuals, homosexuals, everything and all of them hiding it. Hollywood has long history way back of being satanists, homosexuals who would keep getting married to opposite sex just to keep the public from thinking they were gay. Most of them were lesbians, gay but would have marriages just to cover their tracks for the public, to make money.

  71. evil loses in the end on

    The world is growing so vile, eventually music videos will feature nothing but undead creatures feasting on the living, and the living blasting away the undead, while music plays and body parts are eaten and blasted away with an endless supply of weapons.

    This whole reality is sinking in the worship of the occult and I want nothing to do with it anymore.

  72. tyler the creator on

    Here is the deal. We give you pretty much all the materialistic things this world can offer and all you have to do is sing the songs we write you. Who wouldnt take that deal? They dont need your soul. They dont need to put you under mind control. We live in a nation where the american dream is drugs money and sex. Who wouldnt rap about senseless BS for millions of dollars? Who wouldnt sing a song for money and fame? Brainwash? Mind control? No MK ultra needed we have cell phones TV and internet to make us believe that the best things in life are reserved for people in show business. Most of us sin every day and The ones who are wealthy probably sin a whole lot more. Most of us dont even need to be rich to go to hell so why would they need the rich people souls when they are already serial sinners? She didnt sell out and can repent whenever she pleases and go to heaven with all the righteous folks, but once your used to "the life" you find ways to not believe in religion. It makes the whole blasphemy thing alot easier. Then your basically sold out. Satan wasnt even needed. You will do it all by yourself.

    • she writes here own.
      there are collaborations in RED which could be seen to be the thin end of greater influence by the illuminists


      • tyler the creator on

        you mean greater influence by her record company/producer. I highly doubt she interacts with the elite directly. Every song is edited and modified so it better appeals to the public. Just like an essay has a draft. it gets revised by somebody else (or many people) and then you publish the final copy for presentation. She doesnt say much sinister stuff. I know kids on my block that talk like they are more affiliated with the illuminati than taylor swift. I would know b/c i am one of them.

  73. The music metric, tone and rhythm don't match the choreography at all. Per the music itself, the stage should be more illuminated. There shouldn't be these many dancers. This could be performed by Taylor alone. No dancers.

    My point is, why do these performances have all to be so dark? Why fire? Why black backgrounds? This stage all in black with fire is perfect for a heavy metal song, but NOT for Taylor's music, at all.

    Why is there always this need for artists to have people dressed in black robes and surrounded by fire, like resembling hell? It's like they love to be in hell every time. Surrounded by black priests in the middle of fire. It's all creepy. It's all satanic.

  74. Brutal Honesty on

    You people are warped.

    Mystic rituals and supernatural conspiracies in a pop stars performance? Grow up and stop believing in magic.

    This is the kind of nonsense thinking religion breeds.

    • Hahah, reality is wayyyyyyy more crazy and in this case occult than any fiction 😉
      There are no "silly coincidences" – maybe never and definitely not in a big budget shows and music industry. That is brutal honesty. Or actually a lie straight in front of us.

  75. i miss the old taylor swift who sings "Love Story" .. the song reminds me of me and my ex. I hate taylor swift right now

  76. A thought occured to me, wonder if its right or not- the song could refer to her whole music/singing career in general. From the looks of things, she has lost her innocence, and she may have knew it would be that way from the beggining, but proceded anyway. Just a thought.

  77. Seriously, she is just another manufactured pop artist. I knew it from the start. I've never even been a fan of country, but she doesn't even perform country anymore…it's just more teeny bopper crap. She's no better than the rest of the pop stars. And to make it worse, she's a huge slut now….she never used to act and dress so seductively. She's been converted to the dark side, it had to happen eventually just like the rest of them….

  78. I'm surprised you didn't mention the female dancers in the wire mesh masks with the Monarch Butterflies covering their mouths.

  79. divineartifact on

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this.. but people have to remember that even the purest looking performers have their place and are playing a role. They are ALL pushing an agenda…. THE agenda. Nobody is innocent.

  80. She does interact with them directly, that's how she met the Kennedy's. She actually is an elite descendant as well from the Nordic bloodline. I'm from an esoteric Masonic household in PA not far from where she grew up. My father is a BilderbergJew and I now theorize Pennsylvania is the core state of the Luciferian Masonic hierarchy. Most of the Elite old money is in Main Line Philadelphia and Taylor Swift is descendant from the Bloodlines in the first place, as are many of the new pop stars. The elite have multiple partners and sexual affairs outside marriage, you don't have to be a Rothschild to be decedent from an elite bloodline. Her genetcs are typically elite as well; the coltish lean body, the angelic model like features, she could have made any choice and been succesfull because shes from an elite houshold and is the core favored child of that family.

  81. Anyone notice towards the end the eye made from the lights? Creepy. Also she will prolly join the 27 club. Only a few more years of her garbage

  82. She likes to date the "guy of the moment" too. I don't think any of her relationships are actually meaningful to her. I think she uses them to up her status a bit depending on how popular her temporary lover is and deep down, probably knows they will end up leaving her so simply prepares her horrid little breakup songs this way too!

  83. And she sucks live and can't dance much either. She looks quite awkward trying to be "bad". She should just stick to being a good girl.

  84. Wow. Very interesting indeed. There are many simialarities that occur in the mega rituals that are performed with the world as an audience.

  85. You know, I really wouldn't mind at all if the music industry just went away. There are so many talented musicians out there who do what they do because the love music. They don't want fame or fortune… well they may want enough to feed themselves and their family. But thats fine.

    This industry has become poisonous.

  86. Doesn't she do this played out performance with EVERY song & dance? When she performs at award shows it always seems to be some elaborate theme of "good girl" to "bad ass chick." Although, NOTHING about T Swift screams "I'm a bad ass, don't mess with me." I don't care for T Swift & am not blind to her "innocent" act. Same ol thing with her. "E E E Eeeeee." For goodness sakes.

    The tunnel of doom with the devil presiding over her. I saw the statuesque being as well.

  87. charly_bubbs84 on

    if you watch the official music video for trouble when you walk in right at the very beginning she has a little monologue which i found more than interesting @ 1minute 30 secs she starts to say " how could the devil be pulling you towards someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you, maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess i just lost my balance, i think the worst part of it all wasn't losing him, it was losing me" more than interesting that with all the ritual and dark satanic stuff she has has been using to introduce to our youngsters all i know for sure my daughter will no longer be listening to any of her music she is evil sounds to me like she has accepted satan opening and willingly and wants the same for people without eyes willing to see

  88. AngelinaVasiliev on

    Lol wtf are they doing? It's getting dumber and dumber. And not to mention easier and easier to see the "signs".

  89. I am puzzled by that Baphomet looking thing.
    I cannot get a good image and cannot see it clearly.

    Perhaps VC can locate a better hi res r or some closeup view


  90. It is such a shame, and such a waste. I had no idea Taylor Swift had been absorbed into this satanistic crap. She has one last "innocent" video on the Country charts right now – Begin Again – and she looks very sweet and virginal in it. It's so hard to reconcile that person with the one shown in the video clip. Unfortunately, we have a whole generation or two of young people who have NO DEFENSE against the forces of evil, and they're falling like rotten fruit. Someone on the posting mentioned Carrie Underwood — Her videos and songs have been getting darker over the past couple of years. Perhaps whenever we see the former "good girls" appearing in black leather and fishnets, we should begin watching for the other signs!

    At the end of the video, the entity looking out of her eyes does NOT look like Taylor Swift.

  91. Can someone please tell me how you know this is what goes on in an initiation. I have no idea if what you are saying is remotely true or not. I'm not saying I don't believe it but would like to verify for friend

  92. Guys, lets face it, the entertainment industry is the least of your worries! Yes , there is symbolism in everything. If the illuminati controls all this stuff then guess what else they control? The entire food system, all the news and media, any one remotely powerful in the world, all of your money and all of the banks,our president, churches, wars, military, Facebook, twitter and the INTERNET. Everyone gets angry and wants to boycott this specific artist, but let me ask you this? Have you quit your job? Sold your clothes? Burned all your money (which contains this same "satanic" symbolism) Sold your house? Stopped eating out or shopping at the store? Grown your own food? Stopped drinking bottled water and or water from your faucet? The answer is probably no and if that is the case, you are serving them, correct? I guess my point is we are all under some sort of control. If the illuminati exists, that means the president is useless, trying to help impoverished people is useless, working is useless, because it is all controlled and predestined right? We say we are just becoming aware and awake but if anything we give into them and the symbolism more and more by becoming so paranoid and wrapped up and consumed by it. My point is we all know about it, we all read about it, but it's useless if we are never going to actually do anything about it. Actions speak louder than words. I could listen to taylor swift all day long and get lost in the music videos and lyrics, but guess what I still have morals, I still love God and I know for a fact where my faith resides and no music or movie can ever dictate or control that. I think most people who are so easily influenced have little to no self control or respect for themselves and we can only blame the media so long for that, when plenty of others have made the correct decisions.

  93. Her music sucks anyway. I have noticed all of a sudden she's dressing sexier and no more of that curly innocent look . I see naked racy pictures in her future. Maybe even a sextape since that's the hollywood norm

    • my thoughts also.
      that is where the conspiracy endures: within the production companies and their affiliations.

  94. Former Swiftie on

    Can you do a review on her MV 22? It's just recent…but there is a part there where she wore kitten headbands and a kitten suit. I've been a VC reader and I think this is what you call 'Sex Kitten Program'. I miss the old Taylor.

  95. I am not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  96. her image started the exact same way as ms. britney spears….innocent and then BOOM they become sexier and the music quality diminishes. at least britney knew how to put on a good show and used to dance her ass off-and did have a strong voice( when she wasnt forced to sing in that sexy kitten voice). Taylor just looks awkward, like she doesnt know what she is doing.

  97. Since she's been initiated she could've at least came out with better music. Her music these days is just awful. At least Ke$ha has catchy tunes, even though they are subliminally bad for us to hear.

  98. I like Taylor's new look and her music is catchy. I love I knew you where trouble, and sure the performance had symbolism , but at least it was a good performance. I can look past all that stuff and just enjoy her for what she is, a singer. You all need to learn to look past all the illuminati symbolism stuff and just learn to love Taylor. She's an amazing singer and I've been listening to her music for so long. When I was a little boy I had a Taylor swift cd I would listen to every night on repeat when I went to bed. Taylor is a great person and if she wants to be in the illuminati that's her decision, you have no right to judge her.

  99. child of isis on

    I knew this would happen to Taylor Swift when I found her genre was country pop….have her start out country then bring on the sexy popstarness. Personally this was not gyrating and I know what gyrating is and Taylor Swift has no rhythm what so ever and poor girl needs to stick to country cause pop ain't for everyone,her live performance her vocals are not that good. I could do better than that without be half naked.

  100. NOTE: Not only does this show the normal ritualistic behavior of some of the artists, in her performance there are dancers (all female) who have a butterfly taped to their mask, again referring to the monarch butterfly… this symbol is for me far more important than any other ones noted here. Everyone should have read the book that is posted on this website, because this is far wider than just the music industry. It has transferred to any large multimedia business as comics (ALL DC Comics), Manga (Berserk, D. GrayMan, Yugioh etc.), video games (Bioshock I&II).
    Side note: Bioshock is purley based on the book: The Illuminati Formula used to create an undetectable Total mind control slave. Everything from the Grande Mother, to the Beta-,Delta- Programming as well as the porcelain face programming. Also like this website suggests, the movie "Sucker Punch" demonstrates it also quite well.

  101. Those lights that clearly looked like a Baphomet when the camera panned out caught me off guard, despite the other blatant imagery throughout the performance that I had almost chalked up to a coincidence. Almost. But when I first watched the video online only a day or two after the performance, I was so freaked out that I started crying. I hope this is all some edgy imagery and not actual Satanic ritual, because if it is real, these pop stars are in serious trouble. I think the people designing the sets are completely aware of this; real or not, it's pretty terrifying.

  102. EYE OF HORUS!!

    If you look you can see the eye made out of the hanging beams of art!

    Thumbs up so everyone can see

  103. i liked Taylor before but now her new album RED showed a different Taylor

    CAN YOU PLS FEATURE HER SONG " THE LUCKY ONE" the lyrics are really scary

  104. " the Taylor I Knew " Don't be silly . ALL major Artists are groomed from the day they sign their Contracts and told what they're EXPECTED to do , including their Transformations which are all PLANNED years in Advance .

    It's not hard to predict she'll be doing same as Beyonce , Rhianna changing to leather , alter personality and gradually more lewd and vulgar lyrics ….

  105. Reeseeiana on

    Her face at the end of the performance's creepy. Can see it in her eyes that she is somewhat like doubtful but she did it. Hmm.

  106. Reeseeiana on

    "And the saddest fear..comes creeping in.. that you never love me or her or anyone or anything.." this explains everything.. i guess? Hmm. That Baphomet really dont love you. just wanted your soul. hmm..

  107. I'm not for the illuminati, I thought it was a rather genius cult or organisation until I looked into it, but they are pure geniuses, how they use subliminal messages to,let's say 'hypnotise' people into there"secret code" the government are rooting for the illuminati, if not can someone please explain how they ain't doing anything about it? Seriously..? Personally, and this is just me (feel free to agree with me and maybe if enough people want to we'll set this up) make another cult, backing up just who are in the illuminati and who aren't,someone has to do something before they make the decisions in life for other people instead of there own decisions…

  108. This is so damn stupid!Two days ago she played teardrops on her guitar . She is the same girl I met back in 2009 and the only is "changed" is her look. And with the conspiracy and shit she loves God but doesn't praise him every award show. She goes to church and lives in Nashville that has a lot of christian churches….you people are dumb as fuck.

  109. I have seriously been waiting for people to come to their senses about Taylor Swift. Everyone thought that she was "too innocent" to be part of something so dark. I always said that when they start selling a million copies of an album in the first week, people need to start paying attention. Thank you for doing a great article VC!!!

  110. With our monetary system at a local definitely is, I’m choosing to make info on filing for jobless bonuses. This inspiration were to illustrate how our jobless machine works, what is the fixed is going to be taking and rejecting professes, immediately soon after which add books within my own engagement ring information in what the supreme maneuvers in addition extremely common goof ups are typically submitting redundancy elements.

  111. Its just a pop performance.. then she donated her prize to the charity then you will just call her like that?

  112. Eyeseethetruth on

    I really don't know why she wasn't smiling coz she always does and I wish she was forced coz she is normally kind hearted and innocent I never imagined seeing her as a bad girl!!! PLZ TAYLOR DON'T BE A ILLUMINATI!!! I still have faith even though there are enough proofs throught her songs and actions!

  113. Paulo A. Camargo on

    I just noticed on 4:15 to 4:16 look to the ornaments on the left plus the flashes of light, it is the eye…
    a flash inside it, in a fraction of second, (I could capture on the 1st time I watched and now I cant find it, but I am pretty sure it makes a perfect eye of Horus) SERIOUSLY

  114. You guys know that artists in the music industry do the same act at every show until they come up with a new idea? Just like comedians. I'm not arguing for against these theories, but the fact that her repeating her performance is completely irrelevant and it's silly to think it means anything.

  115. 13 is St. Anthony of Padua's number too does this mean he is an occult member too? Think! Why dont you preach Gods word instead of judging artists performance… Come on it is art!

  116. Another part of the ritual was watching her on her knees and throwing her head down and back, just like beyonce did at the Superbowl. Like she was bowing.

  117. Peer into the darkness for yourself and you'll find that it's a swirling vortex that sucks you deeper and deeper all the while making you think you're being freed to your true self. There but by God's grace am I. He snatched me back from the very fires of hell. Illuminate or satan himself? Is there really a difference?

  118. I Really Really Like Taylor .. Even HEre At Philippines She's really IdoLized By Filipino's
    But When This REports CAme … THey FElt Very DisCourage … :(
    But I THink She's Not An ILLuminati at all .. 😀 Cause She's Kind And Lovely Girl Who Write songs
    ANd All Of HEr Songs Are TRuly About "LOVE" .. :"D THat's She's Popular Cuz God's Know That She Really Work HArd To AChieve This Goals .. 😀



  119. So she can't change over time? I'm not the same person today I was 5 years ago. Doesn't make me possessed or part of the illuminati. I was a lot more timid but after growing up I got a little more sassy, just like Taylor. She's growing up. She is far from a "bad girl". The song could be showing how the guy seemed one way but then he turned out different like she does in the performance. Artists' sounds change as they change. She's not in the illuminati. Lol. There is no horns in the temple. Y'all are just looking for something. I do think some stars are but not Taylor Swift. She's always had really theatrical performances. At least since she's had the chance too.

  120. omg…She was so pure before…Now It makes me creep out seeing her 'new' self..She really looks like a satan's worshipper…I don't want to hear it any more..It looks really scary…

  121. Aw. She sold her soul to the devil. It was sad but I pity her. She chose fame over salvation which comes from Jesus Christ alone.

  122. is her obsession with cats is involve to this one? idk just a thought.. but definitely the number 13 is, since she always say that 13 is her lucky number.

  123. Its all disgusting.it is practically word for word prophesy straight frm old testement books like isiah describing the modern woman
    Look how arrogant and proud and hauty these girls come Acrossrd onstage.its blatently evil.read prophesy of in times in isiah danial even in the Psalms.turns my stomache.

  124. And on tht note i wonder how willing these girls are to sell out to satans one government,superhuman perfected race antichrist agenda.do they just not realize whats happening to them until thier already in so deep they cant possibly figure a way out tht wouldnt concern the insiders how much thy knew??do they auctually truly participate in satanic rituals and see spirits,satan himself and have auctual physical sex with dark entities?do thy get beat up by people and demons thy can auctually see???or is it the way it is in christiNity whr by gift of faith and tht calm peace inside tht we choose to serve a God we have not yet seen in person but know beyond shadow of a doubt is real???does satans evil guide a person just like Gods spirit does???if thy do serve satan and have witnessed spiritual entities tht are visable then thy obviously believe and know theres a one true God if theres a devil.why are thy choosing to serve the side Tht even satan himself knows he will never be able to overpower i. The end.dont they realize by Choosing the wrong side eventually thier souls will end up in hell for eternity???i believe 100 percent tht thy are all devil worshipers i Believe illuminatti is real and controls the media and all pop culture.i believe thy prob due have rituals and sciences and satanic ceromonies and tht thy do visually seeiterally satan and his demons in same way christians have seen angels etc.i believe becouse most people who hv chosen to follow christ have an overly sense of his realness and prescence and becuz we have faith God doesnt have to go out of his way to show us spirits or angels becouse if u r truely A christian you step out in faith and just trust it.maybe becouse the people as a whole tht have always denied christ are perhaps of pharadee in nature and have to have a sign in order to justify believing something thy cant see tht satan uses these peoples rebellios need for proof tht he probably does manifest himself and his demons to them to provide whatever proof these faithless people need to literally see to believe and follow.how terribly sad when these people finally figure out what is the truth especially for ths who get sacrifieced before having cjance to repent n renounce to thier fans what they have allowed themselves to be used to promote.i pray for them to wake up as well as thier many legions of fans who have no clue.i pray for a chance to repent and make clear whatever thy have been agenda pushing was wrong and to urge people to repwnt and fall in love with the true God Jesus christ and turn away of the god of this world.i hv sadly come to realize majority of times when thy speak of God thy dont mean the one true God the creator but again "the god of this world" satan himself.the bible says cleRly even the "elect" willbe decieved.so scary these times weive in.i feel like i have a front row seat to the end of the world and no offense as much as i love god and want tomake it to Heaven i do find alot of this stuff very scary and no fun at all.

  125. was a taylor fan on

    wow thousands of fans screaming and not even a smile i think she knows that shes in trouble .. too late taylor was one of the good ones …this is why i listen to country music

  126. I went to her instagam to show my mom how she changed, and after scrolling down it turned to the black and white checkers.. then some pics turned to black with a smaller grayish square in the middle … I tried scrolling back up but it stayed.

  127. The reason why Taylor and others Go Bad” does not necesarily have to do with Illuminati but with getting screwed and trashed by Men in her life that she had enough

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