Judge Judy, 4th to Talk Gibberish On Air…What is Wrong With People on TV?


On March 30th, Judge Judy had to stop taping her show and was rushed at the hospital because “she started saying things that didn’t make any sense”. This would probably be an insignificant event if it wasn’t for the fact that, in the span of four weeks, three other TV personalities talked gibberish in a similar fashion.

An incoherent Judge Judy told shocked audience members she “needed to stop” one of her made-for-TV cases because she was “not feeling well,”.

Judge Sheindlin was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Wednesday morning after she suddenly started saying things that didn’t make sense, a studio insider revealed.

“She was just sitting on the stand during her show taping and she started saying things that didn’t make any sense,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com, exclusively.

“She said, ‘I need to stop, I’m not feeling well.'”

The 68-year-old judge was only two cases deep into her taping when her bizarre behavior prompted her to stop and have a crew member call 911.

“She said couple of sentences that didn’t have anything to do with the case and then she stopped speaking and said she wasn’t feeling well,” the source said.

“The stage manager called the paramedics and they came and took her away.”

The Los Angeles City Fire Department confirmed to that a paramedic ambulance was dispatched to the KTLA Studios in Hollywood, where Judge Judy tapes her show, at 9:12 a.m. today.

Sheindlin’s rep, Gary Rosen, confirmed that the judge is in the hospital and will be staying overnight for observation.
“The judge was feeling nauseous and had some intestinal discomfort and decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out,” Rosen said.

“They are keeping her overnight for tests.”

– Source

Here are the other “gibberish incidents”. You’ll probably notice that the breakdowns are very similar.

Spontaneous-gibberish-talking is not the symptom of any known illness. Some have claimed those were MK-Ultra breakdowns. Can Judge Judy be under trauma-based mind control at the age of 68? I strongly doubt it. What is causing this?



    • Try this one on for size,

      They are not of this world and the veil is slowly lifting to reveal what was once hidden.

      Brace yourselves.

      Itch gazivanet eeshle chazettle bik.

      • Aliens? A little far fetched maybe?

        Then again, if it's not mind control then I'm running out of guesses. It could be extreme exhaustion or some kind of brain thing (other then mind control) but other then that, i don't know. Strange indeed!

    • It seems obviouse to me that they are doing a very poor job of reading the teleprompter, or maybe the words are appearing too fast. I don't know what's up with Judge Judy though.

    • Doesn't just happen in the public eye. I thought my therapist was batshit crazy, because almost nothing he said was coherent or followed a logical train of thought.

      On this topic, though, another person speaking gibberish was Corey Haim, in one of his late career interviews. He really went downhill there towards the end, and you could see the absolute desperation when watching "The Two Coreys". The interviewer noted he was near incoherent, and drugs were blamed. And now he's dead.

    • sounds like yeerks…wonder when the andalites will show up. i wa nt tp turn into animals.souIt

    • The pupose of them being mind controlled, is because they are direct figures of the public. They appear in most people's home everyday through televison. Do you know anything about energy and the positive and negative affects on people? It appears to me as these figures are being activated, for what, who knows.

    • It is hard to know what this is? It could be a teleprompter error for the reporters, also if they are nervous they may have forgotten their lines. The judge judy is easy to explain if you have worked in a healthcare setting or as an EMT and seen people slip in and out of levels of consiousness.

      So I agree with you question, what is the point of mind control here? Now the video with Britney and some of the other videos out there of celebrities going haywire or the appearance of short circuting is another story. Seeing people stutter and speaking gibberish is quite common with public speaking with those inexperienced and yes even the most experienced can trip on their own words, Now changing moods and personalities like Britney Spears is a whole different bowl of wax.

      • I agree with that statement on healthcare; I once heard of a brain condition whereby a person would speak, making total sense to themselves, but their words would be incoherent to others. They would know what they wanted to say, and think they were saying it, but others would think they were joking until they finally became alarmed and brought them to the hospital.

      • They're describing them as medical maladies (forgot what exactly it was), so I don't think they would use a serious medical issue as cover for forgetting lines or a teleprompter problem. Its either medical and just highly coincidental, or there's something more to it.

    • No. Its because of Planet Nibiru aka Planet X that has entered into our solar system which the main stream media and NASA are calling it as comet ELEnin to give it a false spin.

      Its just the beginning, people will go crazy and will become like zombie's…that is the reason 1000's of movies portrayed zombies during end times….there will be chaos, loot, murder etc etc by people going insane. It will effect everyone, we need to be safe and sound and not indulge in violence…


      • Things That Make You on

        I just finished watching The Crazies, and the exact same thought flew my mind when I logged on and read this post… hmmmm

  1. nothing surprises me any more… the only question is – what is instore for the sheeple in 2012???

  2. That reminds me of that weird "skip" in Brittany Spears during that interview she had where she started to sound like a malfunctioning robot. :-S Weird!!!

    • yes it was an interview with Barbara Walters and Britney was speaking about recent break up with Timberlake.

      Barbara said "media spasm" and then Britney acted out all childish saying STRAWBERRY then cried and they needed to take a break….

      I trying to find it on youtube, but the video dissapeared.

      • she wasn't saying strawberry she was saying strong britney but still that was her mind control breaking down

      • I dont think it was a mind control breakdown. Reporter just asked something that was VERY emotional and she started to cry. Can't she have feelings? (I do believe in mk-ultra, but i dont think that's a good example)

      • It was mind control.

        She was put on the spot and because "normal" Britney's brain couldn't handle remembering the emotional pain of her failed relationship with JT (someone she'd grown up with and genuinely loved), she coped the best way she knew how by going in to a dissociative state. You can clearly see her alter "Strong" Britney taking over the situation. She evensays "Hello".

      • She's saying "hello" to the tears that appear, to try and make light of an awkward moment.

      • the way i remember that video the interviewer asked something about breaking up with justin.

        And britney said something about it that it was hard and then suddenly she went, Hello, Well hello, hello, omgosh strawberry hello? and then started crying and asking to stop the interview.

        it was definatly mind control

      • it was not Barbara Walters, it was Diane Sawyer. But that's irrelevant I guess.. They are all handlers.

      • its not mind control; rather lack of mind control. this is how these blithering idiots talk when there isnt a teleprompter queuing up their next sentence. ahahahhahaha

  3. Well, I could mention one thing about this. I have had rough migrane since a child, and whenever I have it, i get all kinds of symptoms. One of these symptoms is speaking gibberish. If I want to say something, I open my mouth and just some crazy meaningless words are coming from my mouth. Its not as similar but I could understand what this it..

    • Very similar…in fact this is a quite common side effect of AVM, a brain condition that is basically like scar tissue/ clogged blood vessels in the brain.

      …but then again I'm sure the Illuminati Army really needs Judge Judy and a Tulsa Oklahoma Weatherman on their Mind Control Agenda…let's get real folks.

      I say nonsensical jibberish all the time…it's called being high.

  4. That is just unreal to see those clips together! It is the exact same phenomenon. It is not like a diabetic seizure or a pre-stroke symptom. Me thinks the military is having a jolly old laugh testing some old/new toys on unsuspecting sock-puppet news clones.

    Could this be a real-time censorship device used to stop people from saying the wrong things on the air??? Interesting.

    • Well, lets see i think this is and it may be a stretch to some, but then again people hear are open to all kinds of things so here goes nothing. The powers that be have many weapons at their disposal one being microwave and or frequency weapons such as scalar (not sure of spelling) with which when directed at people jams up normal brain electric wave patterns and jumbles up your thought process. This being said these are testing grounds right before your eyes. The illuminati love to show you what they can do and then dismiss it as a an ailment like a migraine or seizure. These type of weapons are going to be used in riot control when the inevitable uprising occurs just as they plan, when the economic collapse and massive food shortages come to pass imo. thanks for taking the time to read my post and God speed to all.

    • Thank You,wanted to say that you,and a couple of more people on here made sense,some want to make stupid childess jokes about this man who may be havin a stroke,and maybe some of these pafoons on here thats making stupid childess jokes are just that…stupid,and childess,i home the man was ok

  5. that last video the lady said on tv that her doctor told her she had a mini stroke.the lady said during that time she was having headache.may judy had a mini stroke

    • @AF

      there is always going to be a mainstream explanation for anything but get out of the box and ask yourself how come it didn't happen before? Why all of a sudden so many cases since the beginning of this year?

      • I see this all the time on Thursday night at the Karioke bar, or open mic night at the coffehouse. What happens to amatures can happen to the professionals too. If you look too hard at something, you'll see what you want too. I hope this is an April fool's joke just to see how people would respond.

      • I'm afraid there's no joke. Except for Judge Judy's case, all the other cases occurred in February and March and I found out about them around the time they happened.

    • It's called a TIA.
      and they happen to everyone hundreds of times per day with no external symptoms, according to an Ambulance Dispatcher friend.

      Migraine 's would be believable except anyone who has ever had one would INSTANTLY recognize it. (Mainly visual symptoms, very easy to recognize/report. No one did. Case closed).

  6. Doesn't anyone 'do' April Fools any more? ;-/

    Reality ain't what it used to be…

    great site, great clarity, VC – for those still in the dark, Springmeier's "Monarch" might help…

  7. Looks like they need a tune up……

    How bout that reporter that they claimed had a stroke? There was something definitely off about that one.

    Maybe aliens posing as humans speaking in their native tongue? Stranger things have happened.


  8. Duh just noticed the reporter video was posted here as well. Next time I'll look before I leap :)

  9. The prompter malfunctioned…;9 Isn't there a trigger that makes monarch programmed people disassociate?

  10. I think they are trying out Scalar Electromagnetic & Microwave Weapons. If not, the have other technological means of making people behave in the manner they desire. Maybe these people were tests to see if the weapons work before they are to be used on a larger scale. What better way than to watch official people on TV without they themselves being close! Remember too that they have technological advances that we don't have any knowledge of how they work and what they do. All the video clips with similar happenings cannot be just coincidences. Makes you wonder what comes next. Maybe Project Blue Beam. Don't be fooled!

    Toxic Agenda on Facebook.

    • I agree with you, Toxic Agenda. It looks like something is being tested. Pretty damn scary.

    • Sorry toxic i posted before reading yours but i tend to agree with you this is a weapon being shown to the world. Peace

  11. Reports are showing that JJ had oral surgery the previous day. Historically, hypnosis has been commonly used in such operations. Would be interesting to look into.

    • As far as the news casters…lol!

      The Sarah Carlson one is the best. Closely watching her facial expressions, you can tell that she is conscious of her actions while they are occurring. It is as if she looses control of her body for a second. Check out her arm movements. Any it appears that she had a bad taste in her mouth or was fighting a gag reflex….kinda sad if it was a stroke. But I love how trained they are to just keep going. The SHOW must go on!

    • Mercury toxicity. A tooth cleaning or any dental work that disturbs the amalgam fillings can cause an excess of mercury gas to seep out into the body.

      Interesting coincidence!

    • Immediately I thought it was medication/ the onset of a medical condition. Most MK victims we've been shown don't catch themselves and say I'm not feeling well. I know someone that has sustained brain injury and if she suffers too much stress or has any stimulant like caffeine, she will stutter and/or have speech problems. Not saying it's the same thing with the judge, just saying it could be medical.

  12. I agree with mandragore, what is the use of these reporters being on mind control? Don't they just have to read a script anyways?

    • Having mind controlled reporters allows them(the elite) to have control over what news is said and how with out any questions or opposition. Many well known celebrities are under this same type of mind control. To really put it to you directly, Lucifer is one controlling bastard. He likes it when he and only he is in control, no one else.

  13. If you watch the interview with the reporter from the Grammy's that they did as a follow-up, they explain it was a migraine that caused her confused speech. It's one of the signs of a Migraine Aura. Maybe Judge Judy had the same thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4jyxmDFQ_U&fe

    Or… mind control.

  14. No offence to VC, but i don't think there is really anything to this story; that last reporter was having a stroke. I dont think 'they' would put any old reporter/journalist under mind control. People are trying to connect dots which just aren't there.

    • VC wrote that he "strongly doubts" that it is mind control. SSSSSSSSssoooo what's your point?

    • @notsosure

      I followed the case and no, that reporter was NOT having a stroke. It is very weird and the dots are not dots any more, they have become full grown circles..

  15. Woman in second clip: "the state claymin the exsorchisk saw untristracho and pilay bringrits by health iritit" wonder what this is in reverse? :O

    • A very good point. This seems to be taking on signs of being an event with connections between the individual cases. Reverse speech testing of the gibberish by that Australian expert, (sorry but I can't think of his name offhand, the guy who is on Rense) would be potentially quite interesting.

  16. ScratchesHead on

    Possibly demons just plain messin' with people??? ("he" knows he has but a short time, so it's rampin' up . . . in *ALL kinds* of ways???)

    That's my best guess.

  17. Honestly, it sounds like they are struggling speaking reading the prompts that are behind the cameras. Sometimes newscasters and even people just talking normally fumble words when speaking. Doesn't really seem very suspicisios just someone making a mistake. People fumble words all the time that are under no mind control.

    • @ Mumble: I agree with you.

      Yesterday I gave a presentation at work for 5 minutes and mumbled my words a number of times.

      I'm not under mind control per se – just a little bit of a thicky!

      From London.

    • There's mumbling and mumbling. I mean mumbling and then saying sorry or starting over or whatever. But what they're saying doesn't even sound like english words. Plus there are 4 of them in a short period of time. Looks weird to me…

    • no one mumbles like that….in each of those videos you could tell that they are trying hard to articulate something & they just can't for whatever reason…there's a lot more to that. in my humble opinion, every person that you see in front of the camera is subject to some sort of media programming. just like every other profession, there is a form of programming involved. I'm not saying that it's necessarily monarch programming, but there is a reason why they are front of carmera & we are watching. they said "yes" to something that the rest of us didn't…I'm just saying…

  18. @Gus: translation please?

    @penguin:we the sheeple need a good shleperd. We all gearing up fo nxt year. There is census going on in my country an i'm not taking it!!!

  19. Youcannotcontrolanot on

    Maybe these reporters simply got very nervous for whatever reason and as a result they couldn't focus on whatever it was that they were trying to say? It happens. And not just on TV, during the news.

    • scene_ofexistence on

      They are tired, or/and ill. It happens to non tv presenters, it will surely happen to tv presenters, and perhaps more so, as they are dealing with the constant relaying of words – in short – They Need A Break.

  20. I really think this is an over-analyzation. So reporters and judges can't mess up? And of course you will find people stumbling thru speech because they are all FILMED. I ordered a meal at Wendy's once and stumbled thru the words "Frosty Float" and made it sound like "Fausty Folk" and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it right. It was odd but I don't think MK had anything to do with it. Most of your articles make logical sense and this one does too when you compare it to MK symptoms but you must also consider that some people are human and just mess up.

    • @slyfer 7

      It's one thing to mess up one, two or even three words and another one to mess up a full text… Do you notice how they struggle to talk and they DON'T STOP? The normal reaction when we mess up words is to stop, feel a little embarrassed, sometimes laugh and try to explain what happened or what we wanted to say. We stop the very instant our brain assesses the fact that what we just said or how we said it was wrong. But they continue talking until the end even it doesn't make any sense! Like a broken machine! For me it's obviously a programming glitch..

      • glitcheshappen on

        @ Raphael

        You're right. Normally a person stops as soon as they realize their mistake. But if someone is in front of the TV (specially when it's LIVE, not prerecorded) they MIGHT TRY to keep on talking (even if its invented, improvised gibberish) in the hopes that nobody will really notice.. until they can clear their minds and get back to the correct subject (it usually only takes a few seconds to compose one's self, not minutes or hours of gibberish talk).

        Sometimes, if we're talking and thinking about something else at the same time.. basically, if you're not completely focused on what you're saying.. suddenly, you have a normal brain glitch! OOPS! It doesn't mean that someone else programmed you.

      • And when you have a normal brain glitch, do you say you are not feeling well and call 911? No, probably not. It's not the same. At all.

      • glitcheshappen on

        @ Blah

        Well, judge Judy probably felt sick prior to talking gibberish.. I think having a messed up speech CAN be the symptom of an illness (mental or physical). Which illnesses? That, I'm not sure and I can't be bothered to Google and research that stuff right now… maybe a stroke? Epilepsy? Alzheimer? Dementia?

        I just don't really believe that mind control truly exists…

        People can be INFLUENCED but never truly mind controlled. I refuse to believe that ridiculousness. The human spirit is too strong for that.. you simply cannot control or program a fellow human, specially without their consent! How exactly does that work? Like ok… example : you sit on that chair and you get drugged and get things plugged in your head and suddenly you agree with everything you are told, you are under mind-control, you are not conscious, you are now a robot, you don't choose your behavior, etc… I mean, really? Does that really happen in real life?

      • If one can control one's own mind, why could one not control someone elses? Controlling a mind is only a matter of controlling the mind's thinking. If thoughts can be influenced through perceptual frequency (pick a definition); as in advertising, association, training, cultural perceptions/"norms", or even mystery…if an intended outcome can be achieved through planning or engineering, is that not mind control?

        The mind controls the body. Words are containers for thoughts…ideas. Ideas are mighter than armies. If my idea enters the mind of another through words or cues, and they consciously accept that idea to achieve an end, that then is influence. If I study a person through interaction with them, and gain their trust through rapport; "creating a brand they can trust" and associate their ego with/to, then I have overridden their acceptance and can contol that persons thoughts (or the frequency of them, through frequency), which control their mind that controls their body. And yes, this can be done subtly…many times without detection.

        With no ego, I can tell you that I conduct both methods everyday; my career depends on it. If that is too unbelievable…just turn on your television set.

      • glitcheshappen on

        @ Truangel777

        And what exactly is your career, how do you mind control? I want concrete examples, not this vague stuff like "Oh I can mind-control someone and make them do things they wouldn't do, people cannot choose their behavior with my magical mind-control powers and whatnot"

        I believe INFLUENCE exists. We can influence people, societies.. but we CANNOT truly control someone and be responsible for their gibberish talking and supposed program glitches…

        Judge Judy talked non-sense gibberish because she was ill or stressed out/nervous (which is something that happens in real life). NOT because her mind programming supposedly failed for a minute… where's the evidence that Judy is being mind-controlled?

      • @ glitcheshappen

        To answer your 1st question, I lead people, quite masterfully I might add. In fact, my presence alone intentionally influences desired outcomes. I already answered your second question. I am not obligated to get you to believe anything, and this is not the venue to do that. Really if you examine what I already wrote, some would say that I revealed too much already.

        I did not say anything about magic or powers. I stated very rational and scientific statements that should be easily understood. In fact, if you read most leadership books, relational books and most things written about cognitive psychology over the past 30 years, then test my statments, you will find that I am on point and relevant.

        I never stated that JJ was under mind control. I simply stated that it is reasonable to believe that mind control exists…at least that's what I thought I did. As far as your questions about JJ; I'll let you seek your own answers…let me know what you find.

      • I'll have to disagree on this one. Especially when someone is on live tv or performing on stage they will need to stop, quickly assess the damage and divert the attention from the mistake. They will throw a joke at themselves (it happened in the past) and they will go on. If needed they IMPROVISE because they are trained to improvise like actors who forget the lines. With anchors there is a different story though, they don't usually need improvise as they only have to read a text. Now what makes a person incapable of reading a text? It certainly looks like something or somebody is interfering with their brain and trying to take over. Look at their facial expression, they hardy if at all even realize what they say makes no sense.

      • glitcheshappen on

        @ Raphael

        If you look at the women, they look awkward and embarrassed. One of them even looks down, almost shaking her head. They KNOW they just messed up and looked like fools for a few seconds. It's so obvious!

        Some people stop and just laugh off a mistake really quickly… others just start talking gibberish, because when you're on TV giving the news you're not supposed to stop and laugh or stay silent. That's not your job.. you're supposed to talk and give news.

        I sense no mind-control here, just a normal human mistake.

      • ok, one last question: explain 4 (four) cases in three months of an ailment never observed at an anchorperson before.

      • But you should also consider that these people are professionals and probably have trained themselve NOT to stop and keep going when messing up, They have to keep up with the broadcast-script. Also if the normal thing to do is to STOP when messing up then there would be no such thing as speech problems or stuttering. People would just immediately stop. Now that to me is inhuman. Maybe MK should begin programming victims to shut down when they malfunction.

  21. There was a Nova Now series that was asking a series of six questions & answering them. One of the questions was how the brain works. O this show (maybe 3rd segment I think) there was this thing that people used to send an electro magnetic charge to a certain part of the brain that would effect speech & even how you think morally. Doctors studying this want to know how the brain works & even use it to help with pain, depression & other stuff. The first thing I thought when I saw the show was someone would use it for sinister purposes. I have no doubt what so ever that the government has it’s own scientists working on something like this on their own. Probably more sophisticated too.

    You know how the government has programs that give money to stupid causes, I bet that stuff is made up so they can do their own research & hide it under the guise of something else. I am not saying that this is what was going on. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw how they were trying to talk but, it wouldn’t come out. If you have netflix just search out Nova Now or How does the brain work?

    • I saw that too! But i wonder could it just be a TelePrompTer malfunction (or purposeful mistype) since they do read those things verbatim?

  22. TheEndIsNear on

    I might take this seriously if it happens like 5 more times in the next 3 weeks….

  23. while it certainly raises eyebrows… people do get tongue-tied and perhaps something went wrong with the teleprompter they were reading. and sometimes when things are already going wrong, they get easier at going wrong. the woman in the 3rd video looks awfully embarrassed like she knew she was fucking up, and the reporters face after her confirmed so. the woman in the 4th video seemed frantic and unwell.

    is EVERYONE in media under mind control that they even put their efforts on the reporters too?

    • Exactly. All these advancement of technologies over the years have been gifted to us by other worldly beings, alien/satanic. This is forbidden knowledge, humans were not meant to harness such things. God knows.

      Destruction it is for us.

  24. here we are all guessing observations yet,honestly the fact that no one knows is just damn flat out scary.

  25. Franchesca Davis on

    What's wrong? I honestly think Judge Judy had a stroke. I have a friend who is in broadcast journalism who happened to stumble really badly on one occasion. However, she is in no way shape or form under any mind control! LOL I think the reporters must have had a bad say. Judge Judy sounded like she had a stroke. My grandma one day began to talk gibberish and she ended up having a stroke.

    I am as much a conspiracy theorist as the next person, however with this post I would have to disagree with people saying it's a form of mind control

    • He’s been caught rehearsing his rants.

      Something's up; that much I can tell you.

      • Hope is Coming. on

        It's interesting you say that. I've been thinking the same thing myself. My friend was telling me how her friend was friends w/ Heather Locklear and they were both over at her house when Denise Richards, who was on the verge of divorce w/ Charlie, told them that he has an addiction to child pornography which is why she was leaving him. And if you notice, that's why she doesn't criticize him publicly. She got a lot of money to keep her mouth shut. True story.

        And on top of that, he's "good friends" w/ Alex Jones, a total fearmonger. I think they're both plants and as we all know, the Illuminati's really into child sex abuse and occultic practices, which makes sense to me since the Sheens are involved w/ Illuminati elitists. His rants smell fishy to me, especially w/ how much the media covered it and now that CBS wants him back now. It's a performance to distract us from other things.

  26. I almost agree with you Franchesca Davis.

    One of my older friends had a similar episode while walking; all of a sudden, gibberish speech.

    The friend could still walk around, and didn't have a lot of other discomfort, but the the doctor said it was probably a mini stoke (the friend is over 80). My friend is fine now, and hasn't had another attack recently (and is still active) but just watchful of another episode.

    But who know about mind control or other subversion. In this case, probably not. But none of us were there. And while mind control IS probably a stretch, there are people who claim to be "attacked" by high energy devices, etc (yep, several Youtube flicks). From what I could gather from the videos, they were retaliatory attacks on a variety of individuals by psuedo government officials, etc, you guys know how these stories go. I do NOT know if what their claims are true or not, but it also Could be a possibility.

    It is frightfully easy to get caught up into the whole "ooh, they're out to get us and do us in" mentality. It's sure feels like it some times! That doesn't mean some of it isn't true.

  27. I don't know what could be causing these people to start talking gibberish but it's scary as hell. Their gibberish is remarkably similar.

  28. It may be nothing, but I noticed a consistency between the three news broadcasts.

    The graphics at the bottom change at the exact moment the gibberish begins. A cue, perhaps? I would need to examine more incidents to confirm the correlation, but it does seem conspicuous.

  29. Vigilant, would you please do an article on the movie MACHETE? I think there are a lot of symbols in that movie that could be explored. Also Lindsay Lohan is stunning in her role~ this was before her public breakdown. Thanks VC.

  30. I believe journalist are aware of the true news and are constantly forced or coerced into reporting what is approved content by the higher ups. I cannot watch BBC and CNN without thinking they are such hypocrites, there is no true news on tv. So for the smaller journalist all the deception could be getting to them.

    • Totally agree! As I said.. glad to see more and more of the same conclusions being made..

  31. Whatsgoing on on

    Did anyone notice the glitch in the first video at the 50 mark. Check it out. Does anyone play the piano? What song is that pictured on the keys?

  32. Demon possession possibly but unlikely. I experienced something similar after playing to much WOW… It hasn't occurred since I have quit playing the game. ( Note: its happening others, not just those on TV )

    I think exposure to to many heavy metals could be a contributing factor. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with what is being sprayed over us each day. Taking in lethal doses of barium and aluminum will certainly begin to effect the populace at some point.

    Stated Here:

    Epilepsy can be caused by the following.

    * Environmental and occupational exposure to lead, carbon monoxide, and certain chemicals

    * Use of street drugs and alcohol

    * Lack of sleep, stress, or hormonal changes

    * Withdrawal from certain antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs

    The talking of gibberish seems consistent with epileptic behavior. The individuals mentioned above in the video clips, all seem like very normal individuals… even Judge Judy for that matter. To that extent anything possession or mind control related should be thrown out the window. If its anything other than pure coincidence it would likely be due to something environmental, say chemtrails or a poor diet that's catching up with them.

    • Playing too much WOW…??? That's interesting.. playing such an intense game for hours on end can change the brain chemistry.. who knows if they have special brain waves broadcast in that anyway or subliminal messages.. who knows..? Could be.. until it's proven either way, it's an open possibility.

  33. QuitYourJibbaJabba on

    Thanks for sharing Vigilant Citizen. I'm not at all surprised that this is happening and has happened to these unfortunates. It's obvious that these weren't "seizures" or "strokes" like news reports spun following the blonds (Sarah Carlson & Serene Branson) "episodes".

    Hmm, guess they both were having blond moments…or how about a malfunction?


    Be wary of MSM! It's a fact that news corporations are controlled by PR companies, thus it would hardly be surprising if this now means controlling corporation reporters too. I find it so peculiar that these "breakdowns" keep being caught on camera!?

    Check out this Sky News (UK) clip from over the pond of 2008…not quite gibberish but qualifies as some form of a breakdown on live TV! What's going on?? *sighs*


  34. Always Thinking on

    This compelled me to look into some things and I think this glitch resembles stuttering but to a different level. When you stutter this means that your brain is wired in a different way that is affecting your speech motor system. These public figures have probably been rewired under the mK-ultra program and now the side effects are finally being seen.

  35. It is a gjo dukuv fumy zay dhyrrie on gordal sheedal worlfs traps gruv kolud.

    I umno tertonuca.

    Jrob drulsbing?

  36. also, people can have something called "migraine with neurological basis". Some people have an aura or visual disturbance before a migraine, they might see a blind spot or tiny sparkles in an area of their field of vision. Rarely, the aura can instead present itself as a temporary disturbance in a different area of the brain. These people may have just been having a migraine headache.

    proof: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19456883

    source: I once saw a patient in the emergency room for a "migraine with neurological basis" because she was temporarily paralyzed on the entire left side of her body including the left side of her face.

    • I think it's much more than a 'migraine headache' if that were the case, first of all, they would have said that.. 'cause it makes it sound so 'safe' – but they said it was possible mini strokes for them, at least the one on the last video.. second, still doesn't explain why this is happening so much.. still some other 'X factor..' goin' on here.. something that perhaps regular medical science can't quite explain…

      • I do see that they did attribute migraine headaches to this… but since when do headaches cause such symptoms?! Strokes, yeah.. but still, we don't know what is behind all these incidents.. and why there are so many all of a sudden.. no coincidence there it seems..

  37. I have also noticed A TON of misspelled words on TV and the Internet – more than usual. Maybe not related, but who knows.

    • That's interesting.. I just saw someone's Twitter account today too, which was about aliens.. and everything is misspelled and it seems to be almost making fun of this stuff.. let me see if I can find it, make your own judgment..

      Okay.. I can't find it right now.. but if you come across it, you will probably know what I mean.. it has a picture of a guy, 'nerdy looking' on purpose with a tie.. and glasses.. just kinda strange how everything is misspelled and coded with numbers, strange characters..

    • Sarah Connor on

      What's up faithful??? I was looking for someone to share this with and here you are! I know you will appreciate. I just watched this 2.5 hr documentary that is unbelievable!!!!!! It is coming from the Christian/biblical perspective, and is completely exposing the things that VC has so diligently been doing himself here for quite sometime now……Illuminati/Masonry/Pop Culture/Mystery Schools/Luciferism etc…. I am still in awe right now, as I just finished it, but this is one seriously important piece of work!!! I cannot recommend it enough!!!! I may disagree with a slight point here or there, but don't we always? No one has it all figured out just yet. Not that I have seen anyways.

      The Power Behind the NWO" – Megiddo Films

      Oh yeah….Lady Gaga is even at the end….so appropriate! In her little egg/chrysalis and then some.


      Thanks to VC for helping to open my eyes to some of this stuff!!!! Bless you!

  38. mousy tongue on

    Could it be that similair "malfunctions" are occurring in the population at large, but we focus on these cases because they involve reporters during live broadcasts?

    • QuitYourJibbaJabba on

      Population at large? Let's be real…ask yourself which person or persons talk gibberish to you like those news reporters?

    • That was actually one of the first things that crossed my mind after watching the videos of the anchors' gibberish! I was going to comment that it was probably just Jim Carrey doing it to them while backstage, but didn't want to sound insensitive. :-/

  39. VC i believe you made an AWEsome and significant connection. The power of words, unbeknownst but especially not on everyones priority list, is So extremely important and relevant to the human condition, especially at the moment.

    Where as , the power of words said by humans can be enlightening, healing and cause a positive shift in the general cosmic unified universal energy…. words that are manipulated, straight out false or not really adding anything positive to the universe will be blocked. These people were simply experiencing that and most of all it is a lesson to those observing and now commenting up on it.

    WE CANNOT continue to support , LISTEN to or SAY deragatory things about others and what's more we cannot continue to manifest this culture of shallow and false news reporting … humanity's focus can no longer be on insignificant subjects… it's about helping others, sharing with others, sharing your love without pride or expectation and with a soft heart…

    • I totally agree, that's kinda what I was saying in my comments.. glad someone else came up with it too.. those that wanna deny this will say anything, but the Truth will come out no matter what.. and whatever must happen so that in the end everything is positive and uplifting will happen.. if that makes sense.. we are seeing it here.. mystical stuff in action..

  40. I just watched the videos. Yep, it's Wernicke's aphasia, exactly the same as the examples of Wernicke's aphasia they showed us on videos in class. The question is why are more people getting this? Could it be the effects of all the chemicals people are dumping in the environment? I used to get migraine headaches as often as monthly, very severe and with a preceding aura. I did an elimination diet and found them to be caused by nitrites (in lunch meat, bacon, etc unless it is the natural no-nitrite kind). Since I cut out nitrites 5 years ago the migraines quit cold turkey and never came back! So in my opinion, an elimination diet is a good place to start.. ok I just went off on a totally different subject…

  41. I first saw the last video on here a while ago.. very strange.. I made a joke and said that the clones programming is breaking down.. but I say it's all that lying they're all doing.. can't last forever! If we look at it a mystical way.. the Spirit is preventing all the lies from being further propagated.. I don't know, it's the strangest, yet most fascinating thing.. something is breaking down.. but I don't think it's necessarily bad.. all of them are okay.. but if you notice, all of them are in the public eye, most of them broadcast journalists.. a lot of them just reporting what they're told.. but if their minds have been so 'programmed' for so long and if that is breaking down somehow mysteriously, that would explain this.. remember, "There are more things on Heaven and E=arth than are dreamt of in our philosophy..' Shakespeare said that in Hamlet..

    • Oh yeah, a little off topic, but kinda related.. 'cause I saw it when I went to see that video link someone posted on Britney.. what's going on with Youtube today? It says 'Youtube 1911???!!!??' Going back in time now…?? What does that refer to I wonder..

      • K, it's an April Fool's Joke.. it's just kinda weird.. Youtube is celebrating it's '100th Year Anniversary' we alrdy know it hasn't been around that long (or has it…???? ;^) so it's kinda a silly joke.. but okay.. I'll give it to them for trying..

  42. Hello, i'm ivo and I'm a stutterer (not so much rightnow, but i stuttered a lot in the past) and to me it seems that these reporters had because of stress or something a little stuttering, but with the judge i don't know, she flipped out simply

    • glitcheshappen on

      @ daniel

      Exactly! Sometimes people flip out or stutter or confuse themselves or panic or stress out, etc and : a messy speech that makes no sense for a few seconds CAN be the result!

      Nobody wants to control Judge Judy!

      If somehow MANY MORE people talk gibberish, on live television… like maybe a few hundred or thousand people… almost all during the same period of time, like maybe a week or two… THEN maybe we can suspect strange, mysterious mind-control activities going on…

  43. I didn't read through all of the comments to know if someone posted this comment-on the first video at the 50 second mark there are notes like a piano and red marks where the notes are played: it had

    d dm d7

    eb ebm eb7

    e em e7

    f fm f7

    wonder if that had something to do with it???? Too wierd.

    • That is highly interesting.. of in the words of Spock, 'fascinating' – maybe it's the coded messages to the ET's… kidding, but you never know, who knows?! But seriously, sounds do different things to the brain and also are universal symbols.. this particular one we could be reading too much into, but again, who knows? In the interesting of science and analysis, we should always investigate.. leave all possibilities open.. after all, before electricity came about, if a light suddenly turned on, would anybody believe it?! They would say it's witchcraft in the Middle Ages… the superstitions of the present are often common knowledge of the future..

    • That was weird, just looked at that again and didn't notice it was only there for a mere second… very weird.. I would not write this off as just 'coincidence' don't think it is making too much of it now that I see how it was on there.. that is very strange indeed.. thanks for transcribing those notes…

      • Actually it was there for a split second, that is so weird.. can barely freeze it.. unless you have a special program I suppose.. subliminal messages are usually there for split seconds… but this one, if that is what it is, showed up..

  44. I definitely don't think it's all a coincidence. And from my own experience, when I get nervous during a speech or something, I may stutter a few words…not an entire sentence. And I certainly don't sound like I'm speaking some strange, other-worldly language. :p Quite mysterious indeed!

    • Name (required) on

      you said the publication is "one of the worst" – what better way to nip in the bud any rumormongering then to plant the story in a gossip rag. that way the source discredits the information.

      in any case, when i heard about judy i made the connection to the newscaster i heard of who spoke gibberish, and i also associated to how the cia had experimented with drugs and certainly other ways to do all sorts of things. various david emory shows from the 80s detail the cia exposing some politician to chemicals and who knows the result but he famously broke into sobbing during a speech. and that the cia did not experiment with those chemicals abroad but in the united states. of course imagine how effective it would be to induce babel-like "speaking in tongues" to the enemy. but of course "the enemy" isn't all that well articulated.

      thanks vig.

      • I didn't mean any offence by what I posted above btw.

        I think it's very interesting! I have it pegged as 'curious coincidence' for now.

  45. @Kallahan

    Yeah that is sort of what I'm saying, I'm just saying that it's not that uncommon of a thing to have Wernicke's aphasia, which is the symptom that they are displaying. Speech clinics regularly treat people with this problem. I work with kids though, not adults. It's not the kind of thing you really see very often just going about town so I can see where it would be shocking to people who haven't been exposed to it before. When we saw several cases of Wernicke's on video in graduate school they were usually older individuals in their 60s, 70s and above who had the condition due to a stroke. So yeah I guess you could say it's a strange occurrence since the people in the video are all younger. But I just wanted to point out that there is a name for this deficit.

    p.s. I hope VC does an article on Katy Perry's E.T. video soon!!

    • Didn't see the comment above by Wesmo, but this just proves it more.. the part in that link I just posted specifically related to this article is this part:

      It's under the first major paragraph: I. APPLICATION OF MILITARY FREQUENCY WEAPONRY

      The important part:

      "…. Around mid-1984 this presence diminished considerably, and some of the protesters who were outside the base started claiming that they were being irradiated from the base because of physical problems they were unable to link to any other source. This was reported in Electronics Today magazine in 1985. The symptoms ranged from skin burns to headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times,

      bouts of temporary paralysis, faulty speech coordination, and in one case circulatory failure severe enough to require hospitalization.

      Such a complex series of symptoms fits well with severe EM field exposure. The Ministry Of Defence (MOD) denied that any harmful electromagnetic signal was being used against the women, but did not deny that an electromagnetic signal may be in use which, if below lOmW/cm2, would not, under UK guidelines, be officially acknowledged as harmful. In other words, they lied."

      • Sorry for posting so much, but I think it is relevant to the discussion.. this line is also in that above article I referenced above…

        "Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual dis- tortion or disorientation. They are silent, and counter- measures to them may be difficult to develop."

        Sound/look familiar..? Maybe as somebody said in one of the comments above.. they are 'testing' these weapons on the broadcasters to see what happens… I don't know, or just by dint of them being so close to communications satellites and all that, they were hit with bursts of these signals/energies..

    • @raphael

      In that link, they confirm that one of the people suffers from seizures. So that leaves us with only 3 (not 4) people who are supposedly "attacked" by mind-controlled glitches……….

      I wonder how they are programmed in the first place? I imagine that the some behind the scenes people play with some telepathic-technological-illumminati voodooo dolls to control the people who appear in front of the camera………….?

      I suppose these news people have no self control? They are forever programmed glitchy messes……….?

      • I don't know exactly how they do it and to be honest with you I don't even want to get that much into detail. One thing is for sure: they don't use voodoo dolls. But as far as mind control goes, the equipment required to do just that is not that expensive or hard to get: hallucinogenic substances, cattle prods, tasers, rfid implants, radio transmitters and of course a couple of trained handlers. There is a book written by an ex handler (I think) which explains much better how they do it. It is not for the faint of heart so be careful, especially if you suspect something might have been done to you.

        As for the seizure girl, I'm sorry but I don't buy the explanation. If she was known to suffer from seizures she would have never been hired as an anchor woman. I know first hand the regulations are very strict when it comes to live tv.

      • glitcheshappen on

        @ Raphael

        Are you suggesting that all pop stars and TV people agree to receiving hallucinogenic substances, cattle prods, tasers, rfid implants, etc? They want to be mind-controlled?

        If not, how is the mind-control performed without these people's consent?? It's ridiculous.

        People get tired or sick sometimes and COULD talk gibberish… it does NOT mean that they are all brain-washed programmed zombies that are not even responsible for their own actions.

      • No, they are not completely aware of what's happening with them because they are 'trained' in a 'dreamy' state of mind, which is a state of light hypnosis. If you watch carefully most of the stars eyes you will notice the 'empty stare', (their eyes look empty, like they are stoned or drunk) even kids-stars have it – that is the clear indication of that dreamy state. We are also being conditioned to adopt their neuro-linguistic programming codes (google NLP). Words like dream (American dream, Dream Works, California Dreaming etc.), rainbow (Over the Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz, Reading Rainbow, skittles rainbow, pony rainbow, etc), butterfly, magic etc. are all programming cues. To 'ride the rainbow' for example means to dissociate (to switch to a different personality) when you are subjected to electroshock.

        The book I was talking about is called The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave and it's written by Fritz Springmeier. Vigilant has it at the 'Educate Yourself' section. If you ignore the religious dissertations of the author (which I find exaggerated) the book is a mind blowing eye opener for any responsible citizen.

  46. I think there's a valid point being made here, but to say "Spontaneous-gibberish-talking is not the symptom of any known illness" is just not accurate.

    Whether or not it has anything to do with the videos shown here, these kinds of symptoms and behaviors could be linked to several illnesses, both physical and mental. Just a few of the examples could be stroke (mini (TIA), or otherwise), dementia, brain tumors, diabetes-related (hypo or hyper-glycemic episodes) "shock", Alzheimer's, meningitis and other inflammatory brain disorders that can be viral or bacterial, and so on.

    Exhaustion and fatigue can always be a huge factor, too, as we all can probably relate to. Remember that sleep deprivation is one of the major tactics used in any MK or military interrogation scenario. When you don't get enough sleep for long periods of time, your brain starts firing off in crazy ways. It works very well in torture situations at making the victims unable to distinguish reality from delusions, even more effective than hallucinogenic drugs, if done for a long enough period of time – it literally alters hormone levels and brain chemistry (serotonin, melatonin, etc.) in very dramatic (and traumatic) ways.

    And as far as mental disorders, this sort of thing is very common – one thing in particular that jumps out at me as I read this would be not so much the "disorders" themselves necessarily, but the DRUGS that are given to "treat" them – namely SSRI "antidepressants" – which are widely known to induce altered mental states ranging from confusion, aggression, hallucinations, homicidal and suicidal ideation and actions…not to mention just plain ol' nonsensical rambling.

    I would say that far more people are victims of SSRI-induced mind control than the much smaller number of actual trauma-based "MK" Monarch victims.


    Food for thought.

  47. they are having a stroke!!! -_____-

    why would THESE people be under mind control… -______-

    i know other artists are but not these guys

    srsly ppl -______-

  48. Who the fuck are these assholes coming here talking about "they're having a stroke or a migraine"? A STROKE? What the fuck? Do you think I'm a fuckin idiot? You're telling me that three fucking reporters in their early 30's MAXIMUM had strokes live on the air in less than a month? Shut the fuck up with that bullshit you disinformation asssholes!

    Your bullshit "stroke" theory is, in actuality, the nutball "conspiracy theory", if you ask me. Why do you even defend this thesis with such vehemence? Why do you care? Are you paid to be here and talk about bullshit "stroke" theories?

    A teleprompter error? THEIR JOB IS TO READ THE FUCKIN TELEPROMPTER. How can they fuck this up? THAT IS ALL THEY DO. If the prompter was having troubles, why would they keep mumbling shit and making asses of themselves? They would just stop reading and start saying something else THAT IS COHERENT. And why would some of them be rushed to the hospital? That girl outside reporting……SHE DOESN'T HAVE A TELEPROMPTER. SHE'S OUTSIDE. So your bullshit teleprompter story is a FAIL.

    Dont fucking come here, talking down to people, making people feeling dumb for questioning what is happening. Your fuckin "there's nothing to see here theory" is 0% more likely than any other. You know absolutely NOTHING more than other people here, so shut the fuck up.

    • Hey Bimmy,

      Although I totally disagree with the use of profanities, you've been the most eloquent yet. Bravo!

    • glitcheshappen on

      @ Bimmy

      Watch Vigilant not delete your comment (even though it's full of curse words) because you are still so supportive of this mind-control theory.

      Can people not feel tired, sick or nervous anymore? Must we all be perfect, otherwise it means we are having mind-control program glitches???

      If the "stroke" thing people brought up bothers you so much then FINE, OK! They are NOT having a stroke in their 30s! You could be right about that. BUT can the TV people not feel extra stressed, ever never? Can they not naturally mess up, sometimes???? Is it so weird and wrong to feel out of it and talk gibberish for a few seconds?????


      • Actually, VC wrote that he does not believe it is mind control. If you can't even properly read and understand a very short article, I am not sure I can trust your opinion on anything else.

        VC just placed these videos and asked a legitimate question. You're here blasting anyone who is trying to contribute to the conversation. Your guess is a good as anyone else's and your theory is as good as any other. Not superior. So stop flaming people here.

  49. What do all these situations have in common? Were they all surrounded by powerful microwave transmission equipment? It's all just electrical impulses in the brain, ever see noise on the TV screen when you turn on the toaster or something? Perhaps it is the same tyhpe of thing.

    Whatever the specifics are I think we can all agree there is a disruption of the connection between the mouth and brain.

  50. I can't believe no one else has brought this up, but here's one scenario of what might be going on that comes to mind:

    What if the tv personalities are being used as unwitting demonstration guinea pigs for some sort of electromagnetic and/or microwave device? Or low-frequency device? (Ever hear of the 'brown note'? There's a frequency scientists discovered about 50 or 60 years ago that causes the sphincter to loosen and everyone in the proper vicinity to lose their bowels. Other frequencies can do other things…some can be beneficial, others can be downright nasty.) On-air reporters would make a good demonstration–you know when they are going to speak (and they are well-spoken, professional speakers not likely to screw up), because they are cued, and making a professional meltdown in public would make a good demo, wouldn't it? I mean, hey, if you're trying to sell something, you've just proven it works.

    And all you folks that say that it's a teleprompter glitch…I can promise you that's not it. By profession, I'm a local print news reporter/editor in a small Pennsylvania city, and I run into the TV folks at press conferences and events quite often. I also have a friend that is a retired local producer/editor for CBS in NYC. If the teleprompter goes down or there's another technical glitch during a broadcast, the reporter does NOT go into meltdown, at least, not ones that remain employed. Sorry, news is a tough business, and if you don't produce, if you can't think on your feet, if you act screwy, if you suddenly develop a speech impediment, you're gone.

    The US Gov't does come to mind, but a rogue element can't be ruled out either, whether some secret, possibly unauthorized CIA project, or some crazy foreign or domestic fanatic group. I really have no idea, but the idea that all TV news personalities are products of MK Ultra or of a reptilian race just doesn't wash. They do, pretty much without exception, work for large media outlets that are in turn owned by huge global corporate interests that would rather the public not question what they do–hence, the crap that passes for 'news' on TV.

    So that's my thought, and it bugs me a bunch, though being a print journalist, and quite small time at that, I am not terribly worried that I'm next. But seeing four pros go down in less than 3 months, in virtually identical episodes that have NO PRECEDENT as far as I can tell? In a field where there is next to no tolerance for screwing up? Something's up, and it isn't good.

    Oh, almost forgot–one of the common side effects of electromagnetic devices, along with certain low frequencies is a headache, often with other symptoms that are very migraine aura-like, such as doubled vision, stomach upsets, dizziness, etc. Convenient, isn't it?

    • The idea of testing frequencies would certainly seem to chime* with that split-second image of a range of musical notes….

      *no pun intended.

  51. If it is just someone messing up, like we all do, then why are they explaining it as migraine aura or other medical ailments? Or, in Judge Judy's case she had to be taken in the middle of taping a show to be checked out at a hospital–that's not just a flub. In all of these vids it seems like they are all doing the same types of things–the stuttering then nonsensical speaking all from people who were talking very coherently just before. These people are trained speakers, professionals at public speaking–but they looked and sounded like robots with short circuit issues. This seems so unnatural. They probably do work a lot of hours and get tired and make mistakes, suffer from exhaustion maybe, but these are wierd occurrences. Maybe someone else here knows more about strokes, but I thought strokes rendered a person unable to speak or barely able to slur and mumble–they were speaking words and phrases but not making any sense. Migraines can do strange things to a person–but this? Does anyone here have much experience with them or knowledge about them. I've had few, the kind with aura, the painfully numbing kind, occular, and the kind that make you throw up–but nothing like what these people were doing–but maybe migraines could cause this?? I don't know that much about them, just what I had to experience myself. Anyone buying the migraine theory? Seems sorta plausible.

  52. Someone mentioned Katy Perry's ET video previously–so disturbing/disgusting. Seems like a lot of the pop music people use similar computery-space shipy, techno-synthesizing sounding music (sorry I don't know the proper terms to describe it). It sounds like it's off key also or distorted. And, yet millions(?) will like it. We are too willing to treasure garbage. Really sorry if I offend someone here that likes it, but it's just really bad, meaning-actually really bad.

  53. Sword 0f Damocles on

    You know this has been happening to me all this week and some of last week. I wonder what it is too, could be some kind of misalignment in spiritual energy. Dunno.

  54. I, like VC, severely doubt it's mind control. Yes they're public figures, but not THAT public. Nobody says "I wanna be just like Judge Judy!" NO they say "I wanna be like Rihanna or Beyonce or Eminem or Jay-Z or Katy Perry!"

    Speaking of Katy Perry, saw her E.T. video…terrifying. I was only skeptical of the whole "alien" conspiracy thing AND/OR Hollywood's involvement…it is terrifyingly real now, folks. Anybody have some good resources for looking into Illuminati covering up extra terrestrials (OR the other theory that Illuminati is going to FAKE an alien attack to further their depopulation agenda)?

    For me, Katy Perry's video is an omen, a sign, and an Illuminati calling card. They have now BLATANTLY stepped out into the light with this alien stuff, pushing aliens to the forefront of America's mind through books, movies, and now music. They are committed now, they are pushing the gears forward on this mission, and it's only a matter of time now. If we hear anything on the mainstream media about "POSSIBLE ALIEN CONTACT" in the next year, well…start digging a very deep hole.

      • As a Christian, I believe in demonic and angelic forces. People think it's weird, or stupid, but just like with this Illuminati stuff, it's something you have to approach with an open mind, and if you don't, well, don't believe it!

        As for aliens, I'm on the fence. I think we would be foolish to believe that we are alone in this universe. Many people think aliens would directly contradict any notion of God but that's not true, it would only be another wondrous thing to add to the list. People say "well God said He made us after His own image" usually as an attack on evolution theory(/fact) and that's the worst, most spiritually dead way to look at it. When God says He made us from His image, it involves the body, mind, spirit. There is a physical form, a will, and then a spirit within. Obviously it's not like one of those dolls that you pop one open and find a smaller one inside of a smaller one inside of a smaller one. Just that those three components make up…us. And also, that because we are made in His image, we can walk in power, just as Jesus did. He was man who worked in the glory of God like no one else before Him, so that we could walk in that same Christ power.

        And to the people who do not believe that, I am NOT starting a debate, just merely speaking out to those who are like-minded. If you find you are not a part of that group, don't worry about it. I'm not speaking to you. I'd be a fool to witness of VG. I pick my battles, and they're usually within my sphere of influence. This…is not anywhere near that sphere.

    • After reading your comment I decided to watch the E.T. video, and I have to say I am shocked beyond belief. I mean, this isn't secret or hidden anymore. They're pulling it out from the 'laughingstock realm' and pushing it to the forefront as you said. The worst part was the scene showing the reptilian eyes. No wait, I take it back. The worst part was that insipid jackass Kanye West. But that grey, the reptilian eyes and that Nordic at the end were UNBELIEVABLE.

      I was so shocked that I googled anything else I could find on the video and found an interview of Katy Perry commenting on the song. According to Katy, the song is not about a human. It's about some hot alien guy who lives on some distant planet along with other hot alien guys who happen to secretly visit Earth. So my suspicions were right. The video just confirms everything. The song and video are promoting and normalizing sexual contact with "handsome" aliens, like, oh I don't know, Pleiadians/Nordics/Venusians/Anunnaki aka fallen angels. Potato/Potatoe, right?

  55. Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

    By Tom Leonard

    Last updated at 12:03 AM on 2nd April 2011

    A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame.

    In four high-profile cases, the latest involving fast-talking Judge Judy, the presenters have started off speaking properly but have then descended into undecipherable nonsense – looking confused and unstable. …….

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372538/A

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372538/A


    i think it might have to do with the fact that they are supposed to directly read off of teleprompters.

  57. Anybody else see Bruce Almighty? This is just like the scene when Jim Carrey made Steve Carrell talk gibberish on live television…

    These poor reporters! Did you see their faces as they ended their speech? They were mortified and almost confused as to why their mouth didn't utter the right words. This is strange…

    I would have said brain malfunction of sorts… but it happened to so many news casters. WTF?

  58. Dam! i just watched that Britney Spears interview with Diane Sawyer

    and isit just me or does it look like she switches into another personality that says

    " Oh weird hello? … " and then back to the first personality that says

    " yeah it was a weird time …"

  59. Here is a a link to a DAILY MAIL article on the same issue:


    In theory, I believe it is highly likely. Especially, given these chosen peoples presence on t.v. and the timing of their "breakdowns" or epileptic mishaps.

    ELF waves are very serious in terms of human brain -spirit connection, and their is a plethora of patens and papers written on the subject, even though it is not talked about in school. If the Military has been ramping up their involvement in such projects, which I believe they have with all the chem trail spraying going and what not (along with advances in microwave technology), whcih has the added effect of increase radio wave effectiveness, then we are all in for a world of hurt.

    I truely believe that the latest charlie sheen episode was caused by this, along with a mix of highly pscychoactive drugs that Charlie has knowledge, or doesn't have knowledge of taking.

  60. Is it weird that i couldn't stop laughing at the videos.

    In the second video the woman looked so serious while she was talking gibberish as if she was actually making sense, then she pauses and it looks like she's saying 'and now i'll pass it on to…' but in reality she's speaking gibberish…freaky

  61. People in the media industry gets paid if they read what they are told, correctly… if they think, there is no paycheck! it is actually very simple… forget about demons… maybe its just a promotion test or, the telepromter just happen to work incorrectly… jaja

  62. Gimme an "H"

    Gimme an "A"

    Gimme an "A"

    Gimme an"R"

    Gimme a "P"

    Put 'em together and what have you got? Low frequency microwaves in your brain!

  63. Hmmm, anyone out there remember "Conspiracy Theory" w/ Mel Gibson?

    Now I gotta wonder if Mel was subsequently an early test subject in real life; (to insure he's out of the running for Governor or US President?)

    And of-course permanent collateral (brain) damage is always acceptable to a government.

    (Re: Mel has never really recovered to what he was before the run-ins w/ the cops).

  64. It ain't fish for sure. Sociopaths without conscience, soulless creatures would be the key word. I wouldn't want to be one of them.

  65. You guys are retarded, it's impossible for it to be MK or mind control just like VC said because their all 30+. MK usually starts in the early years, and most victims start to crack (like britney) around 30.

    • oh wait, keyboard strokes….strokes? they were some form of strokes? but why? what was causing them?

  66. "Judge Judy, 4th to Talk Gibberish On Air"

    only 4 people have spoken gibberish on air?? I see it every time I switch the TV on :)

  67. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! The sheeple are being forced to hear what i have been hearing for years now. lol

  68. When it comes to mind control (trauma based or other types) they are in every profession, most often they are not detectable. They each have a purpose….. do your research.

    I am not sure about it "breaks down" at 30 is true as there are many older politicians under mind control. The brain is complex and when you have been messing with its circuitry, as in the case of mind control, strange things can happen. Every brain is different…some fall apart some do not.

    I think we have to realize that we (unless we are in on it) will not be able to fully understand these bizarre occurrences…so I do not get the whole debating and arguing.

    The important thing is keep watch, discern and research. There is an agenda unfolding that I know for sure, figure it out before it is too late.

  69. Anyone else notice a flash of another screen at :50 in the first video? I paused it and it was a picture of piano keys with a letter and number over them and some keys were red(looked like a code that likely could be used in mind control). On the other side of the screen there were little icons that had titles such as "Norton Security Scan," and "In the Eye." Coincidence, eye think not!

  70. I'm pretty sure sometimes they just have a massive blank and don't know what to say, like happens to most of us on occasion. And because they're on air, they can't just say nothing because that would make it worse and more awkward.

    Or as someone said problems with the teleprompter!

  71. Umm… wow. I cannot agree with you this time, VC. You can't just say "incoherent babbling isn't a sign of any disorder" and just have it be true, just because you want it to be. This happens to some people when they have strokes, and it IS one of the characteristics.

    I really like this site, and I would hope that you, as well as other readers realize how easy it is for people to read sites like this and pull out the "You're crazy," cards on us. Let's try to keep our facts super tight here before that happens.

  72. Judge Judy is a Demented Obnoxious Rich Bitch that's so in love with herself that she never shuts her Mouth so others can state their case …..

  73. Yeah it's just a joke. Everybody knows that at least a couple of TV personalities have a stroke on air every month. Just business as usual. Perfectly normal.

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    For more information on the once in a lifetime opportunity call 1800-YA-DREAMIN

  74. what government disinformation service do you work for?

    In 65 years I have never even HEARD of a TV personality stroke on live TV (or radio).

    Now 4 in what, 2 weeks?? Somethin stinks and it ain't fish.

  75. So, we're all saying that mind controlled programming and remote brain wave government warping machines can happen and DO happen…….

    but we're not willing to believe that people can have strokes on T.V.?

    It's getting kind of stupid in here, and I don't like this bandwagoning that's going on. I'm as much of a VC fan (and Alex Collier fan, just to go one step further) as anyone on here, but come on. Before JUMP, let's LOOK. This isn't the way to get people to wake up. It's a way to get them to laugh. :