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Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/20

In this edition of SPOTM: Bad Bunny being a good bunny for the elite, Harry Styles’ weird styles, Lamborghini’s terrible ad campaign, and The Economist releases yet another cryptic cover.



Bad Bunny was recently featured in a photoshoot for Paper magazine and the whole thing was just pure elite agenda. Here, he is doing a one-eye sign while showing off his new press-on nails. Yup, if you want that spotlight, you have to push that gender blurring agenda.

Here, he uses a shiny thing to make another one-eye sign. Also, there’s a snake surrounding his head, a great way of symbolizing how the elite controls him.

Here, he’s doing a dumb face while wearing a “mask”. However, this mask clearly does not protect against anything. So why is he even wearing it? A message to the elite: Stop trying to make masks fashionable. It’s not happening.

A poster boy for the elite’s agenda: A long-nailed, one-eyed, face-masked mess with zero space for personality and self-expression.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place last month. This is the cover of Vogue Poland featuring model Anja Rubik. The fact that the words “Women of Power” are above the one-eye sign – (the ultimate sign of submission to the elite) is quite ironic.

Same magazine (Vogue), same sign (one-eye), different country (Greece).

This is the cover of Vogue Paris featuring Léa Seydoux who was also featured in last month’s SPOTM. Of course, she’s doing a blatant one-eye sign. Furthermore, Léa is also “channeling” Marilyn Monroe in an entire photoshoot. As explained in previous articles, every representative of the Beta Kitten system in pop culture must “channel” Marilyn Monroe at one point or another in their career. Why? Because Monroe is the ultimate prototype of the Beta Kitten slave.

James Charles, another poster boy of the gender-blurring agenda poses on the cover of Vogue Portugal. Of course, one eye is hidden.

Gavi is the “Vaccine Alliance” that is mainly funded by Bill Gates (read my article about it here). On Gavi’s website, there’s an article about using antidepressant pills to treat COVID. Above the article is a big, fat 666/one-eye sign. 

Hailey Bieber made the same exact sign to promote her husband’s (Justin Bieber) clothing brand.

Zendaya made the exact same sign in Essence magazine.

She also did another one-eye sign in the same photoshoot to make sure you understand that there is nothing random here – just blatant signaling. 

Charlotte Rampling also had to do the one-eye sign in Fashion magazine. And she doesn’t appear too happy about it.

The website of C6 Bank (Brazil) welcomes visitors with a big, fat one-eye sign. Banks love to showcase the fact that they’re owned by the elite.

Lamborghini released a bizarre ad campaign that featured young girls posing in front of cars. When people got mad about it, the campaign got scrapped. 

Why does this campaign send off child trafficking vibes?

What do children have to do with $100,000+ sports cars?

In the August edition of SPOTM, I a similar ad by Audi which featured a toddler eating a banana. The ad was also scrapped after some complaints. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re dog-whistling a specific elite crowd that likes children for all of the wrong reasons.

Speaking of eating bananas in a suggestive matter, Harry Styles is back at wearing outfits your aunt Mabel would wear. Last month, Styles wore a dress in Vogue magazine, prompting Candace Owens to say “Bring back manly men”. Then, Styles “responded” with this photoshoot in Variety magazine under the thunderous applause of mass media propagandists. The sad reality is that Styles did not “respond” to anything. He’s an industry pawn and he’s doing what he’s told. He was chosen to push the gender-blurring agenda and he has to wear these ridiculous outfits until his handlers say it’s enough.

Every end of year, the elite-owned The Economist publishes a cryptic and very symbolic cover (I’ve thoroughly analyzed the 2015, 2017, and 2019 editions) This year’s cover features a slot machine with pictograms representing things that could happen in 2021. In an accompanying article, The Economist says that next year will be ruled by “chance”. Will we wear masks in 2021? Will the economy recover? Will America remain divided? Will we panic about global warming? Reality check: There’s zero “chance” in any of these things. The elite controls the narrative and it enforces it through mass media. In other words, this slot machine is rigged.

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