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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/20

In this edition of SPOTM: Cardi B, Katy Perry, Netflix appealing to “child lovers” and more proof that the occult elite is trying to turn the world into a dystopian nightmare.



For the last couple of years, Katy Perry has been stuck in this weird phase reserved to industry pawns characterized by bizarre behavior and humiliating events. The photoshoot promoting her new album Smile is 100% consistent with this theme. In this pic, the pie conveniently makes a one-eye sign, indicating that she is owned by the occult elite and this is part of her deal as an industry slave.

No dignity for Katy. As explained in my 2017 article What is Happening With Katy Perry?, she’s in the “humiliation” phase of her career.

In the Smile music video, a very pregnant Katy is dressed as a literal clown, with a forced smile and all. Remember when Beyoncé was portrayed as some kind of goddess when she was pregnant? Katy is the opposite. Also, the weird video she posted about her baby’s nursery make me somewhat worried about that unborn child’s future.

Netflix posters keep ending up in SPOTM because that company is an elite propaganda machine. But this month, Netflix outdid itself in its depravity. This is the official poster of the movie Cuties. It consists of scantily clad 11-year-old girls in a variety of provocative positions, including one that is outright twerking. The agenda of sexualizing minors is in full force.

Some media sources flew to the rescue of Cuties, stating that it was written by a French woman of African descent and so forth… It did not watch this thing (I don’t really intend to) but it is 100% clear that the people at Netflix went out of their way to sexualize these girls. Faced with the immediate backlash, Netflix promptly apologized and replaced the poster. But it was too late, it is out there now. And that’s maybe exactly what they wanted.

Here’s another weirdly pedophilic ad by a major company that was released this month to then be removed with apologizes. And, again, it was too late because it was already all over the web. This ad for an Audi sportscar is captioned “Let your heart beat faster – in every aspect” (whatever that means). It features a little girl posing in front of the red car wearing sunglasses and holding a banana – a fruit that is rather phallic. I have absolutely no idea what this ad is trying to convey except dog-whistling rich pedos. Some people also observed that the girl was in a very dangerous location as a car driver would not see the little girl and would run her over. In short, this ad is bad – in every aspect. And I believe they knew exactly what they were doing.

Of course, the one-eye sign was all over mass media this month. This is Cardi B on the cover of ELLE. She is fully being used to push the elite’s agenda these days. An article about her music video WAP is coming soon because, well, I just have to.

A ritualistic veil and the sign of secrecy: Elite pawn.

NBC News chose a rather symbolic pic in its article about the husband of Kamala Harris. One eye is hidden by a curtain. The elite behind the scenes.

This article by the Wallstreet Journal also uses a very symbolic pic. The one-eyed elite controls your technology.

Top Photo Neox is a Spanish contest show for photographs and influencers. In this promo poster, the one-eye sign sends off a specific message: “Influencers are actively recruited and used by the elite”.

Speaking of elite-owned “influencers”, this is a recent pic of Kim Kardashian and Allison Statter promoting some kind of garbage. Of course, the one-eye sign is an obligation.

Still speaking of influencers, 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio is Tik Tok’s biggest star with over 70 million followers. Like most Tik Tokers, she became famous by posting videos of her dancing and doing faces. You better believe she’s being recruited to do the one-eye sign while selling garbage as well.

This is the poster of a series appropriately titled Don’t Look Deeper. If you looked deeper, you’d realize that Quibi is a streaming service founded by an ex-Disney executive who raised over $1.75 billion (billion = 1000 x 1 million) to create this platform and to recruit major stars such as Chrissy Teigen. In other words, it is yet another streaming platform owned by the occult elite.

Speaking of a streaming platform owned by the occult elite, Disney + recently released Beyoncé’s Black is King. I’ve received several requests for an in-depth analysis but I feel that this image sums everything up. Black is King is a continuation of the racial division and segregation agenda in popular culture. It is about the removal of black people from the American experience to “rewire” them towards a globalist culture based on a “Disney-fied” and fictional depiction of Africa.

This article in Vogue Paris says: “In this time of uncertainty, here’s how you can ask things to the moon”. The one-eye sign in the header image indicates that this is more elite-sponsored nonsense designed to keep people away from the truth. I’m not an astrologer, but I’m pretty sure that the rock that is stuck in the Earth’s orbit can’t do anything about your credit card debt.

This Time Magazine cover is titled “The K-Pop Band That Conquered the World”. The guy in the middle makes a devil horns hand sign. The guy on the far right also makes are more subtle one. I guess we know why BTS conquered the world.

This is how the elite actually conquered the world. Children are currently going back to a very different school – one that is sad, restrictive, and dehumanizing. A great number of young children are now forced to wear masks during the day (is that good for developing brains?) and many are placed in literal cages. This is a picture of a classroom in Thailand.

The dystopian future is now. This is how you kill the human spirit.

Schools have changed all over the world. This pic was taken in Texas, one of the places that resisted the most to drastic COVID-related measures. Even there, children are subjected to drastic social distancing measures that are bound to leave profound scars and deeply affect their development. This madness needs to stop ASAP.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.

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