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Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/19

In this edition of SPOTM: Pete Davidson, Harry Styles, two kids from Stranger Things, Taylor Swift and Netflix losing its damn mind.



Pete Davidson was recently featured in Paper magazine’s “Break the Internet” Issue and the photoshoot was … emasculating. Like, literally. In these highly symbolic pics, Davidson is depicted as a plastic Ken doll and is surrounded by objects reminiscent of childhood. The entire thing is drenched in Monarch mind control symbolism. In this pic, Pete stands on a dualistic checkerboard floor – a staple of MK symbolism.

Here, Davidson is portrayed as a young boy as he sits on a race car bed. Amongst the toys, we can see all kinds of pills, alluding to the drugging and dissociation of an MK slave. On Davidson’s pajama are yellow smiley faces with long creepy fingers hiding the eyes – more MK symbolism. We can also notice that the window and the closet are drawn onto the wall, hinting that Davidson lives in a fake environment where he is reduced to the state of a drugged-up child.

Davidson leans on a mother figure/sexual partner (it’s ambiguous) who is also a plastic doll. In MK programming, slaves have “mother figures” name Grand Dames who are often MK slaves themselves. Davidson stares into the void, completely out of it.

Here, the Grand Dame steps on Davidson’s (nonexistent) private parts – more emphasis on emasculation. There are straps on his outfit, hinting to the fact that he is restrained and forced to withstand this abuse. In the sky, the clouds are in the shape of broken hearts. This might be a reference to Davidson’s relationships with girls who happen to be high-level elite pawns: Ariana Grande and, now, the 18-year-old model Kaia Gerber (the daughter of Cindy Crawford).

A closeup on a shoe on Davidson’s parts. They really want you to get the message that he is being emasculated. This is a vital part of today’s elite agenda. Want more proof? I got about 47 more proofs.

Harry Styles is deeply into the emasculation/gender-blurring agenda. In this photoshoot for The Guardian, the title says “I am not sprinkling in sexual ambiguity to be interesting”. No, it is because you are forced to.

In this other pic, Styles wears a dress with a look on his face saying “What am I doing with my life?”.

The photoshoot also included Styles making a big, fat, obvious, one-eye sign to make sure you understand that this dress-wearing stuff is pure elite agenda.

This is Finn Wolfhard, the kid from Stranger Things. Look at what they are doing to him. LOOK. This is what the industry does to young people. In this pic, he wears women’s clothing and, as an added accessory, an “Illuminati ball” mask similar to those used in the occult elite’s “Eyes Wide Shut” orgies. He’s 16 by the way. 

Another pic of the same photoshoot with one eye hidden. He’s deep into the agenda. Not unlike other kids from Stranger Things,

Ever since Millie Bobbie Brown starred in Stranger Things at age 11, mass media has been hard at work sexualizing her. Her Instagram account is full of pics that are inappropriate for a 15-year-old (who also happens to be followed by 31 million people). In this pic, she looks like a newly divorced mom in her mid-thirties. One of the comments on that pic: “You’re only 15. Stop.”.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place last month. I can’t post all of them here because you’d be spending hours scrolling through pics of celebrities with a dumb look on their faces. However, here are the most symbolic and significant ones.

The cover art of Taylor Swift’s album Lover features a cute lil’ heart over one eye. What a cute lil’ way to indicate that she’s a cute lil’ industry slave.

She recently announced that she’ll be headlining Glastonbury festival with … yes … a one-eye sign.

While accepting her award as Billboard’s Woman of the Decade on December 12th, Swift called out George Soros and the mega-multinational-corporation Carlyle Group for buying her music rights. This unexpected name-dropping revealed some of the hidden forces behind the music industry.

This is Naomi Cambell in i-D magazine. A snake hides one of her eyes and while another one is sneaking into her dress. It sums up perfectly the life of an industry slave.

Nicole Kidman in Vogue Australia. Big, obvious one-eye sign. This person knows a lot of dark secrets of the occult elite. Research her father.

After being requested by exactly zero people, there is now an HIV-Positive sperm bank. I am not sure why this exists, but the site is all about the one-eye sign. That might explain why.

Another pic from the website describing a donor. I’d like a gallon of that sperm, please! But seriously, the site says that the donors cannot transmit HIV to the children. I really hope so.

Billie Eilish’s career took off only a few months ago and she’s already been featured on this site a bunch of times. That’s a good indication that she’s one of the current “it” girls of the industry. As I explained in my first article about her, Eilish’s entire act revolves around her being abused by unseen people. In her latest video xanny, the theme continues and gets worse. The entire video is about her having cigarettes botched in her face by unseen people. That’s the kind of abuse MK handlers do to MK slaves. It might be worth mentioning that Billie Eilish is signed with Interscope Records. Speaking of which…

The Canadian rapper Tory Lanez posted a message to Interscope records on Instagram where he threatened to expose “what’s really going on in that building”. When a fan replied “Chill bro, I aint tryna see you killed”, Tory replied “That’s the difference… I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that n***as is so scared to lose.” The rapper Juice WRLD, who recently died in mysterious circumstances, was also signed to Interscope Records.

Netflix is set to release The First Temptation of Christ, a “comedy” about Jesus Christ being gay and in a relationship with … the devil. There are jokes about Mary and Joseph being on drugs, Jesus playing with himself and being attracted to his cousin and a whole lot other insulting and blasphemous attacks on Christianity. In my article Netflix is Losing Subscribers in the US: The Untold Reason, I explained why Netflix has seen a boatload of cancellations this year. The main reason: It actively funds garbage that goes out of its way to attack specific groups of people. In other words: It is completely subjected to the occult elite’s agenda.

On the other hand, Netflix has also been promoting the “documentary” Hail Satan? which is actually an infomercial promoting the Temple of Satan. The bias is so obvious.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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