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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/18



In this edition of SPOTM: Sasha Baron Cohen, Britney Spears, a cucumber and a whole lot of people and businesses showing their submission to the occult elite.

It’s summer and everything is hot. Does that mean that the occult elite is on vacation from brainwashing the masses? Nope. As usual, the one-eye sign was everywhere last month. Here are some examples.

Sasha Baron Cohen (the guy that did Borat) stars in a new series entitled “Who is America”. The promo pics feature extra prominent one-eye signs. Here, Sasha is disguised as an ex-Israeli agent who tricks politicians into doing stupid things.

This other promo pic proves that the one-eye thing is extremely deliberate. It tells us that the show fits the agenda of the elite. Judging from the few episodes that were already released, the show is clearly custom-made to cater specific political agendas.

Rita Ora is doing her best to stay in the entertainment industry and she has to do these one-eye pics to keep getting work.

This is Shawn Mendes’ new profile pic on his social media accounts, to be seen by his millions of young followers. Gotta show who’s his boss.

As usual, the one-eye sign appeared right on the cover of a bunch of magazines worldwide, indicating elite control of mass media.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair calling her “the most popular queen of Europe”. A strain of hair strategically placed over one eye lets you know that, despite being a queen, she’s subjectem to THEM.

This is the cover if Stylist with the classic “one-eye replaced by a fake eye” bit. 

This is the cover of First Class magazine. Can somebody tell this girl that’s not how you wear a brooch? She seems to need help. But, wait, maybe it was not meant to be a sign of the elite but a fun, quirky, one-time thing.

Oh lord.

Karamo Brown – star of the Netflix series Queer Eye – on the cover of Attitude with one-eye hidden, combined with a somewhat disgusted look on his face. That’s what you need to do to get that sweet Netflix money.

Model Anna Mila Guyenz on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain hiding one-eye for absolutely no reason.

Meanwhile, this is the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in the US. Taylor Swift with one an eye covered.

Vogue India with a clever one-eye thing. So clever.

The French magazine L’Équipe celebrates the World Cup win with … a medal covering an eye. So clever.

As usual, the one-eye sign was on a bunch of ads this month.

This is an ad for a casino. At the top, it says “When they don’t know who they’re playing with”. Indeed, most people doing that sign don’t know the true nature of the occult elite they’re “playing with”. 

Britney Spears released a new perfume and this is the pic used to promote it. She’s a slave for them.

They want you to see that sign even when you open up your fridge to grab some cucumbers.

The Joel McHale show on Netflix. Yes, one-eye again. Some might say: “But wait VC relax bro and take off your tinfoil hat. Maybe it was just a one-time thing. I personally find it very fun”.

Nobody is having “fun”. This is a symbol pushed to an extreme measure to prove the hegemonic nature of mass media.

This is an ad for a shoe featuring Paris Jackson. Of course, one eye is hidden. Also, the leopard skin pattern of the shoe is associated with Beta Kitten programming. To exemplify this, the shoe covers her bare chest.

This is a poster of the movie Skyscraper. Even The Rock needs to be subjected to the one-eye thing.

The above was inspired by this poster of the 1988 movie Die Hard.

Tired of seeing one-eye signs? Here are things that are even more annoying.

Charlize Theron walks around with her adopted 6-year old SON dressed in a female onesie on which are printed butterflies. In last month’s SPOTM, another famous actress was parading around her son wearing a dress. The agenda is strong.

This is Anna Lou Castoldi, the daughter of Asia Argento, showing off on Instagram how she vandalized a bus seat in Rome. Other than the fact that this rich kid posted a pic of her defacing property funded by the taxes of hard-working people, she’s wearing a shirt that says “I want to be dead too. LOL”. This is weird, considering the fact that her mother dated Anthony Bourdain at the time of his death.

After School Satan is the Satanic Temple’s extracurricular program for public schools. There are After School Satan clubs in cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Pensacola, Washington, D.C., Tucson, Springfield, MO, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. The logo above features a devil-horned dude doing Baphomet’s “As Above, So Below” sign, while the “so below” offers candy to lure children in. One of the guy’s eyes is a spiral resembling the “boy-lover” symbol. This is happening in actual public schools, right now.

Special thanks to everyone who sent out pics.


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