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Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging



Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

Anthony Bourdain was found dead by hanging in his hotel room in France, adding to the long and baffling list of celebrities who lost their lives in this grim fashion.

Anthony Bourdain was found dead on Friday morning by his friend and French chef Eric Ripert in his room at a luxury hotel in northern France. According to the authorities, Bourdain killed himself by hanging. The exact cause of the death is still under investigation.

To many, Anthony Bourdain’s suicide is difficult to compute. He was rich, famous, and beloved by many. He had a dream job: Travelling the world and eating great food. In fact, Bourdain was in the midst of filming an episode of his CNN TV show “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” when he was found dead. Bourdain was extremely driven and always had several projects in the works. His editor recently revealed that he was actually working on a new “personal” book.

Bourdain also had an 11-year-old daughter who he often cited as a cause of his happiness. He also appeared to be infatuated with his girlfriend Asia Argento and had shown great support in the causes she championed. Only a few days before his death, Bourdain was telling IndieWire how much he was proud of his girlfriend and that he loved filming with her.

Indeed, everything about Bourdain exuded positivity, which was combined with an unquenching thirst for new goals and projects. The fact that he would abandon his daughter and scar her for life while giving up on all of his ongoing projects seems out of character.

A source close to Bourdain told People:

“I’m still in total shock of course. I just can’t believe it, and I can’t believe it would happen while he was in the middle of working. If there was one thing that was always his saving grace, it was his ability to throw himself into his work — he was never happier than when he was on some adventure or in the middle of a project, so it’s so bizarre to me, and I’m sure to many people who knew him, that of all the times, this happened when he was doing what he loved and with people he loves.”
– People, Anthony Bourdain’s Dark Side ‘Finally Overtook Him’: ‘He’d Always Managed to Outrun It,’ Says Source

Of course, as usual, only hours after death, news sources were publishing stories about his addiction problems with heroin and crack in the 1980’s … which were over 30 years ago. Also, as usual, some stories surfaced about his “demons” and his “dark side”.

“I guess the darkness just finally overtook him,” adds the source. “That’s the thing about him and he’d have been the first to say it — his dark side was always there, but it’s like the darkness was always just a few steps behind him, it was like he’d managed to outrun it, literally, with this life of far-flung adventures and everything. But it was never really gone.”
– Ibid.

Also, as usual, stories came out about how he was struggling with depression.

Intense Last Days

In the past weeks, Bourdain was particularly active as he became an outspoken advocate of the #metoo movement, along with his girlfriend Asia Argento. While presenting the best actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Argento made a scalding speech about Harvey Weinstein.

Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

Asia Argento at Cannes.

Argento said:

“In 1997, I was raped by Harvey Weinstein at Cannes. I was 21 years old. This festival was his hunting ground. I want to make a prediction: Harvey Weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. He will live in disgrace, shunned by a film community that once embraced him and covered up for his crimes.

Even tonight, sitting among you, there are those who still have to be held accountable for their conduct against women, for behavior that does not belong in this industry, does not belong in any industry. You know who you are. But most importantly, we know who you are. And we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”

After Weinstein’s arrest, Bourdain tweeted a prison menu.

Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

Less than a week before his death, Bourdain purchased a painting from artist John Lurie with a chilling title: “The sky is falling, I am learning to live with it”.

Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

In the hours leading up to Bourdain’s death, Argento posted a cryptic story on Instagram:

Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

Asia posted a picture of a shirt saying “F*** Everyone” and the words “You know who you are”. The post was then deleted.

Who was she referring to?

Something’s In the Air

Bourdain’s unexpected death occurred during a bizarre week that started with the shocking death of Kate Spade in bizarre circumstances. The renowned designer also left behind a teenage daughter.

During this same week, the CDC released an alarming study indicating that suicide rates shot up by 25% between 1999 and 2016. In 2016 alone, 45,000 Americans committed suicide and the numbers are still rising. The study states that suicide is now in the top 10 causes of death in the US right now and is becoming a public health problem.

With all of these upsetting stories circling around, the suicide prevention phone number is being plastered everywhere, placing the entire ambient culture in “suicide watch mode”.

Maybe more relevant information about Bourdain will surface in the next few days. For the time being, he will be added to the growing list of celebrities who died by hanging in recent memory: Alexander McQueen, L’Wren Scott, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell,  Kate Spade and … Anthony Bourdain.

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Anthony Bourdain: Yet Another Celebrity Dead by Hanging

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This is starting to look a lot like social conditioning


If they start rounding folks up or disappearing them for political dissent? Call their murders suicide. Bourdain was assassinated.


“They Barbeque the sentinels and eat them right in front of you” – hourglass by A Perfect Circle. Pretty much sums that up


Much like in that movies “Heathers”…suicide was ” natural” and trendy.


I heard the movie Heathers was going to be in
Broadway theaters for some time this year.


The sister of the Queen Maxima of the Nederlands also “commited suicide” by hanging two days ago…very strange.


I know right and It’s so weird, because on every picture she was smiling and seemed to enjoy life. She was a musician and a psychologist. It’s just bizarre that she would kill herself. This smells fishy…. :/


Sons of Anarchy actor Alan O’Neill also died 3 days ago. It looks like Bourdain’s death sadly was real, compared to those of Jacko, Cornell, Prince, Bennington, Robin Williams etc. Much too obvious he was offed and the Zio-owned media does their usual lying and bullshitting job.


I just want to say, on a personal, microcosmic level here: Remember that even if a person is smiling and being productive and going through the routine motions of life, there could be so much more going on below the surface. I say this for folks reading on here on a personal level–check into your friends’ and family’s lives and make sure they’re really okay. Most of us act the part of the happy well-adjusted member of society on a day-to-day basis without revealing if something’s really bothering us.
That caveat being said, on a more macrocosmic level, this string of high-level suicides is indeed very suspicious, and I don’t doubt the possibility that there’s more to it.


You clearly don’t understand how mental illness works. If the signs were so easy to detect it wouldn’t happen so often, would it?

H Munster

So your an expert on suicide? Actually, there are lots of signs before someone actually commits suicide. Usually failed attempts as well. Bourdaine showed no signs. He was happy, rich famous, had tons of friends. He was clearly murdered.


She died on the 6 of the sixth month and was 33 years old, too much coincidence.


Was probably an offering to which ever fell diety that royal house was worshipping at the time. Sacrificing your own children is as timeless as it is vile.


And she was 33yrs old


Who knows what documents / films she found that her father was hiding.


Elite funded People magazine is always quick to note everyone’s dark side after a suicide. We all have a dark side. Anthony had so many reasons to live and he seemed like a responsible man. This is all too weird.

You know all those anti-depressant medications really just worsen your depression and actually make you suicidal. We should look at that also.

D D d

Anti depressant medicin lower all feelings including good/sympathatic/empthatic /etc ones. Life becomes all in the head instead of all inclusive, not felt but constructed with arguments and facts.. I know people who only doubted to suicide themselves when ON those pills.
Depression is a result of how you live your life, or how life treats you, and such things. When it runs in the family via de genepool be extra carefull. But Be very carefull with what you eat or drink or breath. Let it be natural and healthy. Drugs is always a LAST resort.
Communication is key, so learn to talk and teach your children to talk to you.


I have dealt with depression for over twenty years now. Currently I am managing, and have been managing, depression very well for many years now. Part of my success and decrease in suicidal ideation is because of the antidepressant I am taking. While I was in college I first was prescribed an antidepressant and took it for about a year, but I didn’t like the stigma associated with taking a medication and I didn’t want to take it “forever.” I stopped taking it and it wasn’t until many years after college that I decided to try it again. I never felt emotionally numb or not myself taking it, there were really no bad side effects for me, maybe a slight decrease in sex drive, even as the dose was increased to what I take now. I also have done therapy and self-help groups/reading since I was in college (because I knew I was severely depressed and needed help as soon as I left home since I grew up in a dysfunctional household with mentally ill parents — although know one knew that about me because I was a great student/kid). I don’t think that any one of those things is… Read more »

D D d

Thank you. It is not my intention to stigmatize others/users. I ackowledge there can be use. But the holy moly trending gimmick of mindfullness including meds is astonishingly inaccurate in their dealings with promotions and publications.. As did most med-corporations with lowering the unwanted number of deaths and sideeffects in publications for years. Busted for lying. All of them. So, be carefull.


Thanks, too. Big Pharma is definitely corrupt, no doubt about that! I’m a big researcher, so I scrutinize anything that is recommended to go into or be done to my body before actually deciding to try whatever it is. A critical/skeptical eye is always useful in those types of situations — also an extra ear/brain if you can get someone you trust to go with you to medical appointments (I usually have my spouse with me, who is equally critical and can think of things I might not). And, if you are ever uncomfortable with any recommendations, it is important to let the provider know — if they don’t take your concerns seriously, it’s time to find a new provider.


I am too chicken for suicide, the aspect of Hell is too great for me, so.. how do people do it? Ever since Chester Bennington passed away, I have not believed the suicidal narrative. These people are being sacrificed to the baphomet or something.

Open your eyes and ears

Maybe because some people don’t believe in the bible, so hell does not actually exist?

Also how cruel is it that this supposed god would send a soul to hell even though they were in so much pain in life that they wanted it to end?

J Well

It’s not about God being cruel, we all have a choice; just have a choice to follow Christ. There are consequences to every action. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the bible has still made a choice to not believe… If you don’t believe in God then why would you want to be in the kingdom of this Being you don’t believe in…


So- just another perspective here. In Orthodox Christianity- hell is not a place, but a state. Nobody is deprived of the love of God- however- everyone experiences this according to how they relate to God- by their own choice. Take for example, the three youths in the fiery furnace. They weren’t harmed by the fire, but others were harmed and killed by the same fire. It is the same with all of us.

H Munster

Hell exists even if you refuse to understand it. God also provides the path for salvation.


People who are are suicidal suffer from a mental illness their perception of their reality not even they can understand hence the compelling need to “escape” it. They wouldn’t end up in “hell”


Asia Argento is the daughter of director Dario Argento, who made an occult film called Suspiria that features a murder by hanging. They are currently remaking it.


Wow that is weird. I’m not surprised that they would follow the Occult. Again, this world worships Satan and Jesus Christ is returning soon… he’s at the door…. people need to repent and profess that Jesus is Lord, and that God raised him from the dead, and thus they will be saved. (saved from hell, lake of fire, and the wrath that is coming upon this earth, the plagues, etc.). Catholic (Vatican) also is Occult worship.


I respectfully disagree with the concept that Jesus or anyone else for that matter is going to come and save humanity. This is mind kontrol, used to create a savior complex within humans so that they are always waiting around for someone else to fix this mess instead of helping to fix it themselves. Bottom line, we helped to create this mess and only we can fix it. What would be the point of incarnating and experiencing duality if someone else was just going to come here and fix everything for us? Stop hoping and waiting around for a savior and save yourself. We are incredibly powerful creators, but waking up to our power as creators is difficult to say the least.

Big Al

“…suicide rates shot up by 25% between 1999 and 2016.”
In the occult, the “highest” form of sacrifice is the self-sacrifice. A victim willingly ending its own life is an important part of many magical and alchemistical creations.
Now imagine a society (of global scale), there thousands upon thousands of people sommit suicide… and it all looks like the final Magnum opus (Great Work).
Mayby this is the actual reason for al this depravity and sickness. To create a culture of selfdestrucion, that supplies enough “unknowing volunters” for an decades lasting mass-sacrifice?

Creighton Lee Rose

“Suicide rates shot up 25% between 1999 & 2016”

Could it be subliminal emotional manipulation via exotic Mind Kontrol military grade signals/frequency technology that brought about this upsurge? Using DARPA’s B.E.A.S.T system? -(B-attle E-ngagement A-nd S-imulation T-racking~Brain Entrainment-IE: Obamas Brain Mapping Initiative)-

Using A.I “Super” computers via D.U.M.B’s piggybacking signal(s) riding on the carrier signals of our current 4G cellular grid/CommSats. All “The Theys” need is ones own DNA profile, or ones unique brain EEG-(ElectroEncephaloGram)- biological fingerprint to target any individual, -globally, with a resonant frequency that links to ones own brainwave pattern….

Just look @ HOW MANY U.S veterans have offed themselves in the last few years?!

This IS NOT “normal” behavior even from combat vets seeing heavy action thats been through the s--t for years on end….

Im a non-consensual DEW/V2K-(Directed Energy Weapons-Voice To Skull/Frey Effect)- experimentee/Targeted Individual-(2010-present-OR- possible MKULTRA/MKDELTA from birth)- of psychotronic weaponry-so these things & tech are VERY REAL & VERY destructive indeed. VERY fortunate to even be alive @ this point…

~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~
LiveLeak UserName: KrasnayaZvezda

Be well…;) -Keep up the fight & spreading awareness on these subjects that affect us all…

Kev Allah

Nonsense. Log off the Internet and stop watching TV that’s where your brain gets messed with. Go to nature and sleep in the forest for a week and see how your brain feels after.

You seriously believe this dumb s--t? Or are you some stupid shill fear mongering for the man? I know those “technologies” don’t exist man. Cut that s--t right out.


There is definitely a sinister plot at hand right now. Even if this was a genuine, untampered suicide (big if), there is a bigger agenda at hand directing the masses to feel hopeless and to pour all of our energy into mourning. When I listened to open radio for maybe a half an hour tonight, the songs I heard all in a row were Karma Police (This is what you’ll get when you mess with us. For a minute there I lost myself…I lost myself.), Kamakazi (which is full mental illness and suicide references), I Feel like I’m Drowning (self explanatory) and Flagpole Sitter (I’m not sick, but I’m not well). The world we live in is sick and Satan is the temporary lord of it. Anthony Bourdain was an interesting and amazing man, who opened our eyes to many injustices and victories in the present world. I mourn his loss. There is hope and light and love in the world though Christ Jesus. If you are struggling, reach out to Him.


I noticed it in Toronto a month or so ago as well, one of the most Liberal cities in the world which I live in. I was on the subway and I remember reading this poster that said explicitly, “contemplating suicide? Call this number…” It was alarming to say the least. There’s a toxicity underlying the layers of our Western culture that we refuse to hold ourselves accountable for. Right beside that poster were others about buying fast flimsy fashion, and finding clear skin through acidic skin “care” products and eating processed food. It’s almost hysterical.
On that note would love to see VC post an article about events in which WE THE PUBLIC are choosing to partake in- it would be a refreshing contrast to the finger pointing at “the elite.”

DoubleYou Jay

I live in Toronto too & I see the same things! Don’t even get me started on Drake rebranding our city with his ‘The Six’ and owl nonsense! Trying to pass it off as if it has to do with 416 & 647 area codes or how it’s the number of cities that amalgamated into Toronto.
Please!! As if WE don’t see you holding up those 666s with your hands, and putting it over your eyes no less!

jimbo jones

have you seen drakes restaurant? the logo is 666…not kidding


Yeah, the logo is 666. Also, the restaurant’s address is 33 Yong Street. Amazing how he was able to get that number.

jimbo jones

ahh I didn’t catch the address. wow, thats crazy..of course the restaurant is called ‘pick 6’ I live in Toronto as well, and am very aware of all the occult symbols surrounding drake. Whenever I see an article about him, the number 6 or 666 is usually in the headline…its just insane.

but he is a no talent. his so called music is just beyond dreary. the only way to explain his success has to be this occult connection with him.


Kind of like Jared Kushner, DJT’s son in law, close “advisor”, man in charge of “peace in the Middle East” (amongst other jobs, like rebuilding our Gov’t.) paying 3 times the amount of $ the building addressed 666 5th Ave. in NYC. Oh…and a member of a not much known of, yet VERY powerful in DC circles (and elsewhere) “orthodox jewish sect”. Hmmm….


They all worship Satan… that’s how they get to be famous and rich. Sadly, some have also said they sold their souls to the devil. They don’t even hide it. Yes, the number of the beast is 666, that son of perdition, Lucifier/Satan himself. All of Hollywood serves their master Satan, via Elites/Luciferians/NWO people. Also, the number 11 is occult. The number 33, is freemason. The colour red, apparently is blood sacrifice – hence Kate Spade hung herself with red scarf. It’s hard to imagine that anyone having everything wants none of it by committing suicide. Money does not make you happy. Hollywood and the rich are hollow and empty – fake, superficial… it’s lonely when you get rich I guess. Depression could be the result. Depression can most definitely contribute to someone taking their own life, sadly. If they believed in God, and had faith in Him instead of Hellywood, they would know that true joy does not come from material things or fame. That is the devil’s snare… temptation for money…. “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”


Demon possession too. I have actually seen a handful of people who are demon possessed. One spirit actually spoke to me through the person he was in, and I at first, did not understand what was happening. I was talking to the person normally, he fell into a trance quickly, then the spirit spoke to me in a totally different voice and gesture apart from the person I was speaking with, and then the sprit went away and the person raised his head from trance. I don’t even believe he knew what had happened. I am quite sure many of these people are literally possessed, and I believe the MK ULTRA program places unclean spirits in people, so they can be controlled by higher spirits. This is really what all the different personalities are… UNCLEAN SPIRITS INHABITING THE PERSON’S BODY. I am sure this causes a lot of angst and depression with those who are possessed.


Millions worship them as Idols. both Trump and Obama got elected for being famous rock stars. Which is why someone with absolutely NO qualifications whatsoever, actually believes he could be elected potus someday (Kanye West). Knowing corrupt Americans? He could.


Trump’s son in law bought 666 5th Ave, a notorious NYC address. Trump does the devils horn sign, yet so many gullible idiot evangelicals call him “Gods Last Trumpet” likening him to America’s saviour. Did the same with occult murder family POTUS Bush. Media tried to get the same cult going w/ Obummer too, using messianic language and pix. Its all occult 101

Kev Allah

Toronto is THE occult capitol. Trust me Drake is their poster boy. Emasculated men degrading their female peers in order to feel like they got one up on the actual men thus creating such a rift that an entire generation gets fractured. Lust driven beasts.

Six nations. Have you been to the reserve in ontario? I saw an Anglican church there. Now why would a native reserve have an Anglican church?

These people think they’re slick.


If the Elite can create a pandemic of suicide, like euthanaisa, it helps their DEPOPULATION agenda. Among alot of other goals and rituals


I don’t understand this depopulation agenda logic. Wouldn’t the world be less hellish with less people living in the world? Since overpopulation causes a lot of problems such as lack of food and excess of polutants and other bad things? Why would the occult elite (aka satan) want depopulation of people to happen?

Common sense

Why do the elite want to depopulate the world? isn’t it obvious. So it the world and the people living in the world would be easier to control. Easy to lay into effect the NWO and all their sinister plans. They want the population up to half a billion.


We are using their AIR, and their GAS, no more cars soon, all electric turds, self driving on the way, no more freedom.


@Common sense
“So it the world and the people living in the world would be easier to control.”
I thought about this idea too, before, I guess it makes sense.


It’s all about eliteism. Only the pureblood occulists would remain in their ideal world. Satan’s big agenda is to be like God; to be worshiped, accepted and revered as such. That’s a tall order for the world as it is (even as effed up as it is now). Depopulation on a grand scale is his agenda almost in a satanic Noah’s arc kind of way. Only the truly satanic would survive if he had his way and he asks his followers to sacrifice their loved ones to prove their allegiance on the regular.


Great question indeed. What your enemy wants can’t be good for you (or they wouldn’t be your enemy). > depopulation of people *They* want to be the only ones who can breed, the seed of the serpent. (We come from the seed of the Man/Adam). They lack a sense of what is right and wrong, they have it upside down. The animosity that had been prophesied in Genesis is in full swing in our day. They want us off the land and off this planet. Birth control was just the first step. Then it was abortion. Now it’s forced vaxxing of children and medical personnel. Next, you and I will be required to get vaxxed to have food stamps (there won’t be jobs). The depopulation agenda is BS. There is no overpopulation. Most of the land is uninhabited, just look at the U.S. Federal land, inaccessible to humans. We are cramped together in big cities; or meat is raised in terror factories while the land is void of life. Our humanoid enemy roams freely “their” land. They want all of us off of it. If you have any sense, breed. Make children. That’s the best insurance. Without children to succeed… Read more »


They have one much worse, THE CURRENT DRUG ZOMBIE CULTURE, Ohio is a zombie land, 5 years it will be fenced off and turned into a fema state, it’s all planned, DEPOP at it’s best.

Truth & Light

YOU know that met gala and all the awards show is pre celebration of sacrifical lambs

Truth & Light

Award shows*


Also, the new spinoff movie, Ocean’s 8, is about those 8 gals robbing jewelry from the met gala.


It is always the same thing. Asia Argento is a complete talentless scam playing in the game of industry: take a look of what she did recently in Turin, Italy, during a film festival: a blaspheme magic ritual publicly held in front of audience and press.
Their only business is not art or entertainment, it is just insulting Jesus, that’s why their are paid for.
Things soon will change.


I agree, Bourdain met her 2017 , and in 2018 he is dead, she seems to be the root of this problem. Look at all the one eye symbols she made in the past, just google Asia Argento Illuminati picture search.


Not exactly a brilliant conclusion, dear.


Christinne – how so?

Capricorn One

@Christinne Why so rude and patronizing, dear?


Her Instagram account is very disgusting – filled with blasphemous, lewd, gory content and of course your usual Illuminati crap. I am sorry I viewed it but it confirmed my suspicions.


Her father is Dario Argento the director of a long line of seriously Occult horror film’s such as Suspiria., And Phenomenon. He hails from that golden era of 1970’s Occult based horror. I’m actually a huge fan of his art, but I’m also not blind to the underlying themes he portrays. Of course I can’t positively claim that I know Argentos motives. Is he merely trying to educate his audience’s through his art on a deeper reality, or is he actually pushing a dark agenda? Unfortunately my gut tells me it’s the ladder. People don’t last long in the film industry when they don’t give over, and fall in line with the prescribed m.o., and Dario Argento has had a very long, and successful career. Clearly he’s well versed in Occult doctrine, and symbolism. Just watch one if his film’s, there’s absolutely no denying it. If indeed Argento is a black practitioner, than it’s reasonable to believe that his daughter is steeped in it as well. A connection that usually goes unnoticed is the fact that MK Ultra/Mind Control originated in ancient Occult practices. It goes all the way back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and probably even… Read more »


Shes part of MK Ultra, but shes not talentless. Keep ur religious rant away from this place.


Christinne – Keep ur anti-Christ rant away from this place.


You will know them by therir fruits? You either DO what Jesus says or you don’t… but …oops!!! Turns out that Jesus is a fictional character and…therefore, a lie. And we all know who the father of the lie is, don’t you? It is Satanic to keep promoting Satan’s most effective lie, better known as Christianity.
You either serve the truth or you serve lies, and you CANNOT have it both ways here. By believing in Jesus you clearly choose the lie. GROW UP!!!

Otto Dydact

What if Satan is lying about Jesus being a fictional character ? You in heap big trouble now, girl.


The devil is in the detail. Here the detail is the name you want to give to what Jesus represent. I’m not a particularly fan of the church, where there is power comes also corruption and its in front of all of us. Also being fanatic about Christianity does not help getting the simplest and most powerful of all messages: Jesus is love, peace, light, compassion. The power of names and word is real, but purposes behind them are real too. Don’t get lost in the detail, keep the message.


Agreed, Lucifer is god, yes, different from Satan, Satan is the god of all the media w----s, who love this Egyptian death cult, run by jews.

Jon B

You are very, VERY confused……Geez….


Sometimes the conversations here can become so conveluted with religious rhetoric. So much so that the whole point of the above article is lost. This is NOT a Christian based site, it simply presents the information. I have no problem with Christianity on a whole, and sometimes it can even be relevant to the topic. But it really has taken over in a big way. And while most of the Christians here are decent people, whiling to engage in intelligent conversation, there are others who if you disagree with, can become pretty nasty… Definitely NOT what Jesus would do haha! Considering the fact that we are all united against a common darkness, you’d think that we could all be respectful of each others point of view.


Please link this info. Bilderberg being held this weekend in Turin where Shroud is housed. First time a Vatican rep ever attended. Yes, something is up.


You’ re right. Asia is disgusting person, about people like her we’re saying on russian “mental prostitution and physical too”. Black mark woman.
I’we been fan of Anthony’s show long time, its always been out of politic. Approximately 5 years ago thinks changed, he started to follow CNN- Hollywood style of propаganda ” bad Putin- angry russians – vodka …….bla bla bla”. I belive, They found weak point of Anthony- his kid, and made him do these s--t.


What if Anthony believed in reincarnation, which is satanic, then it would explain why he did it. If he believed he would benefit from taking his own life it would explain a lot. Regardless of his beliefs it makes no natural or logical sense to take your own life. If we are completely honest about our very existence then we must admit we are happiest and most at peace when we have a sense of purpose and believe in something greater than ourselves. Trouble is, when people believe in Satan as greater and they choose to worship him they stand to lose their souls. It’s the one thing that none of us can afford to lose. I see a lot of people that have their hearts in the right place, with Jesus Christ. Thank the Lord for that. I wish you all His continued blessings and may you remain awake.


Too important not to mention:

Bourdain tweeted this out on MAY 2, 2018….

“…and I am in no way an HRC fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun,”

Kate Spade was also affiliated with HRC in relation to HAITI. Connect the dots……

Fire sword

more like his satanic witch girl friend and her satanic father’s movie
being launched this year as a remake Susprilia


I would not be surprised if Asia and Hilary were good friends. Witches think alike

Truth & Light

We dont believe the media, they need more people. He and Kate were “suicided”. Sacrifical lambs. The price for fame


I do not trust Asia Argento and Andy Spade. Creepy, soulless looking eyes and honestly some of the most phony looking smiles I have ever seen, no exaggeration. There is a very dark desperation to these two opportunists that they would find very creative, insightful and sensitive seeming people to latch onto and use for their own attention and gain. Now they are gone and it is actually really sad. It isn’t even that easy this time to just cry foul play because you can easily can see them both really being at the end of their ropes with their life in the industry. But we still know better – I don’t believe as parents they would wish to leave their children behind and as adventurous talents that they would want to give up their work. Chester Bennington was similar, he clearly adored his kids and was working on new music. They are all human sacrifices. So sad, so sick.


If they had depression, it no doubt was part and parcel to living in that lifestyle of the rich and famous, who serve Satan, whether they knew it or not. Kate’s husband seemed to be distant, cold, …


Bourdain’s girlfriend Asia Argento has a number of interesting tattoos. Including an “eye of horus” tattoo on the left side of her back. She was also publicly humiliating Anthony in the weeks leading up to his apparent suicide by conducting quite public affairs with a number of men. Bourdain himself was a heavy drug user and seemed to live a mostly selfish and hedonistic lifestyle. Still he was at least an original and talented personality, unlike 99% of those promoted by the left-wing/globalist corporate media.

fire sword

research Asia’s father and the movie Suspiria


Who has not seen it? it’s one of my favorite movies ever, talk about exposing witches.


Me too! I adore that film, Phenomenon to. It’s interesting that you got “down votes” for your comment. Liking a film doesn’t mean you don’t understand it for what it really is! It doesn’t make one some kind of evil person, or mindless zombie. Ridiculous.


Dive into the background of Asia and her father please.


Easy, even wikipedia says Dario was absent in her life, she grew up a prostitute, obvious. All her Vatican symbols prove it, she knows she is a b---h.


Might be wrong, but maybe these people in the spotlight who are seeing through the bullshit are trying to speak out against the powers that be, and are silenced before they revealed to much. Easier to run the whole depression story, and I’m sure they have a chilling story of their own to tell. Sorry for the loved ones left behind.
Lets keep uniting people x


Yeah. Look up “Cable Tow”.


Anthony Bourdain was an admitted former drug addict. It seems probable he would have chosen to take a massive overdose of heroin rather than a hanging by door suicide. For that reason alone, his death is suspicious.


Dolores O’Riordan died suddenly back in January and her cause of death is still unknown. Some sites are reporting “suicide” which would be really strange considering she was in the middle of recording and had 3 young kids.


Some say it was bad Fentanyl that she bought online. Most of these people are on a mixture of antidepressants/painkillers/sleeping pills ( prescription drugs ) to start with. Then it’s very difficult to know if they consume illegal substances or not. Dolores had a history of suicidal behavior. Very sad indeed.


Bourdain bought it when he tweeted the prison menu for Weinstein.


Bourdain bought what ? Oh the painting… ok.


Look at Anthony Bourdain’s instagram post on June 9, 2017– A bloody and murderous looking Eric Ripert. Is this foreshadowing?!


Hmmm. Asia’s best friend –
Amber Tamblyn

Verified account

13h13 hours ago

Witches: please prepare the strongest protection spell you have for our sister Asia Argento today. Please lift her up with all the love and light your conjuring is capable of casting. #AnthonyBourdain


Why would she post that?


Because they are witches and Asia is being both viewed as a mourning girlfriend and is being accused of cheating on Bourdain in the days before his death by his fans.

fire sword

Asia’s father made Horror movies with satanic symbols all over them.


Asia Argento’s instagram page is littered with one eyes, baphomets and the usual occult madness




If she was a witch and had powers, why did she fall suspect to Winestein?

Capronic dethroned

Thanks for the tip off Lisa.. I’m sick and tired of Bourdain’s swearing all the time when I used to watch his show back in the days and I’d like to see Gordon’s next.


She is not a witch, she is wannabe puppet. Rule #1 for witch- clean body, no tatoo ( Look at Marina Abramovich). Rule#2 do not show up your hobby on public, i mean her weird pictures in instagram. Rule#3 do not use symbols for fun, out of ritual. “Facepalm”.

Jon B

“love and light” is COMPLETELY incompatible and antithetical to WITCHES…..These people are stupidly delusional…

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