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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/10



In this edition of SPOTM: Rose McGowan, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Millie Bobby Brown, Adam Lambert and more irrefutable proof that the entertainment industry is owned by a sick, secretive elite. And it wants to control your brain.

The art of Iggy Azalea’s album In my Defense depicts the rapper dead with blood around her. Behind her is a BMW with an eerie red light emanating from it. Does this gruesome image represent the ultimate price to pay in order to get material riches (i.e. a BMW?).

The theme of blood sacrifice is also at the center of Azalea’s video Sally Walker. Here, Azalea is dressed in red (the color of blood sacrifice) and speaks at the funeral of a girl who died after being hit by the car of drag queen Shea Couleé. Yeah. It’s as awful as it sounds.

Rihanna was featured in Bazaar China and the entire thing was extremely symbolic. As usual, mas media missed everything and complained about “cultural appropriation”. The only “culture” that is being represented here is the global garbage promoted by the occult elite – as exemplified by her hiding one eye and doing the one-eye sign.

In nearly every picture of the photoshoot, Rihanna has one eye hidden. Here, her eye is hidden by a butterfly – a classic symbol representing Monarch Programming. I’ve been writing about Rihanna since 2009 and she has been doing this her entire career. 

Hiding one eye again.

While Rihanna was on the cover of Bazaar China, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown was on the cover of Bazaar Singapore. And yes, she has one eye hidden as well. As stated in previous articles, this girl was recruited at the age of 11 and is being led to stranger … things. 

The one-eye sign was on so many magazine covers in the past weeks that I cannot even show them all. I still find it crucial to showcase some of them because they prove that 1) the artists hiding one eye are owned by the industry 2) the magazine itself is also owned by the industry. This is Adam Lambert showing that he is owned by the industry.

This is Japanese actress Hikari Mori on the cover of Vogue Japan. The way her eye is hidden by a random line is so clever and creative. It’s like, wow, pure genius.

Football star Paul Pogba on the cover of Spanish sports publication AS. Yup, athletes absolutely need to do this.

The cover of Elle Russia featuring model Blanca Padilla. They used a flower to hide one eye. So much creativity. I’m so inspired right now.

Although SPOTM mostly focuses on the covers of magazines, we must not ignore the absolute garbage that’s inside them. Read the title above and contemplate the kind of values that are being promoted to young women. 

Ariana Grande posted this on Instagram. Hiding one eye using a Grammy award is a perfect way of showing total industry control.

The Chinese city of Macau is dubbed the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Its music festival Hush is one of its big attractions. This year’s ad campaign is all about the one-eye sign. As seen in previous SPOTM articles, major events and festivals MUST feature the one-eye sign.

Elle Fanning celebrated the 4th of July with a flag over one eye, a lifeless look on her face and some kind of belt around her neck. In short, the opposite of freedom.

The Guardian recently published a lengthy interview with Rose McGowan, one of the main faces of the #metoo movement. The lead picture is Rose doing a big, fat, one-eye sign while the title says “My career was stolen”. I guess she understood what to do to keep her career going: Industry slave.

McGowan is a friend and supporter of Asia Argento, who was also a face of the #metoo movement … until she got accused of molesting a minor. She’s also deep into occult elite symbolism as exemplified by this devil horns / one-eye sign combo.

Disney recently announced the release of a live-action version of Mulan in 2020. Of course, the poster had to feature a one-eye sign.

This is the cover art of the soundtrack of the documentary Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. She died three days after the release of that album.

Vodaphone recently released an ad that is extremely symbolic. It ends with a woman entering the Vodaphone logo which is strategically made to look like 666 with the tagline “The future is exciting. Ready?” Well, if the “future” means entering a sinister corporate logo which also doubles as a gateway to Satan himself, then no, Vodaphone, I am not ready.

The people at Vodaphone love to pull this kind of stunt. Here’s a screenshot from a promo made on Greek TV. Still not ready, Vodaphone. Never will be. 

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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