Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/16


In this edition of SPOTM: Drake, Tyga, Kylie Jenner and more proof that a satanic occult elite rules the entertainment industry.

Rapper Tyga is also known to be Kylie Jenner's boyfriend - a relationship that began when she was still a minor. In his song "Stimulated" he rapped "They say she young, I should've waited She a big girl, dog when she stimulated". (Bonus fact: That song sampled a techno song named "Children"). Considering the fact that Kylie has been the face of Beta Kitten for a while now, this Tyga photoshoot featuring mannequins that somewhat look like Kylie is creepy yet fitting. In this pic, he is wearing a dualistic pattern vest, referring to a handler position.
Rapper Tyga is also known to be Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend – a relationship that began when she was a minor. In his song “Stimulated” Tyga bravely declared “They say she young, I should’ve waited/ She a big girl dog when she stimulated”. (Bonus creep fact: That song sampled Robert Miles song’s aptly entitled “Children”). Considering the fact that Kylie has been the face of Beta Programming for years, this Tyga photoshoot, featuring mannequins that somewhat look like Kylie, is creepy yet fitting. In this pic, he is wearing a dualistic pattern vest, referring to a handler position.
Similar dualistic patten vest worn in the Beta Kitten display that was the VMAs.
Similar dualistic pattern vest worn in the Beta Kitten display that was the VMAs.
As stated in previous articles, mannequins are a preferred way of representing MK slaves. Does this pic allude to Kylie's true status?
As stated in previous articles, mannequins are a preferred way of representing MK slaves. Does this pic allude to Kylie’s true status?
Chilling in a house with a bunch of naked mannequins is really cool. I mean creepy.
Chilling in a house with a bunch of naked mannequins is really cool. No, wait, its creepy as heck.
Filming Kylie's inevitable sex tape?
That boy ain’t right.
This is the cover of Tyga's album featuring the song "Stimulated". Yup, one eye sign tells you all you need to know about that creepy, underage, handler/slave relationship.
This is the cover of Tyga’s album featuring the song “Stimulated”. The one eye sign tells you all you need to know about that creepy, underage, handler/slave relationship.
Speaking of Kylie, she posted on Instagram a drawing of Baphomet. It is apparetnly related to her brother Rob going out with Chyna or something but, mainly, it is Kylie Jenner, the "queen of Instagram" posting a drawing of Baphomet to her 50.5 million followers.
Speaking of Kylie Jenner, she posted a drawing of Baphomet on Instagram. It is apparently related to her brother Rob going out with Blac Chyna (or something that barely makes sense). In the end, it is Kylie Jenner, the “queen of Instagram” posting a drawing of Baphomet to her 50.5 million followers.
This is a "gift" from Kylie to be put in North West's bedroom. Its there although it is clearly creepy as hell.
Kylie apparently gave this creepy, trauma-inducing “gift” to North West to hang in her room. Pawns are breeding a new generation of pawns.
Playboy announced that it was stopping featuring nudes to go towards a fresher direction. According to its first cover, this new direction is right in line with the Agenda of normalizing the sexualization of minors. Although the model is 20, the shoot is clearly aimed at
Playboy announced the end of nude photoshoots and a new “modern” direction. According to its first cover, this new direction is right in line with the elite’s agenda of normalizing the sexualization of minors. Although the model is 20, the shoot intentionally sends a “14-year old vibe”, complete with cheeky Snapchat (teenager’s favorite app) caption.
Miley, who keeps being a poster girl for kitten programming keeps posting constant degradation on her Instagram account.
Meanwhile, Miley “Disney girl gone Beta Kitten” Cyrus keeps posting pics depicting her own degradation on social media.
Drake's new album cover is simple yet telling. It consists of the number 6 made of fingers. Inside is an all-seeing eye. It is a visual representation of the occult elite's handsign representing 666.
Drake’s new album cover is simple yet telling. It consists of the number 6 made of fingers. Inside is an all-seeing eye. It is a visual representation of the occult elite’s hand sign representing 666.
In one of his Instagram pics, Drake confirms that this is about the one eye sign.
In one of his Instagram pics, Drake confirms that this is about the one eye sign.


None of this is ever an "accident". Here's the exact same handsign on the cover of Kode magazine.
None of this is ever an “accident”. Here’s the exact same hand sign on the cover of Kode magazine.
Willow Smith doing the one-eye sign will modelling socks.
Willow Smith doing the one-eye sign will modelling socks.
Not an accident.
Not an accident.
Reese Witherspoon in Entertainment Weekly Magazine February needs to do this as well.
Reese Witherspoon needs to do this as well in Entertainment Weekly Magazine February
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put up their Beverly Hills Estate for sale and this is the image of their home theatre. It features Maria from the movie Metropolis standing in front of an inverted pentagram. As stated in previous articles, this specific scene is constantly rehashed by the occult elite to reprent the control of "android" stars to push the agenda of the occult elite.
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put up their Beverly Hills Estate for sale and this is an image of their home theater. For some reason, we clearly see the iconic scene from Metropolis where android Maria is standing in front of an inverted pentagram. As stated in previous articles, this specific scene is constantly rehashed to represent the control of “android” stars to push the agenda of the occult elite.
This huge advertisement for the TV series "Lucifer" is basically the occult elite telling it like it is about the music industry. #Luciferiscoming. It is all out in the open.
This huge advertisement for the TV series “Lucifer”, Lucifer is telling award nominees in the entertainment industry to thank him. It is basically the occult elite telling it like it is. In this show, Lucifer is played by a charming, good looking guy with whom viewers sympathize with. #LuciferIsComing. It is all out in the open.
While "Lucifer" is playing on FOX, A&E will be broadcasting "Damien", which will be a TV series where the hero comes to terms about being the anti-Christ. Yup. A good looking guy with a sympathetic demeaner will play the role of the anti-Christ. This ad features an inverted cross and a somewhat unecessary red 666. It is all about putting out in the open and normalizing the true philosophy of the occult elite.
While “Lucifer” is playing on FOX, A&E will be broadcasting “Damien”, a TV series where the “hero” is the Anti-Christ. Yup. A good looking guy with a sympathetic demeanor will realize that he’s the Anti-Christ. This ad features an inverted cross and a somewhat unnecessary red 666. It is all about putting out in the open and normalizing  the elite’s symbolism.

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Wow!!!Its all right in our faces!!! The lucifer ad is crazy!!! And people are paying it no mind. Well satan rules this world but not for long. He is trying his hardest to deceive us . I believe we will see even mind boggling events going on 2016. Im sure these are signs that WE ARE LIVING IN THE END TIMES. THE LAST DAY FOLKS! I try to not believe this but you cant ignore this. Way to many things that came to pass and was accurate with what was written in the bible.Im still trying to strenghten my relationship with Jesus. Please for your sake try do the same guys.

Everyone says we are living in the last days. I’ve been waiting, but I’m still here. I’m actually ready to be rid of this stupid world/life. I wish I could just go and live in the woods, off the grid, because people have just gone crazy and only God can stop them. There are no limits. A television show, that pretty much praises lucifer, fake ghost shows about haunted houses, (I still haven’t laid eyes one ghost) they’re ushering in vampires, can’t turn on the hella vision without seen the undead. They’re basically letting us know that some drug will most likely make us zombies as a side effect, those few zombie incidents lIke the one in Florida was a beta test. Then there are those who seem to think that becoming doomsday peppers will save them…good luck with that folks. So if the last day isn’t gonna actually be… Read more »

This is why non-Christians think that Christians are a DEATH CULT. You are literally wishing for your own death and the death of the entire world. What is wrong with you?

Well said michelle. Lets talk about ghosts. There is no such thing. They are demons disguised. To make us believe in afterlife. To make us interested and communicate with the dead. Something God advised us against. When we die we just sleep until jesus comes and then we will judged. The ones who believed in jesus and obeyed the commandments are saved. The lost perish. Doomdays preppers smh. You cant hide.

@Sue. You said, ” I try to not believe this”.You make it seem like it’s a bad thing.The only people who should be worried and dreading that day are the people who were given the opportunity to become a born again Christian but they made the decision to reject Jesus. As long as you’re saved,you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.Then the reality of the end times we’re living in,should NOT be a bad thing at all.Saved people are anticipating leaving this wicked world,where good is called evil and evil is called good.

Hello JW2. To be honest …ill need to study the bible. I have neglected it. Thats why i need to strengthen my faith with Jesus. Im scared with what is going on in the world. But the older i get i start to see everything for what it is. Im so scared for my two little girls. Im starting to see that the future will not be so bright for the next generation. The economy is bad. Everyday i turn on the news and see nothing but r**e and terrorism killing brother. How do i tell my kids about this??? What about gay love??? Im so sorry guys that i might spark up a riot on here but seriously in the bible it states homosexuality is forbidden . what happened to man and woman ??? You guys check out how the world is turning. It is completely the OPPOSITE… Read more »

I wouldn’t say Satan rules this world. He rules the media, but God is in more of our hearts. It’s just that the media is always in our face so it gives the illusion that he is in power but truthfully, God is still the all-mighty, all-powerful.

The bible does say that God gave Satan the authority to rule in this world…for a limited time. This is all a test for us guys.I believe God gave satan the go just to see how we can stand strong against him. Look around..people cannot resist temptation! The money and fame and sex. And killing. It will not stop until Jesus is ready to come back to us.look into the media I have NOT SEEN A NETWORK THAT PROMOTES JESUS. Just sex and celebrity fame life style . I DONT EVEN BELIEVE IN THE HISTORY CHANNEL. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR A REASON..THE CONTAMINATION OF WATERS AND THE AIR. I COULD GO ON. TAKE A LOOK ON NATURALNEWS.COM. THIS WEBSITE COVERS THE REALDEAL THAT MAINSTREAM MEDIA IGNORES. JUST STAND STRONG AND NOW KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE LIVING IN STANS TERRITORY JESUS IS WITH US THE WHOLE WAY. YOU JUST… Read more »

Yes, you are right … is my first spot for TRUTHFUL NEWS…all of the other’s are government paid nonsense!! God bless you and let’s get ready as God’s people because He is coming!!

Yes. is great for alternative news.

1 John 5:19 New International Version We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.
Satan has a powerful influence in this world, otherwise a majority of this society wouldn’t be reflecting his spirit. Liars, stealers etc mentioned in 1 Corinthians.

God still is all powerful!

Satan has authority of you body in SIN that is one big reason that sin is important plus that it leads to condemnation and DEATH , if you don’t have JESUS KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS to save you. Satan is the god of (small g) the Earth. That is why JESUS is telling us to TURN AWAY from the World since NOT MUCH of anything that happens in our “culture” or you even your”flesh life” (execpt your eternal soul and what happens between PEOPLE and the imprint THAT does in your eternal soul) will survive to eternal life. The accuser was “allowed” to test the Son of Man three times! WE need GOD do not underestimate evil. That says a lot about the influence of the fallen Cherubim (Satan). JESUS is GOD over BOTH LIFE AND DEATH (he conquered DEATH at CALVARY FOR US!!!!) and yes he… Read more »

Satan is not the god of anything. Wants to be, but never will be.

It literally says in in the Bible. 2 Corinthians 4:4

Satan tempted Jesus three times and one of them being all the kingdoms of world. If he didn’ thave authority he couldn’t offer.

It’s a very clever but sinister game they are playing now. They know with the internet keeping it secret or trying to keep it secret will blow over in there face so they are so overtly open that it can be taken as funny or “edgy” or “cool”. And if you try to point out the obvious people just laugh at you because it has become the norm for them. I’m starting to think they will never get exposed because this new generation is treating this like the norm.

God knew that there will be non believers of Jesus. He knew the disaster that came with us as human beings. This is a test. Live your life with Jesus. However satan knows who are not with him and he will try to tempt us with things. Thats his way of communicating. Be careful.

Strengthen your relationship with God, the Creator of Jesus (PBUH) as well as the Creator of Adam (PBUH). Just like He Created Adam (PBUH) without a mother and a father, God Shows that He Can Create another Prophet but this time, without the intervention of a father. God Is Unique and Does Not Beget Nor Is He Begotten. He Is Beyond every need. We have needs while God Does Not Have any. God Is Self-Subsisting. Nothing can resemble Him. Peace.

Allahu Akbar! 🙂 great to see other Muslims on here. Christians just need to read more about Islam and they’ll see how it is the clear truth. I read a book called “why have they chosen Islam?” And it’s basically a compilation of conversion stories. One of the most obvious signs that Islam is complete while Christianity is not is that Christianity does not enforce its rules. The bible says “thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal”… But people believe that everyone is forgiven if they believe in Jesus so doesn’t that mean they can kill or steal and it’s ok? Whereas in Islam you are accountable for every single deed, big or small, even if you are the best and you make one small mistake you will answer for it. That is justice and fairness and God, Allah, is The Most Just.

“Christianity asks one to choose; Islam demands that one submit”. Christianity is absolutely complete. It does enforce its rules, not only in our legal system, which is founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but in the way God brings about punishment to those who do not repent. Though the legal system is flawed, God’s plan is perfect. There is some accord between what Muslims consider sin and what Christians know to be sin according to the Bible. Christians do not believe that it is ok to kill and steal, but we do believe that if one truly repents and renounces his sin, he will be forgiven. That is how much God loves us. This mercy is not found in Islam. We are not to take revenge, but to trust God. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith… Read more »

Well explained

That’s a great response Priscilla, I was thinking of a reply but then I read yours and to be honest I couldn’t put it better myself, so thanks!

“But people believe that everyone is forgiven if they believe in Jesus so doesn’t that mean they can kill or steal and it’s ok?” I hope you are reading the Quran more carefully than you read the bible!

Only ignorant non christians would believe that….. please ppl b4 speaking ignorant read the bible with understanding the bible states repent ur sins nd be forgiven it also states do not tempt the lord thy God for one day mercy will be taken away nd judgement will take place…..
It simple means God loves us nd offers a chance to save ourselves but once we start playing with him he will unleash his wrath…..p.s if u accept Christ whole heartedly u won’t steal or kill or fornicate ect. Christ is all about love nd goodness Thats common tho

i read about islam , in particular mohamed and Aisha.
enough said .

According to the Bible, Jesus was never created. Jesus is God and God by definition is eternal.
God has always existed, before time was created. God is three in one also known as the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Worship the true God of the Bible and not another god or gods, because this is idolatry. To reject Christ is to sin, you must believe that Jesus is the Son of God (the Father)to be saved. The penalty for sin is death and Jesus payed that penalty for you through his death on the cross and because he rose from death to life, we can also attain eternal life through faith in Jesus.


Long Live The Zombie God!!!!!!!!!


Im from toronto. city that drake calls home. there seems to be an effort from drake and others to have toronto known as the ‘6’ I see it all the time now. in print on tv etc. It really bothers me. but I cant talk to anyone about this. they’ll think im nuts.

he also has a clothing line with all the symbols in place as well. I could go on. the stuff is everywhere.

The city will forever be t dot as kardinal coined it.

I prefer “Tronna”.

I have never heard Toronto referred to as the 6. T-dot, yes, but not the 6. I live an hour away from there…

Drake is such a tool. Toronto culture deserves much better. I wish they understood that, though. Kissing the ring of a big fake American music industry sleaze isn’t doing much for Canadian culture.

Miss. Sick stressed confused scared Mess

I’m from near toronto and I think it’s sick they’re giving him the key to the city. I feel ya brother.. this s**t is so messed up and has gone so far off course.

Amazing how some STILL don’t see it or think their just messing with us. Just like the days of Noah, they won’t realize their drowning until it’s too late. I wish more people would get angry about this stuff and speak out about it even if it falls on deaf ears. We owe it to the children and future generations to at least TRY to fight back.

Ken…great comment.

and look up how Tyga was busted texting an underage model making her feel uncomfortable, this guy is a loser

To be fair that “kid” has sent texts telling other males in the industry that she was 18 on more than one occasion, her and her mother are just looking for some quick fame..

That doesn’t change anything. F**k those laws. 18 she’s still a girl. And all these celeb pimps need to

This proves that Kylie Jenner is a slave. You’d have to hypnotize or drug any girl into having sex with that ugly-ass, no talent clown. (And Jay Z too, for that matter.)

Dwlololol #facts

@ Duh..ur comment literally made me LOL. too funny & too true (‘specially bout j-z!!!)

Great article VC

…Why do people even follow Kylie Jenner? 50 million followers! 50! Ridiculous! Does she even have a talent or a great personality or something interesting about her? She doesn’t even look that great… Do they follow her just because her sister and family are famous? God, when someone will ask me why do I think people are sheep I will show them her instagram.

A lot of those followers aren’t actually people at all. Those numbers can be purchased with a click. I seriously doubt the true popularity of the Kardashian family. Appearance vs. reality.

The worst is that young gitls take her as a role model: the blind leading the blind

Exactly. That’s the purpose to get the young to degrade themselves. Very, sad.

Kylie jenner was sold to the luciferian hollywood by her handler/mother Kris Jenner just like Kim.
So Kylie is going to be new Kim (w***e of babylon) when she gets older. Also Kylie is being pushed by the mainstream media as a Sex kitten model just like Kate moss or Beyonce. Poor girl she didn’t have a choice with that family full of witches.

There was a great clip on The Soup once where all of the KarJennian sisters were bitching at each other asking/yelling “well what have you done……” and “well, wait…what have you done ……” with the host coming back in exclaiming “WHAT HAVE ANY OF YOU DONE?!” Hilarious. It shows what sheep people are to follow basically a train wreck in slow motion.

What irks me the most are these TV series glorifying the Antichrist! Really now? I hope common sense takes over in the end because this has just become too much. With the demeaning calibre of entertainment being spurned out to entertain the masses I better just switch off the television forever I guess.

That’s what I did. I don’t miss TV at all, The books I read are awesome, heck even youtube entertains me more than some silly Satanic TV show.

Sounds like a plan.

Mon Dieu, le monde s’en va vraiment à sa déchéance. Réveillez-vous avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Jésus revient bientôt et ensuite viendra le chaos tel qu’il le prédit dans Sa Parole. Amen, alléluia! VC, I hope you believe in Jesus-Christ, the Only Savior otherwise, you will end-up exactly like the others! Be blessed.

Jesus (PBUH) is a human being like you and me, albeit extremely special. God Is Unique, Formless and Does Not Beget Nor Is He Begotten. Nothing can be like God in any way whatsoever. May Faith be with you.

Sorry, but you are incorrect. Jesus came to earth in the form of a man for a short time, but He is no human. Jesus is the Son of the most high God, and they are one in the same (along with the Holy Spirit). Jesus died for our sins on Gol’gotha and defeated the gates of hell, thereby taking dominion over death so that we all may have eternal life with the Father. It is blasphemy to call the Son of God a mere human (special or not). All the power of heaven is in the name of Jesus. Call on Him and know his perfect love, peace and absolute power and dominion over the forces of darkness. Jesus is Lord, Amen!

People should becareful about what they say concerning Christ God nd the Holy Ghost the bible clearly states that the sin of blaspheming against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven…..God (spirit) robed himself in fleash nd was born of a woman spent a little over 30years on earth preaching healing educating ppl about heaven nd how to live inorder to get there….what ppl r failing to c that THE LIFE OF CHRIST IS AN EXAMPLE TO ALL GENERATIONS (HUMAN BEINGS) ON HOW TO LIVE SO THAT WHEN WE DIE PHYSICALLY OUR SOUL WILL BE RISEN TO HEAVEN INSTEAD OF STAYING DOWN IN HELL….if there was no Christ then how would we knw what was required of us to c God’s glory at the end of life’s journey the time of the old testiment has passed when Adam sinned nd dammed us to hell Christ which is the new testiment… Read more »

No I am not like Jesus. I bow down for Jesus. Nobody should kneel before me.

Jesus is/was fully man and fully God at the same time. Never try to use human reasoning to explain God’s miracles. And the way you keep spouting PBUH makes me think you’re referring to Allah–a pagan moon god, and not the real, living God!

The IDea Of a half man and half god being is paganistic…. Jesus never referred to himself as God but a worshipper of God please read your bible ad don’t follow false doctrine

Jesus said it plain as day, that I and the Father are one. The bible referred to Jesus as the word that became flesh and dwelt among us, and in John 1:1, the bible says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Also, God is = The Father, The Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit… and they are all equal and 1 being, just 3 different parts.

Beware of what you are saying; Allah means God…you are insulting the very God you pray to. smh. Instead of attacking other people of religion, focus on the true enemy. Hint: not the Muslims.

I used to be a Muslim, and Allah is not the God in the bible. I used to believe that too. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the only true God. If you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you’re in the world without hope and the devil is your father. That is what the bible says, which was inspired by none other than the Holy Spirit (God).

I’m sorry people can be so harsh, but please you must acknowledge for your sake Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There is no one else who will save you, if that were really the case his death on the cross would have been pointless. This isn’t a personal attack, I’m saying it to help you. I will be praying for you, be blessed.

Muslims are not the enemy, but Islam is a false religion. The only way to the Father is by the Son. Christ is Lord forever, Amen.

Alla is a pagan deity invented by ped* Mohamed who converted everyone to a hateful religion with his sword and turning all women into slaves.

Well I think we have a paradox….Christians from the Middle east (Home of the origins of Christianity) refer to God as Allah also. This means they too must be worshiping some “pagan moon god” as well, or maybe they are worshiping the “One God” and they dont get caught up in the semantics “game” that’s being utilized to divide and rule the narrow minded bigots masquerading as followers of the example left by Christ. Whenever I see a religious group espousing their omnipotence over another I realize they are doing the work of the evil one. No form of sincere worship in service of the “ONE GOD” is unacceptable, except to those who feign allegiance when in reality it’s infidelity. God (Allah, Our Father, Our Lord) is LOVE. Tie a knot on the foolishness…………………..

I agree God’s word says he (God) is called by many names however God is a Spirit nd they that worship must worship in Spirit nd truth there should be no division among men concerning God because of a title he is the One True God called by many names so there should only be one teaching..
Personally i think ppl are leading after their own understanding nd not by his teachings

Maybe the reason Christians are using the term “Allah” in the Middle East is because there is likely to be a jihadist around any and every street corner ready to chop off their heads with a blunt blade if they even speak the word “God”.

Look at the context, they’re in a different set of circumstances.

Just because somebody has a firm and established set of beliefs doesn’t make them a bigot. Opening your mind to a purely subjective state of mind results in you never believing in anything solid or concrete, you simply float along on a whim believing whatever floats in on the breeze.

Christians from the Middle East have all been beheaded since they refused to pray to alla a pagan deity.

I hear that in those countries you’re not even allowed to say Merry Christmas to each other

Thank you. There are still people of knowledge and reason out there. Phew.

bout2vomit? vomit what? A bunch of new age nonsense, apparently. The way IS narrow according to the Messiah. None shall see the Father except through Him. Those are both red letter quotes. You can take it or you can leave it, free will is indeed yours, but you don’t get to “rewrite” it.

I see you are caught up in the semantics game too……”except thru him” being none shall see the Father except through actions and deeds of the Christ. See the Bible was re-written in 1611 in a dual Masonic language, by Masonic sympathizers and authors, and many verses can be taken in many ways. One way for the profane and another way for the enlightened. Jesus (no “J” in Hebrew) is the son (sun) meaning the LIGHT, meaning the knowledge of God. The Christ would not even recognize the worship being practiced in his name. Expand your study outside of the King James Illuminati end times playbook. Read other Bibles, study other Gospels and research history……………………let narrow minds withdraw.

This interests me. Can you tell me where to find out more please?

He Is…
Check-Out The Forums

Get real, man!

It just keeps getting more brazen. Truly scary

The Drake Cover is so interesting to me. I know so many people who call themselves Christians but like this fake-ass wanna be rapper. I wonder if Cole and Kendrick care lol. Probably not.

Bonus fact about the playboy cover:
The model has different colored eyes.

like david bowie

Just like Bob the Minion. Okay, I admit…I love the Minions. But it’s kinda hard to ignore what you see.

Wow. Bob the Minion, instead of David Bowie, I’m getting old.

Miley Cyrus keeps channeling Kali. Which sounds a lot like Kylie, come to think of it. In orthodox Hinduism Kali is seen as time and therefore destructive because time ends all things. But she is a creator for the same reason, time brings all things as well. There seems to be a thread in the occult that relishes the destructive aspect.

Omg! This is so sad, I want to cry… Like really my heart feels pain for those who have no idea whats going on.

They don’t even have to hide it anymore.

The reason why these images and symbols are so blatant is because they are desperate. The money system in place is fallen and things are happening behind the scenes. However the media is still controlled; it’s purpose is to spout propaganda and to keep the masses distracted. Do not fear, the trap they have set forth on humanity will destroy them in the end.

Their system has fallen and this is a desperate display to fool people into thinking they are in charge. They no longer hold dominion over humanity.

The White-Hats are comin’ on strong!

You are correct, Messenger. They are desperate and scared. They know that spiritual forces of light are about to kick them out of power — at least in North America, and in two other supernations as well. The snakes believed that power was about to fall into their hands this year, but they have been foiled. Their plans have been frustrated. They expected their princes to sit upon thrones, but there is nothing there for them any longer. The snakes are starting to turn upon each other now. Meanwhile the wolves and eagles and bears and lions are watching and licking their lips. Blood is in the water. Red, white, and blue are united. Green is going over to them. Even black and yellow are recognizing they have been on the losing side. Even individuals in scarlet and purple are starting to flee the sinking ship. Much is happening in… Read more »

Sounds like a David Attenborough documentary 😉

I agree. Their fiat currency is in its death throes. This is not being documented in US media, but Russia and China have been VERY clear. No more trading in US dollars; other neighboring and interested countries re invited to do the same. Syria is not working out as planned. The gothic obsessions with killing, incest, exploiting the natural beauty of women, sexually exploiting young people – it’s all at a fever pitch because the fever is about to break.

so what do ya’ll think about Beyoncé haha

She’s demon

“yall haters corny with that illuminati mess” iconic lmao

I noticed that all these handler/slave relationships are often between a black male and a white female. Can it be more dualistic??

Typical pimp and hoe. This is real life s**t. Not some conspiracy. The mysteries have come to life! You must beat them like a game one by one in order to free yourself.

Can someone please explain the arm and hand issues in the Reese Witherspoon photograph. Is that even her hand? It looks like there’s either some major Photoshop deformities or something more unusual, but I know it’s not normal looking. If that is her right arm, then her thumb is as large as another arm altogether. It’s messed up looking

Yes. Looks like they often replace a celebrity’s hand covering their eye with a hand or arm that doesn’t belong to them. Our subconscious must pick it up, creating a dissonance we may not be able to identify consciously.

I think it’s just the depth perception in the photo. Her arm is closer to the camera than anything else in the picture, so it comes off as being bigger. Nothing special about the arm, just where she decided to hold it when they took the picture.

Good eye! Her pinky seems to be formed into her mane. It also looks like it’s an attachment to her hand.

Photoshop mess

I’m sorry forgive me, her thumb would be on the far side of her head, meaning that her pinky is as big as another arm, which is even stranger

well…i think you said it all loud. Good job vigilant citizen

Great post. You know, I’ve been seeing a ton of horror on tv lately…Its effed! Yesterday it was The Exorcist, followed by Rosemary’s Baby…my

Mom even commented how it was so odd (because it’s so un-seasonal..)

I noticed that too and it’s not even Halloween. Where are the valentine love stories?

and kims eyes, half open and nothing there… in her daughters bedroom.. so creepy, its like she’s saying I’m here but I cant see or I’m turning a blind eye… why would she put such a photo up? ;(

Bonus: Tyga is one ugly dude. Inside and out. I was on instagram once and I saw a picture of Drake doing the 6 hand sign. I pointed out to the oblivious person that this was I Illuminati related. She was complaining and mocking me saying it’s not real. Long story short, I unfollowed her and she blocked me. Yikes people, yikes..

Prompted me to think that all of this social media crap is dehumanizing too. I mean just look at how you phrased that: “I unfollowed her and she blocked me.” Prior to social media, we just wouldn’t interact with 99.999% of the people with whom we interact now. And if 2 people disagreed on something, they just ignored each other for a short time, but then when meeting up again, typically made amends or put it behind them and moved on. People think this social media stuff is “uniting” the world when all it does it seem to create more problems, largely. Plus, you can be more unfiltered when you say things. When you interact personally, most civil people will filter their words and reactions.

First off, Vigilant, you’re awesome. You’re always on point when it comes to exposing these creeps. I was watching the First 48 and seen the commercials for the “Damien” and am glad you’ve exposed it. The creepy commercials and blatant disrespect for Jesus Christ is sickening. We have to stand up against this and the time is NOW!

Are handlers mk victims too? Tyga’s album cover where he has one eye covered also shows cracks on other side of his face, like fragmenting of his personality?

Not everyone is a “victim”. Most are willing participants. Further, this is much bigger than the CIA or the MK ULTRA program. It has been going on since the ancients. MK ULTRA was just an experiment utilizing more modern methods. Mind control is possible without any torture, sensory overload, sensory deprivation, drugs, or other abuse. All it requires is a willing participant — someone who wants to be reprogrammed or “possessed”, and receive the attendant benefits. At its base it involves hypnosis — not the kind you see at the county fair, but the kind you hear about with faeries and gray aliens and “sleepy” hollows. Hypnosis allows the mind hacker to circumvent the normal operating system that boots up in waking life. It is like accessing the BIOS before Windows starts up, then running an alternate OS. People reprogram themselves all the time, willingly entering trance states and inviting… Read more »

yes, they usually are

Some people get stronger, some go under, it seems sometimes. The ones with no empathy to begin with are selected?

O. M. G. Sick…

I would say that the three sixes in the Damien poster almost perfectly resemble the conceptual art of the 6 in the Drake album cover. Clearly the same designer is working all the Luciferian imagery coming out of the Entertainment biz right now. Maybe it’s Lucifer himself. It is all unilateral isn’t it? Nah that would be too far out, right?

Actually, the three 6’s as they appear in that ad, were presented exactly in that formation in the movie “Damien: Omen 2”. They are on the boy’s scalp like that. Doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, tho’…

Edwardo, I’m not talking about the formation, I’m talking about the obvious Font similarity with the Drake Sweet Sixteen album cover ‘6’. With the Damien 6 you can tell there is a break in the artwork where the thumb and index finger would meet. This is relatively new artwork where the 6 is fashioned in the shape of a thumb, index finger, and middle finger present, with the rest of the hand phantomed out. This is an important development because otherwise the Luciferian world has been working hard to forever deny the A-OK hand sign has any association with Triple 6

And those aren’t just socks on Willow Smith. Those look like futuristic robotic Terminator type half legs. Dehumanizing.

What you guys don’t realize is that the showbiz picked up on the fact that you’re all discussing this Illuminati nonsense and is using the symbolism for free promotion. There are countless videos and articles about the “conspiracy” and at the end of the day it only makes those artists more talked about. It’s just marketing.

Marketing schemes change over time periods though. This stuff has held fast. Also, there’s too much repetition of the same thing for it just to be chance.

Ehhhh….I don’t think so. If there was no authentic symbolism being talked about before showbiz “picked up on it”, then there would have been nothing for showbiz to “pick up on”. Duh…

Yeah authentic symbolism of ancient times. They picked up on them for a marketing scheme.

But the original argument was that showbiz is picking up on conspiracy theorists’ discussions, which is wrong. Now, if what you’re saying is true, if showbiz picked up on ancient symbolism WITHOUT the influence of conspiracy theorists’ discussions, then that proves the conspiracy theorists are 100% CORRECT!

Wow. Just wow. I wish I could unsee those pics!!!

It seems pretty obvious the One World Order (same one who controls the media and celebrities) took down Justice Scalia

After all now Obama can appoint a third Supreme Court Justice and then the court will be tipped fora long time the liberal slant to do whatever theOne World Order wants

Pray for Miley Cyrus

This is … no words. The end of times is near. They didn’t hide anymore. But a lot of people want stay blind more than ever. it’s sad.

I am confused with Tyga’s role in this. I pretty much thought the Kardashian women controlled the men and not the other way around.
BTW, is a Beyonce Superbowl performance article coming soon?

the luciferian show business control Tyga that at the same time he controls Kylie.
The kardashians are kabbalist witches that suck male energy of all them surrounding them, that’s the reason all the men near to the kardashians end really bad. (Bruce, Rob, Scott, Robert Kardashian and Lamar)

Its just too creepy…how can people just act like its normal? It’s just so bizarre

I just can’t buy into the garbage because it’s complete idiocy

Feel sad for the kids of America and around the world that are subjected to this brainwashing day in and out everywhere they turn and look from the Common Core to peoplular musicians and celebriti s to the fake news on TV

People in their 30s were really the last lucky ones to experience the real America before all hail broke loose and the one world order took over- 2000 was the last American year

Since 2000 it’s all been downhill

These new shows give me an eerie feeling more than anything…it’s just wrong

A creepest year than the last one has just been annouced through these pictures/themes/imageries !

Awful, positively awful.

Interesting how the playboy model has two different colored eyes…

That is often depicted in photos that are supposedly Illuminati related. Makes sense it would interest people obsessed with the one eye symbol. Joseph Mengele the Nazi “doctor” was fixated on heterochromia and a surprising number of celebrities have it, like David Bowie.

Its called heterochromia

Americans need to realize that we are being attacked from within.

They continually underestimate the power of Heaven.

Tiara..ara..ara..eeeh eeh eh

Every time I see Miley my eyes roll to the back of my head…

This month I got scared way more than with any other of your posts on this entire page!

I’ve been reading your articles since spring of 2011. And boy, they have opened my eyes. The industry has been slowly pushing that s**t into our heads over the years, and now it’s really in the open, and uninformed people are so use to this s**t that it’s “normal”. The world is falling apart. Masses are against sexual abuse, p********a, guns, violence, the Devil, and yet they blindly support it.
God help us

I have a question; How does Mind-Control work? I mean they must have free will to some extent right? Are they constantly under control? They seem normal in interviews and on social media, except for a few incidences where it has been very obvious that they are either on drugs or controlled somehow. I also don’t believe all celebrities are mind-controlled, I mean do they even need to do that much controlling nowadays? People are so blind anyways, it feels pointless to try to control them through trauma etc.

Not at all familiar with “Tyga”. His head looks pretty small though. Could he be an undiagnosed case of the Zika virus? Maybe the Zika virus has been around longer than they thought.

It’s insane how much symbolism they use..but it’s even more insane how many people aren’t aware of them.Sadly, it’s like being blind.

Miss. Sick stressed confused scared Mess

OK so I’m scared. If lucifer is coming I’m not ready for that. They say since 2012 it’s been a countdown but countdown for what? Lucifer???? How the f do we prepare for that. Forget out daily obligations and pray until we die? My thoughts, my life revolves around this stuff and I feel so alone. I can’t talk about it and even if I do what good does it do? I don’t want to be evil or fall into all this bs. Im not into fason but i like watching tv and movies….I like to consider myself a good person but I’ve made mistakes in my life. I wanna pull my hair out. I get the puzzle it’s been put together I fit all the pieces…but now what? You can’t function in society. Uuuugghhhuhuuuhhhh! ,,!!!

Press into Jesus with all your heart, miss stressed and confused, and he will transform you! You’ll become “miss peace in Christ!” It’s not about praying more or “doing” anything more. It’s your heart he wants. He loves you and has created you as one of a kind. He wants to dwell in and with each and every person who will allow Him to, then lovingly forms them into everything they were designed to be! The bible says: “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God. Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel.”‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭ and “God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.”‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭and don’t forget the classic, “God… Read more »

You can live in this world, just not with this world. Trust in Jesus and tell him your worries. Tell him the same things that you posted here for example. He won’t ignore you.

That’s very interesting…one question I always had for Satanists was: “If you think Satan is the good guy, why do you portray him as dark and scary? I mean, wouldn’t that just be Christian propaganda, from your point of view?”

Well, none of them ever wanted to talk about it…I’ve found that Satanists usually are the all-serious, no-fun sort and very disinterested in telling outsiders nearly anything about their beliefs. Or maybe that’s just the local cult I had run into…I am aware there are different types.

Since it forever continues to be brought out in the open, its a clear indication that those pawns in hollywood and the music industry are showing gratitude to not only the elite but the dark entity itself that they serve.

No wonder why some people, mostly christians tried to get the TV series “Lucifer” cancelled because of how the elite try to make parts of the dark side sound cool to the rest of the sheeple who don’t even realize that.

“stimulation” and naked female mannequins . . . what’s next lion taming and organ music?

Tyga is one ugly buck teeth dude…LOL..this is what they give us?? a goofy looking man…man, they lost their touch.