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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16



Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

In this edition of SPOTM: Rita Ora, Zendaya, Selena Gomez and more proof that the entertainment business is about UNcreativity and all about catering to the elite’s sick obsessions

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

As stated in past SPOTM’s, Rita Ora is one of those chosen figureheads of the Beta Kitten system who appears to be famous for no reason. Like most celebrity Beta Kittens, Ora did a photoshoot with the elite’s favorite photographer Terry Richardson for LUI magazine. The result: Pure Beta Kitten stuff. For instance, the cover is basically her flashing her breast as if saying: “Yup, this is my career now.”

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Ora also graced the pages of L’Officiel Russia. Here, she shows us her tattoo of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Kabbalah-related tattoos are almost a requisite for Beta Kittens). She also flashes some of her booty because that Kabbalah stuff is not about spirituality – it is a sign of being a slave of the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

There also male representatives of Beta programming in the industry. Model Jethro Cave (Nick Cave’s son) seems to have integrated that entire system. Here, he’s doing the one-eye sign with a condom while wearing handcuffs … slave.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Here, Jethro is wearing a creepy “kitten” mask – a reference to Beta Kitten programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Speaking of Beta Kittens, Selena Gomez keeps playing into that agenda. As one critic stated: “she’s focused on pandering to her pervert fans who have been into her since she was 15 and working for Disney…by doing weird Pedophilic photoshoots dressed like “Little Bo Peep” or some sh*t”. Selena’s photoshoot in LOVE magazine is indeed about making childhood sexy – and it is not her first photoshoot going in the “lolita” direction.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Isn’t the agenda obvious now?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Her confused face as if saying “why are you doing this to me” makes the abuse of minors fashionable.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

This agenda is not limited to ex-Disney girls. The UK show This Morning featured girls between ages of 8 and 10, wearing crop tops and performing a pole dance routines. Young girls doing what strippers do on morning television: That’s mass media for you.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

The one-eye sign popped up literally everywhere last month. It was used by all kinds of elite-owned companies and performed by all kinds of elite-owned celebrities. Here’s a prominent one-eye sign on an ad for Weight Watchers.

Despite years of career in the movie industry, Jodie Foster still needs to throw up that sign in Interview magazine.
Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Zendaya needs to bring that one-eye sign to her young fans in Girls Life magazine.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Here she is in Complex Magazine posing with a bunch of dismembered mannequins – the elite’s favorite way of depicting MK slaves.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Jazz Jennings is a 15 year-old transgender teenager that has been getting a lot of publicity lately. In this pic for DAZED magazine, one eye is replaced by a patch – a confirmation of who is controlling this young person’s career now.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Nearly ever single ad for the brand Pandora features the one-eye sign. Here’s a small compilation of ads.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

This is the cover of one of Poland’s most important magazines. It features a white woman being grabbed by six “dark” arms with the title: “The Islamic Rape of Europe”. As I’ve stated in previous articles, the elite has purposely forced the massive entry of refugees in several Western countries. That same elite is now feeding and profiting from the fear, hate, racism and confusion caused by this massive entry of migrants. The end result: new restrictive laws, more surveillance and the introduction of freedom-killing policies based on race and religion. Remember that the motto of the elite is “Order out of chaos”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

This Pakistan Airlines ad from 1979 is literally foreshadowing as we see a commercial jet casting a large shadow over the twin towers. There is no shortage of strange, predictive 9/11 images out there.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

This 1970’s print ad for the WTC is also rather creepy for several reasons, mainly because it implies that a whole lot of people in these towers are NOT going to heaven. Spearheaded by David Rockerfeller in 1959, the WTC was inaugurated by Governor Nelson Rockefeller (David’s brother) and housed some of the world’s biggest elite-owned finance firms. The WTC was indeed the closest some of them will ever get to heaven.

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

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Wisdom Calling

My reaction when I read these articles is always the same: frustration over the blindness to it, anger over the forcefulness of the agenda, and sadness for the people who – for one reason or another – have ended up ensnared by it.

But then, I’m reminded of the truth: these slaves of darkness may have their agenda to bring ‘order out of chaos’ (you definitely see that unfolding today). But they’re blinded by pride and arrogance, and try as they will, they’re not in ultimate control. God is, and He is good, and doesn’t overlook injustice. Just sometimes we lose sight of His timeframe.

“Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.
Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
For evildoers shall be cut off;
But those who wait on the LORD, They shall inherit the earth.
For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed, you will look carefully for his place,
But it shall be no more.”

~ excerpts from Psalm 37.

Keep looking up. The time is short.


Sure, and pigs fly so high….


Still a hateful b---h, I see.


Thank you for the uplifting quote…


That Polish magazine with title “Islamic Rape of Europe” is completely BACKWARDS.

If Western and European nations would stop meddling and causing havoc all around the Middle East, RAPING THE LAND (AND ITS PEOPLE) FOR ITS OIL-RICH RESOURCES, toppling failed regimes and replacing with pro-western puppets, while funding BOTH SIDES of the conflict, thus creating senseless bloodshed of Christian and Muslim Arabs (and various other denominations that also exist in the M.E.), there wouldn’t be such an Exodus (i.e. refugee crisis) into Europe.

Talk about inciting hatred, xenophobia and bigotry, while singling out the victims of American/European/Western imperialistic sadistic satanic foreign ‘policies’.

I wonder when will these so-called Christian nations remember that Jesus Christ is a Middle-Eastern man, who would probably be fleeing persecution and torture if he is living today.

FYI: I’m not against Europe or America, but against those who incite oppression and injustices then play the victim card, regardless of geographical location or religious affiliation. Stand with Peace, United with All People, All True Believers of God The One Almighty Creator.

God Bless you all!


The warmongers (try to) control every aspect of public discourse, from behind the shadows. Most newspaper editors & owners hang out in the same secret clubs..I’d bet.


Let me remind you that the Sacred Family were once refugees. However, contrary to today’s “refugees”, they (1) found refugee in the nearest, safest country (2) returned back to their homeland once the persecution was over.

This is the opposite of the “refugees” arriving to Europe. What the elite want is to destabilize Europe by introducing millions of people with incompatible culture — a culture that has been in constant war with Europe for the last 1000+ years. This is the perfect recipe for chaos.

Thy Unveiling

Today I heard on the news that 3 Syrian refugees are up on rape charges. I couldn’t help but wonder if a rape even happened and thought “Here we go furthering the racist agenda.”


You do know that the rape and sexual abuse from the Muslims has been pretty constant, right? It has been under reported on purpose to foment anger and eventually war. Rape and sexual abuse is part of the culture where these people come from. The elites are sowing seeds of chaos, and here you are defending rapists with the race card. You would be wise to understand that Islam is one of Satan’s many faces, a tool he uses. I love the people but hate the religion. So please don’t even think of pulling the race card here.


Rape and sexual abuse,
Especially against children, is embedde n European cultures and institutions.


So, I guess during the Hajj, where Muslims go to Mecca for spiritual peaceful pilgrimage, where there’s no difference whether you’re black Muslim or white Muslim or Arabic Muslim or Asian Muslim or Spanish Muslim or Greek Muslim or Italian Muslim (it’s a universal spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood), and they go to an area where they cast stones at statues of Demons… they’re doing this because they -as you so ignorantly pointed out- are one of Satan’s many faces? LOL!!! Wow, that’s good stuff you’re smoking. Make sure you don’t choke on it!

It’s amazing the level of ignorance that is rampant in this day and age of easily-accessible information. You’d think people would go and READ A BOOK to inform themselves of the truth, but laziness has people shaping their opinions and views from their television sets.

Funny comment, it made me laugh. The more people like you talk, the more I realize Hell is going to be jam-packed and thank God I’m saved because I wouldn’t want to be trapped down there with xenophobes like you.


God Bless You All!


Hey genius, the black cube that Muslims pilgrimage to in Saudi Arabia is a massive Saturnalia symbol. The created all religions to divide and conquer and control the minds of people. Hello dummy ! I told you to educate yourself about the Saturn Death Cult.


The Kaaba, the ‘black cube’ you’re referring to, is the house of worship which God commanded Abraham (the father of monotheistic faiths) to build. It is a spiritual symbol of overcoming paganism, idolatry (worship of idols/statuettes), black magic, false religions/cults, voodoo, etc. It is also a vortex point of Divine energy which ascend/descend to/from Heaven. In contrast to satanic rituals performed in masonic lodges in which they sell their soul to the devil, at the Kaaba, the rituals are completely the opposite, it is to regain control of one’s soul, by shedding all sins, through prayers and repentance, thus re-establishing the spiritual connection to God Almighty. As for your ‘Saturn Death Cult’ that you’re so adamant about… Seriously, I can’t believe people in this day and age still follow cults?!?! WTF LOL OMG This world is seriously nuts! Here’s what I found out about this cult you looooove so much: The Saturn Death Cult is an INVESTIGATION into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals. INVESTIGATION??? FABLED Goldend Age???… Read more »


“Rape and abuse is part of their culture”. “These people”. How fricking racist can you get, and the people who liked your comment. Which culture and religion uses all these symbology fool.

Kobayashi Rin

In your post u mention ” Rape and sexual abuse is part of the culture where these people come from”. Where exactly do those “people” come from? You can find native Muslims in virtually every country on the planet and the Muslim world population is estimated to be about 25% of the world population. That’s one in every four people (that’s a lot of potential rapist). In many cases it is pointless to argue over these types of issues but I will put forward a simple question here. Does anyone truly believe that a people whose religion tells them to believe in ONE God, to pray five times a day, to fast one whole month out of a year, to compulsorily give a portion of their wealth out in charity, and to make pilgrimage to a sacred site at least once in their life… would then permit or condone Rape? If your answer is yes (for the Muslims) then it means that their God has asked them to believe in him but abuse women, stop what they’re doing five times a day to pray but it’s okay to abuse women, don’t eat from sun up to sun down but it’s… Read more »


i’m sorry but your statement clearly indicates that you have ZERO knowledge of Islam, and because of this i don’t think you have the right to make such harsh statements about this religion. Also saying that Islam is one of the many faces of satan is an utterly ridiculous thing to say. why dont you crack open a book once in a while and actually find out what Islam is all about before jumping to conclusions. and saying that all these people come from a culture of rape and sexual abuse is again an ignorant thing to say. and just to enlighten you, my advice to you is to check out the statistics for rape and sexual abuse in first world countries such as USA. i can assure you, you will be surprised. these refugees are no different than you or me, instead they are just simple/normal people who are nothing but victims to a war created by people who are planning something big for this world, something that is in no ones interest but their own. it is shameful how most of you are ready to stereotype these refugees, and at the same time declare yourself as accepting individuals.


Keep denying and excusing rape. Yes, nothing but pure haters here in comments. From ” Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa. Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes. In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men. The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonbladet and Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they actually were Somalis without Swedish citizenship. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.” For USA statistics go to FBI page to see who is raping who.


You should also check:

Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens (

The German Twitter account, @XYEinzelfall (“individual cases”), has created a Google map to track police reports of crimes.

Two 10-year-old schoolgirls molested and a woman’s trousers ripped off: Inside the sleepy Swedish town rocked by EIGHT sex attacks in three weeks by migrant men (

This crisis is barely about the refugees, anyone and everyone can come to Europe.


I see as no different than white people coming over and killing, raping and destroying entire ethnic cultures. Now the tables have turned. Have fun.


Islam is satanism. Its kabbalistic occultism. It doesn’t matter if a refugee is from Syria or Iran. They are all the same. Trouble. They have rewritten the bible and Revelations tells us “woe to anyone who changes one word of Yahweh’s words”.

get over race already

They consider rape of infidel women as young as 3 a sacrament. Lying to infidels is okay. It is to make religion look bad and take down Christianity and morals.

kev Allah

Thats in the Talmud not the Quran.


How do you know they were Syrian? Did you get your information from the ‘news’ reports, which are owned and controlled by a specific group of people which this site exposes??? You don’t think there’s also deception beyond movies, entertainment, politics, and the music industry? It’s in all levels. Control the flow of information and you can control people’s mindset. It’s called PROPAGANDA. It’s used not just during times of war. If you’re going to believe the news (or mainstream media for that matter) and let it indoctrinate you, you’re only falling into their schemes of ‘divide and conquer’. They want to turn the people of God’s faiths against one another, vilifying one another, and kill off each other, while the luciferian elitist who pull the strings laugh at how blind, ignorant, moronic and idiotic God’s believers have become. Plus, the powers that be do not like getting their hands dirty, they create hatred and animosity between different groups and fund both sides, then watch them annihilate each other, while they benefit from the military industrial complex and countries getting further indebted to them. Who owns the central banks again? Simple, their names are all over this website. Just follow… Read more »


Your bias is perfect.thats why you’re here in the first place – to help dispossess Europeans from their homelands and have them completely administered by Talmudic jews. And what do you think then becomes of your homeland??


Hello, I am from France.
The refugees invasion is juste part of the Kalergi plan of the white european civilization GENOCIDE taking place. The “refugees” as you call them come from Pakistan, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan and certainly not from Syria or Lybia as the mass media wants us to think.
The OTAN Soldiers have been escorting all those MEN (because MOST of them are male only) to all the countries of Europe. So if I am fullfilling your way thinking, can you please indicate which countries have Italy, Norway, Ireland, Serbia or Hungary or GREECE bomb so far??? Because I cant see it?!?!?! As for information, Hungary a country of 7 million people has been overwhelmed by 1 MILLION arabic islamic refugee so far. And is now closing all its borders because of the fed up. These “refugees” are just the active collaborators of the elite who would be given weapons to shout us when the time of rebellion will come. But These people should go back to their countries rapidly as they do not seem to know quite well what happens when european countries rebel or are clearly willing to go to war…


The whole European Union didn’t mind Russia to start bombing Syria, did they? That was when a couple of the biggest refugee waves appeared. Cautious support of one of the warring parties is still support.


Do you not understand how Satan himself manufactured Islam? Islam has been at war since it’s inception. Do you know what Islam means? It means submit. In the eyes of true Muslims the rest of the world is there for the taking. So here we have the elites hitting a wasp nest of uneducated savages with the governments of the world that do not represent in any way the desires of the people and when the wasps sting back because that’s what wasps were born to do, you cry foul? They may look and they may fly like a sweet, honey-producing bee, but make no mistake they are only capable of violence and pain. Make no mistake, there would be still be wars and dictators and uneducated tribal people killing each other with or without the west interfering. The difference is, instead of spears, you use guns that Europe invented, you sell oil that the western world created a need for. Islam built itself on the ruins of fallen empires, and that is the only time they have ever created anything useful, the so called golden age of Islam. If allowed to take over(not saying this is a risk, the… Read more »

Thy Unveiling

I think you need to educate yourself more on this subject and stop spewing disinformation.


Those who spew hatred, xenophobia, ignorance and bigotry come from a place of darkness. They are agents of the secret cabal who spread misinformation and disinformation because if people were to actually find out who was REALLY behind all these injustices and atrocities, carefully crafting and creating chaos, manufacturing deceit on a world scale through mainstream media and the internet, so the can further their satanic agendas, in order to establish their New World World, if their true identities are revealed to the world, which it will when Jesus Christ returns to face the Anti-Christ, they will be shocked and dismayed.

They can make as many false accusations, allegations, assumptions and presumptions about any of God’s religions, but Judgement Day will not escape them, no matter whom they serve now, they only seal their own demise for there is none Greater than God Almighty, Creator of the Universe.

God Bless you all


Bla Bla Bla…

Foolish Person

hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!


There is, apparently, similarities between the Quran and the Talmud…though I’m not sure if thats a subverted form of Islam (like ‘Christian’ zionism eg)…and so far my research hasn’t clarified anything…there’s lots who will say it is…but thats irrelevant


Mohammed appparently studied with the Talmud and was an admirer of it and the ‘jews’….if that’s true thats a damning indictment for any Christian…or secular nationalists, for that matter I would think…

The Winter Soldier

Eloquently put! Again, I am thrilled to see others not drunk on kool-aid and PCness.

Don\'t be fooled

I think you will recall Jesus did not flee persecution and torture. Unless you are a moslem who believes Jesus wasn’t crucified.

The vast majority of these immigrants are men. They are leaving the women and children behind. I don’t think Jesus would approve.

My country of Finland has done nothing wrong to Middle Eastern countries. Yet now the middle eastern men are coming here demanding money and houses, harassing and raping women. And our government and media hush up the crimes and call the natives racist. That is the reality we are living here right now, that magazine cover tells the truth.


I think that magazine cover is victimizing Europe. Victimizing yourself isn’t helping, better see you as someone strong.

The Winter Soldier

I commend you Don\’t be fooled…you are one of the few on here to not be afraid to be unPC.


So you’re a genius who’s gonna break it all down and lecture us. Screw you a-hole. If the situation were reversed and Europeans were escaping to the middle east they would behave themselves and demonstrate gratitude towards their benefactors. They wouldn’t be raping every woman is sight, assaulting people to impose their brand of morality and graffiti “convert to Christianity or die”. And let’s not forget defecating in swimming pools and being total litterbugs. Now, I’m gonna brake it down for you. Since the beginning of ‘civilization’ all governments have been the instruments of criminal psychopaths. They’re obsessed with the planet Saturn and are dedicated to exploiting, manipulating, controlling and enslaving everyone on the earth. Their theme song is Eye In The Sky by The Allen Parsons Project. Their motto is “order out of chaos”. Their main modus operandi are ‘divide and conquer’ and ‘problem reaction solution’. Their goal is a one world government, religion, laws, etcetra. They want to kill off everyone except those that they expect to be serving them. Check out The Saturn Death Cult to learn more. The point is that at this time they have created this mass migration to Europe from the Middle East… Read more »


No one is lecturing anyone here. If you feel lectured, that’s your own problem. And you can throw childish insults at me, but it only goes to demonstrate your own level of immaturity and lack of evolved intellect. So, do yourself a favour, don’t call someone you don’t know anything about an ‘assh-le’ But it’s your own country’s corrupt illuminati-controlled government that’s to blame for the chaos throughout the world, especially the Middle East. I wonder, have you heard of the CRUSADES? Unless you’re uneducated and been living under a rock, then I’m sure you know how CRUSADERS tried invading Muslim lands, pillaging and raping and murdering and slaughtering. SO PLEASE, do not vilify Islam if you do not know your history. That’s how ‘Europeans’ have been mistreating Arabs and Muslims for a VERY VERY VERY long time. I will not judge Christianity based on the Crusaders, but on Christ’s message of Love and Peace. That’s God’s message, that’s God’s faith. I’m not going to hold one single Christian or European accountable for the misguided actions of lost souls of the past. God is the Judge. This isn’t about me, I’m not about ego or self. It’s about opening minds… Read more »


Still don’t get it do you? Here we have people from Europe telling you point blank what is going on. This isn’t mainstream media hyperbole, it’s first hand accounts, and you if looked at all you would see all of social media in an uproar over the behavior of these “immigrants.” But please, tell us more about the crusades, and how you justify Europe’s current situation with the behavior of a Satanic Church a thousand years ago. Please tell us more about how the elites turn us against each other by spreading lies and misinformation while you swallow hook line and sinker the lie that the people of Europe are in anyway responsible for the decisions of the Satanic elite. If you can break away for a second you might want to research the crusades, the reason for wanting Jerusalem back, the fact that elite Satanists have been behind the agitation of both sides. Why both the Jesuits(Catholic Satanists) and the Muslims(Arab Satanists) have been fighting each other, but more importantly how they have both been working tooth and nail to remove all protestant Christians from planet Earth. This is their agenda and has been all along. Satan’s time is… Read more »


You just don’t like the fact that this is the actions of White Christians who have shown by history to be the only group who not only has, but continues to invade and destroy other cultures. What about all the Christian soldiers raping Muslim women you fool. Or Christian priests raping children. But mainly and maybe this is the real problem the actions of Men full stop.

Just a thought

Ok Glossolalien, Bush is a methodist, an ex-episcopalian. Obama is another protestant. Clinton is a baptist. How many US presidents were protestants and how many senators are protestants?

The Winter Soldier

Obama is Muslim…he was lying about his religion.


I’m not vilifying Muslims I’m vilifying the pathetic scum being ushered into Europe by the N.W.O. You obviously didn’t read what I wrote. To paraphrase, don’t blame us for the actions of our government, if Europeans were being shipped to the middle east they would be polite and respectful unlike the losers going to Europe from the middle east and you ARE lecturing us by blaming us for the actions of our government. You’re the one who needs a history lesson. I recommend you watch this video about the Crusades by Stefan Molyneux. The fact is, history is irrelevant. You want to use history to justify present day crimes. I insult you because I’m insulted by some stupid ignorant sanctimonious jackass like you justifying the bad behavior of the Muslims currently invading Europe. I told you the Illuminati’s main weapon is divide and conquer. You’re so defensive that you’re not listening. I’m gonna reiterate, if the government starts shipping proselytizing rapist to America. they will be wiped out ! The rape gangs will be baited and slaughtered. But like I said, I don’t think it’s gonna come to violence because the government is about to be replaced with patriots.… Read more »


To quote your very elaborate and eloquent words:

“Bla Bla Bla…”

You can buy a copy of the Quran on AMAZON. Anyone can own the Koran.

The more you write back the less you make any coherent comprehensible logical rational sense whatsoever.

Enjoy the Bliss of Ignorance! GOD BLESS! 🙂


You’re obviously not American because if you were you would understand that “bla bla bla” is a form of mocking what you have written. It’s a way of saying that your words are just noise. Anyway. your handle “the truth with love ” is incredibly pretentious and highly suspect. Only a self important know it all would chose a name like “the truth with love”. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you on the head. You’re presumptuous to assume you could spew your pro rapist propaganda on one of my favorite websites, The Vigilant Citizen, and not expect to be slapped in the face for sullying a sacred place. You don’t want to learn about Saturn so I’m done trying to inform you. I don’t want to read your stupid book, all religions are for morons who can’t think for themselves. You don’t respond to any of the points I’ve made because you lack the mental capacity to engage in a logical argument. You’re a slave to Saturn worshiping freaks and are too stupid to see it. Keep replying, I know you like being dominated.



Thanks for the laughs. You’re hilarious. Love your messed up sense of humour and your lack of intellectual intelligence which you project unto others simply because you’re so short-sighted as it is evidently pointed out by your lack of comprehension of my sarcasm by using your own words “Bla Bla Bla…” to mirror your so-called insults back at you. I hope that didn’t go over your head! But if it did, so be it. Nothing but Love over here 🙂

God Bless You All!

FYI: Look at the self-demeaning insults you write before accusing any one of being pretentious. Those who insult others only insult their own lack of intelligence.


You’re a brain dead moron. You haven’t responded to any of my points. Your high minded platitudes are absurd. You’re a total fake. You talk like a phony Christian. You can’t justify the behavior of the Muslin immigrants invading Europe. What you should take away from me is that if the N.W.O. tries to flood America with the same primitive scum invading Europe it won’t work. There is no way Muslim rape gangs are gonna happen in America. We’re not p-----s like the Europeans. I waiting for your next nonsensical reply where you talk about how loving and wise you are. I’ll bet your only accomplishment in life is sitting around making lame comments on the internet. If you’re so loving why are you so defensive ?


Did your parents neglect you or abuse you verbally emotionally or physically? were you bullied as a kid, or are you a bully yourself perhaps because you definitely showcase a lack self-esteem, comprehension issues and all your replies are riddled with hatred, bigotry, xenophobia and ignorance…. Hi Donald Trump! LOL!!!

Whatever the case may be, I hope one day you learn putting others down doesn’t make you superior to others, but demonstrates your own lack of confidence and integrity.


Seriously though… YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! You should do stand up, you’re a real joke!


I mean your insults are hilarious!!! Did you go on on a joke website to get them? WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?!?!? Hahaha

Take it easy with the insults. Come at me with a reply WITHOUT ANY INSULTS and I might consider reading your comments.

Better yet, since it’s quite obvious you’re a bigot and arguing with a bigot is utterly pointless, so I’ll let YOU have the last word, is that going to make you happy? SMILE, LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO BE SO SERIOUS!




Ever heard of Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? Since you are so intelligent and informed, you should have read about it. How about the Ottoman invasion of Europe? You need to decide who is responsible for the destruction of Middle East. You are calling out elite just to turn around and blame everything on average Europeans and Americans while questioning their christian morals. There are many nice people among muslims, still many that are flooding Europe at the moment have questionable motives. Prometheus is right, your handle is very pretentious. All in all, you sound like a new age jihadist. Allahu akbar to you too.


Not easy to un-brainwash people who’ve been consistently programmed and indoctrinated since childhood to fit their spirit and mind to a xenophobic mentality, so they can unwaveringly serve the elites as pawns, even at the cost of their own detriment and damnation…… HERE’S A CRASH COURSE IN HIGH-JACKING TERMINOLOGY Jihad, in its original Arabic definition means: STRUGGLE. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just STRUGGLE. When you struggle to pay the bills, or put food on the table, or get your kids through university, the struggle to keep God/Love in your Heart instead of hatred, the struggle to pray every day and ask for forgiveness, that’s all part of the daily STRUGGLE/JIHAD everyone goes through in life. The term has then been hi-jacked (pun intended) and associated with terrorism, in order to brainwash/program people into thinking The Struggle (against the NWO) is an act of terrorism. Terrorism is EVIL in all its form, whomever commits it. No God-fearing peace-loving Muslim or Christian or Jewish person supports terrorism. It is vile, vulgar and destructive to humanity. New Age Jihadist? That’s an oxymoron. Like saying: Muslim Donald Trump who Loves Mexicans. No sense whatsoever. Very funny though! LOL More like a truth-seeking love-spreading insight-sharing… Read more »

Ascended Master

Yes, jihad…in Europe it’s called “mein Kampf”. 😉

Everything you write is an oximoron. Europe is very familiar with jihad, the greater jihad.
Calling someone a xenophobe, a racist, etc. does not work anymore. The truth is out there for everyone to see. The Struggle to rip Europe apart is a part of NWO plan. Alhamdulillah, they will not succeed.


Google: the bad war ms king pdf Talk to me when you’re done reading it. Them come and tell me how Muslims/Arabs starting the 2 biggest most destructive World Wars this planet has ever seen with the highest death toll in history. Come tell me how Muslims/Arabs wreaked havoc, mass murders, gang rapes, ethnic cleansings, apartheid all over the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia…. The whole entire world is a victim of satanic usurpers of religions who’ve infiltrated each faith in order to taint the image of God and turn people away from their own spiritual salvation. Tell me oh wise ‘Ascended Master’ (sarcasm intended): Who butchered the natives/mayans/aboriginals in Americas, raping their women, stealing their lands, claiming it as their own, then pushed their own religious beliefs unto them? Who pillaged the once lush African continent for diamonds and gold, and force converted millions of people into their own european religion??? MUSLIMS?!?! I don’t think so. Who stole people and shipped them as SLAVES/PROPERTY to work in cotton fields and get hanged and beaten and raped?! WHO DID ALL THAT?! The answer is most definitely not: Arabs/Muslims/Asians/Africans/Buddhist. And yet, I don’t go around bashing Americans/Europeans/Christians and calling them terrorists,… Read more »


Cortes wouldn’t have been able to defeat Aztecs if there wasn’t for other native tribes that joined in. Aztecs were killing everyone in their satanic death cult rituals. North America was consisted of many tribes almost constantly at war with each other. You obviously support occupation of Europe which means you shouldn’t have any problems with Europeans in North America. Btw, there is a possibility the Caucasoids had been present in Americas before the Natives arrived, according to some archaeological findings. Africans were living under stone age condition before European colonization. They had no wheel, no written language, no buildings above one level; no clue about the natural wealth or how to extract and implement it. However, I’m not supporting a robbery of any nation’s wealth. The companies that are doing it do not represent us, the average people. Slavery was not invented by Europeans, who were the victims of slavery themselves, but was abolished by them. The biggest slavers and traders were, actually, Arabs and Jews. And no, black slaves were not “kidnapped” by Europeans. They were sold by their own people. When it comes to transatlantic slave trade, look up the names of the ship owners. First slave… Read more »

Twilight Sparkle

“Not easy to unbrainwash people?” Is that why you have such a problem?


‘WITHOUT ANY INSULTS’ Every heard of HASBARA? I am calling out the ELITE but not blaming average Europeans/Americans/Christians/Whites. RE-READ WHAT I WROTE and stop making assumptions. Here’s a quote from my original post in case you ignored it: ‘I’m not against Europe or America, but against those who incite oppression and injustices then play the victim card, regardless of geographical location or religious affiliation. Stand with Peace, United with All People, ‘ So where in that line does it say I am trying to promote hatred or injustice or bigotry or racism or discrimination against Americans or Europeans, or trying to blame innocent civilians/regular joe’s for the corrupt actions of their so-called governments?!?! Thanks. Your point and counter-argument is invalid and pointless, like all your other points trying to defend the satanic world order, because they happen to be ‘americans’ or ‘europeans’ in origin…. By the way, where did illuminati and freemasonry originate from, was it Asia? India? Arabia? Africa?!?!? You can keep disputing the facts that I keep presenting and trying to insult me or mock me, but you only insult your own intelligence. I don’t care if you see me as pretentious or whatever, your views of me… Read more »

third eye blind

So, is it hasbara then? I see no mention of it in your opening comment. All you talk about is a christian hypocrisy which pretty much came out after immigrants’ rape campaign. I believe i’m not completely clueless to what is going on. Now, could you please start spreading a word among immigrants, so maybe they’ll stop being a tool for the planed destruction? PS: Opening a third eye can be dangerous and expose you to demonic attacks, allegedly. “That Polish magazine with title “Islamic Rape of Europe” is completely BACKWARDS. If Western and European nations would stop meddling and causing havoc all around the Middle East, RAPING THE LAND (AND ITS PEOPLE) FOR ITS OIL-RICH RESOURCES, toppling failed regimes and replacing with pro-western puppets, while funding BOTH SIDES of the conflict, thus creating senseless bloodshed of Christian and Muslim Arabs (and various other denominations that also exist in the M.E.), there wouldn’t be such an Exodus (i.e. refugee crisis) into Europe. Talk about inciting hatred, xenophobia and bigotry, while singling out the victims of American/European/Western imperialistic sadistic satanic foreign ‘policies’. I wonder when will these so-called Christian nations remember that Jesus Christ is a Middle-Eastern man, who would probably… Read more »


I can’t believe you’re still responding to me. I was right when I said all you do is sit around and make lame comments on the internet. The way you keep reacting to me makes it obvious I’m upsetting you. The truth hurts doesn’t it. You’ve become obsessed with me because I’ve exposed you for the fraud you are. You’re so desperate to engage with people that you’re willing to let yourself be abused. Now I’m disgusted, realizing what a pathetic submissive lover of being insulted you are. I’m no longer going to converse with you because I will no longer indulge your sick pathetic desire to be humiliated. Go find someone else to help you revel in your self loathing. I fully expect you to send me more replies as I know you can’t stop seeking to be abused and humiliated. I don’t think you’ll ever find happiness, you should do yourself a favor and commit suicide.


I recommend you start posting on the website Infowar . You’ll get plenty of the attention you crave there.

The Winter Soldier

I dunno but they may have dropped you…you open your mouth but nothing intelligent comes out…have you drank too much kool-aid?


I’m going to take the high road here, without insinuating mockery or ridicule, and agree to disagree with you.

Your views/insults/judgment/perception of me are not of any relevant importance in my life or my spiritual quest for salvation. Only God matters.

I pray you come to terms with the truth, which I hoped to deliver through love. If my words were harsh or condescending, that was never the intention, simply to make you realize the flaws in your counter-arguments. I never laughed at you, but tried to keep it light-hearted because the last thing this crazy world needs is more hatred between people.

On that note, I appreciate VC and this Site very much, I do not want to tarnish it in any way, shape or form. It is indeed a great site with insightful valuable information for those who are on their path of awareness.

God Bless. And like the late great brother Bob Marley says: ‘ONE LOVE’.

Twilight Sparkle

Bliss of ignorance? You mean the state you’re in?

The Winter Soldier

….the main the reason the Crusades I read about started was because ISLAM was invading cities and causing mass rape and murder. There have been many crusades I know but that’s the one I have read.

The Winter Soldier

Whoo! What an amazing and inspiring speech!
You go! 😀
America needs more people like you!


So you’re a genius who’s gonna break it all down and lecture us. Screw you a-hole. If the situation were reversed and Europeans were escaping to the middle east they would behave themselves and demonstrate gratitude towards their benefactors. They wouldn’t be raping every woman is sight, assaulting people to impose their brand of morality and graffiti “convert to Christianity or die”. And let’s not forget defecating in swimming pools and being total litterbugs. Now, I’m gonna brake it down for you. Since the beginning of ‘civilization’ all governments have been the instruments of criminal psychopaths. They’re obsessed with the planet Saturn and are dedicated to exploiting, manipulating, controlling and enslaving everyone on the earth. Their theme song is Eye In The Sky by The Allen Parsons Project. Their motto is “order out of chaos”. Their main modus operandi are ‘divide and conquer’ and ‘problem reaction solution’. Their goal is a one world government, religion, laws, etcetra. They want to kill off everyone except those that they expect to be serving them. Check out The Saturn Death Cult to learn more. The point is that at this time they have created this mass migration to Europe from the Middle East… Read more »

star cecile

trust me no one in the middle east is giving a damn about the european.


You have to remember that although you say if “Western nations would stop meddling and causing havoc all around the middle east…..” yet you seem to forget there are many in the west who vehemently disagree with what’s happening, but are completely hand tied in doing anything about it? I do not vote, therefore I can sleep happy at night knowing that I never elected a government that’s pushing for and creating world chaos. Also realise that the overwhelming majority of people coming into Europe are economic migrants and that’s a massive difference to refugees. They want to come to the west because the shitholes they live in don’t have all the benefits that we in Europe have. When they come here, they’ll be housed, fed and accommodated in shelters until their migration application is processed and then they’ll go onto welfare, be given a flat that will be paid for by the indigenous taxpayers and live a life that they could never have possibly imagined to back home. As VC states, the flooding of Europe with migrants will cause complete and utter chaos. It will destabilize European nations, resulting in heavy handed policing, followed by totalitarian laws, more and… Read more »


Europe is under occupation and is suffering as badly as anyone…your attitude is EXACTLY what the elite are brainwashing ‘migrants’ with. If Europe loses…all of the other 3 rd world nations will lose much worse…


The Selena Gomez photo where her expression looks pained disturbs me the most. The expression is not one of security, sexiness or contentment. It’s how I imagine these slaves looking at a handler/perverted sick luciferian freak. The pose, outfit and expression portrays what these young girls do for fame. And they’re putting it right in our face and sexualising it.


selena gomez was sold to the industry since little when she appeared in barney & friends also when modelling they tell to those singers how to pose and how to look to the camera.
But if you pay attention most of all the pop singers today are soulless like they are just another product of the industry.


The first is very creepy, there’s absolutly nothing in her eyes. She looks like a dead corpse, or a kind of silicon sexdoll. Ugh…


Selena Gomez has usually traumatised eyes (I mean soul).


If you cannot become famous by good things, just remove your clothes and act like a w---e. It never fails.


I feel sad for these young people. There is no happiness in their eyes.
On a different note: Pandora’s box = Saturn’s cube.


I think it’s ridiculous that Pandora is marketed to women as a way to show their individuality when it’s just over-priced mass produced crap.


Thanks VC for all your posts! I wish I had more friends like you in my life! Your work is appreciated and I always try and tell others about these issues if they are willing to listen.

Thy Unveiling

Join the forums. There are some amazing people there.


Look up the poster for Gods of Egypt, it has Set, Horus, pyramids, reptiles, and multiple one-eye references. Also says “The battle for eternity begins.” Which is a little spooky. And the Weight Watchers ad has duality, too, with the black and white stripes and background.


Hollywoodlife (hope I won’t get my comment deleted for mentioning another website) literally gives people brain damage. Read this snippet:

“Kendall looked super edgy and cool sitting up in a disheveled bed with her legs splayed open around a pile of daisies. The most obvious part is a bright pink wig that reminds us of Britney Spears after her breakdown. It looks super fun and cool and draws all of the attention to her big brown doe eyes. Super hot! ”

A wig that reminds us of Britney Spears’ breakdown is super fun and cool. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***? How blatant is that stupid website!

D D d

Means children are playing journalist and reporter, and probably get payed for it.


I hate hollywood life is the worst site for invented gossip. But just like Tmz and Perez Hilton all these gossip websites are controlled by the zionist luciferian mass media. The same with Daily Mail. All these celebrity gossip Is just mind garbage that we need to avoid.

Everyone\'s Brother

Either/or. This/that. Me/you. Us/them. Zig/zag. White/black. Yin/yang. Lie/fact.

And like that.
Life happens, bright flashes on touchscreens, must see tv,
trusty voice of media keepin us up to speed with the choices.
Girls and boys listen to music laced with poison
Disappointment the games a coin flip who’s flippin the coin
cheatin us a buncha pointless #2 pencils
To 1 percenters with one eye methods of hidden messages
Peep shows
Super-Ego’s, separate not equal
Oppressive shepherds of people,
successfully bred sheeple but guess what begets evil?

Progressively villains plottin to do wrong while you get your groove on
Hidin s--t in the fine print like a groupon
We playin ketchup they playin grey poupon
Keep a move on, keep ya boots on no daydreamin for warriors
Gotta be draymond green to be victorious

Reaching for a golden state of mind
Don’t want a tainted soul man that’s what satan sold a million times over
And blindfolded a million eyes no big surprise

Jeffrey Jones

Jethro Cave “wins” this one, ultimately losing everything. I would expect nothing less from Nick Cave’s offpsring. A bad seed.

Bird Fur

He was the abandoned son. Nick Cave was busy with another woman having son Luke. Anyhow, there are a lot of red flags for the poor kid. The pictures in this article were done when he was just 17! He’s 25 now I think. The tattoo on his chest is Pinocchio (puppet programming.) He stated that he loves Lolita because his dad read it to him, and his grandfather did the same with Nick before him (lineage), wears a Gumby earring, and has several alters. The fashion industry likes to dress him in women’s wear. Strangely, he is known for having serious body odor and frequently appears in public obviously unbathed, a behavior I have observed in emotionally disturbed adolescents. My heart goes out to him. It seems like he was not taken very good care of, and now his accomplishments in life are due to his lineage not his own efforts. How discombobulating to be abandoned, and then be hoisted into the industry, a puppet of his father’s inattention and fame. I am speaking as a fan of Nick Cave, what a Gothic genius. The loss of his son Arthur last year (he took LSD with a buddy and… Read more »


Nicely put.
On the subject of his pics, I found them easily the most disturbing, just so much degradation and humiliation for the poor kid in them. There’s not a single thing redeeming about those pics, they don’t even have the gitz, glamour, bright colors, or even simple objectification of someone nice to look at that at least masks some of the skeevy stuff in a lot of the other Pics Of The Month selections. Just pure deviant nihilism and titillation for sick pervs that makes me wish for nothing but retributive karma for those involved in taking and planning those photos


The mask that Jethro is wearing in the shoot is a very close replica (or prediction) of the logo for Grindr, the gay sex app. The Grindr logo sent a chill up my spine when I first saw it – the lurid, hidden, Eyes Wide Shut-tiness of it.
Serious body odor and aversion to showers = junkie business.

Bird Fur

He was dismissed by his modeling agency in 2009 for “erratic behavior” and there is very little information about him between then and now. At that time, he told ID magazine that he was a woman. His Twitter went dark and only says “the dust”. But last week, he popped back up. He’s modeling denim for rollas jeans.

Thy Unveiling

Sadly not always junkie business. I know a couple fairly drug-free people who are adverse to good hygiene habits. It is mind boggling how disgusting some people choose to be. When you try several times and angles to approach the issue, they get defensive and still refuse to properly shower or bath. Even telling them “You smell really bad and your hair looks like a grease trap.” doesn’t work. It’s baffling.

I can’t help but wonder “Cleanliness is Godliness, so does that mean filth is of the devil?”


That’s OT subversion nonsense.people who don’t care about their hygene are depressed..often severly. And you’re going to a lot more people like that soon..get used to it Because Christianity is about compassion….not childish attitudes and egos.


I cannot wait for this age to end, and for the return of Jesus Christ from heaven above… I was watching excerpts from the Republican debate, and a great deal of it was filled with boasting, and arrogance by the very candidate who leads this party’s run for the candidacy for President of this once great country… Looking at these pics shows how true the words of Paul are coming to pass in his letter 2nd letter to Timothy chapter 3 verses 1-5… “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men will be lovers of themselves, lover of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying its power. And from such people turn away. ” American’s days are numbered if we do not repent for our sins… What we are witnessing is the eventual emergence of the man of sin, or the beast of Revelation, Daniel, and 2 Thessalonians chapter 2… This leader will be a reflection of what the majority of mankind will have become… Read more »


I am so glad I can see through all these images and what they truly represent. Thanks for VC for raising awareness by posting these articles and images.

The Austrian

many comments here about the “migrant problem” europe is facing right now. media in my country are still calling them refugees but matter of fact is they stopped being refugees (if they ever were) at the coast of greece or the border of turkey. secondly, when u look at the countless pictures of “refugees” u will find that about 90% of those people are men. young men. i dont know about u but when i think of refugees i imagine many women children and old people. u know the weaker ones… i cant help but ask myself: is this an arranged “mariel boat lift 2.0”? in 1980 fidel castro sent/allowed 1000s of people to migrate to the usa. that led to a high rising of criminality there because “… it was discovered that a number of the refugees had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities.” (quoted from wikipedia) who knows… back to the many, often emotionally heated comments about race and islam here: dont u all see that is exactly what they are trying to achieve? let me quote vc: “the elite has purposely forced the massive entry of refugees in several Western countries. That same elite… Read more »


We are already only one Human Race. Why are people so afraid.


Poor Rita Ora. . So worthless. Nothing more than Jay-z’s prostitute that he pimps out for career favors. He does the same to poor Rihanna, but at least she’s had a hugely successful career. I can’t name a single or memorable thing Rita Ora had done.

D D d

Wasn’t she a doormat for Madonna once?


Actually, she had a song out last year with Iggy Azalea called Black Widow. From beginning to end it’s chock full of occult symbols. Check it out on YouTube. I couldn’t believe how blatant the stuff was. I mean the boss at the restaurant is gesturing the baphomet hand symbol to the pimp/customer/devil character in a manner that a blind man could see! The ‘longhorn’/baphomet head is shown countless times throughout…along with the duality concepts. It’s really sad. 🙁


Rihanna has been the most affected in the music industry just like beyoncé. If you can see her post here in this website about how she is under mind control (mk ultra) and hypnosis since 2008, you can understand how Rihanna is so lost in this luciferian show business and that’s the reason she is always drunk or high. A poor soulless girl!


OMG… Weight Watchers? Smh


Didn’t Oprah buy Weight Watchers? Here’s some food for thought (pun intended)

Oprah’s production company is her name spelled backwards: Harpo

Here TV Channel is OWN, which is NWO backwards.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


OPRAH= OPeration RAH as in bringing Egyptian mystery beliefs to the masses in a massive psy-op? I always thought her name was really suspect!


Very good observation.


Great deconstruction, as usual, but can you please do something on the new season of the x-files? OMG surely that is worthy of an article?


I know that zendaya is going to end bad like demi lovato or willow smith. Because she is being pushed so hard by disney since teenager and we all know what does that means. MK ultra and hypnosis!
Also Most of all the pop singers in hollywood are sex kittens (mind programming) a good example Ariana Grande.


The strangest thing is none of them have an identifiable, recognizable personality, appearance or musical style. They are, despite vague ethnic distinctions, essentially the same being. Thanks to autotune and zero musical creativity, they are also impossible to tell apart sonically. It’s quite weird.


9/11 was CGI that’s what it means. Those buildings were brought down by other means.

Nu Candy

And now,some of my friends like to pose as zendaya when take selfie *sigh*


Dont forget the meaning of the mythological character of Pandora. Should I mention that one of Nick Cave’s sons, Arthur. (a twin) died suspiciously at only 15?


Oh, and also regarding that Pandora thing, see the number 13 in the date. Maybe its nothing, but anyway….

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