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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16



Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

In this edition of SPOTM: Mariah Carey (and her alter), Rihanna, Courtney Stodden and a bunch of other pics proving that the industry is ruled by a small elite using the One-Eye sign as a symbol of power.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Mariah Carey is on the cover of Complex in a photoshoot entitled “Eyes Wide Open”. Clearly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (read my article about it here), the photoshoot implies that Mariah is about to partake into a magick ritual with a bunch of masked men. She is dressed in red, the color of sacrifice and initiation.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

If you’re a regular of Vigilant Citizen, you know that the “Eyes Wide Shut” theme is an overused way of portraying stars as slaves of the industry who are offered as objects to masked men (the faceless elite).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

In the last image of the photoshoot, Mariah is wearing black – the result of Black magick. She is leaning on a book that is most like of occult significance (considering the context of the photoshoot). In short, this photoshoot states that Mariah is still owned by the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Here she is on the cover of the summer issue of Clash magazine with one eye hidden. Owned.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

A few months ago, Mariah reintroduced her fans to her alter-ego Bianca who wears a black wig. Sensual alter personas … that is basically what Beta Kitten programming is all about.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Speaking of Kitten programming, Courtney Stodden bares all of its symptoms. After she married her 50-year old handler Doug Hutchison while she was 16 years old, Stodden kept displaying odd behavior while being involved in several bizarre incidents. Things are however turning darker. A few weeks after her miscarriage, Courtney posted a picture showcasing her newly shaved head. Not unlike Britney Spears in 2008, MK slaves appear to feel the urge to shave their heads when attempting to cope with trauma. Provoking miscarriages is one of the horrific ways MK handles traumatize their slaves. Courtney also continuously wears feline-print clothing which is the visual code to identify Beta Kitten slaves.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

I think her handler is calling her, asking her to be surrounded by more feline prints.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Rihanna is on the cover of W magazine … with a massive emphasis on the One-Eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Created in part by one of the elite’s favorite photographers Steven Klein, Rihanna is “the last woman on earth and the ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future”. Why does the future always needs to be dystopian?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Death and desolation is so fashionable right now.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

In the entertainment industry’s version of the future, the elite always takes over all resources available on the planet, leaving the masses reduced to a state of animals, scrambling around a whole lot of fire, fences and barb wire. In other words, New World Order stuff. Also, Rihanna’s keys contain eyes which maybe hint that submitting to the Eye is the “key” out of this crap.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Speaking of the Eye, Gigi Hadid is wearing it right on her back, with her name above it. They own Hadid. Its right on her back.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robbin Williams gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly about her father and her new movie “Dead of Summer” where she plays a transgender character”. This is the picture they used for the article. The combination of the triple-6 Eye sign and Mickey Mouse shirt (Disney programming) tells you that the occult elite’s industry is now in charge of her.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

There is apparently a brand called Sissy Boy and this is apparently part of their promotion. Of course.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

The cover of Elle Spain is about the One-Eye sign. Magazine covers populate the walls of countless stores around the world. Picture how it is becoming omnipresent.

According to this cover of Esquire, Cara Delevingue is the “face of her generation”. Unfortunately, half of her face is not visible because she is doing the One-Eye sign.
Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

This Prada ad needs to let you know who truly owns the brand.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

Kylie Jenner’s makeup thing = One-Eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

According to crappy celeb sites, Lottie Tomlinson (the sister of One Direction’s Louis) is the “next big thing?”. Judging by this One-Eye sign, she is already owned by those who decide who is the “next big thing”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

The movie Bastille Day was released in France on July 13th (to coincide with the eve of Bastille Day, the French national day). Here’s a sum up of the plot: An American guy called Michael Mason (Freemason?) causes an explosion that kills 4 people. The French police tags Mason as a terrorist suspect and pursues him. Unknown to Michael, the explosion was actually set up by a select group in the French Interior Ministry as a decoy to make a half-billion dollar digital transfer from a bank.  The day following the release of this movie in France, the Nice attacks occur. On the poster above it is written: “This year, the fireworks is them!”. Creepy.

Special thanks for everybody who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/16

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I’m French and when the Nice attacks happened, I immediately made the connection with this movie: I saw the trailer in a movie theather several days before this heartbreaking event and I knew that something was up,
The girl on the Prada poster is Léa Seydoux; she was playing a Bond girl in quantum of solace : if you think about it, Bond girls are nothing but Beta kittens.
And a last remark: it seems that celebrity is becoming more and more a family thing: they are replacing monarchs who inherited their power from blood relatives. Now, it’s all about children and siblings of celebrities who become famous even if they are not talented. Here we can see Zelda Williams, Lottie Tomlinson and Léa seydoux (granddaughter of the billionaire Jérôme Seydoux who owns Pathé the largest film production company in France) but they’re so many other examples: will smith’s children, johnny depp’s daughter,Beckam’son..They are the new monarchy and it makes them easy to handle for the elite because they are growing up in such a sick environment.


Yep, been there too, it’s not only celebs, but also administration, government, politics… Everywhere the same names, son-of, daughter-of, cousin… Unprofessionnal, untrained, incompetent people at key-jobs (no pun intended) and see the results. At least, their NWO is not going to last very long with THAT team on board. Also, I heard about some weird and, trully scary facts while searching for a job a few years ago : all the ladies I knew received some unprofessional “offers” while applying, like, you know… A few “benefits” for their employer-to-be. Those who accepted got the job, while the others got unpaid internships… Yeah, pretty dark stuff. I know it’s an old tale, but still, I think nowadays it’s nearly part of the job for some companies. Poor girls, yuck.
By the way, I’m French too.


Poor girls? I don’t feel sorry for them. They chose to stoop to that level and now they’re getting paid! I feel sorry for the rest of us who have to demean ourselves to compete with them due to their lack of morals!!

D D d

Why do you feel sorry for some victims, and not for others? What is the demeaning to compete you mention? I do not understand. Due to their lack of morals you demean yourself to be like them, is what I get. But what’s with the rest of us then?


MKUltra victims most of them dont have a choice that is the point. Their freedom is taken away from them.


The one eye sign is their way of showing their affiliation to the antichrist system mentioned in the bible, the quran and other ancient scriptures which is represented by the one-eyed dajjal aka iblis aka azazil aka diabolos aka the enemy of all humanity

It is their way to let the world know that they sold out for becoming who they are. They are slaves indeed, some of them by their own free will, others have been deceived into it.

check out the devil tarot card – that’s what it is



Celebrity nepotism is almost as bad as political nepotism. It’s the lamest form of elitism.


Since you’re French you should research the man who filmed the Nice attacks on his phone German journalist named Richard Gutjahr to spread the word something isn’t right. Mr. Gutjahr also filmed the recent Munich, Germany shooting 6 days later and was also at the Eagles of death concert in Paris. He is also affiliated with the United Nations and his wife Einat Wilf is a former Mossad agent and now an Israeli politician who is pro Zionist.


Wow. That tells you something stinks.


Mr. Gutjahr’s daughter also filmed the munich stabbing! OMG THE COINCIDENCE!!


ALL politicians, Israeli or otherwise, are Zionists – period. Israelis were made upper tier Zionists for this time, in muted collaboration with their massas’ – the little & big king makers & destroyers – the Jesuits and the very, very, old dynastic m$$ney – the Council.

Justin Trudeau

How dare you!


Stop, please. There is much worse stuff to be upset over. Women demeaning themselves for $ is a vice as old as time. Be good, be moral, be true. That’s all you can do.


Nobody visiting this site understood the joke. That concerns me.

Ren Snowe

The only difference between the new nobility and the old is that the new one will never have any real political power. They will have fame and fortune, yes but that is about it all. They are there just for show, nothing else. The real monarchy, same as the old monarchy, would never allow them that.

Game is the name

It seems like some sort of cloning. Google past, present and future celebrity lookalikes.


Just like in the movie Bastille Day where explosions are usually decoys for something big and sinister as the MK Ultra victims are mercilessly used to continue promoting the dark agenda of the illuminati


Dead of Summer is a TV show, and there is a lot of weird satanic stuff in it. But this transgender push is everywhere. It comes up in almost every show. Even in commercials during the Olympics. Can’t people see the agenda???

Get right with the Lord while you still can This is clearly some monarch programming at work. This freaks me out. I feel really bad for her; how humiliating. This poor girl was pimped out by her mom to this satanic industry. To me, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of this is real. Things are getting scary in the world. We need the Lord to pour out his Spirit in a mighty way and save as many lost souls as possible while there is still time. We are rapidly approaching the final hour. Put aside your fears and skepticism and just give the Lord praise. Just obey Him and you will be fine. It’s for your own good, you must believe this. Reach out to the Father and he will provide a place for you in his kingdom. Believe in Him and be saved. Worshipping the Lord will bless you with a peace, happiness and strength like you have never known. He is the answer to everything. It’s hard to comprehend until you experience it for yourself. God is so very real and you can physically experience his presence if you so desire. It defies understanding and logic. I have often stumbled over… Read more »

Emily Bryant

O my goodness you are so right!!! I love to hear other followers of Christ it is awesome!!!! God bless you brother or sister in Christ!!!


These pathetic creatures that pose in these dehumanizing photos, seem to be under the illusion they are sexy or attractive, when in fact all their silicone, made-up, faked-up bodies are repulsive.

Sad to see Robin Williams daughter doing an occultic movie. Seems like every star gets initiated by having to be in an occult movie, or one where they have to portray a homosexual. After that, you can always watch them spiral downward in their mental stability, as they start doing bizarre stuff, go into “rehab,” and either self-destruct, or turn into robots that seem well-adjusted.


Makes you think Robin was a sacrifice…


You should watch Dave Chappelle’s interview w/ Oprah about black comedians having to appear in drag.


Dave Chappelle is a race baiter because many comedians of all ethnic backgrounds are and were forced to wear drag by Hollywood like Milton Berle, Harvey Korman, Robin Williams, John Candy, Billy Crystal, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, John Cleese, Michael Palin Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney,
Scott Thompsonand even Dave’s co star on Half Backed Harland Williams were forced to wear drag. Hopefully, since he seemed sincere about exposing the NWO agenda, not only in that Oprah interview and called out Skull & Bones with his stand up he realizes it’s not just blacks going through humiliation rituals. The problem is jesters were always allowed to tell truth to power without repercussions from the monarchies. So don’t trust comedians to actually be for the people. People don’t take clowns seriously and when someone tell the truth as a joke those who’ve heard it as a joke won’t take someone saying the same thing seriously.

D D d

David’s making pretty mainstream appearances lately, I would say….


In Robin Williams’ last movie he played a closeted homosexual who had a penchant for young men


What was the name of this movie?

Busy bee

I think it was called Boulevard.


I’ve always felt he was homosexual, or bi sexual.


Of course he is he’s jewish.


Mariah has changed a lot in the last couple years. Her songs are more vulgar and profane, her image is more sexual than ever, and she no longer carries herself as a classy and elegant ‘diva’. Sure, she was always provocative and sensual. But she kept it classy, and never degraded herself to the literal trash she’s been portraying as of late. Especially with those paparazzi videos of her using a fluent four letter vocabulary, and speaking aggressively against others. This is completely abnormal behavior, considering she always was vocal about being a “good Christian woman, mother, and daughter”, and that the only ‘book’ she reads is the Bible. I don’t know if Nick Cannon was a handler or really was a friend she fell in love with. And if it was the latter, that would certainly fit the narrative of him needing to be replaced if he weren’t following orders in her program. I certainly do not trust her new billionaire boyfriend, James Packer. Surely he was pre-selected from their roster of handlers to help condition this reprogramming she’s undergoing. She has two very young children, who I don’t even want to imagine what kind of hellish rituals are… Read more »


Courtney’s mom is also her handler.Shes the one that accepted all the crazy stuff going on in her life at such a young age.Courtney also has some very creepy videos of her on Instagram where she looks completely out of it acting like a cat.


I follow her online, I doubtful she actually is a part of this. However, posting stuff like this gets her attention and she is desperate for fame.

D D d

You are interested in and folow desperate wannabe’s? Why, I ask.

Bird Fur

There are pics of her dad patting her on the ads on a red carpet, the training took place early. After all, she was a pageant mid And aspiring country singer. She stated that a Saudi Prince bid on her. And her mother is quoted as saying that C needed “a man who could handle her sexuality”, by age 16! Then the mom said that the husband wanted a mother daughter threesome, which Brice Taylor writes about how much that was forced on her in Thanks for the Memories, so that too pricked my attention. In the show Couples Therapy, the therapist determines that C’s hypersexual presentation suggests a history of molestation, which C denied, but who wouldn’t? She was still only 17 at that time, and by rights her entire marriage was molestation, a fact which ignited loads of tension on the show, and which the editing showed elite agenda by making those uncomfortable with the child sex trafficking happening amongst them look like unstable loose cannons. After the BB show, C broke away, but was recaptured by Anna Nicole Smith’s handler. Then was returned to Doug reprogrammed and ready for the ongoing abuse including this miscarriage and hair… Read more »


You have to wonder if Robin Williams death was really a suicide. At first, his wife said he was battling depression. Then, it came out that he had early-onset Parkinson’s Disease. After that, forensic pathologists reported that Williams’ brain showed no indications of Parkinson’s; however, he WAS suffering from the onset of Dementia. With all this flip-flopping, I suspect he was an occult murder victim to make way for the rise of his daughter Zelda’s career.


Or he stood in the way and was killed b/c he wouldn’t agree to her initiation


Possibly more that he had three films that were going to be flops in the can and was worth a lot more dead than alive. This ‘star whacking’ is the talk of Hollywood. The classic example is Michael Jackson who generated 100’s of millions after he succumbed…

D D d

S--t, utter s--t. He was sick, I do not know, but in his interviews and appearances over the last years, he showed a very intelligent side, observant and articulate. His thoughts about politics and society, in general and very specific, were dangerously disclosing. He never fit in when off drugs. And sober he was not able to hold his tongue. With a global audience and willing participants, he spoke up, quietly, but revealing. There are ways to make people bable on queue, we all know that by now, to divide attention.


With the details that the police let slip, it is thought that he died during autoerotic asphyxia.


Sissy boy!?…really….is this a joke. Is this like a perfume for men? Or cologne for women? Either way America pushed it and it happened. But whats next Dikey butch?
As a man i am offended. They are turning our young men into non-masculine punks and call real men judgemental and closed minded when we criticize those men.
You cant accept what was and still is an abomination. We live in a new age Sodom and Gomorrah…i hope many of them become saved before its too late and i will save as many people as i am able to.

In JESUS name..ahmen.

D D d

The Sissy brand has been around for decades. In The Netherlands they became popular in the 90’s with hip gay folk and early metro boyfriends, a little upmarketed, but still plain cotton.


Well, you can’t take over the world with a bunch of testosterone filled cowboys running around trying to stop you! Men must be emasculated and women forced to take their roles by vilifying motherhood so they won’t get married and procreate. Break down the family, and there will he a whole generation of kids desperate for one. No morals or values will be instilled in them so “educators” will be free to fill in those gaps with elite propaganda. It’s already been in the works since the 1930’s. Sad, right?

D D d

It is up to us to live with that and use other means than the 19 months it takes to promote the one candidate for president. Because that is just show. We need to get closer to the ones behind the images, behind the puppets, to the ones that direct. Tackel their ways of doing bussiness, and obstruct their paths of making changes. And I think that includes getting to local ones. Local humans, local politicians, local ceo’s and boardmembers of schools. Local after school care, local healthcare, local playing grounds, local name it.


Sissy Boy also caters for women clothing. They make the best most comfortable jeans. We have had the brand in Africa for some years now…..

Emily Bryant

Yes i completely agree with you…. No real man is gonna support homosexuality!!! God bless you brother!!!


Stranger things analysis please!


Besides the blatant MK Ultra stuff, there are some parallels with David Paulides’s research on strange disappearances. The storm during the search, the quarry, a corpse found in a body of water, etc


I think that show is normalizing and celebrating MKULTRA in a very odd but obvious way. Blurring the lines a great deal where the evilness of the government and the torture and abuse done to her isn’t completely condoned, and the townspeople angrily call it out but they still accept it, because oh how it proves so useful with the increased abilities and power it gives the character, making her this incredible person and an unlikely hero. It hardly rebukes mind control and such. I watched it after all of the buzz about it from VC posters and it left me with a bad feeling.


The only time I ever see what’s going on in music and film is here. I stay well away from it and for good reason. Rihanna seems to be turning into the ‘w---e of Babylon’ and a dead ringer for Cleopatra in the video game ‘Dante’s Inferno’. Everything about her and her videos are Babylonian inspired.
The msm, music and film industries are horrific. They have changed so much in just ten years. Everyone should avoid them like the plague. It’s clear that programming is going on.

Ingrid B

Get tired of attacking muslims Harbinger?

so man

It is the ‘externalization of the hierarchy’ as promoted by Alice Bailey. In other words, what has been done in secret and hidden for centuries will now become open and blatant. And that is what we are seeing- the open display, no shame, no subtlety just straight up satanism and occult/babylonian symbols and ceremony everywhere. End times coming on….


Been forever and still waiting for the day I can read a magazine and not see women’s images reduced to entertain the lowest forms of humanity. Every advert, (with the exception of yogurt, tampons and swifer – don’t get me started on any of those) shows women looking vacant, miserable and/or in pain. The more expensive the brand, the more miserable to model looks.
I couldn’t be more done with it and actually started boycotting brands that show women like this. From now on, I’m only seduced by adverts if the image is of a woman looking strong, healthy and really freaking happy about that product. Time to say enough is enough. Women are the majority of the population and it’s about time the media starts representing us responsibly.
So. Done. With. it.

D D d

(Nope, I am not gonna react to it.)


Funny how they slim down when the Alter Ego comes into play. This Bianca looks evil as they usually do…


It’s got to be a form of hypnotism that helps them lose weight. It’s so odd that JLo and Carey are prettier now than 20 years ago. Yes, working out and eating clean helps, but it seems as if they’re reversing time. Bathing in the blood of virgins isn’t just a tale. It’s really happened. I don’t like thinking I’ll of people, but what else can explain such transformations? Death Becomes Her… some expensive elixir of youth that only the elites are privy to? Haha! Odd.

They Live

That or they’re synthetic clone/robotoids.

D D d

Just you wait and see how their skin looks like after a few years. It is blown up and filled with toxins to make it tighter, but a face can only take so much. One of the reasons former ”stars” don’t want you see close ups of their real faces is because it shows eventually.
(Or just look at their eyes and see that they are not so happy, even with all the enhancements and expensive spa treatments.)


Only JLo looks prettier now but Mariah’s face went thru fillers and it is showing. SHe was so much prettier before the fillers.
JLO doesnt bathe in blood, she does bathe in this solution of emollients that is very expensive. She has her own personal makeup artist.

Nice Guys

I’ve been following a rising star in China who got famous from a web drama recently and got signed to a talent agency and started singing and touring. I recently saw some pics of him where he is flashing one eye salute very awkwardly and guys you don’t understand how much my heart sank when I saw this.

I recently became such a fan of him as an actor and a person and it truly hit me what he had gotten himself into. Fame is not even something you can hope for someone else anymore no matter how much they want it or how much success comes with it. I truly worry for him and I’ve also noticed the spark that he had before getting famous gone from his eyes.


robin’s daughter looks completely tranced out.


I always see people talking about female Hollywood celebrities but what about the rest of us? Some of us are “normal” people with no known connections to anyone or anything and these things were/are done to us too. The whole beta thing is far too obsessed about online. It’s done to many of us male and female… I think it’s just a basic part of programming. When you’re actually dealing with this yourself in your real life it’s far scarier how they freak out when you try to go anywhere and start sending you coded messages to turn back. I’m not really afraid of them anymore but I realize there’s really no point in trying to run from them either. As far as I know there’s not really much I can do. It’s probably the worst possible existence but you can find ways to ignore it and try to live a life. I’m a guy, they’ve pulled beta crap on me for their own amusement. That stuff Miley Cyrus did in a video dressing up in a molestation scenario… that’s common. There are so many people out there who don’t know they’re even doing that to themselves not by choice… Read more »


Rihanna- no surprise. She’s been in this game a good while. Mariah Carey- too bad. Cara and Gigi- no surprise. Gigi didn’t have to work very hard to become a model. Kylie- pfffttt. She’s related to the Kartrashian’s.


The dystopian thing is huge for the illuminati as it signals the end of the Old Order, so they can bring in their New Order. Obviously, everybody knows that! Not only that, also getting rid of the ‘useless eaters’ (as per Henry Kissinger) and bringing in easily manipulated mind-controlled people to ‘populate’ their new earth.
Interesting about Zelda Williams being in the hold of the illuminati, considering her father was killed by them as the ultimate sacrifice (63 years old – illum number multiple of 7 and 9). Is this to feather her own nest?


Does anyone think massive YouTubers are involved int his stuff? I googled it and 0 came up. Seems like no one has even tried to theorize on it before. But YouTubers are huge and children are watching.


also, pewdiepie did get that weird eye tattoo on his arm

JT Ismar.

I’d like to think that some YouTubers could be puppets for Illuminati 🙁 The most talked-about is Pewdewpie and Smosh. The latter shows occult images quite frequently. Then Connor Franta. His book A Work In Progress has a triangle on the front cover, he got recruited by the Grammy Recording Academy as an associate member. As we all know, the Grammys are secretly owned by the Illuminati to promote their agenda through music. One of his compilation of music CDs has blatant Illuminati images (the one-eye, the pyramid). I assume the puppeteer(s) see him as a great potential, since he has a LEGION of followers and subscribers, and also the fact that he’s openly gay, the Illuminati could be using him to further enhance the homosexuality agenda. Not to forget, Troye Sivan. Lately, he’s been using the one-eye sign for a photoshoot and magazine interview. His singing career took off pretty immediately. Like Connor, he’s also openly gay and blatantly promoting his gayness through his music videos. I also read that Lilly “Superwoman” Singh often uses the one-eye sign, as well. I’m not sure about Tyler Oakley (who’s one of the biggest YouTube personalities), but these are just my theories.… Read more »

JT Ismar

I’d like to think that some YouTubers could be puppets for Illuminati 🙁 The most talked-about is Pewdiepie and Smosh. The latter shows occult images quite frequently. Then Connor Franta. His book A Work In Progress has a triangle on the front cover, he got recruited by the Grammy Recording Academy as an associate member. As we all know, the Grammys are secretly owned by the Illuminati to promote their agenda through music. One of his compilation of music CDs has blatant Illuminati images (the one-eye, the pyramid). I assume the puppeteer(s) see him as a great potential, since he has a LEGION of followers and subscribers, and also the fact that he’s openly gay, the Illuminati could be using him to further enhance the homosexuality agenda. Not to forget, Troye Sivan. Lately, he’s been using the one-eye sign for a photoshoot and magazine interview. His singing career took off pretty immediately. Like Connor, he’s also openly gay and blatantly promoting his gayness through his music videos. I also read that Lilly “Superwoman” Singh often uses the one-eye sign, as well. I’m not sure about Tyler Oakley (who’s one of the biggest YouTube personalities), but these are just my theories.… Read more »


I am sadly surprised to see Mariah doing this. This is sad news.


You don’t think she has been apart of it of it alot longer than all these artists that are regularly shown on this site? This is not new for her!


i get the impression it is now that they are initiating her for real, after many attempts. sad indeed


She’s been in this for over a decade at least.


Her first album came out in 1990, and was known as a superstar from the beginning with countless #1 hits, including all of the singles from that album. She married her record executive (handler) Tommy Mottola at age 23; he was about twice her age. After her divorce, she came out with BUTTERFLY and a more provocative image. Just 4 years later she had I guess a breakdown of sorts and was made fun of a lot in the media (like Britney Spears) but made a successful comeback as though nothing had happened (also like Britney). She’s been dealing with it for a long time. It does seem few and far between for her to do photo shoots etc. like this one and less obvious in my opinion, compared to others, but when you look at the history (which I feel so old to remember and explain) is there.


Many of these musical artists are offered for secks* just like the temple virgins were offered by the priests of the demonic pagan temples. It’s the same group.

“You will know them by their fruit… Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” – Matthew 7: 16-20

Look at the “fruit” produced by the musical artists like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and the list goes on and on and on. They even convinced Nick Jonas, who once proudly shared he was a virgin, to play a bi-seckual man in his latest tv show.

The “fruit” these record companies produce is vulgar, promotes formication, bi-seckuality*, and everything Anti- as in opposite of Kryst’s* teachings. These people behind them promote Anti-Kryst behavior and force it into society.

Even Rihanna’s last album was titled, Anti. Yeah, Anti-Kryst.

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