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Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16



Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

In this edition of SPOTM: Melanie Martinez, Elle Fanning, Euro 2016 and the father of the Orlando killings. All unrelated, yet all related.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Singer Melanie Martinez was first discovered on The Voice and is now signed with Atlantic Records. Although not a big star yet, she is 100% dedicated to Illuminati and MK symbolism. Here, she’s doing the one-eye sign in Billboard magazine.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Hiding one eye with a fake eye while wearing a necklace full of eyes. She really wants to be an Illuminati pawn.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Back in my day, we used to eat the donuts we got. We did not put them in our face to appear hip.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This album cover is pure Monarch mind control symbolism where the core-persona is literally removed from the MK slave.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Sporting Monarch mind control fashion: The only way to make it big in Hollywood.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Eating a Monarch butterfly? A great way to show dedication to the elite’s sick industry.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Most of Martinez’ act revolves being a “sexy baby” – something that the elite is looking to force down our throats (see this Miley Cyrus video). Why? Because the elite is full of pedos, that’s why.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

Industry veterans must periodically tell the world that they are owned by the elite. Robbie Williams did just that on Instagram.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

The Neon Demon (starring Elle Fanning) is a film about “an aspiring model in Los Angeles whose beauty and youth place her in significant danger amongst the women she becomes associated with in the industry, who are murderous and dangerous”. In short, it is about the Satanic industry and it stars an actress who was literally raised by it. In this poster, the model is laying bloody while the elite’s pyramid is in the background.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

At the premiere of The Neon Demon, the stars were photographed eating eyeballs while a gigantic pyramid (with the all-seeing eye missing) stood in the background. The occult elite is really putting its symbolism in everybody’s face.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This is Ashton Kutcher wearing a Masonic hat. That is all.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

The Indian magazine Outlook is really into the One-Eye sign, hinting that its agenda is pro-elite. This cover is from December 2013.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This one is from 1998.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This one is from 2015. Committed to the agenda.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This is the logo of Copa America 2016. How many 6’s do you see inside the cup? 3, which creates a graphical 666. Maybe its a coincidence.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This is the logo of Euro 2016. How many 6-pointed stars do you see? 3. Which creates a graphical 666. Maybe its a coincidence.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This is Seddique Mateen, the father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando massacre terrorist. He is standing in front of the State Department office in Washington. According to several sources, he was seen visiting Washington several times where he met with high level politicians. Some sources claim he was a CIA asset in Afghanistan, when the Taliban were backed by the US during the cold war.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

This image sums it all. The father of a terrorist standing on the White House podium where political BS is announced to the masses. In my 2014 article about ISIS, I stated that the group was used to push the elite’s Agenda. This is truer than ever today.

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/16

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We need please a full article regarding the orlando shooting !!


I have found these 2 Youtubers pretty good at dissecting the shooting. “Enterthe5tr4z” and “9Nania”


There’s others people on YouTube are also good at exposing truth such as RedSilverJ, Peekay, Zachary Hubbard, Russian Vids, Max Malone, Dahboo777, etc…, but the problem is there’s a lot of disinformation agents working overtime so nobody should trust them wholeheartedly.

Bill Burr

I like your disclaimer- although I watch a lot of those channels some may be disinfo/cointel. I’m looking at you guys, Peekay and Dahboo.

the ignorant need lessons in mental emanc

If you are the comedian Bill Burr; then you’re right – England do suck at pretty much every sport they ever invented (all two of them) or ever ‘repo’-vented.
I am a massive fan of how you deliver great and simple truth in comedic form. Seriously thanks for making some of life’s weirdness easier to process with a lot of laughter. If it isn’t that Bill Burr, no matter – you sir get the same affectionate sign off.

“go f*ck yourself”


England don’t suck at football…if that’s your implication. The ‘English’ F.A is run nearly completely by Jews – not by the English. They’ve been working to destroy the success English football has had in the past because they are part of a broader agenda to destroy British Christian nationalism…that’s why Freemasons carried out the Hillsborough terror attack and set up the 1985 European Cup
Final in a run down stadium without adequate security procedure(in Brussels no less). And why they banned English clubs from European competition for 5 years on the heels of England’s domination of the Champions Cup(called Champions League, now) where for the previous 9 years before being banned in ’85 3 different English clubs. won 7 out of 9 European Champions Cups. Or did you forget about that? Interesting that Man Utd and Liverpool slide into mediocrity after clearing out their British footballing experts to be replaced by foreign coaches players of average ability


Most of them are shills. Still good info from them but keep YOUR mind critic, don’t take it without reflection, they tend to sway you in the WRONG direction.


yes! have been waiting for one!


And one about christina grimmie!!!


Yes. Please develop a article on Christina Grimmie. RIP.


Sorry to burst ur bubble, but both Grimmie’s shooting and the Orlando shooting were hoaxes. The agenda must go on, rite?


Christina was a guy. Still had the ‘adam’s aple’. Don’t be fooled by the b---s and hips. Look at the rest.


Nope. Just a skinny girl. Sorry, but “Adam’s Apples” are distinctively bigger and “pointier” than that. Women still have the “voice box”, but it’s only visible on very skinny, long-necked women (just as Grimmie was).


Yes they most certainly were…


that “unrelated” shooting of Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on “The Voice”, in Orlando two days prior on June 10th following a performance with the band, ahem, Before You Exit? Unrelated perhaps, but those who study these sorts of things are well familiar with the established pattern of foreshadowing a mass attack with a smaller incident in the exact same locale. (Why? Hell, I don’t know, just for kicks, probably. The surname Grimmie, by the way, originally derives from the Norse-Viking “Grimr”, meaning “The Fierce One”, who Lucifer most certainly is.)


A bit far-reaching, I’m afraid. Grasping at straws there? MY name is derived from Erik the Viking, who certainly worshiped the Nordic Odin who by your definition would be Lucifer/Satan as well. I guess that also makes her father, grandfather and everyone else that carries the name Satan worshipers as well. Sure, there are conspiracies out there, but don’t go drinking the kool-aid.


If you see her last performance, you can see the Tree Of Life ( Kabbalah), but reversed … A sort of “Death Of Life”, her death is clearly a Satanic Ritual … I’m tired of this mad world, I swear ..

Death of life

If the tree was reversed it would be a tree of death not death of life hahahaha listen to yourself

Mark Wan

The best place for that info is Get there before the man gets taken out.


yes please!


If you see her last performance, you can see the Tree Of Life ( Kabbalah), but reversed … A sort of “Death Of Life”, her death is clearly a Satanic Ritual … I’m tired of this mad world, I swear ..


Wow man amazing, the photo of the father of the Orlando shooting.
Do you all know the shooter was also an actor and acted in around 5 films.


Source and link, please?


No, I didn’t know, but am not surprised! I’m beginning to feel all these shootings are hoaxes.


Most likely that Omar Mateen will have been a mind control slave who was programmed to carry out the killing and these type of slaves come from a military type background – Now look at what his Father is stood in front of….


Delta Agent perhaps?


Also witnesses have been saying that the Orlando shooting had more that one suspect.

Sarah M

You are right!

1)According to this Facebook user ‘Cody Agnew’ he mentioned that one of his employees sister was at the club during the horrific shooting and she mentioned that there were two others that were in the club slaughtering people and they weren’t caught and of course the media didn’t report this info.

2) And there was another eyewitness who said that there was someone who was preventing the door to open so that they won’t let the victims who were inside the club go outside yet of course FOX NEWS mysteriously had cut off the interview with the eye witness ugh!

3) According to others that the Pulse Club usually closes at 2 am but the gunfire started after 2 am that was packed with 350 people dancing gee I wonder why?


Gee probably because you’re a genius! Clubs don’t instantly start kicking people out at 2 am. They stop serving alcohol at 2 then people begin leaving on their own. Do you really think a news source wouldn’t report the first hand Intel they receive about a 2nd shooter? They work independently twat. Pretty sure you can look up at least 5 different interviews of THE MEDIA (dundundunnnn) reporting witness accounts of people saying there were multiple shooters. misinformation gets spread like wildfire. AND turdds like you eat it up like brunch.


That is a joke, InfoWars tried to break that. Never went viral. The whole thing is a JOKE; drill gone live, like the others.


This was not a “joke”, this was a cleverly mastered ploy to sway sheeple, I mean public opinion in favor of the agenda. The so called “victims” and perpetrators are all crisis actors. The keep testing us with these acts of terrorism etc to test how desensitized and dehumanized we have become. Along with the subliminal mind fcking and ‘drugs in the drink water’ we’ll all soon be right where they want us. Mindless drones too consumed with the treats they offer, ready to serve.


I agree. I won’t be a drone. I don’t consent to the NWO. I think it’s a beta test too. But, what should our reaction be? Personally, I’ve had enough and am ready to face down the elites and feds. Better to go out in a blaze of glory than peter out the way they want us to.


Please make a full article about the Orlando Shooting Hoax events


Mateen father’s was dressed as a cop laughing during the police speech

i saw some footage of an old guy with a moustache who was laughing in a group of police gathered for media briefing – i wonder if it was the same one you are referring to? …….. if so, that was a totally different guy …. he was caucasian, for a start


Afghans are Caucasians as well.


Afghanistan would be on the continent of Asia, learn and then speak.


Cauc- ‘asian’… just sayin’

I mean...OK

Caucasian comes from the Caucasus mountains. Where some believe white people came from. Asian because it’s on the continent of Asia. Like Amir, read up.


Look up the Caucasus Mountain range, you unbelievable moron.


Vigilant citizen is trying to wake up people who aren’t out of their brainwashed state and not open minded yet. I doubt VC is going to expose outright HOAXES but the agendas and will continue to use mainstream media as a stepping stone to get them started on the path. When the Sandy Hook HOAX happened it was still posted here as real in the news articles but the reasoning is because when someone is brainwashed they get emotionally invested with news stories of dead children with a disbelief parents would exploit little kids for a political agenda. People who are still asleep get easily offended if someone tells them about a mass shooting news story being 100% faked by the DHS with FEMA crisis actors, until they’ve already realized they have been lied to all their lives. It’s the same thing with trying to expose World Zionist Organizations to Zionist Christians who think that anti-Zionism means anti-Semitic N--i who hates all Jews. Some things being said outright in the open is a great way to turn off newcomers with no knowledge what so ever of the illuminati new world order conspiracy because they have to be eased into it… Read more »

Spreading Truth

I think I might be the first to make this observation about the Orlando Shootings, but what shocked me the most about the Orlando Shootings was the fact that the cover of “The Economist: The World In 2016” predicted the Belgium tragety as well as the Orlando shootings. It featured an American flag right in the centre (A Central Point For The Presedential Campaign) with many colors of the rainbow (representing the LGBT community, even though it’s not the more commonly used style of rainbow flag since that would make it too obvious). The shootings happened on June 12, which is in reverse of June 21, which is a sacrificial elite holiday, celebrating the summer solstice (date varies from June 20-22). The flag on the cover of “The Economist” was in reserve, showing how the date June 12 is the reverse of 21. Another meaning of the flag in reverse is that the American Army flag worn by soldiers also feature the American flag in reverse, pointing out a strong militarialistic Elite’s relationship between the reserve rainbow flag on “The Economist: The World In 2016” and the connection between the Orlando Shootings aimed towards the LGBT community. Reverse flags were… Read more »


great job VC, thanks –, nice work on the mateen father


Seddique Mateen running for president in Afghanistan (with the support of the US?) making bizarre appearances on Youtube on Afghani channels… too many “crisis actors” flooding various so-called terrorist attacks (including Sandy Hook, Paris, Brussels, Boston, Orlando, etc)… are these attacks real or not? Where are the bodies? Why cant we see any pictures from bodies, hospitals, etc… as we could see in “sensation magazines” when some massacres occurred in Africa? It is disgusting but at least, there are proofs! Ok, with photoshop, one can do miracles with pictures! I remember in the 80s, there was a coach full of children (about 50) who died burnt alive in a tragic accident in France on a highway. There were dozens of ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, etc… and the closest hospitals were flooded by the bodies sent by the ambulances… where are all these people supposed to carry the bodies and drive the injured people to the closest hospitals?? What are the links between James Howel and Omar Mateen? Were they really trained in Virginia by the cia? Is Omar an actor himself? Are they both just boogie men used by the Elite to push some specific agendas? Is it the… Read more »


and yet when the living victims post pictures on Instagram/Facebook/etc from the hospital you don’t believe them. so


I wish we could upload pictures because a lot of these “witnesses” including Mateen are crisis actors.


The State Department door number is B330. “Be 33.” As in, strive for “greatness.”

And yes, there are many accounts from people who were trying to leave the Orlando night club saying that a man, or men, we’re preventing them from leaving by closing the exit doors. Then there’s the really awesome actors trying to look concerned about the death of their sons and sisters. Pathetic.


33rd degree in freemasonry. Shows who was really behind the hoax.

Sarah M

VC plz plz plzzzz do an article about “The Orlando Shooting”!

direction of the wind

You know it’s coming, be patient. VC wouldn’t pass on a story that huge. He’s probably still gathering information.


That Lego set was created as an art piece by a protestor in Hong Kong, and is not a real set


Mateen’s son was obviously Delta MK. Son of CIA asset? Many Intelligence operatives put their children through the mind control program where they are trained to use weapons and kill various targets. What I don’t understand is why the gay nightclub in Orlando?? Were CIA targets hanging out there that night? The fact that one man locked the door so that others couldn’t leave could have been to assure the right targets were killed. Horrible.

the bag man, man

I find it incredible how anyone could put their own child through a process that a) would by its design destroy their own mental integrity, and b) ultimately lead to their death. Leads me to the question of the child’s true parentage. With so many “at risk” children taken (or stolen) and placed into care, it seems that the system has many vulnerable slaves at its disposal, and, in many cases, the word parent should be replaced with handler.


There’s a story in the tabloids about actress Selma Blair being carried off an airplane while drunk and screaming about being abused.

“According to TMZ, the eyewitnesses said she later started shouting: ‘He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me.'”

That sounds like Monarch programming to me. Visited this website immediately after reading about it to see if it was mentioned here, but I guess the story is too recent to receive a mention.

the bag man, man

I wonder if her part in bellboy was a super f----d up way of representing what she claims they have inflicted on her? If you recall, she (ironically) held power to control fire. I liked the movie at the time, I felt it portrayed the wars within the dark arts fairly well, although with typical Hollywood b.s. exaggeration and special effects. Watched again recently though with more learned eyes, and concluded it was mere propoganda…. Anything portraying the black magic cult that is catholicism as the protagonist (although it contains within it a minority of good people) is, to me, a good sign of the filmmaker’s motives.

the bag man, man

BTW. How many of you have blown out candles on a cake and made a wish?… That my friends is an echo from the past when magic was common practice. By my standards, its self serving and therefore black magic (unless you’re wishing for say world peace, or protection of the earth).


Prayers are magic. Literally the same thing. If you make a selfish prayer, you’re STILL using self-serving magic. Every child who has prayed to God for a pony or new video game, or whatever, has been performing self-serving magic. There is no difference.

the bag man, man

I don’t disagree with you.


SureWhatever. Are you for real! How can prayer be black magic! Our king Jesus Christ gave us the model prayer – you are either delusional or truly satanic you don’t belong to this forum.

Lily G.

The “stars” in the logo of the Euro 2016 resemble crossed out latin crosses. I became aware, when I looked at the white star bottom-right. The cross is almost frontal (north-south and east-west) and the crossing-out line goes from south-west to north-east. The other two stars have a similar design, slightly changed.


I love Melanie . I knew it was sad…


Look at the lower star on the Euro 2016 logo, it really looks like a barred cross like if they shows us how they definitively buried christianity in France. Regarding the blatently anti-christian vibes in this country those recent years and since the law of 1905 seperating the catholic church and the french state, i don’t think there is any coincidence. It’s sad how they push their dirty agenda in full sights and no one is able to see it while europe is being slowly but deliberatly destroyed with massive immigrations adding people with poor education and death cultures . This stuff makes me sick beside the fact that i’m a son of an immigrate…
May God forgive us, i think we had to pass through those storms like a pregnant women had to pass trough a suffering before a birth .


Please put The Economist New Years 2016 cover in retrospect. It’s time.


As Above (999) + So Below (666)


Please do an article on the recent deaths of ‘The Voice” contestants as well as the actor who died at the age of 27…

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