Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14


In this edition of SPOTM : Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Dakota Fanning and more proof that Illuminati symbolism in popular culture never stops.

Miley Cyrus is one of the selected "it" girls of the Monarch system. For this reason, there's a steady stream of strange, upsetting pictures and videos of her. She recently posted pics of her looking completely out of it, doing arts and craft. In this pic she has a butterfly on her cheek, which can mean that her "retreat" might mean more "re-programming".
Miley Cyrus is one of the selected “it” girls of the Monarch system. For this reason, there’s a steady stream of strange, upsetting pictures and videos of her. She recently posted pics on Instagram doing “arts and craft” while looking completely out of it. In this pic she has a butterfly on her cheek, which can mean that her “retreat” might actually be about “programming”.


Pics of her driving around LA, still looking out of it, with a butterfly on her cheek. Some media sources asked if she was in a "downward spiral". As I stated in an article last year, she is unfortunately headed for a MK meltdown and those in power want us all to witness the path of destruction.
Pics of her driving in LA, still looking out of it, with a butterfly on her cheek. Some media sources asked if she was in a “downward spiral”. As I stated in an article last year, she is unfortunately headed for a MK meltdown and those in power want us all to witness this.


Here's some of her "work". Looks like something a MK handler would tell a slave to do.
Here’s some of her “work”. Looks like mind control related art.


As if Miley wasn't enough, her sister Noah Cyrus has always been deeply associated with Beta Programming. Here's an upsetting picture in full Kitten Programming suit with her sister. Why?
As if Miley wasn’t enough, her sister Noah Cyrus has always been deeply associated with Beta Programming. Here’s an upsetting picture of her in a full Kitten Programming suit with her sister … Why?


Only a few years ago, a nine year old Noah was upsetting the world with pics of her with a stripping pole or wearing overly sexualized clothing. She is also the product of an extremely corrupt system.
Only a few years ago, a nine-year old Noah Cyrus was upsetting the world with pics of her holding a stripping pole and wearing overly sexualized clothing.


Speaking of upsetting, this picture certainly is. It is a 13 year old Willow Smith laying in bed with a 20 year-old shirtless Moises Arias. He is a Disney child star who is most famous for his role in Hannah Montana. She is being pushed in the wrongest possible industry.
Speaking of upsetting, this picture certainly is. It features a 13 year old Willow Smith laying in bed with a 20 year-old shirtless Moises Arias. He is a Disney child star who is most famous for his role in Hannah Montana (yes, starring Miley Cyrus). Willow is being pushed into a terrible path.


Here she is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a car hiding one of her eyes - an apt way of referencing Kitten Programming. In Complex magazine, Lana stated : "You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying." Spoken like a true Sex Kitten.
Another face of the Beta Kitten system is Lana Del Rey. Here she is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a cat hiding one of her eyes – an apt way of referencing Kitten Programming. In a Complex magazine article, Lana stated : “You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.” Spoken like a true Sex Kitten.


Speaking of all-seeing eyes, the cover art of Young Jeezy's new is all about it. The title "Seen it All" pretty much describes what the all-seeing eye does. Around the eye are a bunch of secret society-related symbols, such as the Arm & Hammer.
Speaking of all-seeing eyes, the cover art of Young Jeezy’s new is all about it. The title “Seen it All” pretty much describes what the all-seeing eye does. Around the eye are a bunch of secret society-related symbols, such as the Arm & Hammer.


In Freemasonry, the symbol of the arm and hammer represents  arm and hammer represents the Mason as the Builder, as "man at work" creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes God.
In Freemasonry, the symbol of the arm and hammer the Mason as the Builder, as “man at work” creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes a god.


Speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, here's a screenshot of the opening of the Simpsons and Family Guy episode. City signs in the US sometimes indicate the presence of local Masonic lodges but, in this case, it seems to be an Illuminati lodge...
Speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, here’s a screenshot from the Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode. City signs in the US sometimes indicate the presence of local Masonic lodges but, in this case, it seems to be an Illuminati lodge…


Speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, Miley Cyrus's "Bangerz tour" was broadcast during primetime on NBC. At one point, a giant Illuminati pyramid appears from nowhere. The presence of Illuminati symbolism is truly everywhere.
Still, speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz tour” was broadcast at primetime hour on NBC. At one point, a giant Illuminati pyramid appears from nowhere. The presence of Illuminati symbolism is truly everywhere.


Speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, skater Tony Hawk's new line of clothing is all about Illuminati symbolism. Is it normal that most stars are associated with a single symbol?
Still speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye,Β  Tony Hawk’s new line of clothing is all about Illuminati symbolism. Is it normal that most stars are associated with a single symbol?


This design features Anubis the god of death with the Illuminati pyramid at the bottom. I remember when skater fashion was distinct from other fashion. Now all fashion turning into Illuminati uniforms.
This design features Anubis the god of death with the Illuminati pyramid underneath it. I remember when skater fashion was different from other fashion. Now all fashion styles are turning into Illuminati uniforms.


Model Yaya Deng is a finalist of the Australian reality show The Face. Well, she is now "the face" of the Illuminati industry with a one-eyed salute ... But wait, maybe its a coincidence. I sometimes hold my slippers this way, it pretty cool and comfortable.
Model Yaya Deng is a finalist of the Australian reality show The Face. She is now “the face” of the Illuminati industry with a one-eyed salute. Wait, maybe its a coincidence. I sometimes hold my slippers this way, it pretty cool and comfortable.


Nope, not a coincidence. Illuminati pawn.
Nope, not a coincidence. Illuminati pawn. Kitten programming uniform.


FKA Twigs is an up and coming singer who is already doing the one-eye salute to industry giants. Wait, maybe it's a coincidence.
FKA Twigs is an up and coming singer who is already doing the one-eye salute to industry giants. Wait, maybe it’s a coincidence.


Nope, not a coincidence, up and coming Illuminati pawn.
Nope, not a coincidence. Up and coming Illuminati pawn.


As stated in several articles, Dakota Fanning was a child star who appeared in several MK-themed movies. Well, she keeps saluting those who own her with this one-eyed salute. While it is easy to be desensitzed to those pictures and think "just another one-eye picture, boring", we must think about the implication of each one of these pictures. They are proof that the entire industry is ruled by a single entity and they are telling it right to our faces.
As stated in several articles, Dakota Fanning was a child star who appeared in several MK-themed movies. Now that she’s grown, she keeps saluting those who own her with a one-eyed salute in Town & Country magazine. While it is easy to be desensitized to those pictures and think “yawn, just another one-eye picture, boring”, we must realize the implication of every single one of these pictures. They are proof that the entire industry is ruled by a single entity and that it is flaunting its power through all of these stars.


Playmobil's "City Action" series features cops in riot gear with shields and gas masks holding big guns, clubs and dogs ready to bite the face off of protestors. All part of the agenda of normalizing a violent, oppressive police state.
Playmobil’s “City Action” series features cops in riot gear, holding shields and wearing gas. They’ve got guns, rifles, clubs and dogs that are ready to bite the face off of protestors. It is called “City Action” as if any of this was fun and cool. It is all part of the agenda of normalizing a violent, oppressive police state.

Thanks to all those who sent in pics!



  1. I read some where that the Rothschild and Rockefeller want to take over the world in these coming years. How f**k up this that.

  2. I hope you are taking into consideration that most of these symbols, and stances, are just very common and simple that are used mostly because they look good. Covering one eye ? It looks good and gives a sense of mystery, in addition to that you have historical connotations going to back Odin, long before any of this Illuminati stuff. Also, the pyramid with the one seing eye isn't from Illuminati, it's older than that, and used to symbolise God, knowledge, everything, and was never associated with the real Illuminati. It's on the American currency for crying out loud, which is what most of these reference actually. And where on earth did the connection of animal patterns and programming come from ? Are all animals also beta slaves then ? And before we invented other fabrics, were we all slaves ? And did every girl growing up in the eighties die before they were 40 ? Because EVERYONE used animal patterns, just as they did from the mid 2000s, it's fashion. It's like saying being bold is a "sign", when you choose such basic and common things as signs to look for, you will mostly just turn up crap, you need to find a better demoninator if you want to have any chance at all to find these people. Any secret orginasation worth their salt will also try to blend in as much as possible, so they would NEVER display ANY secret symbols or handshakes, those would ONLY be used inside secret rooms that NOBODY else would see. Otherwise they would all have been disbanded centuries ago, they are not fools.

  3. I just want to thank you and your team for all your hard work on bring the people the real news and for being such a vigilant citizen. please don't ever stop.

  4. I've got a question I'll probably post a couple times (in different places) in hopes that VC sees it:
    Is there a website where we could find all stylists/directors/producers/photographers etc. for all recording artists' videos and celebrities' photo shoots?

    • Yes there is, not just for entertainment but also for other controlled industries of cultural interest. I doubt you would get access though unless you are an insider.

  5. Also creepy, the vma commercials ( i think it was for a contest). More of the same old samw old. Didn't watch them but sure there'll be an interesting article in a cpuple of days

  6. Just remember that this world is not for us. The truly innocent and righteous belong to Jesus Christ. Evil might have its way here on Earth, but once we all die, it will not escape God's mighty justice. Keep praying and fighting so that we can demolish all of this evil stuff.

  7. Yo these terrible actors, artists, politicians, all the unoriginal stuff that is on the tellie, magazines, newspapers etc- Don't give them your time of day! Whether you're saying/thinking good or bad things you're still feeding them your soul when our time on this planet is limited. Please don't waste your time, it's clear that most of us here can see this stuff is bad but y'all have to understand that if we focus on any of it too hard then you're a part of the backward agenda. It'll prevent you from thinking of new ideas and solutions. However, if you're new to understanding this mainstream culture then by all means- educate yourself but don't let it consume ya. There is a huge surge of symbolism and outright inhumanity going on in the world and its because all this backwards dookie wants to be recognized. Go out there and do something good, independent and thoughtful because it feels good to be human. Support those around you that are trying to do the same. These plastic people are damaged goods and will never know how wonderful it is to give back, use their own ideas, contribute to society or think of anything other than themselves. Our real problem and concern should be the military, it's overwhelming as all hell.

    But don't ever feel hopeless when you see how degenerate the world is because there are plenty of people out there that care, it just may not be the majority of the population. If you're in this for the long run then y'all should've been known dat it's a struggle cause this s**t is obviously evil …regardless that should further incline us to do the right thing.

    Cheers to our future.

  8. Another thing I've noticed….when a celebrity dies, the media seems to report on everything about it non-stop. I believe they do this to distract us and take our attention off more important things such as the wars that have been going on and the riots in ferguson. As far as the riots that took place in ferguson, the elite were trying to find a reason to implement martial law.

    • The whole "Wag the Dog" syndrome — I agree.
      It's terrible; I heard on all the radio outlets (and internet outlets) within 3 hours of Williams' death. I didn't hear anything from anyone for at least a day or two about Feurgeson.
      The real question: what else happened on Section F's page 12 of the paper, the last 10 seconds of the news, and the 99th panel of Yahoo news blurts that was the REAL news this week?

      • Did I mention I also heard about Lauren Bacal before Missouri?
        All this without the benefit of cable or broadcast TV or a subscription to a newspaper.

        Wonderful, so I can know more about geriatric movie actors before a local neighborhood rioting?

        As much as I want to rail on the media, what does that say about us as a society that the media thinks we care more about entertainment than the innercity next door?

        …Or maybe they aren't so wrong….

      • I agree. When I heard about Robin Williams, they broke into Jeopardy to report it as "breaking news". They've been doing this a while already, but I still don't think it's appropriate.

  9. now it looks like the situation in iraq is getting worse and worse. At the same time there is huge riots in USA, Ferguson (spelling?) due to cops shooting an unarmed Young man. Among other horrible news, the tabloids in the country where I live is just saying things like "this is how we Will remember Robin Williams", etc. Urgh!

    • It is suspicious to me….why are most these celebrity deaths either a drug overdose or a suicide?? I need to read more about it, but more than likely it was foul play to me. Something didn't feel right to me as soon as I heard the news.

      • To me aswell.Strange things have happened lately.R.W. dead, this guy who's cutted off his dick……all celebs on Ibiza island…..

      • Good point re Ibiza. It was always popular but not that popular and the private plane traffic from all over the world has shot up this year. I know of a few DJs with residency who are heavily into the occult (I cannot name them obviously but well known) and why would they be otherwise?

      • Yes, even when my kid is 6 foot two I will be grounding him if he announces that he is off to Ibiza for the summer. Anywhere in the world is spiritually safer. It is a strange set up of health obsessive by day and toxic overload by night. There are many rituals taking place during high season which is why DJs rather than music have become the main attraction now and they charge extortionate sums to the little dancebots to benefit from sharing the same cramped space alongside them. I think that the line of thinking is, never mind that there are satanic rituals happening all around, it is an out of time experience so it would be okay to disassociate and turn a blind eye until they return home in a sobered up and sensible frame of mind. Last year, one top DJ (hint same initials as the name of a teletubby) had a relationship with a young summer regular and I actually know someone who has evidence that he forced her to have a backstreet style termination; the contents of which he CONSUMED in order to benefit from an energy boost. I know it sounds outlandish but I would say that it is not eyebrow raising within the context of their rituals.

      • I think the dissociation part is on the spot. Ibiza attracts a lot of mentally instable people, besides the beachers. The drugscene is enormous.
        Not only is it a tourist-trap of spiritual travellers,
        it is a training facility for those who are in the various scenes that create trends, hypes, formats, marketing etc.etc.- the industry. An un-normal amount of workshops, courses, cleansing-the-soul-kind of bizznizzes that use a very common theme in their visual promotions. πŸ˜‰
        The ''customers'' take the information and use it in their tv-show, music, art-work, promotion activities for communities, whatever the field of work. Spreading the vibes.
        The industry moguls that are on top of those companies go to Bilderberg, or burn a big wooden statue in some forrest.

      • If you ask me, his death has something common with occult rituals frm Ibiza.R.W. is a victim of this vicious Hollywood ppl.I am sure his death was useless, but let them enjoy this moment becouse it will finish soon i am sure,

      • I can't figure that one out. He could not have been a part of that scene but he may have accessed some of their unique recreational recipes, should I see. Needs to be seen/smelt to be believed, they have rewritten the dictionary out there and kept it out of plain sight for the most part. It is a foreboding place full of energy without much soul

      • There were a lot of rumors flying around earlier in the year wrt Jade J's baby and the 'sacrifice' of her would-be stepmom. She is fully initiated. An obvious fact considering her paternity.

    • family guy just aired an episode before robin's apparent "suicide" where in the episode, he had a failed suicide attempt. predictive programming? sure looks like it. didn't family guy do this with paul walker too? the simpsons had some 9/11 predictive programming going on in the 90's. they also had an episode that aired in 97 where they show a book called curious George and the elboa virus. tell me that's not creepy!

      • I heard about the family guy episode too….what is suspicious also is that it was aired right before robin williams death. There was also a website that had a discussion thread on his death, before it happend also. There's just too many odd things that makes me think they planned his death. Yes, all the stuff you see beforehand on movies and tv shows is called predictive programming. They know beforehand when something will happen and put it out on plain sight to see. Maybe it is part of their sick rituals along w/ numerology.

      • Seth McFarlane writes the episodes of 'family guy' and a coincidence is that he was supposed to get into one of those flights that crashed in 911 tower but he was late to catch the plane.

  10. Petition to cut off Destiny's….oh (clears throat)… "Miley's" tongue.
    Who's with me?

    I know violence isn't the answer but screw this!
    We have to figure out a legal way to cut off her tongue, and chop off the hands of each and every one of these celebrities who's ever raised their hand, or an object to cover one of their eyes. While we're at it lets do to the handlers what they do to their slaves/puppets…
    Hmmm…then again, those sick frucks* might enjoy it!

    Whether you believe in the devil or not, pure Evil is in this world. It sits in high, beautiful places where it's controlling everything…sorry just felt like stating the obvious for a minute.

  11. I actually waited to see if you would post FKA TWIGS. Please do a better research on FKA TWIGS before assuming she is a illumanti pawn. I seen her live last week in NYC at a small venue called Webster hall that was sold out. She is on a independent record label hense her videos show no symbolism of being MK or Illumanti maybe you caught two pictures with a one eye but if you google get name and images none of her her work including her new album art work or music displays that type of MK imagery. She is highly compared to the singer Sade and dancer Josphine Baker. Please read her reviews on her music and debut album tomorrow August 12, This could actual be a genuine artist unrelated to this sick pop culture.

  12. Woah. Robin Williams is found dead. Supposedly suicide. Or "suicide". Woa. Good timing with the whole Isis crisis. Also… "Isis".

    (Sorry for bad english)

      • What?
        Is this true?
        I guess I'll have to research it.

        I haven't been watching television, or listening to the radio for 5 months now.
        Sidenote: From a 24 yr old, not watching tv is very cleansing…almost as if it's detoxifying your brain.

        But if this is true I'm a little sad. I don't know much about him or what he stood for, but wherever I saw him on tv he made me laugh while crying my eyes out.
        RIP…if it's true.

  13. Can someone explain me this, please?: I do not understand if all these people who are posing with one eye covered, or leopard clothes or monarch butterflies, etc. etc. are being programmed physically by the industry (like they are going through torture and conditioning etc regularly in order to get alter egos that are at the same time being used by the industry to push their stuff) or they are just posing that way simply because they were told so by their managers or someone who's pulling the strings from above, with no direct relation to the mind control programs.
    If it's the first case, does it mean that there are a huge number of "artists" being tortured and programmed by the industry, in exchange of fame and fortune?
    Thanks in advance for your replies <3

  14. Jada Pinkett said to TMZ that people making a big deal of Willow's picture are just covert p********s who are projecting. It was clearly a rehearsed speech she made, she even stumbled on her words, and you can see a trace of a smirk on her face as she said it; as though it was a joke and she was trying not to laugh. It of course was a joke, because she (and Will) is the covert p*******e and she was the one that was projecting in that moment.

  15. Hi VC! I'd just ask if you could make a Michael Jackson version of his MK programmed life (like your articles about Monroe and JFK) I've been obsessing about MJ recently although I've been a fan since the early 90's. And its only now that I've read he was a Beta/Mirror/Doll programmed artist. (He mentioned during an interview that he hated looking at mirrors and won't even allow his kids to look at mirrors at home. Ironically though, one of his most known song is Man in the Mirror) There are too much eerie and disturbing aspect of MJ's life and how troubled he is, more than him just loosing his childhood by not being able to play or eat candy. I don't believe he molested a child though, I think he was anything but. I'd really appreciate if you could share some light on this matter. Thanks!

  16. I'd like to get VC's opinion on artists and bands who have no symbolism or creepy lyrics that have made it big. How do they manage to do so? Look at Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Lorde, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, also yet to have seen anything weird from Ellie Goulding. I'm just curious. All of these artists have obvious pure talent and when you watch them in interviews I don't get a sketchy false persona drugged up vibe. They all just seem like normal people not being crazy and controversial like these pop stars act. I'm just interested on how this happens. Record label possibly?

    • Even I had also commented about few artists who had made it big with no illuminati imageries and one of them is Jennifer Lopez, Dido and Eminem.

      • I entered before finishing πŸ˜‰ some of the names you mention are high on the sybmbolism-chart.
        Need i menton Eminiminemn's one-eye-frontpages?

      • Eminem doesn't need to promote any symbolism (although he has on multiple occasions). He has already shown his allegiance to demonic forces with his constant rapping about murder and r**e fantasies. He is an absolutely disgusting, depraved person. The demons got their hooks into him a long time ago.

      • Well eminem has some symbolism going on and occasional lyric references but I'm still interested on his take on the non-creepy artists out there

  17. I think that up-and-coming Illuminati pawn is a clone of Queen Nefertiti who has been frozen. I also think Obama is a clone of some frozen Egyptian deity. But they don't have the spirit of those deities, just similar simulated DNA.

  18. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. – Romans 8:18 <3

  19. Hi VC! I'd just ask if you could make a Michael Jackson version of his MK programmed life (like your articles about Monroe and JFK) I've been obsessing about MJ recently although I've been a fan since the early 90's. And its only now that I've read he was a Beta/Mirror/Doll programmed artist. (He mentioned during an interview that he hated looking at mirrors and won't even allow his kids to look at mirrors at home, ironically one of his iconic song is Man in the Mirror) I'll really appreciate if you could shed some light on this issue. It is really disturbing for me to think he was sexually abused by old businessmen as a young boy. πŸ™

    • those perverts are demonically possessed. blame the d3mons who have been taken for a ride and don't know what they're doing.

  20. Something strange about FKA Twigs lyrics and video. There's a lot of misogynistic references and suggestions of violent sex. Also, one of her videos depicts her being creepily groped by a tall very strong looking man. Its unsettling to say the least.

  21. Just listen to a radio station here in bavaria germany. There is a new up coming singer from england, called FKA Twigs. "Sounds good" i was thinking. I'm googling her. Look to a video and think "hmm strange and full of strange symbolic i've lerned here." Okay, I'm going on this page where I was for weeks no longer on it. And guess who i found on spotm.

  22. I dont know if anyone will even read this, and posting here feels kind of like preaching to the converted, but I have seen some mixed up opinions and I feel like I can help straighten things out.
    Everyone who sees this page should boycott Playmobil and would be justified in taking it further. The city action police toys encourage children to imagine toytown as a hostile, lawless place much akin to the movie The Purge. Furthermore these toys indoctrinate the child to accept that "yes, this is what a policeman looks like" so when hes standing outside Starbucks with his Ruger and a latte theres nothing weird about it. Its just business as usual in a totalitarian police state. But I guess we're safer with machine gun toting action figures patrolling the streets of our cities. Tell that to Jean Charles' family.

  23. Every Grand Theft Auto game – 18 certificate

    The movie Fight Club – 18 certificate

    The music of Rage Against the Machine – parental advisory badge.

    TV content in Britain – 9pm watershed (although this is slipping away)

    Playmobil shock troops – ages 4 to 10!


  24. Hello there, what about 7 year old kids playing GTA? That's pretty awful. I would rather them play with little soldiers, firemen or police officer toys than a game about drug dealers, prostitution, mafia, etc.

    • Talk about missing the point! I know its not great when little kids are playing games like GTA but those games are typically certificated for older teens/ young adults. Thats like saying 'ban p*********y in case a 5 year old sees it. ' does not logically follow. I am afraid that in these instances it is the childrens parents and guardians who are failing to meet their responsibilities. Unless you actually want to live in a world where art and media are sanitised, censored and homogenised to the point where they cannot offend people they were never intended for, this is a dangerous, repressive line of thinking. Come on! Wise up. Those toys say ages 4 – 10 on the box. Message from Playmobil "its ok for your four year old to enact violent scenes with jackbooted stormtroopers. This is normal. Its all part of city life"

    • And another thing Jynn.. These modes of play are not even analagous to one another. If a child wants to let off steam blasting enemies in a videogame you probably wont have much luck trying to persuade them to fool around with some action figures.. And vice versa. Its about realising that both GTA and Playmobil 'City Action Police' are inappropriate distactions for a pre schooler but for drastically different reasons. Thats like saying 'I dont want my toddler looking at Francis Bacon paintings, but if I dont hang them everywhere hes just going to watch p*********y!' Parents need to recognise that there is a great deal of unsuitable stimuli out there, some obvious. Some less so. It is their job to foster good values such as kindness tolerance and restraint and to protect their little munchkins from this kind of insidious normalising of a violent and repressive state. Phew!

  25. Off topic here, but does anyone know about that movie coming out called "as above, so below" or something like that? Isn't that related to baphomet?? Weird…

  26. I am shocked by the toys. I have fond memories of my own Playmobil figures and although I certainly had violent and indeed grotesque toys, (SuperNaturals anyone?) the world of Playmobil seemed a kinder, gentler one. What people must realise is that giving children toy guns is inviting them to pull toy triggers. Such violent props stimulate dark imaginings and importantly, as VC states, serve to normalise such scenarios occurances in the real world. Further research shows that these cops four wheeled transport is of course a riot van, they also have a helicopter and they are intended for ages 4-10. Somebody please make a Chapman brothers-esque diorama of these stormtroopers cheerfully mowing down a mob of moms with strollers, postmen and other toytown citizens from my childhood. Then give that to your four year old. I am glad I live in a country where the sight of even police carrying pistols, much less machine guns is still unusual and unnerving. I would not wish for our police to walk into situations improperly equipped, but exactly what kind of 'action packed' city is Playmobil inviting our children to imagine?

  27. I was curious what the dice (or cubes) spelled? "Only lun can destroy your brain." What's lun? Or am I missing something? Any thoughts? It's the picture of the dice on the brain.

    • i think stars can't join them
      because they won't accept her
      they think they are the enlightened one's …. which they think they are top of everyone else which mean's that they won't accept anyone unless it's from there blood line or way of thinking

  28. Kim Yoojung, 15 years old and an up-and-coming star in Korea, was recently shown with her hair covering one of her eyes. She is already being programmed as well.

    • incidentally she was photographed with the Fanning sisters although they probably didn't know her. Search for it. I think she was selected by the higher-ups at that time.

  29. VC!! Please talk about the Ebola patients coming to Emory here in Atlanta! I'm terrified and I'm pretty sure it's another conspiracy.

  30. They're so blatant with their imagery now because society has been sufficiently dumbed down by the media and "education" system that most refuse to believe there's anything to this because they've been taught that conspiracies at high levels can't possibly exist. They wouldn't have gotten away with this just a generation ago. Now they're preparing for the final battle against God Himself.

  31. here is what i think about the likes of miley and britney spears. dopamine. pleasure is very much chemically controlled in a human body… natural or drug induced, with time with age the same pleasures do not satisfy as much if at all. depression sets in.. i cant get no satisfaction a song said once. biologically in presence of dopamine within the brain a type of mechanism of protection exists.. nerves literally stop accepting pleasure stimuli if there are too many of them. mkultra victims can only be used for a limited time. no amount of drugs can be enough at some point. no effect.

    • I think you're on to something very real, dffffr. I'm not sure, but I think increasing dopamine is increased with cocaine, nicotine, for substance abuse. Also I think it is connected with behaviors that are high stimulation.
      Not just the beta-slaves but the general public seems to addicted to increasing their dopamine. Hollywood film and TV, video computer gaming get more stimulating with technology and demand. You're right about the MK Ultra victims can only be used for a limited time. Very, very sad.

  32. I had burned my hand over the weekend trying to steam some clothes. I showed my friend a picture of the burn and he said he looked like an eye and said illuminati lol

  33. Someone with a lot of time on their hands should go through all the SPotM posts and copy paste all the one eyed pictures to a document and count them, and then have Vigilant Citizen post it just so we can see how many hundreds of one eyed pictures there are.

    • Interesting point. Whenever I hear someone proudly announce their pregnancy, I only think how shameful it is for these people to be so willingly mis/uninformed. Trying to explain anything to them is completely useless. I personally wouldn't want to be a child raised by such people.

    • Not only symbolism but the way people eat. I feel so bad for people when I'm sitting at lunch and watching everyone is putting disguised scum into their faces

      • Yeah most of the USA meat is owned by 4 corporations who all treat their animals like garbage. It's terrible! This work-Eck- can't stand it anymore.

  34. In the second FKA Twigs pic, she is giving the "ok" 666 sign AND anyone notice that the on the right side of her face, her hair is "styled" in the 666 pattern. SICK!!!!

  35. VC are you aware of a magazine for kids called calliope? They often focus articles on Egypt, horoscope, and all kinds of glorified illuminati junk.

  36. the Simpsons also have a game called tapped out. Recently they had a special theme about builing the "Stonecutters" lodge. (The game is about rebulding Springfield) the amount of symbolism was crazy. You could buy a "stonecutters daycare", a pyramid to place wherever you'd like, make the characters do undercover tasks. Everything was gimmicky and was Making fun of "crazy conspiracy people".

    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Wait, stonecutters DAYCARE??! That reminds me of the McMartin preschool scandal. McMartin's logo was a pyramid with a floating capstone!!!

    • Not long after I started reading from this website, and noticing the symbols in my own part of the world, I notice that a local franchised daycare has a school house for its symbol. However icon is really just the the roof of a school house, which is a triangle.

      This site can make you paranoid, so even now I'say this with a handful of salt. But I just looked up the name of this daycare on line to verify what I'm telling you. The name of the centers are called: KinderCare (look it up yourself). And that logo isn't just a triangle. The top of the triangle is separated from the base with aquare, like a steeple, and inside the steeple square is a bell. The background is red, and the drawing itself is in white.

      I'm still probably just VC-paranoid, and KinderCare is probably a very repuatable company, but I'd be extremely cautious about taking kids there. At least it doesn't have the name "Stone Schoolhouse" or soemthing like that!

  37. Yesterday I watched a video of James Brown from 1964 and was shocked when the put cape on him……..because there was an obvious outline of a horned goat (baphomet).

    • I think Jennifer Lopez is not part of this illuminati crap because she doesn't do those one eye things and she made it on her own through hard work and the same goes to Norah Jones and India.Arie

  38. Great collection of pics VC Thanks man. There's a lot of disturbing photos of Miley on her instagram, she looks GONE! Also the brain reference, like she says "Where's my f.u.c.k.i.n.g. brain?" in the Trippy video (Pun intended). Miley's sister Noah and also Willow Smith – we all know which direction they are heading as the signs are already prevalent……Lana del Rey covering her eye with the very thing that she represents within the occult music industry, routine I suppose eh. I would love a close up of all the symbols shown on Young Jeezy's album cover, it looks like a hidden message or story. The FKA Twigs girl looks hot but that flower covering her eye could be a subliminal butterfly, you see it?….& now they are incorporating the Martial Law/Police State aspect in children's toys – Wow! For the rest of the pics, Y'all know guys. Peace.

  39. Those Cyrus girls are gonna come a cropper one day. Take my word for it. They are so brainwashed they don't know what they're doing. I hope Miley's tour here in Perth is a huge failure, so she's not so bigheaded over it.

  40. I could not imagine giving that Playmobile set to my child or any child to play with. I think I might go out and buy one though, just as a sick reminder.

  41. After watching the "Lego Movie", the Playmobil toy figurines come as no surprise. If you feel the need to expose kids to totalitarianism than this movie is for you. Micro managers, total police state, keeping the masses distracted its all there, wrapped up and disguised as a kids movie. Disgusting. VC you need to watch and review.

    • I recently watched it with my six year old daughter. I got a creepy vibe from it. There were so many subliminal messages, the masses didn't even pick up on it (the adults/parents). I'm glad to have found this site. My eyes are wide open and I can shield my little girl from this madness some call entertainment.

  42. What's up with the Simpsons? I used to really enjoy that show, but they've gone downhill a lot in the past decade. I have the feeling the creators know a lot more than we think.

  43. Congrats to VC for letting us not get complacent especially with the comment of how we tend to glace at these pictures and think oh just another one eye pic, but it is much more than that and I've found myself going back to past symbolic pics of the month as months go by my views develop and it has a whole new meaning when you notice they not.only do the one eye salute because they're told to and follow blindly but also as a sign to others who are on the dark side of the industry. Tila Tequila has youtube videos and info.on her website about exposing them from the inside out and she has had little to no attention given to her by the media these days. I hope VC does an article on her I wonder if she's a wannabe or if she's legit trying to escape and expose. ..?

  44. I want to add that the arm and hammer (like Arm &Hammer Baking Soda) is also a salute to Young Jeezy's dope dealer past. I can't quite explain the all-seeing eye however

    • ,When I saw the arm and hammer logo, I instantly knew it represented the dope game. I believe the other crap is his way of getting into the illuminati pawn association so that he can finally be in the same class as Jay-Z, Kanye, T.I, etc. It's like a pledge trying hard to get into a fraternity, which I think alot of these people do in the entertainment industry.

      • Could it be, perhaps, that Jezzy SAID it was a ode to his dope game when really it is an ode to the organization. These symbols and concepts did not originate with these people. They have been around for a very long time and are being re-purposed for those who .. well.. basically…. do not know the truth. Lies are fed, meanwhile, the concept/symbol is still be uttered and presented known only to those that "Know". When you have had time to study Masons, their "steps" and what it all means.. You can then see that Kanye didn't create this symbol or concept no more than JZ created the "diamond' hand symbol. That has been around for at least 100 years… "There is nothing new under the sun".

  45. I blame Smiley's parents for Noah's behavior. They should have been nipped that in the bud a long time ago. They are probably pimping those girls out to the industry. So sick

  46. Haha.
    – maybe it's coincidence? I sometimes hold my slippers this way….-
    – nope.-

    Ha. Your style has had me chuckling for years now! I love it.

    I'd like to take those Playmobil toys though and shove them inside their inventors. . . Dark areas. Geez.
    Wish we could shut half of these companies down!


  47. An photo with Willow looks like a p*******e propaganda. By the way, I more often see a new design's T-shirt witch Illuminati signs. The end is coming… crap. O_O

    • This mess comes at us from all directions, media, politics, food etc. and I can't believe more people don't see it. OPEN YOUR EYES….

      This site is to show us the TRUTH. Take it how you want.

    • You are right, they promote all this ''Disney stars'' which i didn't know before;))People let's take it easy.The solution is one. Swich off your tv and don't watch videos on Utube…

  48. Hahahaha,
    a friend of mine saw the Playmobil Riot Police in a store and bought it because he thought it was really creepy. i saw it at his house and my Initial thought was: WTF?!?

  49. The picture of Miley's sister is creepy, especially the one where the kids are in skimpy clothes around a pole. Unfortunately kids and teenagers are exposed to a crazy amount of sexualisation from celebrities and the media. Its even worse because the media pretends to shame that kind of behavior, yet they constantly report on it and give attention to such behaviour. Recently I read a comment on facebook from someone suggesting it was "ok" to look at a minor or teenager and think about sex with them because "lots of pre-teens/teenagers have sex with each other anyway" — which I found disgusting and terrifying. Its like endorsing paedophilia, which is plain evil. Children deserve to be children. They should not be forced to grow up quickly. There is plenty of time for them to do adult things when they are adults, but once their childhood is gone they can never get it back and they will miss it. A lot of celebrity kids don't seem to have much of a childhood and it creeps me out how they are so quickly sexualised as soon as they turn 18 (or even earlier in some cases). No matter how mature someone appears to be physically or emotionally, their brain still won't stop developing until age 25 and in many ways they are still vulnerable.

  50. Well, "only they can destroy them" as referenced to Miley's hideous artwork of illuminating scrabble whereas any new symbolic pic of the month just gets more darker and sinister than the last one

    • I reckon she's glamorizing doing it to yourself. They are making a trojan horse – subterfuge to betray people's confidence in them not seeing them defrauding them and/or a malware program for the kids to absorb – out of that girl and her only singleminded interest remains in pretending she likes it.

  51. Celebs like Miley end up into 2 ways either she might end up like Britney (total chaos and unstable ect..) OR she might end up like Amy Winehouse (which includes total chaos and unstable ect then let her join the 27 club) which I hope she won't be there ):

  52. Freeman Fly points out that Miley's perpetually thrust-out tongue is an indication that she is representing the Hindu goddess Kali. David Icke has a picture of Madonna in his latest book doing the same tongue thrust.
    Although the great yogi Ramakrishna worshipped Kali as the destroyer of illusion, in popular Hindu culture she is a bloodthirsty death goddess adorned with a skull necklace.

  53. I often get asked what I think about the whole thing and how maybe it's just "in fashion" right now and the symbolism happens to be coincidental…

    yep. all coincidences. thousands and thousands of coincidences.

  54. If the occult elite were interested in remaining totally secret, their use of symbolism would wane, yet it's implementation obviously continues to rise. Not only is symbolism a tactic of psychological warfare, but it is also a tactic of manufacturing consent. Understanding an occult philosophical concept known as "revelation of the method" is crucial for understanding what is occurring in our world today. Revelation of the method is the deliberate self revealing of the elite in order to insulate themselves from the consequences of natural law. By purposely revealing themselves, they avoid directly infringing upon the free will of the masses. Silent, resistance free participation in a system that is diametrically opposed to life and freedom is considered by the elite to be implicit consent for that system. This is only possible in a climate of mind control, where three conditions of loss are propagated. These conditions are amnesia (loss of memory), abulia (loss of will), and apathy (loss of interest in events vital to one's well being). The elite are so confident in their grip on society that they will deliberately reveal their presence and workings in the world, and remain confident that an entranced humanity will either dismiss such notions as ridiculous conspiracy, or if they do happen to accept such, will lack the means, integrity, and will power to overcome their plight. By utilizing the constant repetition of symbolism to announce their presence in the world, paired with the resistance free participation of the masses, they are slowly gaining the people's implicit consent. The oppressive authority needed in a global governance framework requires increasing levels of consent, thus we are seeing the implementation of repetitive symbolism being carried out to higher and higher degrees of directness. For more information on this, listen to a lecture on YouTube called Revealing the Method: Esoteric Symbolism as Mind Control.

    • You explained that well. Allow me to suggest everyone to read Michael A. Hoffman's book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". It's the why and how the elite reveal their method.

      • Yep, the Rothschilds are a big name among the elites. 1700's banking dynasty, begun in Europe, and probably helped to finance the American Revolution. The United States is "owned" by the Federal Reserve Bank. It is a private bank and began in the very early 1900's, I believe with President Woodrow Wilson. Among its founders are the following big corporate and big banksters; Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Vanerbilt (Anderson Cooper), Morgan, Warburg, and more. Some one famous said "Whoever owns the king owns the country." Some one else said, "Whoever controls the media, controls the masses." Our President probably has their name tattooed on his right arm.

  55. I wasn't sure about Lana Del Rey at first, but over time the evidence has become hard to deny.
    She is enormously talented, and so far at least, has conveyed atypical elegance and class.
    What a pity to learn that she too is a victim of the system. After all, what that means is that sooner or later she will suffer the same fate as all the others who came before her.
    What a waste!

    • ANY rising star, if he or she wants to continue to rise, willl his or her soul. Those who don't succumb, are not heard from again.

      And those who have family or friends slain? Become the biggest stars. Ask JHud.

    • I'm not sure how it wasn't completely obvious to you from the get that Lana del Rey was a pawn. The girl had all the signs. The name of her first record? BORN to DIE. Persona? Mindless, promiscuous drugee who promotes self-destructive lifestyle. How is that elegant? How does that not raise flags? As for talent, that's in the eye of the beholder, but her first live performance was a joke. Everything about her is a facade, an illusion. She has no real identity. This was attractive to you?

      • For someone like her, mind controlled to every inch of her life and surrounded by nothing real, she carries herself well. And there's artistry in what she does, although I think it's promoting the buddhist demon Mara and the death of the spiritual self through allure and temptation.

  56. The most disturbing images are the overtly sexualized girls. How is this legal? Did the public not learn anything from the sick and sad world Jon Benet Ramsey? Noah Cyrus and Dakota Fanning have already been "turned" as the pimps say. What is with Miley Cyrus, a 20 something, made up to look like she's 12? Why is she is a role model?!!! She gets interviewed by the likes of Barbara Walters and her photos on women's magazines! The damage the media/elites do effects, not just the celebrities, but the millions of children and young women. They should all be hauled off to prison.

    • The fact that Beyonce was on the cover of Time Magazine is disturbing too. How is she a role model????
      She should be ashamed of herself, carrying a title of respect and honor. I have none for her! Its sad that the practicing of magic is now tied to satanism. Not all witchcraft is evil!

      • all witchcraft is evil. please don't try to convince innocent people it's not. including astrology, tarot, coffee reading, hypnotism, yoga, the blue eye necklaces etc.

  57. In regards to the masonic square and compass with the blacksmiths hammer. There is more to this than just the mason as the builder, the Roman god of smithing is Vulcan (Greek version Hephaestus) which the masons associate directly with Tubalcain (the same as mentioned in genesis 4:22) through the line of Cain and forefather of Hiram Abiff (who is the central figure of the initiation of the blue lodge three degrees). Tubalcain (Vulcan) is the password of the master mason.

    • Also Anubis is the reason Sirius is called the dog star, Sirius is the true light behind the cap stone of the pyramid according to the masons and Sirius is a REALLY big deal to them. The shaft of the Queens chamber in the great pyramid is said to have pointed to Sirius the dog star.

    • Thanks for the freemason info. The arm and hammer, used as a symbol for "Armand Hammer" baking soda. Spock was a "Vulcan". Vulcan myths show him to be a kind of smith who will make weapons for either the good or bad.

      • Great point they do like to flip up their gang signs in corporate logos. Pretty sure the term Vulcan and freemasonry both pre date star trek though.

  58. the one eyed pose that all of these stars are doing is to represent the real power behind everything which is the Dajjal. He is blind in his right eye and sees only out of his left hence why the right is always covered in these photos.
    the world is being prepared for his arrival which is why we see so much death, destruction,immorality and evil in the world being perpetrated by his followers who rule, ultimately, through usury

    • Yeah, I can see that, too. A wake up call for me was the release of the video her handlers made of her drugged up with clown make up on. Setting her up for extortion. These handlers are not playing.

      • Those Obey cards that they covertly flash are no joke. The 'lizard brain'/amygdala does not respond to the query 'dominate or be dominated', it is overpowered and dominated. It's Black Magick. You try to produce thoughts in order to remove the chains but you just have to wait it out. I can't imagine working for or being married to someone who possesses such a card. Feel bad that these beautiful women don't realize they are marrying handlers.

  59. Every time I watch Miley's new behavior, I remember of ["South Park"- episode Britney's New Look].
    I think Miley is controlled to play the role "crazy girl", to get midia attention. She probably will get a breakdown like Britney did.

    I don't know but I got a feeling that the whole family is being programmed ( Miley's mom, brother, sister).
    The same feeling with the smith family. And again with Dakota and Elle fanning.
    I watched "Maleficent" and I felt that was so wrong the horns and black wings for a fairy. And in the end, I have realized she played the good one, some Disney things turn bad into good.
    As Cinderella says "Lucifer has his good points, too…"
    Horrible stuff!!!

    • I agree with you, I think Miley is the new Britney. I won't see Maleficient, another Disney creep show. I was so disappointed that Jolie chose to star in it.

      • Jolie is pure evil. She exudes a demonic vibe. On the surface she seems like this great humanitarian, but I assure you that she is neck deep in Hoplywood devilry. She is the big screen equivalent of Madonna.

    • I watched Maleficent at the theatre in India and the audience both adults and children loved it. I too was wondering whether fairies with horns and black wings existed aeons ago.

      • of course they love it in india. after all they believe gurus are gods when in reality they are possessed.

  60. I don't doubt it even a second. We have all seen that. It's ubiquitous; Lady Gaga Britney Spears Beyonce Knowles and Rhianna have all expressed illuminati symbolism…

  61. my oldest comments about the slipper over one eye… oh yes, always when I go outside and get the morning newspaper!!

  62. yo guys, what do you think of Putins russia…he seems to be opposing the NWO in everyway …yet at the same time he is also promoting Russia as the new military state…is he or is he not a PRO or Anti Illuminati?? what do you think??

      • i am not saying he is for the people..he clearly is not for the people…but he seems to be opposing US in everyway…unless…they are jsut playing the same game on both make us believe in two oppositions just like voting republican or democrat but in the end its the system that wins and also portraying russia as an enemy of US helps to justify the military industrial complex…

      • Dear Christinne,

        Full Disclosure: I am hardcore libertarian. A free market anarchist. I consider all governments evil. There are no good governments. Only bad governments, and worse governments.

        That said, the Russian government under Putin is not the worst government in the world today. That dubious distinction belongs to Amerika under the Bushobama regime, which is of course a front for the NWO.

        Putin is no angel. They guy was KGB for chrissakes. But he and China's Xi do not appear to be part of the NWO. The evidence suggests they are RIVALS to the NWO, definitely not members or accomplices.

        As rivals, they can in a limited context, serve to check the NWO, which is primarily an Anglo-American enterprise. They can to a limited extent, fight fire with fire.

        Ultimately of course, ordinary sovereign individuals must reject the Myth of Authority in its entirety.

      • They are all part of the NWO. If they have a CENTRAL BANK in there country, they are apart of the NWO.

        Pretty much the NWO is run from the elite banker families, ROYALTY and the VATICAN in Europe. Yeah, they may promote one more than the other, and some might even fight amongst themselves on who gets to control things, but often they are on the same page on how the world should progress.

        Russia and China are playing they're cards because they have already been chosen as to be the new World's Superpowers, while the United States passes the torch.. Also All countries will eventually all fold into their own continental unions, if they haven done so ecomically already. All that will be left is each continent having a centralized government, untill eventually even that is asorbed by the U.N. or a new world government.

    • Putin and Russians in general are very aware of the NWO and what they are up to. They will not be able to fool the Russians. Russians also have a messianic complex and actually do see themselves as the hope for the world.

      Russia is extremely corrupt, and when they go to war they are brutal (see Chechnya). However they are actively opposing the NWO, so good luck to them! They are sadly one of our best hopes.

      • i donno man…it seems like he is opposing the NWO but on a deeper level he stands for the same values as the NWO…police state, elite controlling the sheeple, no free speech, eliminating every opposition, what if in the end it will turn out Russia was working for the NWO all the way…and we didnt know…

      • Everyone on here ASSSS SUME they know this or that Gov is better than the other one Give me a fkn Break most of you have never been to Russia or at least out of the country or have any plans on going out. Theres corrupt Gov allllll over this Planet and if you talk to the people personally or on the phone they will tell you something different.

      • Russian elites have always had a kinship and cultural ties with Europe, as well as the United States do. So in this sense Russia is part of the western world. There are masons in Russia. I believe that there are groups in the secret societies that compete among themselves which of them will be at the top of the NWO. The Soviet Union was almost NWO in many ways, and they were going to extend it to the entire planet (it was part of official agenda). Today Russia is a hybrid of USA and SU, just the weaker one. They fight like brothers-wolves. No matter who wins, we get the wolf.

  63. its interesting the illuminati chose the all seeing eye because in reality satan is not all seeing. Only God is all seeing (and all knowing, and all powerful), but satan is the father of lies so this sort of deception is appropriate.

    • In Islam we believe (I think Christians and Jews do too I'm not sure) that the Dajjal (Antichrist) will have one eye. These people (Illuminati puppets) are all preparing for his arrival, subconciously and conciously mind controlling people to believe that when Dajjal arrives, he is God. The Illuminati are showing people the pomp, glitter, glory, fame, wealth of the world that you can have by selling your soul, at the same time causing deception for people to believe that Dajjal (one eye antichrist) is God. When Dajjal arrives, he will cause miracles to happen that will make people believe. This is all a sad case for people who have no faith.

      • No we (Christians) do not believe he will have one eye. The bible does not teach that, nor does Yeshua our God. Real Jews (Israelites from the tribe of Judah) do not believe that either, a real Jew (by lineage not conversion) or Israelite would only practice the law (once the temple is restored) or would become a Messianic Jew by believing in Christ, none of which teach about a one eye anti-Christ. Converted "Jews" who practice satanic Cabalistic practices may believe that, considering the Cabala religion is rooted in the Illuminati teachings and foolishness.

        On another note, I have seen that a lot of Muslims have deserted their faith after having encountered Christ having called out to God, "show me who you are", or "show me who is the true God". There are many, many testimonies on youtube, and I myself believe Christ is God because I personally encountered Him. I would encourage you to call out to God to show you who the One true God is. Nothing is more serious than our eternity/salvation, it is important to not just believe what we have been taught, but believe because we have knowledge of the truth from the source (God Himself), if Christ is the true God, He will reveal Himself like He said He would, and will commune with us like He said He would. This has been my experience, and I am convinced accordingly. I don't know anything about you and am not making any judgements, I simply love all of Gods ppl, all of the works of His hands and want to share the truth of God with them accordingly. Peace and blessings.

      • Mainstream Islam (not my faith) is the fastest growing religion in the world the last time I checked. It is not nearly as good a PR machine as Christianity which makes it all the more powerful. Kabbala is not a foolish illuminati experiment. A lot of the revelation of the hidden knowledge happening today is heavily indebted to this, the oldest faith which is the Judaic oral tradition which emerged light years before the 1700s or the Rothschilds getting their act together for world domination. We are esoteric beings, any monotheistic religion that preaches otherwise needs to be seriously questioned as it is denaturing the human soul and spirit in spreading untruth. I believe in the power of the Mahdi, the Light.

      • i just finished reading a book, the torn veil, by Esther gulshan. It is very e nlightin g to say the least regarding Islam.

      • But that is a book written by a defector from the religion so you are never going to get a balanced insight from it.

      • Well Christianity has been bastardized. It's pagan. True believers know Yeshua is savior. The word of God will never return void. You see it's not about religion at all. It's personal and yes messianic! Believe that!! Oh and yes real Jews (Hebrew Isrealites) are the black race.

      • I couldn't find it in the Bible. I think, one eye comes from egyptian mythology. Eye of god is sun. We have only one sun, so god has one eye. And sun sees everything.

  64. I remember Powell Peralta always had 666 and skeletons all over their clothing. Maybe it was the beginning of the satanic fashion movement brought to us through skater clothing.

    • The Skull and Bones Brigade? I doubt that C.R.Styeck's illustrations ever had the 666 on them. Though one could argue that the Powell-Peralta logo that looked like 3 P's would look like 3 sixes in the mirror if standing on one's head. I know a few of the members from the original 'Bones Brigade' era you are referring to lead simple, family-oriented, very Christian lives. Lance and Stevie, especially.

    • That's not really her first single, she's just been reinvented. She was Twigs l'amour before and has been in the industry for a while now. She was also a backing dancer for Jessie J and other bands.

  65. I feel so sorry for these kids. They must have endured horrible abuse. Is there any hope for them to escape their hells? Are there any success stories of pop stars breaking away from this BS?

    • Nope. The moment it is done, all of their money and fame disappear like a magic. They would probably choose to die in that 'hell' which they no longer feel anymore.

    • I don't follow the pop stars enough to know if they get chances to escape, but I do hear of other ritual abuse and mind control victims breaking free occasionally. So if a lot of their alters collaborated and had a moment of opportunity when they weren't monitored, I could see them maybe pulling it off. It would be the most painful decision (and possibly the ONLY decision) they had ever made, climbing with blistered fingers out of the only rabbit hole they ever knew, but anything is possible…

  66. I see most of these shirts at My work alot!! I'm in a small town in Washington state and the symbolism and illuminati are ever present!! I've been explaineing this stuff to.more and more people and more people I tell can see this s**t for what it really is. It's very where now! I went to the 2014 paradiso and the illuminati symbolism was everywhere and people just followed it…. Oh ya there was drones at the show too!!! Freaking drones!!!!! I'm getting sick of seeing this s**t everywhere and no action has been done anywhere around the world!! Why? It's happening, it's real, and we can't stop what Adam weishaupt had started 200 years ago until everyone decides enough is enough!

    • Adam weishaupt is a nobody in the grand scheme. It is the dynastic families that we see today that have bloodlines going back to Babylon and further. This takeover of Earth that humans are just startingn to see and wake up to has been in the works for millennia. This , at least to me, is a very clear indication that at the heart of the problem we are not dealing with humans. Some call them reptillians, others the draco's, the Djinn (sp?), I personally prefer the Archons, with the Demiurge being the top of the pyramid of the darksides power structure. The Archons are insanely ritualistic, completely lacking in empathy and Love, among many other traits, and if you study the Archons if becomes extremely clear that the earth has slowly been turned into an Archontic playland filled with death, destruction, FEAR, pain. But the walls are crumbling as we speak, and they will be exposed a lot sooner than later.

    • Shop in Ross, every ladies t-shirt has some kind of illuminati symbolism on it.. Makes it very hard to shop for new clothes.

  67. It's not even August yet, early treat πŸ˜€ thanks VC

    Oh and obviously these are all terrifying, especially the Lego set. Everything everywhere is training us to accept the police state. I saw a billboard for a movie "let's be cops" and I was like 1. Another movie acting as entertainment but is just another way of desensitizing us to cops, 2. This probably isn't even funny like everything else out in the movies, and 3. Let's not

  68. Moises is kind of creepy. If you look at his instagram, he takes pictures of himself and all his celebrity friends in very unsettling illuminati like pictures.

  69. i agree with all of VC's comments regarding the pictures except for one: the Legos police set. Get over it. As long as there are criminals, there will be police. I'm a law enforcement officer and so is my dad. My son has already expressed an interest in policing. Tell me police toys are bad. I'd rather my son play with police LEGOs than a lot of other junk that's out there. A desire to be a cop is better than to be a crook. Y'all need to simmer down and obey the law.

    • Its the fact that we went from figurine cops in blue uniforms, baton sticks, a gun and handcuffs to these figurines. I think you have mistaken the point VC is trying to make. All VC visitors know by now that America is a brainwashed country (except for those awake AND making others aware) . I was born in 1993 and I definitely have looked back on life and realized how easily kids, such as myself , have been and are molded into accepting and interpreting the world around us. So the fact that these figurines depict the police this way means that children are being taught that this is what the police look like, this is what they wear and most importantly, this is normal. By continuously being pushed these images, a young chilld's mind will accept this as normal and would probably not question that is wrong because it is what they essentially know. To see this as a young adult frightens me though because just in my 21 years of life I have seen the drastic change in police authority that these kids growing up have not seen. It frightens me because the next generation seem to be molded into accepting a police state and even some people my age and older seem to be accepting it as well. This is my first post so sorry if I jumped around a lot, but thanks for reading!

      • Very Well said @OpenMinded. It's good to see someone talking about this from their first-hand point of view!

      • Thank you! Very appreciated. I've been a faithful visitor of this site for 3 years but I have never commented. Be on the look out for me of me everyone πŸ™‚ im always up for a discussion!

      • I also was born in 1993 and I cannot agree with u more. Im so brainwashed sometimes that it's scaring. I can see it all now. All the references, taste, music, relationship and everything in my life was directioned to be the ''regular'' kind. serach for your goals,, work hard,listen to music and enjoy life cause you only have one. no God. no promise. no forgiveness. no hope in being more than a ''happy person in the system''. But in God we are so much more. Lets open our hearts to His love and truth. This world is nothing comparing to what He got for us. This bullhsit artits is not what we should waste our time on. They serve the dark. Lets pray for them and get as far as we can to comply with them. God bless VC and all of us! We are His Kingdom!

      • I was born in 1990 and I understand and agree with everything you just said. It's truly getting scarier.

    • As long as there are criminals, there will be criminal cops too. And as long as there are Criminal Cops, there will be complicit LEO's who allow them to continue their corruption and abuse of power. Silence is consent, there are no "good cops".

    • you couldn't be more wrong! the police state is upon us and is completely driven by demonic agents who run local and federal govts. I completely agree with Doug saying THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS!!! corruption is complete in all police stations. the cops that keep their mouths shut and don't report bad cops are complicit in their crimes! they are covering for them therefore just as guilty. THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS!!!! cops ruin peoples lives for fun! they kill people when they don't have to! they steal hard earned money from the people they're supposed to be protecting! set them up, entrap them, try anything they can to put innocent people in jail to justify their demonic system! they serve their demon masters who run the show. NOT THE PEOPLE!
      I pray justice comes on all cops soon and very soon!

      read "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" by Fritz Springmier.

    • Sorry. Good cops don't wear riot gear to public protests.

      It's better to be a cop than a crook, but what's the situation when the cops are defending the crooks and their property? Who did you sign up to protect?

      A good cop will question bad laws and I sure hope you have the balls to do it, otherwise your comment is ridiculous.

      • Seriously…..I cannot believe that no one has nominated you for the Nobel Peace Prize. You have wisdom sorely lacking in this dumbed down, indoctrinated, lewd and lascivious world.

        Please…… continue to open your mouth and let loose these pearls.

    • Cops enforce laws they dont follow and the politicans pass laws that don't apply to them. The herd allows a handful of individuals to dictate their lives. There is power in numbers and if the population wanted change it would take it.

    • When I played with Playmobile they would have farmer packs, fishing packs, family BBQ packs and firefighting packs and if they ever had police packs they most certainly would'nt have been decked out with RIOT GEAR and WEAPONS like AUT0MATIC GUNS and PISTOLS and GAS MASKS. Its desensitizing and it seems to have you dissillusioned Rissa.

    • Hope to God you or your son don't fall prey to that the cancer that pleagues some in Law Enforcemnt caused by the "mean" gene*
      * Ref: Deputy Erick Gelhaus SWAT trainer writes about it in his Law Enforcement news letter.

      With all do respect, not all of us disobey the law. The day you "really" believe otherwise is the day you need to get another career.

    • Okay, here's my mixed comment. I agree with Rissa on the point that LEO's are necessary as our country is a republic,which means we are governed under rule of law. So there will be law enforcement. And human beings have a huge capacity to be violent, ruthless, dishonest, greedy, etc. and yet we need to live as social beings. From my personal experience, most LEO's are honest and do their best to do their jobs. Yes, there are bad cops and that is what makes a corrupt police force so scary. For my other point, IMHO, we are steadily heading toward a militarized police force and with fewer employment opportunities, more individuals will consider law enforcement. People will choose LE, not out of true preference but instead out of necessity, which will lead to less than the best LEO's. Playmobile police cool, Playmobile riot squad? The riot squad theme, to me, says predictive programming.

    • @Rissa You are so OWNED that you are blind to the implications. Meaning that your opinions are of no value at all. Cops are thugs. You hide behind your badge and call it good. What goes around,comes around. You have forgotten one basic fact, and that is WE the people PAY YOU TO SERVE US. If you take our money, WE ARE THE EMPLOYERS….and YOU ARE THE EMPLOYEE. You seem to think that a badge confers upon you some sort of god-like status that was never in play. When you stop taking our tax money, then and only then can you babble on about obeying the law. The law is for you as well. Cops ARE criminals, because they steal our money to use against us, with deception. At least real criminals are honest about their trade. I have no qualms about a thief. I know what they will do. But you? You are a deceptive,, lying w***e for the state. You are worse than a "criminal"

      • Kendre, great reply. Every system of government is so terribly corrupt throughout the planet that the people t can't trust or rely on those who we must pay with our hard earned tax dollars to do their jobs and keep everyone safe. I had cool cop toys as a kid but when the toys become militarized and dressed in riot gear I'm not comfortable giving such a piece of plastic symbolism to an innocent young child to play with. So many children's toys and media promote not only violence but also globalization, sorcery, nephilim, transhumanism and all kinds of darkness, Thank God our Holy Creator for pets.

    • Rissa I think you have somewhat missed the point. This isn't about you and your job. Your attitude alone in saying y'all need to simmer down and obey the law in itself sounds a bit like you think you have a right to tell people what to do or you will kick some ass. As for implying the police are a force for good, tell that to Eric Garner. Some of you also need to simmer down and 'obey the law'. Laws put into place by who exactly? Oh yeah, that's right…

      • I am familiar with the word simmer down, but in a way of smoking pot, chilling, enjoying music and pleasant people. Wonder if that is what he meaned.

      • In every controversy involving the power vs the people, there is as great a war taking place on the language front as there is on the street. The usage of this patronising phrase commanding unmerited authority aptly demonstrates this point.

      • I live in a gray world where irony, sarcasm and blunt microscoping cannot be used by good people like myself? Isn't that sad.

    • It be the M-e-a-g-h-e-d-e-l-i-c…Police toys are super creative. I got pulled over the other night, the cop was not that bad.

    • I don't know about playmobil, but I was looking at a star wars Lego book–the kind they have in school libraries–and it was fascinating to see how the whole feel of it changed over the years since the first star wars Legos came out. They went from fairly innocent expressionless little guys to having angry, hateful expressions on their faces. Same for the gear–way more violent, if a Lego can look violent. Unsettling to say the least. Have a look.

  70. A whole range of clothing with Illuminati symbols are everywhere on the high street now, it's flooded and I stay well clear of them all.

    Then there's the adverts, movies, TV Shows, Magazines etc which I refuse to support, basically if symbols are in a movie I will not buy the DVD or watch it on TV.

    These cheap brainwashed celebrities sell their souls for pennies for what? Fame, Fortune and beauty just to get to the end of their carer (if they make it that far without suicide or being killed) to spend eternity in hell? Sounds like a bad deal to me.

    The amount of people wise to the symbolism is astonishing, it's a dieing breed.

    • Many do know but they are indifferent to it's adverse impact upon them. They think it is moderately cool, definitely hip and they willingly (albeit apathetically) promote it. We are talking about the 'don't care' generations doing what they do best (*not caring too much).

    • I'm right there with ya bud on almost everything you said with one exception. You really believe in your heart that an all loving creator would ever have someone suffer for eternity based on some poor decisions while incarnated in a truly insane (for now, but we are undoubtedly waking up) 3d matrix (that we erroniously believe is real/reality)? Of course not. Our time on this earth is for learning, growing and evolving on a soul level aka spiritually. The most evil person on earth and the most loving are viewed the same by our Creator, without any judgement, and with unconditional love. Judge the action all you wish, just never the person. Also remember that a great deal of these celebs have been programmed since birth and live truly horrible lives that provide them with wealth but an absence of love. Finally, those that sell their souls (you can't actually sell your soul) and devote their time on earth to material gain, will only end up reincarnating in similar circumstances until they finally learn the lessons that they set out to learn while on the other side of the veil. This is my truth, that I have come to know through many years of trying to get to the bottom of that enormous rabbit hole and meditation. I hope it helps, and if not, toss it in the trash so to speak.

      • Nope, go read your bible. It's all there in the scriptures. God loves us, but we are accountable. No reincarnation. You accept Christ as your Saviour, you grow closer to God, and you will be forgiven. If not…well, it's all explained in the bible. Meditate all you want, but it won't save your soul.

      • The Bible? Which version, there are too many to count? The same bible that says it's ok to beat your slave as long as they "continue a day or two" bc the slave is your property? The Bible is filled with blatant contradictions and I'm supposed to live my life by it? Of course we are accountable Sparkle. Every decesion we make, action we peruse, has consequenses and energy to it. I know this will come as a shock to you, but I don't need a savior, as I am my own savior. Stop giving away your power sparkle. You are the one you have been waiting for, not some savior that you truly, honestly, have absolutely no clue actually exists (Christ, not our Creator), so step into your innate power as a creator being, and start creating the world that you want to live in. This is my truth, and it can certainly change, so I don't want you to feel as though I am proclaiming my beliefs right and yours wrong. I just think it is very silly to base ones beliefs on a book that has been changed more times than a babies diaper, is riddled with contradictions, and was written by who knows. Everything from your connection with Creator, to higher dimensions of consciousness, to truth, can all be found within, so why seek outside of yourself to be "saved"? You realize that based on your mode of thinking, entire cultures, hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, have no chance of being "forgiven" (forgiven for what exactly?) Bc they don't even know what the bible is or Christ. So what, are they just sh*t out of luck? You see how small minded and immature (spritually) it sounds to say that one can only be "saved" if they read their bible and accept christ as their savior? So Muslims, Jews, bhuddists, all the primitive societies around the world, are just screwed bc they were indoctrinated with a different set a beliefs than you? Sorry, I'm just not buying that, and it was the primary reason I hated growing up in the Catholic church. None of it made any sense. Just a bunch of gobbly Gook used to make people give away their power and kill their spiritual connection to our Creator.

      • the real obey theme comes from they live… The people wearing it on most occasions are brainwashed to believe they are obeying lucifer who is their true god… But if you see where it comes from in popular culture.. watch the grocery store scene in they live.

  71. Too bad we can't have a "pix of the month" of folks doing stuff right. We do benefit from hearing all the Agenda propagation, but we should start propogating some of our own. Crushing darkness with light, anyone?

    • Yes, seeing all these symbols repeated, has me wondering, "what symbols represent the opposite?" that is what we should be using in our own art and messages.

    • I just saw this, but has anyone started doing it? Are you talking celebrity or anyone? I'm down let's get this thing rolling. I got some good anteye "illuminati" nwo" whatever you wish to call it music I've been creating for over a decade.

    • There's a vc community page. Do it! I think we would all love a breath of fresh air. Darkness is around, obviously. But it has no true substance, only light does. Let's get in to and focus on reality. Light always shines the darkness out of existence, it just has to show up to do so. So bring out your lights!

    • Brilliant! Right on the love. I think they felt they had to murder John Lennon almost just because of the power of this one piece of work- 'Imagine'. I think that if we all imagine a better world it will happen.

    • YES! Really good idea. A little corner of the web devoted to inspirational, uplifting images and reports. How about a competition for most highly evolved behaviour of the month? Or a hall of heroes gallery for all the famous humans who actually made/make the world a better place..? Come on VC, I know you can make this happen.

      "Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi

  72. Actually, I wondered if moses was a 'watcher'/spy for the agenda, I don't think the Smith kids, particularly Willow are as iinfluenced as we think. So they sent in an ex Disney kid to keep an eye on from a distanc. Just my thoughts.

  73. The toys are creepy and wrong. The willow Smith picture and it's implications with them both being shirtless in bed is the most unsettling gut feeling awful.
    Someone needs to find a picture from the miley cyrus concert with her face where the eyes were rolling around and her mouth opened sickly wide to let out a giant pink slide of a tongue on which she slid down to enter the concert. Her whole concert was surreal enough to just about make a normal person dissociate from reality and it was all about LSD. Her brother even came on stage to sing Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds, with horrible imagery in the background. It was also all about sexual positions and gays.

    • At this point we all know about Miley and her controllers. But what about the parents who let their kids go to these concerts that are filled with this garbage? How can they see this as normal! This is what happens when parents let the TV, music and celebrity culture raise their children instead of spending more time with them and raising them into wholesome adults. And we wonder why pop culture and the youth are the way they are today – without care and morals.

      • yes, in the past when he culture was more wholesome, parents didnt need to be parents at all hardly and kids grew up ok…nowadays to be a parent u actually have to be vigilant and actually PARENT! this is why i really, really dont know if i want kids at all w/ all this crap going on….

      • Yes, to a degree, but those generations were complicit in bringing on the NWO agenda whether due to ignorance, complacency or collusion. I hope that most reasonable adults set out on that journey with wholesome intentions even today. You can only try your best. No actions provide a guarantee of a desired outcome. I know of rough diamonds emerging from dreadful childhoods and car crash adults emerging from idyllic ones. Even beyond that, adulthood is an evolutionary process the same as childhood. If there is love, you help one another to evolve in an upwards direction within the family unit and pray together for illumination.

      • "But what about the parents who let their kids go to these concerts that are filled with this garbage?"

        Parents are to busy with themselves, with work, with rising living costs, with mental illnesses, with ego-trips, with achieving status, with having affairs, with addictions, with getting dumber by TV .. many divorced couples and single moms, not enough time for the kids, no values, indifference, no love .. anything.

      • Not all parents just most. I am a stay at home married mom of four. We do everything to ensure our children are our top priorities no matter what. We actually started homeschooling midway last year it was just getting to ridiculous. School is for learning and of course learning socialization cues. But it's all about status and teaching your kids what they feel. Even in art class they tell you exactly what to draw, you cannot even have an imagination anymore! We want our kids to be the best THEY can be not what their peers, teachers, or even their parents think they should be. Sorry for ranting I will stop now.

      • Good for you!
        The easy choice would be to maintain the status-quo.
        What you are doing requires great effort and I applaud you!
        Your kids are so lucky to have such a caring Mom! πŸ™‚

      • That was rather preachy in places. We cannot always dictate our own lives as we would like. Likewise, it is humbling to earnestly acknowledge that our children have the right to grow into their own persons just as most of us were afforded this opportunity. The education which we provide may not be broad enough for them, despite our best intentions. It can work up to the age of around 7 or 8. Beyond that, they would opt to spend time with their peers even during vacations … if they were fortunate enough to be given the freedom to make that choice.

      • That was in reply to
        Parents are to busy with themselves, with work, with rising living costs, with mental illnesses, with ego-trips, with achieving status, with having affairs, with addictions, with getting dumber by TV .. many divorced couples and single moms, not enough time for the kids, no values, indifference, no love .. anything.

      • Arella, I can tell that you know nothing about homeschooling so I suggest you educate yourself on it before speaking further. Thousands and thousands of children are home educated, quite successfully, through their high school years. In fact, home-schooled children in many cases are better educated than their public or private school peers. My husband and I home schooled are children until their high school graduation and they've all gone on to college now as well-adjusted young people.

        Home schooling has nothing whatsoever to do with preventing kids from socializing with their friends or denying them freedom as you wrongly state.

      • Home schooling doesnt always work. I had a friend in high school his parents pulled him out and continued his education at home. He's now very anti social and kinda like you guys talks about the illuminati a lot personally I dont mind talking about the world issues and stuff like that but if thats all your conversations are then it cane be well unsettling and make one seem one dimensional

      • I can't understand why any parent, with good or bad skills , would let their child go to Miley's concert. Even if they are stupid, they have had to have heard or seen disturbing news on the girl. The parents know she goes around half naked and is as provocative as Debby Does Dallas stars.., so, why? Why do they let their kids be a part of it?
        My nine year old is growing fast and I do find it harder to 'shield' her, harder to teach morals and values, and harder to explain what she sees and witnesses daily.
        Can it be that its not that the parents aren't parenting- – but its the parents have no morals and values themselves and can't teach their children? I don't know. Its baffling to me.


      • i am a single mother, i work, but my daughter doesn't watch disney, tv, movies or any other crap. i have and teach her a lot of values, thank you very much. watch out when you!

      • Can anybody see properly what the pendant on the necklace Miley Cyrus is wearing in the first couple of pics, looks like an eye there or maybe I'm just seeing things (pardon the pun!)

      • Ahhh it does look like an eye from the distance although given the fashion industry and its involvement with this illuminatti stuff wouldnt be surprised if there was something more behind the chanel logo, the ones that are in a circle like the one in the picture up there does look a bit like an eye.

      • This one is more about product placement, i guess. But you would have a field day digging deeper in the symbolism and patterns used in logos , old and new πŸ˜‰

      • I don't do designer anything tbh lol if anybody wants me walking around wearing a logo they can pay me πŸ˜‰

      • I tend to chuckle when i notice people wearing huge logos on their shirt or shoes.
        And I laugh out loud in their face when they tell me they payed for them!

      • Yeah that makes me laugh too, complete idiocy!!! Don't even get me started on plastic surgery.

        When people have plastic surgery on their faces they all have that same look, its like plastic surgery syndrome!?? I mean wtf. I cant actually believe just how shallow and vapid so many people are these days, it seems like far too many people just have children to push them out into the entertainment industry, they don't seem to care about the damage its causing them. I mean when you hear some of these parents talking about their 5 year olds "career" I mean what the hell ever happened to children being children. Not a fan of the idea of people being restricted from having children but at the same time its far too easy to have a child and just do what the hell you want with "it" Having a child is not gaining a commodity or a business its a bloody human being with feelings and thoughts of their own. Some people should not be allowed to have children they do not deserve children.

      • Haha that is exactly what I always think.. Afternoon some plastic surgery they all look the same.. Especially women. Why do they do that? And when they get older, they start looking like transvestites (not sure if this is correct English). I agarre on the logo.. And por Miley.. Poor Dakota.. I feel sorry for them!

      • most women are not right in the head, that's why. but then again from what i read it was the same hundreds of years ago. they manipulate womanizers and for sure they los4 their appeal with age, so they are trying to hold on to their disappearing youth. good thing we age and die, otherwise we would be intolerably arrogant. we are certainly put in our places. as to logos why people but lvitton products when they are overpriced plastic. no idea

      • Yeah its pathetic how gullible people are, so sad walking about with their logos on and ugly ugly designer clothes as they often are fecking ugly!!

        Really sadxx

      • So what if they are ugly? Some might beautiful inside. You can't beat that. The ones who are ugly inside, that's really sad.

      • haha.
        I'd actually love to be able to afford plastic surgery. I do understand when people take it too far and fake. But, I don't think I'm shallow or conceited because I'd like to ' fix' up my body where only surgery could fix. An example would be a woman's body after she has children has some pretty big changes that aren't favorable. It'd be great to have a tummy tuck to remove skin that will never go away. I don't know, I guess I was just trying to add in that everyone who decides on plastic surgery isn't a selfish shallow idiot.

      • Why? Most people would not know where to stop. I would never have surgery, I even risked my life during childbirth by refusing a C Section. If you eat healthily and exercise you would never even see the need to contemplate it. Accept how God has made you.

      • The Chanel logo is one of the many high profile brand logos that resemble the vesica piscis, a powerful and angient symbol highlighting fertility and female sexuality. VC wrote an insightful article on occultism inspired brand logos that I highly recommend.

      • Yes, it is a Chanel necklace and yes its design is inspired from the Vesica Picses. The Vesica Picses modelled after the Vulva and/or the Third eye because when you look in the center it creates they shape which they (The Elite) view as the feminine principle, hence the chalice symbolising the womb, Mother Earth/ Mother Goddess. The VP is also the symbol for the Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and in the center is featured a snake entwined around a rod (Rod of Asclepius)

      • That's about stereotyped role models, not fucken repression indoctrination.
        Even you can see the fucken difference!!!

      • You seem to use crude language to make your point about examples? Tell me please, in daily life, do you use to shout too?

      • There's nothing stereotypical in toys made for boys and different types for girls. Genders are real and there are distinct differences in the preferences of men and females.
        Don't perpetuate the unisex propaganda.

      • So it is the boys you want to learn about technology and the girls about homework. Nice if you want to seperate people from scratch. I prefer kids to make a full choice about what they like and prefer to play with. Put all choices on the table – is my opinion. Give them a block of wood for example, and you will learn what they imagine it to be !
        You like to use blue and pink to make a statement too, when pramming?

      • Now that's bull and you know it. Do you see vacuum cleaners being marketed to boys? No. Do you see Tonka trucks and the like being marketed to girls? No. They absolutely perpetuate sterotypes.

      • Girls like dolls. They have a natural maternal instinct. Boys like cars, construction vehicles, etc. Boys and girls are different: biologically, physically, and psychologically. Pretending otherwise is damaging to children. Police state propaganda on the other hand, is not the least bit natural.

      • I am male and I hated construction stuff when I was a child, but I loved my sister's dolls. I played soccer in the street with neighbor kids but also kitchen and baby care stuff. Trying to confine a kid into a stereotype because of his gender is just wrong. Everything around has created this false moral. Kids should explore and decide by themselves what defines their identity

      • It is their paradigm which teaches you that your choice of play determines your ultimate trajectory in life. The psychologists who have driven home the message are usually steeped in luciferianism and many of our greatest psychologists are confirmed zionists and/or Luciferians. Of course girls should be encouraged to play with construction and boys should be encouraged to play with dolls (mine certainly do this with no encouragement). However, it does not follow that they should then implement a gender reversal either on a psychological level or beyond. We raise our daughters to know that their role is to marry and bear and raise children regardless of any secondary roles they might wish to carve out for themselves. Likewise, boys need to know that they have a responsibility to turn into spiritually active men who will provide materially and morally. We have different strengths given to us by God and I have discovered in my own life the damage that can be caused by denial of this fact.

      • "We raise our daughters to know that their role is to marry and bear and raise children"—says your bible. That's what's wrong with society now. Women have been taught that their value lies in producing children and getting married when there are FAR better things out there to do. Religion has done more damage than I can even begin to express. ugh…..

      • I don't understand why someone would raise a child to "know that their role is to marry and bear and raise children" when you don't know in advance what that their innate strengths and callings will be. What if they're born sterile? What if they don't develop instincts toward romance and nurturing, and instead feel called to the same sort of life as the Apostle Paul? In 1 Corinthians 7 he has some interesting stuff to say about the benefits of celibacy for both sexes. But of course he acknowledges that people are created with different gifts, and the gift of not wanting to start a family is far from universal.
        I don't know you or most of your beliefs, and I don't mean to disparage whatever culture you come from, it's just what you've said seems so alien from a Christian New Testament perspective.

      • To seperate it (people) that way you ignore a lot of possibilities other forms of human life have to offer. Why throw away their points of view, their atributions, a living a full life of choice of their own. It can happen WITH traditional choices for people (if there was ever such a thing) or ways of relating to one and others.
        You have no right to make judgements and you have no right to block someone else life, just because you don't like it.

      • I am female and was born with a strong inclination to understand how things work and create solutions. When I played with dolls, it was only to invent stories similar to sitcoms. I would have been miserable living in a country where you are assigned a "role" based on your gender. And I find it pathetic when an adult cannot make their own money but rely on another. In my family, women have always contributed as an equal partner and we are proud of this.

      • Right on, LHA! These folks are so brainwashed they don't realize they've been given a script by which to live. Girls unfortunately grow up with the sense that they cannot do anything when in fact, we can. And very well I might add. They try to clip our wings so we won't soar to our full potential. I'm proud to be independent and buck tradition. This is MY life. To hell with what society thinks.

  74. Both Jaden and Willow Smith are pushed on a very wrong path. I mean what to expect with parents like theirs?

      • Just to put you on a weird train of thought, i quote from wikipedia (seriously though) :
        ''..In Mexican mythology, monkeys are symbols of lust, but Kahlo portrayed them as tender and protective symbols. Christian and Jewish themes are often depicted in her work.'..'
        Try to connect some dots, maybe you will see a little white rabbit?


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