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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14



Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

In this edition of SPOTM : Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Dakota Fanning and more proof that Illuminati symbolism in popular culture never stops.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Miley Cyrus is one of the selected “it” girls of the Monarch system. For this reason, there’s a steady stream of strange, upsetting pictures and videos of her. She recently posted pics on Instagram doing “arts and craft” while looking completely out of it. In this pic she has a butterfly on her cheek, which can mean that her “retreat” might actually be about “programming”.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Pics of her driving in LA, still looking out of it, with a butterfly on her cheek. Some media sources asked if she was in a “downward spiral”. As I stated in an article last year, she is unfortunately headed for a MK meltdown and those in power want us all to witness this.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Here’s some of her “work”. Looks like mind control related art.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

As if Miley wasn’t enough, her sister Noah Cyrus has always been deeply associated with Beta Programming. Here’s an upsetting picture of her in a full Kitten Programming suit with her sister … Why?


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Only a few years ago, a nine-year old Noah Cyrus was upsetting the world with pics of her holding a stripping pole and wearing overly sexualized clothing.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Speaking of upsetting, this picture certainly is. It features a 13 year old Willow Smith laying in bed with a 20 year-old shirtless Moises Arias. He is a Disney child star who is most famous for his role in Hannah Montana (yes, starring Miley Cyrus). Willow is being pushed into a terrible path.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Another face of the Beta Kitten system is Lana Del Rey. Here she is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a cat hiding one of her eyes – an apt way of referencing Kitten Programming. In a Complex magazine article, Lana stated : “You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying.” Spoken like a true Sex Kitten.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Speaking of all-seeing eyes, the cover art of Young Jeezy’s new is all about it. The title “Seen it All” pretty much describes what the all-seeing eye does. Around the eye are a bunch of secret society-related symbols, such as the Arm & Hammer.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

In Freemasonry, the symbol of the arm and hammer the Mason as the Builder, as “man at work” creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, man becomes a god.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, here’s a screenshot from the Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode. City signs in the US sometimes indicate the presence of local Masonic lodges but, in this case, it seems to be an Illuminati lodge…


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Still, speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye, Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz tour” was broadcast at primetime hour on NBC. At one point, a giant Illuminati pyramid appears from nowhere. The presence of Illuminati symbolism is truly everywhere.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Still speaking of pyramid and all-seeing eye,  Tony Hawk’s new line of clothing is all about Illuminati symbolism. Is it normal that most stars are associated with a single symbol?


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

This design features Anubis the god of death with the Illuminati pyramid underneath it. I remember when skater fashion was different from other fashion. Now all fashion styles are turning into Illuminati uniforms.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Model Yaya Deng is a finalist of the Australian reality show The Face. She is now “the face” of the Illuminati industry with a one-eyed salute. Wait, maybe its a coincidence. I sometimes hold my slippers this way, it pretty cool and comfortable.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Nope, not a coincidence. Illuminati pawn. Kitten programming uniform.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

FKA Twigs is an up and coming singer who is already doing the one-eye salute to industry giants. Wait, maybe it’s a coincidence.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Nope, not a coincidence. Up and coming Illuminati pawn.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

As stated in several articles, Dakota Fanning was a child star who appeared in several MK-themed movies. Now that she’s grown, she keeps saluting those who own her with a one-eyed salute in Town & Country magazine. While it is easy to be desensitized to those pictures and think “yawn, just another one-eye picture, boring”, we must realize the implication of every single one of these pictures. They are proof that the entire industry is ruled by a single entity and that it is flaunting its power through all of these stars.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

Playmobil’s “City Action” series features cops in riot gear, holding shields and wearing gas. They’ve got guns, rifles, clubs and dogs that are ready to bite the face off of protestors. It is called “City Action” as if any of this was fun and cool. It is all part of the agenda of normalizing a violent, oppressive police state.

Thanks to all those who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/14

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Another thing I've noticed….when a celebrity dies, the media seems to report on everything about it non-stop. I believe they do this to distract us and take our attention off more important things such as the wars that have been going on and the riots in ferguson. As far as the riots that took place in ferguson, the elite were trying to find a reason to implement martial law.


The whole "Wag the Dog" syndrome — I agree.
It's terrible; I heard on all the radio outlets (and internet outlets) within 3 hours of Williams' death. I didn't hear anything from anyone for at least a day or two about Feurgeson.
The real question: what else happened on Section F's page 12 of the paper, the last 10 seconds of the news, and the 99th panel of Yahoo news blurts that was the REAL news this week?


Did I mention I also heard about Lauren Bacal before Missouri?
All this without the benefit of cable or broadcast TV or a subscription to a newspaper.

Wonderful, so I can know more about geriatric movie actors before a local neighborhood rioting?

As much as I want to rail on the media, what does that say about us as a society that the media thinks we care more about entertainment than the innercity next door?

…Or maybe they aren't so wrong….


I agree. When I heard about Robin Williams, they broke into Jeopardy to report it as "breaking news". They've been doing this a while already, but I still don't think it's appropriate.


I just want to thank you and your team for all your hard work on bring the people the real news and for being such a vigilant citizen. please don't ever stop.


I've got a question I'll probably post a couple times (in different places) in hopes that VC sees it:
Is there a website where we could find all stylists/directors/producers/photographers etc. for all recording artists' videos and celebrities' photo shoots?


Yes there is, not just for entertainment but also for other controlled industries of cultural interest. I doubt you would get access though unless you are an insider.


now it looks like the situation in iraq is getting worse and worse. At the same time there is huge riots in USA, Ferguson (spelling?) due to cops shooting an unarmed Young man. Among other horrible news, the tabloids in the country where I live is just saying things like "this is how we Will remember Robin Williams", etc. Urgh!


Any thoughts on Robin Williams death?


It is suspicious to me….why are most these celebrity deaths either a drug overdose or a suicide?? I need to read more about it, but more than likely it was foul play to me. Something didn't feel right to me as soon as I heard the news.


To me aswell.Strange things have happened lately.R.W. dead, this guy who's cutted off his dick……all celebs on Ibiza island…..


Good point re Ibiza. It was always popular but not that popular and the private plane traffic from all over the world has shot up this year. I know of a few DJs with residency who are heavily into the occult (I cannot name them obviously but well known) and why would they be otherwise?

D D d d D D

Ibiza is a hub.


Yes, even when my kid is 6 foot two I will be grounding him if he announces that he is off to Ibiza for the summer. Anywhere in the world is spiritually safer. It is a strange set up of health obsessive by day and toxic overload by night. There are many rituals taking place during high season which is why DJs rather than music have become the main attraction now and they charge extortionate sums to the little dancebots to benefit from sharing the same cramped space alongside them. I think that the line of thinking is, never mind that there are satanic rituals happening all around, it is an out of time experience so it would be okay to disassociate and turn a blind eye until they return home in a sobered up and sensible frame of mind. Last year, one top DJ (hint same initials as the name of a teletubby) had a relationship with a young summer regular and I actually know someone who has evidence that he forced her to have a backstreet style termination; the contents of which he CONSUMED in order to benefit from an energy boost. I know it sounds outlandish but… Read more »

D D d no t today

I think the dissociation part is on the spot. Ibiza attracts a lot of mentally instable people, besides the beachers. The drugscene is enormous.
Not only is it a tourist-trap of spiritual travellers,
it is a training facility for those who are in the various scenes that create trends, hypes, formats, marketing etc.etc.- the industry. An un-normal amount of workshops, courses, cleansing-the-soul-kind of bizznizzes that use a very common theme in their visual promotions. 😉
The ''customers'' take the information and use it in their tv-show, music, art-work, promotion activities for communities, whatever the field of work. Spreading the vibes.
The industry moguls that are on top of those companies go to Bilderberg, or burn a big wooden statue in some forrest.


If you ask me, his death has something common with occult rituals frm Ibiza.R.W. is a victim of this vicious Hollywood ppl.I am sure his death was useless, but let them enjoy this moment becouse it will finish soon i am sure,


I can't figure that one out. He could not have been a part of that scene but he may have accessed some of their unique recreational recipes, should I see. Needs to be seen/smelt to be believed, they have rewritten the dictionary out there and kept it out of plain sight for the most part. It is a foreboding place full of energy without much soul


And the academy comment on twitter '' genie, you're free'' with the picture from Alladin.Crazy ppl…..


There were a lot of rumors flying around earlier in the year wrt Jade J's baby and the 'sacrifice' of her would-be stepmom. She is fully initiated. An obvious fact considering her paternity.


family guy just aired an episode before robin's apparent "suicide" where in the episode, he had a failed suicide attempt. predictive programming? sure looks like it. didn't family guy do this with paul walker too? the simpsons had some 9/11 predictive programming going on in the 90's. they also had an episode that aired in 97 where they show a book called curious George and the elboa virus. tell me that's not creepy!




I heard about the family guy episode too….what is suspicious also is that it was aired right before robin williams death. There was also a website that had a discussion thread on his death, before it happend also. There's just too many odd things that makes me think they planned his death. Yes, all the stuff you see beforehand on movies and tv shows is called predictive programming. They know beforehand when something will happen and put it out on plain sight to see. Maybe it is part of their sick rituals along w/ numerology.


Seth McFarlane writes the episodes of 'family guy' and a coincidence is that he was supposed to get into one of those flights that crashed in 911 tower but he was late to catch the plane.


Woah. Robin Williams is found dead. Supposedly suicide. Or "suicide". Woa. Good timing with the whole Isis crisis. Also… "Isis".

(Sorry for bad english)


l'm also wondering about his suspicious death…


Is this true?
I guess I'll have to research it.

I haven't been watching television, or listening to the radio for 5 months now.
Sidenote: From a 24 yr old, not watching tv is very cleansing…almost as if it's detoxifying your brain.

But if this is true I'm a little sad. I don't know much about him or what he stood for, but wherever I saw him on tv he made me laugh while crying my eyes out.
RIP…if it's true.


The girl with a flower over her eye, also has 666 on her head…'s hidden in her curls!


Jada Pinkett said to TMZ that people making a big deal of Willow's picture are just covert pedophiles who are projecting. It was clearly a rehearsed speech she made, she even stumbled on her words, and you can see a trace of a smirk on her face as she said it; as though it was a joke and she was trying not to laugh. It of course was a joke, because she (and Will) is the covert pedophile and she was the one that was projecting in that moment.


Hello there, what about 7 year old kids playing GTA? That's pretty awful. I would rather them play with little soldiers, firemen or police officer toys than a game about drug dealers, prostitution, mafia, etc.


Talk about missing the point! I know its not great when little kids are playing games like GTA but those games are typically certificated for older teens/ young adults. Thats like saying 'ban p---------y in case a 5 year old sees it. ' does not logically follow. I am afraid that in these instances it is the childrens parents and guardians who are failing to meet their responsibilities. Unless you actually want to live in a world where art and media are sanitised, censored and homogenised to the point where they cannot offend people they were never intended for, this is a dangerous, repressive line of thinking. Come on! Wise up. Those toys say ages 4 – 10 on the box. Message from Playmobil "its ok for your four year old to enact violent scenes with jackbooted stormtroopers. This is normal. Its all part of city life"


And another thing Jynn.. These modes of play are not even analagous to one another. If a child wants to let off steam blasting enemies in a videogame you probably wont have much luck trying to persuade them to fool around with some action figures.. And vice versa. Its about realising that both GTA and Playmobil 'City Action Police' are inappropriate distactions for a pre schooler but for drastically different reasons. Thats like saying 'I dont want my toddler looking at Francis Bacon paintings, but if I dont hang them everywhere hes just going to watch p---------y!' Parents need to recognise that there is a great deal of unsuitable stimuli out there, some obvious. Some less so. It is their job to foster good values such as kindness tolerance and restraint and to protect their little munchkins from this kind of insidious normalising of a violent and repressive state. Phew!

The Negative One

I love how the acronym for Symbolic Pics of The Month is "SPOTM" (spot 'em) haha keep it up VC!


Kim Yoojung, 15 years old and an up-and-coming star in Korea, was recently shown with her hair covering one of her eyes. She is already being programmed as well.


incidentally she was photographed with the Fanning sisters although they probably didn't know her. Search for it. I think she was selected by the higher-ups at that time.


VC!! Please talk about the Ebola patients coming to Emory here in Atlanta! I'm terrified and I'm pretty sure it's another conspiracy.


Look up Lenon Honor. He talks a lot about how this stuff is on the news in order to create a culture of fear.




Have you seen the new Pabst Beer cans??? Every symbol can be related to Monarch Programming. DISGUSTING!!!


Under what agency or agencies are these stars associated with?






I read some where that the Rothschild and Rockefeller want to take over the world in these coming years. How f--k up this that.


Also creepy, the vma commercials ( i think it was for a contest). More of the same old samw old. Didn't watch them but sure there'll be an interesting article in a cpuple of days


The model YaYa is now missing. Hmm


Yo these terrible actors, artists, politicians, all the unoriginal stuff that is on the tellie, magazines, newspapers etc- Don't give them your time of day! Whether you're saying/thinking good or bad things you're still feeding them your soul when our time on this planet is limited. Please don't waste your time, it's clear that most of us here can see this stuff is bad but y'all have to understand that if we focus on any of it too hard then you're a part of the backward agenda. It'll prevent you from thinking of new ideas and solutions. However, if you're new to understanding this mainstream culture then by all means- educate yourself but don't let it consume ya. There is a huge surge of symbolism and outright inhumanity going on in the world and its because all this backwards dookie wants to be recognized. Go out there and do something good, independent and thoughtful because it feels good to be human. Support those around you that are trying to do the same. These plastic people are damaged goods and will never know how wonderful it is to give back, use their own ideas, contribute to society or think of anything… Read more »

Truth & Light

Robin Williams died at 63 = 9, died on the 11th day…9/11….eerie to me


Petition to cut off Destiny's….oh (clears throat)… "Miley's" tongue.
Who's with me?

I know violence isn't the answer but screw this!
We have to figure out a legal way to cut off her tongue, and chop off the hands of each and every one of these celebrities who's ever raised their hand, or an object to cover one of their eyes. While we're at it lets do to the handlers what they do to their slaves/puppets…
Hmmm…then again, those sick frucks* might enjoy it!

Whether you believe in the devil or not, pure Evil is in this world. It sits in high, beautiful places where it's controlling everything…sorry just felt like stating the obvious for a minute.

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