Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/16


In this edition of SPOTM: More proof that the occult elite is blatantly showcasing its tight control of the entertainment industry, the fashion world and, of course, big business.

In the summer issue of Dazed magazine is an interesting photoshoot entitled Season of the Witch.
In the summer issue of Dazed magazine is an interesting photoshoot entitled Season of the Witch. It combines “fashion” (look at what she is wearing) with images from works about occultism, witchcraft and ceremonial magick. More telling is this new trend pushed by mass media: Associating witchcraft with “female empowerment”.  Indeed, the text under the title states: “To reclaim the word witch is to reclaim our right as women to be powerful. Tracing sex, magick, and symbolism of female power distilled”.
Next to this model who has a "please kill me" look on her face are diagrams taken from various occult works. The article accompagning the photoshoot is basically an informercial for being a witch as a tool for female empowerment. The article contains gems such as "They were powerful women and there's nothing more scary to a patriarchy than that", "The independance of women is the great strenght of witchcraft" and "I feel like the witch is relevant because women are still mistreated".
Next to this model (who has a “please kill me” look on her face) are diagrams taken from various occult works. The article accompanying the photoshoot is basically an infomercial for witchcraft, selling it as a tool for female empowerment. Not unlike Beyoncé’s Lemonade, “empowerment” is intertwined with the occult elite’s philosophy (without actually revealing any of it). The article contains sentences such as: “The independence of women is the great strength of witchcraft”, “I feel like the witch is relevant because women are still mistreated” and “They were powerful women and there’s nothing more scary to a patriarchy than that”.


Standing in front of a full moon (prime time for ritual magic and spirit invocation), the model wears the drapes of her mom's living room. The article describes the occult symbolism as "badass" without going any further. Too bad they do not mention that dabbling with practices such as Black magick, spirit invocation, possession, necromancy and so forth without knowing exactly what one is doing can lead to the exact opposite of "empowerment". Servitude.
Standing in front of a full moon (prime time for ritual magick), the model wears the drapes of her mom’s living room. The article describes the occult symbolism as “badass” without going any further. Too bad they do not mention that dabbling with practices such as Black magick, spirit invocation, possession and necromancy can lead to the exact opposite of “empowerment”. As Manly P. Hall stated: “True black magic is performed with the aid of a demoniacal spirit, who serves the sorcerer for the length of his earthly life, with the understanding that after death the magician shall become the servant of his own demon. For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave. A man will barter his eternal soul for temporal power, and down through the ages a mysterious process has been evolved which actually enables him to make this exchange. In its various branches the black art includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, and vampirism.”
As usual, the One-Eye sign has been prominently displayed around the world on magazine covers. This is the cover of Bazaar Netherlands.
As usual, the One-Eye sign has been prominently displayed around the world on magazine covers in the past month. This is the cover of Bazaar Netherlands.
Justin Bieber with his eternal "please don't hit me" look on his face. Right on the shadow cast on his eyes is written "Justin, the comeback king". "They" don't let you do a comeback unless you're a slave to their system. One-Eye sign.
Justin Bieber (with his eternal “please don’t hit me” look) hides on eye on the cover of HED. On the shadow cast on his eyes is written “Justin, the comeback king”. “They” don’t let you do a comeback unless you’re a slave to their system. I.e.: One-Eye sign.
The last cover of Playboy was featured on SPOTM because of its pedophilic tendancies. The cover of the May edition is a One-Eye sign. The "new" Playboy is all about that Agenda.
The cover of the May edition of Playboy features a big, fat One-Eye sign. The last cover of Playboy was featured on SPOTM because of its pedophile tendencies. The “new” Playboy is all about that Agenda.
Queen Elizabeth II on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with an egg yolk covering one eye. Is this "punk"? Or a mainstream magazine telling you what the Queen is truly about?
Queen Elizabeth II on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with an egg yolk covering one eye. Is this “punk”? Or a mainstream magazine telling you what the Queen is truly about?
The One-Eye sign is now prominently featured on a disturbing amount of movie posters (telling you that they firmly own the movie industry). This is a poster for Dr Strange.
The One-Eye sign is increasingly featured on a disturbing amount of movie posters. This is a poster for Doctor Strange.
This is another poster for Dr Strange.
This is another poster for Doctor Strange.
The poster of the movie Criminal is about the One-Eye sign.
The movie Criminal is about a convict who is implanted with a dead CIA agent’s memories to finish an assignment. This MKULTRA-inspired plot is promoted by, of course, a One-Eye sign.
 Two dudes. One eye. Warcraft.
Two dudes. One eye. Warcraft.
The poster of the movie High Rise features one eye at the apex of a triangle. More of the elite's symbolism right in your face.
The poster of the movie High Rise features one eye at the apex of a triangle. More of the elite’s symbolism right in your face.
As usual, a bunch of stars did the one-eye sign to remind you of their handlers. This is Kylie Jenner in Paper Magazine.
As usual, a bunch of stars did the One-Eye sign to remind you that they’re slaves. This is Kylie Jenner in Paper Magazine.
Ian Connor on the cover of Exit.
Ian Connor on the cover of Exit.
Iris Apfel is a "American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon" ... who works for the occult elite.
Iris Apfel is a “American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon” … who works for the occult elite.
Heidi Klum with a very practical one-eyed hat.
Heidi Klum with a very practical one-eyed hat.
This pic is from the Elie Saab Bridal collection. In this image, the model is saying "Oui" (yes) with the one-eye sign. Is she getting married to someone ... or the occult elite?
This pic is from the Elie Saab Bridal collection. The model is saying “Oui” (yes) with the One-Eye sign. Is she getting married to someone … or the occult elite?
Taylor Swift hides one-eye with a bottle of Coke that says "We never go out of style". I think "They" are trying to tell us something. Interstingly enough, the video of the song that was quoted is full of MK imagery (see my article about it here).
Taylor Swift hides one-eye with a bottle of Coke that says “We never go out of style”. I think “They” are trying to tell us something. Interestingly enough, the video of the song that was quoted is full of MK imagery (read my article about it here).
In conclusion, here are random ads from Europe featuring an unecessary one-eye sign proving that "They" want their symbolism to be everywhere.
In conclusion, here are random ads from Europe featuring an unnecessary One-Eye sign proving that “They” want their symbolism to be everywhere.



  1. In the photo of the “witch craft” editorial, its failed to mention that her shadow is casting a monarch butterfly wing, a huge statement of the MK programming. Second photo in the stream

  2. Yeah, the illuminati has a host of hand signs and I believe they require you to do them often. So many people are involved in this occult nonsense. I don’t get it. To me, they are nuts. To trade eternity with a divine, loving God to engage in such nonsense is the height of stupidity.

  3. Trump is a puppet meant to distract and sway peoples votes – he says the most insane and ridiculous things that you end up wanting to get away from these extremes and vote for someone else. A tie breaker is all they are using him for as well as reminding and re-setting people to hate certain groups and divide the country so they are easier to conquer!

  4. This is more crazy than one can imagine really. This has been going on since at-least the 50’s. It’s obvious that this is some sort of gang signal. Unfortunately an influential gang with a dark agenda. It’s here folks

  5. The one eye sign is a symbol for the antichrist in the Bible and the Qur’an. Since this symbol seems to appear almost everywhere recently, many antichrists have obviously appeared and therefore it must be what the bible calls “the last hour”.

    1 Job 2:18 “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have appeared. This is how we know it is the last hour.”

    Carpe diem and may GOD be with us!

  6. Nothing new under the sun- those that get it will continue to be more disenfranchised – and those that dont will fall farther down the rabbit hole. All we can do is pray for the mislead and prepare for the inevitable collapse of the house of cards system in place.

  7. So, by this rationale, I guess the ultimate magickal leaders of the Illuminati were Peter Falk, Sandy Duncan, and Sammy Davis, Jr?

  8. I think, that trump is only there to make people think that the next president(not trump) will look so much better and people will be satisfied, they wont complain.

  9. Promoting the same old iconic symbol for sheeple to follow and join the elite at the expense of their own freedom and dignity.

    This continues to teach me more about valuing the common life I have now and not that of an enslaved celebrity forced to do the bidding of the illuminati.

    Easy to get in, Very hard to get out of unfortunately at the expense of your own demise.

  10. I wonder if people think to even question or ask, ‘Why do they always hide one eye?’….Also Justin Bieber seems to be having a breakdown at the minute

  11. Imprinting girls with images of cutting of dicks. Brrr. What times there are going to be for the next generation of males..

    • Ugh, yes…I honestly hate how it became popular to put down the men.
      Someone once used the term “feminazi” and looking at the media which says “hate and kill the men! You’ll be a strong independent female then!” directed at us…I’d rather be dependent and weak instead. (Never happening though. This is why I don’t get along with girls, because of THESE things.)

  12. The Doctor Strange eye is the eye of Agamotto. Marvel is riddled with myth lore and ancient symbols. I can see how the eye covering symbol can be construed as stamp of ownership and influence, but the occult meanings are not actually always what we think.

  13. Love the picture of Queen Elizabeth in SPOTM. It goes from ‘here’s mud in your eye’ to ‘here’s egg on your face’. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person!!
    As usual VC, you do a great job of exposing the slaves of the industry.

  14. Most of the women killed for “witchcraft” we’re healers, using her craft and possibly gemstone for healing, not witches. The fashion industry does not care about women’s empowerment. Why is everything so dark in fashion? They could easily really empower women with positive messages and the truth about the women who were murdered in the name of God but they choose to suppress and disrespect us even more.

  15. There’s something very Clockwork Orange-y about that ‘High-Rise’ movie poster. Then you have the Shining-esque kid on the floor in front of the elevator. How cynical – the illuminati assholes copying the film genius who warned us about the illuminati assholes.

  16. I liteally see this everywhere. I had a Claire’s magazine which featured an ad with a bunch of little girls making one eye signs.

  17. I know nothing about witches. All I know is that there are a lot of women among our people that others call them “witches”, and they are highly respected and they get a lot of money for healing people. They don’t call themselves “witches”, but others do. It has allways been like this. Their houses are often styled with a serpent on the front door. But I guess it’s normal, since we are people that never really became Christians or Muslims. We still have a city with ancient gods and lot of weird things, David Rockfeller takes care of protection of that city. So, as a man raised in a culture like this, I don’t really know is it this illuminati sh** happening now, or it’s just like it was for 12.000 years among our people. I a albanian by the way, we still style the sun on our homes to protect the family, and take care of a “snake of the house” if happens to have one. It is belived that snake protects the family. Not to mention our fairtailes “The dragon-Bride” “The son of the Sun” etc. So… I am confused.

    • Pictures of the sun or snakes will not protect your home. Have faith in Jesus Christ who came to show us the face of God, being God Himself. Only the Creator can help and protect the creatures.

      • Well, it has allways been like this among our people. I can not change it. There are families who say that they are Muslims or Christians, but inside their homes it’s different. Just like I said, thoose “witches” are respected woman who heal. Statues of our queens and godesses are everywhere, and in most of the cases they are naked. Also kings and gods. Our most beloved king has a goat on his helmet. This is why I am confused.

      • jesus christ didnt stop any of the p*******e white cardinals from raping little children. china is older than your western syphilization and doesnt require any jewsus christ, get that through your thick white skull if you have any

  18. Hey VC and all. I have a question.
    I live in the UK and have been feeling like something is going to happen. To be more specific, I am almost completely sure that the Big Ben will be blown up. At first I ignored these thoughts but the more I look around at recurring imagery in the media, the more it is reinforced. There is a lot of symbolism around London, specifically the Big Ben and explosions (movies, posters, seemingly random things). And now there is the Arc of Baal in Trafalgar Square. I don’t want to get into detail but this is the general feeling I’ve been having for a few months. I wanted to ask if anyone else feels like this or has any ideas?

    • I’m pretty sure the new “London has Fallen” trailers aren’t helping either…
      Why do they come out with stuff about regimes falling?
      If they finally finish making countries fall…would their plan begin?
      What if these movies are a countdown to D-day?
      Maybe I’m taking this too seriously.

    • Agree. What about the “disaster practice” at the Trafford Centre in Manchester ? How many “attack so” have been preceded by disaster training in the very same place?

  19. Am I the only one that rolls my eyes every time I see the cheesiness in the use of these symbols. If they are caught up on gaining followers maybe they should refresh their marketing process because it’s sort of getting old. I feel sorry for the fact that we have to be exposed to this pop culture crap on a daily basis. I don’t even remember witchcraft being openly fashionable in the summer months unless it’s goth/punk-rock culture, is Halloween in the fall not enough anymore? Also I think some of the witchcraft symbols at the beginning are related to transsexualism but I don’t feel like digging too deep into them, I’ll just lose more brain-cells.

  20. Besides showing us a few clothes the fashion world is an overhyped unnecessary institution that does nothing to make this world a better place.

    • The symbols are a jumbled mess, the scary part is that that bullshit industry, which does absolutely nothing positive for anyone, and is so obviously a joke, has power over anyone. Yet people buy into it. FASHION HAS THE SAME ETYMOLOGICAL ROOT AS FASCISM. I.E. they’re one and the f*****g same.

  21. The picture of the old lady is hilarious! And then the Heidi Klum, One Eye Hat.. priceless. As usual VC provides much needed laughs.

  22. Notice the consistent use of RED vs Blue e.g. Warcraft, Civil War, Star Wars. has a very interesting perspective on this use of these colors.

    • Blue is a very spiritual color right? At least that’s what I heard as it represents the peace the The Lord brings also for the color of water, something often tied to Christ.

      But Red also could be considered spiritual because of the blood of Christ…but it’s often used for Satan in a way….so that kinda has a double meaning.

      I personally love those colors…not shown as opposite sides though.
      (even though they kind of are on the opposite edges of the mood meter…blue meaning calm and red meaning passion)

      But there’s many ways to read these colors in all honesty.
      This was just my perspective on the meaning.
      And does anyone have a definite meaning to red? There is so much stuff on what that stupid color means it’s confusing.

  23. funny and so predictable tht I see Ian Connor here, I hung out with him 2 years ago, and there was the baphomet head printed on his wallet and on his chain pendant. I already was a vigilantcitizen reader and its true that Ian connor has no story, he just sold his soul to the devil.

  24. I noticed the name “Elisa” at the very top of the Rolling Stone cover. I assume that is a band or entertainer of some sort, but maybe odd, given that the death of Elisa Lam at a LA hotel is an unsolved occult crime?

    • I’d normally never feel sorry for him, but he was so young when Usher found him. You know they swayed him with the fear of losing it all. There’s no coincidence that these kids suddenly, like over night, go from sweet and innocent, turn 18, and then seem to lose their damn minds. They sign their souls away even before their brains are finished maturing. So sad!

    • Not that I’m a Bieber fan, but how can Justin be a “comeback king” when he never left in the first place? Some of those photoshoots they make him do are really disturbing in a purposefully emasculating way. Bieber’s the male Miley Cyrus/Britany Spears – take your pick. Wish their mutual families would do an intervention and pull these entertainers away from their nasty handlers.

    • I always considered Bieber’s “look” to be giving the girls the “puppydog eyes” to try to make the girls swoon……and apparently it’s worked for the Beebs!

  25. “There is no question, therefore, that the work to be done in familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time.” –Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

    It is the season of the witch.

  26. I would like to become an actor so bad myself but the business is turning so dark that I feel like you would have to sell out just to get on a sitcom.
    I used to think the illuminati was a good thing….
    Like removing repression of rights and stigmas and letting people be present.
    But the evidence and creepy vibe I get from celebrities suggests otherwise. It’s just everywhere and they shove it down our throats… For what? Could it be just crafty marketing? Or is something taking place? I honestly wish sometimes that I grew up in a different time period.

    • Ditto, some (rare few) actors seem pretty okay though, so you do have hope. 🙂
      I wouldn’t give up on your dream just because some “oh-so-powerful” idiots stand in your way.
      You could probably make it by in the entertainment industry without the elite…or you could start a You-Tube sitecom….kind of like Smosh. They made a show called “Part-Timers” and people pay them to have their ads on there.
      You could make a living by doing something like that!
      (I don’t exactly agree with all of their views and their humor can be crude, but it’s funny and that’s why I watch it! :))

      All in all, the message here is “if you try you can make it!”
      Wow, that was corny. :p

    • I know a lot of people that write, produce, direct, and star in there own films. You can do the same thing if you want to. Working in Hollywood shouldn’t be your end goal. Creating your own work and sharing it with the world is what its all about.

    • The actors that are famous today are boring as heck and so are their movies, just dumb. Create your own stuff. Join actors who want to really improve humanity, they must be out there.

      • Yes, actors who want to improve humanity have been out there for a looong time. That’s where the term “Starving Artist” comes from. Sad, but True.

    • That’s actually an interesting theory…but it’s been debunked seeing that the one eye is from Egyptian lore, it’s called the eye of Horus.
      However….a cyclops is a no steroid beast and I think your idea is pretty good! Do you mind if I make my illuminati-based evil leader in my book have a pet cyclops?

      • You can add Hindu and Buddhist to that list too, all these hethens with their eyes open…. Its a wonder the devil has room for them all down there.

    • Never see anyone make a connection with phallus worship and the one eye symbolism. “One eyed snake”. Idk. No one really caught when Russell Brand put Kitty Purry in check, it was near his genitals whatever that talisman was.

  27. I think Bieber is losing it. He shaved his head and he’s walking around barefoot now and reminding me of Britney.

    • Welp you know what THAT means!?. .. time to reprogram (rehab,or rest from exhaustion). Sad. Really. Want to be a “normal person” after they’ve discovered the TRUE price of fame but can’t bc they own you. That’s why they bathe themselves in drugs,alcohol, sex etc to try mask the pain. I pray for young Beiber..

      • Well he can’t because they would take him away and replace him with a clone
        Like they did with britney spears
        Anyone that does that to them they replace him with a looklike clone
        Which does there work without questioning
        While the origjnal is either hidden or killed
        C’mon you people haven’t noticed it by now
        Yes most today celebrites are just clones of the original
        Britney spears is the most noticable one of all
        In just a couple of years her mouth changed her neck became smaller and her smile is so robotic
        And also some of them are replaced after fame shortly like christina aguilera that girl was so sweet like britney spears she was kind and humble but then she changed 180 degrees and became that snoob for some reason

        I would like you to watch 1999 interview of christina aguilera on youtube when she was filming genie in the bottle

        Notice the massive difference between personalities

        The same goes for mariah carey btw all of them changed because they aren’t the orignal person

        And don’t tell me they changed because of fame or money or plastic surgery bullshit

    • Yeah, now that he has lost his mind and humiliated himself publicly lets make him hot again. That’s pretty much what happened…remember Britney’s comeback. They probably thought that they broke her too late to make her as much of a sensation as she was when she was young so they aimed the same exact process at Bieber at a younger age. Probably to trap him in the industry as long as they possibly could. Let’s just pray he doesn’t end his life like Micheal.

      • Bieber even recently posted on one of his social networks that he refuses to take pictures with fans anymore, his reasons being “I feel like a zoo animal” and “I wanna be able to keep my sanity.” He’s so young and already under this much stress to crack under… It’s awful.

      • That was probably sold as to create more distance. To enhance the magical effect of the stardom. But cutting of contact at the same time, both ways.

  28. Re the queen with egg on her face, eggs are the perfect magical symbol of the potential of fertility, especially of the goddess. They were a specific symbol of Ishtar. A cracked egg like that might symbolize the created material world – you have to break eggs to make omelettes.

    • Ishtar is pronounced “Easter,” and the egg is her symbol. The rabbit is her totem animal. We don’t say Happy Easter anymore. We say He is Risen! Stupid pagan demon worshippers trying to stay relevant today. Hijacking our Savior’s Resurrection. Pfffst! The truth is out, Nimrods!

      • Did you know that Michael Angelo and Leonardo DaVinci and several others wanted to emphasize the Jewish aspect of the Christian faith? I guess they got tired of painting a romantic Viking looking slender guy who had nothing in common with the Jesus that was born in Israel? Oh no heaven forbid you would be worshipping a guy who has the features of a middle eastern man such as Jesus. And worshipping the Jewish faith oh no! Jesus needs to remain Scandinavian looking! The Catholic Church Hijacked that! Happy Passover – (that was the last Supper of Christ btw)
        The very first Christians were Jews, ask the disciples.

      • What constitutes a jew? Is it racial, is religious? The line seems blurred to me. Perhaps we should ask the Hebrews. Now where could I find such a thing? There is some jew in myself but from where does he originate?

      • That’s a really good question and the Independent ( online UK newspaper) has a very good article this week about research done ( by a Jewish researcher) into the historical spread of Judaism. He finds that the modern Ashkenazi/ European Jews seem to have originated from three villages in Turkey where they were converts to Judaism. They then came into Eurod as merchants.

    • How about using some form of taking life as a symbol, spilling it as celebration of killing for rejuvenation. She is either to stay for a long time, or planning a metamorphose? After all, that egg could have been a chicken if it wasn’t for this picture.

  29. Yeah…I never liked Dr Strange…I’ve always found something about him to be a bit…weird. I dunno.
    My mom is probably gonna be excited to watch it. For some reason she likes Bendystick Cucumberpatch.

    I’m not surprised with Tom Hiddleston, however. I used to be a fan of his portrayal of Loki, even when I was awake, but I slowly lost interest and became even more weirded out. Now there’s something off about him to me and I don’t know why…I guess I can see it now.

    Plus…on the fashion thing.
    Seriously, fashion designers could take a page or two from Rarity.
    Also, can anyone tell me what’s with this weird pattern obsession?
    It’s not the classy dots, it’s weird sumbols that make me cringe…and I might seem strange asking this, but does it have anything to do with the elite? It just seems weird to me I guess.

    One more thing, I’m a distant relative to the queen…will that have an impact on anything?
    Because I want to become an actor and possibly (or maybe not) become president. and I’m also trying to publish a book…if it becomes well known and I actually get famous for it, would it get the attention of the elite or do they not know of my relations? That’s what I’m terrified of.
    I want to use my talent to wake up the world…but that may not be good.

    • Dude, read a book called The Franklin Cover Up. You don’t want to be President. You wouldn’t be chosen if you have integrity or values anyway. THEY won’t allow it.

      • Hmm, you may just be surprised.

        I’m pretty sure the others know nothing about the elite….Also, the fact that I’d know how to appeal to both generations could tip the scales.

        Great presidents such as Lincoln, even though he was assassinated, have become president. I believe I have a sporting chance. 😉

      • Well, I figured if God wills it, I’d have a running chance. I’ve got 25 years to go anyways.
        I may know how to talk to this generation…also given that the other candidates wouldn’t know about the elite probably may help.

        I could be able to evade their tricks.
        If a great man like Abraham Lincoln can be win the presidency perhaps I have a running chance….I won’t know until I try. 🙂

      • Dixie, I think its awesome you are aware of the franklin scandal, I also agree completely with your views on feminism. Now, how do you reconcile my agreement with you on both of those topics and probably others with the fact that I am also an occultist. Please don’t say it is because “Satan” weaved his spell over me…

  30. I’m glad all those shopping malls and other crappy businesses are doing all this ‘one eye’ b.s now – it lets me know i needn’t bother using them for anything.

    • Occult = hidden. I wouldn’t necessarily make that association with the qliphoth. Esp when the guy with the those aspirations is the antagonist in a f*****g marvel movie.

      • The Qliphoth is referenced in everything from Ziggy Stardust to Coraline to The Avengers. Why not Marvel? It’s a “hidden” thread in pop culture of all kinds.

      • I was saying that knowledge of other realms isn’t necessarily insidious, not that it isn’t referenced. Your sources would be good too.

      • I think hidden here means that it is not visible to scrutiny, ie what it really is. As opposed to the spiritual world which is not visible to our eyes but we can experience it in our souls. Demonic entities like to remain ” hidden” so that we do not discern what they are really up to. We are easily fooled by this as many think that everything in the spiritual realm is necessarily good, whereas it contains both good and evil as does our material world. We need to exercise great discernment to protect ourselves from that which would harm us but which masquerades as an angel of light.

  31. RE the Doctor Strange posters, the second one is a magic circle drawn in the shape of an eye. And the one with B Cumberbatch reminded me of this:

    “RE the eye and the hand. The eye – Zos – symbolizes the imagination of the female perception in abstract sense. It’s the origin of all forms and of visions. This can also be seen in Crowleys Liber al vel Legis, where the female principle is the form and the male is the energy or power to form. The hand symbolizes the creative will and combined they form the will merged with the ability to create. When will and desire are merged the third part comes forth: belief. Hand and eye coordinated result in a successful magickal operation which is represented in the vision or belief of the mage: “Only when will, desire and belief are in harmony one receives the great art.” ”

  32. This s**t is real, believe it or not. It’s a cosmic scam. People selling their eternal soul for worthless material possesions, fame and “power” while living in a temporal illusion. The movies Matrix, Revolver and Vanilla Sky are much, much closer to “reality” than most people would ever believe. There is indeed a different parallel dimension next to our limited 3-dimensional world – the “other side”. You will find hints about it everywhere once you start to open your eyes.

  33. That girl Gal Gadot is being pushed in so many movies like Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman. and now also that Criminal Movie.
    When new celebrities start getting so much attention from the luciferian show business it means that they are already playing the game. Lik sleeping with directors and producers for get a movie role.

  34. This one is the most disturbing one! To reclaim the word witch is to reclaim our right as women to be powerful. Tracing sex, magick, and symbolism of female power distilled.

    They (the 1% that controls the mass media) are associating feminity with withcraft! And that’s really horrible. People need to stop playing with withcraft.
    Because once, you start calling demons from other dimensions and you start working with sex magick, there is nothing that can save you, from being harassed by the unkown forces behind WITCHRAFT!
    Women need to stop listening to the MASS MEDIA and never start working with WITCHCRAFT!

    • Better yet…quit being so butthurt over everything under the sun.

      Am I the only one sick of feminists? Can I get an AMEN?

      • One dislike…Found the feminist! 😉 Sorry I don’t agree with putting men down and junk like that.

      • Feminism isn’t about putting men down at all. It is about the equality of both sexes on the socio-economic playing field

      • To Dixie,
        A women doesn’t need to raise a family and have children to feel feminine. I support the childfree life style.

      • In which case you should not engage in any relationship which may engender children. For that would be irresponsible and not in keeping with your choice to remain childless.

      • That’s a lie, a myth . There is not equality because biologically our roles are different. If there are children involved, you cannot pretend , at least for the first several years of a child’s life, that Mum and Dad are interchangeable. They are not.

      • No. As a woman myself, modern feminism is nothing more than a bunch of ugly women wearing sensible shoes who are mad that they get periods every month and trying to act like men in order to feel powerful. Real feminists embrace their femininity and raise families, reveling in what their bodies can do that a man’s cannot. Not in a superior fashion, but in a practice manner in order to contribute to the world in a positive way. We don’t kill our babies, curse others or want to be on the front lines of battle. We want to fill the other role needed, and desperately lacking, in society. Who wants to work AND raise a family…or do the dishes for that matter? Our kids are suffering and for what? So mom can be a CEO and feel empowered? Pfffst! Heart disease us the number one killer if women. Gee, I wonder why?

      • You’re thinking of second wave feminism and they weren’t all ugly. Besides wearing mules and high heels damages your feet and spine so you shouldn’t be wearing them every day if at all. Third wave feminism is sometimes fake feminism.

      • Before you call women who have ambitions outside of raising a family feminists, I think you should consider the fact that in today’s economy most women in marriages have to work to afford things. This is not the 50’s society where men made enough money so women could stay home and raise a family. For most couples living on one paycheck is simply not possible. Anyone can have a child, but you have to consider it’s future and who will raise that child. Daycares are terrible for babies, so if there is no one in your family to help you watch the baby so you can continue earning a living, it becomes virtually impossible.

      • The fact that households demand two paychecks to stay afloat is another part of the purposeful chipping away of our happiness, motherhood, and freedom. God created us for one thing, to love. To love Him first and then everything else falls into place. I know what having a working mom is like. Most people do. My parents stopped “raising” me by puberty. I was one of the first latchkey kids. I was 6 and had my house key around my neck. The system bites, I agree, but the choices we make are important and affect everyone around us. That’s why tiny houses and recycled earth ships are gaining popularity. Screw the mortgages. There’s more to life. We just need to prioritize better.

      • We have created this situation through our greed and lack of support for families. Family breakdown leads to a stress on housing, and other resources. Easy divorce has made this worse. We should insist on a living wage, which is enough for a family to live on, for all their needs. But I’m afraid a lot of what we “nee” is not needed at all. People’s expectations have risen and are sometimes unreasonable. . We should reflect more on standards of living in other parts of the world and reign in our wants.

      • There’s nothing wrong with mom wanting to be a CEO. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t embrace her femininity. I believe that women should have the choice to do whatever they set their minds to. If they want to be a stay at home mom? Awesome! If they want to be a CEO? Awesome! If they want to be both? Awesome. But don’t say that I’m trying to act like a man because I am ambitious and want to be at the top of my game career-wise and who says as a CEO I won’t make any positive contributions?

      • Jen, “if they want to be both? Awesome!”
        But perhaps not so awesome for the children drawn into this. You are fooling yourself I feel out think you can do two full time jobs well and many honest feminists have admitted this in public, that they let their children down.

      • I see it everyday. Honestly it’s all about balance. My mom worked full time and raised me full time as well. She is an international banker and is currently the head of international banking at the bank she works at. Never once did I feel like she wasn’t there when I needed her. She made sure that she was still involved in my life. She actually blocked out time in her calendar to call me to chat about my day at school everyday. And to top it off she went back to grad school for her masters degree and still raised me. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it can be done. She remains my biggest inspiration for her resilience and grit.

      • Spot on Dixie! We need to keep saying this . The feminist illusion is of power that doesn’t exist. We have strength when we are fully ourselves, lording it over other people is not part of this. Men and women are equal in value and dignity but we are not the same and our strengths should complement each other.

      • And men had catamites and knights weren’t brave and noble. They were hired thugs. So what? The world is messed up. Ta-da!

      • People did not like what you said, and downvoted it. But is it because of what you said, or how you put it? Because, I think, what you said was just a statement about something that was normal in the most parts of this world – history. At the same time maybe even a statement about the absurdity of that situation back then. Long-toe-society this is.

    • There are two sides to every coin my dear. What it comes down to is a choice between service of self and service of others…. and believe it or not, that choice exists in witchcraft also, hence Manly. P. Hall’s emphasis on BLACK magic as opposed to WHITE. incidentally, the said choice exists in all religions. Salvation requires more than mere self classification.

      • Ok, all catholic priests are child molesters…. Thats how stupid blanket statements are.

      • Show me where magic is derived from righteous forces and where it’s helped people, then I’ll recant my generalisation. I think Catholicism is wrong in so many ways, but I can still find hundreds of righteous priests who would never molest anyone.

      • I think EVERYTHING should be scrutinized in a balanced and undogmatic way. Life in general contains many pitfalls, and many paths that open us up to manipulation by people who only have their own egoic interests at heart. The bible was on point in stating “by their deeds you shall know them” I think that’s a great rule of thumb. If the media generally lies to us regarding politics, art, femininity and masculinity for that matter, why wouldn’t they misrepresent the “hidden” arts also? All I wish for is that people do their own independent research rather than rely on intermediaries to explain things for them. There is dark and light in every choice, it is up to us to distinguish. Jesus was a renegade with his own moral compass. Look up Christianity’s begginings, especially the Gnostics, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • “Magic” is an antiquated word anyway. What people once called “Magic” is now called Herbal medicine, aroma therapy, holistic healing/cleansing, the power of positive thinking, etc. So, yeah, “Magic” HAS helped people for thousands of years. And I could care less if you recant your generalization, Dixie.

      • Well, they ARE. In the same way that ALL cops are corrupt- because the good ones (who may even be the majority) remain silent, protecting and coddling the evil ones. They know exactly what is going on. Which makes them equally guilty. Period.

      • Christ wouldn’t be a christian. His consciousness is coming back though, but unfortunately the dogmatists have been so blinded by the institutions that (claim to) represent him, they cant see it was in themselves all along. “Ye are all gods” – Jesus ah motherfucking Christ b*****s!!!

      • This made me laugh a bit. When Jesus said “you are gods,” he was speaking directly to that nation’s oppressors who called themselves “gods”, trying to make them realise there is only ONE God. Jesus said to them, “Even if I claim you ARE gods–in addition to being sons of God–you will still die like any other mortal.” (Psalms 82:6-7)

      • In Psalms 82:6, from which Jesus quoted, God says to human beings: “I said, ‘You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High” booya. God to me is all encompassing. Everything you view as holy, everything you view as heretical. Our task is to embrase the inclusive, objective, universal consciousness I.e. love. I didnt come on here to defend these warped motherfuckers, but I do try to learn from them by understanding their actions as aspects of the whole, its the only way I believe we can move on. But please, continue with your pedantry, I’m learning from this too BTW, there are many interpretations:

      • It tends to be a mistake to quote just one verse only. Let me include the verses right before and right after: “But these oppressors know nothing; they are so ignorant! They wander about in darkness, while the whole world is shaken to the core. I say, ‘You are gods; you are all children of the Most High. But you will die like mere mortals and fall like every other ruler.'” (Psalms 82:5-7 NLT) Once more, he was speaking to the nation’s oppressors and telling them that no matter what Jesus himself said, they would never be gods and only God would be. He was hardly verifying their self-claimed status.

      • I looked it up and verified… You were right. A little more of my ego died. Thank you for teaching me a lesson.

      • I actually agree with you on a few things from earlier, especially your comment on blanket statements. Everything should be judged fairly and accurately. The thing that prompted me to explain the “you are all gods” verse was just the fact that you wrote “mothereffing christ” and I was a little offended in true 2016 fashion.

      • I know, I’m sorry. I have a great deal of respect for Christ’s original message, less so for those who blindly follow an identity that was stolen hundreds of years ago and think that mere association is all their soul needs. They are a cancer in any movement. Hence assholes like me coming on here and f*****g with them. Obviously I’m not as smart as I think I am sometimes, and should have considered weather I would be offending those who deserve more respect.

      • No we are all gods on the ‘earth’, God said we should subdue it.
        We are also kings which is why God is ‘Kings Of Kings’ (king over all kings)
        Myles Monroe has a very interesting sermon on this .

      • You’re right. Both are a focusing of consciousness. Their value however depends entirely on what one focuses on. Both disciplines can be self serving, both can be selfless.

      • Absolutely it is a form of magic. It is a powerful form of Directed Psycho-Spiritual Energy, and it’s one of the few ways we have of actually undoing some of the sh** the illuminastis are doing on this planet.

        You can use it to clear yourself or others of demons and associated behaviors, unweave the spells they cast through songs and rituals, and if enough people pray for it at the same time, we can tear down the strongholds they are erecting.

    • Sounds like they’re priming fools to vote for Hilary (lying old witch) Clinton. Didn’t America learn from the Presidency of her dipshit husband Bill “I wanna stick a cigar in your privates” Clinton? He caused nine-eleven and was going down on his barely-legal intern while radical Islam was plotting terrorism. The first attack on the WTC’s underground parking garage was executed during the Clinton Presidency, and he did nothing about it causing it to fester and grow. Also, he tanked the US economy when the new internet business world should have kept us going for decades. And America is even CONSIDERING putting this idiot back in the white house as a “first lady with a dick”. Why do you think Trump is getting so much approval? Because we’ve had to deal with the Clintons and Obamas making America look like a bunch of self-serving pushovers. The USA’s founding fathers and best presidents were NOT wussy pushovers. THAT is why Donald Trump is doing so well in the popularity polls. Most Americans are fed up. Hilary’s campaign (using a Nazi-esque symbolism of an “H” with an arrow pointing to the right) is no different than this women empowerment equating to Witchcraft. Hilary’s telling the people they are not strong women unless they vote for her! What???? Are her supporters BLIND?? The Clintons are CANCER.

      • Ya, I agree totally with Bill Clinton bombing the economy. The market totally was in freefall right when he was not having sex with that woman lol. Bill couldn’t economize his way out of a paper bag. The funny thing is, Hillary is trying to use Bill’s economic prowess as a campaign stunt saying she will give him the job of fixing the economy. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so frighteningly dangerous for our country. TRUMP 2016.

      • Don’t just mention him as just one offender. Anyone remember Reagan, and his holy fight for corporate powers?

  35. A side effect of all this visual hegemony is a flattening of all creativity and visual novelty. These are the most boring moving posters I’ve ever seen (for the most routine movies ever made, probably). Zero creativity is usually a very big “tell”.

  36. That movie High Rise is a mess, about people living in a weird complex, that has it’s own supermarket and the people there are crazy drug addicts, full of symbolism, murder, and just plain random stuff thru all the movie, it’s boring but for someone in the know it’s just another occult message movie about the NWO

  37. Interesting side note about the movie “Criminal” – The film stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones, in the second collaboration between all three following the 1991 film “JFK”. So, “Criminal” is a movie inspired by MKULTRA with one-eye symbolism , and stars the same cast as JFK – a man that was likely killed by the elites using an MKULTRA patsy. That is just too big a coincidence!

    • Everything is God, help yourself by understanding yourself and the part you play in this grand clusterfuck called contemporary society.

      • That is the mathematical law of commutation . You can do it with numbers, adding and multiplying but it doesn’t work with language.
        The two statements ” everything is God” and ” God is everything” are not opposites, nor do they mean the same thing.

      • That’s your subjective reality Rebecca, or more precisely, Gods subjective reality that knows itself as Rebecca.

  38. Can we also mention how Donald Trump does the “OK” sign with his fingers all the time? I know it seems like a quirk or habit, but hear what he says when he does it. Creeps me out. And, no, I don’t support any of the candidates because it doesn’t matter whom we vote for. They’re all the same and controlled by the same people…not us.

    • Is he the blond child in the masonic pictures? He lives in an apartment with solid gold doors. Is he the antichrist? lol

    • …I’m still not voting Sanders…
      If I could vote that is. -_-

      I honestly wish Huckabee was still running. He seemed the most sane…but of course, he interfered with the agenda so they found a way to get him out of the running.

      • If Jesus Christ himself were running, you wouldn’t vote for him because you wouldn’t recognize him. You’d probably be writing comments about sending him to Guantanamo.

      • Hello Trump/Bernie supporter. I’m glad to meet you.
        So…is that all you do on here? Get on people who don’t even state their religion about what they say?
        Like Trump and Bernie: Your words appear on the screen yet they are incoherent.

        Have a lovely day! Jesus loves you, no matter how much you are determined to bring him down! 😉

      • Well Jesus wouldn’t run for president, when he is a KING. Especially when the system is ran by Satan’s puppets. How dare you say such foolishness.

      • What makes you think that Jesus would self apply nor accept the term/identity of KING either? I think he’d rather emancipate and educate humans so they’d need no rulers at all. How dare you say such foolishness.

      • He is the perfect ruler, try to get to know Him better and dont let your prejudice get in the way.

      • Sorry but people who willingly choose not to exercise their right to vote when they are legally allowed to are stupid. Do I believe we fully have a choice? Nope. But I have the right to vote so I will. I can complain because I voted. If someone who doesn’t vote but has the right to and is capable of voting then they shouldn’t b***h. No one is ever gonna be the perfect president. There will always be something wrong and unhappy people. This world is doomed anyway; why not at least cast my ballot.

      • Hi, I’m 15. -_-

        I bet you didn’t think minors read this.
        Please think before jumping to conclusions that I “am a bum who cannot vote.”

      • I’m not surprised, I think many minors have their eye on the ball. Keep watching so you are ready when you come to vote.

      • Hi, I’m 15. How are you today?
        Bet you didn’t think minors read this, huh?

        Sorry for the sarcasm…it’s just that it may be best to consider all your options before jumping to the conclusion that I’m a bum who can’t vote.

      • I used to believe that, too. That if you don’t vote, shut your mouth. But after watching the past 4 elections, you have to stop playing their game. You have the right, as an American and child of God, to voice your opinion no matter what. Remember that the Constitution is a set of laws for the government to follow, not us. It protects us from them. It’s high time we clean house and set things back a few centuries. They work for us, damn it.

      • Funny, but the Constitution either permits the abuses they are doing, or it cannot stop them from doing it. Either way, it’s useless. Just another illusion to placate the masses while we get milked and abused. They literally laugh at us as they rule the world.

      • In the UK you can write your objection on the ballot paper (“spoil” your vote) and the paper has to be seen by the candidates. This is one way of voicing your view if you feel you can’t vote for any candidate.

      • George Carlin thinks you’re stupid because you do vote. You only have a voice in superficial matters like paper or plastic, ketchup or mustard, etc. It’s the illusion of choice. The reality is you have none.

      • Presidents are selected not elected..but go ahead and continue to think that you have a voice in that matter!

      • I-I…I don’t know.
        I just happened upon here and apparently God wanted me to find this site.

        It gave me some amazing ideas for my book…so maybe he wants me to try and wake up the populace with a sci-fi novel?

        (Sorry for my weird way of writing. It’s how I’m used to…as I mentioned, I’m working on a book)

      • If the person you vote for wins and then commits acts of murder, i.e. drone strikes on innocent people, then you are complicit because you helped vote them into office. You share the blood on their hands. In fact, because Americans “vote” people into office, we are guilty for every shitty thing our government does. When karma catches up with us, the American people will be in a whole heap of trouble. And all the psychopaths in power will do is laugh.

      • I agree it’s very important to exercise your right to vote if you have one. Here in the “free” world, we are privileged , relatively, in our freedom of speech. Many others are locked up for saying what we are discussing here, for example in China. We can at least try to exercise wisdom as best we can. And we should respect others in their voting decision s too.

    • Trump is uninitiated. I’ve heard this from the horse’s mouth. They hate him and he is going to ruin everything they’ve been building for decades. It’s just a tic of his, maybe something he was taught in public speaking or maybe he’s even doing it to piss them off. I’m telling you, he is not on the inside and that’s why they’ve mocked him as tacky, for years.

      • I don’t believe he’s innocent to what the elites are doing. He seems like the kind of person who could be easily bought and swayed with money and power. The presidency should be like the philosophers stone: the only person who should get it is the person who doesn’t want it. And his tantrums are astounding to watch.

      • Well he’s your man then! Why give up a life in opulence and instead start a war with the dark elite. He could have lived a comfortable life anywhere in the world in silence and peace

      • Only a sheeple think Trump will make any difference. The whole political system is controlled..

      • Since Donald Trump has a Masonic Scottish Rite family cress, his father Fred Trump was a 33rd Degree Mason in the Columbian Order St. Tammany Hall, his spritual mentor Norman Vincent Peale was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite, and he fact he’s a billionaire then he is most likely initiated into the brotherhood. I heard 33rd Degree Freemason Newt Gingrich claim Trump is not involved secret society too but Gingrich is a liar.

      • Yeah sure you’re the expert. Perhaps you’re on the 34rd degree! My neighbor is on the 777789d degree. He says there’s some secret levels above. Something for you to think about the next 200 years!

      • Yeah, that’s why his daughter married into the tribe, and why he gets MORE free mainstream media coverage than any candidate ever… yep.

      • I don’t know if he’s initiated or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if he really wasn’t. Would explain the constant hate spewed against him by the mainstream. Also, not everyone that shows this symbol must definitely by mason/illuminati etc. I’ve noticed that many common people use it as part of their regular body language on a daily basis. People I know for a fact are not part of any secret society.

      • No everyone that makes the horn sign on a rock concert since the seventies is a member of the church of Satan Everyone of them. I know because I watch them when they are there. All 200000+ What about that! And the same with all the other signs. So if I now make any of these signs that makes me a member directly Oops now I did something a distinct? fella said that Trump had made. A secret sign! Oh that means I’m a 33degree member then, as another scholar? meant.

      • I agree something is happening. The dark forces has broken some rule and now some light is poring down

      • that makes sense, I don’t love the man but I can’t help but question why the media selects him as ‘the one to hate & pick on’ in this presidential race. If the media hates someone, this makes me think perhaps I should look more into that person for the reasons you’ve included here. I question if he will be blocked somehow from the presidency even if he were to win the election’s popular vote (aka Bush 2000)

      • He is there to sway and distract voters. He has to sound insane so that people will vote for another extreme. So that people are divided and conquered and easier to control over hate issues, race, equality, etc.

      • Don’t be so sure. There are predictions he has made his own deal with Satan. He’s also involved with the CFR and hobknobs with globalists.

    • To be fair though, I find I do the OK sign when I give speeches, out of no conscious effort, it seems to happen when I’m emphasizing a point. Doesn’t mean I’m down with the 666.

      • It means you are programmed to do so like millions more that have been watching it on tv and print for decades.

    • Read Zechariah chapter 5 – especially verse 6. In verse 6 is the word, resemblance. It means eye – a single eye.

      • when you pull bible verses out of context and say incorrect things about them, it just makes people think Christians are kooky. please do your research before you make declarative statements.

      • Exactly. I have Christian friends who I don’t push my more mystical perspectives on, but who I can still have some awesome conversations with. Why? Because we at least try to apply the most scrutiny we can to our own position before claiming it’s correct.

      • [brackets are my comments.]

        There may be more of a connection than you first think, the Zechariah passage is a vision about spiritual wickedness increasing and becoming blatant (one eye sign and 666 everywhere?)

        From John Gill’s commentary – (those) such who dealt in false measures, whose sin is exposed, and their punishment set forth … it designs the measure of iniquity filling up, either in Judea, particularly in the times of Christ, or in the whole world, and especially in the antichristian states (states as in state of being, not geographical) Revelation 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities

        This is talking about the “Great W***e” who the kings of the world fornicated with, the Babylon system and when it is finally corrupting the whole world, it will be destroyed “Babylon is fallen, is fallen” – and all the kings and the rich will weep.

        “this is their resemblance (eye) through all the earth” or “this is their eye” haec est oculus eorum (singular); what they are looking at, and intent upon, namely, this ephah; (Jewish measure) that is, to filled up with their iniquity:

        iniquity filling up – in the whole world – could well be the final “filling up” of iniquity mentioned in Revelation 18

        The 7th vision of Zechariah includes reference to “sin is now become universal, and pervades the whole race” and the ephah (filled with lead representing sin) is taken to Shinar – a province of Babylon, where the Tower of Babel was built

        So maybe Kristine was right about the “one eye” but not the way she thought 🙂

      • I believe Zechariah 5:5-6 is describing a drone that flew over and provided surveillance in that land. Read it in its original text on biblegateway under the Jewish Bible.

    • The A-Ok sign is so universal, that you can’t apply it to everyone. I did it for the longest time without knowing the double meaning. I get that humans are pattern makers, but satanism or satanic symbols are not behind all occult symbology. you cannot equate the two. Satanism incorporates ancient symbols, but that doesn’t meant that certain symbols are satanic in nature. We put the meaning behind the symbol.

    • I still catch myself doing the “Okay” sign – even after realizing the double meaning. As far as voting, I won’t. We don’t have a choice, just an illusion of choices. But I will say either Trump or Clinton gets it. The Simpsons actually “predicted” that Trump would be president. Apparently, it was the “worst thing to happen to America”.

    • Trump is either the real deal (which I tend to believe), or apart of a plan to bring chaos when he is not elected/assinated. I strongly believe he will be assassinated coming up very soon. Mark my words. They will do it, whether he knows it or not or whether or not it is “staged”. It will happen.

      • Besides GWBush there was never a greater clown running for office. Everybody laughs, he contradicts himself in one sentence, greedy, anti human. No greater caricature for All sides of the press, dont forget that. Like all the others, but with him you know it already. You do the math.

      • I vote for obama san he’s the puppet number one. Loved by all the corrupt media in the western world. Had more power in his hand that any of the presidents before him. Especially the first 2 years. The congress was on his side too. What did he accomplish. Besides his teleprompter speeches. Nothing. There are sites that proves his lies and show him mumble without teleprompters

  39. One could write multiple books on the incessant occult symbolism found in Marvel comics and now the movies and TV shows that they have spawned.

  40. “For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave.”

    Bottom line this is why I would never mess with this s**t there’s nothing I would ever trade my soul for it’s too precious!

    • But you made the exact same deal with your “God”: he “owns your soul” after your death, just like these demons described in the quote.

      • Heaven is a paradise, Hell is a punishment. God lives in the first, Satan lives in the second, bottom line. Believing that God will have your soul after death is believing that your soul will rest in a safe place.

      • I prefer a Master who loves me and protects me over one who hates me and enjoys seeing me suffer.

      • I prefer no master at all. To be a free soul. Heaven, and hell as well, are in the eye of the beholder

      • @ parcifa: Beautiful. If the people of the world just knew it was in their hands, we could turn this sphere into a paradice for everything and everyone. I suppose responsibility isn’t without its percieved burdens tho.

      • An afterlife was invented to make people believe in God’s love and protection. God sure as sh*t ain’t doing nothing to relieve human suffering on this side of death.

      • God does indeed help to relieve our suffering in this life as many will testifying. But we create the suffering here.


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