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How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies



How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

During the last years, a new trend appeared in Hollywood: secret societies being at the center of movie intrigues. Some might find this surprising since secret societies are supposed to be…well…secret. Many people in the movie industry are part of those Brotherhoods so what is the reasoning behind this? We’ll look at the myth Hollywood is trying to create by examining “National Treasure” and “Angels and Demons”.

A decade ago, movies about Freemasonry or the Illuminati were rare and far apart. There has however been a major switch during the last decade. The worldwide public has witnessed major blockbuster movies featuring those Brotherhoods at the center of the story. Their exoteric symbols are abundantly displayed and some of their histories is even explained. Why are those societies exposing themselves to the average moviegoers, who, for the most part, aren’t even aware of their existence? Isn’t secrecy an important requisite for the survival of those orders?

I believe an important change is taking place in the communication strategies of these elite societies. The advent of the digital age, where any individual can create and publish content has rendered the secrecy of such organizations impossible. Self-published websites, books, documentaries, DVDs and other media have exposed many secrets of Masonry and other orders. Information which could only be found in rare and exclusive books is now a Google search away. I have encountered some Masons who were astonished by the level of knowledge possessed by the  “profane”. Those types of Masonic scholars, who aren’t actually initiated into the Brotherhood, were very rare not too long ago.

Since the digital switch is irreversible (and completed), occult orders have adapted their strategy to this new context (they’ve probably seen this coming years ago). The strategy is: “If they have to know about us, we’ll tell them what to know“. Through Hollywood and best-selling books, secret societies are being introduced to the average Joe but with one BIG condition: the public is given a distorted, caricatured and romantic portrayal of secret societies. We are introducing into pop culture mythical lore around secret societies, associating them with fascinating symbols, treasures hunts, and exotic adventures. The viewers believe they are actually learning facts about Freemasonry or the Illuminati and they leave the movies with a sense of wonder, fascination, and admiration. Those feelings are however based on totally erroneous facts, dubious explanations, and fairy tale storytelling. After viewing those movies, the viewer has a positive predisposition concerning those orders and will be less inclined to believe and research conspiracies related to them.

National Treasure

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

This blockbuster adventure movie was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, a brand that guarantees family-friendly entertainment. So parents can bring their kids and enjoy a nice, wholesome, Masonic disinformation session. The movie revolves around a treasure hunt based on clues left by prominent Masons on the Declaration of Independence.

The movie starts with the main character (played by Nicholas Cage) as a little boy, searching for information about his family history. The boy’s grandfather comes in and gives the boy (and the audience) a totally false and distorted story of the Knights Templars and the Freemasons.

Here are some of the claims:

The Knights Templars found under the Temple of Solomon a great treasure which was lost for a thousand years. They’ve brought the treasure back to Europe.
It has been said that the Templars possessed extremely rare religious artifacts. Were they found under the Temple of Solomon? The legend says yes. The movie, however, describes the treasure as gold coins, statues and such.

The Templars decided to smuggle the treasure into the United States and changed their name to the Freemasons.
This is where everything falls apart. The Templars did not change their name to the Freemasons at the dawn of the American civilization. The Templars have actually disappeared in 1312, which is more than 400 years before the creation of the USA.

“Seemingly untouchable for nearly two centuries, the Templars fell from grace spectacularly after the loss of the Holy Land: in 1307, all Templars in France were arrested on charges of heresy, homosexuality, denial of the cross and devil worship. The order was suppressed by the Pope in 1312, and Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master, was burnt at the stake as a heretic two years later.
– Sean Martin, The Knights Templar

The Freemasons are not an all-American institution, as the movie insinuates. It is a European secret society dating from the Middle-Ages, who opened lodges in North America to expand its reach. The goal of Masonry is not to “protect a great Templar treasure”, it is an ancient order of builders who incorporated into its rites, over the years, teachings of the Templars, Rosicrucians and the Illuminati.

The Templars was an occult order who had fought during the Crusades at the side of the Church. It is during their stay in the Middle East that they’ve secured occult knowledge from eastern mystics and brought it back to Europe. They’ve become great bankers and Cathedral builders (in which they’ve included occult symbolism). They were known to practice the Kaballah, many forms of magic and the black arts. Their conflicting interests with the Catholic church ultimately lead to their persecution and demise.

The Freemasons can be considered spiritual descendants of the Knights Templar due to their study of esoteric sciences, their building of monuments and their philosophy based on gnostic principles. The link between the Templars and the Masons is being cultivated due to the mythical lore surrounding the Knights. In other words, it’s good publicity.

” In order to insure great popularity for the [Scottish] rite, he [Isaac Long] linked it directly with the Templars by a mysterious legend.”
-Domenico Margiotta 33°, Adriano Lemmi

So the “educational” part of the movie gives, in fact, a mythical and romantic story of Freemasonry. Some viewers might view this distortion as fact, others will associate everything Masonic to a fairytale. The important thing is that the truth about Freemasonry is concealed behind a veil of mythology.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Interesting choice of transition between the face of the grandfather telling the story and the Pyramid of Gizeh. His eye becomes the All-Seeing Eye of the Great Architect

Esoteric Meaning of the Movie

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Masonic Washington Monument – “As Above, So Below”

(warning: major spoilers ahead)

Like all true mythological stories, National Treasure has an exoteric meaning for the ignorant masses and an esoteric meaning for the initiates. If the exoteric story is meant to mislead the public, the esoteric meaning carries however great truths about occult brotherhoods. Here’s the hidden meaning.

The “ancient treasure” that was jealously guarded by ancient civilizations is, in fact, occult knowledge, the Mysteries, that could break the shackles of materialism and help their possessor access divinity (Kaballah, alchemy, Gnosticism and occult sciences). This treasure disappeared for a thousand years from the Western world, which corresponds to the early Christian period. The movie says that it was eventually discovered by the Knights Templar in Jerusalem, under the Temple Solomon (the Freemasons’ sacred building) and brought it back to Europe. This knowledge then migrated to the USA through secret societies.

The hero of the movie is on a quest for illumination and the riddles he must solve represent the initiations one must pass before accessing higher knowledge. This all-important treasure is symbolically buried under Trinity Church in New York, in a hidden cave which is dark and cavernous. Ben Gates has to light up the torch of illumination to find his way to the hidden knowledge. The torch represents the Luciferian doctrine of American Freemasonry instituted by Albert Pike. In the highest degrees, Lucifer is taught to be the “light bearer”, the god of Good who shows the path to illumination.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Nicholas Cage with the torch of Lucifer

“Its [high degrees of Scottish Rite] religion is Manichean neo-gnosticism, teaching that the divinity is dual and that Lucifer is the equal of Adonay, with Lucifer, the God of Light and Goodness struggling for humanity against Adonay the God of Darkness and Evil.”
-Domenico Margiotta 33°, Adriano Lemmi

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onwards and upwards he must prove his ability to properly apply (this) energy.”
– Manly P. Hall, Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Back to the story. Ben Gates, with his Luciferian torch, finds the path to illumination and obtains access to an infinite source of knowledge. During the scene where the heroes look around the treasure room, they find very significant items: Scrolls from the Library of Alexandria, Egyptian statues and other artifacts from the Antiquity. All of those objects refer to the occult knowledge that has been communicated through the ages through secret societies.

At the end of the movie, Ben Gates speaks with the FBI inspector and begs him not to send him to jail. Flashing his Masonic ring, the representative of the law says “someone has to go to jail” for the stealing of the Declaration of Independence. The next scene shows the “bad guys” (the non-Masons) getting arrested, even if they did not actually steal the Declaration. We see here a blatant example of the Masonic oath superseding the law. The FBI agent willfully ignored the law to help his Masonic brother.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Masonic ring of FBI inspector

Then the end of the movie shows the heroes rich and happy. There’s no esoteric meaning to this, it is just a sappy Disney ending.

Angels and Demons

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

This movie is based on Dan Brown’s novel which focuses on the Illuminati and its war against the Catholic Church. The hero runs across Rome to save the Vatican from a mega-bomb which was set up by Illuminati agents to blow at midnight. The first page of Dan Brown’s book claims that “the Illuminati was factual”, inciting the readers to take everything written in the book as facts. They should not do so.

In the beginning of the movie, Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) ventures himself into explaining the Illuminati. Here are some of his claims:

“The Illuminati was founded by Galileo Galilei in response to the Church’s refusal of his heliocentric theory”
The Illuminati was officially founded in Upper Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776.  This is more than 130 years after Galilei’s death and not even in the same country. The movie’s association of Galilei with the Illuminati seems like an attempt to associate this brilliant scientist’s name to the conspiratorial secret society.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

“Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.” – Adam Weishaupt

“The Illuminati did not become violent before the 17th century.”
It never was violent, its actions were based on infiltration and subversion.

“It was an association of scientists, physicists and astronomers concerned with the Church’s inaccurate teachings and they were dedicated to scientific truth. The Vatican didn’t like that, so the Church started to “hunt them down and kill them”.
The Illuminati was not a group of scientists dedicated to the advancement of common knowledge. The movie falsely portrays the secret society as the necessary rational counterpart to Christianity’s requirement of blind faith and its hindering of scientific advancement. In this optic, the average viewer cannot disagree with Tom Hank’s description of the Illuminati and sees the order in a favorable way. The real aim of the Illuminati was the overthrow of traditional institutions in favor of a new world order.

The objects of this powerful organization of the
Bavarian Illuminati, were :

1. The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments ;

2. The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal
internationalism ;

3. The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded
as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the
tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of ” Universal
Brotherhood ” ;

4. The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means
of systematic corruption ;

5. The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property.

-Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocracy

The Bavarian Illuminati has dissolved some years since its creation. Researchers, however, say that the Illuminati has successfully integrated itself within modern Freemasonry. Illuminati thinkers believed that worldwide reach of Masonic lodges represented the ideal platform for the propagation of their ideals.

To sum up, the Illuminati was not an association of bright scientists dedicated to the advancement of scientific truths. It was secret society who, through infiltration and subversion, aimed to overthrow traditional institutions in order serve the best interests a secret elite. It is true that the Illuminati was thoroughly anti-Church but this war wasn’t the main reason for its existence. Nowadays, the Illuminati is considered to be a hidden order which recruits within Freemasonry potent candidates for the continuation of its agenda.

Esoteric Meaning of the Movie

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

(warning: major spoilers ahead)

Dan Brown’s work has mostly been focused on secret societies. There is an important reason why he has the full support of Hollywood: his works serve the agenda of disinformation.

In the movie, the Illuminati threatens the Vatican to “destroy the Church by light”. “Light” refers to the explosion of the anti-matter bomb but it also refers to information – propaganda, and indoctrination. The only true way to make the masses turn their back on Christianity is not by destroying the Vatican, but by changing the way people see their religious elite. In that optic, the movie itself is the bomb against the Vatican. Even if the Church, with the help of Robert Langdon, apparently prevails at the end of the movie, the viewer of Angels of Demons has spent two hours seeing all the symbols, rituals and figures of Catholicism being desecrated. Some examples: Robert Langdon destroys the archives of the Vatican, candidates for papacy are kept in cages like animals, one candidate is crucified and burned inside a church, the tomb of the defunct Pope is opened to reveal his grossly deformed face, etc.

How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

Candidate to Papacy crucified and burnt inside a church

All those scenes have a strong symbolic meaning which deeply affects the conscientiousness of the viewers. The holy and divine aura surrounding the Vatican is replaced by gruesome deaths, destruction, and corruption. The whole movie depicts the institution as an inadequate, stubborn and reactionary relic of the past. To top it off, the viewers learn that the whole “Illuminati” thing was a big setup, masterminded by the son of the Pope (yes apparently, the Pope had a son) to take his position. So the movie tells the viewer that the Illuminati doesn’t even exist and that the Church is so corrupted that its members are ready to commit the most horrendous sins to obtain power.

The viewers ultimately leave the movie with the exact ideas the elite wants them to keep: the Illuminati is a fairy tale and, when it actually existed, it was an association of great thinkers dedicated to the advancement of science; the Catholic Church is not holy, it is a deeply flawed and human institution, which is bound to disappear due to its aversion to science. Through this movie, the real Illuminati denies its own existence while still carrying out its plan to destroy organized religions by constant indoctrination. The age-old struggle for power between the Catholic Church and occult orders is taking place on our movie screens and we can clearly see who is winning.

In Conclusion

The trend of seeing secret societies in books and movies is not about to end. Dan Brown’s next novel, “The Lost Symbol” will also focus on Freemasonry and its ties with Washington. These works are now appearing as a result of the democratization of information, which allows regular people to access information which was previously inaccessible. These movies serve the same purpose as occult symbols: to reveal and to conceal. They reveal to the initiates while they mislead the profane. Hollywood movies have been used to promote numerous agendas such as the Vietnam war, the fear of Communism, the fear of Islamic terrorism, the promotion of American values, etc. The movies analyzed above simply promote a new agenda, which is disinformation about secret societies.


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How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies

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Let me tell you something about these ''illuminates'', these ''enlightned ones'', these ''god-men'':they have no power of their own.They are only intermediates between the human masses and the ones that ''give'' them the ''power''.And the ones that ''give'' them the ''power'' are not human, and thus cannot reveal themselves to the public (or atleast, not yet).They need these ''hosts'' (masons and other cultists) to present and implement they plans to the human race.I studied many secret societies & books on magic and I can assure you that almost all of them gravitate around one single thing:demonic communication & communion.Now, these demons give the worshipers anything that they desire in the physical plane (our world), and in exchange, the masons (politicians,scientists,doctors,military officials,secret agencies officers,police officers,judges,bankers,architects, etc.) must create the perfect conditions in our society so that they can build The New Eden.A Eden of Sin,Heresy,Atheism and Deception disguised as a perfect place to live in, rulled by the ones who created it:Lucifer and his angels (demons).Now let me tell you how the templars were born.Our story starts from the Old Testament, from the time of the Exod.I will start telling you something very important about the Egyptian royalty & civilization and… Read more »


The tragedy of our time is that all information concerning spirituality (as well as politics and economics) are just google away, but as everybody's minding his own daily business to survive, there's simply not enough time to study relevant articles and books. For instance, I've tried enthusiastically, for years, to learn and to spread what I've learned, but it seems that virtually nobody is interested. My conclusion is that not everything branded with "illuminati" is satanic, nor everything branded with "christian" is sacred. There's a mixture of two. There's almost 3 millenium old spiritual knowledge, it is not taught at schools, there's no possibilities to acquire that knowledge, except to live like hermit and relinquish all the worldly pleasures. And finally, when you are able to teach someone something, nobody wants to listen, they'd rather listen to superstition, either religious or 'scientific'. For decades, there haven't been adequate spiritual teacher, who would teach people real knowledge, yeah, hard to understand, comprehensive, but close to spiritual truth. Nor is Pope in possesion of spiritual truth, nor are illuminatis, of the 'power elite'. Certain spiritual researchers of the 20th century were just in possesion of the parts, bits of knowledge. We badly… Read more »


Great article but you got something wrong…the knights of templar are still around and the part about the Vatican not going with what the templar’s were about is wrong they were known to practice the Kaballah, many forms of magic and the black arts. that is what the Vatican still practices till this day… read up on Albert Rivera ex Jesuit priest they staged that it ended to make it a secret society again lol who do you think give the illuminati there orders it’s the Vatican and the illuminati are hand and hand. Also the Rothschild’s are said to get there orders directly from Satan himself… then comes the counsel of 13 the highest 13 witches in the world, then the counsel of 33 the top 33 masons in the world then the counsel of 500 the most riches companies and people in the world..etc etc… too much to….it goes deeper than you guys how obama and brad pitt are cousin, and Clinton and Angelina Jolie are cousin Madonna, lady gaga, etc…


” the Catholic Church is not holy” Welp,I actually agree with this.Also it is so annoying how Catholic and Christianity is used interchangeably.Christians DON’T worship Mary and the saints OR put them on some kind of pedestal like Catholics.We know that is a SIN according to the ONLY one who matters(the God of the Bible).We also know we DON’T need to go to anyone else other than God to confess our sins and ask for forgiveness.Unlike Catholics who believe they need to confess their sins to a preist.We also DON’T worship OR think highly of them popes.There are many other CRUCIAL differences.I just don’t feel like writing for to much longer right now.The bottom line is BORN AGAIN Christians are NOT the same as Catholics.So it would be so great if people would finally STOP using the word Catholics interchangeably with Christians.We AREN’T like those heathens.


Great work…bravo…


One more thing i wanted to add, i got so caught up, so many things to say. Im just truly ashamed of us as a people unfortunately. Ok back to the topic. Have you noticed how much of a divide our society is in these days? I swear i havent been alive too long to really have a full grasp of things(23 years) but as far as i can tell, HATE is more rampant now than EVER before. East side,West side, south,black,white,yellow,brown. Why do we put ourselves into these categories? We are PEOPLE that all share the same world. We are all uniquely different in certain aspects which in my opinion is what makes human beings so beautiful and powerful. But if you really take an objective look at the way things are going on in the world around us. I think its pretty safe to say, that the powers that be, are succeeding in their mission to divide us as the people. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.


Eli, the whole world is "lying in the power of the wicked one". Regardless of what someone's beliefs or non-beliefs are, people easily dismiss the fact that everything we see is a result of our original parents rebellion and so called "independence" from God, there by making this world system a result of our rebellion, Satan's influence, and our own hubris of thinking we can rule ourselves without God. So He permits this suffering we are going through, not because he is unwilling to do anything about it (because His son Jesus will execute His judgement soon) but to show us how our version of government and self-rule will end up, and right now, it's looking very bad for humankind in general…


Dear, I like what you wrote you gave me good explanations for the movies especially Angels & Demons, but I have one thing to say, for me I believe Galileo was one of the Illuminati, because of his theory the revolving around the sun, I believe its part of their plans to create more atheist people around the world, (& look closely we are talking about sun their god & planets are worshiping it) there is no proof of the revolving, if you search closely & ask some scientist you'll get this answer after a major argument : "there is no other acceptable theory other than this" or "its the most rational one" & til now there is no picture or video (& we are in the technology golden age!) & for NASA I don't believe anything coming of them, they are the biggest, worst frauds & thieves ever!


I was forced to watch National Treasure 1 and 2 MULTIPLE TIMES every year in my f-----g school. Apparently it was the only movie they could think to show us. I swear I know every line to both movies and i don't want to. This is totally irrelevant, I'm sorry. Anyway…. great article ^_^.


Start at Columbus Circle at the Lincoln Center (read murdered natives to found New Jerusalem and martyred by confederates) and 6 (6 is number of Man and age of the Earth in thousands of years) “Left Forks” (Left is Sinister ie Left thief didn’t recognize Jesus was God) later, Broadway (Broad Way leads to destruction; Narrow Way to life) hits Union Square (Tower of Babel was 1st attempt at Unification in Ur, Sumeria) The US flag (5 pt Stars=Perfected Man and Red/White Stripes=Laban and Esau’s “Heap of Witness from Gen 30) is atop te Fasces ie Fascist. Bundle of Rods=Initiates, surrounding a Double Axe (Minoan Crete=House of the Doubel Axe; they were Phoenicians/Amalekites) surrounded by a Red Cord (same cord Templars wore references Esau the Red Son). To its south is the National Debt Clock which read $12.3456789…Trillion last week on July 24th and will hit $13 Trillion (Rev 13 is Beast from the Sea ie the Sun and Obama’s new Logo designed by Prince Hall masons). the Mayans (Maia is the mother of Hermes) were “made white” by the Aztecs; their end of the age is Dec 21,2012 at the transition to the 5th Root Race/World that Hitler… Read more »


This is the first article i've came across concerning the disinformation of 'Angels & Demons', and 'National Treasure' for that matter. I've always had my own viewpoints on these particular two films and now that i've read your article i couldn't agree more.

For more information on this particular subject, and soo much more (Including an excellent chapter called "Capturing the Catholic Church"; regarding the masons infiltration of the catholic church)… I recommend reading 'Be wise as Serpents' by Fritz Springmeier!

Hollwood is sick.

Nicholas Cage and Kristen Dunst suck the cocks of the elite.


‘Angels and Demons’ is indeed putting Illuminati in a good light, just like the other movies including Langton that I’ve watched. Granted, they weren’t many. About the history of Illuminati that Langton presents, it isn’t exactly made up but rather twisted. I’ve seen this misunderstanding a lot. Illuminati means ‘enlighted’ and, as you said: “The Illuminati was officially founded in Upper Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt on May 1st 1776.” If I’m not mistaking, that’s during the Enlightenment period. The thing is that during that time, there was a big fuss about science and reason above faith. Well, there were 2 sides, one more faith-friendly and the other rather opposed to it and to the Catholic Church. If I remember right, the faith-friendly one was smaller or at least less vocal. Now, the side opposing to the Catholic Church included scientists, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers and (strangely) writers and philosophers. They based their ideas on the ideas of past rationalist philosophers (like Descartes and Locke) and people of science (Galileo Galilei and Newton being two prominent figures). This ‘group’ was the enlighted party of the time, naturally, the term deriving from the Enlightenment era. I think this is where the whole confusion… Read more »


You seem to be mistaken about the Catholic “Church”. Catholicism is the backbone of the future Babylon One World religion- the harlot of Revelation. It’s actually controlled by the Jesuits, who, until recently, were at war with the Illuminati. They’ve United in the 20th century because of the coming of the False Prophet very soon. The current Pope is the false prophet, and is the first Jesuit Pope. Catholicism isnt Christian, it’s a form of white witchcraft.


'Cage' in Nicolas Cages name itself seems a little odd. As if its showing that he's trapped in a cage or something like all the mind controlled celebrities. His real name is Nicolas Kim Coppola..


plus he's been in a lot movies with symbolisms eg faceoff, nation treasure, ghost rider etc.

Child of Isis

But people in the church are corrupted – all those preachers and such raping little boys & yet none of them have gone to jail. The church ain't full of saints you know – every teligion can easily be corrupt by sick individuals


concerning DAN BROWN`s works, it will be more clear when they shot his book " the lost symbol" into a movie or maybe they did already , anyway i`ve read the book and it`s all about pagan ideas of hollyfying the human , and how the lost symbol is something the elite had tried to keep for ages , to show humanity of all religions what is the real message from the great architect of the universe , his blasphemy was buried in multi-fields story , and finally he claims that all religions were covers drawn by the illuminati and everyone`s real GOd is himslef if he only reaches the nirvana.
and i appreciate what u`r doing all along , great job , this is what we call illumination, bless ya`all


civil action against fraudulent bailliffes…. civil wins!! first in U.K. history.


THE PEOPLE v THE BANKS: Conviction beats Eviction


You have misunderstood the intention of my comment. It is not to "spew hate", and I find it most reprehensible that you would compare my comment to the atrocities the Church committed in the dark ages. My point is that Mr. Vigilant is seeking to villanize the Illuminati by calling it "anti-Church", when really, as my comment explained, the Church is guilty of doing practically the same thing as the Illuminati. As I mentioned, I do not at all condone the methods of the depicted Illuminati, but I do feel like the truth needed to be told about the Catholic Church just as Mr. Vigilant is "exposing" the Illuminati.


Todd, many people will feel as they are being attacked because, as false or misleading as some teachings are, people who grew up with them will feel an attachement towards them and try to hang on to them as much as possible no matter what. I believe if people were appropriately educated on how many supposed "christian" teachings like immortality of the soul, life after death, hellfire, pagan origins of holidays, origins of the cross (a pagan symbol introduced by Emperor Constantine to attract converts), the use of mysticism or spiritism, or the elevation of humans to an immortal or divine station, have corrupted the church, they might think twice about observing those things. Even if you try to reason with someone calmly there is always some reactionary person who will take it to an extreme. However, I found your comment to be very well explained and in like with pure biblical explanation, our knowledge should be with God's wisdom and a good use of secular knowledge that allows us to see the world for what it really is.


"the Catholic Church is not holy, it is a deeply flawed and human institution, which is bound to disappear due to its aversion to science. "

Uhhh…..that's actually pretty spot on, to me.


I thought this whole article by VC was far-reaching. He assumes more than he can reasonably prove sometimes and this is an example of it. There’s no doubt he’s correct that there’s been a switch in strategy to bring the Illuminati out in the open in a ‘friendly’ form now that it can no longer be concealed. But rest of his conclusions is just grasping at straws with no backing. We have no way of getting first hand knowledge of historical Jesus’ acts since we weren’t there 2000 years ago. Illuminati agenda or not, I see no reason to trust the catholic church. We know they edited the bible to have a specific representation. We know they have documents in their vaults they refuse to reveal to the public. They have a long history of suppressing information and silencing inquiring minds. Who are they to determine what we can see or can’t see? Beyond that, why are we to assume Christianity is the one true religion (TM)? There have been myriads of religious interpretations since the dawn of time. We’re only subscribing to Christianity because that’s what we [westerners] are culturally and historically inclined to do. As a matter of… Read more »


"Bavarian Illuminati, were : 1. The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments ; 2. The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal internationalism ;3. The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of ” Universal Brotherhood ” ;4. The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means of systematic corruption ;5. The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property." I'm obviously not a part of the illuminati haha but i really do agree with this, but i guess not the way that they intended it. I suppose those rules are for the ones who are being ruled; the public. But in my 'perfect world' things would be this way for everyone. I believe everyone on this planet is equal; man or woman, child or adult, black or white. Religion, borders separating countries from being 'one', and being rich while others suffer from poverty simply because you were related to someone with a fancy job keep us from uniting and living in a peaceful society. I don't get the whole marriage thing, because if you want to do that… Read more »


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