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Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin ‘was a real-life Manchurian Candidate’



Robert F. Kennedy's assassin 'was a real-life Manchurian Candidate'

Robert F. Kennedy's assassin 'was a real-life Manchurian Candidate'

In the article Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and the Dark Side of Hollywood, Charles Manson, “Son of Sam” and Mark David Chapman (John Lennon’s killer) were linked to Monarch mind control. Sirhan Sirhan is however probably the most obvious MK patsy to be accused of a high profile killing. In a rare admission of the existence of mind control in mass media, The Telegraph published today an article on him being a “Manchurian Candidate” .

Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin ‘was a real-life Manchurian Candidate’

Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin was programmed to shoot the politician in a real life version of the film The Manchurian Candidate, according to his lawyer ahead of a parole hearing on Wednesday.

In June 1968, Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy dead in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, moments after he had clinched victory in the California Democratic primary for that year’s presidential election.

Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, cried “I did it for my country” when arrested. He kept diaries detailing his hatred of Kennedy for promising military support for Israel, a year after the region’s Six-Day War.

Yet Sirhan’s lawyer claims he was programmed to shoot the politician while under hypnosis.

Bill Pepper, the New York attorney who will today lead Sirhan’s 14th attempt to be given parole, improbably alleges his client was “hypno-programmed”.

“Sirhan was put through a process involving hypnosis and chemicals,” claimed Mr Pepper, who is also a qualified barrister in England and Wales.

“Someone, some group or some agency did this,” he said. Asked if he meant that the US government was responsible, Mr Pepper said: “Perhaps”.

Despite the fact his client was watched and apprehended by numerous bystanders, Mr Pepper also believes the conspiracy theory that there was a “second gunman” in the hotel.

“We know Sirhan did not shoot the lethal bullets,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Witnesses said he was standing in the wrong place. He was there only as a distraction.”

The lawyer may be prevented from making these arguments before the parole hearing, in Coalinga, California. At issue is whether his client, now 66, remains a threat and has accepted responsibility.

In addition to maintaining that he did not even kill Kennedy, both Sirhan and Mr Pepper also say that he has “no recollection” of the incident.

Mr Pepper, who was chairman of Kennedy’s “citizens’ committee” in 1964, said he was hopeful ahead of the hearing.

But David Dahle, an LA district attorney on the panel, suggested Sirhan would be disappointed again. “I am sceptical that I will see something that will cause me to not oppose the grant of parole,” he said.

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Robert F. Kennedy's assassin 'was a real-life Manchurian Candidate'

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Justice doesn't exist I this world. The truth will always be manipulated by the one who perceives it. Perception changes everything. I'm disgusted. Disgusted with the 9/11 terrorist insinuations, the f-----g symbols!! They are just feeding it to us, saying " haha there's nothing you can do". When will we take a stand?


It's seem like Manchurian Candidiates plays a rather large role in our history, history that is now being reveil it's was said that our now president is a Manchurian Candidate in one form or another. Jesus Christ is the one i give control to willfuly
Thanks VC


*sigh* Rejecting one form of mind control, willfully admitting another….How is it that most people on this site claim to have knowledge of some massive Illuminati Conspiracy to control the masses, yet the most obvious form of Social/Mind Control, Religion, and namely the Judeo-Christian religions, is espoused and heralded by the same smug individuals who think they are *above* control…ridiculous.


Well, some could say the same about atheism and antitheism…


What is absolutely ironic and makes it clear that he was a MK victim is that both his first and last name are Sirhan. Sirhan in Arabic means absent-minded. Can't get any clearer than that.


Makes it so much worse

Apres Ski

You'd think after all these years, Sirhan's brain would start to remember, but the CIA did a good job in brainwashing this kid. He doesn't remember anything & I'm sure they've reinforced his memory loss through food & drink.


RFK's killer was a security guard brought in for him that day named Thane Eugene Cesar. As Sirhan began firing wildly Cesar grabbed RFK from behind and pumped the shots into him. Rosie Grier who was an NFL football player of great strength attempted to subdue Sirhan but could not do so alone in spite of being twice his weight and extremely strong. Sirhan was in a hypnotic state and out of control but he did not kill RFK. I remember this assassination well, I was a teen who believed in Bobby and it was epically heart wrenching to see another good man go down. There was a teacher in my town who was a JFK assassination researcher who to this day is still at work and he filled me in on much of this at the time. BTW, he and many JFK researchers now strongly believe based on recently revealed information that the JFK hit was ordered and overseen by Lyndon Johnson who had power in Texas that not even the CIA or Mafia could come close to. Once JFK was lured to Texas he was doomed.



I totally agree with you. But I think it goes even farther than that. I have always thought that LBJ, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, the CIA, and the military were all involved. LBJ and Hoover (who were next door neighbors in Washington) both hated the Kennedy's. Nixon hated them because he lost the election even though he had more popular votes (Kennedy won mainly because of the dead people on the voting roles that had votes cast in Chicago thanks to Mayor Daley), and the military wanted JFK gone because he was opposed to increasing our position in Vietnam. Why else would all of the records of the assassination be sealed until 2029 when most or all of the people involved would be dead? When it looked as though Robert Kennedy would become President it was obvious that the same people had to make sure he wouldn't make it because he would have tried to carry on the things that his brother tried to do. I was never a fan of the Kennedy's but it's obvious that it wasn't just Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan that was behind what happened


There was plenty of cheating going on in Nixon's camp as well. When a rural precinct which had never had 500 voters puts in 5000 votes for Richard Nixon, it's obvious something's wrong.

Which would explain why Nixon didn't press it – too afraid HE might be caught.

Considering what happened between then and 1972, smart move….


My Bad. I meant J. Edgar Hoover.


When you mentioned LBJ's power in Texas, which no one else could touch, it reminded me of this map:

That's the US power grid. There are two major interconnected sections, East and West of the Rockies, and Texas. Texas has its own separate grid. And man – the rest of the US South is screwed, they don't even have a major line, not even serving Atlanta. Weird.


No major (strong) lines existing or planned down there, but they seem to have a robust system overall with a lot of medium-strength lines throughout. Am sure they'll get their stronger lines in there (especially as the Midwest loses electoral votes to Texas and the south).


Here's a website with the map you're talking about, and more:


If you guys haven't ever seen the original Manchurian Candidate movie. I suggest you do it. I netflixed it after seeing so many references to the movie on this site and others. It is fascinating. The triggers used were very interesting, and the fact that one of his "handlers" was his own mother. The movie also hints at a incestuous relationship between him and his mother. Really interesting.


I watched it a long time ago, before I knew anything about mind control and the truth about what's going on. I definitely need to re-watch it, I just remember thinking it was a weird movie at the time.


This man will never see the outside of a prison. He was just up for a parole hearing. When asked about the killing, he said he did'nt remember it. 🙁

Its sad how these people are being used to do such horrible things, to no fault of their own.

In my opinion the biggest patsy of them all was Lee Harvey Oswald. There are way too many, but he stands out the most.


here it goes the telegraph article.



In a separate but similar high profile murder/attempt; Jared Loughner will be tried for the murder of 6 people and numerous other crimes however his background and history are just as peculiar as Sirhans'. The online videos are nothing more than text, his classmates descriptions of his behavior are consistent with the behavior of a Manchurian candidate. The media immediately painted the picture of a distraught psycho whose mind had been overcome with "conspiracy theories" when in fact the "conspiracy theories" in question are relevant to current events.


Actually there have been a number of people to attest to the fact that both LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover (Herbert Hoover was long out of the picture by this point) met at the home of a very wealthy right wing Texas Oilman the night before the murder. Officially this has never come out but there is substantial proof that it occurred. My former teacher knew and was close with LBJ's Mistress who claimed LBJ said to her at the party words to the effect that "after tomorrow, those Kennedy's will never embarrass me again, that's not a threat that's a promise". I urge everyone to go to Youtube and watch the documentary The Guilty Men about the JFK hit. This was shown once on TV and while scheduled to be shown 4 times a year on the History Channel it was never shown again although they continue to show all the other episodes in the series called The Men Who Killed Kennedy to this day. Even with years of study of the JFK hit I was stunned by what this episode revealed.


Another thing that always seems to get overlooked is the photo of the 3 men being led away from the train yard. Look very close at the man in the back wearing a hat. Isn't that or is that not E. Howard Hunt who was a former CIA agent and close friend of Nixon and who was involved in Watergate?


Kinda sucks that there isn't really a way to prove his case. Despite how real Mind Control is it is awful hard to prove. I don't think many people would give his case a chance, sadly. Unless there is a way to prove it…anyone?

Al Mansor

In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. He argued that brainwashing had effectively enabled the Soviets to tamper with the mind until it became “a phonograph playing a disk put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control.” With this control now in place, Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterised as the battle for men’s minds. “We might call it in its new form brain warfare.”

Sarah Connor

LVB posted this link to a clip of the documentary "Evidence of Revision" yesterday on this very thing. I watched the 10 minute clip last night and am going to get the DVD. It's 10 hours long, but am thinking it is a good way to wake up some peeps –

My heart breaks for all these people who lives were ruined, and continue to be, by our own corrupt, twisted government. I would prefer to see the real criminals behind bars!!!

Sarah Connor

*whose* I really need to proofread more


He didnt even shoot the bullets that killed him he should have been granted parole. Hes just the fall guy, which means he probably wont get out at least not without guaranteeing this wont come back and bite them in the a**. If he remembers he could potentially be a witness against the people who programmed him. Theyll never let that happen, im not feeling very optimistic for the poor guy. Whats to stop them from leaving Sirhan to rot in jail for the rest of his life? God help him …



Even though Sirhan didn't shoot the bullets that killed Kennedy, it doesn't make him any less culpable for the commission of the crime. Whether he was doing it voluntarily or under some kind of "mind control". He was still involved in the commission of the crime. He was just a bad shot!! He should never get parole because he will always be a dangerous person and it could happen again if he were to be released.


It could happen if he was programmed to shoot again, if you do believe he was under mind control. I do believe that then he is considered a victim. Should he stay in jail for the rest of his life for being the fall guy? Unfortunately that may seem like the answer because of his invovlement but if you consider he was a victim he should get treatment. Which is something they will never allow. Saying that hes just a dangerous person and shouldnt get the help he needs is turning the other cheek and focusing on him as an individual rather than the people who really wanted JFK dead.

Ignotum Arcanus

He was already denied parole. It's interesting though that this article's contents (in reference to the lawyer's statement) was on Yahoo News a few days ago. Hopefully, it will stir more interest, but it was chalked up like "kids' sidewalk graffiti" by a lot of comments posted afterward.

"FBI unwarranted tracking" article on the homepage today, read about a lawsuit of hundreds of newborns' DNA samples taken without consent in Texas, and yet a majority still doesn't believe.

One by one.

I need coffee.

Essential Truth

I wonder if all the witnesses are still alive to testify?….hopefully they weren't all killed like 9/11 key witness Barry Jennings and many others who witnessed other tragic conspiracies like JFK's assassination.

Free Sirhan Sirhan!!


If Sirhan was voluntarily a part of the plot to kill Kennedy then he should not be granted parole. And, if he was a part of the assassination plot under some kind of "mind control" he still should not be granted parole as he is still most likely under the same kind of control and could do it again to someone else. Regardless whether he was under some kind of "mind control" or not he is still a danger to others and should not be released.


The guy killed a Kennedy. In this world, that means he'll never get parole. Though if he is/was under mind control don't you think it would be a good idea to try and breakdown said control? Perhaps try to pinpoint the "agency" responsible? I don't think we should just label the guy as dangerous still if there's a chance it wasn't voluntary. If we look at these sort of guys as "permanently dangerous" rather than "in need of help" and "forgivable" then we're no better than they are.


"IF" he is under some kind of mind control it will never be admitted to by anyone because if they did there would be no choice but for them to find a way to kill him. Trying to get some help to undue the mind control would be tantamount to admitting that he was a "patsy". I'm sure that he is but the people involved with his programming would never admit to it or confirm that it had been done in the first place.


It really brings me to a shock that this man who has nothing to do with anything is in jail while some pathetic less of human accusation is thrown at him with less sympathy for the sad life he has to face alone. I sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart that those who have no sympathy for this innocent man faces the same end or even worse, for their lack of human senses of compassion towards others while they are fully aware and free to judge at their best of condition.


Ohhh, shut up. You’re just spouting this crap like it’s gospel. You’re just another dude who saw crap on the internet and took the ball and ran with it. You’re in the minority. What you think is considered crazy. I’m not saying it is, but you’re saying this is how it is. It’s so obvious, you’re enlightened, and anyone who doesn’t believe this is ignorant. The fact is, you don’t know a God damned thing. You know just as much about the assassination of RFK as everybody else on here. You weren’t one of the like FIFTY people in the room when it happened, you weren’t in the courtroom for weeks or months or however long the trial lasted, you’ve never met Sirhan Sirhan. You don’t know a damn thing.


Well, Pres Kennedy was going to eliminate the FBI dept, He was also going to eliminate the FRB, Federal Reserve Bank that prints money for the US Government. It is not a Federal bank, And it is not a reserve bank
It then charges us interest on the money it prints (loans the money to the Gov) The interest they charge is the multi trillions in interest we have on the debt. If the Gov printed the money like they are suppose to, we would have no interest on our debt.
Also Pres Kennedy began having the $20.00 bill printed by the government so the FRB was about to be finished.

I think we can have a pretty good idea who killed the Kennedy's.


It’s obvious to me who killed him: Lee Harvey Oswald.


well personally i think the safest place for this man right now is to be in prison, sadly. not for the publics safety but for his own. someone should let him know that if he EVER does get paroled he will probably be "taken care'' of with a quickness! even if he doesnt remember any details, they certainly wouldnt want to take the risk of wondering if he is trying to…..


You're absolutely right. Except that I do think it's also best for the public's safety.


Yeah right. With the exception of the 19 people here, nobody even remembers RFK. You’ve got Hillary doing far worse than Watergate in front of our very eyes and nobody cares. Nobody cares.


I sent a 'news tip' to VC about a story Fox News ran a few days ago along this same vein… turns out I typoed the email address and it never got to him. Oh well, I'm glad he covered it anyway


Christianity…the ultimate form of mind control since 0001.

The Ghost

Go Away, Troll.


Atheists: The most annoying MF’ers since 2005.

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