The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II)


In the second part of this two part series, we’ll look at the end of Marilyn Monroe’s career and the circumstances around her death – all of which were typical for a victim of mind control. We will also examine her legacy in the shady MK Ultra underworld and how she became a symbol for Monarch Programming in Hollywood.


Note: It is recommended that you read the first part of the series first.

The first part of this series of articles described the hidden side of Marilyn Monroe’s childhood and her beginnings in the entertainment industry. While Monroe projected the image of a glamorous sex symbol, the reality of her day-to-day life was pretty much the opposite: She was controlled, abused, exploited and even traumatized by various handlers while living in prison-like conditions. Her difficult situation slowly lead to a total mental breakdown and, when she apparently lost her usefulness to those controlling her, she lost her life in very strange circumstances.

Monroe’s legacy lives on, however, and in some ways she is more relevant today than ever in the entertainment industry … but for the wrong reasons. There are now a great number of mind control slaves in Hollywood and those behind the scenes have made Marilyn Monroe the ultimate symbol of Beta Programming. There are several Marilyn Monroes in Hollywood, these days, all projecting an attractive image while being subjected to the same control and hardship as Monroe was. And all of them get associated with Monroe at one time or another in their career. Is it a coincidence? If you read my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, you probably know that the use of Monroe’s image is often repeated on a specific type of celebrity … too often to be simply a coincidence.

Let’s look at the end of Monroe’s career, the circumstances of her death and how her image is exploited by today’s Illuminati industry.

Presidential Model

At the height of her career, Marilyn got involved with the highest power figure in the world: The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. While some historians classify their relationship as an “affair”, researchers in Monarch mind control claim that she was actually a presidential model – the highest “level” of Beta Programming slaves who are used to “service” Presidents.

If true, the existence of presidential models is quite a troubling concept, one that proves the power and the importance of Monarch Mind Control in elite circles.

“Presidential models” were/are allegedly used by big time entertainers and politicians as playthings; mind controlled puppets programmed to perform assorted acts at the bidding of their manipulative “handlers”. Supposedly Marilyn Monroe was the first Monarch slave who achieved “celebrity” status. For those unfamiliar with the term “Presidential model”, I’ll refer them to The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain and Long John Nebel. As the story goes, Long John Nebel–a New York radio personality in the 50’s-70’s–discovered via hypnosis that his wife, Candy Jones, was a victim of just this sort of mind control project, one of the many MK-ULTRA mind slaves, programmed by CIA “spychiatrists” and used by high mucky muck dignitaries to perform their whims, among other assorted duties such as being used as drug mules and message couriers for this vast network of morally deficient power brokers. More has come to light in this regard in recent years by way of similar allegations disbursed widely across the Internet, as well as such highly controversial books as Trance Formation In America by Mark Phillips and Kathy O’Brien, wherein Ms. O’Brien relates her own troubling tales of MK-ULTRA and Monarch abuse. ”

– Adam Gorightly, “An Interpretation of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut”

According to mind-control researchers, Marilyn was the first “high profile” presidential model, a situation that required her handlers to exercise extreme control on what she said and did in public.

“They stripped Marilyn of any contact with the outside world to insure that their mind control would work. They were afraid that something might go wrong with the first Presidential slave that was allowed to be highly visible to the public”

– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Marilyn singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to JFK on May 19th 1962. In this iconic moment in U.S. History, Monroe sings to the President in a sultry voice while wearing a skin-tight dress with nothing under it. When one knows the "hidden side of History" this event was actually a Beta Programming slave singing to the President she is servicing for the whole world to see.

Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK on May 19th 1962. In this iconic moment of U.S. History, Monroe sings to the President in a sultry voice while wearing a skin-tight dress with nothing under it. When one knows the “hidden side of history” this event was actually about a Beta Programming slave singing to the President she is servicing –  for the whole world to see.

“High level” Monarch slaves are often identified with gems and stones to identify their status. Presidential models are reportedly identified with diamonds.

“For bona-fides & recognition signals, the Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are presidential models. (…)

Emeralds mean drugs, rubies mean prostitution, diamonds (rhinestones) Presidential Model work.”

– Ibid.

In the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", Monroe famously performs the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend". Was there are double meaning to that song?

In the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, Monroe famously performs the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Was there a double meaning to that song?

Relevant fact: The dress worn by Monroe while singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” contained more than 2500 rhinestones. Was it a way to identify her as a Presidential Model? One thing is for sure, behind the smiles and the diamonds, things were extremely sour for Marilyn during that time period. In fact, that Presidential performance was actually one of her last public appearances, as she was found dead less than three months later.

Slowly Breaking Down

The last months of Marilyn’s life were characterized with erratic behavior, strange anecdotes and several “intimate” relationships with high-powered individuals. As she was increasingly showing signs of serious mental distress, she also had affairs with several men (JFK, his brother Bobby Kennedy, Marlon Brando, etc.) and according to a biography Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret by Tony Jerris, with some women as well.

As a Beta Slave, she was also used  by industry people. In June DiMaggio’s book Marilyn, Joe and Me the author describes how she was forced to service old men and that she had to completely dissociate from reality (an important aspect of MK programming) to be able to go through the disgusting acts.

“Marilyn couldn’t afford emotions when she had to sleep with wrinkled old men to survive in the business. She had to protect herself by virtually turning them (emotions) off during those times – as if she were playing a part in order to remove herself from the horror of the situation. When these highly placed, high-priced moguls owned her body and soul, she couldn’t afford a life of her own. There were times, she told me, when she came home exhausted from a day’s shoot and some powerful old geezer would telephone her and her skin would crawl. After some of the horrors she would come over and stay in our shower for an hour or more. She wanted to wash away the terrible experience she’d had to endure”.

– June DiMaggio, Marilyn, Joe and Me

In the last months of her life, Marilyn was reportedly very difficult to work with and her behavior caused observers to worry about her situation. During the shooting of her last completed movie, The Misfits, Monroe had a “serious illness” that was never disclosed but was reportedly treated by a … psychiatrist. In other words, mind control.

“Monroe was frequently ill and unable to perform, and away from the influence of Dr. Greenson, she had resumed her consumption of sleeping pills and alcohol. A visitor to the set, Susan Strasberg, later described Monroe as “mortally injured in some way,”and in August, Monroe was rushed to Los Angeles where she was hospitalized for ten days. Newspapers reported that she had been near death, although the nature of her illness was not disclosed. Louella Parsons wrote in her newspaper column that Monroe was “a very sick girl, much sicker than at first believed”, and disclosed that she was being treated by a psychiatrist.”

– Wikipedia, “Marilyn Monroe”

In 1962, Marilyn began filming Something’s Got to Give, but she was so ill and unreliable that she ultimately got fired and sued by the studio 20th Century Fox for half a million dollars. The movie’s producer Henry Weinstein stated that Marilyn’s behavior during the filming was horrifying:

“Very few people experience terror. We all experience anxiety, unhappiness, heartbreaks, but that was sheer primal terror.”

– Anthony Summers, “Goddess”

Weinstein observed that Marilyn’s was not having regular “bad days” or mood swings. She was feeling “sheer primal terror” – something that products of trauma-based Mind Control often end up experiencing.

The Last Sitting

In late June 1962, Marilyn modeled for a photoshoot with photographer Bert Stern for Vogue magazine. Six weeks later, she was found dead. There is something troubling about those images as they show a sensual yet aging Monroe, drunk and with a eyes that somewhat lost of their spark. Whether it was intentional or not, this photoshoot is symbolic for several reasons.

In Stern's book The Last Sitting, the photographer chose to include pictures that were crossed out by Marilyn because they were deemed unsatisfactory. Knowing that she would be "crossed out" a few weeks later, these pics are somewhat representative of a life and a career based on image and not being herself.

In Stern’s book The Last Sitting, the photographer chose to include pictures that were crossed out by Marilyn because they were deemed unsatisfactory. Now knowing that she would be “crossed out” a few weeks later, probably because she was deemed unsatisfactory by her handlers, there is something prophetic about these images.

This red veil on her face and these closed eyes can symbolically portray Marilyn's sacrifice by the industry.

Knowing what would happen to her a few weeks after this shoot, this red veil on her face and these closed eyes can symbolically portray Marilyn’s sacrifice by the industry.

The photo shoot took place at the Bel Air Hotel and, reportedly, there was a lot of alcohol in the air. It is also rumored that an "encounter" happened between the two during the shoot. This is how Beta Slaves are programmed to be.

The photoshoot took place at the Bel Air Hotel and, reportedly, there was a lot of alcohol in the air. It is also rumored Marilyn and the photographer became “intimate” during the session.

This photoshoot, taken at the most difficult time of her life – after a “miscarriage”, a divorce, a forced trip to a psychiatric ward, and all kinds of abuse, will also be remembered as her most revealing and intimate one. As Marilyn’s life got more difficult, she also became increasingly sensual – which is what Beta Programming slaves are programmed to do. However, like other MK slaves, she did not live past the age of 40.

Her Death

Marilyn Monroe was found dead by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson in her bedroom on August 5, 1962. While her death was classified as a “probable suicide” due to “acute barbiturate poisoning”, it is still one of the most debated conspiracy theories of all time. There are indeed a great number of facts pointing toward murder, yet the truth about her death has never been official acknowledged. Since Marilyn’s demise, a great number of other celebrities have lost their lives in similar circumstances. To those who are aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry, the modus operandi of the occult elite has become quite clear.

In Marilyn’s case, the evidence is quite startling. In fact, so much evidence has been destroyed that it is difficult not to believe in a cover-up. Jack Clemmons, the first LAPD officer who investigated the death scene, has gone on record to state that he believes that she was murdered. Many other detectives have said the same, but no murder charges were ever filed.

Three people were present in Marilyn’s house at the time of her death: Her housekeeper Eunice Murray, her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, and her internist Dr. Hyman Engelberg. The investigation around Marilyn’s death revealed that Dr. Greenson called the police over an hour after Dr. Engelberg pronounced her dead. The behavior of the three present at the scene was described as “erratic”. Here are parts of the official timeline of events of that fateful night.

  • 7–7:15 p.m.: Joe DiMaggio Jr., son of baseball player Joe DiMaggio (and thus Monroe’s former stepson) phones her about his broken engagement to a girl in San Diego. DiMaggio Jr. said when interviewed that Monroe sounded cheerful and upbeat. On duty with the Marines in California, DiMaggio was able to place the time of the call because he was watching the seventh inning of a Baltimore Orioles-Los Angeles Angels game being played in Baltimore. According to the game’s records the seventh inning took place between 10 and 10:15 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time; thus, Monroe received the call around 7 p.m. California time.

  • 7:30–7:45 p.m.: Peter Lawford (President Kennedy’s brother-in-law) telephones Monroe to invite her to dinner at his house, an invitation she had declined earlier that day. According to Lawford, Monroe’s speech was slurred and was becoming increasingly indecipherable. After telling him goodbye the conversation abruptly ends. Lawford tries to call her back again, but receives a busy signal. Telephone records show that this is the last phone call Monroe’s main line received that night.

  • 8 p.m.: Lawford telephones Eunice Murray, who is spending the night in Monroe’s guest house, on a different line asking if the maid would check in on her. After a few seconds, Murray returns to the phone telling Lawford that she is fine. Unconvinced, Lawford will try all night long to get in touch with Monroe. Lawford telephones his friend and lawyer Milton A. “Mickey” Rudin, but is advised to keep away from Monroe’s house to avoid any public embarrassment that could result from Monroe possibly being under the influence.

  • 10 p.m.: Housekeeper Eunice Murray walks past Monroe’s bedroom door and later testifies that she saw a light on under the door, but decided not to disturb Monroe.

  • 3:00 a.m.: Eunice Murray calls Marilyn’s personal psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson, on the second telephone line, she cannot wake Monroe. She is sure something is very wrong after peeking into her barred bedroom window.

  • 3:40 a.m.: Dr. Greenson arrives and tries to break open the door but fails. He looks through the French windows outside and sees Monroe lying on the bed holding the telephone and apparently dead. He breaks the glass to open the locked door and checks her. He calls Dr. Hyman Engelberg. There is some speculation that an ambulance might have been summoned to Monroe’s house at this point and was later dismissed

  • 4:30 a.m.: Police are called and arrive shortly after. The two doctors and Murray are questioned and indicate a time of death of around 12:30 a.m. Police note the room is extremely tidy and the bed appears to have fresh linen on it. They claim Murray was washing sheets when they arrived. Police note that the bedside table has several pill bottles, but the room contains no means to wash pills down as there is no glass and the water is turned off. Monroe was known to gag on pills even when drinking to wash them down. Later a glass is found lying on the floor by the bed, but police claim it was not there when the room was searched.

  • 5:40 a.m.: Undertaker Guy Hockett arrives and notes that the state of rigor mortis indicates a time of death between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. The time is later altered to match the witness statements.

  • 6 a.m.: Murray changes her story and now says she went back to bed at midnight and only called Dr. Greenson when she awoke at 3 a.m. and noticed the light still on. Both doctors also change their stories and now claim Monroe died around 3:50 a.m. Police note Murray appears quite evasive and extremely vague and she would eventually change her story several times. Despite being a key witness, Murray travels to Europe and is not questioned again.

    – Wikipedia, “Death of Marilyn Monroe”

To sum up some strange events that happened that night: The police were called more than an hour after Monroe was found dead; the room was cleaned up by the maid and linen were changed AFTER she was found dead; there were multiple pill bottles in her room, but no water; a glass was later found on the floor, but was not there when the room was first searched; the time of death given by the witnesses changed several times. Finally, prime witness (and a possible suspect), Eunice Murray leaves the country and is never questioned again.

Pill bottles found next to Monroe's body.

Pill bottles found next to Monroe’s body.

Circumstances surrounding Monroe’s autopsy are also extremely suspicious, as the conclusion of the most important reports clearly show that swallowing pills was not the cause of her death. Furthermore, there appears to be a clear effort to suppress all evidence that might lead to the true cause of Monroe’s death.

“The pathologist, Dr. Thomas Noguchi, could find no trace of capsules, powder or the typical discoloration caused by Nembutal in Monroe’s stomach or intestines, indicating that the drugs that killed her had not been swallowed. If Monroe had taken them over a period of time (which might account for the lack of residue), she would have died before ingesting the amount found in her bloodstream. Monroe was found lying face down. There was also evidence of cyanosis, an indication that death had been very quick. Noguchi asked the toxicologist for examinations of the blood, liver, kidneys, stomach, urine and intestines, which would have revealed exactly how the drugs got into Monroe’s system. However, the toxicologist, after examining the blood, did not believe he needed to check other organs, so many of the organs were destroyed without being examined. Noguchi later asked for the samples, but the medical photographs, the slides of those organs that were examined and the examination form showing bruises on the body had disappeared, making it impossible to investigate the cause of death.

The toxicology report shows high levels of Nembutal (38–66 capsules) and chloral hydrate (14–23 tablets) in Monroe’s blood. The level found was enough to kill more than 10 people. An examination of the body ruled out intravenous injection as the source of the drugs. Coroner Dr. Theodore Curphey oversaw the full autopsy. Apart from the cause of death as listed on the death certificate, the results were never made public and no record of the findings was kept.”

– Ibid.

In 1985, British journalist Anthony Summers investigated the circumstances surrounding Monroe’s death. He managed to obtain an interview with the maid Eunice Murray for a BBC report. She inadvertently admitted some damning facts.

“For the BBC program Eunice Murray initially repeated the same story she had told Robert Slatzer in 1973 and the police in 1962. She apparently noticed the camera crew starting to pack up and then said, “Why, at my age, do I still have to cover this thing?” Unknown to her, the microphone was still on. Murray went on to admit that Monroe had known the Kennedys. She volunteered that on the night of the actress’ death, “When the doctor arrived, she was not dead.” Murray died in 1994 without revealing further details.”

– Ibid.

Despite all of these facts, the truth about Marilyn’s death is still not out in the open. As is the case for many other celebrity deaths, there is an aura of mystery surrounding it and a whole lot of answered questions. In other words, it fits the profile of a typical occult elite assassination that has the power to keep law enforcement from revealing the truth.

Some researchers have attempted to pin-point who instigated the murder. Some cite the Kennedys, the CIA, her psychologists or other individuals. It is perhaps wiser to take a step back and to look at the wider picture: Most of the people around Monroe were part of the same system. It was not a single person who decided to kill her, she was a MK slave who was “thrown off the freedom train”. Like many others after her, she was a celebrity who was exploited when she was useful and eliminated when her programming started to break down.

“The deeper meaning here is that all Monarch slaves are expendable if they cross the line, and many of these victims reportedly have been “discarded” in just such a manner after they become a certain age and are no longer desirable as prostitute/slaves, or if they in someway break free of their programming and are considered a “risk”.”

–  Op. Cit. Gorightly.

Symbol of Beta Programming in Today’s Entertainment Industry

While Marilyn Monroe quickly became a larger-than-life icon representing all that is hot and glamorous in Hollywood, she also became, in the shady world of MK-Ultra, a symbol of Beta Programming in Hollywood. Today, more than ever, many young starlets raised in the entertainment industry follow in Marilyn’s footsteps – as if it was all planned out for them. Manipulated by handlers, they are lead to fame and fortune, but also go through trauma-based mind control, abuse, exploitation, break downs and, sometimes, early death. In all cases, these celebrities are made to embody Marilyn Monroe at one stage of their career, as if it was a sick requirement by the MK puppeteers, who make it a point to identify their slaves to the clueless masses. How many videos or photoshoots featuring major stars are said to “channel” Marilyn Monroe? Too many to be a coincidence. In some cases, the resemblance is not only aesthetic. Here are some examples.

Britney Spears

One of the most obvious cases of mind control in today’s entertainment industry is Britney Spears. From her childhood as a Mouseketeer to her adulthood living under the conservatorship of her father and fiancée (aka her handlers), Britney has always been closely monitored by powerful figures. Like so many other slaves, she has gone through breakdowns, substance abuse, and is often described as a “drugged zombie” by those closest to her.

Britney "channels" here Marilyn's platinum blonde look. Her hands are bound which can represent her state in the entertainment industry.

Britney “channels” Marilyn Monroe, complete with a platinum blonde look. Her hands are bound which can represent her state in the entertainment industry.


In this stage performance, Britney recreates the iconic flowing dress Monroe moment.

In this stage performance, Britney recreates the iconic flowing dress Monroe moment.

Britney is reportedly “obsessed” with Monroe. According to Wonderwall, Britney demands that a collection of Marilyn Monroe DVDs be on-hand in all her hotel rooms. She also visits Marilyn’s grave regularly and wants to be buried in the same cemetery. Are Beta slaves programmed to adulate Marilyn?

Anna-Nicole Smith

Anna-Nicole Smith’s life was very similar to Monroe’s, right down to the tragic end. Famous for her curves and her “dumb blonde” persona popularized by Monroe, her life in the spotlight was typical of a Beta slave. In the final years of her life, she was in a relationship with her attorney Howard K. Stern – who acted more as a MK handler than a husband. In this video (that I originally posted in the article When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry), we see Anna-Nicole demonstrating odd behavior … quite possible a programmed alter-personality switched on. The sad scene is filmed by Stern who appears to have triggered the episode.

Anna-Nicole also had to live through some incredibly traumatic events. For instance, in 2006, right after giving birth to her daughter, her 20 year-old son came to visit her … and mysteriously died right in her hospital room. The cause of his death was never clear but, as usual, the reason given by mass media is “drugs”. Was this a sacrifice by the occult elite to traumatize Anna-Nicole Smith the Beta slave? One thing is for sure, the event completely changed for the rest of her life. (Note that Monroe lost two unborn babies and claims they were “taken from her” by unidentified people).

Less than three weeks after the death of her son, Anna-Nicole “committed” to handler Howard. K. Stern in an unofficial ceremony. Five months later, Smith was found dead in a hotel room in Florida. She lost her life at age 39 due to a “combination of drugs”. In short, Smith’s resemblance to Monroe was not only physical, she was programmed to relive Monroe’s life.

Anna-Nicole Smith in a recreation of Monroe's movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

Anna-Nicole Smith in a recreation of Monroe’s movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

One of the numerous occasions Smith was made to look exactly like Monroe.

One of the numerous occasions Smith was made to look exactly like Monroe.

Other Beta Programming Celebrities as Monroe

Here are other personalities with Beta personas that are associated with Marilyn Monroe:

    Lindsay Lohan recreated The Last Sitting photoshoot with the same photographer Bert Stern.

Lindsay Lohan recreated The Last Sitting photoshoot with the same photographer, Bert Stern.

Like Monroe, Lohan is a sex symbol whose frequent trips to rehabiliation centers (or maybe reprogramming) and erratic behavior are reminiscent of Monroe's breakdown.

Like Monroe, Lohan is an industry symbol whose frequent trips to rehabilitation centers (a.k.a. reprogramming centers) and erratic behavior are reminiscent of Monroe’s breakdown.

Megan Fox is here poses with a book on Marilyn Monroe and showing off her Monroe tattoo.

Megan Fox poses with a book on Marilyn Monroe while showing off her Monroe tattoo.

Since then Fox has however removed that tattoo. She stated in an interview: "“I’m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe. I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I’m a borderline personality – or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia. I definitely think I have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is."

Since then Fox has however removed that tattoo. She stated in an interview: “I’m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.” Did she learn the truth about Monroe and what she represents in the MK Ultra entertainment industry?

Katy Perry is definitely used to push the Illuminati Agenda - including Beta Programming symbolism. Here she is posing as Monroe with a Masonic checkerboard pattern in the back.

Katy Perry is definitely used to push the Illuminati Agenda – including Beta Programming symbolism. Here she is posing as Monroe with a Masonic checkerboard pattern in the background.

As stated in previous articles, Courtney Stodden has all of the bearings of a Beta slave. Stodden married her handler when she was 16...and he was 51.

As stated in previous articles, Courtney Stodden has all of the bearings of a Beta slave. She married her handler when she was 16 and he was 51. Her online videos are all about being a Beta Kitten and displaying multiple personalities.


Nicki Minaj often imitates the Marilyn Monroe look.

Nicki Minaj often imitates the Marilyn Monroe look.

In her video "National Anthem", Lana del Rey recreated the Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President". The imagery in many of her videos allude to Beta Programming.

In her video “National Anthem”, Lana del Rey recreated the Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President”. The imagery in many of her videos allude to Beta Programming.

Lana Del Rey standing in front of an image of Marilyn Monroe.

Lana Del Rey standing in front of an image of Marilyn Monroe.

While it is normal for celebrities to be inspired by an iconic star such as Marilyn Monroe, her image is systematically used on stars pushing the Illuminati Agenda. Like other symbols described on this site, the symbol of Monroe is used to represent the presence of Beta programming in popular culture.

In Conclusion

In this two-part series of articles, we looked at Marilyn Monroe’s youth, career, death and legacy. In all of these stages, Monroe’s life was imprinted with trauma, abuse and mind control. As a victim of Beta Programming, when she was not working on a project, she was literally passed around for her ” intimate services”. Towards the end of her life, Marilyn was JFK’s Presidential Model, a situation that could have been explosive if revealed to the public. Both of them would die shortly afterwards in circumstances that remain extremely shady and suspicious.

Even after Monroe’s death, her image continues to be used ad-nauseam to identify those who are following in her footsteps by the same system that controlled her entire life. Why do the most iconic figures in our pop culture often end up living tragic lives? Is it because there is something terribly wrong in the entertainment industry? I’ll let Marilyn Monroe sum up the situation.

“Hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul”

– Marilyn Monroe



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      • There are so many perverted sick people around on our planet.This has happened before interfering with the dead in morgues.It's disgusting.Poor Marilyn had an hard life.Even a friend of hers said she'd never kill herself.Just wouldn't.Like a lot of people famous or not just murdered made to look like suicide.Look at Researchers and Scientists that know things the governments don't want anyone else to know.They will do whatever it takes so nothing gets out.Research on the internet it's shocking.

    • Strawberry Yogurt on

      I was thinking the same thing. She sang for him like three times and is very close to the Obamas. In my opinion, Obama sleeps with Beyonce well knowing her handle Jay-z fully aware of what is going on. I think Michelle knows something but like all Presidential Wives turn a blind eye. Beyonce and Jay-z have a "business marriage". Also, I think Barack sleeps with other women too. He is pretty much mimicking JFK which he is also close to.

    • Velma mamma on

      I keep finding that too. Beyonce has been hand picked from a young age. I've seen her with Jay-Z on stage and there's literally NO love between them. Jay wraps his arm around Bey the way a handler would a slave, plus, what type of useless husband would allow his wife to parade around a stage wearing nothing but a skimpy bathing suit for other men to drool???
      I also really don't like the way Obama and Clinton look at her…'s sooo perverse.

      Long story short, they ALL need prayers and Jesus!!!!

      • Maybe it is not president O. but his wife using miss B.? Why not have a puppet for president and a handler for his wife? Questions enough..

      • No body could care less what Beyonce gets up to, its Marilyn we're discussing and JFK was a great president, he was assasinated for going against the system and fighting it, Marilyn on the other hand was silenced … Two amazing icons who were caught up in the web of the dark side and died tragically!

      • This is not a game of naming that singer B as much as we can, Sarah. The B.-connection is made with comparation. Please leave your rod at the door.

      • I noticed that Beyonce is always behind Jay-Z when he walks. Also there is a photo of them getting out a car Jay-Z on the side where the sidewalk is and Beyonce on the side with traffic. When you look closely you can see bruises on her legs. She said recently that she performs so hard that her feet bleed but I think she is definitely a sex slave! Their marriage is contractual and many times Jay-z by his facial and body movements is quite bored and annoyed with his wife!

    • It funny she seems like the one celebrity that has this open range of freedom. I know that she probably has suffered some form of MLK programming but she is definitely not a Britney Spears but has the success and popularity of her and above. Is it because she plays the game well? She comes off to me as a handler herself at times. Maybe since she was brought in through her family member who she has seems to have disconnected from and not directly under anymore. Britney Spears handler seems more like music industry mogels who have no personal connection to her besides her contract and profits she is the closest to be handled and treated like Marilyn Monroe to me. Beyonce ofter seems like an handler in mindset and actions herself at time I am sure Jay-z in some forms is her new handlers but she does have money, access, and reach to unplug herself in some form and fashion even though she has never left the stage/ game for a moment. We all should understand by now that this mess that we watch on a daily is a gamer of chest meaning everything is staged and positioned on the board.

      • I doubt she's a handler. Her dad handled her and passed her off to J. In 20 years she has no friends, no social life outside of her husband and 3 to 4 family members ( mom, sis and nephew), the stage and stage workers, dancers etc..I think she's just easily controlled. She "wants" the fame and money and has no problem going along with the program !

      • Exactly she is damaged and a lost soul. The media hypes her up as this strong female in control and powerful but in reality she is under the control of her handlers. At her age that can't even piece together sentences she wants to convene and comes off as a airhead is disturbing. The fact that she is popular and doesn't really go out without her husband/handler nor really have any female friends tells me that she is being programmed. She has no sense to be a handler. LOL

    • Light & Truth on

      It def crossed my mind. Beyonce plays it down but its not what she seem. Jay Z is a pimp and I believe he does pimp her out

    • I think so! She was the feature artist at both his inaugurations and she fits the 'Marilyn' sex kitten model!

  5. I find it fascinating that Beyonce is following almost the exact same track. Her status, affiliation with the president, her image of lightened skin and blonde hair, and the overt sexualization of her image in recent years. I fear she will one day suffer the same fate. Fantastic article

    • Strange4sumchange on

      I agree with you except for the fact that I feel that Beyonce is so much the egomaniacal narcessist that she probably enjoys the role she plays. She like being the sexy talented center of attention that every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with. No matter what the costs are, even if that includes brainwashing the masses and following an elite agenda. You can just tell how much she thrives off of the idolation. I honestly dont even blame her tho cuz i feel like thats how she was raised by her first handler matthew. And you can also tell she been "enlightened" at some point, which is why I think you never see her "acting out" like the other slaves under "programming" like Britney and such. The only way i see her suffering ill fate is either by her bad karma coming back at her or somehow her guilt catches her or she begins to rebel, which is unlikely. Shes not stupid. She enjoys every bit of this.

      • I know a guy who used to work in a radio station. So they had invited Beyonce for an interview and although the guy is black he found her repulsive. I was quite shocked as she appears to look good, however he met her and she is not that good in real life. Go figure a British guy of African/Jamaican background who doesn't like Beyonce.

      • So all black men are suppose to love Beyonce??? Sorry but you need more interaction with the outside world lol

      • I'd rather ecape the outside world as it does my head in. I might as well become a hermit.

      • They won't go after Bey until she ages a little more, become useless, and until they find a replacement. It already started with Baby gate, and after dropping a number of singles none of them did anything ( grown woman, bow down, been on, her & dream, sun, rise up…) so im curious as to how this will go !

        I would also say Kanye has fell out of graces with the elite with this whole kim thing and his giant ego. Same with Jay and this whole sports agency drama. They have begun to step on toes and the elites are reacting !

      • Beyonce's time is coming, she is cracking down. She used to be so private and now she is saturated all over the media. She is being scrutinized for everything. People who once loved her are realizing the type of person she really is. Her fan base is deteriorating and she is doing anything and everything to remain relevant (e.g., the butt slapping in Copenhagen was staged, or the fact that she wants people to talk about a pregnancy when she knows she not even pregnant just cries desperation!!). Beyonce has aged and looked tired and haggard lately. She will have a breakdown but I believe it will happen behind closed doors. Once you make a pact with Satan he can collect at anytime!

    • or maybe even people we dont know of. For example i remember seeing a video clip of terri thatcher (i think thats her name from desperate housewives) leaving somewhere and bush sr. slapping her on the butt-and she didnt mind it either. Also in one of kanye west's songs he literally says "u know how many hot b*tches i own?" I know he is not a president but my point is times are so much crazier than marilyns days, and she was one of the first, but im sure there are tons of them that service them all now. And i think our pres is gay so maybe its jay-z he gets and not beyonce, and alot of presidents have had gay relations so he wouldnt be the first if so

      • Both the president and Jay Z are bi-sexual. They probably screw each other but Beyonce is definitely a Presidential slave that has been with Bush, Obama, Gaddafi's son among countless others. She is also bi and has been with many women including the First Lady, Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora & Gwyneth Paltrow. There are a lot of sinister rituals going on in Hollyweird.

      • Kelly Rowland is her stepsister. She had a fling with her own relative? Well, as far as MK is concerned, no wonder…. And btw, indeed Paltrow&Martin have appeared to be very close lately, just like Cruise&the Smiths once…. Imagine, just imagine what can go on….

      • Stepsister? That does not mean they are related by blood. Of course in Hollyweird people have incesturous relations. Britney Spears was raped by her dad for years, Jessica Simpson and her father have a weird relationship. The Royal family are inbreds among others. You are right though Paltrow/Martin & Jay/Bey are in some sexual ritual where they all sleep together. Sometimes its an orgy or wife/wife, man/man or spouse swapping. Tom Cruise and the Smiths are Scientologists so I can only imagine what they do because Jada & Will are known swingers and have an 'open' marriage. I don't trust any celebrity or Hollyweird and that is my motto and I am sticking to it..LOL

      • I don't know 100% because I am not in Beyonce's circle. But from what I read from various sites on the internet and the sources that they have it seems credible. Also something called intuition. Something doesn't seem right between her relationship with the Obamas among other things!

    • Yes, but it's not just Beyonce' it seems every female artist who wants to reach a certain level of 'success' has to channel Marilyn, as noted in the article. It's like how you know they've gone from ordinary to high level.

  6. Bravo! Wonderful Article!!!! Thee best article thus far!!!! I am convinced that Whitney Houston was kicked off the freedom train and killed because she could not perform or sing the way she used too. Poor Marilyn…I just feel awful about what they did to her. This should be a lesson to the up anc coming starlets. No one is exempt.

      • If race is irrelevant, then why are the latest black starlets bleaching their skin, wearing blond wigs and erasing their black facial features with the help of surgery? All you have to do is compare old photos to new photos, and if you can get around all the Photoshopping that's being done these days, you will see these changes in their appearance.

  7. Fascinating and so sad at the same time. The autobio I read on her was really tough to get through but I highly recommend it.

    Excellent as always VC – can I buy you a beer sometime?

    Take care

  8. you know whats so sad? that marilyn was denied happiness in order to become the ultimate sex symbol. i mean she wasnt allowed to have kids even though she wanted them and couldnt get married so that she was always available as the presidential sex slave. same with the celebs now, especially the females.

  9. NibiruisNow on

    While this was an excellent article covering a story that has been exposed many many times….I think it missed Marylyn's BEDROOM in her house on the night of her murder.
    Pictures of her bedroom are stunningly disturbing. For who was a living Icon that just sang for the President ~ her living conditions TOTALLY explicate this article…….bare walls , chucked about clothing and handbags just out of their packaging…..almost slovenly ….. I don't think there was even a bed frame ~ just a mattress on a a base.
    Whe one considers the LUXURIOUS lives of Joan Crawford or Elizabeth Taylor ~ in particular their HOMES and decor & collections of jewels & fur's & furniture & art……what kind of life was Marylyn living when compare to her own peers…..The image of her bedroom is the haunting smoking gun of anyone who disbeliefs the existence of Monarch or MkUltra.

    • Marilyn was focused on decorating the rest of her house before focusing on her room. The day she died she received a new bed side table that was still boxed up in the garage. She was making progress in decorating her new home.

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        Focusing on decorating a home? Not really a sign of a "suicidal" person is it?

      • I strongly feel she was murdered due to her doctor washing her sheets soon after he found her.Certain details in her diary.Lot's of incidents.She wouldn't have.Even a friend of hers think it was Jayne Mansfield said this.

      • wakey wakey on

        Ha sorry I jumped the gun…

        +1 on the Elvis request, Lisa. I visited Graceland just a year ago. It was simultaneously inspiring, and disturbing. My research has leaned towards the latter. I'd love to see a breakdown here.

  10. Lady Gaga also acts like Marilyn Monroe sometimes. When I watched Lady Gaga's video Bad Romance, her style was very like Marilyn.

    • In interviews, Gaga has made it a point to discuss how good she is in bed. Theres a really weird, uncomfortable one out there of her being overtly sexual on Lettermans couch.

  11. Strawberry Yogurt on

    I forgot to mention in my other post that Michael Jackson is a victim of MK Beta. A sex symbol for men and women. Remember that dance he did grabbing his dick. That dance had send men and women in a sexual frenzy. Also, he too was close to two Presidents. Bill Clinton and President Reagan. These are some sick perverts.

  12. Also, you mention emeralds on presidential models being A sign of drugs. Beyonce had on emeralds at Obamas inauguration ceremony. She is highly linked with the president and the blonde hair too. Fishy….

    • interesting point…let's not forget that jay frequently raps about his drug-dealing past. though he was no king-pin, this part of his life is no secret. this former drug dealer, that is somewhat "illuminated/enlightened," knew exactly what his wife wearing emeralds while performing for the POTUS could or would imply.
      these ninjas ain't slick…

      • I noticed a few yrs back, when Mathew was still her handler and she had not married Jay yet, that Beyonce would wear not only emerald jewelry, but also wore that color gowns and dresses, while making a few public appearances on the carpet. I instantly thought of her being a Presidential Sex Slave and being used as one of the drug mules. Even though that was yrs ago, not much has changed other than Mathew passing the baton off to Jay. And who would be better to give it to than Jay, the ex-drug dealer?

    • ive read emeralds dont represent drugs. they represent witchcraft.

      the gemstones are a eastern representation of our chakras as well as programming classification. starting from amethysts, then rubies, then emeralds, diamonds, then obsidian.

      my source: order of astarte video, the rites of magick

    • In the video for the song "upgrade you" , she is , at one point holding dimonds in her mouth..I think that's also quite suggestive,don't you?

  13. Google Bush family tree and you will see that MM and GB are cousins. Proof that you don't become rich and famous unless you are born into a satanic bloodline.

    • Also related to gb is Hugh heffner and john kerry they are cousins. Also gb great gran uncle George Bush something was a Christian Zionist and wrote a book with propaganda about demonizing Islam.

      • SeriusCanine on

        The Khazars…who call themselves 'Jews' …a blood thirsty, parasitic, sexually depraved people.
        A Jew is actually a person who has gained a 'superior heightened sense for knowing/perceptibility-especially, in relation to matters that involve science'….it's not an ethnicity. There is no such thing as 'The Chosen People'. This is a culture, like the blood that courses through their very veins,for these people, one must over stand and inner stand as well. They seek to rule the world, by any means necessary. In their views, they will allow a few hand picked people to prosper, by doing their bidding, for the time allotted, so one 'must be' complicit or 'made' to become so. Basically either get down or lay down. Kind of fitting don't yah think that the word 'Hollywood' was coined to represent the industry. 'Hollywood' is a particular type 'wood' that so called witches and mystics were said to have used in certain concoctions for their ceremony's and potions/spells/ literally spellings.

        Just to add a bit, after being affiliated with the industry and subsequently leaving it, I remember hearing about a friend that I had met through my managers and this girl (A sistah) was finishing up school @UCLA. We've all seen her in movies and I guess you could say, she's more on the young side, she'd probably be between an A lister or B+ and she dates an NbA player, I won't say what team though, just wouldn't be right. Anyway while partying it was relayed to me that this female had been raped, like if it were her initiation only thing was, she 'wasn't down'. Think she was married to a football player as well after this took place, probably for security. She was maaad cool, flawless smile, she'd come through talk some 'ish' like one of the fellas. Reality is when I see her in magazines, or film, I remember when I knew her, they way we all chills, just before she blew up, maybe she's also Beta, Idk…Beyonce' has got nothing on this sistah, by beauty's standards anyway and extremely well spoken. Some people accept the offers given to them and even indulge, some end up sleeping. If you have children teach them to think for themselves and do not get caught up in beauty or the material, you'd physically want to vomit from some of the stuff that you'd witness, that the average layman would get arrested for.

      • Yes, I believe you are referring to the 'Ramen Girl'(?).

        Another fine human being, actress, writer, director and very active in the theater industry, is
        Adrienne Shelly.

        I had just stumbled upon the movie 'Trust' (that she starred in;……her best , imo) a couple of month's ago. Then I googled her name, to find out what other films she was involved in.

        'The unbelievable Truth……..her first film, I believe (1989) and an excellent effort.

        ' Waitress' ………she wrote and directed this sweetheart of a movie.
        Trivia: Under her direction (in more ways than one) this movie was filmed in
        20 (twenty)!!!!!! days for $2mil in october 2006.

        Sadly, she was brutally murdered in her manhatten app./office. The poor patsie that was
        convicted was a 19yr old equadorian illegal immigrant, helping to renovate a suite on the
        floor below.n Both his boss and his landlord described him as a 'very nice and gentle kid.
        Neither one believes he did it.

        Interestingly, her husband (?), Andrew Ostroy, was questioned by police for five hours.

        Just to further connect the dots: I have not been able to acertain their wedding date. On the
        movie review website:, when you type either of their names into the search
        bar, the wedding date comes up thus: (?).
        Also, I have not been able to find out the date of divorce from his previous wife (his second).

        Also, too;…..try googeling: images/adrienne shelly+andrew ostroy……or….wedding pics/
        adrienne shelly+andrew ostroy. I have looked @ hundreds and clicked on dozens of
        thumnails. NOTHING!!!!!!….I could not find one pic. of her and him together. Try it yourself
        and prove me wrong. I even checked myself, thinking I was just too much of a nooby, and
        googled: images/woody allen+mia farrow…..and lo and behold I got hundreds of those two
        together. Hmmmmmm.

        Follow the money: She made the movie for $2mil. and it won four posthumous awards in the
        spring of 2007. Her 'poor' widowed husband sold the distro. rights to Fox entertainment for
        between $4-$5mil. They managed to gross $20mil within 6 months.

        Just sayin': Wolf

  14. FooledAgain on

    Celebrities wear Rubies and Emeralds and Diamonds all the time, how would anyone know which were being controlled and which weren't? Sophia Vegara had on a million dollars worth just the other day.

    • Rubies – prostitution/sex slave trafficking
      Emeralds – drugs
      Diamonds – MK Ultra.
      For the record, Marilyn's mother was not crazy. Gladys worked as a film cutter which meant she used a lot of acetone and other chemicals. Also, left in a room with no adequate ventilation and working long hours with minimal breaks meants that the chemicals had an effect on her brain.

  15. you guys should do an article about that video "don't hug me, I'm scared" oh and cool article by the way!

  16. What a beautiful woman who had the life drained from her by greedy, evil, hateful men. She was truly a fighter, and I see her in Britney today. I just don't understand how this evil can go on. May she finally find peace, and may these Hollywood pigs just let her rest.

    • I remember seeing an interview with Britney where she stated that she wished she could just go and live on an island with her children. And I was like, "Well why can't you? You have enough money." But the way she said it was very forlorn and creepy. Like she knew she would never be left alone.

  17. Don't worry about whether we can destroy the Illuminati; just allow the authentic feelings in your heart to crystallize and, when the opportunity presents itself, Nature will do what it does best. Don't allow any complicated PsyOps to make you feel powerless. We are incredibly powerful beings! Lots of people have already woken up.

    Let's see them try to kill us ALL off before justice can be met.

    • SImple Truth on

      Actually nature is slowly cleansing this corrupted world by frequent disasters and climate change. And caused by lifestyle of mankind. The intervention is nearing……just watch.

      Godspeed the Intervention

      • wakey wakey on

        Unless martial law is declared. Take a look at the clips of the Watertown area of Boston in the wake of the marathon bombings. Could it have been a dry run for other metro areas?
        [Sequester cuts causing longer lines at the airports (for one), but hey, we gotta send these thugs to roust a quiet neighbourhood, scream in their faces as if they're criminals, and stomp through their domiciles in the name of "finding" a patsy! Your tax dollars at work.]

        It may take a few years, but that's seemingly where we're headed.

      • It was a dry run, yes. An experiment to see how people would react to a complete shutdown of everything, including cell phone lines. Surprise! They folded right over and said "Whatever we are told to do, we will do it. We must be safe!"

      • And the place where the wounded perp was found in the boat was only a short distance from where the shootout and run over brother occurred and the lockdown line ended a block or two away from the boat — it was the boat owner that found him — apparently they did not even have bloodhounds that could have followed the bloody trail from wherever the car was ditched — they have really managed to bury that story

      • There budgets are TOO big. Bloodhounds were used back in the day when all they had were pump shotguns and pistols. They were running around in full body armor, armored personnel carriers and machine guns. CUT their budgets before they take over!

      • I agree. The vast majority of people are already MK'd and aren't aware of it. Unfortunately the media has been quite successful in accomplishing this agenda.

      • Serious/Canine on

        More H.A.A.R.P. than actual nature…70/30 HAARP
        Anyone remember Nikola Tesla? We use so many of his inventions everyday, Thomas Edison wasn't sh.. Compared to Nikola Tesla, well he's the one these nefarious 'nuts' stole this knowledge from, Nikola wanted to help humanity heal and grow, he was able to cure cancer as well, which is not an impossible thing as some might beileve, its just profitable. Watch out for those 'cell-phone-Towers' (Radiation). As we see, these nefarious nuts have something much different in mind.
        And yes Wendy, you're quite on point with what you've stated. So many people, come down with the 24 hour flu and don't know where it's coming from, also the Chemtrails target the internal organs so that our organs get weaker, it's a slower, more costly death, that they profit from.

        So called stars, entertainers, athletes, political figures, talk show hosts, they ALL know, what's going on, we're being sacrificed, but what I say is, why not THEMinstead?

      • The power of human consciousness is vastly more powerful than anything that can be beamed at you. We can change the weather and abate natural disasters just by being stronger and more virtuous peoples.

        Everyone else: Quit looking at things on such a small scale. Yes, I'm aware of everything you're ALL talking about. I'm saying that we have to face all of these trials in our daily lives already, whether or not you can pin a New World Order symbol to them. It is the spirit of tyranny which must be broken, not merely its vehicles.

        Practice meditation and reflection. Learn about who you really are inside. And once all your commonalities with the Occult agenda are recognized and resolved, they won't have a source of power anymore. All these terrible things we see them do- those things are all inside you all the time! They're part of the human condition. You have to make the conscious decision NOT to live your life like a sociopath. The power is in your hands, not some anonymous cabal trying to use dirty tricks to indenture civilization. Take the responsibility, even just inside, and see how fast the game changes!

      • Untrue. These are manipulated weather events sponsored by HAARP and the chemtrail programs, various weather thugs with advanced technology.

      • SeriusCanine on

        Not really my friend, what you're referring to is the H.A.A.R.P., it had begun with approx. with the use of 180 antennae in Alaska using electro-magnetic-waves, to heat up, the Ionosphere and then 'those particular electro-magnetic-particles could be directed anywhere on or in the Earth's grid….if you notice, many events/disasters/sacrifices happen along the 33rd parallel, also 'times' and 'dates' are very important as well.

        The earth is definitely alive, it's not just a ball of mud, no…but certain things of are not 'natural'
        Have you ever heard of the opening, or the whole at the top of the earth, North Pole? The U.S. Navy knows. Their was a pilot who flewhis plane inside of it and made an actual detailed and or, recording about it, you tube it!

  18. “Hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 dollars for a Kiss and 50 cents for your Soul”
    – Marilyn Monroe

    Wow, that's so Crazy. I read this quote and I was curious who said that. AND, WOW, it was Marilyn Monroe itself. She has already recognized it. Mad.

  19. Finally here! Thanx for all your hard work VC!

    At some point MM's story reminds me a lot on how Michael Jackson died… doctor around at the time & all…

    • It occurred to me as well that MJ's doctor was also named 'Murray'. MJ's daughter tried to commit suicide today and Dr. Murray sent her a voicemail that sounds a lot like triggers. You can hear it online. Very strange things going on.

    • Marilyn Manson, Anton Laveys good buddy, is all over that. Im sure he can give her some good advice.

      • disney-hidden666 on

        ha! sad. marilyn monroe just like marylin manson visited lavey.
        they all been through that wonderful "church"
        his name is symbolic, they all know what marylin was and went through. manson had his own shit

      • disney-hidden666 on

        problems.. a church boy with a grandafhter into bestiality and some crazy stuff.. u don't think he was programmed in order to program kids.. he is another story

  20. My question is about Madonna. She uses MM image many times. But she doesn't look like a MK Ultra victim. She is so strong and smart. I confused about her.

    • Just watch her performances – she's obviously a part of it. She's not a "zombie" though, she loves it.

      • Madonna was a slave who always wanted to become a handler. Madonna's father was a Knight of Malta (brotherhood society) She clawed her way to the top and now she's one of the controllers… But she's not as high up as she thinks.

      • wakey wakey on

        Surely…remember the ritual "passing of the torch" to Britney and Christina at the (B)MTV Awards??? She is clearly a witch.

      • disney-hidden666 on

        witch is def what she is… she is a stronger higher version.. one of the stronger ones.. the prices she paid are more hidden, not exposed like the others..i heard rumors there may be snuff videos of her when she first moved to ny and tried to make it.. they saw she prob liked everything about the bysiness; she was smart and gave them what they want. some of her hazing was walking the streets naked and all other crazy stuff she done so she can turn around and act like some clean mom now who doesnt think breastfeeding in public should be alowed.. meanwhile she back to walking naked in pantyhose with no pants like lady gaga again and promoting mollies at her "mdna"tour.. she is a whole novel u can write about..

    • madonna said that when she was young she was raped in the roof in a building in NY and now she is with miley cyrus MK beta kitten

      • Rubies, emeralds and diamonds anyone? No disrespect to her family who may be reading this. She appeared to be a highly respected woman, who cared very much about her family and her faith. That's what I like to believe and still do, just like about pricess Diana. Women like Elizabeth Taylor and Diana are very rare. If many more women were like them.

  21. hmmm I fully understand why MM has been so popular over a lengthy period of time. Yes she was a very pretty woman, you can't deny it, on the other hand not that unique to be bombarded with her images and legacy for 60 years. That's plain brainwashing of the populace. I've seen 2-3 of her movies over the years and I genuinely never warmed up to her. Her roles were always similar, besides I found her OTT, over-sexualised. I've always been more fascinated by Ingrid Bergman, Romy Schneider, B Bardot, R Redford and G Peck.

  22. So my next step was to Google "Taylor Swift Marilyn Monroe" and looked at the images. Why am I not surprised to see Taylor Swift is wearing a very similar skirt to the one Marilyn Monroe wore in that famous subway scene, and have it blown up too? You're not fooling anyone Disney/Fox, you perverts.

  23. Countless actresses and topmodels posed as MM or played her too: Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton, Sophie Monk, Melody Anderson, Jessica Simpson, Mira Sorvino, Lara Bingle, Isla Fisher, Tiffany Pollard, Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Madonna of course, Mariah Carey, Linda Evangelista, even Naomi Campbell or Gong Li. Enuff to search on the internet…. Theres one Marilyn impersonator, called, ironically Suzie KENNEDY…. Exactly…. Another detail very important: the presence of Jews in her life/around her. Stern, the photographer, was a jew, Greenson, another Jew, Engelberg another, Bruno Bernard, famous for his MM pinus, another Jew, Johnny Hyde, etc. not to mention those Jews in powerful positions she was used by…. Draw ur own conclusions

      • There were countless scums around her regarding of their religion or ethnicity, but most of them were Jews. Hollywood is not called Jewlywood for nothing, is it?

      • They are not real christians dd, they are pagans posing as christians. The masons worship Baal and Ashtoreth (Osiris and Isis, Apollo and Artemis).

      • I prefer paganism over any other organized religion. But paganism has been hijacked too. Real or fake Christians or Muslims or else = same slaves, different clothes. Organized religions hijacked paganism too, everybody knows that. That some still have troube accepting that, their problem not mine. The proofs are blatant for everyone to see.

      • d d .. whateva on

        Leaves me with ther question, why are you not questioning the realness of the jews you named.
        Believe in god is not the issue i think, it's the manipulation via the believe-system.

      • negative zero on

        These are not Jews you're familiar with…they are kabbalist who follow (wittingly or not) the talmud…entirely different. Old madge has pledged her allegiance, and dragged Britney down with her, for instance.
        Regarding your crack about so called Christians: I assume you're referring to those who shout out to God, but their god is lucifer…like freemasons.

      • They dont have to be Kabbalists by all means, dear. Lucifer = Satan = Devil. As i said, same shit, different scam.

    • betasnotonlywomen on

      Don't forget the children. Elle Fanning and some other little hollywood actresses have dressed up like Marilyn. Also James Franco. The implications of this are disgusting.

    • Right On Target on

      Steups… we go again…….the hitler and haman spirits. Blame the Jews for every evil under the sun…Yes there are many jews who do wrong and evil and God will deal with them as he would all who live and thrive on wickedness. Satan's targeted strategy has always been to hate the ones God had ordained as his chosen people

      • God, satan = imaginary beings. Jews are top of the list of those who should be blamed about all the evil going on in the world.

      • If there was a God as described, why would he create a people above all other people? Uh, sounds like those people probably wrote that information.

        Jews are different in that they share very distinctive genetic markers no matter where in the world they may reside. They are of the same tribal bloodline. Question is, who was that tribe?

    • A Jew not in on "it" on

      Interesting that with all your Jew bashing in the comments that there isn't even one Israeli on the list of the Bilderberg participants. Go have a read.
      So how are these "Zionist Jews ( Israelies) supposed to be responsible for everything if not even one was present there? Or did you mean only AMERICAN Zionist Jews?
      Maybe it's you Christinne who is the real master controller. "Draw ur own conclusions" on that!
      It makes about as much sense as anything else youv'e said here…
      There are plenty of Jew bashing sites out there, which you probably already suscribe to, so maybe you should spew your Jewish conspiracy BS on one of those sites instead.

      • do you really think every attendee is on that list? I'm sure the most important people are deliberately omitted.

      • Absolutely right. Those who can't separate the Illuminati/Zionist elite agenda from their pre-disposed hatred of Jews (99% of whom are of course, NOT part of it) have a lot of reading to do before making ignorant comments here. Otherwise, they're part of the problem.

      • Do you know who the Rothschild Family are and what they do? please don't mask the truth, it is what it is. Marilyn Monroe was surrounded by these fake ass non semetic so called people that claim themselves as "jews" and they are the ones that ultimately killed her, Please UNDERSTAND the article as well as just reading it. Also please remember my friend these are not hatred comments towards jews these are factual comments…..Capiche?

  24. Man this some trippy shit.

    I still firmly believe that JFK was planted by the Illuminati, but decided to do his own things. I don’t think he enjoyed MM that much. just something for the world to go on about from then till now.

    I really think its sad when someone has no control over their life. and all the false, lies and harm come out after death, when they can’t defend themselves (Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, etc…)

    Hollywood is a sick, evil and twisted place. I pray for anyone good hearted, honest person seeking fame and fortune there.

    in the end though, fame and fortune can’t buy you life…

    believe in God, Allah, Jehovah or which ever God you worship, only that you do worship Him, and not any false gods or prophets

    • Trippy – good realistic comment btw. I know imagine all the negative energies around Hollywood. They call it Tinseltown, and Tinsel means something which is very showy and appears glamorous but really its worthless and has no value.

      • On the outside all gold and gems and in the inside all waste and shiate. That's why there is an old saying, never judge a book by its cover. But then again if you express your views on them, you are accused of jealousy, so you need to back off and pretend you have no views. On the inetrnet is easier as it's impersonal.

  25. A lovely lady that was exploited by many people from her birth to her death.
    Dr Greenson and his homonculus Eunice Murray have a lot to answer for. When the police arrived, Murray had both the washer and dryer working to wash away the evidence of Marilyn's death.
    She went through the entire MK Ultra programming but once she outlived her usefulness, she was gotten rid of. As we all know (through VC) most slaves do not live past the ages of 30-40. Marilyn's programming was breaking down, due to her age, the alcohol/drugs and psychiatric treatment. Or perhaps, her programmers were deliberately trying to break her down, to get rid of her for a ritual murder to make way for another young biddable star.
    I feel for these stars doing the 'Marilyn thing'. How long 'til we see one of these young women losing their life at a young age.

    • So strange that the maid was doing laundry at 3 a.m. – the time she supposedly "woke up" and found Marilyn.

  26. These are the consequenses of what we choose and permit to make part of ours lives, just to obtain fame and money.

    Its being said that:

    “…devil is like a rabid dog chained inside a circle with a limit distancing from people, so he only hurts when people voluntarily enter in his perimeter…”

    Hey VC what about the Symbolic pics of the month 06/13???

    Hope hear from you ASAP :)

  27. As always, the usual cover-up as the illuminati controls the police and what not else is there. Just goes to show how very malevolent their schemes are in pushing their agenda forward to which many give into BUT few like the rest of us tend to resist and hold steadfast to the truth of life and liberty through the secrets that can be easily seen by us.

    Marilyn was definitely a poor soul who was used and consumed by those people behind the dark industry of hollywood and thrown away once she was done with, as in killed.

    Stupendous job VC, keep them articles coming about the illuminati and their dark agendas, along with their pawns.

    • LA cops were very dirty back then. They even made a movie about that! I think it's called LA Story. Then there's OJ's trial.

  28. Harry Weinstein. Is he related to Harvey Weinstein? Zionists!
    Housekeeper Eunice Murray was a puppet serving a puppet for their masters! Tragic!!
    I wonder how many more women JFK and RFK shared apart from Munroe, Mansfield and Jackie O.
    I have to look for this article but I read that Carla Bruni Sarkozy was given to Nicholas Sarkozy by Italians as a thank you gift for helping them with some Mafia deals and running of arms. She’s another presidential slave, a beta programmed one like most top models and despite all the whispers about the state of their marriage, she remains compliant.
    Also, when I look at Naomi Campbell and her well known issues (they say she needs anger management but we know she needs Christ,) the old men she has dated like De Niro, the Edge, Pesci, Costner, Clapton, Briatore, Tommy Lee, Quincy Jones and the one she just broke up with Voronin, it’s quite obvious she’s given to these men for them to “service her.” The latest one Voronin bought her that eye of horus island somewhere near Turkey and they still broke up? Contract over. Plus she’s been linked to Presidents like the late Chavez and who knows what she did with Charles Taylor of Liberia. If they did nothing he definitely had the intentions to seduce her. Presidential or not she’s a sex slave and she remains compliant too.
    As for Beyonce, who knows? When I look at her, all I see is a fraud! I digress; she was on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday (BBC1) and she was asked “why do women who are abused stay in their relationships?” She replied “that’s why we are here to change that!” A well programmed airhead. Salma Hayek butted in and said “because they are afraid and their abusers feel worthless.” I don’t think BO is sleeping with Beyonce. I can wager that he’s sleeping with Jay-Z. I’ll believe that more as some ritualistic thing. Or maybe it’s a ménage-a-trois.
    Next, Paris Jackson!!! WTH?

    • Doutzen Kroes is so different than all the rest. Extremely beautiful, she caught my eye so many years ago but also low key. I'm very intrigued by her.

    • Speaking of Harvey Weinstein, have u seen his wife? Trophy (goyim/Aryan) wife/sex slave for a sleazy Jew. And they have just had their spawn, a son, recently…. How can a normal woman look at or marry such a scum unless she's mind controlled?

      • She's controlled by his money and power. Most women are like that Christinne.

      • d d .. whateva on

        Well, Beth, after reading all the posts, i think you are on to something..

      • Thanks, d d ..whateva! I don't usually respond like that, but Christinne is a hater, saying very despicable things about Jews. And she clearly has a lot of influence over other people on this thread, so it's likely that she's 'converting' some of them to her vile, anti-Semitic propaganda. Christinne is a dangerous and sickening person.

      • "saying very despicable things about Jews" Ha ha my god which rock have you been living under? Hunni the "Jews" (fake jews that is) are despicable people that do despicable things and "anti-Semitic propaganda??????" bloody hell I nearly spat ma tea all over ma computer. Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Explain this Beth, how can you be anti semitic towards someone who isn't semitic in the first place???? Ya need to do ya homework boo.

      • Oh please. 'most women' are like that says who?? You need to get more. Anyway the kind of women who do marry a man for wealth and power are no better than the assholes they attract. Oh and no condemnation for men (Regardless of wealth) who pick a partner on the basis of her attractiveness and not much else?? Pretty shallow.

  29. Karen Mulder was a presidential model for sure. She was on live tv in France and said that Prince Albert of Monaco raped her. Then there was a cover up and the fotage was erased but she said that on live French tv and said that in front of a full audience. It was never mentioned on the media again.

    • Ah yes and I think she said she was abused before she was five by her father. Claudia Schiffer and again Naomi Campbell dated him. All models, all Elite Modelling Agency models. Another demonic company.

  30. Traumatizing mind control victims by taking away or killing their children seems to be a recurrent theme. I find Anna Nicole Smith's death to be the most disturbing. The fact that her 20 year old son Daniel died in the same hospital room where Anna had just given birth was done to kill her mind and it did. With Marilyn, they took her babies.

    Whitney Houston's death is also very strange. The fact that her daughter Bobby Christina almost drowned in a bathtub, was it the day before? or something like that, is very very odd. Were they trying to kill Bobby Christina in order to traumatize Whitney and it failed and then they had to kill Whitney?

    And the "doctors" in the bedroom with Marilyn is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's death.

    • its common knowledge Whitney was "suicided". Anna Nicole's daughter is definitely a slave in the making, poor girl…. Bobbi Christina attempted "suicide" after her mom's death

      • So it's Bobbi, not Bobby. Sorry about that lol.

        I didn't know she attempted suicide after her mother's death but I'm sure I read somewhere that she almost drowned in a bathtub in the hotel where Whitney was staying and that she was saved at the last minute. Very odd.

        And what's up with Michael Jackson's daughter trying to commit suicide recently?

    • Yes the death of Whitney is very strange!

      Days before her dead brandy monica and clive were doing an interview, i guess it was for MTV. So Whintey came with wethair telling them heyyy i went swimming and almost drowned then she hands Brandy a note, the look on Brandy's face!!!

      Seek for it

  31. VC can you please tell a thing or two about the Big Brother Africa reality tv show. I think it's linked to the Illuminati?

  32. you forgot madonna. she is famous for being obsessed with marilyn monroe (material girl).
    she looks on the outside like a strong, independent woman. could this all be only an illusion?

  33. A TEEN VOICE on

    This is just sad. Lana Del Rey just strives for this kind of life. She already changed her name and face, what's next??

  34. ChristisLife on

    It's all a part of a five thousand year old NWO plan for world domination by the "elite" or New Group of World Servers. There is so much to this plan, it is insane! This is just a tittle compared to what "they" are planning. Take the United Nations for example, the Dark Power behind the move towards World Empire, behind the Globalists, the "peacemakers" and cheerleaders of the United Nations, is to contrive wars and conflicts to destroy the "Old World Order" predicated on Natural Moral Order to clear the way for the establishment of the New World Order predicated on Evil. In short, to sicken people of wars, to frighten them into giving up what freedoms they have for the promise of security and peace, the architects of the New World Order, the real Lords of Power, have deliberately fomented wars and rumours of wars to consummate their ancient dream of World Empire. Please understand, modern wars are created by New Age One World Conspirators.

    By intriguers and traitors working behind the scenes to an agenda for World Empire. Moreover, an Ancient Agenda, the Sinister Plot to Change the World, of which the majority of people are wholly ignorant of, especially the men who are sent out to fight these contrived wars: men who bleed and die and suffer for reasons they do not know or not allowed to know or understand. The United Nations is the creature of the New World Order, planned in secret by men who seek to bring "peace" to the world by establishing a World Empire in which no competing ideologies or spiritual systems are allowed to exist. A Feudal-Fascist World Empire ruled over by the Global Elite raising its revenue by "world taxes" and kept in power by a huge sophisticated World Army and World Police that will control the masses with new surveillance and behaviour modification technology or, if this fails, with sheer brute force. The greatest tool used by these plotters is the crises, chaos and confusion derived from contrived wars. Thus, in the name of "world peace" and to legitimise the "United Nations" these wicked, evil people have fomented wars and conflicts in which hundreds of millions have died, and who will in the near future precipitate even more brutal wars in which many more will die.

    The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all History. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.

    • There is no reason to destroy the US. We are merely corporate British property – we never succeeded. Our nationalism is waning anyway in favor of globalism, and that is done through public education (brainwashing) of our children as soon as the state can get them into a classroom. Parents clap like dumb monkeys as they happily hand their kids off to the state, and clap even harder when they get into college….ick. The so called American spirit, I mean, what is that? Communities no longer exist, immigrants come here to work and send money back to their countries then return to those countries to retire (taking their retirement income and benefits back with them), the family unit is completely broken. The working class is being continually strapped to pay for every benefit we decide to bestow upon those that chose to not work. What is there to destroy?

      The greatest illusion is that we don't already live under the NWO. WE DO. Its been a slow drip, a big fast conversion could create rebellion, the worst possible enemy of the NWOs desired mindset. Things will continue to get progressively worse.

      • disney-hidden666 on

        true!!!!!!!!!!! working for those who don't work. seriously what is ruined?? all the global crap, not that i beleived in being "American" because no american is really from here except the natives.. but now its all global community this and global community that from first grade.. we are already in it.. america will go on to unite the world eventually, we are still a satellite colony of england.. and the evil jews..they love jews because they believe in "god"- their god… i need an article on the royal bloodline of america..every president is blood related… not sure if related to the rothchilds and rockefellars or if that is another blood line.. i know the whole idea behind "blue blood" and the whole reptilian conspiracy.. no i don't beleive in reptilians but i do beleive they are the children of the god they worship… and that blood line continues to rule..

      • Perfectly put, Wendy. To me, Independence Day is a hollow joke of a holiday, and I haven't celebrated it in many years.

    • ChristisLife on

      You can't be famous any more. What exactly is fame? It is a false illusion of control, and ultimate tactic to force a total surrender of man's will. Fame is a malevolent beast that preys on individuals and eats away at their mind and soul until they are lifeless unto death. When I hear children say when they grow up they want to be a rich and famous celebrity, while referring to and idolizing many pop artists and actors and actresses, it sickens me, as they truly do not realize the what that lifestyle costs. Lust for fame is the murder weapon and the elite are the murderers. The promises of riches, fame and fortune, while withholding the terms of the contract that say, "Your soul and mind will no longer be yours, we, the elite, own that now. You will no longer be able to think for yourself. You will be cut off from your family, friends and loved ones. There is no God, We the elite, are your gods now. You will bow down and worship us only. And if you try to back out, you will be forever met with pain and agony until the day you die. Sign your soul away.'

      It's sickening. Everything is corrupt. Our food, the entertainment industry, educational system, political spectrum, law enforcement – all a poisonous design meant to destroy are very existence..

  35. I will share this post with one of my female coworkers who idolizes Marilyn Monroe to the fullest. She won't believe what she reads !

    Does this MK Ultra / brainwashing includes the suppression of the help mechanics of a human being? I am asking, because I don't know. I really don't understand WHY if these models, singers or actresses are in those high levels of depression, stress and sadness, why don't they cry out for help? And I'm not saying that they should ask for help to their managers or people in the business because clearly they are all part of the same plot, and those evil bastards don't care a bit for the sorrow and pain a victim of programming undergoes. But how about looking for help outside all that media? Can't they, on their own, contact someone for help?

    I am a Britney fan… not so much for her music, but her persona. I feel she is a candid and very, very naive girl who has been utterly deceived by many evil assholes… for money, or for anything else. I actually pity her.. Clearly she is not in a clear state of mind nowadays, only by watching interviews or seeing anything she does, you can tell by the look in her eyes that she is NOT having a good time, at all. And that hurts me to hell. In a documentary that she shot called "For The Record" there is this part where Britney says that she cannot be completely happy because if she reaches such state, then that is going to be taken away from her. That freaks me out. Furthermore she says that she tells things to the people who surround her, like her parents, manager, even the doctors and lawyers, but that they don't listen to her. So she can say that she feels sad, or that she can't continue with her career, or that she is not in the mood to shoot any videos, or that she is super depressed or whatever, they just won't listen. She says they hear what they want to hear, but that no one really listens to her cries for help. She ends up breaking in tears and saying that she feels sad. And you can say what you want… but for me… that is not acting. So that angers me because everyone bashes her to the uttermost, and points fingers on her, blaming her of many things that she doesn't really have any control of, clearly. But then (God forbid) if something terrible happens to her like a mysterious death, a suicide or anything like the things that befell upon Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, then you will see her parents crying, and "suffering", and the media paying stupid and non-sense homages and God knows what else. The music business in particular is a world full of hypocrisy, lies and perversion. Britney is in a very fragile state right now and reading how these stars die makes me worry about her.

    I wish these people, like Michael, Whitney, Britney, Amy, Anna-Nicole, Amanda Bynes, or even Marilyn could have a chance to break these satanic chains that shut their mouths so they could cry out for help. They are human beings, just like you and me. They deserve better. I understand that the desperation for fame and riches makes people do really crazy things… even to sell their souls to the devil. But some others are just unfortunate girls who were orphans or had no one in life and a jerk took advantage on them… even to death. Even when they have attempted to clean their act, like Michael and Whitney, they died soon after.


    • That industry is about you and me and everything.
      And yes, brainwashing is about well, everything too…..

    • rohypnoldreams on

      The "Industry" is an illusion created to pull the wool over the eyes of the public to how the world really works. Guns, drugs and sex.

    • PEACEbeStill on

      But don't we support the same industry we are lashing out on right now? Are we not the ones going to the concerts, watching the movies and the rot that is called reality TV shows? Don't we go out and buy the tabloid newspapers that splash these star's lives on the gossip column? Don't we buy the music, games, action figures, and all the nonsense that keeps us entertained?

      We should also look at ourselves, to what extent are we supporting this evil, knowingly or otherwise. They have become our gods and goddesses, our idols and we "love" to see them. Remember the system only exists and grows because the masses support it.

      So people need to wake up, get salvation and prepare for what's coming next. Jesus Christ the Son of God is the only way out. Whether you believe it or not.

      The only way to fight this, is to get out of it. Because they want us to get angry so we can riot then they can bring a 'false peace" as mentioned before. Don't be fooled.

      • I am not being fooled by anything. The fact I feel compassion for the girl does not make me part of any elite or agenda. I would just want her to break her chains before anything terrible happens to her. That's it.

    • Probably its been said before here but Britney was also raped and abused by her own father and uncle. Among many others, Im sure. Britney's mom slept with Black Eyed Peas's Fergie. Fergie, in turn, was also involved with FANGelina Jolie

      • My God… that is terrible. Is that true? I've heard rumors on that… but I don't know whether the sources are correct (Courtney Love…?? come on..).

        How could a father do such horrible and nasty, evil thing to his baby girl ? I could not believe that. That is so satanic.

    • To answer your question which no one seemed to do, they are not only stripped of their natural instinct to ask for help beyond their handlers, they are programmed so that it works against them. If they begin to 'wake up' and either rebel, threaten to tell or anything other than what they are told to do it may trigger a 'self-destruct' program to die rather than tell. Which is why many of the are cutters or take pills or alcoholic. Or they are programmed to go into psychotic episodes. All bases are covered. It's in all the lit on Mind Control and MK ULTRA. Also all of the people you mentioned didn't really choose the business it was chosen for them by adults because they were children when it all started including MM.

    • Did you know there is a photo of her allegedly kissing her own sister! Something is definitely up with that chic. I like some of her songs but you can't deny there is something creepy about her.

      • Have you seen Lana smile or laugh in the past years? I know i haven't, not with het eyes, not in public.

        'Funny' how that goes for a lot of those people using the same symbols and showing similar behaviour..

    • I always thought she was robotic and boring, talks, acts, looks, sings like a robot. And I used to not take this stuff too seriously, but she really does seem to be very programmed.

  36. I don't understand the world fascination with this woman. of course she was a human being worthy of love and protection, but there was nothing about her that warrents such adoration. Among other things she helped (although probably under mind control in the process) to further the agenda of hyper se xuality and hedonism that has ever steadily ravaged the defenses of every youth culture during and after her life time. Whether or not some are wiling to believe she was an MK Victim (which seems obvious to me) she was clearly representing a woman loose and free with her se xuality and presented this model of a woman who could safely go through life with litte regard to the consequences of her se xual choices. She was not an asset to society. I do wish her life was better and none of these terrible things happened to her, but we need to stop putting this woman on a pedistal. Not only did she represent something entirely negative her acting abilities were highly questionable and her beauty while evident was hardly unparalled. Its almost as if the brain washing goes so deep even people aware enough to know something very wrong was happening to her are still dazed and confused about her value to society and the distructive legacy she left behind.

    • Light & Truth on

      Also you have to feel bad for her, she was sentenced to this life, by force, since she was a kid. Same can be said about Britney. You have remorse for them because their stank parents allow this to happen to them instead of protecting them. Abuse is no joke

  37. I have a feeling Lana DEl RAy is under mind control. Just some odd clues about her, maybe she was programmed to have a vintage sounding voice, she sounds like she she was from the yester years And it's not just that her presence, the lost look in her eyes and her lyrics tells of something more sinister. I love her music cause its different to anything I've ever known but I also know it's got some dark undertones to it. Could you do an article on her, also there was a photo of her kissing her sister for some stupid project which leads me to think of incest?? Programming ?

    • There is a article n here about her. Before she became Lana… she was Lizzie Grant, pretty sure that was her name. Anyway, look up that article on here.

    • she is programmed.

      In one of her video's she acts lke she is getting raped:S:S:S:S:S:SS::S.

      And she was insecure she did plump her lips up.

      She always sings in mineur.

  38. our favourite artists seem to have erverything thhey wanted out of life tthe money nd the fame the faboules life
    noo worries it seems……
    butt our greatest idols such as
    Elvis Presley
    Bob Marley
    Marilyn Monroe
    Michael Jackson
    Tupac Shakur
    Whitney Houston
    They died before there time there hearts were not ready to die they where made to….

    and we are stucked with an old women that keeps spreadinng her legs tryin to act sexy and shit wearing tight shity pants
    with kids idolising her and we need to call her Madonna…..
    why dont you fuckin retire Madonna all of the above are way more talented then you and touched way more peopple through their hearts….

    But who cares….cause am like…

    if i was your boyfriend you never be alone i be sayin the same shit over the years
    and you still buying my songs


  39. It occurred to me as well that MJ's doctor who gave him the sedative the night he died was also named 'Murray', just like MM's nurse Eunice Murray. By the way why was Eunice doing laundry at 3 a.m. when she told police she had just woken up.

    MJ's daughter tried to commit suicide yesterday and Dr. Murray (MJ's ) sent her a voice mail offering her his help, but it sounds a lot like triggers. You can hear it online. Very strange things going on.

  40. Educated2323 on

    I find it strange that the photographer from the bel air hotel photo shoot has his hand above Marilyn as if he's controlling puppet strings. I doubt this is just a coincidence.

      • Wow I google image searched, and there are loads of different photos (on different occasions) where theya re sitting at games or whatever and he is always whispering in her ear. It may not seem out of the ordinary, but just have a look.

  41. I remember reading somewhere else that the drug that killed her was administered via her rectum through an enema. that’s why there was nothing in her stomach nor any sign of intra vein administration.

    • K that's amazing and weird because I just read this morning something about Elvis believed to have died actually from enema complications not drugs (I read it on a health related site not a conspiracy related site)

  42. This was truly amazing to read & sad all at the same time….Vigilant Citizen, I posted this on my Tumblr & gave you full credit….for this amazing story..I hope you don't mind….this was just to awesome not to spread around……Maybe this will wake up more ppl in the world…..

  43. …Wow. Crazy times we live in. It's astonishing that everyday people and celebrities alike look up to such a troubled soul. I wonder if the problem is that people simply do not realize the troubled side of her life, or that they simply don't care.

    Also, VC, PLEASE do an article(s) on Michael Jackson. His story is one that needs to be told, as well.

    • We all have have troubles in our lives. We are born to encounter troubles and be tested and then pass away.

      • lol, short, full of crap, however there are some shades of light. At least the crap is temporary and not that bad, go to hell and there is no escape. Permanent terror.

  44. I'm so proud of you, American people who is awakening to the real world (which is sick!) ! I'm an European, from Catalonia, and I'm very happy to see that Americans are waking up at last!
    Here in Europe we need light, also. We have to challenge the repression of Germany. Can you believe that? History is repeating again….
    Let me explain.
    Germany, with the excuse of the economic crisis, is enslaving all the european countries with laws of repression, job cuts… and I fear Angela Merkel and the Elite of the European Royalty and the Government of Brussels are heading us towards a TOTAL dictatorship. The air is full of negativity and distress!

    I'm very sad to let you know this stuff, but it is happening everywhere. First it began with Greece, then Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, etc. Europe is really really doomed!
    In Spain there are people killed because of this economic repression. They kill themselves because they are unable to pay anything!
    Please, pray for us if you believe in God or in any kind of Supreme Being. Here things are getting worse and worse by the day!

    • Isra85 — So very sorry for what you are going through there!

      it has always been my dream to visit Europe, and see Naples where my Grandmother is from, and to see Spain, Germany, and France also.

      I've been under the assumption that things were better there since GMO food is completely banned and because America is literally dominated by Israel, it seems like America is nothing more than a *satellite* country!

      I've read, that in Germany, you can be JAILED for questioning anything to do with the Jewish holocaust…do you know that to be true? Seems like a real nightmare when free speech is banned.

      I have always wanted to also visit your beautiful country, Sevilla in particular, and again, so sorry that all of you are being tormented there. Yes, I will pray for you!

      • In Germany and Austria u can indeed go to jail or other bad things could happen to u if u question the HOLOHOAX. Or the HOLOCAU$$$$T. Which tells everything….. Google Ernest Zundel and u will see…. Hitler's regime has become the ultimate scapegoat, along with Muslims. Educate urself, dont swallow the Zio propaganda about Nazi's.

      • Christinne, yes, I know Zion is behind the scenes. Yes, I recognize this organization as evil and it want us to be enslaved.
        Chloeblue, the situation in Spain is so dramatic, but it is going the same in other european countries. Greece is right now at the edge of an apocalyptic nightmare. Very awful to see how people are devastated because there are some who commit suicide or burn themselves in the streets. A lot of us are very angry with the government.
        Thank you, I wish your prayers to be listened because everything is messed up.

  45. I was watching la'toya jackson show on own where she went to a psychic and he told her michael said to stop trying to figure out what happened to michael. Although i want herto move on with her life too…i would have liked forher to continue digging. Either that or go to the long island medium woman. I don't believe in pyschics or mediums but i do believe that she has a real gift.

    • Mediums get their information from wicked spirits. Humans don't have gifts or talents unless they are given to them by God. Wicked spirits are aware of patterns, you know they have been around for a very long time, hence they can see similar patterns unfolding. Nonetheless, they know everything about everyone's past. Consequently they pass this information to their chosen ones, mediums call them whatever you like. So swallow your pride and arrange to confess everything you can to a priest. Once you pass away they can't use those sins against you. Confession frees you from the chains, although it has to be sincere and profound. It takes a lot of emotional and spiritual preparation…

      • Truth & Light on

        Confess to priest…..what a croc…. I do believe some ppl hv the gift…we are all born with it… believe they get from evil spirits….so u don't believe they can speak to good spirit….open your mind and eyes

      • Yep some people who are pure and innocent souls have the gift. However, the rest are in cahoots with wicked spirits. One of those monks who was a Saint and had all sorts of visions saw a medium with many demons that couldn't be seen by other people. He also came across a very young man from Sweden who spend his childhood and adolescence in Tibet and he also had many abilties like telekinisis which were given to him by demons. The monk was a very wise man with plenty of abilities which were given to him due to his lifestyle and pure soul. He could heal people, plus he had the ability to be not only knowledgeable but also aware of your problems before you even introduced yourself. Confessions are not a joke. Once you attend one, the priest puts his hand on your head and says a pray. While it takes place it's like something is lifted from you head. Difficult to explain, however the relief you get after a confession is magnificent. Besides, it doesn't come easy to humiliate yourself to a sinner and start talking about your life & your sins. Many sleepless night before you go ahead with one. If you don't believe in it, it's your prerogative. I believe in miracles which are the result of a divine interevention. Refrain from mocking the divine mysteries.

      • you're very right, Andrew. all these "special / supranatural abilities" people aspire for attract demons who aim to trick everyone into their traps. they can pretend to be whatever one wishes for: angels, souls of our beloved late ones or extra-terrestrials. they can give you "special powers", even healing ones just to make you theirs. only very few people are being given true gifts from God Himself – humble souls who usually don't even care for anything supranatural or extraordinary. often it is annoying for them to have such a gift; like famous sister Briege McKenna who tried to "get rid" of her gift of healing as she was afraid she will be seen as a charlatan.
        be careful people when you crave for special powers….there is no "energy" inside or outside us we could exploit at our command; only God and His angels and Satan and his angels. those who crave to have special powers in order to be "like God" usually fall into Satan's trap.

      • ቤርሃነ ሜርርኣም on

        Actually you said it correctly – the "souls" are pure and innocent, the "gift" however is malevolent and from a very dark and evil place. People like Johanna Michaelson was born with this so-called "gift" and for may years believed it was a "gift" from God and did "marvelous things, even in "Jesus'" name (she worked with a woman/spirit medium named Pachita who "healed" people in "Jesus'" name ). However after much questioning and prayers and most importantly through the love of the REAL LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST she realized, after many year, that her "gift" was nothing but a generational curse that satan and his minions used lucratively to fool her and many many others into believing that these "miracles" were from God/Jesus.

    • jesusknight on

      Hah! That 'psychic' probably told her to stop digging 'cause she is getting too close to the truth…that is probably more like the real deal there…

  46. Michael Jackson wore diamonds a lot too…remember the rhinestone glove… I am sure he was beta material as well.

    • Theres also a lot of feline symbolism about Jacko. Think about that too. Not to mention the same feline symbolism about his sisters Janet and LaToya.

    • disney-hidden666 on

      the white glove, at first when he was younger it was a larger version of a white glove, was used to represent the "upper hand," Just as madonna, mj was used as a role model and hero for youth of his time and had the upper hand to control them with music, just like the illuminati behind the business controlled him. he was fooled by them that he was illuminated as well and powerful like them. but he was just a pupper and being abused G-d knows how, behind the scenes. The diamonds that sparkled also resembled illumination, as did the lights going on one by one as he danced/walked in the billie jean video which was a dark set and the lights went on slowly one by one. As he was illuminated in billie jean, ironically, he was also used in singing that song to promote baby daddy drama as we say today. young guys denying they are the fathers of their children.. (people don't want to admit it, but that is what that song means)

  47. I've always loved Marilyn, and in some ways, I've indentified with her. Like so many, she wanted to be a star, the system used her and when they were done, spit her out. I hope now she is happy, in whatever the afterlife is.
    Speaking of young Hollywood, if you watch Lindsay Lohan's video "rumors", so much Illuminati symbolism. Towards the end of the video, she's dancing on the roof of a building and she makes the pyramid with her hands over her left eye!!! I never noticed it when the video came out in 2004, but decided to watch it the other day, and my mouth dropped. Now look at her…her career is over, scandals, drugs, crazy relationship with her parents. Poor girl.
    There's alot of sick people in the industry.

    • Her soul will carry the scars of what happened to her into her next chosen lifetime. She will face them another time.

      • But Christ never said there is incarnation. We live once, we die for good. They want us to belive there is incarnation to mess around with your heads.

      • yes, incarnation is another satanic lie to make us think we still have plenty of chances to amend when we fugg it up once. sadly, it is not true, we only have this only chance.

      • deeply saddened on

        Buddhists believe in reincarnation, are you saying that somehow buddhism is related to satanism or that anyone who believes in reincarnation are evil/bad? Because in my opinon, It's not just Christ you answer to. i respect if you do but it's a little harsh to generalise and say 'incarnation is a satanic lie'. Maybe you could expand on your thoughts?

      • satan is a liar and he wants you to believe in incarnation… one of his methods to mislead us all, especially his minions… he convinces them with money and grandiose notions that they are rebels and gods themselves and promises that they will have the opportunity to return to earth one day… i do think Christ is the only answer, the only truth and perfection… and cia can make as many lists as it wants cause i ain't get scared… my beliefs don't have to be shared by others, let's all fight for our beliefs eh… i might be wrong for almost everything, however concerning Christ I'll stick to my guns. This is the only thing I'm certain about, nothing else. Never came from my mouth any criticism against people who are not believers or maybe it came and I've forgotten about it lol… it'd be senile to consider those who don't believe in Christ bad, let Christ judge them… I'm not good myself, so it'd be an hypocrisy to call everyone bad when I'm as bad.,, finally, i'm of the opinion that whoever believes in incarnation is not necessarily a bad person, something I can't tell as I lack the ability to read people's hearts and minds. I'd be a God myself if I had all those abilities.

      • @deeply saddened I respect your view and feelings. Sorry if I sounded too harsh.

      • deeply saddened on

        @Andrew – theres no need to apologise i respect your views also :) i guess it's just hard to believe 'the power of satan' when buddhism doesnt have a devil. thanks for the insight though, i appreciate it!

      • there is only one Truth about Life – the one we have been taught by Christ who as the only one proved what He taught by His own death and resurrection. reincarnation is not part of this teachings; therefore it is a lie. and all lies come originally from Satan. i don't mean that buddhism is related to satanism or that those who believe it are evil; i'm just saying that those who believe that we have many lives are being deluded by Satan, whether they are aware of it or not.

      • I haven't looked through the whole site, but they seem to have a lot on the subject of the Bible and reincarnation >>

      • Ms. Adventure on

        With all due respect, there is no singular truth about life that can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. Nobody knows for SURE what happens when we die, whether there is an afterlife, whether or not our souls are reincarnated, etcetera. Bible of not, it is all SPECULATION. We believe what WANT to believe, and one day we will all know the truth.

        I believe in Christ myself, but to think that there is only ONE way to believe or live is exactly what they want for the NWO. Be careful…..

  48. My skin called when the maid said "She was still alive when the doctors arrived"
    Poor baby RIP , hopefully her tortured soul is at peace with god

  49. I've read two different articles about this woman. I won't lie, she is fantastic. While VC protrays her as a MK slave, other articles sees her at someone who voluntarily, at some point, let herself handled by humans and even the devil. Maybe she went through so much that she just let herself sucked in, then met them halfway. Is she entirely a victim? I must say I doubt.

    Wonderful article VC, I really enjoy this website <3

      • There are many devils. Many beings that are etherically behind the people that manipulate others in this plane. They go by the names of every god behind every religious cult (Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, etc) , all the Ascended Masters, every named demon. Theyre all the same, and they loooooooove wars and famine and hatred we generate for them.

      • of course there is devil, many of them. and their biggest trick is they have made you believe they don't exist.

    • Well if you were brainwashed from childhood and a ward of the state with no parental figure, can you really be said to have chosen anything?? After all, she was born into it. It must have been immensely difficult to resist going to the dark side, but somehow I feel Marilyn never did. Something in her eyes…Not all MK slaves manage to resist accepting evil into their souls.

  50. Somethin that i saw in documentaryabout MM that wasn't really touched upon is that it is believed that not only did she 'miscarry' but possibly had up to i think something like11-14 abortions. One is already enough I can just imagine the emotional toll 14 would get you to.

    • ExposeThemAll on

      was there any form of contraception in those days? but even if there was, they probably made her perform those acts without protection in hopes of getting her pregnant to later abort/traumatize

  51. And btw, VC, how about AVRIL LAVIGNE&her new handler/husband CHAD KROEGER? And her newest single, "Here's to never growing up"? She's programmed to act like a teen forever? Or until her programmers want her to?

    • That's interesting you point that out. I never put much thought to it at the time, but when I first heard her sing that song on a show, I thought it was kinda weird and creepy that she's trying to still look and act like a teenager, and sing about never growing up. I guess these people are prevented from growing up so they're easier to control, or maybe stuck at the age when they were first programmed.

  52. MM before fame used to look like Judy Garland, another MK/sex slave. Among other things I read, back in her childhood (and while still an actress, of course), Judy was abused/raped by top lesbians. Maybe some post on her in the future.

  53. How about porn stars? Are u going to do a post on them? Quite many death lately in the porn business….

  54. There are no words to describe how I hate those sick people who did that to her and who does this to every mk slave.

  55. First of all I want to say that I was a fence-sitter for a really long time. I used to come to this site because I found it fascinating that there was so much blatant imagery in pop music today, even if I thought it was kind of dubious. But this MK-Ultra stuff hits so close to home because of the abuse. I mean that as a survivor of sexual abuse (by a family member, so the element of betrayal was there too) myself, I know what it's like to be dissociative (though no split personalities). I have PTSD. I was lucky enough to be rescued by a family member and saved from that evil person as a child, but even now as a young adult I have fragmented memory (sometimes I can't call up any memories, even good ones, and feel empty), and experience panic attacks like that "sheer primal terror" the article describes.

    My point in telling my story is that even though I was never subjected to MKUltra, or any kind of mind control stuff, I know that the effects on the mind are devastating. And to think that these artists, these human beings, are even possibly being subjected to that same abuse over and over again, "cut open" like Marilyn said in her poem, fills me with rage. Few things make me angry, but evil always does. That poem is the ultimate evidence for me, to be honest. She was desperate to scream out but could only put her feelings into cryptic poetry. What she describes in that poem is sheer torture and nothing less. I don't understand how anyone can buy any other interpretation.

    As for someone's comment above, "Does this MK Ultra / brainwashing includes the suppression of the help mechanics of a human being?…why don't they cry out for help?" I would answer with this: it's a byproduct of physical abuse/being violated by someone you trusted the most. When you are deeply harmed by someone yo looked up to, your faith in all human beings is shattered. There is no one to trust but God. Walking down the street, you feel like you can't even ask a passerby for help if you need it, because they might harm you. You feel helpless, you don't feel like anyone can help you. And often, abusers tell you that if you tell anyone, they'll hurt someone else that you love. It is the ultimate in blackmail and the ultimate in destruction of a person's ability to value themselves.

    Until recently, I was a big fan of Lizzy Grant/Lana de Rey. I hated her music at first, though, then listened to her album carefully and ended up loving it. It has kind of a modernist theatrical feel to it, evoking – coincidence? – the plays of Tennessee Williams (Marilyn starring in a film adaptation of a least one) and Arthur Miller (whom Marilyn was married to).

    Now that I know the connections, I get sick thinking of it. Lizzy Grant's obviously a smart and sensitive young woman, she's clever and literate and sensitive. Marilyn was too. She also seems deeply broken (getting plastic surgery, in her 20s to boot)

    It can't be coincidence that her song "National Anthem" mimicked Monroe's performance and has the lyrics "do you think you'll buy me lots of diamonds…?" I still think she's talented. But I hate to see her talent being used in this way. Same with Marilyn. Talented human beings who are being used and probably abused in awful ways. And my heart goes out to them all.

    If all this is true, I wish I knew how we could help them. Now I'll probably be branded "a crazy conspiracy theorist" if I tell anyone else what I'm thinking, but it's too much to ignore. I pray for these poor souls.

    Sorry for the essay – didn't mean for this comment to get so long.

  56. Monarch Slaves on

    Gee Kim, I wonder why they would want to TRAUMATIZE you this way…

    Kim Kardashian, who has rarely met a photo op she didn't like or approve — is lashing out at the paparazzi, and judging by her tweets about the scary situation, can you really blame her?

    "I wouldn't let the paps get a pic of me today & they threatened my life & said if I continue to block shots then they will make my world dangerous to live in! Yesterday 4 cars boxed me in. One in front, behind, & one on each side just to have me drive at their speed so they can snap through the window. Its really so scary what they are legally allowed to get away with! Let me enjoy this last month of pregnancy please without threats & being scared to leave my home due to what dangerous thing they just threatened to do to me."

  57. I think Beyonce is soo much like Marilyn Monroe. I hate to think what goes on behind closed doors. She literally does not go out alone unless her mother Tina Knowles (who looks evil as hell) or her husband/handler Jay Z is with her. I read somewhere that she has mental issues that is well known among industry folks and sometimes reverts back to a child-like behaviors. I remember how George Bush (during his president years) looked at her like some horny man wanting to grab her up as she sang and danced to Tina Turner (I just bet what happened afterwards). The "world tours' these musicians do especially female singers are where a lot of servicing is done with politicians/elites from different countries. I have done a lot of reading to be able to spot the illuminati symbolism shown to the public on a daily basis.

    For example; Look at Beyonce's recent Pepsi commercial. Mirrors, particularly fractured ones, are a major symbol in MK Ultra Mind Control. Reflections are “other versions” or alternate personalities that can be manipulated by a handler. Shattered mirrors represent the loss of boundaries between an individual and their alters.

    Beyonce’s “Mirrors” commercial says it all: she looks into a wall of mirrors and sees about 10 alters looking back at her, with Sasha Fierce being the strongest, of course. The commercial ends with Beyonce saying “Embrace your past, but live for now” while the mirrors she stands in front of completely shatter.

    It is worth it to sell your soul for a life of fame and fortune only to be controlled, beaten, abused, stripped of your identity, robbed of true happiness (because none of these celebrities are truly happy) among other horrible things? According to Brad Pitt "Happiness is overrated".

  58. interestink on

    From a Rolling Stone article:

    "Axl Rose is rumored to be dating Lana Del Rey, the Daily News reports. The Guns N' Roses frontman was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont…with Del Rey. Del Rey, 25, has been a fan of the 50-year-old {!!} Rose for some time. Prior to her success with the viral pop hit "Video Games," the singer recorded a song called "Axl Rose Husband," in which she sings "You're my one king daddy, I'm your little queen."

    • she seems to use the word 'daddy' a lot in her songs, there was a creepy one but i forget the name.

    • :( oh Lizzy… I want to steal her and the other women in this sordid industry away, to some island where they can all lead sane lives and recover, far far away from these twisted creeps

  59. Actually Marilyn was not the original MK Hollywood slave. She was however, the one of the first most successful prototypes.

  60. I believe Beyonce is a Presidential Model as well. She does a lot of “canoodling” with the President & First Lady. It’s strange. And at the Inauguration earlier this year, there are photo’s of the President whispering in her ear. (Michelle too) It may be nothing but it’s inappropriate to say the least. My husband would raise hell if he saw another man whispering in my ear.

    Not to mention, Beyonce had a song & commercial called “Diamonds” in 2007. It was for an Armani perfume. Maybe the commercial was for Bey herself & the perfume was just a front?

  61. VC ….. there are numerous individuals [including John W. Miner – an LA county prosecutor who was at the autopsy] that believe the drugs were administered anally – via either a suppository or an enema.

  62. disney-hidden666 on

    interesting: In 1985 Murray made major changes to her story by claiming that Robert Kennedy was in the house at some point on Saturday and that "the doctor" arrived to help Monroe while she was unconscious but alive. Murray never said, however, that Monroe might have wanted her out of the house.

  63. disney-hidden666 on

    that was murray's last day there, as she asked for a month long vacation and marilyn dismissed her.
    Murray sold her house to the Dr.Greenson who referred her to Marilyn. Who knows what other deals she took. They let her live til 92 years old.

  64. Rihanna – Diamond tour maybe represents her as Presidental model. I really like her live shows but this was too obvious and disturbed me – why she find it necessary to do it? -was the question in my mind.

    Rihanna – Love without tragedy/Mother Mary
    "Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreak
    I was his Marilyn Monroe"

    "Mother Mary, I swear I wanna change
    Mister Jesus, I'd love to be a queen"
    Full lyrics you can find later.
    I read that this song she wrote herself.

  65. What about the black actresses? Dorothy Dandridge's life was similar to Marilyn Monroe's, and she was also found dead, naked and with a bottle of pills nearby when her lawyer/ friend found her. In her movie about her life, played by Halle Berry, she was on the come up, along with Marilyn and Ava Gardner. Was she perhaps used by Hollywood as well?

    • yes I remember that movie. Dorothy's mother was a lesbian and allowed her lover to molest Dorothy. All of these celeb have some really dark pasts and I dont understand how anyone could write it off as coincidence

      • I read somewhere yesterday that in order to become famous you have to have a past that includes some form of abuse, whether it be sexual, physical or emotional. The reason being is it's easier to program a weak individual who has had previous trauma. Their brain is more likely to handle the abuse from programming because the brain is already 'shattered'. There was a list of a majority of celebs and the type of abuse they endured in the past. It is no coincidence!

      • Sharon and Felicity I was thinking the same things as both of you. While reading the articles on MM it was immediately reminded of Dorothy Dandridge and wondered if she was used. Sharon I absolutely believe that those who have a history of abuse, especially as a child, are easy prey for the handlers of the world. Most of them have already lost their sense of worth, and were forced to create alter personas to escape the abuse they experienced.

  66. Eunice Murray is to Marilyn what Oswald is to JFK. Makes sense….Well, mommas & daddies, don't let your babies grow up to be in Hollyweird. Keep up the good work VC.

  67. Its sad but try tree. The end quote says it all. Hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 for a kiss and 50¢ for your soul

  68. So, the population has been programed in the same way of a single person: With TRAUMA. just check sept 11, rampage every where, Boston attacks, schools massacres, etc. They use the same method and people still believe IN COINCIDENCES!

    • I agree with you the Boston bombers and the shooter in Sandy hook among others were programmed! But wasn't September 11 some satanic ritual?

      • I know they are definitely hiding something! I remember the smaller building beside the WTCs blowing up and it wasn't even hit by the plane.

    • Yes. I am happy to find you are awake and aware! Through "news", "entertainment", and "education", the sight & sound trauma is non-stop. Always; in the background, it intensifies as we watch, and now play/interact. Always: the repetition of violence, horror, sex, disgust, and shock. It is used by the PTB to keep the people hypnotized, distracted and easily led.

  69. This is the same old story since the beginning of time where the poor underclass sell their souls for fortune and fame only to be cast into another form of servitude by those in power. Sadly some are forced into this arena while theirs are countless others who gladly sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame.

  70. Alejandro493 on

    I sincerly fear for Lana Del Rey. Her obsession with Marilyn is uncanny. Her song Body Electric literally features the lyrics "Elvis is my daddy, Marilyns my mother" as well as "Diamonds are my bestest friend" and "Heavan is my baby, suicides her father" but still has lyrics like "Jesus is my bestest friend". She even has a song titled Marilyn Monroe where she sings about puppy love and singing for the soldiers like MM. She mentions diamonds constantly in her songs.
    I saw a comment here also of the bel air hotel and the photographers strange puppet string usage and well Lana also has a song called Bel Air where she sings in an airy voice about a lover she cant wait to see. Another connection?
    She has many other songs that defiantly seem to have more meaning than on surface value.
    Recently she's said her new album will be darker than before, is this another phase? Is she dveling deeper into the dark industry? I sincerly fear for her and Amanda and Britney.

      • good call, why fear for them? they are a bunch of a**holes., we are not worried really, they offer only some sort of escapism with their bs…

    • Some celebrities are talented and then get manipulated by the industry or play the system to stay wealthy and further their careers. Others like Lana Del Ray allow themselves to be manipulated because they are desperate for fame/wealth etc. Some of them will do anything for fame and wealth…they are willing to cross a line. There are sick institutions everywhere that abuse others e.g. Hollywood, CIA, FBI, US government, US Army etc In Britain, the BBC, MI5, GCQH, police, royal family, parliament, etc are all part of the ILLUMINATI. In my opinion, they are cogs in the wheel who let us all down because of their stupidity, timidity, lack of insight etc. The protect Masonic paedophiles (Jimmy Saville, Dunblane, Jersey Boys Home) institutional paedophile rings. The spies in this country are all part of this system. They do it for the money. It's a mad world full of sick, pervert cowards.

      • some are talented indeed, however why do we have to consider them better than other people who are not famous or wealthy? I like communism as an idea, in theory is a brilliant concept, all people should be provided with food, free education, health care and so on, nonetheless we are so damaged that we will never allow that to happen.. the rich are greedy and want to be richer and the poor are all classified as useless and lazy. Some of them were only unfortunate in their lives, or they weren't given a chance.

      • Andrew wake up.
        There is not even one single idea in communism.Talk to a person who lived under communist regimes.That would help.

      • I'm not so stupid to give credits to communism. Only as an idea is positive, however it's all in theory, in practice is another big lie. I surely talked to people who lived under communism, I even visited countries like that and it was hell. Nothing works as long as we are under humans' and satan's regime. The ones who want to improve the state of us and assist will be brought down. Only the wicked, greedy ones will be advanced. We know where we stand with them. Everything is upside down, the negative is considered positive and all the positive traits are considered negative and retarded.

  71. deeply saddened on

    No one deserves to be treated like this…i can't help notice that Britney Spears' career sortof resembled Marilyn/Normsa's. Both were young and very talented who showed interest in show business at a young age. Both went from the cute 'girl next door' to 'sexy blonde bombshell'- Britney was barely 20 when this 'tranformation' occured. I guess Britney was this generations 'Marilyn'.
    I remember they showed on tv when Dr Phil visited Britney in a rehab/centre or hospital (~2008) and she came out from what looked like a dungeon/underground facility, looking distraught and spaced out…There is something odd about that man. Fingers crossed Britney doesn't share the same fate- who would look after her beautiful kids?

    • Well, naive person, Britney is already sharing MM's fate…. Who would look after her kids? Her creepy family. Or do u think they are spared because shes around them?

      • when @deeply saddened mentions 'fate' I think they mean death specifically…so for now Britney hasn't shared MM's fate. and to add to your 'creepy family' – those kids are way better off being with Britney then no Britney. Either way they will be pushed into the limelight by Camp Britney, so they might as well have their mum around them.

        P.S stop calling people naïve just because they are voicing an opinion that you don't share.

  72. Britney Spears sums up the industry in a song she wrote:

    "Be wary of others, the ones closest to you
    the poison they feed you, the voodoo that they do
    But in rebellion, theres a sparkle of truth
    Don't just stand there, do what you've got to do

    You'll find it in in rebellion, your body starts breathing
    They're not believing what they're seeing
    cause you're rebellion
    you'll find it so compelling, With everyone yelling
    cause your soul you're not selling
    Cause your're rebellion"

    * Poor girl… she really did try to break free

    • thankyou @rebellion for posting these lyrics. looked up the song and everything about this song is quite haunting; from the lyrics to the music and her voice! It's a very telling song and i'm dying to hear the rest of the song as i'm sure many of her fans are. I cant even imagine what she wrote in the second verse.

    • And now (Aug 25 2013) we have MILEY CYRUS at the Video Music Awards of all people going absolutely nuts. I say of all people because a few years ago when my daughter was into Hannah Montana I declared out loud that Miley was not going to get sucked in; she just seemed too clear and intelligent…I guess that Devil is one master of deception…

  73. The key to Marilyn’s murder lies in that star shaped purplish discoloration on the top of her colon observed during her autopsy. It proves she was murdered and she neither committed suicide nor over dozed on drugs. Consult any medical expert and he will confirm this. Refer any authentic and reliable bio and find the truth that Marilyn substantially controlled her consumption of drugs during the last month of her life. Marilyn was murdered is very apparent. Robert Kennedy was very much in Marilyn’s residence just few minutes/seconds before her murder took place. Marilyn was murdered immediately RFK left her residence and MM’s housekeeper and her son-in-law returned from the neighborhood (approx 10 minutes walk). Kennedy did not murder her, The sting job of killing Marilyn was carried out by mafia based on contract for a hit by the fascist forces. She was murdered by the poisonous suppository. Refer Wikipedia for the similarity of circumstances and method of killing both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen and get the clue. Both the murders were orchestrated by CIA fascist group and the surviving victims of the Bay of Pig fiasco. Mariyn was killed because she came to know the details of the bizzare JFK murder plan and other very sensitive and secret details of dealings/relationships.

  74. I don't know if my previous comment will go through, I tried posting a link to an article today on the dailymail regarding her death. It was about some material from a private detective who planted some recording devices around her. She was involved in a violent argument with bobby kenedy and complained that she was passed around 'like a piece of meat' between the kennedy brothers…more proof she was a slave and wasn't with them by choice. Unfortunately, after the detective collapsed from a heart attack, the lawyer took the sensitive material he had stored in a filing cabnit, it's contents unknown and never to be seen since.

    • humanebutterfly on

      I have read an article about a couple who bought the same house MM used to live in and stated that they spent a lot of money renovating the place, as it was full of wiretaps.

  75. thefilipinoguy on

    i think katharine mcphee resembles marilyn monroe's face the most. its really freaky and disturbing.

  76. Ha! 1984 is RIGHT — I just got an INSANE email today about the EXTREME extent we are spied on >>

    NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, 2 Israeli companies, and loss of American privacy

    Boom. Explosive revelations.
    The NSA is using telecom giants to spy on anybody and everybody, in a program called PRISM.

    But the information is not new.

    Three books have been written about the super-secret NSA, and James Bamford has written them all .

    Article here:

    • humanebutterfly on

      …Talk about spying… My Mozilla Browser had crashed a total of 14 times while I tried to read these comments, during clicking on replies…This was in 'windows 7' !! so, I got sick of it and went on my linux OS – lo and behold! No crashes! …

    • well she did start with Disney very young with Britney and Justin Timberlake, so I'd say yeah she probably is unfortunately

      • ** sorry didn't realise if you were wondering if she is a victim or if you were just voicing your opinion on her similarity to Marilyn- My Bad!!

  77. How about GRACE KELLY, the nymphomaniac and subsequently enslaved by the Prince of Monaco, scummy Rainier?

    • Yes, she's a good one. I heard perfect princess Grace was a ritual priestess at eyes wide shut type events used with royalty all over Europe.

      • humanebutterfly on

        I always had a suspicion about her sudden death! How could her children cope with that?

      • Brainwashing. Threats. The scummiest of Grace's kids is obviously Albert. The most troubled of them is or at least was the youngest one, Stephanie.

  78. Thank you for these very thought-provoking articles. It makes me wonder if Betty Page had to go through the similar circumstances…

  79. Billie Holiday on

    I miss Michael Jackson. I wish he was still alive. Reading about Marilyn Monroe her life was similar to MJ. Dr. Murray was the doctor to do with MJ's death. Murray was Marilyn's housekeeper. I'm worried Michael's 3 children are now MK Ultra as it gets passed down the family line. Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson have formed a close bond. I'm not sure what Michael would make of all that is going on now.

  80. From the Daily Mail:

    I listened to Marilyn die': Private eye who bugged Monroe's house reveals details of her final hours in his diary

    Documents belonging to the late Fred Otash, one of Hollywood's most notorious private detectives, were uncovered by his daughter Colleen after being found in a suburban storage unit.

    According to Otash, who died in 1992, Monroe had a sexual relationship with the brothers and complained about being 'passed around like a piece of meat'.

    And in his notes, Otash claimed: 'I listened to Marilyn Monroe die.'

    He recorded that on August 5 1962, she had a violent argument with the Kennedys and that she felt that she had been 'passed around like a piece of meat'.

    The notes read: 'She was really screaming and they were trying to quiet her down.

    'She's in the bedroom and Bobby gets the pillow and he muffles her on the bed to keep the neighbors from hearing. She finally quieted down and then he was looking to get out of there.'
    Otash only found out she had died later on.

    Read more

  81. Hollywood Girl on

    It's so sad to read all this….the reality is that this is the world we live in. Right now I'm visiting my dad and stepmom in Los Angeles, my stepmom is an attorney for Warner Brothers entertainment which is a big accomplishment since we are an African American family. The crazy thing is she does not want me moving here to live she tell me everyday Hollywood is no place for a girl like you. I'm a little conflicted because I'm a writer and little intrigued by Hollywood but I know what it entails. One of her friends helped create one of the biggest shows on VH1 we talked and she told me this place is haunted by demonic spirits and controlled by the gays and Jews!!! Unfortunately they couldn't go into detail because they work in Hollywood. They worry about me because u don't look Luke your typical black girl I have big boobs no butt long hair I'm light skinned and my facial features are very similar to European and French descent. We went to a popular club called Skybar and this guy apparently worth millions and apart if the elite Hollywood society saw me and immediately came for me like a piece of meat luckily my stepmom is there. It's crazy what they are willing to do and pay for all because I meet the standards of beauty. A black girl who fits into mainstream appearance.

    • Billie Holiday on

      You sound like you might be mixed race not totally black. Do you have curly hair? Not all black girls have big butts or thighs or lips or noses. What is a 'mainstream appearance' anyway do you mean white European? Black is beautiful and being black is mainstream as there are more black people in the world than white people. I think Hollywood is a very mixed up, racist place. As MJ sang it don't matter if you are black or white. I like Marilyn Monroe she was a white woman but I think she cared about the black struggle in America.

      • Lester Young on

        But Bille, I heard you once called Marilyn a whore when she came backstage to compliment you at one of your shows…?

      • Ms. Adventure on

        Dunno about that, but Billie Holiday was a raging heroin addict in her day, much in the way MM was a raging pill-popper.

        Billie, Judy, Marilyn, Michael, Elvis, Axl, Kurt, the list goes on….. They sure DO love to keep their "prize performers" doped-up.

    • Even if you "meet the standards of beauty" the industry will still change you. You will be required to have surgery to obtain the 'perfect look'. Hollywood is a cesspool of women never satified with their looks because someone always looks better than them. Just because you have features that look European doesn't mean Hollyweird will like you and even though you are light-skinned you are still considered black. The elite hate 'black people' and are very racist. Don't believe me ask Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce among others. Beyonce who to me was a good-looking girl when she first came out is starting to look like a made-up demon possessed tranny. Black people have to work extra hard and suffer more abuse because of their skin color. Your stepmom must know a lot of things but can't divulge probably because they will do something to her if she does and due to client confidentiality. If you decide to move there just remember what Marilyn said “Hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul”.

  82. stewiestews27 on

    Great article,VC! It's so sad that Marilyn had to undergo such horrible stuff. I hope Britney and the other stars won't end up like her.

    And I think JFK's last speech was about the Illuminati. His speech: "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”

    “It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly-efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations."

    “Its preparations are concealed not published. It’s mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

    He was silenced shortly after this speech. Another mysterious death.

    btw.VC,waiting for the symbolic pics of this month.

  83. Anyone else notice that the New York Magazine with Lilo as Marilyn on the cover also features a story titled ” Heath Ledger’s Double Life” ? Uh-huh.

  84. Billie Holiday on

    Does anyone know if Janis Joplin was MK Ultra? I was thinking Doris Day might be as well.
    There was a girl called something like Edie Sedgwick who was around Andy Warhol she might of been MK Ultra. Karen Carpenter might of been as well.

      • poorlittlerichgirl on

        Edie Sedgewick was a beta slave. Take a look at the below quote and look up some of her interviews on youtube. Very revealing. VC might want to cover her. She also dressed in animal print and duality, black and white striped clothing.

        "It was really sad – Bobby [Neuwirth]'s and my affair. The only true, passionate, and lasting love scene, and I practically ended up in the psychopathic ward. I had really learned about sex from him, making love, loving, giving. It just completely blew my mind – it drove me insane. I was like a sex slave to this man. I could make love for forty-eight hours, forty-eight hours, forty-eight hours, without getting tired. But the minute he left me alone, I felt so empty and lost that I would start popping pills…"


  85. "The Last Days of Marilyn Monrone" A book by Donald H,Wolfe provides a detailed expose of the circumstances of her death.

  86. Truthalwaysremains on

    Countless people imitate her in the industry; Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera…
    You wonder why when all these entertainment industry slaves get well into the business, they die their hair bleach blonde and wear red lipstick ALL OF THEM. Parallel clones. Look @ all the people who've come from disney.

    • Gwen Stefani too. Yep it's odd that all of them copy MM. She wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, but not that good either. I mean there is nobody else to look up or they can't even have their own style? Do they always have to copy MM's style. Good points you make.

  87. Look what I found on tumblr: (about Lincoln and Kennedy)

    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
    John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

    Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
    John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

    Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
    Both wives lost a child while living in the White House.

    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
    Both Presidents were shot in the head.

    Now it gets really weird.

    Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy.
    Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln.

    Both were assassinated by Southerners.
    Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

    Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
    Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

    John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.
    Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

    Both assassins were known by their three names.
    Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

    Now hang on to your seat.

    Lincoln was shot at the theater named “Ford.”
    Kennedy was shot in a car called “Lincoln” made by “Ford.”

    Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

    And here’s the “kicker”:

    A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.
    A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.


    Lincoln was shot in a theater and the assassin ran to a warehouse…
    Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and the assassin ran to a theater…

  88. I truly enjoy this site, if you can call reporting on the moral decline of your country "enjoyable"…and I agree with 99.99% of what's here, if only because it's all so blatantly obvious. I must take exception to the comment about President Kennedy being part of MMs mind control. In his book "JFK and the Unspeakable," by James W. Douglass, there is overwhelming evidence that the "alphabets" took out Kennedy. He was going to reign in the CIA and abolish the "Federal" Reserve. It doesn't make sense that he would be supportive of an organization and it's illicit activities and at the same time seek to undermine it. Is there evidence that JFK was involved in MK Ultra?

    • He didn't have to know Marilyn was run as CIA slave, he just enjoyed her. If you read about Kennedy, he was a notorious womanizer. They probably used MArilyn to control him or gert intel on him in private moments, and he fell for it cause he was thinking with his other head….

    • He partially succeeded in getting dollars based on silver. When I was a kid I was told to hold on to the a dollar bill that said silver certificate on the top. I was too young to understand. In Baum's original Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wears silver slippers as she travels the yellow brick (gold) path. My thoughts are that the stock holders of the Fed took a contract out on him.

  89. Okay I know this is gonna sound wierd but I was born on the same date as Marilyn Monroe on June 1st and I recently went to holly wood and we have the same size of hands! But I'm a boy, and I kinda feel she reincarnated And I'm her!

  90. i understand she was used and abused by the industry, but how do we know she was MK'd to that extent? we need to know HOW these stars are being mkd..from what i've read it starts an birth…loving parents showered w/ affection then it stops. cruelty, left along in a room for hours on end, no food, not allowed to use the bathroom. depravity. isolation. then the sexual abuse. sometimes having to drink blood urine and feces. witnessing innocent babies children and animals sacrificed. SRA..we see and know the symbolism, but how much abuse is each indivual case getting, and to what extent?

    • How would we know that? We will never know that, unless the person reveals what happened to them. But in that case, they would have to remember it first…

  91. I feel so sad for her! I wonder if audrey Hepburn was also part of the agenda as well since I cannot find anything on her

    • Audrey did some spy work in WWII; read her biography. She came from elite connections and was born in Belgium which we have heard was/is the home of some elite organized pedophile groups allegedly going right up to the royal family…At the very least, Audrey is was not totally what she seemd, but I guess that's par for the course in Hollyweird.

      • True. Anyway she was just another Jewlywood sex kitten/mind controlled slave. I never liked her and never saw the big fuss about her.

  92. Standuptruth on

    What about Miley? She legally changed her name (Destiny Hope Cyrus) into Miley Cyrus like Marilyn did plus dyed her hair platinum blonde as well. Not to mention the "good girl gone slutty and whory" thing too. Maybe she's being made into a new, younger Marilyn for tween and teens….just a thought.

      • Standuptruth on

        I was just fitting her in with Marilyn, just like the other celebs mentioned, honey, not saying Miley doesn't have more than one post here. But thank you for your concern on whether or not I do my research. It's really appreciated.

  93. 8utterflies7ebras3oonbeams5airytales on

    Interesting that Anna Nicole Smith stayed in MM's Brentwood home and even slept in the bed MM died in.
    Whether this has any significance other than coincedence…Marilyn's toe tag in the morgue was number 33!

    "Over the Rainbow" was played as they put her into her final resting place.

    Great article. She continues to fascinate.

  94. "hollywood is a place where they pay you 50,000 dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul"

    this quote is so powerful and sums up hollywood perfectly.

  95. Rihanna and her diamond tour maybe is like presentation to the world that she is presidental model. There is some articles in internet about her sexualized behavior during her concerts. Her first single – diamonds and her diamonds tour.

    Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary"

    Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreak
    I was his Marilyn Monroe

  96. Great stuff VC, once again! Would love to see you do an in depth article on the Kennedys, not the b.s. pop culture stuff. They are supposed to be Illuminati and/or one of the 13 Bloodline families but have also died or were killed under tragic/mysterious circumstances. It's hard to tell which side they are on. Even in the above, Peter Lawford (brother-in-law) is one of the first people to sense something is wrong but then JFK and RFK are suspected of having something to do with MM's death. There is way too much conflict. Just asking.

  97. Thank U VC!! I know im a little bit late in posting (having problems with my browser). Well surprise surprise I, knew the "Jews" would come into it somewhere. Poor Marilyn surrounded by them evil parasites………….also some really great comments and I think these two posts on MM are one of the best articles actually because it gives a little insight on how things are ran in Hollywood, to the very present day actually. She is the epitome of an MK Ultra Beta Sex Slave that all these celebs portray nowadays, she was the original "Lady In red/Scarlet Woman" of Hollywood and that concept has been passed down the decades of the Entertainment Biz and very much still alive today.

    I know its a little bit off topic but seeing as though Marilyn Monroe was surrounded by Jews, how about an article on the creepy David Blaine…………….How does he reeeeealy actually get his "powers"? What kind of occult rituals does he practice to obtain his "powers". All them evil "energies" seem to suck the life out of him, I mean his blank face stares, the one eye symbol and the monotone voice I know there's more to him than what people think.

      • Of course Andrew. He will go crazy and end up in a mental asylum, hasn't he already?

      • hehe is he in a mental asylum? You're kidding, aren't you? But then again once d****s get hold of you, they never let you free. Unless you pray and pray, ask assistance from Christ and you have to prove your willingness to change. Life is hard for everyone. Egoism is killing all of us. Nonetheless, there is always hope for change. Until the very end.

      • hence why I used inverted commas Watching. I know what im talking about and I do know the difference from a real Jew and a Zionist and the zionists claim themselves as "Jews". My comments are based on facts not race.

      • oh my, we are only (sub) humans, consequently we make mistakes. OK we are annoyed with Jews because they were treated nicely by Christ and what did Christ get in return? Abuse, we don't appreciate that kind of behaviour.

  98. Also VC you should do an article on the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles – All the Celeb babies are born there and there is also a huge 6 pointed star on the top of the hospital building outside, hmmm I wonder if there are any other activities that take place in that hospital?

  99. How are these people (MK/Monarch handlers) getting ahold of these children? Where are they located? It's no coincidence celebrities are always on drugs … Their fame and fortune is supernatural. It's scary and everyday I remind myself how blessed I am to not have that life.

  100. WOW I feel so bad for her because Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe where both very attractive and the evil industry just used her and killed her so sad. That's how Satan is to he will use you and get rid of you when he's. Feel your done. This world doesn't care about anyone but Jehovah God does but so many people take his love for granted smh.

  101. I watched an additional video about Anna Nicole Smiths daughter, after the first video about Anna Nicole and it's alarming that as she dances to a Justin Bieber song she's wearing a black and white sweater!

  102. Laura Craig on

    Very interesting and thought provoking article that makes you think long and hard about what is actually going on absolutely fascinating

  103. So you have this huge theory I'm really curious. How are you noticed like celebrities , when do they choose you to be programmed, how does this happen

  104. You know, since you're all fairly open minded people..I just want to put this out there: what if the "Illuminati" that most of us conceive as evil are not the fault behind any of this. After all, they are the "illuminated" ones said to be enlightened with the secrets of [??]..
    I think some are doing what we consider others are ignorant in, maybe there's a misconception of what the Illuminati really is..& this whole charade is just the work of an entirely other sinister group. There's always been this hatred towards shadowy, unknown things and society has this notion that blame must be on one particular person or group..the Illuminati may not be it. Although it can be a simple explanation to all these videos being drenched in ancient symbolism, Occam's razor isn't always correct.
    ..maybe it's to get people to speak up about societal oppression, as these images are strangely…blatantly obvious.
    I am not opposing these theories of Illuminati control, nor am I advocating them. I'm just saying there could be other explanations, too.

  105. britney spears new boyfriend (handler) David Lucado wears almost all the time a virginia tech shirt… and now i dont know what to think!!!
    P.S sorry for my english im from latin america

    • Spears never appears without a handler? She always have to be handled? for goodness sake, there is no possibility that he is actually a normal person she goes out with.

  106. one way to further dissociation is maybe plastic surgery of the face. When one does not see himself/herself in a mirror it is perhaps that much easier to further the mental "divide".
    What if the surgeons are in on it? ("overdo it a little, here's the money")

    • Yep. I think with Michael Jackson, his face & skin modification got to him, controlled or not. My take on watching these "celebrities", MM, MJ, Houston, Anna-Nicole Smith, is that there is a repeating pattern, build them up to goddess status then humiliate them until they are dead from a drug overdose. Amy Winehouse. So many. Even among the living the pattern is present. With Britney Spears, she is no longer capable of being legally responsible for herself. Miley Cyrus, from child star to public porn fool, debased. I think it is done to incite strong emotions like a sadistic pleasure in watching the envied fall, or sympathy, empathy, or shock. Build 'em up, tear 'em down. The pattern keeps repeating.

  107. Marilyn is definitely not as innocent portrayed. She was very troubled as a child and I remember reading somewhere about her being jealous of Elizabeth Taylor, so jealous she did a nude photoshoot just get more publicity than Elizabeth. I'm not to sure if that's the full story as to why, it seems like there lies a deeper meaning to that. I've always been a big fan of both (Elizabeth and Marilyn) until I started digging deeper and finding out things about Marilyn. But what about Elizabeth were there things going on with her as well?

  108. I was told by a middle-aged nursing instructor that she had attended to MM once and that she had beautiful skin. When I asked her why she was in the hospital she wouldn't tell me. Lots of mystery surrounds her life.

  109. it is true Hollywood was founded by psychologists who were very intimate with all the big actors back in the day, and probably still today. however you people have to stop living in your fantasy worlds and the fables attached to the word 'occult' were made up for the very purpose of distracting because they know you'd be gullible enough to believe them.
    right in the beginning of 'part 1' of this post it says "Before becoming famous, Norma Jeane went by the name of Mona and worked as a stripper at a Burlesque house in Los Angeles. There, she came in contact with Anton LaVey" becoming his "sex kitten".
    now right on Anton LaVey's wiki page this is false where it states "While playing organ in Los Angeles burlesque houses, he allegedly had a brief affair with then-unknown Marilyn Monroe when she was a dancer at the Mayan Theater. This is challenged by those who then knew Monroe, as well as the manager of the Mayan, Paul Valentine, who said she had never been one of his dancers, nor had the theater ever been used as a burlesque house.[8]
    reference [8] "^ The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino p. 17-19, detailing information from Harry Lipton, Monroe's agent, Paul Valentine and Edward Webber".
    so the writer of this article is getting his 'credible' information from the book The Church of Satan? and i'm saying that in a Christian tone a la "he's a devil worshiper and admits he reads Satan's Bible!!!" but rather in a tone a la "'okay then… sounds like your a smart one….."
    and one more thing… on this 'part 2' of the article near the end it states "Britney is reportedly “obsessed” with Monroe. According to Wonderwall, Britney demands that a collection of Marilyn Monroe DVDs be on-hand in all her hotel rooms. She also visits Marilyn's grave regularly and wants to be buried in the same cemetery. Are Beta slaves programmed to adulate Marilyn?"

    and when we click Wonderwall to check this reference we find:

    "- In the music video for her song "Lucky," Brit is dressed up to look just like Marilyn.
    — Britney demands that a collection of Marilyn Monroe DVDs be on-hand in all her hotel rooms.
    — Brit visits Marilyn's grave regularly and wants to be buried in the same cemetery.
    We could go on, but it's pretty clear she's obsessed — and we're a little creeped-out."

    1) Britney is not dressed up to look like Marilyn in Lucky nor does she 2) this 'Wonderwall' gives absolutely ZERO references, mentions, or links to anything that would authenticate their statements in even the slightest possible way.

    "We could go on, but it's pretty clear she's obsessed — and we're a little creeped-out." <— who the hell is this Wonderwall??? let me guess, someone who believes they were given 'Monarch' programming throughout their childhood, and subjected to Walt Disney Satantic sex rituals, but can't talk about it much because 'they' will kill her/him? this person is either completely insane, or lying to your face the like the writer of this entire article.

  110. Thank you VC and community, for inspiring me to research into the use of symbols and archetypes used by the illuminati media. Marilynn, may we never stop learning from your tragedy. What they did to her was hidden in plain site, even back in the 60's, they showed us how they did it. For all symbologist and students of illuminati propaganda, check out the movie, "Bye-Bye Birdie". It's a 1963 G-rated musical-comedy romp about the making and breaking of entertainment sex idols. It's a gentle satire of the entertainment industry and interweaves human romance with sex idol worship. Predictive programming at its best with Ann Margaret singing in front of a TV blue screen (MTV). When the characters are idols they are costumed in gold (Oscar). Character Conrad Birdie dresses in a tiger robe. The TV sound stage is an ancient Greek stage (theatre as ritual). Character Albert wants to be a bio-chemist and whips up a speedy pill to save the day (amphetamine). The everyman (sells fertilizer) sees media star maker Ed Sullivan as a god (sings a hymn to Ed). A gazebo sets atop two connecting ponds. A boy sets off a rocket. There is even a lingam in the center of town! Watch it through with and without sound. Yikes!

  111. Could this be another creepy clue? Marilyn's last house she lived at on Fifth Helena Drive, had the words CURSUM PERFICIO on the tiles to the entry of the her house. Guess what that means?
    "My journey ends."

  112. İf you've ever watched "rosemary's baby"(1968, polanski film) you should notice the similarities between Minnie Castevet and Paula Strasberg!

  113. 5000 years to get to world "domination", with all of the world's resourses behind you?!? Pretty incompetent if you ask me.

  114. Poor soul. I hope she's in a better place. But with all the "Marilyn wanna-bes" where does that put the Absolutely Freaky Kardashian Clan?? Something is seriously wrong with those people.

  115. Nicki could NEVER look half as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe did. Nobody can truly emulate this gorgeous gem that America lost too soon so please stop trying. Ugh!

  116. I had a friend who went to chaperelle high school in temecula CA she had a class with Katy perry(Hudson) brother. He would always tell her how he had a sister named Kate who was obsessed with being famous. He has her on his FB and says weird things about her. Such as life so sad for these people.

  117. Funny how Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox are both mentioned here. They were both leads in Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, a film loaded with symbolism. Lindsay and Megan both wear the initiation colour red, Lindsay imagines herself as Marilyn in the film, both are humiliated in order to be liberated, Lindsay's character experiences a kind of loss of identity, she also looks amazing throughout the film except for at the very end, after she is 'initiated' by a drunken rock star, whose lifestyle is treated as a prize, but who is himself largely ignored, even though he is clearly an adult left alone with teenage girls. This whole movie should be examined by VC for symbolism. Please do an article on it.

  118. whaaaaaT! lana del rey is slave too? she is one of the best singer but not that famous. i think she is not part of it. i hope not. i like her so much!

  119. I read a lot about the Illuminati and stuff, and i guess truth is stranger than fiction. I could believe all that is written about it, but i always have the question: why??? What is the reason for all this? World domination? And then what? i don't know it all seems so very unbelievable to me.

  120. Please… this woman had serious emotional problems going back way into her childhood and then at the end of her life she couldn't kick her drug addictions? she relied on people around her to help her this included her therapist and house keeper and very much depended on them, the police man that reported that mrs murray was washing cloths THIS was not in the initial police report??? doesn't that tell you that he made the whole story up …he also stated that there wasn't a water glass next to Marilyn's bed take a look at the bedroom photo and you can clearer see it there?

    We all need to stop pretending that Marilyn was a victim to these silly murder theories…stop reading books by slatzer and wolfe who just want to make money and who had no evidence to back up these murder theories. MM was the one that took the drugs no else was forcing her to do this,.. take a look at the last year's of her life her close friends who had reported MM complaining about her age, her failed marriage to Miller, her lack of success of being taken as a serious movie actress after her last two films bombed and then to top it off being fired from her last film… i think that would of been enough to send anyone over the edge and make anyone suicidal IMO?

  121. I had a completely different mindset about Marilyn Monroe however things have changed after I read this article. This gives a black side of the brighter world that no common man can think, that this can happen in real life. I feel pity towards this lady because of the kind of life that she had.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  122. booker t james on

    America is destroying itself. Just like a modern day Babylon. You bloggers should not be upset. America/ Babylon is now paying for all those years of enslaving black people!! This evil satanic country also wiped out just about all of its native population. Now its paying. There is no statute of limitation on the crime of murder. Payback can happen to any generation. I'm glad I have lived long enough to see this blessed day. The entertainment industry and media in general has pushed its satanic agenda to critical mass. America is eating its young. Its decaying from within. Soon my native american brothers and I will pick up the pieces from America's internal destruction
    That's why Native Americans don't celebrate yourblood holidays thanksgiving fourth of julyJuly Columbus day. We know Satan is behind it all!! Good riddance america keep watching MTV BETand all that satanic programming. Caucasian american slaves I love it!! Who will be your great emancipator?

    • booker t james on

      As far as these alleged monarch slaves being tortured and abused to keep them in line sounds like the ole Willie Lynch techniques perfected on black people during slavery and during Jim Crow. What goes around comes around folks. Take your punishment like true men and women. We should be mature enough to realize by now that most celebrities are morally compromised. What price fame!!God is good and he is real. If you curse or hurt his people you will be cursed as well Gen 12:3 Vengeance belongs to God. That's why my people pray for vengeance. To hell with justice. Not for my peeps. Vengeance is guaranteed however. Monarch programming the great recession mk ultra it all comes from the same Pandora's box. The worst is yet to come. Now more reservations and ghettos for my people

  123. booker t james on

    This is beautiful. Most of my life especially during childhood we were told about the importance of role models in a young persons life. These role models were usually some one in the entertainment or sports business. Now what. What bad bad advice to give a young person. Are the Britney spears Lindsey lohans and smiley Cyrus' still role models. By the way a person doesn't have display an eye of Horus or show a hook and horns sign to be affiliated with Satan.

  124. booker t james on

    I'm not a fan of Beyonce. She is being used to promote an unrealistic beauty ideal that is undermining tthe self esteem of young black girls especially (light skin blonde hair light color eyes).In all fairness to her she is not the only singer from the black community that is/was morally compromised. Aretha Franklin Gladys Knight Whitney Houston Sam Cooke Dionne Warrick All Green James Brown the list goes on and on. I say these artist are just as morally compromised as Beyonce is because they all started singing when they were in church. They stopped singing g in church to pursue careers in the entertainment industry. Somebody offered them a contract to sing secular/pop music and from that point on they stopped singing in church or about church. Same old story same old song.

  125. She was a distraction .. so sick when war was on they brought her in the middle of those men to distract them from the slaughtering.. now they do it modernly with other girls… Now we have to look at her sacrifice and take it as a lesson…

  126. Just learned that after death Marilyn's body was housed in LA morgue and the number on her vault was 33….and the number assigned to her by body was 81128….masonic number 33…and 11 number for the death of a man….she definitely was a masonic illuminati sacrifice and as usual they arrogantly point out that fact with numbers…the end is coming soon for these evil, stupid degenerates….GOD will soon respond and they will have nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide.

  127. Joe DiMaggio paid detective to follow marilyn around stalk her find out doing
    On the last weekend of marilyn monroe life Frank sent plane pick her up.
    Marilyn spent it at Lake tahoe Cal Neva Lodge drugsALCOHOLparty swing go on.
    July 29 -29 saturday and Sunday left cause frank told her to go.
    Rumor is Juliet Prowse ,Giancana,Lawfords,Paul Skinny DAmato there.
    Amato & Jacobs & Jim Mancini&Ray Langford &sonnyKing all said happend.

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