The Hidden Life of the Kennedys : The Elite Dynasty That Got Decimated (Pt. II)


John F. Kennedy was an iconic President who defined an entire era. Although he was placed in office by his powerful father, it seems JFK attempted to cut the strings that turn U.S. presidents into puppets of the country’s shadow government. We will look at the hidden side of the John F. Kennedy presidency.


In the first part of the series, we looked at the rise to power of the Kennedys. You should read that first.

John F. Kennedy’s assassination was nothing less than a turning point in American history. The gunshot that hit Kennedy’s head brutally awakened an innocent American public who then entered a turbulent age of metamorphosis. Roused from the peaceful slumber that was the post-war, baby-boom era of the 50’s, the American public saw a drastic change after the trauma of JFK’s death. This new era was not-so-coincidentally linked with the rise of television and mass media in American homes, which became a powerful engine of change.

JFK was the perfect face of this new era. His natural charisma and charming manners were fully exploited by mass media to turn this politician into a celebrity beloved by the entire country. The feelings of hope and optimism engendered by JFK were not only merely an illusion, however. Records show that he actually tried to bring significant change to his country, by going head-on with the most powerful organizations controlling the country: the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and big oil companies.

Let’s look at JFK’s presidency.

The President for a New Era of Mass Media

JFK was the ultimate prototype of a political figure evolving in the era of mass media. Even before he became President, JFK and his team fully embraced the power of television to gain widespread support. In 1960, Kennedy faced Richard Nixon in the first televised debate in U.S. history and its outcome is now legendary. While Nixon appeared pale, sickly, sweaty and nervous, JFK hired the services of a studio makeup artist to obtain a TV-friendly, healthy glow.

During the presidential debates of 1960, JFK had the presence of a television personality while Nixon kept wiping sweat off his face.
During the presidential debates of 1960, JFK had the calm presence of a seasoned television personality while Nixon kept wiping the sweat off his face, making him appear as the stereotypical “bad guy” we’d see in a movie.

Polls after the debate were quite telling: A slight majority of radio listeners deemed Nixon to be the winner of the debate, while an overwhelming majority of television viewers considered JFK to be the winner. The debate provided a valuable lesson to all future politicians: In the era of television, politics are henceforth about appearances, visceral gut impressions. and sound bites. While watching candidates debate in their living rooms, people could now conclude: “I like this man” or “I don’t trust this man” without even listening to what was said. The outcome of the debate was an important factor leading to JFK’s victory. But that was only the beginning of the “Camelot era”, a King Arthur-inspired term to define the popularity of Kennedy’s era.

After taking office, JFK’s inauguration speech shook the nation. It is now widely considered to be the best speech in American history. It was fully adapted to this new era of mass media and contained the ultimate political soundbite, one that is echoed in mass media to this day.

‘And so, my fellow Americans – ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’

It was not long before the Kennedys became full-fledged celebrities, evolving in the same media arena as movie stars and pop singers. They appeared in magazine spreads and their fashion sense even contributed to new style trends.

While JFK was the most powerful man in the world, he also used the power of media to convey a casual and relatable side - one that is appreciated by the general public (especially women). Most politicians following him will attempt to exploit the "relaxed family man" side, with varying success.
While JFK was the most powerful man in the world, he also used the power of media to convey a casual and family-oriented side, which was relatable to the general public.

JFK was also the first President to have press conferences and public addresses broadcast live on television, marking a new way of conducting politics in the U.S. In short, Kennedy was the first President to be fully present in the arena of mass media, using his charm, charisma, and sex appeal to create a worldwide phenomenon, forever changing the world of politics.

While mass media great amplified every aspect of JFK’s life, it was his untimely death that caused one of the biggest mass media moments in history. The hours, days and months following his assassination were a turning point in journalism, as we witnessed a new era of live television news feeds.

The moment when a shaken Walter Cronkite removed his glasses and announced the death of JFK is probably one of the most intense moments in television history. It also marks the transition period between old-time written news and live television coverage.
Walter Cronkite announcing JFK’s death is a defining moment in U.S. history. Visibly shaken, Cronkite removed his glasses and addressed a nation that was in complete shock. This moment also marks the transition period between old-time written news and live television coverage.

Because JFK’s aura was so amplified by mass media, his death caused a shock-wave of trauma and dismay across America and the world. It was one of the first mega-rituals conducted by a shadow elite … but far from the last. After JFK, several personalities were literally built by mass media to then die and cause shock and trauma. The era of mass media also corresponds to a new era of control by the occult elite.

Links With the Darker Side of Hollywood

While JFK enjoyed the status of a Hollywood celebrity, he also partook in the darker aspects of it. During the 1960s, Hollywood decidedly steered towards sexual exploitation, mind control, and dark occultism, and JFK was close friends with its main figures, namely: Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis, Jr., a.k.a “the rat pack”. According to Fritz Springmeier, these men were MK slave handlers, linked with Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.

Many of the movies and shows use Monarch slaves as actors & performers. They also use lots of slave handlers such as Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, & Bob Hope. And occasionally the use programmers such as Anton LaVey, Jerry Lee Lewis. (…)

Frank Sinatra has been a slave handler. He has handled Bob Hope’s slaves, when Bob Hope has lent them to the Rat Pack (which consisted of Dean Martin, Frank, Sammy Davis, Jr. Peter Lawford & Joey Bishop). Frank Sinatra spends time with the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Recently released FBI files describe “sex parties” attended by the Kennedy brothers, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra (an MK slave handler) and Marilyn Monroe (a Beta Programming slave).

An FBI file describing a party that included the Kennedys, members of the Rat Pack, and Marilyn Monroe.
Sammy Davis Jr. with Anton LaVey, the head of the Church of Satan - a powerful organization that put a "Hollywood" facade on hardcore Satanism.
Sammy Davis Jr. with Anton LaVey, the head of the Church of Satan – a powerful organization that put a “Hollywood” facade on hardcore Satanism.

JFK’s string of affairs with various partners during his Presidency is no secret today. The two most famous women associated with JFK are Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, two blonde movie stars with strikingly similar personas. There is, however, another point they both have in common: They were both “partners” of Anton LaVey. In fact, Mansfield was a “High Priestess” of his Church of Satan.

In San Francisco for the 1966 Film Festival, Mansfield visited the Church of Satan with Sam Brody (her lawyer and boyfriend) to meet Anton LaVey, the church’s founder. LaVey awarded Mansfield a medallion and the title “High Priestess of San Francisco’s Church of Satan”. The Church of Satan proclaimed Jayne a pledged member, and she displayed a framed membership certification in her pink bedroom. The media enthusiastically covered the meeting and the events surrounding it, identifying her as a Satanist and romantically involved with LaVey. That meeting remained a much-publicized and oft-quoted event of her life, as well as the history of the Church of Satan
Strait, Raymond (1974). Tragic Secret Life of Jayne Mansfield.


Pictures of Jaynes Mansfield with Anton LaVey
Pictures of Jayne Mansfield with Anton LaVey

The link between Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Anton LaVey and JFK is not simply the result of a coincidence. Behind his theatrical facade, Anton LaVey was an MK ULTRA handler who programmed Monroe and Mansfield to be Beta Kittens.

“Anton LaVey has been the mind-control handler/programmer of a number of Hollywood actors & actresses, including Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe, who both serviced him as sexual slaves”.
– Anton Szandor LaVey,

“Marilyn Monroe was an orphan, and during her infancy the Illuminati/CIA programmed her to be a Monarch slave. Before becoming an actress, while she was still a stripper, she spent time with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey. Victims of LaVey have pointed him out as a mind-control programmer.”
– Ibid.

Marilyn Monroe speaks with John F. Kennedy after famously singing him "Happy Birthday Mr. President". Wearing her iconic diamond-studded dress (diamonds are associated with Presidential Models in MK symbolism), the song was actually a Beta Kitten sensually singing to the man she is servicing.
Marilyn Monroe speaks with John F. Kennedy after famously singing him “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. Wearing her iconic diamond-studded dress (diamonds are associated with Presidential Models in MK symbolism), the performance was actually a Beta Kitten sensually singing to the man she is servicing.

Like most MK slaves, Monroe and Mansfield died young (at age 36 and 34 respectively) and in odd circumstances (“overdose” and car accident).

A Bold President

Despite all of the partying and distractions, JFK was a busy and dedicated President. While he dealt with gigantic issues such as the rise of civil rights and the Cold War, he also dealt with lesser-known issues. Indeed, JFK quickly understood who was in charge in Washington and that it was not him, the supposed democratically-elected President. It was the shadowy elite who controlled the country from behind the scenes, through various powerful groups, who worked completely independently from the government. In what appears to be an attempt to bring power and influence back to democratically elected representatives, JFK clashed with the CIA, the Federal Reserve, big oil and even the military-industrial complex. Almost all of the policies adopted that went against these groups were quickly reversed after his death.

Against the Fed?

The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 to become the central banking system of the United States. However, despite its “governmental name”, the Federal Reserve System is not federal. It is not even governmental. Although it was created by an act of Congress, the Federal Reserve is completely independent of the government. It is essentially a private organization owned by twelve credit monopolies, which are owned by the most powerful banking families in the world.

Black Law’s Dictionary defines the Fed as a:

“Network of twelve central banks to which most national banks belong and to which state chartered banks may belong. Membership rules require investment of stock and minimum reserves.”

The Federal Reserve is the entity that lends money to banks, who then lend money to citizens, with interest. More importantly, the Fed creates U.S. money, which it loans to the U.S. government, also while charging interest. The government must then collect income taxes to pay this interest. The sixteenth amendment, which gave Congress the power to collect income taxes, was passed the same year the Fed was created.

In 1934, Congressman Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania gave an astounding speech exposing who was behind the Fed. According to him, it was the same people who are behind important world events. Without naming them, McFadden described the elite bloodlines of the world.

“Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation’s debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

“This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

“Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.

“These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the allies in World War. They financed Trotsky’s passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky’s disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children. “Mr. Chairman, there should be no partisanship in matters concerning banking and currency affairs in this Country, and I do not speak with any.

“The Federal Reserve Bank destroyed our old and characteristic way of doing business. It discriminated against our 1-name commercial paper, the finest in the world, and it set up the antiquated 2-name paper, which is the present curse of this Country and which wrecked every country which has ever given it scope; it fastened down upon the Country the very tyranny from which the framers of the Constitution sough to save us.

In this speech of rare veracity, Congressman McFadden refers to “bankers who came here from Europe” and who use their immense wealth to influence world events who even pushed for a Russian revolution. His description of the “bankers” is perfectly applicable to an elite family like the Rothschilds, a dynasty of bankers from Europe who has been financing the war efforts of several countries for centuries.

That being said, was Kennedy actively working against the Fed or not? To this day, this question is still hotly debated. Some argue that JFK issued an executive order going against the Fed, others claim that he actually made the Fed stronger. There appears to be a great deal of contradictory information and disinformation floating around on the subject, a classic sign of being a “sensitive” issue.

In his 1990 book Crossfire, Jim Marrs states that five months before his assassination, JFK signed Executive Order 11110, allowing the government to issue interest-free money by bypassing the entire Federal Reserve system.

Another overlooked aspect of Kennedy’s attempt to reform American society involves money. Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11,110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency.

Kennedy’s comptroller of the currency, James J. Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Reserve Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds, again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks.

A number of “Kennedy bills” were indeed issued – the author has a five dollar bill in his possession with the heading “United States Note” – but were quickly withdrawn after Kennedy’s death. According to information from the Library of the Comptroller of the Currency, Executive Order 11,110 remains in effect today, although successive administrations beginning with that of President Lyndon Johnson apparently have simply ignored it and instead returned to the practice of paying interest on Federal Reserve notes. Today we continue to use Federal Reserve Notes, and the deficit is at an all-time high.”
– Jim Marrs, Crossfire


A comparison of a "United States Note" as issued by Kennedy (top) and a regular "Federal Reserve Note". Notice that the banner at the very top says "United States Note" instead of Federal Reserve Note". Also, the "B" logo of the Federal Reserve does not appear on the United States Note.
A comparison of a “United States Note” (top) as issued by the U.S. government and a regular “Federal Reserve Note” (bottom) as issued by the Fed. Although the bills are esthetically similar, the United States Note is debt-free, interest-free and bypasses the entire parasitical Federal Reserve System.

According to Marrs, the Executive Order was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with Silver Certificates. Here is the Executive Order :

SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 9, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j):

‘(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of an outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,’ and (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof.

SECTION 2. The amendments made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

John F. Kennedy,
June 4, 1963.

However, Marrs’ theory was challenged by observers who state that Executive Order 11110 does not mention the creation of four billion dollars worth of “United States Notes” and is merely an amendment of a 1951 Executive Order pertaining delegating powers to the Secretary of the Treasury in issues pertaining to silver certificates.

Against the CIA and war?

Kennedy’s Presidency took place in a time period where the United States and the USSR were playing a game of chess on a worldwide scale. Through a variety of covert operations, the CIA fermented revolutions, funded armed groups, and assassinated leaders to gain control of several parts of the globe. During Kennedy’s presidency, the Cold War caused conflicts in areas including  Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba.

In 1961, Kennedy authorized the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the long-planned invasion of Cuba using a CIA-sponsored paramilitary group named “Brigade 2506”. The ultimate goal was the overthrow (or assassination) of Fidel Castro. The operation ended up failing, causing JFK to publicly take the blame for it. Kennedy was then quoted as telling an official within his administration: “I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” A few months later, CIA director Allen Dulles, Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell, Jr., and Deputy Director Charles Cabell were all forced to resign. After Kennedy’s death, Allen Dulles was part of the Warren Commission that investigated JFK’s assassination – a nomination that still raises eyebrows to this day.

In 1963 Kennedy learned about the assassination of the president of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, which was first disguised as a suicide by the CIA. The bloody coup reportedly shook JFK to the core.

“According to General Maxwell Taylor, “Kennedy leaped to his feet and rushed from the room with a look of shock and dismay on his face which I had never seen before.” Kennedy had planned that Ngô Đình Diệm would be safely exiled and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. recalled that the U.S. president was “somber and shaken”. Kennedy later penned a memo, lamenting that the assassination was “particularly abhorrent” and blaming himself for approving Cable 243, which had authorised Lodge to explore coup options in the wake of Nhu’s attacks on the Buddhist pagodas. Forrestal said that “It shook him personally … bothered him as a moral and religious matter. It shook his confidence, I think, in the kind of advice he was getting about South Vietnam.”
Halberstam, David Singal, Daniel J, “The Making of a Quagmire: America and Vietnam during the Kennedy Era”

In the last days of his administration, JFK took several steps in reducing the number US soldiers in Vietnam and planned to ultimately achieve a complete withdrawal. Recordings of Defense Secretary McNamara and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson both have accounts of JFK wanting to pull out of Vietnam after his reelection in 1964 (they were both against it).

Kennedy reinforced his stance for peace on June 10, 1963, when he delivered an important speech at American University:

To discuss a topic on which too often ignorance abounds and the truth is too rarely perceived—yet it is the most important topic on earth: world peace … I speak of peace because of the new face of war…in an age when a singular nuclear weapon contains ten times the explosive force delivered by all the allied forces in the Second World War … an age when the deadly poisons produced by a nuclear exchange would be carried by wind and air and soil and seed to the far corners of the globe and to generations yet unborn … I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary rational end of rational men … world peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his neighbor—it requires only that they live together in mutual tolerance … our problems are man-made—therefore they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants.

About a month before his assassination, JFK signed the National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) 263 ordering the withdrawal of 1,000 military personnel from Vietnam by the end of the year. However, on November 26, 1963, only four days after Kennedy’s death, Lyndon Johnson passed NSAM 273 which reversed the withdrawal and reinforced U.S. commitment in Vietnam.

Against Big Oil?

Ever since the days of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, big oil companies have enjoyed great privileges and influence in the United States. For example, since 1926, oil companies benefit from large tax concessions, including the oil depletion allowance, which allows them to keep 27.5 percent of their revenue tax-free.

In 1963, President Kennedy proposed removing the oil depletion allowance, the main tax incentive for oil companies. Estimates showed that it would have cost Texas oilmen $300 million in profits each year. He also passed the Kennedy Act, a piece of legislation that especially pinched oil companies, which would have caused them to give up 15 percent of their profits on foreign investments.

After Kennedy’s death, his successor Lyndon Johnson, who was extremely close to Texas oil companies, completely abandoned these plans.

In Conclusion

Although it is easy to either deify or vilify JFK, the truth is that he was merely a man who was a product of his environment – the occult elite. As a member of this rarefied group, he mixed with the dark side of Hollywood and got involved with the horrendous world of MK slaves and handlers.

However, on a professional level, Kennedy went against the best interests of the elite on several occasions by attempting to go against the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the military-industrial complex, and big oil companies. Indeed, Kennedy took bold steps towards limiting the powers of organizations who act in total secrecy and who give absolutely no accounts of their actions to the public. He went against the shadow government which works in the dark and, soon after, he was assassinated in broad daylight. Fifty years later, the official theory is that a lone gunman killed Kennedy. Is that plausible? In the decades that followed, the dreaded Kennedy curse continued, decimating the most prominent members of the family. Was the Kennedy dynasty shunned by the occult elite?

The last part of the series looks at JFK’s assassination, its occult meaning, and the fate of the rest of the Kennedy dynasty.

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  1. Sammy Davis Jr. with Anton LaVey, the head of the Church of Satan – a powerful organization that put a “Hollywood” facade on hardcore Satanism.- on that pic is it Jordan Maxwell with them?

  2. (Comment 2/2)

    In regard to the issuance of silver notes… While I agree that there were U.S. notes printed in the same year as E.O. 11110. I have yet to determine whether Kennedy had actually issued them. Unfortunately this is always assumed without evidence to back it up. To me it makes no sense that Kennedy would issue U.S. Notes and then enact E.O. 11110 allowing Treasury Secretary Dillon to control/manipulate the supply without his approval. That is if E.O. 11110 was passed following the issuance of the U.S. Notes.

    What is known is that in Lincoln signed the “Legal Tender Act of 1862” which authorized (non-debt based) U.S. Notes as legal tender. Originally the amount produced was capped at 150,000,000 dollars but was eventually increased to 450,000,000 dollars. [v]

    “In June 1874, Congress officially capped the Greenback (U.S. Notes) circulation at $382,000,000, and in January 1875, passed the Specie Payment Resumption Act, which authorized a contraction in the circulation of Greenbacks towards a revised limit of $300,000,000, and required the government to redeem them for gold, on demand, after the first of January 1879. As a result, the currency strengthened and by April 1876, the notes were on par with silver coins which then began to re-emerge into circulation.[22] On May 31, 1878, the contraction in the circulation was halted at $346,681,016 – a level which would be maintained for almost 100 years afterwards.[23] While $346,681,016 was a significant figure at the time, it is now a very small fraction of the total currency in circulation in the United States.” [vi]

    What that means is that there had to be a fixed amount of U.S. notes in circulation. Therefore it could have very well been that the issuance of U.S. Notes during JFK’s administration was only to maintain the proper levels of around 350,000,000 dollars (which in 1960’s terms was insignificant). That is why I believe they were never intended to be a significant part of the money supply.

    It cannot be denied however, that after Kennedy however, we made the switch to an exclusively fiat currency. This was done foremost by LBJ during his presidency. Regardless, I am just not convinced that Kennedy was opposed to the banking Cartel.
    On another note… Gerald Ford passed Executive Order 11825 revoking section 2(d) of E.O. 10289 which revoked “(d) The authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury by section 3 of the act of January 30, 1934, c. 6, 48 Stat. 340 (31 U.S.C. 442), to issue regulations prescribing the conditions under which gold may be acquired and held transported, melted or treated, imported, exported, or earmarked for certain purposes.”[vii] (This is found at the end of section 1)

    I am unsure why Ford did what he did in revoking the Treasury control over some areas of gold, but I am sure it wasn’t for the sake of the American people.

    And finally, Regan is credited with completely revoking E.O.10289, thus rendering E.O. 11110 void. [viii]
    In Section 4 of E.O. 12608 he states “Sec. 4. Executive Order No. 10289, as amended, is further amended as follows:” “(e) By revoking Sections l(g) and l(j), and renumbering Sections l(h) and l(i) as Sections l(g) and l(h), respectively;

    ****Please note that Section 1(j) is the part of E.O. 12608 that was added by E.O. 11110 to give the Treasury Secretary authority over silver bullion, certificates, etc.

    So essentially the majority of E.O. 11110 (the part pertaining to giving power over silver co-equally to the treasury secretary) was revoked by Regan’s E.O. 12608

    I am unsure why he did this, just as Ford had more or less done for Gold, but I am sure whatever the reason, it wasn’t to help the country in any way. Maybe it was done because all our stores of Gold and Silver were transfered to the Federal Reserve, and the rest of the powers over them went to the IRS.









  3. I agree with the detractors about Exec. Order 11110… While I am by no means an expert on this topic, I personally disagree with the conclusion that it was an attempt by JFK to return to a sound money supply.

    Executive Order 11110 states “Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended… (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j):”

    “(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821 (b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,” and

    “(b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof.”[i]

    A quick review of E.O.10289 states…”673, 81st Congress), and as President of the United States, it is ordered as follows: “1. The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby designated and empowered to perform the following-described functions of the President without the approval, ratification, or other action of the President:”[ii]

    So in a nutshell…. JFK who had the power to do all the things listed in E.O. 11110, amended E.O. 10289 in order to give the Secretary of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon the power to preform the very functions listed above without the authorization of the President. To quote his wikipedia page Dillon was “A close friend of John D. Rockefeller III, he was chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1972 to 1975. He also served alongside John Rockefeller on the 1973 Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs, and under Nelson Rockefeller in the Rockefeller Commission to investigate CIA activities (along with Ronald Reagan). He had been president of Harvard Board of Overseers, chairman of the Brookings Institution, and vice chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.”[iii]

    Also note that Dillon was from a fairly influential Wall-Street banking family… “After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard, Dillon bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and went on to become president of the United States and Foreign Securities Corporation. In 1938, he became a vice president and director of Dillon, Read and Company, an investment bank founded by his father, and was later elected chairman of the board.”[iv]

    Does this sounds like something that was good for America? To allow Dillon, who was clearly a Rockefeller/Rothschild front man, equal power over silver bullion, certificates, etc? I think not!

  4. scary thing about bankers is they can afford to pay any amount for a hired killer. attempt was made at Reagan s life too. Why? He investigated the monetary system and wished to change it. His men found that all federal income taxes went towards paying of national debt, owed to federal reserve.

  5. scary thing about bankers is they can afford to pay any amount for a hired killer. attempt was made at Reagan s life too. Why? He investigated the monetary system and wished to change it. His men found that all federal income taxes went towards paying of national debt, owed to federal reserve.
    His conviction for change quickly waned after the attempt at his life. Trickle down economics did not work out well except for the richest citizens. Point is he became bankers puppet.

  6. The relationship between Marilyn Monroe and JFK is very similar to the relationship Beyonce and Obama have these days

  7. There is a good series being shown on CNN called The Sixties:

    Check out Episodes 2 and 3 to get a glimpse of what the culture was like during the Kennedy years. Lots of great footage from the era – listen to the newscasters – this is before the news was as corrupted and controlled as it is today.

    Kennedy was ready to make peace with Khrushchev and in no way wanted to engage in a war in Vietnam.

    Very insightful series – important for younger folks to watch and discern. Think for yourselves.

  8. It was my understanding that MK Ultra mind control didn't start until post WWII after Project Paperclip. Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926. Since mind control techniques have to be implemented in childhood, Marilyn would have been born too soon, no?

    • I think the mind control on marilyn didn't start til she was a young adult. They saw her as a good prospect for it because of her broken childhood. I've read they pick those who have a troubled childhood because they are easier to control. I think there are different levels of mind control. Not all experience this as children. May we pray for those who are dealing with this level of evil. may we pray for all of humanity.

    • Mind control may go way back in time. The famous model from the 40's (pre -post WWII), Candy Jones, who first exposed her mind control through her husband's radio show, may represent one of the first mind control secret agents. MKULTRA, the official government program, didn't begin until 1953, but experiments had begun way before this date. Mind control probably goes way back to Europe with Satanism in medevil castles, and was brought over to our country by the pilgrims (remember the witch trials in Salem.) Therefore, even though Marilyn was born in 1926, they may have already been programming US citizens. She was an orphan, and an easy target. Later, she was a stripper and was associated with Anton Levay, head of the church of Satanism in San Francisco. Our country had connections with the Nazis way before operation paperclip. Prescott Bush, who's son later was a head figure in the CIA, is an example.

    • Vulnerable people are more easy to manipulate. That can happen at a later point in life. The influencing of a child has become so popular that we leave that up the schools and colleges But that is the subtle approach. The technics used for creating a slave are the same as those over centuries old, torture and violence, both physical and psychological.
      The easy way to spot victims is when parents and schools join together in monitoring lifes of theirs.
      Or posts on facebook-for-dummies.

      And that, my friends, is happening right now at all kinds of institutes, schools, babycarecentres and beyond.
      Look at logo's and read the ''about''-sections of who you are inolved with.

  9. the Kennedy analysis could go on forever without firm conclusions. ultimately, i see JFK's assassination as the end result of a confluence of gray invested parties and secret agendas. thanks for sharing specifics, VC, especially with respect to making sure the Fed is on everyone's radar. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," is a dangerous way to live, on the micro or macro level–musical chairs with human lives at stake.

    i fear we are seeing the same patterns on a global scale now, people's "identities" being manipulated for hidden motive and profit. it is a slippery slope down to the bottom when your thought process is that any one individual or group's lives are worth more than another due to affiliation, beliefs, birth, or any other details. children know this truth, but lose it in the crushing socialization process. all i know is that monkeys like repeatable patterns… sigh.

    "Love never fails…"

  10. The Fed? Well, that rabbit hole goes a tad deeper. The founding of the United States itself is very murky, with George Washington and many of the other founders being high ranking freemasons and all, Washington D.C. built according to freemason principles and all the signs and symbols there.

    VC himself did a piece on the capitol:

    • I don't believe all freemasons were directly connected to the occult; I've read lower ranking freemasons were not aware of what higher ranking freemasons were doing. I believe over time our system and the government became corrupt. Our freedoms and rights slowly are diminishing but I don't believe this country was founded to be a country of tyranny. I think the bad guys outweigh the good guys at this point in our government. There still have been politicians that stood firm to try and protect our freedoms. The occult elite work in secrecy and slowly infiltrated every aspect of our system.

      • No, they are not. They may belong to a privileged group but the vast majority realize the potential good which can come out of the power vested in them by their initiation. They are equally perturbed by the corrupt factions as the next person. I think that the truth movement has not done them any favors by grouping them with satanists, lizards and such like.

    • While I agree with you in essence… that Freemasonry is still an occult organization. At the time of America's founding the organization was not yet infiltrated by the Illuminati. This is confirmed by Washington himself:

      “I have heard much of the nefarious and dangerous plans and doctrines of the Illuminati ….”(1)

      "It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). That individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned." (2)

      1.) Letter to G.W. Snyder, Mount Vernon, 25, September, 1798. The writings of George Washington, [Harper & brothers, 1848], p. 314
      2.) October 24, 1798 John C. Fitzpatrick, George Washington, The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799 Vol. 36, p.51

      • Essentially what Washington was saying is that he did not feel Free Masonry as a society was "endeavour[ing] to propagate the diabolical tenets" of the Illuminati, but that it was "individuals of them or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States" (meaning the lodges were not yet fully infiltrated as they are today) who had these objectives and that it was " too evident to be questioned."

  11. Sounds good, except Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortensen) is a Mayflower descendent and related to almost all the presidents. No orphan here. JFK I believe Knew he was being sacrificed. That's why he did all those thing before his death. Satanism and chaos go hand in hand

    • Her mother was known, and now we have published identities of her mother’s family, whom she had a relationship with. Def not an orphan, but abandoned to the system nevertheless. Her father’s identity is problematic, but once we start listening to her living relatives, that too may also be completley resolved.

  12. Dear VC – a great article as usual. However, I wish you would not have used Whale or Jim Marrs as references… some people may consider them sensationalistic and not overly credible. You're own thoughts and words would suffice. Thanks again!

    • Many people on this planet would consider VC as 'sensationalistic and not overly credible' as well. I think that what VC strives to do, is put the information that (s)he has gathered out there, and then it is up to you to join the dots if you can.
      That is the key, don't follow herd mentality, follow the pattern and seek the truth in whatever you are presented with, no matter how overly sensationalistic it may appear.

  13. VC I really appreciate all you've done in these last few years I've been on the site, a friend in high school showed me this site in 2010 when I was only 17 & it stuck with me lol that was back when Jayz (on to the next one video )and Rihanna (umbrella video) were starting to blatantly show their true colors.. This site alone has really opened to my eyes to what's really going on in the world & put more things into perspective other than how many people follow me and how many like I got on a picture.. I wish your messages could reach a wider audience, I feel as if everyone should be introduced to the site. Maybe America, especially, could stop walking around so blinded by the bs the media feeds us! It hurts me to know that we are all so blind to these elementary techniques of influence, I really pray for my generation and the ones that follow; caught up in social media and being famous instead of knowing that the goals of these people we look up to is to destroy us! Completely..
    People just let lies fly, lol lies that aren't even believable in some cases, and I really feel that we're doomed smh I just want to thank you personally for at least not allowing me to follow the herd like a mindless sheep.
    Thank you,

    P.s. I love this "hidden life of the Kennedy's" I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for the updates lol

    • Very well said Trevon! I am happy you found this site and the way you think now! I'm sure VC reads the comments, he just probably doesn't have enough time to answer back to them all since he's researching then writing articles.

      That part you said about media reminds me of a smart phone commercial by a phone company. A couple of 7-9 year olds were advertising phones! unbelievable, what parents in their right mind would allow a child to have a phone and do the whole facebooking *ahem* lamebooking thing is beyond me!
      Some people are truly lost I think..I will also show this site to a couple of friends, maybe they will open their eyes too

  14. Kennedy warned against secret societies. I believe he was killed because he refused to play ball.

    John Todd, ex-Illuminist, claimed that Kennedy was saved–became a Christian–shortly before his death. That right there, I'd think, would put him on top of the hit list.

  15. Sarahnp: Israel does not recognize any borders. Really. It doesn't officially have any.

    And Israel has started every one of its wars.

    When the UN recommended the "partition" of Palestine (1947) into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, Zionists seized more land than was allotted to them. And it used mass murder and force, to drive Christian and Muslim Arabs from their homes.

    Gaza today is populated by people driven from what is now Israel. And Israel intends now to kill them all, or force them to go elsewhere, so that Israel can claim the offshore natural gas that belongs to the owners of Gaza.

    No, Israel does not have a "right to exist," because its existence depends on racism, terrorism, and genocide.

    Don't insult God by associating Him with the beast with the blasphemous name, described in Revelation chapter 13.

    • I wish the Palestinians had better weapons so they could wipe out the zionist troops in their hundreds of thousands. I do not subscribe to the absurd and inhuman view that people forced into refugee camps and repeatedly massacred should remain pacifists.settlers have no 'right to security' so long as those whose land they stole still live in refugee camps.

  16. Normally I do my best to stay on topic, but I feel called to say something. What's with all the Jew hating in the comments? Yeah, sure, the Rothschild banking cartel rules the western world, but antisemitism is nothing more than cheap hate mongering. Israel has a right to exist, and has a right to defend its borders. Wow, border defense, there's a concept. God bless the Jews.

    • Defend IT'S borders!? They were loaned that land and decided to not only steal It but also murder the people of the as well. Basically what America did to the Native Americans except with bombs this time!

    • I am sure that your heart is in the right place but you don't seem to know much beyond the propaganda fed to you via the media.

    • I had to return to your comment because you display a level of ignorance that renders me unwell. How can you feel it necessary to show your support for Israel at a time when hundreds of Palestinians are being gunned down at an intensive rate. Did you see the pictures of children crying over the bodies of their friends and fathers carrying the blood soaked body bags containing their toddlers? Where is your humanity. Support Jews by all means but don't confuse them with zionists. Don't think you are not upholding the values of Rothschild zionism given that the Kenesset was a Rothschild invention and you are dutifully spewing out their intended rhetoric. Makeshift cola bottles versus state-of-the-art american military machines .. sounds like a fair battle doesn't it? Mossad zionists would laugh at loud at your comment .. I have just returned from an event where I met one and ran it past him so I do know.

    • I feel really uncomfortable with some of these anti-israel comments here as well and am astonished, that they remain on the site. If somebody expresses the wish for a group (in this case: palestinians) to have more deadly weapons, so that they could kill all Israelians quicker, the line to pure hatespeech has long been crossed.
      I wonder. Are they all Moslems, who post here such things? Could be. Could as well be just another attempt to disredit this website. The more such postings emerge, the more intelligent people will avoid the whole website. Enemies of VC and its eye-opening content could fingerpoint and say "Just take a look – a bunch of racists and anti-semites and conspiracy theorists on that site." Reasonable people will read the postings and come to the conclusion, the enemy of the VC was right. Show me, who you associate with, and I tell you who you are. And the content and work of the articles becomes less and less important to the visitors, because it is well covered under the mire of hate.

      Devil has no preferences in the race, colour, religion, faith, gender. Neither has God. God wants to be the God of each and every one, to save every human. Devil wants to destroy them in the same moment. And it is up to us and us alone, what we chose. For we are free.

      • Your zionist friend started this, Sara, don't forget …blah, blah, blah, blah….. get over yourselves. You should research the histories of people, races and cultures besides your own…you do not exist in isolation, elevated above other humans with special status. Start respecting INTERNATIONAL LAW, and stop committing WAR CRIMES and GENOCIDES in Palestine, Lebanon etc. Rocket fire from Palestinians is one thing, but using excessive force such as air strikes, chemical weapons…killing children who throw stones at tanks, what's wrong with you all? if you want respect from people, EARN IT.

    • I recently red that there is special propaganda program, which defends Israel in the social medias and sites, so such comments are not unusual. Anyway i have to say that people should make difference between zionists and jews. Right now ordinary jews are paying the price for the ambitions of the zionists and they dont even realize it.

    • I have heard that Zionists are not the same as the true good religious jews. Zionist are actually quite racist, and they aren't all jewish!

  17. "In this speech of rare veracity, Congressman McFadden refers to “bankers who came here from Europe” and who use their immense wealth to influence world events who even pushed for a Russian revolution"

    I know this viewpoint is unpopular on this site, but as a Russian I know that many people in Russia long for the Soviet Union and want it back.

    "In a survey published by the independent Levada polling center in January, 86 percent of respondents who were older than 55 expressed regret for the Soviet Union’s collapse"

    I can verify that this is a VERY common sentiment among Russians. Many westerners can't fathom this, and come up with Stalin this and communism that, but they don't get the following dynamics:

    -The Soviet Union existed for an additional forty years after Stalin's death. It's not like with Nazi Germany, which started with Hitler and ended with Hitler.

    -The second world war: Stalin made Russia an industrial superpower with his industrialization programs. Without it, Hitler would could have the war. And the war on Russian soil was the most terrible war that was ever fought on earth. Never has a country lost so many people like the Soviet Union did. Losing that war could have meant the end of the Russian people as such (Generalplan Ost, Untermenschen-ideology). That's why some are even nostalgic for Stalin: Because there is the notion that without his brutal industrialization program the alternative could have been far worse.

    -For many people, life in the Soviet Union (post-Stalin) was indeed better than now. Many cite especially the 1970s as the best period Russia ever had. Compared to the that, the "liberal" 90s are despised; the era of international humiliation, crime on the streets and economic doom. Such a chaos like in the 90s was never seen in Russia. Not even in revolutionary or ww1 years. That's why Putin is loved by the way: He kinda brought order back.

    -The Soviet Union was actually very Russian: Russians are very conservative, and the Soviet Union was it too (the morality was not too far off from traditional Russian Orthodoxism, except for the allowance of abortion maybe): Homosexuality for example was a taboo, more than even in contemporary Russia (the ideological reason for that was the notion that homosexuality is a "selfish" sexuality, because it produces no children. Thus it's western capitalistic decadence). There was no "political correctness", no green movements, no welfare (but a "right for work"), no animal rights movements, no hippie culture, no known drug subcultre etc. Sexuality wise it was extremely repressive: Even 1980s Soviet Union was more conservative than 1950s catholic Italy! – for example, my mother didn't know that gays existed until she was 23! That's hard to grasp for a westerner, because communists and lefties in their countries are "liberals", that was certainly not the case with the communist party of the Soviet Union, atleast during and after Stalin.

    There are also other factors, but the comment would get too long. But I think you got at least a grasp why most Russians think completely different about the SU than westerners, even "truth-seeking" ones.

    • What a truly awful comment. I feel the need to reply.

      Soviet Union was an totalitarian regime that claimed millions of lives. Its collectivization and industrialization policies devastated the land and the people. There was famine and extreme shortages of everything.

      I come from the country that was occupied by the russians. The comment that soviet union was 'very russian' is quite hilarious, as it was in fact created by the russians via occupation of smaller countries. Russians imposed their culture (incl. alcoholism) and language on the native populations. Russians are not 'conservative', their society is deeply masculine, which makes them sexist and homophobic.

      There was no freedom of speech or thinking in the Soviet Union. Propaganda was in school textbooks. You could have been arrested without committing any crime . There was repression and censorship of everything. Crimes, accidents were concealed and not reported. You were told what to think and what to speak, what to wear, what haircut was acceptable and so on. Art was censored, songs had to be approved and so on. Most of the intellectuals and the wealthy were removed to the gulags with devastating consequences to the societies. Ugly blocks of flats were built everywhere to make the landscape uniform.

      Now, why russians miss it I can't know, but it could be because of the so very appealing delusion of grandeur that they still can't shake. However, most often why people in the occupied countries 'miss it' are because of the following reasons: All the basic commodities were extremely cheap and affordable: including basic food, household bills and of course – alcohol. All this was orchestrated so that the average person could have his basic needs met very easily and could happily continue serving the machine all his life, consequently slaving and creating wealth to the ideology and a few chosen ones. Why would any sane person choose this over his own freedom?

      So having in mind all the pain and suffering russians inflicted on the occupied countries, and many struggle with consequences to this day (like alcoholism, lack of culture, eradication of russian swearwords and never ending restoration of those horrible buildings), this comment is extremely offensive and I have to say reflects the brainwashed (or weak in the soul) russian oldtimers very well.

    • Hey guys….ever heard the phrase, “Better the devil you know.” It is not unusual for the elders of any society to fear change even when good. They had learned to cope with the USSR, and within any system there will be those who prosper. What we also see is that although democracy came to Russia, it did so as a weakened system. These elderly people do not have time to wait for the system to be non-corrupt. I have seen the videos myself, yes apparently there are Russians who miss the old system. Just like Americans miss the 1950’s and pretend everything in that era was good and just.

  18. This bring back childhood memories. Wow. As a child watching the news, play-by-play on the television, I knew he was killed on purpose. A conspiracy. You could feel the darkness through out the nation. The world. It was shocking. JFK was trying to make positive changes for the American society and the world, along with others.(Bobby and Martin) These men were not afraid. They were fighters. Fighters for the underdogs, the forgotten, the unpopular, us. They were also a threat for the powers that be. Yes, the Kennedy's were used by Hollywood or the Elite. If you think about it, everyone is used in one way or another good or bad. However, the Kennedy's were also young, idealistic, intelligent, bold, unafraid and independently wealthy. FYI, JFK refused a salary when he was President, unlike others.
    Thank you VC for another mind-provoking article. Keep the articles coming!

  19. One of the best articles thus far naming several reasons why there was motive to take down Kennedy.
    Kennedy had his faults but he was going to do many good things for USA which was why they killed him because he was one of the good guys.
    Ever since Kennedy's death, USA has been corrupted and manipulated to where we are today.

  20. My mom.. is fascinated by Kennedy and his death. i think I may just print your series out (she doesn't know how to work the internet really well) so she can read it!!

  21. "..the Fed creates U.S. money, which it loans to the U.S. government, also while charging interest. The government must then collect income taxes to pay this interest."

    i will never understand why people accept this. so, a country with millions of real working people and a good economy is still FORCED to LOAN money from some private money printers!
    instead of that country (government) simply issuing currency based on that income and economy herself!

    all those millions of citizens are basically working their whole life to pay rates of interest to megarich people who dont lift a finger to work their whole lifes!

    the very public deaths of the 2 kennedy brothers were a warning to everyone (powerful enough) to go against this evil system.

    • I too will never understand the irony of the American banking system. In fact, every time I read about it explained as per the VC quote, I always think that I am being duped, and that this cannot really be happening/have been happening all these years!

      Naive question perhaps, as I am not American, but why have the American people never stood up against this and made a change? In third world Africa, that the rest of the world pities, this is the stuff that gets people up in arms and overthrowing governments. Some good and lasting change has come to some countries that fought against injustice. Don't get me wrong, I am not a proponent per se for war or coups; too much loss of life. I guess what I am getting at is, could it be possible that the American people are so numb to or consumed by the workings of the evil elite that they with no thought subscribe to all their ploys?If you ask me, the Elite have been looking for centuries for a perfect way to take out this world, and they finally found it in America; a country that they have slowly chipped at with their evil chisels and finally degraded so much, that the evil is now seeping into the rest of the world, including little ol' Africa where I am. How else can you explain the filth that comes out of America – celebrity pop culture, news, wars, GMO, television, music. It befuddles the mind. In the name of being the 'freest' country on earth, America is being used to enslave the rest of the world!

      • I am not an american either. And i get your point all to well. I know different kinds of americans and except for some free spirits, most are very peculiar compared to people i know from other countries (very much generalizing here – i know). Peculiar as in having a narrow view about life across the borders.
        Oh, the free spirits were found in various milieus 😉 rich and poor.

      • We 'Mericans' have been duped for some time now. Thanks to the i-net we are able to receive indie News that is not Mainstream & controlled by 5 Major Corporations. Thanks also to websites like VC that help expose what is really happening behind the scenes.

        It's just confirms what is brought out at 2 Corinthians 4:4 as "Satan being the God of this System of things" Whether it's Politics, Media or the Music Industry, if a person wants to be famous in this World, which is not backed by God, they will have to offer themselves to the Ruler of this World.

        Fortunately, the dark forces of this System will not prevail for much longer. God is soon going to clean house of all that ails Mankind & the current Ruler of this System will be shut down! Rev 21:
        "Just a little while longer and the wicked one will be no more" Ps 37:10

  22. jfk was part of the elite. then, on his presidential throne, he thought he can "break out" and turn against the forces that made him. he thought he was untouchable as president of the us.
    thats what i think.

    eo11110 is something everyone should remember. because it plays a key part in this global theatre of cruelty.
    and because noone ever mentions it in school or tv.

    jfk also was a growing problem for israel because he started to pull his head OUT of their asses (israels secret nuclear bombs).

    IMO mcfaddens 1934 speech was about the jews. "they" sparked the russian revolution. "they" were always the leading communist figures in russia and europe. "they" lead the fed and every major bank in europe.
    dont believe me? research it. check out the names.

    "Kennedy’s Presidency took place in a time period where the United States and the USSR were playing a game of chess on a worldwide scale."
    this game is still being played. russia is playing merely with pawns and king today. will ukraine be the (artificial) trigger for the big global showdown? usa/nato/eu are working very hard on it, thats for sure.

    "russia is on the dark side, on the side of the devil!" said the "prime minister" of ukraine, yatseniuk. no s**t.

    check out some british daily newspapers to read more hilarious propaganda about putin the murderer, putin the devil, putin the hitler of today. goebbels would be proud of them.

    thanks VC, for this "political" article. its important the younger readers understand, the evil things are not only happening in symbolic form and on musical stages. it spans our whole society.

    • 'a light unto the nations' – on the state level, apartheid, occupation and collective punishment; on the popular level, racist lynch mobs…

  23. Good article VC. I think people forget that the Kennedy family is an illuminati family and their ties to Hollywood and the entertainment business says it all. I can see the Temple of Set's Michael Aquino in the pic with Sammy Davs Jr. just like "Charles" has mentioned above. Also people should look up how Jayne Mansfield died, where Anton LaVey put a curse on her boyfriend but accidentally killed her also.

      • Well if you are trying to hurt others deliberately without regret that's what you get. Jayne apparently didn't have a good heart, hope she is wherever she wanted to be.

      • No according to Bing Hargitay was born at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, the daughter of actress and 1950s-era sex symbol Jayne Mansfield. Her father was the Hungarian-born former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. Another excellent article VC keep up the good work…

  24. im still trippin off the money..i went thru my drawer here at work and not a single one had red markings..dannngggggg

  25. This is a very well researched piece that VC has done. I have really enjoyed reading about the Kennedy's. I've read several books about them and love every single one. An amazing and tragic family.
    Jack and Jackie were the Sun King and Sun Queen respectively. Camelot was their ideal.
    One wonders what he could've done for the United States…..NAY..the world!! if he survived!!

    • most of them are p********s, but ofc they don't call it that. its widely accepted in that community, why do you think so many cases come out every year of children being molested and raped in the entertainment. its real, its disgusting, and the punishment needs to be harsher.

  26. Good article, but not enough info on the Mafia's involvement with JFK and the assassination. Hopefully it's in part 3 because they were also involved in RFK's killing.

    There's just not enough research in general about the Mafia's connections to the CIA, and the Illuminati in general. But it's there if you look.

    I recommend reading Dope Inc. by Lyndon LaRouche to make some important connections.

  27. I am enjoying these because they have a lot more actual credible sources than most of your articles, and a lot more cited sources in general and it has been giving me a lot to chew on. 🙂 I never really thought much about Kennedy other than my mom was a teenager when he got sit and I know it devastated her, I think she had a crush on him.

    A lot of people did though, he was not normal in many ways for a president, good or bad. Most people do seem to believe he was or last great president.

    The more I learn about the federal reserve and income taxes, the more I know it's s**t. I used to wonder why Ron Paul said it was unconstitutional, but especially after this article, I understand why. 🙁

    God Bless ~Amy

  28. He danced with the devil and those who follow him (satanism and hollywood), yet tried to fight back against the interest of the occult elite.

    I always figured that JFK was being set up just like Aaliyah, MJ and those that followed since some of them were killed and prevented from revealing the truth while others are just used as actual sacrifices.

  29. I wish the 99% could be on the same page. I'm afraid it's a little too late. Everyone is obsessed with material items. I can't stand this feeling of not living. It's draining and I need to get the heck of of the us. America isn't even America anymore with everyone moving here. More sheep to add the pile. I think people should learn how to live off the grid, grow food, and learn to live without money. But in this world being so limited bc everything costs money it's ridiculous. Stop spending money!!!!!

    • America isn't even America anymore with everyone moving here.

      Not about to point out the obvious irony. We are all invaders, we are all settlers.

      Agree that we should curb the spending at the individual level before expecting the Fed to do this on a macroeconomic scale. Perhaps our growing greed and materialism as a civilization is the true reason why their loosening of the purse strings ultimately went unchecked for so long until we found a global meltdown staring back at us? We have not even had the global currency reset yet which Mrs Numerology outlined in her '7's speech. As though that does not constitute proof enough of how common occult runs high finance for those who have been fortunate enough not to discover it the hard way, having invested in a financial education and career.

      • Yes we are invaders, but this country isn't what it used to be. It would be nice if everyone stopped buying stupid s**t and invested money in a better healthier life style. As of careers and education it's simply putting your self in debt to pay the governments debt.

  30. I'm not entirely sold that JFK was murdered. The Kennedys are a bloodline illuminati family. There are definitely issues with the zapruder film that prove it to be altered. It could have been staged.

    Not saying I'm right, but I'm saying its foolish to say you know for sure either way.

  31. Great article about the Kennedys! I am always fascinated by the lives of these elite people and the twisted world in which they live. I have a different theory about JFK that explains his apparent acceptance of the occult and MK Ultra part of things and rejection of the political handling. What if JFK worked against the CIA, FED and others in order to make the impression of something being done for the people knowing that it would all be reversed once he was gone, just like Clinton, and now Obama. Creating the perception of progress and of a difference between the "parties". Under Obama's first administration almost all he did was reversed as soon as the Republicans took over the Congress.

  32. A two part article and as of yet, you have not once mentioned Israel's nascent nuclear program and how JFK wanted to stop this, why is that?

    • VCs overall silence on that big elephant in the room is indeed a little bit disappointing. i guess he has not waken up to this yet… but usa is israels golem.

      as we all are brainwashed since early childhood to see the "chosen people" as the eternal victims.

      right now EVERY western politician (except erdogan) is on israels side murdering women and children
      in an open air prison. the eternal victims even bombed a hospital full of wounded people. again.
      they call it "defending themselves against terrorists"…

      • obama, of course, is supporting the zionist massacre overtly, just as he supports the russian takeover of syria covertly. america insists, again and again, on making itself the enemy of the arabs and of humanity, and then whines about not being loved…. (depending on what the appeasement of putin finally brings, i suspect history will judge obama as worse than his predecessor)

  33. when are americans going to actually do something other than comment on internet posts? Things like stop paying tax to an opressive government that is a vassal of israel, to expose the jews/zionists as an invading force intent on taking over the nation, being self-sufficient and off-grid, teaching kids truth instead of media lies, refusing to vote, etc etc

    • not everyone on here is an American. And I don't know if you know this but everyone is being brainwashed…….so expect nothing. The people who are awake will teach but not the sheep. That goes for everyone is the world not just Americans. Plus it's easier said then done.

      • People who judge are annoying, it's funny what people think of Americans because it's not always true , it's not all fun and games ya know.

    • Some of us ARE doing those things. Many have experienced persecution, some have been jailed. Others have even assassinated, like JFK was, when they knew too much, or were too influential & didn't tow the line. The ways of killing are varied & sophisticated enough that many cases are seen as accidents, suicides, or natural causes, from disease, unless they're deliberately sending a clearly threatening, warning to others.

    • Never. Most are brainwashed or afraid. Those that aren't think that forwarding emails and posting on facebook is being rebellious. Other countries take to the streets. We sit behind computers and write about how we are fed up then go to amazon to buy a new gadget. We are too far gone. It has long been over. We are slaves.

  34. Lawford, Sinatra, and Davis Jr. were certainly slave handlers. I have also heard that Sammy Davis Jr. may have been programmed himself. I find it amazing that sometimes handlers are also programed and don't even know it.

    • Please, prove to me that NASA went to the Moon.
      Will you use video and photos for your proof? I can show you lots of videos that prove all sorts of things.
      What other proof do you have? The words of the astronauts? All of them were military officers and most were high-level freemasons. We can't trust them to tell the truth.
      NASA was and is run by Nazis (von Braun, in particular) and freemasons.

      NASA admitted that almost all of their videos and photo images 'from the Moon' were accidentally erased.
      — That's what people do, when they're so proud of their accomplishments, right? They allow all the evidence to disappear.

      You know what would convince me? Technical documents.
      Did you know that the technical documents for the Saturn V rocket, for the lunar rovers, for the spacesuits have all been destroyed?
      Like I asked before, is this what people do when they're proud of accomplishments?
      Or is this what people do when they want to hide the truth?

      Everything important is lied about – the more important the topic, the more likely that the PRICs (people really in charge) are lying.

      • Hey pal, i made reference to the date "coincidence", far from me be 100% sure about the event. I would be pleased if you prove me with evidence that it was a staged event. I believe these technical documents will never be available because it´s classified data and should remain in the sake of national security.

        PS: Readers excuse me for my poor english that´s not my native language.

  35. I just want to say THANK YOU! Great article, great series! The official 'lone gunman' LIE ended all investigation into why JFK was murdered. The who isn't as important as the WHY and you shed some light on that with article and Pt. 1. Thank you again.

  36. Here's something not many people have considered – because it's the Truth – JFK was not murdered. In fact it was his clone that was murdered. Ask yourself, why would JFK turn on the very occult group that was supplying him with women, power, and God knows what else? After he got to the top, he made an agreement to exit in an even more dramatic way than he entered. In fact he and Maryln are probably toasting martinis with Joseph Mengale on Rothschild Island eating anti-aging pills as we speak!

    • That's absurd. Of course he was murdered. Watch his last speech before he was killed on YouTube. He basically says that "there's bigger powers and people behind the government who's events and occurrences around the entire world will lead to the New World Order". It is so clearly obvious he went against the elite and they thought "oh no you don't" bang and they killed him.

      • The most important thing I've learned in my quest for truth is to test what you see and what you hear. For someone to get put into office by the mafia, be a sexual deviant behind the scenes, a Catholic, and then all of a sudden grow a conscience is suspect to say the least. I remember hearing that he got saved right before his death. But if he truly did, he would have announced it wouldn't he have? As a Catholic it screams Jesuit coadjutor who is trained in double speak. I got some insider information that he was truly a devil, but I still haven't gotten confirmation on that yet. I pray I do… Hey, I love you man! 🙂

      • hmmm…i do understand where ur coming from. nobody wants to think or even in these comments, speak of the fact that he handles sexual slaves and want to paint him as some kind of Messiah. yes i agree he was a great man for speaking out but yet he wasnt a saint and his sexual life behind the scenes can possibly speak of his character, unless he truly repented from all of that….im skeptical to believe he was as great as hes painted out to be and im glad VC highlighted his dark side. everyone needs to know the whole truth and then make up their mind as to what kind of person he was

    • While it's an interesting/funny theory, I agree with your question, why WOULD he suddenly change? As the first article said, he was groomed for his role by a long line of elite upbringing. Then theres the occultic connections. But why would he make these changes to the Fed and to the CIA , etc, and have them all undone after his death? There'S some very interesting questions that remain from this article. However, it's been a very interesting and eye opening one. Not being alive during his presidency and hearing of how wonderful he was from family, it's sad to know how phony it all was .

      • I think it's an interesting theory too, however it may not have been that he just 'changed sides' over night, think of how controlled you would have been in his situation, and also think of how complex it would of been to make any decision against the fed, CIA etc whilst knowing that you and your family are at risk. What if he truly knew what was right and wrong all along and perhaps had the realisation of where America was truly going and decided to take a stand towards the end??

        Just sayin

    • That does not sound plausible….I've heard stories of those who were part of the occult elite but later realized they wanted no part of it. I believe JFK had enough sense of morality to try and make the right decisions. It does not make sense for the elite to stage his death. JFK was murdered for a reason, and that reason was because he went against their plans. He was against the Vietnam war, and the elite was pushing to go on with the war. He saw other things that were wrong too, as mentioned in VC's article on the inner workings of the CIA and the Feds. He was considered a great person because he was trying to do things in the best interest of the people. He had a soul, and was willing to go against the system at the risk of his own life.

  37. Thanks VC, excellent summary and good intro for those who are just waking up. I cut my conspiracy theorist teeth on the realization of the power of the Federal Reserve Bank, or rather its stockholders. For those who want to understand the civic magic behind the ritual killing of JFK, I recommend Hoffman's "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". Killing of the King rite is what the American public experienced, and consequently participated in. Most of us are aware of the Lincoln-JFK coincidences, some of which can be rationalized, some are made up, and some true coincidences, that is, "charming". As for charming coincidences, check out Hoffman's connections. I'm paraphrasing here; he connects the Kill King rite to the word Trinity. Trinity was the site of testing the atomic bomb, and is close to the 33rd north parallel latitude near the town of Truth or Consequences, NM. JFK was killed 10 miles south of the 33rd parallel between Trinity River and the Triple Underpass at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. Dealey Plaza was the site of the first masonic temple in Dallas. Prior to modernization that area was known as "Bloody Elm St". JFK was called the "King of Camelot", although he was of Irish descent. Of course Camelot is the name of a mythical, allegorical, symbolic royal court. U.S. history dances on a checkerboard floor.

    • love your comments, Sarahnp. i would also add that the reason for the importance of such "coincidences" or connections don't need to make sense to US, just that they are important to THEM–breadcrumbs for locating evil, in a sense. stay sharp!

      • Thanks turnkey. I'm quoting Hoffman: Ritual is obsession in motion. Obsessive people are walking ritual and they attract, coincidentally, aids to their obsessions. If this is done consciously and the obsession happens to coordinate with the trend and tendency of the time, a lot more coincidental magnification will be forthcoming. Coincidence can be summoned. It's a matter of attention and timing." Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. This helps me to understand the year 2012 and the Sand-usky scandal, Hurricane Sandy, and Sandy Hook repetition.

      • It helps to understand a lot of the strange hyping of select information by the media (all sorts) before major changes are about to come over a people.
        He is describing the way of this world very poetically.

  38. The fact that he knew the Elite and the power they held (and still hold) makes his decision to work and speak out against them even more admirable. He was one of the few people brazen enough to put literally everything on the line to speak the truth and do the right thing. May he rest in peace. I only hope that, in a silent moment alone, he gave his soul to God.

  39. Thanks for this great article VC as was the part 1
    Here in France we don't know much about the réal story of JFK and what he did for the US. We only know the média side, the Hollywood thing.
    I learn a lot thanks to you!
    God bless and May He help you to carry on this amazing job you do
    Keep my eyes open

  40. Excellent analysis and retelling of the JFK story!

    However, this initial sentence is not correct: "The gunshot that hit Kennedy’s head brutally awakened an innocent American public who then entered a turbulent age of metamorphosis."

    I beg to differ and argue that the people of the United States actually went to sleep after JFK was assassinated. When the CIA/Mossad/Cubans killed JFK and the people stood dazed and confused and did nothing, the PTB realized that they could get away with ANYTHING. Even on LIVE TV!

    Only one person with any power, Jim Garrison, the District Attorney of New Orleans, woke up and even he didn't do so until 3 years later. By then, it was too late as the whitewash Warren Commission Report had done its job of completely covering up the assassination.

    I encourage everyone to read the two pivotal books on the JFK assassination to comprehend what this world of ours really lost on that fateful day and the horrific consequences of which are just beginning to manifest at an accelerated rate in world events today:

    1) JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W. Douglass

    2) Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace by Peter Janney

    Looking forward to the third and final part!

    • Also, consider reading Dr. Mary's Monkeys, by Edward Haslem, about Dr. Mary Sherman leading a team of cancer virus creators, using monkey kidney cells as the first generation of cancer viruses, that were then treated in a linear particle accelerator to genetically modify them. Part of the team were Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie and Judyth Vary Baker. Also involved on the perifery was Jacob Rubinstein, aka Jack Ruby. Dr. Sherman was murdered, mostly likely in the particle accelerator and then stabbed in the heart, then her body was moved to her appartment which was made to look like a break in and sexual assault, to cover up the murder.
      The cancer virus cocktail was tested on an inmate in a prison in Lousiana, and he died in ~ 28 days. Jack Ruby stated that he was injected with the cancer virus cocktail and died shortly thereafter.

      Also, Me and Lee, by Judyth Vary Baker and an entirely different view of Oswald. Oswald was most likely an agent for the CIA, FBI and Office of Naval Intellegence (ONI). The US Govt refuses to release Oswald's Income Tax records.

  41. The 'official' theory also includes the Senate hearings in the 70s concluding that Kennedy was 'probably' a victim of a conspiracy. Although most people are fed the drivel of a lone-nut by lap dog writers, the conspiracy theory has support in the halls of representative government.

    • Since the Truth has a habit of getting revealed, the elites let it out slowly. It's kind of creepy when the msm keeps bringing up the lone-nut-or-not question. That slow revelation of the method, reinforcing the ritual, enhancing the elites power in the less than conscious mind of the masses. I get chills every time I have to look at magazine covers in the super markets with JFK, Jackie, and Marilyn. Maybe with more people aware things will change.

  42. Can anyone suggest to me a good book about the Kennedys? I looked up "The Patriarch". Thinking to get this book about Joseph Kennedy. Has anyone read it yet?

    • Roger Stone's books give an unvarnished look at 60's politicians and they are a good companions to books that typically white wash JFK. Be careful of people who attribute their dreams of what they wanted to happen in the sixties to what actually happened or might have happened.

      Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream by Doris Kearns is probably the most sympathetic account of LBJ, but it still makes him look crazy and, possibly, criminal.

      Several have asked, so you can find me on twitter as Red_Shoemaker

    • Try "The Last Brother" by Joe McGuinniss. The Kennedys trashed this man. He was a Harvard professor who wrote the book about the Green Beret who murdered his family. He was deemed credible until this book came out. They destroyed this man.

  43. It's also worth noting that pictured to the left of sammy davis jr is former Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, founder of the theistic satanist temple of set, and agent of the NSA. Check out “From PSYOP to MindWar” a military doctrine paper authored by Aquino outlining the use of psychotronic and microwave weapons technology for mind control purposes.

    • Great catch on Aquino. As soon as I saw the picture I knew it was him but couldn't remember his name. Thanks for bringing it up here in the comments. I have been trying to find out info on Aquino, like where the hell is he now days, what is he doing? Anyone have anything recent on Aquino?

  44. Good work VC. It's a shame more people are not aware of the true reason behind JFK's assassination . It would surely change their view of the whole world that we live in today.

    • Great article VC. You must write an article on what's going on between Israel and Palestine and why the rest of the world leaders are just ignoring it & keeping quiet about it. It is obvious since they won't be gaining anything (like oil, gold etc) but is this humanity? Seriously? Human life is worth nothing at all anymore. Ya'Allah help us all.

      • Yeah the Israel Palestine conflict as its called is just horrendous, without taking sides its hard to understand how people can just murder people, its like its all just a game to them and anybody who gets in the way of getting what they want is cannon fodder, clearly the people who are at the helm of these kinds of things are not right in the head and should not be in any position of power anywhere or near anyone. Most of the world is horrified at whats going on no matter what side they take while these morons play their game with their rockets and for what!

        Is a great article cant wait to see the next part, any chance it wont be so long :p pleeease 🙂

      • One thing remains stable in the middle east – the filthy racism and unchallenged arrogance of zionism's continuing massacre of palestinians. Zionists murder children to make themselves feel like supermen. At base, this is what Zionism is all about. It was natural for some of the survivors of the holocaust to be deranged; and it was a crime against the Jews to nurture and reward this derangement. And then there is prophecy …..

      • Yea it's just awful how Isreal is fighting back after it was bombarded with rockets. How dare they! FYI, Palestine rejected former peace agreements with Isreal. Isreal wants peace but Palestine just wants Isreal gone. Isreal has every right to protect itself.

      • Fighting back? Fighting back what? Fighting and killing innocent women and children? Absolutely love the way you said "Israel wants peace" I am actually laughing. Of course Israel wants peace that's the reason they've been "fighting" for over 60 years and still nothing has happened. Israel has NO RIGHTS whatsoever. It's complete genocide!!! Dispicable humans

      • Urban's comments just left me speechless. I wish I could even laugh at them but the fury that I'm consumed with is immeasureable. I can't believe that somebody that visits this site can really hold views of that nature. Smh

      • i guess people don't understand that everyone is against Israel. some of its previous allies have now gone against them. Israel is so tiny on the map, but they still have one of the strongest armies in the world (they also let women fight with them). through every war they've come out on top. read your history.

        God also said he was going to deliver them when everyone turns against them-prophecy. Isaiah 17.

        This is all recorded in the Bible, everyone will turn against Israel. are you one of the people God was talking about? better be careful about what you say. just look up: God will deliver Israel.

        In the end, every knee will bow.

      • You make a valid point about what the most high said about Israel. The problem is however, just because some people moved into the land and proclaimed it to be Israel and call themselves God's chosen people does not mean that they are the real people. Just how you point out Isaiah 17, there are many other scriptures that prove that those people over in Israel today are not the real Israelites. Take Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 for example which calls them the synagogue of Satan. They keep some of the customs of the real jews which is why they are called Jew-ish. You are either the real thing or you are not. You don't see people walking around saying they are Indianish, or Africanish. They are really Edomites, Khazars, Idumeans. They converted to Judaism centuries ago and have held the customs every since. Tell me where in the bible does it say that Israel was going to be led back into the land by their own power or using others to get them there. According to the word, Christ is going to lead Israel back to the promised land. It's not a self fulfilling prophecy. Christ has not returned yet so how can the people there now be Israelites?
        As for what's going on between Israel and Palestine, that's all prophecy. You can read Amos 1, Joel 3, Ezek 25, and Zac 9 to see why they are in conflict over there today. You can also read psalms 83 to see what nations were against Israel, among which were the Edomites, and the Moabites(Palestinians). The word explains it all.
        And for the record, I'm not for either side of the conflict. I'm for the word and what it says is going to happen, which is happening now.


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