Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)


In this edition of SPOTM: Jared Leto, Rihanna, Big Sean and a whole lot of other symbolic weirdness.

The photoshoot entitled “Surrealismo De Los Pies A La Cabesa” (Surrealism from Head to Toe) appeared in the November issue of Bazaar Espana and is chock-full of mind control symbolism. Here’s model Eugenia Volodina is a picture evoking duality and confusing reflections, two important techniques in MK programming. The doll versions of the model can allude to an alter persona.


Here we have two opposing personas blinding each other


Eyes hidden, mask representing an alter persona.


Gotta do the one-eye thing in this Illuminati mind control photoshoot.


Gotta do it again to make sure the message is understood.


…and again for those that are really slow to understand.


Do the gloves on the model’s head represent the HANDlers messing with her mind?


Standing on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, the model is wearing red (symbol of sacrifice). The model appears in pain and the image is torn at the level of her face, representing the fracturing of her personality…Yes, all of the above imagery was found in a single photoshoot.


Speaking of checkerboard pattern floors, here’s Rihanna performing at SNL. The backdrop was very Masonic, complete with a checkerboard pattern floor at twin pillars.


The cover of the  single “Marble Floors” by rapper French Montana features the exact same imagery. Why be different when you can be a pawn?


Jared Leto posing with creepy-ass Terry Richardson. You know about that hand sign.


You know about that hand sign too.


Very original Jared, keep it up, I’m proud of you.


The December issue of XXL magazine features rapper Big Sean hidding one eye and  showing you why he’s “living the good life”.


Azelia Banks in her video “Atlantis” is eager to throw up Illuminati symbolism whenever she can.


Glee’s Lea Michelle in Flare magazine. This pic contains several symbols referring to mind control: Masonic floor, bird cage, animal prints (referring to Sex Kitten programming).


Anna-Nicole Smith’s daughter is apparently entering the fashion industry at a very early age.


Her deceased mother Anna-Nicole Smith was the face of Guess for several years. Smith’s multiple breakdowns, her strange death and the symbolism in her work (she is here portrayed as Marilyn Monroe) have all of the marking of a MK slave. I hope her daughter does not follow in her footsteps.


BBC’s foundation “Children in Need” (yes, BBC is the company that protected pedophile Jimmy Savile) created “high fashion” versions of the foundation’s logo: A one-eye bear. These bears were promoted celebrities. Here’s child-star Chloe Moretz posing with a bear in leopard-print (which represents Beta programming in mind control). That is all so twisted.


A creepy looking Kristen McMenemy posing with a bear created by Alexander McQueen, a designer whose work is permeated with MK symbolism. Who better to create stuff to supposedly help children?


Jessie J promoting her bear while doing the one-eye thing. It is as if these pics are saying “Give your money to BBC so it can continue abusing children”.


On the night of the American elections, the entire world saw the results displayed in real time on the Rockefeller building which is owned by the…Rockefellers. Between the bars representing the Democratic and the Republican party is an artwork depicting a Demiurge “shaping” the world with a Masonic compass – an important gnostic symbol in Secret Societies. The symbolism of this scene is quite telling and flagrant:  No matter who wins, it is the Masonic compass that will ultimately shape the world…And that’s pretty much all you need to know about politics.




  1. This ultra redundant imagery is beyond tired, after all these years.

    Everything is so corrupt.

    Planet Earth's name should be changed to Corruptus, to rhyme with Uranus.

  2. It's a sick world we live in. Unfortunately, these aren't even half the pictures that were promoting mind control and satan this month :(

    I no longer trust that any of my idols can be left out of this ….

  3. Artist: Bright Eyes

    Song: Don't Know When But A Day is Gonna Come

    Link to listen w/ rest of lyrics:

    "Now I don't know when, but a day is gonna come

    when there won't be a moon and there won't be a sun.

    It will all go black. It will all go back

    to the way it's supposed to be.

    Is it true what they say about the Son of God?

    Did he die for us? Did he die at all?

    And if I sold my soul for a bag of gold to you,

    which one of us would be the foolish one?

    Which one of us would be the fool?

    Which one of us would be the foolish one?

    Which one of us would be the fool?

    Could you please start explaining?

    You know, I need some understanding."

    • It is all shocking but it isn't. Its surreal that all this goes on and on, the images are consistent, when referring to the eye and mind control. How is it as a nation we cant all come together and fight what is being fed into our society? why is it all images have the one eye mentioned yet we all blindly ignore it?

      Islam/the Holy Quran warns & tells us about what is going on in this world and what is to come, as muslims we all know all this and wait for a time that is unknown but definitely will come. We as muslims are warned about the one eye, it is mentioned in our Quran. all of this is. thats why i am happy to know that Allah is real and proud to be a muslim. The one eye is NOT ur lord!

    • Why do you feel the need to blasphemy against God? You really haven't woken up at all have you? God will not be mocked, no matter how falsely secure you feel in using His Holy Name as you see fit. Stop reforming to wordly ideals, sheeple who believe that they can do and say as they please without consequance.

  4. They are so weak. I laugh at their stupidity. They think they look so cool and trendy. They really look like mind controlled robot slaves. Unfortunately, they are the latter. That bear shit does make me wish those BBC folks would walk into M-16 fire. I joke. I joke. Maybe… .

  5. Looking at these pictures makes me say nothing but be sad.
    All I can say that in the end, they're the one who are losing.. and they're going to be defeated in the last war (mentioned in Qur'an) (How could they not know??).
    No one can challenge God, even though Satan accomplished his goal (making people follow him instead of god, and corrupt the world) God still has more followers that will fight back their evil enemies soon.
    Let them enjoy this life and burn in the next life.

    • Those who were before them plotted just as their descendants now do) but all schemes are owned by God (Who brings them to nothing and enforces His own "scheme". He knows what every soul earns (by its intentions and deeds). So the unbelievers will know whose is the ultimate everlasting abode. 13:42

      They schemed their schemes, but their schemes were in God's disposition (entirely encompassed by His Knowledge and Power), even though their schemes were such as to shock mountains. 14:46

  6. Jared Leto looks so weird he looks like a model. An Anorexic one like that coke head Kate Moss. Hollywood always talks about him as been so good looking could pass has a beautiful girl. Sounds like MK programming. and now he does this photo shoot that makes him pass for any of the sexes. Crazy how we never payed attention to all this and it always been there. The Marylin Monroe look is like a must almost all actresses, actors, singers, entertainers have tried the look and it don't matter what race you are you must do it.

    • VigilantAlways on

      Jaredo Leto's appearance is due to a movie role in which he plays a transgendered character who has cancer or AIDS or something.

    • Jared Leto looks like this right now bc he has been fasting for over a month for the movie he's in. He's down to 120 lbs now, sadly. I have been a huge fan of his band for quite awhile now, but he's taken a steady decline. I can't say for sure whether he's a tool or a knowing supporter, but the bottom line is, he is knee deep in it. It makes me really sad bc he has TONS of young fans around the world ( not as popular here in the U.S.) that would literally die for him. He's like the pied piper with his fans " the Echelon" he calls them.

  7. *Jared Leto is looking like that for some new movie. wouldn't really call it "his new look" since he has said he is essentially starving for it.

    and i herd bout the Guess/Anna's daughter thing, creeped out by it…I am 100% assuming people are planning to send her down same path as her mother. let's hope she finds the strength and wisdom somewhere, in what surely will be manipulation all around her, to get out asap

  8. Vigilant Citizen is a groundbreaking source of information with a very large audience worldwide. Given the large numbers of people visiting this site and viewing these words, it is certain that right now somewhere someone is reading this who has been used as a remote controlled Monarch Sex Puppet some time in the preceding 48 hours.

    Do YOU feel unusually tired? "Drained"? Perhaps just feel "dirty" somehow in a way you can't identify? Have you had any unusual "dreams" or thoughts recently? Any marks or bruises on your skin or stains on your clothes you can't remember acquiring?

    If you answer "yes" to any of these questions and you are a regular consumer of popular media such as the internet. music, video games, or movies, there is a good chance your body is being hijacked and controlled remotely over the internet as a Monarch Sex Puppet. Monarch Sex Puppetry is the modern, more advanced version of the older "MK-ULTRA" trauma based programming. With their super advanced technologies, the "Illuminati" are easily able to infect our brains as your computer might be by a computer "virus" or "worm" – simply by exposing us to hidden signals in popular media of all sorts. Once a viewer is sufficiently infected, the controlling server can simply activate the Monarch Sex Puppet remotely and control all of his or her actions for as long as desired. The Monarch Sex Puppets are used for horrible sex magick ritual orgies, criminal acts, and for the general depraved amusement of the decadent "Illuminated" cultists. All memory of one's time as a Monarch Puppet is wiped after each session – so victims may only have vague flashes of "strange dreams" or notice that they are unusually tired and missing time.

    As we have discussed repeatedly, the "Illuminati" base both their entire belief system and the technologies used to control and manipulate the human race primarily on extremely deviant sexual rituals. The only way for humanity to protect itself from being used and violated as sex slaves – besides disconnecting COMPLETELY from all forms of infected media including the internet, Christian contemporary music, video games, etc – is to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with these disgusting acts of perversion in order to recognize the signs we are being used as flesh and blood sex toys.

    A quick examination of this months visual evidence should readily convince even the most skeptical that these barbaric sexual rituals are at the core of "Illuminated" practice. They love to taunt us with the evidence of their existence, their unbridled depravity, and the ease with which they penetrate and violate humanity sexually. Just take a look:

    As has been discussed extensively – the "Illuminati" consider the opening of the human anus to sexual penetration a vital route to the achievement of what they believe to be "true insight" or "enlightenment". All manner of deviant sex is prized by the "Illuminated" – but anal sodomy in general – or 'The Real Way' – they believe is central to opening the "Third Eye" or "All Seeing Eye" that allows them (they believe) to become as God. This is the basis for taunting us with the "occluded eye" gesture. Whenever you see this "hidden eye", you must picture the anus, for that is what is meant by it.

    The same photoshoot provides numerous other examples of "Illuminated" fetish magick. We see yet another of the removable semenancy canvas masks – designed to preserve particularly significant semen splatter patterns for future augery and contemplation. We also see references to eye-gouging bdsm as well as various flavors of zoophilia including the particularly dangerous "Illuminated" favorite: crustacean sodomy.

    "Terry Richardson" has been a particularly effective agent of the "changes" They work to bring about. His work has an uncanny ability to arouse viewers sexually regardless of how inappropriate that arousal might be. The "Illuminated" THRIVE on sexually stimulating humans inappropriately – in overcoming strong moral training and natural inclinations to encourage irresistible cravings and flashes of depraved imagery to enter the minds of even the most chaste.

    We have seen a great increase in worship of the "Pedobear" – ostensibly as part of efforts to _fight_ child abuse. Surely no one looking at the bears depicted above can have any doubt that they represent exactly the opposite of what it claimed. Leopard prints? Blindfolds? Crystal methamphetamine adornments? Breathplay chokers? If the design of the evil ursines does not make it clear enough, an examination of the sexual characteristics of the models should eliminate any doubt.

    The "Elite" want to debase and arouse and penetrate humanity. For those of us who do not wish to be violated and who do not have the luxury of cutting ourselves off from all Monarch infected media, education and vigilance are the only defenses. Good luck to you all!

    • Sayonaratobiko on

      Notice where the text is positioned over Anna Nicole Smith's daughter's ad, and what it encourages us to do…Very subliminal, no?

    • Doctor, you need a doctor. Were you abused as a child? Did someone you trust violate you? Stop the fear mongering and get help for yourself, you clearly need it.

      The psyche is a lot more resilient than Dr. S makes it out to be. Its impossible for someone to be "programmed" without any programmer around – media alone is not enough. Perhaps it is enough to brainwash, yes, but not to fully hypnotize a person. I do have a degree in clinical Psych, so I am not just talking out of my arse (which Dr. S appears to be doing….)

      Out of curiosity, what kind of doctor are you? What are your licenses and credentials?

      • Please notice the eagerness with which their agents leap to discredit the truth. Not also the vulgarity they resort to so readily and the emphasis on the buttocks.

        This poster obviously knows nothing about even publicly acknowledged mind control technology, much less the far more advanced secret "Illuminati" technology currently deployed across the planet. While it may seem strange that such a relatively uneducated person (masters level degree in mainstream 'psychology') would take the time to insist that a clearly informed poster is in fact uninformed, it becomes far less strange when one realizes that the "Illuminated" have entire agencies devoted to carefully managing exactly how much information they choose to allow the public to know. At present, they choose not to allow the public to realize their brains are being remotely programmed and controlled via the internet and other modern media sources. Hence we see poster like the above show up to insult and spew vulgarity. Typical behavior for those who believe they have been "illuminated" like the elite operative "Awake" above.

      • Dear Dr S, Im Glad someone is talking sense as i know exactly what you are talking about unlike some people on here.

      • Dear Awake,

        Dr S is actually talking sense, it sounds crazy but its actually true and if you didnt know that in Military Intelligence you can implant a personlaity in someone without them knowing………..Just that alone is a clue in itself and i'll let you take the rest from there.

        I keep saying it over and over and over again and people just dont seem to grasp the fact of HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT…………….I guess you still dont know what that means

      • Psychiatry isn't a science. It's tenets are unprovable. Some kid has a lot of energy and you sick people say he has ADHD or ADD, which you folks made up. Then you pump them full of mind-altering drugs that turn them into zombies. Your credentials are meaningless. Freud was a fraud who was majorly screwed up and who recommended cocaine to treat depression. But thanks for all your disinfo.

      • jesussavesgo#8 on

        its not fear mongering, its the truth. go find out for yourself. probably one of " them". they can get to you through people you know all it takes is one drink of pop thats all she wrote… you wouldn' t even know …….think of the poor little children, if you have a heart youll find these horrible things, well heart breaking. yes they are linked to satan worshipers over a millinea.

      • Yes – even in this very frightening world in which "reality" is never what it seems and the "elite" control and manipulate most of humanity semi-covertly ordinary humans still have power. We have the power to either disconnect ourselves completely from all sources of concealed Monarch programming or to educate ourselves to know the signs of being controlled as a Monarch puppet.

        Unfortunately, virtually no one reading this now will be willing to disconnect completely and permanently from the Monarch sources – as this involved ceasing all use of the internet, all listening t music, all watching of movies and television, all playing of video games, etc.

        A far more practical strategy for most people would be to bravely face the reality of what is being done to us head on, and understanding the ubiquity of "illuminated" sex magick mind control technology, then begin to educate oneself thoroughly about the full range of perversions they inflict upon us and cause those of you being used as Monarch Sex Puppets to inflict upon others. Knowledge is power.

        Those eager to dismiss the disturbing but obvious realities of our era and belittle those trying to open the eyes of others are within their rights (if they are sincere and not active agents of the "illuminated"), but they should have no illusions about either the decadent horrorshow that is our society under Monarch control or about the likelihood that they themselves are being used to commit acts of sexual and criminal perversion while in a Monarch trance state.

        Good luck to everyone.

    • Pedobear was invented by the internet and I don't think has anything to do with the Elites. it was a joke created by 4chan

  9. Harlequin Nameless on

    Very Informative Dr. S (?).

    Do you have your own blog or something? Btw I'd better lay low the next few weeks. Someone tagged my workspace w/ Illuminati symbols…

  10. In close future whole world will see more and more of His (Dajjal who has one eye.. Not Tge Saran but His Son..) signs on almost everything. And whole world soon divided by two groups no matter what sex, race and beliefs.. Either you will belong to Satanic Camp or Camp of righteous .. Either you will shut your mouth against Him or you will stand against Him

  11. It really sickens me how most of these things are so blatant, and people just don't see it, aren't informed or choose to downplay it or even praise it as being cool, fashionable or 'artsy!' It's ridiculous, I mean the agenda is common among the elite and it's difficult to deny the evil forces behind it all when you see the evidence everyday right before your very eyes. NO photo shoot, music video, film, etc is coincidence, everything that appears in it is planned, and ever so meticulously I might add. So it's not 'cool' or 'coincidental' that a model/celebrity covers one eye repeatedly in 90 percent of their work – that's what some of my friends think. Everything is planned to push the elite's agenda and they are that much more content when you think it's cool and imitable; they laugh at those who don't know the true meaning behind their symbols. And that bear is downright creepy!!*shivers* Anyway great work as always VC, all these things make us think and not just accept or 'consume' things in the mass media as they presented.

  12. Is there any "official, public" explanation for why the teddy bear has one eye covered? Did his "do rag" slide off his head?

    Also, I see Heidi Klum was so bothered by missing Halloween that she had to go and throw a party anyway so she could have everyone see her dressed as an Egyptian with a bedazzled face:;_ylt
    and check out the weird outfit worn by Richard Simmons here:;_ylt…. <– I'm not sure what to make of Richard's dressing like that, as he doesn't seem to be a handler?

    • yes its meant to be an injured teddy. cos its a sick kids/hospital charity. so instead of puttin him in a wheelchair, or making him a retard bear, they gave him a patch over the eye.

  13. But why Jared Leto :C whyy :C I happen to love him you know, in a superficial fangirl way, but ugh, why himm, and why did he have to ruin his body for that movie role :C why Jared, why :c

  14. I think that whoever was going to be president had already been decided. Democracy is just a ruse to make people think that they can pick the president when in actuality they can't.

  15. Cube Hexagram on the model clothing 1st picture, seal Saturn on the model clothing 2nd picture and strange camouflage red blouse with Lobster.

  16. "you know about that hand sign" LOOL nuff said VC.

    as someone mentioned in a recent comment above, who really follows high fashion though?? i recently came across a post on a website promoting mary kate and ashley's new 55,000 dollar bag designed by Damien WITH PRESCRIPTION PILLS pinned all over it!! promotion of drug use!! also considering the fact that one of them was supposed to have been really close with heath ledger and was with him on the night he died of drug overdose, thats really insensitive don't you think?

  17. I wonder how many people actually follow high fashion. These clowns probably think they are way more relavent than they actually are. Let them keep playing dress-up, the rest of us actually have meaningful lives to live.

    • True. The problem is though that symbols have power. Who can look at a Nazi swastika without feeling anger? Thus generating the negativity these Satanists feed off of.

  18. This makes me sick. I hate my generation so much for all the crap that they’re doing (i’m 17) and how they hold up the one eye signs and think that stupid things like the X factor is the way to go at life. I observe people. I see this generation and the one after at the bus stop with blackberries and trash music talking about trash tv and becoming trash. WHat happened to morals? what happened to people with brains?

    These are the people that have to be the future and i’m scared. I dont want to live here anymore. I believe God exists…i’m not that religous but i’m waiting for him to come back! QUICKLY!

    This world is ridiculous?

    Get me out of here!!!

  19. I'm in graduate art school, and my professors showed us Rihanna's "Diamonds" performance on SNL and Azelia Banks' "Atlantis" music video to demonstrate how the New Aesthetic art movement has found its way to the big screen. While everyone was cracking up at how ridiculous the graphics were, my mouth fell open as I noticed how both videos were full of occult symbolism. And I shook my head at the realization that I was the only one in the class that knew, and if I pointed it out to the others I would have been mocked for having such knowledge. It's pathetic how people know little of what they're looking at.

  20. Wow. Nice post VC. I really cant seem to get over the whole BBC child pedophile thing with that old Jimmy guy. Those poor kids in hospital sick and ill deserve a way better life then that. Don't accept scummy gifts from BBC. These are sick and cruel bastards. .

  21. I'm sick of these images of people covering one eye and showing the other. Seriously, this is getting me sick to hell.

    It's like the Illuminati or whoever the fuck they are want to impose a weird custom or fashion of appearing in pictures with one covered eye. That stupid trend is not working in me I tell you. And I bet no one in here has been influenced for such stupidity.

    If all these bastards want to worship the devil, Baphomet, money, sex, the all-seeing eye or whatever, well I don't care. If they want to go to hell and rot for eternity, fine. Sometimes I feel pity for these people, but days like today, I just don't give a shit. I'm sick of this bombardment of pictures and videos with the same cliche shit of gays dancing to music, covering one eye and adoring horns and bulls heads. I don't know who can enjoy this crap anyway. If they were at least good musicians, and had astonishing voices and technique, gosh, I'd resist the most I could to at least listen to good music. But they all suck ass, big time.

    Thanks VC, your contributions remove the veils a little more every time.

  22. COME ON, PEOPLE! This is such a far stretch. Checkered patterns are related to masonry/solomon's temple, but that does not mean people who throw in checkers are initiated in to any secret society. I think of 1950's soda shops when I think of black and white checkers. Any idiot can google "illuminati symbols" and be able to make a symbol-packed piece of art (I'm SURE people with high egos in the entertainment world love making people think they are on any even HIGHER pedestal by hinting they are in an elite secret group). This occult stuff is out in the open. You can go on wikipedia and "unlock" ANY of these symbols/secrets. To conclude that people like azelia banks and jared leto are initiated in to some secret society that controls the world is ludicrous. Anybody with an internet connection knows this is a twenty first century fear and is incorporating it in to their aesthetic. That's what artists do. They reflect the times. This website is useful, but symbolic pics of the month do not prove the existence of any illuminati.

    • People like jared leto are not necessarily powerful or initiated, in fact they most likely are not, but rather, mind controlled pawns to advertise the symbols that secret societies thrive on.

    • Wikipedia is edited by users – and therefore would not be a good source of any information that isn't publicly accepted.

      As for "informative" websites – with the exception of personal blogs any information website must have the information on that website be pre-approved by those who run the website. In some circumstances, the web host will discontinue a website it does not agree with its content. (IE: Blue Host)

      As for finding information – that depends on what exactly is filtered your way. Every major search engine filters what information you see by number of variables. Where your located in the world, what time of day it is, your recent previous searches, how high up your computer is located above the ground, are some, but not all, of the variables used while conducting your search.

      You see what you're given. When you see Illuminati related images when you do a Google Search for it – those are images with SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly terms. Do you honestly, sincerely think that if any fraction of what VC states is true – that they would add Meta information? Highly doubtful.

  23. Illuminati Extinct on

    Everybody needs to know about the entertainment industry. Behind the glitz and Glam is a place on probably the same level as hell. I try to educate the people around me. Some yay some nay,sadly. Oh well. After all I do not have the rights to their beliefs, and it's their life to live..

    • Only problem is… soon the elite will force their religion upon all of us, so then it will be our lifes to live as well

  24. DBS7777- No one is suggesting that the models and celebs on this site are initiated into anything, do a little research on MK programming, these people are being used by the secret elite not initiated into it. In fact I'll bet my last dollar that even the people who believe they are initiates or are somehow "elite" (for example that guy JayZ and possibly even masons) are being hoodwinked something wicked and will one day end up just like the rest of us; broke and blinded, while the real society shapers skip happily away into the horizen laughing at humanities stupidity….


    I need a smoke

  25. ppl dont want to see me post this on facebook, its to the point where they are aware but just choose to dismiss it…but honestly, do you think all of these models are MK'd? srzly!??! i mean, cant they just be a skinny model and not be MKd (maybe abused) first model looks like a guy too…i mean, according to fritz book, it takes incredibly smart and dissociative person to be MK'd…so are these models super smart or something? it takes a little imagination and conjuring images that get us talking and wondering, maybe they want us to think that not only are they beautiful and perfect, but tragic and split fractured minds too!??

  26. Diamonds represent Lucifer, hence 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds', 'Shine on you crazy diamond,'

    'Diamonds are forever', etc. Here Jared is initiating triggering of Anorexia, transgender, less than – waiting away for spirituality – self sacrifice type programs, claiming he has stopped eating for 3 weeks for 'spiritual' reasons to aid meditation, is very dangerous to people with fragile minds. He knows what he is doing, with or without his monthly trips to pedophile handler Richardson and heavy layers of programming. He is on video back stage at some award ceremony giving hand signals to Gaga, i conclude they are taught some basic occult methods, symbolism, telepathy, astral travel and such. It is all throughout their lyrics and band logos and art work. These 'celebs' are selling out for the adulation, fame and money which is worthless and some dark and mysterious prize they are never going to get. Its a shame because they are just as expendable as all the rest of us to the elite cabals…and when they are done there will be a 'suicide' an 'overdose' or an 'accident' same old story.

    • 'lucy in the sky with diamonds' is about an lsd trip and 'shine on you crazy diamond' is a tribute to syd barret, the first frontman of pink floyd who i used to see biking around the town before he died. I also happen to be in one of the outer orders of the illuminati and have learnt nothing but good things, with strong emphesis on not hurting others, the role of karma ect. i have no doubt that some people do the most horrfic things as the bbc and jimmy savile scandle has brought to the surface, but your comments my friend are the exact reason why those who follow the dark path can laugh in your face, but i guess your consolation is that those who follow the left hand path are doomed to destroy themselves anyway! what ever you believe or follow in life it is keeping a close eye on your own intentions that is the important thing as many people hide behind god and do evil things in his name or blame it on the devil/baphomet/lucifer who by the way are not the same dieties. you have all been given free will and shall be held accountable no matter which diety you hide behind, true knowledge goodness was already with us at birth!

    • I'd love to see the footage you are talking about of Jared and KaKa. The only one I've ever seen of them together is her brushing him off…

  27. Violet von Tesla on

    Seriously this site is almost perpetuating the influence of this. Have you ever thought of that? Anyone that knows how magick works knows that if people actually believe in the symbols or sigils then the power that they aquire will be greater. Have you guys ever thought that maybe stuff like this was put out to get more power from their magick? A lot of this is about intention, something is only evil if someone puts something in a piece for a specific reason. If I take a picture of a Monarch butterfly, or make a piece of artwork with a butterfly in it, am I a slave? NO. So unless you know the exact intentions of the artist all of this is conjecture, you DO NOT KNOW exactly what they had in mind, so please PLEASE STOP SAYING YOU DO. Symbology is a very complicated topic as it is not ONE THING. We are dealing with human perception.

    Magick works best when the person believes in it. So many of you are falling for this trap hook line and sinker, giving your energy into what you say you are against. Also, not every symbol is being put out there as an evil thing. Again, we are talking about the intention of the artist or person. I do think that there is a huge amount of people interested in the occult, people who are in the freemasons who are making this imagery, I'm not saying there isn't a trend or that it's not real. What I am saying is there are more Freemasons about, and trust me Freemasons are not the Illuminati. The Illuminati or whatever are tippy top people, the majority of Freemasons are normal people who partake in a secret society that does deal with esoteric ideas, but not all of them want to overtake the world and mind control people. A lot of them are most likely on their own personal spiritual quest. It means different things to different people. It's complicated and it can't be put in a box.


    Don't spread fear. Spread Knowledge. Know how some companies or groups are trying to manipulate you, but don't let it give them power and don't let it scare you. Share information but at the same time don't spread fear.

    Again if this upsets you, if the state of the world upsets you, focus your energy more on the good things and get people to do the same. Be aware of the problem, if you can do something directly to help do it, but if you can't, don't let things bring you down. Fear never helped anyone change anything.

    • Violet, I'm with you whatever you think of like you are feeding it.And if you don't have knowledge of defending yourself they can penetrate your mind and you keep feeding the negative.if you stop thinking of them they die. Like your flowers in a pot. No watering no life. In the Mason case most has no idea but Mason has nothing to do with spiritual enlightmen. You westerner don't have knowledge of Jinn ( creatures other than human and they lthey are heavily involved with this maybe not all but big number of them and they living among us but in different frequency .. ) Third eye is to get ability to see them and contact or etc… They can penetrate your dream, even you are well awake they can manipulate your mind etc… That's why illuminati or mason or many other secret shitheads has connections with them and they great Father is nothing but the Satan himself because they are from same race.. This does not mean app of them bad they have also believers among them some of them believe The God and worship The God. And they don't do evil. But very few. Knowledge yes that's what humanity lacking of. Anyway May Lord keep us away from they harm. If you don't have fear you are the winner. We are hundred times better looking than them and fifty time more intellect than them. This subject takes too long go find out Who Are The Jinns..go search for and know who is really enemy of Mankind and why??
      May God protect Humanity from Devil and His one Eyed Son and his companions. And same time we should learn how to defend ourselves..
      Kim d Regards Rumi

    • Sayonarakatsuo on

      And yet….children really are suffering because of these symbols and do what thou wilt beliefs. That is a reality we cannot ignore.

    • Hooray :) I get so excited when I see other people saying stuff like this!
      "Don't spread fear. Spread Knowledge."
      Love it. Keep on keeping on! <3

    • I disagree with your first statements. Although, I honestly have not studied magick or any dark arts myself , so I have little knowledge of how those are handled, I am certain that being aware is healthier than being ignorant.

      What you see & what you remember are only connected to your consciousness – aka what you are aware of. This does not include your sub-consciousness, which essentially absorbs all the information in the entire environment that surrounds you. Every pixel on that High Definition TV, every note of a song, every random face on the street – all absorbed & stored. (Fun Fact: Did you know that your brain is incapable of creating a human face – so every face you see in your dreams technically is someone you've seen reality via magazine ad, commercial, or real life!)

      Now – take in consideration that everything in this world is nothing but energy. From the words we speak, to the air we breathe, it's all energy. Thus every aspect of our environment & the energy it contains has a huge impact on us. Speaking hatred to an individual is a spiritual beat down (Google: Love Hate Rice Test – for how much words can impact us)

      With that considered, whether your aware or ignorant of the symbolism created with maliciousness intentions – those symbols and the energy they contain do impact you. Whether you like it, or not.

      However – I agree with your last remarks: Knowledge is, and always will be the greatest power.

      Whenever I introduce a friend to my perspective – I emphasize that while what I may be explaining to them can be quite scary & frightening – they should have no fear because they are now aware of it. In order for us to make an educated and rash decision, we must first be completely aware of our situation. If you expect to run away from a fire, you must first know the first exists and where it is coming from.

      As for fear – it's only an invention of the mind, acts as a hinder to our progress to better ourselves & our environment. You will only feel fear when you allowed yourself to become afraid. As they say, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself"

  28. they are there to symbolise and to trigger others, everyone on earth is programmed to various degrees, and often the more successful you are, the more programmed.

  29. Another interesting election symbol:

    When Mitt Romney gave his speech after Obama was elected he stood in front of a blue background. If you look carefully, just to the right of him, clearly visible in most footage of his speech is a bridge (that goes over West Virginia, so I am told) at such an angle it looks just like a pyramid. This all sounds very picky, but as it was the only thing on the blue background and was at such a strange angle to show a bridge I am rather convinced the Illuminati had something to do with it.

    (P.S. I'm not even a Romney supporter.)

  30. i think you will find symbols do have specific meanings, and i think you will find this info only spreads fear if you don't really know much about the workings of it. ,and i also think you will find everyone is programmed, yes so its not about others fear, its about your own suspicion of your own issues. aka projection

  31. I work in the entertainment industry and trust me half of these people don't even know what they're doing.. and when i say these people i mean artists

  32. ShadowOnTheWall on

    Sophie –

    I know how you feel completely, I was there at your age. I am few years older now though and I don't claim to have become an expert on life, but you seem like a really sympathetic girl, so if you would like to talk to someone, pls let me know how we could get in touch further. thx and keep the spirit up! :)


  33. I've been following VC site for a while. I usually enjoy his articles, reports, and so on

    at first, I got rather annoyed with this one. I was thinking that VC is getting rather boring… the same sick stuff over and over… then, on second thought, I don't think VC is to blame… he just exposes reality. A dark, sad one…

  34. I think that what the elites and their occult ways are up to is making an appeal to man's ego/lower nature. Their motive and their ultimate goal would be dominion, power, and lots of it. Perhaps they're using the upcoming Age of the Aquarius as a momentum.

    What you and I can do about this is making an appeal to our higher nature through spirituality, by seeking the Truth.

  35. Fantastic job as usual, VC.

    Jared Leto made several videoclips with his band [30 seconds from Mars] that shows a lot of occult symbolism. Kids are falling deep into this shit by the worst way: subconsciously.

    The BBC bear campaign is one of the most disturbing and ugly stuff i've seen lately. An one-eyed [pedo]bear?? Gimme a break! Things are getting very strange nowadays.

  36. Don't be upset at your generation for unwittingly following into the laps of the elite, their jedi mind tricks are not easily deciphered.

  37. PoleShiftBobby on

    I have been following this for years ~ have used every opportunity to spread what i think i know. This came to me thru my research since 13 about Atlantis. These monsters are a Babylonian Cult that have hijacked Atlantean freedoms of free energy & spirituality to enslave Humanity to their DEBT & suffering ~ these creatures FEED off Humanity in more ways than one because we are their FOOD source ~ the way we feed of the 'fear' hormones in slaughtered animal flesh ~ Humanity CAN evolve to higher levels & heavens etc this EVIL cannot.This is why they have become so blatant ~ they are in FEAR of losing us ~ this is why their seduction has become so intense. The Atlantean when out of their way to send us these warnings . We have to listen. It is no wonder that the "Christ" & LOVE consciousness is in both Islam & Christianity ~ I have shyed away from both these religions as they have becomed infected by these 'devils' BUT the unique thing is that BOTH say it is Christ as Jesus & the Lamb , as LOVE that comes back to defeat the Dajjal/Anti-Christ….and once again the Great Whore ~ Mystery Babylon with her drunken magick, filth & fornications ~ her selling & trade of the "souls" of men , her refusal to mourn the Dead & Murdered/killed ~ the Great City that sits on many waters as a Queen ` dressed in scalet & purple, glittering with Gold , festooned with pearls & precious stones ~ with her golden cup of filthy abominations will be brought to ruin in 1 hour, shattered and plunged ~ Like Atlantis when infected by these parasites was plunged off the african coast into the Sea………and the Captains of the SEA (ha!) and Kings of the earth will see the smoke of her burning & be in awe at how such GREAT WEALTH has been brought to nothing…….for the Beast shall hate her, bring her to ruin, strip her naked, burn her with fire and eat her flesh……as happens to all those that render themselves to these illuminati creatures as will happen to them ~ themselves.

  38. (for our discussion here, substitute 'images' for the word 'slogans')

    "…all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and these must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas. These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea…"

    Joseph Goebbels, Director of Reich Propaganda, Nazi Germany

    in other words

    Keep it simple, use images with symbolic meaning, keep putting it in their faces, keep repeating it until it's in people's heads whether they want it there or not.

    It's all about power. The people behind all this want more and more of it. They have no humanity.

    re: the picture of the model dressed in red on the black/white floor (#8, by my count).

    Check out her right foot – 3 toes?

  39. PoleShiftBobby on

    ….to clarify ~ there is no eternal reward for these poor people that have been seduced by this One Eyed Evil ~ it is un~grateful & competitive, and once it has sucked your soul & gifts ~ it vomits you out ~ but once taken you have your "payment" plan……as DeNiro gave J-zee a 'talking to' the other night ~ i was reminded of Angel Heart & "messy accounts". The way trafficked people have to pay back their pimps after being kidnapped….is the way these "stars' have to 'perform' till the very last moment ~ aged & tired ~ no rest for the wicked. It HATES US humans… hates itself. it is hate. Remember that LOVE is it's own reward and seeks to SERVE not luxuriate. Remember LOVE always & compassion everyday! help rescue our fellow Humans ~ kidnapped by opening the way back thru compassion & LOVE.

  40. Jared Leto looks like that for a role. Chloe's clothes isn't inappropriate and You're making fun of celebrities doing charity work… you're worse than a gossip blog.

  41. My goodness, too creepy for me. Terry Richardson is the most disgusting person I've ever met. I found him too sleazy and touchy for my liking. His 'trigger' words seemed to have no effect on me, so he walked away in a huff. I wonder why???

    Anna Nicole's little baby. Well! I fear for her safety and health. I hope she doesn't go the way of her mother and brother. Let the child be a child. She's got plenty of time to be an adult.

  42. if you believe God exists follow his one and only son Jesus. start in the Bible in the book of John. or Genesis if you want to know the beginning. it was once said that if you believe the first 4 words of the Bible you won't have any trouble with the rest.

    Every knee will bow. Jesus is the reason for the season.

  43. The Holy Quran: Surah Luqman (Chapter 31)

    O mankind, fear your Lord and fear a Day when no father will avail his son, nor will a son avail his father at all. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth, so let not the worldly life delude you and be not deceived about Allah(God) by the Deceiver.

  44. I used to like Jared Leto several years ago. I thought he was the hottest man ever and his music was full of originality etc. Now I don't even think so. He always has weird, creepy expressions on his face. It annoys me a lot I don't know why but… I mean I don't know maybe I'm paranoid but you can literally see that shit on his face.

  45. Look at the second photo of BBC thingy. Look at the ears this all-in-black lady has put on her head. I see an eye in a triangle…

  46. Estamos Juntos on

    Jared Leto looks like he’s been worn out (by his handlers).

    ANS’s daughter – another pedobear victim? :(

    BBC’s pedobear – are things getting too obvious? Will one day the “fight pedophilia” symbol be a smiley phallus? :((

  47. So they think they own the world…

    "I have no need of a bull from your stall

    or of goats from your pens,

    for every animal of the forest is mine,

    and the cattle on a thousand hills.

    I know every bird in the mountains,

    and the insects in the fields are mine.

    If I were hungry I would not tell you,

    for the world is mine, and all that is in it."

    Psalm 50:9-12

  48. say no to the chip on

    The world is racing closer and closer to the society portrayed within the movie:

    Idiocracy (2006)

    If you haven't seen it yet, please do. It also plays down the whole 'mark of the beast' in an amusing way, sadly, one more point of reference for the mindless drones to look back on and point to it and say (when you mention the mark of the beast in a serious discussion) oh that (motb) was just a funny idea from the movie Idiocracy! Come on! You believe in something written thousands of years ago and by faith? They didn't even HAVE devices like RFID! Ha ha ha they were just a bunch of crazy people or drug users back then. (they will say anything to get you to take the mark, in their spiritual blindness)

    The challenge will arrive, probably after the anti-God crowd has stripped all crosses and baby Jesus displays from the entire country.

    Some quotes:

    Narrator: Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets desperate for help. But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them, but when he spoke in an ordinary voice he sounded pompous and faggy to them.

    [Billboard Ad]: If you don't smoke Tarryltons… Fuck You!

    Frito: I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.

    President Camacho: Shit. I know shit's bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito coverings. But I got a solution.

    South Carolina Representative # 1: That's what you said last time, dipshit!

    South Carolina Representative # 2: Yeah, I got a solution, you're a dick! South Carolina, what's up!

    Narrator: The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

    IPPA Computer: Welcome to the Identity Processsing Program of Uhmerica! Please insert your forearm into the forearm receptacle!

    [Joe inserts his arm]

    IPPA Computer: Thank you! Please speak your name as it appears on your current federal identity card, document G24L8!

    Pvt. Joe Bowers: I'm not sure if…

    IPPA Computer: You have entered the name "Not Sure." Is this correct, Not Sure?

    Pvt. Joe Bowers: No, it's not correct…

    IPPA Computer: Thank you! "Not" is correct. Is "Sure" correct?

    Pvt. Joe Bowers: No, it's not, my name is Joe…

    IPPA Computer: You have already confirmed your first name is "Not." Please confirm your last name, "Sure."

    Pvt. Joe Bowers: My last name is not "Sure!"

    IPPA Computer: Thank you, Not Sure!

    Pvt. Joe Bowers: No, what I mean is my name is Joe…

    IPPA Computer: Confirmation is complete. Please wait while I tattoo your new identity on your arm!

    Narrator: The #1 movie in America was called "Ass." And that's all it was for 90 minutes. It won eight Oscars that year, including best screenplay.

    IPPA Computer: If you have one bucket that contains 2 gallons and another bucket that contains 7 gallons, how many buckets do you have?

  49. Don't forget Rihanna's recent album cover…the sexualised slave with one eye covered. I was wondering if there was any significance to her recent "777" themed tour. Might mean nothing, but the color RED has also been a recurring theme on just about every artists' album or magazine appearance. Hate to say it but it seems to be pointing to a sacrifice of some sort. A major one.

    • Veez, When i first heard she was having a 777 Tour, it reminded me of that giant Michael Jackson statue (Which im sure its on one his album cover – Also check his Dangerous Album Cover, lots of dark and occult symbols there) where he had a label with 777 on his arm.

      Also the Occultist/magician/Freemason Aleister Crowley had a book titled Liber 777.

      i think there is a link someway,

  50. Sometimes it does feel like you're fishing for this stuff at the shallow end of the pool. But, I love your site. Keep it up.

  51. Hopeful Sunflower on

    It is so sickening to see children over sexualized in the media! Why is the Guess label strategicly placed between Anna Nicole's daughter's legs. It is sad to honestly realize how currupt certain aspects of this world is… I shudder to think what's to come in the future..

  52. WOW!

    I have to say that having completely removed myself from the MSM (TV, newspapers, magazines and the music, film and fashion industries) seeing a glimpse of what’s happening is like waking up into a nightmare. Everything is fake while people discuss how wonderful the emperor’s new clothes are as their governments enforce dem(on)ocracy upon them while bombing the hell out of the middle east……

    Seeing VC’s excellent critiques of ‘the latest’ films, music and fashion whores further reinforces my reasons for turning myself into a MSM pariah. The only way I can describe it, seeing what passes as reality today, is having gone without any salt in your diet for a while, only to bite into a chocolate bar and feel as though you’ve emptied a sachet of salt in your mouth. This world is a different place to what I grew up in sadly.

  53. It seems that for some people there is no way out. I'm deeply sorry for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter but probably she is surounded by the same people, her mother was
    We must understand that they see these little girls just as way of gaining profit and nothing else and maybe fulfilling their sick pleasures.
    KEEP your eyes open it is everywhere-media, fashion because these are the mass communication tools and they need us to adopt their ideas
    Last week i was in shop and i saw some t-shirts with the piramid and a dead deer and the slogan DARK SIDE
    so it's everywhere death is their offer for us

  54. I noticed the bbc children in need bear, how long (going back in years) has 'pudsy' had the bandage over one eye? (i cant be bothered to check atm).
    Didn't pudsy bear used to have his/her arm in a sling?
    Seems kinda f*ked up to have a bandage over the eye and half the head …

    Tools the lot of em' :)

  55. You should do an article on Yves Saint Laurent's child book : "La vilaine lulu" (naughty lulu)…
    I don't know if it's been translated in english but you can find a few videos on yt with slideshows of it – pictures speak by themselves. YSL ended his life in psychiatric hospital.

    The book begins by a message saying all information in the book is true (!).
    It then shows how Lulu (Lucifer, the little girl in red dress – you have the comic "Little lulu" with the same features) kidnaps children in the street, sacrifice or hang them in satanic occult rituals, sell some others to a sultan. Lulu makes pillows with dead children hair, poison them as a nurse, etc…

    It also shows the church being infiltrated by the borgia & the pope being poisoned, Lulu becoming the new pope, and YSL stated that his inspiration was the cathare.
    Television is used to propagate her doctrin ("lulumania"), etc…

    Looking at YSL ads, you could do a full article on it…!

  56. Be Good To Yourself on

    Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    This was my favourite "Symbolic Pics of the Month", ever.

    "Gotta do the one-eye thing in this Illuminati mind control photoshoot.
    Gotta do it again to make sure the message is understood.
    …and again for those that are really slow to understand."


    Thanks for the article. It was very helpful.

  57. Again with this Illuminati crap, ugh it makes me sick it seems there's a new way to express it every month I hate that people are submitting themselves to this I know most of them have to know what it means by now but they just don't care anymore and they're so brainwashed and or mind controlled to even notice what they do anymore I hate that people think this is a trend…they're even making younger kids do it these days…and I hate when people say Taylor Swift is innocent she's a part of it now and whether anyone wants to believe it or not she doesn't influence our society positively, I have wondered about her new album RED what is the meaning behind it does it have some sort of occult theme? I've also noticed the R and B singer Ne-yo has a similar title to his new album. You do a great job VC at exposing these mind controlled Illuminati artists, I look forward to your next article.

  58. None of this surprises me anymore. When I come to the VC site nowadays I say "what's f**ked up with the world today?" …smh -____- I wish there really was something like world peace.

  59. !!!!Not Safe for Work!!!!

    Here is a semi-porno tumblr blog with wall-to-wall symbolism (no nudity or sex acts but still NSFW).

    Once VC clues you in on what to look for, it is amazing what you can find.

    Tumblr blogs that support layering and combining different images into different compositions seem to be another vector for delivering the message.

    satanicbarbiedoll (DOTT) tumblr (DOT) com

    • who needs symbolism when you've got the name. come on. pretty much a no-brainer here that if i go to a "satanic" site, i'm gonna see some kind of sumthin. not to mention it's semi-porn?? okaaaaaaaaaaay.

      • What's obvious to regular VC readers isn't necessarily obvious to others. The point is this blog directly connects satanism to all the major illuminati images.

  60. By the way, talking about one eyed pedobears… I am from Lithuania. I'm sure you never heard about pedophile scandal in Lithuania, a democratic EU country. Media doesn't talk about that. I gonna paste some stuff about this story. I'm sure it could be interesting for some people. What a "wonderful" world…

    So, here's the story:

    The girl was born in 2004. Her father is Drąsius Kedys, and mother – Laima Stankūnaitė. The parents lived together for several years but later got divorced. According to the decision of the court, the custody of the girl was granted to the mother; however, she did not take proper care of her child. Having learned about this, the father decided to bring the child back. The court approved the decision, the mother refused the custody of the girl and the custody was granted to the father. The girl returned to live in the house of her father and saw her mother only rarely. However, she started telling that while living at her mother’s she had been raped by some men, and that her mother Laima Stankūnaitė used to take her to some rented flat, where she had to satisfy sexual needs of three grownup men, had been molested, and sexually abused.

    As soon as Drąsius Kedys learned about this, he immediately referred to the police asking to initiate a preliminary investigation.

    The investigation was soon initiated; however, when it turned out what men were being accused of the paedophilia, the investigation was discontinued abruptly and illegally.

    One of the named persons was Jonas Furmanavičius, the judge of the Kaunas Regional Court, the second – businessman and politician Andrius Ūsas, and the last one was not identified and was referred to as Aidas by the girl.

    Father Drąsius Kedys submitted more than 200 statements to the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities asking to investigate the case of paedophilia consistently and radically.

    Nevertheless, such proper, detailed and honest investigation was not initiated. Finally, on October 5, 2009, Drąsius Kedys was announced missing. On the same day, judge Jonas Furmanavičius and Violeta Naruševičienė, the sister of Laima Stankūnaitė, who, according to Kedys, had also been an alleged accomplice in this procuration case, were shot in Kaunas. Drąsius Kedys was charged publicly with this crime, even though neither his fingerprints on the firearms, nor other facts proving this crime had been detected and confirmed. Drąsius Kedys was also defamed publicly by the press, where he had unduly been blamed for drug abuse and partnership with members of criminal gangs, even though no such things had ever occurred in the life this honourable man and father.

    Potentially corrupt Lithuanian law enforcement authorities did not initiate a detailed investigation of the death case of Drąsius Kedys. In April, 2010, he was found dead – evidently beaten and murdered.

    His body was found near the Kaunas Lagoon. The official version stated that had been drinking and “choked on the contents of his stomach.” However, independent experts confirmed the conclusion that he had been beaten and drowned in the water.

    All this time, the custody of the girl of Drąsius Kedys was granted to his sister Neringa Venckienė, the judge of the Kaunas Regional Court, in whose house the girl felt safe and well cared for.

    2010 06 13 businessman and politician Andrius Ūsas was found dead. It was an "accident".

    In may 2010 District Court of Kėdainiai Region passed the urgent decision to pass the custody of the girl to her biological mother, who was a potential observer of paedophiliac crimes and was inevitably aware of them, and to revoke the custody earlier granted to the sister of the father, Neringa Venckienė.

    Thousands of people of Lithuania were watching the tragedy of the little girl with their deepest sympathy. Hundreds of people stood guard near the house where the girl lives, organise pickets near the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities.

    2012 05 17 was really horrible day. Biological mother Laimutė Stankūnaitė took her daughter from her aunt home, with 240 POLICE OFFICERS HELP. People tried to stop police officers. It was in the European Union, Lithuania, Kaunas. Now the little girl is missing…

    • Probably the little one has been either murdered by the mother or sacrificed to Satan by the police officers/other officials that made this happen. Maybe they even sacrificed mother as well.
      It is obvious that the named peoples had to be gotten rid of, as they knew too many secrets. Same thing with the father of the little girl.
      The EU is nothing but a Cult to Satan. It should be eliminated.

  61. Re: the photo shoot, Kenneth Grant, the occultist protege of Aleister Crowley, said in his book Nightside of Eden that surrealism perfectly captured the sense disorientation of the Abyss, the gateway in the kabbalistic tree of life that leads to the Qliphoth/dark side, which is why you see surrealistic motifs in so many of these Illuminati magazine spreads. The shoot title is actually literally Surrealism from Toes to Head, which reflects the same upside down and backwards derangement of the senses necessary for accessing the Abyss. The blurring of male/female, the mirroring/doubling and black and white patterns in the shoot all are very Qliphotic. The mask in pic 3 reflects a similar dayside/nightside duality.

    The lobster claw represents a race of Qliphotic beings that are supposed to manifest on Earth as crustacean-like entities – see more here:

    • Yes i acknowledged her album cover and it has featured in "Symbolic Pics of the month" on this site but cannot remember which month, i have just been on that link and i think its astounding, im surprised i never found that myself (damn it)……. but have you noticed how the goddess is depicted is identical to Azealia's album cover and the goddess is also brown skinned…….I am impressed Proverbs 31…..i like ya name also :-)

    • Lindt Bear, Pudsey Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Gummi Bear, Teddy Bear,……………………….. she is still hiding one effin eye doing the one eyed effin salute.

      Cmon people im gettin tired of actually trying to wake everyone up!! (BIG SIIIIGHH)

  62. The Chanel 5 commercial with Brad Pitt flashes “the eye” (the bottle of perfume being the iris) right at end when Brad says “inevitable”

  63. If I am in a photo shoot and the photographer tells me to cover one eye someone remind me to give him/her/it a black eye to match their black soul. Thanks.

  64. I felt like crying how Anna Nicole Smith died by mk ultra all that suffering and now as devastated she is her own daughter is in the buisiness.. its just all too sad

  65. Jd thechurch, throughout ask the research, seventh day adventist are the on
    es who keeps ask the commandments of God and believe jesus is the son of This is ask prohibited in the bible, look what is going on in the world today, jesus is coming very vert soon guys, get yourselves right if not already done, obey all of the 10 commandments, do not let anybody tell you jesus abolished the 10 commandments, because that is a lie going on

  66. Btw does anyone know Miley Cyrus retweeted some 'the illuminati' tweets? May be it's not really important but I think it's kinda strange

  67. About the bears. I think they are showing that they are hurt (bandage around the half over the bears head and covering a hurt right eye (?)).

    But in the end the bears are creepy and ugly as hell.

  68. I don't know if your theories are right, but since I started reading your articles I see these creepy symbols everywhere. Can't be just coincidence…

    • I havent seen it, but at some point in their careers they (singers, celebs, musicians) have to give in to the illuminati agenda and all the symbolism they have to show – Look at Taylor Swift,(that's just one name) she was a good innocent country singer and she is slowly starting to change and become more pop in her songs and showing more occult symbols

  69. princess G. witney on

    to witney would u still like to see ur daughter u had at a old flight some almost thirty two years see g24 receptnist

  70. callmecristina on

    i read that terry richardson is justin theroux’s best friend (jennifer aniston’s fiance). if they are really bestfriends, then it makes me wonder what kind of person justin is, and what kind of person jennifer aniston is. terry is such a scumbag!

  71. Is the One-eyed Sign connected in anyway to Odin as well, who supposedly gave up one of his eyes willingly in order to obtain "wisdom"?

  72. the Rockefeller statue always points to the next winner.. plus the triangle has shall be so its pretty much not hard to find out

  73. Iwannnabeunknown on

    Check out "Portugal. The Man." At first I thought they had some great songs (catchy), but then I listened to their lyrics and then I watched some videoes – WOW – they are really into whole thing! Stay away! Songs like "Modern Jesus" and "Work All Day."

  74. The BBC isn't a company and to say it 'protected' Jimmy Savile is not really true. To say it 'employed' him would be more accurate.

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