Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/12)


In this month’s SPOTM: Kanye West, Rihanna, Ke$ha and some NWO symbolism.

The editorial shoot of the September issue of Vogue Italia is called “Multifaceted Women” and is about models putting on weird creepy masks on their faces. In Mind Control symbolism, masks represent alter personas of MK slaves – switching masks means switching alters.


This model is “putting on” one of her personas. Is the title “Face the Future” a way of saying to readers that the future is all about MK slaves and MK symbolism?


Putting lipstick on a creepy, dehumanizing mask. MK slaves are not even aware that they are wearing a mask (a metaphor for an alter persona) when they are triggered. Is this why this model doesn’t seem to be aware that she is putting makeup on a mask – and not her actual face?


…Just chilling wearing a mask…next to a horse…nothing to see here.


…Just chilling, wearing a creepy mask, looking completely lifeless like a MK slave during programming…being licked by a dog wearing studs. Nothing to see here.


Pic on the right: Changing personas?


Paris Hilton’s boyfriend River Viiperi hiding one eye and doing the Masonic sign of the hidden hand (see the Article entitled The Hidden Hand that Shaped History). Hard to ignore this hand sign combo.


In case you didn’t read that article (you should, it’s great), here’s what Masonic books depict the “sign of the Master of the Veil”.


Rob Kardashian also feels the urge to hide one eye while posing for a pic


French singer Mylène Farmer has to do it too.


Ad for perfume features blond Rihanna with one eye hidden.


Speaking of RiRi, her new album cover has the ever-present one-eye symbolism. There is also a focus on her new tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Apparently, it is dedicated to her grandmother. That is all well and good, but Isis is mostly known to be the mother of Horus and the ultimate figure of the Mysteries. Freemasons are call themselves the “widow’s sons” – the “widow” being Isis who lost her husband Osiris. Being initiated in occult mysteries has been defined as “unveiling Isis” as exemplified by Madame Blavatsy’s book “Isis Unveiled”.


Rihanna performing with a big Eye of Horus on her chest. Does she know about the deeper meaning of these symbols? Not sure. One thing is for sure: Those who handle her definitely do.


Kanye West walking around with some pants patched with Church of Satan symbols: An inverted pentagram and Baphomet. Looking sharp Kanye!


Another pop star rocking the Church of Satan logo, Ke-dollarsign-Ha.


In the music video “I Was There”, Beyonce sings in front of a giant shining logo of the UN. Is there still doubt that these artists are used for the elite’s propaganda? Imagine if it was a Nazi symbol behind her, while she is singing an emotional song conceived to stir up some emotions? You’d probably think: “Wow, she is being used for Nazi propaganda”. Well, the same thing is happening here, but with different logo.


Iggy Azalea’s video “Bac 2 Tha Future” features a Monarch Butterfly on one eye – a blatant, reoccuring symbol of Monarch programming. But wait, maybe its an accident. Sometimes butterflies land on people’s eyes while they’re shooting a music video. It happens.


Maybe this is also an accident.


Well, if she’s gonna use that image for the cover of her mixtape, + a bunch of butterfly wings around her, I’d say that this Monarch Mind Control symbolism is there on purpose.


The ad for Britney’s perfume refers to the occult concept of duality. It is very similar to the Seal of Solomon, a Kabbalistic symbol representing duality and the Hermetic saying “As Above, So Below”. In Monarch Mind Control (something Britney probably knows about), duality is used to program individuals, where there’s a “good” and a “bad” girl.


The cover of this science magazine is a rather blatant promotion of transhumanism. Of course, sex has to be used to sell the love of robots.


This promotional ad for the European Union is pretty weird. It combines symbols of several religions into a single star with the saying: “We can all share the same star”. This is a rather apt way of representing all world religions merged together for the elite’s NWO. Furthermore, why is there hammer and sickle of communist USSR? It is not a religion. This is rather odd, but fitting, when we know that the NWO is intended to become one big totalitarian world system.


The logo of BBC’s “Children in Need” Foundation is a teddy bear with one eye hidden. Knowing that the BBC is covered up for decades Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse on children, it is somewhat fitting that their logo also represents Illuminati mind control.




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Much of this I simply have no tolerance for; 'this' does does not refer to this article alone, but to this entire site. I would like to urge people to stop trying connect impossible dots to describe a truth, and develop a relationship with GOD. What you conjure is still commensurate with the capabilities of a HUMAN BEING. Your claims will inevitably be muddled by flaws and human error. This world cannot be effectively described by means of human intellect, or discovery, like this site thinks it can do. Seek GOD for the and ultimate capacity of discernment. HE is the only one who should be educating you.

At some point soon – some of you reading these words right now are going to click on a certain web page or receive a particular text message and have your encrypted Monarch Sex Puppet viral programming triggered. At that point, you will leave your computer or turn off your phone, explain to anyone with you that you have an important errand to run, and then proceed directly to a nearby ritual site where you will disrobe and actively participate in terrible sex magick orgies of the most disgusting sorts imaginable with a wide variety of humans and animals – all directed by “Illuminati” high priests and priestesses. At the end of hours of disgusting acts of perverse group sex you will be hosed down and allowed to return home prior to your memory being wiped completely of the time spent as a sex puppet. You don’t believe this could… Read more » beachhutman on twitter. now you know.

Under the sign of hammer and sickle Stalin murdered more people than Hitler. The European Union stops hiding with their real aim: create a paneuropean totalitarian federation, just like USSR.
But Poland will never agree!

" Poland first to fight! "

can i just add, that the new brit awrd trophy is white with spots on, the same design that covers the eye on the 'children in need bear'' xx

I hate Kanye West. I loathe that video "Monster" that he and his cronies made. He is a racist, ugly, untalented, misogynist, hateful piece of s**t.

HAHA, "looking sharp Kanye."
Strangely, another man acting like Zombie biting a dog and drinking blood similar to Michael Daniel.

Mr. Daniel was then took a medium sized black dog onto the front porch where he began to hit the dog, strangle the dog and began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away from the animal. The dog died at the scene.

die Atwood are the dogs bollocks, I fink they freeky and I like them a lot. That is all.

its going on here(ROU) like in Lithuania, Greece…same pattern of debt, political chaos, corruption, immorality and so on..welcome to the EU, welcome to the NWO and satan’s religion.

openyoureyesnclose yourmouth , true christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God…religions like the caholic church and any other thing called "church" only have the name "christian" but are religions just like islam, hindohism, budhaism or what ever else…if it is called "church" it is the synagoge of satan.

jesus christ died for our sins and paid the price that we had to pay on the cross. this act cant and shouldnt be categorised as a religion but a faith. and if only the world could understand this we could have a better world free of the devil and his little pals.

Paris Hilton's boyfriends shirt at the bottom where it's not buttoned also forms in the shape of a triangle.


The time for revealing of all things is near. I can feel it. Can you?

&nbsp ;
Check that out! no wonder this Joker wears an inverted pentagram! talk about in plain sight! LOL
Listen to what this sad excuse for a singer has to say

They all look sad and haunted in the eyes. Their eyes tell a tragic story. Was fame & fortune worth it? No. Nobody with any ounce of credibility just thinks you're an idiot. A big famous idiot. There's no price worth accepting for selling your soul.

This is so sad my jaw dropped with the britney spears ad and the rihanna and kanye and Azalea and Beyonce. Come on VC how can you still doubt that these artist don't know wat they are invovled with. Maybe beyonce dnt know. Becuz she pray before she go on stage but I thought the rest are blind

by tim_baberFriday, November 16 2012, 11:17PM “Placebo: RUMYODIN can mean YOURMIND, but it has at least one other cheery magicians suggestion. The name of the drug might also suggest "Are you my Odin". Too obvious to ignore. I hate things that are kept away from people who might profit or survive better if they knew. I had to look up who Odin was, and there are a number of resonances that Derren might not mind me suggesting. Heh Heh, I wouldn't want to steal his thunder. oops that was probably Thor or someone, I went to a grammar school . Odin was apparently a God of Magic. ( Hmmm, that might be a secret, but it is there on the web) And Odin lost an eye as the price of understanding stuff, left at the bottom of a well apparently. There might be more but I cover an eye with… Read more »

Europe is going into multicultural mode with yin/yang, star of Israel, commie and islamic symbols.

strange and fascinating

This n****s are freaks

– They don't know what they're doing, or mybe they do … But is such a hard task to believe that these puppets of the NWO really know what they're doing and promoting …

At least many many peoples are aware of these s***s …

@Jason..You are very right when you say the elites use religion to control the masses.While this can be true with all fake Christian churches and pagan religions….there is only one true God and his son Jesus Christ.In this case the people who commented we should run to our lord Jesus…they are very right!

Have you seen these two little English girls of the Ellen show? They are called Sophia Grace and Rosie. Are these two children trained MK Ultra children?

Vigilant Citizen please un-ban me from your fcebook page. I don't know why you banned me without any reason or warning?