Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Courtney Stodden, Tilda Swinton, Rita Ora and a bunch other pics proving that what is discussed on this site is all too real.

I'm not gonna lie. Tilda Swinton creeps the hell out of me. Her recent photoshoot in W magazine fully exploited that creepyness, took it to another level and, to make things extra headache worthy, the shoot is permaeated with MK/Illuminati symbolism. Here's Tilda looking extra weird next to birdcage (symbol used to represent Monarch slaves). She apparently caught the bird herself. Why Tilda? Why?? Let the bird live!

I’m not gonna lie. Tilda Swinton creeps the hell out of me. Her recent photoshoot for W Magazine fully exploits that creepiness and even takes it to another level as it is permeated with MK/Illuminati symbolism. Here, Tilda is oddly standing next to birdcage (symbol used to represent Monarch slaves). She apparently caught the bird herself. Why Tilda? Why?? Let the bird fly! While this pic alone might not be MK-related, the combination of this image with the others below reads as Illuminati Mind Control 101.


This image is all about the occult concept of duality - which is represented by the checkerboard pattern of Masonic ceremonial floors. The pattern is found on the floor in this picture and Tilda is literally completely draped in it. The setting also includes religious artifacts - symbols giving the Tilda's wardrobe an ethereal meaning.

This image is all about the occult concept of duality, represented by the checkerboard pattern of Masonic ceremonial floors. The pattern is found on the floor of this picture and Tilda is literally draped in it. The setting also includes religious/spiritual items, giving the shot an ethereal feel.


There Tilda goes all one-eyed Illuminati with it. The eye and mouth appear to be a of a different person, which may hint to the concept of programmed alter personality in Mind Control.

Here, Tilda goes all one-eyed Illuminati with it. The images she is holding of an eye and a mouth appear to be a of a different person, hinting to the concept of programmed alter personality in Mind Control (you see what you are programmed to see and say what you are programmed to say).


Two Tildas, separated by a "fracture" of the image can easily represent the fracturing of a MK slave's psyche into alter personas.

Two Tildas, separated by a “fracture” of the image represent the fracturing of a MK slave’s psyche into alter personas.


This Vogue Italia photoshoot is also filled with Monarch Programming symbolism. Here, we see the concept of multiple personas.

This Vogue Italia photoshoot is also all about with Monarch Programming symbolism. Here, we see the concept of multiple personas.


Silenced by a butterfly (Monarch programming).

Silenced by a butterfly (Monarch programming).


Blinded by a butterfly (Monarch programming).

Blinded by a butterfly (Monarch programming).


Multiple personalities facing/mirroring each others.

Multiple personalities facing/mirroring each others.


The lipstick that is hiding one of the model's eyes is a way of telling you "Hey, this is all about Illuminati MK".

The lipstick that is hiding one of the model’s eyes is a way of telling you “Hey, this is all about Illuminati MK”.

Model Daisy Lowe shows her support to "Earth Hour" with...what salute.

Model Daisy Lowe shows her support to “Earth Hour” with…what else…a one-eyed salute. Why? Because these “Earth” events are sponsored by the elite.


Daisy doing it again in High Life magazine, with the same photographer, Rankin.

Daisy does the one-eyed thing again in High Life magazine.


Pia Mia used to work with Disney. Now she's doing the one eye thing and pointing a fake gun to her head. Considering Disney's relation with the MK-industry, makes perfect sense.

Pia Mia used to work with Disney. Now she’s doing the one eye thing and pointing a fake gun to her head. Considering Disney’s relation with the MK-industry, this makes perfect sense.


Speaking of Disney, I described many times how Mickey Mouse ears are "codes" for MK Mind Control as they refer to "Disney Programming". Here's Rita Ora on the cover of ELLE wearing gigantic ears and not looking too pleased by it.

Speaking of Disney, Mickey Mouse ears are “codes” in the entertainment industry representing MK Mind Control. Here’s Rita Ora on the cover of ELLE wearing gigantic ears.


Vestal magazines photoshoot appropriately entitled "Pop Queen" is all about Mickey Mouse programming.

This photoshoot in Vestal, appropriately named “Pop Queen”, is all about Mickey Mouse programming.


On the left, the "pop queen" wears a variety of occult symbols, including an inverted pentagram (symbol of Black Magick) and an inverted cross. On the right, Mickey Mouse ears. Yup, that's the crap you need to do and wear to be a "pop queen".

On the left, the “pop queen” wears a variety of occult symbols, including an inverted pentagram (symbol of Black Magick) and an inverted cross. On the right, Mickey Mouse ears. Yup, that’s the crap you need to do and wear to be a “pop queen”.


Damn, Nike, that's some hardcore Illuminati symbolism for some golf balls.

Damn, Nike, that’s some hardcore Illuminati symbolism for some golf balls.


This shirt was on sale in the Boston area shortly before the Boston bombings. When asked why the shirt was still on sale AFTER the bombing, an employee of that store said "they keep reappearing back on the shelves". While the shirt is made to refer to the rivalrly between the Yankees and the Red Sox, this odd "premonition" is reminiscent of Oscar Pistorius' Nike ad entitled "I am the bullet in the chamber", which appeared before he got charged for the murder of his girlfriend.

Speaking of Nike, this shirt was on sale in the Boston area before the Boston bombings. In a news article about the shirt, a Nike Outlet employee was quoted saying “We’ve been taking them down…But somehow they keep ending up back on the rack”. While the shirt is supposed to refer to the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, this odd “premonition” is reminiscent to the Oscar Pistorius’ Nike ad entitled “I am the bullet in the chamber”, which appeared before the athlete got charged for the murder of his girlfriend.


Speaking of the bombings, the response of the government was the imposition of the an effective Martial law in Boston. Whether one believes if that was necessary or not, it happened and it set a precedent for future "crises".

Speaking of the bombings, the immediate result of the event was the imposition of Martial Law and a temporary police state – as seen in numerous disaster movies created to train people to accept this course of event. Whether you believe that it was all necessary or not… It happened.  And it set a precedent for future “crises”.


Under Martial Law, private proprety doesn't exist anymore and troops have the right to storm in your home. In the end, they found that 19 year old guy inside a boat...And it was confirmed that he was unarmed. My did he have a bullet wound in his throat then (at first, it was said that he tried to commit suicide with his weapon)? The official story has many holes.

Under Martial Law, private property doesn’t exist anymore and troops have the right to storm into civilians’ homes.



  1. The Norwalk Avenger on

    First! :) Tilda Swinton creeps me out also.

    Thank you for doing this, VC. I talk about you to everyone I know. (They think I'm nuts)


    • Actually Tilda is a unique person , she's a great actress. Unfortunately she's on MK ultra control why her . Also Pia Mia wow Disney is known for being strict with their child stars look now great example is Lindsey I still like her tho lol Amazing how could Nike make those damn shirt they should be a shame wtf People were seriously injure damn Nike . Not buying their shows even tho I liked them also Adidas :( People brands keep disappointing me and why do people let their kids follow these Disney chicks example for crying out loud follow your own path not copy others example wtf -.- Thanks VC >.>

    • i agree with you, tilda is creepy, although VC should look into "Anonymous" the arch enemy of the illuminati

      • I gagged a bit when I read that. Protesting and saying things on the internet aren't things "Anonymous" invented and as the past 10 years have shown they aren't going to affect global control. In the real world all they've done is protest, and online the vast majority of those using the handle are also just protesting through DDoS attacks, which the government has repeatedly pointed out is really nothing more than a minor nuisance. "Anonymous" (in quotes because half the time these kids end up arrested for the petty shit they do because they didn't actually know how to be anonymous) harmless script kiddie operations are actually so common and hip right now that I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's an effort to curb dissent into a more easily manageable form. The only good things that have come from "Anonymous" sources are unbiased news on worldly events, and the small few using the title who actually have the capability to leak government information backing up their claims, wherever such information may come from.

    • Actually I think Tilda is amazing. She's weird, yes, but so mysteriously androgynous that it makes her beautiful in her unique way

    • Well.. I think you are nuts for writing 'First'.

      If you understand this website to any degree, you should also understand that the photo's presented here were purposefully constructed to set 'trends' to the so called wanna-be's via, TV, Music, Movies and in this case, Glossy Magazines.

      While the latter part of your message was fine, writing 'First' just because managed to view something before the rest of us does not make you special. As-much as I hate to piss on the proverbial fireworks, this is one 'Trend' that needs to stop. If anything you have had the most time to think about the information presented here. It's a shame that 'First' was in-fact the first thing you thought about.

      Peaceful wishes to all…

      • ooh, aren't you all fired up? I've never even commented here but what you wrote was so ridiculous, I had to let you know.
        Have a beautiful day. :)

      • yeah and what you HAVE commented on corroborates NOTHING………….Have a magnificent day darlin'

      • Actually Terri, im so sorry, i thought you were referring to "The Norwalk Avenger's" comment but you were obviously referring to "Gareth's" comment & yes i agree with you, gareth's comment was ridiculous

    • It's coming to the Day of the Judgement

      Some little signs

      * Very tall buildings will be built;
      * The d isappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance, with
      much killing;
      * Adultery will become widespread, and the drinking of wine will
      become common;
      * The number of men will decrease and the number of women will
      increase until there are 50 women to be looked after by one man.
      * Islam will become worn out like clothes are, until no one will know
      what fasting, prayer, charity and rituals are;
      * Allah will send a disease to fornicators that will have no cure
      * People will begin to believe in the stars and reject AL QADAR (THE
      * Men will pass by people's graves and say: "Would that I were in his
      place"; (large amount of sucidal deaths?)
      * The Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold for which people will
      fight over (Oil of Irak, blackgold);
      * Two large groups of people will fight one another, and there will be
      many casualties; they will both be following the same religion (World
      War II?);
      * Earthquakes will increase;
      * Time will pass quickly;
      * Afflictions will appear;
      * Killing will increase;
      * Wealth will increase;
      * Women will be wearing clothes but not wearing clothes
      * When any gain is shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to
      the poor;
      * When a trust becomes a means of making profit;
      * When paying ZAKKAT becomes a burden;
      * When the leader of a people is the worst of them;
      *When people treat a man with respect because what he may do;
      * When much wine is drunk; red wind or the earth swallow them, or to
      be transformed into animals."

      WINE IS DRUNK.'"

      • Hippie, thanks man – All the signs above, some have appeared, some are prevalent and some are definitely coming – To all the people that say at this stage, that it's still a coincidence, Pleeeease, Time will tell people, time will tell, MARK MY WORDS………..The False Messiah is coming…….

      • What wealth increase? Didn't we just have a recession? And no we're not slowly and surely recovering…also other countries have just had a money crisis as well.

  2. The most terrifying thing is how happy everyone was for those last 2 pictures… like it was for their own good…

    • Unfortunately most believe it's for their protection. I'm sure a lot of the troops don't even understand & are just following orders. These things can't be discussed with a lot of people as they just think we are nuts.

    • I know!

      It's just like in the Star Wars Prequels, when Padme says sadly, 'So *this* is how liberty dies…to thunderous applause!'

  3. Wow. This months photos are very powerful. We are at a major tipping point and it's all on the verge of boiling over. Brace yourselves.

  4. Thanks for posting. Tilda Swinton always creeped me out, too. There is something strange about that woman I've never been able to put my finger on. Guess now we know why.

    And Girls & Corpses?! WOW. That is some nasty s h it.

    Can you please cover the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video 'Up in the air'? I can figure out some of the symbolism but not all. I think it's worth taking a look at.

    • Wow, Tina! Up in the Air could easily comprise a lengthy article on this site. Such a "feel good" vibe to it! These are dark days.

    • I'm trying to understand what you see as Illuminati symbolism in this video? I have seen other such symbols in some of their other videos and for sure in their lyrics, especially the 1st album, in regards to mind programming. But I've watched this video several times and I have yet to see anything but ONE THING and that is an inverted STAR that doesn't even have a circle around it. So help me out, and list what you see.

      • Lisa, one particular girl was always depicted with Monarch butterflies. Lots of black & white, zebras, 1/2 zombie twins point to duality. Masks usually connote some esoteric meaning. This was my observation from the top of my head. I'm certain other readers noticed more.

      • Seems to me more like just random "cool" images for shock value…. I would have to agree, I don't see anything groundbreaking in this video except more of the same stuff and there's no plot so its not really SAYING anything.

      • Ricky I agree.
        I found it much worse and more widespread. Not all to be disclosed though…

      • Yeah, the illuminati was a group that was "disbanded". The correct term to apply to these people is occult secret societies. There are many of they have different goals but along the same lines.

    • That's what I'm wondering. I do alot of research on this stuff, too, and I am BLOWN away by VC's ability to find this stuff.

    • QuestionEverything on

      They are everywhere, all you have to do is look around you. Next time you visit a shopping center look up at all the adds.. pay real attention and you will see all the signs. Even clothing for young teens and young adults have sayings and images the promote the elite agenda. When you drive around or walk look pay close attention to what the billboards are really selling you.

  5. This aint Super Mario Brothers no more.

    This is Mortal Kombat.

    This is "Art of War", It is War.

    You don't sit and wait for it to come to it, you go to it.

    In your sphere of influence, in your room, while taking a sh**.

    Just the same way they are taking all the airwaves and pushing the agenda allover "The Earth Campaign", you take the fight to them as well.

    Again, "Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get Wisdom: and in all thy getting, get understanding".

    They understand us, that's why they believe they are winning.

    Think like them and it won't be too difficult seeing that Coca-cola will kill you in shorter than you can say "I want coke".

  6. Actually the last picture with the cops storming in the homes of ordinary people is the most disturbing..
    A few years ago no one would accept this, somehow people are brainwashed enough to accept everythin the police and state tells them..
    Everyone automatically believes it were the muslims again and do not question anything..
    I sometimes try to tell people what you see, is not always what you get.. they do not believe a word I say..

    Something off topic.. VC could you please do a article about the royal family in Holland.. today the Queen resigned after 33 years.. very suspicious but somehow all the dutch love the queen and now the new king..
    33 years ago this was not the case and people wanted them to leave..

    • Sheffield JAC on

      Great comment about Queen Beatrix. I am not sure whether you realized it or not when you wrote it but the number 33 is VERY significant with these occult elite nwo freaks. 33rd degree mason. Interesting how she resigns after 33 years. Also, the Bilderberg Hotel is just outside of Amsterdam in a country area of the Netherlands. The first meeting took place at the hotel in the 50's, hence, the Bilderberg Group name. The lovely queen was in attendance every year.

      • Yes I realized the number 33… everyone in Holland thought the King was not ready yet to take his mothers place..
        Then all of the sudden she said he was ready.. just out of the blue..
        I know Beatrix attends these Bilderberg conferences every year.. sometimes one of her sons goes too..
        His name is friso and he is now in a coma for over a year because of a ski accident..

        Everyone in Holland only talks about the dress Maxima wore.. it is mainly because of her that the Royals are so popular nowadays.. no one really liked Willem until he married her..

        Really strange imo.. they say their marriage was a business agreement en she married him to make the king popular..

        Many demonstrators were arrested by the police because they held a sign with go away monarchs etc..
        It looked more like a ditcatorship than a democarcy..

    • I agree with you also, i would love a bit more in-depth info on this subject and also the number 33, hmmmm Red flags all over this one, occult numerology for sure.

    • Lady Arrow on

      OMG how could i have missed that! I've watched The inhuldiging (sorry cant find The correct word for it) all day because i was at home all day.

      It Would be Nice to have some insight on our Royals
      It did look like a police state.

      • I guess you are Dutch also.. yes it is called the ignuaration or something..
        It really did look like a police state.. anything that was not good for the royals or put them in a bad light was shut off and arrested..
        They later apologized for the arrests.. how weird is that..
        Holland is a democracy as they say but everyday people get more brainwashed and go along with what the media tells them..

        No one is objective anymore, not about religion, wars, politics and even royals..
        Also many people in Holland do not like the royals or the money they get from tax owners or the money they make from shell etc..
        They just can not put up to the bigger crowd..

        I really wish VC would do an article about this issue.. and I am glad that not only me has noticed this strange happening..

      • Wow thanks lia i didnt even notice the 33 linkbut i remember colleagues tellkng me that the new king looked possesed

    • It's worth bearing in mind that the images of people cheering and loving martial law, while they may be real, are almost certainly misrepresentational and grotesquely disproportionate. The corporate media *want* us to think we're cut off and isolated, surrounded by drooling and baying, jingoistic sheep. The reality I experience away from the American/Canadian/British Brainwashing Corporations is that far, far more people are wising up and waking up than they dare to admit. Take heart!

    • I agree, the image above of police storming the neighborhood streets is the creepiest thing. What's to stop them? If police were to come crashing through my door and windows–if I resist would they kill me?

  7. re: the Daisy Lowe/ Earth Hour image
    It looks to me as if she is growing reptile skin. Perhaps she'll become corpse-like and then she can model for "Girls and Corpses" as both.

    re: the Vogue Italia image (with the words "Photos by Camilla Akrans") — this exact image and symbolism (minus the flower) was used in Ingmar Bergman's film 'Persona' (1966). Woody Allen even does an homage to that very scene in "Love and Death" (1975).

    • Daisies are also a part of MK programming I think. Her name is Daisy and I think it is a daosu in her/their mouth?

      • Why are daisies part of MK programming? Daisy chain is also a sexual act isnt it?………It would'nt surprise m though……

      • My first thought when I saw the daisy was Hare Krishna. Do they still pass out daisies at airports? Anyways, that's the first thing that came to my mind.

      • The daisy is also a symbol of fresh, new beginnings, innocence, purity … so of course 'they' have to try and subvert that …

    • The Daisy Lowe. Her Dad is Gavin Rossdale and her Mum is Pearl Lowe. A hedonistic duo. Connect the dots. She dated Mark Ronson. Keep connecting the dots! Establishment people.

  8. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    WOW to the very sick Courtney Stodden pic. Just…WOW. And the whole magazine features more of that filth??? The readers have as much to answer for as the publisher IMO. What the hell is wrong with people.

    • What boggles my mind is that…. in order for a publication to be produced, the makers need to present a market valuation to justify loans/investments. So who is paying for this trash?

    • I saw that a few days earlier and I couldn't believe such a thing existed. It's amazing how such depravity is becoming kinda mainstream, especially some movies that have been coming out lately. It also amazes me that no one around her thought this was going too far, this is very sick, depraved stuff. Is there anything she or her people won't turn down? I can't imagine she even got paid much for doing this, I doubt this magazine makes a whole lot of money.

      • I read where the magazine featured a spread called "fetus freaks". I will not try to find more on it because I do not want to even see what that spread would involve. The image up above is bad enough! I would have been better off not seeing that. Pure satanism! And as VC said, the magazine features real corpses!! Where are they getting the corpses? Just sickening…

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        And yet Courtney Stodden has always been portrayed as a devout Christian who can quote Scripture off the top of her head. Whatevs.

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        And, take a look at the other headlines on the magazine cover. One is "execution boners". This is as plain EVIL as anything on Earth.

      • No wonder. If to look closer how infiltrators got into high positions in the Church…They need celebrities and celebrities need them.
        I no longer buy "repented" and "christian" stars.Most stars barely realize what following Christ mean while others just came for dirty work to destroy us from the inside.

      • I hope people are starting to see that claiming you're a Christian and actually being a good person are two completely different things.

      • Unfortunately this is true.
        Never in human history church had so many masonic impostors in higher ranks. We were strictly warned against certain organizations that try hard to make "unification". Unification will work well for antichrist to rule…

    • I know, ohnestly, i have no words, check out their website, its pretty much fucking filth,…………….The founder of the magazine is called Robert Steven Rhine, i dont know much about him but i wonder what the deal is with him, but you can even "buy it as a book" – My point being, glamourizing and promoting DEATH, NECROPHILIA, PORN ETC What the fuck?!!?! You get it all in a magazine now?!?!

      It makes me sooo angry man you dont even realize……..

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        There was an interview with the founder somewhere I read, and they asked him where he gets the corpses. Apparently its from people who have donated their bodies to science and research. They can also, apparently, use these bodies for "art" as well. WTF?!?!?! I was actually thinking of donating myself to science, but I envisioned medical students learning anatomy or whatever, NOT some fucking depraved sociopath using me in his necrophilia mag.

      • A person must be sick in the head to buy such a magazine! I hope nobody buys it, so that kind of stuff doesn't get supported! Always find it sickening that the Stodden's parents and the nasty guy who married her, didn't end up in jail! Another sign for me that the world goes downhill!
        This is dehumanizing and pedophilia, I feel sorry for her! I'm 100% sure that they did horrible things to her, because nobody with the right mind would act like that! She also(even with all the make up and photoshop)looks worn out for her age. When the soul suffers, the body suffers too!:(

        As for the corpses; there is also that "bodyworlds" thing touring around. They claim it is for education, but most of those bodies are in a rather artsy and questionable poses and it is not allowed to take photos for further studies. Also heard that lots of those bodies come from russian and chinese prisons, where people got killed against their will and their bodies sold for a cheap price to the "artists". So the whole thing, with donating the body is more or less a scam!

      • They want you to feel mad,angry,helpless and also guilty becasue the sexy girl arouses desire..the fact that there is a corpse there is to make you feel like you a bad person for looking…they know what they are doing…best thing is to laugh it off and dont get too wound up about it becasue then they have won by making you experience negativity…if Jesus saw this he would send them love…..we getting trapped into negative states by the way we react to this…true its vile,disgusting etc but that doesent mean all of humanity and ourselves are vile and disgusting….just a few twisted sick people but you can never defeat evil with evil..only with love….this what Jesus taught and how he unmasked the illusions of this world and why they killed him for it.
        I read the comments here and you all good people but be careful not to fall into the divide and rule trap.
        It is easy to condem and judge but harder to love.

  9. the 1st pic reminds me of a creepy troll doll, eww, i can see that asian young pop stars are being easily seduced to be puppets….sigh, the price of fame tsk tsk

  10. Great article VC!
    You need to also check out Nicki Minaj’s photoshoot for ELLE magazine where she has a photo wearing all black and then a photo with a Barbie face on the t-shirt? Is that her Barbie alter ego and the all black i am guessing its roman zolanski and then she has a photo of her with just a white tee and jeans and i am guessing this is the real nicki because before her fame she was recognised with wearing a white t shirt and skinny jeans.
    Any thoughts??
    If you look down the nike box
    It has these phrases
    ‘Live to play’ & ‘Play to live’ hmm…

  11. Amazing how things in this world are getting creepier by the second. I was reading a post on the U.S considering aiding the rebels in Syria and Lebanon and it was openly stated that it would be considered a convert operation. And covert operation means an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor" and can mean "special activities" that, in this case, can be mean to influence or change a country's economic, political and/or military standing.

    That brings to questions so many different things that have occurred in the past followed by economic, political, and military changes not only in other countries, but in this country as well.

    We are encountering so much propoganda right now that it's sickening how blatant it has become, and also how ignorant can be of what's right in front of them. This isn't even a truthers tirade, just a normal human being who knows when they are being manipulated.

    Please be aware that there are too many coincidences to count as random incidents. They are all been planned out before hand. There is no such thing as coincidences in this world. There is a reason for everything; economically, politically, militarily, globally, nationally, but especially individually.

  12. My God. To anyone wondering, the last 3 pictures are the fruit of YEARS of the first 17 pictures. How long have we been bombarded by the one-eye crap right along side the normalization of the police state? Riot gear and martial law are now sexy and exciting. We're so desensitized now.

    We're screwed, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  13. Check out the KTZ clothing line. All the "cool kids" are wearing it these days. It's all the rage. And it's DISGUSTING.

    • Ewwwww! How more blatant can they be?! I am so sick and tired of all this filth! Just remember…we don't buy, they don't win!!

      • Yes they are! I just looked at the Kokon To Zai KTZ website. It was horrific! The vimeo at the begining freaked me out too. There's a sports jersey for Satan! Could they be more obvious hiding in plain sight?

    • Wow. What appalling and obvious satanism. I had not heard of this brand before. The women's line, as I see on the site, is an assaulting mockery of the "great schema" which is worn by Orthodox Christian monks and nuns. In these KTZ designs, however, the great schema has been altered by removing most of the Crosses and replacing them with a sign which looks like the astrological sign for Mercury. Also, the Crosses that do remain have the third bar inverted–representing the ascent of evil, the left hand, over the good.
      DISGUSTING is right. Let us pray for the speedy fall of Babylon and all its whores.

      • Do not pray for worthless cause.
        Instead pray for hapless souls.Their eyes to be opened.Their eternal souls to be saved.Their sins to be forgiven.For those in bondage we pray may the Lord turn them on straight path.

        As for Babylon it is already fallen.God will do that in due time!

  14. I am sorry but who the hell would buy a Girls and Corpses magazine?!?!?!?!

    Also, i read all this stuff and do my research and try to spread the word but at the end of the day what can we really do about all this other then be vigiliant. I mean when the police come knocking at your door under martial law can you really tell them F off it's your property? Seriously what can be done about this government other then us all rise up and there be a civil war that we would probably lose!

    • Trust me, Necrophylia is a very real fetish. There was recently an article on the internet about 4 criminals who killed a man after robbing him, then proceeded to cover him w/ a sheet and raid his refrigerator , hang out in his house and then at least two of them, a guy and girl, possibly two guys , had sex ON TOP of the body w/ the sheet draped over it, all the while it had evacuated it's bladder and bowels. Sick.

  15. This is usually one of the features that I love the most about this site, but the pictures this month were disappointing. It seems as though you were scrounging for material.

  16. I wish I could unsee the girls and corpses pix. Death and sex so blatant, not even disguised via vampirism any more. Will this become 'normal' after a few years, like so many other things are now normal? It must be one of the most horrific 'voluntary' (i.e. not an accident scene or natural disaster) photos I have ever encountered.

    • I think that's supposed to represent Lilith/Lilitu, an ancient Mesopotamian female night ghoul who haunted graveyards and wastelands. She has some association with necrophilia. I think there's something very unsavory about all the recent zombie craze in pop culture.

      • Check out the film: Tales from the crypt: Bordello of Blood (1996) There is a Vampire character played by Angie Everheart who is called Lillith and she is of course the mother of all the vampires in the movie……. It just always seems to inter connect with one another

    • imsodisgusted on

      yes i was taken back by that image as well, and the position of the hands it's even creepier one more step and well it's porno

    • Did you see that Family Guy episode where she turns out to be a robot? MK indeed. Also McFarlane is also "in the know".

  17. Re: the checkerboard picture with Tilda Swinton, it's loaded with more than just black and white duality symbolism. I am sure the starlike lamp represents Sirius, the dogstar, important in Masonry, occultism and Egyptian religion. It's hanging above the dog or wolf form in the bas relief sculpture behind Swinton. The other figure looks reptilian and I believe the two figures represent Annunaki or Nephilim. The staircase off to the side is like the stairways or ladders often represented in drawings of Masonic temples. I think the cross on the wall is the Tau cross, an ancient symbol preserved in Masonry as the T-square. It's associated with the god Set, associated with Lucifer or Satan.

    Incidentally, Swinton is from a wealthy family, Clan Swinton, from the Scottish borders. Scotland is a hotspot for conspiracy theory about Masonry and the Templars.

      • I've actually been reading up on that. I've read that there are different factions of Jinn. Some good, some bad. And that King Solomon used Jinn to build his temple. What does the Qur-an say about them?

      • Yes, you get good ones and bad ones (manevolent and benevolent), they can travel at speeds of light, live for very long periods they live in a parallel dimension and live in remote areas like mountains, skies, seas etc and will get judged on Judgement day just like humans.

        You see God created 3 sentient beings which are: humans, angels and jinn (demons/spiritual entities) they can appear as anything to deceive you, i.e. Appear as a beautiful seductive woman, a vagrant, a snake or an "alien" so to speak (That's what the media and government calls them, when in fact they are spiritual beings NOT ALIENS!

      • ……..David Icke refers to them as Reptilians/shapeshifters, I think in the bible they call them Nephilim which means giants or people with great physical stature- David and Goliath are featured in the Bible and the qur-an (He is referred to as "Galut" in the qur-an) and he was also a giant and havent huge giant skulls/bones and skeletons have been found at archealogical sites and graves?….

      • In regards to King Solomon or prophet solomon shall i say, god gave him the gift to speak to animals and control the jinn and Satan wanted to deprive king solomon of this power/gift and impersonated solomon and satan used the jinn to convince the people that he (solomon) used magic and witchcraft to build the temple and monuments……………God sent down two angels, Harut and Marut to test the people of Babylon by doing magic, you see during them times there were many magicians claiming prophethood, and people needed to be able to distinguish between the miracles of Prophets and the magic of magicians. The magic these two angels taught could have been used to do this, or, they cound have been used for evil purposes.They were sent as a trial from god……those who learned magic from them disbelieved, and those who did not, believed. This is why the angels warned the people before teaching them magic.

        Just read/research on it, you will find out alot more.

    • fleurdamour on

      PS – I forgot to mention why the Tau cross represents Set – it's symbolic of his fall below the horizon into the amenta, the underworld, after he killed Osiris. Like the story of the fall of Lucifer.

    • Yeh i know tell me about it – Balmoral Castle is also there, which is the queen's private residence – but one of the weirdest things i have to say is that have you seen the pyramid there standing in the middle of nowhere??, ohnestly its really spooky and makes you wonder. You look at the view in the surrounding area and you've got these beautifull green rolling hills, trees and fields (very scottish-esque) but then you have this pyramid just standing there……….Please check it out VC and all you guys. You will find it on youtube/google……….The British Royal familys bloodline can be traced back to the Pharoes/Kings of Ancient Egypt, The Great Pyramid of Egypt, The queen's coronation when she was anointed in the 50's was done on a step pyramid…………It must be connected.

      • I wouldn't wanna dig around the grounds there. I'm too scared of what I'd find. Probably reptile bones and heaps of dead bodies the Royals have sacrificed for this revolting rituals.

    • Also the picture behind her looks like some Sumerian carving. Sumeria/Messopotamia/Babylon- one of the oldest civilizations in the world that many believe originated much of our creation stories, especially reinforcing the theory that Aliens used their DNA to genetically create humans. Tilda has often been compared to an alien.

    • fleurdamour on

      The star lamp refers to the third eye, too, I just realized. The two eyes of Horus are the sun and the moon, and the third eye is the Eye of Set. It's represented by a star.

  18. There is a movie coming out later this year called 'Mortal Instruments' that blatantly and constantly displays a symbol that resembles a baphomet head. You can watch the trailer on youtube, you will see the symbol countless times. Couldn't believe it when I saw it, so blatant!

    • I just looked at the trailer for that, and the Wiki page for the young adult book series it's based on, and it's totlaly about the Qliphoth, the shadow world at the back of reality in black kabbalah, and the Nephilim, only it makes the Nephilim the good guys. And one of the Nephil families is called Lightwood, which definitely sounds Luciferian.

      • @fleurdamour, have you seen the anime series "Bible Black"? You would have a lot to decode on that one!

      • You should mention that it is a pornographic series…
        But yes, it's basically about a school of religious girls trying to call forth a demon and such.

      • fleurdamour, The author this series is called Cassandra Clare and you never guess what her background is? (which i guessed almost immediately)…….She is Jewish, surprise, surprise.

    • Have you seen the young adult selection of books at WalMart? Every single one of them blatantly displays occult symbolism and themes.

      • Yes – the young adult section is a major thing for 'them'. Go after the children. Christopher Pike writes books about vampires and ghosts, with religious themes – and there are some very beautiful lines in these books. But they're also full of some 'New' Age philosophy – including the idea that Eve eating the apple was a good thing; it gave humanity a chance to advance, etc. Very 'Conversations with God' … And, of course(!) a few of the covers have girls showing one eye …

  19. Rita Ora looks like she knows she is being made to look like an idiot in those ears. And she's wearing a beta kitten tiger bracelet – cat and mouse.

    • My thoughts exactly when I saw that. She looks like she knows how stupid she looks, no one would agree to wear that ridiculous get up on a big magazine like that unless they were forced to.

    • In march last month, Rita Ora was at a press conference in Sau Paulo, Brazil and she was wesring Gold Cat ears, Black and white striped trousers and gold shoes and also sat on a gold chair……………..

  20. Revolution Now on

    And still the dumbed down Americans applaude the NAZI stormtroopers wearing a star spangled banner instead of a Svastika and Sig-Runes.

    With the Patriot Act implemented and continous false flag attacks the stupid masses are prepared for a fascist police state, with martial law as normal as orange juice or milk for breakfast.

    We experience today what NAZI Germany perfectioned: Gleichschaltung.

    We get bombarded by desensitizing imagery ("Girls and corpses"? WTF?), violence is becoming normal, we do not look away if we see something nasty, we start staring. The value of life becomes cheaper and cheaper, porn industry degrading women to f**kholes…

    • Tell me about it. Regarding the porn industry, it seems to be getting more and more extreme. I mean some of the degrading sex acts they do theses days and bondage porn, i mean wtf? Women letting people do this to them on camera and FOR WHAT?…REALLY FOR WHAT? I wonder where the pornographers obtain these ideas from and where they originated from, hmmmmmm its nobody but the zionist jews & pleeeeease before anyone says what i think they are going to say (bring it on anyway) this is not a racist comment, its a factual comment!!!

      • I actually saw a porn where a girl was getting "both ends" and on the wall was painted a big caduceus symbol (entwined serpent) right there in the video where this was going on! Just so you know I watched it because someone told me about it. I'm not a perve I swear.

      • Just a word of advice… sick pornography doesn't only harm the women participating. It also harms the men viewing it.

      • It was a f-ing joke concerned, lighten the f up! Maybe you could get laid once in a while so you wouldn't be so angry and hostile!

      • Right. Do you propose?
        However it is not for me… This will make me more hostile and angry than ever… LOL

  21. Light & Truth on

    A place like Follywood, that focuses so much on beauty and physical appearances, you know Tilda Swinton didnt get there by looks. She looks like a undersea creature. There has to be more to her

    • Did anyone notice that the name of one of the shopst that was blown up was called " THE CRAFT". Anyone know the name of the other one?

  22. if disney is so innocent and about kids why don't they sue publications when they use mickey mouse in a sexy or perverted or strange way, or for using them at all? that's right, because it's not innocent micky mouse, it is a code for MK control.

    the boston thing is too horrible for words. the loss of the freedoms and the implementation of martial law was the worst part. i know someone who was there and she is still shaky about talking about it and super emotional. because it was so scary. the good news according to her is that people banded together to help one another, as we know Americans do. the very bad news is that our 2nd amendment rights are again in the chopping blocks and how will you protect yourself when troops come into town without it? you wont'. let's pray that enough men in the military would refuse to take part when asked to do awful things in the future, and the citizenry can retain enough rights to fight back.

  23. Tilda Swinton, I thought was way too wacky to be involved with the Illuminati. Perhaps they need wacky to even themselves out! That woman still freaks me out. Her face seems almost robotic. As for Rita Ora, well, classless and tuneless must appeal to the Illuminati as well.
    Somehow, I don't seem to be surprised about Courtney Stodden. Kitten programming is alive and well and very successful in her case.
    Prayer is definitely needed for these poor lost souls.

    • You mean the Illuminati isn't wacky enough for you!? Trust me, those people do not have their heads on straight!

      • Indeed, very wacky!! Eccentric we can cope with, but the Illuminati – and especially Tilda cannot be called eccentric. Eccentric = wacky, but lovable. Definitely does not apply to Tilda.
        I suppose coming from a high degree Illuminati family herself, Tilda can get away with being wacky and not be questioned on it. Although with that chequerboard outfit, she looks like a clown. My husband said if his Masonic lodge was closed, they could always stand on Tilda!

  24. wow… and wow… This is probably the most crazy stuff I have seen you guys do in awhile. Thanks to all that get this information on to your site. That magazine about corpse and girls was very shocking for me to see. I agree with the one reader that comments about WHO purchases this magazine????!!!!

    You had me laughing at *I’m not gonna lie. Tilda Swinton creeps the hell out of me. Her recent photoshoot"

    I needed the laugh today. thanks!

    Keep it coming, ya'll!!! I for one REALLY appreciate the work that goes into all of this.

    Love from Texas.

  25. America belongs to the natives!
    Iran will destroy the petro dollar and the Zionist can never touch the Shia Muslims and they know this! Allah Akbar!

    • The Islam is part of the age old Illuminati Agenda as is Christianity, as is Judaism. All of these world religions were created by the Illuminati. Why not only one religion but several? Because that´s "divide and rule" and the world religions play an important role to divide humanity and to seed hate on the planet.

      What they did is they took ancient spiritual truths from the old, genuine spiritual religions, mixed that up with dogmas that they want to impose on the people and so created a mindcontrol system. By showing the people some spiritual truths in symbolic form (like in the "holy" books), they attract those to them who are searching for spiritual truth. But then instead of leading them into light, they lead them into darkness.

      There are hardly more evil institutions on earth like the religions. Just look at the millions, if not trillions of deaths the religions were responsible for. Who thinks that this is an expression spirituality is a fool.

      It´s hard to wake up the believers from this state of mindcontrol, because they feel there is truth in their holy books and they are afraid that leaving their religion would mean that everything they believed is wrong. Once again: There is spiritual truth in the holy books, but it is disguised in symbols and allegories, because the religions don´t want you to understand it and second it´s mixed up with the dogmas they impose on you which are in their best interest. What do you think how these institutions accumulated these fantastic amounts of wealth? Because they have their slaves giving them that wealth… mindcontrolled slaves who think they are in the hand of an institution which want to guide them to spirituality.

      The big religious institutions on earth are evil. Who doesn´t see that doesn´t open his eyes.
      And once again, for the third time: Not everything in the holy books is evil, there is a lot of truth in them, but the way the books are used against you, that is evil.

      • Really strange. Perhaps by "religion" you should mean yoga/wicca/meditation and other crap and spirituality should mean original undefiled peaceful faith in God. Did I miss anything?

      • There is false spirituality and there is genuine spirituality. The genuine one wouldn´t tell you that an institution has to be in the middle between you and god. They would show you the way to yourself without imposing anything on you.

        Yoga/meditation etc. are techniques some people use to raise their consciousness. There are a lot of ways to raise one´s consciousness and everybody who wants to use yoga and meditation is free to do that. By calling that "crap" you show that you don´t even know what these techniques are about.

        Or probably you connect yoga and meditation exclusively to the New Age movement, which on one hand is using these techniques, but on the other hand is just another religion with their dogmas.

        It is obvious you are a christian, trying to defend your belief system because you are convinced that they are the only ones to have it right. As I said, there is a lot of wisdom in the story of Jesus. Jesus symbolically is an highly awakened person, the son of god, because he has a full awakened, godly consciousness. OF COURSE subconsciously you sense that there are high truths in this story, BUT the church shows you only a part of the truth, also in symbolic language, mixes that up with a lot of bollocks and so build a cage around that to imprison your mind.

        In other words they show you part of the light to lead you into darkness.
        They also tell you "YOU can´t be like Jesus. He took the sins of the world on him and died for you" because they want their believers to feel guilty and powerless all their life so that they give their power away to the "spiritual authority" of the church.

        I would advice you to inform yourself about the REAL Christians, the Essenes, who were the original spiritual movement and who had it right a lot more, BEFORE this movement was used to build a new state religion by Constantine. The roman catholic church abused these teachings, took only parts of it (these parts are the truth that you feel in the bible) and THEN mixed in a lot of dogmas to benefit themselves and to keep people in a spiritual prison.
        The roman catholic church is one of the most evil institutions ever to be on the earth and what it does is the opposite of leading people to spirituality, they destroy spirituality. They keep people in a box. They tell you that they have godly authority and that you have to listen to them if you don´t want to be a sinner and go to hell. Ridiculous.

        Who doesn´t see that the world religions in their highest hierarchies are evil and anti-human, doesn´t want to see it..

        Judaism, Islam, Christianity in the form they are today are mindcontrol systems and nothing else.

      • You could say the original christian movement was hijacked by the roman empire and their teaching were used to build a new state religion from it, with some of the teachings left (this is what christians feel is true) but also with a lot of misleads (this is what the christians fall for because they trust the authority of the church).

        They constructed a system that works in their favour. Of course they had to include some spiritual truth in it, because people feel "the magic" when they hear the truth. So Jesus in the bible is saying a lot of high wisdom (although a lot of it in symbolic language).

        Over the centuries they adjusted the rules of the state religions in their conferences (like that ones in Nicea). In other words they set the dogmas there. things like discarding reincarnation from the original Essene´s teachings or introducing the hell and stuff like that. Everything what would scare the people more and so drive them into their arms and their authority. They constructed a system to enslave the minds of the people. Scaring them always played the biggest role. Still today a lot of christians are afraid to question their belief system because they are afraid of being punished by god. Thats what the roman catholic church told them.

        It´s ridiculous, really.

      • Ben, you speak the most sense I have heard in a LONG time, well said!! Thank you.

      • Do not mix my knowledge with my faith.
        Blatant satanism should be rejected even in slightest forms.Some atheists,agnostics and truth seekers can see things clearly which I deeply respect.

      • Ben is speaking the truth! Read John 17. Many gospels have been left out and many changes have been made.

      • Do not convince me that Yoga/meditation/hypnosis/autotraining is innocent.
        This is one of the worst forms of Satanism imaginable.

        If you are ardent supporter of those practices explain why many of participants suffer mentally?If this is so good why all 4 (actually much more) can instill someone's life experiences,thought and memories? How about split personalities?
        If it is so good why media pressing us so hard to bend cave in and accept it?Do you have any remote idea how many families got destroyed because of yoga and how many lives ended in suicide?

        The very idea that this is normal creeps me out more than NWO.

      • I can attest to this, I was involved in yoga/meditation for years. I suffered constant mental brakedowns. These techniques do not raise your consciousness, they are oxygen depriving/trance techniques that weaken your minds so you become easier to brainwash into their teachings. Yoga began as a branch of tantra which is a sex cult. The people that preach this stuff don't even attain what they promise. It's a load of crap, there's nothing to attain. These people are no more 'enlightened' than the rest of the population. I've heard of people who spent decades of their life in this, and not reaching what they were promised, committed suicide. It was this constant striving, only to feel like you're going no where. It was exhausting, it consumed my life, and I felt like I would never reach that goal. I had a lot to say about this, but I couldn't get any of it posted because it was so long, even when I kept trying to break it up. So I will l let this suffice.

      • And just run, run, run from anyone who claims to have 'secret', 'special' knowledge to God. Why would God create such a complicated system of techniques, some of which can cause brain damage, insanity and physical death without expert guidance. We don't need no guru, priest, or any earthly man to be a 'representative' of God', I think its just about a personal relationship.

      • "It was this constant striving, only to feel like you're going no where. It was exhausting, …" Exactly! It's more than a little odd (not to mention suspicious) how meditation is constantly forced on you through every 'New' Age book …

      • That meditation subject is quite suspicious. I know a Middle-Eastern woman who meditates and then she tried to guess all sorts of information about you. She's muslim, however what gets me is the fact that every time I get in contact with her ie. on the phone or face to face, all sorts of disasters seem to happen to me. I'm not kidding, initially I thought those were coincidences, you know nothing sinister. Nonetheless, once I spoke with her a couple of months ago and even though I was entitled to free calls on her mobile number, I got a bill where I was charged only for her mobile number and nobody else's. I decided to do an online course and as soon as I told her because she did the same a few months before me, they withdrew me from the course without any notification. When I tried to login, I failed, so when I rang them to make enquiries concerning my troubles, they couldn't explain why they withdrew me from the course. Furthermore, I met her for a coffee a couple of weeks ago and the day after my wrist got swollen, my throat got infected, I got a skin allergy due to some baby cough syrup and also migraines due to some lozenges called lockets. I went to a garage to have a tyre replaced and they damaged quite badly my car which is extremely odd. I know it sounds weird and all, but how come I am in the receiving end of disasters when I speak with her or meet her. Ffs she brings bad luck to me. Honestly, I am terrified to speak or meet her, you know I feel unsafe and that's not good. I don't wish to have prejudices, despite the fact that whenever I see her I get sore throats and temperature. Awful that I have somany feelings about her, I don't know what to say lol.

      • Of course I've been, hundreds of times. Haven't noticed anything strange around but then again I haven't been in all rooms and didn't pay attention. What I know is that when we get together, I encounter problems within 24 hours which amazes me. It's like she brings me bad luck.. very strange. And when I avoid her, I always bump into her, so if I lie to her to escape her demands she finds out because she comes across me on the road. We live quite far from each other, however even if I am out a lot and return, within a few minutes she turns up on the doorstep. And then she complains she has been trying to contact me and since she couldn't find me she had to turn up like that. What gets me is how she knew when I would be back.

      • It's like she's been waiting hidden somewhere, that's a strange synchronisity of events. There is sth peculiar about this woman.

      • That is strange, i mean it could be anything, she might have a certain energy around her or a spirit might be attached to her………………Is there any writing/text written in reverse in her house?

      • I don't know if such a text exists. I don't intend to go through someone's personal items to check either. But she does drain me in a bad way. Maybe a spirit is attached to her, after all she is open to attacks. Who knows, as long as she doesn't kill me.

      • Ya know what you are with her next, mention religion, God or like you said if she is muslim, mention Islam/Allah or if she's been tomecca and just see her reaction and then let me know

      • My wise elderly aunt told me to stay away from yoga because it opens doors to unclean spirits.

      • Thanks for defending yoga. I went through the 200 hour teacher training last year and it kills me how ignorant people are about yoga! I'm a Christian and I use ashtanga yoga to keep my body toned & flexible. You'd be surprised how many idiots asked me if I was turning Hindu or Buddhist b/c of the Yoga Teacher Training. What ignoramuses don't know is that most American yoga has Sikh sway from Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini yoga), NOT Hindu. And as I have found in my own daily practice, you have to set your own intention when it comes time for the meditation part. For example, I pray my Christian prayers. Bam!

      • My favorite are those mega churches and private churches showing up all over the place. How do they pay their rent? donations….

      • Megachurches and tv-star-evangelists have less in common in christianity than apostle Peter had with Bavarian Illuminati…

        As for me I could not care less how they pay rent. If those "interdenominational" organizations pop up all over 50 states that likely means that time for American Believers to go in catacombs is near. Mercer,check the true meaning of WCC and RCC for yourself and see for yourself…

      • The Qur-an does NOT, let me say it again DOES NOT, lead anyone into darkness, it leads people into the light – lets get that straight first,……………. but of course i know a million % you havent even read it.

      • Jahprovidet on

        Alhamdulillah!!! That is a very nice hymn, a fine start to my Quran voyage:D

      • This what I don't understand, if Christianity is not the answer then why does the illuminati use all those inverted crosses and the 666 etc, they mock Jesus and why? Like I don't see how if Christianity isn't true why does the illuminati go out of its way to promote satanism if there is no devil or hell?

      • They mock Christianity because it use simbolism, the cross,representations(even the God)… actualy the mass it's a whole representation.
        The only way the can mock islam with simbols is burning a Quran or making a representation of Muhammad and if they do it the muslims always responds.

      • St Michael Archangel on

        Because Christianity, in particular Roman Catholicism, IS the one, true and authentic faith. You don’t see anyone attacking Mohammad or Islam, Shiva, Khali or Krishna followers, because they are irrelevant. Roman Catholic Church was created by Jesus and it will never be destroyed, however hard they try.

      • They want attack Islam and they do it when they lie about the Quran and his aleyas and when they make propaganda everyday against Islam, they call muslims terrorist(using false flag operation), they invade muslim countries…
        How can you say you don't see anyone attacking Islam?

      • Yes you are right but I was curious about the simbolism part of the illumiti, obviously I don't know a whole lot about the Quran and your answer is quite enlighting

      • Eve, because the "illuminati" reverse and manipulate everything that god has intended naturally. Its the law of reversal that the "illuminated" follow, even people like Aleister crowley writes about this in his books.

      • Law of reversal.. Interesting, on a different note, there is this online clothing store named ASOS that sells rather odd items.. Including a set of 3 pins which are a rainbow an eye and the word freak …sigh..

      • Yes Indeed becasue they make such a big deal of mocking Jesus…it shows they afraid of him and he is real

      • Islam haven't religious institutions, a muslim don't need to confess to anybody because god know everything.

    • How do you know the Zionists wont touch the Shia muslims, thats interesting, could you elaborate?

      • I think it's because Shia-ism was created by Jews, and is not authentic Islam (as in, based on the Qur'an). Google it, I think that's why Iran/Israel have an interesting relationship – publicly it appears that they hate each other, but really there is a commonality and respect (much like Russia and Khazar 'Jews').

  26. Tilda Swinton is awesome! Very talented actress.
    So, what we gonna do about all that symbolism? Is it just another exercise of identifying those crap? It's everywhere, we don't need much to point this shit out. Don't get me wrong, i love SPOTM! But the repetition is kinda drag.

    • By the way, i'm still waiting the 30 Seconds from Mars new video analysis! The song is called 'Up In The Air'. Plenty of occult symbolism… i mean, i don't even know if these kind of stuff still fits in the "occultism" profile. It's everywhere nowadays, became "trendy" [ugh]!

      • WhateversClever on

        I agree, she is an amazing actress and I also think she's very beautiful. It's the good looking people that give me the bigger creeps. The prettiest people always do the ugliest things.

        Also, I notice more and more of this occult, illuminati stuff everywhere these days too! Is it because we now know what this stuff means or is it really becoming trendy? I don't know….color me confused.

    • The repetition shows something is going on and it's not by chance that all these people are posing the same and doing the same things. It helps people who are new to this.

      • Agreed! Gotta love SPOTM, keep'em coming VC!
        And the sad part is: this kind of symbolism is arriving in Brazil too. Our models, actors/actress, artists, singers, etc, are starting to dig into this stuff. More and more brazilian "celebrities" are repeating this crap in the media.

      • It's everywhere honey. In K-Pop in Korea, in the UK. Brazil is nothing special.

      • Quite the opposite, my friend. Quite the opposite.
        But honestly, your point is…?

      • My point………Ya need to wake the fuck up! You said the repetition is kinda drag – Errrrr i dont see you posting any useful info or pics, hmm

      • Sorry bro. I've been lifting the veil for quite a while, but you're right: i only studied, i don't have a website to share the information like VC. If you want, i can give you some interesting links that you may like. Some documentaries, etc. and websites of people like Michael Tsarion, Nassim Haramein, Jim Marrs, Jordan Maxwell, Terence McKenna, John Pilger and many others. Are you interested?

        About the repetition, i only gave my opinion.

      • I love old Jim "Texx" Marrs! He's awesome. Don't forget Ted Gunderson, Bill Schnoebelen, and Malachi Martin.

      • Plus, i really tried to put some interesting links here on VC, but they didn't allow me. I guess they think it's spamming or something.

      • Same as actually…….., but VC wont allow me to post links either and also i cant post long comments (I dont know how others do it without VC saying they have to split it) so i keep it short and sweet but i state facts, not saying you dont but at the end of the day knowledge is power, sorry if i sounded a little bit rude. I am always trying to explain to not just people on this site but also my friends, family etc – people need to know whats going on around them but its a shame because alot of people are distracted by all the materialism…..

    • definitely unsettling.. I never knew the whole thing about the bullets and Nike. that's more than fishy. And the Boston Massacre shirt? It's wrong, even BEFORE the Boston Bombings. I mean hello, anyone remember Boston Massacre in history? Crispus Attucks? I don't think it's something that really should be compared to the Yankees. & believe me im from MA the rivalry isn't that serious to joke about things that have happened in history.

  27. I'm a teenager, south american and i'm now starting to realize what is this all about… the music has become just part of an agenda just like movies and tv. It's bizarre that i've been living in a world that i didn't know, this is the garbage that gets stuck in our mind everyday. I've realize also (I don't know if it has something to do with the symbols) but my 1 yr old sister always gets almost hypnotized by the creepy dolls of Monster High, she doesn't watch TV at all because she just gets bored but everytime those commercials pop out she just stares at it and i'm kinda worried about how can this affect her in the future

    I have a question for VC and all VC readers, how can you know when a person is part of the agenda as a victim and when is part of the agenda as a programmer? Do you believe most 'celebrities' are actually illuminati trying to bring the NWO or just victims of those who want to do it?

    • Isabel,
      I believe the victims are also the programmers. They are victimised and programmed as children, and in turn, go on to victimise and programme thier own children and it has been going on for many many generations. Everyone in the entertainment industry has a family background of either the performing arts, the military, or politics, all of which are tied into the illluminati.

    • Be grateful to the Lord for opening your eyes.
      If you go too deep onto knowledge of stuff that might hurt your spirit. What we see and discuss is but a dot of complicated and ugly picture.

      • Agreed hvns! Don't let this stuff distract you too much Isabel it's supposed to happen. You've seen the evil side, maybe it's time to seek the good

      • Who told you that getting too deep onto knowledge might hurt your spirit? Your church?

      • I got really deep.
        For me it is not that damaging. But in my best intentions I advise others do not go there. Especially when a person this young…

      • Hey Ben can you tell me what grows your spirit? How does "knowledge" of the illuminati agenda benefit you? Perhaps knowing the their next move?

      • Getting too deep onto knowledge and you get how filthy are the Jews. The less we know about this bunch of ugly weirdos, the better. I can't stand the Jews and it really hurts. What abou that? You wanted to know, there you go you have your answer. Are you satisfied now?

      • Geez callie! I know that there are some top Jewish families involved, but not all Jews are involved! My brother-in-law was Jewish and he wasn't anything like that. His family escaped the Nazis in Austria and were poor. You can't judge an entire race on a few people. Many of the top families aren't even Jewish, they're Aryan and aristocratic!

      • Majority of the jews of today just say they are jews – They are not the real Jews, they are the synagogue of Satan like it states in the Bible.

        They have no claim to anything biblical, they dont have one drop of hebrew blood in them and yet they are trying to claim the promised land, which is of course doesnt belong to them. I know that they are not all like that. The were ungrateful from the start from when they didnt accept Jesus and worshipping Cows/Bulls (whatever the you wanna call it) when Moses come off mount sinai to collect the 10 commandments……

      • Now that I think of it, my brother-in-law's family was Christian. Which is strange because I don't think you see a lot of Christian Jews. They were really nice people anyway.

      • You CANNOT be Christian AND Jewish at the same time, no offense to your brother in law but thats just ridiculous.

      • The one and same person cant be an Ultra orthodox jew and be christian – it doesnt make sense, they eat food that is Kosher, Christians dont. Christians eat pork, even though it says in the bible you shouldnt and Orthodox Jews dont eat pork which is classed as trefah (forbidden).That's contradicting each other basically

      • They ate pork and nothing in their house was kosher. They definitely weren't orthodox jews.

      • Precisely my point, Its simple You are either Ultra Orthodox Jew Or Christian, lets not start corrupting and infiltrating this aspect, it has been done on a large scale already. It's like saying you are Muslim but you are Jewishm also………WTF?…….On that note ive said what ive needed to say and im done on this subject.

      • You are mixing things up a bit.There are plenty of messianic Jews who do recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord disregarding of following or not following the law of Moses rules (Kosher included).

        Check also suspicious death of Messianic Jews leader Jhan Moskowitz who was found dead on NYC subway platform back in 2012.

      • Paradise Bound on

        Not ALL Christians eat pork/forbidden foods. Some Christians have always observed the laws regarding diet from the Old Testament.

        I didn't like the blanket statement, however I like reading your comments. They're always interesting ; )

      • Eating pork is unclean according to Leviticus, the Old Testament… we're living under the New Testament and new covenant of Jesus Christ.

      • No you can't. The few who believed in Christ over 2,000 years ago mixed with the rest of the believers who were initially pagans.

      • I guess I opened a can of worms here! Geez! Okay I guess they were Hebrew and Christians. I'm leaving this thread and going to bake some brownies now! I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Man I need a better hobby!

      • I see religion is dividing us again..thats what its purpose is …divide us so humans cant be united….if humans we united there would be heaven on earth but there are certain forces who dont want this.
        We are brainwashed to believe we are separated whereas underneath the body we all the same……we all need to wake from this so called reality.

    • PatriotGirl on

      Isabel, I think, and I have seen this written on Vigilant site, most of these celebs are not actually "Iluminati", they are their victims and tools. They have no control over what they do. Most of them. They are suckered in with the promise of money and fame. Then they find they are stuck doing more than they bargained for. By then they are either too wealthy and powerful in the ent. bus. to care, or they can not get out due to threats that are made to them by their handlers, or they are so drugged and alcohol dependent that they do not understand what is going on. It's sad, but the very people promoting this stuff are for the most part, just victims. Some of them probably do have an OK attitude with it, but they have only been shown the dark side as "light and right". They think Satan's power is the right way. They do not understand God's love for his children and potential children, if they leave the darkness to accept him and Jesus as their Savior.
      Try to keep your little sister away from the Monstor High stuff. It's beyond creepy. At the very least, it is teaching very young girls to sexualize themselves as the norm. Good Luck to you.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        What I just realized is they (the celebrities) may have some tye of know on large amounts of activities of who is really behind the drug trade to the point they get messages of which leaders is making their money from that or who are running the pedo rings or who has the underground channels on sex slaves. What opened my eyes was when that madame had a call girl ring that serviced the political elite in the nation and she was going to court. No more than a few weeks later they found her dead of an apparant suicide where she hung herself and all the evidence she had mysteriously" disappeared. That is the level that I wouldn't want our youth to be exposed to. I pray the de-sensitizinh to feeling compassion for another human being is lipping much quicer than I realized. I aso can not believe how our youth is being tricked into not exercising a thought that allows the to at least say stop. Something is not right and I don't like regardless if you argue that it is okay. Maybe they will uunderstand no it is not all right because another human being would not have to force their opinions on another if it made the other person uncomfortable. Just say no

    • Isabel, I think that most celebrities have simply fallen into a trap in promise of wealth. Most are just victims. And, even though it wasn't part of your question, I don't think it's wrong to educate yourself about this. It's good to be informed and aware of what's going on around you. Just be sure not to let this take up too much of your time. Don't forget to seek wisdom through the Bible and through prayer as well. Well, if that's how you believe.

    • Isabel, in some of the old Asian cultures, the parents would protect the small children and infants from scary and negative images and things because it does affect the mind, in these cultures the people have a lot of experience with the negative energies and beings, so they want to protect the child mind until the child grow up and becomes mature and able to tell good from bad. if you could find a nicer doll, something soft and innocent baby doll or protective animal guardian it might be better than the deformed monsters…she's lucky to have such a wise sister like you!

    • I personally don't think it matters. Care for your own spiritual freedom.

      Sure you can fight the system but the system is more than just the puppet masters. It's also the marionettes who willingly stay in their gilded cages.

  28. Girls & Corpses??? WTF?
    As for the NIKE t-shirt, that one does not 'fee' like and accident. Besides how is -Boston Massacre- a selling point at all…ever??

  29. I have to ageee with alot of the comments girls and corpses really?! Just as I write this I am sitting on the bus, i look over and a guy is wearing a shirt with a blad eagle flying in a circle with the American flag as the background with the phrase freedom is not free

      • Kab
        you are onto something…
        If you have the Bible check Isaiah 4:1 and Isaiah 13:12-13.
        What is really striking is…this is so easy.
        Sverdlovsk year 1979.Anthrax virus leak from top secret biological warfare labaratory. Total number of victims at least 105 but could be as high as 1000(!). All documents destroyed. ALL those who died were men! Nowadays all advanced countries have viruses that kill selectively-only adults,only men,only caucasians,only particular race! Just imagine what if something will go wrong…Military leaders would prefer to spare nukes (too close to border,too destructive to environment,no reason to obliterate the planet,perhaps will be no survivors) and use it instead….UGHHHHHHHH No! But…Who knows…

  30. Ms. Adventure on

    Somebody above asked where VC finds these "crazy" pictures. The answer is, they are ALL AROUND you. Most of the pix here are from MAJOR international fashion magazines – Elle, Vogue, W, etc., or major manufacturers.

    I saw the Tilda Swinton photos on my Facebook feed a few days ago, and it had SPOTM written ALL over it. Ditto for the cringeworthy Stodden cover. Most folks were laughing about the latter pictures, remarking how "desperate" she is for fame and exposure that she would even pose with a "corpse." I had a funny feeling there was "more" to it than that, and as always I applaud VC for bringing such topics to light.

    • The corpse stuff screamed MK to me….as well as her perverted parents and 50+ year old husband. Theres nothing behind her eyes, that poor girl.

      • not really on

        For some reason I don't feel sorry for her at all. She seems kind of dumb.

    • Yeah, I used to think that these girls were just gold-diggers or out for attention, but I think there is much more to it than that! I actually feel sorry for girls like Courtney Stodden who have been programmed to be sex kittens. That is all they know and they are not free to think for themselves. Their minds and souls are imprisoned! They don't know their true value or worth. It's just sad!

      • ahhh Stodden is a sex kitten too? And I thought she is only mental with several lost screws lol.

  31. I'm not being sexist, but there seems to be a common theme here of women trying to portray themselves as being creative and interesting. I've thought about this for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that many young women and Tilda Swinton are being manipulated because they're already desperate for attention as it is, but also, under the influence of feminism, they think what they're doing is empowering. It's as if they're trying to convince us that they're strong and capable, when in reality they're solely dependent on the stale and sick work of their handlers/photogs to give them a sense of uniqueness.

    • fleurdamour on

      I'm not sure why you are equating feminism, which is an effort towards real empowerment, with this kind of crap.

      • I was trying to say THEY think it's empowering. Beyonce for example, uses occult imagery to proclaim that girls run the world. Under the guise of feminism, these symbols are used.

      • Ms. Adventure on

        I completely understand what you mean, Chris. But this can apply to ANY gender or (in some cases) combination of genders. Look at well-known men who pride themselves on being artsy or outlandish or androgynous: James Franco, Johnny Depp, Lil' Wayne, Dennis Rodman, the list goes on an on. All have been mentioned as possible MK slaves.

        The androgyny angle is an interesting one, the idea of blurring genders. Tilda Swinton exploits it to the hilt. So did Lady Gaga. I'm sure LGG loves/loved the fact that people speculate about her true gender identity. It gets people talking, it gets ATTENTION, and that's all that seems to matter. IMO it's a lot like what Katt William and Dave Chappelle talk about when they mention all the male comedians/celebrities who are "strongly encouraged" to cross-dress

        Having said that, I agree that it sometimes SEEMS more "artistic" and "creative" when a woman does this. I also agree that there are usually other people in the background pulling the REAL strings….

      • Some words from Dr. Henry Makow concerning feminism…

        "The aim is to degrade, depopulate and destabilize humanity by divorcing sex from procreation and by pretending gender roles are social and not biological in origin."

        "Women have been brainwashed to usurp the male role and abandon the female. The resulting conflict and confusion leads to a breakdown of marriage and family. This produces dysfunctional people who are obsessed with sex and look to corporate media and state for values and direction."

        A quote from the book "New World Order"…

        "Those who want to destroy the family will continue to urge mothers to leave the home and 'become fulfilled in the workplace,' or to increase the family's income, she leaves the care of the children to others. Those who warn against such practices will continue to be scorned by the feminists and others who have a hidden agenda: they want to destroy the family."

        Source: The New World Order, pg. 245-246, by Ralph A. Epperson; 1990; ISBN: 0-9614135-1-4; publisher: PUBLIUS PRESS, Tuscon, Arizona.

        You're right Ms. Adventure, there are other people in the background pulling the real strings! Males and females are being used in all sorts of ways to further the plans for a New World Order. I think your comment was well written.

      • Yep but almost all men are a bad seed and we can't do anything to mend that. And the ones who aren't, are simply saints or maybe monks. No matter who pulls the strings men are a nasty bunch and nobody else is responsible but them.

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Oh, dear Callie, I understand your sentiments, but men are wonderful! They mow the lawn and take out the rubbish, I like not always having to do that lol Xx

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        I love this post! I am a strong and free spirited female and I am not scared to say that the world went to custard when we stepped out of the kitchen Xx

      • I don't think the world is crumbling because women "stepped out of the kitchen." Im in my early 20s and have no interest in cooking or "stepping in the kitchen." I can cook for myself, but I also go to university and plan on getting a good career and being independent. Whats wrong with the world is when people: lie, cheat, steal, kill, manipulate, degrade each other, disrespect each other, sexually objectify others, and act in selfish, greedy or money/power-hungry ways. Equality is important.

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        My mum says that we are all equal, some are just more equal than others. I recall Madonna's "Justify my love" video playing on rage and the uproar that ensued hahaha it's funny to think that that was so controversial, nowadays it would be seen as tame but back in '89 it was wild as! I think the Desensitisation started then, well, it did for me and we were VERY aware of it. Back then people were worried about the effect violent computer games like Streetfighter and later on, Mortal Kombat, would have on the youth. Back then, scripture was slowly being taken out of schools. Back then, I think you could still get 100 lollies for 1 dollar (now you'd be lucky to get 20). Divorces were shocking. And nutrigrains were as big as my thumb. I have seen with my own eyes the social effects of increasingly risqué music videos, violence in pop culture and smaller cereal portions. So many ingredients for one recipe. An important ingredient in a certain recipe is the breakdown of the family. I know and respect that many women wish to pursue a rewarding career but to do that you either forfeit a kid or time with your kid/s. We are the nurturers, we are the kissers of sore sores and the bakers of cake. Not exclusively but yeah, we are. To step out of the kitchen is to leave the house, and school may have been a little while ago for me but I still remember what went on in the homes where both parents worked. It was never pretty and rarely legal. Even now, going home and mum not being there…. It's just not the same as when she's there. All those verbs you correctly cited as troubles in our world are a lot harder to perform when someone's mama is standing in the kitchen and even harder to get away with! All the best with your studies Xx

      • Well said! And – while the original feminism was desperately needed, and women do need equal rights with men – most of us would probably agree that the ongoing degredation of women in music videos, movies, etc, is NOT what the original feminism was about; has nothing to do with feminism, and should be stopped asap. We need far more respect for women (and men) as nurturers of children. And far more respect given to the needs and rights of children to have at least one parent around, and not be shoved into daycare from sunup to sundown …giving children to the care of the state. All very 'Brave New World' …

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Ditto, Chloe! The role of homemaker should be held in high esteem. Too many children are in day care while mum and/or dad are slaving away to make ends meet, but at what cost? The price these well meaning parents pay is precious time with their kids… the days are long, but the years are short Xx

      • Hmmmmmmmmmm on

        You lost me when you quoted Henry Makow. Total woman hater. Sees feminism in particular in black and white issues. Translate Feminism is bad. Literally evil when it has done much good in achieving fairness to women in a patriarchal society. Even with feminism's faults or rather TPTB exploiting it, women in the western world would be defined solely by men and hold no place in the world other than to be by a man's side -basically a womb.

      • Makow is undoubtedly misogynistic. A lot of the things he writes/posts are horrible/really bad energy. And I'm not keen on the way he uses 'Jewish' when he means 'Zionist', etc. But. He also posts a lot that makes sense – such as the fact that women are NOT 'empowered' by thinking they have to sleep with a guy on the first date/sleep around, etc. And that the destruction of families is 'their' goal (although he says 'nuclear family', when I'd argue it was the extended family). I wouldn't trust Makow an inch when it comes to womens' rights – or to clear thinking on the issue(!) – but I wouldn't stop reading his site, either – there is some very good information there that isn't all that well-publicised. It's like all of this – you take the best, and leave the rest …

      • It can apply to any gender Ms. Adventure (i.e. Justin Bieber and his owl tattoo), but I think the pattern remains of women depicted as goddesses or "arty", and I think the bait has been a warped version of female empowerment, such as girls running the world, or appearing arty. Nothing wrong with female strength or independence, but I feel this is a huge selling point to get these women to portray themselves this way. When men do it, such as Beiber or Jared Leto, it's usually just because they're money minded idiots.

      • I get what you're saying Chris. And just to add that the whole sacred prostitute goddess thing is NOT empowering either.

      • Feminism has nothing to do with empowerment. Feminism was a calculated move to make more tax money and take peoples children out of the home and into state facilities for brainwashing at an earlier and earlier age. How many women do you know that look forward to their kids entering school? Most feminist aspects are concerned with making women EQUAL to men – worked like men, taxed like men, capable of the same as men. Its a complete lie.

      • All the "isms" were created by the same group – Bullshit in other words

      • Exactly!!!!
        Don't appear the word judaISM in the Torah and don't appear the word crhistianISM but the sentence "Submission to God"(ISLAM) appear in both of them.

      • I have my views about Jews, men and don't give a flying fig about being pigeonholed. Experience is always stronger than anything else, experience is always a reliable source.

      • So this is your "experience".
        Your sharp remarks does not tell me a lot about men,does not tell me anything new but telling something about you that others should not know.

        Think what you post. Please!

      • Well said, hvns.

        One individual's experience does not a broad generalization make.

        All I sense from callie is hostility, close-mindedness, and fear. And I come away with no more or less insight re: Jews and men…

    • I just bought one old book and started to read – i would suggest all women to read it – it is not about feminism but about knowing your real potencial.
      Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype (Ballantine 1992/ 1996, USA)

  32. I realize and know a lot of the symbolism is not coinsedence…. But with the Disney stuff, as a big fan who's done a lot of reseacrh into the company, I can and willl never believe it. Walt Disney was not the type of person to get involved in that mind control stuff. It's not surprising that the people who've writen books or whatever that say he was involed with the MK stuff have probably never met him or been apart of the company. I bet most of them were children or weren't even born yet when he was alive. And yet, Diane Disney Miller, people who worked with him have never said those things. Why is Disney targeted for this? Because their a huge media company? Guess what… there's ton others. The big around ears were associted with mice BEFORE Mickey. And those who say there's symbolisim in the movies like Alice in Wonderland: what about the original works the movies were based off of? Why don't they have the symbolism too? You can find symbolism in anything you want if you look for it. Why not target other animated movies then?

    It's true that there's something sinister going on. The Bible itself says that Satan is the ruler of this system of things, so it's no suprise when we see this symbolism. But for some things, it's just pure speculation.

    • Disney is probably the company I have been the most ambivalent about. There does seem to be some obvious trend going on in pop culture with this whole Mickey Mouse ears thing. Perhaps a star being portrayed as a mouse represents the fact that these stars are like lab rats that have no control over the tests performed on them. Maybe that's a wild thought, but it seems to me like Disney was always been a company founded upon good morals. Until now, of course. Disney Channel is filled with trash these days. Maybe the new shows appearing are just there to please the new corrupted generation. But yet I still have trouble believing Disney could be part of this mess as well.

    • You should see what Brice Taylor has to say about Disney. Hint: it's not good. People should also ask themselves why something "wholesome" like Disney movies have (sometimes obscene) sexual references and occult symbolism. And I'm not talking about new Disney stuff. It can be seen from Fantasia to The Rescuers to Little Mermaid and more. The more Disney crap I see after waking up, the more corrupt and corrupting it seems. And WD belonged to DeMolay. Then there's the 33 Club. All this seems suspicious when looked at as a whole.

      • Is that in her book: Thanks for the memories? someone has told me to read it, it supposed to be a great book

    • Okay, there are plenty of things to discuss here. First of all, have you seen Disney's show IllumiNation? The name of the show says a lot! Then there is Club 33 and Walt Disney being a 33rd Mason and also a member of the Bohemian Grove. He is mentioned by both Bryce Taylor and Cathy O'Brien. DisneyLand is located on the 33rd parallel. Walt Disney was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. And the symbolism! Have you seen the cover for the Little Mermaid? Besides the original with the penis in the tower you can see that King Triton has his hand over Ariel and the evil witch Ursala has her hand over the prince as if they are their handlers! Look at that cover again and it will be obvious!

  33. I've a question: did you realize that this mediatic occult symbolism is more often occuring amongst the female celebrities? odd.

    • Yep, because despite what that idiot Beyonce sings about, girls do not run the world, men do, and it all comes down to money, power and sex. Females also disocciate easier than men, tanother reason why there are more mind controlled women than men.

    • The divine feminine really rules the planet. That's why there have been thousands of years of repressing and controlling it.

    • Not odd. It's to make it more attractive to men – as in the 'Bimbo' clip 'VC' posted, which ended with Betty Boop wiggling in front of him, and 'Bimbo' finally answering 'Yes' to the secret society's question 'Wanna be a member?'

      Also – perhaps – to make it marginally less threatening/more 'exciting'. And to degrade women/make casual sex seem OK/normal, and to influence the children who watch it. We now have little girls doing these overly-sexualised, degrading 'dances', and thinking it's normal … And men and boys watching the videos, and getting a distorted view of women and sex … And also, as mentioned by Christina – the whole 'sacred prostitute' thing, maybe, being brought back …? And the whole abnormal sex – bondage, sex rituals, sex and martial law, sex and death, are rife, now, in these videos … Advertised by beautiful female bodies writhing around … designed to bypass the thinking part of the male brain(!)

      • Well said Chloe! I forgot about that Betty Boop episode. Just today I was looking at that LaLuzdeJesus website and they had artwork with Betty Boop with Zeus lightning bolt drawn across her face. Which reminded me of Gatorade for some reason. But the website contains extremely occult artwork. I was wondering why Betty Boop was on there and now I remember Thanks!

      • Cheers, Christina! Ah, the lightening bolt. Harry Potter, Nazis, Lady Gaga, etc. Something to do with 'fire' from the 'gods' …?! False light, as opposed to the sun? 'Radiation', in theosophy, is also seen as a good thing. Nuclear bombs! Same idea? False light/false power, used to terrorise and control. Pun on 'radiation'/'radiate' …? And 'they' see that as a good thing! Also Uranus – ruler of Aquarius – can be symbolised as lightening strikes – of inspiration, sudden shocks(!), etc.

      • Also lightening – 9/11 was very similar to the tarot card 'the Tower', which has a tower struck by lightening, flames, and people falling from it. Represents the sudden, shocking attack on defences you thought were secure. The razing to the ground of the old, hopefully to make way for the new and improved. The card after the tower is the Star, beautiful card of hope, representing – guess what – Aquarius. So – one of many reasons 'they' attacked the twin towers (twinning, very symbolic) – act of terror, to bring in 'Aquarius' – 'their' Aquarius …

      • Also the Moon tarot card – twin pillars, deception, etc. Gateway. Twin towers destroyed, gateway destroyed – symbolising open season for anything that wants to come in here, but hasn't been allowed previously? Two pillars in masonry – symbolising good and bad/two seasons? Now duality is becoming 'oneness' – symbolically destroy duality/seasons – eg Spring and Autumn, sowing and harvest? Moon card also deception all around …

      • Wow Chloe! You really know your stuff. I studied the occult for many years and was very proficient with the tarot cards. I studied gnosis and things like that. I read a lot of things that my ex was into (satanism) and Crowley. I became disenheartened when I finally learned the whole truth! It came together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and I had revelation after revelation! You are absolutely right about the symbolism of the tarot cards and the twin towers. Just to add that Arthur Edward Waite was a 33rd freemason and that is why there is so much masonic symbolism in the tarot. Crowley has his own deck and there are others from other societies such as the Golden Dawn. I thought I was becoming enlightened until I found out how truly evil these people are! Also the Golden Dawn claims that they designed the tuning fork architecture of the twin towers to resonate to raise frequency on the planet. I guess they accomplished that by their huge sacrifice!

      • BTW Chloe, I would totally hang out with you. You are an extremely smart woman and I like the way you think!

      • Thanks, Christina! Much appreciated, and – ditto. Oh yes, 'they' are evil. It's all about death? Not the natural death as part of the cycle, but death as in wiping out completely .. individuality; change, etc? 'Oneness' in death; dissolution? Chesterton wrote: "They (the inner circle) are under no illusions; they are too intellectual to think that man upon this earth can ever be quite free of original sin and the struggle. And they mean death. When they say that mankind shall be free at last, they mean that mankind shall commit suicide. When they talk of a paradise without right or wrong, they mean the grave. They have but two objects, to destroy first humanity and then themselves." (quoted in Lee Penn's 'False Dawn')

      • PS: Re 'oneness' as dissolution – meant to say: it may be there in Hamlet, in the '…and that's how a King can go a journey through the guts of a beggar' speech. Fish eats the worm that's eaten the king; beggar eats the fish that's eaten the worm. Considering 'their' obsession with hierarchy …satirical joke? In so many ways …? Might also fit in with the cannibalism theme. Not so much the 'circle of life' as the pushing of death…maybe in defiance of Christ's 'I am come that they may have life' …

      • Hi! I'd never heard of the tuning fork architecture of the twin towers. Thanks. Am looking it up now. Some amazing websites. (Any you'd recommend, perhaps?)

      • Hah – cannot get the hang of this 'reply' posting bit! My last post here was obviously meant to be reply to your first reply. The site clearly thought otherwise.

  34. VC, please take a look at the new GE "Matrix" commercial featuring Agent Smith. It's very eerie and creepy, I'd like to know what you think about it.

    • So true. The commerciial is pointing towards the merger of electronic and medical aspect to improve "efficiency". I immediately thought of the RFID chip. And it ends with him offering the little boy the "red or blue" candy. That creeped me out. Got me thinking Mr. Icke could be right about the living in a matrix theory…

    • The Matrix is a very revealing movie. Remember the Merovingian? He was the old program who controlled the people (aristocracy and religion). He was no longer needed by the new program (materialism).

  35. I think this is the most disturbing SPOTM yet. Girls and corpses? Zombie porn? Why is Rita Ora famous, again? Boston massacre t-shirts? I think you're def right about the police state scenario. I can easily see that happening in the event a major catastrophe.

  36. Hey VC any timeline re an in depth Jay Z article??? Can't wait to see an in depth analysis done by you – thanks bro

    • Ms. Adventure on

      Interesting, if disturbing article/interview. These parts really jumped out at me:

      On the editor's background:

      "…it started in the depths of my damaged brain. I had a massive head injury that technically killed me when I was ten years old. It was a huge skull fracture and my brain partially came out of my skull. It took 64 stitches to sew up my noggin' and I was in the hospital for most of fifth grade. My parents were told I was a goner."

      On Courtney:

      "It didn't take much convincing at all – she contacted us."

      "He (Doug) was there along with Courtney's mother. They stayed the entire day and even had some really crazy suggestions. Some of them were even wilder than what we were planning."

      …At least the editor had the decency to say this: "A beautiful women should be appreciated, not tortured."

      All in all, though, shady as hell.

  37. Nike, the Boston Massacre, Oscar Pistorius. All very reminiscent of the preview of gangsters shooting up a movie theater right around the Aurora Shooting. Do they think we are stupid?

    • Most people would say that you are the stupid one for making the connections. Which, of course, is sad.

      • Sry but those boston massacre shirts go back to red sox v yankees in 1978 if i am correct.

    • Theywantyourmelanin on

      Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend was sacrificed by him, to show to his puppet masters that he was on board with 'The Agenda'…just as Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her family members that were killed/murdered…Damon Dash sacrificed Aliyyah (sp)…Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy and Husband, also so was Michael Clarke Duncan, as well as a plethora of others, this has been happening for as long as Hollywood has been in place. High Level Masons are running the show. As the brother El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) "if they give it to you, they can take it away"….

  38. This esoteric monarch stuff is so stale. Every photographer seems to be doing the same thing. I don't care about the symbolic arrangement or the esoteric references. It's just becoming so freaking dull. Can't they come up with their own work? They are trying too hard, and ruining the whole medium.

  39. 'The New Normal' had a 'joke' about a guy looking for a partner. It went something like, 'Anyone with a pulse. Although without would be fine too – I've done it before …' Cut to one of the main characters reacting. But the guy did indeed find a partner, and it all ended in the usual 'blended' happy family. Way to try and normalise necrophilia …

    Re the one eye thing – David Icke and co. are using it more and more. Blending the old masonic one eye with their ideas of the 'Nowness' and 'Oneness' 'revolution' … Icke links to a site called 'Augureye', whose logo is the Earth as one eye … and there are other little pictures on Icke's site with one eye being covered; one eye being seen as 'good', etc … I remember Chris White(?) in 'David Icke Debunked' saying something like: 'How will we tell the difference between Icke's new religion and the NWO forced religion? They both come after mass upheaveal, etc' Seems the blending may be starting …

    • Yes Icke is bringing in the New age – Luciferic Doctrine, NWO religion. All carefully guised under the auspices of awakening, revolution and camaraderie. They are all at it. Everyone on the 'truth movement' circuit are all New age proponents. Beware and question every single one of them !

      • Well said.
        I do not trust them…Esoterics,mystisism,theosophy,weird beliefs all lead the same direction.

      • "All carefully guised under the auspices of awakening, revolution and camaraderie." Exactly! Nice point about the 'truth movement'. Very suspicious, really, that so much 'truth' is now coming out, apparently unhindered … It's the paradox of Icke and co: "We're telling you all these secrets the Illuminati don't want you to know … Oooh, they're so powerful, and have kept those secrets over the millenia …" and yet you can now buy every one of these 'exposure' books on Amazon, etc. What's wrong with this picture?! Maybe, in part, it's so that when Icke talks about 'Oneness' and 'Nowness' and the new religion that apparantly isn't a religion, people will say, as they are already saying: 'Icke? How can he be on 'their' side? when he's done so much to expose them?' Trojan horse, anyone?

      • Cheers. There is a lot of masonic paraphanalia on her site. Icke's getting more blatant by the day. Take a look at the one eye pic. on his site on 1st May, caption: 'See the world through the eyes of love'(!) Roses are now appearing on his site/sites he links to. Can we say 'Rosicrucian'? I just noticed how the inside petals of a rose look like an eye …(!) It's all aimed, perhaps, at the young …

    • Thanks! One of the (many) things that worry me about Icke and co. is the division they're spreading, under the guise of 'unity'. Icke is now openly saying/writing that Christians, Jews and Muslims are 'worshipping Satan/Saturn without knowing it …' He and a lot of the sites he links to are talking about the difference between the 'awakened' and the 'unawakened' people – and guess what? The 'unawakened' will be those who follow the 'old' religions, now being demonised. The old tricks are being played again … when we need to stand together, the new 'missionaries' of Icke and co. may believe anyone who talks against Icke will be 'unawakened'/ just a computer programme/'worshipping satan', and the like… Same old, same old …

      • Chloe, Ive got his book the Biggest Secret and i like how he exposes the "illuminati" and whats going on in the world around us that i have questioned for years, but why would he write book after book exposing the "illuminati". I just like how he exposes them thats all

      • BluBoy, regarding your question – " …. but why would he (Icke) write book after book exposing the "illuminati". – take a look at my above post. That's the point I was making. So that when Icke then starts in with the 'Oneness' and 'Nowness' and 'No national boundaries' and 'the Unawakened', etc etc, people will say, 'But why, then, would Icke write book after book exposing the 'illuminati'?"

        His earlier books were purest theosophy – luciferianism. And he still refers to them.

        As for the 'info.' Icke and co. give – sooo many other reasons. For one thing: not all that info. is correct. Chris White says he offered a cash reward for anyone who could bring him proof about some of the things Icke writes about the Sumerians, earlier versions of Christ, etc. A lot of people apparently thought they could – because Icke was 'right' – until they did the research. White says that was why he offered the reward – just to get people doing their own research.

      • His earlier books were purest theosophy – luciferianism. And he still refers to them.

        Take a look at 'The Biggest Secret', and see how Icke praises the Mayan calendar/Dec. 2012 'awakening', etc. 11 days before it was meant to happen, Icke posted a newsletter saying what a bunch of crap it was. (Always keeps you waiting, too. Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow … Before, it was the Mayan Calendar. Now, it's still the 'Truth Vibrations'. (luciferian earlier books …) The coming New 'Atlantis' …? (Aka the NWO, the 'protocols of the elders of zion', etc. Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow … and the joke's on humanity?

      • Another couple of points – there is so much fear in Icke's books/website. So much pushing of 'their' 'power'. A PR firm couldn't have done it better(!) I know information can be power – but there's a balance to be struck, and Icke doesn't strike it. These books also get everyone visualising the NWO(!) In great detail. Icke also has the nasty habit of using very hypnotic, very relaxing language at the end of his books – all very, 'Come on, guys, let's dance here, it's a done deal, we're going to win', etc. Gets your defences down; your subconscious open. Turn the page; and there's the appendix. Which is always written in very crisp 'queen's' English; always connected somehow to the 'hope' Icke held out, with a negating effect on it – and always a very, very depressing SLAM of 'their' 'power'. And you go into it with your defences down.

      • Icke's one of the biggest divide and rule merchants out there – all covered under the NWO ideas of 'Oneness' and 'Nowness'. One of the 'cleverest' things 'they' did, perhaps, was to market Icke as a maverick … So that, when he starts in with the party line, it'll still be seen as a maverick bringing information .. when in fact, it's just the new dogma, tailor made for 'their' twisted Aquarius. Ideals of the brotherhood of humanity twisted into 'Oneness'. The 'oneness' of the drone; of the hive mind.

        Icke's now talking against thinking for yourself(!) Logic, reason, analysis – they're now all part of the 'Matrix' – aka the 'devil'. Plus ca change …

      • Of course there's some truth in Icke's books. But it's the same old trick – give so much truth, mixed in with so many lies, and watch the confusion and dogma commence. People sickened by the old dogma – hell fire, divide and rule, etc, thinking Icke and the 'New' Age are offering something better; something to do with love and reality. And being given the same old, same old cheating and lies. The absolute truths – love and compassion and empathy – are beyond space and beyond time and beyond Government. Funny, then, how Icke and co. are stating the 'absolute truths' can only be manifested with the 'new' aeon. Pisces is moving into Aquarius. 'They' are trying to utilise that, imo, to bring about the 'new' controls. The NWO. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck .. let's just say, it isn't 'enlightenment' …

      • There are two times, perhaps, when a 'magician' tells you how the tricks are done. When they are obsolete; and when the apparant telling is a part of the trick itself.

      • Thanks Chloe, yeah i know what you mean, bringing in this new age mysticism movement, i suppose you cant trust them & David Icke has also got loads of books and you just think "Are you just repeating the same thing in another book but with different wording?"……………Yeh even in "The Biggest Secret" he writes where Judaism/Christianity and Islam were CREATED by the "illuminati" when really those 3 monotheistic religions were CORRUPTED by the illuminati NOT CREATED.

      • " … CORRUPTED by the illuminate, NOT CREATED." Absolutely! In a nutshell! That's exactly what I think about Christianity – 'they' took the wonderful preaching of Jesus, and twisted it into another 'sun god' religion, etc. Particularly in Catholicism (no offence meant to any catholics here). 'They' couldn't suppress the words of Jesus/Yeshua, so 'they' tried to subvert them into an old religion/blend of the old religions. Explains so much of the confusion. Actually, some of the blending's been wonderful – Christmas, for example. And, personally, I feel the sun's a pretty sensible thing to worship – there's a real spiritual power there for good, and love. Maybe it all did start with the old 'priest kings' telling people they controlled the sun/whole sun symbolism thing. Sunrise, sunset …

      • PS: By 'wonderful preaching' of Jesus, I don't mean the whole hell thing. That was added as a control thing, imo …

  40. VC could you do a piece on V for Vendetta. Also in Hindi stories Venus gets his eye poked out by Vishnu. Horus? Rita Ora looks thrilled. Haha

  41. Who the hell reads these magazines? These pictures looks like a freak show…Once again VC great diagnosis to an ever hemorrhaging world…

  42. 'Flower programming' refers to a group of people all being programmed together with the same input.
    Also daises refer to the 'love me, love me not' ritual performed by Mengeler, where the little children where killed in front of others if the last petal pulled landed on 'love me not'.

    In answer to Isabel, these celebrities are often as clueless as those in the public, they are programmed and this involves wiping of memories, They think the fame came to them because they had talent, persistence etc.
    They have been chosen to perform according to their own programming, often from birth, due to their lineage or family connections to the 300. ( Committee of 300 – supporting families of the NWO)
    They are often unaware of the fact they are triggering others.
    They turn up to a photo shoot are told what to wear, told what to sing, what to say even. They are as much puppets as politicians are. Some however know, Gaga and others of this level seem to be trained in occult knowledge as I've seen them doing hand signs, say things like "i swear to Lucifer" & obviously use occult symbols.
    These people are not programmers either. They are specifically programmed icons that trigger programs in others.
    The order is Slave, Handler, Controller, Programmer, 13 Families/Illuminati.
    hope that gives you some more information.. and yes this has been going on for a very long time.
    Look up Beatles the Tavistock connection.

    • Arcania – The Tavistock Institue is in the City of London and there are also sculptures/statues of Dragons all over London……………..Why?

      • The Tavistock institute is a Programming centre, it is created for mind control study and programming the population. This is where the Beatles originated. They were a manufactured band, deliberately created for mind control purposes and to monitor public reaction and also to create energy for their cause..
        The Dragons all over London depict the Draconian Reptilian race who are the Overlords of this planet.
        The Queen may appear human, but she is also Draconian/Reptilian shape-shifter – along with all those in positions of power, her serpentine cohorts.
        See David Icke for more on the Reptilian races, and Arizona Wilder's testament of her role within Sexual Rituals.

      • I don't trust David Icke Arcania. His ex-wife is Pamela Leigh Richards. On her website flywithmeproductions she quotes Aleister Crowley. I don't trust anyone who quotes Crowley.

      • It was made to make "conspiracy theorists" look crazy and to scare people into accepting one world religion and to make David Icke millions of dollars.

      • I knew what it was in reference to, because thats what the "illuminated" believe. But do you really think the queen shape shifts?

      • No not really. But she is what is considered "dragon blood". This of course is a false claim used to give the aristocracy legitamacy. Dragon energy or serpent energy refers to the kundalini energy in the body of every living soul. Shamans became priests and then the priest-kings were established. They used the symbolism of this energy to gain authority over the masses. For example the caduceus staff was carried by the priest-king. Anyone remember "Conan the Barbarian" and Falsa Doom? Then they claimed to have this dragon blood or serpent lineage. Remember when Falsa Doom turned into a snake? It was a way to give themselves authority and legitamacy.

      • Yeahhh Christina, also they say when you hold a snake upright it resembles our spine from the side and the head of the snake represents the pineal gland or our third eye………….The DNA structure also resembles an entwined snake/serpent.

      • Thanks, but also christina what about when the media and these videos show pics of some celeb &, higher "elite" people with reptiian and slit eyes for a split second? what is that exactly? are they being influenced by a spiritual being?

      • Moses carrying the staff to part the 'red sea' with … there's the idea that the 'red sea' is actually the blood supply, and the parting of it allows the 'kundalini' to rise through the body, thus 'freeing' the twelve tribes … and the twelve tribes are actually something to do with the body … (Ref. either Manly P. Hall or Milton Pottenger) … but who knows? Also the snake in the headdress of the Pharoes, and perhaps the funny little beards (meant to symbolise strength, but also quite snake-like …) Lady Gaga's had a similar (metal) chin strap in the 'You and I' video … looked quite technical, attached to something on her cheek/ear. Be interesting (to put it mildly), to know just how much of it was actually done with technology back then …

      • Code breaker on

        The twelve tribes refer to the twelve signs of the zodiac, which is what the Christian bible is based upon and also sun worship…when our ancient anhkcestors spoke of "know thyself"…they were referring to knowing how to chart yourself, which most knew how to do.
        Over standing/innerstanding the cosmos was and is a must.

        I.s.l.a.m. Family

      • Ah yes, the rod of Aaron was a caduceus staff. Also the staff of Hermes Trismegistus (gnosticism).

    • Flower programming reminds me of a Steve Jackson Illuminati card that I saw where a woman was wearing daisies and being programmed. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  43. The first few pictures are CREEPY AS HELL. Am I the only one scared of those pictures?? I'm not scared of ANYTHINGG but yet this type of crap creeps me out. I can't stand it. It reminds me of Lady Gagas puppet ass. Super scary I can't believe a majority of actors are into this type of weird shit. Ryan Goslings a beast, and I truly admire his game. But he's a super weirdo. I meen look at his music, his band. To me it sounds like he sings about molesting kids, but I digress. This darkness must be intoxicating because nobody in their right mind would be into. Unless everyones controled by a small army of sadistic mk handlers. Actually, that's probably the case. Whatever the case. I WANT ZERO to do with this crap. Just being on this website is too much for me. I want nothing to do with 75% of what's on tv and in movies. I want nothing to do with these sick freaks, formaly human beings. FUCK HOLLYWOOD, FUCK KIM KARDASHIAN and FUCK anybody who chooses to give in and become intoxicated by darkness and power. Excuse me for ranting. I just wrote as I thought, sorry for the randomness of this stupid post.

  44. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    I would love to see a piece on here about the book '1984' as it absolutely predicted spot-on the things happening now, and the trends towards the future. I would advise anyone who hasn't read it, to have a look at it. A lot of slogans from the book are being used by most corporations now, although of course it's not word-for-word.

    • Warrior>soldier on

      That 1984 book didn't really predict anything at all. The author simply was among the so-called elite psychopathic circles…but you can be sure he cleared everything with his masters at the top of his food chain, so to speak. These troglodyte hybrids (not actually authentically man, but mankind) hate humanity and they reveal all that they think of us and wish to do unto us, just in not so lucid modes.

      The books Future shock and Brave New World are also on par with 1984 as well, which should tell us all that we need too know abt the authors and their masters.

  45. Wow!, Wow, and Wow! Thanks AGAIN VC!

    The Girls and Corpses magazine cover – promoting of necrophilia perhaps? It even says on the cover "Sex at the Alter" – Please look at the image behind Tilda on the 2nd pic, there is a depiction of what looks like Egyptian/Sumerian Gods.

      • No offence to Americans here, but 'patriotism' and 'salute the flag' and 'God Bless America', and 'Manifest Destiny' seem to have been the 'New World' equivalent of the old 'God Save the Queen', 'Divine Right' of 'Royalty', etc. Brainwashing, from the time people are tiny children. Always done with razzmatazz, whether crowns and 'annointing', or flashing colours and parades and cheerleaders … So 'patriotism' and 'freedom' are programming triggers in America, when later used to get people to do what they want. Obviously, they don't work on a lot of people …!

      • PS: That last sentence of mine wasn't sarcasm. Just re-read it and thought it might be taken that way …

    • I can't post the links here, but Gerald Celente has uploaded some really great videos about the martial law issue on Youtube! I highly recommend you to watch those! Tag Gerald Celente.

  46. The pics are meant to scare the life out of people.

    It's a form of psychological warfare. They're trying to subvert / disempower / frighten / intimidate people with these photos. I suggest people not subject themselves too much to these kinds of photos.

    Also, I suggest people do things to feel more empowered. Maybe you can draw a picture about how the planet is healed and how there is peace on earth and stick it on your fridge. If the Dark Forces are using imagery for evil purposes, then it stands to reason that imagery can also be used for good.

    • Connect with the earth more. Garden, walk around barefoot or with leather soled shoes, stuff like that. Avoid fluoride at all costs, fake foods too. Things really start clearing out.

      • I know ive heard of the flouride thing, it contains toxic chemicals >>> They say you shouldnt swallow toothpaste but is it also bad to brush your teeth with it?

      • Paradise Bound on

        I've been told that Fluoride was used in concentration camps to make people docile and dumbed-down. That would probably explain how some governments got it in the tap water. Also how some governments refuse to have it in the water. If you google the subject, you'll find that its very a black-and-white issue, meaning the info out there is contradictory. Personally, I try my best to avoid Fluoride in all aspects that I can. I think its very suspect that it's automatically in the water where I live and that when I was a kid in school, the dentist would visit the school to give kids Fluoride treatments, which was basically mandatory. Also, I've tried to find out exactly how soaking your teeth in Fluoride strengthens them/prevents cavities. Naturally, I came up short.

      • AntiquityOriginal on

        Just check out ( for the info regarding fluoride that youre looking for…there are many other sites and articles on the net as well, but Natural news, isn't a bad place to start.
        You'll also find that there's Lead and Chlorine in drinking water as well…I read an article in the past that said there's 6x/amount of Lead in Black communities, 4x/amount of Lead in Hispanic-Latin communities and 2x/amount of Lead in Caucasian communities …as you know Lead inhibits the capacity to learn. Makes one wonder what was up with all of those district test scores, huh.

        You have to wonder as well, if not the (City Council members and Mayors and minions at the water treatment facilities)-Masons, then who???? Mums the word.

    • I'm not afraid anymore babypanda. These images don't scare me. I do believe that people should learn the truth and then get past it and move on in a more positive direction. But also we need to dismantle this structure and help those suffering under its control.

  47. I really want a follow up on BOSTON BOMBING so many theories all over the internet was everything A FALSE FLAG

  48. The author of this months pictures does not even include the light fixture in the first picture looks just like baphomet…..

  49. PatriotGirl on

    I can not believe there is such a magazine as "Girls and Corpses. Oh, yeah I cna. NOW! A few years back this would have sent the average person into a tail spin. It appears to be accepted now. The weirder, the more ok it is. End times bible prophecy – When right seems wrong and wrong seems right, getting stronger and stronger.

      • Callie, that's just the old divide and rule … It's not 'Jewish'; it's 'Illuminati' or 'Reptilian' – for want of better terms. I'm not keen on the whole 'chosen people' crap – more divide and rule – but blaming 'the Jews' as a whole is like blaming 'the Christians' or 'the Muslims' for the evil perpetrated on humanity …

      • Chloe I tend to be dogmatic sometimes. You can't deny that most of the dodgy people around have Jewish surnames though. Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Marx, Freud, Nietzsche etc were all of Jewish background. All those who influenced humanity in a negative way.

    • I know! Things you never thought you'd be talking about/things you never knew about – certainly not at a young age, if ever – are now in the mainstream. Anal sex seems to be on its way to being as easily talked about as blow jobs, in Hollywood, and TV. Everything unnatural is being mainstreamed …Gross-out movies are now focusing on 'shock value' via the characters' parents, instead of just the main characters… And – as has been mentioned here before, I think? – women's magazines are now full of the most shocking, horrible 'true life' stories. The latest, in 'Chat' magazine – is of a man who raped and killed a woman, then kept her body to have 'sex' with … One of the main shocks in the Jimmy Saville case was the allegation of necrophilia. Too much to believe/focus on at first – but not if it keeps being populised/pushed

  50. In jamaica there is also seeming to be a trend in dancehall music saluting the one eye master etc. Check out a freaky singer called Tommy Lee (fromt he Vybz Cartel camp).

    • Oh no. My family is from Jamaica, and I'd been hoping that these illuminati bastards would leave the so-called "third-world" alone. Unbelievable.

      • They get the babies and children they use for sacrifices, rapes etc from the third world countries. Animals of first degree.

  51. Yuck. really? There should have been a warning for the 'Girls and Corpses' photo. Gross. Is there an external link to where the last photo came from?

  52. We were put on this Earth while it's facing difficult and confusing times. It is our duty to stop it.

    • Not exactly. We CHOSE to come to this earth while its facing this difficult and confusing time. Its our duty to find out why we chose to do so.

  53. ChristieAnn on

    …Oh… My… God. The first picture and Courtney Stodden just nauseated me. Actually everyone looks disgusting in these pictures, I shouldn't be surprised xD

  54. Holy shit?? I used to know Pia Mia, we went to some acting workshops together back in '08-'09. 😮 She was quite a bit older than me (I'm 13 in present time), but still…woah…I never expected her to be featured on a website like this. ;~;

  55. Incredible VC! Here in Brazil, some magazine covers are showing the cover-one-eye symbolism.
    One more thing: in that disgusting "Girls And Corpses" cover (what is tis about, for God sake?), on the right top corner, it says "Sex at The Altar", what certainly remind us to magick and ritual sex, like done in orgy cults.

  56. Gordon D. G. on

    Good question! It appears that you can only know by what each given celebrity will say, for themselves, in interviews, in "autobiographies, etc. It's probably all so en-meshed with each other, that the puppets and the NWO puppeteers are now all "one". Best to just know who is on the Lord YAHUSHUA's Side and who is of the world (Satan and his Anti-Christ's NWO). If one is not truly of GOD, they will, in time, be a part of the NWO, whether they like it or not.

  57. Jacob Ashley on

    Thanks VC for staying on top of this. It's working mate 😉 pretty much all my friends that used to be skeptics are now waking up to this bs all thanks to your watchful eye. (No pun intended). Thanks again!!

  58. On the cover of Girls and Corpses I see a name of a band I'm familiar with. Cradle of Filth is a very satanic band.

  59. the reasons masons aka " the "builders ", like the chess tiles,
    is because they want to have their own king, namely lucifer, or the light bearer or whom the 'illumin' ones follow..
    they want to build. their way up, and be like the one above. as it is above, so below..

    scripture: Isaiah 14:12

  60. How do we outlaw or stop Martial Law!? Who came up with it? why is it needed and what can and cant we do when Martial Law is in effect? I wanna know more, about Martial Law and I wanna know TRUTH not lies or false Teachings! Why am I doomsday prepping if Martial Law means the military can come in my home take me away or take away my water supply, my back up generator and my registered n nonregistered guns? :( #Crazy

    • Im pretty much just hoping the lower vibratory entities behind such inhumane ideas are lessening and it wont come to fruition. The more aware and positive people are, the more earth connected, the more thwarted these things are. No fear, even when they might be at your door ready to take you at a FEMA camp.

    • Martial law – martial an anagram of 'marital' (no jokes from the marrieds, please …) There's the idea of forced marriage – forced entry, as it were, rape instead of love, death instead of bringing new life in, forced blending of the state/military/'their' 'power', with the citizens … Obviously, the military ISN'T, in fact, the faceless, uniform(!), mass 'they' want you to assume it is. It's made up of individuals. Brainwashed; carried away by the training and camaraderie; but still individuals. If only those decent people who defend and join the military could realise – the uniformity won't, in fact, save them from a tortured conscience, flashbacks, PTSD, an inability to fit in with civilian life, and so on, once they're out of the army. Certain similarity to the reluctant soldier and the reluctant bride. Both carried away by the force of the convention, expectations, etc. Both expected to give their bodies up if they don't get out in time …

  61. vigilant-asian on

    can you feature something more of the asian things?? i want to know how they are influenceed by the western culture..or the Illuminati perhaps.I noticed some or several of asian artists have the concepts of mind control and everything related to the illuminati and the new world order, the UNIF, OBEY and rocawear interests me.i hope this would be featured soon. Im an avid reader of VC.

  62. You missed soooooooooooo much!! Rihanna was wearing the same baphomet pants as kanye in an earlier SP edition the other day. They were prolly Kanyes..

    Amanda Bynes……and much more i cant remember now too..

    That Swinton shoot resonated with me as soon as i saw it. I find her peculiarly attractive and always respected her for seemingly going against the grain and being uninvolved with hollywood. Guess not. Couldnt even make it through all the pics of the shoot, there are scarier ones.

    CNN app breaking news update flashing across my screen today that and i quote: "MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WILLING TO GIVE UP CIVIL LIBERTIES TO FIGHT TERRORISM"

    Oh and…

    The "MORNING AFTER" pill being available on the shelves to 15 yr olds with zero prescription.

    Its all coming to pass…

  63. What is going on with amanda bynes? It look pretty illumanti controlled to me. She also had this "got milk" commercial a few years ago with a butterfly covering her lips, and now she's going off the rail…

  64. wtf? girls and corpses? these people really have no morals. and yeah, tilde was creepy in Narnia, and still creepy as ever. didn't she win an Oscar? proves that that's also run by who else.

    and that boston tshirt? premonitions. nike? how the mighty companies just seek money and cant even wait for an event to happen before they launch their campaigns

    moving stuff as always. thx VC

  65. Riana Lombard on

    The SPOTM articles generally creeps me out!
    Anyhow, was hoping VC could check out the Adele thing with her also having a Beyonce inspired alter ego. Sasha Carter? Geesh, so hoped she wasn't part of this awful industry, but hey, I guess they all bite sometime…

  66. The first pic of Tilda reminded me of something… then I had it. Anyone remember those Troll dolls? :)

  67. "Essentially, all beliefs are either constructive or destructive in nature, based in love or in fear. Loving beliefs expand, unify, and bring forth more life, peace, and higher understandings. Fear-based beliefs contract, separate, and divide, seeking to define and categorize everything so that we are more “protected” and “secure”. While fear-based beliefs have played a role in ensuring our survival, they only serve us up to a certain point. When the majority of our individual and collective beliefs are rooted in fear, the world takes on a nightmare appeal where crisis, competition, scarcity, killing, famine, and inequality become the norm. Our ego-identities feed on fear and they do their best to run the show, and it is easy to see this promoted throughout world culture and affairs everywhere. However, this does not have to be the case! It is important to realize that we are responsible for the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and that we can choose to change them at any time. It is not always easy, for fear is stubborn, but it can be done with loving persistence, especially if progress and a better way of life for all is truly our goal."

      • maybe a buddhist perspective, if we are inundated with images which promote vipallasa – perversion, then the beliefs can become skewed and perversion becomes the norm, this is why we do need love, light and wisdom to clarify the way and to discern the difference between wholesome and unwholesome…

  68. anafa david mudi on

    Hmm the Girls and Corpses magazine is a wow! so now deprevity with the dead is glorified… that is why i must take my rightful position as the Righteousness of God as king and priest…. Thank God am His righteousness…

  69. Tilda Swinton does look very creepy there! But when she's not looking that weird, she actually is pretty and a talented actress. Shame about those photos though… I dont get the point of some of these photoshoots and stuff. Its so predictable that its boring. Nudity, butterflies, pyramids, and especially the one eye symbol – there is nothing cool or interesting or attractive about any of those thibgs. Its stupid. Its like they're trying too hard. I feel sorry for that z-lister Courtney Stodden too. She was pretty much given off by her parents as a child to a dirty old man pedophile (their relationship is wrong and disgusting. He's old enough to be her dad and there were photos a while ago where she didn't even look interested in him, she kept staring at some guy her own age – which is understandable since a majority of young women would prefer someone closer to their own age. Poor girl. Although whether her and her husband actually have a real or sexual relationship remains a mystery to me. He could just be trying to cover up his true sexual orientation. Either way Courtney comes off as desperate and gross, but I pity her. Girl needs help by the looks of it).

  70. okay tilda, check out the conch shell (discarded virginity?) in the background of #1 along w/the butterfly net… in #2 the bas-releif in the background is 'Pan" or other crypto-sexo creature….. we all remember her as the White Witch in Narnia….chilling….
    there was a nike explosion shoe advertisement that has been pulled showing a nicely shoed foot getting blown off the boney leg….

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      I've seen that very ad! And the conch shell I had not noticed on this tiny screen, made me think of that cornucopia thingamajig.

      • I tried to find that ad but it has been 'scrubbed' from the net? or my search engine is not good enough…

    • fleurdamour on

      The conch shell is a symbol of Shiva, the destroyer god in Hinduism. His is the same mythic stream that eventually gives us Set, Shaitan, and Satan. A conch shell is blown to invoke him.

      The girls and corpses thing might have a Hindu basis, too. Shiva is associated with the cremation ground and is likened to a corpse. He is revivified by the energy of Kali/Shakti, his female consort. This is the same archetypal stream that leads later to Osiris, who is dismembered and dead, and put back together by his sister/wife Isis. Occultists like Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant are obsessed with these concepts.

  71. i vaguely remember something recent about this “Girls and Corpses” thing… but must have instantly dismissed/repressed it as too unbelievable to be true.

    it is still unbelievable. and true.


    • "WHERE ARE THE GROWN-UPS OF THE WORLD?????!!!!!!!" Hah – that's a question I've been asking for decades! It's of the most frightening things of life here … It can be very difficult to tell real evil from gross immaturity. They both have one word in common: 'Mine!' I guess the adults are those who genuinely follow a God of love and peace, a God who says 'Love God, and love your neighbour as yourself'. Those who have empathy and compassion and love, who stand up for the vulnerable and the abused, who can acknowledge and apologise for their mistakes, and try to forgive those who hurt them. Who are for decency and purity, and against pollution and greed and evil. Who can, because of that, and with God's grace, see through the lies of the politicians and evil … The people who know that they're human, and fallible, and need something to help them, and forgive them … For me, and for many, that's Jesus Christ …

  72. ImWithJesus on

    If God didn't exist then why do so many reject what they believe to not exist? Are they too afraid to believe in the Almighty God that created every single living thing on this entire universe? Because of His mercy and grace we are still here. AMEN I LOVE YOU MY JESUS!

  73. Light & Truth on

    May 1..some "famous" person has got to die aka sacrificed! One of the Kris Kross dude died

    • well then we got this weird invasion of sy ria on the orthodox Easter, very depressing… why can't people just live in paradise? why do we have to add so much suffering to it?

  74. pic in the evening standard, london, yesterday of Rhianna in a dress with a huge monarch butterfly, and a pyriamid below it

  75. The Earth Hour image to me looks like a depiction of "From dust you came and to dust you shall return."

  76. zorba buda on

    I would like vc to comment on Disney and its involvement in mind control and all the other occult evil messages it send to people, especially children. Disney has made a monopoly on children's entertainment around the world. Imagine how many millions of kids are exposed to all the subliminal symbols and signs? And what is most upsetting is that it is done to kids who's age makes them most vulnerable to brainwasing.

    • and they keep buying up my favorite childhood bedtime story characters, even from Grimms fairy tales….. notice how evil winnie the pooh looks nowadays… those sharp shrewd eyes, not like in the original illustrations…. actually scary!

  77. Check out the new song from janelle monae (kinda sounds like monarch) called queen – totally mind control imagery…

  78. Does anybody know anything about the mural in the background of Tilda Swinton's 2nd picture with the checkerboard outfit and floor?

    • somebody at the beginning of comments commented on it, it looks like a bas relief of some Sumerian, Mesopotamian, I thought Pan images (think Narnia here), the other commentator thought reptilian Annunaki, Nephilim or whatever cryptozoological..

  79. I dont think anyone has mentioned this but on the 3rd pic, what do the letters say on Tilda swinton's white gloves?

  80. Have to think of Sodom and Gomorrah when I see stuff like the Girls and Corpses magazine. More and more disturbing and horrible things get accepted as normal. Stuff like this is usually a sign that an civilization is about to end.

    • Sodom and Gomorrah would be very proud an jealous of our civilisation. They'd learn from us all sorts of depravities.

  81. nofallenangel on

    The girls & corpses pic brings to mind the video for the song "Monster" with kanye west, rick ross, JayZ, & nicki minaj. It was filled with corpses, necrophilia, etc, for the sake of becoming normal & accepted.

  82. Now, I want to preface this by saying that I'm a skeptic (though open minded), but I wanted to bring somethings up.

    If you look at messages of behaviour for people today, what do you see? Be reckless. Be dumb. Be impulsive. Be self centred. You know, like a child. And what else is a "must" for "any self respecting person" these days? Complete body hair removal. It makes you look child like. Being super thin. Again it makes me think of a child before puberty. Of course, there's the "must have big boobs" thing but plastic surgery means anyone can have them.

    So why are they trying to make us children? Is it because children are easily controlled? Now like I said, I'm a skeptic. I personally think it's because businesses can sell you youth, but ageing is free. But it's still food for thought.

    • yep they're trying to twist the way we view ourselves, trying to make us into an image of their desires, in order to be good and desirable we have to fit that, then we need to be compliant, thus the weak victimized malnourished anemic child image… captured, controlled, enslaved, like out of the holocast movie, it is like they are reliving the holocast imagery themselves…. they can't get enough? they want to relive it…. but wait, isn't that what the serial murderer does, he revisits the sceen of the crime, he holds the fetish souvenir and relives the evil deed he committed….? are they confessing by their infatuation their own evil deeds?
      I'm not a skeptic, I do like to ask questions…..

    • It's strange that you should mention that. My ex-husband who is a satanist loves stick thin young girls. I am curvy but he was always attracted to girls with prepubescent figures. I would catch him watching porn involving "teens" and I found out that he had sex with a 15 year old girl while we were still married. My therapist said he was a narcissistic sociopath! My guess is that most of them are.

    • Hi Bob. Absolutely agree with you re the looking like a child, thing. (I just posted almost exactly the same thing on the 'Monster High' comments section …) Too thin women, no curves, no body hair – almost childlike. Blurs the boundaries between adult woman and child. An attempt to blur the distinction between adult and child, in order to try and 'normalise' paedophilia? Also blurs the difference between male and female. Women are meant to be slightly fatter than men – the male/female dynamic. Hardness/softness. Also for female fertility. Maybe also pushing the death-is-good thing – women as walking skeletons? Aquarius rules the unisex; so now we have metrosexual males, and very thin women, no waist, no hips, false breasts. ' … businesses can sell you youth, but ageing is free' – hah! Like your comments about pushing childishness, as being easily controlled. By the 'paternal/paternal' State …

  83. Truth Sojourner on

    The verdict is still out on Janelle Monae. Is she really trying to reclaim an African culture that was stolen and co-opted by the Illuminati? Is she trying to hide truth in a mask of occultism that she has to wear because of the constraints of modern day society? Or is she a double-agent, using Badu who is down on it too? Who knows…

    • foggybottom on

      Listen to the lyrics of Queen. Really listen. She talks about being a freak. Don't judge her etc etc. Some of her other music hints at transhumanism. She's part of the agenda whether thats her intention or she's too brainwashed to know better.really doesn't matter.

  84. Man,that corpse sure is sexy!Kidding!They are pretty blatant in their actions these days!This only tells me that something big and bad is soon to happen!Shit is already happening but something that will take the cakes of all cakes!

  85. Ok, I get that a lot of today's photos, programming, etc. have symbolism, obviously.

    But can't some of this stuff just be artistic? Why does everything always have to be symbolic? Like why couldn't that Rita Ora picture of her with Mickey Mouse ears just supposed to be a cute photo? Why is EVERYTHING just done for symbolism. I understand that most things are symbolic but can't stuff just be done creatively instead of for the purpose of spreading an agenda. I hope that made sense…

    • The MM ears are boring now. What's the point of them if there is no sinister symbolism? Why should someone would like to have big black ears that belong to a cartoon? Come on it's so stupid to even consider it.

    • If it was artistic we would be seeing different things. But it is the same thing over and over. I don't see that as being creative. They use the same symbols and those symbols are occult and mind control. It is SO repetitive and ad nauseum. I would love to see some true creativity for a change!

  86. TruthSeeker13 on

    Great analogy VC!!! I’m not sure this will post in the right place. VC are you going to do an analogy on the new Iron Man 3 movie?

    I just saw it and first off it is fiull of mind control (trauma), drone technology and transhumanism. I also thought about Nikolas Tesla too. I also think they refer to 911 and show how the towers were brought down.

    I also believe it shows Delta programming and may hint to the Soveriegn Military of Malta a lot because of how freely they move through airspaces globally without breaking any treaties or laws. Just what I observed.

  87. Clearly diabolical images about whats in store for society today.

    Now the last two pictures are clear premonitions, apart from that T-shirt with those hideous words on it (that turn out to be foretold unfortunately).

    Very illuminatingly evil

  88. Creo que no deberian tomarlo tan literal ¿No? , creo que hacen eso para dar señales , no creo que tenga ver con control mental y 100 veces eso aveces pienso que lo hacen por diversion ¿no creen? ,

  89. The symbolism on that box of Nike golf balls was too obvious. That picture of Rita Ora looks sad. As if she knows what's going on but can't tell a soul.

  90. I've been a vogue Italian reader for over 26 years and have many back issues. These pictures had me make a trek out to our back shed to look at past issues from years gone by. Wow, this sort of symbolism has made an appearance in many issues from way, way back. I never really took notice of it, I wrote it off as the stylists being artistic and creative. Hidden a gender, indeed.

  91. Daisy does the one-eyed thing again in High Life magazine.

    You forgot to mention that the symbol on the hat is from british herb.

  92. I think the inclusion of the Tilda Swinton pictures in the illuminati symbolism context is a mistake. Firstly, she's been actively involved in modern art projects, so unlike the majority of celebs that appear in these pages, she's probably aware of the ideas and meaning behind the photos. Secondly, I think VC is misinterpreting them, the symbols are only one focus, the compositions are also explorations of symmetry and visual echoes, similar to some of MC Eschers work (the last photo in particular is very Escheresque – two simultaneous perspectives in one picture). The first photo is a cage within a cage, Tilda's caught a bird, but the photographers caught a Tilda, notice how the windows echo the structure of the birdcage and her hair is the same shape as the net, it reflects ideas of karma and hidden connections. The picture with her holding enlarged photos of her mouth and eye is maybe a commentary on the fake smiling persona we wear each day, the idea of projecting a false image of happiness to the the world. If the photo was about All-Seeing-Eye imagery, surely they wouldn't have included an All-Smiling-Mouth in the same image. Establishing proper context is a good idea and the advanced symbology in these pictures are intended to provoke thought, unlike some other uses of more common sybmols featured on the site.

    • There are too many coincidences for it to JUST BE A COINCIDENCE………….Let me ask you this, why the endless display of the mickey mouse ears? black and white colours together ALL THE TIME, the checkered floor, Kitten Feline prints, Butterflies. Oh and of course the one and only One eyed salute. You are doing what i call masking the truth. (No offense)…………The images above contain an occult/esoteric/symbolic meaning to the "Elite" NOT TO US, why cant people understand that.

  93. So I watch Iron man 3 and ummmmm yea….they are just throwing everything in our faces now. Those who watched that film with open eyes know what I mean. SMH

  94. the other day i was on the train and i saw a massive billboard displaying a magazine cover for cleo, and the girl was half naked as always with micky mouse ears and closing one eye!!!
    what has this worl come too!!

  95. the true illuminati is a path of illumination we all must try n undergo i am an illuminatist im glad to see artists embracing this. we are all one

      • On another thought, how do you feel about brainwashing little children through torture and rape to become mindless sex slaves? Is that part of the "illumination process"?

  96. Courtney Stodden is married to Doug Hutchison who is an actor and producer. He owns the production company Dark Waters Inc. He was also on the LOST TV series as Horace (Horus?) the leader of the Dharma Initiative. There are tons of esoteric symbolism in that show including duality, serpent energy, ankhs, etc. Many of the episode names allude to the occult or MK Ultra: White Rabbit, Numbers, Do No Harm, The 23rd Psalm, Fire and Water, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass, There's No Place Like Home, The Little Prince, The Greater Good, Exodus, Revelation, Enter 77, LaFleur, Ab Aeterno, Happily Ever After, etc. There is also another actor on the show named Terry O'Quinn who plays the pivotal character John Locke. He is also the star role in the new series "666 Park Avenue". I would love to see VC do an article on these connections.

  97. Girls and corpses?? Yeah, who buys that? And obv there's a whole team behind it… And they are wht? Proud of their "art"? Reminds me of rotten dot com and those fetish but usually fake (I hope) porn genres. If real corpses… God help us, it's basically snuff. Mark my words the next thing will be girl corpses, or something (I'd rather not even say or even imagine). I need some chocolate now :(

    • They should put dirty old men and corpses because that's where they are heading to become veryyyyyyy sooooon. Just making an observation.

  98. VC that thing in the first pic…I don't know if it is a lamp but it is on the wall, it kind of looks like Baphomet…but anyw ho you guys ever thought doing an article on the late Aaliyah…I mean the whole marrying R. kelly as a teenager is just weird to me, her alleged love with Jay Z…her Uncle was a music producer married to Glady's Knight so she has been in the industry for years…there are accusations that she was killed so Beyonce could blow up…and also I have my own theory about something I noticed…that show Star Search from back in the day…one thing I noticed is that majority of people who blew up from that show all lost the competition…aaliyah, Justin timberlake, britney spears, I think Christina Aguliera lost but I doubt that, beyonce lost (when DC3 was girls tyme)…all these people became famous but lost the show, we dont really hear about the winners…I maybe reaching but I think after losing a deal was struck between the handlers and parents of these children and the kids (who are all now superstars) began getting handled, abused, groomed, whatever for the industry all at a young age…Sasha Fierce (demon) may have been with Beyonce all along…she says she was born in Crazy in Love but I believe Sasha just manifested in crazy in love…the demon was always there…all beyonce did was give it a name…

    • Dont forget Aaliyah was also involved with Damon Dash……Her last album cover was all in Red, the last film she starred in was Queen of the Damned. I think VC should definitely do a detailed article on her

      • You are so right, great observations, I total forgot about Damon and her album cover. and that movie too!!!

  99. It's so refreshing reading all of your comments. Gives me hope that not all humanity is lost. Love you guys and thankful for this site!

  100. Johnny Utah on

    After a while, it stops becoming the hidden symbolism. It's everywhere, from buildings, movies, magazines and clothing. It's more of a display at this point. You have to wonder if everyone famous is in "the know" or are they being laughed at by others that make them dress the part. One has to look no further their our own currency to see that the top of the pyramid has been running things since the dawn of this country. I'm starting to understand that the U.S. of A is the beast.

  101. The pic with the lipstick mouth on the eye is just like that Azelia pic where she had mouths for eyes….

    • disney-hidden666 on

      reminds me of Madonna's video= "Let's get unconsious honey. let's get unconsious"… the eyes on the mouth and vice-versa.. prob under some kind of mind controll unconsciousness theme in that video.. not knowing what is real or fake.. all mixed up
      speaking of her, I love how maddona been there done that with everything, and no one picked it up. this is not new, it is being more blatant.
      what about in "express yourself" where she is tied in chains in some parts…. sex slavery perhaps
      what about "oops i didnt know I couldnt talk about that. it's human nature.. and im not sorry.." which the theme is – do as thou wilt – "and i have no regrets"= human nature to do as i want— and in that video there are some crazy pagan symbols going on with the ropes that hardly anyone has picked up on, as well as the triangle and making fun of someone crucified..
      i think we need a Madonna video analysis- but that would be a book in itself
      now they are having it in modeling/ with pictures so we can see it evey more clearly
      pretty disgusting stuff

  102. Re the Tilda Swinton photo – she looks a bit like a candle, imo, with her hair up like that. And the long pointed net she's holding looks a bit like the dunce's cap they made 'heretics' who were going to be burned alive wear. (Based, apparantly, on the long caps earlier groups like the Essenes wore …later symbolised as the wizard's hat …) Or the net is a bit like a candle snuffer, made to measure for her hair. Symbolic. Also as hair has been seen as a source of power – Samson, etc. And the bird in the cage – the spirit of man is often represented as a bird – 'the spirit of man has wings', etc. Whole thing about suppression?

  103. This is a story of a friend's friend–she had a boyfriend who worked in a morgue. She was having health issues with her privatenparts, so took a break from intercourse and only had oral sex with her guy. She had a mouth infection of some sort and went to the doctor–finally after lots of tests, etc. he said"this is so wierd, you have a disease that people usually only get when they fuck corpses." Horrible yet true. The photo of the gal on the cover of the Babes and Corpses" magazine made me decide to share this, it's totally perverted…..

    • suzie q you know how to pick your boyfriends honey pie,, or you are the named 'boyfriend' who are into corpses.

  104. disney-hidden666 on

    dont know where to post= anyone seen the article on Kanye's video "New Slaves" debuting on 66 buildings?? and who is he to be able to show videos on peoples' buildings unless he owns them

  105. disney-hidden666 on

    the morgue comment is disgusting. people do that, sadly and oddly.
    Anyone know about that magazine? Is that like a monthly? or was that totally random one time thing? pretty gross that there is a market out there

    • Peeps possessed by wicked spirits do it, surely they do. They copy their masters. One monk saw one demon, with a monkey's mouth, black, his teeth were outside of his mouth and also his hair were live snakes. That's what those peeps idolize and worship. Monsters, now you knoe where they get their inspiration from their movies, books, cartoons, and all the other shit they admire. Check the cartoons, you'll see folth everywhere. They know how to indoctrinate the sheeple from the day they were born.

      • Andrew, Which monk was that btw? or where did you read that?….interesting…….

      • I read it in a book and also in websites. Can't remember the name of the monk, there are quite a few who have been harassed over the years. 60 monks harassed by 60,000 wicked spirits.. awful, just awful.

      • Nycmiddleclassispoor on

        Those wicked spirits or monsters are all one and the same devil. He tricks and scares. It's one being behind it. There will be more in the second coming but right now he's alone waiting for the day they join his kingdom. It seems everyone is hailing to the one eyed monster. It's about time we
        Praise our god because unfortunately the whole point that no one gets is their are collecting masses on their side and used Hollywood and music and sports to create false heros for everyone to follow. Yes some of these heros are mind controlled themselves. But we cannot be losing our kids and next generation to the dark side. Don't be fooled but the satanic news or Vatican who hide behind their religion. The little people who still believe Must continue to go to church, the mosque and temple or we will be screwed. It is us three groups thAt must stick to our God ( and Christ) and and not let the other side take away the kids. That is the whole point. I refuse to purchase a skull print on an outfit at gap. I won't even give those bastards that much. Even stand up comedy is part of it when u listen Carefully. Even the Alcoholics Anonymous level of achievement
        Coins have the symbols. They are everywhere you turn. Historic buildings with Masonic architecture the circle in the middle of the triangle between the two columns. Yes they started this country so they are everywhere . No matter how much we analyze videos and model poses it doesn't matter. Lets move to the point. Grab on to your religions and enjoy the short ride in the earthly life. But do not forget God In the process. They live day by day worshipping theirs. Why are we forgetting about ours?…

      • Nycmi…….(Your name is too long man) Really great comment btw and more importantly, you are absolutely correct!

      • Alright……Please try and find out his name, also where were these moks based? was it in Tibet by any chance?

      • No they weren't based in Thibet. They are satanists the ones in Thibet as they practise black magic and call spirits. Those monks I was referring to were based in Athos, Halkidiki, N Greece. Lots of strange activities have been reported there over the years. They surely attack the devoted, kind-hearted ones.

  106. OMG this is so horrible, it makes me ashamed to be human! :(

    We should all kill ourselves so we don't become this evil and let the Illuminati rule the world

    • Stop it.
      We have better things to plan to think and to accomplish. We do have hope. Those illuminated by lake's fire having no hope whatsoever.

  107. I live on Newbury St which is one street over from Boylston St where the bombings happened. After the boy was taken into custody after the whole boat ordeal, and the city was "released" from lockdown, every one converged on the street to drink and "celebrate". I was already suspicious of the entire bombing so when I was going to bed that night, the eeriest thing I had to listen to was the drunken "masses" chanting USA USA USA…and all I could think of was "sheep" as harsh as that sounds. Not to be mean, but it was just astounding that they were so proud of this country (that is my country too) and the fact that a 19 year old boy was possibly going to be put to death, whether he committed a crime or not. And they were celebrating that. It reminded me of back then when people used to bring "picnic baskets" to public hangings. How warped is this world?

  108. For Isabel,
    I think most celebrities are pawns. The Illuminati is layered, deeply, for ages and ages. They find desperate individuals who want to be famous and will do anything to gain that fame for pawns.

    • disney-hidden666 on

      u have to be a pawn to let them set you up in those ridiculous poses and doing what they do. i though posing for playboy was bad but some of these are out of this there seriously girls and corpses?

      there are a lot of youtube videos on the mind controlled couples in hollywood, how they are set up with specific people to be the handlers. i cant believe the brides and corpses mag and they got that girl on therel. it is pretty insane. i think of the olsen twin with that old man i been seeing in pictures and i am afraid for her too.

      • Fvck them as long as it's not your daughter, niece or any other person you know. We don't know those people, let them do their own thing. Personally, it doesn't bother me, however if it was my daughter they wouldn't know what it came to them. They would regret the day they were born. That's for sure.

      • disney-hidden666 on

        yes, all evil. and u'd be surprised to the connection the the church of satan that a lot of hollywood has.
        speaking of which, even poor marylin monroe was involved as well as other models from the pin-up days.
        There is a combination of the dark religion with mind control that has been going on for years, evil has been intertwined all along
        I agree about them being employed. They are not all winglingly part of it. they are trapped in those stardom lives and it is all they know and they cannot get out except by overdosing (if not killed)or pretty much the few who leave hollywod to live in isolation in indian reservations. there is no real way out. they will make up crazy stories about them in the magazines and news the next day.

      • I wouldn't be surprised, wherever there is wealth there is something more sinister attached to it.

  109. disney-hidden666 on

    i also see "sex at the altar" to the right of courtney stodden- and that is a satanic ritual in itself

  110. Just wanted to let y'all know, this has spread to Asia now.
    After went to Korea to train some Korean Kpop singers, a girl named CL who is a part of an influential Kpop girl band called 2NE1 which performed at times square last year, just released a solo album. On her main song, she has the eye, the kitten/animal prints, etc. the whole shebang. You guys can watch it here…
    One World……

  111. I'm also wondering if VC can do a piece on the Great Gatsby as well as the Now You See Me movies.
    Both included the all-seeing eye… to a ridiculous degree.

  112. Here is the deal, This is all about Good and Evil and God Vs. The Devil. People FORGET this world was built on spirituality and the holy one. We have to remember when we die we go to another place where forever is a bliss. People are only focusing on the here and now and on the life of living through the Elite. Materialistic wealth is what we strive for now. When you wake up to go to work, what are you doing it for? To get paid, maybe to make yourself feel good or to change a life but all in all you need "money in order to eat monsanto's food. Every where you turn its filled with some type of treachery or evil. All our main foods are supplied by monsanto. Our world is no longer a peace and loving place. No offense but the "puritans" spread their evil throughout the world. The only reason why America is fighting the middle east is because they're the only ones who won't give in to the Monarch butterfly. look into it.

  113. I googled Tilda Swinton images and she doesn't do that stuff so I think it's probably the person who arranged the shoot. She is a great actor. She does look a lot like a young David Bowie though.

  114. AwakeAndInformed on

    Have been following this site, and this particular section for ages. It never ceases to amaze me how right-in-your-face this stuff is, and those who aren't hep to it don't even notice it!

    The main reason I'm commenting, however, is that second picture of Tilda (checkerboard) caught my eye. Not only are the blatant messages that were posted there, but the first thing I noticed, besides the blinding black and white check, is the stairs on the left side of the photo.. the 'shadow' from the lighting forms what would be, if continued and imagined out of frame, a giant triangle, and the very front of it looks like bricks and/or a ladder. Not sure if this is me just seeing something and making mountains out of mole hills, but I've learned well enough that nothing within these photos is coincidence.

  115. AwakeAndInformed on

    Have been following this site, and this particular section for ages. It never ceases to amaze me how right-in-your-face this stuff is, and those who aren't hep to it don't even notice it!

  116. The 80% of the jews are askhenazi, this jews are from europe so after the holocaust They said "We got right to our own state".
    The UN said "Where you want it?".
    -It's the historic land of the jews.

    1-Historical land of? It's the historical land of HEBREWS jews. Askhenazis jews never lived there.
    2-Where happened the holocaust?Europe.
    3-Who were the responsables?The nazis
    4-Why should pay the palestinian people for that????
    Till today noone could answer the 4º question with logic.

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