Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Courtney Stodden, Rihanna (again), that guy from One Direction and more proof that the entertainment industry is ruled by a dark secret society.


This Vogue Japan photoshoot puts a WHOLE LOT of emphasis on the concepts of alter-personas and duality (as represented by black and white stripes and the Masonic checkerboard pattern). Both are important concepts of mind control.

This Vogue Japan photoshoot puts a WHOLE LOT of emphasis on the concepts of alter-personas and duality (as represented by the Masonic checkerboard floor and the black and white stripes on the wall). Both are important concepts in mind control.


Two identical models looking robotic and lifeless on a Masonic floor and stripes on the wall? Yup, that's MK.

Two identical models looking robotic and lifeless on a Masonic floor + stripes on the wall? Yup, that’s MK.


The setting of the above photo shoot is disturbingly similar to a painting made by Monarch Programming survivor Kim Noble (see the article entitled The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas). There are indeed two identical girls (probably alter personas) on a Masonic checkerboard floor and stripped walls. This proves that a lot of imagery in fashion shoots is directly inspired by Monarch Programming and its mind control techniques.

The setting of the above photoshoot is disturbingly similar to this painting by Kim Noble, a Monarch Programming survivor (see the article entitled The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas). In the painting, there are indeed two identical girls (probably alter personas), a Masonic checkerboard floor and stripped walls. This proves that a lot of imagery in fashion shoots is directly inspired by Monarch Programming and its mind control techniques.


Speaking of which, here's Rihanna in an Elle Magazine feature with a special emphasis on the checkerboard pattern. Also, notice the tattoo on her ankle.

Speaking of which, here’s Rihanna in Elle Magazine  – with a special emphasis on the checkerboard pattern. Also, notice the tattoo on her ankle.


The tattoo appears to be inspired by this Egyptian falcon found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the falcon was associated with the solar god Horus. As you might know, the symbol of All-Seeing Eye derives from the Ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus. In short, Rihanna's checkerboard dress and the emphasis on her Horus tattoo makes the above picture all about Masonic symbolism.

The tattoo appears to be inspired by this Egyptian falcon found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the falcon represented the solar god Horus – a central figure of occult mysteries. As you might know, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye derives from the Eye of Horus. In short, Rihanna’s checkerboard dress and the emphasis on her Horus tattoo makes this picture a pure display of Masonic symbolism…to those who have eyes to see.


Another pic of this Elle photoshoot features Rihanna with a masquerade ball mask. A "trendy" practice that descends from ancient occult elite rituals.

This other pic from the photoshoot features Rihanna wearing a masquerade ball mask. A “trendy” practice that descends from ancient occult elite rituals.


In the third pic, Rihanna wears a cute little Catwoman hat. Is this a reference to Kitten Programming?

In the third pic, Rihanna wears a cute little Catwoman hat. Is this a reference to Kitten Programming?

Speaking of Sex Kittens, Courtney Stodden is quickly becoming the most blatant example of it in the "celeb world". She recently put online YouTube videos where she embodies alter personas with a different name, accent and the whole shebang. The screenshot on the left is her with a "goth" alter and the one on the right is latina.

Speaking of Sex Kittens, Courtney Stodden is quickly becoming the most blatant example of this kind of programming  in the “celeb world”. She recently put online two YouTube videos where she embodies alter personas complete with a different name, different accent and the whole shebang (the one on the right is “goth” and the one on the right is Latina).


Don't forget the video where she was being a literal cat, complete with meowing, drinking from a bowl and going to the litter box.

Let’s not forget the video where she acts like a literal cat, complete with meowing, drinking from a bowl and going to the litter box… Sex. Kitten.


Here, Stodden is dressed as Marilyn Monroe, the "figurehead" of Kitten Programming. As we've seen in previous articles, almost all celebrities associated with Kitten programming dress up as Monroe at one point or another of their career.

Here, Stodden is dressed as Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate product of Kitten Programming. As we’ve seen in previous articles, almost all celebrities associated with Kitten programming dress up as Monroe at one point or another in their career.


Here she is kissing with her 51 year-old husband - who appears to be her handler. The tattoo on his arm features the Eye of Horus and the alchemical symbols for fire and water (upright and reversed triangle) - which represents duality. That's the kind of symbolism a MK handler would sport.

Stodden’s 52 year-old husband – who appears to be her handler – has an Eye of Horus tattoo accompanied with the alchemical symbols of fire and water (upright and reversed triangles). The All-Seeing eye and the concept of union of opposites are the kind of symbolism a MK handler would sport.


Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic athlete with prosthetic legs and figurehead of transhumanism was charged last month for the murder of his girlfriend. Oddly enough, the slogan of the Nike ad campaign featuring Pistorius was "I am the bullet in the chamber".

Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic athlete with prosthetic legs quickly became the figurehead of transhumanism and its “infinite potential”. Last month,  he was charged for the murder of his girlfriend. Oddly enough, the slogan of his Nike ad was “I am the bullet in the chamber”.


Here's Pistorius giving the Illuminati One-Eyed salute. Yeah, there's some occult elite Agenda going on with that guy.

Here’s Pistorius giving the Illuminati One-Eyed salute. Yeah, there’s some occult elite Agenda going on with that guy.


This pic manages to contain a lot of Illuminati Agenda. The pic indeed conveys the concepts of self-destruction and the culture of death. Her shirt bears the Illuminati symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle and two bolts resembling the Nazi SS symbol. Underneath, with see "Jesu$aves" - a fashionable way of ridiculing Christianity.

This pic manages to contain a lot of Illuminati Agenda. The pic indeed conveys the concepts of self-destruction and the culture of death. Her shirt bears the Illuminati symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle and two bolts resembling the Nazi SS symbol. Underneath, with see “Jesu$aves” – a fashionable way of ridiculing Christianity.


This Gloria Steinem pic is not new (it came out before this site existed) but it is worth mentioning. It features her wearing a shirt saying "I had an abortion" while giving an Illuminati hand sign above her head. That goes right into the elite's depopulation Agenda combined with the complete devaluation of the sacredness of motherhood.

This Gloria Steinem pic is not new (it came out before VC was even created) but it is worth mentioning. It features her wearing a shirt saying “I had an abortion” while giving an Illuminati hand sign above her head. I won’t go into the whole pro-life vs pro-choice debate, but, seriously, is an abortion ever something to smile about? Isn’t it sad and unfortunate 100% of the time? A why does she need to publicize this fact on a shirt. And why is she making this particular hand sign (I’m pretty sure she’s not signed with Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella records). To summarize this pic, it goes right into the elite’s depopulation Agenda combined with the ongoing war against the sacredness of motherhood.


One Direction's Harry Styles (Taylor Swfit's ex) has a new tattoo. And it's a big-ass butterfly on his abdomen. Monarch? Programming?

One Direction’s Harry Styles (Taylor Swfit’s ex) has a new tattoo. It’s a big-ass butterfly on his abdomen. Monarch? Programming?

Harry also has a tattoo of the drama masks next to a birdcage. Does this represent the prison and mind control of the entertainment industry?

Harry also has a tattoo of the drama masks next to a birdcage. Does it represent the prison and mind control of the entertainment industry?

The set of Pink's show features a big, red prominent All-Seeing Eye. Why? Because. It has to be everywhere.

Pink’s new show features a big, red prominent All-Seeing Eye during a big part of it. Why? Because. It has to be everywhere.



The Oscars took place on February 25th and a bunch of movie people went home with these statuettes. But why do they look that way and where does the name Oscar come from anyway? The Oscar statuette appears to be an art-deco version of the classic depiction of the Egyptian creator god  Ptah. In the mythology, Ptah takes the form of the funerary god Sokar and temples were dedicated to Ptah-Sokar. Try switching the first two letters of Sokar. (Hint: it spells Oskar).

The Oscars took place on February 25th and a bunch of movie people went home with these statuettes. Do they know that the Oscar statuette is probably an art-deco version of the classic depiction of the creator god Ptah? In the Egyptian mythology, Ptah also takes the form of the funerary god Sokar – an important figure of Egyptian magic. Try switching the first two letters of Sokar. (Hint: Oskar).


History Channel's miniseries The Bible created quite a stir when its depiction of Satan strangely resembled Obama. I cannot lie and say that I originally thought the same thing. I am not sure if this was intentional. However, from what I saw from this series, I can say that it is quite terrible. It presents a dumbed-down, bastardized and deformed version of the Bible to fit the elite's Agenda. I mean, where in the Bible does it say that ninja-killer-angels came down in Sodom to kill everyone?

History Channel’s new miniseries “The Bible” created quite a stir when its depiction of Satan strangely resembled Obama. I cannot lie, when I saw that Satan figure, I immediately thought the same thing. I am not sure if it was intentional but, one thing is for sure: If you want to learn about the Bible, do not rely on this show. It presents a dumbed-down, bastardized and deformed version of the Bible which is apparently tailor-made to fit the elite’s anti-religion Agenda. I mean, where does it say in the Bible that two killer-ninja-angels descended to Sodom to kill everyone? The answer: Nowhere. Read Genesis 19 and see how it differs from the mini-series.

Update: I found out that the Selena pic that was posted in this article was photoshopped (her head was placed on the Jesu$aves model). I replaced the pic with its original version – it still contains all of the exact same symbolism so it is still relevant.




  1. I thought the same thing too when I watched the bible. I was thinking why are there ninjas in Sodom? Then I just shook my head because I know somebody is going to watch this program and think they know the bible. You can’t replace actually reading the bible. It’s sad when people take history and religion and twist it to fit their own agenda and its even more sad when people don’t read and research things for themselves, instead they rely on this twisted information in order to become more informed.

    • Well what if most parts of the bible are changed or very important parts have been kept hidden so far?
      They even have a library in the vatican which is not accessable by the public.wonder why.
      Question everything, even your own faith and religion.otherwise your just as naive like those who believe governments and media.
      Have a good day

      • The days to celebrate christmas and other holy days had been change by the church, too.
        There are also more evangeliums than published in the bible, but in the early centuries some were not copied anymore (in the middle ages every book had to be copied by hand, until we invented printing).

        As christians we should also read the thora.

        Good luck, let s see, who collaps earlier. You americans or we germans with the rest of europe

      • Don't forget to question the Questioners!

        Remember that's how that how this whole ball of fire got start: "Did God REALLY say don't eat from every tree…" What would have happened if Eve had said: "Well, since I am questioning God, what's this snake's motivation? Wait a minute, Why IS this snake talking…"

      • about the satan looking like obama, they knew what they were doing. they did it to make ppl even more upset at 'christians' they cant even see through the charade.

    • I was just going to let those ninjas slide, but looks like I'm not the only one who noticed, especially since this was the second comment on the list.

      I wondered how they were going to depict that how Sodom/Gommorah incident, even in the light of their "beware of graphic depictions" warnings at the very beginning, but that was sanitized, sorry, bowdlerized version if I ever saw one.
      Before I could get too ticked off about that inaccuracy, out of nowhere these namby-pamby angels drop their robes and started wielding swords (of DEATH). HA! That has to be the Funniest scripture twist I think I've heard in awhile, including Harold Camping's nonsense about knowing the month and year of Jesus' return. At least it's better than that alleged children's bible reference to the butterfly that got healed/blessed by a drop of Jesus' blood falling from the cross.

      Moral of the story: 2 Timothy 4:3 (the itching ears passage in the Rex Jimmy): if you don't want to know about the real God, the world and your own brain will provide a multitude of distractions, including kilted angels with sword theatrics.

    • Eyes Wide Open on

      Question: How many times has the bible been altered? A lot. You have no clue if what you're reading are facts. You can either blindly believe in your faith, or question everything we have been spoon fed since birth. Not knocking on your religion, but the Bible in its true form is not what you or anyone else has ever read.

      • @sound please elaborate. I want to fully understand your counter to the above comment.

      • To say that no human understand or knows all things absolutely is true, and I do agree to that.

        But just like many believe and contend that the bible has been changed and altered many times during history this rather glib statement deliberately ignores that those precise opinions and sometimes the very people making them have been changed, altered, misconstrued, and lied about even more often during history as well.
        If you can't trust the bible, you certainly can't trust anyone else saying not to trust the bible. The bible at the very least claims to be superintended by an entity that can not lie. You may not believe that statement is true,in fact it might be the most ridiculous statement you've ever seen in print, in the last hour at least, but you certainly can not make it about humans (even ones who made statements about distrusting all other sources, except themselves).
        At this point you have known liars with known limitations in knowledge versus potential liar(s).

        And then when you get to see some of the alleged MISTAKES, LIES, UN/HALF -TRUTHS OF THE BIBLE, you see almost all of them have easily understandable explanations that even the detractors claim for themselves from time to time. In fact, you start to see many of these "LIES" are often things that detractors really don't like themselves, so OBVIOUSLY it MUST be a lie, but that's a whole different topic.

        So believe what you want — it won't change truth one bit. In fact, if it is truth, it will make it's defense that much stronger. But if you are trying to advocate "healthy" skepticism, be it about God, the Government, secret knowledge hidden in the vatican/ imams' hidaways/gurus vaults, me, VC, or TPTBs, let's REALLY start questioning — EVERYONE, Especially ourselves.

        Just like you did — good job.

      • nameful hero on

        And we should (ironically) accept blindly what you're saying as fact?

        On the contrary, the Bible urges one to test all things, and not believe the unknowable.

      • Of course not; the point is that you should question EVERYONE, as I say about 4 times already. The Bible Does say to test all things, but where is this "unknowable" part coming from?

    • I planned to watch the show the bible to see if they will show how the story of Eden goes. I was proven right when they didnt show that Adam was the first man and Eve came from his rib. This goes the same to the modernize bible of today.

      • shethatisnau on

        Was your hypothesis carved out of stone tablets?

        Do you truly believe that Eve came from a rib taken from Adam's body?…I mean, really? Please, justify that belief and explain it clearly and rationally for me. Convince me since you seem to be so convinced yourself.

      • AlternateReality on

        What are your beliefs? Can you justify them? Is ultimate morality better than subjective (because there is no way it's objective) rationality? Why? Besides the fact Richard Dawkins gave them a stamp of approval.

        How can anyone argue rationally with you when the only position you take is one of opposition? Aka, you have nothing to say but "you're wrong". Explain how are you're right without faffing, philosophizing, an theorizing. Give us facts, give us the evidence you're asking of us.

    • Ohnestly guys – You all need to read the Quran, the only book that HAS NOT been changed, let me say it again HAS NOT been changed, What is wrong with all of you going on and on and on and on about something that has been altered a million times, as that is where the inconsistencies start to appear, What is in the Quran, was in the bible and torah and the book of psalms, but them 3 were changed and people just rely on them 3 books, which i find soo stupid, very few mention the Qur-an, not just on this post but in general and whay is that??? why??……..

      • People will tell u this from the bible, that from the bible, this from the Torah, that from this book and this passage from that book but NEVER the Qur-an, because that is where the truth lies, so if people dont mention this and dont do articles of what is wriiten in the quran and what it says and where this world is heading then how are we all going to know the truth? The media itself, tv NEVER do documentaries on the Quran because the "Global Elite" that control the media DONT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THE TRUTH & they know themselves the reason why……… they can carry on lying to us all,………& even when they do show documentaries about Islam, its ALWAYS NEGATIVE & ALWAYS make out that Islam is a bad religion when it isnt – They are all just brainwashing you into believing some pagan, polytheistic, illuminated bullshit religion

      • That's a pretty lofty idea that your website does not address with sound evidence in favor of its claims, especially considering the techniques to get those documents together and distributed to the masses ages before keyboards, hard drives and removable storage were obviously not without flaws. Even if we admit the obvious, it doesn't necessarily point to conspiracy, just human error.

        Regardless of whether the book was changed or altered, modern Christians and others are wholly unprepared to understand biblical context and allegory without significant and advanced theological study. Some stories were exaggerated on accident while many were exaggerated so the principles and ideas behind them stuck to the memory. But typical bible readers wish to take the text literally, most unfortunately, which is precisely where all the chaos begins.

      • Maybe because the Quran does not threaten the powers-that-be and was never truth to begin with (so why would they bother with it?).

      • Elastigirl, I know straight away YOU HAVE'NT READ THE QUR-AN………..Muslims ARE A threat to the Elite, because they (The Elite) know deep deep down inside Islam is the one and true religion, time will tell people, time will tell, mark my words, and that goes for the rest of you……………….& that is all i need to say………..PEACE

      • also Muslims and the Qur-an ARE A THREAT, thats why they ridicule them ALL the time……………You just stick to the bullshit brainwashing bible programmes they show Elastigirl………..Islam is the FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD FOR A REASON, but Elastigirl you dont have the slightest clue………..Also Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the holiest place for muslims and is also the most POWERFUL point on earth that emits the most energy on earth, coincidence? i dont think so……… You heard of LeyLines and Vortex points? I dont think so………Do ya homework babe

      • Elastigirl………another thing i may aswell say, mecca lies in the centre of the earth & the Golden Ratio Point on earth also lies in, guess where…………….Mecca!!!! You're probably thinking "WHAT IS THE GOLDEN RATIO?"

      • Gettin' to deep BluBoy, slow down! Leylines are electromagnetic fields. There are theories about quantum entanglement where these lines meet (get tangled). An atom can "be in 2 places at one time" in an area of quantum entanglement. The ancients called them dragon lines (serpent energy). I always thought that was due to the symbolism of the propagation of the electromagnetic wave. The golden ratio is 1.618… The terms golden ratio, golden mean, divine section all refer to this ratio. It is used in art and architechture to represent perfect proportion. I believe that the black cube at Mecca symbolizes Metatron's cube or the Atu Wa. Do you think that is correct?

      • I know sorry, but sometimes its like pulling teeth out explaining to people about things they have no clue about or very little for that matter – Let me tell you something Chrissy333, Mecca lies in the centre of the earth, where it is the most powerful point on earth and that radiates the most energy on earth and the activities that take place is positive so therefore radiating positive energy and secretly the"Elite" cannot stand that, they cant bear it, thats why they created the sphere between the world trade centres to mimic the Kaaba and also when you go to mecca, you get what you called zero magneism zone, meaning when you go there with a compass, the needle does not move because you get equal pulls from the north pole and the south pole……..Understand? one thing is certain, its definitely POSITIVE, not NEGATIVE.

      • AlternateReality on

        Please behave, we're Muslim. Cussing is their language, not ours.

        Salaams brother

      • Yes AlternateReality, sorry you are right, but at the end of the day my statements above are correct, whether the next man or the person down the road likes it or not

      • AlternateReality on

        I also think you're right and believe your anger is justified. It's amazing how VC promotes and encourages knowledge, yet when it comes to Islam some commenters prefer ignorance and take their education on our religion from the very Media they claim despise.

        However, we must practice self control. We're all in this together, the Illuminati are pitting us against each other and throwing sand in our eyes to confuse us as to who the true enemy is. Hard though it is when dealing with hypocritical behavior, humility and kindness will go a long way, I think. Many Christians are still semi-conditioned and brainwashed when it comes to Islam by the Media.

      • I like how people are shit of a stick to bad mouth Islam and i like how you've posted a website created by a NON-MUSLIM that cant even spell the word "Qur-an" correctly pleeease. This website would have been created by the same people that bad mouth and ridicule Islam in the media and Maia hunny bunny, you can post whichever link you like, its still not going to change anything, please concentrate on your life and what you are doing and believing what you believe because i am still gonna talk, im still gonna walk and still keep doing what i do and bottom line is that ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD, no matter what you say and how many links you post. Do you understand?, The followers of islam are not going to stop following beacuse you posted some dumb ass link……………PEACE

      • and also Maia, if you think you are so clever why dont you WRITE your opinion, instead of searching for links on google then posting the link on here…hmmm

      • AlternateReality on

        That's fine. Alienate us. We're not trying to pacify and please you, we're trying to involve you. In the end of the day we belong to one of the fastest growing religion, you guys are dwindling. Your loss.

      • shethatisnau on

        Is it that Islam is truly the one and true religion…or is that just what your superiors have taught you to believe so that you'll gladly bend over and take whatever it is they have to cram you full of? Have you EVER questioned the validity of the belief system you were raised into? Looked at the philosophies and natures of society's outside your own that have succeeded, peacefully, without the Quran? After all, lashing a girl for being raped isn't exactly peaceful behavior, as many Islamic followers seem ever so readily happy to do.

      • shethatisnau………………First of all, i have questioned it many times and questioned it myself….. and i know what you are trying to say but you obviously havent read ANY of my statements, or UNDERSTOOD any of them shall i say on this article or any of the previous articles, Its like "AlternateReality" said as soon as you mention the Quran or Islam or mention Allah, people react in an ignorant way and also like "Shadow on the Wall" said people respond like being pinched with a needle, why is that? secondly, HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE QUR-AN?…..

      • AlternateReality on

        Small problem is we don't lash women for being raped, we do however kill rapists. There's you're Illuminati 101 on Islam peeking through.

      • AlternateReality on

        Also, what superiors? Be specific. The Media has spent the past decade trying to convince people that the big bang is plausible, and you apparently believe them. And when they go against Islam, say we beat women who were raped, we rape women, we hate women, you believe them. Someone seems to worship their superiours, and it's not me. Note, they have an obsession with women. They don't discuss tribal wars and corruption based on tribal superiority rife in the middle east, inflated dowrey's based on tribes, even. Your ex-christian bias is both evident and detestable.

        Again, what superiors? Islam doesn't work like Christianity or Judaism. We don't worship our rabbi's/priests/bishops. We don't have a main scholar which we all must follow and ignore parts of the Quran to please. We have plenty. And we don't even have to follow any.

        My parents were not Muslim, they're ex-christian x ex-athiest, we are the most ethnically diverse religion so not all of us were born with cultural burdens. I am a women, the men you people insult again and again and again are my Father, my three brothers and my nephew. You didn't stop for one minute to think that there's a human being behind this account, your insinuation that all /my/ men love to beat sexually abused women or oppress women in general is offensive. And yes, I will be emotional, I'm not a robot. I am always more discreet when I criticize, a courtesy you people do not deserve.

      • Are you sleeping? Have you NOTICED the propaganda and hate being spread against Muslims? Movies like zero dark thirty and Argo are only recent. The media had been slandering Arabs and their countries for decades. Proof? How do you see Arabs? Yep, there you go. The agenda against Muslims is an old one and a persistent one. You have to ask yourself why.

      • Oh, right. The bastardized male chauvinist version of the bible that features a prophet who had a 9 year old wife named ‘Aisha. Yup, that sounds like the kind of role model I'd like to follow. Can I get a alah akbar for spiritual pedophiles?!

      • Well you would KNOW about paedophiles wouldnt you…….Secondly, 1400 years ago, things were totally different, it was common for young girls to be married during biblical times as well as islamic times and its a historic fact that girls from 9-14 were being married in Asia, Africa, Europe and even the United States, girls of 10 years old were getting married.

        Even in Arabia at that time, people had very short life spans so it was natural & normal for the girls to get married young, in Muslim and NON-MUSLIM Countries. Pagans didnt even object to child bride marriages as it was widely practiced……………..It was also common and the norm for Child brides during the Byzantine Empire, to get married young whether they were Byzantine or they were foreign, especially from the late 12th century and anyway V.O.D atleast the Quran has NEVER BEEN CHANGED unlike the Bible, there's a bloody new one out every week………Allah O' Akbar

      • Oh I KNOW exactly what is morally right or wrong. I don't care what century you live in and what your purported life expectancy was. I know history, and to think this is or should be widely accepted is absurd and yet another false cloak you choose to shield this religion with.

      • Hmmm, Im sure you do………..I also know what is morally right and wrong, but neither you and i were born at that time or around 1400 years ago so if there was certain things that were widely practiced at that time,then let that be the case and i NEVER MYSELF SAID ONCE that it was the right thing to do, im not condoning it, there are alot of practices and activities of the people at that time and older ancient civilizations, that might not seem correct and not everyone will see that as acceptable and agree with, but where the hell have you been and what history do you know?

      • ……Do you know about the practices of ancient egypt, greece, rome? and "spiritual paedophiles??"…..are you actually kidding me??……never heard of that one before, something YOU are obviously familiar with. I dont know where you have been living this entire time, but you might have heard about a little thing called "The Illuminati."…….Do you know how they work? Do you know how and what they have been doing for centuries?? and you're telling ME what is right and wrong Do you know what their teachings are based on?, what their targets and goals are? and how they intend to reach them goals? Have you heard of Satanists? and the things they have been doing and the activities they are doing today?……

      • …The "global eite" have a network of paedophile rings all over the world, hollywood is full of paedophiles and so is the media and let me ask you this, Who controls Hollywood and the Media???? and you're telling me that you know about history, pleeease, the illuminati are the ones responsible for ALL the pornography, sexual abuse and crime that they glamorize and parade infront if kids and make it look "cool" Its you that needs to WAKE UP and also ……………….Listen VOD, your statement just reflects the fact that you are another one that is waaaay out of their depth and need to do your homework, leave this to the big fish, trust me

      • ….Oh and more thing My point for this particular post was to show the fact that atleast the Qur-an tells the TRUTH, THE TRUTH, NOT LIES, that you seem to follow, There are other pominent figures that are very important to Islam and the Quran such as: Mary,Jesus, Moses, David, Solomon, Noah, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel,the Pharoah of Egypt etc etc etc not just the prophet Mohammed but one thing you need to know is that its the TRUTH and the TRUTH does of course HURT.

      • To be honest BlueBoy, you just seemed a bit sensitive to others comments so button pushing produced a bit more information from you and that allowed me see a bit more of your opinion. Yes I know about the Illuminati and we do agree on several points there. We'll never agree on the Quran, but that's fine. I have nothing to prove to you. The world economy is about to go to sh*t within the next few years, so faith and hope and preparedness is all anyone will have to hold onto until the tide passes through. Best of luck.

      • AlternateReality on

        The prophet was not a Pedophile. His first wife, his favorite wife, the one who gave birth to all his live children was Khadija, a rich business women whom he initially worked for. She was around 40, he was 25. She died before he married all his other wives.

        Aisha was pubescent when she married the prophet. No matter what you think or how you redefine words Pedo's are not attracted to pubescent girls. We're always so tolerant and polite to you Christians but I swear it gets to your head. This place is infested with the most intolerant of you, we can't even mention Allah before getting a series of viscous replies, but saying Jesus will get you 100+ likes. We're supposed to be in this together.

        It's not about you. You religion is being attacked because you're so complacent our religion is being attacked for the opposite reason. You don't put your foot down, and when we do you Christians like to say "at least we're not like those extremist wife abusing bearded bastards, at least we're tolerant". Doormats, you mean. The fact this series is in production is a testimony of that.

        This is about Satanists. Not you, not me, not god, not christian supremacy.

    • I still enjoy watching it, and I correct it to my children when they leave something out- as in the people of Sodom wanted to have sex with the angels, and Lot even offers his daughters in lieu of the angels to no avail. It's the PC version- but at least it is some of the Bible going out and people are obviously hungry for it because it is astounding the entertainment industry.

      • AlternateReality on

        You think relying on people with dubious motives to teach your children religion is okay because otherwise they wouldn't learn it?

        Do you also realize that watching this means your children automatically associate their religious and holy figures with these actors?

        I'm not Christian but I think that's a very passive stance, to put it mildly.

    • Bible is pure and not diluted.Fact that it is being distorted in all imaginable ways make me think that time is near.Full 20% of american youth are not believing in anything and in state of Maine atheists make almost 73%.How can we prepare ourselves if…. yeah,you got it.

      " Rather say to them The days are at hand,and also the fulfillment of every vision."Ezkl.12:24.
      Sometimes,I feel like Ezekiel,too.

      • shethatisnau on

        Are you only concerned with the US?

        The figures for atheism are astoundingly high in many countries outside the US. Sweden, Japan, the Netherlands…

        In fact, these are generally pretty safe countries to live in.

        I live in Japan. I don't have to worry about my iPhone getting stolen if I leave it sitting out somewhere. If I forget my wallet, chances are someone would mail it to me using the information inside. People won't take a dropped 1$ coin for themselves. They'll give it to the lost and found. People help one another. They are generous, kind, considerate. All very Christian values….but the majority of them? Not Christian.

        Meanwhile, in the US, "real Christians" would turn their own family away from shelter because they don't agree with their politics. They'll spend all day at an abortion clinic crying about killing babies while ignoring their OWN families.


        People like you are the reason I am atheist. Thanks. I'll be a better humanitarian AND Christian than you by actually helping the poor and downtrodden, the unfortunate, while you sit in your pew and righteously try to enact the Judgement that is ONLY God's to give.

        Atheists will not be the downfall of civilization.

        Morally bankrupt dogmatic people who feel that every problem with humanity can be fixed through prayer, on the other hand…

    • "It's sad when people take history and religion and twist it to fit their own agenda and its even more sad when people don't read and research things for themselves, instead they rely on this twisted information in order to become more informed."

      Ironically, most people say this exact same thing about the bible…the book, not the series.

      • Religions need to stop attacking each other here. Those of you who are attacking Islam, you make me laugh. Believing the same media that is spewing all that junk above that you're being so indignant about. If you KNOW how the media works and what it's agenda really is, doesn't it stand to consider that whatever it's creating a negative image about is actually maybe THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF THAT?

        Seriously. It's like logical reasoning has died.

    • Holy shit…. we better rise up or we're going to be doomed. I think it's already too late. Fookin scum

      • WOW can't belive that he Pre. Kennedy had said everthing I now know and learned from VC, and other non-profit truth organizations, years before I was born and most ppl in my life time have no clue of what he is saying in the vid located in the link article! Great info in the article! Worth the read!

    • Thank you for providing that link. That site is amazing and full of valuable information. Thank you for allowing my awakening journey to continue. Sometime VC can become redundant without providing any new information. Thanks again Mr. White

    • Trust me the NWO have something planeed that is far bigger than anyone can imagine on this site and on thsi planet….believe me

    • Thanks for this. This gave me even more information than I had already found. Its right there in our face and "those in charge" are doing a good job of making these things seem outlandish.

  2. they are becoming more and more blatant these days….it's a way to confuse the people whats the norm and wahts not tsk tsk

  3. NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING surprises me anymore. And as for Selena Gomez, seriously are you kidding me?!!

  4. rhianna drives me nuts. one of the most over rated people on the planet and her voice is just awful. i am a student of music and appreciate a vast array of sounds- and hers is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    its makes it painfully apparent how controlled the industry is when people as her self- and a handful of others- are all we hear on the radio, or see at the award shows. i know dozens of amazingly talented people who musically and lyrically blow these main-streamers out the water- but they won't play the game- and i don't blame them. they rather stay connected to their families and communities and use music as a way to serve the people they love, not the all seeing eye above.

  5. So love these keep it up and keep us informed…Did you hear Beyonce's new song Bow Down…no she wants us all to bow down and worship her! Not sure if it was her or Sasha that wrote it but its a total tragedy.

  6. The Oscar Pistorius is so bizarre to me. Most people are stuck with the whole domestic violence angle and have accepted this version that he was a possessive boyfriend who killed his girfriend, but to me there's more. There's definitely something there. No man murders in cold blood a girl he just started dating. They had only been together for 2 months, set up by their agents. She was not a famous model. She posed for FHM, but she was unknown in SA. No high profile. At the height of his career he kills this "disposable" model, meaning someone hired, not even a local celebrity. There seems to be no motive and no signs of assault on her body (previous claims were denied by the police and her family. She was not beat up with a cricket bat, nor texting an ex). I mean, what kind of passion can there be when the relationship is so new? It just seems so random. Like he freaked out, something triggered him and he just went on "Full Combat Mode" as he stated in his twitter a few months ago when he thought a burglar was in his home. He went "full combat mode." As if he was some trained assassin, and aren't some monarch programming victims trained to murder?

    After the incident I do remember thinking about that Nike ad. That logo is more than unfortunate, or a coincidence…

    And then you think how hard his people were trying to make him a star. He was pretty much to London 2012, what Michael Phelps was to Beijing 2008. The star of the games. He had just been touring in America, promoting himself on Leno, Piers Morgan, etc. Uniting the Olympics and Paralympics. Those games were filled with symbolism. I'd look more into him, VC. I followed his career before this, and there's lots of weird things. What stands out to me is his "combat mode" tweets and things he said in the media.

    • OH! And why did this happen around Oscar season?? His name is Oscar, this meltdown happens on Oscar season and in South Africa he was the face of the Oscars coverage, with billboards that said something like "It's Oscar season." Those were taken down the day he was arrested.

      Was Reeva Steenkamp a sacrifice and he had to carry on the job? They met through agents, not friends. They were set up to raise their profiles in South Africa as a celebrity couple, but make no mistake: she was NOT famous in South Africa. She modeled for FHM, but she was not famous nor a "supermodel". Maybe it was just a sacrifice. They had only been dating for two months. Her family didn't know him, his family didn't know her.

      She was a sacrifice, but so was he.

      Look into his life. It's strange. His mom died suddenly and he and his siblings lived on their own. They were teens, underaged. Who let them? Their father pretty much abandoned them since the divorce, years before. He didn't take care of them despite losing their mom and him being the wealthy sole parent. Oscar says his dad was a buddy, not a parental figure.

      I do recommend doing a profile on this guy, VC. There is something there. Have you read the case papers? The police is messing up on purpose. What investigating officer walks in and contaminates the scene of the crime? What investigating officer neglects the cellphones and going through them for clues? He just resigned the force too.

      This is another sacrifice played out in full view. Why has the prosecution not found more than just the bullets through the door? No evidence of fighting, objects being thrown around the house, no incriminating texts. When it's domestic violence the crime scene is all over the place, yet they only have the bathroom door. It's like… Too clean. Too planned?

      • What if he didnt do he didnt do it?
        Maybe they put the right pegs in place (public love for guns, bullet ad, "combat mode" reaction to the burglar threat etc) so that a character assassination would be a success if they felt it was needed.

      • I really, really don't believe he murdered her in cold blood in a lover's quarrel. No motive has been discovered. The relationship was new. It's not true that the police had heard complaints before. The neighbors who claimed to have heard something are not 100% sure and live pretty far away to be sure anyway. No signs of assault on her body, as confirmed by police and her own family. Last text was received at 8PM. Nothing incriminating there, no ex texts. She died at 3AM. One of the reasons he got bail was because the prosecution did not find anything that contradicted his claims. As suspiscious/outrageous as everything seems, he might be telling the truth. Which is why he has a case.

        What I wonder is… Why this level of paranoia on his part? This whole "combat mode" tweets and that interview in which he stated he grabs his gun as soon as he hears something or feels threatned. Why did he apply for so many guns? He had been victim of death threats before. There's proof that he contacted the police because he had been threatned. He was SURE someone was out to get him.

        So, was he an MK slave that basically had a meltdown and accidentally killed someone, or was he carrying on a sacrifice and was triggered to kill yet another disposable model and now he only has this strange story about a burglar, or was someone really out to get him and his fear got the best of him and accidentally killed his gf? As long as an abuse history with this girlfriend is not revealed, we have to doubt the prosecution's claims and ask ourselves what really happened.

        Go through the case documents and bail hearing transcripts. Don't go by the tabloids. There is something really off about this case. Even her career and life seem very odd. She started modelling at almost 30 years old. Too old to begin a career as a model. Popped out of nowhere. The international media paints her as a supermodel, very famous in SA. She was not. She comes from a very humble background, no celebrity profile whatsoever. No money at all. All of a sudden, at almost 30, she finds "success" as a model (a few pictures on FHM) and lands a reality show that aired the week she died. Soon after she meets Oscar. Everything is tied together.

        Their first appearance together on a red carpet was the first time they ever met. This was in late November. They met through agents. Someone was pushing this relationship. He had just broken up with his longtime gf after lots of drama, but here he was pretending to date someone new. Oscar and his ex had even appeared together on a tv special when a few weeks later he shows up on a red carpet with this new girl no one knew. People were confused.

        When he killed Reeva, before her identity was revealed, people at first thought the victim was that previous gf who he had killed. Very few knew he was now with Reeva. It was like she appeared out of nowhere and fulfilled a job.

        Look into it. It's bizarre.

      • Great Info Val, you got some good details and i 100% agree with you, it just doesnt add up at all

      • Yikes!

        I don't know, but this case is so bizarre to me all around. He had been to the paralympics since Athens 2004, but he became a star just now. His name was everywhere during the Olympics. Everybody talked about his story, and just as he was becoming wealthier, more high profile, a business man in South Africa and pretty much at the height of his life and reaching the peak of his career, he out of the blue kills a woman he had only met in November and dated steadily since January. I don't know who would ruin their life like this, for someone they barely know. Just dump her, dude. An ex cheated on him a lot and he never did anything to her, why Reeva?

        His burglar story doesn't make sense, but neither does the state's version. When a man is an abuser, like Sean Penn, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson… EVERYBODY knows. There's well documented incidents, multilple victims, multiple witnesses, multiple arrests piling up until one day the abuser kills or goes to jail. Chris Brown gets into fights every week. We have Mel Gibson's crazy voice mails. Sean Penn went to jail for abusing Madonna. Charlie Sheen was arrested multiple times. All we have with Oscar are a couple of minor incidents dropped by the police because there was NO EVIDENCE (and one of his accusers, Mark Batchelor, the one who claims Oscar threatned to break his legs, has like 10 arrests of his own, one for assaulting his own wife. oscar claimed HE threatned him. Oscar was the one to go to the police on this incident). An abuser doesn't just kill someone out of the blue. At this point we should've gotten more witness accounts, more incidents, more allegations.

        While I don't believe his version, I don't believe he was an abusive boyfriend killing his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy. It just doesn't click.

    • It's okay for her to express something creative, but I couldn't watch this whole video. It's repulsive to see these new actresses and music industry people copy Marilyn. Marilyn did it best, just leave it alone.

      I am curious to know more about how Marilyn Monroe was programmed by Sex Kitten programming. I have been drawn to her for a long time, and I was also quite obessessed with the Catwoman myth. I wonder what these means subliminally?

      • You know what? I never liked babrbie even as a toddler, or Marylin Monroe. I always found her very irritating and her act stupid. Nothing to do with anything we can find nowadays as my sentiments were the same before even the internet was invented. And oversexualised, kitten behaviour irritates me a lot. I feel like start smacking someone who behaves like that without performing the act of course.


      Strange video of Courtney Stodden acting like Anna Nicole Smith! Very creepy, especially as she's pretending to be 7 but she's very sexualised? When people dress up as kids, they usually try their hardest to look childish e.g wear hair in pigtails, freckles, no make up but she's in a bra and short skirt with heavy make up… sexualising toddlers and tiaras and even making people think 'ah she's dressed as a 7 year old? shes a hot 7 year old!' one bit of the audio says she has a great body? she's meant to be a 7 year old! she could've just pretended to be in a pageant show rather than toddlers and tiaras… this isn't a little bit of 'fun' in my eyes.

  7. i think the pic that goes along with WALE's new song BAD should be included in this series.
    in this pic, the woman is with one-eye open, heart removed, and she has a bloody hand print on her back. wtf?
    you can check it out here:

    so much of this agenda is about CONTROLLING AND SUPPRESSING THE FEMININE!
    its about controlling women, highlighting the DARK sides of femininity (black swan) and completely REMOVING
    the positive aspects of WOMAN: like MOTHERHOOD, NURTURING, HEALING, CREATION.
    this is a patriarchal death culture- that is threatened by the true power of women.

    so, WOMEN out there>>>> ITS OUR TIME TO SHINE in all our feminine goodness- its part of the antidote.
    they want us heartless, broken, one-eyed, and submissive. FUCK THAT.
    so lets show them how HEART centered we really are, AWAKE with BOTH EYES OPEN, and in conscious control of our own decisions and sexuality!!! its time! one love y'all.

    • Right on!!! I love love love your comment!! Its dead on and puts things into perspective. Thank you.

    • With three eyes open – don't forget the pineal gland, the sixth sense, the conciousness.

      • Steer clear of aluminum and all sources of fluoride!!!!! Decalcify the seat of your soul!

    • That is very insightful!

      Makes sense of the "pornification" of young female singers/Disney girls/actresses. Why so many have sex tapes, or wardrobe malfunctions" whie exitng cars, on stage etc. Why every single feature of the female body, bar none, is being promoted as needing plastic surgery.

      To degrade the feminine principle.

      • I had been suffering from the learned sexual objectification you get from TV, music, and the general culture. It takes a lot to shake it off. Gosh its just awful.

    • agree- totally awesome comment! it's the truth! us ladies have so much to contribute to this earth!

    • OMGG i didnt even catch that!!!!!! Thanks, and the song is about how she never made love but she knows how to f*ck. mmmmmmmm

    • twin star, im glad you mentioned this becuase so many people dont realise what the "Elite" are doing to women, women and kids are their main targets

    • YES! I have recently become aware that it will be the women that will lead us into a better way.
      The lioness in us all is seriously pissed off and just about had enough….

    • Go to VC's Sinister Sites-Bank of America HQ and check out the right panel of the mural. I was struck by the layers of meaning in the symbolic depictions, esp. of this panel. The woman, hanging from puppet strings, is made to dance inside the box/cube, while her male counterpart is busy, distracted with a book representing science/occult/search for enlightenment. All he would have to do is put the "book" down and reach out to save her from her trap; together they could put out the fire consuming the "tree of knowledge" and achieve the balance necessary to overcome the illumined minions and their Antichrist (in the foreground). It's the ultimate "divide and conquer" strategy and they just can't help but gloat over how successful it's proven to be.

      • The solution is to look down into Mother Earth, not up into brainspace and science. That's why science and learning is so pushed these days – its totally leading us down the wrong path, on purpose.

    • twinstar, just checked out that link….and wow is all i can say, i mean the handprint is not even a hand print, its more like a scratch made by the hand and it looks bloody, disturbing to say the least

    • You have women who have been dominated and trained by men for thousands of years…this is not an easy task you propose.

      Things have gotten WAY out of balance. Kids are having their minds raped by this culture as soon as they are born….Womens "Liberation" was allowed to happen for 2 reasons – 1. so another half of the population could be taxed, and 2. so that they state could get them to sign their kids over completely at an earlier age. Schools separate kids from parents for 8-12 hours a day and wreck the family unit, totally poison kids minds. Any pundit that's a big fan of womens liberation, the way we have been allowed to have it, gets a BIG side eye from me. That's right, Mz Steinem, Mz LaPaglia, Mz Leibowitz. Fakers.

    • yeah, I totally agree with you on all of that. what is the purpose of that single cover? it makes NO sense whatsoever. even with knowing the song theme and knowing the words to the song, it makes no sense.

  8. aside from the monarch programming, isn't it a little laughable that a young guy gets a tattoo of a HUGE butterfly on his stomach?! sorry to judge but come on harry.

    rihanna = gross whore
    selena gomez = puppet
    gloria steinam = awful
    & obama = satan

    sums it all up

    • @pmille he is President Obama. How shitty of you to equate him to Satan. For that matter, any of the other people. pmille = judgemental pr*ck

    • Obama is not Satan. He is the Anti-Christ! LOL. Actually, he's more like the new Caeser! All hail the new Emperor Obama!

    • AlternateReality on

      Don't label them. Rhianna has only been with a couple of guys, Taylor Swift with all of them and their father yet no one calls her a whore. Clothes don't make them, the Illuminati does.

  9. A big thank you for what you do, VC. These pics are all very relevant.
    I am so, so saddened by the state of Courtney Stodden…..those videos of her alters are very disturbing. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?

    • she's not in her right mind- did you watch that goth video? screamed mental illness…i felt ashamed to watch it

    • Well, her parents are big clues here. They are likely handlers/slaves as well, probably involved in molestation and the general abuse that comes with raising a slave. Poor thing never had a shot.

  10. Great stuff. I'll mention 2 additional things I noticed.

    The tat on Rhianna's neck is French for "rebel flower." Luciferian rebellion.

    The Oscar idol also resembles the image that King Nebucadnezzar built based upon the image he saw in his dream that was made of several different metals to symbolize the different nations that would rule the world. The head was of gold, so the King made a whole image out of gold to show his rebellion against God, showing he would always rule the world.

    Illuminism is all about rebellion against God.

    • Rebellion against God and a slave to satan and his minions. It's easy to rebel against purity and goodness, however the rolling stones we are, we have no issues to rebal against Satan eh? Yep the good ones go to heaven and the bad ones go everywhere apart from heaven. They never completed the phrase properly, I wonder why.

    • dogg, Rihanna is our modern day Goddess Isis and also regarding the Oscar statue and King Neucadnezzar…..The aspect of alchemy again(Philosophers stone) – Also check out the The Gold Statue of Lady Gaga in her "Fame Perfume"…………there is always a connetion to the occult somewhat

  11. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Whatever your views on abortion, that Gloria Steinem pic is wrong on every level. Promoting it as fashion!!!

    • I think the intent is to display a lack of shame in her decision, as typically not only is the act of abortion itself demonized, but also the women who go through the treatment… often resulting in harsh judgements, abusive accusations, and imposed isolation.
      If you feel such women are deserving of that treatment that's indicative of your own bias on the matter, and the debate VC was kind enough to avoid.
      Not personally possessing a Vagina or a Uterus, and having never gotten pregnant by consensual/non-consensual means, I don't feel I'm entitled to an opinion on the matter. I none the less understand why a woman who had an abortion would take such a picture; not out of a want to 'flaunt' or 'take pride' in her abortion, but to emphasize life after an abortion doesn't have to be one of shame and denial.

  12. sleepystalinist on

    I was surprised to see Gloria Steinem here.
    Way to not go into "the whole pro-life vs pro-choice debate" VC!
    An "ongoing war against the sacredness of motherhood"? Really?
    Feminists have always stood against pornography and violence against women, two things the elite seem to be fond of.
    I know a lot of people try to connect feminism and the NWO but I'm not buying it.

    • They like to create confusion, that's why they created feminism. Not to support women's human rights but in order to create more chaos and friction. They create different dogmas, ideas to divide and conquer. You haven't sussed them out yet?

      • sleepystalinist on

        did "they" create feminism?
        most MKULTRA victims are female, and all the handlers were male (except for some token female torturers, who were themselves under mind control).
        it seems to me that the Elite is run by MALE paedophiles and rapists who enjoy the degradation and torture of women. look at Courtney Stodden!

      • They created feminism, communism, socialism, the whole lot. They haven't left anything alone. They take their tall orders from devil like the puppets they are & apply everything in detail.

      • sleepystalinist on

        and yet they all seem to be rich capitalist men… why did the soviet union fail if it was controlled by the same world elite? why hasn't feminism been more successful?
        the world elite are rich white men, and that's how they intend it to stay.

      • There are rumors that the capitalists were actually the main supporters and instigators of communism. (major corporations creating factories and providing money, support, weapons, etc to communistic, facist, nazi causes, wars, etc) 'Ism's tend to be illegitimate cousins when you look beyond the surface of that they purport to support. It doesn't take much to get a few enthusiastic idealists to be the face of sinister juggernaut about which they have no real idea.

        Remember the paradigm of that pyramid: a few at the top control the hoards of deceived supporters below.

      • They didnt create feminism to allow women to run the world, it was constructed to raise dissent among the civilian population.

      • Keep em fighting, same as the race stuff. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two of the worst people, really.

      • sleepy stalinist, ya know what i say in regards to your comment and i don't mean it in a racist way….. – "Black man built the word, white man runs it"

      • You cant control every variable. Plus, communism and all the rest of it are just experiments with control. Every experiment has been pretty successful, as we remain controlled little labor units worldwide. Though I have read rumors that there have been uprisings deleted from our communal memory and the history books that detail actual brief successful rebellions.

      • Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Maybe God IS a woman…since the "men" who run this world are so hell bent on the destruction of the very creatures that nurture life.

      • sleepystalinist on

        They've really got it in for women, haven't they?
        If you look at any of the symbolic pics, it's always women being tortured and murdered, and somewhat less dramatically the models in them are thin promoting a bad body image…
        I agree with you that these elite patriarchs resent women's ability to create and nurture new life, that is why they are obsessed with Goddess murder.

      • FYI- during their ritual sacrifices, the spilling of blood and killing of a young male is considered to be the ultimate way to gain power. The young male represent the power they've lost due to their own advanced age and this is the method they use to recapture that vigor. Think Milk Carton Kids….

      • Eh god energy sexless, but we are made of Earth Stuff. Earth is most definitely female.

      • I'm inclined to agree with you. For me, what finally confirmed that "they" are advancing their own agenda, and not women's rights, was the pill. We're now discovering the magnitude of its devastating affects on women (Group 1 Carcinogen, anyone?) but all these decades women have been fighting for "the right" to something that ultimately destroys them, and yes, their sacredness of motherhood! Women were fooled into mistaking oppression for liberation.

      • I myself misunderstood the response I replied to, but I agreed with her notion that the feminist movement was manipulated and heavily influenced by powers that be, hence my bringing up contraception. Knowing what we know now about hormonal contraceptives, it's kind of frightening to think it was hailed as a saving grace back in the day, and was/is pushed so hard onto teens and women. I can't go to my yearly without being asked repeatedly what pill or IUD I'd like to try! Not to mention that even the WHO has classified it as a Group 1 Carcinogen. I think there was/is definitely something nefarious going on with that particular issue, and couldn't agree more with your statement that the elite resent a woman's ability to create and nurture life… just my .02

      • Wasn't Gloria Steinem a CIA agent?
        This is my thought on her, she was told to divide/ cause confustion and disrupt the strongest relationship on the planet man and woman. They do deeds like politicians do and donate to charities so that they have the front of a good guy, like how they are against porn and abuse- while thats good and moral they also promote abortion and divorce.

      • I don't think they 'promote' abortion and divorce, I just think they're realistic about their sometime inevitability.

      • Yes, women, liberate yourselves! Work for us and hand over your children to government schools, and whenever we want to control you we will just remind you about how you can get raped! I find that to be the funniest political tool, and women fall for it hook line and sinker every time. You need these "rights", what if you get raped?!?!?

        Add to that the messing with ones entire hormonal system that birth control does. You suppress a lot of natural urges with that pill, including your natural sense of who is or isn't attractive to you.

      • Two keywords you noted there Gina…..Divide and Conquer………. through the different avenues, you know the score Gina 😉

      • Gina, when i said "you know the score", it basically means You know what the deal is, you know whats goin on………….lmao, C'mon Gina get with it lol

    • I think abortion is horribly sad, but so is the child protective courtroom. I also believe women have a fundamental right to control their own bodies, and that means the right to decide whether or not to have a child. As long as men rape women and as long as our society gives little to no support or help to single mothers and their kids, we have to have that option available to women who have no other way out. If you want abortion to go away, start helping to address the social ills that cause it.

    • PS @ sleepystalinist – No matter what side is talking, strong women who stand up for women's rights get demonized.

      • There is no need to have to stand up for anyones "rights" – what we are doing is squabbling for a government to legislate things we are born with. Any discussion of fighting for rights begins with the premise that it is OK to have a society in which we SEEK THEM OUT. Its ridiculous.

    • Actually sleepystalinist there is a connection between the occult elite and abortion. Margaret Sanger who was the founder of Planned Parenthood and a proponent of not only birth control, but abortion and forced sterilization was a eugenicist and member of the Eugenics Society which is now the Population Council. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Planned Parenthood and the Eugenics Society. The Rockefellers also funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and Dr Josef Mengele and his research on Jews, twins, and mind control! They also funded I.G. Farben which supplied the chemicals to the gas chambers! So, yes they absolutely are connected!

      • sleepystalinist on

        Margaret Sanger was opposed to abortion, it's pretty well documented.
        If you oppose Planned Parenthood on the grounds that it's a form of 'big government' then that's fine, but don't just make things up.

      • Who told you that lie? Well documented from where, the mainstream media and education systems? P-L-E-A-S-E. Margaret Sanger was a well known eugenicst and funded by Rockefeller. Enough said!

    • Uh. Womens lib was a way to control a movement, and really, all it did was take women out of the home and into the workplace. That makes kids wards of the state earlier and creates more tax revenue. Hello, more control! As you can see, any time "womens lib" is celebrated in the press, it just talks about how women are making more money. YAWN. More money and the family unit destroyed.

  13. Began wondering the same thing about the Bible miniseries on the History channel. There was no need for God to rain down fire and brimstone after the ninja angels took out most of Sodom's citizens. I've watched 2 of 3 episodes but pretty disappointed with the liberties taken.

    This site has convinced me that Disney is nothing but a fast track to teenage skankdom. Have you seen the trailer for Springbreakers? After viewing that trailer, I wanted the 2nd coming of Christ right then. What is it about these Disney stars in their later years?

    • "fast track to teenage skankdom" — can I quote you later?? That's good, well at least the the quote was. The reality….

      I wish I could say the "good ole days" were better, but the truth is we usually didn't see what bad existed in them at that age. But we do have one thing on our side. The difference between innocence and virtue is that virtue CHOOSES to do the right thing in the face and seduction of the bad. We now have the ability to be virtuous.

    • Why do you think the Bible states that 'he comes as a thief in the night'? Remember the parable of the ten virgins where the wedding is at MIDNIGHT? Who gets married at midnight??? Apparently Christ does. Though only those virgins with the EXTRA OIL make it to the wedding. Wonder what the extra oil is?? My Bible (KJV) doesn't describe any rapture. Though there IS a harvest! The harvest that is depicted in Revelation AND the old testament. The old testament harvest of Leviticus typifies the harvest in Revelation.


    • I have been saying that about Disney for YEARS…the disney whore factory. it is real…

  14. I try not to let it get it to me, but that photo of Gloria Steinem infuriates me to no end every time I see it. I cannot imagine a woman who is infertile, or has had a miscarriage or otherwise lost a baby, looking at her smug-ass smirk proudly bragging that she killed a life in her womb. So disgusting.

    • Totally missing the point. She's not 'proudly bragging'. She's identifying herself as someone who had an abortion, and is none the less a happy person who feels no shame in her decision. The reason she's doing this is not to crap on women who are infertile or have suffered miscarriages, its to encourage women who've gone through abortions not to live in shame and self-loathing. If you prefer women who've had abortions to live in shame and self-loathing, maybe you should re-examine your good Christian morals.

      • So, she paid someone to take action to end an innocent life, with a vacuum and a bucket, then boldly wears a shirt saying so with a maniacal grin while flashing the luciferian pyramid…sorry, but I'm missing what is Christian about any of that.

      • Yeah i know why tha fuck put it on a t shirt? why? unless there is a hidden meaning of course

      • No, that is YOUR point, not mine, nor hers.

        It was also your words, not mine, that assumed I prefer women who've had abortions to live in "shame and self-loathing." But yeah, I do prefer that women not kill babies and then take photos of themselves smiling about it as if it's some almighty righteous step for womankind. It's not.

        I think it is you who has missed the point, by miles.

      • And by the way… Who said I was a Christian? Seems you live in a bubble of assumptions and stereotypes. There are plenty of agnostic and atheistic individuals out there who respect life in all its forms, and do not condone abortion.

      • I also respect life. I respect it so much that I refuse to be selfish enough to bring one into this world if I cannot take care of it.

      • So murder is an act of selflessness… yep keep telling yourself that! It's too bad your mother was so selfish.

  15. If you want a good portable version of the bible, go to,
    It's the one I highly recommend for all cellphones including iPhone!

    Good call on the photos, VC! I always stop what I'm doing & read these articles. Considering these last days are unfolding in front of our eyes.

    Thanks VC!!!

  16. If all this does not wake people up, then honestly nothing else will. They have chosen to remain asleep! And re: The Bible series, I knew from the moment they were promoting it (from all the celebrities telling us to "watch the show") that it would be full of bias and half truths. I have not seen it and have no intention to. Time is running out people. See the LIE for what it is and prepare yourselves spiritually!

  17. Referring to Harry Styles… I'm quite impressed with myself as I noticed before this post about the butterfly… Also the birdcage and mask… But what about the 2 crosses with MK written underneath?!?! Just putting it out there…. Also he looks like my old school desk with those tattoos! A mess! Thank you VC … You help keep me thinking and my mind (hopefully!) a little free… Much love, peace, and healing….

      • Styles is an idiot and he thinks he is some hunk lol. My a*s he is a hunk, only in his wildest dreams.

      • I know the boys of one direction personally. Harry styles is NOT an idiiot. Dont judge people you dont know… Also dont hate. Because last i checked more than eight million girls were following him on twitter. hes really cute. and im not even an obsessive directioner. thanks for the article VC. The day the picture of his new tat came out, it all fell into place for me. i knew they were getting controlled yes, but it took that tattoo for me to realise that those were symbolic tattos.Just like Zayns tattoo of a microphone with a splash of blood underneath it (i think its blood- sort of like a blood sacrifice).

  18. I came on today expecting to feel more aware about symbology in today's media. Unfortunately, after being a reader for two years, I have realised that this is not enlightening at all.

  19. Great article as usual, VC.

    Also wanted to point out the picture of the sun being held by one of the twins in the first Japanese
    Vogue MK shoot…and the freemason compass design on their shoes in the second.

    and Rihanna's handgun tattoo in the sex kitten pic.

  20. Thanks, VC

    I understand it is always down a rabbit hole with this bunch. I read the kim noble article and had to stop reading because it made me cry as I looked at the pictures. I HATE what is learn at times.

    You have loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows. Heb 1:9

    • I also clicked on the link to read Kim's article, as I am at work lol!! And I am truly saddened and left feeling so empty. I want to cry and hug everyone around me. It touched me in a way that has made me look at the world around me more sympathetically and with more compassion. I cannot believe that we live in a world where this goes on and its done by people who are the movers and shakers of our world. I can only hope and pray that the world collectively can get closer to God.

    • Lisa, tell me about it, that 2nd pic is very disturbing, especially when you read the meaning of that pic on the Kim Noble article but when you see the OTHER images, ………..I was left speechless and couldnt actually believe it tbh

  21. Light & Truth on

    God come quick!!!

    Those who have ears to hear let them hear….this is so profound to me because every one was born with ears but not everyone can hear through the noise pollution!

  22. Most people reading this are blind and eager to remain blind.

    Most people reading this cannot handle the true nature of reality and will do anything to avoid confronting the true details of what the "illuminated" have done to humanity.

    Most people reading the excellent information provided by VC are confused by outdated technologies and terminologies and believe that MK Mind Control is something relatively uncommon and presents a threat only to certain celebrities.

    In fact – Monarch sex magick mind control technologies evolved past the simple "trauma"/"handler"/"kitten" systems more than 50 years ago. Today quantum computing technologies decades in advance of even secret military technologies permit the "Illuminati" to easily program the minds of ordinary people like you and me remotely via the internet. Today the "illuminated" can turn the average consumer of popular culture infected with hidden Monarch mind control programming signals into a Monarch Sex Puppet simply by running a program from a computer on the other side of the planet. They control the bodies, minds, and realities of MILLIONS of humans at any given time – with the power to use them for any and every type of sexual and sacrilegious perversion before wiping their memories.

    They BOAST of their total control over us and TAUNT us with images of the horrible sex rituals they subject us to while we are in Monarch trance states. Just look at this month's crop of depravity:

    The checkerboard Monarch sex puppet twin theme is common and has been discussed on VC many times before. In this particular representation we see the sapphic sex clones depicted in mid-60s swingin' London amphetamine gear with our attention called to a number of "illuminated" fetishes including latex/vinyl/rubber fetishism, shoe/foot fetishism with the highly elaborate ritual "f**k me" shoes, etc. Everything is presented from a perspective of the "illuminated' belief that "enlightenment" comes through the transcendence of dualistic concepts of reality and morality. This photo shoot references a key "Illuminati" origin myth about the universe perpetually being created and destroyed through the never-ending perpetual mutual cunnilingus the "Great Mother" performs on her own doppelganger. "Good" and "Evil" – "Light" and "Darkness" – "God" and "Satan" – engaged in eternal '69' – creating and destroying our universe with each orgasm.

    These "illuminated" sex magick rituals are more ancient than most reading this can understand. Just look at the horrifying group sex magick orgies depicted here 5000 years ago:

    Nothing about this has changed today. The "Illuminati" are ENTIRELY about deviant sex magick. Most "illuminated" symbols have different meanings depending on context – but always the core meaning of the triangle is the vagina and anus and phallus (represents all of these depending on context). Celebrating the triangle/pyramid symbol as Ms. Steinem does above is to publicly celebrate ritual cunnilingus. Secondary symbols in the same image reference the equally important simultaneous stimulation of the g-spot and anus necessary to produce transformative ritual orgasms and release of the ejaculatory fluid they hold so sacred.

    Dubious? Just study the evidence. Notice the emphasis on ancient Egyptian theology and ritual? Do you know how the universe was created in ancient Egyptian mythology? Through the semen of the god Atum after he engaged in ritual sex magick masturbation. Perhaps armed with this knowledge the casual student will start to understand the sex toy function intended of the Ptah statue and its electrified "Oscar" descendant?? If not – stay tuned and study carefully. IF you are prepared to accept the ugly nature of our reality as sex slaves of the "illuminated" that is….

    • Hello Dr S, how are you?, i know your posts always contain interesting info and always looking forward to what you've, got to say…………..Well done VC btw, The symbol that Gloria Steinam is displaying is the Triangle of Manifestation, Beyonce did the same symbol at the superbowl, in fact alot of people display that symbol. Its NOT paying homage to the Roc sign label, even though its practically similar, its the easiest thing for pople to say "Orrr its the ROC label sign because beyonce's husband owns Roc Nation Record label" but why the fuck is Gloria Steinam showing that symbol, she's not connected to Jayz's label or beyonce is she? Jayz would have got the idea from Aleister crowley who used to use the exact symbol with his hands for one of his magickal orders, cant remember which one. Also the outline for this symbol represents the vulva but god knows ya cant put anything past these lot anymore.

    • gladtameetcha on

      Dont forget the beehive hairdos and the beehive hat. Bees are sacred freemasonic symbols.

      • Lady gaga's Telephone video: reference of Bees, Honey and Honeybee, the diner scene, the people eat their food (tyrese gibson is in this scene), not knowing it was spiked with lethal honey and they all die and then they all start dancing doing the one eye and "ok" symbol

      • appreciate it chrissy333, you know where im coming from thats why, we are on the same level, You, Dr. S & a few other people on this site know what they are talking about and for the rest im not even gonna go there………… :-/

    • Interestingly, your view on the evolution of this monarch control made me recall the reading of the Fritz SpringMeyer Book on how to create a total mind controlled slave…. I read the entire thing and wondered at the end if I wasnt actually MK ing myself by reading the thing…. I was in Guatamala at the time and a monarch butterfly started flying around me and I was totally transfixed… Made me wonder if I was actually harming myself to be looking into this kind of thing in the first place. My feeling is that it is better to be informed and therefore armed, but perhaps I was falling into a trap….. Any thoughts ??
      Please excuse my english and puntuation….

      • The danger does not come from researching these topics or being exposed to ideas or information – no matter how repellant those ideas. Monarch mind control technology operates INDEPENDENTLY of the content in which it is embedded. That is to say, Monarch mind control programming codes are HIDDEN inside ORDINARY materials – popular music, television shows, movies, video games, manga, televised religious programming, web pages, animated gifs, and so on. People exposed to Monarch programming (and it is EVERYWHERE in 2013) are unaware that their minds are being infected. Once sufficient Monarch codes have penetrated the subject's brainstem it is a simple matter for the "illuminated" to take total control of the individual remotely and use that person for whatever sick purposes desired before completely wiping the victim's memory and leaving them unaware they have been turned into a Monarch Sex Puppet.

        The ONLY way to avoid being potentially infected with Monarch mind control programming is to disconnect completely from all popular media including the internet, books, video games, music, sermons, etc. But if you are unable to go that far the only way to defend oneself is to read MORE about the threat to us. It is vital to understand everything about our enemy and every tactic they use against us. My previous posts provide greater detail and suggest additional resources. The key is to not be afraid to face the threat head on and educate oneself totally about the details of the perversions they commit against us while we are unaware. Good luck to you.

      • Thank you Dr. S., Your reply makes perfect sense and this is the way I have been living my life for the past three or four years now, since I discovered VC, which, incidentally was a follow up after watching the film Shutter Island with Leonardo Di Caprio. I think I went ahead and googled Nazi mind control…. which led me to VC and I have been checking this site ever since then. I do not watch much TV or many films, but have a very hard time discussing my views with others, most people.. including my boyfriend… think I am a conspiracy theorist, so I try not to go on about it too much (I would regard myself more as a truth seeker). Other people I have mentioned it to have been very dismissive or even concerned for my mental health. I think people really want to believe that the government is good and that people are not bad who are in power… I mean, try telling some people that 9/11 was an inside job to create fear and a war that has profited these people etc etc etc… and they think that you have a very evil side to even think that… I am happy to see more and more people on this site who are aware of the truth but the many many many others who refuse to see, even though they are intelligent human beings rather confuses and somewhat frustrates me. The truth seems so plain but people just DO NOT want to hear it.
        I have read many of your posts and I think you have a very good take on things, so, thank you, again.
        I do not know how it works with the discussion groups here but would like to have a conversation with you and pick your brains a bit.

      • disconnect from all popular media….like books? huh? Maybe someone will read a line from harry potter and it will be a manchurian code trigger to molest the neighbour's children. Animated gifs? How does pure conjecture get 38 thumbs up? I am becoming more and more convinced that you are a troll or below average intelligence. Do you really expect me to believe these unsubstantiated claims because you just wrote it out of thin air? Maybe you should get out a bit and converse with reality.
        oh, wait, according to your calculations i'm an illuminati shill, right?

      • Please Simon – if you have nothing to add to the conversation please just let us learn from Dr. S. There is no reason to be so disruptive. This is a valuable opportunity for us all.

      • Hello,

        I just wanted to say one quick thing about your being transfixed by the monarch butterfly. First, nature is beauty. There is absolutely nothing inherently evil about creation. It is pure beauty. Darkness wants to posses the beauty and make it represent something it is not. That's how the mind is controlled, by giving foreign meanings to something pure. Enjoy the natural world and see the beauty for what it is. Do not associate the mind-control references to these things. If you are aware of the meaning, reassign your own meaning to the natural world. Hell, learn about the life and habits of the actual insect, that will give you appreciation and knowledge for what it REALLY is. Enlightenment and peace to you!

      • Hi Jenny Bee,

        I don't think the truth can harm you – even if it hurts. By reading the book, you will recognise more easily what is what in the Illuminati media.

      • "John Thomas" ?

        "John Thomas" is a slang euphemism for the male sex organ – the "staff of god" venerated by the "illuminated".

        Are you a researcher being lighthearted in your choice of nom de guerre or does your pseudonym reflect some affiliation with the depraved cultists who control our society??

      • Dr, Dr, Someone reeeealy wants you to contact them dont they…………and trust you to notice his name (John Thomas)….Dont trust him, dont trust no-one, I see RED FLAGS all over this one……….Oh and Chrissy333, Dr S, has alot of uselful info, check his other posts out and please check my replies to your post in the Monster High articles, i have a few questions for you

    • I do love your "articles" Dr S and I am familiar with sex magic and occult. I would like to know where and how you came across the info about remote programming. I've read many things about MK Ultra, but I have not come across info about this in particular. Do you have any sources? I know that they use symbolism to brainwash the masses, but do you have any info or sources on how this actually works? I know about Mengele and Crowley and Springmeier, etc. Is there a more modern source about this technology?

      • Dr. S, do you write elsewhere? Do you have a blog, website? Would love to learn more without having to read all comments for your posts.

      • Dr S would you like to get together and create a website? My husband is a web and graphics designer.

    • simontranslate on

      You can't just say the illuminati can control ppl via the Internet and turn them into sex slaves without some sort of either 1: logic, 2: evidence. We weren't born yesterday. Also, the way you talk about them is like you admire their supposed power…I suggest you stop that, because they aren't superhuman. This may be satans world but its nothing worth building up. They have ALREADY been defeated by the death and resurrection of Christ.

      • The evidence is all around you. What do you think this web site is about?? Obviously you have not been reading either VC or my posts as we have both provided exhaustive proof of "illuminated" sex magick mind control over the course of years…..unless of course you are working for the "illuminated" now as a disinformation agent and know very well that what VC and I are describing is accurate.

        But if you ARE sincere and are genuinely arguing that people of strong faith need not protect themselves from real world dangers and should instead just trust in God and do nothing to fight evil or protect their families I suggest you will not last long on this planet. Only fools think that God will protect them and feed them without any effort on their part. Do you teach your children not to get into cars with strangers? Do you lock your doors at night so that rapists cannot get in?? If your nation is invaded will you not defend it???

        The "illuminati" present a massive real world threat to YOU and your orifices TODAY. You are at risk of being turned into a remote controlled Monarch Sex Slave (if you are not already) and molesting your family members under "illuminated" control NOW.

        Think about it VC readers – why would anyone go to such efforts to tell people NOT to be concerned – to tell people they can ignore the rapes and sex magick depravities committed against their family members NOW?? Even the most faithful know they have real world responsibilities in THIS life – yet here dozens of posters are eager to tell us all not to worry a bit. Just a little suspicious perhaps….??

      • simontranslate on

        Actually, you sound pretty naive and typically American… All the macho "gotta protect your own" talk and belief that guns will save you is particular to your country.

        Anyway, there is no denying the illuminati has influenced culture and are up to crazy stuff, but you have no credibility when you say they can turn anyone into a sex slave via the Internet. Like I said, please provide some logic or evidence, ie links to something…don't just quote springmeier stuff. Tell us where this thinking is coming from please. VC has done a great job shining light on certain aspects of illuminati influence on culture…you so far have shown nothing…those previous links you put up really reveal little to nothing about "sex magik" . I've read all of Vc's articles but I don't see how you think you are connecting the dots…you are mostly just adding noise.

        Also, I will trust Jesus over guns any day…your country's freedoms were not due to guns but were because of the morality of the general population and leaders. USA has declined in morality the last 30 years and this is why it's many freedoms have eroded. You have more firearms as a population than ever before, more than any country, but more oppressed then ever. Widespread support of the homosexual agenda, Internet porn, decline of parenting, new age 'me is king',,,these are only some of what is going to take America into the new world order…not civil war. It's not going to be what you paranoid fear manger types are predicting…at all.

      • Clearly you are an operative of the "illuminated". Ad Hominem attacks and straw men? Typical fare for "Illuminati" agents working long hours to discredit the truth.

        Please notice I have not mentioned guns – nor have I quoted Springmeier. Neither am I an American. Nothing in your post makes any sense. Perhaps you are intending your response for someone else and got confused??

        My guess is you are an "Illuminati" shill and I believe most VC readers will agree with me.

      • oh,i question all the time. I DEFINITELY believe that satan is in control of this world, that he uses pawns like the illuminati, freemasons, the pope, etc to further his ends. But i don't just accept random claims by people without real names and at least a few things to substantiate. The claim that illuminati have some sort of technology that they are actively using to make sex slaves of people over the internet, at will… well wouldn't you say that is a somewhat tall order? I am willing to believe that if there is something that corroborates it…even vaguely. But this Dr. S whatever guy is just saying it, and expects everyone to accept it, and if anyone disagrees he is either ignorant, foolish, or an illuminati agent. Like,,,what?
        I'm testing the info spewing from this guy and so far he's got nothing to back it up but his own claims its true. That doesn't fly with me. Show me something.

      • My my — no need to get so worked up and rude! Dr. S has shown he knows exactly what he is talking about time and time again my friend! You however seem to be talking about everything EXCEPT the facts he has laid out and are putting words in his mouth to boot. He has provided more specific documentation to help people understand this sick system than almost anyone and at great risk to himself.

        I dunno if you are really a disinfo agent like it seems – but one things for sure – looks like lots more VC folks vote to trust Dr. S. than you. Take a look at your ratings and his.

      • Everything he is saying fits with my own research. We all want to hear him – not you.

      • Actually we did use our guns to free ourselves from the British and we used them again to save your arses from the Nazis or else you would be speaking German right now! And yeah, we need to pay attention to their agenda. Americans want to oust these f-ers and that may very well require a civil war. At least we are prepared! Have you ever wondered why there are so many instances of pedophilia these days. Don't you think maybe they are influenced by what they see on tv?

      • pedophilia is a perversion, a passion like drug addictin, food addiction etc.
        the control you have over someone who is more vulnerable and innocent than you

    • that slate link doesn't imply any 'sex magik'. There is sex, and perhaps its perverted, but linking it to the illuminati is just conjecture. Where is your logic or reasoning in this? provide something please.

      Give some sort of corroborating evidence to your claim the illuminati is/can turn someone into a sex puppet by 'running a program on the other side of the planet' I don't care if its weak evidence, anecdotal, your own research, youtube vids, VC style analysis,,,something. Just not your random claims on this forum. If you are so knowledgeable then please, humour us, stop calling me an illuminati shill (the usual refuge of someone who is losing a debate,,, you may as well start calling me a nazi) , and give some evidence, ANYTHING, that backs up your claims.

      I put forth you know virtually nothing about 'sex magik' remote computer programming and you are making it up. why do i say this? You never back up anything. I've read a bunch of your comments on the forum in the past and you come across as arrogant and hokey, But i am open to anything which appeals to some reason…even yours.

      I can put forth that aliens are responsible in large part for the cattle mutilations, but I wouldn't expect anyone to take my word for it. I would direct them to the research of linda moulton howe, the movie 'silent killers' by richard d hall, etc. But i wouldn't just say it here and call ppl who disagree agents of the illuminati.

      • Why are you harassing this respected man and derailing a fascinating thread?? As you can see we have no trouble following Dr. S's arguments and all the evidence he has cited is verifiable for those with the resources to follow up. His posts are far more detailed and solidly referenced than almost anything you will read on this topics on the public internets – which are after all mostly controlled by the Illuminati.

        Your posts seem very agitated and aggressive and you are insulting American people and attributing statements to other posters they never made. It doesn't seem like a stretch to think you must have some reason for wanting people to be complacent about these terrible threats to us all. Why don't you respect the obvious interest many here have in this important information and stop trolling the good Doctor?

      • What 'evidence' ? so because he put a 'dr' in his alias you assume he is a doctor? A doctor of what exactly…stories? Everyone keeps saying there is 'verifiable evidence' but i dont know what you are smoking because i've seen none yet. He is saying illuminati can turn ppl into sex slaves remotely over the internet…how is this verifiable? All i am asking is something, anything, even poor anecdotal stories, personal research, an interview with someone, i don't care… just a shred of weak evidence to verify this claim. And he has made so many more claims that are just as kooky but I'm just asking for him to verify this ONE claim.
        As soon as I asked for this and called him out on it I got attacked, 'leave him alone' 'its all verifiable' , 'you are disrupting us'… Are not any of you interested in knowing how it is possible for the illuminati to do what your beloved Doctor Stories is claiming? Or are you just willing to take some random anonymous person's word for it.
        Until this guy supports his statements, he's just conjecturing and those who support him have been deceived. When he gives some evidence, i'll shut up. VC gives evidence,,, and I am pretty confident he would never support Doctor Stories' literary diarrhea.

      • Ohnestly simonshawn – Dr. S. doesnt HAVE to prove anything to YOU. All i can say is the "Illuminated" have technology that is GENERATIONS ahead of us and if you know anything about military intelligence, they can implant a personality in you without you knowing so imagine WHAT ELSE they can do and are doing…………..tbh ohnest instead of saying someone is wrong, let see what YOU have to and what knowledge and experience YOU have?……………….hmmmm i dont see any detailed posts from you but if you really want to know how the illuminati can turn ppl into sex slaves over the internet why dont you do your OWN research, Why are you waiting for Dr.S? because to me it also sounds like you are scared of what Dr. S knows and how he knows that information because he sounds like he's got info from an inside source but……..

      • …. i find it funny how "John Thomas" was very eager to have Dr. S's contact info because he was 100% agreeing with him and then we have you who is saying the complete opposite but at the same time very eager and persistent to know how he knows that info and if you really dont agree with him you dont have to come on this site and on this post do you, am i right? but noh you have made the effort to come on this site and scan through the comments and probably thought "Wow Dr. S. does know ALOT, i wonder how he knows that? and where could he have got that info from?" and thought lets challenge him……

      • but ohnestly, lets see what YOU have to bring to the table and also look above at "Jannas" comment, it was as much use as an ornament and wouldnt have helped no-one anyway …….Knowledge is Power at the end of the day.

    • "Moonchild" by Aleister Crowley comes to mind, Dr S. Most people are unaware of the true nature of these pagans.

      • Chrissy333, have you read that book btw? I haven't but i kinda know what its about, have you seen the film Rosemary's baby? Im sure this film was inspired by this book, the film was directed by Roman Polanski, he's directed a few occult films such as the ninth gate, and we all know what he did to that 13 year old girl and also what happened to his wife……………You will have heard about Ron L. Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, (he was a student of Aleister Crowley) and also look up Jack Parsons, they tried to engender a "Moonchild" by doing a sexual magick ritual…….

  23. How can that goon off one direction be mind controlled. surely you need a mind to begin with

      • LISTEN.

        Just like the people hating Nicole, DONT JUDGE PEOPLE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
        The boys of 1D are incredibly selfless hardworking and have initiative. for them to write ALMOST ALL of their music takes BRAINS.
        No offense mate, but i dont see any one of your number 1 hits breaking records…. What makes you beautiful was a little bit annoying but otherwise their music is REALLY REALLY good.
        Better than Justin Biebers music and miles better than the wanteds music. It might not be your cup of tea, but from someone who studied music for five years, i still say they have talent. And brains consequently.

      • Dear Lillian777 and koolkat44, Did you even consider that "shutuputit" might not even want to be a singer, actor, model, famous or under the public eye??

        These people that go on X factor and BGT & all these talent and reality shows just crave fame and DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT, because thats exactly what it is, its a game and like another user on here said, They get groomed, pimped, used, abused , generate ALL THAT MONEY back to the Elite, to the people that made them famous and they are disposed of….

        All these 1-directioners, justin beibers of the world, whatevea their names are, ARE DISPENSIBLE/DISPOSABLE, not even worth any amount of luxury, world riches and money

  24. I never liked Selena and most thought it was because i like her ex, but I never trusted her and this just reinforced what I thought

  25. The so-called "Bible" program on History is a farce, and an apostasy. It is twisted scripture. I only watched two episodes before i had enough!


    • But do you read a KJV? It is still the more accurate biblical text yet most Christians I know use the new international version which quite frankly is as good as this show!!!

      • I totally agree. I use to think that all versions were the same, just the newer translations left out all the "thees" and "thous". God laid it on my heart to seek the truth. After prayerfully studying the history of the modern day translations, and simply doing scripture comparisons, I realized that they were not near the same! Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone, but once you are saved, I encourage you to use only the KJV. Every true Christian should seek God's wisdom on this matter. I have seen so many times on the internet where atheist or people of other faiths question Christianity simply because of all the different translations. I can't blame them! It makes the Bible seem weak and contradicting to have so many versions that simply do not say the same things. Satan has tried to change the Word of God since the beginning of the earth, do you really think he would stop today?! I promise that I'm not trying of offend ANYBODY; I just hope that I can serve as an encouragement. Please pray about this and ask God to show you the truth. I'm so thankful that I did! Love in Christ!

    • Yes Jay…….I havent seen it and i will NOT be seeing this tripe……………Absolutely, positively, definitely, undoubtedly, complete and utter BULLSHIT

      • Check out this website if you want a good breakdown on the bullshit it tries to force down your throat:

        Should be one of the featured stories. My spirit was very disturbed after reading the article, and I sure as hell don't want to be subjected to Hollywood's distortion of the Holy Bible!

  26. there is something sly and evil selena. she plays innocent too well. i will watch spring breakers and see the symoblisms. i read a review that said the movie is based on britney spears. weird right? all the four characters represent one person with split personas. faith represents britney when she was young and very religious. however once fame really hits home, she cant take it and loses "faith". she returns home in the movie but the other three are left. cotty pretends that she enjoys all the hype but actually doesnt and is pretty scared. her breaking point in when she gets shot and flees home. this could link to the physical and mental trauma britney faced causing her to shave her head. brit and candy are the remaining characters. brit could also stand for "britney" and is the main one out of all the personas. candy is simply a voice that leads "brit" which is very wild. alien is a character that has a scary resemblance to kevin federline and oh how strange that they end up sleeping with him. hmmmm…

    • I was flipping through the channels last night and happened to catch her on david letterman. She was talking about an actor in the movie who plays a creepy character and how creepy he was on set and how easy he could slip into his character, and how he kinda scared her. All said in a joking manner of course, but at the same time serious. I didn't catch the name, but I looked at who stars in the movie and I assume she must've been talking about james franco since he is one of the main characters. It makes me wonder what he's been doing since he's been getting so much attention for a while now.

      • no she doesnt have a threesome with james franco. ashley benson and vanessa hudgens do though

      • james franco is all sorts of messed up. he has done various things that prove that he is not well. the wizard of oz remake is obviously occult with the whole background story of the "yellow brick road". he starred and produced a movie called broken tower which i havent seen but i know there is a gay scene in it and he apparently completely puts a dildo down his mouth. he also does this in spring breakers but with a gun. i mean if this is in a movie, what sick things are being done to him in real life? he also starred in pineapple express and 127 hours which got him an oscar or at least a few nominations. i think that selena is trying to act all mature and grown up but she is still very new to this industry. even disney stars like miley have seen more than selena. i feel that vanessa also starred in spring breakers because i really think that she is her current handler. it isnt that hard since they share the same agent and manager so see a lot of eachother. in interviews vanessa always says that shes there to "hold her hand through it all". through what exactly?? i mean a break up isnt that huge, unless she isnt referring to the breakup at all… vanessa is such an interesting person. when i watch interviews she often plays the silly ditsy person but she knows exactly what shes doing. i mean shes got a butterfly tattoo and the eye of horus tattoo proving how big she really is in the industry we just dont know it yet. within a year she will gain a lot of fame especially with her role in spring breakers which is EXTREMELY RAW.

        and can i prove how smart vanessa actually is? well she was on broadway for the show rent playing a prostitute and then went on to do a movie with harmony korine. cant see the link? well rosario dawson played the role that vanessa played on broadway but in a movie and also starred in a contreversial movie similar to spring breakers by harmony korine called "Kids". this year i searched for any movies she will play, and she is doing a movie WITH rosario playing her daughter… so this whole time vanessa has been looking up to rosario and trying to follow in her footsteps. but i think vanessa will surpass her fame wise and may even win some awards for her acting. she actually isnt as bad a people think but all we know is high school musical….

  27. Haha, by all means, some of this stuff really amuses me.

    I mean, instead of showing us the same eye all the time, the same references to MK – Ultra, instead of showing us "black and white" as a symbolic meaning of duality how about something else? C'mon these men are supposed to be "illuminated" and still doesn't have the fucking capability of coming up with something fresh? Heck, I, as a common man, a being THEY look down on will try to play their games for once. This is my example on a ridicilous advertisement they could have forced upon us:

    A car advertisement where one of the drivers have a GOLDEN car whilst the other have a rusty COPPER car . The GOLDEN car can do everything, drive fast,,making you a cup of coffe while letting you play angrybirds while also the car drives for you, etc (the owner of this car also happens to have a masonic ring). The COPPER car is crap, I mean, it's a NORMAL CAR and it's owned by a COMMON MAN (the horrors, the horrors…) These two different people meet each other one day and the common man says:

    "Wow, you are lucky having such a car!"

    "Lucky? HAHA, join me (for a splitsecond is the masonic man showing his ring) and you too will become ultra cool like ME!" yells the good looking blond man while smiling friendly towards the fat, dirty, foreign, common man.

    And suddenly are both of them inside the golden car while they drive on a big rainbow painting the earth. At the same time can you see some sheeps on the earth eating grass while looking confused on the flying – GOLDEN – car. The car flies up towards the sky until it arrives on a golden star where these two individuals joins a dance party with other white, blue eyed, smiling dudes, in trendy robes.

    The end (oh yeah, the stupid car logo will also fade in and remind you that you actually watched a car commercial)

    Did you catch all my cool symbolism?

    You see, it's really easy…

    Now where the fuck is MY paycheck?!

    Ps: I know they use the same shit in order to make it normal while at the same time hiding the truth/ amazing knowledge behind these laughable symbolism.

    • gladtameetcha on

      Because its not about originality, its about RITUAL. Its about ritual magick and its worked for them for hundreds of years. Why would they change the symbols when they are only doing what they were told by their demonic friends.

      That, and they are inbred, crazy f***s.

      • it seemed like you stole ideas from the willem dafoe sign your name car commercial too now how original are you? and why would they just say, 'join me' it doesnt work that way. you join by wanting…wanting what they offer, although you will never get it. it steals your soul. there doesnt need to be rainbows or grazing confused sheep.

        how about…the logo of the car. but by purchasing this illuminati garbage doesnt make you bad. you cant avoid it nowadays. heck i had progressive insurance with flo and her hidden masonic hand symbols.

  28. Nope. An abortion isn't "sad and unfortunate 100 percent of the time." There are plenty of reasons why someone would get one. If they aren't emotionally ready for a child and/or don't have the resources to raise one, it's probably the better decision in the long run. There is nothing wrong with feeling glad or relieved about having had an abortion. She is wearing that shirt because she doesn't think abortion is shameful and wants to fight stigma against abortion. Also, the war against the sacredness of motherhood? Abortion isn't anti-motherhood. Just because someone gets an abortion, doesn't mean they can't become a great mom at a later point in their life when they are more ready if they so choose. Who is going to be the "better" mom? The woman who has an unplanned pregnancy and is not in the current position to adequately provide for a child or the woman who has put a lot of thought and planning into her decision to have a child? Abortion supports the latter.

    • Bowtie, I basically agree with you, but I must also state that it does seem to me that people are being desensitized to it. It is a lot easier for a woman who has never had a baby to have an abortion. Once you have given birth- abortion is a heart wrenching experience for many. While I do not agree with the religious ideologically based rhetoric attached to this issue, I do wish that humans on the pro choice side of the debate would be more sensitive to the matter. It IS a big deal and it should never be a situation based on economics!!! It is a profound tragedy that humans have become more accepting of abortion because of poverty!!! I RESENT feeling that I cannot have a child because I do not have the means to take care of it. The system that is this planet's economic mechanism is absolutely the problem! And who is driving that economic/social mechanism? Multinational corporations that do not give a damn about the Earth or most people. They care about their personal interests and those they count as their family. They want to abort YOU from the planet and if you don't understand where I am coming from, I suggest you educate yourself. Christians are not the only people seeing the reality of what is happening. Their reasons for paying attention might be different from mine and others, their conclusions regarding why it is happening might be different- but it is absolutely clear to so many people of various walks of life and ideologies that what is happening IS happening. What is happening? An agenda of death. The poverty, the ever increasing control mechanisms, the destruction of people's moral and sense of self worth, an increasingly punitive and controlling government, the perception management through media, this and more it all adds up to nothing good. Do you know anything about Eugenics for instance and what is going on? Please take a much closer look.

    • disturbed!!! on

      Do you go to the bank, lay down a proposal of motivation for a car, get a loan approved, receive the loan to buy the car, then search everywhere for said car, find the best deal, then excitedly purchase the car, drive it for a day and go back to the bank and say "i'm not ready for a car right now"? NO! why on earth would you apply the same logic to a human being? Did you have a choice weather u were aborted… fellow human being who was ALSO once a growing you did not. what choice do you think those babies in their mommies wombs would choose? life or death?no brainer! as for your question on the "better mom" —uuur that would be the one who is not sleeping around MAKING babies so that she can just murder them. sick. its logic, its common sense that abortion is wrong, no matter what spin u put on it ,its just wrong, murder is wrong. get it? good!

      • sleepystalinist on

        among other things, women get raped, DUDE.
        how about you stop condemning women for "sleeping around" and have some fucking empathy?
        also your car example is completely stupid.

      • Don't agree on the rapepart. I know it is hard on that woman, but why should the baby pay for a crime that is committed by its dad? The rapist should be punished! And besides that, abortions because of rape are rare. Unfortunately most people don't think ahead, especially in a world where sex is glamorized.

      • What drugs are you on?? Abortions bc of rape are rare? Back it up with sources please! Women will also have abortions if the fetus has severe congenital deformity and the baby will not make it full term. Yes, sometimes the diagnosis is wrong but more often than that they're right. I am against women who use abortion as a form of birth control, but I still demand my right to decide if I will abort or not. I you yourself had been aborted by your mother it wouldn't really matter now wouldn't b you wouldn't exist and be arguing here on this site.

      • Just look at any real medical website or medical source abortions due to rape are rare. In my medical ethics class the actual statistics was about 1%; 1% of abortions are due to rape.

        If you're interested in the topic do some research.

      • Pregnancies from rape are rare.

        And yes, I have every right to condemn women for sleeping around. If they didn't sleep around, they wouldn't need abortion or even contraception in the first place.

        Why not have some fucking empathy for the innocent child caught up in the mix? Oh, the child is "unwanted" and "inconvenient" so who gives a shit about the child – it's all about meeeeeee and my sex life and my designer clothes and my boyfriends and shit!

        Selfish bitches like you are what's wrong with this world. Personal responsibility and fucking self control are evidently alien concepts to animals like you.

      • Marie, to your point, a couple of quotes:

        "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

        "America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father's role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts — a child — as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the independent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters"
        And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners. Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity. The right to life does not depend, and must not be declared to be contingent, on the pleasure of anyone else, not even a parent or a sovereign."
        -Mother Teresa

      • yes, my daughter and her husband cannot have children, and so they were looking to adopt, but the powers that be make adopting danged near IMPOSSIBLE for the middle class; they want a couple to have a MINIMUM of 40k BEFORE they can even be CONSIDERED… what kind of b.s. is that??? and people abort those whom others would gladly raise as their own… its SAD..

      • "what choice do you think those babies in their mommies wombs would choose? life or death?no brainer!"

        A developing fetus doesn't even have a functioning nervous system (as in it's incapable of feeling, let alone independent thought) until 10+ weeks into pregnancy. Conscious perception doesn't develop until much later. As such, it is indeed a literal 'no brainer', as the fetus clearly would be 100% incapable of having an opinion on the matter.

        "uuur that would be the one who is not sleeping around MAKING babies so that she can just murder them."
        So all women getting abortions are sluts, is that it? Consider this statement you made, take a look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself if your feelings on this matter are based in love or in hate. You might be surprised with yourself. That or dishonest.

      • HOw about this: Get married then make a baby? Stop having sex before you're married and ready to procreate and then you won't have to worry about abortions and std's.

        I've been married for 5 years, only sleep with my husband and him with me. I have no std's and we have a lovely daughter. Take notes people.

      • I will say that I sympathize with rape victims, but not the selfish idiotic decisions of women who have sex simply for pleasure and not concerned with the consequence because they can simply have an abortion or put the child up for adoption. This is a senseless culture and many of us have much to pay for.

      • They usually have sex for money one way or another. They try to provoke lust to someone who then in return will provide for them. And then when men get fed up with them and get someone else they suffer and worry about the fact that they have aged and the suckers have moved on some other parasites. Most women are like that.

      • Okay, seriously? There is nothing wrong with premarital sex. What if someone doesn't want to get married? What if someone just feels like having some premarital sex? Also, even if a woman does wait till marriage to have sex, it doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't have to worry about abortion or stds. Who's to say that her husband doesn't have an std that he doesn't know about? What if she accidentally gets pregnant and the couple isn't ready for children? Even if she is on birth control or they use condoms or whatever, ALL forms of birth control can fail, some more than others.

      • "bowtie" Wow. I'm having trouble making sense of your post. You said yourself "ALL forms of birth control can fail," therefore, that risk is always there. So, how is there *nothing wrong* with premarital sex again? Please explain. Big fan of circular logic here.

        There's also the part of giving a part of yourself away, forever. I'm figuring you're too immature to grasp this concept, but it's there whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. Ever hear of "damaged goods?" I'm living proof of it, due to my lack of morals and giving in to temptation time and again in my late teens through my thirties, and so are all the women I've dated (regrettably), the one I married (which failed), and plenty I've avoided dating since, due to them being eager to give it up straight away. Living for the immediate gratification of carnal urges is undesirable, and repellant. Sure, it's fun in the beginning, but *always* leads to heartbreak.

      • Um, never said anything about "living for the immediate gratification of carnal urges." You can have premarital sex, casual sex, whatever and still have well rounded and rewarding life. Also, damaged goods? Giving away a part of myself forever? What? My sense of self worth does not revolve around my genitalia or my sex life.

    • I have to disagree completely. Have you known anyone who has aborted a child? My sister has had 2 and let me tell you she never got over either and she'll deny it but its so clear. If you don't think it's traumatizing and sad you are nuts. What's even worse is that a woman that gets 1 abortion is most likely to get another. The statistics are sad. The entire situation is sad. People feeling like they have no other choice but to kill their baby is sad. And I'm not prolife or prochoice. I'm not sure what I am after last yr. I always thought I'd be prolife till I was raped, and was scared I could be pregnant. I took the plan b to ensure I wasn't. However most of the abortions occuring are rarely associated with rape. Just a few statistics for you:

      Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2011: 54.5 million+

      234 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)
      Abortions per year: 1.2 million
      Abortions per day: 3,288
      Abortions per hour: 137
      9 abortions every 4 minutes
      1 abortion every 26 seconds
      Ratio of adoption referrals to abortions: 1 per 392
      White women in their 20s account for over half of all abortions performed.
      85.0% were unmarried
      36.6% had previously had either one to two abortions, and 8.1% had three or more abortions
      Previous live births for women who obtained abortions in 2009 show that 40.2%, 46.3%, and 13.6% of these —women previously had zero, one to two, or three or more live births

      Now with all the different forms of protection, the tremendous increase in STD's, and all the other factors included….I'm just pointing out that 1 abortion every 26 seconds is SICK. We as a nation have no responsibility or accountability to use PREVENTION. To me, half of all abortions are due to irresponsibility and that is ridiculous. Look below: out of the top 3 reasons given, 2 of them have to do with not being ready for the responsibility or just not ready for that kinda change. Well, maybe half of our population need to realize they don't need to be having sex if they can't deal with the aftermath.

      reason% of abortions
      rape or incest1(0.4-1.3)
      mother has health problems3(2.8)
      possible fetal health problems3(3.3)
      unready for responsibility21
      is too immature or young to have child11(12.2)
      woman's parents want her to have abortion<0.5
      has problems with relationship or wants to avoid single parenthood12(14.1)
      husband or partner wants her to have abortion1
      has all the children she wanted or all children are grown8(7.9)
      can't afford baby now21(21.3)
      concerned about how having baby would change her life16
      doesn't want others to know she had relations or is pregnant1

      • One should take into account that rape has different definitions in different states and a lot of rapes go unreported.

      • you know one now.

        i will only say that someone who has an abortion cannot imagine what their life would be like by having that child, so they decide not to, for whatever reason.

        what they for sure don't know, is what their life might have been, if they had kept it.

        it is sad. and it never goes away.

        i would not recommend it for anyone, no matter what their situation is. a baby can be loved, no matter how the pregnancy came to be.

    • I too am tired of conservatives (I consider myself one mostly) putting down all abortions. I never wanted kids and made great plans to keep from getting pregnant, but some are not that lucky. Birth control fails. Not EVERYONE wants kids. Also, women who are raped, and young girls who are molested should NEVER ever be forced to carry a child they didn't want. What a horrid reminder of what you just went thru, day in and day out for 9 months. WOW! So I have to somewhat agree here with Bowtie. Although my personal opinion is that they be done very early. Not late term and as they are being born. IF they can live out side the womb, then it is too big/old to abort. It is sad either way. No one want to have one, but we were given free will to procreate. GOD doesn't send down babies everytime a woman gets pregnant.. Sometimes he answers prayers and sends a baby. Either way, a fetus and then a baby is a result of sex, and sometimes it was not a sex act for the better, it was a crime comitted.

      • If you don't want kids, don't have sex. That is the primary function of sex – procreation. Every time you fuck, you run the risk of pregnancy.

        I will continue to put down abortions because it is murder – senseless murder committed by selfish bitches for stupid, trivial reasons.

      • Yeah, 'I was raped by my father'… what kind of selfish, stupid, trivial excuse is that? Stupid bitches.

        Do you people hear yourselves..?

      • Google bonobos…then tell me if sex is only for procreation…I do agree that in humans it is mostly a primal need that leads to procreationbbut since we are not cave men anymore and have contraception it can be done for pleasure only. Also some couples are married and don't want kids and may want to have sex so I don't think that get married to have sex is that legit now a days. Except for a few very religious folks most relationships that I see work out are the non married ones while those who marry because "they dreamnt about it since they were a little girl" end in divorce

      • That said I'm not too sure going around with a smile and ashirt screaming about your abortion is a great thing. Pro choice maybe…the people I know who have gone through abortions, though happy with the choice, rarely speak about it openly as if its their proudest day as under other circumstances they would have gone through the pregnancy. Its the type of thing you discusswith a friend not the whole neighborhood

      • If you want it to keep it between you and someone close to you, more power to you. If you want to keep it a total secret, more power to you. If you want to wear a t-shirt declaring it, more power to you.

      • Wearing a t-shirt declaring it is a callous act, evil at it's core, and she's making it painfully obvious. All the arguments here about not bringing a child into this world without the means to support it fall flat in this case too, as that woman is filthy rich! She did it for selfish reasons, pure and simple, and obviously is proud of it. The snuffing out of an innocent life, which was NOT the product of a rape, by a woman with means, who now proudly proclaims it while smiling and flashing a luciferian symbol is horrible and utterly despicable. To defend it is just sad.

      • "All the arguments here about not bringing a child into this world without the means to support it fall flat in this case too, as that woman is filthy rich!"

        Ever heard of simply NOT WANTING children? I take it that you believe life begins at conception, right? If so, I have nothing else to say to you.

      • By the way…for all we know, she had her abortion as a ritual. She is flashing the pyramid, which was infamously brandished by Crowley…who knows, it could have been a sacrifice as outlined in “Magick in Theory and Practice” – it wouldn't surprise me. Or, perhaps she's a member of the Bohemian Grove, and sacrificed it on the pyre in front of Molech…
        She's obviously so proud of herself, none of this would come as a shock. There's no end to what people like her will do to further their cause. Look at what that satan-spawn of an abortion doctor in Philly got away with for years, training his nurses to stab newborns in the spine, refusing to let women leave who had changed their minds, keeping body parts in jars for no apparent reason…the list goes on:

    • Has it occurred to you that abortion is encouraged so the powers that be can have their CHILD sacrifices…and for a depopulation agenda?

      Abortion is truly anti-motherhood, anti-woman, and anti-child.

      As a mother, I could NEVER imagine harming my child. I was devastated when my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. When I became pregnant with my second (who is now 11 years old) I was protective of him the instant I suspected I was carrying him.

      These elitist types want us to go what's against nature.

      Planned Parenthood and their ilk push off "safe sex" knowing fully well that it's not "safe." The more girls that have sex, the more pregnancies that result–and the more abortions they can perform, and the more money they make.


  29. I appreciate the similarity of the Oscar to Ptah but the hands are different and that is significant. Probably intentional but I do wonder what the significance is…

  30. I don't care to see any more "Illuminati-esque" pics of Rihanna. We all know she part of the game & industry so I feel like when we've seen one pic we've seen them all. I doubt she'll ever get out. The fame, fans, and money are too great to her.
    Selena Gomez is just another pawn we saw coming from a mile away. Anyone notice how "sexy" she dresses these days. It's like she is telling everyone she is growing up but not verbally saying it. It's such a bore to me. She's a boring artist/celeb. Spring Breakers. Oooo big time adult movie. Whatever.
    Courtney Stodden is so desperate for attention I'm not sure her act is illuminati related. She's just an attention whore.
    And some people just truly like getting that Eye tattoo. A girl I watch in YouTube (vlogs) has it in her back. She said what it meant to her & it has zero to do with secret societies. I believe in the illuminati & all this crap but I don't think EVERY famous person gets a certain tattoo to say "I'm part of that world." Some just think it's neat.
    Taylor Swift is boring, too. I wished she'd go away already. Who cares about her red dresses, initiation, "poor me" attitude & songs. She's not innocent & I know she wasn't featured in this post. I'm just sayin.
    J. Bieb's is headed down the wrong road. Such a narcissist.

    • Once you've been subjected to enough abuse, you can really lose yourself. I don't think theres much Rihanna left.

  31. What is the difference between this show and the new international version of the bible? The NIV has changed a lot, left things out, and taken liberties with the interpretation BIG TIME. I do not state this lightly. The common excuse I have heard is that it 'makes it easier to understand'. What happened to 'study to show thyself approved'? I will keep referring to my Strongs or Nelsons KJV and a concordance (its HIGHLY suggested to use a concordance when seriously studying the bible).

    • There is a good deal of difference actually. (The NIV has no ninja angels for one)

      I have kept a very open mind with the KJV only-ists, but I am having trouble reconciling the facts of text translations with the alleged changes mentioned.

      "Easier to understand" is a bad argument, unless you are dealing with a paraphrase. You don't change calculus because "hard to understand," you take measures to understand it.
      "This word/phrase can legitimately translated in these many ways" IS an acceptable one. And try as I might, I have found no examples of where the NIV has mistranslated the original language to support any other agenda.

      Now, that doesn't mean that there ARE NOT any. I've heard ugly stories about folks on the NIV committee, and have a hard time believing that NONE of their biases entered their translation.

      But I've looked at the text usually shown as examples of tampering, and all I see is that from Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek to English, that would be an acceptable alternative. The source of the English translation (or the French, Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, etc) is NOT the KJV, it's the original manuscripts. As for the NIV: No heresy espoused, no doctrines changed, only language translated. As of yet.

      Were there some specific examples you had in mind?

      • There are actually a few verses missing from the NIV, which always made me paranoid of relying on it. Most, as you say, only change the wording to make them more understandable or easy to grasp.

        However I will warn everyone that the newest translations coming out have totally deleted the phrase Son of God and Father which shows that Jesus was the Son of God and I know said over 70 times (unsure of exact #) in New Testament. This article shows what they did to please theMuslim religion.

      • I'm not sure if you're asking Sydnee which verses are missing or which verses leave out "Son of God", but I'll try to help if I can with the first part. The NIV completely takes away many verses which includes:
        Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14
        Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28
        Luke 17:36, 23:17
        John 5:4
        Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:28
        Romans 16:24
        1 John 5:7
        Mark 16:9-20
        John 7:53-8:11
        There are 64,576 words missing in the NIV, and that includes important words like "Godhead" and "Mercy Seat".
        I will not provide any links because I think they would violate VC"s comment rules, but there are good websites on the internet that can answer your questions. Most importantly, pray about it. If you sincerely want the truth, whom better to ask than the Author of the Book?! I will not debate this issue with anyone, but I will certainly provide any information that I can if you need me. Love in Christ Jesus!

    • If the message shows Jesus's sacrifice for mankind then I feel it's better than nothing. I mean look at our world and especially the US, we barely see any shows that have an uplifting, God centered basis. Wouldn't you agree that even a tv miniseries that is built around entertaining, but that shows the messiahs death and resurrection is better than nothing or even better than most of the trash put on tv by the system?

      • I haven't watched the show, but knowing the sly devil that satan is (pun intented), I would be cautious of anything being put on television these days. I see your point, but if there was one drop of sewer water in a gallon of milk, would you still drink it? Be careful not to be deceived.

  32. Thanks for including the Bible movie comments. There is a very good article on Beginning and End regarding this series! You're right on target!

  33. Jim Harcourt on

    This is a much better article than the one you did last time analysing the cartoon, VC. Some really intriguing and provocative material highlighted here with interesting and informative analysis.


    1-Is it possible artist are just doing the one eye signs and other signs just because their told to do so in their videos?
    2-Do artist know they are under mind control?
    3-If the answer is no, then how do you explain the video with B.o.B dissing the illuminati, or videos with artist such as tupac and DMX dissing the illuminati. What did they break free? that makes no sense, and if they did, why not just announce the illuminati publicly.
    4-If the answer is yes, then why do they continue to make videos symboliising all of this knowing their evils and why doesn't an artist just straight up say the Illuminati is real.
    5-Does an artist agree to undergo monarch programming? or are they captured or something. If they are captured, then why do we say that they sold their soul to the devil when it's not true.

    A lot of things just don't make sense about this conspiracy thing. It's a bit of a contradiction at times, because I see artist fighting the Illuminati, but supposedly their under mind control. Did they break free, if they did how? If someone could answer these questions I would be very grateful.

    • Most of them don't know that they are delivering a message with every video or photoshoot. They just pose and do what they are told to do. Many like to be copycats and place Illuminati symbolism on their videos in purpose to get attention and people talking.

      I think there are few real MK victims out there. Britney, Whitney, Michael, Marilyn. All end in mysterious tragedy.

      • hi @vale, why must the real MK victims die early/tragedy? when those who just promote the symbolism get to live? are they scared of what the victims may say in public??

    • Outraged Citizen on

      1. Yes, in fact almost all mainstream artists have very little creative control when it comes to their art. It is the directors, photographers, and people behind the scenes who are controlling what the artist does. I'm willing to bet a lot of artists don't even understand the symbolism that they push._2. No, if they knew, their mind wouldn't be controlled. VC readers have seen plenty of examples of people like Britney Spears switching into their alters. Many artists also claim to have "blackouts," where they don't remember anything they had done for a period of time. This is exactly what happens to people with DID (dissociate identity disorder) when they switch into their alters.

      • Some people know whats handling. One of my mates from one direction calls simon his handler. so trust me they know. it just gets harder for them to have a grip on reality later on down the line i think. are you telling me you wouldnt notice be3ing beaten up to the point oh having mysterious bruises and injuries on your hand after refusing to do something? or being locked up in a room, or told you're useless and talentless etc? Oh trust me. You'd know.

      • does this mean that your friend from 1D is getting tortured in any way or have they just lost all freedom and get told what to do 24/7? does he seem scared of simon or act like nothing is wrong? simon always seemed creepy.

      • he calls simon handler?? thats creepy! to your knowledge is he being tortured or has he just lost all freedom and gets told what to do?? doesnt he think it's weird that he calls simon that? simon has always creeped me out!!

    • Outraged Citizen on

      3. BoB did not break free nor did he try in my opinion. DMX did but he was punished through defamation of his character and jail time based on a phony cocaine charge. DMX has found God now and is on the right path. To answer your question, many artists mention the Illuminati and secret societies for a couple reasons. A) it makes their fans feel comfortable because they believe their idols are trying to expose corruption and not manufacture it. B) it brings them A LOT of attention (i.e. this conversation) and boosts their sales because of it. The Illuminati likes to hide in plain sight and reveal their plans ahead of time because in their twisted philopsophy, that relieves them of some karmic responsibility._

    • Outraged Citizen on

      4. Sometimes artists do realize that they are under mind control as they get older and are able to break free from their programming, or at least attempt to (like Britney or MJ). However, they are often "rehabilitated" as they call it in the mainstream media, when they are actually being reprogrammed._5. Many artists are sold into the industry as children (again like Britney or MJ) and have no choice. A lot of artists aren't victims or Monarch Programming but promote the symbolism. The ones who "sold their soul to the devil" are the ones who agree to have their image crafted by their handlers and promote the elite's agenda in exchange for wealth and fame….I hope this helped answer some of your questions, but never take anyone's word for it. Do your own research. God bless

      • I still don't understand why somebody like DMX just won't come out and straight up expose the Illuminati. And those who are monarch programmed like nicki minaj, do you think they were taken or they agreed?

    • There are many artists who hint at what's going on, but you can tell that they are deathly afraid of outright saying who's involved! Like Corey Feldman who said that Hollywood was full of pedophiles and that he was molested but wouldn't state names! Or Tila Tequila who claims they tried to kill her but won't say who. Even DMX is afraid! Martin Lawrence went crazy and ran around shouting "they're trying to kill me". Dave Chapelle has become a recluse. Eminem tried to break away but was reeled back in. Many celebrities have had "accidents or overdoses": Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole, Marilyn, etc. THEY'RE TERRIFIED and they have good reason! Many mk victims have their memories return after a head injury or car accident. Like Cathy O'Brien, Bryce Taylor, and Arizona Wilder.

      • Why hint it when you can outright say it and get people to actually fight it, someone would have to be brave enough to say it bluntly so people can fight it even if it cost them their live. I still don't understand how were suppose to tell whether an artist was taken by MK Ultra or just spreading the symbolism. For example, Jessie J has a picture symbolising MK Ultra but as far as i know, theres nothing that implies she has gone through that, so did she agree to spread that symbolism, does she know what she's doing, or is she an mk ultra victim.

        A lot of things don't make sense.

      • Outraged Citizen on

        The fact of the matter is, who is an MK slave and who isn't is not important. It's the notion that there is a hidden power structure behind the scenes pulling the strings. They have been controlling world events for centuries. A great documentary you should watch is NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy. Even if your not Christian, you should watch it. It doesn't get biblical till the very end. Instead of predicting the future, as so many conspiracy-related documentaries do, this one outlines the past and straight up facts you can't dispute. Do youself a favor and check it out. :)

      • Bryce Taylor, Cathy O'Brien, and Arizona Wilder DID name names. You can find their interviews on YouTube. All three victims named the SAME names: George Bush Sr, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Disney, Bob Hope to name a few!

      • I guess there is no real way to tell about every celebrity. Does it really matter if they are MKed or just playing along? They serve the same agenda and the same people.

      • I watched a 3 hour interview with David Icke and Arizona Wilder and it was deeeeeep, she talks about the rituals, pindar, starfire, the mothers of darkness, princess diana etc etc.

        i have also heard of cathy o brien and bryce taylor, she's got a book called The Trance-formation of America, haven't read it but its supposed to be a great book

      • Hi Chrissy333 – I am in no way connected to any media outlet. Just your average concerned born-again truthseeker.

      • Funny that you mention Pindar. I was researching Pindar (Libeaux) on the internet and I accidentally ended up on his Facebook page! I swear on my life that the next few nights my family suffered "attacks" of a demonic nature including myself! I literally felt like something evil was trying to "get in me". I prayed and they went away. I am not even joking about this! I'm not crazy either because my husband experienced the same thing! These "people" are not playing around! Be careful on your search. God Bless.

      • They say Pindar is supposed to be the leader of the rothschild family, who is Baron guy de Rothschild – not too sure but its probabaly true –

        Also Chrissy333 i need to ask you something, ive been seeing the same time for a few months now and even on weekends i see the same time and that time is 11:11 (in the morning that is).
        Apparently that hold a significant meaning, something about the completion of duality and entering the great reality, ive heard there is a meaning to it?

        what are your thoughts?

      • Pindar is someone named the Marquis de Libeaux. He is higher than Rothschild. Ms Wilder claims that everyone is afraid of him even the Queen. As far as the number 11:11 I'm not exactly sure as I have read different things about the number 11. You could research Hermetic Gnosticism. The Thoth Tarot is useful. The number 11 card in tarot is Justice shown with the two pillars and the veil. Maybe you are peeking behind the veil! Remember also 9/11. The twin towers were built to represent the twin pillars of masonry. Isis (statue of liberty) being the third pillar. How does someone cross the veil? By dying? Sacrifice? The date 11/11/11 was when the movie "Immortals" was released. Research these things and maybe it will make sense.

      • Also research how the Bush family was involved in 9/11 since they are named by Ms Wilder, O'Brien and Taylor.

      • If you really want to have some fun, research the Thule Society, Vril Society and the Black Sun Society!

      • Chrissy333, can you describe them "attacks" , were they visons you had in your sleep?

      • It's said 95% of our dreams are manipulated by wicked powers. They can't disturb us during the daytime, so they'll come to haunt us during our sleeptime. I had dogs attacking me on several occasions, bulls as well lol. 6 bulls, saying that it is hilarious actually… tragedy

      • I've read through various sources, but I don't know if it's exactly true, that they can enter through the brain's theta waves. That is when you are between asleep and awake.

      • It occurred between me being awake and asleep. I think it has something to do with theta brain waves. Anyway I woke up feeling an oppressive heat and the feeling that something was bearing down on me. I heard whisperings saying disgusting things. But as soon after I saw this bright flash of light (I thought I saw a geometric pattern to it) and the entity was gone! I do believe that I have divine protection from an angel who has visited me in my dreams and revealed his name as Ariel. Otherwise I wouldn't advise anyone to deal with these entities on their own. One thing I can say about these evil entities is that they feed on fear and negativity. If you are not afraid of them then they do not have power over you.

      • sprinkle everywhere holy water and drink some every morning before you eat or drink something… it works wonders… use incense, fast, confess and go for a communion… wear a cross and put crosses everywhere in your house, especially in your bedroom.. they don't like anything like that.. i seem to get nightmares when i use my incense for some reason.. do i care? not… it seems to work otherwise they wouldn't bother, would they? we are weak in comparison to them but they are weaker in comparison to the Holy Trinity. It still makes me smile when they had to ask for Christ's permission to enter the bodies of thousands of pigs. powerless in front of Christ..

      • That is good advice. I kind of have a short cut though! He has been protecting me since I "got out".

  35. I expected to see that harry styles tattoo on here. When I first saw it I thought what (straight) man gets a butteryfly tattoo? And it's so big, I thought that was really suspicious, even if a person isn't totally convinced of the monarch mind control thing, he seems like he wants to cement his place after the whole one direction thing wears out…which won't be long.

    • harry is the chosen one in One Direction, he is Simon´s favourite. Like a month ago I saw a picture of him with Simon and a random woman and Harry was kissing the ring in her hand, that ring had the letter G in it. Besides he is good friends with a lot of famous people in the UK, he has a lot of conections and I believe that Nick Grimshaw (a famous DJ) is his handler. Its very clear that after 1 Direction is over Harry will be the one with the solo career, the other guys in the band are very low key and basically irrelevant to the media

  36. Thanks VC!

    1. Rihanna… she's so Illuminati, but damn… she's so hot :-p

    2. Courtney Stodden… what the hell does a 18-year-old girl have to do with a 52-year-old man? This is SO perverse and bizarre.

    3. Harry Styles… a male with a butterfly tattoo? Yeah, that is very masculine indeed. Nice trend for a moron.

  37. ooooh that lady who wore the "i had an abortion" shirt makes me so sick! shes basically saying "I'm a murderer, yay!" and selina gomez is obviously brainwashed and controlled, that shirt is just plain dumb.
    That Stodden chick is being molested by that pervert!!!! Rihanas and oneD s tats r so sinister!!! this is all just to sick and shocking for words!!!!!!

  38. Reeva (water) Steenkamp (river stone) died on Valentine's Day 2013 – Ritual killing?
    Courtney Stodden and her Goth & Latino personalities make me bilious. That handler-husband of hers is either going to kill her or admit her to the psychiatric ward. That's after he makes millions 'selling her'.
    These illuminati-pandering stars make me sick. Don't they understand that signing on the dotted line is the same as signing their death warrants?

    • Good one, with Reeva. Read my posts above. Her entire career/life is suspiscious, along with his. It's as if she popped out of nowhere, started modelling at almost 30 years old (too old to begin a career like that) and appeared on a random reality tv show, pretty much just around the time she was set to meet Oscar Pistorius. She came and went as if she was only fulfilling a job. It's not true that she was famous in SA. She popped out of nowhere. Became a name after her death.

      On Oscar/oscar statuettes: "In the Egyptian mythology, Ptah also takes the form of the funerary god Sokar – an important figure of Egyptian magic. Try switching the first two letters of Sokar. (Hint: Oskar)." Funerary God. This also happened around Oscars season and in SA he was promoting the Academy Awards with a campaign that said "It's Oscar season."

      Mark my words and remember this post: he will be found not guilty and will receive a suspended sentence. This killing was too clean and the prosecution will not find much to contradict his claims.

    • lol I noticed it too……… creeps produce creepy art as they have creepy inclinations……… not very complicated……

  39. Remarkable observation about Sokar and the Oscar statue. Always intrigued by it's "origins".

    About the History channel, yeah – they're always twisting stuff. I'm quite impressed that one of their famous shows is Acient Aliens, 'cause i think it's a really good show! So what is the point? They want to ridicule the alternative knowledge by over exposing them? I don't get it, 'cause they have a really remarkable crew of researchers working in Acient Aliens.

    • Ancient Aliens is the goofiest damn show.

      'Did ALIENS genetically engineer the black plague..?! Not a chance in hell, but here's an hour-long program about it…!'

    • aurora borealis on

      Watch on YouTube: Ancient Aliens Debunked by Chris White
      History channel spread lies lies lies…..

      • "Aliens" are not extra terrestrial, they are Extra-Dimensional, they are supernatural beings that can appear as how they like and shapeshift into an "Alien" so to speak (appear as a big headed being with slit eyes), a snake, a tree, a beautiful sexy woman, half fish half man etc etc. They are very real indeed but its not where we come from and they are NOT our ancestors, But the "Ancient Aliens" programme is trying to make us believe that we come from these Aliens, Its Deception people and ive written about this aspect on a previous post, think it was on lil waynes love me video article actually.

        Aleister Crowley evoked an entity in 1918 which he named "Lam" and he drew a sketch of it , which scarily looks like a modern day "grey alien," I mean the subject of "Aliens" didnt come to our attention till the 1940's/50's (Roswell/Area 51) and he drew a sketch of it in 1918?!?!?…….cont'd

      • ………The Lam entity featured the symbolism of an egg, which i found that Lady Gaga was inspired by for the shape of the bottle of her "Fame" Perfume and also when she stayed in an egg for 3 days prior to the grammys a couple of years ago and then come out of it on stage and started dancing and singing (A ritual most likely, im sure) I mean who the fuck stays in an egg for 3 days? for what purpose? – she was calling it a vessel and didnt like to refer it as an egg (I wonder why? :-/) The answer is for satanic/occult purposes & I know there is a clandestine meaning and connecton between this and the Lam entity. Also regarding the liquid in her perfume, she stated that she HAD TO HAVE IT BLACK, it had to be black otherwise there was no point for her and obviously she got her way and it became the first Black perfume ever on the market.

  40. Hey VC, you should check out the new Louis Vuitton ads, they're in the magazines at the moment,… It's a bit like that Vogue Japain photoshoot. It was first presented at their fashion show last september, and now the same theme in the ads. Their head designer is Marc Jacobs, I think he's very into it.

  41. Gloria Steinem married Christian Bale’s father. Anyone who knows anything about Bale’s work, and how he preps for roles, can see why this is interesting. He’s an amazing actor, but he doesn’t seem to have a personality of his own at all. Bale is mind controlled if ever an actor was.

    WRT those who are defending feminism here, let me ask you this, how many of the world’s ills would be contained if not eliminated if mothers went back to being there to raise their children? Being there to teach and supervise their kids instead of farming them out to some state run school, or state run day care? Don’t you think that maybe this is the damned point? Breaking the bond between mother and child and replacing a her ( and by extension the father, and the family as a whole) with their agenda? Loyalty to family becomes loyalty to The State. Not to mention the confusion of gender roles to achive the Androgynous Perfect. Feminism is a ruse that has nothing to do with loving or respecting women.

    • What WDDB said. And also, I love and value children, but I love and value women, too. Women should have full and rewarding lives, including jobs if they want them. And why does it have to be all on the women? Why don't you mention men being more involved in their kids' lives?

    • You're going to blame women for children becoming bad people ~all of a sudden~? Because humanity was super peaceful and happy before feminism appeared. Are you reading yourself? Spoiler alert: murderers, rapists, thieves, criminals, wars, famin, slavery and every single awful thing on Earth has existed since mankind exists and since women were not allowed to do anything. It's not new. And who invented these things? Men.

      You claim the Illuminati is imposing femenism to destroy humanity when humanity has always been a mess and women have ALWAYS been demonized by organized powers, be it religion or the government, aka, those who control us. If humanity has a chance it'll be thanks to equality and the end of one group telling the rest what to do.

      Don't be threatned by women. And if you believe someone needs to stay home and take care of the kids why don't you do it?

      Feminism has nothing to do with not wanting to be a mother but with asking for equal rights and the rights to our own bodies, and how we should not ask men for permission to do anything ever again. DEAL. It's happening. And the more people break free and their rights are respected the more we, as humanity, will have a happier future without being subjected to OBEY THE POWER.

      You have learned nothing from coming to this site. This is not for you.


    • I agree, mostly. I still think women should be able to work for a living, so that they aren't entirely dependent on a man, but on the other hand, it would be good for at least one parent – mother or father – to be a constant presence in a child's life.

      I would never, ever send my kid to a public school. They're nothing more than indoctrination camps, and they're among the worst in the developed world (I am talking about US schools, by the way). All your kid will learn is how to fist someone and how Big Daddy Government should give you free condoms and food stamps. Meanwhile, the test scores of kids educated in Belgium and India, for example, are kicking our collective asses. Those kids at least know how to read. Our kids, meanwhile, know all the positions of the Kama Sutra and can put a condom on a banana blindfolded and with one hand tied behind their back. We have feminists to thank for that.

      Speaking of which, I do agree with the part about gender roles. Feminizing men is one of the worst things to have happened to our society.

      All of this feminist crap is designed to destroy the family, as you said, to ensure loyalty to the State. The idiot feminists are just too, well, idiotic to see it.

      • Marie, Do you know one of the signs of the End Times?……….That men will start to look like women and women will start to look like men……hmmmmmm, isn't this happening in our society today…..Men with long hair, wearing skinny jeans, dressing in drag – Women shaving their heads, androgyny, women looking like men by getting tattoos/piercings………The elite are trying to reverse and manipulate everything God intended naturally and trying to make everything un-natural

      • Good point! But I don't think that Jesus would ever wear skinny jeans! Those things should be outlawed, they're aweful. Men should not wear those n*t huggers. Men should look like men. Long hair is fine, but please no goopy hair gel.

      • Thank you James Watchman…… We got Ralphster above talking like he was his hair and wardrobe stylist

      • I do enjoy being able to work and provide for my family, but I also enjoy having my traditional family. I don't like being dependent on a man because I grew up in a house of abuse and would never trap myself in that situation. My husband knows that I could leave, but I don't because I love my family. We have problems, but love each other. Marriage requires work and love.

  42. Hmmm….I checked this article out right after it came out this morning…the photo right after Pistorius' was Selena Gomez. I just showed this article to a family member several hours later and a model's head has been photoshopped replacing Selena Gomez'……VC: what's going on here? Legal action perhaps from the wayward Selena Gomez handlers?

    • I just noticed the same thing. I read this this morning as well. I was just coming back to show it to my daughter and noticed that the Selena Gomez picture had been swapped. Crazy. Same photo – different face.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      Ya i noticed the swap as well. It's very odd because VC usually notes edits. I think it may be more likely that VC received a photoshopped version of this photo with Selena Gomez replacing the model, rather than the other way around. It's possible that a reader of VC sent him that photo and used Selena Gomez to increase the odds of it making it into an article. I'm sure if VC realized that, he would replace it immediately because A) VC is a truth seeker and would not use photoshopped pics to make his point and B) he doesn't want falsified pictures to hurt his credibility. I thought something looked off about that photo when I first saw it

  43. "Steinem characterized her abortion as a "pivotal and constructive experience." Source: Wikipedia
    Well, then I am not surprised about her throwing the diamond. She is basically saying then, that "killing my child was a pivotal and constructive experience". Abortions are ritual sacrifices for the Moloch/Mammon, especially that they often happen for money – fear of financial unsafety. You know, Canaanites used to sacrifice newborns for Moloch/Mammon to get riches… And some are still doing it.

    • The only losers are the adults who perform those abortions. The unborn ones are definitely safe and will never be touched. Tbh for satanists is better that they abort their children or murder them while young as they wouldn't stand a chance to grow up like normal human beings or go probably somewhere nice after their death. There are some positive aspects out of the negative ones at the end of the day.

  44. Lindsay Lohan puso en su twitter una foto de su abuela haciendo el simbolo de la piramide con las manos.

  45. Speaking of the "Jesus Saves" shirt that the girl is wearing in the pics, why is it always "Jesus" that is mocked? In music videos, curse words, movies, and "fashion-wear", it's always Jesus/Christianity that is blasphemed. Why not the "god" of any other religions? Even peace signs are upside down, broken crosses. I think it's clear who satan is trying to attack.

    • Selena Gomez was originally posted wearing the "Jesus Saves" t-shirt. Somehow this afternoon, it suddenly and mysteriously 'changed' to the current girl's head and face. Don't know if either Selena Gomez' photo was the one originally photoshopped onto the model's body or vice versa from the current picture…waiting from VC to hear what the deal is….I pointed all this out in the earlier comments a few hours ago and some other viewers have voiced the same thing as well.

  46. Anyone else think too that Lindsay Lohan's stint in 'lock down rehab' is really all just a re-programming?

  47. That whole Stodden thing just sickens me! Can't believe this is legal and even promoted as something cool! She was underage when she (had to)marry that old pedo and doing all that weird shit and he didn't get sued for it??? Mankind really seem to go downhill. They let that slip, what is next? Legalizing child pornography?

    Another thing that upsets me how people treat life in general. Abortion seem to be another thing that gets glorified. I'm not religious and don't want any children, but I think it is wrong to kill a healthy baby.
    Then those people keep saying: "My body, my choice!" No, it is not in that case. That body that gets destroyed is someone else's. Usually the abortion happens when a heart and nervous system has developed, this is in my mind a life. People often seem to see their children as some sort of property, to me it is a brand new person, a human being.
    Also blame that whole glamorizing sex in mass media. People f*ck like rabbits without thinking about the consequences. And at the end there are more diseases and unwanted children. And I'm 100% sure that abortion is just another step towards something more horrible…

    Sadly, most people are so easy to control and to program.
    People need to wake up and think a lot more.

      • i Wanted to ask/tell you all this, Who remembers the guy that was arrested last year at Thailand airport and guess what for?…………..He had a box of foetuses that had been roasted and painted in Gold leaf, they even showed photos of these, fucking sick bastards and they were saying it was for a Black Magic ritual and i believe it and it kinda reflects your statment above PathA – But everyone check it out you will find it, it was all over the news

      • In some countries people eat their aborted fetus.

        Yes that man arrested in Thailand with the suitcase full of Gold leafed babies is sick. It surely does seem to be linked to black magic ritutals. Thank you for informing ys of this story as I have not heard of it in the news. The photos were disturbing but I'm glad he was caught.

      • Blu – I saw that story on France 24 news when it happened, never followed up on it, and had forgotten about it. Thank you for the reminder! If that sicko was a "right wing extremist" like David Koresh, for instance, we'd never hear the end of it. But, having to do with "magick," the media buries the story – it went down the ol' "memory hole." Interesting how that happens…

        Good posts by PathA and Pest, and Carmella below…cheers.

    • F-ing like rabbits is true! Women are put on birth control which is listed by the WHO as a GROUP 1 CARCINOGENIC! Amongst cigarettes!! And we never get told this by our dr! Sickens me!!!

  48. Yeahhh, I don't think Harry Styles is part of any sort of programming, he just has a weird ass taste in tattoos.

    • yeah, im sure the masonic handshake tattoo, the triangle in his arm and the butterfly are all coincidences. Lets also ignore the fact that he is in a band created by SIMON COWEL

    • Quite weird since Joss had 'broke away' from mainstream labels. And she said it was like having her 'soul back', on doing her own thing.

      • stone appears to be an independent spirit. She disappeared from everywhere, didn't she?

  49. She who rocks the cradle rules the world.

    The elite pushes abortions on the poor/middle class for their own purposes. The elite wants to eliminate big families among the sheeple. But the elite themselves have very large families.

    It used to be that the poor/middle class people would have vegetable gardens and the rich had their massive lawns; now it is the opposite.

    It used to be that the poor/middle class people could have a large family and survive; now it is not allowed to do so.

    Once upon a time one parent could work and the other stay home with the children and they could survive on one income; now only rich people are allowed to do so. (Yes it is doable for middle class folks but there will be a lot of sacrifice and some people are not will to do so).

    There are a lot of things that used to be good for the people that now only the "elite" are able to do. They want to keep the people from what is natural and what will make us excel.

    They poison our food (GMOs, hormones in milk and meat, cloned meat, franken salmon) they poison our air and destroy the atmosphere(stratospheric aerosol geoengineering). These people are pure evil.

    • PathA……..Have you seen the film "The hand that rocks the cradle" with Rebecca de Mornay? good psychological thriller, aint seen it in years

    • PathA, You talk sense my friend, you know what is going on around us unlike some that still want to deny it, but imagine 20 years from now, what it will be like? i hate to imagine, but check out my reply to your post above which you replied to Pest

  50. Actually there has been promotion abt the Bible miniseries from some really reputable men and women of God in the spotlight. I do agree with the ninjas but I would have to say that getting the message out abt Christ Jesus in such a ways better than no message at all in these times we live in. I am a firm believer in the Bible and its truths and I understand that movies have to play to that role of entertainment, but so far I have been impressed with the accuracy. Have you noticed anything else because I have felt this was a GOOD thing for the masses especially at Easter. (And our current illuminati state). I can't say that I agree the illuminati put this out because I had heard abt the miniseries months beforehand and saw clips of where legitimate Christian pastors and members had participated to make this series happen. It's been 10 yrs in the making. I almost always agree or think the same way you do on many media tv related things, but I'd like to know who really set up funding and such for this project because I just feel it wasn't illuminati planned.


  51. This is all so depressing but we can't ignore all of this blatant symbolism. Great work though vc, I would only recommend making the SPOTM's longer. Quality over quantity but quantity has a quality of its own. I'm sure a lot of the symbology has gone underground or become more camoflaged though. Either way, this is still extremelly racist.

  52. The eye of Horus is not a symbol of evil, though I am guessing the elites are very hard at work at co-opting and degrading it for their own purposes. The eye of Horus is a symbol of enlightenment, actually. But do your own research, don't take my word for it.

    • Light & Truth on

      Am sure you can use it as a symbol of good or bad…they probably use it for bad

    • It might not be a symbol of evil but "The elites" are evil people that use this symbol for evil purposes/evil intentions

    • Yes it's being used as a symbol of enlightenment, but that enlightenment is of dark forces and and for evil intents.

    • In their case they symbol is of "enlightenment" of the elite and enslavement of the ignorant masses! It is also a symbol of their "divine authority" because they believe that they are the descendents of the Gods. For this reason they believe they have the "divine right to rule" over us mundanes.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      They ARE using it as a symbol of enlightenment. It's a little insider wink (see what i did there? One eye open? Oh nvm) to people with "eyes to see." They believe they are the enlightened, or the "illuminated" ones who withold secret, ancient knowledge from the rest of the population. The symbol is not inherently good or bad. However, the people representing themselves with that symbol are quite evil and are working towards a very sinister agenda.

  53. Who is Sodden?
    Thank gosh I don't watch tv crap.
    Everything is just so …so… Can't describe it.

    After years of these stupid symbols, what will.they have left to show?

    More martial law and its directors?

  54. I admit I was a fan of 1D not wanting to believe the truth,but I couldn't deny it today after the pics of the month. After researching more things about them like: listening to the music backwards, looking for hand symbols, and just anything out of the ordinary, I knew I had to let them go.I began to remove myself from the fandom, deleting songs, deleting pictures. I know it'll take some time to get over Harry( I swear I was going to marry him) but I will because God and Jesus got me and I put them first. I just hope all of them pray for forgiveness and repent before it's too late even if it means giving up fame. You guys pray for all who turned hteir backs from God too because they need mercy and grace.

  55. How sad the Oscar thing is. We see him as a hero who over came adversity, only to see that he too was pictured hiding his eye. The shooting of his girlfriend shocked the world. He was South Africa's golden hero :(

    • Ms. Adventure on

      Methinks the word "hero" gets thrown around too easily in this world…. The heroes are not the ones who scale tall buidings, run fast, and jump over objects. The REAL heroes are the ones who take care of their families and make the world better through their ideas and actions.

  56. WOW …… VC has done it again . To think we have seen numerous advertising of these symbols yet each time i view them it is like im doing so for the 1st time .

    I am so surprised with Oscar I am South African and found it odd that the slogan of the advert was i am bullet in the chamber …ironically he let that bullet in the chamber loose an shot his girlfriend .

    i do not want to speculate but maybe her girlfriend was a sacrifice :( coz the events leading to her death just dont add up…

    As for the THE BIBLE … i would rather read it myself than watch it … T.V is also part of Monarch Programming ( my 2cents worth).I strongly dislike the agendas it pushes .

    Illuminati is every where , people and wealth = evil ….

    Thanks once again VC you never disappoint !

  57. The X or cross is a key code for satanists, if you see the hex or X in any ones work or in logos, company names, designs or headlines, you know these people have been taken over by satanic forces, knowingly or unknowingly, they support and work for the satanic brotherhood or 4th reich which is currently in the process of claiming the NWO and planetary system as their own.
    The kitten/mickey mouse ears create a satanic pentagram on the face.
    black, white, red creates opening for programming. and triggers a specific type of programming, lightening bolt also activation triggers.
    the birdcage represents the slaves imprisonment, and the mask = alter personalities and parcel.
    Horus = Lucifer = Morning sun= Diamonds = Shining one, Thoth, The Dark side of the sun, Black sun, etc etc.
    the elite done have an anti religion agenda they have an agenda to consolidate all religions into one pagan, luciferian/satanic one, based on the egyptian mystery schools of old.

  58. i look at VC everyday to look for new comments. im still reading new ones from the the Hotel Zaza thing. so i noticed straight away when Selena head was replaced with the pink wig girl. and she was taken out of the description of the article. whats up VC?

    these pics are so evident everywhere i look, i see this kind of MK, sex kitten stuff going on, its everywhere and really scary how it infiltrates society from the youngest ages.

  59. It's funny how religion is mentioned. The simple truth is that religion is the perfect mode of controlling the stupid masses because it indoctrinates (stifles resistance, and encourages conformity) , causes war (depopulates), and can be very easily be used to fit the needs of an elite group of people. Take into account that the elite is caricaturing present day religions because they want people to plunge from already bad enough present day religions into a single worldwide dark Satanic cult that is more capable of indoctrinating the dumbed down world populous. The only way to slightly nullify the elite's power is by not using the belief systems inputted by them, and use your own scientific mental power to progress. To put it simply; out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    • You are right, so many idiots here mentioning religion and acting all proud "I am not controled" YES THE HELL YOU ARE CONTROLLED. Stupid religious people, they are like sheep

    • The truth is that they do control most religion. The truth is through the power of God, not religion. The truth shall set you free.

  60. The Oscar Pistorious issue is what intrigues me the most.The fact the timing of the Nike commercial and the slogan with the murder really raises eyebrows.Was the murder planned? In other words was he instructed? What im trying to say is should the murder be viewed as a sacrifice?
    Was this a sacrifice to officiallY join the Illuminati?

    • Thank you for that link – it's a great blog…been poking around on it for an hour now! The newest story – on Tinashe's uber-symbolic video "Who Am I Working For" – is yet another chilling example of what the industry does to these artists. Her denial of it is laughable.

  61. The Directioners says that Harry's tattoo of the cage is a symbol of him not being able to come out of the closet because Modest! Management are homophobic.

    Anyways, those pictures of Oscar Pistorious creeps me out!

  62. i am so against abortion, i dunno .. but as for what i and my family have experienced .. when the wife of my Cousin "seemed " to suffer miscarriages four times in a row and one of her husband's sister gotten ill ( her foot was rotting and her belly got swollen as if she was carrying a 9 month old baby inside her, but she's not prego at all… ) some of the family member speculates that the wifey has something to do with what's happening to her husband's sister… and they we're speculating that the babies were actually aborted to further enhance her black magic… i dunno.. but i experienced that first hand… tha twas scary and there's really something wrong with my cousin's wifey, something about the way she stares at people…

      • some of the family members thinks she is… and the eldest… the one that suffered ( rotten foot and swollen belly) she is the eldest … since she been living outside that house and since that her condition got better… it is just so sad that things like these happen to good people…

      • they've also mentioned before that in order to make her power stronger.. she has to sacrifice .. maybe the children has been sacrificed… :(

        her husband.. my cousin doesn't have a baby through her… they adopted her niece.. :(
        my cousin always mentioned that he like to adopt my daughter and raise her as their own.. weird… they give me the creeps…. they can stay in the province…i just don't want them near my daughter….

  63. GeneralColin on

    According to Wikipedia, Ptah is the god of craftsmen and architects, which tells you a lot about the Oscars. In English Ptah is pronounced Peter, which tells you a lot about the New Testament, the Pope and Catholicism: "On this rock I will build my church."

    • Amazing Grace on

      You're a fool making such stupid and false claims. If you really understood the Bible (ONLY through receiving the grace of enlightenment that is given ONLY through the Holy Spirit) then you would realize that fact as well. In addition, you would also then fully understand that ONLY the Catholic Church is the one true faith begun by Jesus Christ Himself….all other 'churches' here on earth are man-made.

      Though the Catholic Church admittedly has many problems, even Jesus Himself said this would be the case…ALL humans are of a fallen, sinful nature thanks to Adam and Eve, YET ONLY the Catholic Church and Her doctrines and teachings are led by the Holy Spirit and guaranteed by Jesus to never falter in that regard.

    • Yeah, man! The bible is full of adaptations from the ancient pagan myths and religions. Osiris wept and died in the first day and ressurrected in the third day just like Jesus. Horus was born from a virgin, Isis the mother of God, etc.

    • Ptah is the Egyptian Father God and equivalent of the Sumerian Enki
      Ra (Egyptian) or Marduk (Sumerian) is the son of Ptah (Enki)
      Osiris (Asur) is the son of Ra (Marduk)
      Isis (Inanna) is the wife of Osiris (Asur)
      Horus (Horon) is the son of Osiris and Isis
      BTW this hierarchy has nothing to do with biblical Peter

  64. Issela Santina on

    About Harry Styles’s butterfly tattoo: it’s the only one I noticed with a lot of esoteric symbolism on it since he had it after he and fellow Illuminati Barbie Taylor Swift broke up. Their relationship wasn’t even a real one, it was a total misunderstood setup. Thanks for telling me more.

    Also, I saw photos of other One Direction members Niall Horan and Zayn Malik sporting the A-OK/666 finger sign on one eye. It really started to freak me out.

    Plus, note that they were on the set list of last year’s Olympics. I was told they were performing on distorted black-and-white designed floor or something. When I looked at the comments, according to a blogger I made acquaintances with on YouTube, the name One Direction (thanks a lot, Hazza) can and may correspond to the direction that every nation is likely to follow when the NWO assume their role. One Direction, One World Order.

    I thought they were different, turns out I was wrong.

      • How do you know that!? How do you know Harry wasn't programmed from birth, or that his parents are in this. Its not exactly going to be on his wikipedia, if true.

    • I agrees because the actual Sheeple and masses think we are nuts for believing in God and the illuminati. How funny will it be when Gods wrath arrives?

  65. I'm a bit puzzled – Genesis 19 does indeed state that two Angels were sent to destroy the place, that Lot should get everyone he cares about out of there because of it, and that then the 'Lord' rained down fire and brimstone on the city.

  66. 2Timotheus316 on

    I have to disagree on The Bible show. My pastor and dad, both prominent Christians in our area, have liked what they've seen so far. I have yet to watch it but what can you show in 10 hrs and without a huge hollywood budget hmm? Some things have got to be trimmed. All there is to it. But if you want to REALLY get into the meat of it, read The Bible. Simple as that.

    • The people behind funding are Christian people trust.they partnered with guy that produced Survivor. I believe they are trying to send a worthy message. Even so, I can overlook theatrical parts to get the message to mass population. I'm excited to see the miniseries other parts long as the show does not become blasphemous, I can't say nitpicking is warranted

  67. Hey, V. forgot to mention anything about the robe moses was wearing. Y'know, the black & white stripped one…..YEAH I'm SURE the real moses way back then had a robe like that. Makes me sick. I havent watched a single episode, just saw that on a preview & auto-knew what you guys were gonna report about it. As you said: ""It presents a dumbed-down, bastardized and deformed version of the Bible which is apparently tailor-made to fit the elite’s anti-religion Agenda."" I knew it was gonna happen in this show the second I saw the robe. As for Rihana- I have seen those markings before (stars and/or star patterns, usually tattooed, usually anywhere on the body). Isint that the mark of a handler(s)? Can someone point me to info on the "marks" used by handlers? PLEASE?

  68. Have anybody seen Courtney's old photos before the marriage with these disgusting man from the Green mile? I just wonder what was happened…

  69. I see lots of peeps all hopped up about the Bible. Come on, really, people haven't figured out the Catholic church is part of the scheme. I have some bridges to sell.

    Once again, play the game, you have no choice except your choices. 😉

    • Not all people who call themselves Christians follow the same doctrine. Just because we "peeps" are all "hopped up" about the Bible, doesn't mean we are Catholics. I'd say most of us are far from it.

      • Yeah, I think Protestants tried to break away from the pagan influence of the Catholic Church.

  70. ……. also my bother friend said she was in the kitchen and she was like talking to her self and her eyes were going all over like she was talking to someone and she ALWAYS has had a stare but its not just any stare, its very creepy, ya know when you just know something is not right…………..and TRCS i wanted to say this, mention jesus or start talking about god or christianity (or Islam) to the wife of your cousin (whoever is supposedly doing this black magic) and they will react or they will tell you to be quiet but they wont like it either way…………..

    • yeah .. the way she stare at people in that house gives them the creeps… i don't know but i think she got their mother under their control. cuz whatever she's been doin and telling her…. their mother "obeys"?.. geezk that was so freeaking weird… sooo weird. oh "mentioning Jesus or start talking about God" to her won't be possible now since she lived in the province after the eldest of the siblings was out of the house. (maybe she's done with her? i dunno….) .. she (the creepy wifey) only comes to visit their house once a year.. i dunno… but as a child- i remember… they placed a triangular paper words with that eye thingy on top of it and with latin words written innit.. BECAUSE "SHE" TOLD THEM TO DO SO….
      but she prays.. and say the Lord's Prayer… arrgggh…
      by the way i'm from the Philippines…
      and creepy wifey is from somewhere south of Visayas Region… ( those places were allegedly "crowded" with people with supernatural thingy going on… but not all of them are evil doers… i dunno… i don't know everything… )

  71. VIgilent I love you so much you have opened my eyes fr te last 4 years and it has been such a blessin to my family. We never think the same now.

  72. In the image of Pink with the eye in the heart notice the fleur de lys which is the royal emblem of the Merovingian bloodline. It symbolizes father, mother, son (Osiris, Isis, Horus). The Merovingians believe they are the Holy Grail bloodline. We all know what the eye means. The heart is the sacred heart of Semiramis (Isis) which later became the sacred heart of Mary.

    • I think in babylonian teachings the Fleur de lys also represents the holy trinity of Semiramis/Tammuz and Nimrod, and the merovingian's built the city of Paris and there is a character in The Matrix re-loaded called Merovingian………..the dots always join, but very hard to sometimes

      • Yes and the Merovingian character is a French man (Paris) and makes me think of the Cathars and the Chataeu de le Rennes! He provides a safe haven for obsolete programs to avoid deletion and operates outside of the system. The Cathars were all but wiped out by the Roman Catholic Church, but decided to survive by integrating with (inter-marrying) with other aristocracies. This became the Merovingian bloodline. The Merovingian in the movie was made to regulate behavior and report to his master (Lucifer?). He was made obsolete by better techniques (social programming). The Merovingian is the old aristocratic order still operating behind the scenes!

      • I see you took the red pill BluBoy! Once you take the red pill you can't go back LOL!

    • Fleur de Lys may also have other meanings…For example its design is connected to the bee, a sacred freemasonic and earlier ancient egyptian symbol. It may also represent the parable of the wheat and the tares as it looks like a sheaf of tares tied together. It also may symbolize a circumcised phallus which would denote the covenant between God and his chosen people…There are a few layered meanings to this symbol, but I would agree it has something to do with genetics/genesis/DNA/bloodline of a certain TYPE

      • Yeah, I agree that it means several things. The Merovingians adopted they symbol (wherever it came from) and the Freemasons have used it. But everything is connected. The Merovingians believe they are the Holy Grail bloodline and the Freemasons were based on the Templars who searched for the Holy Grail. The symbol represents the father, mother, son (holy grail bloodline).

  73. When I first watched The Bible, I knew it wouldn't go into explaining the nephilim spirits, the fall of eden and the reasons for the flood. I knew it would be watered down…

    But I was happy when I saw Jesus.

    • OF COURSE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MENTION THAT – They haven't mentioned the Nephilim spirits (Jinn in the qur-an) Eden and the flood, because that is the Truth, and they dont like the truth and they dont want us to know the truth

  74. MirrorMirror on

    Who else but a vampire would have his disciples drink his blood and eat his flesh in return for everlasting life? – Aloysius Fozdyke

    Mark 10:13 'And they brought young children to him, that he should 'touch' them.'

    • Normally I'd just ignore that, but Seriously!!??

      that's as old as the ancient Romans. They call the first Christians cannibals because they "ate the flesh and drank the blood," incestuous because the loved their "brothers and sisters," and atheists because they said there was only ONE God. Probably right before they went off to their Saturnalia rites….

      Old Trolls never die, do they?

  75. Is it just me, or does it look like Harry Styles has several scratches on him? It looks like he's been running shirtless through a briar patch (but I'm sure that was not the case!). Off the subject, but I wish VC would do a breakdown of the 1995 Illuminati Card Game. Too many of the cards have come to fruition since 1995; it can't be a coincidence. Anyhow, thank you,VC, for all of the informative articles that you do! Keep up the good work!

    • Ginger Snappy on

      Not so much the cards but a real, in-depth expose on Steve Jackson, the guy who 'created' them. Where did he get his info? What's his real history, what secret groups does he belong to? It just seems that all we know is some gamer makes up these cards and then that's it, nothing more on him. Why? Who is protecting him?? What more does he know?

      Maybe we are all part of some script and a very select few just happen to know how it's all gonna roll out and they take advantage of this foresight, often being cruel. Who knows.

      • I agree! I've done some reading on Steve Jackson, and yes, I would like to see a good background on him included in the article. I really would like to know VC's take on the whole thing.

      • What's the Illuminati Card Game? I haven't heard of Steve Jackson either…..PLEASE explain..I want to know! 😀

      • Outraged Citizen on

        The Illuminati card game was a role playing game, kind of like Magic. Google it and you will see depictions of the twin towers being hit by a "Terrorist Nuke," an the Pentagon blowing up. Interesting side note, Steve Jackson's house was raided by I think FBI (Maybe CIA) and his computers were seized. They found nothing on them. It's hard to know whether he was in on it or trying to expose it, but either way eerie stuff.

      • Got it!….That is some really crazy stuff!!! I hope VC DOES do a future article on this….maybe that will finally open a lot of the disbeliever's eyes!

    • Orr My God, My2cents, cant believe you mentioned that, i wish i did, i didnt even think of it……….. Have you seen the pics on some of the cards, The twin towers, The pentagon being blown up, There is a bird covered in oil (The BP oil Spill), there are many more and its funny how it come out in 1995!!!! and some of the images on the cards have happened its scary man but of course you are going to get people saying its a coincidence, its this its that, the usual ya know…….But great job of mentioning it because i totally forgot about it.

      • Thank you! There are so many cards that can't just be a "coincidence". None more obvious than the ones you mentioned, though. I'm wondering if this big zombie craze that's going around won't play into some flesh eating bacteria outbreak? There's a card for that! Either way, I think it's a very interesting set of cards. I believe it's more Illuminati propaganda being blatantly thrown in our faces. I'm glad to know that you agree with me!

      • my2cents…….The zombie craze is probably related to the flesh eating bacteria outbreak like you said, Ive just clicked on the link above and that it is really weird, i mean how come no-one lives there, i bet it will be getting used in an experiment in someway wouldnt surprise me if there was a "card" relating to this factor in the illuminati card game……but i'm gonna see if i can buy that game

      • If you do buy the game, be sure to let us know what you think of it! About Ordos, I'm wondering if that isn't being built to house people after a mass depopulation attempt. Like the one the Georgia Guidestones' claims. Maybe after so much of the world lies in ruins, Ordos will be some modern day, eco friendly community?! I've seen pictures of some of the buildings, statues, and lay-outs, and there is most certainly some Illuminati symbolism. It's something to keep an eye on. I believe there are other "ghost towns" being built as well in other countries. It seems like I read about a "ghost airport" being built in Spain. Keeping up with the Illuminati is overwhelming! They're a busy little crew!

  76. I must say I take a bit of offense to VC's comment about THE BIBLE show. I think they have done a very good job so far, and YES, I DO READ the bible. It didn't every show that two angels killed all those in sodom. It showed them fighting, which they may well have done. The show did tell how fire/brimstone rained down which is what happened. There are probably some places to adlib as best as needed to fill in to make it into a visual show. But these two (Roma and her husband) are Christians, and I doubt very seriously they wanted to portray the bible in a bad or improper way.

    • Outraged Citizen on

      Go to They have an excellent article about this show and the heresy involved. Roma is very into the New Age Movement and the "experts" they have working on the show also sell books pushing the New Age Philosophy. I'm not saying the show is necessarily bad for you to watch. But it does not depict the core message of the Bible and the writers are manipulating the stories in the Bible, by adding and omiting parts, in order to make money. That doesn't seem right to me. But to each his own. God bless.

      • Why is ninja-angels such a big deal? Haven't seen the program myself, but would y'all have preferred if they were Biblically accurate in the telling of the Sodom and Gomorrah? You realized that would have required the depiction of gang-rape?

  77. CuriousMind019 on

    Great pics VC! u always inform curious minds lol. Are you going to do an article about Beyonce's new song "Bow Down" the songs reak of demonic spirits, whether its played backwards or forwards lol.

    • CuriousMind019 – Please look at the analysis of beyonce's superbowl performance on Youtube, They show a close up of her face, through the different expressions she makes in slow mo and at one point her eyes go black as the night, then they go normal, her tongue goes all weird like theres prominent veins all over it, then it goes normal also her neck looks like there is a creature coming out of it, i swear i shit myself whan i saw it, that is the scariest part and then at the end she gives this final stare, which looks very evil indeed, looks like Sasha Fierce has definitely taken over her body at that moment, please check it out man, i know people will say….. "Its the lighting, its make up, its this, its that"

  78. ruthlesslytrue on

    You should see Tegan and Sara new album cover called Heartrob i think they've sign themselves over did they? and I've notice that rihanna is always on here

  79. I feel so bad about Oscar. Yes I admit he's my idol because I'm a runner/athlete like him and he's my inspiration despite of what happened to him but when I found out that he's a member of Illuminati, I'm starting to hating him now. He killed his girlfriend because of ritual sacrifice so that's why he's popular right now. I remember what Nicole Scherzinger said to her interview (just posted by VC) that if you want to be popular, you need to sell your soul to the Devil. It comes to my mind that is Oscar sells his soul to the Devil? Maybe?…

    • Please don't hate him…have pity on him, and a LOT of it, and pray for his soul as well as his enlightenment to TRUTH!!! Perpetuating the hate just puts you in the same league as him and the 'company' he keeps (Illuminati). Think like Jesus—-love one another, even through all of another's sins and faults…we are all made in God's image and should pray for our fellow man.

  80. I have already posted this comment as a reply to the very knowledgeable Dr S, but I wanted to submit it again as a comment in its own right because I would really like some feed back from anyone who has thoughts on this topic… Here is the comment copied and pasted…
    Interestingly, your view on the evolution of this monarch control made me recall the reading of the Fritz SpringMeyer Book on how to create a total mind controlled slave…. I read the entire thing and wondered at the end if I wasnt actually MK ing myself by reading the thing…. I was in Guatamala at the time and a monarch butterfly started flying around me and I was totally transfixed… Made me wonder if I was actually harming myself to be looking into this kind of thing in the first place. My feeling is that it is better to be informed and therefore armed, but perhaps I was falling into a trap….. Any thoughts ??
    Please excuse my english and puntuation….
    I would really like to get into a conversation regarding this thought.. thanks VC audience.

    • Amazing Grace on

      That's a very interesting 'take' on the subject and to answer your question with a partially 'educated' guess, I would have to say 'yes'…you were probably opening the door to something, whatever that something may be, I can't honestly say with 100% accuracy. The reason for my agreement with your original point is similar in comparison to this:

      There have been many, many, many recorded instances when on a movie set of an occult based subject matter movie/tv show, musical sound recording, etc., the artist/actor/actress, etc. has felt an overwhelming evil presence or other dark force trying to manipulate them and their thoughts/actions, the scene, etc.

      Like with a Ouijea board too, it's an occult object that summons dark forces…opening any small window of opportunity to allow an evil presence into your life is NEVER acceptable and NEVER a good thing, obviously!!!! Just by reading that book, you could have been playing with fire….hopefully, you burned the book or threw it out before anything serious could have happened to you. Are you alright now?

    • Ms. Adventure on

      @Jenny – That is a great point. This information can be overwhelming at times, and I believe that ANY form of propaganda, good OR bad, can be its own form of mind control and "programming."

      I've yet to read the entire Fritz S. book, but I have read enough of it to know that it is extremely disturbing. I, too, have had strange feelings based on that book and other things I've read about MK on sites like VC. I have to make it a point NOT to let it affect me.

      As you said yourself: It is good to be informed and armed. But as soon as you feel yourself falling into a trap, your best bet is to step away and detach from this, and get back to the core essence of who you are.

      For example, just because some sick people decided to turn butterflies and kittens into twisted symbols does not mean that I am ever going to stop appreciating the beauty of these adorable creatures. I think the key is to remain self-aware, and to always be in control of your OWN thoughts and ideas….. Good luck to you!

    • Hi, I left you a reply on your original post. Thanks for being open and inviting a conversation!

  81. UGH. dang it. im a big fan of one direction and i really didnt want to believe it but obviously it was going to come because you dont become the biggest boyband in the world without some help. Man this makes me really mad i want to like them but it sickens me to know there just another one of the industrys puppets.

  82. I'm sure you must be working on Beyonce's new Bow down Bitches song? Looking forward to that article.

  83. Informative as usual! Did NOT know that about the Oscars, not that I'm surprised, but wow. You should do breakdown of the new Mountain Dew commercial There's a scene when a goat drinks the soda and gets dizzy with a weird symbol or something floating over his left eye. I've also noticed commercials are using goats a lot lately…

    • When I clicked the link, it wasn't a Mt Dew commercial. It was a strange video, though!

      • Please ignore my comment above. I somehow had clicked on the video posted a couple up from yours. Yes, the Mt. Dew video is worthy of a breakdown. Thanks for posting it!

  84. As far as abortion…it's said that satanists, etc, believe that the sacrifice of a child is the purest kind of sacrifice…and of course the younger the child the better.

    So TPTB get child sacrifices and depopulation…and neatly package it as the "right to choose."

    As a mother, I find this extremely disturbing.

    • Yeah and the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a member of the Eugenicist Society which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. They are tied to the Nazis as well as the Luciferians. The Rockefellers also funded IG Farben and Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. IG Farben provided the chemicals for the gas chambers andn Kaiser Wilhelm conducted eugenics research on Jewish prison camp victims. One of the doctors was Josef Mengele who conducted experiments on twins and mind control! They are very well connected. Those Nazi scientists were brought over to the US under Operation Paperclip and continued their research in MK Ultra. Margaret Sanger advocated abortion and forced sterilization of "degraded genetically inferior" groups. That is why Planned Parenthood is found in inner cities.

      • The bad thing is, people like the Nazis and Sanger make us race realists look bad. I'm against genocide of *any* race. But I believe in each race having its own nation(s). Nationalism goes against the one-world agenda.

        I understand pope JP2 worked for IG Farben. He helped kill Jews among others.

      • Individualism and strong countries are a threat to globalism. That's why there is a huge push to demoralize anyone for keeping strong to their cultural ideals, and why mixed race couples are all over TV and generally more celebrated than same race couples.

      • & that Josef Mengele, he looks so scary and evil my god, his nickname was the Angel Of Death

  85. about the courtney stodden one too….i was watching a pink video (bitter little pill) and the hair is exactly the same. doug also drew an eye on her mural when they were on that couples thereapy show EYE love you

  86. This came to me in my sleep (and is probably well known) but Disney and Sindy are almost anagrams of one another

  87. The mask that Rihanna is wearing is a variation of the masks used in masquerade balls. It is called a Thoth mask. Thoth is the Egyptian god of the dead and is worshipped as Hermes/Thoth or Hermes Trismegistis. This is studied in Hermetic Gnosticism which teaches that the creator is an evil demiurge and that man can become like God!

    • Yes check out the film… Eyes Wide Shut, i think they killed Stanley Kubrick because of it and the DemiUrge is classed as the creator of the material/superficial world

      • Yes, there is a lot of symbolism in that movie. It was suspicious how he died. He also produced the Fifth Element and 2001 Space Odyssey. The Fifth Element has a lot of symbolism. Some reptoid aliens messing with human DNA and the Key. Watch it again! He also produced A Clockwork Orange about mind control. There is a lot of phallic symbols in that movie. I know what you're doing tonight LOL!

  88. great as usual. interestingly i have an educating my daughter (slowly) in the ways of the music industry. she and her friends (there 8) are all mad on one dudection, as even she calls them. just the other day the pics of harry were all over the papers here in the uk and i explained to her what they meant in very very watered down terms (obviously) so its nice to see VC pick them up! i am proud to say she has never seen an illuminate, luciferian 'music' video and she knows why, cause its evil, plan and simple. peace brothers and sisters!

  89. There's going to be divine intervention. It's going to happen. We're not going to die like this. We weren't meant for this. Their plan is going to fail.

    F*ck their star power and their heinous crimes…f*ck the ones that want to replace love with hate and spread nothing but their filth and disease. It won't last. They're living by a lenient string held out by no other than Adonai. One day they will have to choice but to utter His name in praise.

    There are no aliens or elites…just parasitical death creatures that want to kill everything that lives and everything that is blessed with power and light and love. They will never understand what it is they're after. They lack all understanding and they will die in the darkness.

    Coming into contact with these people and knowing all that I know I can tell I have never found a more meaningless and ridiculous plot. They are full of pride and insidious hatred with no rhyme or reason for it. They just want to cause harm, they are that debased…..

    To have direction we must be in line with Adonai's plan, or else we are scattered in every which way….
    These people are collecting from absolutely every source they possibly can to build their empire and to support themselves and to hide behind their wicked lies. But everyone and everything they're taking from ultimately doesn't belong to them so what they're taking is shattered and misguided and is a shifty, faulty foundation to build on. It's like destroying something, and then gluing it back together and then expecting it to not have cracks in it. Not only that, but also trying to take credit for the original work. The universe has laws, and they think that they can get around them and they can't. They think they can outwit the Creator and they can't. They are pretty sure that they can be their own gods and not have to follow the divine plan, but they cannot, Progress, and technology, and civilization altogether fails. The illuminati fails. The government fails. The CIA fails.

    This is not how the universe works, but if they ever take the initiative to humble themselves and to listen they might have a chance at eternal life and in this eternal life be offered what it is to truly know without hurting others or G-d's creation to do it.

    I can tell you these people really think they're aliens and they aren't. Aliens are nothing but parasitical and harmful forces of the darkness. People can and do breed with Nephilim and demons and other creatures but none of them are good or can boost our DNA in anyway, only destroy it. That's why G-d specifically orders us to not interbreed. They want our DNA because we're blessed and they're cursed. These things are offering people some type of transcendence but that's not what it is by any stretch of the imagination. That's what the illuminati is about. Their secret organization is just run by the devil and they want to make everyone slaves to it. But they're the ones who are slaves to the devil and it's time for us to truly start paying attention to this so that we don't fall into the devil's trap.

    I'm writing this because I have been a victim of the CIA and I know ALOT. What Vigilant Citizen is doing is so important. People are really being tested right now. Do good things and good things will come to you. Tell everyone you know about what's going on in the media even if they call you crazy.

    • Hi, I'd love to hear your story! If you are able and willing to talk about it, that is. My email is I agree with everything you posted and think you really do have a grasp on Truth. Sincerely, Leah

    • Natalie, regarding your statement, Absolutely great, well said and and i salute you, 100% understand what you are saying and where you are coming from, The illuminati, these people think they've got it going on and THEY ARE SOOOOOO WRONG, – God bless you Natalie

    • God Bless you Natalie! I couldn't have said it better. You sound like you know what you are talking about. I've met some of these people too and they are as exactly as you say they are. Narcissistic, sociopathic, prideful. They try to convince you that you can have everything you want but they will suck you dry. They feed off of all of us, but the cracks are showing and they are getting desparate! That is why they are going full force with the symbolism. Keep up the fight. Not everyone thinks you're crazy. They will soon see!

  90. I don't know but, I remember of Lucifer whenever I have watched that perfum ad with Oscar Pistorius.
    I think that Amen perfum is full of symbolism such as "Day Star /Lucifer", "The Throne" "One Eye"…It's just me that feel this way?

    Luke 10:18

    And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

    Isaiah 14:12-15

    “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to Sheol, to the far reaches of the pit."

  91. It is I only on

    The only people being influenced by the above shit, are the trash garbage people which are not a loss to the society in general!

  92. The Austrian on

    and thats pure vc stuff too here:

    interview with harmony korine (friend of terry richardson, see my other post) about his movie "spring breakers":
    There's a scene where Franco takes Selena Gomez to a pool hall that you've populated with real-life criminals and lowlifes. I could feel that she was genuinely unsettled there. It wasn't just acting.
    ..I wanted Franco to try and FUCK WITH HER HEAD to see what would happen..
    read the whole interview at:

    korine and franco are obviously disgusting evil guys. just like the movie is disgusting and evil.

  93. The Austrian on

    im not done yet lol:
    here we have marc jacobs (he too is a friend of terry richardson…) with "cola horns". be sure to watch the vid
    with him and models in background- devils horns, one-eye salute, all that. its freakin everywhere i look!

    guy called woodkid and his satanic video LOADED with symbolism. this clip would definitely be worth an article here from vc:

    i have no idea who that woman is. but we all know too well what that tattoo on her arm is… 😉
    btw look at the creepy guys with her.

    • Is there some reason this dude is advertising soda shirtless??

      But some of those pictures remind me of the "Capitol" folks from the Hunger Games series — folks that dress and adorn them selves in the gaudiest gear to "be fashionable."

  94. U guys I need your help! I want to be a singer but underground. I'm deciding to try out for x factor just for publicity but I'm scared that it'll give me the wrong publicity and I catch the eye of some unwanted people. Also signing the forms for x factor seems too suspicious to me and all that symbolism on the show freaks me out! I just don't wanna loose my head or soul so I'm asking for your opinions for me trying out. P.s. please no harsh comments.

    • You could just go on the show and try out and then worry about the other stuff later. If you are just trying to get publicity then I'm sure someone will notice you. You don't have to sign anything you don't want to. Maybe an independent label will notice you. You don't have to give up your dreams just be true to yourself.

      • Thank you so much! U have know idea how much this means to me! And for everyone Ill let you guys know who I am if I show.

      • Oh Athens, If you want to be underground that is ok, but these "Elite" are infiltrating everywhere, just be very careful, because once they give you a taste of fame and the music biz,there is only one way out, just dont get in too deep, but you have to ask yourself, what intentions are you going in there with, but my ohnest answer is The music biz is a very dangerous game, Record lablels will slowly but surely change your image, your style, your whole brand into what THEY think is best, not whats best for YOU, and if your willing to do that, then thats up to you, but the Record labels that give YOU creative control of your music then you will be fine, but how many of them do? Its just sooo hard these days and i dont think you know the true extent of the music industry and what goes on behind the scenes? or do you?

  95. We're watching the machine as it it's eating us. Eating our attention, our minds and so on. Is it fun to document a disease? The disease in our society: The Illuminati, or the dark side. What can we do about it? There needs to be more What Can We Do analysis.

  96. Can you do an article about the really creepy and symbolic Virgin Mobile and Droid commercials?

  97. I used to like Mumford and Sons and I wondered how they could win that Grammy when Mumford parents are both preachers. Then I read in the latest Rolling Stone that he is not calling himself a Christian anymore. So, I guess that explains the Grammy and all the sucess. As soon as you renounce Christ nowadays you get the success and awards.

  98. So Thoughts of the Month was just a one-month tease then? :( I liked that much better. Oh well. I guess you gotta give the people what they want, even on here. :-/

  99. Now and then i come on here to browse mainstream illuminati conspiracy info. I don't agree with everything VC writes and yeah i had to look up Courtney stodden cos i didnt even know who she was haha. She is so f-ing annoying! .Pretending to be a goth then her own sister -some latina girl called courtina. And then cooking lasagna in her underwear..i couldn't finish the lasagna was soo boring and her knockers ain't real so why pretend they are? Aren't people seriously bored of this cr*p? She's a fame wh*re that will get tossed to the side soon and there ain't nothing we can do about it!

  100. The sexual programming of females is something I have really been disentwining from more consciously for the past year. It straight up feels like Ive been raped for 30 years now.

  101. Vig, since you live in LA you should check out this art exhibit:

    It's in the Wacko/Soap Plant building on Hollywood Blvd just east of Vermont Ave.

    It's supposedly a juried group show of art from all over but I've never seen such a concentrated mass of illuminati symbolism. Either it was a deliberate intent in curating this or the symbolism has so saturated pop culture that its coming out in the artists' subconscious. One eye, third eye, Baphomet horns, skulls, Marilyn, nazis, Mickey Mouse, Jesus putdowns, Satan, reptilians, Charles Manson, etc. You can see a lot on that link but there is also all kinds of stuff in the back hallway behind the two gallery rooms, too, that's not on the site.

    The show is up through March 31 so hurry if you want to go. They have a closing party on the 30th, I'd be interested to know who shows up.

    • Ps – Some of the most blatant artworks are Mother of Darkness, Sexy Jesus, Riding the Beast, Venus and The Power Of Mickey Compels You. But there's plenty more. Like Nazi Soldier, with a Reptilian Gray in a Third Reich uniform. The ones in the back hall include Holy Sh*t! Which would do Dr S proud with its one eye symbolism. And Ipsissimus, with Mickey as the Sorceror's Apprentice.

      Another area of out of control imagery is the liquor industry. I stood open mouthed in front the beer and ale case at Whole Foods goggling at the labels – Eye of the Hawk, pyramids, Satan, the underworld, the tree of death, aliens, etc.

    • fleurdamour, just clicked on that link and wooooow! you've got the whole shebang haven't we & it doesnt surprise me one bit that its in LA, as LA is full of occultists and im sure whoever put them pieces together knows alot and will have connections to a secret society so to speak………

      • It's CRAZY in person. Also furries, pony play, butterflies, octopi, fallen angels, Bunny ears, The Fifth Element, Sucker Punch, Jayne Mansfield – supposedly an Illuminati sacrifice, Saturn cubes, black hole portals, Crows, the Kabbalah, The Shining, the tarot hanged man, 666, the Antichrist and twins. And the name of the gallery seems very suspect.

      • Chimeras, princess of death, child of death, dead children LOVELY! Manson and My Little Pony… Where do I start!

      • There was something about seeing that saturation of symbols in person that brought it home to me more viscerally even than seeing a magazine photo or music video. Without the filter of a computer or TV screen or the distance of print between me and the symbolism was like suddenly realizing that someone in the room with you is a dangerous psychopath. I went in to look at some art and instead got schooled in psychological intimidation. It's bad to think it's all deliberate, but the possibility that at least some of those artists are not in on the agenda but are using the imagery simply because they think it's cool and edgy is also disturbing, because it's actually stupid and horrifying; realizing that they possibly cannot see that because they've internalized the message was very sobering to me.

      • Ms. Adventure on

        Interesting. I enjoy creepy artwork in a strange 'mind-f**k' kind of way…. I can 'handle' most of it emotionally and spiritually, even when creeped-out. But it makes me wonder how someone more sensitive might respond to these repetitive images (clearly a pattern) that are obviously intended to trigger a response.

      • I like all kinds of weird things. It was the meaning behind that art that got me – the whole arc of Illuminati mythos, with all that that implies. I'm very sensitive to art and energy, and it was a like a room full of dark matter – lots of weird, dark energy teeming just below the surface. I can totally see how that could affect someone, as you say. It may very well be that all those artists were consciously commenting on the sport of Illuminati-spotting in pop culture, but I doubt it. The odds that a group show culled from over 15,000 entries would have Illuminati symbols in almost every selected piece of work are very small. I do think someone had an agenda. And I talked to one of my friends who knows more about esoteric LA than I do since she grew up here, and she told me that that gallery is "a known stop on the Los Angeles occult circuit."

      • I've studied the occult for over 20 years and those symbols are most definitely occult. I got that same dark feeling from the people that were around me and involved. Trust your intuition.

      • Ms. Adventure on

        I bet it is… and I bet the art helps to reinforce certain ideas in certain people, for better or for worse. I also agree with your point that that the name "La Luz de Jesus" is suspect in "light" of all the "illuminati" symbols.

        Y' know, I wonder if the folks at the "Hotel Zaza" have seen this exhibit…. They would LOVE this artwork….!

  102. Majority of Harry Styles' tattoos are stupid puns. The butterfly is supposed to represent butterflies in his stomach (since it's on his stomach region.. har har) and the bird cage is where his ribs are.. so basically a stupid pun about it being bird cage on his rib cage.. terrible pun

    • oh please. Stop making excuses for this kid. Of course he is part of this illuminati BS!! That One Direction band was created in the X factor by Simon Cowell, it doesnt get more obvious than that,.

      Their job is to look innocent while they are selling sex to horny teenagers, they are singing lyrics like "tonight lets get some and live while we are young", "I know we only met but let's pretend it's love" " Hey girl it's now or never, Don't overthink just let it go"
      So the message is: We just met but we are horny so lets have sex, it doesnt matter if we know each other or not, its just one night stand (lets keep in mind that their fans are VERY young)

      Its clear they are part of the illuminati, if you look at pictures of them they are always making those stupid hand signs and wearing T shirts with symbloics images in them.

  103. I'd say the vids of Courtney stodden are probably just her acting stupid…her choice of words and general sentence structure point to this- she seems too aware of what she is doing.
    I'd extend this and say illuminati "handlers" for Nichole smith, spears, sodden, are probably not slave or monarch handlers as implied by most…what is going on is 90% conjecture and overbaked gossip. Tattoos and cat acting videos aren't convincing to the general public that any minor celebrity or musician is a sex slave…so why should they be for anyone else?

    As far as implying stodden is some sex kitten or monarch slave…a couple goofy vids and a tattoo doesn't cut it. Same goes with Rihanna and beyonce and gaga…they may be wearing and acting this crap out but we have ZERO evidence that what we see in music videos is anything more than illuminati fashion. Until we get to the bottom of why these images are being shown, we are just guessing. I've seen nothing on this site or any other one which indicates to me anyone knows why these particular motifs are being shown… As I've said before, it certainly doesn't benefit the illuminati by parading around in public what they do behind closed doors. It's called occult for a reason. So by extension, what they are doing behind closed doors is most likely NOT what we are seeing in videos or magazine ads. Until a real player comes out and gives insight, it will remain esoteric.

    • The symbolism is obvious for anyone who knows about the esoteric occult. You have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe they are not all programmed, but the symbolism is used in programming. Whether they are programmed or not is not as important as the fact that they program society to accept their deviant behavior and to emulate it.

  104. Have you seen the lyrics on the frontpage of the Bob Dylan website#

    Talking of websites…

    “The letter Wis the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet,” Johnson says. “The three Ws — World Wide Web. That's not by accident. To me it means 666. It’s another part of the infrastructure of control of society and the world.” (It should be noted that in the Hebrew alphabet letters are assigned numerical values, and “Vav,” a close equivalent of the letter "W," is indeed the number 6. But in Hebrew numerology "Vav-Vav-Vav" translates not as "666" but as "18," the numerical value of the word “Chai” which means "life." In fact, 18 is one of the most important “lucky numbers” in the Jewish religion.)

  105. VC, I'd like to start off by saying that I am a huge fan of your articles. I have to contradict your statements on Harry Styles here, though. I am a huge fan of the boyband, and I'd like to let you know that Harry Styles' tattoos represent something completely unrelated to the subject of this website. Harry is secretly dating fellow boyband member Louis Tomlinson, and the tattoos are symbols towards the relationship. The cage coincides with Tomlinson's birds on his left arm, one of their many couple tattoos. The butterfly is pun tattoo, just like Style's heart on his shoulder (butterflies in my stomach, wearing his heart on his sleeve) Thanks-Jamie.

    • Oh, and to let you know, I am a 23 year old woman who spends a lot of her time on the relationship between Styles and Tomlinson. It alarms me that people believe that the 19 year old is a womanizer, as the media makes him out to be, rather than a loving boyfriend. I have spent 2 years gathering information about "Larry Stylinson", and I can confirm it. The boys of One Direction are not affiliated with the Illuminati as far as I know. Yes, the butterfly tattoo doesn't seem right for a male, but this is a homosexual male with multiple 'pun' tattoos. Please consider the facts before you attack this innocent superstar. Thanks.

  106. Get off these blogs and be the change in the world. It's easy to sit behind a screen and know the world is going down. Just remember you're going down with it.

  107. Someone posted a link and said to watch the arrivals….
    It really puts a lot of things into prospective. I feel like I can understand more the reasons behind all of the mind control. I still have a couple of hours left to watch. it is really all very overwhelming. There is so much to think about. I can't expect anyone to just believe things they watch. Myself included. this is an eight hour video here :) I have been breaking it up over the passed few days and, and looking into the things I haven't heard of, and stuff like that. I suggest if you are here on VC because you know somethings up this movie will be something you can truly benefit from.

    • That video is actually what woke me up years ago. Great video for someone wanting o learn more.

    • Oh my god, Momma duck, i have been saying on practically every comment i post to watch the arrivals, watch the arrivals………………..But ohnestly guys……..just watch it………..

  108. It is evident to suggest that vigilant citizen is christian. but still a very interesting site indeed.

  109. Is it just me or does that tattoo on Ri-whatserface’s ankle look a little like a gun…

  110. Wow–The Nike ad. Do you see how the words on the left, "I'm the bullet in the chamber" follow through with the visual action to the words "JUST DO IT"?

  111. i'm so sadddd yg entertainment's new lee hi is doing this too now

    i wish they would just stop already >.<

    People don't be fooled stay on the right side even when there are so many people doing it
    The time is near. Jesus is coming and he loves you wants to take you to paradise

  112. 1 Kings 11:1 King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter—Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. 2 They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. 3 He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. 4 As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5 He followed ASHTORETH the goddess of the Sidonians, and MOLEK the detestable god of the Ammonites. 6 So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done.
    This is what the Knights Templars and Freemasons actually followed!

  113. Learn Sanskrit, Read and understand the Vedas, that is THE original knowledge of the universe. All else are fake and untrue.

  114. If Oscar Pistorius were a Muslim man then everybody would be calling all Muslim men misogynist, and they would say that islam was a misogynistic religion, but since Oscar is a devout Christian, people are claiming he is the victim here.


  115. In the pic of the girl doing the suicide gesture you missed the big ass G in her wrist.

    And from other posts like this I see you are not familiar with masonic postures. You should look for the book of the scotish ritual and keep a good eye on the depiction of postures.

  116. Wanted to bring to your attention, Lil Wayne's new album, I am not human. Check out the the album cover.

  117. Sarah m. meischer on

    what sort of nonsensical thing of making it high and trendy when it all was a mere bullshit! Can't take it anymore, if i find one more people flashing one-eyed thing or whatever it is, it makes me want to punch her face for no reason.