Symbolic Pics of the Month (01/12)


It’s a brand new year and this one promises to be particularly interesting. Here are the pics of this month featuring Willow Smith, Jessie J, The Oregon Ducks and a bunch of other strange yet very symbolic images.

It’s January and it is time for a new calendar. This year, why don’t you pic up this calendar by fashion photographer Tejal Patni featuring soulless robotic models blankly staring nowhere and manipulated by machines? You’ll be reminded everyday about how the fashion industry is riddled with MKULTRA imagery. For example, who wouldn’t love to look at this tribute to mind control, complete with a fake face and mechanical hands (representing handlers) during the entire month of October?


Miss September also appears to be under mind control. While she’s sitting on a chair that appears to have to capability to “program” (or torture her), her handlers (represented by hands) are hard at work.


The model, looking extremely robotic, holds a mechanical heart – emphasizing on the dehumanizing effects of mind control (and of the fashion world).


A screenshot from the beginning of Willow Smith’s video Fireball. The hidden eye is just to remind the world who owns her.


I heart the way Jessie J hearts us in Glamour magazine.


They be hiding one eye in Japan.


…and in Brazil (singer Wanessa)…


…and at Target…


…and in Victoria’s Secret catalogue.


A promotional ad featuring the Oregon Ducks’ uniform for the 2012 Rose Bowl – remodelled by Nike. Can you recognize the handsign?


The stage of VH1’s Diva Celebration. It is basically a giant eye looking over the singers the crowd.


…the stage during Jessie J’s performance.



Everyone’s favorite judge Simon Cowell on his jet-ski. It is pretty safe to say that he’s a Freemason.


Polish singer and actress Kasia Nosowska.


This photo collection by Kristian Schuller features a lot of MK symbolism. Here, multiple personalities and, of course, the one-eye thing.


Another pic from that collection….Monarches everywhere.





This 1928 magazine is apparently the ancestor of Vigilant Citizen.


Virgin’s website for new entrepreneurs. Is it hinting at what it takes to truly make it in the elite?



      • Dont you think its weird that everyone is doing the eye covering thing but its so unartistic not cool or petty

        I mean if I was an artist and somebody told me put your hand on your face and cover one eye I'd say why ?its an ugly pose.its overused I don't want to copy everyone.

        i mean these artist talk about being special having something new and their own but in the end they are all just copies from each other

        maddona then lady gaga then christina aguilara and rihanna and Katy Perry all of them following pattern in their songs ,video clips and pictures

      • It reminds me of that article VC had on his site about the Black Eyed Peas – remember, how they also sang about 'Bees' Imabee chanted over and over and over again.. it's about the 'hive mind' 'One Mind' to Rule them All… hahaha πŸ˜‰

      • I agree, this video was not funny. Every time I see a music video I can see this symbolism. Same with ads. Thanx VC for bringing us these pics of the month. My husband never believed about the illuminati (and he's a Freemason) but after looking (at my prodding) at VC site, he now believes. He gets very offended now when he sees these ads/videos with Masonic symbolism.

      • no way.

        this video is seriously creepy and what makes it very not funny is the referral about this in the future

      • well that was a bit terrifying. Also made me wonder about the kids channel CBEEbies like it isnt bad enough on its own. the tell us where our children are was a bit much too if you're aware of forced adoption :/ ….

      • Dear Vigilant,

        I found some interesting pics in Barcelona and I wrote a story about it. Go to and check for the adventures of the subterranean traveller. This story is called: closely observed construction works.

        Thanks for your hard work,

        The subterranean traveller

    • People ignore this my friend, because Denial is one of humanities

      most powerful coping Mechanisms.

      I was in Miami for Art Basel (DEC 1 – 5) Doing art correspondence and photography

      I was in the main fair for less than 5 minutes before I came upon this painting!

      It was in Almine Rech Gallery, a gallery from Paris. (There is a HUGE well established culture

      of this in France, remember the 10 yr old French Vogue "Model" Thylane Loubry Blondeau?) The "Model" in this painting is no more than 5 YEARS OLD!

      I approached the gallerist, trying to keep my composure, asking about the painting.

      Why a girl (no more than 4 – 5 years old) is presenting herself in a doorway, on a checkerboard floor, in a very seductive, yet soulless gaze, standing in front of a room

      full of masks!?! It doesn't get any sicker or BLATANT than that!!!!

      The gallerist went red in the face, and referred me to one of her more "experienced"

      associates, who never made himself available to me. But its just a painting. hmmm

      As I proceeded thought the different fairs, I saw so much Disney and Marilyn Monroe

      imagery EVERYWHERE, its the year 2012 now, why do we keep having to refer to a

      celebrity that died in 1962?. Only to re-enforce the programming that has been

      forced upon our whole SOCIETY. Along with all the Marilyn Imagery, we got to see

      Hello Kitty, another MK favorite. Here are some great examples from ART MIAMI…

      This is the power of symbolism, the ability to hide very complex, and esoteric language

      in plain sight, disguised as Art, Fashion, Music, & Entertainment. Deception at its finest.

      I thank VC and countless others for all the research that has exposed and exposes this

      "Language & Culture" of perversion and deception on a daily basis.

      Our generation is the one that will bring an end to all this programming!

      Happy New Year Everyone!

      Peace, Love, and Enlightenment, for 2012 and Beyond!

      • That first painting you linked to is absolutely appalling. I'm almost offended that you even linked to it to be quite honest. Though what you say about symbolism and images is absolutely correct so thanks for sharing about your experiences with the art community.

      • Completely agree with everything you said, however I absolutely adore Hello Kitty – not when she's used in symbolic imagery of course.

      • Wow, the photo in this first URL Miami for Art Basel is absolutely sickening! You mean to tell me that this painting was actually on display for everyone to see? The gallery and painter should have been arrested over this!

        I know you mean well by educating us on how sick this stuff is, but this is too sick and seriously offensive. VC, I think you should remove this URL since it's so sick.

        I have a young toddler and I tell my wife almost every day that we a very difficult time ahead of us in raising him to follow the true Master, Jesus Christ.

        God help us all and our children. I believe time is short before our Father in Heaven ends time.

      • @two It's closer than we think. Our government is already putting into works the AmeriEuro. They are going to unify the Canadian and Mexican money with theirs. Just one step to a one world government.

    • I have a six year old daughter and this shit scares me to death. How on Earth am I supposed to protect her from all this crap, we get rammed down our throats???

      • Educate and inform her on what's really going on because if you don't. She will learn what millions of other children her age have. Everything is all fun and games.

      • Yes Sim. Educate her and tell her the truth. You can not do everything but the best thing you can do for her is help her have a critical mind. Being critical is so importnant in order to scrape off all these lies they selling us from the real substance. Tell her the truth..

      • knows how you feel.. i have a 10 year old daughter who ive taught bits and pieces to… before she was old enough to show she was very resentful of me keeping her away from certain brands and friends who are the perfect little models of influence..

  1. Thanks for this article VC. The symbolism seems to get more blatant by the day. No doubt in my mind something is brewing on the horizon, the beginning of the end – Matthew 24 being fulfilled! Unfortunately for Satan's flock however, is that in the end – Christ wins and the nwo will only crash and burn, along with Satan and his Luciferian disciples!

      • you know what is good about a mindless that if they woke up and saw the truth they could never go back again

    • Soo true…what amazes me is that all of these fools who think joining an elite society will secure them a place at satan's table…do they REALLY think that for even a second satan is sitting there thinking" Gee that (insert name here) was soo loyal i will furrr sure give them room to thrive in MY kingdom? wake up ppl!!!!!! he will laugh and betray you and put you in the same place as all the rest of those ignorant greedy fools before you and will NEVER for a second even think of sharing what he wishes was power with anyone!!! I have had an experience where henchmen of satan have tried to recruit me and I promptly tore up the business card with his stupid name on it and threw it back in their face only to have them turn and scamper away!!!! they cannot win never have never will .

      • Coral,

        Your post made me laugh. You are right. I think the same way as you. But you know what…..all those people running the show take the piss out of us. They think they have it all ''figured out''. I've met Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Gnostics, etc who also are 110% sure that they have it all figured out. So its OK to laugh (better than turning into a petrified chicken), as long as we keep searching for the truth =)

      • Well these people are essentially athiests/Satanists who believe that there is only the material world. They know that Satan rules the material world so that's why they pledge allegiance to him. They don't believe that they are spirits having a human experience. They believe that when you die you just turn into worm fodder. They do not believe in an afterlife or in being held accountable for their sins. What I don't get however, is all the Egyptian symbolism because even the Egyptian mythology strongly promotes an afterlife and also a judgment day symbolized by MAAT or the feather that is on one end of the balance with your heart on the other end. If your heart is heavier than the feather you basically go to a bad place (whether you want to call it hell, purgatory, or a jacked up reincarnation where much suffering will befall you).

      • To be an atheist and a satanist is an oxymoron imho. Satanists/luciferians do believe in life after death, and perhaps maybe that they will be top rankers in hell for their earthly transgressions, or become gods themselves or something. Check out the masonic books by Manly Hall on to see and read their (luciferians) endgame- what they are actually trying to accomplish within themselves. What I got from it is that it seems that lucifer has tricked humans intro thinking that we have divine power in all of us, and we have the potential to become god 'by eating from the tree of knowledge/life'. So just like religious and pious Jews, Christians and Muslims act good and righteous, give charity and so on to make Our God happy and to prepare for the hereafter, and imo in contrast to that, I think these elitists carry out magick rituals and ceremony to make their god happy and to achieve whatever status they are promised in their idea of the hereafter. Atheism, also a religion since it puts a belief on the unseen- that there is no God – do not believe in satan or God, only that they are just mere fairy tales and usually find all this kind of stuff humouros, hopefully they will be guided one day.

        Now, my journey of awakening led me to faith because really there is no other way out of this vacuum. Truth will always shatter falsehood. Always always always. And to reply to flower, yes people out there of different faiths claim they have the truth – this is natural for it is what it says in their scriptures, so as believers they make that claim- but there's a big but here- they better make sure that if their book claims to be from the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them better not have any contradictions or mistakes. I myself converted to Islam, after sincere research of all monotheistic world religions, and, like I said above, truth will always shatter falsehood.

        Satan will say on Judgement Day "God promised you truth, I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that you called me and I responded to you. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you nor can you help me…Verily, there is a painful torment for the wrongdoers"


    • I REALLY hope you're right about that. I don't mean to be pessimistic but they kind of own the entire world and if we argue we could be nuked in seconds.

      • Haha, that's just what they want you to believe. Do you really think they could destroy the planet? I don't. =)

  2. This is amazing! I mean it just is everywhere now how can people not see this? For example I love movies/films etc. And I can honestly say that almost every single film that is released and I have seen a lot! For classes, and just personal interest. They always have one of the two most used symbols. in films 1. The most obvious is the Mosaic Pavement is used in almost every single film at least one time 2. The winding staircase of Illumination that is used a lot as well. Thanks VC for posting this and was wondering if you could directed me to any sites that talk about the issue of films and symbolism? if you could that would be most helpful! Thank you again for showing the truth in a dark and confusing world.

  3. While reading this looked for the Willow video – just checking what else I could see and came across Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – video….also not good :( So sad all of this – I do not listen to music any more….or own a television….for this very reason..

  4. its so depressing because everything once viewed as fun has been tampered with by them. We can sit on vigilant citizen all day long until we can spot occult symbols a mile away. But watch what happens when your in a packed nightclub and umbrella comes on? You gonna be singing right along with it. I've become such a grouch. My friends dont want to be around me anymore. They say all I do i panic myself with that illuminati crap. So my question is how does an "informed" person survive these hopeless feelings when he must still live and work among the sheep. I've lost so many friends because my heart bleeds compassion and truth. But how much can you take before you say the hell with it its not worth my sanity? Have you ever tried dating a sheep? you dont even want to inform them because your just gonna make them miserable there is no way out……. im just patiently waiting for the final devaluation of the dollar then the ensuing chaos. Its sad to say but we deserve it and i'm kinda waiting on it so I can selfishly say "who's a crazy nut now"

    • Well Lu, thats the aim of this website, creating fear, only exposing satan workshippers and no how to fight them. But common sense says that where there is Darkness, has to be Light, it is just that from some millenia the dark ones have prove to be a lot more clever (and rich) No need to expose this to anyone. You only find when you search.

      • please…the purpose of the site is not to scare you, but to open your eyes! BOTH of them…Now of course that is very scary in the beginning, but it goes away in time. Would you rather be happy,in the worldly kind of way, and part of the sheeple, than be aware? Hopefully not.

        I think that VC does not want to give "solutions" because he will be less credible then, and people would think he's trying to push his personal views on us. Instead, he only states FACTS and let's us think for ourselves and discover the solution. The road does not end at knowing about symbolism and the Illuminati, if so we are doomed. Knowing the things on this site is only a begging. We should search Truth for ourselves.

        For me, that is God. I was by far non-religious in the past, I even fell into traps like astrology, numerology, new age stuff and this site lifted up the fog upon my eyes, along with other info. At first I was DEPRESSED…thought I was going crazy. Nightmares and all that… but now I'm incredibly thankful and content and I know I'm just a small baby learning to walk when it comes to finding the Truth : God. I realized how much he helped me because I found this site by total accident. I had NO idea of what was going on in the industry, so it hit me like a brick in the head.

        If VC would give solutions he would be far less credible, so I think it is wise of him to keep it neutral. Isn't it enough what he did?…come on. You should be thankful.

    • I to have become very doom and gloom with all the knowledge I have obtained. I suggest exercising daily not only for health reasons, but Just to be fit for when things occur.

      • instead of doom and gloom

        lets try attune and bloom!!

        (after years of depression and inaction, and paralysis, i've come to this)

        now that we have attuned ourselves to what's really going on

        lets attune ourselves to the energies of mama Earth and to God so that

        each of us may bloom to our potentials and do something! with our lives so that

        we do not end up where we are headed.

        this is the ultimate test of spirit and soul.

        and its here whether we are up for it or not,

        but just to be wearing a human suit at this time

        means, we all some how signed up for this,

        so… lets stand for the qualities of humanity

        that we believe in!

        that's my motivational speech for the morning,

        may i too have the courage and discipline to walk my talk.

        sending my love to all you open minded, open hearted courageous people.

        (and i have to add, to you the surveilence community, cuz, c'mon, i know your out there…

        its just a job. you are welcome to attune and bloom too. humanity needs you. why turn against your own people? you too have to face the same spiritual tests we do. please choose your heart)

    • We have to pray to see the good all around us, stating with creation and then look for it in others, and that God develops the good in them. We must also pray to be heavenly minded. I to have experienced what you described. I turned my oldest brother from me. I don't dare share it with coworkers. Friends scoff. Just stay close to God, pray as often as posible and be helpful and joyful to all around us. Blessings to you.

      • That is so true Dan. This life is temporary and it is very difficult to deny a Creator and an afterlife. When the awakened person is aware of these concepts, and sincerely asks for guidance and signs from God, as corny as it sounds, do it!!, then everything falls into place. If there is a Creator, would He not have mercy on His creation to alleviate this stress from us once our eyes, ears and heart have been opened to the realities of death, the illuminati etc. ? Logical, intellectual and spiritual introspection/discourse are so important because one day, after this Universe ceases to exist, and this has been scientifically proven that it eventually will, every living soul will be accountable for every atoms weight of their deeds and actions- good and bad.

        Depression slips away, hopelessness is out the window my friends once one is cognizant of their purpose here.

        Satan imho is getting ready for his grand finale sooner or later, and after that, hell is his domain and no longer this Earth. So, understand the nature of this plane, of this existence, that we are only here for a short period, that power is perpetually corrupt, that things always get worse before they get better, and that there is justice and perfect judgment on its way. Sincerity and openess in one's quest is obligatory, and discovering the truth is possible.


    • As soon as I started reading about the elite and Illuminati, I was depressed and felt helpless, but I don't feel like that anymore because I don't let myself be manipulated by them. I started talking to my friends, they started reading about this, they are now going through the depression and hopelessness phase, but soon we'll be all on the same page which is alerting everybody else we know so those people are also not affected by the manipulation.

      We shouldn't be scared of being called crazy, we have to pass the word on no matter what.

    • I agree wholehartedly. It seems that truth and happiness (especially if it is shallow) are incompatible. If someone is mindlessly singing along and participating in the agenda, he/she may be happy, but chances are that the person is ignorant. Similarly, if someone reads this, then the symbollism becomes apparent and maybe the person will stop doing these things.

      This is the reason why I hate dances so much. I have to go, but all that's blaring out of the speakers are songs that are filled with symbollism or sex. I'm tired of it, but there's really nothing I can do if I'm the only person at my high school that can see this (and I've even talked with a few people about it; apparently I'm crazy to believe it).

    • Lu i understand what your going through because i went through the same thing but you shouldn't worries and put all your trust in GOD because these things are going to happen they must come to past to fulfill the prophecy.

    • You can survive by loving others. Satan is already defeated…these things must come to pass though, for reasons we cannot understand at this time. Survive by volunteering at homeless shelters, going on trips to third world countries, helping orphans and widows, anything. Even if it is online that you help people, still do it. In Christ you will find peace.

    • Lu sweetie, at a club you probably won't find anyone worth being with, they are often people who are used up and have no values. There is hope, there is a world beyond the materialistic people you see in the media, and the sheep around you, you just gotta have faith and stop being affected by it. Rise above it and be your best self :)

      • It depends on the country. I'm over in Ukraine now and in the smaller cities the clubs feel much more friendly.

    • @ Lu. Hey, lu. It would be pathetic indeed if all the music in the world was riddled with illuminati and masonic imagery but thankfully, they all aren't. I once won the award Jukebox (such ignorance) for singing along to such songs. But truth be told, these things are unhealthy for the soul. There are so many songs that don't have any thing to do with this crap. Try Lecrea, Tedashi for rap, Fireflight, Barlow Girl, Jeremy Camp, Switchfoot, DC Talk Tenth Avenue North and all for Rock, Aaron Keyes for RnB, Jacqi Velasquez for soul and all. These are my favourites now. I can happily Jukebox on these. No worries. As for your friends, ur life is still urs. Don't live to please those who won't be pleased until u'r doing the wrong stuff. U know better. Toodles!

  5. So… what in the hell's the ninth picture saying?!

    Illuminati <3 Me? No thanks.

    Gods, these pictures get creepier and scarier with each issue.

  6. What annoys me the most about this is Jessie J

    Why? Because she's a prime example of how this Illuminati / Occult industry can turn someone so innocent and real, into something that is physically sickening to watch. & she always turns a blind eye. I advise all to watch her "Domino" video, oh dear lord.

    Also watch my Palestinian video!


    • i can say for a fact that jessie j is unaware of some of the stuff she is promoting. but that does not make her sick or fake. she she is one of the best singers out there right now and its not fair to bash her. she is naive and basically takes the whole illuminati thing as a joke because she is ignorant in its role in society. also there is nothing wrong with the video domino, i dont know why you had to mention it. (im suprised she hasnt seen vc article on price tag though..)

      • @Chad, are you feeling okay?

        There is plenty of stuff thats wrong with her "Domino" video, ironically I was shocked you said that on this site! Being a VC viewer, and I though you were too, I thought I didn't need to point it out for you, but I guess I do!

        1) Always showing the "one-eye" (yeah cuz that isn't obvious!)

        2) Leopard Skin

        3) Black & White clothes

        4) A lot of nudity

        WATCH CAREFULLY, she covers one eye more than 5 times, obviously she's told to do it, regardless of how "real" or how "great her voice is" she's just another puppet to the Occult Industry

        And theres so much more!

        Yes her voice is amazing, I instantly fell in love with her when I heard her song "Who you are" why? Because she's been through it, the pain, suffering, etc. Just one of the few singers to actually write their own songs, but when I see her performing under an eye, wearing leopard skin, etc. It makes me physically sick how they toyed with her

        Also guys,

        watch my Arab Revolution video!
        More views, the better!

      • lost in paradise on

        So what if she has a nice voice? That's not the reason she even is an "artist"… and to be fair no one is offending her, saying that she is this or that, just simply saying that she is promoting the illuminati and mind control in her music videos and pictures. Don't know whether she knows about it herself though, and that's not the point either. Point is, everyone is better off completely avoiding TV, movies and music videos. I think that is something almost everyone here can agree on.

      • "Naive" is not a word I would use to describe her – she knows exactly what she's doing. Just like Lady GagMe, she just burst on the scene out of nowhere with heavy promotion. She sold her soul to you know who, too.

    • Ummmm whats up with all of these Middle Eastern videos??? O.o Not that they're bad or anything (very interesting) but I guess what I am trying to say is whats there purpose??? I mean i am i supose to donate something, cry, just be aware?..or is it D, all of the above???

      ~and btw props to who ever took those live videos!

  7. Goodness sake!! the first 3 pics..that's a calender..!? what do people think they are looking at when they see those photos..i wonder? I guess before i found this site I never really cared to notice all this but it's good to know what i'm looking at now.

    • What do you mean "what do people think they are looking at "? It's fashion, honey! Get over yourself. R u crazi? —please note the sarcasm. (This is a typical answer of a "prole", so to say)

      For example, when my classmates, girls, are looking into magazines and something SO blatant like , let's say a pic with the eye, an owl AND skull&bones, or the G triangle thing appears and I, the outsider, am trying to say: "Oh, come one! This is too much!" They say something like : What, Anna? Oh, you're with the "symbolism" riight :D, I forgot. Is this occult too?"–(they've learned this word from me) So they treat me like some kind of crazy person and even make fun in a way…when I say something like "occult" they don't pay attention anymore to what I'm explaining and in that moment I've lost all credibility. Some, who are interested, slip through my fingers because it's just too much to explain and they get lost, having no knowledge of such things :( Anyway, it's not their fault and I'll try harder to take it slooow with opening their eyes, so they can comprehend things.

  8. is kind of hard to believe that Vanessa knows what the one eye thing is about. this shit in Brazil would suck man! oh well i guess this is spreading everywhere.

    by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  9. this is just sad. I used to think we were better off in South Africa than u guys in the states but the other day a presenter in a popular tv show was wearing a t-shirt which had the skull n bones sign bt instead of a skull it was mickey mouse skull n his gloves on the ends of the bones… Totally creepy… I flipped out n my sis looked at me like im nuts…. The world is not ending in 2012 bt i do think the illuminati is gonna turn up the heat on us and people will have to decide wat side they on, or the choice will be made for them. its either a ppl will choose to wake up n rebel against these illuminati jerks or will they sing Beyonce's We Like To Party all the way into oblivion?

  10. 1. Now was that really necessary VC??? To paste Simon's head on the body of an ape (come on now:)

    2. Jessie J is SOOOOOO MK sex kitten

    3. Did anyone else click on the Hugo video thinkin it was apart of the article??? Or was it just me? Cause I sure did πŸ˜›

  11. SisterinSpirit on

    This is a little off topic, but did anyone happen to catch the New Year's Eve special with all the Illuminati puppets? It was CHOCK full of blatant Illuminati symbolism. I was just laughing by the time Beyonce took stage–in front of 3 huge illuminated pyramids.

    Hoping VC will do an article!

    They're not even trying to blend it it these days.

    • yeaah, iT's SO SICK. We know it, VC knows it, but the majority is BLIND. I'd love to see a show with all the Illuminati puppets, and their symbolism all-over and the crowd that starts screaming at them instead of "We love you" Something like "you are puppets, you are puppets!Down with the Illuminati!" and then through expired eggs at them…. yeah, I'm gonna wake up's just a fantasy.

  12. In reference to mind control I want vc or any one else to clear up an issue – Is it that these people are literally mind controlled meaning they were subjected to the same torture and shock treatment to the brain as was carried out by the CIA or are they just using these themes from mind control artistically. I am concerned since previous articles suggested Britney was under mind control when I believe she could simply have a mental illness just like cancer or any other disease. Is it that Britney was subjected to literal mind control — torture and shock treatment similar to mk ultra- and by the way is rehab really carrying out these 'mind controlled ' activities wouldn't that be illegal.

    Someone please respond.

    • Though nobody can say for sure that jack or jill ws subjected to MK style torture, though the dots can be put together. But to answer your question 1. Not all celebrities are subjected to the MK ultra programming. It is more commonly believed that kids in the industry are subjected to that form of "programming".

      2. Mk ultra techniques are being shown as "art" as well, so the more familiar a person becomes to what at first would seem bizzare, the less shock value it has. Mixed with great/catchy music and a favorite performer – to the unsuspecting mind – you at a subconscious level accept what you saw and heard.

      3. Some rehab facilities have been know to violate people by performing these acts of torture – and yes it is illegal – finding out which ones do will be quite a task.

      THE BEST way to understand and verify if the material presented on this site has any merit is to know (at some level) the subject material ie. Propaganda, symbolism, MK ultra,. That way when you see these things in the media you have a framework to work from.

      hope that helped, ps: VC has a nice primer course on the subject materials in the upper toolbar

  13. youtube Rhianna's love in a hopeless place, gaga's marry the night, and Lana "born to die"… much for originality…..smh cookie cuttin' to the fullest

    • lol. I know what you mean.

      By the way, can we stop calling the uninformed public sheep or sheople?? To be called a sheep in the biblical sense is a GOOD thing, not a bad. Verey good. In fact the Lord's people are His FLOCK. If you must differentiate use 'goats'.

      • you're right about the sheep thing. I'm sorry now because I used the sheeple word a lot, but I'm thinking to quit. In fact, I really like sheep, they're adorable. Those little lambs are incredibly cute. Now I'm thinking that sheep of God are almost non-existent . Too bad!

      • How about just call them human beings…just like you and me and everyone on this site who claims to be so "enlightened".

        The self-righteousness some of you exude is sickening. At one point, I'm sure you were clueless to the the realities of this information, too. Why would you now resort to belittling others by calling them names? Sheeple? Goats? What is this, first grade?

        Don't put yourself on a pedestal. We're all in the same boat and your judgmental attitude will just sink us faster. Part of the point of this agenda is to cause rifts and separatism among us all. You're feeding right into it.

        And this also goes for all of you who use these superficial reasons condemn others, such as religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political views, etc. What happened to joining together instead of tearing each other down? What happened to love? You don't have to believe what I believe in order to love me. You don't have to have the same sexual preference as I do to respect me. You don't have to vote for who I do to treat me as a human being and not a label.

        I've been reading this site for a while now but never posted. But this idea some of you have that you are somehow better than others is very sad and I just had to put it out there.

        One last thing: for those of you who claim to want to follow Jesus: Jesus was a revolutionary. Jesus included everyone. Jesus brought people together no matter their background. Jesus was love.

        Get it together, please.

      • anamericanmom on

        The sheeple are innocent followers, it is not as though they have done anything wrong. They are misguided and many if us were once part of the media flock. I was not so much a sheep of the music and fashion, but of the mirage of news. Sheep is appropriate bc they are being harmed not causing the harm.

  14. i dont think everyone is mind controlled, but i do feel that the symbolism is trying to subconsciously prepare us for the end of the world….the countdown with the calender…

  15. As long as we exercise our free will in an positive and caring manner that puts your fellow man above the shallow trappings of the cabal there is no need to fear. They are terrified of our awakening and it shows.HUZZAH!!!

  16. So when is the new world order coming? If the new world order is coming quick that means the rapture will happen pretty soon… am i right?

  17. Wow. If people are STILL counting this as all coincidence, then I don't know that anything will get through to them. I mean, there IS more than just ONE species of butterfly out there…but they only ever use monarchs? I guess some would rather stay in the dark. Less responsibility.

  18. Yes. Yes he is. And I feel like he lies to his goats/disciples (known otherwise as the Elite) promise them glory in his kingdom if they join and stick to his agenda. Im not surprised they believe it. Satan has been trying to build a kingdom to counteract God's every since he stopped being Lucifer. He knows very well of his pending destruction and wants to take as many souls down with him as possible. Thats why I know DEC 21 2012 will NOT be the end of the world. The bible states that noyone knows the hour of his return/end of the world and that EVERY eye shall behold these events that how a "secret" rapture is refuted biblically. Not the Son, not any human living or dead, good or bad angels. Or God the Father knows these things. Matthew 24:36, Revelation 1:7

    • No, but Dec 21 creates a great opportunity for an enlightened one to come to power. Wait for it. Smile. It will be a sick adventure.

  19. May God Bless you VC…Best Wishes for a healthy and safe 2012.

    I have a feeling it's gonna get very weird out there in 2012 so STAY VIGILANT everybody!

  20. After seeing these photos, I'm just going home to pray and then go to sleep! It's sad that people don't want to know or hear the truth, but one day, they're all wish they had paid attention to The Word and The Light . . .

    Oh well . . . some prefer to live in ignorance. Me, I want to know the truth. Once you know the truth, you can work from real power . . .

  21. YESSSS VC!!! I knew l wasn't trippin when l saw that Vh1 Divas show and seen that the set in the background was a Eye over looking the singers. when l saw it l was said to myself are they serious l tell you they just get bolder and bolder by the days smh

  22. have you had moments of missing time? missing time where you weren't put under with your permission, such as but not only:

    – during medical procedures like CAT/MRI scans?

    – during hospital visits (physical or mental)

    – moments within your own home or in public (w/o intoxication)

    do you:

    – feel discomfort in your brain when you never used to?

    – feel that others can read your thoughts?

    – receive external or internal pains to your body

    – feel like your body is heated up like in an oven

    – hear external noises/voices

    – receive internal thoughts from an external source / thoughts not your own?

    you may have a mental condition and/or illuminati programming, check this site:

    thehiddenevil [dot] com


    areyoutargeted [dot] com (which is now a shadow of its former self)

    • ok, so i checked out your links and read the stuff there. I don't know if you are the guy from the websites you posted but if you are I recommend that you stop eating fast food. especially if you are having gastrointestinal discomfort. I know sometimes it's hard to avoid fast food but apples oranges and bananas are so much cheaper and better for your body if you can get them.

    • Yes, do you have the article or just the cover? What the article says would be very interesting. If there are no copyright or other intellectual property problems, you should post it.

  23. I just want to mention something about the Oregon Ducks. It really is unfortunate for this ad since it will be affiliated with the University of Oregon. I'm familiar with many students, and have considered going there myself. It has a a great Environmental program. Hopefully it doesn't make us see the school differently, but more the designers of their Rosebowl ad campaign. Nike, maybe?

    • While U of O may have great social programs, it is in one of the most 'un-churched', liberal, and spiritually bankrupt states in the U.S. I live in Oregon and at times it seems as though belief in, and following God (the one of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) is less acceptable than following Satan. It is more acceptable to worship nature, the Ducks, and mankind, than it is to worship God. The blatant humanistic teachings fall right into Satan's plan, getting young adults to worship the created instead of The Creator. I love the beautiful state of Oregon, but I attribute that beauty to God. I have shared the meanings of the symbols (thank you VC) with friends and now that they know what to look for, they are appalled at how prolific they are and blatantly they are used.

      • I don't think that's necessarily specific to the state of Oregon. I get that impression from the entire United States.

    • Thanks VC for including the Duck photo, I sent that to you. All my co-workers are huge Oregon Duck fans and we were all excited to see what the unveiling of the Rose Bowl uniforms would be. When I saw them and saw this picture in particular I got a chill up my spine. It's not the school or the kids, it's Nike who dresses them and comes up with everything these young men put on. The other thing that is rather odd about the "O" symbol is that the hand sign they make with the spade shaped "O" has another meaning; in sign language that "sign" refers to the woman's private areas, her "V" so in essence when they men are holding up the "O" symbol for Oregon, they are actually telling the signing world they are making the sign of a woman's privates, nice huh? Ignorance is bliss I guess. Several of the team took sign language and learned that and has since never done that hand symbol again, they now make an O instead of the spade shaped O, and now it looks even more sinister with all the symbolism I now know about from this site. thanks VC.

  24. it is creepy. Look at Taco Bells lights around the new buildings. They are all the Masonic compass. Li I have seen others in your shoes and things will change, you will get frustrated and will piss people off, and even though they need to know the truth, You will learn to figure out when to trap the bursts so you do not make them uncomfortable. I would also add not all Masons are evil. Clearly the ones we see here have shitty intentions. But now we have been awakened and can see what has been hidden in plain sight. For sure they have exposed themselves (no doubt in more ways than one)

    It seems to me we have had a major shift in consciousness lately, more people are seeing right through the bs of the mainstream media news feed, and it's some incredible shit.

    Jessie J is the Stone Temple Pirates of modern times. Copying what she sees as a fad and at the same time being exploited in many ways. Very sad.

  25. I love this site, and others, that help us reach the truth! Don't let it scare you, use this information to help you decide what is really important in life, and what isn't! Thanks VC :)

  26. Soooooo creepy! :s Thank God the symbolism is not so common here. Like all the billboards and posters with one eye.How do people ever survive that!

  27. If you examine these demonic reality shows for example Jersey Shore, The Real World, Big Brother, The Bachelor(ette), etc., especially the ones with people living isolated with strangers for weeks at a time w/o TV or radio, and when they have to compete under unreal, high-pressure circumstances for prizes and shit, all are MK Ultra rituals on display. You can people's personalities change under the stress of these conditions – all under the watchful eye (O) of the camera filming them all the time – get it?

  28. Has anyone mentioned the poster for Puss in boots 3D – one eye showing (as usual) – plastered all over town. And the poster for the new Sherlock Holmes film… I don't like the way that gun is pointing at Big Ben! Anyway, we're swimming in one eyes, pyramids and skulls over here in UK – lest we forget the Olympics are on their way. Peace and love to all truthists 2012! Happy hunting.

  29. Did anyone see the fear factor last week? The mother son team is sooo creepy. There was a part where the son had to dive into this barrel of blood or something for scorpions and he did the 666 symbol with his hainds before he dove in. Might be on youtube.

    • Opps…Ok – thanks – just caught a glance as the trailer came on – she drops her bathrobe, becomes naked and compromised – guy walks in…. seemed to look like KP …. so I put 2 and 2 together. Talking of funny though – they all are, aren't they: Friends, Big Bang, Met yer Mother etc etc – Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Carry On films etc etc etc. Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

      Re; sheep – I'm married to one and we've got two teenage ones as well! Enough to send you baaarmy, I tell you. Need your friends at times like this.

  30. Hello VC.

    Please sorry for my english.

    I wanted to ask if you can please analyze "the son of the mask" movie, wich is the 2nd part of "the Mask" with Jim Carrey.

    I saw the movie because I like comedies, but kinda freak me out when I discover that the entire movie is not suitable for kids…..or anyone. Please VC, when you have a moment, take time to see it.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  31. Good that you saw the Victoria's Secret picture. I was sent that catalogue and when I saw that picture, and there were more than one, I thought, "Really?" Yet I wasn't surprised.

  32. Outward Satan and Pagan God worship and people still deny that God exists? Open up your eyes we are still living in the pages of the bible. The Lord is soon to come because the entire world together is getting ready to reject Him.

  33. 'VC's ancestor' – very funny. πŸ˜€

    But on a more solemn note, i would like to wish all vigilanters a very happy new year and may we find the strength, courage and wisdom to understand more of this, encourage each other, and teach others the impending sinister gloom that is about to befall upon us all.

    May God be with us all the way through.

  34. I'm from Brazil and its sad to see how Vanessa is back stepping. Her current work is so different than what she used to do before. She took on the pop scene now trying to be an international star. Hella pitiful

  35. I'm from Brazil and its sad to see how Vanessa is back stepping. Her current work is so different than what she used to do before. She took on the pop scene now trying to be an international star. Hella pitiful!

  36. Vigilant,

    There's been a lot of speculation about 2012, steming from occult studies… I'm not just talking about mayan prophecy either.

    It'd be a good idea to publish an article regarding what is predicted to come now that we're finally in 2012.


    The Apprentice

  37. I have been wondering about Target for a while. I took a couple pics last year while Christmas shopping of one eye covered photos in the store

  38. Thank you VC for posting the big eye on the VH-1 Divas special. My whole family saw it and to be honest we were disgusted. Trying to watch the show because I love Jill Scott and Erykah Badu and lo and behold the all seeing eye in the background. It was just obvious and if anyone tries to ignore or dispute why it was there then, they just want to be ignorant. The industry is becoming more and more blatant with this imagery and symbolism.

  39. I guess a lot of the people in Fashion studied art history.

    What is the message?

    That their is an elite and you can become a member through the acquisition of wealth.

    Let him whose without sin cast the first stone

    • Or just simply 'eye' (I) love you.

      Not everything is sinister, and in some respects the more power you give symbols the more control they have over you.

  40. Please consider the full range of embedded Monarch control programming in the "Jessie J." image. All the imagery utilized is consistent with well known sex magick mind control symbolism. The heart theme of course is derived from the "heart" symbol originally used as a representation of the female buttocks and vulva. The "hearts" here both anchor and manipulate Jessie like a puppet and reference two terrible ritual sex acts central to Illuminated mind control technology – the first involving a penetration of the first "heart" by the model's forearm, and the second being the obvious ocular semenancy reference. The semen ritual theme is further emphasized through the splatter effect of her garment pattern – it doesn't get much more obvious than seminal veves drawn as pentagrams. The overall sex magick mind control theme is reinforced by the prominent invocation of "G Goddess" – G of course referring to the Grafenberg spot or "G-Spot".

    Expect to see far worse far more frequently as 2012 progresses….

  41. isnt it kind of dangerous to know about the symbols and signs cant it affect you?

    you dont think taht you can be forced to join them do you?

  42. Just wondering on

    What is the symbolic significance of those super chunky shoes in the second picture? I see more and more of those lately, on Lady Gaga and other celebs. They look insect-like and creepy, especially the ones without a heel worn by Gaga. Maybe it symbolizes helplessness (because she can't walk/run) or dehumanization (because it looks insect/alien-like)?

  43. Anyone seen the advert for Microsoft with GaGa on it? Toward the end the words Lady GaGa – Mother Monster come up on the screen, then a few seconds later shes got an eye covered, all while edge of glory rings out. Its the first time I have seen something so obvious on UK television.

  44. The illuminati is not as powerful as god is. Satan is the originator of deceit and lies. he wants to bring everybody down with him. He and his followers (Illuminati) cannot beat God and his followers.

  45. Another great selection of pics, V.C

    Where did you manage to pull that 1928 magazine cover from would be nice to see what was actually written in it :)

  46. All these images are so insane they look fake, it all amazes me it's "still" going on.

    I'm just waiting for everything to "happen."

    Kinda makes me sad ;(

  47. only the strong will survive. we need the world to realise this before is too late. if the hands signals etc. are repetitive, doesnt it make everything obvious? we must, as Gods children help the world. do it in your community, we can save lives together

  48. So I'm new to conspiracy, but I am pretty religious… So does wearing brands or listening to music that is now being associated with illuminati bad???? I mean I have always been firm in my beliefs and shield myself from stuff I feel is stupid like a lot of mainstream media, music etc.. Does that mean your serving satan because I feel like I can't even eat at restaurants now lol.

    • It's not necessarily bad but I'd say if you can avoid it (rise above it) it would be good. Just don't start buying their albums and whatnot lol. I personally believe with all my heart that music is of the devil, just look at MTV, the most sinful channel on television, and what? It's called Music Television. Music is so widespread and now sends bad messages. The mind can be very affected by music, it can be beautiful and it can also lead someone down the wrong path (look at violent rap songs). It's a powerful device, so I wouldn't trust it entirely.

    • It doesn't mean your serving satan if you wear name brands and whatnot. But I think if you put importance on the lables and feel special just for wearing it then that's not good.

      Putting God BEFORE that stuff is what's important.

      I wouldn't personally go to some concert where thye openly represent satan and openly worship darkness and lust ect.

      We get free clothes and alot of them are name brands. I tend to throw out the clothes promoting disney and others because that's just how i feel.

  49. that japanese girl wearing blonde hair wig and blue contact is so sad.

    Why do they so obsessed over white people's features? so sad.

    i mean, if they want to have "fun" , you can wear blue,green, purple wig and wear red,hot pink,purple color contacts.

    But they INSIST 99% only wear caucasians face features. it's so sad. really. tsk tsk

    • i know rite.. and have you noticed that their cartoons are the opposite of them. All asians have little slanted eyes and black hair, but their cartoons have giant eyes and hair with all kinds of different colors. whats up with that?

  50. neuf vingt-huit on

    I am now very curious to see the content of the December 1928 copy of Photoplay magazine, "Exposing Occult Hocus-Pocus In Hollywood"…

  51. Anybody seen Janelle monaes tightrope video. Its gotta have some kinda hidden meaning, Im surprised I havent seen an article for it on this site yet. Check it out VC

    • You are so right, janelle is right there gettin' on the "tightrope", take a look at her website, she is doing a cover of the Metropolis movie and she looks like the woman robot (sorry can't remember her name)…they got her too, too bad as she is such a talent.

  52. oh yes i get it why its bad if the eye is in the triangle but i dont think every single eye we see in a music video or movie is a symbol of the illuminati… take for example coldplays 'every teardrop is a waterfall' there are images of eyes (not in any triangle) with a tear… that goes with the song it doesnt mean they are part of the illuminati.

  53. VC…thanks for that Dion E-book…helped in filling in the blanks…kindly make that book on Freud available…Happy New Year.

  54. They (satanic ritual abusing Illuminati) fear the promised 2nd coming.

    Maybe Yeshua was a Palestinian? That'd explain the entry about the Essenes on Wikipedia. Not only that, but also the reason for why Gaza is how it is now, and why the ZioNazis/Knights Templars finally got the land after two world wars and madeο»Ώ it into the racist suppressing military state known as modern (masonic) day Israel.


    Google the Nazi Israel coin: Swaztika on one side, Rothschild star on other.

    It even says "Nach Palestina"!

  55. Absolutely love the website, VG. Been reading for quite a while now and, while I've been researching these things for 20 odd years myself, I think you have excellent discernment.

    I would dearly love to read what the Photoplay magazine had to say. Would it be possible to scan their article?

  56. The Oregon pic did make me wonder then I saw Cam Newton (QB of the Carolina Panthers, #1 draft pick NFL Draft, etc.) throw up the same exact sign an do yea later on he was found in a Miami Heat game hmmmmmm guess sports are the new way too promote the elite because people are starting to figure out the music industry it's just a guess I keep DMOR. (doing my own research)

  57. Missing time, you say? If you go to they have an article today about how the Pentagon can manipulate time. When they release news like this, it means they have at least forty years of research ahead of us.

    In the Philadelphia experiment they discovered ways, on how to travel through time. From here they created the Montaulk and Pegasus experiments. It is not just the Tavistock Institute coming up with mind control experiments. The deceit and brainwashing is of such magnitude, that defies comprehension. But music has been a favorite vehicle of mind control, because of its catching musical tones with people. They know that the human brain is wired to be sensitive to sound in all forms.

    You should listen to Prof. Walter Veith on to see how they effect these things, and he also exposes the Vatican as the top of the pyramid. Yet it doesn't stop here for much is being revealed by professionals who worked in DUMBs [Deep Underground Military Bases] are coming forward with the truth and warning the world, such as Philip Schneider, Stewart Swerdlow, and Andrew Basiago talks about the DARPA project.

    Lets not forget the great Investigative Journalist Eustace Mullins who wrote several books about our true history and reality, for instance "The Secret Holocaust". From here you may be able to weave the cobweb of the spiders who call themselves elite.

    • Russ, do you really think they are able to manipulate time? We are able to manipulate the other three dimensions, but it requires the fourth dimension to do it. In order to manipulate the fourth dimension, one would have to use a higher dimension. There are no higher physical dimensions. From what I understand, their are six spiritual dimensions. The physical is a manifestation of the spiritual so I can perceive that time could be manipulated from that standpoint. We do see it in the form of visions in scripture and in Revelation it appears the messenger that interacts with John is actually a Saint that lived during the time of the great trib. However, in what specific ways do you think people are able interact in the higher dimensions so that they can play with time? I can perceive them being able to manipulate the first three dimensions to give them an advantage in the fourth. Do you hold a similar view else what is your view?

  58. nothing to do w/ this article but it is about an advertisement.

    has anyone notice the latest commercials for burger king lately? the one for the california whopper, where it shows onions and avacados getting sliced? well in the beginning of them, after the 'bk' logo, there it is. the eye. its reptilian. i just wanted to know that im not the only one noticing this. so if you have noticed, please say so. and if not, maybe you'll catch it next go round.

    the eye really is watching. and its everywhere!

    • TheDifferentOne on

      omg YES ive noticed it too! i thoght, at first, that it was just my mind trying to find symbolism in everything, but now i know someone else has noticed, im prety sure tht it was there….. SMH

  59. Wow! its weird how so many companies and famous people are under some form of mind control and or do the one-eyed image. The photos seem to go on and on and on never ending.Question does anyone know why the faces of famous make watches in magazines and advertising and catalogs all show the time 10:10 on their faces. Just very curious and interested in knowing why?

  60. Hi VC, good work on the new post, your comments made me laugh.

    I am now a regular for the vigilant info.

    Have you seen the 'magician' Dynamo?

    I was watching this for the first time over christmas, amazing 'how did he do that?' tricks abound, but then just before the ad break, Dynamo is standing there with swarms of butterflies spewing forth. I went upstairs and read my Stephen King book…

  61. I have that Victoria's Secret catalogue from the holidays – the first picture when you open it up is a close up of the girl making the symbol over her eye. TOTALLY SAD in a Christmas catalogue.

    Guess we all know what Victoria's Secret is. She's an illuminati whore.

    • They aren't sheeple, my friend. They are people like you and me. Only they are less informed. You, me and they are all apart of the same flock. And we, the informed, the unplugged, are no better than they are. Food for thought: Do you know who else calls them sheeple? The elite.

  62. Excellent expose on this one, BIG TIME. It is getting creepier and creepier as time goes on. The one BIG EYE of the Anti-Christ kingdom as a watchin' us all. Just like ol' Santy Claws. Gee….I wonder who's behind it all….? Satan, maybe….?

  63. Please people, just because your eyes have been opened, and you have been unplugged from the system, don't refer to the rest of humanity as "sheeple" as if you consider yourself better than they. You know who else refers to them as "sheeple"? The very people we so detest. The elite. To them we are nothing but cattle or "sheeple" as many of you have put it. And to refer to them as such, in my honest opinion, makes you no better than them. Yes, it's true they are still plugged into the system, but that doesn't make them any LESS of a person than you or I. They are simply LESS informed.

  64. The ducks are lame! They think they're so cool with their ugly outfits throwin up illuminati symbolism. I bet if they lost they would've been sore losers. The badgers always lose with class. Thumbs up for the Badgers keeping it simple and beautiful (the badgers outfit > Oregon) and let's be honest, if you're not a fan of either team and were watching the game you felt like the badgers were the good happy guys and the ducks were the mean bad guys!

  65. A fellow stay-at-home mom and friend of mine had posted on her FB feed that she was bored since the rest of her family was already asleep. I posted the vigilant citizen link on her post and told her that this will keep her entertained for hours; of course, this is an understatement but you all get the picture.

    Well she responded with, "I don't feel like doing so much reading." o_O

    • grandpasleazy on

      Really? A fellow stay-at-home mum's laptop was hacked by a childish and sleazy old man who had the maturity of a 10 years old school boy & thought too highly of himself. Fortunately my fellow stay-at-home mum doesn't take any nonsense and saw through him. She'll sort him out sooner or later though, when she feels like.

  66. Jasmine Chris on

    Whew. Took my time to view all the pics & comments & I must say VC's doing an amazing job.. Nevertheless our faith should grow stronger come what may because I believe God almighty in his infinite mercy will see us thru it all. Cus he is the embodiment of sovereignty and his grandness echoes thru all the ages. Peace:)

  67. Could VC please do an article on Earthquake by Labrinth and Tinie Tempah?

    Every time I hear it the lyrics really freak me out and I can't help thinking it prophecises a major event (false flag) in London

  68. My friend could not have amused me more just now, he just saw the picture of Simon Cowell and said, "Could he have bought the jetski with that compass already there?" SMDH..

  69. You know the handsign by the Oregon Ducks ad? I believe Kanye West does the same exact one at his concerts. I stumbled upon one where he did it to the crowd, and the image of thousands of people mimicking him was really disturbing. …Coincidence?

  70. Eye eye yet again! That vintage magazine looks cool, would love to read the article in it it and compare it to the illuminati topics being discussed today and see how closely, or not so closely related it was…

  71. I'm not afraid of this things, because this stuff is not new at all : 2000 years ago, a lot of people did the same things with the weapons of their time to activate a program in the mind of the mass (our ancestors) and they pretty succeed until today : the light ask more and we have a choice to make.

    Today, the end of times, new people who believes they can provide to the world a synthesis of religions, believes, science, and basics ontology do this work of maintain the illusion that the world is real. Remember, time is not linear. It works with cycles, and we forget things just to be able to rediscover it. Again. Human history is very sad actually.

  72. So can someone explain to me what is going on with Kobe's new shoe campaign? He uses a tremendous amount of symbolism and he's throwing up the modified pyramid. I never thought he was really into that stuff but now there is no doubt in my mind! Black mamba, his logo looks like baphomet's head, the new triangle, one eye showing, etc. What is going on?!?!

  73. Never thought I'd see a lolita be posted on Vigilant Citizen! That's actually a common pose for lolitas to take pictures. VC, maybe you should try looking into the lolita substyle. They have a lot of interesting prints, and Alice in Wonderland and mirrors are HUGE motifs in that style. Maybe a post about gothic lolita is in order?

  74. I dress in Egl…

    The Japanese girl is in Sweet lolita. Some of the prints may be disney inspired but not all of them are. It's mainly inspired by edwardian and Rocco styles.

    The girl in the picture is not anyone famous..and VC did not give a name. Maybe she is imitating a celebrity?? Who knows..people do it everyday.

  75. VC isn't on our side and is just as brainwashed as pop stars and models of today. Just look at the sites he's affiliated with, first of all. Stop allowing him to breastfeed you the facts.

  76. The world indeed is controlled by an elite few. But God still controls everything. He is master of the Universe. Thank you VC for yet another brilliant article

  77. Is it me or does anyone else feel completely ill after viewing some of these pictures? I can't help it, I feel compelled to look at these pics every month, and each time I feel like I should have a shower, and wash it all away. If I give this too much focus it starts to affect me in away that goes against my spirit and I have to let it go, get rid of it. Vigilant, your work must be a really hard pill to swallow at times? For that, my wish for you is some respite from this (even if fleeting), for you to see some "beauty", when and wherever you can find it.

  78. I have a question. Is it possible the models dont know what they are doing? And also Is it possible that they are doing it because all the famous people are doing it.

  79. dang, when i look at simon cowell and his lavish life and obviously how he got there, all i can think of is that we will all have to answer to God for our actions. Life might be great now but it's the afterlife and eternity that will truly matter in the end.

  80. Correct me if i'm wrong guys, but the model (pictured first) looks a whole lot like Rae, a contestant on America's Next Top Model. Not sure how i can find out who she is, but her eyes drew me in and it looks just like her. Can anyone find out if that's her or not?

  81. Have you guys noticed the first picture looks a little like Lady gaga if you watch her mouth and face it really remind me of her.

  82. Is it just me or the 1st, 2nd & 3rd picture remind me of Beyonce, Lady Gaga & Rihanna…maybe i went too far but ive seen them dressed/hairdressed like that.

  83. Finally someone posted about the Oregon ducks symbol. That has been floating around for about a year now in Oregon and I tried sending the picture in myself to Vc.

    Thank you VC.

  84. Bunch of sheep. Keep obeying Satan..

    As Allah said, the world for sinners is like heaven. And believers live like they're in the prison.

    But in the end, believers will be rewarded as promised!

    Please, no arguing :)

    Also, I agree with ~Joshua, I think Illuminati is hiding a surprise for us in 2012.


  85. The world just seems to be getting darker and secretly sinister everyday.

    The illuminati is almost controlling everything with its infamous eye symbol

    Thank you vigilante for making people like myself stay vigilant and alert of what a few like myself but not so many can recognize mind control when they see it.

  86. personally I 'woke up' about 4 years ago and immediately moved to Portugal to get away from the crap thats served up in the UK, unfortunately it was great at first but we now see more and more evidence of the same agenda here forcing the same rules that UK has been abiding for years- (highest fuel price and taxes in Europe). the portuguese are not too impressed but what choice have they now they in huge debt to the big boys.

    We are in the early stages of a mass awakening this will take time to implement all you can do is talk to your friends and family about the bigger picture (i'm still working on the wife can't seem to wake her up! )… use the social networking sites all the popular ones have already been hijacked and hence monitored these people will be backed in a corner soon remember ordinary people have the power we just need time to come together. The internet is aiding this coming together whatever happens don't let them take over that aswell

  87. The Willow Smith one is the saddest because she was just born into all this Hollywood occultism and never given a chance. It's like she's been turned out and pimped for hollywood from birth (and her bro of course).

    I hope folks are paying attention and realizing this is a spiritual war being waged. Satan and his minions are at war for the souls of humanity. It's time to wake up and realize the real battle. Look out this summer too. That movie Prometheus is another deception, just pushing the message of the Alien Gospel. Here is an article on its nephilim/alien deception.

  88. buried alive, punchi on

    VC: Do an article on this! Worldwide RADIO BACKDOOR in Linux for Illuminati! May exist in Windows kernels too, who knows you can't see inside their kernel source!

    Tails (LiveCD) is crap, and I'm being nice here. Bloated, contains HAMRADIO and PACKET RADIO modules which no one in their right mind would use on a distro aimed at Tor use, I don't even believe 1% of Linux users use them, yet they're generated right there in the directories. Google about ham radio / packet radio modules and their use over wireless devices, ethernet, and sound cards, there's some serious shady actions going on I can tell you from my observations with different distributions and these driver modules being rolled into them on many distributions of Linux.

    The first agenda on your boot-to-Linux distribution is to check for these likely SPOOK friendly modules, generated in these two directories on Ubuntu, Debian, and some other distributions. First, DELETE all of your kernel headers and compiling tools so the SPOOKS can't reload them, install ARPWATCH and watch for ARP and DNS poisoning.

    Now look for these modules and DELETE THEM with sudo or su depending on your distro: (kernelversion below should be replaced by your kernel version, you can just hit TAB once you're in /lib/modules since there should only be one kernel on your drive)


    ^ in that directory if you don't use bluetooth, delete everything in bluetooth dir

    ^ while you're there, locate the following directories and delete the contents:

    directory names: can, ax25, x25, rose, netrom, ipx, appletalk

    delete the subdirectories, too

    run the killall command with sudo to stop bluetoothd and the bluetooth applet if you don't use them (I wouldn't!), and check lsmod | grep bluetooth, it's running and you should disable it, so when you type sudo rmmod bluetooth it'll say two other processes are using it, rmmod both of them, one of them is rfcomm, then remove bluetooth.

    now venture into:


    ^ in this directory, if you don't use bluetooth, delete everything in bluetooth dir

    ^ locate the following directories and delete the contents:

    directory names: can, ax25, x25, rose, netrom, ipx, appletalk

    ALSO: in one of the above top dirs, you'll find a HAMRADIO directory, delete everything inside. Some of these modules are blacklisted in a blacklist rare conf file, but this DOES NOT prevent them from being loaded, especially by SPOOKS/hacker slime.

    If you're on a LiveCD install, don't bother removing them it's futile because the CD itself contains the headers and modules which the BACKDOOR BANDITS which control the airwaves can REINSTALL.

    To get information on these modules, type modinfo and the module name, for example, you're in an ax25 directory, type modinfo ax25 and it will tell you more about the module, but many modules don't say anything, which leads me to believe there's more PACKET RADIO/HAMRADIO spyware located within these modules apart from the ones I've mentioned. There's no earthly good reason for these modules to exist, nor kernel headers, on a Linux distro vanilla install, ESPECIALLY NOT ON TAILS which should be geared towards the support of PRIVACY.

    And why does my cd-rom drive light flash like crazy when I'm sitting at the Tails desktop with no programs running aside from the default? Why is it so bloated, why so many applications? LESS IS MORE! I recommend everyone NOT use Tails. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw CUPS daemon was loaded, on a security distro LiveCD? Pllllease…

    People, if you want to make a CD geared towards privacy, cut down the apps to only those required, let the users decide if they want to add potentially buggy packages which may affect their privacy and security and for Buddha's sake, GET RID OF THE HAM RADIO/PACKET RADIO modules! Do you REALLY believe anyone is using any of these modules with Tor? If you do I have a bag of magic beans to tell you. And what the heck is CAN? A protocol for BANKS? You can't tell me this is something you need on such a CD.

    You folks need to strip your distro down to the bare basics and start over, what you have, in my opinion, is a bloated messy .iso of junk, thrown together without serious thought to privacy and security of end users, with Tor just happening to be included.

    Keep tabs on the activity of your system with snapshots and a simple command:

    sudo find /usr/bin -mtime -60

    (60 equals 60 minutes)

    Turn your system on, boot from Tails or any other LiveCD and wait for a day, maybe two, maybe three, and issue that command to discover files having been modified and secured against virus scanning with various tools. It's a field day for LiveCDs which include kernel headers, ham/packet radio modules, and applications which are likely to contain bugs.

    When you discuss this on-line, which I see little discussion of, or any serious security matter involving Linux, the SPOOKS, shills, or the unintelligent will label you a conspiracy nut, ask you why are you so paranoid, lock the thread, shuffle the thread (sock puppet users posting quickly to other threads so move yours down to become buried and unnoticed), move the thread (usually to an area of the board which is neglected by the public or where the public has no read/write access to threads), and/or delete your user account and your posts.

    WAKE UP!

  89. just my opinion on

    I wish everyone would stop talking about religion. It has really nothing to do with this and religion is basically just another form of brainwashing. If you are arrogant enough to believe us measly little humans know the secrets of the universe, you should get off this page. God could just as well be a little pixie who created snow with his farts.

    • you clearly don't know what religion is then.

      and are you ridiculous enough to imply the world just came into existance without any meaning behind it? that the extremely complex and detailed and intricate way the world runs is simply for nothing eventually?

      you have a mind and therefore you have a soul. it's there for a reason.

  90. What up V- didnt know where to post this pic- but i think

    you had an older article with pics of presidents even the pope and dif music stars doing the goat sign (devil horns)- if not u, then i see it somewhere elese-thought this was funny- also you have mentioned about how they stay "Forever young" in hollywood – those devil worshippers just dont seem to age. Here's a witch – Betty White- for ya who just turned 90

    i also recall her doing a pagan ritual in the forest- making it humorous- a recent movie with sandra bullock and ryan reym reynolds 2009- the Proposal- which made me realize this old lady is one of them too

  91. I agree with the posts being posted. We were born in this society of death and esoteric symbolism. It is more then disgusting it is unimaginable. What is even more sick is that none of this would not be possible with out the marketers, photographers, graphic and video designers. These idiotic groupies contribute to more suffering then anything else. These keepers of illussion act as if they are not the ones to blame, but indeed they are. I represent the Free Age Movement. The age of freedom and liberation. What sucks is that all of us unconsciously contribute to this form of slavery and manipulation by accepting it. I know I am not perfect, but I make an effort everyday to change for the better and to awaken my brothers and sisters.

    If these workers do not stop contributing then they are to blame, there are so many other paths to take on this journey so if you choose deception then you should also face the consequences of Karma for them…

  92. VC, you're doing such a Great Work ( pun intended). Thanks, my friend. There's a lot to be done and time is short but reading the comments here really keeps the spirit up.

    No surprise that Simon Cowell is a Brother, considering the creators of 'his' show, the Dutch company Endemol ( 'end them all'), have this logo:
    They are also the creators of Big Brother.

    The symbolism is so blatantly out in the open I expect a overt move soon, probably the London Olympics. Interesting times.

    Stay strong.

  93. i think it's important to be familiar with all this, but it's also important to use the information in a POSITIVE way.

    there's no use being scared and losing sleep over pigs that will go to hell eventually. we need to remember that we are stronger than them because we have souls and minds. they literally don't, they've dedicated themselves to their gods – money & power. oh yeah and the devil.

    as the human race we need to stick together. they try to make as many divides as possible in our race – religion (muslims are so different to the rest of the world apparently, christians are also very singled out too), race (every arab is a terrorist, every black person is a gangster etc), the amount of money a person has, the job a person has, even the very basic differentiation of a human – gender.

    throw all these differences (and many more) out the window. we are stronger when we are together. keep your mind awake.

    but still, don't be afraid to live your life.

  94. Last year Argentina had an entire drama serie (soap opera) dedicated to masonic cult that explain some of the symbolism of illuminati, the 'new world order' and the fight between light and darkness, you should check it out it's called 'The chosen one' ('El elgido' in spanish)

  95. seekingknowledge on

    I believe that the celebratey illuminati phenomenon is just another cover up to delude us from the truth, yet again!! Research has led me to believe that we have everything all backwards. Xanity has done some screwed up things to keep us "simpletons" from true spiritual knowledge. As well as, destroying and replacing every civilizations' true spirituality, the enemy could get their hands on with "their" religion that was purely based upon other stolen religions. stealing their devine knowledge. Which I read this in a freemassonary history book from 1866. It was disturbing, graphic and contradicted itself. The shit you will never hear about in school. Unfortunatly they have done a damn good job masking our true brain power from its right and full potential, all for the purpose of control and manipulating the masses. The power they possess, we are ALL suppose to posses. The point? Maybe some food for thought…. Why have we never put fourth the effort to research "the devil" I never did because he has been instilled in our minds as the epitome of evil. That's enough for me to turn the other cheeck. However having an uneasy feeling about these powerful people in our midst and not making sense, I accidentally found the answer I HAVE been searching for, since I was a child, suddenly it made perfect sense. Research satanism you will be pleasently surprised and left in awe. I don't want to spoil it, but the human race has truely been repressed and the worse part is this whole cover up has been ongoing for thousands of years. I was very skeptical when coming upon satanism only 4 days ago and I am a very open and loving person. Well, he is too. And I feel everyone should read don't be scared because it does all come together.

  96. what happened to true fashion, now everything has to have a bad to it…

    it seems everyday i go somewhere i see illuminati somehow someway

    but if we sit here behind a computer screen we will never change the world i know its not easy to change something so drastic but together we can. Even if we cant stop it we can inform people, i tell people so much about this website and i thank VC for standing up for what many are scared to say. So many blind people that say that its all not real or made up but thats just an excuse. Not everything in this world is good.

    God brought us all here for a purpose he wants us to stand up for him and he wants to use our voices to inform.

  97. Muhammad Khalifa on

    I was simply typing garbage on my macintosh when i thought, "hmmmm…. whats illuminati backwards?" i typed in 'itanimulli' guess what came up.

    The American National Security Service.

    Fucking scary.

    • Oh no I'm done then. I used to visit a blog and their email address was something along those lines. Probably it was intentional. I need to leave the country, change my name and so on asap. I'm totally marked.

  98. I can't agree with posting Katarzyna Nosowska among freemasons and illuminati puppets. She's my favourite artist (she's not an actress by the way) and in her music there's no hint of illuminati agenda. As I know all her songs by heart, and I'm vigilantcitizen's regular I know what I'm saying. Just watch some of her videos, this is high class artist, her music has a message about love, family, overcoming loneliness…so nothing in common with mind control propaganda.

  99. The first 3 pictures are featured in SPLASH 2012 calendar. There are more imagery but yes, when I saw the pics during the boutiques calendar launch, I was like "Heck, not that again.. "

  100. well i have heared all the comments i think everything said about them is correct but i want them to know that the moment of judgement of God is at hand giving the devil your soul would not save them let us who are followers of God(christians) pray for them for repentance may jesus help them.

  101. Beanie Weenie on

    Hmm, yeah all this evil stuff and symbolism? If pop culture has any crime it's of being unoriginal and possibly using these symbols purposefully just to incite speculation and upset wack-a-doodles like you. And December 21st? Yeah, I think we all know how that worked out. What now end-of-worlders? (By the way people have been saying that Christ is coming back and the world was going to end since Christianity began.) Hopefully some of the folks who thought the world was going to end drank the Kool-Aid preemptively and thus removed their idiocy from the gene pool.

  102. The greatest satisfaction will come when these satanist puppets take their last breathes. It will be then that they will not only burn in hell but realize the purpose of them selling their souls for money and fame was not worth it.
    Down with illuminati
    Down with free masonry
    Down with new world order

  103. Great content and great comments to pictures. I love your whole site, it really puts into perspective the massiveness of this infiltration
    Thank you for your work – a great tool to be sober and alert, as advised

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