Symbolic Pics of the Month (01/12)


It’s a brand new year and this one promises to be particularly interesting. Here are the pics of this month featuring Willow Smith, Jessie J, The Oregon Ducks and a bunch of other strange yet very symbolic images.

It’s January and it is time for a new calendar. This year, why don’t you pic up this calendar by fashion photographer Tejal Patni featuring soulless robotic models blankly staring nowhere and manipulated by machines? You’ll be reminded everyday about how the fashion industry is riddled with MKULTRA imagery. For example, who wouldn’t love to look at this tribute to mind control, complete with a fake face and mechanical hands (representing handlers) during the entire month of October?


Miss September also appears to be under mind control. While she’s sitting on a chair that appears to have to capability to “program” (or torture her), her handlers (represented by hands) are hard at work.


The model, looking extremely robotic, holds a mechanical heart – emphasizing on the dehumanizing effects of mind control (and of the fashion world).


A screenshot from the beginning of Willow Smith’s video Fireball. The hidden eye is just to remind the world who owns her.


I heart the way Jessie J hearts us in Glamour magazine.


They be hiding one eye in Japan.


…and in Brazil (singer Wanessa)…


…and at Target…


…and in Victoria’s Secret catalogue.


A promotional ad featuring the Oregon Ducks’ uniform for the 2012 Rose Bowl – remodelled by Nike. Can you recognize the handsign?


The stage of VH1’s Diva Celebration. It is basically a giant eye looking over the singers the crowd.


…the stage during Jessie J’s performance.



Everyone’s favorite judge Simon Cowell on his jet-ski. It is pretty safe to say that he’s a Freemason.


Polish singer and actress Kasia Nosowska.


This photo collection by Kristian Schuller features a lot of MK symbolism. Here, multiple personalities and, of course, the one-eye thing.


Another pic from that collection….Monarches everywhere.





This 1928 magazine is apparently the ancestor of Vigilant Citizen.


Virgin’s website for new entrepreneurs. Is it hinting at what it takes to truly make it in the elite?

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268 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (01/12)"

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Islam has the Answer to all of this…..The Dajjal the False Messiah, Isreal taking rule of the world from america and then the man standing up proclaiming to be the Messiah when the real Messiah is Isah/Jesus. Please watch Shiekh Imran Hosein whether you be Muslim or Not a real inteligent man.

Great content and great comments to pictures. I love your whole site, it really puts into perspective the massiveness of this infiltration
Thank you for your work – a great tool to be sober and alert, as advised

i think it's important to be familiar with all this, but it's also important to use the information in a POSITIVE way. there's no use being scared and losing sleep over pigs that will go to hell eventually. we need to remember that we are stronger than them because we have souls and minds. they literally don't, they've dedicated themselves to their gods – money & power. oh yeah and the devil. as the human race we need to stick together. they try to make as many divides as possible in our race – religion (muslims are so different to the rest of the world apparently, christians are also very singled out too), race (every arab is a terrorist, every black person is a gangster etc), the amount of money a person has, the job a person has, even the very basic differentiation of a human – gender. throw all… Read more »

The first 3 pictures are featured in SPLASH 2012 calendar. There are more imagery but yes, when I saw the pics during the boutiques calendar launch, I was like "Heck, not that again.. "

Most disturbing photo shoot I've ever seen: some mind control crap by Chinese designers!

what happened to true fashion, now everything has to have a bad to it…

it seems everyday i go somewhere i see illuminati somehow someway

but if we sit here behind a computer screen we will never change the world i know its not easy to change something so drastic but together we can. Even if we cant stop it we can inform people, i tell people so much about this website and i thank VC for standing up for what many are scared to say. So many blind people that say that its all not real or made up but thats just an excuse. Not everything in this world is good.

God brought us all here for a purpose he wants us to stand up for him and he wants to use our voices to inform.

VH1's Diva Celebration stage ! Gosh i coudnt have noticed the eye !

'Love that Photoplay info. Amazing entry, as usual.

I believe that the celebratey illuminati phenomenon is just another cover up to delude us from the truth, yet again!! Research has led me to believe that we have everything all backwards. Xanity has done some screwed up things to keep us "simpletons" from true spiritual knowledge. As well as, destroying and replacing every civilizations' true spirituality, the enemy could get their hands on with "their" religion that was purely based upon other stolen religions. stealing their devine knowledge. Which I read this in a freemassonary history book from 1866. It was disturbing, graphic and contradicted itself. The s**t you will never hear about in school. Unfortunatly they have done a damn good job masking our true brain power from its right and full potential, all for the purpose of control and manipulating the masses. The power they possess, we are ALL suppose to posses. The point? Maybe some food… Read more »

Last year Argentina had an entire drama serie (soap opera) dedicated to masonic cult that explain some of the symbolism of illuminati, the 'new world order' and the fight between light and darkness, you should check it out it's called 'The chosen one' ('El elgido' in spanish)

so, what do the HUGE shoes symbolize? i've always wondered…

I just found this picture somewhere on the internet:

With 3 symbols in one picture (4 if you count the american flag as a symbol..): mickey mouse ears, animal print and the one eye symbolism.

I thought it was remarkable :')

VC, you're doing such a Great Work ( pun intended). Thanks, my friend. There's a lot to be done and time is short but reading the comments here really keeps the spirit up.

No surprise that Simon Cowell is a Brother, considering the creators of 'his' show, the Dutch company Endemol ( 'end them all'), have this logo:
They are also the creators of Big Brother.

The symbolism is so blatantly out in the open I expect a overt move soon, probably the London Olympics. Interesting times.

Stay strong.

I agree with the posts being posted. We were born in this society of death and esoteric symbolism. It is more then disgusting it is unimaginable. What is even more sick is that none of this would not be possible with out the marketers, photographers, graphic and video designers. These idiotic groupies contribute to more suffering then anything else. These keepers of illussion act as if they are not the ones to blame, but indeed they are. I represent the Free Age Movement. The age of freedom and liberation. What sucks is that all of us unconsciously contribute to this form of slavery and manipulation by accepting it. I know I am not perfect, but I make an effort everyday to change for the better and to awaken my brothers and sisters. If these workers do not stop contributing then they are to blame, there are so many other paths… Read more »

Have you read this:

And I just typed in but backwards… – – and I was confused as to what came out… have you guys tried it?

here's the pope and even the clintons-

here's some symbolic pics for ya- obama

What up V- didnt know where to post this pic- but i think

you had an older article with pics of presidents even the pope and dif music stars doing the goat sign (devil horns)- if not u, then i see it somewhere elese-thought this was funny- also you have mentioned about how they stay "Forever young" in hollywood – those devil worshippers just dont seem to age. Here's a witch – Betty White- for ya who just turned 90

i also recall her doing a pagan ritual in the forest- making it humorous- a recent movie with sandra bullock and ryan reym reynolds 2009- the Proposal- which made me realize this old lady is one of them too

I wish everyone would stop talking about religion. It has really nothing to do with this and religion is basically just another form of brainwashing. If you are arrogant enough to believe us measly little humans know the secrets of the universe, you should get off this page. God could just as well be a little pixie who created snow with his farts.

it has EVERYTHING to do wit it. it is the bottom line.

it is the whole point.

you clearly don't know what religion is then.

and are you ridiculous enough to imply the world just came into existance without any meaning behind it? that the extremely complex and detailed and intricate way the world runs is simply for nothing eventually?

you have a mind and therefore you have a soul. it's there for a reason.

We can't Fight it…..we can only defend ourselves and watch it crumble….it will… ready when it does

VC: Do an article on this! Worldwide RADIO BACKDOOR in Linux for Illuminati! May exist in Windows kernels too, who knows you can't see inside their kernel source! Tails (LiveCD) is crap, and I'm being nice here. Bloated, contains HAMRADIO and PACKET RADIO modules which no one in their right mind would use on a distro aimed at Tor use, I don't even believe 1% of Linux users use them, yet they're generated right there in the directories. Google about ham radio / packet radio modules and their use over wireless devices, ethernet, and sound cards, there's some serious shady actions going on I can tell you from my observations with different distributions and these driver modules being rolled into them on many distributions of Linux. The first agenda on your boot-to-Linux distribution is to check for these likely SPOOK friendly modules, generated in these two directories on Ubuntu, Debian,… Read more »

The Willow Smith one is the saddest because she was just born into all this Hollywood occultism and never given a chance. It's like she's been turned out and pimped for hollywood from birth (and her bro of course).

I hope folks are paying attention and realizing this is a spiritual war being waged. Satan and his minions are at war for the souls of humanity. It's time to wake up and realize the real battle. Look out this summer too. That movie Prometheus is another deception, just pushing the message of the Alien Gospel. Here is an article on its nephilim/alien deception.

personally I 'woke up' about 4 years ago and immediately moved to Portugal to get away from the crap thats served up in the UK, unfortunately it was great at first but we now see more and more evidence of the same agenda here forcing the same rules that UK has been abiding for years- (highest fuel price and taxes in Europe). the portuguese are not too impressed but what choice have they now they in huge debt to the big boys. We are in the early stages of a mass awakening this will take time to implement all you can do is talk to your friends and family about the bigger picture (i'm still working on the wife can't seem to wake her up! )… use the social networking sites all the popular ones have already been hijacked and hence monitored these people will be backed in a corner… Read more »

this made me raise an eyebrow…not exactly a sex-kitten, but hey:

The world just seems to be getting darker and secretly sinister everyday.

The illuminati is almost controlling everything with its infamous eye symbol

Thank you vigilante for making people like myself stay vigilant and alert of what a few like myself but not so many can recognize mind control when they see it.

This song is so disturbing

Bunch of sheep. Keep obeying Satan..

As Allah said, the world for sinners is like heaven. And believers live like they're in the prison.

But in the end, believers will be rewarded as promised!

Please, no arguing 🙂

Also, I agree with ~Joshua, I think Illuminati is hiding a surprise for us in 2012.


Even unsigned artists are trying to push sybolism and write about it in their songs. Check out this guy

Finally someone posted about the Oregon ducks symbol. That has been floating around for about a year now in Oregon and I tried sending the picture in myself to Vc.

Thank you VC.

Is it just me or the 1st, 2nd & 3rd picture remind me of Beyonce, Lady Gaga & Rihanna…maybe i went too far but ive seen them dressed/hairdressed like that.

Have you guys noticed the first picture looks a little like Lady gaga if you watch her mouth and face it really remind me of her.

Correct me if i'm wrong guys, but the model (pictured first) looks a whole lot like Rae, a contestant on America's Next Top Model. Not sure how i can find out who she is, but her eyes drew me in and it looks just like her. Can anyone find out if that's her or not?

dang, when i look at simon cowell and his lavish life and obviously how he got there, all i can think of is that we will all have to answer to God for our actions. Life might be great now but it's the afterlife and eternity that will truly matter in the end.


you know, i was looking for 3d modeling tutorials on the web and suddenly this caught my eye:
i guess it's everywhere once you start to recognize the signes…

Dug up that photoplay article – its really just about Hollywood celebrities going to see psychics. Nothing too sinister

The symbolism is everywhere!

I was on Forever today, and I happened upon this shirt:

It looks like the Masonic Compass! They even cleverly added the US flag to the background to it. Shows what America stands for.

It really annoys me how desperate they are trying to make their symbols "fashionable."

I have a question. Is it possible the models dont know what they are doing? And also Is it possible that they are doing it because all the famous people are doing it.

Please can someone, say somfin bout,the 30 seconds to mars rock band….i'd lyk 2 kno if dey're evil or not…

Is it me or does anyone else feel completely ill after viewing some of these pictures? I can't help it, I feel compelled to look at these pics every month, and each time I feel like I should have a shower, and wash it all away. If I give this too much focus it starts to affect me in away that goes against my spirit and I have to let it go, get rid of it. Vigilant, your work must be a really hard pill to swallow at times? For that, my wish for you is some respite from this (even if fleeting), for you to see some "beauty", when and wherever you can find it.

The world indeed is controlled by an elite few. But God still controls everything. He is master of the Universe. Thank you VC for yet another brilliant article

VC isn't on our side and is just as brainwashed as pop stars and models of today. Just look at the sites he's affiliated with, first of all. Stop allowing him to breastfeed you the facts.

I dress in Egl…

The Japanese girl is in Sweet lolita. Some of the prints may be disney inspired but not all of them are. It's mainly inspired by edwardian and Rocco styles.

The girl in the picture is not anyone famous..and VC did not give a name. Maybe she is imitating a celebrity?? Who knows..people do it everyday.

Never thought I'd see a lolita be posted on Vigilant Citizen! That's actually a common pose for lolitas to take pictures. VC, maybe you should try looking into the lolita substyle. They have a lot of interesting prints, and Alice in Wonderland and mirrors are HUGE motifs in that style. Maybe a post about gothic lolita is in order?

So can someone explain to me what is going on with Kobe's new shoe campaign? He uses a tremendous amount of symbolism and he's throwing up the modified pyramid. I never thought he was really into that stuff but now there is no doubt in my mind! Black mamba, his logo looks like baphomet's head, the new triangle, one eye showing, etc. What is going on?!?!

wanted to be a model.

changed my mind.

I'm not afraid of this things, because this stuff is not new at all : 2000 years ago, a lot of people did the same things with the weapons of their time to activate a program in the mind of the mass (our ancestors) and they pretty succeed until today : the light ask more and we have a choice to make.

Today, the end of times, new people who believes they can provide to the world a synthesis of religions, believes, science, and basics ontology do this work of maintain the illusion that the world is real. Remember, time is not linear. It works with cycles, and we forget things just to be able to rediscover it. Again. Human history is very sad actually.

Nice sharring, thanks for your information, its usefull…

Eye eye yet again! That vintage magazine looks cool, would love to read the article in it it and compare it to the illuminati topics being discussed today and see how closely, or not so closely related it was…