The Esoteric Meaning of Florence + the Machine’s “Shake it Out” and “No Light No Light”


 Florence + the Machine obtained commercial and critical success by releasing music with a distinct sound and feel. Although her works are often covered by mass media, one aspect of her act is rarely mentioned: the esoteric symbolism of her songs and videos. We will look at the meaning of the videos “Shake it Out” and “No Light No Light”, two enigmatic videos from the album Ceremonials.

Florence + the Machine is different from most of the singers mentioned on the Vigilant Citizen for several reasons. First, there is obvious talent and artistry involved in her works, making them more profound than most pop songs out there. Second, there is a definite occult influence in her music but it is not hidden or concealed, but rather all out in the open. In an interview with Nylon magazine, Florence stated:

“I wanted to be a witch when I was a kid. I was obsessed with witchcraft. At school, me and my two friends had these spell books; I always wanted a more magical reality. I had a little shrine at home and I did a spell to try and make the boy in the other class fall in love with me.”

Despite this known fact, I never found any review or analysis of Florence + the Machine’s work from an occult point of view, a field Florence Welch is obviously well versed in. The videos of her first album Lungs had some occult concepts infused into them. For example, her hit Dog Days are Over alludes to the dog star Sirius, an all-important celestial body in esoteric teachings (for more information, read the article entitled The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History). An article on Pseudo-Occult media described some of the occult and MK aspects of the videos from her first album – centered around the imagery of white rabbits, bird cages, Alice in Wonderland and so forth – so I won’t dwell on those. Her second album, Ceremonials, is slightly darker and more focused on profound esoteric concepts that deserve some analyzing.

The videos of Shake it Out and No Light No Light both contain enigmatic imagery (see the confused comments on YouTube) that relate to ancient occult concepts. Analyzed from an esoteric point of view, both videos can indeed by seen as “ceremonies” where symbols and colors describe a story of profound transformation. The imagery of Shake it Out tell the story of an initiation ritual in a strange secret society while No Light No Light describes a profound spiritual change in the context of duality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning of both videos.

 Shake it Out

Taking place in a strange masquerade ball with masked guests – reminiscent of the secret society orgy in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” –  Shake it Out follows Florence’s evolution. From being shy and reserved, she becomes ecstatic and almost demented. In an interview, Welch described the video’s setting this way:

“Think of a psychedelic 1920s dress party with a demonic twist. Possession meets The Great Gatsby. (…) We were kind of going for a sort of ‘Gatsby at West Egg’-style house party but with maybe slightly ritualistic and sort of satanic undertones and séances.”

In this strange setting, there are several Florences, with different personalities and wearing dresses with symbolic colors. Each of them tell a different part of the story of Florence’s initiation and its results. As we have seen in previous articles on this site, the theme of initiation is often found in modern pop videos and there is one thing they all have in common: a focus on the colors white, red and black. This video is no exception as the color of Florence’s dresses tell alot about the meaning of the character she is embodying.

At the beginning of the video, Florence wears a pearl/gold colored dress and looks shy and almost reticent as she enters the ball. She is obviously the “guest of honor” but she is unsure of what she is walking into.

Florence shyly descending the stairs to the ball.

As she enters the ball, she is greeted with strange cloaked and mask figures. Some of them are quite weird but interesting.

A mask representing Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep – from which the term “hypnosis” comes from.  He is the twin of Thanatos, the god of death and His palace was a dark cave where the sun never shines. At the entrance were a number of poppies and other hypnogogic plants.

This mask with multiple faces appears to be a favorite in elite “Illuminati balls”…

Baron Alexis de Redé (right) wearing a similar multi-face mask at an actual Rothschild ball in 1972.

The ceremony is centered around her and with good reason: it is her initiation ritual. One of the figures blindfolds Florence.

Florence is blindfolded by a man in a red cape.

The blindfolding of new initiates is an intricate part of Masonic-like rituals and bear a very symbolic meaning: they represent the candidate’s prior blindness and ignorance.

Image taken from Duncan’s Ritual of Freemasonry describing the initiation of a new Mason. He is blindfolded and walked around the Lodge.

The lyrics of the song sustain the overall theme of these kinds of initiations as they pertain to the abandoning of a dark past and the embracing of a new life. Some parts of the song are particularly interesting as they appear to allude to specific aspects to Masonic initiations. This following passage refers to candidates being “in the dark” before the completion of the initiation.

It’s always darkest before the dawn (…)
And I’ve been a fool and I’ve been blind

Other passages of the song are oddly reminiscent of the oaths that are recited during Masonic initiations. For example, these lines:

I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

can be related to this part of the Masonic initiatory ceremony:

“Oh! that my breast had been torn open, my heart plucked out, and placed upon the highest pinnacle of the Temple, there to be devoured by the vultures of the air …”

Another part of the song refers to several aspects of an initiation, whether it being the “end of a road”, the concept of darkness (most secret society initiations place candidate in dark rooms for a period of time to represent death and rebirth) and preparedness to suffer (during the initiation ritual)

And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t
So here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road
And I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope
It’s a shot in the dark and right at my throat

This last line is also similar to a portion of the Masonic oath.

“I arose, and on my passage around the Lodge was accosted by three Fellow Crafts, who thrice demanded of me the secrets of a Master Mason; and, on being refused, the first gave me a blow with the twenty-four-inch gauge, across my throat”

Whether or not these allusions to secret societies were intentional, they definitely give a sense of “spiritual rebirth” to the song.

In another scene where Florence plays the role of “new initiate”, she is shown taking part of a séance to communicate with spirits, confirming the occult nature of the gathering.

Florence at a séance table with other members.

Is this what engendered Florence in red?

The Florence that is dressed in a red dress is drastically different, as if she was possessed by a spirit.

In another part of the video, Florence is dressed in red – the color of sacrifice and initiation – and has a completely different demeanour. She is  unrestrained, dances frantically and appears to be slightly possessed. While she seems to be having the time of her life, she also appears to be consumed and disturbed by whatever is effecting her.

Another Florence appears to be a result of the initiation: a pure and angelic Florence dressed in white, symbol of purity and innocence. She runs out of the party and climbs on a tree, looking godly and at peace.

Florence in a pure and virginal white dress.

Florence in red is therefore the opposite of the shy and innocent Florence dressed in white. These two personas reflect the occult concept of duality that takes place within her, a concept that is also reflected in the lyrics with passages such as:

Cause looking for heaven, for the devil in me
Looking for heaven, for the devil in me
Well what the hell I’m gonna let it happen to me

A forth persona is shown in the video: a cool, calm and powerful Florence dressed in black formal wear – symbolizing the full-fledged society member.

Florence dressed in black in a private setting – dancing with two masked men.

Florence’s initiation appears to have generated two results: a Florence dressed in red, who appears to be drunk on the world’s materiality and animal impulses, dancing without restraint and embracing her sexuality and a Florence dressed in white who leaves the ball to go on a tree (symbolically leaving the earthly realm to ascend towards the spiritual). The balance between these two opposite forces is at the basis of hermetic concept of duality. This all-important theme also appears to be central to Florence’s second video, No Light No Light.

No Light No Light

No Light No Light has none of the subtlety of Shake it Out. It rather violently clashes two diametrically opposing forces battling for nothing less than Florence’s soul. The imagery of the video is based on contrasts and opposites, using concepts such as light and darkness, good and evil, black and white, civilization and tribalism, church and sorcery and so forth. The two main scenes of the video that are pitted against each other are so clichéd that they border on caricature: an entranced voodoo doctor practicing black magic versus innocent church choir boys. The opposition is vivid, yet both worlds appear to be part of Florence’s experience (she was in choir during her youth, while also dabbling in occultism). The two scenes bring up an almost archetypal sense of good and evil, thus symbolically representing the eternal struggle that is happening within Florence’s soul.

The first scene shows a masked man, sitting in the dark, in front of lit candles and a voodoo doll.

Voodoo guy about to cast a spell on Florence

The shaman is inside a Masonic Lodge. Although it is dark, we can notice the Masonic throne, the Blazing Star above it and the all-important checkerboard-patterned floor.

The shaman sticking a needle inside a voodoo doll. The Masonic checkerboard floor is the space on which occult rituals and ceremonies take place. The black and white pattern represents the coexistence of good and evil repeated in an infinite pattern and is therefore a visual representation of the concept of duality.

Like the checkerboard pattern, the video visually depicts the eternal fight between two opposing forces in the spiritual realm, but it uses human figures instead. Opposed to the voodoo shaman is another evocative image: young choir boys inside a church.

Church choir boys represent the force opposite to the shaman.

So Florence is standing atop of a skyscraper, looking somewhat confused, knowing that she must make a choice, trying to hang on. This sense of uncertainty is reflected in the lyrics:

“I was disappearing in plain sight
Heaven help me, I need to make it right
You want a revelation, You want to get it right
But it’s a conversation, I just can’t have tonight”

Florence appears to be under the spell of the shaman as he hurts her by sticking needles inside the voodoo doll. At one point, Florence lets go and embarks into a gigantic free-fall from the top of a tall building. She crashes through the church’s stained glass ceiling and floats in a burst of light.

Florence enters the church, but not from the front door, by crashing from the ceiling.

Florence enters the church from above, floats in mid-air and takes a position that makes her appear to be Christ-like. This symbolic image refers to the Gnostic concept of “inner-Christ”, where salvation and godhood is obtained from within by illumination. Florence is then caught by the choir boys and carried somewhere. Her embrace of “good” apparently kills the voodoo doctor who begins convulsing. By banishing the evil that had control of her, Florence attained Gnosis and therefore became “like Christ”.

This video has caused controversy because it was deemed racist. These observers claim that the “bad guy” is a stereotypical tribal-voodoo shaman and is, in fact, a “black face”, a non-black person painted black, like they used to do back when media was openly racist. At one point during the video, we see Florence, a red-headed white woman running away from evil that is represented by a black guy. It is also noted that she is saved by a European choir that is exclusively composed of  white boys. With that being said, can we truly say that the video is purposely racist? I honestly cannot say and that is not the point of the article. I can, however, say that race is indeed used in a symbolic way to emphasize the occult concept of duality and to further develop the sense of opposition between the two scenes.

As said above, humans are used in this video to depict abstract the concept of struggle between opposing forces, as depicted by the symbol of Ying and Yang. The struggle is happening inside of Florence, on a spiritual level, hence the spiritual imagery of the video. Everything about these forces is opposed, including their skin color – white and black – as they become an embodiment of the checkerboard pattern floor. White is traditionally associated with good and black with evil. This unfortunately translates very badly when it comes to skin color but the direction of the video appears to have taken this bold step anyways.

The lyrics of the song further accentuate the concept of struggle between good and evil. While it can be interpreted as a song to a lover, the vocabulary that is used, along with the video’s imagery, alludes to a spiritual struggle. The entity she is speaking to appears to have an ethereal quality as she mentions she is witnessing A revelation in the light of day. With that being said, who or what is she talking to? To God (who brings revelation)? The Devil (who is said to have blue eyes)?

“No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day
You can’t chose what stays and what fades away
And I’d do anything to make you stay”

There is a definite sense of ambiguity which only emphasizes on the concept of duality, where opposing forces are part of a greater whole. In other words, good and evil, God and Satan are considered to be “two sides of the same coin”.


In Conclusion

Florence + the Machine’s videos for Ceremonials indeed include a great deal of ceremony and ritual. Through the symbolism and color codes found in the videos, Shake it Out and No Light No Light both tell stories that take place on the esoteric plane, mainly involving the all-important concept of duality. The first video is centered around the concept of initiation in the context of a high-society masquerade ball (sometimes referred to as an Illuminati ball). The second video opposes spiritual figures representing good and evil that border on caricature, where Florence, a soul in peril, frees herself from the spell of a voodoo shaman to be saved by a church choir, which represent her own good and dark side. That being said, one can argue that it was the shaman (her dark side) who pushed Florence towards her own enlightenment. Is he therefore truly evil or simply part of a greater scheme? That is the mystery of duality and these are the esoteric concepts that transpire from Florence + the Machine’s works. Does that make her message good or evil? To quote her words: “Looking for heaven, for the devil in me“.




  1. wow i never knew the devil is said to have blue eyes…creepy.

    its crazy how these symbols are considered hidden when they are so out in the open!

  2. i remember when i first heard and saw the video for dog days. it gave me this eerie feeling i couldn't shake so i avoided her music without really knowing why. well now i know

    • Yeah, the Dog Days video has definite pagan undertones. I remember having that same feeling you mentioned – that "something is wrong but you feel compelled to keep looking" sort of thing. Creepy.

      She's definitely talented, though, and has a very powerful voice that stands out from the rest of the pop music crowd.

      Maybe that's because it's a real voice that isn't all autotuned to hell. :)

      • I also had a strange feeling by looking the video – there is something I am fascinated with, I can not explain – I thinked about this – Curiosity killed the cat… catch me if you can! Maybe they`ve got me…

        THX VC for the article

    • That's because the video portrays the avatars of Vishnu celebrating Hinduism's overtaking of Christianity and Islam, and then the eventual demise of world.

      The video is heavily spiritual and the meaning is much more complex than that simple sentence I wrote. There have been lengthy debates about the exact meaning on Youtube, but in September – October 2010 and June – August 2011 there are huge paragraph explanations (some copied/pasted on tumblr too) that show the huge symbolic meaning of the video.

      tl;dr – Hindu is the one world religion, not Islam. 😉

      • Hinduism, and those who follow it, have never aspired to create a one-world religion or take over Christianity or Islam. That being said, there is no such celebration taking place is the Dog Days video. Though the avatars are reminiscent of the Hindu god Vishnu (because of the characteristic blue skin), there is no reason to assume that Hinduism is trying to create a one-world religion. Please do not assume without reasonable knowledge.

      • We shouldn't care which religion is the "one world religion", but only that that religion which is the Truth be manifest to all of humanity, for their salvation and success, not for our own satisfaction or superiority. "Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right".

        Honestly speaking, people are attracted to what fulfills their souls and makes sense. The statistics of world religions do not favor the idea that what exists of Hinduism today is the one world religion. In all honesty, I doubt anyone's basic morality favors the intensely discriminative idea that any fraction of humanity is "untouchable". Our morality would rather believe that all of humanity is equal. Islam teaches that God is the Creator, that all of His Creation is His family, and if we love Him, we must love His family.

        That being said, Islam also teaches that *every single religion on earth* was in fact TRUE, and of Divine origin. (Not talking about man-made rubbish like Scientology, or devil-inspired stuff like Satanism.) With this idea, one can respect people from all other religions, and see good in everything. The only reason that rites/rituals/legends changed was because some people – just like they spread lies today in media campaigns – for personal or political reasons tampered with the Divine scriptures or teachings, and culture mixed in and hence religions evolved over time into what they are today (such as today's racism in Hindu ideology – something that the Vedas did not exactly preach). The only reason that their scriptures were allowed to be tampered with is that God would send someone else (prophet/avatar/buddha/saint) to correct people's mistakes and guide the people back to the truth. But Islam is the last of religions till the end of time, and there being no-one to correct any mistakes people might make in it, God vowed to leave the scripture in its original form. Objective study of history is something we can all agree to, regardless of religion, and such a study proves the claim that the Quran is indeed still un-tampered with. If anyone feels offended by this, perhaps they should question why, check their pride, and consider actually undertaking such an objective historical study.

        An honest study of almost all scriptures (at least of 5 religions that I know) reveals the truth of the last prophet/saint/buddah etc, here's what a study of the Hindu Scriptures shows:

        So yes, Hinduism was indeed one true religion, just like all other religions on earth, before some mischief makers mixed their own thoughts and words with those of God's, and infused a cruel racism that leaves some people in the world intensely poverished. Do not be upset at my saying this, be upset at those who were cruel enough to do that, and to deceive masses of innocent people for their own gains.

      • Hindus are tolerant of other religions. They believe that we're born(or whatever you follow later on) into whatever is best for our spiritual growth. I don't see anything wrong with this. They're very tolerant. You can't say that about Christians or Jews. Before you usual ragers come and insult me about being Hindu i'm a Christian but that shouldn't matter.

    • I believe the 'hype' is much ado about nothing. Do not all of us seek to find what is good and evil ? I believe honestly (as a Christian) that her music is an expression of her search to find herself, her place on this earth. I think if we do not question what is set in front of us then well how can we have any faith? I refuse to believe her music is based on the occult, because I have listened to it and know that she speaks a ton of truth. God has gifted her with a voice and she is using it. I saw the video to "Shake It Out" on a Sunday; when I (who was severely down and depressed). I heard the chorus and began to cry it was like a message from Heaven. It may sound bizarre but well : "It's hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake it off" …. and I was like wow ! So true, how can you enjoy anything in life when you cannot fight it ? Shake it off! She is an inspiration to me … the Lord uses people in mysterious ways. You can't over analyze something because it overwhelms the truth. Sylvia Plath b.t.w. is cool too :).

      • @Tatjana:

        God (in the Bible), will always use anything for his glory. Just because you got good out of her music, does not mean there is nothing occult in it. I got loads of stress relief out of Led Zeppelin songs, but I wouldn't say they're godly, they aren't, not remotely, and the lead guitarist very much likes Alister Crowley (whom exemplifies the current, do anything you want, attitude).

        Her work is very much filled with occult references, you can put your head up your ass and ignore it, which is what you have to do, when in her own words (as quoted in this article), she states that she used Satanic imagery in the "Shake it Off" video, which means, she used imagery inspired by Satanism. Even prior to finding this site, I knew a lot about symbolism, and could have told you this video is about about occult rituals and enlightenment.

        I don't mean to demean you, but just remember, God tells us in His word, time and again to be wise and have discernment, if you REFUSE to see the obvious in the video, you are eschewing both of those.

  3. I have just recently started getting addicted to Florence's music. I began to watch her videos with the intention of analyzing them, recognizing the occult influences, but I couldn't help but love her unique sound! I hope that everyone isn't quick to judge her and think that she is definitely a part of the Illuminati. Her music actually really speaks to me at this point in my life, and I don't want to assume that there are 'evil' forces behind her art.

    Having said that, I loved this article! There is indeed a lot of mystery and symbolism in her videos, and at this point I just find it fascinating! Thanks again, V!

    • honestly, i never know these new show business names about which vigilant citizen speaks in this website, almost all of them are unknown for me, i d say, fortunately…however, this girl seems to be grown up with rubbish of last years coming out from controlled mass media of low quality (no quality i d say)…all that movies, cartoons, games promoting magics, black, darkness, negativeness and etc. The children growing up with that stuff is like this florence. And why florence? it is ridiculous a sname, it is a city name…a most exoteric city of italy…a most dark imprinted and consacrated one….

      i repeat, fortunately i don't know these new "faces" and they die right here immediately for me…i wouldn't listen to their rubbish anyway….

    • Amanda – not being quick to judge, but just to further your information on the works of the devil…as Lucifer he was the head angel in charge of music and so he can most definately use it as a lure to trap you into a game you never meant to play. I dont normally post or reply but I was drawn only to your post, so I hope you will recieve it well. My background is deliverance ministry or exorcism, satan is subtle he makes evil look good, and good look judgemental. Don't play with fire, burn victims can be left severely scarred. You can check my website Peace be with you.

    • Hey Amanda, unfortunately that is exactly what they want you to do. You overlook something that is wrong because it's cool and catchy. Be careful. There are better materials to inspire and relate to your life out there!

      • Florence, as VC stated, hasn't exactly moved to completely mask or disguise her concepts/intentions in many interviews (even clearly stating the word "satanic," which took balls). It is up to the adult listener to choose whether they would like to enjoy her music and lyrics with its rich symbolism and occult overtones or something else. So to Amanda, I say enjoy it because 'Ceremonials' is definitely one of the best albums of this decade. 

        It's not a trap if you can see the device right before you and avoid it. 

        The concept of good vs. evil is in no way exclusive to Christianity — and many of the concepts outlined throughout this site are older than the religion itself — and Florence's depiction of such isn't much different from reading many stories found in the bible. It just comes on the heels of an esoteric/hermetic/masonic perspective.

        It doesn't make it evil, nor good, and that's exactly the beauty of it and Florence's portrayals.

        Now, which one of you that replied knows someone that is solely evil or always good? 

        Right. None.

    • I think you are right. Florence's music is amazing. The lyrics used in the article just aren't completely right. She sings 'looking for heaven, found the devil in me" wich can be interpretended as 'looking for goodness found evil in me" so, there is NOTHING satanic to it. She is just looking for the good in her, because she feels that she is evil. (I am done with my graceless heart so tonight i am gonna cut it out and then restart) But what I wanted to say was just that Florence's songs aren't satanic or something, their are just songs with deeper, more philosophic lyrics than all the other stupid pop songs. So a short letter to the writer of the article: Get. You're. Facts. Straight.

  4. Interesting that when I first heard this song on the radio (waking up to it) I thought it was nothing more than drums and vocals. Had to watch the video to hear the organs (and they weren't towards the front of the mix there, either).

    What filtered the (church-like) organ out of the song when I first heard it?

  5. Florence has obvious talent…and it surprises me that they are dabbling into the occult now, but when I first watched these I knew something was up. I'm glad I found this website last year and it has opened my eyes to what this world is becoming. I mean I'm only in high school, by the time I'm 30 or so I wonder what this world is going to be like, and sometimes it scares me.

    Thanks for the wonderful article VC :)

  6. When I first saw "Shake it out" I wasn't surprised at all to be honest, with all the monstrosity going on in the world I was frankly, expecting it. I went back to analyse her videos for her first album "Lungs" and their was a few occult signals, artists to tend to get worse or drown in this satanic industry, and Florence? Definitely did.

    She's always been different from what we see in today's industry in terms of her genre of music. Its very melodic and theatrical which is huge disadvantage for her because that's where the Illuminati pawn works best. There's no doubt that "Ceremonials" is an amazing album, but its dangerous, especially to people who are very vulnerable with songs such as "lover to lover" and "Seven Devils" their deep, very deep.

    I can see it in her eyes, she somewhat gains satisfaction and comfort from sinking to the darkness and hanging with her "Seven Devils" in "No light no light". She likes to dwell into the devils hands, its just the type of person that she is. Black magic and all. At first I thought they forced, raped etc like they do to all artists but I feel that she wanted to become like this, where she runs from her master, I believe she's aware of what she's doing, and she loves it. Look at the lyrics for "lover to lover" the chorus. Its all there.

    I'm glad the author of VC did a article about her, I mean who wouldn't with the videos that she's just released.

    I use her music to my advantage. Check my teaser out regarding the Arab revolutions. I'm using her song "No light no light" as the backing track. Its only a 45sec teaser but please watch it. The more views, the better. Thank you.

    Oh and Follow me on twitter; @SweetArabia

    Being an Arab myself i'm in solidarity with the Arabs suffering right now, and giving a voice to the voiceless is what I do. Unfortunately people hate me for doing so, but who are they to try stop doing what I love to do?

    • lost in paradise on

      that "lover to lover" song is unpleasant and creepy. her voice sounds very shaky and the lyrics are also very hopeless.

      • Even if her voice is shaky, who cares? its amazing almost every other time. Have you seen her sing live? Almost perfection. How crass to critique someone with such obvious talent as if you were offended by her momentary non-perfection.

        VC…i searched specifically for "florence and the machine illuminati vigilant citizen" and found this article. I am absolutely in love with her albums but definitely noticed the strong occult symbolism in almost every single on each album. i knew you would have taken notice. However, I was flabbergasted when i saw it was all over the net about the rumors of her being illuminati.

        Even if she is, i absolutely love her music and her amazing vocal talent. Occult or not, we need more artists like her rather than the dribble weremleft with lately.

        But i do have a question….What is the relavance to all this? I believe it to be true cuz i see it all over the media with my own eyes. But why should it matter to me if florence (or any other "artist") is singing about her occultist life?

  7. VC, I am constantly checking your site to see if you've added more articles. I really love your articles on Secret Arcana, however, I'm curious about your research and writings on a particular event that you use photos from in several different articles: The Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières. There's little information out there– after all, it was in 1972! Could you possibly cover this in a future article? Aside from the three-headed mask and the large goat mask that Ms. Rothschild is wearing, I'm confused about the hermetic correlation. Is there any link between surrealism and hermeticism?

  8. I was hoping you would pay some attention to Flo, Vigilant! I knew that her new album would be right up your alley. However, I wanted to correct some of the lyrics of No Light, No Light:

    "You want a revelation

    You want to get right

    But that's a conversation

    I just can't have tonight"

    Very powerful songs. The rest of the album's lyrics deserve some attention as well, especially Lover to Lover and Seven Devils.

  9. Hey VC one more thing I think your a very talented writer and you should think about writing books on the occult and hidden occult themes in society today. Your articles are all very well written and easy for any ordinary person to understand.

  10. Yay excellent!! I mentioned this in a recent post, think it was the Labyrinth one! So looking forward to reading this properly later in peace when my daughters in bed yay

    While Im here and I remember the UK X Factor seems to be plugging the esoteric stuff using both the x factor contestants and artists out there already like Jessie J, Lady GaGa and of course Florence and the machine!!

    Im noticing more and more that this whole culture of transhumanism and occult symbolism is being used more and more here in the UK

    Thanks VC!! Really looking forward to this one :)

  11. I've had my doubts about her since I read she had a connection to Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, elite designer par excellence, whom I would not trust as far as I could throw him. One of my friends is obsessed with Florence, but she kind of leaves me cold. Honestly, a lot of the more goth stuff I loved when I was younger now doesn't do much for me. I've outgrown most of it. I guess there is life after goth. 😉

  12. I love Florence and her music and when I saw the "Shake It Out" video I knew it had some symbolism so I decided not to watch it again cause I didn't want to ruin the image I had of Florence, but with "No Light, No Light" there's no way to give it the blind eye. The symbolism strikes you in the first 10 seconds.

  13. I literally just finished watching Flo's "Cosmic Love" before visiting VC and much to my excitement, I see this piece on Florence and the Machine! I couldn't help but analyze her music and the videos, esp. the Dog Days. But it's not hard to believe the agenda when the term "Machine" is in the title of the band. She does have a distinct sound and she's talented, which is probably why I've become more curious and started searching for more videos.

    Thanks for the video!

  14. Killuminati---- Sier on

    Wow, great job! i made a forum about her lung album and she def. doesn't hide it. I've tried to tell my older sister about her i did what i could, but she made her own choice

  15. Good as always.

    I'm sure that entering from above, through cathedral ceiling, means "the fall from…..", referring to Lucifer's fall, as every cathedral ceiling have the form of the Cabala's "tree of life".

    • A part, the mirror room and it's connection with mk ultra and dissociation, the lost girl in the forest like in paramore's video VCcommented and the kind of Christmas lights and enlightened dress to make the connection with the illuminati elite, like the ones that appear everywhere in eyes wide shut.

      • Not to mention the ball of illumination that goes into her eye and knocks her down, and when she wakes up she is in the mirror room full of lights.

  16. interesting thing that blue eyed statement. probably where the phrase "blue eye'd devil" comes from? also reminds me of the BLUE fairy from pinocchio. once again great article. i always knew florence was smoking that esoteric drug from the first album. her songs Falling (from the point of view of satan's fall "…ive fallen out trees, falllen from grace…) and Cosmic Love (key word: cosmic. it details her love for this 'person' hu is in the dark and she'd rather stay in the twilight with them) i remember an interview about her heroin addiction, she used to go into the woods and write songs there and try and find ghosts. she talked about killing a bird and eating it to stop it from snitching on her crime but all it did was sing and cry through her.. poor florence. poor everyone that falls victim to this false foolishness that is "enlightenment"

    • Shattered Butterfly on

      Where did you read about her on heroin? I know she's done ecstasy, and she stopped drinking on tour. Although that story does sound like something she would do, I would like to know where you got your information.


    ever since i watched her videos, i've been wondering when this article would show up. you are very vigilant 😉

  18. I knew it from the minute i saw Shake it out! I loved that song so much but i hated myself for it because i knew what it represented. I am truly terrified for my future :S If a revelation doesnt happen before next year, we will be doomed.

  19. I'm surprised at the comments for this article thus far, which seem to have taken this article in a very negative way. I didn't take that from this article at all. Just because she is aware and possibly awake to what's going on with the music industry doesn't necessarily mean its all evil. This is one of my favorite articles on this site so far, if only because it relates to finding a balance between "good" and "evil," which I find thought provoking and interesting. Great article.

    • There can never be a balance between good and evil. Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24- " No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon". (KJV)

      If you choose to do so Revelation 3:16 responds- "So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth."

      Look up James 4:4 as a cross reference.

      • God created the light and the darkness, and He separated Himself from the darkness.

        That is very important to remember.

        Darkness, evil, sin…is necessary and must exist for a time so that we can have God's greatest gift to us – freewill. The ultimate freedom to each choose for ourselves what path our souls will take for eternity.

        God cannot be or have any part in darkness, evil or sin. Those things are opposite to the very nature of God, as are all their components, such as lies, cruelty, greed, hatred, etc.

        In this sense, you could say that God has given us a choice that even He does not have – the choice to be evil. He simply cannot be or do anything evil, dishonest or unfair.

        God simply IS love, peace and justice. He cannot be anything else, and no part of darkness, evil or sin can ever be within Him. The two forces simply cannot mix, at that level, they are complete opposites – and are not equal in any sense of the word.

        Evil cannot ever win in the eternal sense, and God cannot ever "lose", cannot ever fail us, and cannot ever be unjust or unfair. God, and only God, sees and knows everything that every one of us (and all of his Creations simultaneously, for that matter) has ever said, felt, thought and done – and so, His final Judgement of our souls cannot be anything else but just and fair.

        I find all this very comforting and this is the essence of why faith is so critical in our lives.

  20. Florence + The Machine is my latest musical squeeze. I *heart* Flo Welch.

    I've been dropping in on Vig. Citizen for a year or so, & it doesn't surprise me that she's made the roster of allegedly Illuminized artists. I really don't know whether to take these esoteric analyses seriously, with a huge grain of salt, or as a Lokian joke.

    Might be instructive to take into accnt. that her ma's a prof. of Renaissance studies (according to Wikipedia, at least)- & that this influences her music. Mayhap more than MK Ultra Conditioning, The Golden Dawn, or anything of that sort…maybe she's just a major Humanities Geek (like me, i'd love to think), who can namedrop Hermes T. at a dinner party….

  21. I am not impressed on

    What a joke. It seems that 99.999999999999999% of all "art" in the entertainment industry is occult/illuminati-related.


    All they do is copy/paste each other's so-called "works of arts".

    It doesn't get anymore boring and worse than this!

    • Boring and worse? Seriously? You obviously havent listened to her work.

      There's plenty of "non-illuminati" music to listen to by the way. If you're bored, try iTunes or YouTube.

      • Honestly, if I hear a band/artist I like on the radio, MTV or something similar…I start to distance myself. I've been fooled enough times…

  22. I saw she is wearing a Piaget watch in both videos. It is very obvious. I looked up the Piaget watch she was wearing in the first video listed and the name of it is "Posession". Interesting. Dont' know if anyone mentioned this yet as I haven't read all the comments.

  23. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    We as people need to be aware that Satan (antagonist of Jesus) is very deceitful. The singer comes with the style of paganism, and she has compassion for witchcraft. She has been marked for some time.

    Religion is getting a lot of people lost from the truth.

  24. I was hoping that you'd interpret "What The Water Gave Me" by Florence + The Machine.

    They say things like:

    "Lay me down

    Let the only sound

    Be the overflow

    Pockets full of stones…"

    "And oh, poor Atlas

    The world’s a beast of a burden

    You’ve been holding on a long time

    And all this longing

    And the ships are left to rust

    That’s what the water gave us…"

    "‘Cause they took your loved ones

    But returned them in exchange for you

    But would you have it any other way?

    Would you have it any other way?

    You couldn't have it any other way

    ‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress

    And a bargain must be made

    But oh, my love, don’t forget me

    I let the water take me…"

    I honestly don't understand it. And I'm an exceptional student. I also study everything, but this has me baffled. I know there's something wrong though. I wonder if anyone understands this…

    • Hi there.

      I can't analyze the entire song but I can tell you for sure that "What the water gave me" Is a reference to a painting by Frida Kahlo. (who might also be referencing some esoteric truth). "During an interview with NME, Welch revealed how she looked in Frida Kahlo painting by saying, "At lot of the time when I'm writing, things will just appear. I was writing the song and this book on symbolism was lying around, and it had the painting in it. It's nice to mix the ordinary with extraordinary." – Florence

      And going into the water with "pockets full of stones" is a reference to the death of Virginia Woolf. "Around noon on March 28, 1941, she walked down to the River Ouse, near her weekend house in Sussex. Leaving her hat and cane on the riverbank, she placed some heavy stones in her coat pocket and drowned herself." Florence said the song was inspired by her.

    • Not sure exactly what it means, but I think I know the part about Atlas at least. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a titan who rebelled against the god Zeus, and was punished by having to hold up the sky where it met the earth, for all eternity.

      I would NOT want to be atlas XD

    • what the water gave me is about virginia woolf , who filled her pockets full of stones and walked into the ocean and drowned herself ,sad as that was . florence said ina few recent video,s that she is obsessed with drowning ! poor soul ,but i love florence and she is one amamzing woman and a great "wordsmith "

  25. Yes! Thanks VC, I was just watching this video today and thinking the same thing. I was wondering if you would do an article on it. And now I got my answer. Lol

  26. Well, I had no idea she was a big pop star. I've listen to our listener supported radio station, who tend to play artists not in the main stream, and I've heard dog days on rotation for some time now. I tried to watch her videos after reading this, but could only find live performances. And, well, I have to say that I am thrilled to at least see a big beautiful harp on her stage, with a guy playing it none the less. Maybe it's got to do with her esoteric background, maybe something to do with being a lil bit more of a true musician than your average pop star. But, it's rare to find a harpist anywhere in music these days, and I'm glad she's got one on her team!

  27. Thanks for the article, now it's obvious why Mason's like Colbert are promoting her so much and why she makes it onto SNL. Her voice is good but even our local paper said her songs are BORING. YAWN.

  28. Small correction on the lyrics to shake it out: it's "looking for heaven *found* the devil in me."

    The fact that she 'found' the devil though just emphasizes your point that this line points to the concept of duality. By searching for good, she had no choice but to discover the bad.

    I'm still not sure what to make of the use of the shaman for symbolism. I'm American so the racism in using black face should be obvious to anyone HERE (I pointed out to a friend that she honestly would have gotten less criticism had she just used an actual black person; the black face was just stupidly unnecessary), but Florence is English. I will admit to not knowing anything about the history of race relations in England, and for all I know she grew up in an environment where she never had to worry about being educated on any racial issues. Maybe in her experience, shamans were non-black people who painted themselves before performing rituals, thus the symbolism seems perfectly normal and inoffensive to her. Being that she has always been fascinate with the occult, this seems highly plausible to me. Who knows…but there is certainly the possibility that she (or the video director) are just completely clueless regarding this issue and did no research before making the video. And she is lucking out in that her mainstream profile in the US is still somewhat lowkey compared to hugely popular acts; had a US-native act done this for example, the negative reactions would have been much more publicized and possibly killed the person's career.

    I would have loved to see your analysis of Seven Devils.

    • Great article. I will make sure to avoid listening to their music. There are many talented musicians who are influenced by the internal demons– I meant the voices in their heads. It's sad that this is future: more and more darkness.

      "No Light No light" racist? Why yes, I think it may have been.

      The shaman in blackface was more than mildly offensive. The demonic concept was actually more offensive than the race thing personally.

      "Racialicious writes that the video is guilty of “glorifying the white female central character as representing goodness, all while vilifying the evil dark skinned heathen Other"."

      As for them not knowing what they were doing, I hear you. Unfortunately, Florence is from London where there are plenty of Black Britons. I don't need to have traveled there to know that. " Most Black Britons can be found in the large cities and metropolitan areas of the country, there are almost 1 million Black Britons in London. According to 2005 estimates, cities with large and significant Black communities are as follows (London boroughs included).[51]"

  29. In Shake It Out, the red dress connotes her demonic possession; the black is her death; the white is her rebirth. In black she moves as a corpse. In red, she is controlled and buffetted by a demonic spirit and the room is left in tatters at the end. In white, she exits the building and goes outside of it's confirnes; she walks within/amidst the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and is even greeted there by Lucifer/the Devil in the form of an angel of light. She embraces Lucifer with a smile, showing how utterly Satanic the director of the video is. I don't know if she realizes what her song has become, or if she's down with the sickness???

  30. I knew the minute I watched the Shake it out video what it was about. It is blatantly obvious. It doesn't seem to reference any kind of mind control though so it seems a lot less sinister to me than the bigger pop stars. Seems a bit more like benevolent esotericism than the scarier stuff.

  31. No Light, Lo Light is not about good triumphing over evil, or her being converted to the light and being saved. It starts out with her lying on the ground grasping for a crystal skull. One of the traditional assumptions is that the Mayan high priest used the crystal skull in rituals "to will death". Perhaps that is what she is doing when she grasps for the crystal skull at the beginning, since that what her vision is really all about–death.

    She has the 'violent light' of the Satanic voodoo priest, who is in a Masonic temple performing a ritual, hunting her throughout her vision. The demonic spirit summoned by the voodoo priest, which is dressed in red, chases her up the graphiti-desecrated steps to a high ledge overlooking the city. She wills death.

    She commits suicide and plunges to her death as the choir boys sing and don't seem at all troubled by her suicide. Notice, she crashes into the sanctuary through a HEXAGRAM on the ceiling of the sanctuary. Just bc it's in stained glass doesn't make it a Chrisian symbol. Perhaps it is a satanic Gnostic sanctuary, which would explain why they have hexagrams and choirs who call people to plunge to their deaths. Also, she descends in the imitation of Christ on the cross, and when her poses overlaps with the crucifix the scene cuts to her being carted off by the good little children of the corn. She falls in the form of a crucifix signifying that she is being SACRIFICED.

    At the end, she sort of wakes up and has the light shining in her eyes and some guy groping on her. You can see that she was chained to the ground, by the presence of the chains surrounding her as she is lying there. A bizarre ritual that revels in death and evil imagery.

  32. I think the "Dog Days Are Over" video is about the apocalypse…

    "The dog days are over

    The dog days are done

    The horses are coming

    So you better run

    Run fast for your mother run fast for your father

    Run for your children for your sisters and brothers

    Leave all your love and your longing behind you

    Can't carry it with you if you want to survive"

    …the horses from the Book of Revelations.

      • I also think that Dog days are over refer to the Apocalypse with the horses that re coming. Also the Dog I assume is Jesus Christ Who is also compared in the Bible with a lamb for being docile… I also think that dog would refer to Him because dogs are faithful and devoted to human-kind and they give their lives to SAVE people.

  33. I like her song dog days or whatever its called..but her "No lights no lights" video is creepy. I noticed youtubers debating about it being racist but i think it would've been actually racist if the guy was african american not just painted black. I think the boy being painted was to represent just represented ying & yang

  34. Brilliant article and so thorough for both songs too, really enjoyed reading it.

    Have noticed that a few people have commented that all of the esoteric stuff is so obvious, just bear in mind that just because its obvious to you that it may not be the same for others.

    How many adolescents and children watch and listen to this stuff every day and have no idea what its all about. I have a teenage daughter who doesnt have a clue about any of this and doesnt really have much interest either like I would imagine many others around her age too! And isnt this the whole point of pushing this kind of stuff onto people without them realizing what its all really about and how it might be affecting them on a subconscious level!

    Anyway brilliant article really looking forward to the next one already lol Soon please VC :) and thanks for this one!

  35. Florence & the machine was weird to me from the first time I saw her video. I remember changing the channel after seeing what looked like a bunch of lady frankenstiens.

    She is NOT illuminati in my opinion, she IS occultic, devil worshipping and very foolish. The devil is somewhat 'sweet' at the start, but she better watch out.

    i recommend not listening to her songs. Read the lyrics. Music is powerful. You may be calling demons or familiar spirits into your house, home and lives without you knowing.

    Also, do not over watch her music videos. I remember her performance at I think the grammy's last year=ritual WEIRD…

    All the stuff ppl say are ART, are NOT! Our world is now a real life version of 'The emperors new clothes' I will stand like a child and say the truth 'The emperor is naked!' or 'that is rubbish, not art!, lies, not truth!'

  36. I've been a Florence+the Machine fan ever since her humble beginnings with 'Lungs'. Although I see merit in the conclusions that VC has made, I can't help to think that many of Florence's songs are genuinely organic and speak simply to the human emotion.

    Yes, many of her videos contain subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) symbolism that we could quickly connect to Illuminati/masonic themes, but I highly doubt Florence sits and writes songs that worship the Illuminati. She's often said in her interviews that she writes songs while hung-over or even when she's drunk. I don't know about you but when I'm drunk I don't start thinking about worshiping the devil, I think about my anger towards my ex, my desperation with my career, my excitement about tomorrow. Florence is human, just like the rest of us.

    She may have dabbed in occultism, but can we really conclude simply from that she's evil or part of the Illuminati? I feel that's a little extreme. Is it really so terrible to be curious about things? Not to say that they're right…but is mere curiosity so terrible? I think curiosity is what God used to make us special.

    Ceremonials is a very dark album, it's very emotional and very stormy. And honestly, the videos may be tainted with mainstream propaganda, but the songs are amazing and evoke very strong emotions. Compared to artists like Lady Gaga or Beyonce who make their songs blatant and almost absurd, I feel like Florence's works are being tainted by the industry rather than her works being evil themselves.

    • Curiosity killed the cat…

      I think anything is better than whats been on the radio lately, I'll listen to a ham sandwich when it comes to the artist's you mentioned. Of course any artist that sounds vaguely similar to an indie artist will blow the mainstream crap out of the water, but that "new" artist is still mainstream, you don't HAVE to side with anyone but watching those videos and reading the lyrics and hearing her interviews you can't help but see how she leans toward a hellish side, is that evil? Depends on who you're asking, for me yes she has evil undertones. Music I've listened to depending on how it makes me feel, what emotions it provokes from me, what the lyrics are about can have a negative effect on someone.

  37. nice work again as usual VC.but 2 think of it why have florence think of enbracing the path of light when she knows,she know the right path 2 salvation….we have 2 type of light,the one through light and the false light.So the choice is yours

  38. "……they all have in common: a focus on the colors white, red and black".

    AKA Nazi death colours!

    Great article once again VC – thanks.

  39. Nothing new. Yet another example of a singer pulled in too deep in the sinister music industry. But I still wonder if she knows what she's singing about or if she trully is ignorant to it all…

  40. What about the opposite? That she's still confused about who to worship / how to live…

    If you mention parts of the lyrics, then don't forget this part: 'and its hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off'.

    Yes, the videos ánd lyrics have always been filled with a lot of symbolism.

    But that doesn't mean she 'worships the devil', maybe she wants to quit doing that.

    We'll never know.

  41. Wow unbelievable deafening voice. I can't believe that people are so into her shrieking awful voice. She is not singing at all but shouting at the top of her lungs mostly argghhh. Amazing how the brainwashed mind can even withstand an awful voice like hers and get away with it just because she is made famous by the Illuminati. And she is not even beautiful. They must have used magic definitely. Thanks again VC for this excellent exposure to the world of music which is becoming stranger and crazier day by day. #Putting fingers in my ears# Awful singing erwh.

  42. In reply to ceedub. Your argument is illogical. Plus satan is completely bad and God ( jehovah) us completely good. To make matters worse florence CLEARLY states the satanic intentions of her music. Since when are satanic things ever good?…

    Right. Never.

      • Right?! She's clearly saying that her music is satanic and mind you these are her own words. Yet people are saying that there is nothing bad or evil about Florence's music. SMH! Let's remember though Isaiah 5:20 says- "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" The bible never says things for the heck of it. When it says a warning or a woe you better believe it for your own sake.

  43. I just saw this video on VH1 this morning and immediately opened my laptop and came to this site. Sure enough, here is the article about it.

  44. Wow fant believe so many Florence and the Machine fans are freaking out just because of this article! Seriously get a grip!

    This wont be the only site on the internet to critique her work, maybe not in the same way but ffs people chill out and stop overreacting!

  45. Ok. Somebody tell me I’m wrong. What is wrong with the idea of God and the Devil being two sides of the same coin? What is inherently wrong with duality? We live in a dualistic world with dark and light, up and down, good and evil. Those are just the facts of life in this reality. Is it so bad to champion that? Are we supposed to deny gravity exists? I don’t understand what this site is all about all of the sudden. I’v been reading all of these articles and they are fucking great, don’t get me wrong, and I do believe there are some very powerful secret societies with very sinister plans, but this whole duality thing. It seems to just be part of life, not some fucked up indoctrination from illuminati/whoever.

    • I dont think anybodys saying its wrong, merely just pointing it out for those who are interested in finding out the hidden meanings behind much of what is in mainstream society!

      Yeah duality is just part of life as are many of the things discussed on this site but not everyone might see that and there is some more sinister stuff in a lot of mainstream media and some of it does have negative effects, when you look at how teens are bombarded with half this stuff its no wonder they are so messed up these days. Is what Lady GaGa and some other artists promote really a good thing!? Is it just art!? or is there really a more hidden meaning.

      I dont see anything wrong with questioning this stuff and looking at it from another perspective especially if thats the perspective thats being put out disguised as something completely different from what it potrays on the surface.

      Its another more modern version of philosophy as is some of the stuff being examined here on this site!

      I might not believe everything thats written on here or share the same viewpoint but then nobody has to if they dont want to the same as with other sites but its here on the table, take what you want from it for yourself and examine it and maybe even discover other information for yourself and learn from it!

      Pardon my rambling tangent 😉

    • Because comparing the Devil to God is called Blasphemy. If you want a strike against you in God's book (who's opinion is really the only one that matters since your existence depends on him) then yeah, be my guest. The devil's got nothing on God or any living thing for that matter. He is a CREATED being God is the Creator!!

      • dude seriously, that is the kind of thinking that makes me and everyone else want to kill themselves. iv recently made peace with the dualistic nature of reality. good is bad, bad is good. life goes on. the mind serves the body not the other way around. please chill and stop spreading that ever-present toxic crap. please

  46. THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! My wife and I watched the Shake It Out video on Youtube and because of you we noticed the color codes, masks and dark ceremony instantly! We've been waiting for this article because we knew there were some things we missed. =)

    It was sad reading the Youtube comments. So many people have no idea what that video means and think she's merely being artistic and unique. Some still feel its creepiness and still embrace it. Keep exposing the truth VC!

    • Yeah because she never said her music was satanic in a blatant form or anything. Girlfriend get real the sooner you accept there is evil in this world (including music) the more secure in God's arms you will be. And since when is satanic ever good? Just because her music is good and she's talented doesn't mean a thing. Satan was the lead angel and the director of the angelic choir in heaven and on top of that he was gorgeous. But that didn't stop him from originating sin did it? No. Exactly.

      Just in case you forgot.

      “Think of a psychedelic 1920s dress party with a demonic twist. Possession meets The Great Gatsby. (…) We were kind of going for a sort of ‘Gatsby at West Egg’-style house party but with maybe slightly ritualistic and sort of satanic undertones and séances.”- Florence

      • sry for my bad english, I hope you understand my point

        i respect you opinion, but i cannot agree with it.

        all you saw in the quote was the word "satanic" wasn't it. its just undertones, she said it. but you are like "omg she's a witch or the devil himself , burn her right away, she's evil" come ooon. the secret society theme just fits the idea of the video, good vs evil.

        and how are you going to represent the concept of evil without using satanic or whatever symbolism. using the symbols doesn't make you evil.

        Florence's music is not bad. and the interpretation of the text may be different. there was flo's truth about what it means when she wrote it, there is my truth for the meaning since I don't know what went on in her head then, and there may be millions of other truths and interpretations.and if you want to see something evil and sinister in her music of course you will.

        and when there is the word 'devil' ina song just don't forget there is a thing called a metaphor. for example 'devil' in Anna Calvi's songs is passion, desire and curiosity. always those. and those are not exactly bad things, everybody feels those. except some monks maybe.

        and the idea of god and the devil being the 2 sides of the same coin is actually good.

        god is flawless and all-knowing, but he is the creator of all, lucifer included, he must have known he'll originate sin but he allowed it anyway. So god is either all-mighty all-knowing and perfect and evil originates indirectly from him. in that case God and the devil are not adversaries and god has a bit of evil in him. but god can't be evil right, so satan is created to be evil instead of him, and they 'work' together to keep the universe in equilibrium. doesn't that make them the 2 sides of the coin?

        Anyway, back to Flo…as I said, IMO she's ok.

        but the other ones mentioned here… niki minaj, britney (especifically britney…errrggghhh) that's some sinister stuff.

      • @Ivy…you have a good point but please think of this illustration or (metaphor)

        YOU are the 'CEO,…' creator, financer, manager and in every form of the word, the OWNER of a major company that has proven ultimate success because of you. It also has the potential for endless (yes even forever success) that benifits everyone, directly or not. (Of course this is according to appropriate teamwork of company guidelines that YOU wrote the book on)

        You share your sucesss generously with all invited but with "company standards" as a guideline to adhere to as a goal. And yet these 'all involved' are allowed countless chances for err, since they are human and you believe in forgiveness and team encouragment as long as they are working for the same end result of success (guidelines that YOU set, that are not burdensome for anyone and it's based on honesty and general morals.)

        So during this period you and your son have spent endless time to train a well trusted manager to assist. This is someone you loved and treated as a son.

        (I won't name the names of the metaphors…but you get the picture)

        Bottom line:

        So, J & J entrusted and allowed a type of management of (S)…which ended up completly destroying the company all in the name of power and greed to make a name for himself and bringing along or enticing others to follow in a carefully planned and discreet arrangement to decieve and dismantle.

        Now here is the question. If YOU were the owner of this company, would you be working on same team as the advesary or even less share the same coin with him as a working tool?

        Would you really?…..especially when your own true trusted Son is the other worker?

        Or just to break it down in this simple question.

        "Why the hell would you trust a liar as a business partner? esp when your own family has layed their life on the line for the company as a whole that benifits everyone?!"

  47. I was rigth about her!!!

    Last year she performed at the VMAs and her album exploded on Itunes, a week later she was in a party with BEYONCE and JAY Z!!! then I saw her previous videos and everything was dark and suspicious.

    Florence said both Beyonce and Jay Z "helped" her during her begginings in America.

    Im sure Florence is part of Illuminati and the Aleister Crowley worshipping by JAY Z.

  48. Flo was hand-picked for 'success' and is dark as the 'blacked-up' shaman she hired to whip up faux controversy (and detract from the true crime of the video). Her and her cronies won the Mercury Music Prize in '09 at the time I didn't know better; I was at the award ceremony (I know *shudders just reading my own words*) and her performance of "Dog Days" was haunting and in truth mesmerising. I had played her album religiously *double shudder* until last year with the benefit of hindsight and God's grace I sat one afternoon and heard in no uncertain terms a really odd line in one of the songs. I pulled my ear phones out, went online – frantically – and found the PsuedoOccult article referred to by VC. It confirmed all my doubts and I knew absolutely I had to part ways with Flo and her machine. She went on, as another reader pointed out, to celebrate NYE at the hottest 'luminated' party in town performing for the likes of J-Lordsavehissoul-Z, Be-prayforher-yonce and the rest of their merry band of badge-wearing occultists. I wasn't surprised. The writing was in the wall. People these artists make no bones or excuses for their lifestyle choices; let's stop making excuses for them. There are two sides of one war – whose army are you on. You decide. I choose God and my saviour Jesus everytime. Let's pray they turn their lives around before it is too late. Amen

  49. To be honest, I find a lot of this "Oh, she/he has occult themes in their music, so they MUST be Illuminati" hype quite stupid. Am I saying that it doesn't exist at all, not necessarily, but it's taken out of hand. Why is it so difficult to believe that an artist may simply be inspired by such themes? I, for example, am your average University student and I have always found Wicca and occult subjects quite interesting. Does that mean I'm "evil" or a member of a secret society? Of course not. An artist is no different; they take whatever inspires them and express themselves through their art. Florence herself has said that she has always been interested in magic and the occult, so why wouldn't she express that through her music? It's not like she's being coy about it. Again, I'm not saying that secret societies and their agendas don't exist whatsoever, but let's not forget that occult subjects are also valid areas of study and interest. It's extremely ignorant to think that just because an artist is interested and learned in these subjects that they are automatically "evil" or "Illuminati".

    • I agree. You can't just assume that they are evil or Illuminati. I think VC is just pointing out the messages seem that to be consistant with the Illuminati/Masonic themes found in the real world of secret societies. Its twice as ignorant to ignore these signs and pass them as art or innocence when it was INTENTIONALLY put there and that's what I think VC tries to connect that these are not coincidences regardless of the artists' intentions, whoever it was someyone put it there and it means something to these societies. Good article.

      • Oh, I wasn't criticizing VC. I actually really enjoy most of the articles on this site! I was more so criticizing those who leave comments such as, "I knew he/she was Illuminati! I'll never listen to his/her music again!". That, to me, is extremely frustrating. While it is definitely ignorant to ignore the signs, symbols and New World themes in society, it is also ignorant to disqualify the practice of artistic expression.

  50. No I know you weren't criticizing VC. Lol. I'm saying that I agree with your point of view that its ridiculous to jump to conclusions even if it might be true. :)

  51. when you compare Something as musically complex/beautiful, and sybolicly beautiful/meaningful like this to something like the stupid brainwashing techniqes in gaga videos. This does not stand out as evil to me, or any threat whatsoever, i think in this case, she/the video director is using this symbolism for actual artistic purpose(using this symbolism is not always bad and does not automaticly make an artist an occult member), she is having a struggle finding who she is, and battling with her demons/morals looking for a balance, like all humans. This is beautiful, and the video expresses the emotions of the song in a perfect way. It's not a brain washing techniqe like the rest of that gaga crap. I really think you should stop concentrating on the thoughtful artists, and more on the brain dead "artists" compleatly controlled by their record companies/potential handlers.

    esoteric symbolism in the media is beautiful, good vs. evil has been a theme since man kind first evolved. its the mind control symbolism/promoting sex, drugs hate, and superficial life styles on the children that i am worried about. We need MORE thoughtful archetype themes like the ones florance makes, and LESS of the superficial dehumanizing gaga crap. Sorry, but you only made these videos more enjoyable/beautiful/meaningful for me, so i guess, thank you?

    • Well, VC wrote nothing about brainwashing or being a threat, he just explained the esoteric symbols in her videos. It was a great article. I have no idea why you're saying that he should stop concentrating of thoughtful artists. If he doesn't write these kinds of analyses about these artists, who will? Not MTV.

  52. think outside the bo on

    Yes, the illuminati may have strange religious habits, but there are plenty of people who practice witchcraft that have no officiation with "the occult" and practicing witchcraft isn't "evil" it's just another form of spiritual expression.

    I don't give a fuck who's religion is what. I just don't want religion pushed on me; Christianity included. What I really don't want is my rights taken from me. I want a free existence where I can breath clean air and not me raped by the financial system. The issue is with the 1% richest people in the world controlling our government(s), not god verses the devil. Fucking ridiculous.

    We should focus more on what is real (i.e. politics and protesting) and less on this "spiritual warfare". Even if these rich wackos believe it's a spiritual warfare too and somehow force a weird church policy doesn't prove the existence of god and satan, it just means powerful people can be religious idiots too.

    I love this blog though, always an interesting read.

    • The question is what is evil? Personally, if you hurt someyone with your actions physicallly, emotionally, mentally, etc. with malicious intent then you are being evil. Being annoying to someyone doesnt make you evil because ultimately you are allowing it to annoy you. Real christians dont DO anything to hurt people if they do they do not deserve to be called christians. Satanists hurt people and things as part of thier rituals. So whose really the evil ones here?

      • Nobody is perfect or innocent. We all have our weaknesses and get tempted one way or another.

        Real christians are attracted to Christ because they admire the character/personality and actions of Him, thus they want to emulate Him. They feel some sort of adrenalin flooding their body when they opt for the goodness. It's in their nature, they get a kick out of doing the right thing, one way or another it gives them a feeling of euphoria and satisfaction.

  53. I was going to send to you the video ,VC lol but you were faster!

    Anyway, I love the song and for me, it talks about Light, I mean for ME. I dont know if the singer is actually a devil workshipper or not. I also was greatly fascinated by satanism,magic and witchcraft in my childhood but now it have come obvious the misery that the "cool" Dark Side brings to you.

    Spiritual warfare is a reality, and denying it is giving points to Them… The atheist programmation was perfectly orchested. Anyway I have seen a ghost,it was an poletergesist I swear, me and two friends suffered him, there is where lies mt faith hahaha and also because so much people seems to workship Satan so maybe he really exists and rewards them and therefore GOD exists. Basiclly I come to God by Satan lol, just because for me the acts of the devil in the world are more noticeable.

    • But the question of this spiritual warfare is, 'Whose side are you on?'

      To whom do you belong?

      You cannot serve two masters. You will serve one and hate the other.

      You cannot ride a fence with one foot 'dabbling' on one side as occasional and as the mood strikes you for either side.. or "I only smoke when I drink" mentality.

      Only two paths…run! don't walk! toward the narrow path because the one wide open and spacious leads to what the spirit of the authority of the air of this temporary system beckons…a death dealing stroke that held a temporary enjoyment of the world. (matt 7:13&14. 1 Jo 2:15-17)

      • Yeah I didnt talk about it but I guess my comment let clear that I am not in one side. In my youth I was freaking out with Darkness. Im confused and living in hell nowadays. This world is ruled by Satan and denying it seems a self-lie to me. I used to live in hate and luxury and now I am just lost. Where is the light I need so much?. God sent me signs every day, now I am seeing it, but I dont know if it is enough… I guess a lot more of people is struggling like me.

        Anyway, since some weeks I am praying (to the good side lol) again when I feel really bad and it reliefs me a bit. How to use the formulaes from the religion of the God of Old Testament though, the one that, if you read the Scriptures was not really a good entity? That is my question, who to address my prayers?? The whole picture is too complex and dark…

      • @sargonnas


        Address your prayers as you would address them to the head of a major corporation where you were aiming to reach the ears of the ones at the very top. You wouldn't address them..or a letter for that matter with titles only..'Dear Mr. Owner or Manager of the company, especially if you knew the owners name and the managers name right? You would go straight to the top and of course you would use any 'name' you knew to get the attention of the listeners to get results.

        Unlike the President of a country and any organization that represents from a human prospective, you CAN address the most High and He listens to your prayers directly but also uses a mediator…

        Look in your Bible (Kings James is fine but make sure it's not been a transalation that omittted the most prominant names needed,,) Psalms 83:18, Isaiah 12:2 & 4 are good starts. While your in the book of Isaiah, you may want to look at chapter 52:6….

        I wish you all the best. Your prayers, if honestly spoken, will be heard. Trust me.

  54. Did anyone of you read the lyric of her "Florence And The Machine – Kiss With A Fist"

    Yeah, this is not about artistic expression – this is about perversion

    You hit me once

    I hit you back

    You gave a kick

    I gave a slap

    You smashed a plate over my head

    Then I set fire to our bed

    You hit me once

    I hit you back

    You gave a kick

    I gave a slap

    You smashed a plate over my head

    Then I set fire to our bed

    My black eye casts no shadow

    Your red eye sees nothing

    Your slaps don't stick

    Your kicks don't hit

    So we remain the same

    love sticks

    sweat drips

    break the lock if it don't fit

    A kick in the teeth is good for some

    A kiss with a fist is better than none

    A kiss with a fist is better than none

    I broke your jaw once before

    I spilled your blood upon the floor

    You broke my leg in return

    so let's sit back and watch the bed burn

    love sticks

    sweat drips

    break the lock if it don't fit

    A kick in the teeth is good for some

    A kiss with a fist is better than none

    A kiss with a fist is better than none

    You hit me once

    I hit you back

    You gave a kick

    I gave a slap

    You smashed a plate over my head

    Then I set fire to our bed

    You hit me once

    I hit you back

    You gave a kick

    I gave a slap

    You smashed a plate over my head

    Then I set fire to our bed

    • This reminds me of the song "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)," written by Carol King back in the girl group days.

      At least this one has the woman fighting back (or maybe it's the man, I'll want to look over the lyrics).

    • You mean 6 6 6? The mans number for the 3 world powerful tools used by satan to dominate and mislead the world?

      1. Religion. (Babylon the great) 2. Politics. (Kings of the earth) 3.Commercialism (Traveling merchants)

      BTW the number 6 represents 'err' and 'incompleteness'

  55. When I first heard her song "Shake It Out" on the radio, I thought it was some kind of song with some hope because of how "innocent" and "carefree" it sounded. Now I know what's behind it…thank you…

  56. thetruthiscoming on

    It's sad when your favorite artist is in on it, this recently happened to me with the Mexican band ZOE I really like them but there's just a really weird message with their lyrics and a lot of symbolism in their videos and i just cant get on board with that, and man do i like them, there's even a quick flash of baphomet in one of their videos for their song "Nada" maybe you should check it out VC!

  57. Great article, I used to love her song " The Dog Days Are Over" until I saw the video. Scary Stuff. Plus I think she means " The God Days are Over" . (God is Dog backwards, duh). Look up the lyrics for it. Shes talking about Revelations.

    God bless and have mercy on us all.

  58. I think you're right about Florence using Masonic and Occult themes in her video, Shake it Off, but I think the song might be more about growing up and really figuring out what is important. I think it is a veiled song about her giving up something: if I had to guess, partying and carrying on, etc. "It's hard to dance with the devil on your back, shake Him off." It's a beautiful video nonetheless.

  59. Marcus, you are right, Rome is very exoteric city too, "all the ways take to rome"…one of the most ancient ones, but the story of romans start from florence – etrusc origins, the people which used a lot of magics…

    i heard also about the "monster of florence" which is not a single crazy maniac, but a satanic organisation killing people around florence in order to core the black satanic energy there – to consacrate…

    Rashi, maybe you are also right, maybe florence is just a casual name, however i don't beleive in casuality when it is about that people – the handlers behind occult mass media. No one of those pseudo stars have their real name at work, they all are marked by simbolic names by their handlers. See lady gaga, nathalie kills, madonna etc. …

    • the Voice of Reason on

      Florence is not a name she was given by any record company or occult organization. Florence is her given name, on her birth certificate. Her full name is Florence Mary Leontine Welch, to parents Nick and Evelyn Welch. She was named after a family aunt.

      Before you overthink a supposition or presumption, do some homework, you may be able to avoid tying your brain in knots for no reason, and find something more productive to do with it.

  60. @Yuppers, I wasn't insulting anyone. I merely mentioned an aspect of what today is considered a part of Hinduism – a part which deals with a caste system, where some people are inherently better than others, and some, called the "untouchables", are so bad that that's what they are – untouchable. I was referring to the idea itself, not to anyone in particular (there are plenty of Hindus who do *not* discriminate). And I also mentioned that *all* religions have at some point been absolutely true, and still have some truth today. I do not think it should matter who is what, I think all that should matter is WHAT is true. Because whereas we might choose to run away from the truth, we can never escape its consequences.

    • None of the Hindus now discriminate. Being an upperclass (in the original caste system) I can assure you that the only thing that even remind me of the caste system is the unfair reservations based on caste instead of being based on financial conditions. You need to seriouly move forward from whatever time period you are living in…

  61. Did anybody notice that in Shake It Out whenever it showed the seance sing there was a person taking part that looked a LOT like Lady GaGa

  62. Voudoun and related Afro-Caribbean forms of magickal practice conceal key elements of the far more ancient Illuminated sex magick rituals we see referenced ever more openly each month. Santeria and Voudoun both prominently feature semenancy rituals in which veves are drawn in human seminal fluid and the Loa are invoked. Clearly "Florence' is depicting brutal Illuminati voudoun sex magick mind control rituals as part of their ongoing effort to taunt the public. Blindfolding is typical of Illuminati BDSM initiation rituals in which sex slaves are publicly sodomized and forced to commit acts of bestial semenancy on the high altar.

  63. This is all hypothetical. No one knows for sure that there is a God and Illuminati can't control your mind.. that's preposterous. Florence's music has other meanings to it other than what you're saying. 'Shake It Out' for instance. The song itself is about 'Shaking out' all your regrets and starting anew. And it says 'And It's hard to dance, with a devil on your back, so shake him off', devil meaning regrets/'sins'. 'No Light, No Light' with the lyrics obviously translates into a loved one that has turned bad.

    • Actually when you do an "objective" research you get to know that there is a God. It's really not that hard to go and do the research.

  64. It's interesting how many people have posted comments saying that Florence's music/videos make them feel weird. I got into f+tm earlier this year, when someone gave me a copy of "lungs" which I loved of course. But after hearing the song 'rabbit heart' I also started feeling weird about it. I also noticed the way the album could very quickly put me into a different mood. Not sure if anyone has experienced the same for her music.

    Anyway, I decided to do some analysis on her material and unfortunately I didn't really like what I found, because I really love her music.

    Most of her songs contain occult undertones if you listen carefully. "rabbit heart" is blatantly about a ritual sacrifice. Flo admits to this, yet says she used the imagery to symbolize some of her feelings at being criticized by her label. This may well be the case, but we all know that many songs have two meanings. The video for this song portrays a pagan water burial, some nice triangular earrings and various other symbols.

    "cosmic love" is multi faceted. The opening line says "a falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eye/ I screamed aloud as it tore through them and now it's left me blind". The bible says Satan fell from heaven and also refers to him as the morning star.. That's something a friend of mine pointed out about the song.

    The title of the song might be referring to astrology, although flo says it was a joke that stuck.

    The thing I find most interesting about this song is in its music video, specifically one shot at the end. Flo is wearing a jacket fastened at the top so that it drapes open diagonally, creating a triangular shape across her body. Flo then places her hand halfway inside her jacket, which I believe is a common Masonic gesture. What is more interesting is that on the hand that she places inside her jacket she wears a ring which is made to look like an eye, thus creating an eye of Horus as the eye sits at the top of the triangle created by her open jacket. The eye is also blue if that means anything..

    • Very interesting read! Really really sad that this talented and powerful music can be serving to the Filthy One…

    • Satan is said to have blue eyes. Whenever people talk about the colour of the Devil's eyes, the colour is ALWAYS blue, not green nor brown… blue. (Weird topic much?) This gives the song No Light, No Light an entirely different meaning. When I first heard that song I thought she was singing about a boy. Even when the music video came out the lyrics still didn't make any sense and I thought that they were awful linear for a unique artist such as Florence + the Machine. Then this article came out.

      I knew there was a double meaning.

  65. I love how you break apart the videos and lyrics to preformers.I also love how you examine celebrities in the limelight in their photo shoots. This all makes alot of sense to me and I see all of it in your explaination through out the many articles that you post up on your website. Even the movie break downs are fantastic.I am espically excited that the {pics of the week have returned}.Thanks,this is another great look at the darker side to fame and fortune in the exposure of many,many artists, actors,singers,models etc. in hollywood and around the world.I wonder who isn't brain washed/mind controlled and or have sold their souls to the elite {masonic or devil } in the world of performing creatively for the masses around the world?

  66. I don't care for this performer because, while the music swells with bombast and soaring harmonies, as if something of great significance was about to be sung, that buildup of energy fritters away into…Shake It Out? That means nothing, really. And all of her lyrics are like that, mediocre and cliched and empty, no matter how well-composed or highly produced the backup is, sung by a type of voice that is tiresomely common in the last twenty years of 'alternative' top 40. There is no there there. Florence is just another run of the mill pop act in a slightly different package, with the trappings of a budget to hide behind. I'm not impressed, and not surprised that she would be associated with dull mainstream people like Beyonce even though she is supposedly artier or edgier, because she isn't really.

  67. V, I really think that you should do an article on Seven Devils and Only If For A Night. She hasn't made a video for it, but that song is, as I put it, terrible. No it's not a horribly sung song with a bad backdrop beat. Quite frankly, I LOVE the beat of Seven Devils. Nobody has ever used that beat in a song before outside of the Twilight Zone. It's different. Just like her, but the lyrics of that song, are what I call the terrible part. Also, what V doesn't mention is at the end when she's running away from the ball still dressed in white. Was it all just a bad dream? Was it something that she saw and eventually decided that she didn't want? Florence, we shall never understand you. Anyone else ever wondered about that scene of the video? Why she runs away dressed still in white?

    I really think that she just has that darkness about her. She's not getting away from it because that's what makes her comfortable. It's what she's comfortable with. I say this because I too have wondered what What the Water Gave Me meant. I love her voice, I love her talent. The words and esoterics to it, not so much. And my theory on What the Water Gave Me is that she simply wrote a song about wanting to die because her soul is tormented. She didn't want it. But then, skip down to the next song on Ceremonials and you've got Never Let Me Go. I don't think she's fully decided if she wants to commit to the complete loss of her soul yet. I think that for her, there are still people who would be disappointed in that decision that she doesn't want to hurt. Which is keeping her from blatantly coming out and being just as stupid and controlled as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are. I simply think that Florence is confused as to what she truly wants to do. So she bounces around and toys around with both ideas.

    She gave a Youtube video where she said that Only If For A Night was about a dream of her dead grandmother. Give that song one listen and you'll know within the first minute that it has nothing to do with a dead grandmother. Oh well, judge the actions, not the person.

  68. Well you are looking at this video from the wrong perspective. Florence Welch is an amazing Christian she is just different and going for looks that are odd and maybe seem a little mysterious and evil isn't bad. She helped lead the Christian revolution in the UK and the song "You Got The Love" completely contradicts the article. And the comment about the lyrics "Im done with my graceless heart so tonight Im going to cut it out and then restart" I think this is talking about when we give our lives to Jesus because when we do we get rid of our old selves and get a fresh start with Jesus. This song is about Florence and how she was living in sin and then found Jesus. Many of your articles are very good but Im sorry this one is wrong. And @D if she is talking about Revelation in Dog Days Are Over she is obviously trying to warn us Jesus will come back… It has been a very long time since Jesus died and rose. This video is just trying to be different but people have to take it the wrong way…

  69. i love these articles even if you don't agree with what is said. i can hear a completely different story in the lyrics when i just "listen" to "shake it out". of course the video does clearly have a different meaning. i have studied different religions for years, and even witchcraft which itself isn't a religion. i love to read all of the different opinions of the readers and to see it through their eyes.

    i am a 41 year old reborn being. i am a spiritual non-sheeple.

    i find her voice to be lovely. i like that her lyrics are much more profound than "bluffin' with my muffin".

  70. A lot of great music is not popular at all. And no one makes a profit off of it, but it is still beautiful and you don't have to think about allllllll this heavy stuff and can just enjoy. Who needs to think about all this when you just want to listen to some music. I mean, do it if it gets you off, but sometimes you just want to hear a pleasant sound. And that includes A LOT of great, worthwhile musicians, particularly world music, African music, experimental classical music .. but even somewhat popular music. I never saw a three faced mask during a blood ceremony in any Morrissey video 😉 Just saying. Thanks for the article VC.

    • There is so much good music out there it can take some work to find the good stuff because of the crap that the lamestream media puts in our faces, it's really annoying to hear talentless garbage like bad romance when I enter a store and I can't stand talentless pop songs when we have the old classic rock, and a lot of really good forgen music. The work it takes to find good music is well worth the effort.

  71. I have had a bad feeling about florence and the machine. Especially after a nightmare I had: I dreamt that I had to stitch myself back together and then I saw some people murdered. I held each individual in my arms watching them bleed to death while crying. All the while florence and the machine dog days song was playing and it was as if I felt the singer was laughing and mocking everything that was happening. This was months ago before reading this, after I had forgotten about florence and the machine. Now everytime I see them I get a foreboding feeling. I was creeped out when I saw the commercial for ceremonials. I was like wow, cant get any more obvious with that title. Her openness with the occult undertones is very unnerving.

  72. I haven't heard any of Florance's songs or seen her videos, I didn't know she existed before reading the article, I will look her up at some point. The information that I find causes me to loose intrest in the intertainment industry because it's all so dark & evil. I think that the idea of hindusim as the one world religion that could be emplyed in the video may possibly be disinformation. Our world is run by a great deciever, but our Father gives truth. so I seek spritual truth and not religion because there are so many religions that they can be confuseing. I have studied a few. God wants to be known by humanity He loves all of us and He never lies. By the way Yeshua is my King, It just makes the most sence to me. I need God to be who He is, and not someones fanticy of who God is.

  73. it's funny, i listened to the "Ceremonials" album and these two songs (along with Lover to Lover and Seven Devils) were the ones i hated and didn't bother listening to in its entirety.

    i personally think there's nothing wrong with listening to Florence+The Machine because it's not like she's trying to hide anything. and she's an indie artist, not Lady Gaga.

    listen to her other songs like "Never Let Me Go", because that is just sheer poetry…

  74. Florence is very much in tuned on what is going on around her and in the world, even before she had been signed, even before any radio station played her music and she was playing in venues around shoreditch, camden and bricklane in London she was singing on a level most people didn't understand. If you listen to 'Dog days' she is warning you to prepare for dark days to come, she is referring to the last days of the bible 'revelations' The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    She is talking about the war…which is going to happen when the US invade Iran, as Russia, China and Korea will defend Iran. Russia has already been warning the US to back off.

    Run fast for your mother;

    run fast for your father,

    Run for your children all your sisters and brothers,

    Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can't carry it with you,

    if you want to survive

    In the song 'Dog Days' She's say when the time comes forget about your belongings just get your family and RUN.

    In the 'Shake it out' song she is talking about the industry and how you get sucked into the ways of the elite, there's a lot of private events that goes on around London in secret these often take place at night, hence the line it's always darkest before the dawn. These events are usually for PR, brand products, artist launches etc but there are a few masked balls which are invite only.

    Shake it out,

    Shake it out,

    Oh Whoa And it's hard to dance with the devil on your back So shake him off,

    She telling you to shake the devil off.

    We are all looking for wealth and fame and in search of her fame she found the devil. The dark side of the industry.

    "Looking for heaven, found the devil in me But why the hell did I let it happen to me, yeah"

    In the industry is hard to keep things private to yourself, even the press works for them and filter what you see on the news and hear. from music to the news to even the supermarkets that are owned by big corporate companies. They dabble in everything, from the very clothes you are wearing and computer you are using to view this site.

    'You are the hole in my head,

    You are the space in my bed,

    You are the silence in between what I thought And what I said.

    You are the night time fear,

    You are the morning When it's clear When it's over your start.

    She is saying he is in every aspect of our lives already.. even your thoughts (the media and your government help with that, always portraying violence on TV to provoke thought).

    When they take away the food the world as you know it, you will do anything to get back!!

    Her tune 'NO light No light' is about that.

    "You can't chose what stays and what fades away, And I'd do anything to make you stay"

    Meaning stay to make everything return to normal to make things go to the way it was. We depend to much on their system their laws.

    The catholic church has preserved the Saturnalian religion and have been worshiping the god RA for decades and deceiving us to do the same, the catholic church set up by a government body to protect the idolatry worship of the ancient cities of Babylon. Even the head of the catholic and Anglican church is from the Freemason order.

    I guess time is running out, and everyone is distracted about what is going on with these music artist while the accompany crashing and the US wanting to go to war. Even if the likes of Lady Gaga and the rest were to stop singing about the devil and start going to church(which is secretly the Saturnalian religion) I doubt that will change the fate of our future. Florence is just expressing herself as she knows what awaits ahead and she knows the only way she can voice everything is through her music. she knows time is up soon she sings about it in her tune here

    Holy water cannot help you now

    See I’ve had to burn your kingdom down

    And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out

    I’m gonna raise the stakes, I’m gonna smoke you out

    She's exposing them she's gonna smoke them out expose them and they will probably kill her for it.

  75. What is meant with the mask with multiple faces? You mention it as being an Illuminati favorite but give no details as to the meaning and/or implications or why it seems to be a favorite. Is there a hidden message?

  76. I stumbled upon this page looking for a possible answer/theory to a question I had about 'shake it out' and 'no light, no light '. I read the article and some comments and found them very interesting.

    What I wonder is: are there any specific ties for the clips of the watches she wears? There are different times shown on the faces of each watch if you look closely at the two videos.

  77. I just have to say, I've loved Florence since day one. I can't help but think of God in most of her songs. Practically every song on Ceremonials makes me feel closer to God in some way. In fact, almost all the extreme Christians, and honestly the most Christ like people I know, listen to her and feel the same way. The first time I heard Shake it Out I almost cried. Listen to the lyrics people… She's telling you to shake the devil away from you… Don't just take things for face value or, what people tell you to believe. I'm not attacking this site. Please don't get me wrong. Nor am I condoning some of the symbolism in today's media. I'm just saying be educated. Do what you feel is right. Have you ever been to any religious event and not agree completely with the message? It's just like that. Take what you want and, what will advance you, and leave the rest.

    Back to Florence. She has said Ceremonials is about exorcism and, the idea of drowning is a recurring theme in practically every song. My interpretation of the drowning is baptism. Listen to Never Let Me Go and think of the ocean as God, a common analogy. God is carrying her and all this devotion rushes out of her and he delivers her in the end. She lets God take over her life. She stops fighting "going under" and "gives in". Think of Never Let Me Go like this. In the first verse, she talks about how she thought her life would be the same after letting God take over and how wrong she was. She can finally be at peace in God's arms. Second verse, she talks about how hard being a christian is but, it's the only way she can escape. Seven Devils is the same way. She's gone past the point of redemption in her eyes. So, she fights it with the devil's own weapon, music. She smokes him out. What the Water Gave Me is almost her apology to people for her baptism. Being a Christian, or any religion that promotes good values, is pressure and, gives you more responsibility. Pressure, responsibility, drowning, getting rid of the devil, all recurring themes off of Ceremonials. If that's not the good kind of spirituality, I don't know what is.

    • Robert, I could not agree more. :) I myself am a Christian, and I can honestly say that I too feel a stronger connection to God when I listen to her music. Shake it Out is one of my favourite songs now, and I cry almost everytime I listen to it.

    • I've never listened to her music like that partly because I can't catch the lyrics anyways because of how she sings them but…I would have never intepreted her songs that way.

      • Do you mean that you disagree with my interpretation or, that you were surprised because you never thought of them like that?

  78. the lyrics to 'shake it out' go something like this : "its hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off". Maybe Florence and The Machine are trying to get rid of the devil instead of bringing him in. just saying

    • There re very good reasons why we find things to be creepy–this is our God given intuition (which is part of your soul) reacting to the presence of something not of God. Much like a smoke detector with smoke. Where there's smoke there's fire!!!

  79. I love Florence and the Machine and her music always differentiated itself from others and i could never understand why. It always seem to describe exacly how i feel. There is nothing ''creepy'' or ''weird'' about it. it is only a diffrent way of looking at life. Look at me for example, some people think im crazy because i WANT to be someones slave. lol

      • Yes your right he uses me and does it while being kind, caring and considerate. he has treated me better then any other man i have ever none. so yes to each their own

      • HappilyOwned you need to address your issues with people of the opposite sex before something sinister happens to you. Considerate and caring people do not enslave or exploit others. Discuss it with someone who cares about you and you'll see I have a valid point. Take care.

  80. I just finished listening to "shake it out" because i loved the melody and everything but when i saw the lyrics about the "devil in me" and about the "devil on your back" umm no thx i wont be listening to that song anymore. Doesnt seem like shes into the whole withcraft thing anymore.

  81. Has anyone heard her song "What the water gave me"? I have a weird feeling when I hear it (I listen to it because I actually like the chorus, it sounds so mysterious/tragic/unique to me, I know, I shouldn't…), and I feel like it is about either being stoned/drowned to death. Maybe it's about some kind of sacrifice? It's subtle though. Chorus:

    Lay me down

    Let the only sound

    Be the overflow

    Pockets full of stones

    Lay me down

    Let the only sound

    Be the overflow

    Oh my gosh! I think I just figured it out. It's about filling someones pockets with stones and then leaving them to sink to the bottom of the ocean, drown!

    • The chorus is referring to Virginia Woolf's suicide. You know, Virginia Woolf, the highly acclaimed English author of great literary novels like "Mrs. Dalloway" and "The Waves"? There's no hidden messages behind it, just a tribute to a genius of a bygone era.

      Florence even said so herself in an interview: "It's about water in all forms and all bodies. It's about a lot of things; Virginia Woolf creeps into it, and of course Frieda Kahlo, whose painfully beautiful painting gave me the title."

    • It's not written as a sacrifice, it was written based on a suicide, like the song "Never Let Me Go" not a sacrafice.

  82. *In Steve Jackson's Illuminati card game, one of the cards shows a face-less (his face is blacked-out) man with blonde-ish hair, wearing royal colours (Purple, Red, etc) and is the head-Top of the Illuminati tree, so to speak, who will be revealed in time-That card SCREAMS Prince William to me…

    *Princess Diana tried to kill herself while pregnant with Prince William-Why would she do that? Maybe Princess Diana found out who/what she was carrying…

    It would certainly explain her life time of tireless charity work which followed… Maybe she was begging forgiveness through it?

    *If you look at the Royal shield, the coat of arms, it has EVERYTHING on it that was prophesied in the book of Revelation…

    *Prince William has blue eyes…

    I have a ton of evidence to support this theory, but there isn't much point in typing it all out, unless someone actually wants to read it…

    Regardless, let me know what you think & what your own opinions on this are?

    Many thanks

  83. Lover of Christ on

    I listened to this song a few times, but each time I kept saying that I needed to look up the lyrics. Then I saw the lyrics but couldn't decipher what she was truly talking about. If a song is referencing the devil in any way, I like to make sure its not being referenced in a evil way. I've read many comments posted here. When an artist claims to like the dark side, there is definitely something wrong with that. You can't serve God and then play with the Devil. It does not work that way. Here is an article that I found about her and an interview that she did. Very eye opening.

  84. Every word reminds me of our Goddess surely Florence who has been asked to take words from various occult books has not met NYMPHAEA LAVINA ,who reigns in our occult world,all .l.vx

  85. Honestly, I think almost everyone of your articles is spot-on. However, this one just isn't. Florence + the Machine is not satanic. She uses A LOT of God/Satan references in her lyrics, which could come off like she is satanic or Illuminati or whatever. But I kind of think Florence is mocking the whole Illuminati system, like exposing it. As you said, "Shake it Out" is obviously filled with Illuminati references. Most other artists are more careful on how they present their symbols. At the end of "Shake it Out," it shows Florence in her white dress, representing her purity and godliness. She's laughing and happy that she ran away from the initiation. And then it shows her in her red "initiated' dress, looking lonely and sad. Even listening to the lyrics, it says, "And it's hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off . . . I am done with my graceless heart [Jesus is all about grace], so tonight I'm going to cut it out and then restart [she is tired of living without Jesus, so she's going start living with him]. Then on to "No Light, No Light"….It's obvious she's trying to escape from someone evil, whether it's the devil or the Illuminati. Let's say it's the Illuminati. They continue to torture her to make her choose the darkness, but in the end, she trusts God and is saved by the holy children who represent the light. I agree exactly with what Ourfuture said, "She’s exposing them she’s gonna smoke them out expose them and they will probably kill her for it." In "No Light, No Light" she expresses that she will not give into the Illuminati's torture.

  86. Also I recommend listening to "Seven Devils" by Florence. It's talking about the seven deadly sins that surround her once she hit fame, and how she's not going to cave into them.

    Holy water cannot help you now

    A thousand armies couldn't keep me out

    I don't want your money

    I don't want your crowd

    See I have to burn

    Your kingdom down


    She doesn't want the money or fame that the Illuminati offers, she has come "to burn [their] kingdom down."


    …And no rivers and no lakes, can put the fire out

    I'm gonna raise the stakes; I'm gonna smoke you out

    …And now all your love will be exorcised

    And we will find you saying it's to be harmonized.

    And it's an even sum

    It's a melody

    It's a battle cry

    It's a symphony


    Possibly "And we will find you saying it's to be harmonized" refers to the one-world government, how they will say it's going to be for world peace, etc.


    They can keep me alive

    'Til I tear the walls

    'Til I slave your hearts

    And they take your souls

    And what have we done?

    Can it be undone?

    In the evil's heart

    In the evil's soul


    She's saying they keep her alive to be a slave for their plans. They [the illuminati] takes your souls, because so many people fall victim to their brain washing. Can the brainwashing be undone? I'm sure we all know someone who doesn't believe in the illuminati because they are so brainwashed. That's my take on this song.

  87. First, I'd like to begin by saying that the line is "Looking for heaven, found the devil in me" not "for the devil" as you say. I also agree with Taryn. Her songs are more about God and the Devil and religion, not her being forced into an Illuminati society. When I saw the music video for "Shake it Out" she appeared to me to be more of a ghost. In the beginning, she is wearing black, mourning, and then goes to the party where she is being greeted by other members of the dead (and I don't know about you but that would make me look a bit "shy" as well). Then she visits a seance, which she stands outside watching for a while before going in. Then, no one seems to take notice of her, almost as if they were calling *her* to the seance from the other world. After that, you notice she starts to enjoy the party in the other world, almost a if she has finally gained peace. And in the end, she does appear ethereal and peaceful, as her spirit is finally free. The line "It's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off" to me seemed to solidify that this song was about moving on and all the things you must let go of before you do so.

    Basically, my point is that not everyone in the music industry is referencing the Illuminati in their music videos. By your estimation, hundreds of stars have been taken into these horrible societies and are trying to spread their ideals. I may not be a famous musician but from what I've heard, their lives are pretty busy. So I'm curious, is it in between concerts that Lady Gaga (clad in full butterfly attire, of course), Jay-Z, and Florence all convene to take place in these secret, complicated rituals? Or do they all Skype on their tour buses, humming Illuminati chants over a group chat?

    Just because the floor is checkered, doesn't mean it's masonic. Have you ever been to a sixties-style diner? Or Versailles? Checkered tile is not a style exclusive to masonic lodges, and can mean anything. Not everything is a symbol and there comes a point when something is over-analyzed. People attribute connotations to things and therefore put said things wherever they feel that emotion. Checkered tile could mean confusion, as could the two highly contrasting religions. Red means a plethora of other things to the human psyche, not just that of the initiate (in fact, that wasn't what I gleaned from it at all).

    Florence is a very symbolic artist but today's cynical society is looking for all the wrong things. They're looking for offense so that they can have the pleasure of crying foul. It saddens me that once the music scene stepped away from teeny-bopper clones writing songs about the perils of losing a boyfriend, those who came forward with real, poetic songwriting and music-making skills get ridiculed because people are annoyed they can't understand them properly. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, it doesn't matter what the song meant to me, it's what it means to you. We're meant to relate to music, not criticize the artist because you saw something in it you didn't like. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Yes, it really is that simple.

    Perhaps to make your theories more believable, you should approach from the skeptic's point of view, not the believer's.

  88. Characteristics of the Harlequin – 'While generally depicted as stupid and gluttonous, he was very nimble and performed the sort of acrobatics the audience expected to see. The character would never perform a simple action when the addition of a cartwheel, somersault, or flip would spice up the movement.' Notice how the dude painted black and red keeps doing acrobatics?

  89. And this is the part where you ask 'And what does it all mean Basil?' Well if i told you that, i would have to kill you =) jk's lol Read a book called The Magus, i think that the Illuminati might be good… But the reason we hate them is because they are like a strict parent trying to discipline a child, they are showing us in all these video's what our society has become. But think about it, why?? The answer is simple, they know the world is going to end if we don't stop with our livestyles, so they are trying to warn us. They have been around long before we were here and they will be here long after we have gone in my opinion… So you see they are just showing you a mirror, i am not even sure they are from here or from this time. But it doesn't matter, just live Godly lives. Keep yourself's pure, and keep your world pure, stop polluting it with cars and aerosol cans, and start doing more for poorer countries, please?

  90. Just my own musings (not solid fact, could be wrong) when these bad things happen which i know are going to happen now, and all the evil is done, God will make for us a new heaven and a new earth. Just refuse the mark of the beast, that's all you have to do… Follow the path of righteousness and you will have a place in God's new creation. There won't be an Illuminati there, there will be God-angels. And you and all your brothers and sisters who chose good over evil. Love is the rule, love all that is good and from the Lord, and reject that which is evil and leads us astray and accept the love of God and his sacrifice through Christ Jesus.

  91. God bless you, ask God in earnest and he will show you, seek the truth with the truth in your heart and you willl find the truth, amen

  92. I feel like the song "shake it out" really represents a guilty conscience and a person who is focused on past regrets. The whole ritual ceremony idea of the video describes the path to embracing life and forgiving yourself for your regrets, mistakes, and guilt. She is first shown almost confused, uncertain, and with little self confidence. These are all the feelings associated regret and the effect it has on the human mind. When she enters the ritual and is blindfolded it is almost as if she's forgetting about the past and trying to work through her "issues" …hence "i like to keep my issues drawn..its always darkest before the dawn". Also the blindfold could represent the darkness she feels from all the guilt and her finally dealing with all of the "demons" she has been keeping on her "back". This is the darkest part for anyone who has to deal with their "demons" and it can only get better once you deal with the issues. The next part is when she is seen in red and is in almost a euphoric state. It is almost like she is purging the "devils" from within. This is what it feels like to rid yourself of the pain associated with guilty feelings. It is a release and makes you feel so good, just how she is acting in this scene. The scene where she is wearing white and is more calm, almost seems like it represents the feeling of peace within. Forgiving yourself brings a sense of self peace and calmness. White also represents clarity and at this stage in forgiving yourself it is easier to see clearer. Also it is like a new beginning, or a clean slate when you let go of your past tortures. The last "Florence" looks refreshed, cleansed, self confident and put together. It is if she has moved on and came back to life. If you read the lyrics it describes this "journey" to freedom of guilt.

    At least that is how I feel —

  93. Mad Scienitist on

    I've actually listened to the whole "Ceremonials" album with a lot of bias. For one, the music is epic and she has a wonderful voice, but I am painfully aware of all the symbolic language she uses and it makes me sad. Why so? Because in her lyrics there are lines suggesting she is a family insider and also one preordained to be executed ritually. I believe she is going to die a tragic,untimely death under mysterious circumstances. By occult standards,her obvious talent and worldwide fame make her an especially "worthy" sacrifice, probably before the age of 30.

    Heres a quick summary of some of the most symbolic songs, you can check out the lyrics and decide for yourself.

    "Ceremonials" – the album title itself is pretty obvious

    "What the water gave me" – sacraficie by drowning,illustrates a "boon" type ritual scenario with "the water" (the Goddess),also the ominous line "oh poor Atlas,the world's a beast of a burden" (Atlas is the son of an ocean goddess,"and Atlas shrugged" being a insider book,symbolically Atlas also corresponds to Satan as he also rebelled against the Olympian Gods and was punished by having to hold the heavens upon his shoulders).

    "Breaking Down" – I don't know if it's just me but it sounds like "breaking dawn" when she sings it,her use of the theme of light and darkness in her songs is pretty consistent

    "Seven devils" – talks about seven devils in her house (posession) and not surviving the night (symbolic of dreamstates,absence of awareness,also the prime time for rituals)

    "Spectrum" – "say my name,as every color illuminates",also mentions different colored clothing for different rituals (which she also takes a few lines to describe in detail).

    "Landscape" – mentions bloodlines,family tree,rituals,says she is born from "dark water" (mothers of darkness),"she's just like the weather,can't keep her together"

  94. For me, Spectrum was about love after death, and the lovers spirits go through some changings as they go stronger, but the idea of rituals is really good (explains the lines of "we'll drag bodies from the ground").

    People say Remain Namelles is about an angel, but for me sounds a lot like Lucifer himself (since he was an angel so he was born in a big grey cloud like the others), 'cause of all of the seduction and insistance to "believing" of the lover. Just doesn't seem the common attitude from an angel.

    Great analysis of both videos. I thought about satanism, but not of masonic rituals 'cause I just didn't know much about it.

    So thanks!

      • I think you are thinking about "What the Water Gave Me"

        "Lay me down
        Let the only sound
        Be the overflow
        Pockets full of stones"

        "Pockets full of stones" reminds me of Virgina Woolf, who committed suicide by filling her pockets with stones and drowning herself. But Florence said it was mostly about water that is a great overwhelmer of things. Virginia Woolf was part of it, but she said it was various other things as well.

        As far as I know, she hasn't really given any kind of meaning for "Never Let Me Go". The only thing I have found where she speaks of the song is during an interview with Digital Spy. "The gospel thing comes from my obsession with hymns. I'm drawn to anything that has a hymnal quality, be it Spiritualized or dusty old albums by Georgian choirs.""

  95. The True Illuminati that i have known,were honourable,they never accepted bribes for financial gain to hurt innocent people or friends who are tested.Illuminati cannot be bought,they are tested in severe pychological and physical ordeals over a long period of time prior to being an illuminati,so they have stronger wills,they are sometimes the handlers,but not or certainly at this level no longer illuminati which are Hidden Leaders often in government andso often in occult orders,.If one thinks of freemasonry most think 33 degrees is the highest,infact its only one quarter up the pyramid.All outer hidden realms are hidden in G.D,and O.T.O,.True illuminati are pure and godly,in spirit,this doesnt mean one cant indulge in ones pleasures.Several presidents who are illuminati were trained by illuminati in camps,also there are levels of monarch slaves,some training as spies,i was a monarch beta,. seduction.and was invited to nevada to the secret base. My granny was related to the Rothchilds,of 13 bloodline.

  96. Forevereverever on

    I'm so surprised yet not at the same time. Her music is so enticing and I love the fantasy Per-Raphaelite scenes in her music videos. I hate just getting into these kinds of discussions online because I'm just 15 and I want to keep myself pure in all ways but it's really inevitable at this day and age. I mean, when I went to the cinema with my friends to see the woman in black, there were trailers for exorcisms being screened to an audience from the age of 12! :O

  97. @Cecile Me too! I know this is very sad, but I loved Never Let Me Go! Yet I know it's not good to listen to it anymore. I stopped listening to her from now on.

    • There is nothing bad or evil about Florence. There is nothing wrong with Never Let Me Go. In an interview with Digital Spy Florence has said about Never Let Me Go "The gospel thing comes from my obsession with hymns. I'm drawn to anything that has a hymnal quality, be it Spiritualized or dusty old albums by Georgian choirs." She has a fascination with all things spiritual, and has admitted this on several occasions. I love her song "Only If for a Night" a song she wrote for her grandmother who is deceased.

  98. I think that there is more than occultism and religion in human culture. There is poetry, psychonalisis and many other ways to undestand human beings. I always interpret florence Lyrics from this other points of view. For example, the rabbit and Alice in Wondeland is a reference to the music "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplene, that she said to be the music that have the greatest impact in her live. About Shake Out she said, before what the author of the article select, "And I was thinking of regrets, like, you know when you feel like you're stuck in yourself, you keep repeating certain patterns of behavior, and you kind of want to cut out that part of you and restart yourself." In my opinion there is not occoult or esoteric on this, this about human experience in this earth. For those who don't know, her mother is professor or Renaissance Studies, and the poetry of Renascence that talks albout the ambiguity of human experience in symbolic forms has an enourmous influence in Florence work. To sum up, I think that all this discussion is only a way to create hindreances to enourmous talent and deep artistic work that can profundilly change the way music is made nowadays. Many people will lost money if music becames true art again.

  99. HEY this article is great. i hope you keep posting more.. i would like to read also about lana del rey or any other . this is great EYE open :)

  100. Wow. People really believe this? I'm sorry but i think it's just how Florence gets inspiration. The sound and the lyrics and her whole music is interesting and beautiful. I don't think by listening to her music I'm letting devils in my house! Personally I think many things people are saying are illuminati are not! People jump to conclusions because they're scared, you guys should relax, what this is saying is a load of rubbish. I agree that she involved the devil in a lot of her music, but that's just what she get's her inspiration to write emotional songs! Listen to Never Let Me Go, that's about a suicide that happened, it's just inspiration to write powerful, emotional songs!

  101. Don't leave ur kids watch her music or even listen the masonic worship satan they don't believe in god I'm muslim muslims and christian are no different we believe in god but they don't they role our childrens minds by the music the movies the tv shows the gothic stuff the Q here is that all by herself or there is a masonic group behind her back !!? Now we know that she is one of them but there is alot of famous ppl that joind into the masons wake up people

  102. Guys, calm down. It's just art. If you disagree with her methods, don't be weak-minded and stupid enough to listen.

    • And the reason you feel "weird" when you listen to her music is because for the first time in a long time, you're listening to something with some substance. Good music makes you feel *feelings*.

  103. And what about the line 'And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back So shake him off'? what does that allude to? If anything it seems to me like she is shaking of all her regrets/demons.

  104. WOW. This does break my heart a lot. This song was definitely one of my faves and it's such a disappointment to find out the true meaning behind it. I knew something was up when I heard the words "And it's hard to dance with the devil on your back". Too bad now I have to stop listening to this song. Whatta bummer.

  105. When I listened to this song I had a bad feeling. So I looked up the video. I am now somewhat aware, so I knew there was a problem before it was 1/3 over. Then I looked it up here and lo and behold lots of info. Thanks. I am starting to be able to pick this up on my own now.

  106. I believe Florence is actually trying to say "Hey guys look, these things exist!" I think it only gives you guys that bad feeling because we are so used to those signs being negative, but she is still trying to almost warn the masses. If you listen to her songs, she goes into depth with topics like these. Florence is using the symbolism in such a way our mind says "No! Bad! Stay away!" It's like she's programming us NOT to accept those symbols like the rest of the industry does.

  107. There's no denying that she's not your regular musician. Still, sometimes being different is a good thing, such as in this case. I doubt so many copies of her album would be sold otherwise.

  108. Oh come on. She is a beautiful, talented woman with a lot to say. This article is annoying to me. She is using powerful images to convey powerful emotions, and being interesting in witchcraft as a child doesn't mean shit. I was interested in that when I was a kid, as were my friends… not everyone is a bible thumper. If VC analyses Tori Amos I am out of here… please keep your articles serious, not for popularity or attention. I am very disappointed =(

    Many talented artists use powerful imagery, that doesn't mean it's EVIL. Please don't go down this road… you are smarter than that.

  109. Get-over-yourselves on

    Maybe that's what it is. All this MK stuff and the saturation in the media, someone, something, they , what ever you wanna call it is pushing us towards something. Take for instance gold ore, in order to make it pure you must heat it up really super hot and wait for the impurities to float to the top so you can skim them off. Maybe this is there way of flushing out all of the impurities.

  110. Isn't she MK ultra programmed victim? I believe she is a lovely soul but…maybe…she is programmed. Just like the other singers of today's music industry.

  111. I have to say, I love "Shake it Out" but I completely agree with this article and its analysis of the blatant imagery. However, and maybe I'm just being nitpicky, but the lyrics for "Shake it Out" are "a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat" and "looking for heaven, found the devil in me." I think "found the devil in me" slightly changes the meaning of that part, but ultimately it's all evil anyway.

  112. I love her music, but I've always noticed the dark side to it. IT makes me wonder if her music is so "infectious" for a reason…? Anyways, please listen to Spectrum and explicate that one! I can't seem to figure it out, but it has something to do with the NWO.

  113. I. LOVE. HER.
    You may think that she's satanic or whatever but her music is simply astounding and I truly enjoy the subtle and sinister twist she gives in some of the songs. Her music is truly spiritual (some may find good in it, some bad) but I find it enriching. Her music has touched me in a way few other things in life have managed to change me in a good, fulfilling, find-the-evil-in-you-and-confront-it way.
    And honestly Shake it out is my all time favourite music video. Ever. like it's so dark but beautiful that it makes me want to cry <3

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