Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”: More Illuminati Music


Christina Aguilera’s new album and video introduces fans to a definite style change. The singer now clearly fits the mold of the occult music industry by  incorporating its themes and symbolism into her art. We will look at the hidden meaning of her video “Not Myself Tonight” to and we’ll see how her new album relates with the rest of the music industry.

I’ve always considered Christina Aguilera to be a notch above most pop singers due to the fact that she could actually sing. However,  in order to continue with her success, it was only a matter of time before she ended up in the same place as the other pop stars in the market today. Everything about her new album is heavily tainted with the Illuminati agenda, and the first single Not Myself Tonight acts as an initiation piece. It contains many elements seen in other videos discussed on The Vigilant Citizen, which probably explains the number of e-mails I’ve received regarding it. Some observers have accused Not Myself Tonight of copying Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. We will see that this plagiarism is, in fact, Christina only following the trend forced on pop stars.

Warning: Parts of this article might be disturbing for some.

From Christina to Xtina

Christina was first discovered by Disney, a company that has specialized in recruiting kids who then progressively become sex bombs as the years go by (Miley Cyrus is next).  Christina was part of a particularly prolific edition of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Christina used her great talent to make her way into the pop scene with the 1999 album Christina Aguilera, with a clean “innocent teen” look. Everything changed in 2002-2003 with the release of the album Stripped. In a very symbolic performance during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Christina is “consecrated” by the Kabbalistic Grand Priestess Madonna. This highly publicized event deserves a second look.

2003 VMA Perfomance

Taking place on a Masonic checkerboard-patterned floor, this symbolic performance is the ritualistic initiation of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera into the occult music business. The ceremony starts with Britney and Christina making their way down a pyramid-shaped cake singing Madonna’s Like a Virgin. The song choice is very significant as it describes the young singers’ purity and innocence before the ceremony. This is also reinforced by their white gowns. Then the Priestess comes out, wearing a black tuxedo and a Masonic top hat.

She sings Hollywood, a song about the city symbolizing the entertainment establishment, the gateway to super-stardom. Madonna is a representative of the occult industry and welcomes Britney and Christina into it. She sings:

Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood
How could it hurt you when it looks so good?
Shine your light now
This time it’s got to be good
You get it right now
Cause you’re in Hollywood

The entire performance puts into light Madonna’s domination and superiority over the singers. She ultimately passes on the torch to the two singers with a symbolic kiss.

They should maybe bear in mind this verse from the song Hollywood:

I lost my memory in Hollywood
I’ve had a million visions bad and good
There’s something in the air in Hollywood
I tried to leave it but I never could

Following in the footsteps of Madonna, Christina and Britney then appeared to dabble with Kabbalah, though only a “Hollywood” brand of Kabbalah, as tattoos are not permitted in its sacred scriptures.

Left is Britney’s tattoo of the Hebrew letters Mem-Hey-Shin, one of the 72 names of God. This one represents “healing”. Right is Christina’s tattoo of the Hebrew characters Yud and Bet, apparently dedicated to her husband Jordan Bratman.

In the years that followed, Christina took the apparently obligatory “sexualization” path of Illuminati idols and also appeared in works associated with black magic and mind control.

New Christina

Black magic photo shoot complete with ritualistic pentagram and discarded dolls
Dehumanization and alter persona symbolized by the mannequin

Her latest effort completely embraces today’s Illuminati agenda by exploiting the theme of transhumanism (explained in this article). The album title “Bi-on-ic” and the cover art is truly about the merger of man and robot. Christina’s head is portrayed as a programmable mechanism, a concept relating to mind control. “Bi-On-Ic” also apparently means “bisexual on ice”, ice being the slang word for methamphetamine. So, when she is under the influence of this powerful drug, she becomes bisexual. Knowing that methamphetamine is extensively used on mind control victims, especially in sexual programming, the album title is rather disturbing.

Christina as a programmable robot (reference to mind control) and the now inevitable focus on one eye

More One Eye Symbolism

As seen in many other articles, almost all pop artists taking on Illuminati themes in their art almost always flash the “one eye sign” in their videos or photo shoots. Christina is not an exception.

Concept of Not Myself Tonight

Not Myself Tonight has been accused of copying Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Although the videos were produced by two different directors (Francis Lawrence for Gaga and Hype Williams for Christina), they both exploit similar themes, which are also common in many other pop music videos. Although it is easy to say “the bitch copied Gaga!”, this statement does not take into consideration the bigger picture of the music industry. The same themes are expected and required to be prevalent in today’s hits. The industry defines its own trends and in order to be successful, artists must follow these trends and communicate the same messages. Not Myself Tonight is simply a continuation of the Illuminati agenda through another artist, and therefore exploits its trademark themes such as mind control, transhumanism, occult initiation and so forth. Here’s the video.

The subject of the song is Christina being “not herself tonight” which is, at face value, her wanting to go out and go crazy, “kissing the boys and the girls.” However, the imagery and symbolism of the video adds another level of interpretation to the song that refers to mind control, occult initiation and alter personalities. The theme of being “out of character” and not controlling one’s actions is often portrayed in recent videos and is associated, through symbolism, to Monarch programming or supernatural “possession.” This is often symbolically represented by the classic “devil horns” as seen on the promo image of her single.

As said earlier, she is just following the trend set by the industry.

Monarch programming is a mind-control method based on the creation of an alternate persona through the usage of torture and ritual abuse. Some authors on the subject, such as Ron Patton, have mentioned that Monarch programming utilizes ancient occult techniques reminiscent of spirit possession. The lyrics of the song reflect the creation of a new persona:

“I’m out of character, I’m in rare form
And if you really knew me, you’d know its not the norm

Cos I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
The old me is gone
, I feel brand new
And if you don’t like it, fuck you”

As we will see later, the symbolism of the video is based on initiation and on the creation of an alter personality, which is expressed lyrically The old me is gone, I feel brand new. The theme of being a crazier/wilder/sexier self is often portrayed in recent videos and is almost always coupled with scenes of restraint, dehumanization and/or torture. This is an obvious case of cognitive dissonance, where the portrayal of torture is a part of one’s “liberation.” In Not Myself Tonight, Christina is seen hog-tied with her eyes forced opened, which is reminiscent of mind control victims being forced to watch videos to reinforce their programming.

This practice is depicted in the mind-control themed Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.

Screen shot from Clockwork Orange where Alex is forced to watch ultra-violent scenes as part of his reprogramming.

Sex Kitten Programming

The first part of the video is heavily tainted with references to mind control and, more precisely, Sex Kitten programming. This trend is becoming increasingly common in the music and fashion industry.

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.
-Ron Patton, Project Monarch

In mind control, Beta programming, also known as Sex Kitten programming creates in the dissociative victim an alter-personality that is a programmed to be sex slave.

“The mind will begin to dissociate, and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that “PAIN IS LOVE”, the S&M kitten alters will beg their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc.”
– Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Some references to sex kitten programming are peppered throughout the video.

The creation of alter personalities is represented in the video with Christina being surrounded by  look-a-likes. She plays the role of the mind-control handler herself.

BDSM, submission and alter personalities portrayed in this “tribute” to Madonna’s Express Yourself

Ritual Initiation

The second part of the video essentially describes Xtina’s “initiation” through ritual sex. Some symbolic scenes tell this story.

Halfway through the song, Christina is dressed in black with masculine features and standing between two pseudo-masonic pillars.

This scene is similar to the VMA performance referenced above, where Madonna played the master of ceremonies. Christina plays the same role in this scene. She is standing on top of stairs, near a mysterious gateway, symbolizing her high rank within the “inner-hierarchy”. Her monocle covers one eye which refers to the Illuminati power structure. The master of ceremonies kicks off the ritual initiation of Xtina, the Sex Kitten.

In the following scene, Xtina is shown entering a doorway, symbolizing the “passing through the gates” of her initiation.

Xtina is then shown putting fire to her clothes, indicating that she is destroying her old self and embracing the new Xtina alter persona.

The initiation is then sealed and consummated by nothing less than an orgy inside a church.

The scene in the church gives spiritual connotation to the initiation. An orgy in a place that is considered sacred is a form of desecration that  is reminiscent of black magic rituals. The video is not simply about a girl wanting to “go crazy,” it is about an initiation into the “dark side.”

To further portray the completion of the initiation of this mind control slave, Xtina is shown covering herself with “black milk” or maybe black semen.

“Sexual abuse […]  is more powerful when it is put into the context of demonic magic. The abuser’s semen is magic and seals the programming. The ritual aspect of it, and the repetitive nature of the abuse creates several dynamics that accompany the abuse that wouldn’t occur in non-ritual abuse.”
– Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave


In Conclusion

Although Christina Aguilera’s new work was accused of plagiarism by some pop culture observers, they fail to realize that she is simply following the agenda forced on pop stars. The standardization of the music industry has resulted in different artists exploiting the same symbolism, themes and aesthetics. Superficial differences define each artist, but the content and message of their music stay the same. If some articles on this site appear redundant, it is because of the clear redundancy of the messages communicated by the music industry through the products it promotes. This repetition is an important clue to identify the existence of a alternative agenda in the industry.

The complete transformation of Christina Aguilera for the Bionic album, and her embrace of ALL of the themes discussed in previous articles (including the “one-eye thing”) should send you a clear message. There is an agenda in the music industry and one must fit the mold in order to get promoted as a star. This does not guarantee worldwide success, but it is the only way to get the industry approval needed to obtain it.




  1. bahaaha all you idiots honestly believe whats posted on here im gonna continue to buy lady gaga's music, rihannas music, (not beyonce she is annoying), and any other artist that YOU think are apart of the "illuminati" you dumb bitch this song is about having fun instead of being stuck up priss that the world expects her to be not joining "the dark side" lol i always get a good laugh off of this site

  2. fucked up!

    soon, people will be implementing common law and these fuckers shall fall !

  3. I really love her music as I still do with a lot of Artists, but sometimes you really wonder if things are fads or not, and I do not think this is a fad…Its too obvious. I was thinking that about this video when I first saw it and my husband was watching it was well and right when it was over he make a straight faced comment "This is some Devil Shit" I think it goes deeper than that, people just need to read. I for one can see what is going on, and honestly I don't buy music now, I have never been to a concert so I'm not supporting the movement! I'm not going to stop listening to music, but just more aware of what it actually is about. So the next time your singing a Love song, make sure you actually know what it is about!!!

  4. I love how every time they show the VMAS 2003 performance it's always about the Britney Madonna kiss, no one ever talks about her kissing Christina too. It's almost like she was never there LMAO

  5. Was hoping you'd do an Xtina article… when I saw the video, I shuddered and cringed.

    Thanks Vig.

  6. Ugh, I'm gonna complain about this video before it hits NZ. An orgy in the church is so sick.

    With the 2003 VMAs, aren't all 80s wedding cakes pyramid shaped? And wouldn't the checkerboard be more of a reference to the 80s, which flippin' loved that checkerboard pattern? In saying that I recognize lightning bolts were also popular back then and we don't see any of those etc etc…

    Shame on you music industry. I'm so shocked that we let them get away with this shit.

    Thanks VC for another interesting and depressing article n_n

  7. eclecticpassion on

    thankyou! Been anticipating the analysis of Christina's new vid for a while. This may seem an insignificant detail, but the scene in which she's wearing a white costume in the 'Not Myself Tonight' vid, and she's surrounded by 5 others, is repeated 3 times in the vid, therefore '666.' Not that that's a really exciting or surprising detail but just thought I'd mention it. I think the 'orgy in the church' scene in this vid is probably the most shocking and Illuminati-esque part of the whole video. I have always liked Christina prior to now, but this video honestly disturbs (yet fascinates) me.

    Some other things I've thought about recently…you mention that in order to get into the entertainment industry often requires either an 'initiation' process or being related to 'the powers-that-be' These things may be seemingly inconsequential, but I'll leave them for you and others to ponder on:

    Gwen Stefani: While she has (luckily!) shown little signs of being an Illuminati puppet so far, the fact that she's related to Madonna, which has been passed off as a coincidence, I think explains why she's done so well. That's not to say I don't think Gwen is deserving of her fame, I loved her both in No Doubt and now, and think she has a unique singing voice and incredible creativity, yet there are many incredibly talented people who never make it in the entertainment industry, for no apparent reason. I also notice that she wears a lot of leopard print, which could be meer coincidence (after all, it's in fashion) yet as you said, is a common trend and symbol in mk culture. Although personally, I've always thought Gwen to be much more in control of her moral compass than the average celebrity up until now…I don't think she is Illuminati, just that her connections helped her.

    'Wag' culture in the UK- basically a trend in which people celebrate and imitate the lifestyles of 'wives and girlfriends' of footballers and other famous sports stars- the archetypical 'Wag' wears a lot of leopard print, usually leads a materialistic and bimbo-eque existence and alternatively either seems to emulate playboy bunnies or act almost stepford wives in their behaviour. (Extremely sexual, submissive, completely dependant on their boyfriend/husband the 'star' etc.

    the 'x men' movies: I completely love these films, I'll admit, but I still think the transhumanist agenda is being promoted throughout them…maybe not as much as in the 'Transformers' movies. Although I do believe most things aren't inherently good or bad, its how you interpret them. I think the intentions of the film makers may have been multiple, however.

    A guy named Carl Hirshmann. From what I've heard, he seems very dodgy and possibly a key Illuminati figure…

    Just a few pointers of interest, keep doing what you're doing btw, I love your articles :)

  8. to bryant (2) on

    I myself like most of the songs and even architecture pieces analyzed here, but it's not about taste. They all show the same thing: there is someone (or a group) that (wants to) take control over mankind. Keep buying the albums, they won't harm you, but please UNDERSTAND what they mean before insulting people.

  9. to bryant (2) : "Keep buying the albums, they won’t harm you"

    I have to disagree, by buying the albums you are supporting the ideas that these artists are promoting. You can't eat your cake and have it too..

  10. She Once vibed about being 'BEAUTIFULL' … now she's NOT 'MYSELF 2nite' … See what happens when U become DeMONEYEzED …

  11. LAURA, in post 12 you said

    'to bryant (2) : “Keep buying the albums, they won’t harm you”

    I have to disagree, by buying the albums you are supporting the ideas that these artists are promoting. You can’t eat your cake and have it too..'

    what's the point of having cake if you ain't gonna eat it?

  12. All these articles are so informative and the common theme that runs through them all makes the argument irrefutable, I only wish that more avid listners of these types of music would take the time to find out what they're really listening too…readers this is something we need to do, lets share the message now, before all the people we know get sucked into the twisted web of the music industry!

  13. Bryant, go buy buy. Found it telling and hilarious that you started your second comment with Bahaaha. Sheep.

  14. this is absolute brilliant n i cant beleive its christana this time, almost every day i wake up nt 2 b influence by non of these u wrote but now am makin my mind up 2 read more of ur stories.keep d good work going n am never a fan of who model madonna,f**k them all

  15. Hi VC – The corporate media certainly seems to be pushing the whole transhumanism theme very hard at this time. Thanks for getting the word out about this. I have an article that I wrote a little while ago about Christina's Bionic album cover focusing on the transhuman aspects.

    I was planning on following up with a post about her new video, but once I saw it I was so disgusted with the pornographic nature of it that I didn't want to give it any more attention. My latest article is about Disney and I cite your Pinocchio article (with links) with regards to the gnostic aspects of this "Disney classic". I point out that there is a pattern of young Disney stars being recast into modern "sex goddesses" and conclude that this is not by accident but rather by design, e.g. Christina Aguilera. With the latest example clearly being Miley Cyrus.

  16. wow. it is literally a "fame monster" consuming all who want its offerings. thank you vigilant… you are reenforcing my belief in my faith. and that probably wasn't your goal. huh?

  17. I've been waiting for this article. Once again, thank you. I wish your site went viral so many more would know the truth.

  18. Ahh! Thank you; I've been waiting along time for this one!

    to Bryant: I kno *exactly how you feel. I was obsessed with Lady Gaga and used to laugh at VC, but thank goodness I made the switch.

  19. Lanyavedoll on


    not listening to any of her new music but i have to say her music way back when POP was big was great still might listen to it like Genie in a Bottle,ComeONOVER,WHATAGIRLWANTS

  20. I am thankful for your insight. I have always wondered about pop music, but I wasn't quite able to piece it all together. With articles like this, and a little research it's all starting to make sense. I just hope more people start to open their eyes before it's too late. NWO is real and it's inundating our lives in new and inventive ways every day. Turn off the TV and open your eyes and your heart to the truth!

  21. Have u done an analysis on Miley's new video "Can't Be Tamed"?

    If not, please do!

    Also, has anyone given thought to naked pictures leaked of Cheetah Girls, Adrienne Bailon (she's the most talented of the 3) and of Vanessa Hudgens from H.S. Musical. They're both with or were w/ Disney.

  22. These pop culture videos are really beginning to test my patience watching them. They are all the same! All full of females made to look like gyrating sluts. Doing nothing else BUT. And where is this so-called "talent" some say they have? Sexual gyrations are "talent" these days? The only ones in this industry that have talent are the behind-the-scenes make-up artists and costume and set designers. That's pretty much it.

    If the kids like watching this sort of thing, demand more of it, and buy more of their worthless crap — let them. It will all go into the FIRE tomorrow, as a certain book warns.

    The only thing I really got out of this article is that VC mentioned the mind control programmable aspect of Transhumanism. It certainly works well enough in the music industry. But, Vigilant, you are lumping all ideas about Transhumanism into an Illuminati plot. I've read Transhumanist websites and their ideas seem to me very far from mind control. Their ideas also seem very far from turning themselves into robots too.

  23. I meant to also point out though, Vigilant, you do have an ability to see the nature of the music industry and you are able to relate it to an occult agenda. I think it's all money-making myself, as the twits that love this garbage demand more of it. And you may even be right such an agenda exists. I go back and forth on this. It's hard to believe if true, yet the possibility exists. The music industry — as an Elitist organization in general — has a lot of Power, and people with Power can do basically anything they want — including dabbling in the black arts. They really give the Occult a bad name, doesn't it?

  24. Great job! you make this very straight forward. I see that the pop culture is all associated with the illuminati. I would love to know if any metal bands like, "The devil wears prada, A day to remember or Attila are trying to do the same thing as the pop artists even though they're underground. I'm 15 & I'm really self aware of what i listen because nowadays music is all trash.

  25. My goodness — yet another thought.

    Remember the original Mouseketeers, like Annette Funicello? Her Mouseketeer experience led to her a really nice, clean image of finding one true love and marrying him. They put her in surfing movies with the squeaky clean Frankie Avalon. I still love watching those movies. My bet is ALL the original mouseketeers, like Cubby and Karen, went on to have decent lives, except on — Darlene Gillespie, I think — had a kind of a run-in with the law. But all of them in those days fared so much better and were always far more respectable than the later mouseketeers. It's very hard for me to believe that Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera and "some douche" (and two not named) were once part of that innocent program for children. With this lot most like the Mouseketeers are finished and it no longer exists.

  26. It's not the end of the world. Life goes on, really.

    Christina can be part of the Illuminati if she wants to. Or not. I certainly don't care.

    Christina remains my favorite vocalist of all time on Earth! :)

  27. Good job as usual. Now could you analyze Justin Bieber and the new Miley Cyrus? Justin B. in particular is not where he is now by chance, Usher being is "handler". This would be interesting to explain.

  28. wow it truly is amazing what people will do for fame in fortune and honestly ii use to love christina i grew up watching her and britney spears and now i feel like my eyes are open to what's been going on all along…and your right disney does have sex bombs…speaking of disney…miley cyrus already broke out in her brand new video "tamed"….

  29. Personally, I have never felt brainwashed or influenced by any music video. Watching all these Baphomet videos will never convince me to want to become a cyborg in the future and whatnot… nor will they ever make me accept bad, terrible, immoral things. You know?

    I mean, I have YET to purchase an Ipod for example. I'm not super technological. lol…

    Seriously. It's all good. Christina is still the best singer EVER. I encourage you guys to listen to her EPIC albums. Really! Too epic.

  30. you shoul definetly do Miley's new song..Rihanna references in it. Also, Im so glad I found this..I had wanted to become a famous star, but now, no thanks :p

  31. Vocalist? How can you tell? With all the voice-enhancing equipment they have these days, I wouldn't be surprised if their real voice sounded like a croaking frog. Besides which, they all sound alike. Aguerlia included. From what I've heard of her singing, I couldn't differentiate her voice from any of other other sexual gyrators that pass for "talent" these days. If you want to know what an actual vocalist or singer sounds like, maybe going to an opera and hearing Pavarotti or someone like him would help to understand what singing actually is.

    • Christina actually does have an amazing voice. If you've beverenheard her sing acapella then shut up, you don't know what your talking about.

    • Missing Spark^ on

      Adele and Beyonce are probably the only two that actually have really beautiful voices tho

  32. You want an iPod? I got one for Christmas, and I still can't figure out how to work the thing. It's been collecting dust ever since. Soon to be put into the garbage. How good can an iPod be if it makes me become one of those people with things sticking out of their ears walking around like a zombie.

  33. @ Obey

    With your last comment there about Christina… you just proved that you are either :

    1 – insane

    2 – you don't know anything about singing/vocals

    3 – your ears are just plain dirty

    It's one of the three.

    Nothing else to argue about.

    Christina remains my favorite singer of all time, no matter what! 😀

  34. So sad about Christina. She may have tarted herself up with her "Stripped" album, but I felt that she had redefined herself in a way that allowed her to be big enough without becoming a "me too" star. Sadly it would appear that occasionally these stars go on a roundabout route because that's how they can be fit in.

    So Christina gets "sidelined" into the Hispanic market (speaking as an aware Gringo here, in Chicago 26th Street is the second biggest $$ attractor, and it's fully Hispanic) to wait out the supernova known as Britney Spears, doing her duty there until it's time to unleash her to the rest of us. Now that Britney's been up, down and is now at the peak of her comeback (didn't we used to have to FORGET the superstar before they were allowed to come back?) it's Christina's turn to be bent to the message. So she gets a Transhumanist subtext.

  35. Big deal. Go ahead and love Christina's singing. More than likely it's her body you're looking at. lollll

    And NO, I still say it's voice-enhancing equipment behind her voice and nothing more. If she's got such a good voice she'd be singing in an opera or something like that. Where people with singing discernment go and listen. :)

  36. Giget Goes Hawaiian is on TV right now. You all need to go and watch it. You'll get a feeling of being cleansed by it. And James Darren has a much better voice than Xtina any day. of the week :)

  37. EPIC album? Here today and cast into the FIRE tomorrow. Go ahead and waste yer $$$ lolll :)

  38. @ Obey

    Ok, now you're just playing around. Or you are truly an ignorant when it comes to singing.

    Christina appears in "Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time" list, because her voice is enhanced. Right…

    Christina sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli (Somos Novios), because she can't sing. Suuuure…

    Christina was once photographed wearing a t-shirt that says "Auto Tune is for p*ssies" because she uses auto-tune. Okay. LOL

    Christina sang "Beautiful" live for CNN Heroes and received a standing ovation because she doesn't sing well.

    Get out of here with your nonsense, @ Obey.

    I could go on and on with Christina's epicness. I don't have the time and don't want to anyway. Do your research. Google Christina Aguilera… Youtube Christina Aguilera…

  39. I will be very glad to spend 15$ or so for Christina's new album, Bionic. :)

    That's just me though! ^_^

  40. @ someone:

    Yes, Christina has a good voice.

    It wouldn't surprise me to find out she's been Auto Tuned anyway, at least for BiOnIc. Because music producers want to make ABSOLUTELY sure that all the notes are right notes, and we've grown used to synthesized voices on the radio, and the Occult Agenda requires interchangeability between its puppets.

  41. I couldn't care less about this Occult mess and Illuminati puppets disaster.

    Christina's voice is very pleasant for my ears. She could auto-tune it once if she feels like it. It could be a cool experiment for her vocally.

    I'm a fan of her for life. Anybody mad at that? lol It's not my problem.

    The end. Nothing more to say! 😀

  42. She completely ripped off Madonna with that vid, a combination of "Express Yourself" and "Human Nature"

    ANYWAY yeah the symbolism was quite blatant and obvious, it's getting harder and harder to brush these kinds of things off as coincidences. Great article, thanks.

  43. Nice article, VC. I think bryant's just looking for attention. So to all subsequent commentors, don't give him the pleasure.

  44. @bryant why do you come to the site if you have no interest in gaining knowledge and no one says you cant buy there albums no one said there trying to recruit you just be aware of what your listening to…and you have to be a very ignorant person if you never see deeper meanings in music..c'mon man think

  45. lets all go back to the good old 80's of Billy Joel and how we didn't start the fire. BOYCOTT THE PRESENT AND FUTURE ONES.

  46. This is not Christina's first illuminati like song. If you go back and look at the video Fighter you will see she began back then before Gaga.

    Also when are you going to speak about the sports players using illuminati symbols? Basketball players such as LeBron James such symbols during the course of playing games.

  47. LouisaTheDreamer on

    I've known all along. I was put down and laughed at too. But now I just keep proving myself right, and I'll get the last laugh smh….

    The scene of the orgy in the church .. I could of broke my television !!! That was just a slap in the face to many religions!! She lost a ton of respect from millions of people, fans and all! It was just DISRESPECTFUL!!

  48. Bryant, is an idiot.. Anything with the potential to desensitize will harm you. Further, these people are more interested in molding children and young adults. Just wait this next generation is going to be really screwed up. So no thanks. I will continue to change the channel and cut off the radio whenever any of this crap comes on. There is no need to spend your money, when alI you have to do is listen to the radio. All the artists in constant rotation are played constantly, even though their voices and/or lyrics are crap.

  49. @Someone, everyone knows Christina has an great voice. Vigilant says so as well. No need to defend her nobody saying she can't sing and usual she puts on a great show. (Now Rhianna and Kesha are different animals, lol).

  50. Orgy in a church…lol. That'll get the Christians pissed. Anyways, Christina video or no Christina video, humanity is fucked up. (Sorry for the language). It always has been. Don't believe everything you hear when it involves the word "illuminati." I think we're giving our government much more power than they even have. Paranoia seems to take over a bit. I don't trust the government, and I do believe they desire some type of new world order, but no I don't believe that one day we'll all be slaves to a one world government with computer chips in our hands.

    I don't like the video, I'm not into the whole sex obsession the music industry has today. I don't think it's "evil" or "dark sided" either…stupid, but not evil. Christians tend to be the ones who think that anything outside of their belief system is "evil" like past lives, mediums, paganism, etc. I'm a Deist, and I find it funny how some Christians place me in the category of "sheeple" because I don't believe in Jesus. I think for myself and don't blindly follow a book full of impossible myths. I know people are comforted by the idea of a savoir, obviously since we have invented so many in history, but it's just not reality.

    K I'm done, sorry that was more of a rant than anythihng. I just think we should stop worrying so much about what's on TV and radio. It's a circus, just turn it off.

  51. So I watched the youtube of Christina Aguilera & Andrea Bocelli Somos Novios.

    The most I'll say is that she has an very averaged voice — standing there made up to look like Madonna and with her tits hanging out. Her voice was not impressive — just average. You like her voice – fine. But she is part of the hip hop muzac industry, and as such she is part the chafe that will be in the FIRE tomorrow.

    So enjoy your little Penthouse virtual reality surrounded by her albums and pictures of her. I still say most likely you are salacious over her body. Nothing more.

    Don't get overly excited now just because I disagree. Remember the Smiley faces now! :) :) :)

  52. PinealGland on

    Vigilant, even I don't know you, I consider you as a remote, intelligent friend of mine. Thank you for all your analysis.

    I have two question for you, directly from my heart, please answer following two questions and, the readers of this blog, please take your time and answer the questions:

    Do you believe that you can change anything? And if you could, what would you put in place of the old one?

    From my point of view, after full time reading in the past five years:

    1. The game is stereotype, but it does not mean the poles are constant. It's two sided, polarity can be interchanged if necessary. Most of people I know are conditioned to play any game only one sided: constantly to be bad or to be good, just walk on only one path that seems correct. The game itself is two sided and quite impossible to play it variably two sided for many human beings. The game requires schizophrenic skills. I call it skill because one need to control it to become a game maker, and it's a war. I see that all wars are in between same sides, it's competition, please recall: opposites attract. I remember a line from the movie Revolver: "No player is bigger than the game."

    2. The game makers or point guards are ruling over the subconscious: The area that we don't know we have one. Even we get aware of that, it's still an unknown, it's sub-conscious, below the conscious threshold. Only way to extract information from the subconscious area is simply science, even to know more about parapsychology. Higher intelligence and cold blooded experimenting abilities are needed.

    3. When you set free all the agents in a solution, you'll have chaos. No, chaos is not what I want but we all know now the phrase: Ordo ab Chao and also, chaos out of order is true and inevitable.

  53. THANK YOU! as soon as i saw this video i knew it was all sorts of fucked up. She was like my favorite artist ever and that just disappoints me. You have made me way more aware of things, so thank you.

  54. Amen to that 64 (I think).

    No, no one can "change" anything. Not the average person anyway. They can resist, but what will come will come anyway. Maybe for the good even, though it doesn't look that way more often than not. C'est la vie, eh? as the French say.

    Funny isn't it…the country of Greece (though nothing on the 10pm slightly news, I just have a vague impression that the country of Greece is going throuh turmoil thanks to the banksters and their derivatives). Yet Michael Savage (whom I dislike though *sometimes* he has a point) calls the rioting Greeks — bums. One has to wonder just who's side this zionist is on?

    Michael Savage does not like a Revolution — he's on the side of the banks and the System, though the other half of his mouth will tell you things otherwise. Michael Savage does not like Ordo ab Chao . In this I enjoy … now how did Vigilant put it…oh yes…."The trampling and roaring “bewildered herd”". Savage and those that buy into him believe they are the "omnicompetent citizens". Savage sucks up to the military.

    What's happening in Greece cannot happen here. The System has the militarized police and all manner of riot control weapons, and a lot more.

    BTW, did I answer your question?

  55. this has so secured my passion for being famous. without a doubt, i will do anything to get to the top.

  56. watch christina shoot to number one with this single. stinking demon worshipping scum. i hope all the illumanati devotees know they are worshipping scum fallen angels. useless pieces of trash who hate humanity. news flash for all you low grade morons who may read the website and are into worshipping the illumanati….wicked angels dont care about you. they view you as vermin and if they could they would kill you in an instant if not for gods protection. even if you are into black magic and worship lucifer know that they laugh at you behind your back because they have won they turned you from gods love. Leave satan and enjoy real happiness

  57. Very good information. I couldn't even watch that "Not Myself Tonight" video. I pray that people will be more attentive while watching these satanic videos.

  58. Great well written article. I am glad you mentioned things are on "repeat" is what I call it. No one is copying. It's the same song/video playing over and over again. Funny someone would say " she just want to go out and party, kiss girls, all the things done in that video" and she has a child at home. Thats the sickest thing I have read today. This behavior should be acceptable to none, teen, adult, nobody. You call it less than trash!!

  59. Savage, for a few days in a row, was going on and on about his upcoming private dinner with a well-known politician, whom he would not name.

  60. I knew it! And this is so sad because in her younger days she was a supposed "Christian". It's a shame what they'll do just to saty on top. When it's really not that serious. Somebody else will be claiming their riches and fame while they're burning on their own.

  61. @Lil Vibez (COMMENT 15)

    Thats right man, tell it like it is!

    Plus, to all those people who say 'I still love her music', 'I buy her music but I dont support what she is doing though'…blah blah blah…use your brains!. The same people who make videos representing Mind programming, can easily put some hidden subliminal message in the songs! You listen to her music, the next day you wake up with an urge to take your clothes off and sleep with every guy you see!!! Dont be willingly naive…. If you love music so much, learn a darn instrument…and read a book while your at it!!!!

    If you're christian there is some really good christian music you can buy out there as an alternative. and if your not, erm…do as I said above 😉

  62. Way to go Vigilant. I like how many of these artist's roots can be traced back to Disney. That should be a little eye-brow raiser for all of those who aren't sure if Disney is supporting the agenda.

    As sad as this may sound, after all the research that this website has shown me and all the other independent research I have done since, I am pretty much shutting off my radio. The music is all sounding the same, and pretty much every mega-star since the 60's has been a product of the Monarch program, or is somehow involved with the Illuminati. I didn't want to admit it, but the evidence of manipulation of standardization within the music industry is overwhelming. Which logically leads me to conclude, that no superstar performers can achieve that status without Illuminati approval.

    A sad day :'( but it is what it is. Keep up the good work Vigilant!! And your site has inspired me to reach beyond, and do further research, which has led ot many monumental shifts in my thinking, so many to you for that!!

  63. @BRYANT

    its soooo funny how u call US idiots for believing this, yet your the 3rd person to comment…..if u dont believe it then how is it that you make it to this website just in time for Vigilant's new article? (an awesome one if i may add)

  64. I think bryant is completely and ignorantly blind..he continues to bash on this website saying its nonsense and such, yet he leaves a comment and reads every article. He's an idiot, period!

    The fact that he comes back to this website every time a new article is posted and the fact that he's always among the first to comment shows he's unsure about his true postion on the issue of mass-media-mind-control.

    Bryant! ur an idiot, get a hike!

    (and grow some real eyes)

  65. @Lil Vibez (COMMENT 15)

    Thats right man, tell it like it is!

    Plus, to all those people who say ‘I still love her music’, ‘I buy her music but I dont support what she is doing though’…blah blah blah…use your brains!. The same people who make videos representing Mind programming, can easily put some hidden subliminal message in the songs! You listen to her music, the next day you wake up with an urge to take your clothes off and sleep with every guy you see!!! Dont be willingly naive…. If you love music so much, learn a darn instrument…and read a book while your at it!!!!

    If you’re christian there is some really good christian music you can buy out there as an alternative. and if your not, erm…do as I said above 😉

  66. I knew exactly what I was looking at when I first saw the video. Even I didn't notice this stuff I still wouldn't have liked it because she doesn't look good to me in the video period rather it's demonic or not. By the Way…to VigilantCitizen, you should've been put up warnings for many of your other postings back in the day LOL THen we would have all been prepared once we all first came across this website.LOL

  67. They do put subliminal messages in the music. Some have admitted to having a private alter room in Music co recordings studios. You all should veiw some of the videos. It is said that the demons are released into every copies. I know it sounds like I am making this up but there are very convincing stories on the net from former employers black and white. I beleive mostly because when I purchased the I am Sasha Fierce things did not feel right. I wouldn't say I became obsessed with Beyonce but I noticed all of a sudden I was a big fan, down with the movement. Then I began to stumble across information on the web and it made perfect sense to me. To the point I immediatly got rid of her CD. Even when I first heard Rihanna's Russian Roulette it made me sick or depressed for a few minutes. When I hear her songs I click the radio off. Not so much because of the side effects. I don't even want to hear her! I have to admitt I feel it's ok for me now to listen to some music as long as it is bootleg. They will never get another dollar from me. Spritually I am strong enough to listen to thier music without losing myself. My goal is to no longer listen to secular music period. So far I am doing pretty good and getting better.

  68. When she burns her clothes, takes a pictures of it, & "looks" @ her phone, there is the image of a person or a demon in the picture. not kidding . check it out …

  69. Thanks VC, good article. I also thought Christina was a good singer…I'm a Christian and when I see this the best I can do right now is just not watch it. Videos like these only reinforce the knowledge of what the devil is about. He is not worthy enough to be angry at, everything here is almost typical. Devil is spiritual nothingness and he doesn't have much time left. Sad to see beautiful creatures like people following this coward and being his slaves.

    Its really sad. People don't realize how delicate is what you agree with, and what you don't agree with. All these pacts with the devil are based on a quick 'Yes'….. And You pay them to zombify you. Smart, eh?

    Once you fall away from God, he'll get you sooner or later, even if you don't consciously realize it is him…because demons are liars and have no truth..they come in a deceitful way, but sometimes straightforward too.

    There is no middle ground, I mean, you can go around and say all kinds of stuff, but that is only for so long – eventually there will be a time of no turning back and without God the highway to hell in the first place, and after the Second Coming of Christ, much worse than hell.

    Devil is not original…all he can do is corrupt what has been created by God. In this video, he screwed up with Christina and then they have a orgy in the church. It wouldnt be so interesting if it was an orgy in a satan church.

    And..that is also because he does not have a substance per se because anything without God becomes empty..since God created everything including all people..

    Be Vigilant about your soul…at the VERY least..'Those who have ears will hear'

  70. ancestralenergy on

    Vigilant Citizen,

    I am thankful for your constant output of articles during the past few weeks.

    However, I must say your last articles were very deep in content and I would like for you to continue down that journey. To go back to decoding music artist videos after giving your take on mind control is a bit backward in my opinion. For you have many articles on the topic of the music industry, its getting a bit redundant to say the least. If people that are true fans of your site does not understand by now, just by looking at the video its has the SAME messages as many of the other videos you have decoded then OH WELL (i dont want be mean and say leave them behind) but geez !!

    Some people like myself are little more advanced and desire more advanced and deeper articles. What do you think about the food, provided by the elite? Have you pondered over the ingredient list of most of things sold in grocery stores? The ingredient list is VERY vague. What does artificial flavor and ingredients consist of, artificial means fake but what exactly is fake about it? What exactly is modified food/corn starch, to modify means to change but what exactly has been changed, it doesnt say?

  71. @obey: did I answer your question?


    @oneye: this has so secured my passion for being famous.

    Did you see the documentary called Starsuckers? Give it a try.

    @Israfel: Are you all ready to burn in hell?

    The notion of burning hell can be reprogrammed to something as take warm shower.

    @vincent: I beleive mostly because when I purchased the I AM Sasha Fierce things did not feel right.

    :) I AM this or that, reminds me I AM Jack's this and that lines from Fight Club. I AM Beyonce's NO, NO, I AM Sasha's NO! I AM the producer's this or that. Even though I like the voice qualities of Beyonce and of course her physical qualities :) I have to get aware of that she dictates how to be a man: If I were a boy, do this, do that. It's very complicated and successful programming work.

    @ancestralenergy: What do you think about the food, provided by the elite?

    Answer is faintly provided with a frame from the movie: Clockwork Orange. There's also a medicine therapy was going on with Alex. (The movie's main character.)

  72. How can people listen to this awful music…….

    I really missed the good old 80's and 90's song…

    by God, most of the image are disturbing! Orgy in the church, they have a nerve to mock God and his people

    Now I know why "mother of whore, babylon" really does mean lol

  73. Maybe this whole trans-humanism agenda is just overkill for one technological/human merge… We've been moving in the direction of these RFID chips for a while… They already have commercials for them and I can see how they will sound useful… It seems that the economy just keeps on getting worse. One incident after another. We are told things are getting better but unemployment is going up along with house foreclosures. Now, out of the blue we get this oil spill which is going to do terrible things to the economy (how convenient). Its one thing after another. When the U.S. dollar collapses its going to effect the entire world! I can see it now – "Lets all forget about our debts and join as one!" When the dollar collapses everyone will be begging for change and these chips will be the answer for the world… Its like the mark of the beast!!! No more paper money everything is in the chip implanted in your hand! This movement is causing people to be comfortable with merging with technology and if we go through a depression everyone will be willing to do anything to help get out of it!

  74. wow. great article. her video is redic. its kinda sad how they have to conform to be relevant in the music

    industry. theres so many videos ive found how Britney S cries that she cant do or be what she wants, everything she does is controlled by someone. Its brutal they will use you up and move on.

    where the Miley Cyrus _ I cant be tamed article!? there mind control and shes

    dancing behind a huge Goat!

    her lyrics "i wanna be apart of something i dont know"

    i love your website, it has taught me what to look for in other videos.

    keep it up!


  75. Come to think of it — it shows you what cowards in the music industry are: Would you ever see an orgy in a video that takes place in a mosque, or a synagogue, for that matter?

    And another thing: Christina's voice in that Andrea Bocelli & Christina Aguilera "Somos Novios" youtube? I didn't go far enough: it was not only very average, it was I think somewhat below average. I found her voice high pitched and metallic — and like nails scratching down on a blackboard, it grated on my nerves.

  76. I guess i have nothing to worry about since there hasn't been a decent music video made in about 15 years, i don't even notice them anymore. I like all this illuminati stuff though. Keeps things interesting and gives out of work journalists something to do apparently.

  77. Starsuckers, the documentary. Thanks for the reference PinealG. It seems all the best documentaries come out of the U.K. I don't know if the U.S. will get to see that one, or Chris Atkins' "Taking Liberties", which also sounds good. Atkins hit on someabout about the "entertainment" portion of the 10pm slightly news and other programs aimed at entertainment gossip, news, what's new — all this glitz and glamor is aimed at the idiot public.

    I often try to do a "remote-viewing" experiment where I try to imagine what types of people actually love all this 'who's hot', 'who did this or that', 'who's divorcing who', and what have you. I think I see those types waving in the background when the morning talking heads have barricades around them where the public idiots are waving to the cameras in the background. The newsperson is usually always hyping some bimbo gyrating slut's newest song.

  78. @obey: I found her (Aguilera) voice high pitched and metallic.

    Exactly. When I hear her voice, I found myself in situation that I ask why is she yelling at me?

    And, I was watching Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" video, frame by frame, I found this at eleventh second:

    Look left and right figures, Has she more than two breasts? Amazing subliminal work. The frame is visible for less than a second.

  79. Think you got the whole picture vigilant?

    I think your'e teetering right on the edge.

    Again, I can't deny how you continue to open my eyes with your writings and for that I am grateful. It has helped me to look at things in a new way and understand certain aspects of "their agenda" None the less I believe you may be falling short.

    Quite a few people on here were disturbed with the orgy in the church scene. Rightfully so, but I saw no mention that one group of guys were invloved in oral sex while the other group of guys were busy packin' fudge. Finally the group of girls in the middle were pleasing themselves.

    This is also a common thread among all illuminati crap along with transhumanism, dehumanising so on and so forth.

    Here ya go people. Want to peel away another layer of the onion?

  80. Well, trying to stop a youtube video at a certain point is not an easy thing! Sheesh. Yes, I suppose it might look like she has more than 2 breasts left and right. I couldn't say if it was done purposely, considering what she's wearing. But I wouldn't doubt it if they put in subliminals now and then.

  81. Quite a few people on here were disturbed with the orgy in the church scene. Rightfully so, but I saw no mention that one group of guys were invloved in oral sex while the other group of guys were busy packin’ fudge. Finally the group of girls in the middle were pleasing themselves.

    Wait a second,,,what the hell….? are you saying in the church scene there are guys doing oral sex and the other thing, and girls masterbating??? I looked at the video, as annoying as it was, but I frankly did not see these things. I admit the scene was fast. I surely hate to now go back and re-look at the video. Are You Sure?

  82. Its interesting that at the end of the Madonna, Brittney and Christina Hollywood song they said that the music stations always play the same songs and they are bored with the concept of RIGHT and WRONG.

  83. PinealGland on

    @obey: I don’t know if the U.S. will get to see that one (Starsuckers).

    No, they won't. Only seeking ones and chosen ones will find the light.

    @obey: Chris Atkins’ “Taking Liberties”

    Thanks, I didn't know that.

  84. @ Bryant why the fuck are you on this site if you dont believe the shit…..

  85. DuskyPearls on

    Brilliant, as always, VC!

    Just saw "FUR", re Diana Arbus played by Nicole Kidman, if you haven't already seen it. A good bit of all kinds of symbolism there' Alice in Wonderland, Masonic, etc. Was both interesting and a bit disturbing.

  86. AlmostLovely on

    At least most of the other videos were good, were attractive. This one seemed so bland and empty and blatant and copycat and boring and unoriginal. Does that mean I'm to used to what used to be a shocking? Oh boy…

  87. @ Shelly – "Madonna, Brittney and Christina Hollywood song they said that the music stations always play the same songs and they are bored with the concept of RIGHT and WRONG."

    …"the concept of Right and Wrong"…"What is Right. What is Wrong?"

    Well, for starters I'd hardly think Madonna, Brittney and Christina are philosophers or even know what they are talking about.

    That question had been asked by Enlightenment Philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Montesquieu Jean Jacques Rousseau, Rene Descartes, Blaise Pascal. I remember reading some of them when I was a teen-ager.

    It's easy enough to pinpoint that ideas of Right-Wrong stem from the Judeo-Christian religion, and much of religion is based upon myths. However the Bible does contain TRUTHS, like it or not. This is not to say everyone should be "religious" or subscribe to an institutionalized religion, even the Catholic religion. But I think religion is needed for the masses. Something has to be taught along the lines of Right and Wrong. The masses, left to think for themselves, would descend into barberism — just as we see today in pop culture, which is an mirror image of coming to the conclusion there is no right or wrong — just do it if it feels good — an idea from the 60's, though I think they had arrived at a legitimate rationale for asking just such a question about what is right, what is wrong.

    But things (left to the masses) spiral out of control. And it has arrived at 7 year old dancing sluts, and debased muszak videos, and all manner of corruptions.

    All of this is noit to say "religion" is the answer on its own — but a higher Spirituality and a higher Consciousness is. Unfortunately the religionists become unnerved, and fight concepts of a higher Spirituality and a higher Consciousness tooth and nail. Well, they will have to fight then. The Holy Spirit needs room to work in — not a religious box.

    A higher Spirituality (and religion) are based on the idea that there is order in the Universe, and therefore a Creator. So those who want their ideas about the world to come from the likes of Madonna, Brittany, and now Christina, next Miley Cyrus (or whatever her silly name is) — by all means have at it. Let the RUN to their IDOLS. And the IDOLS themselves often don't seem to be having that great a time of it — with drug addiction, philandering, police arrests, murder, etc. I don't feel sorry for them in the least.

  88. The spirit of leviathan 666 deifine the Babylonian entertainment industry ( sex & rebelliousness). From the 50's Elvis outrageous sexual gyrations to the 60' s boundary pushers ( the beatles rolling stones the hippies) of free love & drugs… The 70's saw the homo gender bending music of David Bowie & punk rock anarchy music. The 80' s ushered in the "wet -pop-porn" music of Prince & Madonna & the 90's brought Ganster rap to the fore (with Tupac as its poster boy) preaching gun violence & referring to women as "bitches" right up to the shenanigans of the current "picked" icons of "slut-pop" (gaga beyonce rihanna aquilera)…. The Babylonian headed music industry as alway's referred to the lowest denominator to get "over" on the public as it bestial in nature & will flaunt all manner of profanities opposite to the bible ( porn, homosexuality, drug taking, anarchy, violence, sexual promiscuity) to "shock & sell" its garish products. This is why its the spirit of leviathan 666.

  89. This is not a new phenomena. All big bands such as Beatles, Stones, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Sabbath were illuminati puppets. Just read the lyrics and enjoy yourselves.:) even Mozart was a mason for crying out loud and wrote the Magic Flute for his lodge. Look at the symbolism of Abbey Road (black and white gateway), Stairway to Heaven (pyramid), Dark Side of the Moon (light through the prism of the pyramid), Sympathy for the Devil, Heaven and Hell, Black and White, they all write about the same illuminati concepts Joachin and Boaz etc. Once you understand it Its not even interesting or original anymore. They better come up with some new material soon. :)

  90. The lyrics for the song "Heaven And Hell" Sabbath from the 80s

    Sing me a song, you're a singer

    do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil

    The Devil is never a maker

    the less that you give, you're a taker

    So it's on and on and on, it's Heaven and Hell, oh well

    The lover of life's not a sinner

    The ending is just a beginner

    The closer you get to the meaning

    the sooner you'll know that you're dreaming

    So it's on and on and on, oh it's on and on and on

    It goes on and on and on, Heaven and Hell

    I can tell, fool, fool!

    Well if it seems to be real, it's illusion

    for every moment of truth, there's confusion in life

    Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer

    and it's on and on, on and on and on….

    They say that life's a carousel

    Spinning fast, you've got to ride it well

    The world is full of Kings and Queens

    who blind your eyes and steal your dreams

    It's Heaven and Hell, oh well

    And they'll tell you black is really white

    The moon is just the sun at night

    And when you walk in golden halls

    you get to keep the gold that falls

    It's Heaven and Hell, oh no!

    Fool, fool!

    You've got to bleed for the dancer!

    Fool, fool!

    Look for the answer!

    Fool, fool, fool!

  91. Well said in a nutshell, da riddler :0 Pretty much sums it up, the spirit of leviathan 666.

    It's kinda strange how — like it or not — things seem to be going according to the script — the Bible. The problem is the interpretation…but it's going according to script and who can deny it?

  92. Yeah this video was brutally awful and nonsensical. It'd be pretty difficult to explain it in any other way. Christina's radical change from the old swing/jazz influence of the last album to this overly-produced pop music is dumbfounding.


    "bahaaha all you idiots honestly believe whats posted on here im gonna continue to buy lady gaga’s music, rihannas music, (not beyonce she is annoying), and any other artist that YOU think are apart of the “illuminati” you dumb bitch this song is about having fun instead of being stuck up priss that the world expects her to be not joining “the dark side” lol i always get a good laugh off of this site"

    What a d-bag.

  93. I just love that one split second scene in the Johnny Cash video where the Catholic priest kisses the stole. There's just something about it that I love…

  94. Devils Advocate on

    Don't people give symbols power? Until you decide what a symbol means, it can't possibly have a meaning. So basically Vigilant Citizen is giving even more power to these symbols by making more people aware of them. Just a thought.

  95. @ Obey comment #97

    See 2:35 – 2:37 of the video…the guys on the left simulating oral sex, and the guys on the right simulting anal sex

  96. We are all subjected to this bulshiz for thousands of years. So don't worry about your daughter try to figure things out for yourself first. Remember that in an emergency parents should put on the oxygen mask first.

  97. "Why..must my daughter be subjected to the bullshiz! Why! Is this the future?"

    Who says she does? You are her parent; you can just regulate what it is she consumes.

  98. See again, 2:55 – 2:57 in the video, the guys on the right are simulating intense anal sex

  99. See 2:10 – 2:11, a demon-like figure, seemingly appears from out of nowhere, into the scene and into

    X-tina's mobile phone

  100. Once you realize its Levithan 666 at work through the various Babylonian greco-roman power structures( politics music art sports entertainment etc) why the endless article's about "mind control" ???

    We need more articles to tell the youth to flew from the spell of leviathan 666 !!!! Without a counter way of life for the youth just constantly making articles on "mind control" relating to "sell-out -my -soul- for- fame & money" pop stars ain't gonna get humanity far !!!!

    There's no "mind control" just the spell of levithan 666 control as he's the author of it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It comes to this you are either on god's side or leviathan 666 side. There no middle way & people need to come clean on what their positions are on this manner. I mean what position is vigilant citizen on regarding this matter ???

    There is no "am a free thinker" or "critical thinker" position to adopt (more post-modernism mumbo-jumbo) as thats just more man made rebelliion away from his "maker" which will land one ultimately into the hands of levithan 666 !!!!!!

  101. hmmm yes, I see what you mean. The simulating anal and oral. Not to mention about 2:34 or so where Xtina simulates oral sex on a female. This is one sick video. Look, I'm no prude by any means, but this garbage is shocking even ME, to consider it's marketed to the young. What's the next step in these videos…actual sex scenes where we get to see it all, like in xxx porn?

    I have a question: In this video I see another still-life scene — a picture of two perfume bottles. What might be the symbolism behind this and the reason for putting the still-life scene in the video?

  102. PinealGland on

    That's an amazing blog, I'm a loyal reader of him. Thanks for mentioning his blog here, perfectly fits.

    @obey: Quite a few people on here were disturbed with the orgy in the church scene.

    It's so disturbing, no doubt but there's a normalization process going on and it's quite old. That's why it seems less controversial and probably we became a little bit more blind. Usually, I can't point out an advertisement after I exit a website, blind like that.

    @obey: But I think religion is needed for the masses. Something has to be taught along the lines of Right and Wrong.


    @obey: Let the RUN to their IDOLS.

    Exactly. We're talking about the same idols were created even 2.000 years ago. A sculpture and a painting may be, transformed into stars.

    @obey: I often try to do a “remote-viewing” experiment…

    Tell me more.

  103. PinealGland on

    @blah: Why… must my daughter be subjected to the bullshits! Why! Is this the future?

    Hopefully not for you but in general of the masses, unfortunately yes.

    @Vince: …and the guys on the right simulating anal sex…

    Check out Aguilera's promo image:… that one is approval of Celtic Rebel.

  104. da riddler, look…as to "free thinker"/"critical thinker" — assuming there is a God (and not the Yahweh God or Jehovah God (or assume it to be Yahweh/Jehovah if that is what you believe…no matter) BUT God did give Man the ability to THINK. To be critical and to be free. I don't think God is worried.

    But there is a script playing out, as seen in the Johnny Cash video I just posted. And it's in the Bible. Who wrote the script? I mean REALLY…Who wrote the script? It can only be a Holy Spirit that seeks to Work — outside the religious box. Believers are fine. No problem. But there are highly educated people who, though they do see evidence of a Higher Being (Einstein, for one), will NOT NAME THAT BEING because they cannot be force-fed myths from the Bible, or someone's made up belief system. Some of these highly educated people have come back to the Holy Roman Catholic Church however. Like G.K. Chesterton, for instance, and others, but I can't remember the names. They came to the conclusion that the Holy Roman Catholic Church (the Traditional one — not the neo-catholic one) held TRUTHS. Truths about the Holy Spirit, for instance. Unfortunately the Church itself insists upon putting the Holy Spirit into a BOX. But this is neither here, nor there,…because God is not worried.

    Now as to Vigilant — his position is clear enough: He is informing people about the black arts/occult side of the muzak industry. But in order to do this, he must understand the GOOD SIDE of the Occult, and so sometimes it sounds like he is "talking nice" about the "occult" — but you must differentiate between the Good and the Bad. The word "occult" simply means "hidden" — hidden from the masses. This is based on a Truth found in the Bible:

    "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." Matthew 7:6

    You must realize there are many, many interpretations of things in the Bible — not just the Sunday school interpretation. The Sunday school interpretation is for the masses. Not in a mind control way, but they need something simple they can understand in the beginning. Of course they are told "this is how it is, and nothing else is true". Well, for the most part most of the Sunday school attendees won't give the nature of religion another thought throughout their lifetimes, and so to get them to at least remember a simple formula is enough for them.

  105. My we have a real lively crowd tonight :) Taking me awhile to go through the posts.

  106. Devils Advocate on

    So, Obey, do we empower our enemies by giving the symbols they use against us more power?

  107. Whatever interpretation you care to give it, Devil's A. That's about the long and the short of it,.

  108. @ PinealG

    I enjoy remote viewing now and then. Read about it some years ago, and there was an online test one could take where one guess what will be the next card up. I suppose I got an average score of some sort, which disappointed me. But I understand one has to practice it.

    And so I do. I find it interesting. When I'm watching something uninteresting on TV, or driving along, or whatever, I begin to imagine 'head spaces' when looking at other people. I try to imagine who they are. Or if I think of a person I try to imagine what exactly they might be doing at the minute. Sometimes I get a sensation — when I get an uncomfortable vision in my head — of someone doing something bad, I wonder if in reality, if I could go to that place, what I am seeing is really happening. I wouldn't be surprised either if it were.

    There are programs on TV that are geared towards crime-solving. Some of these programs employ actual psychics who in fact solve the crime. On one show a skeptical detective was so impressed with the psychic, he married her! I am very astonished that people do have these documented psychic abilities and many work with the police department. I don't understand the nay-sayers when all they'd have to do is watch some of these psychic detective programs where they are completely instrumental in solving a baffling crime in pointing the police in the right direction.

  109. What I am saying, Devil's A — is that I don't care to banter back and forth with no end in sight and for no reason — ie. with the Devil (so to speak). I am not interested, really, in convincing YOU of anything.

  110. Obey I hear what you say on this matter.The maker indeed gave man a brain to think but above this there are two energies at work. Creation & destruction. This can be seen in the central role off gravity that held the elements at the point of creation (the big bang) of the universe but there is also dissolution at play within the universe leading some scientist to speculate the end of the universe.( this a big topic in itself & havn't gone into too much detail only the rude schematics )

    Now these two energies flow through us human beings which play out within our man made matrix societies.This is why order & choas as always been around human societies no matter how "intellectual" they are. For example European colonization & slavery of "other" peoples & their lands happened during the European "enlightenment " era when science through newton Galileo etc exploded. Democracy become the political ideal of Europe & America. Philosophy had learned thinkers of the like like Kant Hume etc. Look at how so-called 1920's "civilized" Germany ended up under Hitler & finally Oppenheimer creating the nuclear bomb. The most destructive weapon (there's that word again) EVERY in mans history.

    When your under the spell of leviathan 666 my friend it doesn't matter how "free thinking" or "critical thinking" you are as the nations that most profess that ideal have been the most destructive (there's that word again) as leviathan was the "brightest" most (enlightened one) in the upper spheres until his fall.

  111. PinealGland on

    @obey: I have a question: In this video I see another still-life scene — a picture of two perfume bottles.

    It's a blatant advertisement, check this:
    The music video simply provokes sexual desires (even if they are mostly perverted) and why not associate the sensation with perfume bottles. We all know who Pavlov is, the video will be broadcasted millions of times worldwide.

  112. Good grief. OK I see it now about the perfume bottles. Thanks for the clarification, Pineal.

  113. PinealGland on

    @obey, regarding remote viewing: if I could go to that place, what I am seeing is really happening.

    You should keep working on that, never listen to nay-sayers. Even Darren Brown cannot state that there's not a thing called psychic. There's something "super human natural" going on. A miracle is here, another there, if one can see it.

  114. OK…..

    I have been following this site for a while now, and I never made the decision to comment…

    But now… this video with christina or " x-tina" just proved it all right.

    The part of her dancing " orgy " in church is just disgusting.

    Just like Rhianna dancing in church in one of her latest videos.

    Its just all coming to a point where its like…

    OMG… this is all actually true.

    This is disgusting.. Our new generation is just getting sick.

    Now a days you see little 14, 15, 16 year old girls being bi-sexuals….

    I dont even know what to say anymore but just pray to god that he protects me.

  115. da riddler May 16th, 2010 7:36 pm :

    There is no “am a free thinker” or “critical thinker” position to adopt (more post-modernism mumbo-jumbo) as thats just more man made rebelliion away from his “maker” which will land one ultimately into the hands of levithan 666 !!!!!!

    I have to admit I agree with you, in the sense of what you just wrote about democracies and the Enlightenment period and the European colonization and slavery and all. This is why, ultimately, I look to no man for solutions, not in the church or without it.

    I don't know if you can sense it — but I sense a third force attempting to break through and manifesting here and there in spiritual communities — ancient ones and modern ones — those that have long since seen through the Veil of the world system, and especially today those spiritual communities that are more than aware of the things this System is doing, like making Consumerism a kind of god all the year round, and especially at Christmastime (and sometimes even after a major tragedy like 9-11 where that idiot Guiliani the mayor told New Yorkers to go out and buy something so that "they don't win",

    Well, anyway, my sense is that this Spirit is manifesting in small but growing communities around the world. The Holy Spirit is attempting to manifest. This is why I find it utterly amusing watching "the trampling and roaring “bewildered herd” " because they know not what to think, or where to look for a boogyman. I marvel at the utter stupidity of the various morning "news" programs with their mindless banter after every news segment. Another disaster somewhere in the world — well, well, well! The banksters and Wall Street way out of control and laughing all the way to the bank, and the people are told but banks and Wall Street are gooood, so no problem. Oh it all goes on an on.

    Frankly, it will take a Holy Spirit to sort out this world mess. And I believe it will manifest — much much to the wailing and knashing of teeth as people run to and fro begging the very rocks to fall upon them for fear — as the Bible says will happen in the End Times.

  116. What I find funny and ironic is that most of the music videos/songs that you’ve made an article about I didn’t even know about til I read them lol. Never had I heard of the ImaBe song or the Telephone by GaGa, the Brick by Brick one, and also, this one about Xtina.

    Anywho, great article. I enjoyed it and I admire how much knowledge you have over these subjects :)

  117. Oh Lord, Derren Brown. I had SUCH a crush on that man until I found out he is a homosexual. Blew me away. I am soooo pissed off at him that I refused to care anymore what he does.

  118. PinealGland on

    I'm done with the video: "Not Myself Tonight"

    All I've got is anything, I mean anything goes OK unless you don't strip down totally naked, DAMN! Aguilera has a song named "Stripped" :) They've thought it well before me :)

    Have a nice day everyone.

  119. remember what the bible says "the whole world is lying in the hand of the wicked one" (satan) so his minions rule politics, music, media, movies you name it. they are trying to craft there world in their demonic image and it starts with the hearts of men. turning us into these abominations thats why all you see is violence and sex. what was noahs day? it was full of violence and sex. music is what we humans love so it is a key thing the devil must crontrol to influence us.

  120. they're all changing christina,beyonce.britney,black eyed peas, whos next mariah?? i miss the old music of christina …,,, i knew it because when i saw the album cover her one eye is covered …,,, plsss….. plsss…. don't create demonic music………

  121. I'm starting to think that many of these artists don't have much say of their choice on art/dance moves/cd cover art/ or lyric choice when they sign up with a major label company. When these so-called artists sign up with major label they have to sign the dotten line….and what this dotted line entails may very well be what we are discussing here now…the symbolism, the hidden agenda, the NWO. I doubt Rhianna, Beyonce, and Xtina really are illumaniti slaves…I think they are just doing what they are "told" to do to stay in business. Because they represent the major label, they are told what to say, what to sing, what to wear, what to do, which signs to throw, etc. Major labels hire the make artist, the graphic artists, the fashion artists.,,.only Those that promote the Agenda of the NWO, because the Major Labels in turn have to Pay big bucks to their Investors, And who do you think the investors are??? Rockerfeller!! and his affiliates!!!

  122. We should not be blind to think that Britney, Xtina, and Rhianna for ex, know what they are doing.., I honestly think they do not know. They just follow the orders like blind sheep. Remember they have a team, and not just one team but many teams bc these girls are products. Don't judge the girls…judge the ppl behind them…ppl behind the scence that have to do what they do bc the Bank of Britain commands them. Go and take a class in investor relations or accounting…you will undertand that only a few ppl pull the strings…the rest have to answer to Somebody.

  123. Bwt I have listened to Christina since 10 years ago and I can tell that this is not real her but she's doing this to stay "in the game".

  124. who started this mind control… illumaniti whatever is a bitch… and this artist don't want to loose there careers rihanna,beyonce,xtina,bep….. your right marianna there's someone in the industry who tells them what to do… whoever he/she is they're all bitches

  125. @ Da Riddler…I totally agree with you…There's no gray matter when it comes to God. Sometimes I look at the current and especially past politicians and I think "are you NOT afraid of the LIVING GOD??!!!"

  126. So, anyone still has doubts that ANY form of Christianity, but real Christianity, the one which does not approve homosexuals, is anti abortion, forbids Liberalism/Socialism/Communism/Satanism/etc, is against pre-marital sex, etc. is under attack?

    I hope that more people get to realize what the US is doing to the world, with its companies. It is literally selling the anti-Christian values. Everything unholy has a place in the US, it is even legal and fomented.

    Oh, and that Church in which Christina has her orgy is by no doubt a very Catholic like type of Church. Very much in line with Dan Brown and the Pro Illuminati agenda.

  127. @Marianna: I think they are most likely being used as pawns to spread their messages. They must give them a very clear message, either they spread their agenda or get kicked out.

    Huge names like Britney, Christina, Rihanna, etc. could not afford not being with their major labels. They literally make a living out of it. Besides they must be way to deep into the organization. Not to mention allegedly being mind controlled.

    I will pray for their souls.

  128. TO BRYANT

    Honestly your ignorant. This website is not fit for everyone (at least for those who only see black & white but not the shades of gray). Your being naive for posting rude comments like that calling those who take a second to analyze these symbols found in the artists lyrics and videos as being "idiots."But hey, thanks for stopping by this website and taking the time to read a couple of the articles :)

  129. i love this website!!!!! btw i feel very sorry for this girls and other artists its not to late for them to change … am i right???? …… the new xtina is a bitch…. and that eye symbol it irritates me.. haha =) love this website

  130. This is a fad, a trend, and Christina is late as all hell to it. Gaga and Beyonce have moved onto new non-transhumanistic looks.

    Also, Ill throw you a bone, in the scene where she is at the top of the stairs w/ the monocle she's referencing Madonna's Express Yourself (literally a carbon copy) and that video was inspired by Metropolis….and you've already discussed the significance of Metropolis…

  131. i hate this artists but i have them on my ipod …. i can't leave there music… is it bad to listen ??? i just can't stop listening ….

  132. Ahh! As soon as I heard this song I knew there must be some meaning behind it, so I'm glad that there's an article now. Good job!

  133. @ Paco I agree with you…after reading through this site and other sites I realized that a lot of actors and artists dont really have much freedom in their choice of expression. Since only 5 companies control the media I assume that big names dont really have much of a choice except tp submit to a bigger agenda. Beyonce, Rhianna, and others are maybe in same boat as we are….I feel sorry for them bc they are denying Jesus to make money not only for themselves but for their familieis as well. *Sigh*

  134. @ Marianna: your right i feel very sorry for them.. God is very disappointed with this peoples He trusted them and gave them a talent …. but they use they're talent to please the people ,, and to make money.. hmmmm..

  135. Robin Shadowes on

    I won't even call that shyte music. It's nothing but muzak at best. 99% of all music produced after 1980 is a waste of time and space. And yes, I'm aware that there was artists before that involved in the occult too but at least music had soul back then. For instance, take the 1972 album Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. It was released on the Illuminati puppet Richard Branson's then newly formed Virgin-label and part of the theme was used in the movie The Exorcist. But so what? It's still a piece of beautiful music. They don't make music like that anymore, probably because they realized they couldn't use it to brain wash people as effectively as with Aguilera and such crap.

    I saw a programme on tv a couple of years back where they in one episode revealed Enrique Iglesias as the fraud he is. I don't actually remember which song it was but they took one as an example and went to the recording studio and stripped it off one layer after another of fancy studio technology tricks. LOL There was not ine note right! He's an awful singer. I bet they do the same with Christina, Britney, Beyoncé and the others too. I bet they couldn't sing a clean note even if their life depended on it. It's just all make believe just like Hollyweird.

  136. @ Joshua…you are right…they have to pay their "handlers" and "investors" etc. But at the same time…God does not have a price limit or price level AT all

  137. @ Marianna., yeah.. i feel very sorry for them i hope one day .. they will go back in God's hand ……. is that possible ???

  138. @Joshua…I believe in God who makes the impossible into .possible…bc He is God and He does not have any limits. So to answer your question…YES…God can turn those hearts around and confirm their faith in Him!

  139. "If some articles on this site appear redundant, it is because of the clear redundancy of the messages communicated by the music industry through the products it promotes."


  140. @Marianna

    I just don't know what to say about they following the agenda imposed to them. There's gotta be some sort of gain besides money. I mean, you can literally get plenty pictures and videos of those stars enjoying the 'good life', although I would call it more like living in a gold prison.

    There must be a part of free will too you know, I have read other forums and many are offered sex, some others money, or control, etc. Every of them is offered something from this world they can't deny. I guess that the way Christina depicted it in her video it was most likely her husband and sexually 'free' life she has?

    I have so far deleted and got rid of the music I had which wasn't Christian friendly. I guess I will end up deleting everything.

    Is there any artist out there who isn't Illuminati? I miss Lauryn Hill so badly.

  141. I can never be top 20 on here lol.

    But once again great work once I saw the cover of the album, I was like "Vigilant has to get her"

    lol. And yeah it's becoming more and more obvious in videos today. I guess when my mom talked about desensitizing the masses she was right.

    I look forward to many new articles from you keep up the great work.


  142. Lanyavedoll on

    i listen to the old christina (genieinabottle etc..) i remember on her first album she had a song entitled "blessed" thats the christina ill listen to not this new wicked christina music

  143. I disagree here Vigilant, it's obvious that Christina is just making a C with her hand, its not a full circle, I personally believe shes mocking Lady Gargoyle and all her nonsense. Christina even said in her own words that "she doesn't need to copy lady gargoyle, and she has the grammys to prove it" And right she does, Christina Aguilera is a Catholic woman who just knows how to sell an album. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, I'd need more proof to believe that she is a devil worshipper in any kind of a way.

  144. Great article, as always, Vigilant! This video is even more evil and disturbing than Gaga's, which shows us that they are raising the bar once again on the desensitization of the masses. Blatant sadomasochism and an orgy in a church…nice. The song also really sucks…lame writing, really poor vocal phrasing, etc.

    Here's a new article I just published, and another huge one is coming later this week, hopefully. Enjoy!

    The Dreamachine and Brainwave Entertainment

  145. Pineal – do you think Chris Atkins will have his documentary "Starsuckers" on youtube or maybe on his own website, if he has one, so that those in the U.S. can view it? Also his other documentary, "Taking Liberties"?

    Why is it that people in the U.K. get the better documentaries like this? You said it's for those who can see Light. Is it because the U.K. has an occult history (of occult knowledge) and so the population is more aware and cannot easily be fooled like in the U.S., so that people there tend to put out the better documentaries? Michael Moore is the only one in the U.S who puts out a good, hard-looking documentary along the lines of Chris Atkins.

  146. I don't want to take your words out of context, Pineal — so I found what you actually said about the documentary "Starsuckers". If you know where I can view it in its entirety, pls let me know!

    PinealGland May 16th, 2010 6:02 pm :

    @obey: I don’t know if the U.S. will get to see that one (Starsuckers).

    No, they won’t. Only seeking ones and chosen ones will find the light.

  147. Man, these music industry 'elite' nutters are so blatant its hilarious. They must be testing to see how much of a spell the masses are under.

  148. You know I saw this X-tina video and didn't think much about it. Yes, it's the same garbage we've seen a million times by now. They're pushing this over sexualization crap down our throats so hard…but you know what? In the end, all we are going to do is vomit it up!

    So for the people who are frightened, I understand. I have kids too, I see the state of children now days, it's repulsive! I remember I went to drop my son off at school and there was a group of boys asking another boy is he was "Gay". Seriously! This kid couldn't have been older than 8 years old!

    I personally don't have anything against true homosexuality. I've been in homosexual relationships before. I am not evil, or anything like that. HOWEVER, it's all about the spirit of things. I found someone who I absolutely admired and thought was the coolest human being on earth, it didn't matter to me that she was female, I genuinely loved her.

    This bisexual bullshit in the video is of a negative spirit. There is no love there. There is no admiration for another human being, in fact it is the opposite. There is deification and then there is objectification and then there's that part in between. Objectification is sinister, and in this video, everyone is objectifying everyone else (Deifying is actually not healthy either, as in no man should be put on a pedestal in such a way…but Deifying does come from a nature of admiration and love). There is no emotion, there is just gratification, yes much of the same bullshit you find in the Lady Gaga videos and many of the Rhianna Videos.

    Now all this being said…I am hopeful. I am hopeful because while the evil is pushing so hard to take over the minds of our children…they are exposing themselves. We cannot fight an enemy we don't see but the catch 22 is for this evil plan to be fulfilled they will HAVE to expose themselves. The problem is they are preparing us and our children, attempting to warp us so that when they expose themselves…which is inevitable…we will not recognize the danger before it is too late.

    So they’ve encased us in this society that slowly deteriorates us. And no I am not just talking about the media either…oh heavens no! The television and the little, skanky, harlots and the big, ugly, brain dead, rappers are probably the least of our worries.

    The food we eat is tainted, the stuff we learn in schools is tainted, the stuff we need to lean they keep from us. We need to reform EVERYTHING. Everything needs to change! We can start with the music industry fine, we can start with the educational system fine, we can start with the agriculture, but it’s time to get a move on!

    For instance every year millions and millions of animals are slaughtered in factories to give us food. Now I love chicken as much as the next gal, but seriously, if you ever go online and watch how they KILL these animals, there is something absolutely demonic and ritualistic about it! It is a ritual! Human spirits aren’t the only ones that have power in them!
    And what’s worst is they FEED THIS to us so we can be part of the ritual too! They feed cows the remains of dead cows and chicken the remains of dead baby chicks. Momma chicken might be eating her own children or grandchildren. This causes all kinds of diseases.

    Then they pump the food with all kinds of chemicals and hormones, which in us causes all kinds of cancers and diseases. So even the vegans and vegetarians aren’t 100% safe. They are still chowing down on hormones and pesticides.

    Oh and let’s not forget the grain we use to feed one cow throughout its life could be used to feed multiple families. Say one cow makes enough meat to feed 7 people, the food we use to feed it would be able to feed at least twice that!

    So we’re partaking in the painful disembowelment of millions of innocent creatures, dying from the diseased product of that demonic gore fest, and we are wasting a ton of money while we’re at it!

    But what do we care, as long as we can watch our televisions, and play our “second life” and “world of war craft” and escape reality, why would we try to change the real world around us. Just give us our escape routes and we won’t complain!

    Most people don’t want to deal with the reality of these things. It’s scary and it’s a lot of hard work to change.

    But I am ready for a change. There has to be more to life then this! We are moving further and further away from making real connections with people, from making real connections with the world around us. We are scared to death of each other, hate each other, manipulate and objectify each other. We’re sick, we’re dying, we’re crazy, we’re depressed. There has to be more to living on earth then this. We are here on earth for such a short time and so much of that time is spent escaping our lives while the “powers that be” slowly take our souls and energy. Even if it isn’t the “Illuminati” behind everything, it doesn’t matter! Things need to change and they need to happen ASAP!

  149. Yours is an extraordinary piece of writing, Nova. There is nothing I could even add to it, but BLESS THE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS WHEREVER THEY GO. Bless them, and Bless them, over and over again. BLESS THEM. Go to St. Francis, the patron saint of Animals. Keep him by your side daily. Let his spirit come into yours. Become him. He cries out for the Animal Kingdom — for they are CONSCIOUS.

  150. I am saddened. This world is a world of devils and there is no two ways about it.

    OTOH there are those like NOVA — the ones God had in mind when he asked Noah to show him one person worth saving and He would then not destroy the earth.

    Thanks for the link to "Starsuckers". I am glad to have it!

    Here is a Catholic Blessing of the Animals. I think it is time for me myself to be mindful of St. Francis of Assisi on a daily basis – he givers me great comfort:

    “Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”

  151. Killin' Jive Ja on

    Anyone who submits to the theory of a vast, occult underground organization that controls the media is a dimwhit and I think this "VC" site kind of makes fun of those people. Look up "Poe's law" on rationalwiki.

  152. lolll well that explains a lot. I've been looking at it all along, just didn't know it had a term.

    But with VC, I think he's balanced enough to rise above "making fun of people". With a website like his, he has to deal with infinite head spaces while trying to present a point of view. Pretty much a valid one, considering he can back up what he says. I go back and forth as to whether an actual vast occult underground conspiracy exists, but we all know there are people who more than dabble in the black arts, and I think we all can see the degradation of the world system as reflected in what passes for "pop culture". Whether the black arts is behind it, I sort of doubt it. But *something* is behind it, more than just money. Frankly this industry needs to be shut down. And Vigilant is just helping people see why.

  153. Nova, St. Francis is already gloriously arrayed for Battle and is even now engaged in it, you know….

    "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing assunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." — Hebrews 4:12

    "For he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and an helmet of salvation upon his head." — Isaiah 59:17

    "Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth."

    — Ephesians 6:14

    Take heart…

    "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" — Romans 10:15

    "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked."— Ephesians 6:16

  154. People need to start posting links of this blog to your social networks. Start gettig the word out there. Time is going and we need to tell people the truth about the times that we live in. Jesus is coming soon. Sooner than we think. The devil is trying to get the souls by using the music and entertainment industries to control our minds. Get your lives right with God and tell people about thus evil evil
    plan. The illuminati is the group that Satan is using to usher in the end times and what the book of revelations talks about. Please please please tell you friends and family about it. PLEASE

  155. Obey

    Thank you so much for the kind words. All we can do is pray for these creatures and spread the word about whats happening.

    I have to say this all has made me want to study religion much more. I was raised Catholic so I am familiar with these saints and I do believe that praying to them can cause miracles. I also believe in some aspects of Buddhism and if the Buddhist are right about reincarnation…well, I think that idea would light a fire under more people to change what happens inside of the nations slaughter houses.

    And for all the naysayers like Killin' Jive James who are crying that there is no Illuminati and there is no black magic cult…WHO CARES? It doesn't matter if there is no Illuminati there is SOMETHING of foul going on. Perhaps the Illuminati are becoming a scape goat for our nations problems. If there is no Illuminati or black magic cult then that's good news! BUT it doesn't change the fact that MOST of us are sick with either a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional ailment. How many geniunely happy and well rounded peoople do you know? How many people do you know don't have SOMETHING that is wrong, be it a disease, extreme loniliness, clinical depression or whatever.

    Don't you think it's ODD that most people in the world aren't living this great fullfilling life we should be living. But MOST of us do own a television, or have internet or something of the like?

  156. Wish you would all stop with this Illuminati rubbish. Illuminati is a distraction for a jewish controlled NWO.

    Illuminati = Jewish NWO.

  157. Um hi hello everyone. I want to say I post this site on all the top urban blogs one of the main blogs even posted Vig link, no two blogs If LVB & baba post their links exactly how you post them to get to the site ( sometimes I can't get to them typing in the address, I am computer illiterate). I will do the same. As of now I do it the ghetto way for baba& lvb " go to VC article 2 comment #___)" lol

    It is my hope that people will receive the information and move on not study it, but get a clue & live life. I know thats my goal. Hopefully in the next few weeks I won't even need this site. For now it's entertainment, but I am praying it away. No offense but I think thats what it is all about.

  158. heartbreaker on

    wow!!!!!!!!!! out of all people.. i would never have expected christina aguilera to become apart of this evil industry=( keep up the good work when it comes to exposing these illuminated mind control freaks=)

  159. I'm starting to understand that this 'agenda' has been ongoing for years and years and that it is just that music/movies/pop-culture in general has had to adapt and become more sophisticated. (It therefore lends itself to such a perfect anaysis).

    That old adage of 'sex sells' has never been more prevelant. However, adding into these products aimed at the young, the ritualistic and religiously-subversive elements (like the orgy in the church) just speaks of a higher-agenda…

    This video, like others, works on several levels, and targets several elements in society…just put simply…it's all part of the plan…recognise it and don't be drawn in, that would be my advice!

  160. LVB- I was reading you new article and I have a question. Do you think slepping with a TV on can have the same effect of the flashing light you mentioned? Idk only asking. I have mastered controlling my dreams over the last few years. Not the location, but what I do, how I behave, and the decisions I make. Like you mentioned over the past year I have ever mastered telling myself while dreaming " this is a dream" For example ( this is new to me) a few nights ago a villian was chasing me and I even had to courage to stop running and turn to him and say " this is a dream" in a ffighting stance " and I will kick yo …." then I woke up. My next question why it always before I am caught ( I am never harmed in dreams) or whatever may happen I wake up?

  161. @ BRYANT – You come to this site for a reason, and you know what it is. You dont want to beleive such a harsh truth but you know deep down…..something isnt right.

  162. thetruthspeaks on

    i knew that this video had some significance :)

    thanks vigilant again for exposing the truth

    i love your articles the most

    & to everyone else

    BELIEVE! its right there!

  163. Not only important to expose the symbols in the songs, but it must also offer an alternative to the people, where the biggest problem faced people are proven false many of the principles of divine law as it exists in fact, had taken advantage of secret societies that best use of and paid a lot of people to abandon their beliefs past and embrace legislation Satanic instead, and people also can not survive without the belief, convictions, and this must be beliefs have enough credibility and purity and purity is espoused by people, as well as to expose the secret societies that follow the path of the devil .. .

  164. Nova May 17th, 2010 7:49 am :

    "Thank you so much for the kind words. All we can do is pray for these creatures and spread the word about whats happening."



    You probably are familiar what those devils do to cats and dogs in those cat and dog eating countries. If I had my way I'd nuke every square inch of those countries and kill every man, woman and devil child of them and blot out their names forever. This is extreme, I know. Please let's not discuss this, as these images stay in my mind and never leave.

    Reading your post it seemed like you are a reflection of myself. Of course I too believe in Buddhism and undoubtedly reincarnation is real. I read somewhere about there being a finite amount of Souls in the Universe, that if they do not manifest here, they go on to manifest at another place and/or another time. This is why I have no problem with abortion. Yes, I understand the mentality of those alleged "deeply religioous" ones who could care less for the greater suffering of God's Animal Kingdom. These people can go to hell. They do not have the Spirit in them — and they can yap and yap all they want too, and I mean the Traditional Catholics also.



    "BUT it doesn’t change the fact that MOST of us are sick with either a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional ailment. How many geniunely happy and well rounded peoople do you know? How many people do you know don’t have SOMETHING that is wrong, be it a disease, extreme loniliness, clinical depression or whatever. "



    I have pondered the human condition all my life. But I do know well-rounded individuals who are not a part of the System in the way the masses are. I brush shoulders with them every day. They are highly educated. They get their grants from the government and do as they are told, and work on surveillance techniques, like developing facial recognition systems and "gaming" for the yoots to indulge themselves in. They are also very "politically correct". Well, you can't have everything. The ones I work with work on other things. However, they are all well-rounded and lead Elite lives very close to the top. They have no need of television, silly electronic gadgets, no interest in what the masses are up to as far as "culture" is concerned — they see the stupidity of it all and they have no need of it. I admire them a lot

    "Don’t you think it’s ODD that most people in the world aren’t living this great fullfilling life we should be living. But MOST of us do own a television, or have internet or something of the like?"

    Absolutely. It's a lie, an Illusion just as the Buddhists have always said it was.

  165. I think this Illuminati stuff is just a lot of paranoia fed conspiracy theories. GaGa and Christina's videos? Shocking and sexy and naughty and kinky TO GARNER ATTENTION AND SELL RECORDS. Christina slinking around on the floor in black leather, trying to look desirable, is just a plea for attention. "Aren't I sexy??" Well no, not really, but if it will sell you a CD or two, by all means, go for it.

  166. This video further reinforces what the GAGA/Beyonce video "Telephone" was trying to say. The music industry is feeding us poison in the form of honey. It is really insulting to me that these artists are doing this so blatently. I have made a personal decision to never buy a CD again. I will not bring that demonic propaganda into my home.

    This world is too far gone for any human initiative to turn it around. We are living in the last days of this system. God will soon intervene and the wicked will be no more. What we have to do is protect ourselves spiritualy from being influenced by "the spirit of this world" until the end comes.

  167. The link to the Starsucker webpage doesn't seem to give a free download anywhere. They want money. No good for me. :(

  168. All signs seem to point we are living in the last days of this System, yes. I have a feeling something is going to be related to December 21, 2012. I really do….

  169. @Denise

    That is what is wrong with this world. Why does an artist have to resort to such debauchery to sell records. It is a never ending cycle. The nastier they get the more people love it. The Devil has succeeded in making people beleive that bad is good and good is bad.

  170. lol how did I know that you were going to make an article on this video? I can honestly say that when I saw this video for the first time I immediately thought of you.

    @this video: wth so much crap on tv you can't even watch it anymore. I for one don't believe in this whole Illuminati thing but I still find what you point out interesting. Still, you must have better things to do than go on the computer all the time ;p

    BTW could you please make an article on an anime or 'The Men who Stare At Goats' or Disney movies? lol please and thank you

  171. Starsuckers is a good documentary. I wonder if the transcript of it is available as sometimes it's hard to understand what the person is saying.

  172. Nova — In between watching the documentary, I am doing some remote viewing. I don't know if you will tell me the truth or not, but do you have an interest….no….do you work in some sort of clinical field having to do with mental health?

  173. k, first off… christina def has an amazing voice. i was in musicals, choir, and had years of vocal training, so i know what i'm talking about. that girl has a huge range, and lots of power and control. she could sing opera EASILY if she wanted to. she's actually just as powerful and with more flexibility.

    second, i miss the old christina, the one who was an individual. it sucks b/c she coulda continued to be successful without selling out like this. sure, she wouldn't be mega, mega successful. but she'd continue to be MORE than comfortable. guess it wasn't enough for her tho. sad. :(

  174. also, just because the illuminati DEF exists and DEF wants to program viewers into being more sexual and promiscuous, it doesn't mean its the end of the world. they can only control us if we let them.

  175. stephanie roberts on

    I just got hip to this and I love it. please keep exposing these things. I beleive in GOD and JESUS and i know that these things are of the world, I need this knowledge to further my spiritual growth

  176. @bryant…NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU DO. Great read VC. For people who are offended: you should just not visit the site.

  177. I'm so sad. Christina…how could u?! Really had alot of respect for her and her voice, especially recently that she got married and settled down. There's more to this life than worldly fame and pleasure for gosh sakes, even if she didn't sell as many albums anymore but didn't join the dark side, she wouldn't lose fans. She didni't need to do this at all. Guys, never give in to the devil, whatever reward he can give to you is always only temporary, and he always demands something greater. Like YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SOUL.

  178. CharlotteKM on

    This website always delivers the lulz. I wish you guys published more articles, more often. I also didn't know they let mental patients use the internet, well I guess you learn something new everyday 😀

  179. VC's articles are very informative but incomplete since they provide no resolution. Secular culture's hidden agenda is to lead people away from the true worship of Jesus Christ. God came to earth in the form of man to walk in our shoes and gave his life for our sins. Without this understanding learning about the Illuminati will lead you no closer to the truth. Artist like Christina have sold their souls to Satan way before these revealing videos. This is not a video about Christina turning to the darkside because that was done to her since her Disney days. Sometimes they have no choice and are victims of their parents sins/greed or bloodline. Even at the beginning of her career when you thought she was innocent she was under the influence. These videos are rituals that indoctrinate the viewers not the artist. Be careful even in your analysis not to take in the hidden messages that influence your subconscious.

  180. I listened to Mylene Farmer singing "Innamoramento". She has a lovely silky, feminine voice and sounds a lot like Enya. Now Mylene's music I would buy.

  181. ppl are so fucking stupid, these artist are going against god. this generation is repeating itsself like sodom. The music industry is pushing to be gay (don't discriminate), to do the opposite of the ten commandments which is terrible.

  182. Wow, in this Mylene Farmer video one can really see the difference between European class and American trash. The shear ecstatic looks on the faces of her fans show me how good Mylene Farmer must really, really be, while poor schmuck Americans are subjected daily to the likes of Madonna, Christiana, and all the rest of them:
    Mylène Farmer-Mylènium-Mylénium Tour- (intro)

    There was only one thing: it was probably only the garment that Mylene wears, but when she emerges from the Buddha's head, it appears she has a penis. I think it was just the garment though.

    Fantastic video!!!

  183. Obey

    Actually I am an artist, one who had deep aspirations of being recognized for my work. I say recognized for my work as opposed to being famous because being chased around by paparazzi and gigantic mega-mansions never really appealed to me. But I do have a deep desire to create and share my work. That is why all of this has been such a horrible shock to me! That is why this website has changed my life and slowly changed my thinking. I am talented, I fucking know that. I could blow lady gaga and all of this other bullshit out of the water, EASILY! And here i always wondered why aren't people more creative? why haven't there been an artist who have done this, or this, or that?

    Now I realize there probably are different artist who have thought much the same things I have and have tried to bring light and good energy through their art but they have been shut down. There is positive music out there…you know it's positive because it makes you feel goods and makes you have hope and kicks a fight up in you!

    For instance I just heard the most beautiful song by Jason Mraz, what a fantastic artist! And then i realized he was hot for like…a minute and then it's like he feel off the face of the earth. Perhaps somewhere whatever entity controls the music industry gave him the offer of immense fame or to fall into obscurity and he was one of those who decided to keep his soul.

    But then you have these artist like Rhianna and Lady Gaga…not nearly as talented as Jason Mraz, by any stretch of the imagination…but you can't turn your head without seeing a picture of them, hearing their crap on the radio or seeing their assholes on a television screen.

    This terrifies and angers me. They are killing these artist right in front of our faces. They are killing them spiritually, some mentally and emotionally, and if all else fails…they take you off the face of the earth!

    "The Average Age at Death of Americans is 75.8 years. The Average Age at Death of a rock star is only 36.9 years."

    Think of all the celebrities…particularly those who are geared towards young people…who have died young themselves

    Kurt Cobain, Alliyah, Lisa Lopez, Tu Pac, Biggie, Brandon Lee, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy. These people have money, success and celebrity…THEY SHOULD BE OUTLIVING US ALL!They are living "the dream"…Yet these people are dropping like flies. THERE'S SOMETHING TERRIBLY ODD ABOUT THAT!

  184. Thanks VC I wrote you guys a comment on doing this video as well as Miley Cyrus "Cant be Tammed" Im sure others did as well. You guys covered it all it doesn't seem to amaze me though. I've notice now they dont care they want to be known because the one they are worshiping is soon around his arrival (antichrist) . I think people should check out on youtube "The Arrivals" there is 50 parts to this documentary that goes in deep on all of this.

  185. Nova, I had to youtube Jason Mraz. Is it the "I'm Yours" song you liked? He is a good artist, nice voice, good lyrics, clean and pleasant. I am sure someone like him will find his niche. And you will too. It doesn't have to be the hip hop slut-pop route or any part of it. There are so many others that people like you and Jason Mraz would appeal to. Just target that segment, and really — the hell with the "pop culture" scene. You may not achieve great success, but you can have great satisfaction along the way.

    come on now…stiff upper lip, as the English say!

  186. Check this out on

    I am really glad you included Madonna's role in all this. Alot of the "newbies" to this site/topic get the wrong impression that this stuff only started with Britney or Rihanna. It didn't begin with Madonna, either, but she is perhaps the best example of the prominence one can reach if you do enough degrading things for the Illuminati. This picture (and movie) confirmed it for me:

    Most recently, there's this: (it's from her recent "Interview" photoshoot, in case link doesn't work)

  187. Hello Vigilant,

    I was wondering since when you clearly write words like "bitch" or "fuck" – even if it's part of the lyrics of the song you're analyzing- in your articles? One of the things I liked the most – I wish it will last forever – in your articles is that you never failed in a language that might be disrespectful to some of your readers, a language that fits to everybody. Your message has been clear and appreciated without these references. You don't need to follow the trend that wants people to be vulgar, even in mainstream media, which particularly popularizes that way of speaking.

    It's also my first time to see on your website explicit sexual image – Madonna & Britney kissing and Christina -. You used to be less demonstrative, your message was still clear and people enjoyed them – and still do. It's one thing to suggest, it's another thing to show. You might know that.

    Vigilant, you might show the video you're analizing, the reader fortunately has the choice to play it or not, turn the sound on or not. When you read an article, you don't have the choice but to see the illustration shown before choosing to skip it. It's a permanent flash and you certainly know how it works – See first, think after – or don't think at all. Don't choose what you see, just watch, you'll be used to see what we show you, you'll finally accept it as normal and we'll make you obey without any opposition, even with your full consent – . Mind Control is not just about crazy scientists in a lab with innocent citizen on their experimental table. It's about getting used to absorb what is thrown out by the widely broadcasted and accessible medias, and I'm not just talking about the biggest ones.

    See first, (don't) think after. That's exactly how those people you're writing about, Vigilant, are operating in the name of free expression. I'm afraid to see the same technique in this article, with this photo. That might be on purpose or not but this has to be underlined. Please correct me if I'm wrong – I wish I am.

    People who trust the mainstream media – as well as the smaller and apparently inoffensive ones – and think "it's ok" or "it's not a big deal" don't have any choice to see what they actually see on a daily basis. When you don't have the choice to select by yourself what enters your mind or not, without you even knowing what's happening to you, this is an unconscious attempt of manipulation – or persuasion, which often succeeds. If you need to be manipulated/persuaded to something, you better trust who's informing/educating you. In my opinion, modern media corporations are trustless because there's this one way of thinking that is reccurent in their productions with this general statement: "do what thou wilt" : Be crazy, have fun, buy everything, dance, have sex with whoever you want, everything is fine, you deserve better, you this, you that and so on. The individual is called to "DO" (act, obey, get satisfaction now) whatever he ("ME myself and I") wants (satisfy my needs now with what is offered to me – see the Maslow's hierarchy of needs) – to feel FREE. And this is supposed to lead to happiness. This is a lie.

    A man who doesn't have the choice is a slave. A man to whom the choice is not given is a slave. This sounds rude but it's true. There is always, always a choice. Having the choice leads to freedom. Modern influencial corporations – media, politics, finance – don't give any choice, they want you to obey. That's one more reason to stay "Vigilant" – not paranoid – about those who have the power to educate us somehow. You can turn your TV, computer or Ipod off and put away your newspapers – because you don't need them to live and to be happy – or not, but please don't blindly take for granted what you are told and shown of. Please don't follow the trend because it's cool. Think first.

    Vigilant, I have to say I'm pretty surprised as well as I'm disappointed, not necessarily with the message but with the package – which is not less important.

    Regarding the article, the black milk/semen thing reminds me the golden Rihanna dancing in a triangle in "Umbrella", after she had gone through similar steps to illumination as those described in this article. It's sad to see so many people around the world being desensitize, reduced to their primary drives. Humankind, sexuality and life are too precious to be treated like this. Forunately there is still faith, hope and love, in Jesus-Christ!

    "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Proverbs 25:11

    "While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." 2 Peter 1:19

    "Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

    Return to God, your Creator. Return to Jesus, your Savior.



  188. TO U ALL who love These people, thik about the harm u are doing to urselves!

    u say ''buy it but u have to understand the meaning''!!!!

    thats what i call bull shit!!

    how can u undastand the song?! havent u all be listening to what VC says?!

    ''its about MIND CONTROLLING!!!!"

    you dont know what happens to u until its too late!! Its like a snake, it crawls into ur mind and gradually, it sips away all the normal sense in you!!!

    as for byrant who says he is gonna buy, i wish u luck!!!

    continue buying and u dig ur grave deeper!! its up to you.

    VC,pls can u breakdown the song rude boy by rihannna and Cant be tamed by HIDELY MILUS?!

    thank you and one again God bless you for this!

    Christaiana whatever isnt herself anymore and i PLEAD to the world to see how this is destroying our world!!!

    EVERYBODY and i mean EVERYBODY aint gonna be themselves for life when every single singer goes''gaga''!!!

    Pls BEWARE!!!!!

    i dont think his is a joke again!!!!

  189. @ Jesusislife,

    in case u didnt read at the top, it says ''WARNING: PARTS OF THIS ARTICLE MIGHT BE DISTURBING FOR SOME''!

    THis article is differnt and the VC knew this and WARNED the readers about it. sooooo plsssssss, dont just jump into useless conclusions!!!

    Judge not so that ye may not be judged!!!

    VC wanted to make this more explict and am sure this is gonna be the last in a long time!!!


  190. So, basically all of "liberation" pornography and modern media/enterntainment could fall into Monarch programming? ex: Feminism as empowerment — revealed as actual enslavement.

    (This is NOT a criticism of your thesis, rather an observation of the current forces at work)

    Now Is The Time To Wake UP.

  191. Sorry, I'm so over all these secret society/underground religion crap. If I like a song or artist, whatever, I will partake of them. Who cares if they sold their soul to the devil? That's their business. And all we're doing is assuming.

  192. It's so sad…when I saw the E! interview of her crying and saying how nobody cares and she can't get a #1 hit anymore…I knew it was only a matter of time before she just gave herself up. She's my friend on good ol' myspace and the second I saw that her default picture had changed to that Godawful, ugly half robot face thing, I knew it was a done deal. Sad, sad, sad. I have a lot of Love for that girl and I'm so sorry that she felt the need to sell out this way. I'll be adding her to my prayer list!!

  193. Illuminatifail on

    Christina's face is not exactly robotic, by the way…

    It's mainly a bunch of musical instruments. There are even some birds in there. Look for the super high resolution image of Bionic's album cover, to see for yourself.

    The album cover was designed by a graffiti artist called D*Face. It's Christina's favorite graff artist.

    I think the cover is very nice. :)

    AND NO, I am not brainwashed or mind controlled! lol No, I do not wish to become a cyborg, ever. NO, I do not like Baphomet.

  194. @ Obey thanks for your comments @140 & i agree what you say about how talentless a lot of these popstars are. I do believe however that Beyonce & Xtina ARE proper singers & that Lady Gaga is a gifted songwriter & can play her piano but here's the deal. Unless your prepared to "pornographic" your look & music within the conforms of your record company handlers you have no chance of geting "over" on the public hence the constant "gimmicks" Lady Gaga use's to court "attention. " This can be contrasted to Stefani Germonatta the brunette piano "geek" that she was before she became "the Gaga" !!!

    The record companies are the Pimp's & the Artist are the "Ho's" to make them money. Your quickly thrown (the artist) on the scrapheap if you fail to meet your Pimp (record company) financial targets hence why Aquilera's "not my self tonight" video & song seem's to be biting Gaga's "bad romance" video as Gaga to use a stock market term is where the "hot money's" at at the moment !!!

    Gaga's commentry on this in her song & video a "bad romance" pretty much sum's this all up. If people want to know how these artist's are " prostituted" watch the "bad romance" vid. It's raw & it's naked but she still "want's it all" !!!!!!!!!

    Ps The obsession with turning all these burnette women into "blondes" to get "over" from ( marilyn monroe, debbie harry, madonna, britney spears, xtina aquilera, gwen stefani, pink, gaga, beyonce, nicki minaj) is quite disturbing. Am sure there's some Aryan Nazi aesthetic at work here as at times Xtina is made up to look in some of her picture's like some 1930's Germany Aryan women !!!

    Just goes to show how much of a mannequin one as to be for Leviathan 666 for "the f(l)ame" !!!!!……………;-)

  195. See what many people do not know. Christina's always been this its not the trend or the Illuminati shes. Like dirt disguised as mud. She couldn't hide or true groins any longer she got dried up and figured lets show the true colors. People aren't born this way they choose to lead lives that might harm their future but no their not thinking of the outcome their thinking of the fame the glamor the love they get from the people who follow them. Everyones trying to be different now days to the point where they lose themselves within trend.

  196. Obey May 17th, 2010 10:29 am spoke:

    You probably are familiar what those devils do to cats and dogs in those cat and dog eating countries. If I had my way I’d nuke every square inch of those countries and kill every man, woman and devil child of them and blot out their names forever. This is extreme, I know. Please let’s not discuss this, as these images stay in my mind and never leave.

    I’d nuke every square inch of those countries and kill every man, woman and devil child of them and blot out their names forever… Let me guess, you are American.

  197. @Vigilant Great article again!!! I remember a lot of people were asking you to do this article.

    Good stuff I can't believe how simple people are to continue to come to this site and start nonsense. If you dont agree that's fine but don't be a nuisance. Just so crazy how people will continue to support this madness and act as if nothing was taught. I feel sorry for C. A. and the rest of them

    Thank you Vigilant Hello's to Baba and LVB

  198. jess

    First, thank you for reading and writing. Your questions are good ones.

    Second, I'm going to repost your comment and respond over at my blog, where the article is, for a couple of reasons. One is that I don't have much time lately to keep up with all the comments here, so I'm lucky that I happened to see yours. The other reason is just as a courtesy to Vigilant, because I guess I have learned from my own inetiquette how distracting and frustrating it can be when too many of us get on our off-topic side conversations here. So, I'm gonna try to set a good example of keeping things relevant to Anti-Christ-ina, or whatever the topic at hand may be.

    You know that saying, "We learn patience from the impatient, tolerance from the intolerant and kindness from the unkind"……something like that. :)

    Anyway, thanks again for your comments/questions and look for my response over there. Take care.

    (and hello Freeyomind, good to see ya!)

  199. As ateenager I used to love christina aguilera, but now Im seeing the discusting pig she has become. Shes sickening, having an orgy in a church is not cool and offends amny people…..Go watch ur kid and stop trying to fit in! She needs to have more respect for herself…..shes not even that popular anymore…sorry ON TO THE NEXT!!!

  200. if U cant take the h on

    Some people on here are so stupid. If you dont believe in whats really happening then y TF are u reading this….like y are you even on this site? If you cant take the heat get out the kitchen LMAO! X D


  202. JesusIsLife

    Great comments. As a fellow writer and contributor to this site, I guess I tend to give Vigilant a little more slack, and I understand the need sometimes to show readers things in all their shocking and horrible reality. But, I totally get what you're saying, too. I talked a lot about desensitization in the PsyWar/Imma Bee article, obviously, so you do make a very good point.

    I suppose the main distinction here may be that, in terms of educating people, some of us feel like we do need to expose certain things in a way that isn't sugar-coated, in the hope that it will reach out to people in a way that really "hits home" – emotionally and spiritually. The intent is not to glamorize the evils we are exposing, but rather to show readers things that will truly make an impact on them, for the better.

    One example might be something like this – if I write an article and say, "Child exploitation and pornography are extremely evil and disgusting", it might have a certain effect on people, but not nearly the same effect as showing them a relevant, horrifying image. Obviously, we'd never want to show any actual crime scene photos, but some image that hits the audience on an emotional level, like a very sad or crying child, certainly helps to make a more powerful statement in opposition to evil. I think you understand what I'm saying, but I do agree with you, in general, and it is a very fine line where we have to exercise discipline and the best judgment we can in our words and choices of graphic illustrations of ideas.

    I have a huge (in size, at the very least) new article in the works that I hope to have completed later this week, and in it, you will be seeing some disturbing images. I pray that no one will be too offended, but I'm including these images for what I feel is an important reason – and that is, to show evil for what it truly is, and to provoke that "fight or flight" reaction in people, precisely because people have become, unfortunately, so desensitized. It takes a higher "decibel level" to cut through the noise of what is often seen as "normal" these days, but I will keep what you've said in mind, and try to use great care and restraint, while still being able to effectively make the points that I feel are crucial to understanding the ideas involved.

    I guess the main thing is, as readers – you, me and everyone else – we need to keep in mind that when the author is trying to show us something they strongly disagree with, as long as they are very clear about their message in opposing it, we should try to understand that and fight the autopilot knee jerk response (another form of PsyWar, actually) to "shoot the messenger", and rather, see it for what it is, and place the blame where it belongs; which is on the evildoers of the evil deeds, themselves.

    Once again, great comments. You've given us something very important to think about going forward. :)

  203. Yall need to get over these pawns the artist these girls are doing wht they are told they are not evil. Christina was in this since she was a CHILD. shes so talented no kid could sing like that. she deserves where she is. Yall need to worry about the sick ppl who she works for and the other ones. U need to work on taking down the scum bag perverts pedophile satanic ppl who CONTROL the world not the pawns. Please I dont want my children mixed up in a satanic ridden world. I just hope the energy of jesus returns and takes me home. I love magic and I LOVE rock n roll and music and ART but this is just not art there are lots of great artist out there who will be remembered. Their talent shines through the dark crap. Except for the ones who do practice satanism they have the dark energy with them. I am grateful for wonderful artists such as TUPAC, JOHN LENNON, MICHAEL JACKSON, ELVIS, MADONNA, BRITNEY and CHRISTINA they deserve their so called 'fame' and will be remembered for the good things. Madonna did a lot for women I dont judge her beliefs and what she had to do to get out of her home. THEY ARE INSPIRING.

    WORRY ABOUT THE SICK SCUM bAGS THAT MADE THEM LIKE THIS. Yall still havent woke up yet!

  204. get over it

    So, you don't think people like Madonna, John Lennon or Anti-Christ-ina are deliberately participating in the evil, huh? LOL

    You're just gonna love my new article. :)



  206. Yes, I guess you just about summed it up in 243, da riddler. I wish I could feel sorry for all the "artists" — but I don't.

    I had a lot of trouble trying to download that Starsucker documentary. It's actually quite disturbing from what I saw of it.

    The documentary focuses on this new phenomenon of turning everything into a Reality show. I remember when these Reality shows more or less first came out. They had some well known names in it, turned them loose in a house, and video taped the results. One of the people I remember was Tammy Faye, the wife of that Jim Bakker from the PTL Club who was in prison. I had to watch this because I thought "what on earth is Tammy Faye doing in a Reality show like this?" Along with her they had that well known porn producer, Ron something or other. I was fascinated due to the shear perversity of this program.

    And now everything is a Reality show. This is so excuse the french — eff'in weird. I don't watch these shows anymore, except I was getting into Scare Tactics, which I could easily visualize to be a black ops CIA invention. That Starsucker documentary really, really reveals it all — the sleight-of-hand of it all. Lately I've been feeling like I'm being watched…but by people that seem to be friendly, almost to like I could start a friendship with them if I wanted. They come up to me, asking for a cigarette, sometimes asking for change, or even directions. Sometimes I think maybe they are extraterrestrials trying to communicate with me. :) Boy, I'm really getting spaced out. lollll

  207. Robin Shadowes on

    There is this extremely annoying song called Fembot that is constantly spinning on radio over here. Last tome I've heard it I decided to surf it up just out of curiosity what the video would look like, expecting it to be heavily overloaded with Illuminati-symbols since the track itself alludes so obviously to transhumanism. Actually it was because of this site I decided to research it more. Unfortunately I haven't found a music video yet, just a performance on a norwegian talk show called Skavlan. Maybe the official video will be out when her new album is released later this summer. I also had in the back of my mind that she debuted on television when she was just 12 or 13 which made me wonder if I would find any connections to our local branch of Disney but I have not found any such connections yet. However, it appears that she has been supporting act to Madonna when she has performed here in Europe. I apologize for spreading this garbage globally but I only do it for the general interest of topics this very site is focusing on.

    Well, here's the lyrics to the track:

    I've got some news for you

    Fembots (fembots) have feelings too

    You split my heart in two

    Now what ya gonna do

    (Once you go attack you ain't never goin back

    I'm hi-tech baby)

    Fresh out the box the latest model

    Generator running on full throttle

    can I get a fuel up? hit the bottle


    I got a lotta automatic booty applications

    Got a C.P.U maxed out sensation

    Looking for a joy to man my station


    rock-rock the nation

    (rock it, baby)

    I've got some news for you

    Fembot have feelings too

    You split my heart in two

    Now what ya gonna do

    (and scan me)

    My system's in mint condition

    The power's up on my transistors

    Working fine, no bitches

    Plug me in and flip some switches

    Pull up in docking position

    Pop the hatch and hit ignition

    Bbb-burn out, baby

    Ready for demolition

    (Once you go attack you ain't never going back)

    My superbrain is a binary

    Circuitry and mainframe tens-filled here

    I'm sipping propane topped with a cherry


    In fact i'm a very scientifically advanced hot mama

    Artificially discreet no drama

    Digitally chic titanium mama


    Ring the alarm

    I've got some news for you (uh uh)

    Fembots have feelings too (you know)

    you split my heart in two

    Now what you gonna do

    (here we go)

    My system's in mint condition

    The power's up on my transistors

    Working fine, no anekatips b!tches

    Plug me in and flip some switches

    Pull up in dragging position

    Pop the hatch and hit ignition

    bbb-burn out, baby

    Ready for demolition

    (Once you go attack you ain't never going back)

    Once you gone tech

    You're never ever going back

    You gotta enter access code

    Up on the back of my neck

    Initiating slut mode

    All space cadets on deck

    There's a calculator in my pocket

    Got you all in check

    Here's the video from the talkshow:

    Here's some general info from Wikipedia:

  208. It seems these illuminati controlled stars are addicted to putting crosses on places they don't belong.What disgusting whores..Soon enough the industry will show the ugliest of its ways,And show this bitch it isint what she really wants.Hopefully by then she will be on crack and fall off and stop making this wicked,Evil shit.

  209. @Get over it -253…DUDE ,If these artist are so fucking dumb that they don't even question a DROP of the shit they do.They deserve everything the internet gives them.And YOU must wake up if you believe the shit these artists believe do not affect us.Hell it can bring on the end of the world.Think OUTSIDE of it….The bigger picture.Maybe one day theyll "Inspire us"So much will be running to the tv every morning for our daily desensitization and hypnotism shows.

  210. buuk bukk g on

    Nice article, it was very revealing and informing

    check out my note on Facebook

    buuk bukk g is my screen name just add me as a friend, the note that i posted contains information uncovering some of dark secrets of the nwo and the genocide filled world we live in. Again, good job with the post.

  211. And do not stop your kids from watching this Or listening to this.It will not brain wash them.It is just a catchy toon with a deeper meaning.And soon let them know what that meaning means and let them decide…Let them SEE this evil and be able to question it to their friends at school or anywhere.The more people that become aware …Hell the better chance we have at survival of this shit.Many of you do not understand the things that are going to be introduced to us THROUGH THIS MUSIC.We are talking forced chips into our bodies by 2012.Or the complete loss of our humanity.Wake the Fuck up.Wake others up as much as you can (without being sent to the crazy house).And prepare for the worse.And look forward to the best:The lord.Give others this site.The best weapon we have and can use right now is knowledge.Work on your team skills and be prepared to rebel.

  212. And i say that in my commet number 263 because people at MY school are becoming more aware of this from the internet alone.Start working together now.

  213. I was waiting for this article! It was so obvious, that I decided to wait xD til you published something about it..

    It annoys me so much.. How dare them?! Even worse, how can we let them?!

  214. @Kat: I am a real Catholic and I would never sell my soul at any price. I got no other King but Jesus Christ. And no other God than the Holy Trinity.

    @Nova: Buddhism is an imaginary thing. Fake as all Satan's lies.

    Oh and the Illuminati are Satan. Well, his minions… Also the Freemasons, and the Communists, Socialists, Liberalism, etc.

    And whether some people want to admit it or not: Homosexuality is a SIN, on the Bible it is considered as a punishment of God to the unholy. So, try to deny it as many times as you want, but every time people say they are pro gay and Christian they are getting deeper and deeper into the Antichrist's version of the church, full of unholy and filth.

  215. Forgot to post it before..

    It annoys me, but at the same time it makes me kind of sad.. I really really liked Christina and Beyonce, they have such beautiful voices!… But these are not the singers I used to listen to.. *sighs*

    …And Christina on the album cover reminds me of Maria, poor Maria, from Metropolis…

    Maschinen-Menschen.. Hate it..

  216. truenorth10 on

    very interesting indeed!!!! keep them coming vig. the battle for souls continues…

  217. this is sad what lengths people will go to to be famous…..i just turn tthe channel now or station when i hear these songs and artist….someone said you should do rude boy but that's a wate of time because it is obvious what that song is about and only contains very little blended symbolism (i mean highly undetectable like the patterns and letters on the wall) b/c they are trying to throw the viewers off so they come out w/ something so demonic then come out w/ something fun and carefree…….NOW IF ALICIA KEYS gies this route then i really know we are doomed cause she and christina after she clamed down and got married i thought were some of the most uncommercialized vocally talented and creative artist since the 90's when we had people like erykah, jill scott angie stone and lauryn hill….I MISS THE OLD MUSIC i can only imagine what will be on tv when i have children

  218. @obey what do you mean only opera singers can sing umm have you never heard of motown ….sorry i'm just a die hard R&B and soul fan…opera is like nails on a chalk board to me it's sooo robotic to me and has no feeling

  219. If I'm not mistaken, the black stuff she pours on herself is liquid latex. I don't think it holds any other symbolic meaning other than to make yet another reference to S&M/fetish culture.

  220. as soon as i saw Christina's album cover i freaked, i was like NO!hey got her to!!D= then i saw a clip of the video and i saw the eye thing and i was sure =[ i didn't watch the video because it looked so bad but i justdid here and i feel awful just watching it!i shielded my eyes a few times, it's just so dirty and horrible! Anyways thanks for the article, i just wish individuality would become more prominent in the industry. Miley Cyrus says she's taking a break so she can find what she wants to do and be herself, but Can't Be Tamed is seriously leaning to the illuminati :/

  221. In the 2003 VMA Performance…must noticed that Madonna did first appear on stage she took 13 steps down before she meet up with christine and britney on stage singing like a virgin. 13 steps is freemasonry of the illuminati families(13).

  222. Hey guys, after watching this horrid display, I felt like I needed to take a shower. Well…that includes a mental shower. If you want to refresh your beautiful minds with some REAL talent that is completely free of all this satanic garbage, watch this video of the true legend herself:

  223. To all you who doubt the existance of the illuminati wake up . The rothchilds own more than half the worlds wealth and control the gold supply but you never hear about them. Do your research doubters follow the white rabbit

  224. TJ — I needed that! THE GREAT JANIS! Now there was TALENT!

    *a drink to you, Janis!* @}>—->—–>—–>

  225. Christina said in a recent interview that her inspirarion for the new albumn-image came from the joy she found in being a new Mum! Take a look at her new image and see if the innocence of childhood comes to mind! Also she noted that she was just a simple pop star-down playing any signifigance in her out put-making it seem whimsical and playful! Similar to Rhianna standing in front of a mural saying LOVE at the end of all the crap she puts the viewer through in her rude boy video! They seem to be saying perversion is love-innocence is bondage. Thankyou VC you have changed the way I am viewing these things.

  226. steppenwolf on

    Just to say – I tried to watch the second video (not the one with Madonna), and I got this message:

    "This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

    The country where it cannot be viewed is South Africa. Just for interest.

    Thanks for an excellent article.

  227. F Bernard G on

    Excellent analysis. This event was absolutely the in-your-face Illuminati MK party of the decade. They are unrestrained, no need to be subtle. They are taking millions of innocents into Hell with them, unless there's a miracle, and I do believe in miracles.

    Rev 17 and 18 describes the Great Whore being judged. She has to be displayed in all of her iniquity for the judgment to take place. "Her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities."

    The Whore is the feminine aspect of the Devil (deified evil) in all its manifestations. Our accountability is to purify ourselves of the consciousness of the devil, so that when he comes, he may not find anything in us.

    The constant repetition of "How can it harm you when it looks so good?" is the same thing the Serpent consciousness repeats to the innocent, the virgin consciousness to tempt it into iniquity.

    That is why we are admonished to be "wise as serpents but harmless as doves." Without VISION (the understanding,) the people perish.

  228. i use to care about all of this illuminati stuff and trust me i am at the very least on par with vigilants research into mind control but what i found out is that there are three levels of human consciousness on the planet. first level is unity which is mainly indigenous, second level is good and evil which is us modern man. and a 3rd level unity grid was just constructed. the 2nd level good/evil (illuminati) grid is about to be discarded from the planet and no one will have access to negativity or fear so here's a good quote. None of the riches of the world can stop jah works!!

  229. You are right — fear and negativity are being discarded from the Planetary Grid. Some believe it is Higher Dimensional Beings at work (i.e. the Holy Spirit). Some call them our Space Brothers. A lot of people don't believe in extraterrestrials. I suspect they will be in for some surprise soon.

    In the meantime, the mass psychosis still goes on.

  230. very interesed on

    you sould check out ushers new song called "OMG" ft will i. am it looks crazy b"cos theres him in a white suit surrounded by 6 dancin girls in black suits then next hing you kno they all on him then in the next scene he dancin with the same girls bt he's wearing black im a red light room

  231. Listening to many types of music is forbidden in Islam and these articles confirm tthe satanic nature of the pop industry and the negative impact on our souls. God knows what is best for his creation.

  232. I watched that Usher OMG video. I thought it has a smooth and romantic feel to it, nice with a romantic dinner and candlelight. I could see where that song would fit into the romantic genre mold. I didn't find anything particularly sinister about it. Plus it was nicely done.

  233. lahinar lamir on


  234. VERY GOOD Vigilant Citizen!

    Everybody should read this! Those things are so obvious!…Once you awake to the new reality, you will never see the same things again.

  235. If it's forbidden in Islam, then aren't you…like…in sin for looking at this website?

  236. Kyrie eleison on

    TWO gods: Philosophy and Reason, were arguing "the Truth" one day, when Christ happened upon their debate. Both wore injured countenances and pleadingly requested His support for their being.

    "Tell us" they both asked unwittingly "who of the two is the most valuable to You?"

    He smiled and kissed them both, and then replied:


    And then it was that they saw (quite completely) what they both had been missing. The two embraced and became companions-eternal.

  237. Kyrie eleison on

    Peter and James were arguing over who it was that Jesus loved best. They decided they would go to Him and ask Him.

    "Which of the two of us do you love best?" they scowled.

    "John" said Jesus – to which he added laughing – "only joking".

  238. Great article. I've really become interested in everything you write. Lately i've been seeing symbols everywhere. Keep the articles coming ! (:

  239. It's true that the music business has been hijacked by a Satanic agenda. But then again, our entire society has been hijacked by the Satanic agenda. But being that this is the case, please don't assume that music in and of itself is Satanic. You have to remember that Satan and its minions don't ever invent anything. They only pervert it. Same with symbols. In this universe there IS a duality of good and evil, no matter what any pseudo philosopher claims. Symbols can have either good or evil energy attached to them. It just so happens that the Satanics have overtaken many symbols for their own perverted ends. But don't ever believe that they invent anything. They don't. They only hijack them. In reality this world (and universe) is indeed about occult magick. But not everything occult is evil! I imagine that the first ever philosophical argument that ever took place in times of antiquity was about how to USE magick. Do we use it to uphold universal law? (God–"white magick") or do we use it to pervert universal law? (Satan–"black magick"). So don't ever assume that all occultism is evil. It is not. It's all about how and why and for what purpose it is used. Native American shamans and others are practioners of the "occult" but they use their power for good purposes.

  240. Still sounds like sin to me. You couldn't but help seeing the images here. You must consider your salvation.


  242. I think that douche from the michey mouse club house was ryan gosling.

    not sure but it looks exactly like him tho. LOL.

  243. Seems as though I got on your nerves. Everywhere you go there are images etc which are impossible to avoid. My intention was to read the article, not concentrate on the pictures. It's the same when reading the newspaper, It's in my hands what I decide to dwell on or ignore and INTENTIONS are the deciding factor. We all have to navigate in a sea of corruption. Good luck to all of us!

  244. OK Elsa. I re-read your original post. I see your point. It's just that it still seems like some sort of cognitive dissonance. Because even though the intention is the deciding factor (which I understand what you are saying), yet your mind is still immersed on the slut-pop industry. But never mind. Probably I'm not understanding something.


    Vigilant — now HERE'S a topic for you! Why not take a look at that documentary "Starsuckers" and try to ANALYZE THAT!!!

    I had a hard time yesterday trying to download it. I only managed to see the documentary in some places, and the sound was hard to understand. A transcript of it would help. Anyway, that is one disturbing documentary. It makes me now suspicious of everybody and everything! It's a documentary worthy of your talents to analyze. I wouldn't even know where to begin.

  246. awesome article. i made a video analyzing this video on youtube and you pointed out some other things i hadn't realized. thanks for your diligent work!

  247. Stil listening to Mylene Farmer. I hope I can buy her albums in the US because her music is intense and the kind I like. Such music like hers really shows the difference between music in Europe and that in the U.S.

    Sorry to say, but the U.S. has had its day.

  248. @Obey

    Thanks! A lot of people have wondered why most music is banned and these articles help to illustrate the wisdom behind that ruling. I often reference this website to those who doubt that some music can be harmful to the soul as it gives far more detail than I can offer and a wider viewpoint etc. Everything done in good faith! May well check out that documentary as well,,,,,,,,,,,tee hee. That's it from me.

  249. Funny thing — when movie censorship was the norm and the code was strict, they did make better movies back then in times past. Strange.

  250. I thought the douche was ryan gosling to..turns out it was him "MMC" …. Himself (3 episodes, 1993-1995)

    … aka "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" – USA (new title)

    – Episode #7.17 (1995) TV episode …. Himself

    – Episode #6.18 (1993) TV episode …. Himself

    – Episode #6.6 (1993) TV episode …. Himself

  251. This is so true, she has totally sold out even more. Your articles are great, and I cant wait for the next one to see who THEIR next Puppet will be……

  252. I believe the "masonic-pillar" scene you were referring to was a tribute to the moloch in metropolis.

    and plus it goes along with her bionic theme.

  253. "C'est dans l'air" by Mylene Framer it's like I'm smokin' a dubie or something! Nice :)

  254. Some people, who obviously don't read the entire article, or, have no sense on what they are reading, always make some stupid comment. These articles are just to get informed on what could possibly be actually true and begin to notice what's going on with the music industry. If you start to really think and notice that the pop songs today and the videos the come with it are completely different in comparison. Right there, you know that this is some serious shhhhh……

    Especially with Christina's new video. Yeah it's a fun song but if you have a brain then you would think that oh 'why is the video so different?'. lol actually, "why is the video even more sexual?". After reading this article, it does make sense don't it? Keep up the good work Vigilant!! Let these dumb people, who always got shit to say, know the truth!!…..hahahaha…haters!!!

  255. hmmm interesting…There's a one hour difference between my time and your time, Vigilant. hehehe Now where can you be located? :)

  256. Omq. I am always readin this site. I dnt understand why these people do this!! Do the artists actually knwo whats going on and that its all the directors fault or are they involved as well? Anyway great article, continue speaking the truth. x

  257. AMEN to Brian #65.

    and props to TJ @ #305; on the first half anyway.

    however, the last part is misleading, white majic is not of God. it`s using demonic power for something good like healing people, telling people good things about their future, etc. good or not, it`s still demonic. just a suggestion; do away with divination altogether.

  258. But what you say #32 is only according to institutionalized religion. Man's thought-up box in which they put their ideas of God.

  259. wow…..well, what can I say? Actually England's Royalty is pretty much a joke anyway. Not only is the Queen a figurehead with no powers (from what I read), among Royalty circles (in other countries), my bet is England's Royalty is considered something like second-rate at best. I mean it's a joke. Knighting rock stars, for crissakes. Please.

    No Catholic Monarchy would stoop as low as England's Monarchy has.

  260. I agree. They are a joke, but look at the wealth. Follow the money. They prosper from having their image on currency.

  261. Sure. There's a lot of alternative research done on the Queen and her family. Pretty shady bunch, I'd say. But like slut-pop stars, the English love their Royalty and disregard and suppress all the research done.

    I think she knighted (of all things) Paul McCartney, right? And of all people, also David Bowie, I think?

    Well, as I said, we'd have none of this in a Catholic Monarchy.

  262. Mylene Farmer has the ability to sing as one of those young boys that sing in English choirs and are specially trained. I could swear I'm listening to one of the choir boys right now. She's got some voice! Quite a range.

  263. Its a great shame that the world has moved in this dark direction. You have to be very careful what music you listen too these days. There is whitchcraft spell shit in the lyrics. Its not only the symbolism within the video. Be aware of what music you listen too!

  264. Kyrie Eleison on

    A Story of garden fairies that is Christian in nature ~ listen well ~

    Two fairies were fighting over a flower pot. The mistress of the household had secured a plant, taking it from the garden, resettling it into a decorative urn. With this new immigrant came also its companion-planted fairy, that had now unwittingly happened into the territory of a very spiteful spindly limbed creature, who protested the new arrival of both.

    The defensive householder fairy had not seen much of the outdoors in quite a few decades. An elemental being, whose consciousness was now defined within the walls of this house, was prideful of each placement of treasured article; ever watching over the comings and the goings. You could often see her chasing the walls, taking an inventory repeatedly. Now, here came this being from the garden! Swanning in upon a couch of green fern! Idle! Carefree! And enjoying the newly acquired decorator plant pot in her lounge room!!!

    A week or so later the plant began to fail. At first it appeared to be lacking just water, but it was more than that – being mournful in consideration of the sadness for its partner in being, who too was fading in this lounge room.

    Disparaged and forlorn, the unwanted immigrant longed for the garden she had come from. She despaired from the tirades of the protective objectionable other. Possibly her worst day came when the liquid fertilizer was administered. All the while the household creature spat and screamed at her, wailed and complained, and stamped her tiny foot, doing all that she could for the tempers to succeed and evacuate her from the house.

    Well the plant was returned to the soil, even though by all appearances there wasn't much hope, considering its dry brown frailty. However, after a rain or two and a morning elixir, both the creature and its living greenness were restored.

    Some time after, the mistress of the house became quite ill herself. One said that it was something she had 'caught' and another speculated that she had simply 'run herself down', but the larger truth of it was that the agitated fairy had overbearingly affected her good nature, by proximity and through relationship, infecting the house and its owner with a sickness of soul.

    The mistress, of course, had ever been prideful of her house in the past. But now, due to the illness, had not the strength to keep it tidy and did not even appreciate, as before, the adorning placements. The knick-knacks were no longer an inspiration to her. The curtains looked depleted, and she preferred them now open, to the fabric's pattern as before. Yes, the window with its aspect in the garden appealed to her much more now, than what the inside had to offer.

    Her home became a confine to her, and not the 'palace' she had once felt it to be. She, like the ferny fairy, longed to be outside; longed to move away from the materialism she once had built her life around.

    While she slept the householder fairy busied herself, including the woman in her inventory check, satisfying herself that she remained housebound – telling herself that this was because she loved her so much. And the mistress dreamed, yet woke too tired to recall the better parts of these dreams, seeing only the dull and troubled mirror of her life.

    Now and then the garden fairy would shy up to the window and look in. She understood this sickness herself, and wished for the woman the healing she had known. She called upon her friends and sought for help.

    Three days later there was a visitor at the door. Under his arm was a brown paper bag with a fruit bun within, and in the other hand a tissue clad bouquet of flowers. Every flower, every stem with bud, had a living child of virtue – a rosy faced, violet eyed fairy, a congregation of happiness.

    When she got better, as bettered she did, the gentleman visitor returned and took her to many places. Some were scenic nature-type places and some were other buildings and houses which naturally were different to her own.

    She later was to move in with him – took a few books with her, but for the bulk of the furniture, ornaments and so forth, she gave it all away to coveting relatives and neighbors, finally relinquishing the remains to a garage sale.

    On moving day, when the house was emptied and suitably cleaned, she took one last look through the doorway into the vacant lounge room. She did not know how long to reminisce, what was an appropriate time to say goodbye … and could not have consciously realized or seen the little figure in the corner, that she was, at least in part, saying goodbye to. You see, the householder fairy could not go with her, it came with the house. It could not bring itself to venture outside of those doors, for it was not within that tiny nature that was her.

    That afternoon the removalist's truck edged its bulk into the driveway. Clattering down the ramp came a variety of treasures, cramming into the house, being placed here and there – new nails on the walls, boxes with neatly wrapped packages – here, for our fairy, was a new inventory to be made and accounted for!

  265. @32,

    Not exactly directed at #32, but a response to #32 and @ everyone,

    You "certainly don't care." Everyone here saying they don't care, or don't think it makes any difference… you don't have any children do you? At least not any children that you raise yourself.

    I heard on the radio today on my way to work something about a controversial video posted on Youtube recently. This is a highly sexualized video of a SEVEN year old girl dancing and singing to some song from Beyonce.

    What will it take for you people to open your eyes? Do you have to see YOUR OWN seven year old daughter on Youtube, reproducing this video, complete with an orgy scene from YOUR LIVING ROOM?

    They don't call it the MAGIC kingdom for naught.

  266. "I heard on the radio today on my way to work something about a controversial video posted on Youtube recently. This is a highly sexualized video of a SEVEN year old girl dancing and singing to some song from Beyonce."

    Really that is what it is about, who cares what we think about it now, it was designed for indoctrination for those of tomorrow. It will be the new norm for the 12 yr old's a few years from now, I actually hate posting links, case in point.

  267. I agree with you, I was just complaining about how the music all has the same subject matter. I love Hip-Hop, and I never thought I would it would come to this. I loved it becuase of the rebellious theme. The voices that spoke out against the agendas of evil. But now it is like hip- hop has been bought ( paid off), to not only keep silent but to also indoctrinate the youth with materialism, and a only worry about yourself mindset (come up at any cost no matter who you step on). Not to say that Hip-Hop was perfect, but with the bad the positive voices were just as audible if not louder. Now you have to search the ends of the earth to find voices like Dead Prez, KRS-1, Scarface, Public Enemy…. I am thankful for your insight the only thing that bothers me is that people are so closeminded that when I pass along what I am learning here, and elsewhere, I find that people just dont care, like they would rather drink poisened water thatn the truth. But I will never stop fighting to bring the truth to light. There has to be a way to let it shine through the darkness. Peace and Love to all.

  268. All I can say is wow. I watched her video. I felt dirty, and disturbed. Eww. I can't believe the stuff the put on TV there are children watching that! That is really sick. She is sick and so is that video. Very disturbing.

  269. I had no idea that ritualistic initiation of BS and CA went that far back…that was years thanks alot.

  270. Did anyone realize that she calls herself Xtina because she wants to take Christ out of her name? Something to think about……

  271. I don't know why there is so much being read into this, she just likes to mess with people, she made this video to get people talking, to make critics write about it. She's just giving a blunt fuck you to the people who have called her a copycat, she's using direct elements from people like Gaga. She's criticizing the artists who made the music industry to commercial, with the product placement, characterization, and everything else. Either way, if I am wrong or you are, Christina played her cards well, she received a lot of attention, that's her main goal, just like with Dirrty. I have respect for her business sense.

  272. 347,

    Good point. I'd also add that it is replaced with an X instead of a cross. The X symbolizes this removal; it is not used because of similarity to the cross. It is used to symbolize "Xing" something out.

    Replacing "Christ" in her name with X, the orgy in the church symbolizing desecration, and the mainstream media (owned by the same corporations that own the music industry, by no coincidence) on a full speed attack against Christianity. What do you suppose the message here is?

  273. @348,

    If she was singing about putting Jews in ovens, complete with a music video… well as long as she looked hot and had a nice voice and had good business sense, whats the harm, eh?

  274. What would be the response if this degenerate displayed a scene of an orgy in a mosque or a synagogue?

  275. Thank you VC! This was one of my requests and you killed it! Please do something on Miley Cyrus. God Bless! & Keep the truth coming!

  276. @ Elle, 217,

    "second, i miss the old christina, the one who was an individual."

    She was NEVER an individual; it was all an ILLUSION. Look at that picture from Mickey Mouse Club. She was not an INDIVIDUAL then or anytime since.

  277. i thought the video toke scenes from some of Madonnas old videos,either way illuminati or not i like all of the above artists music and will still buy them

  278. @ Elsa,

    Hope you come back and read this… First, I'll disclose that I am not a muslim. Regarding the Islamic prohibitions against music, however, I would like to recommend you watch a 2008 documentary called "Water" for some insights into the subtle effects of music on the human body/mind. Remember, the human body is roughly 75% water.

  279. She looks dead in that main picture. I wonder if its a clone of some sort? SERIOUSLY no telling what they have

  280. Lets put things in perspective for a moment.

    We live in a society that labels as 'offensive' a cross erected in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere, to such an extreme that the Supreme Court must decide what to do about this 'offensive' cross in the middle of nowhere.

    Meanwhile, deliberately inflammatory "music" such as this, as well as the rest of the club, will be blared repeatedly in shopping malls, amusement parks, restaurants, skate centers, etc. and in virtually all spheres in the public square. This song, the video, and others like it are clearly direct attacks against Christians. Were any other group attacked so publicly we would be subject to nonstop outcries of racism and hate speech. Hate speech, however, is a one-way street.

    You are living in an upside-down world. Up is down; left is right; war is peace; pain is pleasure; the 'stars' are your family and your family is your enemy; church is bad unless you are there for an orgy.

    I hope nobody broke the looking glass because I want to go back through.

  281. I was listening to some speech by Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul. He sounds just like DR. PHIL !!!! lolll

  282. Vigilant, I think you are in the Central Time Zone, and there are two states there that are a center of the music industry: Tennessee and Branson, Missouri. Missouri also has a Hip Hop Hall of Fame…I am guessing you live in Missouri. Do I at least have the state right?

  283. 330.Obey May 18th, 2010 3:31 pm :

    What has she done to merit shaking the Queen’s hand? Or even be in her presence?

    What has Lady Gaga done? She shook the Queen’s hand.

  284. @358,

    I think it has double meaning (or triple, etc). The most obvious is as you said, just 'no more Christina.' This is the first impression and most would stop analyzing at that point. Given the shameless and UNDENIABLE anti-Christian theme, however, it is entirely reasonable and logical that Xtina is another display of contempt towards Christianity. So lets look at this again, shall we?

    'No more Christina. Christina is gone, nobody's home." For real?? Let me tell you something, I'm a healthy young man and this Xtina is every bit as HOT as the old Christina. Just like 'someone' said above, she can really sing !!! Excellent range, great voice, etc. How exactly does it follow to say no more Christina? No, I think this represents a NEW Christina.

    This brings another interesting question to mind: Why is it that every one of these pop stars has multiple names? Jayz, Hova, Jhova, Eminem, Slim Shady, Beonce, Sasha Fierce, etc. why do they need so many stupid names? In MK terms, this would indicate ALTER PERSONALITIES.

    When someone spends more money than they have made – credit – then that person goes into 'debt.' When that person is a pop star, they make a LOT of money so that would mean a LOT of 'debt.' They say that debt makes one a slave to the lender. Slavery is a dehumanization in which a person becomes a possession. Whether it be by the corporations of the music industry or by demons and devils, these low lifes are possessed by evil forces.

    The 'old Christina' isn't gone; she never really existed in the first place. Nevertheless, meet the new – satanic – x-tina.

  285. truthseeker on

    thank you! never stopthe message. some may not believe. but you at least plant the seed. youtube labyrinth of truth watch all the parts people,!

  286. truthseeker on

    you truly have a gift of spreading the truth lol! I have read most of your articales and have found no flaws in any. and everything you have posted is facts. I can feel in my spirt that this site its here for a reason my only ? is why is time warner advertising on your page please dont be affended I dont really know how the ad biz works on the net. it just caught my attention as everything does now days lol. keep up the good work your truly a blessing you should make a video series and write some books! cant wait till the next one.

    much love and respect truthseeker

  287. Even if you don't "believe" you gotta admit, what do any of these music videos have to do what the general public thinks the song is about

  288. Totally off-topic, but isn't the "some douche" guy Ryan Gosling (from the Notebook)? Haha cute picture.

  289. by all means keep listening to this mind controlling drivel. it will make it easier to spot the zombies when the cleansing begins.

    the subconscious takes in everything whether you like it or not. avoid this so called "music" like the plague.

    keep up the good work, vc.

  290. pop goes the weezle on

    never liked her and you call that music.. two cows fucking would sound better than that… listen to jack johnson's music.. now thats what i call music.. it makes you relax and think about yourself and others too.. it brings peace.. too bad ppl dont like that kinda stuff no more..

    btw, nice piece VIG :)

  291. i dont know if christina is illuminati….i dont know if anybody is illuminati….as far as im concerned the word illuminati is a distraction from the real evil…THE DEVIL… what if she didn't have illuminati symbols in her vids??? would that matter??? what sealed the deal for me is the sex orgy in the church…..completely unecessary!!!…..they could have done it anywhere…a desert….a mountain top…..underwater….anywhere! but a church?!?! bye bye christina…i liked u but not anymore….its not even about illuminati….its about the fact that there are just some things you don;t do….and u did it.

    By the way vigilant…what so you think of Janelle Monae???

  292. Obey

    The Jason Mraz song I was referring to was one called "Make it Mine". Gorgeous song to play first thing in the morning, gets you ready for a day of living. "I'm yours" is also a lovely song, one of his hits along with "The Remedy".

    Thank you for the kind words again! No I am not going to give up my dreams of being an artist, i am just going to have to alter my thinking about how badly i want to be in the entertainment business and what I am willing to do to get there. I am extremely grateful to this site and vigilant for this information, it has given me a heads up of the dangers that are out there. I have to change my plans and not buy into this "anything for fame/recognition" mentality. I just want to create, I'll have my fans and whether or not i become a mega success wont matter. As long as i'm using my talent to inspire people, inform them and make them use their brains to think a little. Not to just sit in front of a screen, vapid, getting hard ons to me shaking my ass.

    Another thing I have been thinking about is that if all this is true, what vigilant is saying and what i said in one of my post, then a lot of artist have given their lives to show us the truth. I loved Cobain, his talent was that of observation. He OBSERVED a lot of the things that were amiss that the rest of us couldn't see. Then there was Tu Pac, Tu Pac was a fighter! Tu Pac is the only one (that I know of) that called his demons by their name "KILLUMINATI". Can you imagine the balls it must have taken to do that? But in that respect he died to bring us the truth, to alert us. How dare we ignore his warnings if that's the case! And how dare we let these motherfuckers win!

    I'm not going to sit by and just let them win! Not after so many people have sacrificed themselves to stop whatever madness is going on! It's very scary, but hell I want to live the genuine life before I die. The genuine life might be in the struggle, but it's not in the passive acceptance of these things!

    Insert Xena-esque battle cry here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. I agree with comment #361….also Xtina….is like Xmas… Christ….very simple…..maybe a quadruple meaning?

  294. LOL@ Sophia

    Dear Christina,

    Yeah, some Genie… wish i buried your stupid bottle in the sand.

  295. ppl are saying symbols only have power if u know what they mean…..but its quite the opposite……subliminal messaging works the opposite way….ur mind will subconsciously link those symbols with certain things or actions and so everytime you see them over and over in different videos they continue to reinforce those messages while you are unaware….if you know what a symbol looks like and what it is then you're more likely to notice it #1, then its effect is lost because you saw it and you conscious mind will go…whoa! that symbol mean this or that….and automatically u are turned off…that is y subliminal messaging is there…they know if they just say ;do this' u probably wont do it consciously, but if they trick your mind without you knowing, then they can get you to do whatever, believe whatever, buy whatever.

  296. I have long believed that nothing in this world is neutral. Every message has an influence either Godly or demonic. I haven't read all the comments here (too many to read lol) but it amazes me that this robotic theme can be seen in ads for products as well. All those folks that think the elites leave anything to chance are very naive. They don't let any message get out that has not been pre approved. I guess in their view our minds cannot be left to chance. They control most media and you’re not going to get mainstream artists that haven't been tainted by this type of occultism. Vigilant Citizen are you referring to yourself as "some douche" in the pic? I was just wondering if you were humoring us or not.

  297. This is utterly disgusting…

    It's so sick how sex is imposed on us via music, television, media etc, until it just becomes the norm or even worse, it becomes "cool". I can't comprehend how woman see this excessive sexual exploitation as a "freedom" and view modesty as some sort of oppression…guess that is a reflection of the disturbing society we live in.

  298. Zintle Dlamini on

    WOW! I neva realised how this mind control thing works. I only just started reading about the freemasons yesterday but was very aware they existed. It was just such a shoker that Hollwood is so into it. I pray for these lost souls, imagine not controling yourself and having something else do it.

    Don't mean to sound old fashioned but the reason I never liked getting drunk to a point of blacking out is coz I'd wake up the next morning having lived through a whole night but not remembering what I did. That just always got to me as a questioned always stuck in my head, "WHO DA FUCK IS LIVING IF NOT ME" I guess my soul wasn't there. SPOOKY!!

  299. Since you suggested I watched Jack Johnson's "Upside Down" video. It was really cute. That kind of music is nice for maybe the soft rock genre, where people just want to hear some nice music in the background. Nothing wrong with that.

  300. @ Nova 372 – "i am just going to have to alter my thinking about how badly i want to be in the entertainment business and what I am willing to do to get there. I am extremely grateful to this site and vigilant for this information, it has given me a heads up of the dangers that are out there. I have to change my plans and not buy into this “anything for fame/recognition” mentality. I just want to create, I’ll have my fans and whether or not i become a mega success wont matter. As long as i’m using my talent to inspire people, inform them and make them use their brains to think a little."

    Now you're talking, Nova. I like to hear that. But a little caution: Don't worry about always having to inform people. Most people don't want to understand nohow. Just enjoy your artistic gift from the Muse. The ancient Greeks called her Euterpe — "the giver of delight". Google images for Euterpe and see how the ancient Greeks and Romans depicted her, and look at the Renaissance paintings of her. I never had a muse that I know of. I always envy those that do.

  301. Nova, you might enjoy this:

    Homer, in Book I of The Odyssey:

    "Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns

    driven time and again off course, once he had plundered

    the hallowed heights of Troy." (Robert Fagles translation, 1996)

    Catullus, in Carmen I:

    "And so, have them for yourself, whatever kind of book it is,

    and whatever sort, oh patron Muse

    let it last for more than one generation, eternally."

    (Student translation, 2007)

  302. “Happy is he whom the Muses love: sweet flows speech from his mouth.” Hesiod

    "This draught of flowing nectar, the Muse’s gift, the sweet fruit of the mind,” Pindar

    ”[The Muses] are all of one mind, their hearts are set upon song, and their spirit is free from care.” Hesiod

    :" Our culture is sacrificing satisfaction, contentment, happiness, real and lasting security, and peace in the world by building its foundations on technology, the scientific facts, the external, material side of reality. Bringing intuition and inspiration into our lives is as necessary as breathing and eating if we are to be truly happy and contented. These intangibles that give meaning and joy to life belong to the realm of the Muse and we have forgotten that music, dance, and song are the way back to the inner treasures. The Muse represents the joy and bliss of inspiration, the pursuit of spiritual knowledge, and the creative energy necessary to solve whatever problems we face. When we invoke Her in meditation, in music, in poetry, in art, we receive the answers we need. Clearing and opening our minds allows the light of the Muse, the breath of inspiration, to shine through our awareness.

    " The Muse is not a mythological figment of the ancient past, she is the inner source of wisdom and the force of creativity within our own minds. Invoke the Muse and she will come. "

    “Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story.” Homer

  303. A Different Bryant on


    You are a moron and Im asahmed to even share the same name as you for fear Id get mistaken for an idiot like yourself.

    VC, any chance of getting the "Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" pdf on the Knowledge Files?

  304. It must be America's puritanical roots that make them go bonkers when confronted with some tame BDSM imagery. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) describes BDSM as 'clearly not a disorder of sexual preferences'.

    A huge public outcry of moral indignation was displayed during nipple-gate while at the same time the United States has the highest level of teenage pregnancy Among OECD developed countries. Why display this kind of self-righteous judgmental condemnation regarding of the morality of others while at the same time being deafening silent when countries are bombed and invaded based on proven lies and prisoners are being tortured in your name?

    This music is only distracting you from the real morally reprehensible criminals that lurk in Wall Street and the government. But many have been brainwashed (subconsciously manipulated by a.o. the media) to believe that greed is good and material wealth shows that God likes you (and hates the jobless bum on the street that you just walked past and condemned in your thoughts). That is not what Christ taught.

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

  305. great article………….being part of these not so secret societies; is just the trend for entertainment these days………….. I guess they are prepared for the consequences……………………..

    • Great comments here!
      1st, I didn't realize that "some douche" was Ryan Gosling, I just thought the guy's pose made him look like a douche. So, I don't have a personal vendetta against Ryan Gosling!

      2nd Good observations on the importance of the letter "X" in the video. It replaces the word "Christ" in Christina's name as a form of denial. She wears a mask with bunch of X's in the church scene also.

      3rd Obey, I'm from Eastern Canada

  306. blessthelord on

    hey evry1 :-) loved the article….just another reason to stop supporting this sick music industry and thier sick movement….ppl are so blinded and need to realize what they're doing to themselves…im young and it takes a huge sacrifice to let go of this music but it is sooooo worth it…i've decided to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ the one true Lord and its hard at 1st but once u submit and just let him do everything for u, it has its many blessings and rewards…4 all of you that refuse to open your eyes and choose 2 stay blinded, i just pray that God reveals himself 2 u…remember God will 4 give anything and you've never gone 2 far to recieve him…God is a loving forgiving Father and he put each and every one of us on this earth to do beautiful things…so dont allow satan and his decieving ways to enslave you…God loves us all nd being saved is simple…just accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior…he died on the cross 4 us…and believe it because its the only way to true happiness…..i love this site because it aims right at the heart of the youth which is music and entertainment…God Bless Everyone……..hey P.S…JESUS RAWKZ!!!

  307. blessthelord on

    hay…also…if ur looking for good christian music check out these guys…..: Sent by Ravens….Starfield…the Almost…Underoath..Chasen..Chris Tomlin..Hillsong (my fave)…Third Day…Shane and Shane…Chris Quilala..Tenth Avenue North..Casting Crowns && more…just check em out

  308. Now that the talentless bimbo Cheryl Cole has crossed the Atlantic and joined the $100 million club, to be recruited by occult band, Black-Eyed Peas, for collaborations, and possibly signed by Jay-Z….. watch her personna transform into this dehumanised, militarised and robotic, vamped-up sex-kitten, complete with 'one-eye.'

    You heard it here first!

  309. Eastern Canada?

    The Eastern Time Zone for Canada shows the same time as here in New York. I presume you are 75 degree latitude and 45 degree longitude (west, I presume, as we appear to be west of the Prime Meridian in England) and are on GMT-5, all same as me.

    With these coordinates your time should be the same as mine. YET when I post — like right now when I do I will observe the time that shows on your board — it is always 1 hour behind my time. How is this possible?

  310. OutspokenTheGr8 on

    Its funny how people worship the cross, Jesus wasnt even killed on a cross, it was a Stauros (stake or pole). Look it up. and were not supposed to worship these things for God even says that he doesnt not want idols before his face. But if you look in churchs nowadays…what do you primarily see? Its funny to me. The same illuminati that are behind the entertainment industry have also corrupted religion as well so there are alot of things that are practiced in religion that go back to pagan rituals. Examples. Easter or Eostre which is a wiccan god of fertility…bunny rabits and eggs having signigy fertiliy….so there you have christianity and paganism combined. Same thing with halloween, its basted on celtic festival, the celts were not christian at all…so why do christians celebrate it? Ghost gobblins and demons are also associated with halloween but people still seem to be ok with it. Harmless fun you may say? You know from the stories that vigilant citizen that there is no such thing. christmas, valintines day, in fact if you do good enough research on all the holidays you will see pagan origin. But people dont want to see that or recognize it. Why? Because in actuality they dont want to stand up for what is right or be differant. or they are tied to close to there holidays because of family and friends. And even though they may know its wrong to celebrate these holidays and practice these customs there attitude of "do what you want" or "Do What thou Wilt" overrules there knowlege. That same "Do What You feel" or "Do What thou Wilt" is what the illuminati aka Satans tool uses to get people.

  311. You do swear by that Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) manual, Vardis, don't you? lolll

    But I agreed with everything you said. Regarding the imagery, there is a BDSM following. They love their leather and all. The Society of the Black Rose. It does have a certain fascination and though I don't care for the slut-pop industry, I did like the imagery in the Christina video. On a certain level, it was tasteful, believe it or not. And I guess it gave a big thrill to the BDSM crowd to see it.

    Just putting in my two cents — no value judgements, really, on this one (my gut reaction to the video), though I'm not sure videos like this are a good thing to aim at the young. I would think it just adds more fuel to their hormones.

    Glad to hear a Voice of reason now and then :)

  312. LOLLL server time. You're funny Vigilant :) hehe

    OK are you saying you are on the same time as me then? It is now 12:08 PM. Is that what you have?

  313. OMG A TYPO!

    "… though I’m not sure videos like this are a good thing to aim at the young." SHOULD BE:

    "….NOT a good thing to aim at the young!!!"

  314. ooops never mind…I'm getting confused. had it right the first time :) lolll Vigilant did this to me. Or was it Vardis? Got me unnerved.

  315. @ OutspokenTheGr8

    I hear what you saying, Good point

    But most people dont celebrate christmas or easter for e.g. with the same intention that pagans of old use to.

    Actions are judged by intentions.

    But yes one has to investigate the origins of something to get the full picture

    Which is what makes this site so cool

    It tries to broaden your world view and mindset.

  316. Great article….as I am becoming more aware of the Sinister nature of not only the Music industry but those in control of the world economy, etc….it has brought me closer to my faith. If one were to not only look at what the Music/film industry is doing, but also look at what is being done in Politics (taking our freedoms), Economics (the rich getting richer and the middle/lower class getting poorer), it becomes obvious how far reaching the sinister plot is to further corrupt and destroy the world we live in. People need to awaken themselves to the truth….and then do something about it. Fight for you freedoms, fight for the innocence of our children, and follow God. Word.

  317. Lets not forget about the power of commercial radio stations

    This is where most people first hear the latest track of so and so

    "Turn off the radio!

    Turn off that bullshit!"

    Dead Prez

  318. And when you think you've had it all of MTV, ahem – now it's outrage blasphemy.

    They reminding those monkeys, pushing moveless tiger (people of Earth) with a stick, to see if it's dead or just sleeping.

    Soon they will know. God with us, they will.

  319. aferrismoon on

    The Yod-Beyt [ or beth] stands for YAChYN and BOZ , Yachin and Boaz , the twin masonic pillars.

    YB = 12 via Hebrew letter-numbers

    MShH is an anagra of MShH [ Moshe-Moses] and enumerates to 345.


  320. Hm…in my opinion, for about 90% of this vid is recycled of Madonna's "Express Yourself" vid. I saw that vid for so many times and till now I never linked it with iluminati (occult).

    It is also interesting how Christina and Madonna in some scenes look alike to each other in this "Not My Self" vid. I wonder what's the agenda for that? But, also Gaga sometimes look like their clone. I almost forgot to put Gwen Stefani in that picture. The 4 of them look like mannequins made of one origin body. I could think of many reasons why Industry wants clones (of Madonna) but the main reason got to be related to transhumanism…in my opinion…or something like that…hm, or maybe it is pure dehumanizam.

    Sorry for my english (I'm a bit rusty).

  321. Obey May 19th, 2010 11:04 am said:

    "You do swear by that Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) manual, Vardis, don’t you? lolll"

    I guessed this might be noticeable 😉 but the DSM-IV is the de facto handbook for mental health professionals, so everyone in that field 'swears by' it.

  322. @ #253 I agree, what about exposing the wizards behind the curtain? Now that would be some journalism!! But probably also very dangerous. And if someone truly exposed the brains behind the evil machine with impunity, one would have to ponder who is working for whom? You might think "the illuminati has to have their entertainment too". Maybe they use these videos in their late night gatherings (see Eyes Wide Shut); getting money from the masses who buy this stuff is just a fortunate bonus for their one world agenda financial coffers. Sex is part of their religious ritual and belief system. Sex makes them more intelligent (knowledge was satan's tool of seduction) and more powerful, that is their belief. I'm not condoning it, just trying to give more understanding. The "artists" are mostly being pimped, as others have pointed out, and some like Madonna are firmly into the belief system. The general public is being duped and abused verbally, aurally, visually, psychologically and financially. A major mind-screwing operation is being foisted upon the unwitting. Make better choices…

  323. Speaking of which, and the DSM-IV manual, "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest" was on TV last night, Vardis. Are you anything like Nurse Ratchett?

  324. Obey May 19th, 2010 12:42 pm writes:

    You work for the government, Vardis?

    Certainly not… I'm my own boss.

  325. Check out this series when you have time It gives details about the depth of the occult influence in contemporary music across all genres, talks about the significance of thecolors red, white and black, talks about the symbols, etc. etc. Watch this as a nightly series instead of those stupid reality shows, you will find it an eye-opener.

  326. Enlightened on

    I thought the 2003 VMA performance was celebrating Xtina's initiation as a virgin and Britney's release from the cult. Either way it is still some dark shit. People have been exposed to this kind of dark stuff so much over the years that it is impossible for them to see it for what it really is. They think it is just fashion/art/ music fun stuff. Illuminati have done a great job of brainwashing!

  327. Obey May 19th, 2010 12:45 pm writes:

    Speaking of which, and the DSM-IV manual, “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest” was on TV last night, Vardis. Are you anything like Nurse Ratchett?

    Don't force me to go tell your mother Billy 😉

  328. The next item on "The Agenda" is to normalize pedophilia. That's why you have sex ed in elementary school, and these hypersexualized videos and movies targeting the under 12 years old crowd. Sex between adults and children. Google "men love boys". Wake up and speak out.

  329. I agree with all this. One question though is about the Music Directors like the Hype Williams' etc. Where do they get the idea for the video from? Have they souled their souls too or is it that from the lyrics they have to be creative to carve a video out of it? It's funny how one person could listen to a song and draw one picture and then another person a totally different picture. However, these Directors, even though they are different present these videos with all these symbols. I guess every raod leads to Revelation 17: Skull n bones, Illuminati, Jesuits, Masonary. In the end will be the false prophet and the Anti-Christ. After the rapture of course. They have really perpetrated every facet of society and risen to the tops and are controlling everything. By the way if the Euro fails it's still fulfills the one world currency eventually. When all the economies fail what happens? There has to be a way to transact business! Thus fulfilling Revelation 13. But the Big Kahuna running the show is Revelation 17. A city sitted on 7 hills in Europe. People open your eyes wake up!!!!!!!!!

  330. @ #372 Nova, most of the hip-hop deaths of either the artists or their relatives, could be attributed to blood sacrifices that had to be made to gain entrance into the the upper echelons of the music industry, or join the $150 million + club. Tupac, Jennifer Hudson's family, and others paid the entrance fee for Jay-Z, Jennifer, Puffy, Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby and on and on. And what you see in some of the VMAs performances are the INITIATION RITES! It is all detailed in this series Check It Out!

  331. 419 – You are correct! For what 70 / 80 years of being rich and an eternity in eternal darkness? keep all you millions and billions baby. That good book tells us about the past, the current and what is to come. The only history book that tell us the future! Dan Ch 2 lists and the empires. The symbolism of the the Statue King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of. I don't have a doubt in my mind all will come to pass. Reason why other artists just fall off!!!! They are NOT willing to sell their souls. How would you give Hudson a grammy for singing? She didn't show range in playing a something out of her comfort zone. It's like giving A-Rod a grammy for playing a baseball character in a movie. Surprising all the artist deaths or children. they control it all. We work for them too. They run the show but's all temporary though.

  332. Good work again!

    One positive thing about this…people are waking up everywhere and seeing the truth. Keep exposing the truth. We need it.

  333. @ Vardis, back in about 1978 when the DSM II went to DSM III the homosexual lobby paid off the American Psychiatric Association to take most of the sexual disorders out of the list. (not that they aren't disorders, they just aren't listed as such). So the DSM !V soon to be DSM V is just a politically correct listing of disorders, because many psychiatrists/psychologists didn't want their own sin-of-choice listed as a mental disorder.The fix was probably backed by NWO elite money too, if it were possible to trace such things.

  334. When i saw her video on E news, i knew right away that this was some illuminati stuff. I was just waiting for an article to be published on here.

  335. Say What? May 19th, 2010 2:22 pm writes:

    @ Vardis, back in about 1978 when the DSM II went to DSM III the homosexual lobby paid off the American Psychiatric Association to take most of the sexual disorders out of the list. (not that they aren’t disorders, they just aren’t listed as such). So the DSM !V soon to be DSM V is just a politically correct listing of disorders, because many psychiatrists/psychologists didn’t want their own sin-of-choice listed as a mental disorder.The fix was probably backed by NWO elite money too, if it were possible to trace such things.

    If this was in fact possible and true, then why didn't the much more powerful Vatican not just bribe the APA to remove pedophilia from the DSM as a form of paraphiliac disorder. Much cheaper than trying to settle on a individual basis for each and every child-abuse case.

    Why doesn't the filthy rich tobacco lobby succeed in bribing the medical profession to remove the link between smoking and cancer from their books?

  336. I think he is saying Vardis that the homosexual lobby put up the heat on the APA as homosexuality gained power and forced the APA to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. I think this is true.

  337. The tribute to Madonna is not only for the Express Yourself video, it's also to Human Nature.

  338. …and I'm not making any value judgements about it…just saying. but however the homosexual activists achieved it, they did have it removed from the DSM.

  339. …not to mention, those who were already homosexual in the fields of whatever the DSM covers…got to consider that too. I think there was no need for paying anyone off. It was just something who's time had come.




  341. "…not to mention, those who were already homosexual in the fields of whatever the DSM covers" — meaning the professionals in the health fields.

  342. Obey May 19th, 2010 3:49 pm writes:

    I think he is saying Vardis that the homosexual lobby put up the heat on the APA as homosexuality gained power and forced the APA to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. I think this is true.

    Maybe the question should be why homosexuality has been classified as a disorder in the first place. I think this may be rooted in the prevalent heterosexual orientation of the majority and accepted religious doctrine. Removing it from the DSM, even as the result of political/social pressure, can be seen as nothing more than agreeing with the contemporary scientific views.

    But I must agree that classification according to the DSM is only a working hypothesis and does not represent absolute truth. A point in case being hysteria which was not to long ago regarded as of uterine origin.

  343. Well, I actually don't really believe in these theories, even though I do find them interesting from an academic point of view. However, when I heard a leak of the title track from Xtina's Bionic album, I immediately thought about this article. Here are the lyrics:

    This is the moment that I take over your mind frame

    Step into the picture that I paint using my brain game

    I'll let it get you so high, I'll give you a migraine

    Over and over put it on replay till youre in sync

    This is a roller coaster thats about to be long gone

    Once you jump in were gonna get up buckle up and hold on

    Just let it go give it up allow yourself to transform

    Follow me follow me to a place unknown of no return

    Are you ready to go X2

    Bionic take it supersonic, eh

    Bionic hit you like a rocket, eh-yeah

    Bionic, so damn bionic

    Gonna get you with my electronic supersonic rocket, eh

    Bionic take it supersonic, eh

    Bionic hit you like a rocket, eh-yeah

    Bionic, so damn bionic

    Gonna get you with my electronic supersonic rocket, eh

    I am the future put it on you like a hurricane

    Call me a supernova thats taking over all time and space

    I'm testing your dimension cant keep up with what i create

    I'll break your concentration imagination with what i make

    Many times imitated not duplicated cant be replaced

    Na-na-na let me spell it out everybody come shout my name


    Are you ready to go, etc.

  344. Vardis,

    "If this was in fact possible and true, then why didn’t the much more powerful Vatican not just bribe the APA to remove pedophilia from the DSM as a form of paraphiliac disorder. Much cheaper than trying to settle on a individual basis for each and every child-abuse case.

    Why doesn’t the filthy rich tobacco lobby succeed in bribing the medical profession to remove the link between smoking and cancer from their books?"

    Removing pedophilia from the DSM would not have changed the LEGALITY of child sex abuse, would it? Saying it is not a 'disorder' would not suddenly make it any less illegal.

    Rich tobacco lobby? They were successful at repressing those links for decades. Even when it was finally accepted, the tried very very hard to resist.

  345. Whats up with that song "Bed Rock" by Young Money? The tune sounds like it fell off the back of a cheap ice cream truck or like a lullaby from a childrens' toy.

    "My room is the G spot"

    ^^ It sounds like you still live with your parents !!

    "Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock"

    ^^ Mr. Flintstone? Now you are sexualizing a childrens' cartoon?

    Is it just me or is this the stuff of perverts and pedophiles??

  346. Sophia May 19th, 2010 5:32 pm writes:

    Removing pedophilia from the DSM would not have changed the LEGALITY of child sex abuse, would it? Saying it is not a ‘disorder’ would not suddenly make it any less illegal.

    Rich tobacco lobby? They were successful at repressing those links for decades. Even when it was finally accepted, the tried very very hard to resist.

    The law and legality are nothing more than what people agree it to be. It is not objective, but merely a structure agreed upon to be imposed on society. In ancient Greece and Rome, for example, underage (homo-)sexual relations were considered to be relatively normal.

    The tobacco lobby indeed tried to repress it, but they did not succeed. Thus it is very unlikely that bribery can change global scientific consensus. They continue being successful at bribing (lobbying) politicians though, or as I prefer to call them opportunistic political whores who sell themselves to the highest bidder in order to be able to clench to power.

  347. Vardis,

    True enough about law and legality although I doubt classification of pedophila as 'not a disorder' would cause people to agree it should be legal. The tobacco lobby only failed once the links between tobacco and cancer had permeated the public mind to such an extent that it was already undeniable. Even still, they didn't go down without a fight.

  348. Vardis May 19th, 2010 6:01 pm :writes:

    In ancient Greece and Rome, for example, underage (homo-)sexual relations were considered to be relatively normal.

    Now, I am not in my league when it comes to debate, but it's always good to sort out definitions.

    Ephebophilia – involves sexual activity by homosexual men with 16- or 17-year old boys (as in NAMBLA), and is considered something that is distinct from pedophilia or child molestation. I believe the classification of ephebophilia is in the DSM IV.

    In today's world I think Society (meaning the Right mostly) gets confused on the homosexual issue. I am reading an article dealing with the current 'priest scandal' in which the author states it's not a celibacy problem. However his logic, I think, extends to Society at large when it comes to the homosexual issue:

    The author states that it "…is a homosexual predator problem — as distinct from "homosexual problem", which would unfairly imply that all homosexuals are predators. It IS a homosexual predator problem in that young men and boys are being targeted by older men."

    Do you think that the author's logic is sound? The argument sounds reasonable and sound to me.

  349. Just a girl on

    VC help me to understand your article, are you saying that christina Aguilera has been under a brainwashing procedure including raping and watching videos in order to get fame? That she was turned into a sex kitten to be famous? Your articles are very interesting and convincing but sometimes after reading them i have some doubts about some things you don't say. Can you or anyone answer my questions?

  350. Now this, my next point, may or may not follow logically from anything above, but in another article it states this:

    ""The majority of sexually-questioning youth, even children with Gender Identity Disorder (when a child desires to be the opposite sex) will typically lose this desire by puberty if the behavior is not reinforced. A reference is cited.

    Now, imo, childhood is a time for learning (schooling). This is why — or at least one of the reasons why — Society (the Right) appears so against having to have their children taught about this "lifestyle". Wouldn't you say Society has a point? The state of education in the U.S. appears to have declined drastically as it is. Teaching them about such a sordid subject (sorry, but in the classroom it appears sordid to me), is not helping things (education) any? GSLBT material in the classroom strikes me as open brain-washing, and I can't imagine what I would have thought of the world at a young age if I had such material forced upon me.

    As I say, I try not to have value judgements on this issue — but when it comes to elementary and high school (when minds are being formed), something is wrong with the picture.

  351. Vardis – …the prevalent heterosexual orientation of the majority and accepted religious doctrine.

    So although you are correct in the above, there is another rationale underpinning it — and underpinning Civilization, which is what we see happening today now that homosexuality is 'out of the closet'. In the past schooling was dedicated to schooling. Now we see brainwashing in the school system, in a school system already down the drain and this now taking up the sum total of finite hours in a classroom that can be dedicated to the actual learning of subjects. I don't want to imply that teaching homosexuality is the root cause of this decline. Certainly the music industry does it's darndest too.

    Well, anyway, the decline of civilization goes on. It is described mathematically in Chaos Theory by the physicists and mathematicians. I saw a graph of it. The section of chaos that takes place after every attempt to "fix it" gets larger and larger. The only thing I forgot to ask is whether he took into consideration polarity — that at a certain point does the polarity shift when chaos reaches a maximum and begin again, or does the system collapse?

  352. “”The majority of sexually-questioning youth, even children with Gender Identity Disorder (when a child desires to be the opposite sex) will typically lose this desire by puberty if the behavior is not reinforced.

    Of course this was my problem all along as a teen-ager. My brothers were sent to a good trade school to learn useful things, which I wanted to go to, but was not allowed because I was a girl. And that was the answer I got from the mother. So I do see now that that statement above about reinforcement is what keeps sexual stereotypes in place.

  353. "GSLBT material in the classroom strikes me as open brain-washing"

    GLBT material was not in the classrooms for centuries and it didnt change the fact that homosexuals existed and still do. Educating children on respect of others, other culture, nationnalities, of woman, and on the sexual orientation of others is NOT brainwash, but NECESSAIRY. Hate crimes are intolerable in the "Right" society. Fear and ignorance are motives of a hate crime. That's why education is so important.

    BUT, this video is everything except educationnal, and frankly, I am disturbed that my little sister is exposed to that kind of sexual propaganda.

    To be more on the topic, it is a trend in mass media, fake bisexuality. "I kissed a girl and I like it, I hope my boyfriend won't mind it" Exploiting the erotic "fantasme" of lesbianism for money and fame. And you all get the bigger picture.

  354. i'm just glad that there is some stimulating discussion about all of this. we should always address and readdress the passage of time and out culture. no matter what we agree about or argue against, the dialog is most important. b/c whether or not any of these people who have that ephemeral icon job have thought about what they do and how it effects the way we think and feel, they do have an forcefully and often poignant impact on the way we socially develop. culture/sub-culture wars. its the froth in a starbucks mug and the cream in my indie coffee shop cup o' joe.

  355. Thanks for posting the madonna and britney performance I missed that. It still rocks to this day as far as pyramid cake I guess u see something I don't see. Madonna grand priestess? LMFAO well I guess u are right coz she's totally magical NATURALLY BORN to be Madonna. I also love Britney Spears so much. Those little girls in music have no clue what they are doing they are just living their dreams and sure it gets HARD on them at times but its beautiful.

    I myself DREAM to be a well known musician and this illuminati stuff WHICH I DO BLV In will not stop me. I will not worship any evil entity. I am close with my gaurdian angel and know what I am doing is right. Some ppl are born talented and its not fair illuminati shit messes them up.


  356. Vigilant Thank You for the article…everyone should also check out Jonelle Monae..the next "it" girl they are trying to create..all her visual references are to the film Metropolis….her new album is called "ArchAndroid"…creepy

  357. All I can say is that in the olden days eople practised homosexuality. However in Genesis 2, after God asked Adam to name all the animals etc. He saw that he needed a help mate and put him to sleep and created out of his rib Eve. Not Eve and Brittant and Evette. Just one woman – Thus his original plan before sin came into the world by the eating of the apple and disobeying God's command.For that reason shall a man leave his father's house……cling unto a wife/woman NOT women. One to One or One plus One period. That was the original plan. A kingdon! Not a democracy – A Kingdom with words like Dominion over all things. A democary is bound to fail. When Adam ate tof the apple he lost tyhat revelation and after his exile he had to rely on knowledge. He now could see and lost access. I said all this to say what was God's original plan. Don't give me that Abraham and Issac etc had more than one woman and orgies in the olden days. We change but the word doesn't. All our doings are secret on earth but Gossip in heaven. Everything to this blog post is being recorded in the book of deeds and the book of life. We all will have to answer one day. Hopefully not at the White throne Judgement see Revelation 20/21.

  358. I agree with a lot of other articles you have written VC, HOWEVER, I feel as if THIS particular article is digging a bit. I feel as if Christina is deliberately satirizing and mocking the many comparisons between herself GaGa and Madonna, that people have been doing for years. This is just my opinion but i don't know, I need to hear more of her Bionic album and the next video to really attest that she too has begun illuminati workings. Christina is ALWAYS changing, this is no different. I am NOT saying there are not some Illuminati symbol similarities in the NMT video (the Horis one eye symbolism/which can also be the mocking of GaGa); blasphemy at best (the church and orgy) but she's always pushed the envelope like this in the past. I just feel as if in this article you attempted to dig up coincidental things from her past as try and to justify your analysis for this ONE video/upcoming album. So I don't know, Christina is still good in my book. …. until further notice of course lol, I just would like more concrete evidence like the Rihanna, Beyonce, and LG articles, thats all.

  359. I agree with the poster who said something didn't feel "right" with Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce" CD. I LOVED B'day (or as I called it, "Bidet"….LOL) but Sasha put me off from the get go. Everything out there is crap.

  360. I think people who do not believe any of this please, please, please look at the bigger picture. There is a lot going on not just with the music industry but the they have also hijack the movie industry also. They are just considered fallen angels and feel that satan did not have a chance. So they are up lifting him through the music and other demonic forces regardless of what the case, music or movies…You have to search and research everything concerning what is going on with the Illuminati. These people, (of elite power) are hi-jacking eveything!

  361. MarindaLiza on

    Just so by the way, "Some douche" in the photo of the Mickey Mouse Club is Ryan Gosling from The Notebook, and a very famous actor. *duh*

  362. Thanks VC i asked for this one in another comment. Its a shame cos she was one of my first fave singers.

    Thanks again for the post :)

  363. Sophia May 19th, 2010 6:22 pm writes:

    "True enough about law and legality although I doubt classification of pedophila as ‘not a disorder’ would cause people to agree it should be legal. The tobacco lobby only failed once the links between tobacco and cancer had permeated the public mind to such an extent that it was already undeniable. Even still, they didn’t go down without a fight."

    Classification is certainly very relevant in relation to perceived and actual legality. Recent examples are the prohibition of alcohol and criminalization of cannabis use. Man's laws (should) reflect the will of the population, thus in some countries prostitution is legal while illegal in others.

    The link between tobacco and cancer permeated the public mind only after discussion in the medical profession. The claim that bribery of i.e. the APA can be used effectively to have certain 'disorders' change status is extremely unlikely given the global reach of academic research and the honored practice of full disclosure.

  364. oh and i totally agree with you Lil Vibez

    i didnt think she was messed up because of songs lk 'keep on singing my song' , 'soar' , 'the voice within' and ' here to stay' etc.. how she talks about being true to herself and in otheres she has no self respect (e.g get mine you get yours) so the programming has rly messed up her mind.

    Thanks VC .

  365. One more thing! lol

    Cedric – Demi Lovato had her career begin at Disney so she is being used lk another hannah montana or selena gormez type.

  366. Well that's interesting you should post that, esta, on a couple of fronts.

    First I was just listening to Jackson Browne's "Lawyers in Love" where he says the people in the U.S. didn't "get" this song, and that it's neither about love nor lawyers. I think I get it though:

    God sends his spaceships to America, the beautiful

    They land at six o'clock and there we are, the dutiful

    Eating from TV trays, tuned into to Happy Days

    Waiting for World War III while Jesus slaves

    To the mating calls of lawyers in love

    Secondly I see Lord Coe (Baron Coe) who is a former athlete and politician from the United Kingdom (among other things, plus a member of the Gentlemen's East India Club) that is promoting the mascots. Now what's interesting here is that Coe "Coe was featured in the Brass Eye [2] spoof documentary on paedophilia unwittingly accusing American blue-eyed soul singers Hall & Oates of not only being the same person but also of being child abusers."

    Now what's even more interesing about this program Brass Eye (damn but the UK does get the best programming) is that

    "Brass Eye was a UK television series of satirical spoof documentaries. A single series of six episodes aired on Channel 4 in 1997, with a further special episode in 2001."

    "Brass Eye aroused considerable controversy when it was first broadcast, primarily because prominent public figures were fooled into pledging onscreen support for fictitious, and often plainly absurd, charities and causes." Some more examples can be read at the link. And then there is this:

    "Michael Grade, then chief executive of Channel 4, repeatedly intervened to demand edits to episodes of Brass Eye, and rescheduled some shows for sensitivity[citation needed]. The final episode (which had been most tampered with) included a single-frame subliminal message reading "Grade is a cunt". "

    I have a feeling I know who is behind Brass Eye (the Starsucker people sounds like to me lolll )

    It is said among UFO circles that disclosure is very soon. My feeling is they are here and it's only a matter of time. :)

  367. Obey May 19th, 2010 8:41 pm writes:

    "Now we see brainwashing in the school system, in a school system already down the drain and this now taking up the sum total of finite hours in a classroom that can be dedicated to the actual learning of subjects. I don’t want to imply that teaching homosexuality is the root cause of this decline. Certainly the music industry does it’s darndest too.

    Well, anyway, the decline of civilization goes on."

    Which subject should be taught in schools? Only economics, math and other topics useful as function training in preparation for a job, or also the arts, philosophy, things that contribute to the self-realization of the individual.

    Unfortunately civilization is to often but a thin layer of veneer as can be easily seen when there is a disaster. Plunder, rape and murder, the law of the jungle (survival of the fittest) taking over in no time.

  368. Another top article.

    And LOL @ 'some douche' We need to find out what happened to that uber cool kid

  369. Vardis – Which subject should be taught in schools? Only economics, math and other topics useful as function training in preparation for a job, or also the arts, philosophy, things that contribute to the self-realization of the individual.

    Unfortunately civilization is to often but a thin layer of veneer as can be easily seen when there is a disaster. Plunder, rape and murder, the law of the jungle (survival of the fittest) taking over in no time.

    I've always preferred a classical education myself, the kind that nowadays only the offspring of the Elite get, like at Oxford. And it's a shame that even in the U.S. there was classical education. But a lot of these subjects, like teaching Latin, are no longer the mainstream. So I guess what we have today in the universities is fine — it's a combination of function training and also of self-realization, plus classical subjects as they are still there.

    Oh I couldn't agree more that civilization is just a thin veneer. Let all hell break loose and Americans will have all they can do not only fighting themselves, but all the millions of illegals who are here also.

  370. @false post 286 I went to go do it but quickly changed my mind. I was too scared. LOL!!!!

  371. Someone else go do it please that's more brave than me and tell me(not exactly what it says but is it demonic. (Lady Gaga's Song)

  372. @da ridler post 243 THAT'S EXACTLY RIGHT! I LIKE THE WAY YOU PUT THAT…"THE RECORD COMPANIES ARE THE PIMPS AND THEIR "FEMALE" ARTISTS ARE THEIR HOES. I had to emphasize on the female artist because their the ones getting more and more slut like while the males stay the same unless they decide for themselves that they want to show something more explicit. How many times have we seen that happen. Not much.

  373. First, I have to say that I have been visiting this site on and off for awhile and I have found these articles to be astonishing. I've always known that there was something not quite right with the music industry but I just couldn't put my finger on it. The music continually sounds the same, artists increasingly become sluttier, and the music videos have nothing to do with the actual song. A blind man, no offensive, can see that something is horribly wrong. When everyone was falling head over heels for Beyonce I knew that something wasn't right with the chick. When Rihanna came with "Umbrella" I knew she was a totally different person than from her first album. Jay-Z is another story, he sold out a long time ago. To be honest now is not the time to be ignorant anymore because ignorance can kill you, literally and figuratively. Those who don't believe, they can continue to walk in blindness and ignorance but in the end they will see that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

  374. i got the latest cd of "Muse" the alternative band, it is called resistance, i don't know if they are famous in the states, but this cd has very interesting songs about revolution, uprising, resistance, and weirdly enough the 7th track is called:

    MK Ultra

    now i am not sure, are they in the system, or against the system, anyone knows anything about them.

  375. @286 False and Racquel Hey I went to the site and I can't tell what she's saying but its a pretty nice site to go to. Doesn't have a lot of songs but I know its has messages in it when played backwards. Just like Stairway to Heaven. Thats up there too. @LVB I luved your post on Stars very informative. But is Randy Jackson related to Michael and Janet. I didn't think he was. Their real brother's name is Steven but goes by Randy his middle name. I can't wait to read the rest of your info.

    @JT LOL A blind man, no offensive, can see that something is horribly wrong.

    Thats so true.

  376. Ben – May 19th, 2010 11:36 pm writes:

    "Don’t give me that Abraham and Issac etc had more than one woman and orgies in the olden days."

    There I was believing that Abraham had three wives; Sarah, Hagar and Keturah.

  377. Janelle Monae was on 106 and Park yesterday. I don't watch that show anymore but I was flipping through the channel and I saw her on and she has named her album The Arch Android. Her other album was named Metropolis. Both covers have her in robot attire.

    Notes from Wikipedia: The ArchAndroid The album was released on 18 May 2010. The second and third suites of Metropolis are combined into this full-length release, in which Monáe's alter-ego, Cindi Mayweather—also the protagonist of Metropolis: The Chase Suite— becomes a messiah-esque figure to the android community of Metropolis.[5]

  378. Sophia – May 18th, 2010 6:11 pm writes:

    "Replacing “Christ” in her name with X, the orgy in the church symbolizing desecration, and the mainstream media (owned by the same corporations that own the music industry, by no coincidence) on a full speed attack against Christianity. What do you suppose the message here is?"

    The X in Xtina instead of Christina is very likely comparable to xmas instead of Christmas. The X being the symbol for Christ, from the Greek letter chi (X), initial of Christos.

    the importance of the letter “X” in the video (clothes/mask) might be intentional and pointing towards a certain place.

    The part in a church is most likely not intended as desecration. It has a deeper conceptual meaning, the very reason why more artists have their video shot inside a church. For example:

  379. For god sake, i really think you are reading far too much into these things. Yes there are simerlarites. I agree. But you are basically saying the music industry is Devil worshipers, who want to turn into robots. who are members of the illuminati and freemason. yeah. right. Oh and by the way, Oh and satanists do not worship the devil or god. they are atheists you idiots.

  380. justanothergirl on

    VC or anyone help me to understand your article, are you saying that christina Aguilera has been under a brainwashing procedure including raping and watching videos in order to get fame? That she was turned into a sex kitten to be famous? Your articles are very interesting and convincing but sometimes after reading them i have some doubts about some things you don’t say. Can you or anyone answer my questions?

  381. I heard this haunting, mystical song on the radio driving in, and I listened very hard and got the group and song title. This is NICE….
    Fleet Foxes 'Mykonos'

    The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us

    Footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up

    And you will go to Mykonos

    With a vision of a gentle coast

    And a sun to maybe dissipate

    Shadows of the mess you made

    How did any holes in the snow tipped pines, I find

    Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?

    And you will go to Mykonos

    With a vision of a gentle coast

    And a sun to maybe dissipate

    Shadows of the mess you made

    Brother you don't need to turn me away

    I was waiting down at the ancient gate

    You go

    Wherever you go today

    You go today

    I remember how they took you down

    As the winter turned the meadow brown

    You go

    Wherever you go today

    You go today

    When I'm walking brother don't you forget

    It ain't often you'll ever find a friend

    You go

    Wherever you go today

    You go today

  382. something I noticed was, they are so obsessed with the one eye thing, that christina now has a silver piece of round metal to shape her lazy fingers just right (maybe not to upset the handler)

  383. Phenomenal work!

    I save this to my computer, in the future when my child asks "Dad what was your world like?"… I'll tell them there were many beautiful things and show him the photos I have… I'll also let him know that there are dark forces in the world, people who are so corrupt they become a cancer.

    I'll shield my children against those cancerous celebrities by washing my child in true knowledge, I'll show him/her your articles.

    You are a service onto humanity. Please keep it up.

  384. @ Vigilant I don't know how you do it. Answer all these questions and write these articles. I commend you though. If you think its BS then why are you even taking the time to write a comment!

    Let's keep this board peaceful PLEASE

  385. Yall have a long way to go to think he's just making this stuff up. You need to read and do some research before coming back on this site to say someone is an idiot or its BS. Not everyone is going to believe this and that I understand so if you don't, then leave and stop commenting just to be controversial.

  386. Yardis/ Vardis,

    har was never married to Abraham. She was a house maid that was pushed unto Abraham by his wife Sarai/ Sarah as she didn't think she could have a baby. They mated and gave birth to a son Ishmael. I was trying to argue against the stance Yardis. Others including the Utah folks would use this as a premise as all the people in the early days had more than one wife or that there was homosexuality. I agree!!! But that was before sin!!! That wasn't the plan………


    Satanist, Devil worshipper, Atheists – All bad!!!! Everything has a creator. Everything. That computer you're typing from, your house, car and also man. Science has a long way to go. Big Bang, Darwinism etc. When are we evolving next??? We've been in this form for a minute. We didn't just appear out of thin air. We cannot comprehend God. He started the start when the start got started but he himself was never started. He began the beginning when the beginning begun but has NO beginning himself. He created me and you, time and space, so in that time, which is NO time, if I pass my hands in the air, I will not bump into any protons, neutrons or electrons. He is existence himself. He is God of time AND space. We limit him to just saying he's in New York and at the same time Dallas. He's was there in 2001, here now and is already in 2011 waiting. We haven't gotten there yet. Y'all don't understand. It's either submit and bow now or do so later. We never say how much money we wished we had before dying. Again keep the billions I wanna be in eternal light. Read up on time light mysteries. Time is measure by light. When you are locked in the hole in jail you lose any semblance of time. You can measure the speed of light. Distance between sun and earth. However, in his presence there is no semblance of time either as you're at the source!! Enough for now. All the answers are in the GOOD BOOK!


    Satan's fate is guaranteed. They are not uplifting him. They will end up in the pit with him. He know's his time short. See Revelation 12 when he's finally kicked out of the heavenly sphere and woe unto those who didn't rapture. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. In the Quaran it is said he didn't want to bow to man as he felt he was better as he was made out of fireless smoke. Okay you were created before us but you disobeyed a direct order from the Boss. Thy Kingdon come on earth as it is in heaven. He knows the end from the beginning.

    People wake up and smell the sh*$!!

  387. @ someone

    even if illuminati and the occult agenda doesnt exist, christina has you mind controlled. how silly can you be to defend someone as hard as you are that you don't even know?! Stick her CD through your ear and make it your brain. & go to her fansite forums w/that, sweetie. you are def in your late teen years, if that…

  388. @outspoken- it's also called business

    which is what all of this is

    god bless america and the money makin'

    i mean pagan gods or whatever

    the christmas tree is another example

    and santa claus etc etc

    p.s. in eastern orthodox christianity- its not even called "Easter"- its called " the Ressurection" literally

  389. this masonic theme or concept make Music Videos nowadays the same…now people says xtina copied Gaga.. but it's actually from the similar masonic theme..

  390. @ Vardis, #427 What can I say? Psychiatrists at the time (about 1978-1980) had a vested interest in eliminating sexual disorders so they wouldn't have to diagnose themselves as mentally ill. Many of the psychiatric Powers That Be at that time were gay but in the closet. I was a med. student when all this happened and I happened to know at least one of the psychiatrists pushing and lobbying the APA to change its DSM. He was/is gay. The DSM has committees of psychiatrists who meet for a couple of years to decide what to include in DSM and what to take out and they can be persuaded by whatever means…. I can't vouch for what goes on in other specialties, but that's the truth about the APA. They are meeting right now to decide what DSM V will include, and I think some big changes from DSM IV are planned. Everything is not as you would expect it to be….

  391. Thanks, Obey and Sophia. There is agreement that chldren age 5-11 (more or less) years old are psychologically in "latency" phase of development, meaning sexual drive/curiosity is sort of disconnected as the psyche uses its energy FOR LEARNING. It is not healthy or productive to sidetrack latency by exposing kids to sexual material they are not equipped to handle. During this phase of life they should be learning how to think and problem solve. Just my opinion, of course. But we can just look around and see the results of this "experiment". Compare American education system outcomes to those in other countries such as Japan. I rest my case.

  392. Also Vardis, you know very little about who influences medicine these days, sorry to say this. The Pharmaceutical Companies have major influence on what medical studies are done and which study outcomes are reported and which ones are canned. Have you not heard of all the scandals at the NIM Nationa Institutes of Medicine in the US about false research etc? Cancer Research is one area where the scientists have had ahigh turn=over rate due to false research. Like I said, everything does not run the way you would expect it to. Research Scientists fudge their results, happens more often than people would care to acknowldge. Scientific Research is Big Business.

  393. re: 492 Sorry, I meant NIH National Institutes of Health. NIMH is National Institutes of Mental Health. One reason I'm out of medicine is undue influence pressure by Big Pharma, through pharmaceutical representatives/sales people, to control how doctors treat their patients. Nobody talks about this but it is going on all over the US. You would think doctors could resist this pressure, and they do for the most part. But when Big Pharma offers "incentives" to administrators and systems that are in dire need of financial help (mostly public clinics/hospitals) some unscrupulous people cave in.

  394. You know if any of these artist except for Gaga maybe ever go back making r&B or ballads stuff like that will you claim they are apart of the illuminati then? And its IMPOSSIBLE to just start being apart of something after 10 or 5 years this is another reason why i dont believe this stuff……Oh well but we're all entitled to our opinions so calling me a sheep or whatever is pointless.

  395. Right when i saw this video, i knew you were gonna have something to write about it, becasue the lyrics and symbolism in this one is so obvious!

    I love this website, and it's kinda funny how i came across this site. I had to do a biography on a celebrity for english, and i chose lady gaga! and while doing that i found this site and now i know the truth about what these songs are really about. I'm only 13 and i actually showed a couple of friends your articles and i just wanna say thanks for making this website and exposing the truth about todays artists. not that i'll stop listening to their music nessacarily but knowing the real meaning will stop me from looking up to them as much.. and i'd love to hear what you really think about miley cyrus!

    thanks again!

  396. Sora,

    Going back and singing Ballads is al good and well. If you've sold you soul you've sold your soul. All what would happen is that your album would flop. Either that or the major brass wouldn't even wanna put dollars behind it as it doesn't have the right touch i.e what they're looking for. They'll send you back home to try and redo the project over. Now if you come back and it's not develish enough, they assign you some producers etc. Front the money and duck you on the sales on the back end. All sadi and done you've sold you soul for fame and the dollar which will not be around in th enext 5 – 7 years anywhow. NWO. The Terra or whatever currency which has already been created. We're just in waiting for the right crisis and folks and istitutions start panicing and have no faith in the currency. the dollar would be a third tier currency soon enough. Anyhow that's another discussion. Ballad or not they are told what to do.

  397. OMG!!! this stuff is sooo crazy just like everything else on this site, its crazy BUT true and like i cant believe this is happening they are banning channels that speak the truth in different countries and this is actually happening right before our eyes!

    thanks though i strongly believe that we should be informed about this!

  398. I hear this song on the radio that I like called "Alejandro". It has a good beat. So I youtube'd it and it seems there's some confusion over who sings it – Madonna or Lady Gaga. I want to see the video that goes with the song but I don't want to have to look through quite a few videos to find out. Anyone know who actually sings the song that's played on the radio?

  399. OK it seems to be Lady Gaga. But which is the official video? I see scenes from her other videos in the Alejandro videos. Oh-oh I just heard her sing "She's not programmed like a baby" ! Could be a good video for analysis !

  400. It would be hilarious if people just decided not to buy into the industry. Not give them money and attention. I'd love to see that…someone like Lady Gaga or whatever, sells their soul for fame but noone cares…….but that would probably mean, that people would need something else and more interesting to occupy their time for things other than work..

    I guess the elite does not want you to question too much about what is your life and why you live..let's just be like animals who exist, not live. I feel like the world will end soon if things just continue the same, America is doomed with the current value system. I guess, for a reason..

  401. @445, sugar,

    "Fear and ignorance are motives of a hate crime."

    Really? … Then, uh, wouldn't they be called 'fear and ignorance' crimes? It's phoney psy-op mind control BS.

  402. Yes. Created by the Left, according to their version of the "Right" society — as sugar put it — which I presume to mean the Left's version of what is a "Right" society. There could have been a way to deal with "hate crimes" other than indoctrination in the elementary and high schools, taking up classroom time.

    Someone posted about having to do a report about a celebrity. A celebrity? That struck me why a celebrity of all things?

  403. Man!! This is so irritating! Ya know, when I was a klub kid in the 90's in San Francisco doing live S&M performances on stage it was edgy. Then Madonna popped up with here new leather look and it was irritating. My girlfriend was like "What? She can't do that, that's ours!!" This is just another case of the mainstream capitalizing on counter culture life styles, and selling it to nerds in middle america that get off on watching but condemn any one in "real" life that has a counter culture life style. S&M, co-opted. Tattoo's, co-opted. Piercing, co-opted. Sigh, whats a freak to do? And if I was doing all that in the 90's, why didn't the Illuminati make me famous and rich? I guess its like the freemasons, "To be one, Know one"

  404. vigilant jr. on

    Obey….Go find yourself some vagina! Damn, you've been commenting for 4 days!

  405. Is that supposed to be a crescent moon shes holding when she does the Odin eye?

  406. Well, here's another comment for ya vig jr:

    I don't like this new google search engine. All I get are web sites that are selling something. Before they changed their format, I could google "Odin Eye" and get a ton of Norse myth websites. Now, nothing. The one webpage for Odin Eye that came up is about Norse myth, but no up front pictures of what Odin's Eye might look like. Changing the google format like this must have been done purposely.

  407. Odin was known for having only one eye. So were other gods in other systems… like Horus.



  409. Good that you made available to download Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler's book. It is one of the most important books of these days, after the Bible.

  410. yes brilliant article. It is plain to see – if you are not already duped by the word and media – Bryant…..SHAME

    My heart really goes out to all the Disney stars, the girls are the ones picked and groomed for hell mostly. They dont stand a chance.

    What will happen to the Jonas brothers?

  411. That was an interesting comment Sophia 512. I never thought of "gods with one eye". But Horus? I never read anything that stated he had one eye. Is it merely the hieroglyphics, the way he's shown — or stated somewhere in the ancient texts?

  412. I have to say I took a gander at Janell Monae and I was not impressed in the least. She may be a Grace Jones look alike — but this is no big deal with some make-up and a hair-do and throw in gyrations — but she had "as you can see, I will put out for all the men that want me and do whatever they want as long as I get to the top" about her. I'm not sure I can tolerate having to deal with an analysis of her. But hey, that's just me. Basically I'm open, but there's a limit to my patience!

  413. What is going on here? This "Bryant" hasn't commented, to my knowledge, since he posted some like a dozen or so emails from the beginning of this article. Whyever on earth are people still mentioning his post? Are they in the grip of a psychosis?

  414. Orgy in a church? A new low!

    The video was absolutely disgusting. I cant believe that some channels here in UK air this rubbish daytime. I mean the kids are watching for God's sake. Sometimes the parents can be in another room away from the TV so we cant just guard the kids 24/7 and BOOM that hideous video shows up out of nowhere.

    God help us!

  415. It's funny how her name begins with 'Christ', yet she's bowing to Satan. If Christ didn't exist, why would she be given that name? Which is a slight variation of the name 'Christiana'. Which means 'Female Christian' or rather, 'Female Follower of Christ'. Just a thought.

  416. Well, to begin with Janelle Monae is wearing the masonic black and white (as in the checkerboard masonic floors), the video is about robots (transhumanism) and she comes in a black and a white model. She's dancing and singing and people are bidding for her. Then later you see the brides in white and she is on a horse wearing red at the end. Typical initiation video. From novice (white) to adept (red). She even has the part where she pulls up her left pants leg which is part of a masonic initiation for the first degree, or one of the beginning degrees. She levitates up in the air and gets zapped by blue electricity, that's the "illumination". Short version, she's been bought, let's see who in her family and friends dies to pay the initiation fee.

  417. Say What? May 20th, 2010 4:30 pm writes:

    Also Vardis, you know very little about who influences medicine these days, sorry to say this. The Pharmaceutical Companies have major influence on what medical studies are done and which study outcomes are reported and which ones are canned. Have you not heard of all the scandals at the NIM Nationa Institutes of Medicine in the US about false research etc? Cancer Research is one area where the scientists have had ahigh turn=over rate due to false research. Like I said, everything does not run the way you would expect it to. Research Scientists fudge their results, happens more often than people would care to acknowldge. Scientific Research is Big Business.

    Firstly, you know absolutely nothing about me nor about my understanding of the current academic community. I personally always state that the Mafia could learn a thing or two from 'Big Pharma', so I'm very well aware of their antics, like pretending to give aid while in fact field-testing new drugs or giving doctors or apothecaries an expensive laptop to do so called 'research' concerning the effects of the products of that company they are prescribing.

    I am also well aware of companies funding research and 'expecting' favorable results i.e. Monsanto's Bovine somatotropin.

    But given how the scientific method works, full disclosure: document, archive and share all data and methodology so they are available for careful scrutiny by other scientists, thereby allowing other researchers the opportunity to verify results by attempting to reproduce them, assures that somewhere the chaff is separated from the wheat. Once a researcher has been discredited as unreliable, no serious scientist will look at his work again.

  418. Bear in mind Say What that Janelle Monae is asking to be used. It's written all over her demeanor. As such, why blame an amorphouse "Illuminati" controlled music industry when she *is* used, like by the men for sexual purposes. That's basically all it boils down to — you want to be on the top, you will pay for it.

    Let us hope there is no great outcry, yea, from the peoples of Vigilant Citizen, when those amongst them cry out O Lord a virtuous woman has been used — and we demand their heads!!!

    Otherwise, yes it's interesting the interpretation of the symbols and the overall venue of initiation that it's given. This is done, undoubtedly, for the selling purposes of making a star. I mean, the producers of stars have to have some sort of gimmick to make them so. Yes?

  419. hello to free your mind

    have you seen the london one eyed monsters being the olympics mascots?

    the uk is where it all began my friends.. the reason why they created this country

    its dirtier there as they play this sh*t in the daytime

    but now its all the same here cause every other 5 year old has a computer

    and do you think parents even take the time on cable to do the parental control crap

    the kids are still watching it, and the moved the crap to earlier timings anyway (ex family guy, south park, etc) all of tv is disgusting these days esp with reality stuff which is to get us used to being watched

    and this christina video i am not surprised- and this will keep getting worse because we allow it

    Super Junior – I'm only gonna Break your heart

    This is a good song I keep hearing on the radio. I like the beat. But the guys in the video are not the ones who do it. I posted the video anyway because these guys are cute, and they look professional for a Korean group.

    Apparently the singer is Taio Cruz. I haven't heard of him before — but I like his song and the video. I hope Vigilant doesn't say he's Illuminati too! :(

  421. Well, now that there's a lull, referencing PinealG's #62 post (in the first 100 range). There was the question of Polarity.

    I had mentioned a scientist here has devised an equation, basically of all things (in my amateur way this is the only way I can express it or remember what he said), in which I see a graph that begins with chaos (back in time). As decisions are made to "fix" it, the region of chaos becomes larger, on into infinity, or on to the total collapse of the system. I have no idea what variables he used in his equations of the Hamiltonian systems, or 'non-Markovian systems with memory', but I think my brain would blow up if we got into that.

    So i asked him about Polarity, did he factor this into his equation?

    We looked again at the graph, and this time I saw that it was the area of order (the "fixing" it part, called 'fractional order', the 'stable periodic trajectories' part) was actually getting larger than the chaotic periods part. What he said next astonished me: their observation is the reason the stable trajectories appear to be becoming longer is that the SYSTEM ITSELF REMEMBERS from the past. Hence the system stabilizes as time goes on. and becomes longer. This reminded me of Rupert Sheldrake's ideas of morphic resonance in which he

    "…proposes that there is a field within and around a morphic unit which organizes its characteristic structure and pattern of activity. The hypothesis is that a particular form belonging to a certain group which has already established its (collective) morphic field, will tune into that morphic field. The particular form will read the collective information through the process of morphic resonance, using it to guide its own development."

    An example is young birds just born do not have to be taught everything by the adult because what was already learned by the adult was already passed on via morphic resonance to the newborn chick or whatever.

    'A physical system that remembers itself' — in other words learns from itself. Pret-ty astonishing!

  422. @ OBEY- lady gaga sings alejandro

    but why i have no clue , its like it doesnt belong with the rest of the album

    maybe to attract latin customers?

    reminded me of madonna's "isla bonita" – how it was random in there

  423. alleyesopen on

    At the top when you talk about Her being in the MIckey Mouse Club. You put the names on 4 kids. Brittany, Christina, Justine, and "some douce". I don't know if you put "some douce" instead of is real na me. Because you don't know who he is. But that guy made it to the big time lke the other three did. His name is Ryan Gosling. He is a Actor in wonderful Hollywood.

  424. when in saw dis vid bouf two nyts ago… i def knw i would c it here…. also doin some research myself.. wen i c it on tv i dnt rili av to cum here cos uve tot me aw to analyze such stuff,,, more off good stuffs frm u… nd to all the 8rs.. ur dumb.. cos i dnt knw wat u nigs dumb ass b finkin.. u c sum dumb shit on tv nd ur lyk wow….. gt some brains nd embrace almighty God's salvation… peace

  425. anyone see bruno? love that sacha cohen.. notice the musicians he had in the end? they were very very specifically chosen




  427. Vigilant! You might be interested in reading this. It's from "Religious Dispatches" some kind of liberal Catholic website. I think them at Religioius Dispatches has seen your website !!! :)

    Lady Gaga’s Secret Religion Hidden in Plain Sight

    All-seeing eye?Jeremy Biles

    Jeremy Biles, PhD, resides in Chicago, where he teaches on religion, popular culture, and art at DePaul University, and philosophy at the Illinois Institute of Art. He is the booknotes editor for the Religious Studies Review and the author of the book Ecce Monstrum: Georges Bataille and the Sacrifice of Form (Fordham University Press, 2007).

    Is Lady Gaga—the self-proclaimed “fame monster” so well known for her enticing pop music, outrageous fashion, and elaborately staged spectacles—involved in a pseudo-religious conspiracy of global moment? The answer is “yes”—but not for the reasons that the conspiracy theorists believe.

    More at the link:





  430. FreeYoMind

    Hey, good to see you! You're absolutely right about Randy Jackson…I confess to info overload there. I had his pic for a later section on American Idol, and must've plopped it in there accidentally…maybe I was thinking of Jermaine or TITO!! I do remember Randy from his days on bass with Journey, etc., prior to Idol, not the Jackson 5 clan.

    Anyway, thanks for the input and I'm glad you liked the article. Part 2 will be out in a few days, hopefully. I think you'll enjoy it – supermodels, tv and movie stars/directors and more…

    Hi to stacy-nyc also…long time no see. :)

  431. smoothchic

    If you haven't noticed already, I refer to "it" as Anti-Christ-ina. Seems quite fitting at this point. :)

  432. vigilant jr LMAO

    Judging from context, I think Obey may have indicated already having one of what you suggest they go find, but perhaps I'm mistaken….and that may be beside the point, anyway. lol

    Some people just have a lot to say…so be it. :)

  433. Thanks LVB for the head's up.

    On your website:

    "Jimmy Page is notorious for his obsession and fascination with the occult, in general, and Aleister Crowley, in particular. Page made frequent trips to Cairo, Egypt, for various unknown reasons, and even went so far as to purchase Crowley’s former estate, known as Boleskine House, located on the Southeastern shore of Loch Ness, in Scotland."

    He probably took his initiation inside an actual pyramid in Egypt, probably the Great Pyramid at Giza. I read somewhere some occult societies take their initiations there. Possibly the Rosicrucians, but I don't remember. Hey, pretty cool thing, I'd say! Except being inside a sarcophagus would unnerve me. Anyway, that must be one fascinating House, Boleskine. And in Loch Ness no less! Pretty neat.

    You do have some very interesting knowledge. I read about the Venus pentagram some time ago, but never knew about it's association with the higher mind. Wow. Venus is my ruling goddess — I'm a Libra.

    I hope you post here often. Your site overflows with golden nuggets!


  434. WHOHOOOO VIGILANT!!! In that Jeremy Biles article at the site if you click on the link — YOUR SITE COMES UP FIRST!!! YHOU DA BEST!

  435. hmm interesting article by Biles, and the ending I think is true enough: "Lady Gaga’s secret is hidden in plain sight. She reveals that today it is not signs or symbols that rule the world and control our minds. It is style."

  436. Obey

    I don't get as much time now to post here as I once did, but I do write some hefty articles now and again, so I hope you'll enjoy them. I wrote the one about the BEPs, PsyWar and Transhumanism, and Vigilant liked it and was kind enough to publish it here for me. I thought it was an important message and wanted to get it out there to as many people as possible – and believe me, this site has MEGATONS of people looking at it.

    I'm sure something of mine will end up being published here in the future, but in the meantime, feel free to check out the small, but growing library I've started over there…enjoy the nuggets! :)

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them.

  437. hey…am writing from Africa,Kenya..u can now know tht your website is widelly being read in your country..which is rising awearness of the DEvils trick..vigilant keep up the Good Work and may God Bless you guys…you are really changing peoples lives..i was once an addict of HIphop and Pop songs…but whn i commit my life to the Lord,things changed and i thank the Lord for that…this are the last days…Mark my words>>>Thw Second Coming of our Lord Jesus is Coming…i urge you people to repent and flow his ways…anyhting is possible to God…Jere32:27

    God BLess u all

    spread awearnesss..

  438. As soon as I saw her cd cover, I was like yep she's merged in with the rest of the Lady Gaga club. I used to like her Christina's music and it is such a shame she wanted to be part of this. The video was disturbing to say the least, I am even surprised that they can air this stuff where kids can watch it. It is far too raunchy/pornographic and she really isn't herself at all. The flashing at the end of the clip with the orgie in the church, then her in that creepy outfit where she has her eyes covered and chained ugh!

  439. I wish it would happen that way@dude from south Africa. Fortunately alot of us over here don't buy music anyways which is the reason why now the aritist show up everywhere just about in lives, "on perfume bottles, movies, billboards while endorcing something, clothing lines etc. I'd like for people to stop buying their products too. Even though I've never bought any of it….I have seen it and nobody's clothing in my opinion looks worth anything above 50 dollar for three pieces of clothing. Most of it looks just like a typical hip hop video, "Cheap." Sorry. LOL Not only do I not buy their things but I don't like wearing clothing period with somebodies logo all over it; I refuse to be somebodies walking advertisement for free. Anyway, what you said "dude from south Africa" is what I'd like to happen in massive effect so that the artist themselves can have a good arguement on their behalves when the record companies try to say things like, "this is what the people want to hear" Then they can say back to them, "no they don't because I'm flat broke." LOL If only this would actually happen.

  440. @say what? post 525 Thanks for telling me ahead of time because I don't like surprises. SO are ya'll saying that this is a good video or not. Is she exposing them or joining them? If she's exposing them then yes I agree with you "say what?" I'm going to be watching and hoping that they don't come after any of her people or her for stepping outside the box that the pimps "The Record Companies" don't allow to happen.

  441. This media blitz on our minds is all coming to a head for a reason. There is a cosmic allignment creating an evolutionary shift. Time is getting faster(or the illusion of time lol).

    These shadow forces (black nobility/illuminati/reptilian bloodlines) are stepping up the heat because they know we are waking up to their manipulation. The only way a small group of people can control the masses is by making us control ourselves. As David Icke said we've out sheeped the sheep. We dont need a sheep dog to do it, we pull each other back into line.

    As long as the majority of the public remain hypnotized they dont care what the 'Conspiracy Theorists' do,say or think. Check out Michael Tsarion and read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot ,incredible book.

    Thanks Vigilant Citizen ,keep up the good work.

  442. Great Job , I asked for this analysys and Got it , Im learnong a lot with you VC, I cought almost everything you mentioned here , Keep on doing what you are doing!!!…and Thanks!

  443. I think Christina Aguilera has just grown up. She was 19 when she started her carriere. And now she's 29.

    She's not afraid to embrace her sexuality and tries to send that message to women who feel ashamed about such topics or even themselves.

    There is a double standard in society (about which she already talked about in her song "Can't Hold Us Down"), where men can do whatever the f* they want, but if a woman does the same, she gets labeled and critisized for it. It's 2010 and this should finally stop!!

    NOT MYSELF TONIGHT is a song that she wrote at the end of shooting her movie "Burlesque". And that's what it is about "not being herself" because she had to be another person when shooting the movie. This was a whole new experience for her and she wanted to share this with her fans.

    I know that mind control does exist and the world needs to open their eyes to stop it and help its victims, but I really don't believe that Christina Aguilera is a "mind control robot".

    Please just watch some interviews of her and "get to know her" a little bit – she's just a very honest, open-minded woman, who does whatever SHE wants, and not her record label or any "handler".


  444. Who made the video?

    Who inserted those ideas in the videos?

    Was Aguilera programmed to do these things?

    Are you saying Aguilera is a sex kitten?

    We are all so fascinated with the article that I think we omit some details. Can anyone help me to understand all this?

  445. I recall seeing this performance on MTV & changing the channel. I had no clue what it meant – as with many of these [on stage] performances – or if it meant anything at all, but I knew that something was not right. It was the most disturbing, homosexual [lesbian], debased & perverse performances that I never want to see again. I felt like my eyes were being raped. And performances have become a lot more worse. Personally, I've stopped watching them [Award Shows]. But if you understand how the world works, what's taking place & what's coming then these things begin to make sense. And I've learned a lot over the years. You have to understand that there's a spiritual [supernatural] warfare that's been taking place since Lucifer [who became Satan] fell from heaven along with his sympathizers. Whether you choose to believe it or not makes all he difference in the world. Nothing speaks loud & clear more than the Truth. One day you will see it & perhaps understand it – but 'til then it's on you whether to choose to believe & find Truth. And despite countless liers & false witnesses out there like, Oprah Winfrey, in truth, there is only One Truth because there is only One Creator. There is no such thing as "neutral" ground.

  446. I recall seeing this performance on MTV & changing the channel. I had no clue what it meant – as with many of these [on stage] performances – or if it meant anything at all, but I knew that something was not right. It was the most disturbing, homosexual [lesbian], debased & perverse performances that I never want to see again. I felt like my eyes were being raped. And performances have become a lot more worse. Personally, I've stopped watching them [Award Shows].

    But if you understand how the world works, what's taking place & what's coming, then these things begin to make sense. And I've learned a lot over the years. You have to understand that there's a spiritual [supernatural] warfare that's been taking place since Lucifer [who became Satan] fell from heaven along with his sympathizers. And whether you choose to believe it or not, makes all he difference in the world. Nothing speaks loud & clear more than the Truth.

    One day you will see it & perhaps understand it – but 'til then, it's on you whether to choose to find & believe the Truth. Because, despite what countless liers & false witnesses out there like, Oprah Winfrey, say, in truth, there is only One Truth because there is only One Creator. There is no such thing as "neutral" ground.

  447. "There is no such thing as “neutral” ground."

    I agree. Also, that is because there is only One Creator, without Him its really nothing-ness because He created everything – us people, the Earth, the universe.

    Even demons 'believe and tremble' yet they are unruly slaves of God and people of similar nature, will end up together with demons in eternal suffering – these people will be seeing God that they denied for so long, and His presence will burn them unlike anything else. Eternally….I don't want to end up there!!

    I know what it is like to lose God, it's worse than anything I've been through personally. I know what it's like to be surrounded by demons laughing at me as I cry. Hell is real and so is Heaven. Those who deny it, well, I just feel sorry for those people, don't waste your life…there is no calling 911 once you're OUT THERE. Noone will hear your cries.

    Wake up people.

  448. I want to add… that what's so funny about all of this – if you care to find the humor in it – is the fact that all of these videos are starting to look the same. The female artists dress the same, have the same message in their songs, have the same message in their video [and video props]… how could you not see what's going on. You'd think they [the powers that be] would try to be more clever [ and they are clever – in their own right] but you can re-alter only so many times. it really is becoming a bore. What God has to offer – enternal life, the everlasting peace & rest of a future sinless life and world – is so much better than what Satan could ever offer. That's why these entertainers are so unhappy. I mean, look at the people in Hollywood & look at their lives… you can tell that they're unhappy.

    Peace – I mean, real peace – and real rest, do not exist outside of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. And don't mistake wealth, fame & possessions with happiness. True feedom isn't found in living a life of sin; you can never have true freedom while being bound in sin & trangression [if you think about].

    These artists, when they sell their souls to the devil for fame & wealth, are tormented beings from that point on. The steps that are required in order to climb the "ladder of success" are treacherous.

    So if you won't believe me, hopefully you'll believe people who were once in the Music/Entertainment Industry. If you go on YouTube & type in "Professor Griff" – he was a part of the Hip Hop group, Public Enemy – he talks about some occult rituals that go on. Or, if you can, get G. Craige Lewis's dvd called, "The Truth Behind Hip Hop", he shares an experience of former R&B group member, Kevin Thornton of Color Me Badd.

  449. To Bryant, yeah you're being rude and posting an aggresive response because you are in denial about what you dont want to believe. I mean it says a lot that you even came to the website to read the article…so you were suspicious about it to begin with. So now you're probably just upset that the article confirmed your possible suspicion. Regardless which you believe this stuff or not (I do)…you dont have to be rude & call people degrading names for what they believe. Chill out, and thank you :)

  450. I just have to say, I don't believe one way or the other but it is a BIG coincidence that a number of artists are all incorporating a common theme among their work.

    For example, Keyshia cole's new album was called a different me, lil wayne's "rock" album rebirth, beyonce and ms sasha fierce (being a different person), T.I. and his old self is now dead and gone, Rihanna good girl gone bad and she's now rated R. Usher raymond vs raymond (fighting within himself bad side good side, whatever) and of course ms aguilera now being bionic and she's not herself tonight.

    I know I've missed alot of other artists but I'm just making a point. Alot of artists are now using this same theme, whether it be an album or a song or their actual personality. I'm just saying…

  451. I was watching the Janelle Many Moons video when 3/4 of the way my computer crashed. This happened to be before when I was researching illuminati stuff….hhmm.

  452. Okay now I am really fed up with all these Music Artist and their bullshit agenda. Each are starting to look the same, sound the same, dance the same, use the same symbols, losing and then finding themselves, etc… So I say it is about time that we just ignore them and stop allowing them into our lives and the lives of our precious loved ones. I no longer care who worships what, If it is Satan you love then, Have at it!!! I won't be trying to stop you and save your soul. Only because it is a battle that only the Creator is equipped to handle. Most of these artists are wealthy so there is no need for me to keep spending my money to hear, see, and like a damn dummy thirst to see the same ol' same, just with a different face. Duh!!! It;s already too difficult living in this world and making it without falling apart. So, I don't need dark, sinister, sad and creepy entertainment in my life. I perfer the happier, more encouraging, upbeat, positive and inspirational type of entertainment. I think and function much better and a lot more positive and remember things like love, compassion, God, Goodness, loving my neighbor, helping others, and steadily grow with knowledge, instead of bullshit that stunts my growth and has nothing positive to offer me or even encourage me.

    I say to hell with TV!!! We seems to get the same pathetic energy from it. It does more damage to us as well as our youth. I say fill that space with knowledge. Learn a new language, read more, pray more, study and keep your mind afloat so that it will continue to function as it is suppose to do. Not let others take over your minds where you forget to think for yourself. The more you know, the more you will not let others fool you or take you for granted. You'll be able to spot bullshit. and you'll be intelligent enough to make very good decisions for yourself, family and friends. Have you all noticed that the Educational Programs here in America are lacking. And not too much is being done about it. This is done on purpose to keep us on a certain level and keep us dumbed down. Do not get caught up in this conspiracy. An idle mind can be a dangerous mind because it keeps you at a certain level of thinking. Below standards. Ignorant. Shallow. and too underdeveloped to think for one self and become easily accepted and dependent on someone ruling your entire life. So while you all are concentrating on these "Celebrities". The real issues and the ability to stop some of what the elite are trying to do is going right over your heads.

    Adults take back your children and demand of them the things that are important. Remember you will not always be around. Shit happens! At least try to prepare them and give to them the very gift that they who did not ask to be born, deserve.

    I'm changing somethings in my life for the better and I am only encouraging others to do the same. Life is already hard and unpredictable. Why indulge in things or people who make it even harder.

    Thanks all for listening to me. Much love, respect and prayer to those who need it. Peace!!!

  453. @ PSYCHE That is Exactly what I thought…Ryan Gosling LOL I think he's hot though

  454. the video is gory and the song simply sucks, so i didn't like it in the first place!

  455. I am 50 years old and have read a lot about Monarch programming, but I have to tell you that to see S & M masks in these videos is deeply disturbing. This is a level of deviancy that our children are being exposed to as a normal sexual thing. It is not. Whenever I see it I always feel like praying to dispel the darkness that surrounds it.

  456. I''ve been reading your stuff for quite a while now, and I appreciate the knowledge you are putting out there for the public, so that we may see the evil produced by Hollywood. It is devastating and heartbreaking that these lost people are so willing to sell their souls for a little fame and money! I would feel sorry for them if they weren't trying to corrupt the youth of this country, and WORLD. This is the true reason other countries hate us. The celebrities of Hollywood, (that think they represent the rest of the normal public) show us as devoid of any sort of morales and no idea of what is right and wrong any more! They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but instead are rewarded with fame and money for these repulsive, offensive and scandalous acts. Shame on Hollywood and these degenerates!

    Keep up the good work Vigilant Citizen!

    Never stop exposing these miscreants for what they are!

  457. Dude, by the way, what about U2 new hit "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" ?

    Sad thing that the idealistic 80's U2 is dead. Perhaps it was never true, see the power in the name.


  458. U2 was born a "starseed" — humorously designated a "crawl-in". He is a member of the Planetary Activation Organization. Disclosure is very soon.

  459. @kirbette May 23rd, 2010 12:28 am – "I am 50 years old and have read a lot about Monarch programming, but I have to tell you that to see S & M masks in these videos is deeply disturbing. This is a level of deviancy that our children are being exposed to as a normal sexual thing."

    And what exactly would be the reason that according to you it not normal but deeply disturbing, even deviant behavior? Is it because bdsm is not your cup of tea and everyone else should conform to what you have learned to regard as acceptable, or are there other reasons why mature, consenting adults should refrain from some role-playing to spice up their live

  460. @Lizzie May 23rd, 2010 1:32 am – "I”ve been reading your stuff for quite a while now, and I appreciate the knowledge you are putting out there for the public, so that we may see the evil produced by Hollywood. It is devastating and heartbreaking that these lost people are so willing to sell their souls for a little fame and money! I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to corrupt the youth of this country, and WORLD. This is the true reason other countries hate us."

    I think that the habit of the U.S. government to start numerous wars based on lies for self-serving motives, their support of many cruel dictators to keep their grasp on power and the criminals on Wall Street have more to do with the fact that the U.S. is not liked very much. Also the fact that the U.S. constitutes a mere 5% of world population but acts like they own the place is not helping very much. Neither did the shameless USA, USA chanting and booing at athletes from all the other countries during the Olympic Games held in the States.

  461. Jus so disapionted in christina.,she's got so much talent. Y wuld she hv 2 go tru such 2 becum famous. y cnt des celebrities realize dt satan's gifts r like d opposite side of a coin. He's promises ar rarely eva fulfilled. Do dey eva wondr we're dey'l spend eternity. Its jus so sad

  462. omgoshh tell youll soon be writing about miley cyrus's new song cant be tamed!!!

  463. Seda – "I think that the habit of the U.S. government to start numerous wars based on lies for self-serving motives, their support of many cruel dictators to keep their grasp on power and the criminals on Wall Street have more to do with the fact that the U.S. is not liked very much."

    Yes, this is very true. The government is beholden to other forces — the so-called black-ops government in the world – plus mixed with corporate interests that all want to keep the Illusion as is. They feel the UFO aspect will be the giant breaker of this current reality system we have — and they fight Disclosure tooth and nail, and bring on board their useful idiots to unwittingly help them. These are those that keep going on about Illuminati conspiracies and plots. And we know *who* among these cannot understand a single thing. lollllll Well — ya gotta laugh is all I can say :) lollll Disclosure is very soon. *They* call it the New World Order in the darkest terms. Well, what one say? Ya gotta laugh lolllll

  464. Seda, you seem to be conscious – in the link about "preparing children for sodomy" — do you think that taking a still frame of something and focusing in on some aspect of an image and calling this "proof' of preparing children for sodomy is rational? When pictures are taken, if one looks long enough at it, one might pick out a random movement of a person, say, and begin interpreting something out of it.

    I know all about the subliminals. I've read enough about it.

    But shouldn't one also consider the source? Like this Henry Makow. I've looked at the things he puts out, and he is, first of all I think jewish, but I believe also a neo-conservative. Then we have to look at the ideology of the religious Right, and we see it more than wanting. Is not Makow implanting subliminals of his own here, if you look at the pictures at the link?

  465. Well,,,,all I've got to say is with dillydallying with all this Illuminati paraphernalia and the music industry, there are some serious events taking place in the world, one of which is the possibility of another assassination of a dissident American citizen and his son. I'm not going to bother to post anything further about this, because it's not worth it here, but it is part of the black-ops part or the government mentioned above. Some are getting mighty afraid of those who see through some of their smoke and mirrors banking system. Anyway I think you'll see it on

  466. …or not, as I don't see it there myself. I'm not sure about Alex Jones anyway.

  467. The black goo is liquid latex no doubt, just another Fetish/Kink reference. I don't feel confident this video is as much NWO as it is just following the Pop fashion trend in general of constant shock value one one-upmanship. and desperate attempts at a sort of "Street Cred". It's only a matter of time before the include genitalia. How do you determine this is a major change? You need to review "Dirty" already what 7 years old or more? It looked like it was filmed in hell itself! Her career has been a apart of the agenda from it's inception just as Madonna's was, including encouraging very young tweens and kids to have premature sexual activity. 25 years later, the programming is now ingrained into the masses. It's not like the NWO is coming, it's here, now. Some people already have the chip, the mark, and many put them in their pets over a decade ago.

  468. Godless_Heretic_Not_ on

    I always find in funny how people, or should I say Sheeple, will vigorously defend the unworthy. There is a thing call "subliminal conditioning" which is referred to on here as well as many other sites that share similar subject matter. Subliminal Conditioning is when popularized media, in this cause Christina Aguilera, is used to subvert the normal conscience brain and speak directly to the subconscience. This means you hear the song, you see the video and your conscience brain takes only about 1/3 of the meaning or "face value" meaning. But, your subconscience brain reads EVERYTHING. Many studies have been done to prove this aspect (Google MK-Ultra, subversive advertising, and a man named Edward Bernays) These concepts are far from new, Edward Bernays wrote a book in 1913 called PROPAGANDA (Which you can download here in .pdf format for FREE) in which he shows the reader that threw the use of the subconscience you can control the masses. he even states and I qoute, "…Those who learn to harness this unforseen force constitute a new form of government, and are the TRUE rulers of the world" What a nice man!

    So to all over you above bickering back in forth about your media gods and goddesses remember one thing if only one thing. I gaurentee that EVERY record executive owns a copy of Edward Bernays' book and knows how to use it. Couple that with the fact that only 4% of the world holds 60% of the worlds wealth, compounding the documentation that this 4% "Ruling Elite" are always, and have always been, associated with Occultic Rutals and Retoric. Who do you think funds if not out right OWNS these Record companies? It's not about how sexy she is, or how beautiful her voice is, it's about what is subconsciencely imposed on the minds of the youth. Who, by direct consequence, are the most impressionable of minds. It's a called "conditioning" they say it once, they say it twice, and the third time, you say it back, figuratively speaking.

    This is why everyone dresses the same, cuts their hair the same, listens to the same types of music, and watches the same types of movies and TV shows. It's not because you came to that these conclusions on your own, it's because after years of Research and Development the powers that be have systematically figured out a way to control every facet of our daily lives so that they dont have to try and figure out what we want, they tell us what we want.

    All I can say in conclusion, is what I always say knowledge is power, and they have alot of it, but it's not out of the reach of us "Common People" we just have to be willing to learn. Turn of the TV for a few hours a week, and read up on Subversive Advertising and see how even politians are using Edward Bernays' ideas to make you vote for them and who backs these politians I wonder? Well it's the same sick and twisted "Ruling" 4%. These are the puppetmasters people. We are on the brink of an Orwellian thought controlled world where we no longer think, we are told. THAT is the big agenda and WE have to stand up and say no more. Take the iPod out of your ears one day and embrace the world. They want us to not connect or communicate with one another it makes us less dangerous, because an open free thinking mind is too unpredictable and thus, dangerous to their agenda.

    "Free your mind, and the rest will follow"

    Thank you for reading this,



  469. And I do not think this website has "MEGA TONS" of viewers, as someone said awhile back. I think this website has MEGA TONS of people who look in, see it's full of nonsense — and move on.

    I stay for Vigilant's actual occult knowledge — so I know what some are thinking — and don't go there.

  470. @Raquel, 556 I think Jenell Monae's video is her actual initiation rite. Which would mean she has bought into the music industry megastar machine. It is rather vague, but that's what I get from the visuals. I did not pay much attention to the words.

  471. @Jimmy P – Shut. The Fuck. Up. You've got nothing intelligent to say — if that's yer idea of it.


  472. Wow if seen the changes in the kids Ive had a converstation w/ my son that distrubed me to the core we were talking about the music industry and videos and how dark and scary they were becoming. My son says Im crazy AND THIS IS WHAT SELLS and its hot . Mind u he is a teenager and I know Ive raised him well and feel I hav been somewhat strict w/ R movies ,friends and behaviors (but who knew they snuck this stuff on reg tv). anyhoo we were talking about god and the devil good and evil to which he told me I dont believe in ethier I said what (cuz I felt i have taught him these things and so hav the nuns at his school and priest ) I asked so what do u believe in he said to go to school then college and to get money and hav fun @ this point tears came to my eyes where hav I failed him he also said that the artist were doing what they had to in order to make that money and he respected them for that cuz they were making money to this I say I guess the Agenda is working on mind control while we r busy trying to feed our families the industry is raising our young. Now im forcing him to read sum books that I think are important

  473. Oh and I'd LOVE to see the examples of yer

    'intelligent' posts

    when you decide to stick to one name. :)

    Got any?

  474. #597 – what books do you think are important? I am always curious about these things. I don't mean to pry, and I mean no disrespect.

  475. Of course…Jimmy P is always welcome to answer that question too. What about it Jimmy P?

  476. Obey,

    Yes Horus had only one eye. I was looking for a reference to tell the story, but just off the top of my head I think Horus lost an eye during a battle with Seth after the death of Osiris. The "all-seeing eye" has also been called the "Eye of Horus," as Horus has only one eye. The heiroglyphic eye symbol you are thinking of has also been called the eye of Horus for the same reason.

    The similarity of one-eyed gods through various systems is actually very interesting. Some of them could be argued to represend the same god.

  477. oh wow.,..,now I get it — the hieroglyphic eye symbol


    Yes — I was reading something about gods through various systems as representing the same god. YES! The Eye of God. The Omnipotent, Omnipresent. lolll good one. YES!

    But what about the earlier Sumerians? Their figurine sculptures depict human figures with HUGE eyes. And then there are their clay tablets and cylinder seals. There we see strange beings and a Star system appears prominent. Maybe the constellation Osiris, I'm not sure. I forget. Egyptian myth of Set murdering Osiris. Horus in life and Osiris in death.

    Thanks for that one, Sophia!

  478. @OBEY Well I hav read many book in my day He is only 15 so I have decided to have him read something that he can wrap his head around first. So right now he is reading The Cash Flow Quadrant by RTK so he can learn a little about this money that he so called wants to get and have fun w/ lol so at least he will learn something about this so called paper money and how to give money and help people in so he will learn some morals about money. Also to introduce him to the Fedral reserve and what it really is then we will a talk and see where his head is at

  479. Great Job on exposing this stuff but I can't believe you are still quoting Fritz "the con artist' Springmaeir who was boffing Cisco Wheeler all the while her husband apparently knew and was okay with it. Of course that was while he was deprogramming her. ha ha ha He also boasts about being highly intelligent but listening to his lecture sounds average at best. Furthermore, when asked how he learned so much he attributes it to being a world travelor with his father and then slips in that he has been to 33 countries (no one seemed to notice) Also he related the absurd story of a woman who had 30,000 alters. How utterly ridiculous – that would amount to 3 alters per day for 25 years non stop and someone documenting it all. It is preposterous. I think you should address these issues!

  480. @ wow

    The book sounds interesting. I liked what one amazon dot com reader said about it:

    'One of the strengths of the book is that it deals with the subtle psychological differences among people in the four different quadrants, especially on subjects like security and freedom. "

    And then this:

    "In general, you are encouraged to move from the employee and self-employed side for your income to the business owner and investor side. Then, take your cash flow and expand it into investments."

    You might want to get him thinking along the lines of self-employment. The only problem here is how to zero in what kind of self-employment? In a lot of fields, like contracting, my landlord was self-employed as a contractor and knows how to do a lot of home renovation and things like that. He ran up against all kinds of regulations and the costs associated with that, that he no longer found it viable. Not to mention the hell he was (and probably still is) put through come tax time.

  481. @ Obey U see that not really what the book is about (Self employment) thats what the elite want u 2 do the book is about not becoming self employed or an employee due to the fact that when u r self employed and an employee are 2 busy working for money that u r exhausted to know what the hell is going on around u and basically u r a slave to someone else or yourself. it teaches u to think beyond that it changes your thoughts on money , economy , government and how we are designed since preschool to work work work to make someone else rich and how a certain amount of people are designed to fail encourage to drop out of school to be dummified so they can slave u and how the elite really think of us middle class and poor people and how the world is designed for the rich the series of books are real deep I suggest u take the time and read I promise u would see how the all the laws and systems r in place to keep u stupid and unaware. And he also teaches moral and responsibility in regards to money that the more good u do w/ it the more will come 2 u and u dont have to screw people to get ahead be in a place of giving then recieving

  482. It's sad that such an talented artist has to stoop so low!! I mean there is shock factor but an orgy scene in a chuch is totally going overboard! When i first saw the film clip i thought has she sold her soul to the devil to seem more sexy& provocative to compete with Lady Gaga?? its bit like Madonna after getting married & having children she still wanted to show the world she is a modern artist. But Xtina now just seems sinister..i meant he lyrics "if you don't like it then @#$% you!" Why such rebellion now after she has proven herself to be an incredible vocalist& songwriter..It makes sence that she is brainwashed. One minute she is talking about how much she loves being a mum etc next minute this extreme make over..There is nothing wrong with being sexy but having such dark overtones for a mainstream artist is certainly suspecious!

  483. For those who are interested in more Mindcontrol theme videos, watch these ones……..

    1. No Doubt- It`s my life

    2. INXS- I need you tonight

    3. Kylie Minogue- I can`t get you out of my head

    4. Aaliyah- We need a resolution

    The world is waiting…….

  484. darkadaptedeyes on

    ugh, it's hard to believe that anyone liked her vapid, moronic music in the first place. LAME, the fact that she emulates Mariah Carey, DOUBLE LAME. Anyone who is just figuring how LAME she is, is LAME.

  485. Lets just say I am now awake and I will no longer be sleeping to this crap that they are promoting I will no longer buy their products listen to their music and will not allow my son in my house hold. I hope everyone will wake up and take a stand remeber " IF U DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING U WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING, we must fight this nonsense where it hurts they r fame&money hungry well lets stop their money flow we have power with our wallets if we keep feeding them and allowing our children to spend our money for this SO I SAY LETS STARVE THEM REMOVE THEIR FAME AND THIER MONEY and Im sure it will stop.THey r countin on us being to lazy and stupid to realize what they r doing REmember these r our children HOW dare they prey upon them and use them for thier own selfesness

  486. One more thing stop lets stop supporting tv stations networks and any product that they endorse or endorse them WE must stop their cash flow Force MTV,BET,CMT and VHI to stop showing thier videos radio stations from playing thier music as soon as im done here i will be emailing all networks radio stations in my area and parent companies and telling them that I will stop listeng to music that supports and i will cut off my cable remember" HE WHO HAS THE MONEY MAKES THE RULES " well as a whole we have alot of money so lets use this to make sum rules

  487. So Far I have emailed BET. MTV their is no email but i will call tomorrow also i will block these channels and the rest from my TV. Please everyone if thier is to be a change we each must do our part Lets get this done

  488. Plus Christina is gonna be on American Idol Weds I love that show but hell no im not watching it and im gonna email them 2

  489. Don't be deceived Bryant! The Illuminati is real and it controls the media. No one is telling you not to buy their albums, so why are you on the defense? Where does your loyalty go towards, the truth or deceit? I am loyal to the Truth (God). Satan is the Father of Lies(deceit) and he could care less about our lives. Open your eyes!!

  490. @ wow #May 23rd, 2010 10:32 pm : – "…and how we are designed since preschool to work work work to make someone else rich…"

    Oh I couldn't agree more with you wow. I hope the book teaches, however, how to put food on the table and keep a roof over one's head, etc.

  491. hahaha ahh well life goes on, just dont watch the video if it bothers you that much

  492. well there is something else to be scared of now, the Super Devil! he rides a motorcycle that flies

  493. YO PEOPLE! I got Word Disclosure is coming very soon. I don't know what form it will take, and it may wait until 12/21/2012. However, when it does happen, here is how things will be at that time, the Great Paradigm Breaker! No…the people won't be frightened at all when the Space Brothers arrive! Check it out!

  494. i too would like to know who shot/ create the vid?

    (ps hi to u too old friends!)

  495. Exodus 7:17-19 Thus saith the LORD, In this thou shalt know that I am the LORD: behold, I will smite with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood. 18 And the fish that is in the river shall die, and the river shall stink; and the Egyptians shall lothe to drink of the water of the river. 19 And the LORD spake unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and stretch out thine hand upon the waters of Egypt, upon their streams, upon their rivers, and upon their ponds, and upon all their pools of water, that they may become blood; and that there may be blood throughout all the land of Egypt, both in vessels of wood, and in vessels of stone.

    Requiem for the Gulf

    Lux Aeterna

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  496. As opposed to widespread systematic mind control, a lot of this just seems like plain old patriarchal sexual abuse trauma to me. Although, you can argue that maybe that in itself is a form of socialized mind control, and I would not disagree with you; for example, when Freud studied hysteria in female patients he found a horrifying pattern of sexual abuse by their fathers at the topmost echelons of Viennese society. They were men who attained and retained their social position by domination, even of their own flesh and blood. The act of covering the left eye also shuts down stimulus to the right brain, the creative, intuitive half of the human mental nature, and shows that the person making that gesture is operating from the thus-unbalanced rational left brain only, a hallmark of the patriarchal mental state. These automatons have accepted the devil's bargain of trading their natural femininity for worldly success, whether willingly or under threat of force. There is another goddess archetype that applies here, that of Babalon, the esoteric goddess of the worst neighborhood in Kabbalah, the Qliphoth. The Qliphoth is the dead mirror of the Tree of Life, and Babalon is the goddess of its infernal region. Her colors are black and white, elemental extremes often protrayed in a checkerboard pattern, and she is the archetype of dark mindless sexuality and annihilation. She's the fallen feminine, the opposite of the Queen of Heaven and the last archetype in the world we should ask our young women to model themselves after.

  497. The second I saw this artist's album cover and the name of the single I knew you would make an article of it and I've been waiting for this ever since, thank you..

  498. Alot of good stuff on here after my last post, but most of it seem slightly superficial. It's deeper than religion or Doomday prophecy. Do Research on Codex Alimenterius, The Gorgia Guide Stones, The Bilderberg Group, Eugenics in the 21st Century, and The Reforestation Act of North America. Once you see that all of these seemingly different programs have commonality you can see that there is a incramental objective that has been going on slow but surely over the last century. It's not Satan either, as much as everyone seems to want to blame this unpopular boogieman. It's a small group of people who think that the rest of us are just their pets and they can treat us however they want and as long as we dont agree and keep squabbling amoungst ourselves, they're right.

    E Pluribus Unum


  499. I've read all about those things, GHNAGFL. I'm not saying here nor there, but a whole lot of it is paranoia too, and I hope you can admit that much. I kind of doubt that the Codex thing is trying to remove vitamins and minerals. This will put a whole lot of businesses out of work, and I doubt the people will stand for it, frankly. And I read that it's a well known scam of misinformation put out. The Georgia Guide Stones I'd love to see for myself to see if they exist, which I sort of doubt they do. Are they located on private property, or government property, or what? Seems to me if they suddenly appeared, someone who owns that property would have had them taken down long ago. Eugenics? I don't think it will be as bad as you think, and Reforestation? I don't know. Would put the loggers out of business maybe.

    I know about the Bilderberg Group. I agree the overall of what you say probably starts with them with their secret meetings. Too bad we just don't know what they talk about.

    I wouldn't buy tooth-and-nail too much into these conspiracy theories myself. I did at one time, but imo there is a lot of (satanic) negativity posing as these ideas.

    However, something is going on — Here, what do you think of this?

    "(Reuters) – The Obama administration has started using special law enforcement and intelligence teams to interrogate suspected militants in the United States and abroad, including the Pakistani-American arrested in the Times Square bombing plot, a top official said on Tuesday. "

    I read yesterday — and this is worse — a certain man (who gave financial seminars on debt avoidance) and his 16-year old son were gunned down "US military snipers" (I don't know how true this is about the military snipers, but could be..I just don't know) where two police officers were killed. The father and son managed to escape this roadblock, but 90 minutes later the pair was tracked down and killed in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Arkansas, where another two police officers were killed.

    Juxtaposing this incident with now this, which you can read at infowars: apparently there is the existence of this UN assault convoy roaming rural Pennsylvania. Now this part may be speculation, I don't know:

    "…earlier in the week another American anti-tax dissident group named [delete for US-EU report] located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania was assaulted by United Nations troops (UN) allowed to operate in the United States by Obama and destroyed the entire facility with an explosion so loud it was heard throughout the region. "

    It is said that there are two fronts going on inside the CIA: one good, one bad (black ops). I have no idea.

  500. So, Christina (Xtina) has joined the ranks of the Illuminati, or should we say she has rejoined the ranks.. since she was part of it early on, but sort of disappeared off the radar for a while to get married and have a baby. But she's back! Plagiarism?! I think it's ironic, that when lady Gaga first came on the scene, she was compared to Christina and ppl liked her better at first, anybody remember that? They said Lady Gaga copied her! But now it's the other way around. But Vigilant Citizen is right.. it is simply a matter of what is propagated in the music industry. You can really see the trends. And this stuff is real, if you read about it from people that have actually been there in real rituals and lived to tell about it and got out, they describe rituals exactly as they are being described in these articles, only with more details. But anyway, as far as the picture that headlines this article, if you look at it, her eyes look so vacuous and empty, like she's not even there really.. and her arm looks like it's not part of her, she looks like an automaton. Obviously propagating what is the 'trend' for the music industry and the entity (Illuminati) that feeds it.. good job again Vigilant..

  501. Speaking of 'plagiarism' not that it is, but I see unbelievable similitude in this video to Madonna's Human nature, take a look at that one, the big hair, the s & m material, but then again Madonna 'initiated her, passed the torch' so she could keep it all going.. and so it's not really plagiarism, just the continuation of the same themes.. I grew up with Madonna's work though, back then, it was somewhat outrageous, although I didn't really think so that much only because I have a pretty open mind, or so I thought I did I guess, but obviously since then, the 80's and the 90's the music has become unbelievably more shocking in looks and words.. Madonna's work at least early on or midway in her career was tame compared to this and Lady G's stuff.. among others.. tame!

  502. Sorry, not trying to spam, I have to add to what I said, after watching that whole video, I see that even 7-8 years ago things were more tame, like the first 'initiatory' performance between Madonna (the High Priestess) and the two 'Virgins' to the dark side of the music industry.. (in the first part of this article). Lady Gaga did it too when she had that first performance where she sacrificed herself and wore red lace.. remember that one..? Seems so long ago now.. even though t was only a year ago if that..

  503. love the girl sweet love the leather sweet love the power love the voice christina you rock

  504. Listening to the MTV video, Britney Spears is really not that good a singer when it comes down to it! It is all hype, again, I have liked her music, but I can see reality. And usually for the most part, the ones that have to 'join the club' usually have to do because of some kind of defect, meaning, perhaps they are not as good as they should be, or like Lady G. without make-up they could scare little kids.. (sorry!) but Christina Aguilera is truly a talented singer, yet I suppose her 'defect' was that she fell behind the times, decided to get married and have a baby and lost her way in the music industry for a while, but she is 'out of the woods' yet ironically now in deeper.. it's a shame and sad that she had to resort to the Illuminati train as well…

  505. It's funny how the ones who can't take critical thinking are usually the ones that are brainwashed and mind controlled, only they don't know it! And it's like Glenn up above mentioned about David Icke, we don't need the 'higher ups' to control us anymore, everybody is trained to do it to each other.. listen!!! Wake up! Oh and by the way, writing in ALL CAPS signifies shouting in the web world, but maybe you are not aware of that… yes, that' right… I'M TALKIN' TO YOU! ;^)

  506. Bryant , Then why are you still reading articles in this site ?

    Bring some proof that all this artist ISN't a part of the Illuminati agenda , then you can talk and laugh as much as you want to . Dont be such a douche , You yourself deep down know that all this is truth , But you deny it because you're sceared , so just accept the fact and move on .

    Or , buy their CD's , If you want to , But dont bash other people !

  507. all the imagery in the video makes perfect sense now, i really didn't realize just how methodical all this was, i mean to see it in a music video? My question though is that whoever had the final say of how this music video was going to go down, was it intentional to put all this imagery in it?

  508. I always find that tied up and being beaten stuff to be disgusting. It's the kind of thing they do to rape victims…Why do so many people watch and think it's hot?

    Anyways, what I really wanted to say was, That bitch copied Gaga!

    Are you gonna talk about Miley Cyrus' new video. And what do you think about Ke$ha?

  509. Stephanie, I don't really think theres anything "deep" in Miley Cyrus, or Kesha. ESPECIALLY not Kesha.

  510. hahaha I bet you enjoyed reviewing this video. Unbelievable that kids are able to watch this porn. When I saw this video it was just after reading your story on Bad Romance. I figured this was the same kind of illuminati crap and I was correct.

  511. i knew this was going to happen. the second i saw this video i knew this site was going to jump all over it like a pack of wild dogs. is it because last months article was boring?? well i can tell you myself it was…REALLY REALLY boring.

    the thing about symbols is they can be interpreted however the viewer wishes to interpret them. you guys have taken symbolism to near crazy depths. where i see an individual walking into a bedroom, you see a monarched programmed sex kitten walking into a masonic initiation. i see bionic as organic matter and machinery, you see a bisexual on methamphetamines.

    you know people now a days have mechanical parts, artificial hearts, titanium legs…i guess we'll have to watch out for grandma now she could be a devil worshiper coming to get you with her pacemaker!!! oh god the humanity!!

    what i don't understand is if you are so opposed to the industry why then are you showing full length videos…aren't you in fact brainwashing the readers you are trying to protect by doing this?? on that note aren't three teared wedding cakes usually triangularly shaped? isn't that a C shaped ring she's wearing and not a big up to the devil? maybe her name isn't christina after all!!! on that note…perhaps you are just grasping at straws…i think i'll wear black and white today. mayve i can brainwash someone into giving me 100$. that would be nice i think.

  512. rihanna – rockstar 101 music video
    this is strange for sure.. the video has her with one eye painted black.. then she's in like a witchcraft circle while wearing horns, then she's dressed as the rocker 'slash' but take a close look at what she is wearing on her neck!! there is probably 20 crosses around her neck.. one of the necklaces is all little crosses and then she wears like 6 more big crosses.. can you mock the religion any more???

  513. Industry Insider on

    @ Krystal I've worked in the music business for 9 years now and all I can say is that Vigilant is usually spot on in his articles. He dares to say what many of us do not dare to say by fear of being shunned or misunderstood by the public. What he does takes great courage and I can assure you that he is BARELY SCRATCHING the surface on the sick practices in Hollywood.

    What however aggravates me is seeing commentors ridiculing and attacking Vigilant's impressive body of work by using their own ignorance as an argument. In a classic case of shooting the messenger and not the message, you, Krystal, attack the author simply for explaning the (obvious) meanings found in the video.

    So Krystal, 1st of all. Why do you think there are hyphens in Bi-On-Ic? Part of the theme of the video is bisexuality. This is not even a hidden meaning and you don't need Vigilant to explain this! She is kissing "the boys and the girls" remember? And ice is a relatively known slang word for crystal meth so there is no secret there neither. The fact that you are ridiculing Vigilant for those rather obvious facts is preposterous.

    2nd, I have worked with many directors and, trust me, with the budget that is invested in these things, there is NOTHING RANDOM in videos. They are carefully planned. Symbolic representation is, believe it or not, an important part of artistic creation. Passing through a door is a "symbolism 101" way of representing a metamorphisis. One again, if you do not know this, it does not mean it is not true.

    Finally, do you know what the "C shaped ring is"? It is an ANAL SEX TOY. So if you refuse to face reality and see the world for what it really is, then good for you. But PLEASE do not try to hinder the efforts of those who are attempting to bring awareness to the masses. Your own ignorance is NOT AN ARGUMENT.

  514. Krystal can answer for herself on the above. But I still don't buy it "Industry Insider" (like I don't know who you are). Anyway….

    I give Vigilant high grades on composition and writing style. I am tempted to give him a grade of 75 on knowledge of the occult, but seeing as he still knows more than me (in a lot of things), I'll give him, say….85. I up his grade a bit because he can weave elements in a video into a point of view, or a grand conspiracy theory, so popular among some these days.

    My feeling is so what if BI-ON-IC is hypenated and perhaps points to bisexuality, and so what if "ice" is a slang word for crystal meth. I'll agree though that a reference to "ice" like that probably isn't a good choice, but most kids today I hope listen to the music for the sound, the beat, the rap (I prefer the better rap myself), for dancing, like at parties.

    I listen to the radio and today I managed to get two more videos of music I heard that I like. I think kids like music for the dancing, the beat, and they aren't necessarily tuned in to every word the singer is saying:
    OutKast – Hey Ya (High-Quality) — I LOVE this song!!!
    Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris – Break Your Heart (New Single 2010)

    Has Vigilant seen actual rituals being performed, where attendees are dressed in hooded garments and elaborate masks? That would be my question.

  515. @Industry Insider

    My mother also works in the music industry, and ever since I can remember, I was not allowed to listen to ANYONE, especially the more famous ones (such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc). Now that I'm older, I'm allowed to make my own decisions. I've been seeing signs of something like this coming on for YEARS, and it's ashame that many young people have been fed this poison so slowly that they barely taste it anymore; just wait a few more years and I won't be surprised if they do live sacrifices on TV.

    I will admit that the music is catchy, but the devil ain't ugly and we all have to learn it one way or the other. Even if you DON'T believe in God or Satan or any of that heaven and hell mambo jambo, you have to admit that the signs are there. For what, it's up for you to decide – are they playing a game, or is it something more sinister?

    Anyway, thank you for another great article VC and I can't wait for the next one.

  516. Interesting video, bibi. What I see is a interesting video made for a song by Enigma, called "Gravity of Love". it reminds me of a book I read once.

    Anyway, does anyone know how to interpret sign language, the kind the deaf use? It would be interesting to know what is being said there.

  517. Imma Bee… (800 colonies x 30,000 bees each….yikes!)

    LAKEVILLE, Minn. — The Minnesota State Patrol has identified the two victims who died in a fatal chain-reaction crash Monday morning in Lakeville involving a bee truck.

    The vehicles collided on northbound Interstate 35 just south of County Road 70 late Monday morning.

    50-year-old Pamela Brinkhaus of Elko died at the scene. 24-year-old Kari Rasmussen of St. Anthony was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition, but died Monday evening.

    According to the State Patrol, two semi trucks and two cars were in the right lane of I-35 northbound near CR 70. The bee truck was ahead of the two passenger vehicles followed by the second semi truck. Traffic was stopped on I-35 but the second semi truck did not react quickly enough to stop and hit the two passenger vehicles. The vehicles then slammed into the bee truck in front of them, according to the State Patrol.

    With traffic stopped on I-35, emergency responders knew this crash would be bad and then there was something they didn't expect.

    "It was a black haze. Never seen anything like that," said Lakeville Fire Chief Scott Nelson. "I opened my door and got stung in the face."

    With thousands of bees swarming, pouring out of the back of a semi carrying thousands more, emergency crews tried to reach the crash victims. The swarm complicated an already difficult situation.

    Victims identified in fatal crash involving bee truck on I-35 in Lakeville

    "The driver's transporting the bees had some extra suits that the paramedics were able to put on," Lt. Roeske explained.

    The bees stung several first responders. An ambulance was standing by in case anyone had an allergic reaction.

    Officers were initially told to not get out of their cars until the bees settled down. Firefighters tried to keep the bees calm with water hoses; beekeepers warned them they are a handful, especially when it's extremely hot.

    A nearby Lakeville elementary school took precautions as well, not allowing Anthony Cherrier's son outside because he's allergic to bees.

    "That stuff is scary…not too far from home either," Anthony said.

    The bees belong to Bauer Honey based in Fertile, Minnesota. Darren Straus, part owner of the company, was hauling the load from Mississippi to North Dakota. "All I felt was a couple of big bangs and I looked in the one mirror and I saw boxes and beehives exploding," he said.

    Straus said he was hauling 800 bee colonies, each with about 30,000 honey-producers. He's estimating 150 colonies were destroyed or lost in the accident, costing the company about $45,000. Straus said he was more concerned about the victims in the cars.

    Investigators are looking into whether a slowdown because of construction down the road played a role in the crash, but at this point they just don't know for sure.

    "How all the vehicles interacted is still to be determined," said Lt. Eric Roeske with the Minnesota State Patrol.

    At least one firefighter had to be treated for heat exhaustion. Northbound I-35 was reopened around 7 p.m. Monday.

  518. umm do you see some sort of conspiracy there in that article about the bees, LVB? I realize it is said the bees are going away, but I imagine there are still honey producers around. What are you getting at with the article? Curious to know.

  519. @LVB You are too funny!!! LMBO

    I luved the article you did. I gotta go back and read more

    thanks for posting that. very informative stuff

    Hello all. Again why are people posting up here if you think its so BORING lol

    Yall are funny. Hellos to Obey and Vigilant, Baba (where are you?)

  520. As much time as been put to decipher all the symbolism, this video is nothing but a copycat to all the videos used as examples, especially "human nature" by madonna, and "bad romance" by lady gaga. christina tried to have a more subtle image, and it did not work, hence the flop of her 3rd album. she went and copied every other successful popstar out there, and saw that sex still sells, and became nothing but a mere image of every body else's successful work. I wish she deserves credit, but she is nothing but a hollywood product still.

  521. Hopi Prophecy – 7th Sign

    "This is the Seventh Sign:You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it."

  522. "This practice is common for the US Forestry service, when fire and smoke threaten the health and well being of people."

    Sure. Right. They are sooooo worried about the 'health and well being of people'. They are so good. Who could doubt they don't have your welfare in mind always?

  523. Thank you for this analysis. I'm always reading your articles to learn about the true "hidden" messages in POP Culture.

    One question, do the Illuminati control "just" the music industry or do they control other major areas of life? Can you list them?

  524. If I was ever to join the music scene I would probably do the same thing. Make videos that make you think if I'm apart of the Illuminati. As crazy as I am I would do a video like this just for fun.

  525. You should definitely do an article on Ke$ha's "Your Love Is My Drug". I love that song but I want to see if there's a Illuminati meaning too. xD

  526. If you would like to know how to be safe from the influence of the world, the answer is: Jesus Christ. If you focus your attention on Christ, his life, and his mission (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) and if you trust & obey his Word – your heart will be filled with peace unspeakable & joy unknown.

  527. Sooooooo anyone see that New Rhinana video rock star?? shes dressed up like Bahomed(sp) anythoughts on that.. its right there in our face!!! im so blown away by this all

  528. Robin Shadowes on

    @blueypoo #365

    I see that you have grown up within the industry itself. Since you mentioned Britney Spears I'm curious to hear if you ever met one big boss by the name of Steve Lunt? Since I know he is originally from Birmingham, England, he must still have a british accent. If so, any signs that he also could be involved in stuff like this? Or maybe he is just a puppet for the powers to be? If you wonder about my interest in him, it is simply because he used to be in a band called City Boy when he still lived in UK. Back then he called himself Broughton, not Lunt but it's the same guy. As far as I know, Lunt is his real name. The last album before he quit was ironically titled The Day The Earth Caught Fire and had a general dystopian theme. Strange since this was already back in 1979.

  529. Obey – May 25th, 2010 1:19 pm wrote:

    Hopi Prophecy – 7th Sign

    “This is the Seventh Sign:You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

    "And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease"

    It seems to me that this might be interpreted as Mir's deorbit, when the space station (dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth) breaks up in Earth's atmosphere over the South Pacific on March 23, 2001.

  530. Obey-668- "The 7th sign" interesting. I watched on t.v on the discovery channel or something and they did a documentary on when God first cursed the land of Egypt and it was based on how these plagues seemed natural looking at the scientific facts/natural causes. For example when the locust covered the land they gave some kind of scientific explanation as to why it happened ( can't think of it). Not saying God didn't cause it but I don't know how to say this but another example " the sea turning black" for us it is an oil spill. So we don't exactly see it as a sign. That what the documentary uncovered/explored about the plague/curse God placed on Egypt back then.

  531. To VC

    I was wondering if you noticed the picture of a burning woman. After Christina lights her clothes on fire she takes a picture of the closet. and there's a burning woman. It freaked me out when I saw it. But I think you should catch a still of it and put it on your site. it's worth seing.

    Also, I love how vevo won't allow these videos to play on your website.

  532. @industry insider

    here i was thinking i was debating and it turns out i was attacking. it must be all the brainwashing lady gaga has administered on me. maybe its even the devil…but how would i know? i'm brainwashed right? i'm a mindless consuming media zombie.

    obviously i MUST be ignorant for having a differing opinion. thats just the way it goes i guess.

    her opinion is different then mine! my iq has risen! its like magic! lets get her!

    you say he points out the obvious. i say he has very strange opinions on the world around him. you say i attacked the almighty vigilant citizen. i say i pointed out the obvious and defend my very strange yet not as crazy opinions on the world around me.

    if he has barely scratched the surface…why not just let it all out? besides mere speculation on his part some concrete proof would be nice. but i guess after while that would mean less hits on his site, which means less money etc etc. its a vicious cycle.

    i don't feel i ridiculed anyone, and really feel there is no reason for you to be so offended but you are, and i'm not sorry. thats the thing about freewill and freedom of speech…i don't have to agree with you. i don't have to believe the same things or the same gods and i don't have to go away because you don't like what i have to say…and thats just the way it is.

    but i think i've gotten off point here.

    so question 1.

    i can't say that i know for sure why bionic is spelled in phonetics (i can't even say that i think it's that important) but it could be for a number of reasons.

    it could be that the graphic artists thought it had eye catching flair. it could be that "someone" doesn't believe that americans have the greatest reading abilities and were helping us sound it out. it could be a typo that was just too expensive and time consuming to change. it could just look pretty…it could even mean bisexual on ice…i don't believe it. to me its just the phonetical spelling of BIONIC. the world isn't going to end because of it…grammar will not be the death of the world.

    question 2.

    trust you?? hardly. i don't know you. you can claim to be whoever, for however much time and it doesn't make it true but you might be right. everything may be carefully planned. in fact i'm sure it is. big budgets usually call for that sort of thing. i just don't believe that pop princesses have been commisioned to bring about the end of days. i don't buy it, its rediculous to me. what you percieve it as is not what i see…walking through a door in some cases is metamorphosis…and sometimes its just walking through a door. we do it everyday without being initiated into the masonic brotherhood. your opinion of artistic media DOES NOT MAKE IT FACT. thats what makes it an opinion. you are not the end all and be all of artistic expression, and if you don't know this than who here is ignorant?

    besides that…thats what makes art art. its not all flowers and landscapes. its there to make you fearful, or happy, just to get some kind of reaction from you, and sometimes to even send subliminal messages. its there to make people debate, and think, and speculate (just like this site) i really do get it.

    at the end of the day only the artist knows the true meaning behind it. the public puts symbolic meaning to everything….but its just a symbol!! it has no power without the imagination of people. or in this case symbols have no power on this site without fear and THATS what infuriates me the most.

    lastly…yes the c shaped ring IS a sex toy…they exist both publicly and privately…we've all seen the cute little personal messagers shaped like little animals at the drugstore, you know the ones that your kids play with and….well your wife "plays" with. so whats the problem? its just as cleverly disguised if not better. is it gross simply because it doesn't look like a childs toy? i think betony vernon made a classy piece of jewelry that can be used for HAND JOBS or the red carpet…face it if your wife used one on you you wouldn't complain…but thats right…you thought it was for anal sex. i guess it could be with a little creativity.

    thank you by the way for the slinging of insults :) it really helped you prove your point. you are the most intelligent non ignorant one who changes peoples mind with mudslinging and name calling. i have found redemption and god through your cyber bullying. GOOD JOB INSIDER!!!

    maybe next time we do this you might use a bit of reason, and perhaps you can persuade me with intellect and fact to change my opinion…until then i will just have to go on being a freethinking, gay/equal rights loving, blue state living, obama voting, tree hugging, girl and boy kisser. good day.

  533. Vardis May 25th, 2010 4:04 pm :–How about this, not so obvious, one


    You picked out a good one, Vardis. I've been noticing the several videos that had the vampiric theme to them.

    The Mylene Farmer video is the kind of video I would like to see Vigilant analyze — if only he could do it objectively and without the conspiracy theories. Catholicism and the idea of the vampire are very closely linked. This probably goes back to the Blood sacrifice on the Cross. The meaning of the Blood.

    Now the video you posted has many other layers, even aside from the priest's reptilian eyes in the video. Anne Rice wrote many novels exploring the world of the vampire, the Blood, and their relation to Catholicism. I guess a lot of ideas of the vampire also goes back to the Middle Ages when corpses were dug up for whatever reason, and they looked as if their hair and finger nails had grown, and since the Middle Ages was a mystical age of Catholicism, well the two ideas linked together.

    To find an even deeper meaning I had to look up the lyrics in English, but I am not sure what is meant by "But I saw your hand, choosing Gaugin"


    Fibre that oozes


    You saw the soul,

    But I saw your hand

    Choosing Gaugin

    …except the meaning becomes a little clear here: Gaugin — "…quasi-religious symbolism and an exoticized view of the inhabitants of Polynesia." Somehow Catholicism is sensuous, perhaps the naked body on the cross, maybe the admixture sometimes of pagan and Catholic symbolism seen in Renaissance paintings. The pagan is closely linked. I think Camille Paglia's "Sexual Personae" nonfiction book would be insightful here regarding the pagan (hidden) element behind religious art..

    And I return your love,

    At least forever

    I return your love

    Mine is too heavy

    And I return your love

    It is more obvious in the day,

    [that] it's colors are diluted

    And I return your love,

    Become once more the frame

    Of my only master: egon shiele and ….

    I had to look up 'egon shiele' and


    Egon , 1890–1918, Austrian expressionist painter.

    and 'shiele'

    Schie·le (shē'lə)

    Austrian painter and draftsman known for his aggressive, nervous style and his explicitly erotic subjects. A leader of Expressionism, his works include Johann Harms (1916) and Edith Seated (1917-1918).


    You allowed me

    To compromise myself.

    I will be the "unique"

    For thousands of eyes

    A master's nude

  534. Vardis May 25th, 2010 4:43 pm :

    “And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease”

    It seems to me that this might be interpreted as Mir’s deorbit, when the space station (dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth) breaks up in Earth’s atmosphere over the South Pacific on March 23, 2001.


    But Vardis – I think you are wrong. Numerically speaking. The Ninth Sign is yet to come. You mustn't take the Hopi prophecy out of order. The American Indians are a Fourth Dimensional race. It already appears the BP Gulf disaster has already changed the Matrix in a profound way.

    The next, the 8th:

    "This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. "

    This prophecy has already overlapped the 7th, I think, insofar as there are now countless spiritual communities worldwide springing up — like Sidona, AZ for one. And many more — worldwide.

  535. 681 – Connor –

    You might want to enlarge your frame of reference. The Ancient Astronauts theorists — like GRAHAM HANCOCK, and all of the rest of these great theorists are making inroads now. They are making more sense now than what we are told Reality is — and this will be the Great Breaker of the Matrix when they are understood fully for what they are saying. Which reminds me….The History Channel will be discussing this with them right now in 3 minutes…gotta go.

  536. In response to Anthony's inane post,

    I hope everyone doesn't fall for the lies told about Fritz as part of the character-assassination that has gone on in efforts to discredit him and his information. I hope there are more critical thinkers out there that won't believe everything they read/hear.

    If anyone wants ALL of Fritz Springmeier's books, as well as essays, and articles, download this torrent:

    Books include:

    Be Wise As Serpents

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati 1st Edition

    The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

    Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Forumula by Fritz Springmier and Cisco Wheeler

    Ezekiel 6-3

    The Watchtower & The Masons – A Preliminary Investigation

    World System of the Illuminati Lecture Book

  537. Excellent as always, Vigilant. This is so blatant, it's pathetic. Her album is tanking and the tour has been canceled. Maybe the powers that be went back to the well one too many times. Look for some new crazy, but still manipulative and darksided, trends to emerge soon.

    Anyway, as always, I encourage people to consider the spiritual aspect of these things. Some doubt any group of people could conspire to plant imagery that would be harmful to, or negatively influence, the masses. However, when you consider that there is a very busy spirit world at work, it's much easier to believe. Some people get a spiritual assist from the bad guys (satan and his demons), some get a spiritual assist from the good guys (The Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the angels). I encourage people to read and attempt to understand the spiritual laws the world operates on. Don't be unwittingly manipulated by evil. Evildoers don't play fair. Protect yourself with the knowledge and power of the kingdom of God.

  538. Obee-y

    No big conspiracy there with the bee story, really, it just kinda struck me as funny as I am the founder of the IMMA BEE article and I don't especially like bees….especially not tens of thousands of them swarming all around me!! LOL

  539. lolll oh ok LVB. Thanks for explaining. I'm gettin' so as I see "conspiracies" everywhere these days! They even showed them just now on the 5th and last episode of the Ancient Astronauts — you know, those little golden bee-like artifacts they found that look like little airplanes? I forget where they were found. Ever hear of that advertise on tv? I'm seeing bees bees bees everywhere now.

  540. Vardis May 25th, 2010 4:04 pm :–How about this, not so obvious, one


    AH HA!!! I think I get the interpretation of "Je Te Rends Ton Amour". A woman, painted on a canvas, is allowed to come down from the frame. She seeks her master, who painted her?

    She comes to the Cross, and being a mere two-dimensional figure, she is blind and hence reads the Book — that is in Braille. She senses around her the santified atmosphere, and she begins to bleed the stigmata, identifying with Love. She bleeds and bleeds — is AWASH in the blood. She has been granted immortality, or perhaps some sense of unworthiness, and finds herself in a confessional. The priest — vampiric — but able to breath into her Soul deeper sanctity still. But this feeling is too overwhelming and she knocks over the Book that contains the Ring — the Mystical Wedding Ring. In her uncertainty a gargoyle (the knowledge of Sin) is overcome.

    She becomes conscious — and is aware it is her master's doing. All she can offer is to go back to the frame of her painting — and allow him to use her — as

    the master's nude

  541. And of course I leave out the translation of the title:

    Je Te Rends Ton Amour means I Return Your Love

    Ta Daaaa!

  542. usedtobeafan on

    i've always been a christina aguilera fan – loved her music, her concepts, her voice. i disagree that stripped was satanic, but i definitely felt something wrong when i heard this song. the whole makeover is disgustingly satanic, and the music video was appalling.. christina's gonna lose the fans that were devoted to the way she used her talent for good expression. one would've thought motherhood would keep her head above all this.

  543. This is definitely an interesting article. I have noticed that when Christina's Sex Kitten Alter performs she has blond hair and that Marilyn Monroe/Madonna look. In the Mickey Mouse Club both Christina and Britney had brunette hair. It seems only when they reached their teen years did they switch to this sex kitten alter. Britney definitely went blond during her teen years. Even Marilyn Monroe started her career as a brunette then went blond to further her career.

    Is this the Aryan/Germanic goddess persona that is instilled in all these Monarch sex slaves. I have noticed that with Madonna, Britney, and Christina the blond look is used when they are fully sexualized in their videos and concerts. It is odd that Christina has black hair in picture with the Pentagram and the black cat and in her 2003 VMA performance. Could it be that during such "Sacred Ceremonies" she uses a black haired witch/soceress alter?

  544. I don't see what the rose ring is suppose to look like, unless it's suppose to be the large red rose.

    But this new "bundle" with Mexican prayer candle, ring, t-shirt — now this is a case for Vigilant Citizen all right. Though from what I've seen of the recent vampire videos — Enigma, Mylene Farmer, and Goldfrapp — I liked them, as part of the vampire genre, of which there is a following.

    I think they were looking for a new gimmick to keep her viable and on top, and they chose this. Well, I suppose it sells. She sees to be covering all the genres, and I certainly didn't expect this. Commercialism, I guess.

    Anyway I know Vigilant will be analyzing this one for sure! I just wonder how deep he can get with this one.


  545. Kirk Frankinor May 24th, 2010 8:20 pm :

    Came across this today. An odd mix of, well I’m not too versed in this. Let’s say it’s creepy. I did spot the green man.

    OK now that it's all out in the open why the sudden rash of vampire genre videos were posted, and I am not as suspicious now as to motive — I did take a look at that video by the "Great White Brothers", I found it so creepy I didn't want to even think of that one. Wondering about this now I just googled "green man":

    "Green Men are frequently found on carvings in churches and other buildings (both secular and ecclesiastical)."

    And I guess I just answered my own question I was about to ask — but anyway — where did you spot the green man in the video? As weird as that one was, I'll take another look.

  546. You know — it does seem like a mass initiation all right — even if a commercialized one — of the sort Michael Hoffman explains well. The Cryptocracy at work using Lady Gaga? Other than spending money on buying "bundles"…something new here with the candles and rose.

    Well…I'm stumped. I'll be sitting on pins and needles now waiting for Vigilant's analysis.


  547. hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me who the singer beside lady gaga and above beyonce on the devil horns thing is?

  548. Psych Major on

    @DM>>UUM you came on here @610 AM to tell us to get a life? BWAAAAH!! Take your own advice.

  549. Its really sad.I used to look up to her as a lady when i was younger.Now she has sold herself short.I thought she wanted good for the world but instead she decided to promote the devil.I no longer look up to her or think she deserves to show her music to the world.Spreading the horribleness of the devil is sick.I dont understand why some popstars just choose to promote the devil,do they not care enough for their fans that they want to give them hope,just a life of living for your own desires.But i delight in Lord Jesus Christ who saved me,who brings me a hope,brings me strength,brings me all good and lovely things.He doesnt want anything then the best for me and i can have a relationship with him.So hmmm who shall i listen to?a awesome christian singer like Tobymac or a un-inspiring singer like Christiana Aguilera who tries to promote us to follow the devil…AND JUST A REMINDED THAT THE DEVIL IS EVERYTHING BAD.So everything bad that goes on in our life is thanks to him,be honest is he really worth following?Im not listening or watching Chart music anymore,its taking over our brains to think that the devil is good when really he is a lyeing,deceitful worthless piece of poo.

  550. alli brerry on

    Hhhm, what a thing.

    Vigilant, you should look at Alicia Keys' "Sleeping with a Broken Heart". Tell me what you think.

    Keep up the great work…God bless.

  551. The word bionic possibly originates from the Greek word βίον, bíon, pronounced [bi:on] ("bee-on"), meaning 'unit of life' and the suffix -ic, meaning 'like' or 'in the manner of', hence 'like life'. Some dictionaries, however, explain the word as being formed from biology + electronics.

    Merriam-Webster's defines bionic (bi·on·ic) as having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by or as if by electronic or electromechanical devices. In this sense, it might even be used to describe a singer using a microphone or electronic instruments. It might also point to the 1927 German expressionist film Metropolis where the beautiful Maria is duplicated as a machine-man to sow distrust between her and the workers. The machine-man is later dressed up as an erotic dancer at the Yoshiwara, where it drives the sons of the owners into homicidal fits of sexual jealousy.

  552. @LVB I read part 2 yesterday. Amazing Job! lol @ the bees i dont like bees either and in that news article you were talking about it was way too many!

    @ Obey French? Oui Oui I'm everywhere lol Estados Unidos

  553. Freeyourmind,

    Ne faites pas je regrette que je ne sois pas de la France ou de tous les côtés en Europe. Tant d'antiquité là. Non, je comme l'utilisation des mots étrangers quand je peux. Je suis des États-Unis – placent mal, l'ère fausse. — needless to say I got that from a translator loll

  554. Like many, I find her album title to imply duality, but of a circle's symbolism…as the "O" is more circular than the typical oval, and the "N" is more like a Pi sign. Since Pi is an infinite number, the circle never actually "closes", implying a sort of Ouroboros connotation, which to me is supported by her other photos of her crescent-type ring and her fingers "circling" her eye, as THAT circle is not "closed" either…the hand around the eye is more like a "C", like the last "-ic" syllable ("eye/C"), which phonetically-resonates with a sort of a "ichthyophthirius multifiliis", (aka "ich") – or diseased fish – as she seems to promote general degeneration in the dusk of this Piscean Age…maybe a long stretch, but honestly, that's the FIRST thing that came to my mind: a sort of dual, circular illusion of completeness and openness, as we Pisceans swim into the new waters of the Aquarian Age. How crazy synchro-nicity/mysticism seems sometimes, though there is invariably methods to the madness (especially as the nature of the new paradigm is still open to influence, despite how foregone its manifestation seems.)

  555. Obey – May 25th, 2010 6:41 pm wrote:

    To find an even deeper meaning I had to look up the lyrics in English, but I am not sure what is meant by “But I saw your hand, choosing Gaugin”


    Fibre that oozes


    You saw the soul,

    But I saw your hand

    Choosing Gaugin

    One aspect of mentioning Gaugin is that he was born in Paris, France. There are many associations with Paris to be made as there are also some more relevant ones to be recognized relating to Gaugin.

  556. Obey – May 25th, 2010 6:53 pm wrote:

    But Vardis – I think you are wrong. Numerically speaking. The Ninth Sign is yet to come. You mustn’t take the Hopi prophecy out of order.


    The next, the 8th:

    “This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. ”

    Maybe the 7th sign was pointing to an earlier oil spill? The 8th sign sounds a lot like the the hippie subculture that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s, and was swiftly spreading to other countries around the world.

    In April 1963, Chandler A. Laughlin III, co-founder of the Cabale Creamery, established a kind of tribal, family identity among approximately fifty people who attended a traditional, all-night Native American peyote ceremony in a rural setting. This ceremony combined a psychedelic experience with traditional Native American spiritual values; these people went on to sponsor a unique genre of musical expression and performance at the Red Dog Saloon in the isolated, old-time mining town of Virginia City, Nevada.

    Laughlin and George Hunter of the Charlatans were true "proto-hippies", with their long hair, boots and outrageous clothing of nineteenth-century American (and Native American) heritage.

    Hippies often chose brightly colored clothing and wore unusual styles, such as bell-bottom pants, vests, tie-dyed garments, dashikis, peasant blouses, and long, full skirts; non-Western inspired clothing with Native American, Asian, Indian, African and Latin American motifs were also popular. Much of hippie clothing was self-made in defiance of corporate culture, and hippies often purchased their clothes from flea markets and second-hand shops. Favored accessories for both men and women included Native American jewelry, head scarves, headbands and long beaded necklaces.

  557. even though im very young….(13) Ive been learning about this site a lot. so i understand the signs of the Illuminati. the first time i watched this music video….i automatically knew that it was Illuminati. its just a more evil version of dirrty.

  558. Vardis May 26th, 2010 4:47 pm :Scrutinize this and smell the coffee 😉


    Well, I don't see what the Madonna video has to do with the Mylene Farmer video. But apparently you see some connection.

    So, offhand I liked the fencing, and the progressive use of different weapons. Obviously the video has to do with trauma-based mind control — tons of shattering glass and mirrors, representing the shattering of consciousness to where the psychic integrity of the individual is broken into many personalities to deal with the trauma. And as the lyrics say "Sigmund Freud, analyze this".

    The two fencing figures I think represent two forces with the individual undergoing the trauma — one, the black figure represents the self-destructive tendency, while the white figure fights for psychic integrity. Now I REALLY have to ask this: In frame 2:45 or 2:46 — What is the meaning of the ghostly image in the background of the astronaut wearing the helmut, dressed as if floating in space?

    The picture in the frame of the man in fencing attire looks like Pierce Brosnan, but I expect it is since "Day Another Day"