The Esoteric Interpretation of Pinocchio


Released in 1940, Pinocchio is a Disney classic still appreciated by children and adults around the world. However, the story of this wooden marionette conceals a great spiritual allegory based on esoteric teachings, which is rarely discussed. We will look at the origins of this animated adventure and its underlying meaning.

I first watched Pinocchio as a child on a poorly recorded VHS tape with my little brother while eating Fugee-O’s. I enjoyed the catchy tunes and Jiminy Cricket. I was, however, terrified by the Coachman and I did not quite like the underwater part. That’s pretty much what I remembered of this Disney classic until recently. On a lazy Sunday night, I came across the “digitally remastered” movie on TV and I watched it “for old time’s sake”. What was supposed to be a fun trip down memory lane became a shocking revelation: Pinocchio was one of the deepest movies I’ve ever watched. Could it be a huge allegory about spirituality and modern society? Did I detect hints of initiation into occult Mysteries? I immediately started to research Pinocchio’s origins and all of my theories were abundantly confirmed.

Needless to say, this movie is now a staple in today’s popular culture. How many people have NOT watched this movie? On the other hand, how many people are aware of Pinocchio’s true underlying meaning? Behind the story of the marionette trying to become a good boy is a deep spiritual story that has its roots in Mystery schools of occultism. Through the eyes of an initiate, the children’s story about “being good” filled with lessons about “not lying” becomes a man’s quest for wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. The brutally honest social commentaries of Pinnochio depicts a grim vision of our modern world and prescribes, perhaps, a way to escape its traps. Through the author’s background and literary references, one can understand the hidden gnostic meaning of Pinocchio.


Pinocchio’s Origins

Carlo Lorenzini aka Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio was originally written by Carlo Lorenzini (known by his pen name, Carlo Collodi) between 1881 and 1883 in Italy. Lorenzini began his writing career in newspapers (Il Lampione and Il Fanfulla ), where he often used satire to express his political views. In 1875, he entered the world of children’s literature and used this outlet to transmit his political convictions. The series Giannettino, for example, often referred to the unification of Italy.

“Lorenzini became fascinated by the idea of using an amiable, rascally character as a means of expressing his own convictions through allegory. In 1880 he began writing Storia di un burattino (“The story of a marionette”), also called Le Avventure di Pinocchio, which was published weekly in Il Giornale dei Bambini (the first Italian newspaper for children).”

Le Avventure di Pinocchio, a fairy tale describing the adventures of a stubborn marionette in his quest to become a real boy, was published in 1883 (you can read the original book here, if you wish).

Lorenzini’s work was not solely political. His writings, especially Le Avventure di Pinocchio contained a great deal of metaphysical aspects that are often overlooked by modern readers. One important fact needed to fully understand the depth of Lorenzini’s work is that he was an active Freemason. In an essay called Pinocchio, mio Fratello (Pinocchio, my Brother) Italian Freemason Giovanni Malevolti describes the Masonic background of Lorenzini:

“Carlo Collodi’s initiation into Freemasonry, even if cannot be found in any official records, is universally recognized and often referred to. Aldo Mola, a non-mason who is generally defined as an official historian of Freemasonry, has expressed with great certitude the writer’s initiation into the Masonic family. Events in Collodi’s life seem to further confirm this thesis: the creation in 1848 of a paper called “Il Lampione” (The Beacon), which, as stated by Lorenzini, “illuminated all who were teetering in darkness”; he also considered himself a “passionate disciple of Mazzini” (a prominent Italian Freemason and revolutionary).”

Collodi can also be found in this document published by The Grand Lodge of All England listing famous Freemasons.

Malevolti continues:

“There are two ways to read “The Adventures of Pinocchio”. The first is what I would call “profane” where the reader, most probably a child, learns about the mishaps of the wooden puppet. The second is a reading from a Masonic point of view, where heavy symbolism will complete, without replacing, the simple and lineary narration of events”.
– Giovanni Malevolti, Pinocchio, mio Fratello (free translation)

Lorenzini wrote Pinocchio following the long tradition of mystic texts: a simple narrative story that can be enjoyed by the masses with a hidden meaning reserved to those “in the know.”

Analysis of the Movie

There are many differences between Collodi’s book and the Disney movie. The storyline has been simplified and Pinocchio became an innocent, happy-go-lucky character rather than the stubborn and ungrateful misfit from the original book. All of the fundamental elements are still however present in the movie adaption and the underlying message remains untouched.  (I’ve heard you can watch the whole movie here, but I’m not sure).

The Creation

The movie starts off with Geppetto, an Italian woodcarver, turning a piece of wood into a marionette. He gives the puppet human-like features, but it remains a lifeless puppet. Geppetto is, in some ways, the Demiurge of Plato and of the Gnostics. The word “Demiurge” is literally translated from Greek to “maker, artisan or craftsman.” In philosophical terms, the Demiurge is the “lesser god” of the physical world, the entity which creates imperfect beings who are submitted to the pitfalls of the material life. Geppetto’s house is filled with clocks of his craft, which, as you might know, are used to measure time, one of the great limitations of the physical plane.

“Out of the pleroma was individualized the Demiurgus, the immortal mortal, to whom we are responsible for our physical existence and the suffering we must go through in connection with it”
– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Geppetto has created a great-looking marionette, but he realizes that he needs the help of the “Greater God” to give Pinocchio the divine spark needed in order to become a “real boy” or, in esoteric terms, an illuminated man. So what does he do? He “wishes upon a star”. He asks the Greater God (the Great Architect of the Masons) to infuse Pinocchio with some of its divine essence.

Could this star be Sirius, the Blazing Star of Freemasonry?

The “Blue Fairy”, the representative of the Great God, then descends to earth to give Pinocchio a spark of the Universal Mind, the “Nous” of the Gnostics.

“It was affirmed by the Gnostic Christians that the redemption of humanity was assured through the descent of Nous (Universal Mind), who was a great spiritual being superior to the Demiurgus and who, entering into the constitution of man, conferred conscious immortality upon the Demiurgic fabrications.”
– Ibid.

The Fairy confers to Pinocchio the gift of life and free will. Although he is alive, he is not a yet a “real boy”. Mystery schools teach that real life only starts after illumination. Everything prior to this is nothing but slow decay. When Pinocchio asks “Am I a real boy?“, the Fairy replies “No, Pinocchio. To make Geppetto’s wish come true will be entirely up to you. Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish and someday you will be a real boy“.

This theme of self-reliance and self-improvement is strongly inspired by Gnostic/Masonic teachings: spiritual salvation is something that has to be deserved through self-discipline, self-knowledge and intense will power. Masons symbolize this process with the allegory of the Rough and Perfect Ashlar.

“‘In speculative Freemasonry, a rough ashlar is an allegory to the uninitiated Freemason prior to his discovering enlightenment. A Perfect Ashlar is an allegory to a Freemason who, through Masonic education, works to achieve an upstanding life and diligently strives to obtain enlightenment. In the Fellowcraft Degree, we see the use of the Rough and Perfect Ashlars.  The lesson to be learned is that by means of education and the acquirement of knowledge, a man improves the state of his spiritual and moral being. Like man, each Rough Ashlar begins as an imperfect stone.  With education, cultivation and brotherly love, man is shaped into a being which has been tried by the square of virtue and encircled by the compasses of his boundaries, given to us by our Creator.”
– Masonic Lodge of Education, Source

The same way Masons represent the process of illumination by the transformation of a rough stone into a smooth one, Pinocchio starts out his journey as a rough piece of wood and will seek to smooth out his edges to finally become a real boy. Nothing is however handed out to him. An inner-alchemical process needs to take place in order for him to be worthy of illumination. He has to go through life, fight its temptations, and, using his conscience (embodied by Jiminy Cricket), he has to find the right path. The first step is to go to school (symbolizing knowledge). After that, life’s temptations rapidly come across Pinocchio’s path.

The Temptation of Fame and Fortune

On his way to school, Pinocchio is stopped by Foulfellow the Fox (not a very trustworthy name) and Gideon the Cat who lure him to the “easy road to success”: show business. Despite his conscience’s warnings, the marionette follows the shady characters and is sold to Stromboli, the belligerent puppet show promoter.

During his performance, Pinocchio is acquainted with the up sides of the “easy road”: fame, fortune and even hot women puppets.

Pinocchio however quickly learns the great costs of this apparent success: he cannot go back to see his father (the Creator), the money he generates is only used to enrich Stromboli, his “handler”, and he sees what fate awaits him when he grows old.

A rather grim depiction of show business, isn’t it? He is basically nothing more than … a puppet. After seeing the true nature of the “easy road”, Pinocchio realizes the sad state he is in. He is caged up like an animal and at the mercy of a cruel puppeteer. He was duped into selling his soul.

Pinocchio then gains back his conscience (Jiminy Cricket) and tries to escape. All of the good conscientiousness in the world cannot however save him, Cricket cannot open the lock.  Nothing less than a divine intervention is needed to save him, but not before he is truthful to the Fairy (the divine messenger) and, most importantly, to himself.

The Temptations of Earthly Pleasures

Back on the right path, Pinocchio is stopped again by Foulfellow the Fox who lures him into going to “Pleasure Island”, a place with no school (knowledge) and laws (morals). Kids can eat, drink, smoke, fight and destroy at will, all under the watchful eye of The Coachman.

Pleasure Island is a metaphor for the “profane life” characterized by ignorance, the search for instant gratification and the satisfaction of the one’s lowest impulses. The coachman encourages this behavior knowing it is a perfect method to create slaves. The boys who indulge enough into this dumbed-down lifestyle turn into donkeys and are then exploited by The Coachman to work in a mine. Another rather grim depiction, this time of the ignorant masses.

Pinocchio himself starts to turn into a donkey. In esoteric terms he is closer to his material self, personified by this stubborn animal, than his spiritual self. This portion of the story is a literary reference to Apuleius’ The Metamorphoses or Golden Ass, a classic work studied in Mystery schools such as Freemasonry.

The Metamorphoses describes the adventures of Lucius who is tempted by the wonders of magic, because of his foolishness, turns himself into an ass. This leads to a long and arduous journey where he is finally saved by Isis and joins her Mystery cult. The story of the Metamorphoses bears many resemblances with Pinocchio by its story line, its spiritual allegory and its theme of occult initiation.

Pinocchio, once he regained his conscience, escaped the prison of profane life and escaped Pleasure Island.

The Initation

Pinocchio returns home to unite with his father but the house is empty. He learns that Geppetto has been swallowed by a giant whale. The puppet then jumps into water himself and gets swallowed by the whale in order to find his Creator. This is his final initiation, where he has to escape the darkness of the ignorant life (symbolized by the womb of the giant whale) and gain spiritual light.

Once again, Carlo Collodi was heavily inspired by a classic story of spiritual Initiation: the Book of Jonah. Found in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Jonah and the Whale is also read in Mystery schools.

“Jonah is also the central character in the Book of Jonah. Ordered by God to go to the city of Nineveh to prophesy against it “for their great wickedness is come up before me” Jonah seeks instead to flee from “the presence of the Lord” by going to Jaffa and sailing to Tarshish. A huge storm arises and the sailors, realizing this is no ordinary storm, cast lots and learn that Jonah is to blame. Jonah admits this and states that if he is thrown overboard the storm will cease. The sailors try to get the ship to the shore but in failing feel forced to throw him overboard, at which point the sea calms. Jonah is miraculously saved by being swallowed by a large fish specially prepared by God where he spent three days and three nights (Jonah 1:17). In chapter two, while in the great fish, Jonah prays to God in his affliction and commits to thanksgiving and to paying what he has vowed. God commands the fish to vomit Jonah out.”

Jonah after his spiritual initiation

Manly P. Hall explains here the occult meaning of the Jonah and the Whale.

“When used as a symbol of evil, the fish represented the earth (man’s lower nature) and the tomb (the sepulcher of the Mysteries). Thus was Jonah three days in the belly of the “great fish,” as Christ was three days in the tomb. Several early church fathers believed that the “whale” which swallowed Jonah was the symbol of God the Father, who, when the hapless prophet was thrown overboard, accepted Jonah into His own nature until a place of safety was reached. The story of Jonah is really a legend of initiation into the Mysteries, and the “great fish” represents the darkness of ignorance which engulfs man when he is thrown over the side of the ship (is born) into the sea (life).”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Jonah emerging from the whale with the word of God

Pinocchio went through the hardships of initiation and came out of the darkness of ignorance. He emerges from tomb resurrected, like Jesus Christ. He is now a “real boy”, an illuminated man who broke the shackles of material life to embrace his higher self. Jiminy Cricket receives a solid gold badge from the Fairy, representing the success of the alchemical process of  transforming Pinocchio’s conscience from a crude metal to gold. The “Great Work” has been accomplished. What is there left to do? A crazy accordion party, of course!


In Conclusion

Seen through the eyes of an initiate, Pinocchio’s story, instead of being a series of random adventures, becomes a deeply symbolic spiritual allegory. Details in the movie that are seemingly meaningless suddenly reveal an esoteric truth or at least a brutally honest social commentary. Inspired by metaphysical classics such as The Metamorphoses and Jonah and the Whale, the story’s author, Carlo Collodi, wrote a modern day tale of initiation, which is the most important aspect of Masonic life. Although Walt Disney’s allegiance to Freemasonry has always been disputed, the choice of this story as the second animated movie ever created by the studio is very telling. Many symbolic details added into the movie manifest a great understanding of the underlying occult meaning of Collodi’s book. Considering the numerous re-releases of Pinocchio and its world-wide success one can say that the entire world has witnessed his path to illumination, but very few fully understood it.

When put in relation with other other articles on this site, which reveal rather sinister meanings, the story of Pinocchio is an example of the nobler side of occult teachings. Striving to achieve a higher level of spirituality through self-improvement is a universal theme found in most religions. Pinocchio still remains typically Masonic and reveals the philosophical background of those in control of the mass media.




  1. Great article, I just remembered the film AI, a little robot boy who wants to be a real boy and searches for the blue fairy so he can make his wish. Might be another film worth looking into.

  2. Royal December,

    What you saying is true, however, its much more deeper than clubbing, drugs and girls, i have lots of friends who don't go to clubs or chase girls..yet they are in equal ignorance than people who party.

    They don't agree with this website in anyway. They have been logically left brain minded that, any occult teaching they refuse to believe.

    The satan or the illuminati etc have made sure, everyone is compartmentalized, if you are hard working, a good guy, decipilined etc…there is no assurance that you will come out of the web.

    Its something else, than blaming ignorance

  3. Is it really noble to invert religion the way the gnostics do? Isn't this rejection of God and embrace of "knowledge" really the foundation of the shitty world these people have built?

  4. This is great stuff!!

    I actually thought the story and underline meaning of Pinocchio was inspiring! Your discernment really has to be keen when disecting this information. Because All truths are paralle, be it good of evil. It's up to us to study to show ourselves approved…Thanks for the last paragraph of th article! It really expressed and sumed up how i was feeling during the reading. It showed the lighter more positive side…

  5. First of all welcome back, great job man!. I really liked your article. Second, well, you just scratched the very tip of the Iceberg, Disney has been one of the top Illuminati/Freemason centers of disinformation of the modern era.

    They love to spread and divulge their satanic/agnostic/occultist crap to the masses. And what they love the most is that the bums are so blind to the reality (listen to Rihanna's Disturbia… Bum bum be dumb), so into their Matrix of power, that anyone complains.

    Disney has spread messages of witchcraft, black magic, occultist rituals, profane books in almost each and every movie they have, and yet, anyone has bothered to even say something about it. Was it because of their no swearing policy? Come on…

    Thank you Vigilant for your great effort. Keep the articles coming.

  6. I wonder if any of you actually bothered to read the article before being "scared" and "disgusted", preaching about the "end of times". Really interesting article, yet the crazies use the comments section to again, display their ignorance and paranoia. You're an embarrassment to this site and the reason number 1 why people dismiss these topics.

    Anyway, I liked the article VC. It's funny how movies, especially the ones we never think of, actually have a deeper meaning. Like someone mentioned above, Artificial Intelligence it's worth looking into. It's a modernized version of Pinocchio, originally written by Stanley Kubric, who was goung to be the director. But then he died and the dream of making this movie was canned for a few years until S. spielberg took over. There's a scene where "David", AI's Pinocchio, it's trapped inside a futuristic helicopter at the bottom of the ocean, where the old NYC lies buried. He stays there for 2,000 years until he's rescued by aliens who took over the planet after the extintion of mankind. It's a great movie and it's been established before how aware Stanley Kubric was of the occult, secret societies, symbolism, etc. You should make a post about him. Another great movie that illustrates his knowledge for these topics is "Eyes Wide Shut". Highly recommended.

    And this movie also makes me think ifo Disney's latest "The Princesd and the frog", which touches on the subject of Metamorphosis. If we go by this, then The Little Mermaid it's worth taking a look.

    Good job as always! Happy New Year.

  7. Thanks, VC! You must have worked really hard on this article and I sincerely appreciate it.

    I have never seen the movie, but I may just decide to read the book. It seems like a very beautiful story that has many layers. I like that all interpretations are good (which doesn't happen in Disney movies many times – The Little Mermaid gets to be a human woman and happily sacrifices her ability to speak. Wow, power to women!)

    It is also refreshing to see that this movie has really nice and commendable uses of occult teachings.

    Thank you so much VC and I hope you and your family have a great rest of the holiday season!

  8. Not surprising, but definitely interesting. And as Wolf said above, those who didn't bother to actually read are so obvious it hurts. What movie doesn't have a deeper meaning though? I suppose you could do this with most films. Even something like "Mean Girls" has little moments where you think of Julius Caesar's demise.

    Another captivating read.

    xoxo – K

  9. Great article once again, I honestly never really trusted Disney as a kid, but being around a family infatuated by everything Disney, it was hard. Yet, in the past few years it has become apparent Disney has its hidden occult disinformation agendas and whatnot especially in their movies. I only recently discovered this site 4 months ago, and have been spreading the word ever since. I appreciate the fact that many more people will start the new year less ignorant and oblivious. Keep em' coming.

  10. Excellent research keep it up! The end is near and people don’t even know about it, even if they do they don’t want to pay attention cause their lifestyle is based on sinning ( Drinking, Clubs, Girls, Smoking, Drugs etc). If people can notice how the rise of clubs and the “entertainment” has come up in the past years. Now it’s all about make money spend it well, and make money spend it well, not caring for others who are suffering around the world, for them a dollar means a fortune, for you dollar means nothing, it’s a twisted psychology. But anyways wake up, Jesus is almost hear the poor shall be in luxury in heaven!

    • smoking & drinking are not inherently "bad". Good & Evil depends on the source of light (to borrow part of a Fugazi lyric)

      Morality is nonexistent. The illuminati have reason to feel so above us and smart. We've been duped so easily, that nothing we are experiencing has not been earned tenfold. We're lucky we have this much "freedom".

      I commend this research, as it is a glimpse into the schematic of reality, and how so much is revealed when one begins to drop ALL beliefs, and all security blankets we carry around with us.

  11. Wow great insight, thanks for the article, i wonder how harry potter come into occult teachings.. Its open witchcraft to say the least….

  12. I'm very glad to see the explicit statement in this article that there are some "noble aspects" to the occult. Reading the site up until now, there were some subtle hints pointing to this line of thinking, but it's good to see it clarified. It really differentiates you from the manichean thinking of the tinfoil hat crazies, and lends your site that much more credence (in my eyes, anyways.) Yes, the powers that be which control the world's systems for their own benefit tend to employ the occult. But, I'm sure they also use the postal system, the roadways, and they cook their food with fire. Does that mean the rest of these things should be shunned because the illuminati use them? No, because it's about intent. You can use just about anything for noble or evil purposes.

    I also really enjoyed your choice of subject matter. I don't tend to listen to popular music nowadays, because even if there isn't a grand conspiracy going on (not that i'm saying there isn't, but just for the sake of argument), I think this music effects people's moods and ability to think negatively by glorifying their baser drives. So while i agree that what you are saying about them needs to be said, i don't find it nearly as interesting as when you take on cultural icons.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to see more from you.

  13. "I wonder if any of you actually bothered to read the article before being “scared” and “disgusted”, preaching about the “end of times”. Really interesting article, yet the crazies use the comments section to again, display their ignorance and paranoia. You’re an embarrassment to this site and the reason number 1 why people dismiss these topics."

    Hear, hear! And what's this about the end being near? Far from it. Music is becoming so obviously stupid that people are waking up to that idea. They are being the devil's advocate, so bless them. Everyone knows that one of the many ways to reach the light, is to reach it through darkness. Just like what happened to Pinocchio.

    Everything in life is fundamentally neutral. Everything. Music, media, this website, all circumstances really, are fundamentally neutral. There is no built in meaning. We as individuals can impose a meaning to it, but there is no built-in meaning to anything.

    All we have to do is to choose between love and fear. There might be many layers of symbolism, that are being used by many different mystery schools, but I think that a truly enlightened being is he who chooses to create and then walk on his own path regardless of his circumstances.

    I know of a great teacher who can explain this to the fullest: "Circumstances don't matter. Only my state of being matters." Circumstances do not create state of being. State of being creates circumstances. So, which state of being do you prefer? To be your natural core self. This is knowledge that is no longer hidden to anyone. It's available to any of you who seeks to learn more of himself. But we all seek it in our own way, in our own pace.

    The end is absolutely not near… because we're only just at the beginning of very exciting, joyful, loving times of exponential growth.

  14. hey there! i've heard that freemasonry is not associated with illuminati? what are really the agenda of freemasonry? please answer me………….

    i've discovered recently that our flag (philippine flag) have masonic roots….. OMG!!! that's shocking…

    Our national heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo are freemasons……

    how about this?….
    they are claiming that they are not related to illuminati…………………..

  15. now that i think about it… it is pretty weird… a puppet who keeps coming across stuff like this… it's deep if you really look into it

  16. The original stories are always changed by a person who gave his life up to freemasonry.

    What if Pinno. was a hermaphrodite (intersex person) who was in search of his true identity (sex/gender)?

    The Harry Potter series was written by Vivianne Crowley who always opts to remain behind the screens.

    Pagan has become Wicca

    Wicca has become witchcraft

    Witchcraft has become Kabalah

    Vivianne Crowley (related to Aleister Crowley) has wriiten many books on witchcraft and Kabbalah.

    • Arianne Weaver on

      1) Vivianne Crowley did not write Hary Potter, J.K. Rowling did. Crowley is an established author in her own right & would not need to write under a psedonym.

      2) She is an "out" pagan High Priestess and is a Psychology Professor at King's College, London, as well as writing many books on Wicca.

      3) Vivanne Crowley is not related in any way to Aleister Crowley

      4) Wicca is branch of modern Paganism.

      Kabbalah is the esoteric branch of Judaism, although some Christians (in the Middle Ages) & pagans have adapted it to include their own religions.

      5)Please engage brain, or failing that look up relevant fact, before posting.

  17. Awesome! This article is great, thank you VC!

    You know, I have recently started re-watching some of my old favorite movies from my childhood… and surprisingly a lot of my old time faves have a ton of symbolism in them. Movies like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and The Neverending Story! ((I'd love to see a future article of one of these movies hehehe)) It's amazing what you can find when you know what to look for. 😉

    Just a side note: The Black Eyed Peas has a song where they make Pinnochio's references… called "Don't Lie".

    Thanks for all that you do VC… take care and have a Happy New Year!!! ((I don't know about you, but I am so ready for 2010!!! F* you 2009, you sucked ass!!!!!!!!! lol))



  18. wow!!

    I never really liked this movie. There is something about a piece of wood transforming to a real boy that creaps me out.

    Thanks for writing this article and plzz keep them coming :)

  19. Incredible work like this comes along, and reminds me how there is always so much more to learn/be on the look out for,I know disney is heavily involved in indoctrination as is all media, but pinnochio? amazing, thanks

  20. thanks again for a great one. they were always out in the open about their power and control behind the masses and alluding that most people are just stupid animals..people needed in your face music videos to finally get it … but the main character here doesn't fall for all the traps in the end and escapes being a puppet and instead becomes a "real" human, and if the whale part is based on the biblical story, then i wonder if the masons too are admitting you need to accept G-d for "real" illumination.. i associate them with dark paganism with a scientology twist and if that is the case, then it pretty much negates what i was thinking with respect to their religion… can you help me on this one… also interesting the puppet show promoter doesnt only symbolize the freemasons or illuminated ones behind the scenes using people as puppets, which i think is the main point, but also hints at human/ child trafficking from back then and manipulating children for money which still happens in many countries, primarily middle east and europe where they come dance for you for money

  21. i bet you can write books analyzing all the disney movies.. little mermaid for one has soo many meanings and pagan-god story themes… the whole thing about the stupid woman in every movie who needs the man to get saved.. list goes on and on- but interestingly as someone mentioned before, there's other people who continued his work and more movies that came out later had some crazy symbols, so i dont think it was all Disney himself, especially if you read about his history and family origins they were poorer class and he tried to make money by being cartoonist for newpaper (i can't find a connection to pagnism or masons with his original artwork as you can with most of the disney movies) and failed in business several times until he got big here.. or did "they" help him get big here and manipulate his work? something i always thought…

  22. …i dont even know what to believe. What if you're just connecting things that dont really connect. All i know is that Christ Jesus is coming soon. Howdy!

  23. interesting song- funny thing exactly what i was thinking which is an oxymoron in the movie- he had to be truthful in order to be illuminated. but arent the illuminated all secretive? kanye: "Its funny Pinnochio lied and thats what kept him from it. I tell the truth and i keep runnin. Its like im lookin for somethin out there, trying to find something, I turn on the t.v. and see me and see nothing"

    Pinnochio ironically got illuminated as he escaped them, but Kanye joined them for fame but feels he has and is nothing anyway. and they aren't allowed to say the truth or they would have to run from them (or else he will be like all the stars that got have gotten killed perhaps?) now he formed a jail and hell for himself, he realized all that gucci and ysl and vacations dont matter anymore and he can't go back because its too late, Pinnochio was able to get out of the jail but Kanye cant.. thats why its "funny" or in other words ironic

  24. im sorry i mean he had to be truthful in order to be saved from them… but V is saying he was illuminated in the end. so i dont get it, theres oxymorons here because he has a moment with G-d in the whale, and that was his true illumination, not from staying a puppet for his boss to make money. V- can you expand?

  25. I've recently noticed from my past life of watching every movie ever made, that most of the character actors in children's Disney movies, also were character actors in deeply occultic movies like Rosemary's Baby, etc. Those movies are obviously cast with people who are part of the luciferian cults and covens. The same one's show up over and over.

  26. OMG Vigilant, you gave me quite a turn! Reading the opening paragraphs I was so alarmed you were going to launch into a spin against the hidden wisdoms, which would have been the last straw on my nerves! I am so thankful to see you understood, and presented a beautiful in-depth analysis of Pinocchio and expressed the idea that it "is an example of the nobler side of occult teachings". I am quite relieved.

    But I am also nonplussed to see how it went straight over the heads of about 50 to 60% of the posters here. How they could not understand what you had written is beyond me. Those who did understand what you were saying expressed wonderful sentiments about the nature of wisdom, the meaning of symbolism, the Mystery Schools, and so on, things I could never express so well.

    I am so glad you are back from hiatus. Your articles are extraordinarily interesting to me, whoever you are!

  27. Dammit I lost the post. I got too excited.

    Last night I was vaguely watching a tour of a library, a beautiful room, and I caught where they said it was the Pike Museum. It's main feature is the mechanical chandelier that can be lowered between the floors of the atrium. THIS IS WHERE JAY SEAN'S DOWN VIDEO WAS SHOT!!!

    If I had known I would have watched the entire program. But as it was I got annoyed because I didn't live in that room, so I changed the title.

    How lucky Jay Sean is to have been given access to such a beautiful building, decorated in a grand style!

  28. the topic sucks. You sure have a way of bringing up the symbolism in this suppose to be for child fairy tale, and congrat for that, but the topic doesn't interest me at all. Just like the previous one.

    Waiting for the next one.

    ps: no need to fire me with comments saying how dummass I am, this is just my opinion. I love this website, I really think that VG is doing a greatttt job, and I am aware of how hard he is working to come up to us with great articles… And yes yes I know I am the one writting the articles, but that doesnt mean I cant have a say abt them right?

    All I am saying is that the A ok article and this one are not really pertinent and they didnt keep my attention.

    But VG, thanks for having this website anyway.,. great job.

  29. Fantastic interpretation.

    But… I can not see why you have to join some kind of cult or brotherhood to make this kind of progress?

    It feels like an message to all people looking for something more meaningful, Freeemason or not.

  30. So basically the people in the industury are treated like pinocchio. They face the same challenges and fall for the same o ke doke. Insted of getting wings you get strings

  31. The Crazy thing about this is…just Last week…I was in my basement and noticed an old Pinocchio doll…I said to myself " I NEED to re-watch Pinocchio and dechiper the hidden interpretation of the Expanding Nose, when he tells a lie" I'm smart enough to KNOW, that artist (of ALL fields) KNOW what their doing and there is NO such thing as a coincidence, so when you see a little symobology here or you happen to hear a certain phrase said a certain way, while the camera is angles to capture an image…it's not by COINCIDENCE!

    Jesus is Lord…Honesty is KEY in order to IMPROVE..If you're HONEST with YOURSELF & YOUR MASTER just ask GOD to guide you in the right direction and to give you the gift of discerment to separate the "Real from the Fake"

  32. are you against any form of religous practices including christainity…i ama christain…….i do not appreciate misinterpretation of the word of God…..there is a penalty for adding,subtracting or misinterpreting God's word in the Bible…do not overdo things…….

  33. smh! this is great! i had no idea! i just get so upset with these stars now days. more and more of them are getting "recruited" into this "illuminati" thing or whatever. but do they not realize whats going to happen to them? do they not know that they are just merely a "puppet" and that when they are no longer needed, they will be disposed? that just baffles me! and they knowingly continue to go through with it for just that little 15 minutes of fame.

    but im confused. i once read somewhere that the only ones in the "illuminati" are the people that are born into it, that are in the lineage of the original freemasons and illuminated ones. i though mind control started at birth. so how are these celebs able to go through that process? someone please help me to better understand this.

    but regardless, i thought this was a very good article and i cant wait for the next one. i'd really like to see an article on Alicia Keys. in her latest video, she has butterflies all on her. and since reading these articles, i have become more familiar with monarch programming. she collaborated with Jay-z, so you know that she is involved with whatever he is involved in.

    this just doesnt make sense to me. do they not know whats going to become of them in the end? they are all stupid!! its sad to see such wasted talents go down the drain all in the name of fame and fortune and for fame that only lasts so long…

    • Stefannie Farren on

      Mind control (although there is certainly abuse within the families to include mind,body,life control) and celebrities (and politicians) are tools of the Illuminati and are given a far different course when taken in. They are not actually Illuminati, simply a means to and End for the group.

  34. Wait a sec!!!!!

    everybody is amazed with you and adore your work but…. is it really deep as it looks?

    I'm not saying that your interpretation, reference or investigation is lame but the conclusion is!

    Pinocchio far from being a representation of occultism is the classical "bildungsroman" story (if you don't know what it means serach wikipedia) wich is present in a lot of stories in this wolrd,especially the children's one.

    Stop for a moment and think. How many stories with this same estrucuture of growing have you read or watched? Disney is specialist in this because of it children audience. If everybody begins to investigate films like Alice's adventures in wonderlan, the little mermaid, the lion king (just in some parts, not totally) etc. we would discover that the mayority of them have the SAME estructure: a Hero wich is a "bad person" and has to go trought a number of "tests" to grow and achieve an objective. All this comes from literature.

    As I said: your interpretation is not bad. You took some ideas and compared them, check. But your conclusion is kinda stupid: its only based in a relationship that could not be truth and in the belief that ONLY secret societies believe in growing wich is totally fake. Also, the allution to jonah is interesting but dosn't have to ber related only to ocultism; that's because is part of a religious tradition and all this stories are written by humans who have connections with this traditions!!!!!!

    So, before thinking that everything in this world is refering to masonery, maybe is masonery that refers to everything.


    Alvaro S

  35. @Please Listen: I think the expanding nose (which when it grew long enough a leaf would grow off of it) was meant to be a reminder to Pinocchio of the promise he made to the fairy to be honest and the reason he took it: So he would be a true human being, not a hunk of a tree, but that's the semi-obvious meaning, I don't know if there's an occult symbolic meaning to why it was his nose and not his hands or his ears or feet that changed (maybe because the truth that he is lying is right before his eyes for the world to see?)

    Anyway, yeah, the Christian allusion of the whale was always obvious to me, should be to anyone who paid attention in Sunday school. And it's not just the industry, Pinocchio is a symbol for all people: Be wise, be discerning, don't be used, keep your promises, remember love, if something seems to good to be true it probably is…

  36. 130 years Man did not call on the LORD after Cain killed Abel until Seth was born. 130 years Man did not call on the LORD after the world separated from the Flood until Abram was born. 130 years after the last Macabbee Jonathan died until Jesus was born. Cities, Metal Smithing, Music, Domestication of Animals, Poetry then Religion and Man-made Laws and finally an elevated clergy and Christmas/Chanukkah developed from these times.

    US initiation will occur during the 1040 days of the final 2300 days Jesus and Gabriel told Daniel of in Dan 8 to initiate the final 1260 Day Great Tribulation. Do the math, these days will begin President's Day 2010.

    Everybody gets initiated, one way or another.

  37. In parts of Umbria there is practiced a traditional form of puppet theatre – utilizing masterfully carved puppets of fine woods – in which various pre-Christian rituals are re-enacted. Many of these rituals include strong elements of what would today be considered bdsm intertwined with narratives of spirit possession and control through command hallucinations. I believe some scholars have asserted that the Pinocchio story is a sanitization of some of these mind control techniques.

  38. Nicely deciphered VC when I was younger I used to watch Pinnochio and be very terrified by the going ons in pleasure island I was only little but I always felt frightened by some aspects of this film alot of things make sense to me now…Thanks VC!

  39. @ 123 ~ "But… I can not see why you have to join some kind of cult or brotherhood to make this kind of progress?

    It feels like an message to all people looking for something more meaningful, Freeemason or not."

    Just because a man named Carlo Lorenzini ( pen name, Carlo Collodi) happened to be a Freemason does not imply in the story of Pinocchio that one has to join some kind of brotherhood. It is unfortunately due to the conspiracy theories and religious fanatics, who see bogymen everywhere, that the minute they read that Lorenzini was a Freemason, that they go into a mindless frenzy, assuming all sorts of evil machinations.

    Lorenzini wrote a child's simple, universal, morality tale about the pitfalls of fame and fortune and earthly pleasures. It was a universal morality tale, so the images, substituting the Blue Fairy for the divine messenger (it is so unfortunate Western Nations are burdened with the imagery of Jehovah or Yahweh — the white-beared man in the sky), and Jiminy Cricket for the conscious (the angel on one shoulder that counters the bad angel of our earthly nature on the other), and Geppetto (maker, artisan or craftsman – the Demiurge of the Gnostics). Geppetto is not *the God*, but prays to a Greater God to send to Pinocchio the "divine spark needed to become a 'real boy' " — or, in other words, he prays to the Greater God that his son/creation grows up well, with discernment, to become a good man.

    Lorenzini wrote a universal child's morality tale. Not all the world is acquainted with fanatical fundamentalists ideas and imagery of a white-beared man in the sky.

    The key to understanding Lorenzini's simple morality tale is just to accept it for what it is. Any father — any father — might have told such a story to his child in order to explain the world and its pitfalls.

  40. I was also thinking about A.I. while reading this article. The two may have a connection. Defenitely looking forward to an article on that…

  41. KEEP THEM COMING TO INFORM THE PEOPLE!I love this site and ill make sure i do all i can to spread the word about it PEOPLE NEED TO BE EDUCATED ON THIS.

    BRILLIANT!Who would have known the maker of the original was a mason.That itself Sums up Alot of things about hollywood and the makers of these things can be anybody.You research your ass off! Lmfao .I love it

  42. A chaque fois que je lis vos articles je les trouvent vraiment impressionant, de documentation et de tes connaissances sur l'ésotérisme franç massons. Mais que faire maintenant?

    The representation of masses as donkey is the truth. It's not a problem of smartness, most of us have been brainwashed by the machin, it sad to say that but it's too late. I try to make people aware of that stuff and protect people I love. We need a miracle!

  43. "Striving to achieve a higher level of spirituality through self-improvement is a universal theme found in most religions."

    In reference to this portion of your summary VC, please do your homework. And people reading articles on this site – please do your homework.

    VC If you are going to repeatedly infer the beliefs of other religions do yourself and your readers the service of understanding and correctly communicating what each world religion teaches. The message of Jesus Christ stands alone – we cannot carry out a series of daily rituals to save us from hell and have eternal life with Jesus in Heaven. Repentance and faith is the message of Christ.

    Christianity DOES NOT advocate to strive for self-improvement. That was NOT the message of the Lord or the message of the cross. The Holy Bible states that 'All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and Yahweh has laid on him (Christ) the iniquity (sins) of us all.' Isaiah 53:6. If this scripture is true (which it is), then how could the message of Christianity be about self-improvement? Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice for our sins and therefore was accepted by the Father as an offering for our sins on the cross at Calvary.

    VC you are a sinner. You and I have broken God's moral law. You have lied, stolen, hated and not loved the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. You also have made God in your own image as a graven image and not believed in the true character and nature of God as revealed only in the Biblical text. He will forgive you when you repent and put your full faith and trust in Him alone and not your good works. The Bible calls our good works filthy rags before a holy God because no-one can buy God. He is not corrupt. Turn to Him to be saved before He comes back to judge the wicked (all sinners who break God's law including the dark forces behind music, movies and the like) and the dead. If you take the words of the Lord Jesus Christ seriously I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.

    • @Carol I do realize that the spiritual narrative of Pinocchio does not agree with conventional Christianity. It rather portrays the Gnostic philosophy of the "inner-Christ". I however cannot believe that "Christianity DOES NOT advocate to strive for self-improvement." Wasn't Jesus Christ at odds with the Pharisees because they preached the Word without understanding its true meaning or putting it into practice?

      Matt 23:27-29 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

      How is this different from people who go to Church every Sunday but who do not bother applying Jesus' teachings in their daily lives? Didnt he warn the world against the pitfalls of materialism?

      Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.– John 2:15

      Isn't this a plea for self-improvement, for detachement from earthly temptations?

      • Beautifully written article as always VC. But…

        You quote Matthew 23 which I think was preaching against exactly the sort practises that are employed by secret societies such as Freemasonry. It wasn’t a call for “self-improvement” but an damning indictment of the swearing of oaths and the outward show of compliance to the Law. They were guilty of self-righteous legalism but didn’t believe that Jesus was The Son of God. Faith not works:

        “not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith” (Philippians 3:8-9).

        The Gnostic idea of an “inner-Christ” is anti-Christian. Not being a follower of an Illuminated Path, I can only go on what I’ve read about it – Pinocchio may illustrate “the nobler side of occult teachings” but the occult teachings of Freemasonry are pagan nonetheless.

    • Stefanie Farren on

      Will definitely agree with the sentence "Christianity DOES NOT advocate to strive for self improvement." 100%
      (Not trying to be rude VC as I also agree with your reply, I simply do not see it in the church.) I have met Christians that are beautiful people but I have also met many people that are beautiful inside and out that are not. But in Christianity I have found condemnation, judgement, backstabbing, ridicule, elitism, smugness, the desire to be more than others (not more than you were yesterday) the desire for power over (in a worldly way) and honestly some of the worst and most brutal attacks on people I have ever experienced in my entire life. It took me years to become completely deprogrammed from the many churches of my youth but I persisted and did 'strive for self improvement'. (Why anyone would find that offensive is really beyond me.) I see people like the one that wrote this reply as people who use their religion as a weapon, to tear down others, judge, feel morally superior (by simply believing something yet NOT seeking to improve who they are) powerful words in a superstitious society 'God will send you to HELL FOREVER' 'but I can sin til the day I die because I believe'….well…ok…go for it. If God really is the nut-job most often depicted by the followers I have no hope as I will not lie or pretend or bow down to any story. Live life with gratitude (BTW Gratitude is humbleness and appreciation) and do unto others seems enough for me.

  44. Pinnochio was written by a Freemason, and incorporates Masonic ideas of self-enlightenment otherwise known as illumination. Pinnochio becomes a real boy by his own actions, he learns lessons and avoids pitfalls but it is all by his own doing, he achieves this with some Divine help, but the Divine in this story simply nudges and encourages Pinnochio to look within himself, to be honest with himself, to reach enlightenment by himself, to save himself, to illuminate himself.

    That idea of self-enlightenment is the basic doctrine of Freemasonry, as well as of Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Theosophy, and everything labeled New Age. The doctrine of self-enlightenment includes the idea of becoming your own god, this is often represented in some belief systems as the more vague idea that God is Everything, and we are all part of God, but very often the goal of elevating oneself to personal godhood is openly preached by illuminists.

    This doctrine of self-enlightenment is Luciferianism, as admitted by the Theosophist Alice Bailey student of Madam Blavatsky, who formed the Lucifer Publishing Company, now known as Lucis Trust.

    In the book of Genesis we find the story of Eve being tempted by the serpent, who is Satan, also known as Lucifer. To tempt Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Satan told her that she would become like God. Satan was tempting Eve with the idea of self-enlightenment, or illumination, telling her she could become her own god. In reality, once Eve had the Knowledge of Evil, she had to die, because Evil is Destruction.

    The supposed path to enlightenment through the Knowledge of Good and Evil is constantly represented by the symbols of Dualism found in the Luciferian Illumination religions, such as the checkerboard floor of Freemasonry, and the YinYang of Buddhism.

    The doctrine of self-enlightenment, or illumination, is completely contrary to the teaching of Jesus that he was the Son of God, the One and Only Messiah, and that no one could be saved except by belief in his sacrifice for us, and that we are saved not by our own actions but by the grace of God. This teaching of Jesus is seen as horribly hateful and intolerant by the many followers of Luciferian Illuminism in pagan religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy and Wicca.

    In the end of the Masonic self-salvation story of Pinnochio, we find the final rebuke of the Biblical doctrine of salvation by the grace of God. We see Pinnochio in a situation ripped from the story of Jonah in the Bible, being inside a whale. but Pinnochio does not have to pray to God to save him from being trapped, instead the situation is quite the opposite, Pinnochio is there to save his own Creator.

  45. @Godsson

    If you look at VC's "Ask Vigilant" and "About Vigilant" sections you will see that he is a Mystic Christian and is not against the practice of any religion.

  46. Ah the Fire and Brimstone brigade. naturellement can't you just see her on a street corner screaming out her crypto-jewish message of "yahweh"?

  47. Pretty in * Poof * on

    Ye miserable, crawlin' worms. Are ye here again then? Have ye come like Nimshi, son of Rehoboam, secretly out of your doomed houses, to hear what's comin' to ye? Have ye come, old and young, sick and well, matrons and virgins, if there be any virgins amongst you, which is not likely, the world being in the wicked state that it is. Have ye come to hear me tell you of the great, crimson, licking flames of hell fire? Aye! You've come, dozens of ye. Like rats to the granary, like field mice when it's harvest home. And what good will it do ye? You're all damned! Damned! Do you ever stop to think what that word means? No, you don't. It means endless, horrifying torment! It means your poor, sinful bodies stretched out on red-hot gridirons, in the nethermost, fiery pit of hell and those demons mocking ye while they waves cooling jellies in front of ye. You know what it's like when you burn your hand, taking a cake out of the oven, or lighting one of them godless cigarettes? And it stings with a fearful pain, aye? And you run to clap a bit of butter on it to take the pain away, aye? Well, I'll tell ye, there'll be no butter in hell!

  48. I have to say… I love this site and the articles you post… Find it very interesting… However… Pinocchio? Really? C'mon now… While this was interesting… Just seemed a bit desperate for another topic…

  49. @ Chainmaker

    A lot of the eastern religions you refer to have the idea that God is present everywhere in the world and that they can in a sense "become One with God". It is sort of like the idea of the Holy Spirit. Everyone has something "godly" within themselves. Many Eastern Mystics may say, "I am God" or "You are God" meaning that they feel the presence of God in themselves and in the other person, but it does not mean that they think they are the one and only God….they feel that God is everywhere and they can "become God" or lose themselves to God. This is not an evil practice but something very beautiful. This is also present in some forms of Christian mysticism. Angelus Silesius was a Christian mystic and said this: "Every drop becomes the sea when it flows oceanward, just as at last the soul ascends and thus becomes the Lord."


  50. This is a great analysis of Pinocchio, though everything that we watch/hear/read derives from a particular thought system, even the articles posted on this website aim to convey certain messages to the audience based on the experiences of the author. Everything has a deeper meaning if you speculate.

  51. Pretty in * Poof * on

    Yes, a delightful movie, JuliaAja. Believe it or not, the book was even funnier! I really recommend the book. Of course the movie was terrific too.

  52. The story of Pinocchio is a valuable lesson. Don't go down the same road as him. No matter how tempting the pleasures of this earth can be, we need to put on the full armor of Jesus Christ. See what the lost don't know is, this temporary life is nothing compared to eternity. Like that one song goes…"I'd rather have Jesus, than Silver and Gold" or any other thing for that matter.

    One of the things I realize about this movie is that not everyone gets a second chance. Those boys on pleasure island sure didnt.

  53. Off the topic- I always say no need to do the cheap, classless, ghetto, Video Phone video. As a woman I hate to see the video it's very classless however I did notice one thing from jump. Beyonce shakes like MaryAnn off of True Blood ( yeah,yeah i know the show is prob illumanti) If you don't know TrueBlood is an intresting Vampire show and Maryann is an intity of some sort ,not a vampire, like a witch, I guess you can call her a beautiful middle age woman, moving on she does the same shaking (when it is like the screen is jumping up/down, and it hurts your eyes) thing Beyonce do in video phone and you hear like the rattaling noise and it turns everyone eyes solid black then she controls them. I thought that was OBVIOUS ah you thought I was going to say intresting lol-fyi

  54. VC- Just pointing out some of the things discussed on this topic seem to be open ended sometimes. Like your site, and Pinnochio and some of the others seem to play the story all the way out and it always seem to give you a choice…….. people always say one artist is jocking or stealing from the next, fashion/photoshoots same lyrics etc….. I have my own theory this shish is on replay and is being played out over and over again anyway……..

  55. @ JuliaAja

    "Becoming One with God" is absolutely no different than "becoming God" We will never become one with God. We can have God's Spirit in us, but we will not be One with Him, Jesus was the only man who has ever and will ever be One with God, because Jesus IS God. We cannot attain the perfection of Jesus by ourselves through any self-enlightenment, we can only be saved by the grace of God.

    Those eastern religions are wrong. God is not in everyone and everything. God is not in Satan. And God is not in every human. We are separated from God because of our evil, and God's Holy Spirit can only come into us after we have repented of our sins and believed on the One and Only Son of God Jesus as our savior who sacrificed himself for us.

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    (John 14:6)

    That "Christian mystic" had no business calling himself Christian, because a true Christian is a follower of Christ, and believes what Christ said. He did not say every soul would become the Lord (become God), he said only some souls would be saved by God and that MANY souls were on their way to DESTRUCTION.

    "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." (Matthew 7:13)

    The self-enlightenment, illumination doctrine is of SATAN. In the words of New Age Theosophist occultist Helena Blavatsky:

    Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the "Lord God" are identical …

    Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god …

    When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God …

    In this case it is but natural … to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind.

    For it is he who was the "Harbinger of Light," bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, "In the day yea eat there of, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil" — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An "adversary" to Jehovah … he still remains in esoteric truth the ever loving "Messenger"… who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality …

    Satan, or Lucifer, represents the active … "Centrifugal Energy of the Universe" in a cosmic sense … Fitly is he … and his adherents … consigned to the "sea of fire," because it is the Sun … the fount of life in our system, where they are petrified … and churned up to re-arrange them for another life; that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan …

    – The Secret Doctrine, Volume I, page 414, Vol II, pgs. 234, 235, 243, 245

    And in the words of the New Age Theosophist Alice Bailey, or rather, according to the Ascended Master(demon) that she claimed wrote books through her:

    For "when the Great One appears," Master Djwhal Khul said 'through' Alice Bailey, "he will take the Mysteries Religion preserved by Freemasonry and make them public."

    • Stefanie Farren on

      VC- this would be a perfect example of what I am talking about in that other post. And not to be rude to the poster: Hello, I will short phrase it for you. "I will burn in HELL for eternity" see, there I said it for or should I say muah ah ah ah…

  56. How does that work if you beleive in God. He does teach people like VC will lead you astray, and the Bible also teaches ask God for knowledge, but like I previously stated we all had no clue. So what the people who know are they not to tell the next man or what? just asking. I also stated it not that serious all the long paragraphs all that the isrellites and the christians and jews and the signs, not saying all the long paragraphs and VC work and other people that try to inform this is for someone asking for the solution and the answers it's plain and simple go to God, and if you don't beleive in God none of this should even have a point to you so why bother at the end of the day it's entertainment, intresting, and sometimes more intresting than their music and videos but it's all plain and simple not blah blah blah, no offense just the solution


    that is all. =)

    lol theres more i wanna say but just to sum it up is those 3 letter words.

    PEACE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST!! oh & Australia =)


  58. Chainmaker,

    I am not saying that any of us can achieve perfection, but thank you for explaining your ideas.

    I see that you are very intense about your faith but remember that other people have their ideas and religions and they should be respected even if you personally think they are incorrect.

  59. RE: 31.Julie Ann December 29th, 2009 8:26 am :

    The original stories are always changed by a person who gave his life up to freemasonry.

    What if Pinno. was a hermaphrodite (intersex person) who was in search of his true identity (sex/gender)?

    The Harry Potter series was written by Vivianne Crowley who always opts to remain behind the screens.

    Julie Ann: I find your statement about Ms. Crowley ghost-writing the Harry Potter series to be an incredibly bold supposition. I've done a good bit of searching and have been unable to corroborate. Could you please provide some source material?

    Or, if anyone else could oblige.


  60. JuliaAja,

    I respect your right to hold your views, you have the right(free will) to pursue spiritual destruction if you so wish. I am not preventing anyone else from sharing their views, I am simply judging other views based on the righteous view of the One and Only Savior Jesus. I understand that people don't like to be told that their way is wrong, that pisses people off. When Jesus was here telling everyone that their ways were wrong, he pissed people off so bad that they murdered him for it.

    If you were to read the link I posted above, you would understand that the self-enlightenment illuminist New Age is the Antichrist world government and religion prophesied in Revelation. I have just posted the words of adulation for Satan by the most prominent of Western New Age occultists, the same ones who talk about tolerance and world unity. Lucis Trust, formerly the Lucifer Publishing Company, has "consultative status" at the UN and maintains the UN "meditation room."

    When this New World Order comes into existence, the intolerant and stubborn true Christians who refuse to bow to the Dark Lord of False Illumination AKA Rebellion against God AKA Evil AKA Destruction will not have their beliefs respected, they will be imprisoned and murdered.

    I am utilizing my current freedom to speak the Truth, and I will continue to speak the intolerant and divisive Truth of Jesus until my time on this physical plane is over, and I go to be with my Master and Savior.

  61. I've seen a lot of people commenting on the negativity and evil of freemasonry, but I have an uncle who's a free mason and he isn't involved in any sort of evils at all. He says that there are some bad sects, and he even warned my mom about becoming involved in any potentially dark cults, religions, practices, etc. I don't know much about his involvement with the free masons, but basically what I'm saying is that not all free masons are bad.

  62. This is a great article, I regularly visit this site along with others. I find these sites very interesting, however, I recommend that people do their own research, there is a multitude of information out there that is waiting to be found and while these articles are great they just scratch the surface. There are greater things to discover. Sometimes the government and media play "look over there" tricks to deter people away from the truth and everyone should be aware of that.

  63. @ Vigilant.

    We as Christians are surely commanded to strive toward emulating the perfect goodness of Jesus and detaching ourselves from sinful worldly material temptation. However we are not to ever think that our salvation is the result of our good works, we are not saving ourselves. The Pharisees believed they were good enough to get to Heaven by works, but they had no true faith, behind closed doors they were hypocrites.

    "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    "He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already …. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him." ( John 3:18, 36)

    If a person truly has faith in Jesus, then he will emulate Jesus, he will do good deeds, not because he is buying himself salvation, but because he wants to please his Savior by following his commandments to do good, he will do good for goodness' sake, not for selfish reasons.

    "Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:20)

    Jesus said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.

    (Luke 10:26-28)

    Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. (Matthew 25:41-46)

    And here is the verse for those so-called Christians who act like hypocritical Pharisees, and the ones who think they can just go to church on Sunday and be saved:

    But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? (James 2:20)

  64. @ Victoria

    Your Freemason uncle might not be involved in any blatantly evil rituals or practices if he is not a high initiate. He might just see it as a harmless fraternity, a place to go hang out with the boys. But at the heart of Freemasonry is pagan witchcraft, occult Satanic rituals, and the high level Masons know that they worship Lucifer. The lower level Masons are intentionally misled about what they are really involved in.

    Here is a quote from Albert Pike, a very famous Mason, who was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite in Washington D.C. in the 1800s. From his book Morals and Dogma:

    “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled …”

    “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.” (pp. 104, 105 & 819)

  65. The tale of Pinnochio is also related to the teachings of sufism. The creation of the spiruitual child and the overcoming of the animal desire aspect of man exemplified by the donkey and we all know who the Coachman is

  66. Pretty in * Poof * on

    Victoria, don't believe a word chainmaker or carol say. They are of a counterfeit religion, and their minds are twisted and darkened by conspiracy theories, and they have no understanding of anything. Their aims are to instill fear and doubt, then get you in their fire and brimstone clutches. The Truth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not in them. They are crypto-jews at best.

    • Stefanie Farren on

      I really appreciate that you took the time to say something in reply to what the other were raining down. Thank you.

  67. Pretty in * Poof * on

    Sufism is a SUBLIME mind set. I always love knowing about the Sufis. Their artwork alone is staggeringly beautiful and sublime.

  68. I think there are great truths in all good stories,certain elements have to be present in the story, the person reading or watching and listening has to attain the state to absorb these essence's,we do this unconsciously.

    the more widely available the essence or the more clearly it is presented, the more people absorb the essence

    that the story contains,sorry if that seems a bit mad,just thinking out loud.


  69. What you have written is very accurate, exept the part where you put gnostics and masons in the same basket not all gnostics are masonic illuminati that was an insult to true gnostics who have not perverted the original message.

  70. Manly Hall is always used as reference, as if he were the only one. There were and are many others that gave better information – Hall only puts you on a hamster wheel and makes you go round and round, and doesn't give you anything useful, to apply in your life. . The authors to go to are:

    " Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" -Baird T. Spalding

    And beg, borrow or buy:

    "The Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life" – Maria Szepes

    the most modern is:

    Ramtha-The White Book

  71. #107 – What you have written is very accurate, exept the part where you put gnostics and masons in the same basket not all gnostics are masonic illuminati that was an insult to true gnostics who have not perverted the original message.

    First of all it is not "masonic illuminati" — it's Masonic period. Carlo Lorenzini was a Freemason period. There's nothing "illuminati" about it, certainly not in the implied conspiracy theory view of evil Illuminati everywhere.

    Secondly, though I'm not an expert, I would think Gnosticism is part of the golden strand of hidden wisdoms and hidden/esoteric knowledge that Freemasons draw upon. Part of it, not all.

    Unless you are approaching your understanding of Gnosticism from some modern day "myth" that contains some form of an anti-Catholicism message, which I cannot say since I don't know what your interpretation of Gnosticism is, nor what you believe Gnosticism is. I would have to know exactly your belief structure regarding Gnosticism to see why you believe that only "true gnostics" would be "insulted" by the mention of both Freemasonry and Gnosticism in the analysis of Pinocchio.

    That said, what do you believe is "true gnosticism"?

  72. myself I think these elite's illuminati's or just seriously insain men,who are willing to practice evil to fill their pockets with gold,at the moment are running scared things are not going to well for them,through their naivity

    and addictions to materialism and domination they have missed a lot of things,simple universal truths

    that most normal people work out in the blink of an eye I think over the next few days a few more of them will be exposed for what they are, extremely deluded people.what do they think,they are actually going to rule everything I dont think see they are fighting mother nature,or whatever name you prefer,or fighting their true selves,a very silly thing to do which has dire consequences.


  73. @chainmaker- didnt want to make this into a religious debate, but of course religion is intertwined here- i agree with #88 except – The self-enlightenment, illumination doctrine is of SATAN- to a certain degree– they believe everyone is godly and eqivalent to a god, however in eastern Christianity we believe you have a choice to decide for yourself, which i ironically think the freemason creator of Pinnocchio realized and is saying with the conclusion of the story- you have to save yourself in order for Him to save you in the end, it is up to you to find the truth within yourself.. the illuminati/ borderline Satanists take it to another level.. and the giving part about the Pharisees- the eastern Christians saw that the Pharisee Jews were hypocrites because when they gave money to the poor they did it in front of everyone- that doesnt mean dont give money to the poor because it won't save you- be charitable but not in a hypocritical way, for hypocrisy is a sin.. sending a donation check for example you are doing good by helping someone and you are also helping yourself by doing that greater good… and eastern Christians don't believe G-d is in everything, but the beleive He did create everything, even hell, in order to filter out the good and bad, giving us a choice.. and he did create the world thereby giving us a choice of what to love, the pagans and wiccans failed by taking it to the level of worshipping the earth instead.. we have to love that He gave it to us, but not the earth itself in a way of loving it more than Him

  74. Great article!

    Maybe that's what happens today with artists and fame: they're puppets that "praises Freemansonry" to achieve enlightment.

    Keep up the good work!

  75. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    tsk, please #114.

    If you look at real Masonic websites, and even subscribe to an email list created for Freemasons by Freemasons, or talk to them, whatever, the Freemasons are hiding nothing, but it truly are the ignorant (or profane) who simply cannot understand. They are simply following Matthew 7:6. Even Jesus Christ spoke of hidden things in the Bible — never specifically cleared up either, and why He spoke in parables.

  76. Hi there. Excellent analysis on this film. I wanted to make mention of the use of the Blue Fairy (pinocchio reference) in the film AI, Artificial Intelligence. He spend his arrested robotic existence searching for the "blue fairy". The male robotic theme tends to have Pinocchio references buried within these roles. (Will Smith) There was also a reference to Pinocchio in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (1977) the entire family discusses going to see the film. The children were boys. Also, in he video Men in Black, Will Smih mentions Jimminy Cricket, " Or see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya".

    Also, the diety Pan (Peter Pan) is invoked here in regards to Pleasure Island as well as child abduction and trafficking. Ironically, in the film Collateral (Jaime Foxx & Tom Cruise) Jaime is confronted by a mafia style character who has ordered a hit. The character then shifts dialogue to a mythical entiy, " Black Peter" (reference to Pan) who would give the children toy donkeys and if they were unruly, he would come to abduct the children.

    All of these childhood tales have been given to us under the guise of entertainment. :(

  77. If anything, Lorenzini's child's morality tale is warning children to avoid things associated with Pleasure Island.

    I suspect some are trying to twist and spin the real meaning of Pinocchio, and then presenting it to the gullible as "proof" of Freemasonic/Illuminati conspiracies by attempting to say the Freemasons are behind child trafficking and abductions, and are using harmless child's morality tales to lure children in. What kind of a sick person does this sort of twisting and spinning? Well, I've read a website by one who does this sort of thing — and almost had me convinced Walt Disney was a pedophile!

  78. so basically C. Collodi is warning us and admitting you need to look to G-d for true illumination and snap out of the animalistic/robotic way or did he just do it for happy ending sake…

  79. he saved his maker and even went back to him..and ended up dancing! of all things.. to a human who was given godlike powers of creating a boy out of wood, which only G-d created people out of another material substance.. . another hidden what G-d was he praying to for that power? to Collodi's, whatever it may be..

  80. to ignatia- they were working- also alludes to child labor as well trafficking

    also alluding to certain classes of humans in general as naive with the sole purpose of working for someone else to make money- in addition to VC's overall allusion of the human getting brainwashed and sucked in in return for some pleasures and then being used.. hidden meanings galore.. guy was brilliant

  81. Hey VC- could you do an article on how they want everyone in a child state of mind- Like Jay-Z song 20 is the new 40 and his new song forever young, nikki manij associated with Barbie etc- can you explain the repeats on how a lot of things artist do reference being young or in a child state of mind, or do I even know what I am talking about?

  82. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    You're insane, nyc girl.

    I've been to the morally extreme Muslim's fundamentalists website and I expect you've been there too.

    He is using deep mind control techniques, possibly neuro-linguistic programming. His web page is about how Walt Disney was a pedophile, and has other articles there too. This is where you are getting your crazed nonsense from.

    What the morally extreme Muslim fundamentalist does is freeze a scene, like a cartoon, and in a deep monotone proceeds to implant the ideas he wants the viewer to have about the freezed scene. He then goes on to another scene, then another. Then shows the entire cartoon, all the while still talking in a deep monotone. The viewer becomes convinced, frame by frame, that it's not a cartoon at all — it's hidden symbols put there by Disney "pedophile" artists.

    And here you are now carrying on about "allusions to child labor and child trafficking" in a simple child's morality tale written by a male, Carlo Lorenzini — who happened to be a Freemason. What kind of a sick, twisted mind do you have anyway? Or are you really that ignorant? And you ASK WHY do members of secret societies consider the likes of you PROFANE????

  83. HAVIAR –

    My interpretation of "The Biggest Freak" by Nicki Manaj:

    I got a fresh line up, (ay) a nigga tied up, 'bout to have this

    Nigga face on smash.cause I gotta little bad bitch on stash


    I'm the biggest freak that he seen thus far

    I'm the-I'm the biggest freak that he see thus far

    I'm the biggest freak that he seen thus far


    (uh)I'm the biggest freak that he seen thus far,


    Otha bitches for the hugs and the kisses(okay), when I

    Come around it's goin down like bitches.(oh) tell da dope boys

    Come holla at my crew, deep throat 'em, make 'em say


    Pussy poppin on my popper ha ha ha ha you can't stop her. I'm

    The reason why these bitches tryna get cute. Only rap bitch

    Pussy taste like fruit. Back to the thuggin, now we sippin sizzurp

    Pour it down my ass let 'em drink it till he bizzurp. Sex game taller DRINK COUGH MEDICINE THAT TRAVELED OVER HER BOOTY HOLE, THEN BELCH.

    Then a ice cold blizzard. I'm about the color of the Geico lizard,



    • Stefanie Farren on

      I um, uhhh….I don't know that ANYTHING was 'hidden'? Wow, how revolting. I had no idea there was a song like this. Wow, just wow. (shudder)

  84. Oh and don't forget IBR, the muslim shows specific gestures in the freeze-frame cartoons, gestures that he then monotones why they are related to pedophila.

  85. OMG I have never listened to Nikki but I will have never guessed she gets down like that. Who feels it OK to talk vulgar like that and associate yourself with a Barbie. That is not cool and if Matel is not illumanti they need to get on her behind. It should be against the law, I know it is, too make Barbie look disgusting and sick. I know all her parts are fake but that is a low blow, Barbie lol. I feel for the children coming up. Barbie and Nikki ha ha ha. Mr p thanks for your response but what I just read grossed me out Barbie….

  86. @ignatia- never heard of that site or intend to go there

    is VC not describing scenes piece by piece also? then you must be saying the same thing is going on here

    change your name to ignorant-

    because this shit is real life, theres more than one meaning here as with most movies

    and I never looked into Disney being a pedophile- that is sick shit you are talking about as well

    I am saying this guy was so intelligent he is showing more than one theme at the same time

    everyone can take meanings out of artists' work, and those who think they were never intended there are wrong, because a true artist has meanings which stemmed from somewhere and a lot of these story and music writers are doing just that.. i havent bashed anyone here so i would like the same in return

  87. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Well then make yourself clear in what the hell you are saying, nyc gal. You seem to be saying one thing, then saying another. All I can see is that you are making allegations that Lorenzini was a Freemason and therefore possibly a child trafficker. Or you are saying he was a Freemason, but cluing in the mindless that child trafficking exists. So make yourself clear, whatever the hell else you are saying.

    Thank you very kindly, ma'am.

  88. @mister p- i dont think that uneducated slut with her disgusting lyrics meant anything.. but thats open to your own interpretation..just cause she uses the word lyzard. i think this bitch is too stupid to be singing about anything serious

  89. Kayne West is curently caught up in the "Pinocchio Effect".

    In the story of Pinocchio, he almost turns into a donkey when he is obsessed with his own ego. Kayne West was once obsessed with his own ego and fame. Now that he's being blacked balled, he regrets some of the decisions he made; especially selling his soul to the devil. He gave it up for fame.

    Here is the rapper Freesytling to his song "Pinocchio Story" in Singapore. Last i heard, he was out feeding the homeless. He might be setting us up for another melt down. These people are taught how to deceive…

  90. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    And what I am saying you are doing is that you are twisting the theme of Pinocchio, a simple morality tale, into the theme of child trafficking and abductions, which is a far, far cry from the overall theme that Vigilant presented.

    But I do see your point about "Paradise Island" — and the "theme" of child trafficking/abductions. Just don't infer that *they* are "presenting this to us as entertainment" with a frowny face after it. You seem to be implying *they* should not have made the movie Pinocchio, in that case, because I infer from it you consider *they* have an ulterior motive of luring children in, somehow, "as entertainment".

  91. I wouldnt be listening or reading into anything coming from so called fundamendalist cookoo for cocoa puffs muslims who train 4 and 5 year olds how to shoot weapons and re-created their own mickey mouse for their tv stations- talk about hypocricy and forever distorting the meaning Islam and ruining its name forever- thats a whole other ballgame – did u know they re-created a live mickey mouse to teach their kids about islamic supremacy- when its in our favor everything is all good

  92. There is no gucci i can buy

    There is no louis vuitton to put on

    There is no ? they could sell

    To get my heart out of this hill

    My mind out of this jail

    There is no clothes that i could buy

    That could bring back the time

    There is no vacation spot i could fly

    That could bring back a real piece of real life

    Real life, what does it feel like?

    I ask you tonight, i ask you tonight

    What does it feel like, i ask you tonight

    To live a real life

    I just want to be a real boy

    They always say kanye, he keeps it real boy

    Pinocchio story is, i just want to be a real boy

    Pinocchio story is to be a real boy

  93. As with most Disney produced movies, notice I said produced because he didnt write all of them- as with this one for example- I think its ok for kids especially the princess ones – now i'm not a big supporter and go spending tons of money- thought I admit I collect simbas and mufasas- and have purchased little mermaid movies for neices- it takes an adult to understand the hidden ideologies they are based on, no I am not necessarily saying they are luring anyone, I am just saying they are real life themes that they are portraying./. and yes i would even show my kids the movies, something about this one with him being captured and working and the kids working part i dont like this one in particular for kids- but on a child's level they are just cute stories for the most part and always have a happy ending, or else they would never had been able to market them to kids.. but def takes an adult to understand – they were adults writing them to begin with………….just with a 13 yr old kid that thinks hes cool rapping and he has no idea what the lyrics are talking about..

  94. You are missing the point, nyc gal. The Muslim's website in question is one who espouses Christian morality. You would actually agree with him. He is a strong family man.

    However, though he may have been born in the U.S., he does not have the mindset of Western Civilization. Though he sees the depravity and degradation that passes for "entertainment" for the masses, he thinks he sees pedophile gestures in Disney cartoons. It's not all about Disney, he's got other articles there too.

    He is not a Muslim fundamentalist in the sense you are thinking. He does not put guns into his children's hands, and brings his children up to be god-fearing, just as any fundiewack does. Excuse me…I should have said protestant fundamentalist does. If he is "cookoo for cocoa puffs", so are at least 50% of the posters here who basically would agree with him, coming from a protestant fundamentalist point of view.

    You should not automatically knee-jerk assume is the muslim terrorist sort who put guns into the hands of blah blah blah and the rest of it.

  95. The Kayne West Pinocchio Story — reading the lyrics, he has definitely lost it. His lyrics read like a dark night of the soul. But why parade his angst before a live audience? And I have to ask who wrote the lyrics, since the story of Pinocchio would never have entered his head on its own.

  96. …more like the Pinocchio complex (Kayne West).

    Kayne West lost it when his mother died. Those people "they" that he refers too lure people in when they are at their highest and or lowest emotional points. When he lost his mother, he was at his lowest point. He didn't care and it showed. He actually fell in love with a stripper but he don't understand this feeling that she's given him. He

    thinks" that it is love because he's in a mind control stage. She was hand-picked for him. (Pinocchio is acquainted with the up sides of the “easy road”: fame, fortune and even hot women puppets).

    They knew that he would break eventually so she's prepared to marry him and to take everything that they gave him – she's in place to return the money and material items back to it orginal place (Kayne West Handler).

  97. He didn't understand the feeling of love because it didn't feel right. He sold his soul so he only accepts advice from a demon.

    He's out trying to do good deeds as an attempt to get his soul back but it's a bit deeper than wanting it back when you "feel" ready.

    He's in a flip flop stage. His "fame" is at it's lowest point. His emotions are at its lowest point. He's lost and he's confused and he's just like Pinocchio. He tells a lie and then mixes it with truth.

    Flip Flop – When he need you, he'll tell you what you want to hear. When he gets what he want, he'll pull out his ego and send you subliminal ass kissing messages.

  98. " But why parade his angst before a live audience"


    He want his followers to feel sorry for him (more money).

    It's similar to walking pass a homeless man…who looks the part..only to run into later on a bus changing his dirty clothes into clean ones (directly pulled out of his dirty bookbag).

  99. Everyone felt bad for one when he lost his mother.

    In response to everyone's sympathy, he pulled out his ego.

    No one understood this and didn't understand that fact that he never took time off following his mother's death.

  100. Kayne West is in love with Amber Rose (the stripper). They are preparing to marry. He was last seen at a homeless shelter with her feeding the needy.

    Trust me there's a subliminal message in all of his actions; especially those who are freemasons. He wasn't suppose to admit that he sold his soul. Now he's on a demon walk.

  101. Thank-you VC for your reply.

    You did not address all of my points and have mentioned two scriptures that were given out of context in relation to ‘striving’. More importantly, you are missing the important and the completed work of Christ on the cross.

    You see we tried to be better people and failed.

    The Jews were given the law and could not keep it and failed.

    The prophets were sent to the people to show them they had failed.

    Jesus Christ came for all as we had failed.

    It took the sinless, spotless Lamb of God to reconcile us back to the Father through His precious and holy blood.

    Christianity is not a form of Buddhism. True born- again Christians will be the first to tell you that they are not good people, but have repented and put their trust in a good God who covers them with HIS own righteousness.

    Please reflect on the points I made earlier and to recognize that you are a sinner before a holy God. You have made a god to fit your own beliefs, ideas and philosophies and then maybe looked for scriptures to support that view? Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ONLY as the way to eternal life and he will give you the Holy Spirit which leads into all truth. John 16:13.

    Only Christ was perfect and the Holy Scriptures state that ‘He that began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. The Lord started this work – the Holy Spirit empowers us to live and die for Christ. If the main message of Christianity is to strive for self-improvement there would be no need for Christ to come AND die?

    Is the work of the cross negated as Christians try to do their best to be better people?

    You quoted:

    Matt 23:27-29 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

    This scripture has nothing to do with striving for self-improvement. Remember here that Jesus was admonishing the Pharisees who believed that they were far and above redemption because of their holy practices and religious traditions. Outward motives may keep the outside clean, while the inside is filthy; but if the heart and spirit are made new there will be newness of life.

    1. Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.- John 2:15

    (I take it you meant to cite 1 John 2:15)? I don’t know how this scripture supports ‘the detachment from earthly possessions?’ The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. God looks at our hearts and motivations. You could be poor and still greedy.

    God has raised up many wealthy men and women to help other men and women – how is this possible without earthly possessions such as money? The willingness to share our material wealth with others is a true measurement of God’s work of Grace in our lives. But whoever has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in Him? 1 John 3:17

    God, not the world, must have the first place in the Christian’s life. The ‘world’ here in this scripture is NOT a reference to the physical, material world but the invisible spiritual system of evil dominated by Satan and all it offers in opposition to God, His Word, and His people. The world system true and pervasive nature is evil, harmful, ruinous and satanic. Its deadly theories are raised up against the knowledge of God and holds the souls of men captive.

    We are saved by grace VC, not of works lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9.

    Think about your sins and think of the Saviour. Today is the day of your salvation.

  102. yes, I understand the type of mentality Kayne West is. The same mentality as most of them in this field, like Nicki Manaj, though I don't know a lot about this hip hop culture, like who's who and all.

    Very strange story. it's his own mentality that got him. Not the Freemasons.

  103. the dark symbolic patterns written through our cultures only have power over a weak mind,

    speak the truth, love your fellow people,and do good,an intense feeling grows inside something that

    these weak minded people who control us,cannot control,something that is needed in these time's, love ..

    the weak minded have been trying to shackle love down as sex and the want of pre packaged materials a nice house and car for along time,as long as you are thinking like that, your slaved.and you are at the mercy of the weak minded and insain who control us.

    at the moment there is no true representation of the people in our governments,

    it is us who has aloud this to happen and us that needs to sort it out,the leaders have exploited our weak mindedness for the elite,the elite think they are all wise and clever but their weak mindedness is leading us down the road of our own destruction through their control of resources and they're addiction to making money.

    it seems the world is run by sales men,who will use anything to try and sell you anything with no care taken

    they dont respect anything,they dont respect you and me,and they certainly dont respect nature,

    they reflect from they're lower selves they dont realize but they only serve as a reminder to not do what they do.

    .. peace

  104. I enjoyed reading this piece.
    However, one paragraph jumped out: ***Pleasure Island is a metaphor for the “profane life” characterized by ignorance, the search for instant gratification and the satisfaction of the one’s lowest impulses. The coachman encourages this behavior knowing it is a perfect method to create slaves. The boys who indulge enough into this dumbed-down lifestyle turn into donkeys and are then exploited by The Coachman to work in a mine. Another rather grim depiction, this time of the ignorant masses.***
    Here is an exact description of how the “illuminated” ones the Masons, keep the masses ignorant. Doing exactly the opposite of what this piece claims to be their noble cause.
    White is black, war is peace, ignorance is strength.

  105. You know there is at least one real, literal, underground sex slavery club in operation, somewhere up,,,well i better not say. But when I use to have cable TV every now and then on a certain channel, much to my utter astonishment, this "club" showed itself with a phone number. The females there were literally naked, with collars around their necks, and permanent tatoos like "Property of" so-and-so, some with a bar code. The idea was anything to be had — including drugs — at the end, however, they showed a man holding a gun. There was a bar, where the idea was to bring your girlfriend too. This was the most incredible thing I saw on cable and wondered how it was they were allowed this 1/2 hour. Did they break in to the regular program somehow, was all I could come up with. This was a serious underground sex slave club. This was back maybe 10 years ago and I haven't had cable in awhile.

    Perhaps these underground clubs are where *they* recruit their female video dancers, some at least who are quite explicit sexually. Well…I hope you get the idea of what I am saying.

  106. I also felt as if Kanye stated he sold his soul, just to be like oh we always say that,. I think he tried to tell the truth in hopes that people will think he's just playing. That was funny about Amber Rose job is to give all the money back sounds so right, gucci, fendi, shoes etc yeah that sounds about right. I can't lie I would give the money back as fast as I can. I would shop untill I drop. Yeah you get with the wrong female the money will go right back!!

  107. The Jews have their lodge — B'nai B'rith or some other name I've seen. There is also the jewish mafia — perhaps this is what you are thinking of. Bernie Made-off might have had contacts there. Organ-trafficking recently in the news. Be careful about blaming everything on the Jews, too. Most of them, like the gentiles, have no idea what is going on.

    Freemasonry (other lodges) are not "Jewish-controlled", no matter what you think.

  108. Rumuor has it America was the one who attacked the towers. The statue of liberity and a lot of more….. are reminders that America broke asses owe the people who built this country and that they blew up the building to get rid of a lot of documents. There is also a old video of Prince way before 9/11 on the web and he is ranting about Bin Laden blowing up the towers. The video was made way before we ever heard of Bin Laden. Bin Ladan and America they are all working together if you watch Jay-Z deception it will explain a lot about 9/11. Even if you follow Jay on twitter his last tweet was " I am the one twice over, I am the new 11" doesn't make sense right( we know he has 11 albums duh) but if you watch the video it will explain what the number 11 means. To make a long story short 11 is the oposite of God, not christ like, the anti christ etc

  109. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Pleasure Island as child abduction and trafficking. Now that’s quite a stretch.

    If you really want to know about the sinister underworld of child abductions and trafficking, I don’t think you’re going to find it in Pinocchio. Seriously.

    The thing to do would be to study the Real Thing. You done any research into it, other than Pinocchio? There’s some pretty sick people out there.

  110. Freemasonry is a literal Synagogue of Satan. Their rituals mimic and mock the rituals of Biblical Hebrew religion, and the references to Solomon's Temple are integral to Freemasonry. (That temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem so the Antichrist can desecrate it)

    Scroll down near the bottom of that page for a full color pic from Life Magazine of this ritual:

    Dedication of Solomon’s Temple is re-enacted by Brooklyn Royal Arch Masons, Orient Chapter 138. This ritual, never before photographed, is part of a ceremony awarding Most Excellent Master degree to prospective Royal Arch Masons. High Priest of Jews (center) kneels before cherubim-decorated Ark of the Covenant flanked by members of the Jewish tribes. King Solomon stands before Bible (background) surrounded by princes, workmen and court attendants. Life Magazine, p. 105, Oct. 8, 1956

    The Jewish Kaballah is Jewish "mysticism" AKA Jewish witchcraft, and is actually a horrible sin according to the Law of Moses on which the Hebrew worship of the One God YHVH (I AM) was founded. Although Kabbalah may be part of Jewish culture, it runs directly contrary to the Hebrew religion. Quoting prominent Freemasons and occultists:

    33rd degree Albert G. Mackey explains the Jewish character of Gentile Masons in Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

    “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master in the chair representing the Jewish King; and every Freemason a personation of the Jewish Workman.”

    From the very forthcoming Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma:

    “All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati, Jacob Bœhme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols.”

    "All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all the illuminati…is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols."

    "The Kabalah alone consecrates the alliance of the Universal Reason and the Divine Word; it establishes, by the counterpoises of two forces apparently opposite, the eternal balance of being; it alone reconciles Reason with Faith, Power with Liberty, Science with Mystery; it has the keys of the Present, the Past, and the Future."

    "Masonry is a search after Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah. In that ancient and little understood medley of absurdity and philosophy, the Initiate will find the source of many doctrines; and may in time come to understand the Hermetic philosophers, the Alchemists, all the Anti-papal Thinkers of the Middle Ages…."

    "Thus was a second Bible born, unknown to, or rather uncomprehended by, the Christians…."

    “The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry.

    For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythologic and horned form of the God PAN; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.”

    From New Age Theosophist occultist Helena Blavatsky:

    "Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the “Lord God” are identical …

    Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god …"

    And to tie it all together, from the founder of the Church of Satan:

    “Satanic Ritual is a blend of Gnostic, Cabbalistic, Hermetic, and Masonic elements, incorporating nomenclature and vibratory words of power from virtually every mythos …. Masonic orders have contained the most influential men in many governments, and virtually every occult order has many Masonic roots.”

    – Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals — Companion to the Satanic Bible, pp. 21, 78

  111. And here is what the One and Only Son of God, the Savior of mankind, Yeshua the Messiah, had to say about all this:

    "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." (Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9.)

  112. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    That is one thing I will grant you, chain.

    I've never been quite satisfied with answers why Freemasonry draws so heavily upon ancient Hebrew (or Jewish) imagery. This may be the more hidden reason why the Holy Roman Catholic Church does not allow Catholics to be Freemasons. They are automatically excommunicated, I think.

  113. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Oh wait…the mention of the counterfeit yeshua-wawawa-wa-wa has brought me back.

    Just a cursory scroll through the link you gave above is about the history of Masonry in America — but I see nothing about any Jewish connection there.

    I read that Freemasonry was begun by learned men — learned in the Sciences, who wanted a means to openly discuss their Scientific ideas among themselves, without the Church getting in the way. I think I read the Royal Academy of Sciences was a result of the origins of Freemasonry with this gathering. I don't have the name of the book offhand where I read this (but didn't finish the book anyway).

  114. Thank you so much for this article and all your other articles you're doing the general public a tremendous service!

    The image of the discarded puppets becomes particularly chilling when consider Rhianna's photo where she's laying in a pile of naked Barbies!

    I've got to say, I always thought the whale part was inspired by the Jonah story of the old testament, but I had no idea how the whole plot was written to be a sort of occult fable. One thing that struck me as odd, in Pinocchio even when I was little kid, I always thought it was a little unfair that no other puppet got the gift of sentience, and the opportunity to become a real kid, hmmm. Still I can't say that I hate Pinocchio even after knowing this, it's not as big a disillusion as it's been with my pop stars. It doesn't matter the moral is still a positive one. I've never believed the Masons to be all bad, even though I've always abhorred the idea of secret societies that admit men only…Still I don't think the founding fathers of the U.S. most of which of course were Masons, ever had something like the Illuminati in mind, though they didn't create a true democracy did they? It's the electoral college representing the people not the people directly, that are suppose to vote for the United States' president. That already shows a distrust in the masses, but not a this sort of loathing we're seeing.

  115. Oh stop being pretentious, nyc gal, with that crypto-jew spelling of G-d. It’s sickening. If you’re going to say GOD, THEN SPELL IT GOD , like any ordinary Christian would.

  116. Hi. I was wondering… What do you parents think out there? Do we show our kids these movies, or not? I never watched any Disney movies growing up. My son is 3 he’s seen Finding Nemo and that’s it. Ever since I “woke up” 2 all the symbolisim, I see it everywhere!!!! Read into everything! I most symbols scary now. I’m wondering if I give these my moments of recognition and fear, am I not essentially giving them more power? I almost feel as if ignorance is bliss. And to you Vigilant, I looove this site!!! Thanks for your work. Have you seen the video 4 that guy from Idol Adam Lambert or something, the entertainer?! Eeeeek. I have a feeling you may be posting about that one next! Or even his closing out the awards show with that song, both of them are awful!

  117. @ignatius- when the hec did i say he was child traffiker? can you read? VC did research and said he was a freemason. I said he is bringing more real world themes to light at the same time. I also wrote accepted that true illumination came from G-d in the end, as the write’s use of the whale which I dont agree to be masonic or pagan, but that he may actually be admitting true belief .. and trust me I am very far from being a Jew..

  118. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    But, then again, not all kids listen to their parents, or go on the right path. Maybe Lorenzini was showing this, that some kids who are bad willingly go off to Pleasure Island. Or some kids don't have the kind of parents that pray for them that they might go along the right path in life.

  119. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Oh here we go again. As a child I watched every Disney movie on TV and loved them all, including the Wizardf of Oz. What indoctrination was I getting at that time?

    Today's re-done Disney movies I don't know about, so Vigilant will have to enlighten me on that. It's a whole new ball game with Disney movies, now that there's the end product of selling all the Princess and Frog paraphanalia. But hold on here now – I just discovered a SUBLIMINAL in the Ne-Yo youtube Princess and the Frog video:

    At about 0.11 or 0.12 there is a super quick flash of a store — maybe like Toys 'R Us — with a female bending over to look at what looks like dolls. Check it out — it's there. I stopped the running of the video, but at that precise point the image is all red and a bit blurry. I can just barely make out the store shelves with what looks like dolls with the woman bending over to look at them. Wowwww I can't believe I saw that subliminal. I went back several times to look and it's there all right.

    There may be other subliminals in the youtube. I only saw that one first, and I'm completely AMAZED it's there.

  120. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    I don't know about Disney itself doing this, but certainly whoever made the Ne-Yo youtube is doing it. Besides that first one I saw, all those red flashes are going by too fast. I think now those are subliminals also.

  121. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    But I don't understand what the significance is if Ne-Yo does a song in the movie itself. I'd like to know what the significance is. I have no idea about anything to do with Ne-Yo, who he is, etc.

  122. @ Ignatia Blue Rose/Na'vi/Lily Blake

    It should be fairly obvious why that Freemasonry uses all those Jewish elements.

    Satan wants to be God. He takes everything that God commands and then has his followers do the same for him. It all makes plenty of sense if you read the Bible. Just as the Avatar of God came to earth, the Son of God Yeshua the Christ(Messiah) so too will the Avatar of Satan, the Son of Satan, the Antichrist pay us a visit. Those

    who worship Satan are actively doing what is necessary to bring about the New Age(Novus Ordo Seclorum), the New World Order, the Antichrist One World government and religion prophesied in the Bible.

    I pray that you will accept this evident Truth and turn to Yeshua for your salvation. He loves you more than you can understand, and he is waiting for you with open arms!

  123. Disney does have a history of indoctrinating children. You should also know that Ne-Yo has a song in the the new Disney movie: The Princess and the Frog.

  124. Hey…so the comparisons to the AI movie are great! However…at the end of the film AI the creatures that find David are not Aliens…they are ROBOTS! It is an interesting twist to the story as they are trying to learn about humans from a robot that lived with humans…

  125. Burgers and Fries on

    For all the people wondering why we need to know all of this…

    Ask any "scene kid" "Prep" "Jock" or whatever <— the ones with lots of material possessions and ask them if there's a God…

    ^^^^^ Turns out these kids bought into this illumination crap, the whole "Humanity can survive anything/Make it on its own if it ever has to" attitude.

    ^^^^ Thus they no longer need a God.

    Think of all the movies you have ever seen were humanity always figures a way out…. Now imagine a small child with an impressionable mind growing up constantly bombarded with that.


    Now when the Sh** Hits the Fan who are they gonna turn too? Vigilant citizen? NO.. God? NO.

    Who else but the government, The same government that always pulls them out of trouble (In the movies)


    Just wait for the economy to collapse or ww3 or aliens landing to trick the nations into forming a Godless one world government.

    If there's ANY thing I got out of the media, Its that you can't escape the fate…

  126. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    @ Chainmaker/crypto-jewish "christian":

    Now, basically, what I will say will go straight over your head, so it is addressed more to any reading this who is utterly confused what to think of the Freemasons. Unfortunately I don't have to get deep into it, I can only give a couple of broad brush strokes, since I myself am more or less just beginning to see the light on this subject myself. I wish I had read through that book I had (it was in fact a novel) about the origins of Freemasonry in England being a collection of scientific learned men (somewhere back in the 1600's I guess) who found the PURTANS [NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AS I THOUGHT] constantly getting in the way, and so secretly, at first, organized themselves to meet privately to discuss Scientific ideas — and get on with it. This was the origin of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

    Now a cursory investigation brings Oliver Cromwell into this. You see, Cromwell was one of those puritan fanatics that plagued England at the time, who was also Member of Parliament: 1628–1629 and 1640–1642 — ref: Wiki:

    "After undergoing a religious conversion during the same decade, he made an Independent style of Puritanism a core tenet of his life. Cromwell was elected Member of Parliament for Cambridge in the Short (1640) and Long (1640-49) Parliaments, and later entered the English Civil War on the side of the "Roundheads" or Parliamentarians. An effective soldier (nicknamed "Old Ironsides"), "

    WORSE still, Cromwell hated the Monarchy: [DOWN WITH CROMWELL! BOOOOO HISSSSSS]

    "Cromwell has been a controversial figure in the history of the British Isles – a regicidal dictator [emphasis mine] to some historians (such as David Hume and Christopher Hill) and a hero of liberty to others (such as Thomas Carlyle [a CALVINIST — figures) and Samuel Rawson Gardiner [ another Puritan '…Regarded into the 21st century as the foremost historian of the Puritan revolution,…").

    Now here we are going to have to shift focus and go to another source (as I haven't got time to read everything). Ref:

    "In this article the writer says that Dr. John Wilkins one of the most learned men of his time, and the brother-in-law of Oliver Cromwell, becoming discontented with the administration of Richard Cromwell, his son and successor, began to devise the means of re- establishing the royal authority. With this view he suggested the idea of organizing a society or club, in which, under the pretence of cultivating the sciences the partisans of the king might meet together with entire freedom. General Monk and several other military men, who had scarcely more learning than would enable them to write their names, were members of this academy. Their meetings were always begun with a learned lecture, for the sake of form, but the conversation afterward turned upon politics and the interests of the king. And this politico-philosophical club, which subsequently assumed, after the Restoration, the title of the " Royal Society of Sciences," he asserts to have been the origin of the fraternity of Freemasons. "

    Now if you want to know about the Scientific origins of Freemasonry, without all the hocus pocus of fundamentalist fear-mongering, scare tactics, outright lies and fraudulent pictures, along with any number of " conspiracy theories" befuddling everything, you might want to read the website from the beginning here:

    where there is a table of contents.

  127. They are preparing to replace Tiger Woods. News outlets are reporting that Tiger Woods had made surgery (plastic surgery) after his wife beat him with a golf club. Tiger Woods part 2 will emerge looking different. These media outlets are trying to warm the public into believing that this new person is the real Tiger Woods, when in fact, the Old Tiger Woods is dead.

    Tiger Woods #1 is Dead.

    In come Tiger Woods #2.

  128. Tiger Woods had major plastic Surgery after his wife beat him with a golf club.

    The told Tiger Woods was murdered in his house. They actually brought a team in to reconstruct the vestible where the murder took place.

    Just wait until Tiger Woods #2 step forward. James Brown was replaced and Michael Jackson.

    The Face-OFF was actually a real movie based on factual information.

  129. Read this:

    When Tiger returned home around 11:30 -12 that night, Elin confronted him about the text message in the phone, and the started a heated discussion to its regards. According to what I was told, there was more “incriminating evidence” than just the text message (i.e. photos). Tiger tried to play it off to Elin by telling her she was reading too much in to it, and did not know the story, etc. Tiger went upstairs to change into his gym shorts and t – shirt, came back down, and Elin confronted him again; to which Tiger gave the same story. Tiger sat down in a chair in the living room, and Elin sat across from him urging Tiger to just come clean. Tiger stayed to his guns and denied everything. At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9 – iron. When she struck Tiger, she put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side. Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house (which is why he had on no shoes) with Elin swinging the golf club throughout the hallway to the garage (i.e. causing the severe damage which has been reported). Tiger hoped in the Escalade and tried to leave; and as we know Elin knocked out the windows in the Escalade. When Tiger crashed, Elin panicked and was not sure what to tell the police (which is why there are two conflicting stories from her). When this happened, Elin immediately called Mark Steinberg to tell him what happened, and Mark told Elin to tell him what hospital they were going to, and he would meet them there.

  130. Continued:

    Tiger is transported to the hospital with Elin in the ambulance, and as they arrive Mark is there waiting for them. The people from the hospital and the doctors take Tiger in for X-Rays etc to check out the damage caused. The doctors tell Mark there is not much they can do to repair the teeth and the gash, but the doctor knows a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon in Phoenix who will make Tiger look as if nothing happened. Tiger tells Mark to get the jet ready and let’s head to Phoenix to get this done. Friday after Tiger is released from the hospital, he does not return home; he and Mark board the plane for Phoenix. If you remember FHP kept showing up at Isleworth to talk to Tiger, and was told by another FL attorney (who Tiger hired for PR reasons) Tiger was not ready to talk. Well now we know why, he was in Phoenix, and did not arrive back in Orlando until either late last Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The surgeries were more intense than what they had originally planned, which meant Tiger was in PHX longer than he should have been. Upon arriving back in Orlando, Tiger and Elin have been in intense marriage counseling sessions (up to 6 to 7 hours a day) every day! Both Tiger and Elin have told the counselors they love each other, and want to make the marriage work. The reports you are reading on TMZ and RadarOnline are about 30% accurate at best according to Mark.

  131. Continued:

    In regards to Tiger’s boat being in Palm Beach this week, along with Rachel; that part is true. However, Tiger is not on the boat, and is not in Palm Beach; and Rachel is not on the boat. Her parents live 6 blocks from where the boat is, but that is it. Tiger has not returned to his house at Isleworth since the day of the accident except for the therapy sessions. IMG has enlisted the assistance of one of its most recognized sports figures, and Tiger has taken up residence in his neighborhood, Bay Hill. IMG contacted Arnold Palmer because of the high regard in which Tiger holds Arnold. Arnold has agreed, and IMG has said if anyone can get through to Tiger, Arnold may be the only person who can, based on his public persona when he was at the height of his game as well. The moving trucks being shown on TMZ and RadarOnline are moving out pictures and furniture which was damaged during their Thanksgiving Day argument; not of her moving out. Yes, Elin has retained a divorce attorney, but has not filed any papers, and as of yesterday had no intention on doing so. Tiger has not made any public appearances or statements due to the surgery and plastic surgery he had in PHX. It will be about another month if not more before he gets in front of a camera. Yes, Tiger is hitting golf balls late at night at Bay Hill out of their teaching center (which is equipped with lights)."

  132. Tiger Woods is dead. Elin murdered him with that golf club. The footage you saw on TMZ and other websites were actually footage from a crime scene.

    Tiger Woods is dead.

  133. The new Tiger Woods is taken golf lessons late at night at Bay Hill our of their "teaching center". He has been preparing to replace Tiger Woods.

    The old Tiger Woods was buried on Justin Timberlake's golf course. There was a article that talked about Justin shutting down his gold course for repairs. It was far from the truth.

  134. Our rampant materialist consumer capitalist culture is evil and turns us all into mindless donkey slaves, and the path to true happiness and enlightenment lies in internal spirituality and love.

    That's exactly what I've figured out and I didn't need any secret societies to tell me.

  135. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    …can it be corroborated that he showed up for those intense marriage counseling sessions for 6 to 7 hours a day for however many days?

  136. In other words, the new tiger woods is being programmed.

    Intense programming. Immediate reaction! The elite programmers were flown in on a special assignment to re-image Tiger Woods.

    If you don't believe me, google search Tiger Woods ads. They are beginning to re-image his photos.

  137. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    ….yes, I know. The media never gives the true story about these things anyway. Like with David Carradine….

  138. If Elin caused this much damage to Tiger's face why isn't she in jail? She's apart of the secret society that was handpicked to return all that was given to Tiger Woods.

    An ex-sex slave turned "nanny" turned pin up girl – married a millionaira turned billionare – you know the rest of this story.

  139. David Carradine always frequent the Pattaya in search of a ladyboy with the best looking ambiguous genitals (hermaphrodites).

    When people get caught up in Pattaya, it's not suprising. That's is a well known sex district – filled with ladyboys.

  140. Then it was reported that she signed a deal with "PUMA". PUMA and Nike has gone head to head for years. PUMA will soon receive "NIKE" money.

    300 million or more.

    Tiger reached the billionaire status in October 2009. This happened November 2009. One month later..

    Elin is of Russian descent? The Russian Mafia?

  141. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    …I'd say she's Swedish. But the Swedish-born Jesper Parnevik has that kind of a mean-looking face, Russian-looking all right. Strange. What makes you thing she was an ex-sex slave? She may have modeled, but that could be just modelling. I don't think the Russian mafia in this one. If you say *they* (whoever *they* are) have all these resources of staging phony events and replacing a person with someone else. Sounds more like CIA to me.

    yes, Carradine and the transvestites…read it on Pulse 87.7's website with Gossip Girl. She obviously would know the inside info. No one believed me when I tried to tell them lol

  142. She was an elite call girl in Sweden. Those glossy photos qualified her as a model in the states. She was the ex-nanny on in-house sex slave of a professional golfer. The guy was held responsible for introducing Tiger to Elin.

    It doesn't add up. He's a Ivy League educated guy, who married a person he knew nothing about (sounds arranged).

    Tiger Wood's son look nothing like Tiger Woods.

  143. first step, flood the internet with stories. it's easy to deceive in the mist of chaos.

    The women tiger slept with were russian or from sweden.

  144. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    well, you could be right — about him marrying someone he knew nothing about. In fact, yes, I'd say that' pretty strange all right, especially when there is a LOT of money involved. Surely it would cross their minds about things that could happen in the future, like not getting along.

  145. These people (meaning freemasons etc) gets jobs done in the mist of chaos especially when it involves a celebrity figure. You have more access to security and special routes undisclosed to the public.

  146. Tiger sold his soul to a demon. after he reached a certain level of success, fame and was elevated financially he pulled away.

    He tried to create his own, do as he pleased. He turned his back on his handler. Now they are preparing to replace him. The new guy is in training.

  147. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    but are you sure it's the freemasons…wait…could be. The CIA surely wouldn't have time for all of this celebrity stuff. They are busy staging world events. Wow. You know, in Fire Walks With Me by David Lynch, there are TWO Lodges — the good Lodge and the bad Lodge. Maybe some bad Lodge is at work in the industry. Hard to believe all this stuff goes on. Lynch was right after all. Very very strange. Gives me goosebumps.

  148. demon spelled backwards is nomed.

    If you turn the "e" around it becomes an "a".


    There are a "sect" of Nomads who are called on for special assignments like this.


    One entry found.

    Ads by Google

    NOMAD 4GL Consulting

    Need a NOMAD person with 10+ years and current project experience?

    Main Entry: no·mad

    Pronunciation: ˈnō-ˌmad, British also ˈnä-

    Function: noun

    Etymology: Latin nomad-, nomas member of a wandering pastoral people, from Greek, from nemein

    Date: 1579

    1 : a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory

    2 : an individual who roams about

    — nomad adjective

    — no·mad·ism ˈnō-ˌma-ˌdi-zəm noun

  149. They were trained to show no emotions no-mad as in not mad.

    Elin isn't her biological name. She was given an identity when she relocated to the states.

  150. No one will question her. She has been looked upon as a mother with two small children – who husband cheated on her. She's gaining a lot of sympathy. A LOT OF SYMPATHY AND FANS! A FAN BASE!

    More success and more money for Elin. If you only knew the real truth.

  151. I don't know if you guys checked out "Jesse Ventura" last night. He did a show on the buildabergs and it was very intresting and on point. If you can check it out. It explains the bulk of this ….next week it will be about mind control. I think I figured out why this information is becoming full circle- now they want the people to get involved (us gov) and fight the battle they dug us into and I can't say I feel it's my duty although we have no choice at this point, but no one want to save your asses but now it has turned into our asses. Anyway I deff think this episode is really worth checking out!

  152. The Pinocchio Effect On Making Italians:

    The murder of the father and the decline of the paternal metaphor have the potential to survive, then, as Freud already taught us, through his incorporation, his fetishization as a kind of Villellian skull, and thereby create a new social bond within the body of the nation itself, as a metaphor that is always ever ready to reliteralize itself in the shape of new leaders.

    Page. 370

  153. E-learning: Concepts and practice

    The Pinocchio effect is the worst case scenario when the tutor, rightly or wrongly, senses distraction rather than industry and asks the students to close their laptops! Just like Geppetto, who worried about how to control the results when he ‘cut the strings’ to give Pinocchio his freedom, some tutors will worry about empowering the students to do their own thing’ and will retreat to the security of tradition and convention.

    Page. 129

    Relates this to what is going on with Kayne West.

  154. This process occurred so often that I gave it a name: the Pinocchio Effect. (I am sure Geppetto had no idea how Pinocchio would look when he finished carving him) The Pinocchio Effect leaves us surprised. Because of inadequate communication, results rarely resemble our expectations.

    We read and hear so much about information that we tend to overlook the importance of meaning. Actually, the more bombarded a society or organization, the more deluged with facts and images, the greater its thirst for meaning. Leaders integrate facts, concepts and anecdotes into meaning for the public.

    Page 81

    An invented life: reflections on leadership and change

  155. If you conduct a search of this statement, it will appear in every book about management and the leadership of people.

    It's a motto for people to build a successful foundation of upcoming leaders (followers).

    It relates to what's taken place with Tiger Woods.

  156. "We read and hear so much about information that we tend to overlook the importance of meaning. Actually, the more bombarded a society or organization, the more deluged with facts and images, the greater its thirst for meaning. Leaders integrate facts, concepts and anecdotes into meaning for the public."

    This is their motto! Words that they live by. it's how they interact with the public and or media.

  157. Ignatia Blue Rose on


    I feel like I have to learn how to become a code talker here. Maybe you'll get my understanding:

    S.S.S. Pinocchio Effect

    Steinberg, Michael – the same mentioned before?

  158. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    "Leaders integrate facts, concepts and anecdotes into meaning for the public.”

    Yes. The good: Humanity must evolve or remain stagnant, yes?

    The bad: the flim-flam, the hoodwink, the smoke and mirrors, the false flag, the political, the Left-Right Paradigm and those that work it (like Alex Jones–so soon he has the husband Haskill on his broadcast (not the wife), who just "happened" to observe the whole thing — ready for the plant and Jones knows).

    I hope I'm making sense here. I feel like a code talker, but talking too much. Maybe have to learn to use hand signals lol

  159. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Yes, I saw the Ventura episode last night. Something is wrong with the picture all right. Ventura – Alex Jones… I think you are right. They want to frighten the public, but only a certain segment of the public, the unstable.

    Most people don't give ear to "conspiracy theories", and I'm beginning to think they are right not to do so. Ventura – Jones and others maybe attempting to create a spark – a manchurian candidate, a poor fool who becomes alarmed and believes this stuff, like the Oklahoma bombing and that poor kid who got sucked into doing their dirty work and died for it.

  160. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Yes, stacey, I saw the Turner Classic Movies of the 12 or so old Sherlock Holmes episodes, mostly with Basil Rathbone whom I've always had a crush on for some reason. Rathbone and the other one, can't think of his name at the moment — yes Peter Cushing.

    Nothing wrong with having occult elements to those stories. It lent atmosphere to the stories. England has had a history (including America) of Spiritualism and mediums, and a history of the esoteric – the interest in all things Egyptian back in the 1800s somewhere, when King Tut's tomb was discovered, I think is when the rage for it began.

    Nothing to be alarmed about.

  161. Why is this necessarily a bad thing? One one side is a tale of morality for children, who when they grow up will find it paralleling their own lives.

    All the crazies talking about the end times and Jesus coming are embarrassing.

  162. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Tonight is the second Full Moon of the month, and there won't be another 2 full moons in one month until 2012:


    by: W. B. Yeats (1865-1939)

    HE cat went here and there

    And the moon spun round like a top,

    And the nearest kin of the moon,

    The creeping cat, looked up.

    Black Minnaloushe stared at the moon,

    For, wander and wail as he would,

    The pure cold light in the sky

    Troubled his animal blood.

    Minnaloushe runs in the grass

    Lifting his delicate feet.

    Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?

    When two close kindred meet,

    What better than call a dance?

    Maybe the moon may learn,

    Tired of that courtly fashion,

    A new dance turn.

    Minnaloushe creeps through the grass

    From moonlit place to place,

    The sacred moon overhead

    Has taken a new phase.

    Does Minnaloushe know that his pupils

    Will pass from change to change,

    And that from round to crescent,

    From crescent to round they range?

    Minnaloushe creeps through the grass

    Alone, important and wise,

    And lifts to the changing moon

    His changing eyes.

    "The Cat and the Moon" is reprinted from The Wild Swans at Coole. W.B. Yeats. New York: Macmillan, 1919.

  163. Another fantastic analysis VC! Always inspiring to see your work, always to well put together and thorough. I had never thought of Pinocchio in this manner, I had read the original Pinocchio as a young child and was quite astounded at that time at the differences and dumbing-down of the Disney version, if anything the original Pinocchio book was quite dark and unsettling in some ways and some young people may have found it quite disturbing and possibly frightening. The version I read actually had illustrations, so I am not clear as to how close it was matching the original authors version.

    Thanks again.

  164. OMG VC I hope you just saw Jay-Z brand new video "on to the next one"They just aired it for the first time. I am at a lost for words….it was so ………l Lmao. You have to see it. I need to see every button, every still frame etc…lol, the rest was obvious. I can't lie whoever is behind some of this drama are some sick creative mfers…….check it out

  165. I feel so stupid everytime you post something new cause its so obvious when you look just a tad bit deeper that all these hidden messages are there and i get upset and im thinking why didnt i see that?… I try to look for them now in everything like music videos, songs, movies, pictures, etc. I hardly ever find it myself, but when you post these articles, it really helps me see all these messages more clearly. Thank You! :) I am still learning a lot about all of this. I discovered your website around the time "run this town" was released and I liked it at first but the more I kept watching the video, it just felt wrong. This webiste is great. I shared it with my best friend and we get on it all the time and we love your posts.

    Just a couple questions for you.. what about Harry Potter?.. i know it has witchcraft but what about occult meanings?.. and also Twilight.. what if its got hidden messages in it. This is what we think about it, Edward (the vampire) falls in love with Bella (the innocent human) and hes slowly turning her over to the dark side or whatever and in new moon she says she would give up her soul for Edward. In the last book she finally becomes a vampire. i was just wondering if you would look into that. maybe im reading into it too much, maybe its just a dangerous love story but i think there is more to it than that. Thank You Vigilant!

  166. Great article VC- thanks.

    @Believe – looking at the Tiger Woods analysis – seems alarmingly similar to the 'takedown' of Charlie Sheen following his 9/11 campiagn – what do you think '? Is he being set up & wife a brainwashed decoy?

    Also yes, new Sherlock Holmes is a masonic symbol fest. Another current film laced with same plot, same masonic background ritual story and subliminal snake, bhmt, demons, water / firey chaos / cliche illuminati images spotted through a process of elimination my dear Watson.

    Anyone see Christmas Doctor Who special UK TV BBC1 – mind control / end of time theme, masonic floorboards and stargates, next episode on tonight. Scarey stuff.

  167. the thing is with this subtle occult symbolism that they are trying to some how control us with,it doesnt really work,its the lie's they tell thats what does the damage, the whole of our society is infected with them numbed with them, lies,they are inescappable,infected the whole of our society's everywhere around the planet.

    good stuff vigilant.

  168. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Believe –

    Extraordinary book Pinocchio Effect . I am always so envious of those who can write at such a high level of intelligence. I can't even imagine what that must be like. I braced myself to read the entire thing, but it ended around p. 35, just when it was getting to where I could see the deeper relevance to Pinocchio.

    Freud's "influencing machine" and the mention of the "terminal stage in the evolution of psychotic symptoms" (p. 34) got me to wondering about today's full spectrum of conspiracy theorists. Certainly some of them at least are at the terminal stage. As for some of the remainder, I cannot tell, because the Paradigm is obviously imploding.

    In the example of Italy during the unifying constitutional monarchy, described as "the history of a fragile political structure in search of a national culture" seems to describe how change occurs. The alternative: utter stagnation and fascism.

    But on the one hand we see forces for Evil (hocus pocus, never-ending "wars", greed and corruption, in high places — call it the 'NWO') — and on the other we ee forces for Good (higher consciousness, an awareness of our place in the Universe, we live in an environment and one not 'alien' to us, respect for Nature, all the higher spirituality concepts, a rooting out of Evil (greed, corruption) and a relentlesses to root it out at every turning — call it the New Paradigm).

    The average Pinocchio in the midst of all these changes.

  169. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Anyone saw the extraordinary presentation of Little Dorrit on Masterpiece Theatre? Charles Dickens looks at the greed and corruption in high places in this novel.

    Charles was always well ahead of his time. In Little Dorrit his story culminates in a BANK FAILURE that wiped out many people's money placed in the a new bank created by wealthy Mr. Merdle, the banker, described his friends and acquaintances, the aristocracy and social elites, that "everything he touches turns to gold". Though sometimes the scheming is hard to follow, it seems Mr. Merdle was financing some investments with over investments in his bank (he was working a PONZI scheme), until a great BUBBLE occurred — and his preeminent bank COLLAPSED — a bank failure, taking down with it everyone's investments, including the investments of ordinary people who put their trust in him.

    The interesting part of this novel is that Charles exposes the behind-the-scenes of the monied elites, bureaucracy of the British Treasury (as figured in the fictional "Circumlocution Office" [Bk. 1, Ch. 10]); and the separation of people based on the lack of intercourse between the classes.

  170. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    #232 – libby – "OMG VC I hope you just saw Jay-Z brand new video “on to the next one”They just aired it for the first time. I am at a lost for words….it was so ………l Lmao."

    I took a look, and you are right. These hip hop videos are becoming laughable, thanks to Vigilant putting things in context and giving us a clue. Hats off to Vigilant!

    What I saw in the "on to the next one" piece is the trail of dirty money in the industry, at that particular end of it, anyway. The dirty money trail leads to the underground behind it that includes SEX SLAVES and DRUGS, all hid right there in the open, disguised as "hip hop culture".

  171. Pretty in * Poof * on

    Oh for the love of all things sacred, please don't encourage the Hellfire and Brimstone Brigade and their crypto-jewish christian and fundamentalist tirades.

  172. do tell us about the "bad lodge" slim shady.

    I know you can't

    then just don't show up on this board.

    just "let it be."


  173. You don't think the gang culture of SEX SLAVES, MONEY, AND DRUGS that work behind the scenes in the hip hop culture to be an analogy of the "Bad Lodge"?

  174. teller December 30th, 2009 5:03 pm writes:

    Even if you follow Jay on twitter his last tweet was ” I am the one twice over, I am the new 11″ doesn’t make sense right( we know he has 11 albums duh) but if you watch the video it will explain what the number 11 means. To make a long story short 11 is the oposite of God, not christ like, the anti christ etc

    Maybe that megalomaniac fool Jay-Z(us) (a.k.a. Jay-hova) is boasting that he believes to be the little (11th) horn of the beast… His ego is surely overblown enough for this (c)rapping moron to believe he is somehow important in the grand design of things.

    Dan 7:7-8 After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast—terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts, and it had ten horns. While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth that spoke boastfully.

  175. Antauge, how do you manage that, putting teller's post in that box like that? Can never figure out how that's done.

  176. ~M~ December 30th, 2009 6:21 pm writes:

    The image of the discarded puppets becomes particularly chilling when consider Rhianna’s photo where she’s laying in a pile of naked Barbies!

    Tomorrow I was nothing, yesterday I'll be

    Time has fooled me into thinking it's a part of me

    Nothing in this room but empty space

    No me, no world, no mind, no face

    The relation may not be immediately clear, but these are some very insightful lyrics. Life in plastic, it's fantastic…

  177. Fairy Dust January 1st, 2010 6:16 pm writes:

    Antauge, how do you manage that, putting teller’s post in that box like that? Can never figure out how that’s done.

    Well, on a night when the moon is full you take a white and a black chicken and a pinch of…

    It's quite easy though, you use the html code tags

    to start and

    to end the quote.

  178. Well if this doesn't beat all. I discovered through a googling a person's screen name that all of the posts here show up at a totally different website. Only this is, every time I post about it here — it doesn't go through?

  179. I can't seem to give the URL. If this post goes through I will have indicated the URL in various ways. If it doesn't show up — what am I to make of this?

    No, never mind…I will spell out the website and you'll have to go there, as my post won't go through anyhow:

    It's u-b-e-r-v-u dot com

    There's a link to "conversations" then "vig cit" (this part won't go through). If the spelled out part does, that's about all I can manage.

  180. Just to be clear, I googled a name only to see if there was a dictionary definition of it (there wasn't). That's when I came upon u-b-e-r-v-u dot com.

  181. The "Coachman" scenes could be the origin of the expression, "Making asses out of themselves," used for describing people indulging and behaving immaturely. When you think about it, the unnecessary habits of most people lead to their financial and resulting lifetime slavery.

    Great piece, many thanks!

  182. Wow! If occultism really goes back to the base of civilization as we know it are we really surprised by this? VC, I've been intrigued by your postings since I discovered them months ago, so I would like to know something: Most of the rukes to the path of enlightenment have come to me intuitively. I truely believe that life is what WE make it and that HELL will not be a pit of burning fire overseen by lucifer; but that HELL will be not being able to levetate our spiritual selves out of the shell we call a body. In my own mind thats what the BIBLE means when it states; be in the world but not of the world. To me it trasnlate to live your life here but do not let the trials and tribulations of the physical plane weigh your spiritual self down. If you do you will never ascend to heaven. So does that make me evil?

  183. Karina January 1st, 2010 3:22 pm :
    What can we do to protect ourselves and our children?


    turn off the TV, turn off all the computers (as much as you can)

    take your kids to nature, learn gardening as a family, start injecting the kids and maybe yourself the bliss of classical music,

    find out a way to tell them that this is all just an illusion.

    watch gaga and rihanna videos, hannah movies with them.. don’t ignore their presence, just give them the “good stuff” as well, teach them to do some critical thinking that would lead to tell the crap from real art.

    if you’re AWARE of what’s going AND if you’re hands on, you will make it and eventually they will….

  184. As to this irrational fear of the “Freemasons”, the underground culture (the gang culture, basically) counterfeit and corrupt the symbols of the Freemasons. They use the Freemasonic symbols because Freemasonry is “secretive” (not really), and the underground want to counterfeit that secrecy with the symbols, i.e. in the videos.
    Hence, Freemasonry is now judged irrationally as “satanic”. And of course the fanatical religious loonatic fringe, for one, jump all over it.

    That’s all there is to it. There is the Good Lodge and the “Bad Lodge”.

  185. Carol December 29th, 2009 9:17 pm writes:

    Christianity DOES NOT advocate to strive for self-improvement. That was NOT the message of the Lord or the message of the cross. The Holy Bible states that ‘All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and Yahweh has laid on him (Christ) the iniquity (sins) of us all.’ Isaiah 53:6. If this scripture is true (which it is), then how could the message of Christianity be about self-improvement? Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice for our sins and therefore was accepted by the Father as an offering for our sins on the cross at Calvary.

    Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

    Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21)

    In analogy, wouldn’t someone who paid bail to get you out of prison, want you to strive for self-improvement so that you won’t end up there again? Or are you one of those who believe that they can do whatever they like and still receive a get-out-of-jail-for-free card just by professing believe in ‘Christ being lord’ before they pass away?

  186. Lone Traveler on

    This was interesting. I've read some other articles on this site, I like what you're doing here. I have a request, if you don't mind – have a look at Jay Z's new music video "On to the Next One", and tell me what you think. The video may deserve an article on this website, have a look at it.

  187. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Now *that* is one interesting video. For me, on the whole I liked it, I liked the "They're Justified, and they're Ancient" concept to it. I don't know what the reference to 99 is, but reading a portion of the lyrics below — well, first off Tammy Wynette is the lead singer, odd since she's country/western.

    And I see a coded reference to Wynette below. Since this video seems one of the more better ones, and with a decent message, who are they asking for permission to allow Tammy into the "circle" (or whatever it might be)?

    A wiki look for Ricardo da Force brings up a reference to the record "Pump Up the Volume" which, say what you wish, but I LOVE that song and the video that goes along with it. From what I can gather, checking out the links, da Force had something to do with the song itself:
    MARRS: Pump Up the Volum

    Ricardo da Force (born Ricardo Lyte) is a British male vocalist, most notable for contributing vocals to dance music tracks by artists The KLF on "3 a.m. Eternal", "Last Train to Trancentral" and "Justified and Ancient"; and N-Trance's cover of the Bee Gees disco song, "Stayin' Alive".

    The KLF – (Kopyright Liberation Front) — I like it. Resonates with anarchy. No problem so far. "The KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front)[1] were a band from the British acid house movement during the late 1980s and early 1990s. "

    Seems we have a British representation here in regard to the song/video "KLF Ancient and Justified".

    My only question is who are they asking if Tammy Wynette can be a part of it?

    Now I like the vibes here, but maybe Vigilant will see deeper.

    They're Justified, and they're Ancient,

    And they like to roam the land.

    (just roll it from the top)

    They're Justified, and they're Ancient,

    I hope you understand.

    (to the bridge, to the bridge, to the bridge now)

    They called me up in Tennessee

    They said "Tammy, stand by The Jams"

    But if you don't like what they're going to do,

    You better not stop them 'cause they're coming through

    (bring the beat back)

  188. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    no wait…I read it wrong: apparently Tammy was approached and asked to be a part of "The Jams" if she was comfortable with what they're going to do.

    I like it.

  189. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    At 2:12 it says "Warning" then all I can make out is "The fall of the empire…"

    Interesting. Fascinating.

  190. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    I've been watching the Disney Pinocchio movie at youtube. Since Vigilant gave the link, I thought I see it as I once did as a child. What a beautiful little movie that is. Makes me a child again, wishing upon a star…

    Little Jiminy Cricket — he's so cute. Interesting point: when Jiminy sees Pinocchio is a hit at the Stromboli puppet show and the audience casts him gold coins, Jiminy (his conscience) has doubts that maybe there's nothing wrong with working in the puppet show instead of going to school. So the conscience, itself, is not always the best guide temporarily. I'm up to Part 4, so I'll see in Part 5 what Jiminy does.

    Little Figaro and the little fish, how Geppetto loves and talks to them and they respond in a human way (it works),Jiminy, and the clocks, and the Blue Fairy,….and the world outside. What an imagination Collodi had! Simply magickal !

  191. lot of posts here on TW- well i think the same went for Clinton's affair. He was doing other things in the background like getting army prepared for the next presidency, Bush administration. Govt doing other things in the background and using celebrities and politician gossip to take our attention.

    Saw the AI movie- creative that they read Pinnochio to the mechanical kid and the brother's comment that he especially would love it. Pinnochio was def inspiration for AI movie. Also interesting allusions to the sun shining and often see the moon in the movie, symbols of the pagan god duality- god & goddess. Also saw Sherlock Holmes. Big fan of Robert Downing and did a good job, however had I know that too had to do with the occult/ Satanism, I would have waited for the video. Dont want to spoil the ending of that one, but they are basically trying to discredit conspiracy theories surrounding the occult and politics, and I think that was the major point of it. Can you do an article on Sherlock?

  192. DEAR Vigilant Thank you for your articles. But I do think that though you wrote the whole article ,IT WILL also be good if you regularly answer to some comments. After the article we can't here from you till the next one. I didnt wrote this to piss you off but that's my point of view. I'm sure that many will share my point of view. LOVE never fails ,always trusts ,so does the Truth. JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH.

    LIGHT from ABIDJAN-COTE D'IVOIRE (West Africa)


  193. Ignatia Blue Rose on


    In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

    Christi crux est mea lux.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus triumphat.


  194. @ 269 Just watched that video n yea Jay-z releases yet another vid that shows his blatant ties to illuminati and satanism!! Str8 up has the baphomet in the video, the guy who has his face painted as a skull ( obvious occultic symbol for witch doctors who summon demons) also has the Sun Disc tatted on his chest. Plus it has the cross w Christ being Crucified on it w bullets besides it!! How blatant is he going to get?

    He already released that bs song w alica keys where he str8 up denies Jesus " Mary to the city you a Virgin, Jesus cant save you life starts when the Church ends" and continually promotes nothing but Antichrist behaviors and idealistic!!!

    Also to Ignatia Blue Rose/Na'vi/Lilly Blake/Pretty in Proof/ and possibly slim shady(not sure on that one): Why the hell do you keep making up different names and then post your Lies over and over… It makes you look completely SUSPECT about anything you have to say when u need to create multiple persona to keep posting the garbage you keep putting up, And just like in the A-Ok board Ima keep exposing you on that point!!!

    Pick a persona and post under it, dont create 4+ and get on here and post crap then agree with yourself, thats devious!!!

  195. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    and what garbage too? What is it that we post that goes against your grain? Your posts are nothing but idiocy altogether.

  196. Ignatia Blue Rose January 1st, 2010 9:35 pm writes:

    I don’t know what the reference to 99 is, but reading a portion of the lyrics below — well, first off Tammy Wynette is the lead singer, odd since she’s country/western.

    When this song was released in 1991, the only way to replay and analyze it somewhat better was with the help of a video-recorder. The difficulty with that was of course the regular occurrence of tearing in the still frames. Moreover, you could only pause it very inaccurately. Nowadays it can be studied frame by frame in excellent quality.

    At 1:41 you can read the line 'Tammy Wynette IS the first lady of country'. I guess they used that double entendre intentionally.

    The 99 is in reference to 1999. You know, like in Prince's (tafkap) lyrics for his song 1999

    They say two thousand zero zero party over

    Oops out of time

    We're runnin' outta time

    So tonight we gonna, we gonna (Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999)

    Public Enemy also pointed to this in their song Resurrection

    Yo it's going down baby

    It's going down family

    That's my word

    We gettin ready to turn this s*** to the two and three zeros

    Ya know what I'm sayin

    Have all the clocks goin backwards

    Have everything goin haywire

    You laughed before let's see you laugh now blue cow

    As were many others, some dating back hundreds of years. It was a popular theme back then 😉
    MARRS: Pump Up the Volum

    It is a good song even featuring an unmanned lunar rover most likely modeled after the Lunokhod 2. But why would they state that LAVE's government is a dictatorship? It is such a lovely place 😉

    put the needle on the record

    when the song beats go like this

    pump up the volume

    pump up the volume

    pump up the volume

    dance dance




    Another recurring theme in music for quite some years now…

    (Novastar – Mars Needs Woman)

  197. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    hmm you're a bit over my head on this one, Antauge. Love your posts btw. ummm taking all in all now…I like the KLF — The Fronts, you know what I mean?

    So umm frame by frame and all…I'm taking it there's nothing suspect to "They're Justified and Their Ancient"?

    Recruiting theme? Mars Needs Women (or Woman), whichever. Can be taken on another level…(I think)….what the hell am I talking about? ummm what's wrong with a man needing a woman. I don't see anything particularly sinister with Pump Up the Volume.

  198. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Oh and "daciple" I don't give a flying rat's ass what or whom you "think" you are "exposing".

    Giving you the the double hand A-OK and the internationally known hand signal for DA FINGER.

  199. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    aka "all men are from Mars…all women are from Venus"….that's how I'm taking it, the Novastar thing. Am I missing something?

  200. Ignatia Blue Rose January 2nd, 2010 9:14 am writes:

    So umm frame by frame and all…I’m taking it there’s nothing suspect to “They’re Justified and Their Ancient”?

    Both songs feature a lot of readable text that is only visible for a very short moment or scrolls by so fast that you need to be superhuman to read this without watching it frame by frame. Pump Up the Volume was released on August 3, 1987 and Justified and Ancient on November 1991. When such expensive videos are made, they often are the result of very careful planning. In those days putting some barely readable text in the video would already guarantee that only people willing to make an effort to see what is there would be able to read it. These videos, as an art-form, can be compared to e.g. renaissance paintings which, depending on the reference-frame of the observer, can be seen in a completely different light. Painters in those days put huge amounts of symbolism in them. Some see a basket with bread and fish and others see a whole concept behind such a seemingly meaningless object.

    Like Vigilant emphasizes in this article about Pinocchio: representing the success of the alchemical process of transforming Pinocchio’s conscience from a crude metal to gold. The “Great Work” has been accomplished. […] the story of Pinocchio is an example of the nobler side of occult teachings. Striving to achieve a higher level of spirituality through self-improvement is a universal theme found in most religions.

    Occult is defined as to shut off from view or exposure. Like a knife, it can be used for good or bad. Many hierarchical 'religious' organizations have hidden things from their fellow believers for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they did not want to throw pearls before swine and on other occasions they strive to keep a monopolistic stronghold on knowledge…

  201. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Freakyyyyyyy Aut…..Freakyyyyyyyyyyy If only it were true…maybe it is, for all I know.

    On New Year's Eve I had an incident. I gave a homeless-looking man a ride to his boarding house hotel, with the assurance of a normal-looking person, his friend, who assured me he knew the homeless-looking man was not a drug-addict or alcoholic. The homeless man was bent over from the shoulders, his long bedraggled hair hiding his face. I sort of interrogated them first. The normal looking man's name was Joseph.

    I said what the hell, for all I know the homeless-looking man is Jesus in disguise. Then the normal looking guy told me a story about St. Christopher, about a man who helped an old man to cross a stream by carrying the old man on his shoulder. The old man got heavier and heavier but the other man got him across. The old man turned to him and said something like "I am God".

    I was pretty spaced out after this entire affair. The homeless man had the key to the boarding hotel and told me he cooks and made a turkey and is married. At the hotel, as bedraggled as he looked, a glint of gold — his wedding ring.

  202. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Oh sorry, Antague… I was referring to the LAVE which got me to thinking about the New Year's Eve incident.

  203. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    oh wait…the end of the story was after getting the old man across the stream, he asked the old man's name. Yes, that's how it ended. Then the normal-looking man (or guy, he was youngish), gave me the name of the book he read this story out of, called "Saints Behaving Badly". hehe Well–that applies to me very often. Got to get the book now.

  204. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    "Occult is defined as to shut off from view or exposure. Like a knife, it can be used for good or bad. Many hierarchical ‘religious’ organizations have hidden things from their fellow believers for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they did not want to throw pearls before swine and on other occasions they strive to keep a monopolistic stronghold on knowledge…"

    Yes. That is true. I understand that completely. You know, what comes to mind is Dan Brown's website, where he had some pictures taken in Venice, having to do maybe with some festival or something, where everyone wore very elaborate and beautiful masks. The initiate knows the meaning of the Word: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." Matthew 7:6

    "depending on the reference-frame of the observer," — and doesn't that sum it up, Antague, the reason for the secrecy?

    I just got Brown's newest novel "The Lost Symbol". Should be an interesting book, since Brown — though he's no Dickens in his writing style — but he can tell a riveting story all right. He's the son of a mathematician, you know.

  205. VC a lot of people are missing something in Jay-Z video, they talk of all the obvious symbols but I have heard no one mention the flying man in white is Jesus soaring to the earth to began the battle with Satan. Yes I do read the Bile sometimes LOL but thats what I got out of that part of the video and I don't think anyone has picked up on it. What do you think? You know the story goes Jesus will soar from the heavens,on a white horse, eyes red with fire and a sword in his mouth, and thats what I got out of Jays video, help me out…then in the video you have the white clash with the black …

  206. @292, Ignatia Blue Rose January 2nd, 2010 9:59 am

    It is very commendable that you try to look past first, superficial impressions and are willing to help others, but unfortunately you can't be careful enough these days. I have studied abnormal psychological behavior and have seen a good deal of what psychopaths are capable of. I'll spare you the graphic details… But it must be said that most organized nonsocial offenders look like the next-door neighbor and not like some homeless 'bum'. The disorganized asocial offender however…

  207. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Thanks, Antauge…but no…the homeless, bent over man would have to have been a master of disguises, like Sherlock Holmes, in that case. When he got out of the car, I said "I want to see your face" and he tried to lift his head. I pushed back his long, bedraggled hair, and he had a kindly face all right. I got a glimpse of it first at the initial meeting of him and his friend, but a better glimpse after he got out of the car. Going into the boarding hotel would have been out of the question for me, no matter what.

    Odd though…this area has an actor troupe of sorts. Was he one of those? I asked the normal looking man why the homeless looking man was bent over like that, and the normal looking man said he always was like that. I wanted the normal looking man to come with us, but he didn't want to "leave his spot", which he meant he was carrying groceries for those who came out of the supermarket, for whatever they would give him.

    I did wonder if I was being set up. But the two of them would not know anyone would give the homeless man a lift to his boarding house hotel. This only came about because after I gave the homeless man some money (which is how I got into a discussion with them), I left them to walk to me car, but saw them walking, and I asked where they were going. The normal looking man said he's walking his friend to the bus stop so he could get home. That's when I figured why not give them a lift?

    Well, I was pretty spaced afterwards. But what was real curious is the homeless man's bringing up, out of the blue, the fact that he "likes to cook". This happens to be my interest too, and several people in this area knows this about me. I've given out rum balls to my auto mechanic in the past, to where he nicknamed me the "rum ball lady".

    Weird, strange night. It is said to entertain strangers for ye know not if they be Angels.

    The vibes were good. But I know how to watch my step (and basically trust in the Lord).

  208. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Anyway I know the first names of both of them as a result, and this is a small community and locals are very visible on the streets. I'll be watchful.

  209. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    hmm the direction the two of them were walking was in the opposite direction to the bus stop at the nearest corner. I will have to remember to check to see if there is a bus stop at the end of the other corner. I'm not sure there is.

  210. @ ignatia- what bible are you reading, my man- He aint having a sword in His mouth- that is a metaphor for his speach as a weapon of truth

    above all – "… he who overcomes will not come under the power of the second death"

  211. He told John he will sneak up on us and we can't be measuring and trying to figure out when He is coming.. and those who won their way in heaven by keeping true to their faith will be wearing white… Jay-z talking about wearing black all black- thats what the "bad" people going to hell will be wearing..

  212. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    nyc gal,

    Please refer yourself to post #296 for the reference to the "sword in the mouth".

    And Chainmaker is aka "Daciple" who stalks and has me labeled as a "Luciferian Theosophist" on the A-OK article list.

    So to Chainmaker aka "Daciple" another DA FINGER . He's still trying to "challenge" me on my "belief systems" on the A-OK article list, which I consider passe at the moment, as I prefer the new articles as Vigilant posts them.

    One of the methods of mind control is to force the subject to argue ON THEIR OWN TERMS meaning they SPEW their fundamentalist tirades, and the subject is forced to answer — thereby LEADING THE SUBJECT AROUND BY THE NOSE, as it were.

    I don't play that way Chainmaker aka DACIPLE. YOU'RE SICKENING.

  213. Ignatia Blue Rose on


    Please note I ended my posts at Number 566 on the A-OK LIST, and now I find someone has posted something ELSE under my old screen name — Na'Vi — and you can see what they wrote at Number 569.

    I also take note on A-OK LIST, that poster named "Mohamed" is in collusion with "Chainmaker" — aka "Daciple".

    And this is why I decided to go with my mystical name. CHAINMAKER/DACIPLE are STALKING ME with their fundamentalist tirades .

  214. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    "ON THEIR — THE CONTROLLER'S OWN TERMS. This is the modus operandi of mind controllers – aka Chainmaker aka Daciple — with a backup "Mohamed" thrown in.


  215. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Antauge – You seem to know what's going on. Is this a christian fundamentalist web site? I know Vigilant has stated several times he is non-partisan, but these posters — is this web site for them?

  216. (Ghost of Marley) on

    The meaning of the "chainmaker":

    ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~~ * ~~~~ * ~~~~ *

    Again the spectre raised a cry, and shook its chain and wrung its shadowy hands.

    “You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?”

    “I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?”

    Scrooge trembled more and more.

    “Or would you know,” pursued the Ghost, “the weight and length of the strong coil you bear yourself? It was full as heavy and as long as this, seven Christmas Eves ago. You have laboured on it, since. It is a ponderous chain!”

    Scrooge glanced about him on the floor, in the expectation of finding himself surrounded by some fifty or sixty fathoms of iron cable: but he could see nothing.

  217. Ignatia Blue Rose on

    Would you like to see for yourself how a mind control programmer works using mind control techniques are used? This guy will have you convinced you are not watching an early Disney cartoon at all, but watching pedophile subliminals drawn by early Disney "pedophile" artists. He may or may not be an actual programmer, but his mind is warped enough for it:

    Scroll down at the link, and choose "The Early Works of Walt Disney

    "The Foundations of a Pedophilic Institution" in 10 Parts. It's arduous getting through them — but he almost had me convinced:

    Any relation to Mohamed here?

  218. Say, Vigilant, I'd still like to see an analysis of Jay Sean's Down video.

    I posted that quite by synchronicity I discovered where the video was shot:

    How do I know this? Because of the mechanical chandelier that is lowered into the Atrium in the beginning of the video. It's at the Albert Pike Museum, connected to the Supreme Council, 33 degrees, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Guess no one paid any attention to my post.

    The Supreme Council seems to be connected to the Knights of St. Andrew, Order of the Thistle, who's motto is:

    Nemo me impune lacessit

    I used that phrase once battling it out with a poster long, long ago.

    Now, Vigilant, if you do an analysis of Jay Sean's Down video — please go easy on him. It's quite an honor,, you know, to be given access to the Albert Pike Museum. And besides, Jay Sean's video is not obscene, and quite tasteful really, and he's a good-looking guy. too :)

    I think — could be wrong — the is telepathy with the streaming stream of light in the video and the thunder and lightning — Electricity: Sean picks up on it and knows there's a secret party tonight.

    In Fire Walk With Me, it is via Electricity that access to the next dimension takes place.

  219. Many thanks for the fascinating & knowledgeable article.

    The analogy is appreciated, it helps to 'join the dots'.

    I am inspired to read the biblical story of Jonah again,

    & again & again!

  220. ::::::::::::::: PLEASE READ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PLEASE READ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PLEASE READ::::::

    I think your piece here is brilliant. To bring it full circle in conjunction with the previous Jay-Z post, you may want to look into the song "Pinocchio Story" by Kanye West. This is from the "808's & Heartbreak" albums pre-release (not on the final retail version). It's about his quest to become a "real boy", and could possibly speak to Kanye's initiation into the realm of freemasonry, apprenticing you know who.

    I would love to hear your extrapolation of this song, and its constructs. keep up the work, providing this grossly over-looked perspective. Always be sure to give it back to God.


  221. I think that it is also not a coincidence that the "When You Wish upon a Star" was sung by Nat King Cole, a known Prince Hall Mason. I've always seen a Masonic connection in that song, probably relating to the Blazing Star or Morning Star that symbolizes the transformative power in the Master Mason ritual.

    Occult themes are not a negative thing per se, as spiritual maturing is always a positive goal in life. It is also a fact that great percentage of the human race is not capable of reaching higher levels of consciousness as this materialistic oriented culture and growing business of the life is draining people of time and energy to mediate upon higher purpose. In that sense the modern civilization is schizophrenic: materialistic world view is promoted everywhere and at the same time occult and spiritual themes are found in almost every music video etc.

  222. But surely the spiritual themes at least are not a result of this modern civilization schizophrenia, but rather the opening needed for the LIGHT of higher consciousness to manifest?

  223. @ignatia & stacey- interesting the conclusion of sherlock.. dont want to ruin it here for those who didnt see it but look at what they are saying in the end – that's the whole point and it def has to do with all these conspiracy theories going on about the occult behind politics

    @carol- thank you for post a couple of days ago- for a minute there, the writer of pinnocchio had me confused as to why he used the whale story in the bible and made it seem that Pinnocchio got his happy ending after being enlightened by that experience, but he would be saying that he looked to the Lord for spirituality and he got it- but I didnt think the masons beleived in that so why use the bible- now I get what you are saying how we arent supposed to be self-illuminating in the first place, he basically used the great fish story as a misguidance with other hidden meaning- self-illumination has an even deeper meaning for the those who beleive in the darker side- with respect to modern satanism for instance, they think everyone is godly in themselves.. something to think about and i always did think the illuminati were borderline dark side of paganism with a modern scientologist twist if that makes any sense..

  224. @nyc gal – I didn't see the movie Sherlock. I don't care for these modern day remakes as a rule, but I might see it when it comes out in DVD to see what it's saying about conspiracy theories.

  225. Now here is something interestng: Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter), who appeared in Jay Sean's Down video, faces a year in prison in a plea deal for weapons possession, stemming from as 2007 traffic stop of his tour bus in NYC. He'll be sentenced Feb. 9th.

    Not only all that, but "he also faces trial in March on felony drug possession and weapons charges in Yuma County, Ariz. More recently, he had to postpone a show one day after authorities stopped two of his buses in Texas and found marijuana. The case has been referred to the sheriff’s office."

    "Lil Wayne is set to follow some of rap music’s biggest names – from Tupac Shakur, Lil’ Kim, Beanie Sigel and Shyne to New Orleans natives Mystikal and C-Murder – who have served a few months to several years behind bars for crimes committed after they became famous."

  226. nyc gal – since you seem to find the movie Sherlock interesting, you got me interested. Here's a short review by Marshall Fine, where he points out turning Sherlock Holmes into an action figure (something Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never had in mind). This is one of the reasons why I dislike modern day remakes, plus this American obsession over action figures that will save us (like Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Batman, Bibleman (on one of the religious stations), the Hulk, Captain America, Green Lantern, Spiderman, the Shadow. I liked all the action comics as a child, but my favorite has always been Casper the Friendly Ghost, little Wendy the Witch, Spooky, and the Ghostly Trio:

    There are plenty of reasons to dislike Guy Ritchie's post-modern take on Sherlock Holmes, but here's the main one:

    Unlike most heroes of American detective literature (Nero Wolfe being the rare exception), Arthur Conan Doyle's storied detective is not and never has been an action hero. Not that he's averse to a bit of rough-and-tumble in the name of self-defense — but Conan Doyle's stories are singularly devoted to his creation's remarkable deductive skills, not his ability to outfight giants or outrun fireballs.

    If Ritchie, an intriguing film stylist, and producer Joel Silver (whose ham-handed fingerprints are all over this film) wanted to make a James Bond film set in Victorian times, why call him Sherlock Holmes? Why not Terlock Scones? Merlock Bones? Parkway Homes?

    Elementary, dear reader: Because this is a shameless bid at transforming Holmes and partner Dr. Watson (played by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law) into a franchise, a tentpole — and all of that other Hollywood jargon that means: "a character who can be relied upon to make more than $100 million per film at the box office for years to come." After all, Harry Potter films won't last forever. But Holmes could be the gift that keeps on giving.

    Instead, this Sherlock Holmes belongs on a shelf next to the Will Smith Wild Wild West: a remake that seems more excreted than created. Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is too long, too generic (surprising, given Ritchie's always inventive visual and story-telling style) and not nearly as clever as it seems to think. It's yet another can-he-save-us-from-Doomsday plot, the kind James Bond was cutting his teeth on in movies 40-plus years ago.

  227. I have read Baigent and Leigh's books, and liked their research and ideas.

    So good news — another book! Before the conspiracy theorists start seeing more dark conspiracies behind it, I should point out that Baigent is a Grand Officer of the United Grand Lodge of England, and Editor of “Freemasonry Today” magazine, as noted in his biosketch. I hope Baigent didn't forget "The Family" headquartered at C Street in Washington DC (… ).

    Racing Toward Armageddon

    By Michael Baigent

    In Racing Toward Armageddon, Michael Baigent, the New York Times bestselling author of The Jesus Papers and Holy Blood, Holy Grail, exposes the conspiracy of religious extremists in the Holy Land and their efforts to bring about the end of the world in our lifetime. Baigent expose the many diverse, public, and clandestine figures who are driving this perilous messianic message forward, and poses a pressing question: can we really afford to remain oblivious much longer?

    Book Description

    Will current generations live to see Armageddon?

    Are there really sinister forces at work, encouraging its imminent arrival? If so, who exactly are they?

    In his latest investigative book Michael Baigent takes us to the assembly hall of the UN, the boardrooms of major businesses and powerful lobbying groups, the cabinet meetings of world leaders, the ranches of cattle breeders, the churches of the faithful, and the narrow winding streets of modern Jerusalem, revealing to us the many diverse, public, and clandestine figures behind a perilous messianic agenda.

    By unveiling truly bizarre alliances, revisiting centuries-old ghostly events still haunting the birthplaces of religion, unraveling complex threads of history to discern the difference between myth and prophecy, and providing a thorough explication of the religious texts underlying all of this madness in the context of the times in which they were written, Baigent presents a very different view of the past, present, and future than that perpetuated by many loose interpretations of scripture.

    What are faith force multipliers? Which members of the U.S. military top brass have fought to employ them? Which world leader belongs to a secret messianic society called the Hojjatieh? What is the Chalcedon Foundation? And what is the correlation between its tenets, those of sharia law, and the fulfillment of end-time prophecies?

    The answers to these questions and others will intrigue, mystify, and enrage you, whether you're a person of faith or a staunch secularist. But the author's goal is not simply to shock the reader—it is to help diffuse the time bomb that has been set by the hard-liners of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the end, Baigent asks these questions to deliver an urgent message: that spiritual yearning is actually a deep and personal issue of awareness, one that can bring hope and tolerance to the world, rather than the self-superiority and control that are born of fear and conflict.

  228. Well, it seems Marshall Fine was right — Sherlock Holmes 2 in the making — and so soon, too!

    Brad Pitt Coming to 'Sherlock Holmes 2'

    What could make 'Sherlock Holmes' and all of its bare-chested (and perhaps not-so-straight) detective work even sexier? How about the addition of Brad Pitt in the sequel? Yep, you heard it here first: Papa Pitt is set to reunite with Guy Ritchie once things get underway on the 'Holmes' sequel. Details after the jump, along with info on Martin Sheen's broken heart and Spencer Pratt's wounded ego.

    'Sherlock' Sequel Starring Brad Pitt

    After 'Sherlock Holmes' managed to uncover more than $65 million in its opening weekend, 'Sherlock Holmes 2' is being planned with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law already committed. But the big surprise will be the addition of Brad Pitt as Professor Moriarty.

    "The director, Guy Ritchie, loves Brad," an industry source tells me. "He has worked with him before and thinks he is one of the most underrated actors working today. Guy knows that everyone thinks of as a Pitt as a pretty boy and can't wait to turn him into the world's greatest supervillain. It will definitely make the sequel a must-see."

    Pitt and Ritchie worked together on 2000's 'Snatch,' in which Pitt played a mumbling, can't-understand-a-word-he-says Irish gypsy fighter. He definitely wasn't a 'pretty boy' in it, and hopefully that's exactly what Ritchie can pull out of him again.

    As for Brad, an insider tells me he's "very interested in taking on the role and happy they aren't considering his kick-ass partner Angelina for the part."

  229. Hang on a second…I don't understand…to me this story is teaching kids a lesson, if anything. About how you shouldn't lie and you shouldn't take the easy road.

    And I don't see what's wrong with that. Also Jonah was never in a WHALE it doesn't say that anywhere in the bible, just a large fish.

    Why can't it just be a simple story, why do you have to make it complicated, i just don't see any reason for it. And why would they want to expose what show buisness really is…it doesn't make sense, sorry. However I do believe Lady Gaga is in on this whole thing.

  230. I don't get it….the message in this movie is a pretty good one

    regardless of whether or not it has masonic undertones, it is a depiction of society in a way

    and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with trying to better oneself through honesty and integrity

  231. @ john- that's exactly the point- they used to hide meanings behind movies that seem positive, but lately notice the movies and videos are not so positive..

  232. @nyc gal

    yes I agree today's movies & music videos are really dark, I mean the Rihanna & Beyonce/ Others seem really creepy, Sherlock Holmes had alot of satanic imagery, and a conspiracy theory plot line

    but Pinocchio seems to have a really great message, regardless of where it stems from or what school of thought

  233. Also the guy was italian that wrote this

    "Apuleius’ The Metamorphoses or Golden Ass," studying this? I mean it could be very common in Italy

    it is right next to Greece…and this story is taught in ancient lit courses so he could have got it from there rather than it simply be from free masonry

    "spiritual salvation is something that has to be deserved through self-discipline, self-knowledge and intense will power. " this is not only a gnostic etc. teaching, it is in christianity, resisting temptation & sin "True self-knowledge is to see one’s own defects and weaknesses so clearly that they fill our whole view. And mark this — the more you see yourself at fault and deserving of every censure, the more you will advance. Until the soul is established with the mind in the heart, it does not see itself, nor is it properly aware of itself.” (Christianity) – The man who wrote pinnochio (sp) being from Italy in a roman catholic nation? perhaps?

    Jonah and the Whale…..its not only an occult teaching, it is christian/jew as well….

    I usually enjoy reading the articles on this site, but I fail to see how this is freemasonry only….it has so many elements its hard to say that this is a truly occult depiction, I think the messages are good and are mostly Christian rather than Illuminati

    What I find the most interesting is the part of the movie about celebrity


  234. Kanye West has a song he performs called Pinocchio story and states he is like him. Seeing that jay,Kanye and the rest have been at the center of topic lately would make me think it has to fit in somehow!

  235. Pinocchio story and states he is like him

    maybe he is referring to being a puppet, doesn't know how to become real again

  236. Thats why kanye west made that song because he sacrfice his mother for fame, he also have a youtube video saying he sold his sold to the devil

  237. Check out Crowsticks “information Power To Man” if your into this. Find him at
    Love to you all

  238. Also a completely Roman-Catholic interpretation of "Pinocchio" is possible: it has been proposed and extensively explained by Italian cardinal Giacomo Biffi in his outstanding book "Contro Maestro Ciliegia" – Un commento teologico a "Le avventure di Pinocchio " (1977) [tr.: "Against Master Cherry" – A theological comment to "Pinocchio's Adventures"]. You can find this book (in Italian) here

    Unfortunately, this book does not seem to have been translated into English.

    Cardinal Biffi, with his fine sense of humor, was used to say: "All what I know in theology, I learnt from Pinocchio".

    Thank you Vigilant, and greetings from Italy.

  239. I'm confused. I read the article and it left me with question marks spinning in my head. I understand that self-illumination is wrong, but how is it wrong? Is it because you're looking to yourself to solve problems and not God?? I'm not saying this is a bad article: it's good. I just… don't understand it… I'm reading some of the comment and I kiinddaaa understand. Can someone help me out here? Maybe it's because I'm still young…

  240. Nice article..Kanye West has a song called pinocchio story which essentially states exactly this. He "freestyles" on the live video version on 808's and Heartbreak bonus version about his growth and enlightenment through loses etc.

  241. I think that some of this stuff is real and the rest is because you were looking for it!!! Ever heard the saying be careful what you look for you just might find it! Their are occults and various groups but i think looking for a reason to condem the world and condem man as a whole than thats what your doing! Maybe telling us these things isn't helping either! Somethings that seem bad are really out to work for the good and vice versus! Worry bout yourself and let whoever wants to sell their soul do so the problem is you don't have you life right and scared of what to happen after death it you aint ready now than to bad in hell you will lift up your eyes! God Bless and believe in god and his son for they are the only real source of power the devil is just a hand puppet of god!!

  242.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or other links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  243. "Why should we care that they have all these symbols? Does it affect us..? are they trying to make everyone illuminate? Im still confused>.<"

    To start, I don't think, ultimately, that Freemasonry is actually evil. Or was, anyway. Their agenda is ultimately to seek enlightenment through knowledge and virtue. It's not really evil whatsoever. So ultimately, VC isn't writing to scare people away from it, but rather to make people ware of the symbols being used.

    But why?

    I think there are those who have twisted this elite organization into a means of generating profit and attaining absolute power. And they still subscribe to the Freemasons and the Illumanti, which is why they would use the same symbols and gestures. This is what VC is trying to get us to be opposed to; the much more sinister levels of the Occult. And in order to do that, we have to be aware of their symbols. This is what this article is about: making us aware of their symbols.

  244. anyone ever notice that there is an abnormal amount of disney movies and shows that star someone using a facade of normalhood and leading a secret life? hannah montana, kim possible, aladdin, cinderella, that's so raven, wizards of waverly place, etc…

  245. good article, but just want to point out that "walt Disney" wouldn't be 'to blame' even though this was earlier in their animated feature times, many many people are involved in the process of making it, walt was a driving force, more so overlooked the work while many contributed their ideas to better the film.

  246. Fun fact!

    When we recruit, we start out early,

    It can be hard to know for certain if a person really "belongs" in the club.

    The good news is, you may already be a prospective member =)

    Actually maybe not if you're reading this stuff, you tend to mix us up

    with other groups and a candidate could become "confused".

    Did you do one for Aladdin?

    I'll have to check.. The middle eastern outreach was one of our more progressive endevors.

    Not that it worked out quite as planned…. but there's still time =)

    -Secret Master


  248. Hi, I only came upon this now. I enjoyed reading it a lot – and I think you are right about the connections. I would add that the classical myths of 'human forms coming to life' are (1) the Greek legend of Pygmalion and Galatea (best expressed in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion and the musical My Fair Lady) and (2) the Jewish legend of the making of the Golem (best expressed by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein). Undoubtedly Collodi was influenced by these myths, all of which imply an esoteric initiation.

    If you ever have the time, I'd enjoy if you could stop by and look at my blog which deals with esoteric research.

  249. My teacher once asked me to analyze a poem about a red wheelbarrow. I said that it was probably just some guy who looked out a window, saw a wheelbarrow, and wrote a poem about it. While my teacher was, at first, furious, upon looking up the origins of the poem he discovered that the author was a doctor who had written the poem after seeing a red wheelbarrow out the window of the room of a sick boy he was healing.

    Sometimes, a dead whale is just a dead whale.

    That being said, will someone PLEASE tell me what the hell the Illuminati's "secret agenda" is? If everybody's going to bitch and moan about how the government and entertainment industry is trying to control our minds, then at least be able to say what it is they want us to think so that we know not to think it…

  250. I realy like the fact that your puting out all of this knowleged out there for people to make some sense and understand where all of this is coming from and what they singnify. Very good I want to read more.

  251. Gnosticism, (one of the first and greatest heresies of the Church), notwithstanding, this story is used by Catholic Christians to represent spiritual conversion and salvation. That is, Pinnochio, through his trials, finds his ultimate good (God). Yours is an interesting take on the subject, and is cause for more study. I can't help but suspect a hijacking, though.

  252. I agree with alot of the things you say. But do you really think that people were putting satanic messages in a childrens movie back in the 1940's?

  253. Great article.

    I realize you mention this at the end (which is worth mentioning): "Pinocchio still remains typically Masonic and reveals the philosophical background of those in control of the mass media."

    But saying "…the story of Pinocchio is an example of the nobler side of occult teachings." is like saying the devil has a noble side too. So I have to disagree particularly with this sentence only.

  254. Strange, I just happened to watch this movie last weekend, having not seen it since I was a child, and the first thing I thought when Geppeto wished upon the star was, "Is that supposed to be Sirius?" My mind was baffled. I also remember feeling really awkward when Geppeto sent Pinocchio away to school the next day after having been born. Something about it made me feel queezy. I am even wierding out that I read this here today as I have never been on this website before today…

  255. Hello!All the while reading this article I was reminded of something I read somewhere about Gilligans Island being a metaphor for the seven deadly sins, and the island itself being an inescapable hell. Consider: Ginger "the Movie Star" who had an endless makeup kit on the island represents VANITY. Marianne is continually jealous of the attention Ginger gets, and winds up being ENVIOUS and JEALOUS. The Howes? GREEEEEDY! Skipper is good for both Gluttony and Anger (Gilliiigaan!) Professor is very smart and PRIDEful. And Gilligan? Well, he wears something RED in every episode (shoes, shirt, socks whatever) is the devil himself! Every time there is a plan set in motion to escape "the island" is that plan not foiled by Gilligan himself? Gilligan IS satan…the low self that hangs you up at every turn… Someone I work with thinks this theory was discovered by the same guy who says you should watch Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark side of the Moon, which I have yet to experience. There is 'prolly alot more in GI, so maybe VC can cover this in a future article…

  256. "The Harry Potter series was written by Vivianne Crowley who always opts to remain behind the screens. "

    Ummm actually it was written by J.K. Rowling.

  257. After reading this site, I can definitely conclude that many of you are smart, intellectual people. However, a lot of you are plagued with paranoia that the world has succumbed to great evil. Though this article was very smart, I think you are over-analyzing things, to put it gently.

    I sincerely don't believe the entertainers are Satanists and whatnot; no, it is in fact part of popular culture. Perhaps once, it was an 'evil' symbol, but I'm sure it was taken then passed on as no more than a meaningless gesture that become popular for the way it looks. If you looked at it as an outsider, you wouldn't see anything wrong with it at all! You may well call this 'ignorance' and spite me for my comments, but I'm only expressing my own beliefs – I thought that this site was talking about being 'free' of symbolism – and that is connected to right to express other ideas or beliefs. Think about it.

    To those who are wondering why I'm even ON here, if I 'hate it so much', then I'll tell you that it was in fact from the comments section on iTunes!

    Also, to justify the parts where you accused advertisers of attacking us with dangerous 'symbols', then might I add that a family member of mine has worked in the advertising industry as a Managing Director, and they have never once thought of 'evil' or disturbing ideas, or even so much as promoted them. Their goal is to make you want the product – true, you could call it 'mind control'. But if everyone is ALL that stupid as to believe, then we're definitely screwed.

  258. As a kid, when I saw something or heard something…Even though I was very little, I had that feeling that something was wrong. I was right ALL the time.

    I always hated pinocchio story, it scared the hell out of me and never liked the "fish" part…I just had that feeling, something was wrong about it.

    ur article is really interesting!

  259. Oh wow. I think it's amazing that you have all this knowledge to be able to decifer the esoteric meanings behind this kind of stuff. I use to be naive, but ever since the closing of December of last year I found Chris Brown's music video "Fallen Angel" in youtube and it said the meaning behind that song. Then I looked into Rihanna's "Disturbia" and some other ones and that was the beginning of how my mind changed its views. The website also got meh thinking. If you guys haven't watched it, y'all should, it's really interesting and says alot about this conspiracy and the agendas the Elite have instored.

    Well, anywayz, great post! xD!

  260. the bible is altered most of the bible is wrong, facts have been changed. some important things have been removed and lies have been added. Christian scholors of the bible have found over 50,000 mistakes within the bible. so i'll let you decide whether it is real or not. it used to be once upon a time. but now it is mostly made up.

  261. yeah what carol and 95.BarebackBttm December 30th, 2009 4:35 pm : Said was really eye opening.and i wonder what this world is going to really its just ridiculous when you think about how much money is spent on the sex slave shows orm sumting like that. I also feel sorry for my friends who are listening to those jay-z and rihanna songs

  262. jay's song lyrics "on the next one"

    ,y’all should be afraid of what I’m gonna do next.

    a little unsettling dont you think ?

  263. Hey VC,

    Look at the 1st picture you posted under the heading "The Creation" If you look closely at the column behind Geppetto there is a strange looking, crude picture of a plant hanging on it. This plant looks very similar to the one in the mural in the Denver International Airport that the children were surrounding. The one at the aiport seems to have flourished alot. Perhaps the plant symbolizes some sort of breakthrough or small advancement. Maybe I am reaching, but hey…just a Thought





  265. Very interesting!! Thanks.

    As Italian I suggest the name Pin-occhio means pine fruit eye (the pineal gland or third eye).

  266. William Joel Greene on

    You should totally do an article on Princess And The Frog. I saw it last night, and it is just messed up. My family and friends liked it, but I didn't have enough hard evidence to ruin it for them.

  267. Julio Ponce on

    I was just thinking that a while ago I read a book about all the occultism in Disney movies. While that book does mention this movie, it doesn't talk about the story itself, but about what was before. According to that book, Pinocchio was based on a midget from the 1800's who did a bunch of bad stuff like rapes and killings.

    Full Metal Alchemist is obviously about new age stuff, I mean, alchemy, you serious? It's quite obvious. On the other hand, Princess and the Frog….dude, that shit is crazy wrong….Now that I think about, many Disney movies are about characters being physically changed; there's Ariel, Pinocchio,…you could even say that Sleeping Beauty and Snow White went through stuff like that.

  268. Vigilant reports in the second quoted block “passionate disciple of Mazzini” (a prominent Italian Freemason and revolutionary).” This would have been overlooked by most people reading this unless they were aware of who Mazzini was.

    Please note:

    A credible explanation of the term connected with Giuseppe Mazzini, who is said to have formed a secret society the members of which were called "Mafiusi," from "Mafia," a word composed of the initial letters of five Italian words:

    "Mazzini autorizzafurti, incendi, avvelenamenti, (Mazzini authorises theft, arson and poisoning)" Article entitled "Mafia," Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1911 Edition

  269. Dear Vigilant

    The best encyclopaedia ever written was British, published over 90 years ago, and before the Shadow Government ordered encyclopaedias and textbooks to be rewritten to reflect their version of reality and to reinforce the illusion they were creating for the modern world. It is the Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1911, which is not only filled with historical information that is still relevant today, but information that has been suppressed under the guise of redaction and modernity.

    Best regards


    Ps. I worry for my future and my sons' future. I have two boys, 16 and 2 respectively. I am born and bred in London. I cannot speak with many folk who share my wonders. I truly am concerned. My night dreams are strange. I do want to believe in the Bible. I live a normal life – I work – I am married – I run a home. I am 42 years of age. I did not think life would be like this….. Help.

  270. I am so confused, based on everything I have read on this site, I have viewed "Foulfellow the Fox" to be the illuminati. Luring new starlets to the easy road of success by selling their souls and then tossing them when they are done. Even the Pleasure Island, again based on this site, would have viewed the Coachman to play the part of Illuminati allowing these boys to drug themselves to create slaves. It just seems like that story line coincides with what is going on nowadays with the Illuminati and the media.

    However this article is explaining the symbolism as that if good and saving Pinnochio from all his misfortunes.

    It just seems very contradictory and I am so confused. I understand the symbolism in the movie, but I take it that possible his being truthful and praying was more him departing from the occult ways and being reborn into Christianity.

    Any feedback?

  271. lol, the real mystery to me is what the Vigilant Citzen intends people to do with this information?? Darkness and evil has always been around- knowing the truth and living the truth are two separate things. So many people watch these music videos (Beyonce, Rihanna, JZ, lady Gaga) and see these occult practises and think 'oh thats interesting' and then people read your articles and think 'oh what an interesting article'…..and then what?? Are you just trying to be interesting? are u suggesting that all beliefs are ignorant or evil? Or, dare I say it, if these dark forces are real and powerful then where are all the good forces?

    So my question to you dear vigilant citizen is where do you stand?

    • @ Catherine
      1) nothing was deemed as "evil" in this article
      2) it is not my job to tell you what to do next. use your own jugement, do your research and do what you feel is right.

  272. Hallel Rosenberg on

    I just went through a similar experience with Pinocchio, haven't seen it since early childhood and by chance got to see it again a few weeks ago. Definitely a great movie through all the standards you've described above.

  273. This disgusts me ! These ppl need a grip , Jesus is the man to go to ! God is merciful , they need to take the invitation Jesus paved the way to give us .

  274. why are people disgusted? freaked out? the mystery schools all teach how to become a good human being. they have nothing to do with satan worship. you guys are so brainwashed its scary. do some research. read! alchemy is about turning the crap we are into gold!

    • The "mystery schools", as you so accurately put it, are not a problem because they teach enlightenment. They're a problem because they're a mystery, and only a select few are given their knowledge. This wouldn't be a problem if they kept to themselves, but as this entire blog tries to show, they've taken over every aspect of society. 5% of the population controls the other 95%, and that is the problem.

  275. I think, your words bring me to remember about:

    Golden Human, when Tong San Chong reach sutra's~wisdom

  276. @Truth: Maybe read this manga [FullMetalAlchemist-FMA*] may gives us some ideas. Guess what~

    This manga has been ended about 1 month ago

  277. readbetweenthelines on

    I didn't really understand.

    The way you described initiation seems to me a good thing; I understood from this that initiation is being united with God.

    However, the word initiation begs to differ. Isn't it supposed to mean the rituals you go through in order to be allowed into a club (or in this case, illuminati?) ?

    I'd base the fox and cat as the illuminati here. They are the ones who decieved him into thinking that everything bad is actually good, and that all there is to life is money&fame (the puppet show he encountered) or disregard for life&materialism (the Pleasure Island).

    But still if this story is so masonic, why is it that Pinoccio returns to Gepetto? You described Gepetto as God, so isn't this supposed to be a good thing? From what I gained, Pinoccio was affected by the illuminati, and fell for the treasures which, in reality, were obscured hell. But then he uses his conscience to get back on the right path and return to God (Geppetto).

    The beginning doesn't really match with the end in your article, as Gepetto wishes on the illuminati star, and this makes Gepetto seem like a foolish human who has become a blind slave to the illuminati. But then he is a metaphor for God?

    I'm sorry, it may just be me, but the artcile doesn't seem to make much sense.

    • I think the problem is that you're treating this as a stand alone article, when in fact it only makes sense when in context with the blog and the other articles here. The ideas aren't evil – the people using the ideas are, and they ARE using them.

  278. A little off topic here, I just realized something: anyone remember that shrek character Lord Farquaad (sp?)? What I noticed about him is how much his name sounds like f***wad, I just watched the movie and that's the first thing I noticed.

  279. “Thus was Jonah three days in the belly of the ‘great fish,’ as Christ was three days in the tomb.”–Manly P Hall, the Secret Teachings of All Ages.

    Manly P Hall structures this comparison as if it were a case of same teaching, different time. The link between both is different though.

    “Then some of the Pharisees and teachers of the law said to him, ‘Teacher, we want to see a miraculous sign from you.’
    He answered, ‘A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now one greater than Jonah is here.” Matthew 12:38-41.

    God is using Jonah as an allegory to demonstrate the final covenant with his son, Yeshua Christ. It’s not a case of both are isolated instances joined by comparison BUT Lord God using one as a foreboding of the greater.

  280. I just finished reading the "Why does Disney hate Parents?" post before clicking on this one. So, with that in mind, I wondered about Geppetto's prayer being answered by a female entity…. Why didn't Geppetto create a "real boy" the old-fashioned way, with the help of a real woman — not a spiritual representation of the "Great God"? Could this be a sugar-coat ideal about pedophila? Maybe, maybe not; but it is something worth considering, seeing how Disney has a track record for dark meanings hidden in their movies. At least Geppetto is not depicted as Catholic…. : )

  281. Just a few comments about Stromboli and Disney:

    IF the story does indeed carry the meaning you attribute to it (very possible) then it is also very likely that there are some additional insights from the Disney production and that the Disney creators were aware of the story line.

    In the case of Stromboli, it appears that they are alluding to the "showbiz world" as other religions which they consider to be false. Other religions seem to change over time or even be discarded altogether for another or newer belief system (unlike Freemasonry's claim to be from greatest antiquity). The "boy" can stay here and appear to be a real boy only within the context of the showlife, where he has fame, fortune, acceptance, etc…. This point is further stressed by Stromboli's song which he sings as his wagon goes down the road. The song includes Stromboli singing the words, "for such a Christian man as I" while his actions are obviously not Christian. So the first option Pinnochio is faced with is not reaching enlightenment but settling for what the author sees as something less than enlightenment, or even a false enlightenment.

    Apparently later generations at Disney under some pressure decided to remove the song (among their other edits such as not releasing Song of the South on home video or removing the cigarette from the mouth of Pecos Bill – I wonder how much longer the blackbirds' dialogue or song from Dumbo will last?).

  282. Hi, Thanks for the article but as a critical thinker I may ask, can we found the thesis of a spiritual allegory basing on a "possible" appartenance to freemasonery (I'm talking about Callodi) ? And If we accept this asset, and this is a question I always wanted to ask conspiracy theoricians, what's the purpose of freemasons or Illuminati to show us their beliefs, knowing they strongly believe they detain truth and that we are poor ignorant sinking in the darkness of manipulation? Thank you for answering.

  283. Margaret Kell Virany on

    To contradict your site's motto, I'd say "Words Rule the World, not Symbols or Laws." Read Northrop Frye if you really want to have an "Educated Imagination," liberated from esoteric systems.

  284. excellent article, I read the picture book as a child and it really made an impression on me as a guide to life, and a message to avoid the temptations of Pleasure Island and to have faith in the heavenly Father. It really speaks to the lost meaning of metanoia/repent that is the message of Jesus that has been lost in 'churchianity'. "Religion is a defense against the religious experience." – Carl Jung

  285. So free masons are just people seeking the truth? Are they to be looked at demonic or or they just helping ppl by using the medi to open their eyes ?? why else use all the symbolism for no reason…

  286. "Pinocchio … reveals the philosophical background of those in control of the mass media."

    Please could you clarify how you came to that conclusion? What do you mean by 'philosophical background'; and how did you conclude that those in control of the mass media care about truth, not to mention self-reliance; considering the media's almost unequivocal endorsement, if not almost mammon-like worship, of ecologically illiteracy; which is the foundation of all animals and species self reliance, not to mention survival?

  287. OK, did I see Monarch Programming get a mention in the article?
    If not , here is a good place to start.
    Tim Baber a folklore scholar and librarian of 30 years was researching theme parks back in 2002 for his Mudeford sandbank News because a neighbour owned the Alice in Wonderland one near Bournemouth airport.
    Within a few clicks of Alice in Wonderland Theme Park he discovered Operation Often by the CIA which wanted to make better Manchurian candidates and had heard obviously of the Marionette Syndrome that the Germans (with USA Rockerfeller funding) tried to use to do population thought control, at LEAST for the army anyway. Any performing arts Shamanism pantomime child or parent will tell you the truth of the Brits Imperial Conditioning, a good play, book, film, occult initiation for that matter terrifies then allows a rush of ecstasy…or if you are me you just get terrified. If you get it right, and BDSM overwhelming unsuspecting females can do it too, the person disassociates…their mind is then pliant and will follow orders, even hidden commands in any form by an organised master/organisation…hence Mengele in the SS was feared and needed to make the prime organisation doing this research impossible to penetrate and impossible to resist. Sortof. And the next stage was to put the elements…innocence…guilt, fear and disinhibition in no special order, at the service of the biggest players in town who could wind up the process disguised in children's classics coming from the folklore tradition, marchen, the Grimm Brothers , and really make the images stick and work to perpetuate the CONTROL.
    Pause for a minute. What have I claimed? Now go to Fritz SPRINGMEIER on the internet, who realised this was not exactly Cricket, or Christian, of which he was a sort of guardian angel in this respect. [ PLEASE, here my librarian bit comes in having watched Christopher Hitchens on religion….You need to know he thinks religion in all its forms (supernatural higher beings I suppose) is bogus, quackery. Good for him, though we can all fall!
    You also need to know that this system that likes to frighten children…so much they break completely and someone else can take over anytime later, also has to sublimate this terroir into films, plays, TV and father Christmas if not the local or regional religion of the child. Attempts will be made to destroy all that is good and worthwhile, and even create guilt and an ability to switch mentally between states which can follow.
    You also need to know that these people behind this master work have to hide but work in the open by being successful at the masterwork at one remove…by which lets call it Hollywood. Celebrities and Monarch programming are now almost the same thing in some people's eyes. And the reason they want to be careful? they are doing something against any conception of human rights and will need to act remotely…not be seen to be meddling with our freedoms. Also as they resort in a competitive world with the Balkanisation of security and then USA NSA being held responsible nowadays…(!)…Will Filer + NSA + Psyops……they have a lot to hide from the parents… at least my generation…because like any military ambition they will use whatever works best. In an ostensible even if image conscious world only for Christianity that means Satanic Ritual Child abuse works best…certainly the ecstasy of which Rogan Taylor writes is not militarily a scorer.. Then there are the coverups, the scandals, the generation of deceit with which to bedazzle, confuse and anyway we gat our man in the end.
    This article makes it seem benign. It always was a trauma based system of conversion in which the only distinction between what happens being good or bad is the INTENT. I hope I have not wasted your time.
    I am beachhutman on twitter. It carries on there. Tim Baber

  288. Great to see an article on here that does not immediately demonize Freemasonry. I do like this site, but I feel it often simplistically lumps all occult and secret societies together. I know that most Freemasons are on a spiritual journey, and when looking for true enlightenment, neither power nor greed are in one's sights. There are certainly people in this world using symbology and ritual for dark purposes, but it is not your spiritual seeker, not your Freemason or yogi or buddhist, but your banker, your politician, your corporate head.

  289. I absolutely love this article it's one of the best from VC. From time to time I reread this article because it's that profound. Thank you!

  290. you forgot about the song '' í've got no strings ''
    i see this as a metaphor for being severed from god
    being severed from your true destiny
    and following your will (as in aleister crowley's ''do as thou wilt'')

    the part about being eaten by the whale is a metaphor
    for being stuck in the ''belly of the beast (satan)''

  291. This story does not represent the nobler nature of the mystery religion. It is a story of the alchemy process an occultist/Satanist will use to initiate their child or dedicate their child to the service of Satan. It is a horror story, my horror story in fact. .

    Geppetto/craftsman/demiurge – The Father of a home …. my father's name was Cecil

    wishes upon a star/ is the dedication of the child's life to satan
    Child still has freewill his/her life choices will direct their path/blue fairy represents the mother of the child who the mason carefully selected to bare his child. She tells Pinocchio to live a life of salvation by works
    the alchemy process is the process of the monarch mind control methods or the methods from the book of the dead

    Pinocchio's education process is disrupted by the fox. the phase when an initiated child's learning process stops. around 7 or 8 years old due to the alchemy/ torture methods that where inflicted upon them at the age of 3.
    The following is the life course on which a child initiate will follow. It is in their preprogramed "fate"
    The child is suppose to be guided into the entertainment industry/ life of hedonism enslaves the young uneducated and exploited adult then he is enslaved and chained he cannot break away until he truly repents and is honest to himself of his wickedness and his role in his own self enslavement. Then The magic of the blue fairy sets him free. Note. Not the saving grace of Jesus in other words. Mommy rescues them.
    Pinocchio goes to pleasure island
    This represents the phase in life I call the anarchy stage of the process… no rules or knowledge
    Stuborn and defiant with complete abandonment of morals and restraints.. drug addictions sexual depravity
    at this stage he becomes enslaved to the bassist of impulses and is sold into slave labor/hard labor. this phase in life starts with fun that is short lived.. if you manage to survive the drug overdoes and the degradation.

  292. Pinocchio returns to his father finds him gone… at this stage a human will seek God. The initiated child will be led by the father to become an atheist will so Gippetto will return home no creator. The true God..
    It also represent a time a adult who was initiated as a child and with the magic of the alchemy process at work he is suppose to go and seek out the craftsman/ return to his father.. the seeker will seek out his fathers craft.
    Throwing himself over board represents several things. First it is the stage which a person joins the secret fraternity
    But there is a more sinister side of the meaning too.
    throwing himself over board is another part of the alchemy process the young child is subjected to

    it is the first step of the alchemy process

    After dedicating the child to Satan in word, he craftsman/father of the child will create a near death experience for the child by drowning the child and resuscitating them. Salvation by baptism. After this the child will be placed into the belly of a whale
    the belly of the whale is the cellar my father put me in. A child will then experience sensory deprivation.. in pitch blackness..This is where the child encounters the god their father is dedicating them to sensory deprivation causes a person to experience the feeling of the presence of evil the child is then" marked by a demon" ..And at the age of 7 or 8 the child will begin to feel they are a demon or possessed of a demon as the alchemy process works in their mind as they grow older. I began to suffer this feeling I was about 7
    . The encounter with the presence of evil in the" belly" ensures the nature of evil is imparted into the child
    I was left feeling marked and as though i had a destiny that i was fated to fulfill… something of greatness and grand. I loathed the feeling and would react with hysterics if an adult told me i was special or pretty. I would shut down if an adult discussed my life possibilities.
    the child is taken out of the belly of the wale/ dark place in the morning. spiritual light.
    when he emerges from the darkness he is left with the foreboding and sickening feeling upon awakening in the morning. The sounds of birds will be haunting to them all their lives. (birds songs represents the call to initiates).
    the child comes out of the cellar initiated into and enslaved to the star and the god Geppetto wished/prayed to . Satan claims to be the bright morning star. A title exclusively belonging to Jesus. The god the child encounters in the belly of the "whale" is Satan. or the feeling of evil. The child will follow the path laid out for them by the junior crafts man. Gippeto's limited time on this earth has been extended by dedicating his child to the service of Satan, to carry on his genetic material (he is of a noble race after all) and ensures the child will carry out the work necessary to enslaving mankind to the service of satan..

    Pinocchio is a horror story of a child's initiation process into the occult. And it is . my horror story in fact so i ask you to please change the ending of your essay. Its ridiculous.

    Jiminy cricket. I resisted the evil in me. Let that be known. I never denied the God of heaven in my heart. And Jesus Christ is my savior. Not my mom or some dumb secret society.

    Meaning and name origin
    Cecil ce-cil as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Cecil), is pronounced SESS-ul, SEE-sul. It is of Latin and Old Welsh origin, and the meaning of Cecil is "blind; sixth". From the Roman clan name Caecilius, derived from Caecus. Also an anglicized form of a Welsh surname of a great noble family

  293. It is a good article, but you still make no distinction between the good and the bad in occultism. Not all occultism or even the branches of Hermetics and Free-masonry are evil or satanic. Not all of practitioners of hidden knowledge use it to control or destroy. Some very prominent bad apples does not mean all users of magic and occult teachings are bad. There are good magicians in high places just as there are bad magicians in high places.

    Pinnochio is a very honest story of the path of initiation and the search for enlightenment. It does not necessarily conform with mainstream christian thinking, but it is a work of light and not of darkness.

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