Nurse Who Answered Prank Call at Kate’s Hospital Found Dead


One of the first “commoners” to be somewhat in contact with Kate and William’s unborn baby is found dead shortly afterwards in suspected “suicide”. The events leading to this death are quite strange.

Nurse Jacintha Saldanha took a prank call made by an Australian radio station impersonating the Queen and transferred it to another nurse who divulged personal information about Kate’s health. According to news sources, this faux-pas might have caused her to take her own life shortly afterwards.

It is way too early to advance any kind of conclusion regarding this story, but its premise is rather suspicious. I hope we are not looking at some kind of ritual sacrifice.

Nurse Jacintha Saldanha who took a prank phone call at Duchess of Cambridge’s hospital is found dead in suspected suicide

A nurse who was duped into transferring a prank call from two Australian radio presenters at the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge for severe morning sickness was found dead in a suspected suicide.

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, a nurse at the King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London, answered the call at 5.30am on Tuesday from the Sydney-based 2Day FM station, whose DJs pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles. Ms Saldanha put them through to a colleague who provided details of the Duchess’s condition.

Mrs Saldanha was found unconscious at a nurses’ residence close to the private hospital in Marylebone, central London, at about 9.35am this morning and despite the efforts of paramedics could not be revived. Scotland Yard said the death was not being treated as suspicious, and a source said officers were investigating whether she had taken her own life. Mental health experts cautioned against any assumptions about factors contributing to her death.

The nurse, a mother-of-two who started working at the hospital in 2008, is the first member of staff heard to answer on a recording of the hoax call from presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

Ms Greig, seeking to impersonate the Queen, asked to be put through to “my grand-daughter”, prompting Mrs Saldanha to reply: “Oh yes, just hold on ma’am.”

The hospital, which is rated as one of London’s best private medical establishments and has a reputation for closely guarding the privacy of its patients, spoke of its shock and “very deep sadness” at the death of Ms Saldanha, whose partner and two sons live in Bristol. Her family said last night: “We as a family are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Jacintha.”

In a statement, the hospital said: “She was an excellent nurse and well-respected and popular with all of her colleagues.

“We can confirm Jacintha was the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. The hospital had been supporting her throughout this difficult time.”

Lord Glenarthur, the hospital’s chairman, added: “This is a tragic event. Jacintha was a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients during her time with us.”

The radio prank, which was pre-recorded and vetted by lawyers from the radio station before it was broadcast, was picked up by media worldwide and acutely embarrassing for the hospital, which has a long history as the hospital of choice for the royal family.

In a statement earlier this week, the hospital’s chief executive John Lofthouse condemned the prank, adding: “We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and we are now reviewing our telephone protocols.”

Mr Lofthouse added: “I think this whole thing is pretty deplorable; our nurses are caring, professional people trained to look after patients, not to cope with journalistic trickery of this sort.”

The hospital offers its VIP patients private lines that are connected directly to their rooms but the Australian DJs were able to reach the Duchess’s personal nurse via the switchboard in an apparent breach of procedure.

It is understood that Mrs Saldanha, who was registered to practice in Britain in July 2003, had not been disciplined or suspended by the hospital.

She answered the hospital’s phone line in her role as duty nurse because there was no receptionist manning the switchboard at the time of the call.

St James’s Palace said that neither Prince William and his wife nor any royal staff had complained to the hospital about the prank, adding that they had offered their “full and heartfelt support” to staff and to the nurses involved.

The couple, who had to announce that they are expecting their first child sooner than planned after Kate was hospitalised with acute morning sickness on Monday, said that they were “deeply saddened” by Mrs Saldanha’s death. A spokesman at St James’s Palace said: “Their Royal Highnesses were looked after so wonderfully well at all times by everybody at King Edward VII Hospital, and their thoughts and prayers are with Jacintha Saldanha’s family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time.”

While little information about Mrs Saldanha’s mental health was available, nurses’ leaders last night suggested that there could be a link between her death and the prank.

Dr Peter Carter, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “It is deeply saddening that a simple human error due to a cruel hoax could lead to the death of a dedicated and caring member of the nursing profession.”

In a statement, the ambulance service said: “We were called at 9.25am this morning to an address on Weymouth Street. We sent two ambulance crews and a duty officer. Sadly the patient, a woman, was dead at the scene.”

The owners of the Sydney radio station said last night that the two presenters were “deeply shocked” at the nurse’s death and had agreed to stop broadcasting until further notice.

– Source: The Independent




    • SUSS AS!

      Yeah maybe she was so embarrassed she bumped herself… But think Of the logical side.. A Nurse would be the LAST profession I would guess to commit suicide.. Caring for people all day and saving lives, then killing yourself… Highly unlikely…. This world scares me sometimes..

      PS JakesG.S.. I Might have missed it.. But im pretty sure I read well and there was no mention of rituals or anything..

      And finally… FFS! If this is a setup, it’s freaking ridiculous!!! Kill a woman because she told some pretty unimportant and basic info… “she hasn’t retched since this morning” or somthin like that… Pretty lame-oh super elites…

      Take a JOKE, it was pretty funny…

      Surprised the 2 radio announcers havent “been found dead” yet…

      • Word. But it does toilet train the masses to never make jokes about Billionaires who inherited their privilege. We all have to be walking on eggshells or a woman with children will kill herself in shame. Good lesson for the flunkies.

    • It was not even the lady who Give out all the information. It was the lady who transferred the call which is really messed up. No way it was suicide.

  1. I feel rather reluctant to say this due to possibly being heavily criticized by VC's followers but this is a bit far fetched to say the very LEAST.

    • What's far fetched? VC wrote "It is way too early to advance any kind of conclusion regarding this story". Why don't you read the article before insulting people's intelligence.

      • Where did i insult anyone's intelligence? I'll tell you what i did do, and that is question the point of this report AFTER reading the article. I was not aware having doubts and openly expressing them was low blowing someone on their intellectual view point. Yes, he mentions it's too early on to make any advances but his tone in the begging shows he is doubtful that it is anything other than foul play.

        "It is way too early to advance any kind of conclusion regarding this story, ***BUT its premise is rather suspicious.***" Let's be completely honest here. This is a conspiracy theorist's site. If there was any chance of this story not being somewhat occult it wouldn't have been posted at all. VC obviously doubts the fact this woman killed herself and hints at it most likely being a ritualistic sacrifice. It's very obvious he thinks so, and i was just stating i think that idea is a bit far fetched.

        Please learn to read between the lines and recognize the obvious before being on the defense.

      • You're not reading between the lines, you're putting words in the author's mouth, which is intellectually dishonest and unfair…Also, I'd say that committing suicide for having transferred a prank call is rather "far fetched".

      • Agree. Unstable person could never possibly be a member of medical personal in 'queen's hospital', let alone be in position to contact members of the royal family. She was 46, medical professional, well liked, skilled, experienced and left 2 children behind because of the prank call, or someone has an interest in making the public to believe so. Not likely. Who on earth makes a land number call to a royalty patient or any person for that matter in mobile phone era? Why would anyone, left alone members of RF discuss health issues with nurses, in 5 a.m., via hospital phone operator? I realize and accept willingly that I'm going to sound like a major fruit case, but the first thing that actually cross my mind upon hearing the news was the nanny suicide scene in 'Omen' movie (from 1976, if I'm not mistaken). Damien story. First victim. It's just too much coincidences surrounding this family, like no other royal house I've heard of. Just my two cents.

      • There are a lot of scary and unusual things happening in this world which most people.."the masses" believe are "far- fetched"……The physical world we see with our own eyes is just a fraction of what is happening in the spiritual world…for one ritualistic deaths are rampant!

      • Well that makes 2 of us. The first mental image I had when I heard the news was the nanny hanging herself "It's all for you Damien"!

    • The only thing far fetched is not understanding the obvious connections between her death and this Prank on the Royal Family. Your comment is the only thing far fetched. I'm actually shocked you got thumbs up. Good luck in your future with your coincidence threories, they're going to get you real far. No one's following anyone. You just can't seem make logical strides if it forces you to consider the Royal Family ends human lives quicker than they would a cockroach. I think maybe you meant to comment under the TMZ website headings

      • I can't believe how awfully naive, to say the least, some of these comments and responses are to JakeG.S. The nurse committed suicide because both the tabloids and the idiotic mass public – who have no mind or conscience of their own, so abide by the instructional sentiments of aforesaid tabloids – harangued her incessantly for committing tacit 'blasphemy' against the Royal Family. It is well known in the UK especially that do anything bad against the Royal Family and you will pay for it – which is exactly what she did. The only things 'sacrificed' here were her comfort, security and privacy and if YOU were hounded for your every step, 24/7 by the media because of an inadvertent submission to a prank call, you would feel victimised and your life rendered worthless. THAT's the connection. Are you lot THAT clueless of how the mass media works? Seriously.

        So no, it's not JakeG.S. who's being 'illogical', Sanat Toma'. It's you and the rest of you berating JakeG.S for what he said.

      • She committed suicide because the tabloids? She wasnt even mentioned in the news until her death. Classic murder then overnight 'found dead by suicide' newspaper press to cover it up. Note how the death ISN'T being investigated by the authorities

      • she was mentioned before her death/suicide/whatever, though the news may have coincided in the US because of the time lag.

      • Yeah huh. They didnt mention that the authorities are going to investigate. Good looking, I honeslty didnt even catched that

      • Fuzzy Frisson – your comment is absolutely stupid and naive.
        Suicide because of the tabloids? No one knew about her, the tabloids mentioned her only after she was found dead.
        Take my advice – think before you write.

    • Your right, cos the whole thing is a hoax, just like the latest school shooting, watch the video of the teacher crying, she aint, theres no real tears, like obamas fake tears. The Hoax was to get public reaction to ban guns. The hoax call to the nurse I am not sure why they did it. We are being lead down the garden path by actors. I believe all the recent shootings in usa are all hoaxes. For gun control. They use drills to get the pictures and rolling film, then make out its a real event, to fool the public.

      • I had a hunch with regards to the school shooting was a hoax. Maybe to ban guns an restrict freedoms even more, or to distract the public from something the governments are doing, maybe both. I could also be the 'shooter' was a mind-controlled puppet too. Why are they burying the 'kids' so quickly anyway? Today and the rest of the week will be constant funerals. Why so soon? Something very fishy is going on with all this. And I aint buying it one bit..

      • Don´t distract from the real issue here. We are talking about a sudden death because a nurse picked up the phone and unfortunately had some moron making fun of her and the royal family.

        Nice try to move the discussion to a different issue. These two issues so obviously have nothing to do with each other – are you plain stupid or do you play a game here………

    • I know aswell that a family friend studied in the same nursing school and it was said she didnt even talk to her family in regards with what happened before she killed herself? Do you not find that a bit strange, this lady was also saying she thinks it has something to do with the royal family but was really hush hush in talking about it. She was the nurse to bring people up when they were feeling down and knowing she had two children who she still had to live for seems pretty out of the blue!

    • JakeG.S

      When ever hear or see something in the mainstream news I always refer to sites like VC for an alternative to what the mass stream tells us to believe.

      • You really don’t think they’d have her killed purely for slipping up and helping the media get personal info on a royal baby?

        When I heard about this the very first thing I thought was, “Oh they (the royal family) decided to kill her for revenge.”

      • 'Killing her for slipping up and helping the media for royal secretes?"…What about a sacrificial lamb for the future King?……Almost all the Royal Families around the world are devil worshipers.Did you wonder how and why they rule for generations?…..Human sacrifices to the Lord of the Underground!

    • You may not bribe “in it” but it happens. And you just never know what anyone is going through or dealing with. If you have never wanted to take your own life then you wouldn’t understand the mentality of someone who has committed suicide.

      • There are millions of people that have commited suicide for "real" its TOO REAL. I know 3 people who have commited suicide, no one benefited and there was no motive for a murder. Have I heard of 3 murders or suicides? Which is the most probable thing to happen?

      • Um… I think murder is the most probable seeing that Kate Middleton is carrying a unborn king/queen. Just like how the Royal Family had Princess Diana murdered. Vital information jeopardising the wellbeing of the pregnancy was leaked not just to outsiders but via a radio show with a large audience. The nurse was silenced and the media is making the radio hosts look like idiots labelling them as hoax prank callers so that the general population hate on them.

    • it wasnt a ritual sacrifice omg think about it someone makes public a royal family members health condition when shes having a baby. she was obviously "put down" for making this mistake, the minute she revealed that info her life was over. its easy for the government to make it look like suicide its happened countless times before to way more major people than her.

      • She was not the one who revealed the info… She just passed the call on to a nurse who did. Hobestly, even if I was a nurse who slipped up and told the whole world about the "royals" unborn baby, I would not care enough to cry about it or commit suicide. It was a mistake. She may have been upset, but she had a husband and 2 children, I doubt she would kill herself and leave them behind just because of one publicised event that was eventually going to pass. Plus if Kate and William.really did offer support to the 2 nurses, wouldn't she feel forgiven for an error? It wasnt her who initiated the prank anyway. This whole thing makes no sense to me. Im not saying she was certainly killed, but "suicide" is sometimes an excuse for something strange.

  2. I asked myself this question yesterday; I wonder who is going to be sacrifice for the birth of this kid?!? Then this happened. I dont believe she killed herself over something this petty. WHen the elites say suicide believe its murder. She and Princess Di will have a discussion in the after life!! RIP!

    • PC Arrived in Auckland NZ on 10:11:12 (6) at 21:30hrs (6), on 6th day of week for 6 day stay.
      His 64th birthday "coincided" with a solar eclipse, New Moon and Diwhali.
      59 (14) days before his birthday, an unidentified young woman plunged to her death in Wellington from a Govt bldg. It was Rosh Hashanah. On 03:11 (14) a prominent Wellington Lawyer named KING "suicides" outside 41 Dungarvan Road Newlands Wellington, apparently in response to his having been diagnosed with type two Diabetes. 14:11 is also World Diabetes Day. What's the bet Charles has type two? On the morning of 14:11, a 33yr old mother of two boys is butchered at sunrise in Sunrise Blvd Wellington.
      PC was born the 14th day after a full solar eclipse. Be watching around 13:12:12 which is 88 days and three New Moons after his birthday. There is a penumbral eclipse and moon at perigee – often associated with significant earthquakes. HAARP activity and chemtrails in CHCH are off the charts.

  3. This is what I find most disturbing about this incident…oh, that and the fact that the poor woman is dead!

    "The radio prank, which was pre-recorded and vetted by lawyers from the radio station before it was broadcast, was picked up by media worldwide and acutely embarrassing for the hospital, which has a long history as the hospital of choice for the royal family".

  4. As soon as i heard about the prank call i though "hmmm i wonder what consequences will come to the lady" well i suppose ive been answered!

  5. Great catch, VC!
    It was, of course, the first thing I thought too when I heard.
    They will NOT have The Heir made a fool of.
    I can assure you it won't happen again.

  6. She fell for someone impersonating the Queen….That was no suicide, that was some "Off with her head!" type stuff right there……..A warning to the public, not to give out any personal information about any of the royal family, or you could come up missing or be the fault of a "suspected suicide." Don't F&*k wit the queen…..

    • Almighty is in control…fear no MAN!! Royal my arse. Highclass free loaders. I would hate to be british affording them their lifestyle. She does nothing for the betterment of humanity!!!

      • 99% of the 20milllion pounds the queen receives a year is interest on lands and properties owned by the royal family that is rented to the govt for use in govt and commercial building. The people of the uk, although taxes to hell, pay very little to the royal family.

      • Would sound great if the majority of government funds didn't come from taxes… So it's still (indirectly) the people paying for the Royal Family's lifestyle.

      • They are just "highclass" freeloaders… There is no such thing as royal or nobel blood… Its just a bunch of greedy rich people who took the power a long time ago and then found a way to pass it onti their family or whatever… They're not any better or smarter than the average people and there is no need for a "royal" family in the modern 21st century.

    • I fully agree. I read yesterday that the Prince warned the press that heads would roll if someone messed with Kate. When I read this story i immediately thought WOW, they killed her as a warning.

      Everyone is sooo mad at the DJs — they didnt do anything wrong. They werent even trying to fool anyone — it was silly and even they were surprised at how far they had gotten.

      This was not a suicide — it was a message.

      This is deeply disturbing.

      Thank you VC — I'm so glad you posted this!!

      • If it were true that the Prince warned the press that "heads would roll if someone messed with Kate", why did nothing happen to the people who photographed and published nude photos of Kate?

    • Gerry Frederics on

      She was `suicided´ just like everyone else who has become uncomfortable to the Royal Slime; see Princess Diane, Dr. Kelly, Rudolf Hess, or Lawrence of Arabia who met his untimely death in 1936 in an `accident´ which was disproved almost at once by Mr. George Brough, the designer and builder of the motorcycle on which Lawrence crashed. Another Royal Slime inspired murder was that of Putin in 1916 in Russia and in fact the murder of the entire Russian Royal family which was butchered by Jews but could have easily been saved by the British criminals in Buckingham Palace. One look at the ghastly countenance of the Queen, one look at the NOSE of Prince William and anyone who has concerned himself with `the problem´ can easily see a pattern. Gerry Frederics

      • Gerry Frederics on

        Sorry, I did not mean `Putin´, but rather RASputin. Maybe Putin will be next, who knows with these bastards. Gerry Frederics

  7. This woman was clearly MURDERED! So much for on-the-job "administrative leave", being disciplined, or probation; instead, she got "permanently" dismissed. What kind of baby is this? I shouldn't ask…

    • Christianwoman on

      I hear you Uknome-I don't even want to write what I'm thinking and feeling! All I know is that THE TRUTH is going to come out about this and many other things-it won't be long now-and we will all be shocked!

      • i agree christianwoman,
        my personal sense lately is that. I am getting a strong sense of righteous anger. I believe we shall or have entered a season of the judgment of the Lord will come down swiftly and harshly on this evil dynasty, that set themselves up as 'little gods' and with the attitude that they are untouchable even with
        They have a lot of blood on their hands.

      • And who know who with his black dogs look like Damian from Omen. Even the nanny of Damian committed suicide.

  8. In "Rosemary's Baby", Rosemary (Mia Farrow) befriends a young woman living in the same building, who happens to commit suicide shortly afterwads.

    Rosemary inherits the woman's "smelly" necklace (a "lucky charm") and becomes pregnant a few nights later, after meeting a demonic figure in her dreams.

    So we have at least three similarities here :

    1 – An important pregnancy (mother must give birth to a heir)
    2 – Dizzyness & pain of the mother, who needs medical attention
    3 – Death of a female friend or potential caretaker

      • Probably not. wouldn't surprise me if the Newspapers are keeping that secret.

        Remember, there's stuff going on with the Murdock Papers being dragged through the mud. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that that was a strike by Murdock against the Royals.

  9. I heard about this and I thought that this was highly suspicious! Too suspicious and Vigilant I really hope you find out more because I'm very intrigued. I'm puzzled as to why there is so much media hype surrounding this pregnancy, and why it is all over the news that she has… MORNING SICKNESS… Gee Whizz there are millions of women who have this and do not recognition. Makes me sick lol no pun intended!

    • Remember, we're talking about a Royal. People will be interested, especially in England where the population has been trained for a millennia to view these people as their superiors. Even if they "have no power" (and don't you believe it, Elizabeth II is still Queen of Canada and Australia, amongst other places) they still have the cellular memory of the whole of Great Britain of their Worshipful Greatness ™.

    • The demonic ones love to have as much attention to their sacrifices as they can get. They believe it gives their ritualistic sacrifice, which this clearly was, that much more power hence all the media attention.

  10. If I recall correctly, there was a dead women found on the queens premise, a year or two ago. I don’t recall any persecutions made, just the report. Now another dead women is found connected to the “Royals” … call it a conspiracy, but they leave dead women about their path.

  11. This may be a "message" sent to the world media, who are told to remain compliant and respect their "Royal Highness" at all times.

    The Australian DJs who made the prank already lost their jobs, apparently.

  12. The cause of death is undetermined yet the media has pushed 'suicide'. I don't trust this story at all. Same feeling as with James Holmes.

  13. It's funny to hear that in other countrys the newspapers report about her sickness. Here in germany it was the cover story of the most famous paper too. That is just ridiculous, everyone here thinks so.
    But interesting story with rosemarys baby.

      • OMG – you did uncover a real secret here. I am shocked.

        Everyone knows that pious1 but that´s not important regarding the dead nurse.
        Ridiculous is that the morning sickness of a royal person is a main topic in every tabloid across Europe even in Germany.

        Imortant is that this poor woman is dead and the reason why.

    • Illuminati sacrifice before the baby is born , it was there form mayan time remeber whn mayans sacrifieced humans???

    • I dont think it was a sacrifice. It was more of a warning to the press not to mess with the Royals during this time. The message is — look at what we will do to you.

      Look what happened:

      The d.j.'s got too close for comfort.

      Royals murdered nurse, made it look like suicide.

      The world HATES those D.J.s now — that news station has a lot of trouble on thier hands.

      Royals come out smelling like roses — media is scared to fuck with them.

  14. Shudders! The truth may never come out. How many more will follow before the new heir is born? Can the numerologists among us do a decoding of today's date to see if it says something?

  15. Wouldn’t they kill the nurse that gave out the information about the princess? Seems silly to kill the one who put the clowns through.

    • Dosnt matter — what matters is that the world thinks the DJ's are horrible, and the media will now be on their best behaviour.

    • That's the same thing I thought… that's why I think there might be a lot more to the story. Or maybe in a year or two, that second nurse will be found dead too…

  16. Harlequin Nameless on

    Good heavens. I have “Ave Satani” blasting through my headphones and it and this make for a nasty combination…

  17. This is a very sad and tragic story. But like VC said its too early to make a conclusion. But theres definately much more to this story to be discovered. RIP Nurse Saldanha.

  18. I really dont see what the big deal was/is, kate being prego. Soon enough everyone was going to find out. She sure couldn't hide it for too much longer. For someone to die about something that was going to be reported anyway is crazy to me. Seems like the dj's would have been the fault here.

    • Jameccia please don't be silly….the ritual sacrifice/MI5 murdering of this woman which seems highly probable is not because she exposed the pregnancy but because she compromised the safety and privacy of a highly satanic luciferian bloodliner….Kate Middleton.

      I have read about the "Djinn" the Muslims talk of and how the anti-Christ is described in their teachings as one eyed….all of it makes sense, I can't understand why people don't check it out but then also discredit it.

      • One eyed in the sense that his other eye is damaged. The Djinn in the other hand are entities that cannot be seen. But they are everywhere…

      • hmm how do you mean it makes sense? the jinn are like humans in the sense that there are good jinns, bad jinns, muslim jinns, non-muslim jinns…..etc. they're a whole different kind of life other than us, the only thing is they can see us but we cant see them.
        the bad jinns can 'mess' with us. magicians, people who can 'see the future' – all the work of (bad) jinns helping these bad. i suppose satan uses bad jinns to do his bidding too.
        but back to my point, what makes sense to you?

      • I don't understand what any bloodline thing could have anything to do with Kate. She was an ordinary person before she became a princess. I have tried to google this but find nothing. How is Kate a luciferian bloodliner?

      • because prince william is in that illuminati family. also we dont know if kate is in that family in some way cuz those people intermarry a A LOT which is why they have a lot of hemophilia cuz their blood is messed up w/ all thier incest (at least in the past). i read somewhere that obama is hillary clinton's cousin….theyre ALL related in some way.

  19. I just am over the whole "coincidence" thing. IMO coincidence is always suspicious. I think this was a message to the media not to mess with their privacy. PERIOD. Every murder they commit isn't always a sacrifice. They take life for specific reasons. The only reason to kill this woman is to warn those close to keep a tight lip. Why are the djs still alive. They live in Australia. This woman was very easy for them to get to. All they need is to pay a handful of people to determine her death a "suicide" or "accidental death." They'll say she was depressed humiliated and accidentally offed herself. Bastards.

  20. If this was a suicide, then Princess Diana died in a tragic accident. No one crosses the Royal Family. I'm just surprised the DJs haven't had an accident yet. I'm sure their careers are over, though.

  21. so were the radio show in on it?? "The radio prank, which was pre-recorded and vetted by lawyers from the radio station before it was broadcast, was picked up by media worldwide and acutely embarrassing for the hospital, which has a long history as the hospital of choice for the royal family." this line just bothers me..

  22. AnnonymousRant on

    This is extremely suspicious and I also thought it was suspicious the minute I saw it on the news. The media and the police must really think the public is daft for them to rule her death as a suicide and not expect us to question them. This woman had a partner and two children and she was respected at the hospital (a prestigious hospital) so she had so much to live for! Even after the prank call and personally I don't think that is enough to make someone commit suicide, many have gone through much worse than her and she must have been thinking the same thing while she was going through this. So I wasn't surprised when I saw this article on Vigilant Citizen. All we can do now is speculate, until they release more information about her death, (unless they try to distract us with some celebrity breakup) but one thing is for sure, the timing of her death is suspicious, it doesn't make sense for someone as well liked and popular as her to kill herself, "they" must have been really desperate because this is kind of messy, but we know better. My verdict, (excuse the extravagance of my verdict, I have just watched an episode of Supernatural) is that Kate died in that hospital and they needed a replacement or an exchange pronto, maybe the nurse was the closest woman around, they need Kate for some future event and they cant have her dying so soon and as we all know, death doesn't have a preference, Illuminati or not.

  23. I think there’s something fishy about the story,it just doesn’t quite add up.Ok the nurse transfered the hoax call to another nurse and then killed herself? Nope I don’t beleieve this story something else happened other than that hoax call maybe she got to know something she wasn’t supposed to know

    • My bet is that the nurse got overhear something highly confidential – I'm wondering if there is truly a pregnancy hmmmmmmmmm. I will wait for the stomach to show to believe. Something stinks regarding the reveal of the so called "pregnancy" to the alleged suicide of the nurse. What did she hear, that is what I want to know.

  24. It doesn't make sense. It wouldn't surprise me if this was only a warning to future pranksters and staff. You don't mess with you know who. Or maybe it's a diabolical coincidence?

  25. As soon as this broke as news I thought what?! So let me get this right a nurse,a mother of two killed herself because of a prank call when all she did was actually transfer the call to another member of staff who was the one who leaked the info? So if she “killed herself” how come the woman who actually gave the info hasn’t done anything? Makes no sense! And things that don’t make no sense generally have been media fed to let us come to the conclusion of “suicide” or “tragic accident“ kurt cobian,amy whinehouse,tupac,whitney,Michael jackson,princess di..need I say more …My mum herself said to me “how do you know that the nurse wasn’t depressed anyway nothing to do with the call” my answer “how do you know she was? You’ve been programmed into thinking that way,something isn’t right I will go on VC and see if there’s anything” and lone behold I find this…

  26. 1) Jacintha did not hesitate even for second in putting the call through, and she said "ma'am" also without hesitation. This is how you might act if you had been told the queen would be calling and instructed to just put the call straight through. I understand she did not usually work on reception – did she replace someone else?

    2) The other nurse who spoke for some time to the pranksters and gave (alleged) details of Kate's (alleged) condition carried on talking despite the DJ's audible sniggering, swearing, jokes and assing about on the phone. This is how you might act if your job was to leak (supposed) information via a (supposed) prank call which had been set up for this purpose.

    3) AFAIK the DJ's were 'given' the number to call and someone put them up to the prank – who gave them the number and who's idea was this prank?

    4) The DJ's appeared to be surprised to be taken seriously as the Queen and Charles (their impersonations were RUBBISH!) and as the call continued they seemed to ramp up the silliness in an attempt to expose themselves as pranksters. Yet the nurse carried on treating them seriously. Why?

    5) Did Jacintha realise she was part of a deliberate leak masquerading as a prank call? And *if* the medical information about Kate was deliberately leaked via a staged prank should we question whether or not the info was even true?

    The only thing for sure is that so far the whole episode makes NO sense whatsoever. Surely this royal hospital (where all the royals go) has a well established royal protocol for royal enquiries into the health of royal patients? Nothing about this makes sense.

    • This is the best post on this issue so far. Agree with every single point.

      VC you should highlight/feature this post.

      Well said Strange.

    • I listened to the tape and agree with everything you've said. Bearing in mind this was 5.30am when Jacintha answered the phone, there was no suprise or hesitation and the words 'Oh yes, just hold on ma'am' clearly show she was expecting the call! I also don't believe that the protocol for royal enquiries would be to go through the switchboard to some random nurse. Of course Jacintha wouldn't necessarily know that because she was answering the phone when there was no receptionist on duty (very convenient). The nurse who took the call didn't identify herself as staff-nurse, sister etc but as the 'nurse's station'. She seemed determined to talk despite the descent into loonacy at the other end of the phone. If we are to believe that this was a nurse who actually thought she was speaking to royalty her tone showed no surprise or nervousness as if she was talking almost to a friend! Was she even a nurse or was she someone sticking to a script?
      You're right, it makes no sense. When something makes no sense it's because it is exactly that -NONSENSE!! Keep these pieces of the puzzle. All will eventually be made clear.

  27. i dont understand why the nurse who transferred the phone call committed "suicide" when she didnt reveal anything. the nurse in the ward were kate was staying did all the talking she was the one who got pranked, it just doesnt make any sense??? probably killed by royal family. i reckon.

  28. Has any news article (except this one) noted that the prankster had only started the job the day before?

    "The idea for the call came from Michael Christian, a presenter of the Summer 30 music show, who was barely known in Australia, let alone the rest of the world, having only started the job the day before.

    "His original idea was to try to speak to the Duchess of Cambridge herself, despite the fact that she was in hospital suffering from severe pregnancy sickness. He told listeners: "We've been handed a phone number and we have been told that this phone number is the hospital where Kate Middleton is currently staying."

    Read more:

    And has anyone else reported that he was also the person aggravating other passengers on Rhianna's private jet a couple of weeks ago…

    "Michael Christian, one of the Sydney radio announcers at the centre of the prank phone call scandal which resulted in a London nurse's suicide, has been courting controversy for months.

    "Just a fortnight ago he made global headlines as the man responsible for causing a near mutiny aboard pop star Rhianna's private jet for his incessant harmonica playing."

    Read more:

    I'm not sure what this means… Was he placed there and given the phone number for a specific purpose?

  29. Maybe she died because her mistake resulted in huge public embarrassment for the Board of Directors of the hospital –especially the Chairman, Lord Glenarthur.

    If you're a nobody commoner, the Luciferian Illuminati won't hesitate to make you a sacrificial example to the great unwashed masses. At least that's how it seems when it comes to the Scottish Rite old boys.

  30. I think she found something she wasn’t suPposed to know and then she was erased from the earth and then the incredible story was leaked to the media

  31. it is fascinating to me how stories like this are reported and re-reported with everyday people thinking, "Oh, that's awful, how strange!" and yet never diving below the surface of the story, just on to the next tragedy, GOBBLE GOBBLE!

    there is no deeper analysis on what triggers a person's suicide, or how to help another in crisis… or even picking up on possible patterns of death in the collective, and potential purposes, and the operators involved…

    TV is doing a bloody great job at blotting out human intellect, analysis, and feeling, WEE! best weapon yet.

    "The hear of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things."
    –Proverbs 15:28

    "When we go hunting, it is not our arrow that kills the moose, however powerful be the bow; it is nature that kills him."
    –Big Thunder (Bedagi)

  32. Wow suicide over a prank call. The media is running out of excuses for sacrifices. I doubt a mother of two would kill herself over a prank call.

  33. She was killed by the royals so that they can send a warning to all the future DJ prank-callers not to mess with them. Jacintha was found unconscious while she was on her way to work. This is no suicide. Her death is murder.

  34. I cannot claim to know what truly happened, but all I can say is that this incident immediately silenced all the laughing. Nobody will dare to makes jokes about this hospital anymore now.

  35. Er…I don't think a true suicide is an impossibility. And for all those who question why she should be driven to suicide instead of the nurse who gave the actual info, if Jacintha (or whatever her name was) didn't put through/question the call, nothing further would have happened. She's the front-line person. She screens the calls. She embarrassed herself and the whole lot of stuck up, rich directors of that hospital in front of a world-wide audience and would surely have been in a lot of trouble for it. I'm sure having the whole world witness your humiliation could drive one to suicide.

    Or whatever…

  36. I have yet to find out what she did to herself. Pills, injection?
    What? Sketchy details, I smell a story being formed.
    Maybe Kate is having difficulty maintaining her cousins seed?

    Look for this baby to be induced on a solstice or some other significant astrological date.
    These people are so damn predictable.

  37. So … an obviously mentally stable "excellent" nurse commits suicide after … a prank call?? I read Royals were good friends with Jimmy Savile not so nice people it seems … odd story.

  38. Since it has been published that Kate is pregnant i had a strange feeling about it. One colleague from England who was excited about the news, tried to have a chat with me about the pregnancy and I got angry and refused to discuss the issue. I could not explain my anger, because what has the child done to me? When I heard about the dead nurse, my first thought was: So this is the sacrifice for the little antichrist. I guess I disliked this child from the first moment I heard about it. I do feel somehow guilty about it but I can't help it. I go with my intuition here, and when I have a strong dislike it is usually backed up pretty soon by facts.

    So lets wait what is coming out of the oven. May God help us all.

    • since the whole morning sickness bizness something didnt sound right. My theroy is she went to be insemenated so baby is due around the time of diana's bday the lady who unfortuntley got in between all this knew something dodgy was going on and they came for her. The radio station SAY they got more info but will not give it airtime but even that sounds odd. May sound far fetched but if that nurse wasin't a sacraficethen she knew what was going down.

  39. Mustapha Shiite on

    Is there any scrutiny towards the hospital management or Royal Press office? The prank would have been embarrassing – but to top yourself? … I think the management and Royals came down (or were about to) come down on her like a tonne of bricks… either that or the child of the royals is the antichrist and the nurse died (like in the omen) as an offering…

  40. There is no doubt about it. This poor nurse was murdered. Was she sacrificed for this baby (ies) or was this just a warning to others about stupid prank calls.
    Whatever it was, a life has been taken, and as far as I'm concerned, IT IS NOT RIGHT.
    May Jacintha Rest in Peace.
    I wonder about the date of conception of the baby (ies) and also the date of birth. Maybe to coincide with some astrological event or solstice?

  41. She was set up – her response was as if she was expecting a call – she put it through without hesitation – as if she had been instructed to. Her name gives the clue – J S – as in Jimmy Saville – she is a distraction and a warning. OK? The whole thing was a set up – it was the pranksters who got pranked by the pros.

    Prince Charles 64 father of two boys. J S 46 mother of two boys – masonic mirror.

  42. I don’t doubt that it could very well have been a murder by the royals. One other angle is that it may have been an Islamic ‘honor killing’ by her own family, as she obviously brought shame to them. But my gut feling is that it was the royals.

    • Sorry to sound rude but stop your bullshit, there's no such thing as "honor killing in Islam" because of some sort of family dishonor, that as nothing to do with the religion but everything to do with cultural beliefs in some various countries that are not necessarely arabic or "muslim".

      I am pretty sure you didn't want to sound ignorant nor offencive and you simply quoted how we call these stories we all sadly heard of but "these crimes of honor" are done by people that usualy come from "closed" cultural background, in countries were religion and culturel beliefs make one… that goes without saying, both of them (religion/culture) don't always mesh well, one will say one thing and other will interpret it differently.

    • WOW talk about stereotyping narrowminded straight up facist racism!!
      so she's 'brown' and therefore automatically a muslim!!? as consciousness said, do your research before you talk utter nonsense at the expense of making yourself (unwittingly or not, that is the question) look superbly ignorant and, to be frank, ridiculous and stupid. how embarrassing.
      and as per candy, again perhaps do some research and realize that there is nothing islamic about honor killing, as she has so aptly stated: it has nothing to do with islam and everything to do with narrowminded idiotic cultural beliefs. argh. rant over!

      • To HAK, PERHAPS you should, re-read my comment before assuming whatever you thought because I clearly stated Honnor killing have nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with culturel beliefs that are not limited to arabic countries.

        <"there's no such thing as "honor killing in Islam" because of some sort of family dishonor, that as nothing to do with the religion but everything to do with cultural beliefs in some various countries that are not necessarely arabic or "muslim">.

        Thank you :)

      • Candy – if you read my comment properly or indeed understood the meaning of "as per" you would have seen i was on your side and using you and your comment against carol, lol. i told her to do as consciousness said, ie do her research, and then using your comment i told her to do further research and realise islam has nothing to do with honor killings bla bla … i then go on to say "as she has so aptly stated…" etc.
        i apologise if my allegiance to you wasnt clear enough =)

      • Ah thank you, yes it confused me, I wasn't sure if you agreed with me or thought that I was thinking like Carol. Thank you for clarifying your point , I apreciate it :)

  43. 13 Mitred Abbots on

    My interpretation of this is that the prank was widely seen as nearly incredible because the pranksters were imitating the Queen, and doing so in a way that made her look ridiculous(er). They mocked the queen.
    They also showed that any idiot can find out personal information on the most closely guarded (when she’s not got her tits out) people in the world. That’s embarrassing and it seems to get right to the point that their status does not make them exempt from being targeted by pranksters.
    So they basically made fun of the Queen and breached royal security, using a telephone and a bad accent. It makes the royals seem a lot less intimidating. I think they like being intimidating. In fact it’s essential. If everyone suddenly realized the idea of them being treated like gods was ridiculous and started to challenge them they would have to grab the jewels and flee like so many before them.
    So I draw no conclusions, but if I ever answer a phone and they say it’s The Queen, I think I will be very careful what I do next.

  44. If this was a sacrifice likr many of you said, can someone explain to me what was the point of the sacrifice and why? I don't understand it…

    • You want to understand demonized psychopaths. Good luck with it. Make no effort, otherwise you'll be wasting your time and energy. Only conclusion, they want absolute power/money/status. They want to be gods.

    • I'm just going to throw this out there – what if just what if there was never a pregnancy. An announcement gets made a day after Kate is found in high heeled boots running around on a hockey field playing hockey, the next there is a "BREAKING NEWS" headline that Kate is pregnant, and the minute the news is released we read of the nurse who was pranked by two DJs committing suicide. What if the focus is now being shifted off the false pregnancy alarm and all focus is now on the dead nurse and the 2 DJs in the interim IVF procedures etc are taking place to make sure the BREAKING NEWS release is true. After all the new father (William) has not mentioned anything about his excitement in being a father for the first time. They might be working around the clock behind closed doors to make sure she is pregnant, while in the meantime the followers have shifted from the pregnancy to the death of the nurser and the pranksters.

  45. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha: ''omg just got prank called, divulging casual health problems is such an unforgivable sin! Now I shall take my own life and who cares about leaving my own 2 kids to cope with all this??? Goodbye!''

    C'mon people….she probably found out about something she wasn't supposed to, but seriously who knows!
    I don't know if you guys realize what a though job it is to be a nurse, you got to be mentally strong and very determined. I'd assume she'd be the kind of woman who'd rather be fired and still fight to make a living for her own kids than kill herself for such pitiful reasons.

  46. The nurse in question did not give out any information. She was simply taken in by a couple of pranksters and transferred the call up to the nurse on duty at the ward. It was this second nurse who have out details about Kate Middleton’s status. If anyone was going to be killed a punishment I would have thought it would be the second nurse. More likely this is indeed a sacrifice pin honor of the new baby.

  47. One thing's for sure….the story is weird.

    No one in his right mind will kill themselves because of a call. It's either bad journalism (jumping into conclusions – if she really killed herself, probably had nothing to do with it.) or there is foul play.

    Damien and Rosemary's baby, Now it's Kate's baby

  48. Maybe William is sterile, it's not impossible. What if the murdered nurse saw something she shouldn't, i.e. artifical insemination? Headline news "Who is the baby's father?"

    • I agree and maybe just maybe Kate is not pregnant, perhaps that what the nurse stumbled upon. The minute the announcement was made a nurse commits suicide. I say bull-dust to this. Perhaps Kate is undergoing a lot of IVF procedures, or perhaps there was never a baby in the first place….and if artificial insemination took place, like you mentioned who is the father. Has William released a statement about the joys of being a father. Something stinks in all of this.

  49. Well, I don’t think it was a sacrifice BUT:

    1. Its just very unfortunate

    2. I think it may be (rather than a sacrifice) meant to unsettle Kate. When the mother fells unhappy, it (through the hormones in the blood) has an impact on teh child. I read an article once about when mothers are unhappy during their pregnancies, that their children are more prone to depression or something rather. This could be a form of traumatising the child, preparing it for rituals and programming.

    • Yes, I was thinking about how this is not good for her baby. The emotions she'll be feeling over this will be felt by her baby.

      My mom cried all the time while pregnant with me (Dad, affairs) and let me tell you, at the age of 33 God is STILL fixing me. Being cried over for 9 months does not bode well for anyone.

  50. Suicide is possible if the nurse thought she might lose her job and employability altogether as a result. But statistically speaking, this is more common among males.

    • Who cares? She could easily get a job in India or Australia where there is a shortage of nurses. Many people lose their jobs, change careers etc

  51. She did nothing wrong as all she did was put the call through to another nurse who was stupid enough to reveal details even though it was clear there was giggling on the other end of the phone.

  52. Why would a grown woman commit suicide over a telephone call ? After all, no one was physically hurt, by the telephone caal.

    I smell a rat !!

    • I know its a strereotype but for some women shame and feeling loss of honour is too much to cope with. Especially for traditional Indian women. I think someone at the hospital gave her a really hard time about it – pushing her over the edge

      • Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. -The Architect

        Listen the telephonic conversation audio again, it seems as if she was told beforehand that Elizabeth is going to call in the morning 05:30 and hence advised to transfer the call straight to the ward. All that she said was "oh yes! hold on ma'am!". Also note that Elizabeth never calls anywhere by herself. Either the henchman does for her, or the doctor would call from the Hospital. That everybody knows in the UK. She was told beforehand that Elizabeth would be calling in the morning. That is why without even thinking twice, in the morning 05:30, she straight away transferred the call to the ward.

        Southern Cross Austereo CEO Rhys Holleran’s press conference was filled with freemasonic checkers. Back wall, chairs, tie he wore all checkers hidden in plain sight. We probably have the seed of anti-christ in Kate.

        Find your purpose of life and then automatically start to see what is really happening around you :)

  53. Tragic about the nurse who was tricked by the two Australian Dj's. To take your own life over that… or did she? There's a lot of focus on the two radio presenters… yes deserved to a point, but did the Royal Press Office and Hospital Trustees come down on the nurses mistake like a ton of bricks? No one is publicly asking the questions… Praying truth come out in FULL!
    It's all a little bit creepy – like: "Damien… this is all for you" ? Time will tell.

  54. well, let's take a look to the names and the dates in this article:

    7 = the perfect number, the solomon's sigil. all opposit numbers lead back to seven according to "the law of the septenarius" (Oswald Wirth, pag. 82) [i'm roughly translating from a french article.. so…]

    8 = this is "justice" in the cabala, killing someone means "to make justice"

    11 = this numeber assumed the same meaning of 8 in rosacrucian symbolism of the golden dawn, it stands for justice (my note: it is also associated with sacrifice, breaking of the divine order)

    13 = it means death and transormation. the 13 are often found besides masonic murderes, in satanic murders. in satanic killings at times can be found as well the number 18 , for number 18 is nothing more than 6 * 3 (666)

    it is useful to remind that, except multiples of 11 and 13 all other numbers must be riconducted at a number or a cipher (for exemple if you got a date who's number is 25, you have to sum 2 + 5, and you got 7)

    i've counted even "britain" as 5, it is the country where the crime has occurred. five can be a symbol for the pentagram, so the "suicide" happened inside a huge pentagram.

    and i've thrown in here also number 10… it can be that it is just a goddam number ten hehe, but i'd read somewhere it can mean "perfection" or something like "the job is done"… anyway, i'm just speculating to waste some time…

    Jacintha Saldanha = 8 + 8 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7

    46 = 10

    King Edward VII = 4 + 6 = 10 + 7 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8

    5.30am = 8

    Tuesday = war/sacrifice/Aggression/Achievement

    2008 = 2 (1+1) + 8 = 10

    Mel Greig = 3 + 5 = 8

    Michael Christian = 7 + 9 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7

    Bristol = 7

    Lord Glenarthur = 4 + 10 = 14 = 5

    John Lofthouse = 4 + 9 = 13

    apparent breach of procedure = hehehe

    Britain = 5

    July 2003 = 8 + 5 = 13

    there was no receptionist manning the switchboard at the time of the call = hahaha

    St James’s Palace:

    St James’s = 8

    St = 1+1

    James + Palace = 11

    at about 9.35am this morning = 9 + 3 + 5 = 17 = 8

    "this morning" = friday? : venus = lucifer

    Prince William = 13

    acute morning sickness on Monday = the Moon is related to fertilty and/or occult rituals

    there could be a link between her death and the prank = huhuhu

    Dr Peter Carter = 13

    Dr = 11

    Peter Carter = 11

    Royal College of Nursing = well i'm tired

    ok, just another few…

    9.25am = 9 + 2 = 11 + 5 = 16 = 7

    feeeeewww. hope you'll enjoy!

    enough to try a lottery!

    • Well, it all adds up (no pun intended!). Don't forget Prince William was induced to be born on the summer solstice (21 June, 1982). Diana herself was born on 1 July, 1961. That too, must have some sort of significance.
      As I said, it all adds up. The Royals know all about astrology, satanism, etc, etc. They know who to pick and choose for their victims.

  55. The Queen wouldn't make a call to the switchboard. The top doctor of the hospital or the manager would have to call the personal assistant of the queen or one of her henchmen to discuss the matter. The queen never keeps any money with her, there is no way she would make such a call. The whole thing lacks logic, so it's not believable. And as we have some clues about the family in question, we can only speculate and nothing positive can come from our speculations.

  56. OK is probably too hard to understand why someone would kill themselves after a prank call.. and some ppl here are quick to point the finger to sacrifice etc. But I feel like this is a simple case of an unstable person being put in a very compromising situation and made it bigger in her head and decided to end her life.
    Its sad and tragic but it can be as simple as a joke gone bad. she holds no significance to the royals or any group and her death beside being tragic for her family and 2 kids does not impact their lives. She just really did a silly thing based on a silly prank. I think it's best for hospitals etc to evaluate their staff and make sure they are on a stable track of mind.

  57. This one goes over my head!… People do commit suicide over bein humiliated …but murder doesn’t seem far fetched especially with the death of Princess Diana… They seem to be very shrewd when it comes down to their confidentiality! This is a hybrid bloodline that goes deep into occult lifestyle…. Meaning regular folk can’t even grasp that level of thinking!! Logic to us is not paralell to that way of life. I feel bad for her kids!! Suicide? Maybe…murder?….I don’t put it pass them for a second!

  58. From what I've read, these people have a macabre fascination with sacrifice, numerology, mirror numbers, number 6 & multiples, amongst other things.

    Interesting comment about Rosemarie's Baby & woman nearby being sacrificed before the pregnancy. Maybe there is some ritual about a life for a life, or a sacrifice to Satan to ensure a 'dark' soul. 'You will join us, when you understand the power of the dark side' (Star Wars)

    If she was found dead on 7th, perhaps she was 'sacrificed' on 6th December? 12,6,12 or 6,6,6,6,6

    I wonder too if the baby has been artificially inseminated to be born at the Summer Solstice, next year, as was Prince William himself. (Son of the Most High, in honour of the Sun God, Lucifer).

    • The way Harry and Kate (Hecate) were looking at each other a while back….

      Trouble is that this baby and Wills the Sun King help keep the spotlight off Charles.

      This nurse has initials J S as in Jimmy Saville, as in Just Smoke.

      Watch for activity around 12:12:12 GMT. Here in Christchurch NZ, at that time it is 1300hrs NZST on the 13th. At that time the New Moon will be exactly overhead and there is also a Penumbral eclipse.

      the 12:12:12 is 88 days since a young lady was sacrificed in Wellington to begin the sequence of new moons from Sept 16 to December 13. 16:09:12 = 37, 14:11:12 = 37, 13:12:12 = 37.

      As to Henry and William, consider what the first Henry did to King William 912yrs ago. Wills is Duke of Cambridge but Harry is Prince of Wales. Harry and Henry both numerise to 7. William is 7 too, but Wills is 3. I think the plan will be to sacrifice Wills at 33, around Sukkot 2015, to coincide with the RWC in England. Sounds crazy I know but he is the Sun King and that is what they do to Sun Kings, and their mothers too. Harry the horn dog will then marry Kate and they two become3 one as Hecate! Harry is the descendant of Bloody Mary – they have the same Stuart/Spencer (SS) genes, and the Queen bows to the Pope. Expect the C of E to realign with Rome.

      For those of you who have not figured it out yet, the Crown is the counterfeit of the kingdom of God. It was started by Jews and is still run by them. It is all about Esau serving Jacob, which is why the Jews rule the world. But Charles is the Northern King – the Assyrian – and he is uniquely acceptable to Muslims, Jews and Christians. If it is he who crafts the Middle East peace, then you will know for sure that HE IS THE ONE and that these children aer a distraction from the real action. remember the scene of a pregnant bride Kate and husband Wills being buried by Amy Winehouse? There are more twists to come folks.

      • Harry is Prince of Wales? As in Harry, William's brother and not a dead monarch? The title Prince of Wales is reserved for an heir to the throne. Charles and then William eventually.

        Prince Charles crafting Middle East peace? The politicians are there for that. Normally, they try to get royal folks out of such direct dealings. In the background maybe, but in the forefront no.

        The Queen bows to no one. Well physically, she doesn't.

  59. I believe it was a setup. Because the roality plays a huge part with the illuminati and I believe you don’t want to mess with them. And even though she didn’t say much besides her conditions.. I don’t think they liked it VERY MUCH at all. I have no idea how they did it… But it’s logic sense.

    Although, this nurse could have been extremely humiliated and probably lacked self confidence and thought the only way would be to commit herself.. But we honestly don’t know. It’s also interesting how the articles don’t mention what she used or how she was founded. TBC?

  60. "The Samaritans can be contacted on 08457 90 90 90."

    Wait, WHAT? 90 90 90? Something is fishy here, especially that "suicide".

  61. Southern Cross Austereo CEO Rhys Holleran's press conference is filled with freemason checkers. The back wall, chairs, his tie, etc. all checkers hidden in plain sight.

  62. Yeah, she was killed or sacrificed… Or she knew something about the baby that is too DIABOLICAL (see what I did there) to tell, and they concocted this whole prank call story to get rid of her…

    Even when they first said it was a suicide, the first response from police was that they were unsure, even though the media was insisting it was a suicide. Seriously, and an Indian descent woman killing herself over a prank call, after she has a whole career ahead of her, when it wasn't really her fault because she fell for the idea that it was so the called the queen and prince charles. It really sad how people believe explinatins of suicide now-a-days, with no query what so ever from the media. There wasn't even a suicide letter found with this one.

    Really, this is a ritual for the first days of the anti-christ, in my opinion. Plus, the day they announced Kate was "pregnant" (I hope they don't pull some Beyonce baloney) was 12/3/12, an illuminati number if I ever saw one. Hmm, I wonder what is going to happen on 12/12/12 and 12/21/12.. Those should be interesting ritual days as well.

  63. I don’t think there’s any evidence to suggest foul play here. It’s a tragedy that’s for sure.

    In my opinion, what didn’t help was the 24 hour world wide press coverage. I believe that’s what sent her to kill herself. Now the press is (obviously) blaming the poor Australian radio hosts.




  65. Does anyone else think it is a bit suspicious that one of the main nurses from the Colorado theater shooting also died mysteriously weeks later…
    Jenny Gallagher, a nurse who treated victims of the highly suspicious “Batman” shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning.

    Question Everything!!

    • Reg here again, sorry it was last August Jenny Gallagher 'drowned' not last month.

      Jenny the main Nurse on duty the night of the shootings seemed to know a lot more of the truth in the massacre and what had actually happened there then the media/top officials led us or want us to believe.

      Then Jenny drowns mysteriously weeks later- Jenny's own husband is shocked as to why she would go swimming alone so early in the morning as she never had done that before…

      Look her death up-puzzling indeed.

      Just like this poor Nurse- She fell for a stupid prank- helped leak private info about the most powerful, family on the world…

      And is now dead…

  66. Does anyone else think it is a bit suspicious that one of the main nurses from the Colorado theater shooting also died mysteriously weeks later…

  67. But, what if she had something else happening in her life that made her depressed? Was she having an affair with someone important who would not marry her? Maybe she had family problems? Maybe something happened in her life totally unrelated to the Royal Family?

  68. I’d say a trained, experienced, Roman Catholic nurse married happily with kids just before Christmas is probably ticking none of the psychologically agreed risk groups for suicide boxes but that’s just me. what’s the bets bodies follow this kid everywhere

  69. The way Harry and Kate (Hecate) were looking at each other a while back…whose your daddy?

    Trouble is that this baby and Wills the Sun King help keep the spotlight off Charles.

    This nurse has initials J S as in Jimmy Saville, as in Just Smoke.

    Watch for activity around 12:12:12 GMT. Here in Christchurch NZ, at that time it is 1300hrs NZST on the 13th. At that time the New Moon will be exactly overhead and there is also a Penumbral eclipse.

    the 12:12:12 is 88 days since a young lady was sacrificed in Wellington to begin the sequence of new moons from Sept 16 to December 13. 16:09:12 = 37, 14:11:12 = 37, 13:12:12 = 37.

    As to Henry and William, consider what the first Henry did to King William 912yrs ago. Wills is Duke of Cambridge but Harry is Prince of Wales. Harry and Henry both numerise to 7. William is 7 too, but Wills is 3. I think the plan will be to sacrifice Wills at 33, around Sukkot 2015, to coincide with the RWC in England. Sounds crazy I know but he is the Sun King and that is what they do to Sun Kings, and their mothers too. Harry the horn dog will then marry Kate and they two become3 one as Hecate! Harry is the descendant of Bloody Mary – they have the same Stuart/Spencer (SS) genes, and the Queen bows to the Pope. Expect the C of E to realign with Rome.

    For those of you who have not figured it out yet, the Crown is the counterfeit of the kingdom of God. It was started by Jews and is still run by them. It is all about Esau serving Jacob, which is why the Jews rule the world. But Charles is the Northern King – the Assyrian – and he is uniquely acceptable to Muslims, Jews and Christians. If it is he who crafts the Middle East peace, then you will know for sure that HE IS THE ONE and that these children are a distraction from the real action. remember the scene of a pregnant bride Kate and husband Wills being buried by Amy Winehouse? There are more twists to come folks.

    • The Prince of Wales is reserved for a future heir. So Harry isn't the Prince of Wales. He's often referred to as Harry Wales and/or Harry of Wales. Except, you are speaking of one of the dead monarchs called Harry/Henry.

      Prince Charles to craft Middle East peace? It will not happen when the likes of Tony Blair are still there. These things are left to politicians. He may have a say behind but not in the forefront.

      Remember the scene of a pregnant bride Kate and husband Wills being buried by Amy Winehouse? When did this happen?

      The Queen bows to no one.

  70. Study up on who the Pukes Of Cambridge were – the first four were sacrificed by their father in their infancy.
    Charles is the direct descendant of the kings of Assyria – to wit, he is a Kraut.
    He is also a Guelf, or Welf, or Wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Never, ever forget the Germans.
    The Wolf's lair…

    And the Rome/London/Washington Trinity of City States is the Axis of Evil, it is Babylon, and Babylon shall fall, and how great shall be her fall, and when she does, will you dance celebrate in the Spirit or will you crawl and writhe in the dust and agony of your own humanity?

    This really is it folks, why do you think that the Crown is becoming so out there? This is their time, this is the end of the age of the Crown Empire – satan has been running the Crown operation for nigh on 1000yrs starting with the Vatican takeover in 1033 by poofter Pope Benny-dicked the IX. Now we have a German Pope named Benedict implicated in abuse scandals. But soon his time will be up as the real King and His kingdom make a second appearance. Which Crown, which King shall you follow?

    Charles and Mummy never did want for him to be the King of England, it is Prince of the World he is after.

    Soon there will be a peace accord in the Middle East and then a time of Peace and prosperity which will set people up for the sucker punch at Sukkot, 2015. Get your tents ready folks, the next three years will fly past.

  71. when i first heard of this it didnt sit well with me until I thought about how they operate the (elite) they have no remorse for no one yes i do believe this was a for sure sacrifice I not putting anything pass these people I cant wait for jesus return for his bride, and then to rule with the rod, believe me they are gonna pay DEARLY!! they are only getting by now!! EVIL DOERS!!!!

    • and 24 days later it is a super moon at 5:25am on the 05:25:13 – this shit just gets freakier – put Sukkot 2015 in your diary…and buy a tent…

      • Sorry, you are right. It would be too soon if she is only 12 weeks; however, morning sickness can continue through to the 4th month. If she is only at 3, it would be closer to that super moon or May 20 – Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn signifying revolutionary change. That said, she may be 4 months in which case.. they baby is coming out with the horns.

  72. I live in australia, sydney, and I was listening to the radio when they were doing the prank call, after 2 days news spread that she "committed suicide" . To be honest I knew something suspicious and weird was going on..I always asked mysel "why the hell on earth would someone commit suicide because of a stupid prank call??"…I suspected it to be part of this and I guess I was right =) This whole Illuminati thing is useless and stupid if you think about it…why sell your soul to the devil just for what fame, power and money?? They honestly are out of their minds!!

  73. Also if youthink about it, celebrities at some point all reveal something about the Iluminati, but we're too blind to realise and wake up, and too attached to them to acually believe it, when everything is right in front of our eyes, and everything is being said and done in front of us..Just pisses me off that people thik all this is shit and refuse to believe thiswhole thing!! It's like kepp your love and affection for celebs aside and use your brain to piece everything together..I swear everything is right there!! The truth will come out in the end!!

  74. Baby due May 1st – well my oh my! And 24 days later on May 25, or 5:25, at 5:25am there is a super moon. Oh Joy to the World, a Prince is born!

  75. look and listen on

    It must be a frustrating time for the almighty, looking down and wondering when his children are going to wake up!

  76. Those all who say it wasn't a sacrifice, or they don't want to know the whole story as to what happened.
    Let me tell you that YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  77. Does anyone know how she supposedly killed herself? I have heard much of her death, but have not seen any information on the cause of death (Poison? Knives? What?).

  78. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that her death was very suspicious. Almost everyone here in New Zealand who heard about the news immediately thought of what happened to Princess Diana's death after she spoke against the Queen. There's just so many missing pieces in this story. Media is just over-hyping 'suicide' and new 'privacy laws'.

    • Media can't be trusted on this one. The nurse's actions bypassed the normal flow of news from the royals to the tabloids, tv, radio…

      Of course it's safer to not trust media on anything, there has never been a time in history when media were about telling the truth, why should they do it right now…

  79. This reminds me of the BS story on Michael Jackson's death and Bin Ladem death. Shit just doesn't quite add up yet most people just eat it up and move on to the next story.

  80. Once I heard about her suicide i knew right away something was not right.

    First of all if she went to the point of killing herself it must of come from some deep feeling of pressure/anger from the hospital.. They make themselves out to be these nice people that feel bad for her loss pfft.

  81. I thought it was far fetched too, but I read a few weird things on sky news about this. The family of the nurse saying that they just don’t understand it, she was so strong and not the type to commit suicide, really commited to her family, etc…but most disturbing was that the family want her body to be buried in her home country but they won’t release it and ‘no one will tell them what’s going on’. No one will explain why this woman killed herself, or let release the body (suicide by hanging…why are they holding on to the body at great pain to the family if it’s so ‘obvious’?) Hmm.

  82. I believe she was murdered. No one would kill themselves over something so petty. The royal family is treated like some type of Gods, which they are not, nor the little rascal thats on the way. I dont believe this was suicide at all. What about the random bodies found near the royal families home? Or the strange death of Princess Diana who btw was much more of a lady than that topless kate girl. sheeesh!

  83. It was also great world publicity for the birth of this child – who would even remember that this couple were having a child. but now the press will remind us of the death of this nurse when the baby is born and every other possibility that they get to remind us of the assiciation of these events. Very convenient.

  84. I wonder what the hospital may have said to her after this whole thing transpired. A lot of people seem to be overlooking their role in this situation.

  85. Know this,

    all those human beings who love their own life but hate or don't care about others lives (whether they die or live) are anti-life and hence anti-Creator/anti-Lord

    and all those who don't care much about their own but care more about lives of all other humans (doesn't matter what country or religion those other humans belong to) are pro-life and hence pro-Creator/pro-Lord

    The first ones would have fear, fear and lots of fear (for themselves and others)

    The second ones would have love, love and lots of love (to offer)

  86. Wasn't Pearl Harbour bombed on Dec 7, 1941, approx 08.15am? Didn't Jacintha die on this day? Maybe even at this time.
    Would this be a significant date & time?
    Maybe, maybe not. Please somebody confirm….
    Just a thought…..

  87. a mother of 2 wouldn't commit suicide over something so pathetic, her first instincts would be the welfare of her children. so those out there who this she topped herself think again!

    Isn't it funny how quickly this story is dead and buried from the world media? also another suspicious sign that there is more to this.

    Kate is carried a child/maybe a demon (jinn) and maybe this this nurse saw something that she shouldn't have!

    this too me is far more realistic than a nurse who is a other of 2 killing herself over a stupid prank!

  88. One has to read between the lines about this death. they intentionally gave this stupid reason as the cause to warn people who are letting their dirty secrets out through Internet that they can as easily kill anyone they want as they have killed the nurse. So watch out.

  89. So are we truly to believe she committed suicide purely because of this prank call? Are people really that gullible?

    What's next, a cook at the White House who used to much pepper also found to have committed 'suicide' ?

  90. I don’t understand..why HER? all she did was transfer the call..why not the nurse who actually gave out all the info? (Assuming she was murdered)

  91. I’m just going to guess that half of you are not from England. First off I am so sorry for her family but the truth is this poor women did commit suicide. She was found hanged by a security officer and nurse there was also 3 suicide notes found at the scene. Secondly just put yourself in her possition, the most famous royal family in the world and you have just revealed personel information believing it to be the queen on the phone, when in actuall fact it is 2 australlian DJ’s mucking about. When finding out this can you just imagen the shame and embaressment you would feel, the stress it would cause no matter how strong of a person you are when you know the world is laughing at you for being not so wise as to know it was a prank call. It is considerd a serious offence in england to reveal any medical information on anybody no matter how poor or rich you are, so you call yourself open minded well put yourself in her position. It’s all you would think about, like what’s going to happen with my job, the worlds media will be constantly at my door till boom you finally blow and say no I can’t deal with this no more. And sadly she succeeded in her suicide it’s such a shame she wasn’t found sooner. Thanks for my view.

    • Jacinda did not reveal any personal information but just transferred the call to another nurse. She must have been thinking that it might not be the Queen but just in case it was she decided she better not hung up.

      If you are so adamant that this was a suicide then you need to wake up and leave the mainstream media alone for a while.

  92. Well I'm in Australia and this is all BS! I got sick of looking at the papers/TV because of this apparent 'suicide' when we all damn well know it isn't!

    The day where Kate was rushed to hospital for 'acute morning sickness', one of the people inside the hospital made a call (to the paps I'm guessing). Turns out, she nearly had a miscarriage but I'm guessing the Royals quickly rang the papers to 'clarify' the story. Maybe Kate finally found out what they were like and didn't want to bring her child into that family? Or maybe she was genuinely sick? No one will ever know…

    Having had that rant, I bet everyone is wondering what this has to do with the nurse…. with the timing of the prank call, there was a risk she could've accidentally leaked some vital information which would've put the Royals in hot water. She was an unfortunate victim and had no idea of what the real circumstances were. She obviously got close to revealing 'the truth' to the world that her life ended because of it. I pray for her family and especially the DJS. They were all unfortunate victims of this debacle.

  93. A Diana la "accidentaron" y a Jacinta la "suicidaron"………………

    Pero un día todos los seres humanos darán cuenta de sus actos ante el Rey y Juez mas grande de todos, incluidos los asesinos disfrazados de buenos……….

  94. Even worse than this obvious murder was the televised speech by her 'relatives' on Saturday – paid off to read a bunch of scripted shit 'thanking' David Cameron and even the murderers themselves (The Royals) for their 'support.'

  95. Wow..this is so interesting….the woman who just transferred a call to another nurse (and really passed the responsibility to someone else) commits suicide leaving behind 2 children and a husband.. total selfish act and is buried in a catholic church with thousands of people grieving her.. and somehow becoming a 'hero' and seen a as a pure victim (meanwhile i'm sure it's a sin to commit suicide in the eyes of the church) and the two DJs who just did a joke are cast as villains and horrible human being with the world looking at them as some cretins who need to be killed.. crazy world we living in..

  96. Ok then. Your argument isn’t valid though, if the royal family wanted to get rid of somebody for revealing information on Kate wouldn’t they have killed the nurse who is still living now? After all she was the one who gave out the information. Like I said this poor women just knew that her name was about to be dragged through the dirt world wide, along with the other nurse. Sadly though this women just couldn’t cope with that fact. And to say that “isn’t suicide a sin by the church” what does that matter? Just cos she was a catholic doesn’t mean she went to church regular and followed the bible. I’m a Christian, all my family are but never being to church in my life exepct, when I was christened as a baby, funerals or weddings. Yet all my family that have passed are buried in church as will I, even though none of us are religious one bit. I’m atheist. I don’t believe in god, I believe in science. Any way my point being just because this woman was catholic doesn’t mean she followed her faith. And to say “her family was paid to read a script” oh yeah of course, I think they would of realised something was wrong by then and spoke out don’t you? Look I have read all articles on this site and yes I give this guy credit who writes them, but now it’s like anything what happens there is a conspiracy behind it.        

    • Dear Lass, dead nurse wasn't the one who gave any info. She just transfer the call. She was old, intelligent, experienced well enough. Also superior trained professional working in the hospital which patron happens to be TRF. Otherwise, she wouldn't be working there, so close to RF members. Don't you think it's odd that there was no one by the switchboard in a private, ultimate hospital? Or that she as well as the other nurse (who actually made the much serious 'mistake' by giving info) wouldn't realize that it was a hoax call, after both DJ's laughed their heads off on the other side of the line? Besides that 'little' fact, they made the call at 5 a.m., to the switchboard. Would you presume that the queen would be calling at that particular time, to phone central in order to discuss family member health issues with nurses on duty? Not very logical, isn't it? So, why would those two nurses acted the way they did, unless they were informed to expect the call. That particularly applies to the deceased. The other nurse is, as far as I'm aware, anonymous. Still. And I have a feeling that she is going to be anonymous. As far as we know, she could be MI5. She wasn't acting logically, unless she was doing what she supposed to do – creating the artificial 'hoax call incident' in order to cover up for otherwise not very logical 'suicide'. They needed a reason for this lady to commit one. And they created one. She was found hanged (just like the nanny in Omen – what an interesting coincidence) in the middle of the hospital – she was nurse, she had access to all medications and drugs she needed to end her life in more distressful and agonizing manner. And she had a knowledge how to use them. But instead of injecting lethal dosage of a drug, she went to trouble of finding the rope or whatever and hang herself. How had she got that injury to her wrist? Family won't ever know the truth, I presume. Nor we will. But there's too many coincidences surrounding this case. Kate was playing polo in high heels just days before her hospitalization. You don't have to be religious in other not to kill herself over silly reason such as passing the prank call through, just weeks before Christmas, with two kids at home.

    • You are either a Christian or an Atheist, you cannot be both. As you believe in science, you are an Atheist indeed.

      Someone cannot be a catholic if he/she does not follow the catholic faith.

  97. Oh yeah course, that other nurse wasn’t killed because she worked for MI5 how silly of me…. Ok then and to say why was nobody at the switchboard, there is probably never is anybody there private hospital or not nobody would waste there time in that room. Not with all the nurse and doctor cuts we have suffered over here, they will need as many out on wards as possible not wasting time and money by sat in a room watching to see who calls through. And to say she had access to medicine with being a nurse, no clearly not what do you think it’s all locked away in one big room where any nurse/doctor can get it. No, it just doesn’t work like that here a doctor would have to write out a prescription before the nurse could go and collect them. So with no access to good pills only option left either drowned wich last to long or hanging quick and easy, yup ino what option I’d go for, hanging.

    • I've said 'as far as we know' she could be MI5 or working for RF/whoever deals with this sort of thing in that particular circle. Who is this nurse who actually did leaked personal info regarding Kate's state? What do public knows about her? Name? Anything? Wow, the press couldn't find any indiscreet source in such a huge hospital who would give any info on one common nurse? That is hardly believable. Let's forget the fact that such a respectable and expensive hospital can't afford phone operator. Do VIP-s ever make calls to switchboards? Are there private lines for RF members in the hospital? Are there cell phones and other gadgets which make life easier and more private? If you were the nurse in that particular hospital, would you ever presume that you are talking with her majesty in 5 a.m. via hospital public line, ignoring ridiculous accent and laughing on the other side, unless you are told to expect such a call, or you are a part of the set up, playing your role? Think about it. I'm sure she had access to medications. It's much easier and logical for a nurse to get hold of drugs inside the hospital she's working in, than to come up with a rope or anything strong and long enough to hang herself. Do you know how high is the ceiling in that hospital? Finally, it is easier to believe that woman would kill herself leaving two underage kids behind over prank call than to take in consideration that RF isn't part of national fairytale. Cheers, lass.

    • Your mind is a very simple one isn´t it – you believe anything the elite will tell you. You believe the world is good and loving and everything functions according to law, every person behaves like an angel and we are all equal, except one family.
      Keep on living in your dream world. Your statement makes no sense at all. It just show a naive mind programmed to believe the every day lies. Lass says it all – wake up.

  98. I said back during the Olympic Opening/Closing ceremonies that I thought they were largely a fertility rite for William and Kate and I stand by that. Thusly, who remembers the bit with the NURSES fussing with the kids during the creepy nightmare section? Leading up to the one giant baby that seemed so important. Now, if we were really celebrating the NHS why would the focus be on children? It’s not like kids are the only ones who need healthcare. But if it was a fertility rite…..well….there you go.

    The Omen connection is also quite disturbing.

    We shouldn’t overlook the boon to those who condemn free speech here, either. Those DJs were pulling a common, and frankly very inept, prank. And yet, they were suddenly made into monsters who killed that nurse and must be stopped before their WORDS killed again. I don’t believe the elites pull this crap for a single purpose, ever. I think it’s always a spiritual and a practical reason. Use the magic to move the agenda.

  99. Yeah I said I was christened as a baby, so on my census form etc it will say i’m Christian but now I’m older and understand more I don’t believe in god, therefor I now say I’m athiest. Religion to me is just a social divide, religions cause nothing but wars. The press won’t find anything on her obviously because they will want to avoid another incident like that. If they let the press know who the other woman is now her name will be dragged through the dirt by the worlds media for being so gullable. Jacintha had only being named in the news after she had commited suicide, when the story first broke the news and papers just said “two nurses fall victim to australlian prank call” none of them were named, only jacintha after it emerged she had commited suicide. Plus Jacintha Said in one of her suicide notes she was also unhappy from a dispute that happend a few weeks before the prank call, Jacintha said she was unhappy that the hospital had decided not to discipline a subordinate, who Jacintha was involved in a dispute with. So she was already abit down weeks before the prank call, because of that dispute. Then for that prank to happen it just tipped her over the edge, you will be amazed what stress can do to people it’s not good to bottle stuff away. Such a shame she dint seek professional mental help in time. Like I said I do believe a lot of articles on this site, I give the guy credit who writes them for opening alot of peoples eyes to the corruption that goes on in this world. But to me on this one alot of you seem abit paronoid, This is just the consequences of two childish, peoples actions. These things happen, some people are just too proud and can not deal with humiliation.           

  100. If any blame were to fall on the staff at the hospital surely it woud have been on the nurse who gave out the information to the radio station, Jacintha just passed the call on to someone else, i don’t see why suicide in this situation would be the answer, just doesn’t add up to me…..

  101. Wondering soul on

    i hope someone will clarify something i am not too informed on this area but why if a sacrifice did take place did it have to be public couldnt they have found a random tramp etc…excuse me for how that comes across it could be a tramp a homeless person someone without family connections… obviously in my eyes a life a life but i hope you get the gist of what i mean.

  102. This is all a bit far fetched in my opinion. A few days ago it was reported that this particular nurse has undertaken previous suicide attempts in the past. In this backdrop it's fair to say that it's nonsense to think that there is some conspiracy behind this.

    On a different note…… guys speak about ritual sacrifices…………assume that the victim is a Godly person (good christian or whatever)…and she is been sacrificed……what happens to her soul? and would God permit such a thing?

  103. Dear StrikeEagle, this is either a homicide or a suicide, but has no sacrificial effetcs whatever, in the real human sacrifice the victim must give her free consent, in fact in the movie "The Omen" the bad but nice-looking nurse says aloud and spontaneously "This is for you Damien" this means she is also a luciferian even if she looks nice. Jacintha Saldanha didn't offer herself spontaneously for no one, if she killed herself the malediction will fall on her own family, unfortunately, if she was assassinated the malediction will fall on the family of the assassins. Because she didn't want it.

  104. So why off the nurse who transferred the call but not the one who actually divulged the information? Unfortunately, people who suffer a great public humiliation often commit suicide.

    • Because the nurse who gave the info was a nurse that is allowed to be on Kate's floor therefore it is plausible she is involved in the occult and knows her place. The simple fact the call was let through to that floor could have made that nurse automatically assume it was them as it seems this hospital must have very tight security as it caters to the royals. I think this theory points to it being a set up for sacrificial purposes. We will never know.

  105. So, the lady that killed herself is not the person who revealed patient information, but she is the one who transferred the call? Now, she’s dead due to suicide, or maybe some kind of ritual sacrifice.
    I mean, what happened was pretty messed to, but she isn’t the one who disclosed the information so what reason would she have to commit suicide because of what happened? If she truly committed suicide, maybe it was something going on in her personal life.
    What radio station actually calls hospital as a prank? Better yet, what kind of health care professional would share information on a patient over the phone? I work in the same field, in America, and we aren’t allowed to give anyone the medical information of any patient. It only makes sense that that would be the same for hospitals in Europe.

    • It is the same in Europe, that's the sad point, and this is why many people don't believe we really know what's going on.

  106. It wasn't suicide…. she was "suicided"……….. I am just amazed there are some still in these royal despoitic factions that think like that…. If I were them I'd be far more concerned with what's coming down the pike for them in the way of exposure more so these days… but then again there's the masses and their opinion…. (in the singular)…. = no hope.

  107. Misshonneyblaq on

    I will never understand people that go to sites just to discredit it. You know what this site is about, if you dont believe or want to know, please dont come to this site. You would be doing us and yourself a favor.

  108. How did the radio personalities from Australia know that the Royal Family was in hospital and which hospital they were in?

  109. I'm with Mr Lofthouse,
    The Australian DJs that perpetrated this are unthinking irreverent and putrid.
    This would have been a very important event in that nurses life and they made her look and feel a fool in front of the very highest in the land.
    Its unforgiveable.

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