Muse’s Matt Bellamy Says He No Longer Thinks 9/11 Was an ‘Inside Job’


Muse is a band that is somewhat popular among truthers due its messages alluding to conspiracies and resistance to corrupt powers. The band’s 2009 album The Resistance was perceived by many as a true anti-Illuminati manifesto with rebellious anthems such as Uprising. The lyrics of this song refer to dumbed-down masses being controlled by higher powers, a theme that is often discussed by truthers. Here are the lyrics:

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume,
They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down,
And hope that we will never see the truth around
(So come on)
Another promise, another scene,
Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed,
And all the green belts wrapped around our minds,
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious
(So come on)
Interchanging mind control,
Come let the revolution take it’s toll,
If you could flick a switch and open your third eye,
You’d see that
We should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back,
It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack,
You know that their time’s coming to an end,
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

Another title of this album is entitled MK-Ultra, which describes mind control and how it is used on a large scale to control the masses. Here are the lyrics:

The wavelength gently grows,
Coercive notions re-evolve,
A universe is trapped inside a tear,
It resonates the core,
Creates unnatural laws,
Replaces love and happiness with fear
How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind’s about to fall
And they are breaking through,
They are breaking through,
Now we’re falling,
We are losing control
Invisible to all,
The mind becomes a wall.
All of history deleted with one stroke
How much deception can you take?
How many lies will you create?
How much longer until you break?
Your mind’s about to fall
And they are breaking through,
They are breaking through,
Now we’re falling,
We are losing control

Since the release of Resistance, Muse enjoyed mainstream success, even partaking in the MTV Music awards and the Illuminati ritual that was the 2012 Olympics Ceremonies. The band’s acceptance into the music business seems to have modified its message, turning it into something that is more in line with the rest of mainstream media. In a recent interview with Metro, lead singer Matt Bellamy stated that he did not believe that 9/11 was an inside job anymore – rallying himself with the official version of the story. Did the music industry get to him?

Muse’s Matt Bellamy says he no longer thinks 9/11 was an ‘inside job’

Muse‘s Matt Bellamyhas revealed that he no longer thinks the terrorist attacks which were carried out on the World Trade Center on September 11 were an “inside job”.Previously, the frontman had claimed that there was “massive evidence” to support theories that US authorities had either allowed the attacks to take place or had made them happen. In a 2006 interview with CMU, he stated: “There was a document called ‘Project For The New America Century’… which clearly says, ‘We need a Pearl Harbour-level event so we can have an excuse to invade the Middle East’.”

Speaking to the Metro, however, Bellamy said that his political views were “more nuanced now” and that he no longer believed in conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy.

He said: “I don’t believe that any more, although there are lots of questions to be answered.”

He went on to add: “I still read a lot about political history, the influence of corporations and the military, but I make sure I’m reading from credible sources. I think my political views are a bit more nuanced now.”Discussing the band’s plans for their forthcoming tour dates, meanwhile, he revealed: “We have a symbolic upside-down pyramid suspended over us as we play. It will screen videos and images that relate to the songs. At some point, the pyramid will turn inside out and consume Dom ‘s drum kit. Then Dom becomes a ninja who starts battling with corrupt businessmen… I’m serious. That’s not a joke.”

So the idea of 9/11 being a false flag operation to justify military operations is not “credible” to Bellamy anymore? Maybe he should check out this video of Patrick Clawson of the influential Washington Institute for Near East openly calling for a false-flag operation to justify the invasion of Iran.



      • We Are Not Amused on

        When the vulgar language is also totally accurate and precise, yes.

        Google: the duality of muse

        The sell out was long ago, this U-turn and the Olympics song just makes it official.

        Next he'll be claiming 2+2=5, war is peace and freedom is slavery.

        According to one news source:

        '….The revelation was made during a recent interview during which the politically-minded Muse frontman discussed a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner he attended with actress girlfriend Kate Hudson…..'

        What a prat.

      • So weird that I was making a comment to another post about their duality at the exact same time you were typing your comment up….trippy

    • Sabretruthtiger on

      It'll be interesting to see if Alex Jones comments on this, he's friends with them and has endorsed them apparently. I've always been a bit suspicious of Jones but he has good info and I have no proof he's a shill. It'll be interesting to see if and how he handles this.

      • Alex Jones is a shill and his promotion of Muse IS one more PROOF. Muse goes exactly the way of the "Zeitgeist" movement. the makers of Zeitgeist first claimed that 9/11 was an inside job, now they have changed their view. how ridicolous… they first use the truth to get the peoples attention but only because they want to advertise their new age system/ lifestyle. thats what its really about.

      • Interestingly enough I'm reading this after looking at some videos from the new album. those videos exactly seemed like that. And Kate Hudson thing too. I just would like to point out – that they were not "not popular" before – but they were not allowed in mass media (especially UK) as much despite the fact that they were hugely popular, so "they" have decided to pull them in as they already are so mainstream without the help of mass media! It's just turning the tables!

    • Confused. If one later disagrees with a popular position in the "truth seeking" community they are a sellout? Even though that person has been VERY vocal about their views on business, politics. MK Ultra etc. Saying things against the system publicly and graphically and still making music as blatantly and as honestly as they feel it. Which respectfully is way more than most VC readers are doing? He isn't saying 9/11 was totally innocent, he says he no longer thinks it was totally the way he thought it was but there are questions. How many go out speaking against the whole system and are marginalised or called paranoid or shunned let's not do that to one of our own.

      He knows why he is changing his mind if I were you I would wonder what he now knows that took him from publicly attacking the official story which could have murdered his career there and then and he felt he knew enough, strongly enough to say it TO "actually, it may not be that anymore" what "sources" is he talking about?.

      I'm more concerned that this flaky position of his reinforces the feeling that "these conspiracy theorists don't know what they are talking about. They have no facts just hysteria" especially when he refers to "legitimate/credible sources" as if we all pull this stuff out from our hoohas and a little "credible news" will debunk all that we stand for. If anything media proves us right everyday, the so called "credible sources" are the ones who tell us everyday what is going on if u can read the unwritten and listen to the unsaid. Tell me your sources Matt.

      • I don't believe a band actually believes in any conspiracy when they're signed to a label like Warner. I think they play on the whole duality thing, somewhere he was interviewed saying that alot of people don't see the monty python humor in their music but that it's there-their lyrics to me seem like they take themselves seriously so that quote alone should make one wonder wth he meant by that. Maybe I'm biased in the fact that I never liked their sound and image of appealing to masses too. I can't explain it but successful bands and bands that aim to be successful like that have a certain image and sound that feels familiar.

        Maybe he knows something we don't, maybe they dropped him a fat check to retract past statements as a form of propaganda. With a label like Warner I'd say that's easily done all the time. To me it seems like they get off on dooping (sp) people via radio as a pop band. I wouldn't consider those as sources just good points.

        P.S. I know it's subjective but I think their music blows too.

      • Looks like Wearenotamused found those sources for you, he believes 9/11 wasn't an inside job cause Colin Powell told him so…go figure.

      • So we are all ignoring the laws of physics? A fire proof building should burn for weeks before collapse. Concrete and steel!

      • well said.

        the change is clearly spelled out in the little bitches own words – he revealed: “We have a symbolic upside-down pyramid suspended over us as we play. It will screen videos and images that relate to the songs. At some point, the pyramid will turn inside out and consume Dom ‘s drum kit. Then Dom becomes a ninja who starts battling with corrupt businessmen… I’m serious. That’s not a joke.”

        "domz iz 1337 ninja omg fk da krupt" – the original 'real' content and motivation has been replaced with a 'circus act' (but he's serious.. and this is not a joke, get it?)

    • wow this is interesting to learn about. i think i know what you mean matmar – i've also had this hunch-ish feling all along that they were fake. i never knew their music well and didnt ever listen to them myself, but i remember hearing tat song "uprising" a lot on the radio, and i just had a gut feeling telling me that shit was fake.

      • RevolutionKitty on

        I think she was his prize. Or maybe he's her handler now. I'm pretty sure they sold out a really long time ago and were just used to make it seem like they were on our side.

      • are you people insane???:):) it is not recommendable to think about all this too much, otherwise you become obsessed and paranoia makes it impossible to think clearly. Tomorrow you will believe that your neighbor is trying to become your handler:) So caaalm down just a little bit, will you… 😛

      • SOoo because people are capable of critical thinking and voice their opinions with others that think alike they are "insane" and "need a life" are you kidding? I rather be insane and a conspiracy theorist ALL DAY then be a brainwashed sex object to this sick society. We pick and choose when we want to think too much but if you ask me, people that don't want to see this are too scared to think at all & just brush it all off… that's really crazy!!

  1. All I've got to say is that Judgement Day is coming! We will all stand before the Great Throne and give an account of everything. It's a shame that there is no fear of God in the lives of so people yet they will all face Him — Him who created man and who greater than all things.

  2. Well that's how money works. Bellamy wants to enjoy a little company with the dark forces.

    Unfortunately people like him usually ends up dead quite long before their time, once they cease to be useful.

    Enough of this crap. Now, please go over the insanity around Gangnam Style.

    • They Zionist want him and his country Iran eliminated to accomplish the Zionist expanision across the Middle East. I read PressTV, RT now they make more sense than CNN,BBC,FOX all those garbage.

      • Yes I believe that Congress recently passed a law giving the media the authority to publish propaganda on behalf of the CIA in order to keep people quiet.

        I watch Press Tv also but some times you must take what they say with a grain of salt. After all they are a government run news agencey. I live in Iran at the moment and teach English.

        I also know that no one has told me to date why bldg. #7 came down when no plane hit it.

        The man who owns bldg. 7 also increaded his property ins. days before 911 took place and maracusally all the bldg's. came down from the bottom up like his did and there is no explanation other than "We had to bring it down"? That says the entire event was a controlled demolition.

        Buildings do not have pools of burning metal burning in the basement 1 week after they fell down unless this was a government supplied mix of chemicals that actually melt the metal. There is no doubt that the guy was paid off to say that. The engine of a cruse missile was laying on the ground at the pentagon. It was the wrong engine because it was too small to be a commercial airlines engine. And what happened to the other engine ? And why was the hole in the wall so small that the plane made in the building before the facade fell down ? Should have had three holes not one two gigantic engines and the nose. Only one small hole did all that damage….. sounds like a cruse missile to me. Jet fuel is even more explosive than gasoline. It blows up it does not burn for weeks. Enough said. You are completely right.

    • I didn't see Achmadinejad lately, but I remember:

      – a photo of him doing the sign of the horns, which puts him in good company with the bushes and berlusconis and a lot of other politicians

      – the very first accounts of his election by italian news services, where they said moderate and pro western forces voted for him to boycott moderates who weren't moderate enough.

      So, it wouldn't surprise me if he talked about new world orders. If he was a real threat to the powers in charge, he'd have less front pages in the media.

    • This dude is a puppet for the elites ok. Otherwise why would they have him attending the UN every yr and the media's making his attendance a circus…I don't believe it.

  3. Of course Muse are sellouts. Why do you think they made it into the mainstream? Matt Bellamy knows that if he still promoted the idea that 9/11 is an inside job, they would destroy Muse and take pull them right out of the mainstream.

    • lol sell-outs, not even, they knew that they would have to get into this mess if they were to be apart of the music industry, this was too inevitable, come on obviously, if anything it was all meant to get people to believe him and then for the band members to make it hip..that there was really nothing going on..yeah right.

      They did not sellout recently ..they sold out …………..years ago. There were on the other side once they joined; hence no recent selling out .

  4. Every time I skim the comments section, I always see attacks on the person. Perhaps you commenters forget frequently that majority of these people (who are like us, just more "handled") are forced against the wall majority of the time: Choose this or be thrown from the "freedom train." That or before they even make it out, they're dragged back in and are directed in the direction they originally were in. There can also be the factor of internal struggle, endless possibilities. But yet I keep seeing slanderous statements, such as "what a little B***h." Yes, some of them do deserve that and more, but there are also certain people in the Entertainment industry who don't, (Michael Jackson, Britney, Whitney, Marina, Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Etc).

    I find it funny how some of you commenters are so quick to judge them, but have you ever really truly been in their shoes? Have you experienced the suffocation some of them have? The inner struggles? (And before my words are misconstrued, let me clarify: When I say "them", I mean the few who are aware but yet can't escape for one of many reasons). No one on this planet is wholly innocent, and that includes you. So you don't flash the symbols of the elite like Kanye West and Jay-Z and Madonna do (obvious participators and loyal to the elite), but you participate to some degree to one of their many agendas. If you are on this planet, in this era, there is a reason.

    There is always a reason.

    • I think this argument is really cheap. The majority of celebrities weren’t forced into doing this; they agreed to do it so they could become famous. Yes, it’s true that once you’re in it it’s hard to get out, but how do you think they got in it in the first place? Someone offered it to them and they accepted. And that goes for most of the people you listed also (Whitney Houston, Marina Diamandis, Anna Nicole, Marilyn… the only ones who aren’t to blame are M.J. and Britney, and that’s because they were forced into it as children).

      Don’t give me that “you have to walk a mile in their shoes” baloney. I don’t need to experience something firsthand to know that it’s immoral. I’ve never been a serial killer; does that mean that I can’t know whether killing people is wrong?

      And the idea that common people participating in the elite’s agenda (because they don’t know about it and unwittingly have it forced on them) is in any way comparable to a celebrity agreeing to be an Illuminati shill to become successful is ludicrous.

      Honestly, I think most people are so enamored with celebrities that they’ll refuse to admit that they do anything wrong (or conversely, they’re jealous so they’ll claim that celebrities do everything wrong). It’s a bizarre cultural construct that confuses most people. Celebrities are put on a pedestal and people are raised to believe that these celebrities are special, worthy of extra attention, more interesting, more sophisticated, more “elite” if you will. So most people develop inferiority complexes about celebrities, which they deal with in one of two ways. They either 1) deify the celebrities, agreeing with what society tells them about celebrities being special, so they don’t have to face the uncomfortable truth that certain people are elevated in status for no reason and that common people like them belong to the group that isn’t elevated, or 2) they absolutely despise celebrities, taking every opportunity to point out that they’re a bunch of perverted drug addicts.

      I recommend doing hidden option #3: taking celebrities off the pedestal and realizing that they’re neither monsters nor saints.

      What was I talking about again? Oh yeah: agreeing to be an Illuminati shill IS immoral, there’s no two ways around it. But that doesn’t make it right that the Illuminati abuse them and gave them that ultimatum to begin with. Celebrities are both victims AND morally weak, greedy people.

      • @Kiwi:

        Majority of them were, or do you not know about DID? Or about parental backgrounds? Honestly, if you think that they (the ones who don't explicitly flaunt signs and symbols like a good handful do) consciously said "yes," then your view is really narrow-minded.

        As for the "mile in their shoes," clearly you do, considering how fastly you condemn an idea. Are you so saintly that you think you're above weighing every possibility and looking at something from every angle? Did I ever say serial killer? Even once? I believe I was talking about the "celebrities," not the elite. Might want to re-read what I said instead of jumping head first into an "I'm right and you're wrong because I think your argument is really cheap" tone.

        As for the idea that common people participating in the elite's agenda and moonlight as shills, yes, it is plausible. And yes, common people do with their herd mentality. Maybe not to the degree that celebrities do, but they still do it. They are the ones who ship out the product, and the people are the ones who keep buying into it.

        And I never said that being an illuminati shill is not immoral, but seeing as you like to put words into people's mouths….

        You might also want to do some more research before being quick to assume and condemn, because I can guarantee you, majority of their stories aren't always in black and white (and before you jump into the assumption train again, when I say "them," I mean the ones who don't brag about selling out entirely to them and pushing their agendas further).

      • Of course, there is always a 'reason' for anything. Quisling had his 'reasons' too, while Eichmann also had his 'reasons'.

        Well , this guy gained fame by caterng to 9/11 deniers, but he thinks about nothing on betraying them once he has gained his paycheck. (sarc)That shows his character and conscience (/sarc).

        Once he has served the forces' purposes, he will be dumped by them since he is not trustworthy to begin with. He might recant by then, but no one will listen to him or take him seriously.

    • Thank You VERY much for saying one of the big points I always try to say, Des!! I 99% agree with everything you said. (I don't agree that CERTAIN artists deserve to be called names or more importantly auto-labeled as "Obviously those ones are in with the elite." I disagree because YOU REALLY NEVER KNOW 100% when dealing with theories that are not proven 100% factual confirmed information) But I'm GLAD we do not agree 100%, I see that as a MAJOR problem with truthers. We all should form our OWN opinions, and discus/debate them maturely and rationally. We will get closer to the Truth if we think and express our own differing views, we May see something in a new light.

      This goes back to what Des began with, which I agreed: SO MANY just jump straight to conclusions and worse things, like schoolyard name calling. I notice here & every other place where truthers talk; they THEMSELVES begin to form "cliques" and sides. Where questioning Anything that opposes their opinions, well, just Obviously means YOU need to wake up. (even the mantra!!: Wake up. Also: Open your eyes, Sheeple, Im only being ironic, ect..) This is SO dangerous, it is, EXACTLY what "they" want. They are happy to see truthers fighting, arguing, bashing & name calling one another! (ect) That means we are so caught up in all that, that we will Never see further things that ARE True. I have a Theory that there is something huge; a huge, Main Part of "their" plan starring everyone in the face. I believe we cannot see the forest for the trees. I have NO idea what this is, but I just get that feeling that I canot shake.

      And this feeling began (I've been interested in/studied all the "truther topics" years before there were blogs online about them..) about three or so years ago whenever webites like this began to pop up and Many people (with or without prior knowledge) began to respond..a LOT. When youtube began to be flooded with videos on it all. As "Illuminati" began to become something trendy, as artists like Lady GaGa & Jay-Z made it that way & most all, all genres; followed. Now it IS trendy, and in my opinion (as an artist myself) Most is to make companies money. NOT the companies I refer to when I say "they," just huge money hungry companies. Yes they ARE tied in with "them," but: in aspects we all are!! We are all online, and we pay Currency to do so, ect. (the ONLY way to Not be a part of it is to go live in the woods, with no electricity, your own Self Made tools, & survive that way. There, you are NO part in any kind of NWO/ect.) Same with fashion, Alexander McQueen [RIP] began symbolism with Isabella Blow [RIP], and NOW it is at Walmart. Same with ALL the pop culture aspects, which are only a Small bit of the Entire Picture.

      And that is my point. We are too busy over analyzing the latest Rihanna music video, THEN wasting hours (in a Non Constructive manner: name calling/ect) arguing back and forth about it, that we could (and I believe ARE) be missing something else huge that is a larger threat than conditioning. We are ALL conditioned on Some Level! As I said, if you live in a self made hut, you may not be conditioned & are Not part of it; but none of those FEW are even reading this, because they do not use electricity/go online. Do I think going out and living in that manner will help anything? No. You will just die knowing you were not a part of it all.

      I find it Very odd that I came here, to (seriously) look up the "Duality of Muse" article to re-read, because I love the band , and just finished watching all 33-34 (minus a couple boring live ones..) official videos of theirs, and wanted to just read it again. (I DO have time to waste, I have a medical condition that now prevents me from doing much. I still do my art and yes I work for some companies; at least I admit I am tied to it all, even in those small ways; I STILL strive to stop HATE and TRY to prevent the Total slavery of mankind) I was shocked to see the new article was this. But then again, the reason I am in my (idk 17th?) "Muse kick" in my life is due to their new LP, which I love, as I do all the prior ones. I have loved this band from the start, their 1st LP, Showbiz; the single & video for Muscle Museum had me sold!! :) And they were INSANELY huge and mainstream in the UK (and other countries, that are not the US) back then, Especially So after their 2nd LP (my personal fav) Origin of Symmetry. I payed $35 plus tax & shipping to import that 2002 LP, that wasnt re-issued over in the US (when they became mainstream over here, thanks to Twilight) for three years later at normal cd price. So the "mainstream point" is not valid; they have been mainstream from day one in the UK sense 1998-1999. The enormous Twilight franchise's soundtracks had their music & the author Stephanie Meyer specifically thanks the band (her fav band ever she claims..she says Muse is her "muse" for Twilight. Oh Meyer you're so witty.) in All Four novels. Also combined with the fact their evolution as a band, people in the states loved the singles off The Resistance, is why they became huge mainstream in the US. Or is that the ONLY reason it Took So Long for this specific, already hugely mainstream band to become so in the US??!

      They've been mainstream the whole time in the UK. If you want retort that Showbiz flopped, then why did the Record Co. allow FOUR videos to be made off it? Six, technically because Uno had 3 versions. Also they were on Top of The Pops (UK's Total Request Live) countless times, sold out shows, went platinum (maybe not the first week or month, but DID), ect. And if you still wish to disagree, the second LP, did go platinum FAST, all the other mentioned things like TOTP, had videos directed by David Slade. HUGE director in the UK and here; music videos for AFI, System of a Down (hmm..), Stone Temple Pilots, Tori Amos, ect. Directed 30 Days of Night, Twilight Eclipse (!! Meyer was just WRITING the novel when the 2nd LP was out..), Hard Candy (Ellen Page's aka "Juno's" breakthrough film; iMo, GREAT film..), and worked on other things like the series Breaking Bad, ect. Record companies do NOT allow multiple music videos to be made, by acclaimed directors at that, if a band isn't making a LOT of money due to huge mainstream success. So WHY did it take so long for Muse to hit mainstream in the US, Muse are an anomaly in this. Also they have 5 music videos that have TWO different versions: one for the UK, another for the US. Some make NO sense as to why; the UK versions are more political; but the entire band is!! One example is the video for Hysteria. The UK version, is very tricky to "get" and seems to me a video about an MKed guy in a hotel room (but Muse have a song called MK Ultra, why ban that in the states??) while the US version is the band playing "live" with black, white, and red hypnotic spirals, occult symbols flashing everywhere, begins & ends with a red eye. That one is two Completely different videos. Now look at (you can find all these on youtube) the UK and US versions of the video for Time Is Running Out. The UK version concept is one room with a circle of light above a circular table with: bankers (guys with suits.."them" most likely), high military personal, and a few female versions of both, who at one point strip (but NO nudity, not even close is shown); all sitting around writing notes and discussing "things." The band Plays atop the table, apparently not seen by the people at the table. As the song/vid progressing the people stand in unison, the women strip, papers are thrown an despair, some fall and look as if they die, one brilliant scene shows them all standing and one knocks the one next and a circular dominoes deal begins, ect = they all Lose controll, as the band continues playing looking down (to be it seems Disgust) at them. At the end they all fall (dead? Thats what I interpret it as) and the band fades as if they were ghosts and we are left with a circle of light, above the circle table again, with papers all scattered on it. (chaos, as it started all organized, pens clicked to the beat of the music, ect) Now the US version is the SAME video only with about 75% of that cut out and replaced with longer shots of the band playing. There are no women stripping as the men look on, there is no dominoes scene, if any military personal are shown (I dot THINK there are!) its like one shot/frame. Basically ALL the Details of the (mainly) men sitting around the table are cut out; oh but the light circle sure stays there. The vids for Stockholm Syndrome are absolutely different. One is just the band playing with all the colors inverted (kinda..just trippy looking video effects) the only neat thing is they got away with flashing the F-bomb on TV in a half frame shot.ha. Now the UK version features a heavy police state message, that, well; just you have to watch. Even the bands very first music video (Uno) had three versions, and the one referred to as the 2nd version is Very deep and has to do with MK. Now the three versions of Uno, I Agree with many was just a band joke & money issues; as they were unknown in the US during the debut LP as I said. So that could just be dismissed; but as the 2nd version notes, even at the beginning they made explored "those" kinds of themes without censorship. Probably why they were not pushed in the US at ALL, as they sold though the roof there. But, the other videos I mentioned were all from the "mainstream in the US now" era. I could even go BEYOND videos, and tell you cases of promo art, rejected cover art, ect but just look it up; some are so blatantly NWO, I'm suprised the UK let them get away with it; but most of this stuff is specifically against the United States' aspect of the big big picture.

      So they have this muli-platinum record, that took three years to get imported to the states. Over there Muse were outselling Radiohead in records and concert tickets. The US had Radiohead fever, and had no idea there was an equally innovative band over in the UK..other than music nerds like me. ha. (btw, to prove I'm NOT an art snob, who claims to like everything before everyone. I got into Radiohead during OK Computer era; Like Most people, and further didn't become Obsessed until Kid A/Amnesiac. The point is I Truly have loved Muse from the start) So it was not until years later that Muse became mainstream in the states, NOW the planet. Also note their stellar, imo, Grammy performance of Uprising. As VC stated, it is OBVIOUSLY an anti-NWO song. Now for SOME reason, (not just Twilight and their change in sound..) they are widely and Insanely accepted in the States now & actually allowed to perform That song, on the 2011 Grammies (marking their First US television appearance, btw) and to do so with a huge expensive stage setup that even FURTHERS the anti-NWO message. The three band members stand high above (and have three "pillars" above each of the three band members, that latter collapse as all the screens do one way or another. oh, Spoilers.ha) what looks like a bunch of TVs. They are cubes that flash video images; here is the entire thing in HD:
      On the ground, at the audience level, protesters (or "truthers"..idk.ha) and police state people, (who You Cannot Tell Apart Well due to the black clothing, fast movement, and the way the live camera shot this thing) all battle below. The protesters smash the TV screens, the police state people smash the protesters' skulls with their weapons, ect. The moment that struck me was (and watch this exactly at 1:34, in the link I posted above) as Matthew Bellamy sings the line "They will not control us," he makes a triangle/pyramid over his LEFT eye (and not in the Jay-Z typical way, in a unique way I've never seen done before..) and the camera cuts so fast, it might as well have been a subliminal. (you have to watch quick, they didnt even give him time to fully connect it! ha, wow!!) Then points at one of the cameras, he does this Often during the "they will not.." parts of the song. People have pointed out other things he and the other members do, that the camera swipes away too fast to be seen..that you can look up yourself as I have no idea & the one deal was enough. So ok, WHY would the Grammies allow (you know many saw the rehearsals for this giant elaborate performance, the rioters/ect) that song to be sung, that in your face ANTI-corrupt government performance to all be set up, but then one little hand symbol to be like: NO. Wtf??! Also I saw a repeat of it, and noticed they cut him doing the triangle Completely!! (so I assume it only was shown the once, live, and was never seen again when they replayed it..thanks youtube/internet!) See things like that get me. All these other things surrounding one of my favorite bands (oh and I could go ON..) and their "duality" as VC put it do not add up. They Certainly do Not constitute bringing down the swift fist of judgement. The poster who commented he might have his life threatened, I thank you as well for bringing reasonable thoughts into the comments. I personally see it as out there, BUT: I rule out nothing unless proven 100% factual. This band has a HEAVY funny side (search youtube for their "funniest moments" & you'll fav is when they all switch roles in the band for a French TV spot, Matt [vocals] on drums, ect.) so they could be making a joke out of it all for all we know. We know NOTHING, unless anyone here is (and can prove) personal friends of the band sense 1998. There are just Way too many strange (to say the least) things surrounding Muse from the very Start of their career, to now. The UK/US aspect is something I Never hear mentioned, which I think is Obviously noteworthy.

      The Olympics. Um, I honestly just do not care for the Olympics; just personal taste in entertainment. But; when did the freaking Olympics become something "evil" / a reason to hint that Muse (or anyone) are "not on our side anymore." Whatever THAT means!! Our side? This is a band people, and as I said truthers themselves no longer even Have a "side," we are all non-constructivly arguing now or worse! Juuusst what "they" want.. Why because they (the Olympics), Like EVERYTHING ELSE in pop culture, have heavy symbolism? Well then with THAT logic, any band who uses Bic lighters (see this months "pics of the month" – trendy Illuminati designed Flick Your Bics!) are also "against us." Or hey, anyone in general who does!! Like I've said sense last year, "Illuminati" has become POGs & light up sneakers; it is a money making Trend that WILL fade. Then it will go back to about 4 years ago and True truthers will keep on researching old facts and new theories.

      I wasted a lot of time talking about Muse for two reasons. One, because some may find that information relevant to this article. (and I love to write about things that interest me, and as I said; I love Muse's new LP) Oh and listening to the lyrics of it (it is titled The 2nd Law), the promo artwork, and videos are Also something I suppose you could do to analyse the bands HEAVY themes of, um, everything discussed on this site/forum. Here is a half video, half trailer for the album that I love, creeps me out because it's true & some may want to watch. And this is for their NEW material; they are still saying the same "truther things" they have sense the first LP:
      DISCLAIMER: It May scare you, because the truth is scary & if you are a fan may scare you to believe their new LP is a dubstep LP..I was Very worried of that myself. But it is NOT, this one track has a bit and one other song, sadly the single Madness, has MAYBE a couple bass swells that one could call dubstep. But no, they keep to their roots, their newer symphonic sound, and continue to evolve on it; as all good bands should.

      Oh yeah the SECOND reason I went on so much about Muse was to come full circle to a point everyone I feels needs to at the least think about. I believe we are wasting too much time over analyzing, in the Grand Scheme of it all; trivial things. But hey, I had fun writing about Muse, I even said I came here to look up an old article over analyzing them. But the REAL PROBLEM IS what goes on in the comment section. All the HATE. "They" want that!! All the division among people who claim to want the same. "They" want that too; divide & conquer!! Now as I said I AM GLAD we have different opinions and ideas!! That is what makes us human, thinking alike is what makes us cogs in a giant machine. (do I Really need to say "thats what 'they' want" at this point?)

      Instead of arguing (there is a huge difference in that and debating; arguing is Non-Constructive & VERY often Destructive), name calling, slandering people who could be victims & also Each Other, judging (again; people we dont even know & one another), being close minded to things that are not proven. This article's headline focuses on the 911 aspect. You know, we probably (though I DO wish for the best that we can!) will NEVER 100% know for Certain the whole story there; accept that and research/fight Other things that CAN be solved. To ME, that's what it sounds like Matthew Bellamy IS DOING!! He is moving on to other political issues, other things to research, & Uprise Against!! Instead of obsessing over one piece of the puzzle, that a DECADE later nobody can agree on & honestly there is NOT One Answer to the Entire 911 story that can be proven!! We uncovered in a decade, what, 13%, 14%, of FACTS about it?? It sucks; but move past it, and take a look at new things that are affecting you right NOW!! It is like people who still want the Entire 100% Factual Truth about who shot JFK. What does it matter NOW?? In the time between that (which YES, Most Likely was an inside job, but there is not enough Solid Facts to all be put together) tragic assassination and now look at all that has happened to this country sense!! Some of those people spending their entire lives, decades, writing Multiple books researching, ect. What if they would have stopped and put their knowledge, intelligence, and Keen Eye for spotting occult things on OTHER aspects of corruption within the country; We MAY be living in a different world! I really dont know, but it makes me think..

      And to be CLEAR: I am NOT saying to stop demanding/researching the Truth on things like 911, conditioning though pop culture, ect. Just look at some OTHER huge things, that we already know about & perhaps work on THAT section of the puzzle a while! It is a Huge puzzle that we only have pieces to work with, so why ignore these over here and obsess on this one? If you were to figure something NEW out, that may be the key to unlocking the truth to whatever aspect you spent 4 years (just examples here) obsessing over!!

      As I said this time, and have before: I believe/get this "feeling" there is Something massive, a huge puzzle piece hidden in plain site that nobody has seen yet and Could Save This Decaying Planet/Society!! Is that not what we ALL want??! To stop a few rich geniuses (call "them" what you wish) from taking over this planet and enslaving everyone else?? ONE guy came Very close (Hitler) and MANY others DID before him. Now that we have our technology as humans, people who have had a plan (that We Know!, we just don't know all the parts of it, honestly we dont even know Half of them) that goes back decades, and Time IS Running Out. Why waste it fighting one another?? AGAIN, I am NOT saying to stop investigating 911 or to stop analyzing pop culture. I am saying look at all these other things and mess with them for a while; we may figure out something great to stop Evil. But as long as we continue to behave in this "divided" and VERY close minded fashion, we sink deeper. And "they" couldn't be more pleased; because That was one of the MANY points of their plan to begin with.

      MY Opinions. Peace & Love,


      • EDIT:

        When I said I agreed with 99% of Des' comment, I was referring to his first comment. Sense then, it appears more comments have been said, that I have not read. Therefore am not going to comment on those yet or ever unless I feel it necessary.

        MY novella comment was aimed at everyone who Wishes to read it & only the 1st paragraph had anything to do with the poster Des. Just wanted to make that clear, because I do not know what they are saying and do not wish to get caught up in others' personal debates (and Never argue) of their own; that is rude/not my business in my opinion.


      • Is this that NSA artificial intelligence program writing this? It sounds like a computer wrote this with a polish by a human? That's what this is right?

        If not it won't be long. This is basically a sprung trap police state already.

      • thats not true…MJ and Britey Spears (and some other poor disney stars) are forced- a better word would probably be manipulated……please be sensistive to those who were too young to even have a choice.


    • Nice try.

      First of all you're aware about the game's rules, if you accept it as it is, so, you're not innocent at all, and once you're get inside there's no turning back.

      Most of them aspire to be rich and famous, I guess that they think they have to kill someone or pay with their own blood to gain it, but then, they only have to act like anti-christ followers, accepting all the evil ideas (they call ART) and so on… then they think "but we just have to this? what a piece of cake!!!"…

      devil is a kind of being very misleading, what is black, in principle for you, it's going to appear white, and if you don't ask 'cause you feel you shouldn't have to, 'cos after all you want to be a successful person in life no matter the cost, at the end, you'll drown with all the guilt feelings, and these feelings won't help you at all, if you don't have Jesus in your heart. But guilty feeling, regret, it's a start to gain His forgiveness.

      I just don't understand these people, I feel angry and sorry for them :(

      God is good.

  5. Could see they were selling out on a picture not too long ago of them standing on the red/blk checkerboard floor. NWO puppets.

  6. Soldout to allay himself with the powers that be since going mainstream. Hence his show at the massively ritualistic Olympics ceremony

  7. I do not think anyone "got to him" or that he is now an Illuminati mind control slave. Those assumptions are pretty outlandish considering the band still preaches politics, and tries to expose secret agendas within corporations.

  8. As far as his “I still read a lot about political history, the influence of corporations and the military, but I make sure I’m reading from credible sources. .." comment, I think there is quite a bit to that.

    Being misled by bullshit and/or disinfo/misinfo creates a lot of skeptics, I think. Then it becomes a fear that you will be embarrassingly wrong and lose credibility.

    That's funny though about the tour prop (upsidedown pyramid) thingy. Where was that at the MTV Awards or Olympics?

    Reminds me of Smokey on Friday.

    "I got mind control over D-bo. When he tells me to shut up, I be quiet. But when he leaves, I be talkin' again."

    It sounds like he/they may have been compromised. Possibly threatened/blackmailed or something of that sort. And of course, sometimes people just punk out/sell out.

    If you are that big, though, they might not want you to be saying too much. Immortal Technique can say whatever he wants for example because he doesn't reach barely a fraction of the masses. But if Muse is performing at Award shows and the Olypmics, that's pretty high profile so they may have had their reasons to 'change his mind'.

  9. I watched a live show of theirs in April and broke it down. They clearly use Illuminati symbols in their live performances, especially when singing their anti-NWO songs, just so we all know who they really serve. I would post the link and info, but the video no longer exists on youtube. Just check out their live stuff and watch Matt give hand gestures, plus the imagery they use; like the stairway to heaven, some metropolis bs, plenty of all seeing eye pyramids and so on.

  10. Jeez people, ever stop to think they might have threatened his life or the lives of his family if he didn't stop talking about it or officially claim he changed his mind on the matter?? It's easy to sit here and judge him negatively, but honestly anyone he helped tune on to the idea of it being an inside job is probably not going to just switch back because he did! I don't care or blame him at all for doing it, who knows what his motivations are! Even if it's just to make sure his band continues to do well and get attention, more people will wake up to positive and inspirational messages through music if they hear it, where as a whole lot less will if they never get a chance to hear music with a good message. Cut the guy some slack and don't be so hateful and judgmental!

    • I would have to agree with you on that – he's a new father, so Matt has to be careful what he says anymore. With a high-profile bride like Kate Hudson, and new son Bing, his message has now been compromised.

      Is he controlled opposition now, and enjoying his spot in the limelight? I would believe so. If he truly has integrity and believes in the messages he claims to sport, he would relinquish the fame. It's dug it's dastardly claws into him, who's to say if they'll let go?

    • He chose to be 'in' the crowd. That is all which needed to be said.

      But he will never get out from there alive, or at least with sanity. And even if he ever gets out of there, no one will ever take him seriously again.

  11. Just shows how weak they are. I don't really know who they are but judging from the lyrics above they seemed to be quite aware of what's going on. For them to suddenly back track just goes to show that their convictions were not backed up by something bigger, hence it was so easy for them to switch sides, that's assuming they were genuine in the first place. Morally these people are bankrupt, they know the truth but to them it's like what the heck might as well go with the flow if it benefits us. I personally know lots of people like that.

  12. I'm a HUGE MUSE fan and.. ugh this breaks my heart. ):

    Maybe the elite are using MUSE to brainwash/create confusion among us, awakened ones? Perhaps, we are their target?

    Another questions is, why would a big record label (Warner Bros) allow them to create an album (The Resistance) that exposes the Illuminati? Are they trying to win the hearts of the truthers only to turn them into skeptics in the end?

  13. pulled a charlie vetch, science outdoes magically change, you either don't understand it or you do, you cant flip flop on science

  14. I don't think the problem is people not knowing, trust me they know.

    Its just no one does anything about it.

    Sad is Our dumbed down society that accept their fate from the hands of a group of elites so willingly.

  15. There's an old saying that goes…"Money Talks." Put a couple million in a persons hand and you can get them to say whatever you want,

  16. "RevolutionKitty says:

    I’m pretty sure they sold out a really long time ago and were just used to make it seem like they were on our side."

    I agree with this. I think they sold out waaaay before The Resistance came out. Check out the music video for "Time is Running Out". And that was made back in 2004.

  17. I bet u he´s gonna have a child named Mason, and lets wait to see iluminatti photoshoots with the hidden eye and dressed with animal print and stuff…another brick in the wall…meh…

  18. you know, on the brighter side, this just goes to show us and the rest of the world who laugh at "silly conspiracy theories" that well, there really is an ugly corporation that controls everything from behind the scenes, i mean come on! one second he's all "yeah!!! fight the Illuminati!escape from the cage!!" then a big fat check along with mainstream success suddenly causes his balls to retreat in a cowardly fashion "i would like to say that my views are more nuanced now, i read from credible sources" by credible i bet he means "official" and "widely accepted". ironic, i thought you, mr. yellow chicken, knew that "official" and "credible" equals "Illuminati: listen to us you dumb masses and don't believe anything unless it comes from one of the many powerful corporations that we own", at least in the present state of things. how weak, if they really were hardcore resistance, they wouldn't have accepted "mainstream success". on that note, does anyone know of any bands or singers who haven't bought into this nonsense? my playlist has drastically shrunk ever since i found this site!

    • Immortal Technique, Jasiri X, K-Rino, Rebel Diaz, Jeru The Damaja, Rakim, SA-ROC, StaHHr, KRS-ONE, Lupe Fiasco, and Sick Since.

  19. Everyone should boycott this band now. Dont listen to them go see them live dont waste ur money on them donate it to a charity instead. Or buy urself sum shoes.i luv shoes.

  20. I never took them seriously to begin with. Anyone who tries to obtain fame can be bribed and sold out.

    K-Pop is now destroyed by the Psy song. Few people mention Psy was a son of a multi-millionaire and was sent to America to study music. It is known that he spent 3 years 'goofing off' in America. No one really knows what happened in these years.

    And VC staunchly refuses to review Psy. I don't know why, since the very nickname Psy means Psychic Control and shows symbolism.

  21. "We have a symbolic upside-down pyramid suspended over us as we play."

    that's interesting, while they want to show the public that they are against the NWO and all that which is moved by satanic forces, they (probably inconsciusly, since ignorance and inconsciousness go together) actually show their ignorance, and therefore there adherence, in a certain respect, with these satanic influences. This becuase, as the Vigilant Citizien mentioned in the article "I pet goat II", the inverted pyramide is a sign of the inversion (now, the inversion of what is right and good is a feature of the satan) and the corruption of the symbols and ritual in the original freemasonry. Satan inverts every comand or order from God. This does not mean that when we see the pyramid in the upward positions means good. Unfortunately freemasonary has been corrupted and most of the lodges are become receptacle for corruption. And what the satan does is to try to corrupt symbols like these. Hence, while the upward position of the pyramid has been used (most of the time in these days) to "hiddenly show" the marks of the infernal influences of the cosmos, the downward position is the manifest evidence.

    By the way, a musical band that openly denounce the NWO, does not mean that has understood the essential point of this matter. Indeed, its "reverting" is some way from this position shows this.

  22. What a miserable little man, letting the Industry to himself to let them trade with his soul. Does he know what he's doing? Does he realise that now he "got" dumber than before? It supposed to be the other way around, he should see more now (or not to pretend just for the success and money that he doesn't see anymore). I am sure he still sees and that makes him even more ridiculous and miserable… and a coward too.

  23. Eventually, anybody in showbusiness is a prostitute who will sell out if the price is right. It´s not the first time somebody makes a 180 degree turn and won´t be the last. In this case it´s been only accelerated because Mr Bellamy hooked uo with Hollywood "royalty" i.e. the higher echelons of the Illuminati food chain. Sad but true. Good luck, Matt, because you´ll sure need it.

  24. When one believes, that events on Sept. 11, 2001 were an "inside job," one has to have really good reasons to convince oneself that that is the case. There is a compelling group of ever growing professionals (engineers, architects, and scientists) that have a very good idea of just HOW the operation was done.

    To honestly convince oneself, that the HOW the matter was an "inside job," one also must convince themselves of the WHY of the matter. "How" means nothing, unless the motive is established. More than that, the players of the WHY are equally important to the equation, when factoring in the HOW. Especially when many of these players, are long deceased. Some of which were so before the actual operation. That is just it. The "operation" is multifaceted and began long before Sept. 11, 2001.

  25. Are you insane? Leave your bible thumping end of days BS on Drudge Report or Newsmax. Why are there so many Christians on this site when there are so many articles postulating that Christ is just a myth repeated throughout many ancient beliefs? I believe in the IDEA of Christ, but he did not exist and your bible is the biggest mind altering propaganda out there. You are on this site because you believe in a larger authority systematically controlling society, but you believe in the bible? What?

    • If you don't believe the Bible ultimately you cannot be a successful truther. Yes religion is a matrix, even main stream Christianity, but that does not mean Christ is not who he said He was. Cmon man.

    • Sorry to bust your bubble buddy. For me, my Christian faith is personal. Even though this is an independent site (and of which I applaud Vigilant Citizen for sticking to their mission in simply highlighting what we don't catch on the surface), EVERY article that I read, I see a reflection of what the Word says. Certain things in our reality, experience ect has a way of bringing out something like the Bible to 'life'. The Word is the truth, way and life. It may not apply to you but to me it does. These articles are just excellent and it only strengthen my personal faith in understanding all times events (past, present and what is to come). So my friend, be ready. I am writing my opinion on what I see and feel. If it bothers you, it's not my problem. To each their own buddy. But as for me, learning so much here is life changing! Thank you VIGILANT!

    • @ farrisgota9to5 Really? To what end then do you think all this world domination is coming to. You are telling me that you see the propaganda and agenda stuff for what it really is yet but have no hope for a way out. I guess you think all the truth seekers are going to actually leave there computer screens long enough to take a stand and make a difference…Yeah like that’s going to happen. Please do me a favor, do yourself a favor, and read the bible. You read into things like the news, Hollywood, and the music industry misleading the masses. Why don't you read the bible for yourself and then tell me how exactly it is misleading the masses.

    • the writer of the site is actually christian, and he also said nothing on this site is against religion.

      no idea how you made that up

    • You know you're only half right. The bible of today is not real. Its been rewritten, things have been added and taken out. The old bible from thousands of years ago was real and true. Jesus peace be upon him. Was real. If you seek the truth sincerely, you may find the answers you need to know. Peace to be to you,no one knows everything, so be open minded.

  26. Matthew Bellamy. I love you and your band, and I have no doubt that you have been 'conditioned' somewhat by the industry to accept this new 'truth' of yours. Come on, you don't really think we believe that you now accept this wasn't an inside job do you? Sell-out or not, I frankly don't care – you are one hell of a talent and I sure wish I could play piano like you. I wish this didn't break my heart, I don't know you. Good luck to you (see you on tour with slightly anxious anticipation)

  27. I saw that in the news today and thought exactly the same thing! Trying to normalise the whole 'we can track you and find you whenever we want' thing by making it seem like a good thing!

  28. Who cares what this guy thinks. It's obvious that somebody got to him. John Connelly changed his story about what happened to him on Nov. 22 1963 too.

  29. Guys like that prick in the video at the end there need to be assassinated, or something. War inflicts absolutely horrendous damage to all the people involved- except for the men in charge. I can't believe the only people who can get justifiably angry about all this bullshit are the ones with "no credibility". I think nine out of ten of the "incidents" that asshole talked about are now officially recognized in history as false flag ops. or examples of deliberate manipulation though carelessness, negligence, and instigation through provocative action. A pity people won't look at what's right in front of them, even to save their lives.

  30. I wondered how Muse could have a contract with a company whose logo is the eye of Horus and truly be the resistance. It's just for Goy consumption.

  31. glad you got around to this, VC, pretty flagrant reversal after some intriguing photos recently of the band, as well as personal life, after their previous stance… leading to the Olympics.



    here's a nice analogy, but don't get caught up in one culture using it, many human societies figured out this type of technique across the globe:

  32. Said it before; will say it again…no one seems to survive in this business let alone thrive if they don't sell out at some point and to some degree. Some dive in head first…some stick in their pinky toes; either way, they eventually all go swimming. Sucks to be them.

  33. I think these guys and certain websites in the so called truth movement are sprewing half truths meant to keep us blind and paranoid and trying to stir up civil disobedience and entice violence . They want us to buck so they can go ahead and lock us down.

    • Yep. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The power-elite are itching to act on Marshall Law, take control of the masses by military force, and have the masses believe they somewhat deserved it. Incite violent revolution. When the government floods the streets with soldiers, gun's are confiscated, and citizens herded into FEMA camps, it will seem like the only reasonable action (to it's citizens and to the world) for them to have taken.

  34. I think Matt realized that if he continued to say things that are out of what is politically correct, the elite would easily organize a scandal to punish him, like revealing to the mass media that he's drug-addicted, or raped someone… if he refused to shut his mouth then he would have problems later. that's why he said this, to tell the elite "I'm a good boy so don't punish me".

  35. Many people are wondering, how dear he, for we have learned all of these truth "theories" long ago, they are the smart ones. The government with all it's power have a few threats, but if anyone is a threat it is the conspiracy theorist. These people who have ties in government, have brainwashing techniques in the music industry, if they can get theorists on their board then they can gain more power. A wave of people like us probably have been following the presumably "sell=out" band for a while, or even when the idea of behind corruption was birthed in them. Now they are on the wave with these band members, and where they go , they go and how they think, they think, just imagine something so hip and appealing to us..and then we actually follow this. This may have been a set up and guard for a while now, but that thought, that these guys were actually good…even gets deeply embedded in us. Do not be deceived …the credible sources are in our faces….no need to follow these theorists any more when we know the truth.

    • You probably noticed that lately, they (the people in "power") made lots of stuff (movies, music and so on) to try to dumb down the situation. Whatever that could appear as a hint, they hide it and turn that to ridicule so people won't ask questions anymore. Even the word "conspiracy" is seen as ridiculous, and whoever challenges the lies that we're told is gonna be bashed and laughed at.

      You know, it's not the first band that sold out. The Offspring is a great example too. Listen to "Ixnay on the Hombre" or "Americana"; they depict a rather dark power in place. But lately, everything is okay in their point ov view, they even said to medias that it's just their opinions and to not care much about what they say.

      Most people don't have any clue of what's going on. These rich fat cats don't mind to kill in order to fulfill their agenda. If you're a threat to their lies and you can bring truth that would free people from the golden cage we're in, you'd get killed so fast that you couldn't finish the word "illuminati". Yes, these guy buy silence, or else they might get you shut forever!

  36. The truthers are irrelevant and misguided. Only September Clues and the CluesForum got it right. No planes, no victims. We live in the age of media fakery and we all fell for bad CGI that day folks, the truthers are a joke…

    • er… it didn't occur to you that there would have been hundreds of thousands of people on the streets around the towers that day that actually witnessed the entire incident with their own eyes? how do you bring down 3 towers without hurting/killing someone? I think your comment is the only joke here buddy.

  37. We Are Not Amused on

    I've thought about this some more and I saw how 9/11 is *still* spreading hatred and division (divide and rule) among the general public, just as it was designed to do. I myself called Matt Bellamy a prat (which is probably true but it's not a very helpful thing to say).

    9/11 was essentially a *psychological* operation with many layers and many motives. One of them is that 'they' want us to fight, bicker and fall out with each other over this event.

    The ruling elite's star is falling fast as people wake up to the lies which held up their violent social hierarchy for thousands of years. They cannot stop this from happening….. all they can do now is keep trying to reduce humanity to a level even lower than them until we are basically animals (or cyborgs). Same difference. They need us to all be at each others throats, even in forums.

    In the end it really doesn't matter that Matt Bellamy did a U-turn on this issue. If anything it only helps to show just how fragile and weak the official story really is. Like, the official story is so silly it actually relies on public figures and 'celebs' all pretending to be ignorant and playing dumb so the masses will copy them. If 10 sports stars and 10 music celebs and 10 Hollywood actors spoke out on the issue with any degree of intelligence then I bet that would wake up 10's of millions of people overnight.

    Maybe the guy was threatened (implicitly or explicitly), maybe he *felt* threatened, maybe he's just decided to sell out, maybe it's a mixture of all of these things. Who knows and who really cares?

    To mock the guy or even hurl abuse at him implies that we somehow need him to be our official spokesman on the subject. This thinking is what got humanity in the mess we are in in the first place.

    Instead of mocking this guy, we should mock our own reliance on the social hierarchy. The social hierarchy where we choose to follow the herd and hand over our thinking to our favourite 'authorities' … TV, politicians, celebs, and let's not forget the so called 'truth movements', alternative media and even VC! 😉

    There is just as much blind herd mentality and 'Let's-all-blindly-follow-our-chosen-leaders' mindset within the so called '9/11 truth movement' as there is in the world of sheeple and their mainstream media.

    When the truth is known about 9/11 (actually it already is) it won't be official story and it won't official alternative story either. Think about the false left-right political paradigm for a moment. Now apply it to 9/11.


    Research the backgrounds of the self appointed leaders of the truth movement. Ask yourself why supposed experts who have irrefutable evidence have never filed this supposed evidence in a court of law, and are instead *still* calling for a new investigation over a decade on – implying that they are not expert enough to carry out an investigation for themselves. Then search the web for the one person who HAS conducted an independent forensic investigation into the event AND sued the NIST contractors for fraud all the way up to the supreme court. And ask yourself why she gets hardly any exposure in the so called 'alternative media/ truth movement circles….

    9/11 truth is like Inception. Waking up to the lie once is not enough… you're still inside a dream. You have to wake up again.

  38. The article was in the Metro newspaper a freebie newspaper given out on public transport and no better than the Sun or the Daily Mail. Facts are twisted to promote the Metro's agenda and often articles are stolen from other sources and reworded in a way to catch attention. I feel nauseous every time I read the Metro has it's very much in favour of promoting the latest gadgets and the transhumanist and hive mind agendas.

  39. So let's imagine…that I'm the frontman/lyricist for a band many of you may like. I'm also happily married, never had a drug problem, and generally have a hard time getting all riled up about, you know, the comfortable existence I inhabit. But, my band comes up with these killer rock riffs and I gotta somehow come up with lyrics that match the music's ferocity. Well, since broken hearts and dragon chasing aren't there for me, I have trouble finding…inspiration. So I troll sites like this and Alex Jones and get ideas from it about the police state that's being thrust upon us and how the illuminati is trying to force their worldview on us and blah blah blah. Then I convince myself it's true. Then I write about it. And then when I'm satisfied that the lyrics and vocals are ferocious enough to reflect that horrible invisible world out there, I go back to laughing at how paranoid so many of you are. I suppose it may eventually leak out that I don't quite buy into the drama as much as my lyrics would indicate. But hey, that's entertainment! Go Matt!

  40. ValissaMoriarty on

    Omg, I've never seen such an over-reaction.

    It was a statement, guys. All he said was that his opinion has changed slightly, he didn't say "OMGZ NO IT WAS AN ACCIDENT LOL OBEY DA ILLUMINATI LOL". He even said there's still questions to be answered. They've also been trying to get out of their record deal for yeears now, so, uh…

    Seriously, all you have to do is listen to their music and have a look through their old blogs to see they're legitimate.

  41. Muse is a puppet for the illuminati. The reason those songs were written was for people to wake up. The reason all this "truth" is coming out… is for us people to revolt. They want us to find the truth and start revolutions and riots. That's when they will have a reason for martial law. Then all your freedom will be gone. There's nothing, absolutely nothing us people can do. They have planned this since 1776. Everything is ready. The troops are ready to invade. They are waiting for a revolution to break out. The only thing to do is to repent and turn to God. We can't save ourselves. The Bible has prophesied about this in revelation. It's gonna happen wether we want it or not.

  42. All of these puppets like Alex Jones and Mark Dice work for the illuminati. They reveal the truth so people can get angry and start a revolution. That's when they will have a reason to in force martial law. That's why all of these symbols and subliminal messages are so blatant. They actually WANT you to know they exist. That's their whole plan.

  43. MUSE are what is termed "controlled opposition", they make you think someone is speaking out on your behalf so u don't have to do anything… and u buy their records…thinking they are cool.. They are all the same.. Muse are just another souled out sell out band on the Illuminati fast track to the New World 0rder.


    "The 2nd Law will find them playing beneath an inverted pyramid of LED screens: an upside-down version of the "all-seeing eye" beloved of conspiracy theorists. "It's turning the power structure of the world on its head," Howard says matter-of-factly."

    Perhaps we misinterpreted somewhere there? I don't think they've turned around like what you guys are saying.

  45. I've always liked The Muse about 125%. I generally like 25% of their music on any given record, and 100% of what they are about and where they are coming from. Now take away their support for the Truth of a matter, or matters, well then that puts us back to 25%. The rest of everything they are is garbage now. Period.

  46. Someday soon my dream will bloom

    and all who fail at their first fight

    we all know where they sleep at night

    stay strong in faith and truth will show

    This sucks, you think there is one person who can stand up to this and they dont. Just like a puppet he prances around a sell out indeed i agree. When i come out i guarantee they can threaten to kill my whole family and still i will stay true to my lord god almighty, this isnt over

  47. Flite 93 was headed for the capitol building and was shot down by our own govt.

    If it was an inside job, there would have been no plane headed for an unacceptable target in the first place. So good on Muse to have the courage to do an about face.

  48. the album the resistance is clearly Orwell's book 1984 .. anyone who read this book can notice it. In fact the lyrics of some songs speaks about "though police" and "united states of eurasia" ( it is the title of one song) ..

  49. Now, that I read all comments, I want to explain why this is whole thing a turning point to consider. I am working for and with the independent music industry since 17 years and I can say that there are things that can happen without help from "Up above" and some things just won't happen if the major company does not want it to happen. All of you should keep in mind that the major labels are just a tiny and unimportant part of big corporations they belong to. It is not about the money they can make. They decide that "ullallagagaga" is now to be no1, so it is. The major music industry is an important tool to control and direct the youth. And nowadays, the "youth" is considered to be the 0-60 years old. These are the facts that brought me to directly ask for coverage from vigilantcitizen:

    Until today, no matter why Muse did the songs and lyrics they did, the pointed people into certain directons and I think, this was a good thing. Now some more people are aware of certain things.

    With the release of the 2nd law, THIS has changed:

    1. Madness is on heavy rotation all over Europe (don't know about the US) – this comes from above

    and it costs a lot of money. Warner wants Muse to be a huge player.

    2. The Madness video definitely uses imagery and a story line to accommodate the things to come

    into their fan's mind set.

    From now on, we have to consider Muse to be a trojan horse, that is out there to manipulate people and direct them into the right directon (for the elite). And this is a huge change. They are now a functioning and powerful tool, while they were just a band with messages, before. The current, direct message with the Madness video is quite simple. Riots and protests as a central part of the everyday life of the youth, the place where you meet your love and Muse is delivering the "soundtrack of your life", as the iTunes festival motto goes. They want to turn protest movements all over the western world into a mainstream "hobby" and the industry is prepared to mold this "interest group" into a controlable mass consumption market.

    THIS IS a turning point.



  50. i don't get it. he had a what.. 8 year long relationship with an italian girl without ever getting engaged, and now he has a kid with this chick after just a year, and then they get engaged.

    doesn't sound like him. she must've got pregnant on purpose to keep him or something.

  51. If i was you, I'd rather just focus on God and following His ways… instead of focusing on the Illuminati. In fact, there is no one, one able to control what God is doing, and God, will not let the NWO happen. In fact, it's merely a device that Satan implanted… even people who know about the Illuminati are under Satan's control, whether you like it or not.

  52. Conspiracy Atheist on

    Good thing I never really heard their music. Yeah, I heard it on the radio and it sounded empowering but I don't take new music seriously what-so-ever.

    I flat out refuse to buy into cable TV. Since I'm TV and cableless I rarely watch bias news stations or anything in that matter. Most of the things in the news are just stories and exploitations of people's misfortunes. Great, let me sit around a glowing box and be glad about how that isn't me. Folks, we need to pick up books and learn how to sew, grow, hunt, build, cook, and start fires. Even if you don't need those skills in your lifetime, you need to pass them down to your family. They will need them.

  53. Of course, it's Kate Hudson and her illuminati shite friends that made him back down.

    Thanx VC, excellent article, again.

  54. They are such sell outs! They use to talk for the little man now they are against him and working with the illuminati scum! I bet the illuminati threaten them so they got really scared and changrd their story. Lol they are pathetitc to me now! See if they were on Gods side they would know not to fear no man made group that worship an angel gone bad. Watever I'm just bought done with all these stupid controlled artist! I just gonna listen to Nujabes now!

  55. THEY SUCK FOR TEAMING WITH THE ILLUMINATI NOW!! If they had God they wouldn't not have to fear a group of humans worshiping a angel gone bad! I'm done with all these stupid controlled artist I'm listening to Nujabes for now!

  56. I think they want to get work again that's why he's said it… the craving for fame and fortune must really be something to sell your principals down the stream…. just to get gigs and media coverage….

  57. To be honest, the first song I heard I knew they were laughing at people not trying to spread truth. I do no think that any of them ever started with good intentions. The term 'misinformation' became real other words.

  58. It's funny that the media makes his change of opinion a "newsworthy" idea, wanting to call attention to it. In the scheme of things, who cares if he believes 911 was an inside job or not–is any of this newsworthy or relevant to his music? The little fragments of irrelevant stuff the media puts out is disgusting and it shows they are moving an agenda along.

  59. he says "but I make sure I’m reading from credible sources". and whom would that be my boy??? all the media is owned by the elite. very few independent media sources left

  60. Just another souled out (and permanent) guest at the Hotel California. Such a lovely place…………………………

  61. Muse Why you have to Lower Yourselves For Worldly Pleasure…. Majorly Dispapointed Fan! My Respect For you Went Down at Rapid Pace. May The Good Lord Forgive You :-(

  62. yeah the song "madness" is not muse at all. It looks like its time to wipe them off my "safe" band list…the White stripes are the ultimte anti illuminati band tho to my knowledge. Just watch the video for seven nation army with a VC state of mind!

  63. It may be possible that the article in question is a complete fabrication or he has been misquoted, I sometimes read the Metro as its given away free on public transport, and to be honest I wouldn't believe anything I read in that newspaper.

    About two years ago they had Lady Gaga as a guest editor, I think that speaks for itself regarding the credibility of Metro!

  64. I am a "truther", but i simply can't BeLIEve that "9/11 was USA/white reptilian Bush carried Job"

    Let's suppose that 9/11 was done from MOSSAD… what did they achieve? They simply commited cultural/national suicide.

    Before 9/11, america was united nation (now is divided), america was wealthy (now is crumbling), Israel was "the good guy" (nowadays you can't see from mainstream/left-wing medias something positive about Israel), the jews had huge power (nowadays it's the growing arab/islamic influence. People can get arrested for daring to criticize their religion)

    The main goal of "Al-Qaeda" was achieved. USA attacked the arab world… and this radicalized and united all arabs. Before 9/11, the muslims were divided… now they are like collective being.

    So, truthers are cool but i never will understand the "9/11 was inside job" thingy

  65. I've been a Muser for over 5 years now. I've been to one of their concerts, watched every Muse interview I can find, and know every song by heart (okay, I admit I sound like I'm brain washed here haha. but hear me out.)

    Muse is what got me into conspiracy theories. Muse is what led me to sites like this.

    Lots of people have said that since Dom once said "the monty python humor" and act as if this means they're laughing at conspiracies…well if you've actually listened to a majority of Muse songs, you'd know what he was talking about…they're amazing songs, but some of it is just sort of over-the-top. it makes you smile out in public because it's just so fun and awesome. listen to Knights of Cydonia, or Unsustainable on the bus…during the OHHYEAHHH moments, you can't help but smile, and it's the sort of crazy over the top humor monty python has.

    and Unsustainable, one of the songs on their newest album, has against-illuminati backdrops to it. just look it up. oh, and all of you who claim the 2nd Law is Muse's selling out, it's still Muse's style! they're a band that keeps moving and never stops. they aren't selling out, they're exploring their style…

    He changed his opinion on something. and note that he isn't saying "what an idiot I was! how could 9/11 be an inside job! it's ridiculous!" no! he says he still thinks there are questions to be answered. would "a puppet" or "a bitch" say that?

    Honestly, some of you barely have a mind for your own. You see one picture of a celebrity where one eye isn't shown or they're a checkerboard pattern and you run for the hills. or you merely laugh at them, what an idiot, I'd never do that, I feel sorry for them. it's funny because most of you act like since you all know more then the general public, which is great, it's good to know such things, then you're always right…I mean hell, Matt's old myspace page had dozens of videos reveling the truth about the Illuminati! he changes his video and suddenly you want to boycott him? I'm honestly surprised nobody's brought up pictures of Dominic wearing cheetah pattern clothing and screaming he's a sex kitten.

    News flash: they can't mind control someone just half way.

  66. I said before the propaganda technique is to sometimes, gradually change thinking of people w/ misinformation , but in this case they just dropped it and denied 9/11 inside job . So it's either they NEVER believed it or somebody had a conversation w/ them and told them , show is over if you don't drop the 9/11 inside job talk .

    My sense is given how powerful and in CONTROL the " Entertainment " Industry is of these artist , they know from get go what not to say or areas not to touch , so much of the so called ANTI Illuminati Artists are just controlled opposition .

  67. I disagree. Sure, he may not believe that 9/11 was an inside job, after saying he did, but if you listen to the "2nd Law" album, they still sing about these topics. For example, the song, Isolated System (although it's only an instrumental and you have to watch the video and have an understanding of thermodynamics). Yeah, the idea that he no longer "believes" it's an inside job might be sketchy, but I wouldn't call them sell outs yet. I don't really listen to them, nor would I call myself a fan, but my brother is a fan. That's my take on his statement(s).

  68. Are You kidding me?
    These lyrics pretend to be moaning, they 're not, they are foretelling, familiarizing.
    Muse is an inside job from A to Z.

  69. infinitesub_routine on

    Please friends, serously consider this… It just dawned on me that as we are all fighting the good fight, all this focus and sifting of data, in turn, is quite possibly programming us en masse as well, just not in the same direction that the elitist's agenda insiders are tuned in to. This, in turn creates a division, or duality, and that, as history immemorial has shown, always leads to utter and total disaster! This was the seed of the war in heaven, the birth of good and evil, down to such trivial and anger inciting distractions as bi- partisan politics! The greatest danger is to lose your objectivity and immerse yourself in the battleground of the emotional mind. Remember, if you will, the old adage, divide and conquer, so as we earthlings devour each other with sensory illusions of grandeur and valour to counter- balance and oppose, the ones who refuse to be named or seen are dictating from unreachable places until they make themselves apparent, belive me, this has been twenty plus years of my toil and research, and these things aren't just educated guesses:-) Please, my friends, I implore you with all the careful concern of an infinite nature, do not allow yourself to be triggered by these evocative polarities:-) I know it may very well seem at times as if you are emotionally and mentally drawn and quartered, but remember that time, as well as suffering are but mere illusory constructs put in place to watch where the proverbial pawns of free- will move on the metaphysical chessboard next:-) Consider all things without haste, fear, or a notion to self- service! Heed these words:-) I write them with all intent and effort put forth from my essence:-) good night and may tommorrow reveal synchronicities and serendipity!

  70. Those who refuse to question the gaping holes in the official 9/11 story, whether the overall story be true or not, and the obvious inconsistencies in Larry Silversteins revelations, whether he is trying to state the truth or not, do not deserve the liberty that they do not fight for. Also those who do not seek the truth, be it different from the official narrative or not, are part of the problem, as opposed to part of the solution, and at the same time are possibly doing the many victims of 9/11 a disservice by possibly allowing the deaths of these people to be in vain.

  71. Bellamy has been threaten by a specific group of people in numerous times regarding the content of his music, only to find out how little did he care to please these people. Thus The Resistance was created as an obvious bitch slap to the face.
    In 2010, Bellamy's life started changing a bit with his new found love and towards the end of 2010 he was threaten again this time involving Kate and their coming new born, putting a big emotional burden on Bellamy and company. Muse was schedule to record new material around October but they were forced to rewrite some of the songs they had ready for their studio time. Finally, releasing 2nd law which is a departure from what The Resistance was lyrically, and portraying a Bellamy filled with dread, most notably on the song 'follow me'. Forced to show illuminati symbolism such as pyramids, all seeing eyes and depictions of baphomet.
    Muse will enjoy of many more years of success just as long as they follow the rules they have been given.
    As usual there is no way to proof what I have written and I do not expect people to believe it, so find out on your own or take it 'As Is'

  72. Quantum Pirate on

    Oh my God! Ron Paul doesn't necessarily believe 9/11 was an inside job (he refers to it as blowback either,, so that must mean he's also an illuminati puppet!

  73. ex muse fan lol on

    Hmm. Matt is a very smart man so it's sad to see this happen. They're latest album was so rubbish in comparison to their first few In fact they've gone backwards since absolution in my opinion. Feel as if they are definitely being restricted and resistance was a last effort for the band to say what they wanted hence the major change in music style. The smart thing to do wouldn't be to continue promoting what is right when your life has probably lyrics been threatened they are capable of a lot. Could cut you off financially or almost anything. Having a child and wife I think is his weak point and they would target that. Publicly he may say he no longer believes these things but privately I think he is doing all he can for people and himself. Music industry is incredibly twisted. We're so easily manipulated l. Kinda sucks. .. ..Real bad

  74. That video of Patrick Clawson calling for a false flag provocation attack to start a war with Iran is nothing but a major psy-op aimed at brainwashing the American people into thinking that false flag attacks are morally OK and simply an innocent measure that must be taken to promote the greater good of humanity. Anyone who can't see that this man is acting and playing a part is absolutely as blind is they come. There was nothing normal about this briefing at all…. NOTHING!!! This is all made clear by his obvious amateur acting which he probably spent hours practicing, to his little bullshit pow-wow with the other scumbag sitting down, to his little history lesson of all of the other declassified false flag attacks carried out by the New World Order (he failed to mention 9/11, who would'a guessed!?), and to his fake transparency which goes against everything that the NWO stands for. Notice how nothing ever came of this and nothing ever happened in regards to Iran…. it's because it was a rouse to place the subconscious seed in American's heads that "false flag provocation" is a normal and perfectly accepted action for governments to take part in. You can really see the arrogance of these evil human beings by watching this clip. Fear not…. their New World Order will FAIL and we will take back control of our world!!! A global awakening is underway and the universal laws attraction are in motion on scale in which they could never have predicted. The snowball has started rolling down the hill and in a very short time it will far to big for them to handle. We've already won this war!!! Keep believing and don't give up hope!!!

  75. I'm here to read about the truth, not to insult talented artists. Part of the chains or not, the insults aimed towards Matt B. are incessant and totally worthless. Some of the people on here appear to be almost like lunatics with their aggressive comments and "THERE'S ONLY GOOD AND EVIL" attitude. I'm saddened by it. We are all human beings, after all.

  76. So, have you seen this?

    I started listening to this band some five years ago and I reaally got into it, became big fan, listened to all of their songs, read a lot about the themes in their albums, like 1984, MK-Ultra, etc. Then came the 2nd Law (sixth album) and the Olympics and Hudson and dinners at the White House and also this.

    I used to deeply love this band, which influenced me a lot as a musician but also as a human being. However, the upcoming album, which will be released tomorrow, is making me feel disturbed. It sounds like a mainstream band of rockstars with the "anti-nwo" flag but actually making huge overtly shamless "illuminati" propaganda.

    Just saw the video of "The Handler". Yes, the new album "drones" is speaking directly about the conspiracy, but to me, the lyrics sound too dangerously "double-speak", the overall message of the album is even confusing, and it has more the apparience of being a programmation approach than a protest against it. Something just doesn't smell right to me.

    What do you think?

  77. Imagine you were Matt. Now he is trying to do what all of us wish we could. He wants to expose the elite, the illuminati. And typically when famous people with influential power try to reveal the illuminati, they end up either committing "suicide" (Robin Williams, Kurt Kobain, etc.), die in "accidents"/assassinated (Paul Walker, JFK, Hendrix, MLK, etc.) or are just shunned away from the industry and their careers fail (DMX, Bill Cosby, etc). Don't you think Matt is trying to avoid this situation by going along with some of the things that the illuminati want them to do? In order to keep his band's reputation and relevance in the music industry, he has to comply with somethings. It doesn't mean he is all in. Just trying to keep his rep so that he can continue to preach revolt against the illuminati.

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