Muse’s “The Handler” : A Song about a Mind Control Slave Singing to His Handler


Muse’s The Handler is one of the most obvious music videos about Monarch mind control ever created. However, it takes some basic knowledge on the subject to understand the true meaning of the video. Here’s a closer look at The Handler.

Muse’s lead singer Matt Bellamy was never a stranger to themes relating to the occult elite and mind control. The band’s 2009 album The Resistance contained titles such as Uprising and MKULTRA which alluded obscure topics relating to conspiracy theories. After the success of that album, Muse obtained some music industry recognition, participated in the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremonies (which were a big occult elite ritual – read my article about it here) and, since then, the band’s message somewhat shifted. Indeed, Matt Bellamy went from stating in 2006:

“September 11 is clearly an inside job, there’s massive evidence that suggests that it was either allowed to happen or even worse, deliberately made to happen”
– Drowned in Sound, Muse’s Matt Bellamy: “September 11 is clearly an inside job”.

to flip-flopping on the subject in 2012 :

“I don’t believe that anymore,  although there are lots of questions to be answered. I still read a lot about political history, the influence of corporations and the military but I make sure I’m reading from credible sources. I think my political views are bit more nuanced now.”
– Metro, Muse’s Matt Bellamy: It’s only now I feel comfortable singing about love

These kinds of statements, combined with a more subdued second album lead fans to wonder if the band “sold out” to the music business.

However, the band’s latest album, Drones, brings Muse back to its “Resistance” roots and goes even further down the rabbit hole. Drones is indeed a concept album that “follows the protagonist’s journey from abandonment to indoctrination as a “human drone” and eventual defection”.

Matt Bellamy described Drones as an album about the dehumanization of modern warfare:

“To me, drones are metaphorical psychopaths which enable psychopathic behaviour with no recourse. The world is run by drones utilising drones to turn us all into drones. This album explores the journey of a human, from their abandonment and loss of hope, to their indoctrination by the system to be a human drone, to their eventual defection from their oppressors.”
– Gigwise, Muse announce Drones album and UK Psycho tour

The album cover of Drones depicts an unseen puppet master controlling a drone who is controlling the masses of drones.
The album cover of Drones depicts an unseen puppet master controlling a drone who is controlling masses of drones.

The sixth song of the album, entitled The Handler, describes the protagonist’s indoctrination … and this indoctrination is clearly accomplished through Monarch mind control  (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, read this article first). The vocabulary of the song and the symbolism of the video could not be clearer, making The Handler one of the clearest references to Monarch programming in popular culture to date. Let’s look at the video.

The Handler

The song is about an MK slave singing to his handler. Right from the start, the lyrics refer to trauma-based mind control.

You (you, you)
Were my oppressor
And I (I, I)
I have been programmed to obey

And now (now, now)
You are my handler
And I (I, I)
I will execute your demands

The handler was first the “oppressor” as he subjected the slave to unbearable pain, torture, and trauma in order to induce dissociation. Once that is accomplished, the oppressor becomes the “handler” who programs an alter-persona that can be controlled at will.

In the video, a shady figure in a black hood plays the role of the handler. He’s sticking out of a strange structure which appears to be the brain of the slave. While the handler acts as the master of ceremonies, symbolic images rotate around the slave’s brain. All of them refer to Monarch programming – and many of them are actual MK trigger images.

As Muse sings about the Handler, a bunch of symbols appear around him. A moon crescent inside a cage represent the sleepiness and the imprisonment of the MK slave.
As Muse sings about the Handler, symbolic characters move in front of him. Here, a moon crescent inside a cage represents the imprisonment of the MK slave.
Then Alice in Wonderland appears. This fairytale is used by MK handlers to program slaves as they are encouraged to "follow the white rabbit through the looking glass" towards total dissociation.
Then Alice in Wonderland appears. This fairytale is used by MK handlers to program slaves as they are encouraged to “follow the white rabbit through the looking glass” towards dissociation.
Here we see Minnie Mouse (a reference to Mickey Mouse programming) and a chest full of Monarch butterflies flying around. Cannot get more obvious than this.
Here we see Minnie Mouse (a reference to Mickey Mouse programming) and, left of it, a chest full of Monarch butterflies flying around. Pinocchio also later makes an appearance. The story of the wooden puppet created by a puppeteer who turns into a “real boy” resonates deeply in MK programming.

Another item waltzing in front of the handler is a teddy bear. Plush toys and pets are often given to slaves so they can bond with them and get some comfort … have them live the trauma of losing a loved one. We’ll later see how this plays out in the video.

The lyrics of the song mention the key steps of Monarch programming. The chorus alludes to the ultimate goal of Monarch programming: dissociation.

Leave me alone
I must disassociate from you

The word "dissociate" appears in large letters above a shady handler while Alice in Wonderland twirls around. This could not be more MKULTRA-related.
The word “dissociate” appears in large letters above a shady handler while Alice in Wonderland twirls around. This could not be more MK ULTRA-related.

After being subjected to intense trauma and torture, MK slaves are pushed towards dissociation – it is a natural defense mechanism of the brain when faced with unbearable trauma.  After dissociation, handlers have “access” to the slave’s brain and can create programmable alter-personas.

The second verse of the song relates to the state of the slave after programming.

Behold my transformation

The lyrics video tells us that "behold my transformation" is actually Trance Formation which is a reference to the book Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brian.
The video spells out “transformation” as  Trance Formation. It is a reference to the book Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien.

Trance Formation of America is one of the first books ever to reveal the Monarch mind control system used by the occult elite. In her biography, O’Brien writes:

“I have prepared this book for your review and edification concerning a little known tool that “our” United States Government is covertly, illegally, and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Order (One World Government). This well documented tool is a sophisticated and advanced form of behavior modification (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Government Psychological Warfare technique is drawn from my personal experience as a White House “Presidential Model” mind-control slave.”

The rest of the second verse describes the powerlessness of a programmed MK slave who cannot help but obey the handler’s orders. The slave is a stranger in his own mind.

And you are empowered to do as you please
My mind was lost in translation
And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine

The third verse is about the slave rebelling and attempting to break from his programming.

I won’t let you control my feelings anymore
And I will no longer do as I am told
And I am no longer afraid to walk alone
Let me go
Let me be
I’m escaping from your grip
You will never own me again

During the third verse, things change in the mind of the slave : There is no more cage imprisonning the moon, the Monarch butterflies are free from the chest and the handler is dead.
During the third verse, things change in the mind of the slave: The moon is free from its cage, the Monarch butterflies are free from the chest and the handler is dead.

However, like most stories about Monarch programming, victory is mere illusion.

As the camera zooms out, we see another, larger handler above the dead handler. In the MK system, there are multiple levels of handlers. Most MK handlers are slaves themselves who are used to carry out the dirty work as superior level handlers oversee the entire process. Notice how the teddy bear now hangs upside down.

In Conclusion

The Handler is one of the most blatant music videos about Monarch mind control in popular culture. However, contrary to other MK-themed pop videos described on this site, the narrative of Muse’s story does not glorify Monarch programming, it goes against it. Does that mean that, despite being signed to a major label, Muse is anti-elite and anti-establishment?

Well, that’s not clear.  As stated in an article in Pseudo-Occult media, there’s a duality that permeates the message and the symbolism of Muse’s works. On one hand, some of their work has a rebellious and revolutionary message but, on the other hand, the band ultimately just adds more occult elite noise in mass media, albeit with a slightly different perspective. While the symbolism of The Handler could not be clearer for someone who knows about Monarch mind control, it still goes way above the heads of regular viewers (read the YouTube comments of the video, you’ll understand).

In the end, the work of Muse accomplishes what symbolism does best: It reveals to those in the know and conceals from those who are not. For this reason, it is up to us to be vigilant citizens and understand what mass media is trying to sell us. Otherwise, we will turn into drones who are controlled by other drones.



  1. The real problem is that Matt could yell from the roof tops that our government is actively trying to kill us and no one would listen but the “tin foil’s”.
    Of course he flipped on the 911. Did it get your attention? I’m sure it did. Then he succeeded.
    As far as him having ties with the cabal- I’m sure they are watching him 24-7.
    He may even be on their pay roll now that he’s signed with wb. That doesn’t change the mission. After all the only reason any of us knows anything about this stuff is from insiders leaking info.
    Y’all are a bunch of noobs.
    Ps. It’s very hard to expose cabal/illuminati symbolism without showing it. Let me know when Matt starts videos of himself dry humping baphomet, or participating in cannibalism and we can talk about him being a drone.

  2. I don’t know what to think about Muse. I do find the “propaganda disguised as protest” idea extremely foolish, as it doesn’t really help the enemy (Illuminati) or its agendas; quite the contrary, it exposes them and encourages certain minds to educate themselves about what they are.

    Perhaps that’s what the enemy wants, for us to dig into the rabbit hole, only to lose ourselves in the inconceivable darknesses lurking in the world. Again I’m not bright (or rather, dark) enough to understand what goes on in their minds. At the end of the day, knowledge IS power.

    Obviously much of the symbolism and wordplay is right in front of our eyes, but many people are completely blinded and will continue to live in denial even after the truth is shown. I think it’s quite obvious, that the enemy wants people to stay dumb and uninformed, as such with censorship.

  3. Man, I can’t believe they’re just OPENLY SAYING IT NOW, in our faces!!!
    I mean,
    “You (you, you)
    Were my oppressor
    And I (I, I)
    I have been programmed to obey

    And now (now, now)
    You are my handler
    And I (I, I)
    I will execute your demands”

    And people STILL don’t get it?

    Listen, Vigilant Citizen, thank you SO MUCH for decoding all these horrid things for us!

    I’ve been wondering for a while if these endless victims THEMSELVES realize that they’re mind control slaves and that they’re being brainwashed? Do they EVEN KNOW what they’re signing about and what their videos are about? Do they realize that they’re being manipulated and used as puppets? Do they have any power to object/resist? Do they ever, ever get to be THEMSELVES? How are they with their families? Do they/can they share with anyone, or do they literally become like machines/robots with cold hearts and switched-off brains?

    All this bothers and baffles me so much, I just can’t find inner peace after I’ve learned about this mind control/programming thing (only 3 months ago, can you imagine???)

    • The celebrities that have been subject to MK Ultra are indeed victims, but many of them have also literally ‘sold their souls to the devil’ for what they’ve received in exchange. If they want us to feel sorry for them, they’ve got another thing coming. I want to feel sympathy for them, but I’m not an idiot either.

  4. Muse are mocking those who sing along with their music. They are definitely not nice / good people. Listen to their music in the frame of mind that you are being mocked and you will get it where they come from. They think people are too asleep to be aware of their mockery. They are EVIL from the get-go.

  5. I think they've always been involved from the very beginning. The song Showbiz says it all:
    Controlling my feelings far too long
    Forcing our darkest souls to unfold
    And pushing us into self destruction
    They make me
    Make me dream your dreams
    They make me
    Make me scream your screams

    Honestly, I feel like they're just 3 dudes. They try to inspire people sometimes with songs like Butterflies and Hurricanes and Invincible. Wouldn't doubt if Matt was trying to scare or put people on edge with songs like Micro Cuts.
    They're obviously involved in the occult though. Matt attempts to talk to the dead, that's a form of necromancy. He wore a shirt with Aleister Crowleys' face superimposed to a Quija board on a televised performance.
    I wouldn't necessarily say that those facts make them evil though. To many non-christians that's odd but not the worst.
    Their music does seem to push people to wake up in my eyes. MTV's video of MK Ultra makes me lean towards the parties involved trying to get people to open their eyes and see what's really going on, as opposed to a contrived attempt to implement MK Ultra

    By the way, the teddy bear is in the hanged man position at the end of the Handler video, This symbolizes a sacrifice in order to keep projecting forward. Also the moon is tied with mentality in symbolism. A caged moon refers to a caged mind. Once it's freed from the bird swoops it up onto the level of the higher a*****e. The moment the mind becomes conscious that there was always a higher a*****e above the first a*****e.
    I think it shows progress as opposed to futility.

  6. This certainly gives us a new perspective on the band. We had no idea they were so mainstream. When we first heard their "MKULTRA" we thought, "Oh, how charitable of them to sympathize!" But if they've been through that themselves, and are having to channel any and all opinions into defeatist music videos, no one knows where the heck they stand on the whole deranged agenda. Probably including themselves.

    It does give me hope for other artists to know how our own system operated. We had the fronters tasked with infiltrating the Christian church by being genuine Christians; we had coauthors helping them write interesting fantasy novels; and we had internal puppet masters posing as "God" in order to control the fronters, give them a false idea of what the religion is actually like, and guide the novels into subtly promoting occult practices in a way that would appeal to the fronters' Christian audience. But since 99% of the system thought the elites were monsters and their agenda was baloney, even the "God" alters only did the bare minimum to avoid being suicided or unfortunate-accidented, while at the same time, the fronters were continually puzzled at how their fluffy inspirational novels kept filling up with sociopathic governments, cults, conspiracies, and p*******e rings meeting sticky ends. Very little of that stuff was in the programming script, and we probably would have had to censor it before publishing. But the alters who knew what happened just desperately wanted to have their say, however they could manage to do it. I really think trying to stifle free will is by nature a losing battle, which is why self-destruct programming is so popular. They know almost every system will have members who want to fight back or die trying, so they bank on the latter.
    Anyway, my point is that this very well could be a sincere lament from angry victims who had to wrap it in this bleak form in order to be heard at all. It's nice to think there are potential allies out there, whether or not that's realistic. I hope someday there's a safe place for all the wannabe-defectors to go start their own lives.

  7. Once Matt started dating the Hollywood trash I knew somethin' was up. Besides, it's really impossible to be as popular and HUGE as they are without selling out.

    • This is true, but I thought Muse was primarily based in the UK? The Illuminati is a global predicament, but the USA seems to be their favorite propaganda tool, of which Muse is not really a major player.

  8. What a load of twaddle. Mat Bellamy has been a conspiracy theorist for years, and he tries to tell people of the happenings through his music. Just look at the cover of the album! Look at the name of the live album they made back in 2001! Listen to the lyrics on the Black holes, Resistance and 3rd Law LPs. I have known Matt and Chris for 20 year. When We used to gig together as kids he was into it then. Read between the lines. He is informing you. Nothing more sinister than that.

    • You’re probably long gone, but I’m very curious about your relationship? I (and many others I’m sure) would truly like to believe, more than anything, that Muse is on the resistance front and not just another shill group. After #Pizzagate exploded, I have really woken up to the true reality of our world, sick as it is.

  9. Muse were good and somewhat antiestablishment years ago, then they started to fall off and become irrlelvent as happens to most bands when they get older. The lead singer then started speaking honestly about 9/11 and regained some spotlight then they were clearly made a deal around the 2012 olympics and they sold out. They got another boost of fame and sales, in return the elites avoided having a famous focal point which might wake the masses up. It's so obvious.

    • First off I watched the video. If you did too you will see that the public was given frames to put their fan art on them. Once I slowed down the video I saw alot of interesting things like Bush did 9/11, an all seeing eye with a pyramid, phone numbers, instagram links, aliens, and other random stuff. One frame had justin with an illuminati shirt on. And why not? It's their art. Alot of people are obsessed with this crap now because it is out in the open and everywhere. I would have loved to have done a frame myself. Sounds like you're taking the video a little too serious. Relax.

    • Good point, never thought about VEVO. Anyone who has joined VEVO is practically a sellout, and Muse doesn’t seem to be a part of that, yet anyway.

  10. Watch Muse – Mercy Official Lyric Video. Its all about the merry-go-round, pyramid, puppeting, one eye, cctv, dark. Just creepy.

  11. This is a great article, all of them are, but this one in particular lacks a little bit of context to my view. That is, the whole album's context. It consists on a conceptual story which does not end with the defection of the protagonist but rather with successful programmation ultimately making him become the ultimate new world order dictator (see "The Globalist"). I believe MUSE has become the ultimate anti-illuminati product made by the illuminati. Propaganda disguised as protest. It was once my favourite band ever, but this album does not seem right in comparison with the first ones. I will try to make a detailed analisys on the album, if I get to make some time.

  12. your website is so powerful. I learned a lot. Thank you so much !!

    ps: You should do an analysis of the new Rihanna video ( B***h Better Have My Money ), it's really creepy ..

    Kiss from France 😉

    • Amazing lyrics of the song by Rihanna. I've never read so sound lyrics. It must be a poet the writer of the lyrics.

    • There isn't really much to analyze there…. its just pure corrupted trash/ violence/ drugs. The new Justin Bieber video on the other hand deserves an analysis. there are literally tons of hidden symbols!!

  13. To my view, Muse, once my favourite band EVER, has become the anti-illuminati product made by the illuminati. That is, propaganda disguised as protest. I carefully listened to the whole album even one day before the very first day it came out, and to me it seemed like they are actually the most shameless illumanti band ever. I love every article I read in this amazing site so far, but I think this one in particular is lacking some context. That is, the context of the whole album, you should check some of the artwork, really scary. The conceptual story does not end with the protagonist's defection, but rather with successful programation. I posted a small analysis on the Youtube comments, but it got little attention. As this article states, most listeners do not take Muse's messages very seriously. This was my Youtube comment:

    "So what I think, this is the story of Matt and how he was forced to sell his soul to the empire, how he became brainwashed to the point of being "tranceformed" and programmed by a Handler in a process similar to "MK ULTRA". You can see in the lyric video a lot of symbols of "Monarch Programming". Then in "Aftermath" where he finally embraces the elite as his one and truly love, it's them against the world. That's how he becomes a drone-dictator (or a drone-rockstar with strong influence of millions of minds around the world working to execute the elite's agenda, remember "the wall"). Now a puppet of the new world order, "The Globalist" takes place, even though the official claims are that this song is separate from the concept of the album. Yeah, right. And the JFK speech is about "sneaky methods of the communists" according to The Guardian. Sure… THAT was what he was talking about, right? Anyway, the not so happy ending in the last track and the whole disturbing message in this album can be summerized in the artwork of that song. Really scary picture."

    I will try to make some time to write a more detailed analysis, what do you think?

  14. Matt Bellamy probably didn't sell out to the music industry, he was no doubt forced to retract his 9/11 statement, because of his relationship with Kate Hudson. I believe he was told that he would lose his child and have his band name smeared and his reputation trashed. Then he was sent to 'rehab' to be re-programmed after being given all the drugs he wanted to addle his mind and make him more pliable/malleable
    By the looks of it, the illuminati did a good job!

  15. What a gorgeous song (about MK Ultra), I felt very hypnotized especially during the guitar solo. Hmmm like it's meant to get to the listener in some creepy way. With that handler-dude staring at us at the end. But I could be paranoid

  16. As a north American, muse never really made it big until one of their.songs was featured in the first twilight movie , this only happened because the author of the twilight book series, stephenie meyer, said her favorite band was muse. Muse has upward of 9 albums. From a personal and logical perspective , I think they are freedom fighters , but once they were noticed and brought into main stream media they had to retract their statements of 9-11, because they were being watched so closely all of the sudden. It was the smart thing to do unless they want their plane to mysteriously crash on a tour. They know they're being watched and must play by the rules in order to keep their popularity and also in order.for their message to be more widely heard. Sure the main masses just bop their head blindly in unison, but I think they know that the select few are true followers and understand the meaning behind their music.
    That being said, it's always the safe route not to jump to conclusions, before looking at every option and theory available

  17. They also have a song called "MK Ultra"
    The lyrics:
    The wavelength gently grows,
    Coercive notions re-evolve,
    A universe is trapped inside a tear,
    It resonates the core,
    Creates unnatural laws,
    Replaces love and happiness with fear

    How much deception can you take?
    How many lies will you create?
    How much longer until you break?
    Your minds about to fall

    And they are breaking through,
    They are breaking through,
    Now were falling,
    We are losing control

    Invisible to all,
    The mind becomes a wall.
    All of history deleted with one stroke

    How much deception can you take?
    How many lies will you create?
    How much longer until you break?
    Your minds about to fall

    And they are breaking through,
    They are breaking through,
    Now were falling,
    We are losing control

  18. Probably been pointed out that Muse have had 7 studio albums and a live album called HAARP.Started getting into conspiracy issues with 2003's Absoloution album.

    • Muse is clearly criticizing the illuminati, but, at least as I see it, the social programming is in the repetition of the command phrases presented under emotionally evocative music. After all, performance is ritual.

  19. Does anyone think that since the moon represents the symbol of Islamic religion , that they are also trapping them into the mass of music and they are getting free or I would say staying away from this kind of traps in music. I am glad most Muslims don't like music or waist their money on buying any music because that is how they get the support or get rich from other people's hard earned money.. Anyway hope u all understand wat I mean

  20. At the end of this song, the MK slave knows they are a slave and is trying to get away. But MK slaves don't have a clue that they are a slave in their normal front alter. So unless they found out somehow (such as reading online literature about project Monarch) and then the memories came flooding back, they would have no idea what was going on. If the slave is given a "tune up" and reprogrammed every 3 years, it is difficult to remember. Unfortunately, they usually remember when the handlers no longer have any use for them (for example, a sex slave who is now 55 or 60) and they aren't concerned that the slave will go public because no one will believe them anyway. Thank you VC for making us aware of this song.

  21. bellamy is a poser and a fake. also, talking about mind control and 'the elites' is to sell-outs and flip-floppers such as bellamy just another venue to 'explore' and make moneys for their slave-overlords. aka the elite posers such as bellamy supposedly 'go against' in their songs, videos, books and such.

    • No. They never married, but are now no longer an item anyways. I did notice once he got with her, his. stance certainly changed on a few subjects. I imagine his son might have been threatened if he didn't play along. The album the 2nd law was a huge leap from the message Muse put out with their other albums. No conspiracy touched. This seems to be resignation on his own terms.

    • Very possible. They often match MKs together, so that it is easier to access each of them when needed. Perhaps his programming broke down?

  22. Real rock is strutting, perverse and FUN; one wave of a REAL rock star's hand destroys the mental plaque and rot of the established order!
    These corporate rock behemoths with their stylist-approved scarves, boots, grins, megawatt light shows and predigested presentation are NOT rock!
    Give me the crazed glam dementia of Marc Bolan, the working man, insect-like heroes of The Ramones, the sweaty madness of Death Grips — ANYTHING but these deceitful, celebutard-dating, obedient little drips! Kiss OFF!

  23. I sure am going to continue being as vigilant as I can in order to avoid being a drone, so that music clip on muse's song is definitely something I won't even bother watching as I have a fair idea of what the comments on youtube are going to be like as mentioned by VC.

    Even looking at these disturbing images and the variety of how MK ultra can expand is making me feel….well……drone-ish….in a way of how "The Handler" can have its way with the poor soul or souls in this case.

  24. I wonder where these guys consider themselves standing in all of this. Obviously they know how the system works. Does that mean they're free from it? This video conveys resignation to me. They are little cogs in a machine and their knowledge is just a burden, because obviously they have to push all this stuff that only makes sense to those privy and cannot really enlighten anybody.

    • It's not obvious they are in the know or know how the system works. What is obvious is they read Cathy O'Brian's book and frankly this site and are inspired by it. No proof they know anything from personal experience.

  25. Can't wait to watch the video on YT.
    From the article i'm on the fence, these guys might be on the level.
    'nother excellent article, TY VC

  26. Note that it is not just symbolism we have to be leery of. In 1939, through various funding, the Rockefeller foundation was successfully able to change the standard musical tuning of A = 432 to A = 440. The current tuning of music based on A=440 Hz does not harmonize on any level that corresponds to cosmic movement, rhythm, or natural vibration. Mozart and Verdi both based their music on natural vibration, and A=432 was nicknamed the ‘Verdi tuning.’ Most western music, including popular New Age music is still tuned at unnatural A=440Hz. The difference between A=440 Hz and A=432 Hz is only 8 vibrations per second, but it is a perceptible difference in the human consciousness experience.

    According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web, A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centres (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.

    Nicola Tesla wrote, "Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain's alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind".

    Furthermore, Dr. Tobias, a leading research professor in this field, was alarmed at his discovery that bio-energetic research in acoustic science focused on producing the social impacts of emotional arousal and even “mass hysteria.” This research included “investigations in ‘physical analysis’ of sound effects, . . . an established technique which others may use in practice dependably . . . ,” the determination of measures by which audience reactions could be accessed, “’even without any technical capacity for psychological measurement of audience response,’” and the use of sound effects that “produced what was really mass hysteria.” These revelations best account for the “mass hysteria” demonstrated by audiences responding to “Rock-n-Rollers,” initially Elvis Presley, followed by the “British Invaders.” It was recently revealed that The Beatles were barred from performing in Israel following an investigation that prompted the education ministry to conclude the Beatles’ performances caused: “Hysteria and mass disorder. . . There is no musical or artistic experience here, but a sensual display that arouses feelings of aggression replete with sexual stimuli.”

    On August 31, 1957, hysterical crowds trampled people, including Canadian reporter, John Kirkwood, who wrote:

    “It was like watching a demented army swarm down the hillside to do battle in the plain when those frenzied teenagers stormed the field. Elvis and his music played a small part in the dizzy circus. The big show was provided by Vancouver teenagers, transformed into writhing, frenzied idiots of delight by the savage jungle beat music. A hard, bitter core of teenage troublemakers turned Elvis Presley’s one-night stand at the Empire Stadium into the most disgusting exhibition of mass hysteria and lunacy this city has ever witnessed. . . . Colonel Parker also enjoyed reading the ACCOUNTS of the riot the next day.” –

    I wonder which is worse? The never-ending bombardment of symbolism affecting our subconscious or the negative frequencies targeting our very soul.

      • Thank you. I will research this more. I had previously read a little about such things. It appears modern researchers are proving and finally catching up to what ancient sages have taught for millenia—that our body responds to vibration and that the trillions of cells inside of us form one grand symphony of sound…

        Mayan's Science Of Cosmic Manifestation may be basically outlined as follows:
        1. Primal or Pure Consciousness. The realm of Absolute Source or the beginning of all manifestation.
        2. Feeling Waves, Thought Patterns, and Word Forms, through spontaneous, harmonious expression equate to organized thought. The movement of consciously ordered thought is the primal power of creation. Pulse exists as the energy inherent within feeling waves and thought patterns.
        3. Pulse or Cosmic Time. The origin of vibration. Pulse = time = space. Pulse = Vibration.
        4. Vibration, through frequency, form, and sequence, is the foundation of sacred geometry and mathematics. Vibration is the origin of energy (pulse), light (color) and sound waves. This is also primal — "O" (light waves) and "MM" (sound waves) — the cosmic origin of "OM": the sacred chant used for millenia in the far east.
        5. Light waves confined to the resonance of mathematical formulas (as in a musical composition) produce all manifested forms, both etheric and physical. Colors and sounds emanate from the same primal light waves. The vibration of light and energy is the source of all manifested form. Mathematically precise vibrations determine the exact structure of the conceived form, from the sub-atomic level, up.

    • I don’t know about the Elvis thing, seems like pretty natural hysteria to me. To this very day, women all over swoon for the King. His music was like nothing anyone had ever experienced before, it was a new phenomenon.

  27. VC good you bring up these's really quite sad people in a very sad AGE , where the blind lead the blind , for Money and power /Fame , Ego .
    There really are not even worth putting into word's , It's really is becoming more of the same on here/ feeding Fear and helplessness,
    What about the good thing's people are doing to bring about a change in Conscience ,
    Now that's a hard thing to update us on ?

  28. The flip-flop on 9/11 is a classic among celebrities: Marion Cotillard did the same thing. She was a firm believer in the "inside job theory" until she began campaigning for the Oscars and Golden Globes: she apologized for "being stupid" on the Larry King show…It seems that the subject can cost you your career if you speak too much.

    • yep that's right – so they speak lies and say they 'changed their mind' so they can keep receiving their filthy lucre. sell outs – that's what all those types are – sell outs and wastes of resources!

  29. Listen to the song "resistance" by Muse. Doesn't it sound somewhat hypnotic; almost as if they're trying to make you internalize the message on a subconscious level? I read some study about how beats per minute in music effects brainwave patterns.

    Theory: Muse (and other similar acts) is allowed to get so big and sing about anti-establishment stuff because the elites WANT a small part of the population to rebel. Remember, the agenda goes beyond just music; its about the control and manipulation of the people. If a small group of people rebel (like those "domestic terrorists" from Occupy Wall Street), the govt has an excuse to pass laws putting more control of the people because "safety." Look at this :

    I think they're controlled opposition.

  30. I have loved Muse from their beginnings and after giving the topic a lot of thought my own conclusion is that they ARE anti illuminati (and all that) I mean, those of us who know all of this exists wouldn't just "stop" believing it all from one day to another. I think that Matt was FORCED to shut up or THREATENED by the Elite. I am kinda scared for his life. I don't want him to be be on the list of "mysterious celebrity deaths".

  31. I love this article, I knew it would come. What I never understand is we all know what's going on, why can't you still enjoy the music? I know I do. I take it for what it is entertainment and don't depend on these people to pay my bills.

  32. I still can't help, but think things like this are being done .. purposely. So people like the VC review it and then all the readers head to youtube to watch the video. It's just getting to blatant and in your face.. I think they now use that as a marketing tool…

  33. To me Muse are disinformation agents. Mixing a bit of "conspiracy crap" with truth and throw in some rock music. In the end, the video is more about taunting people than really informing them. I could imagine that the elite is just messing with our minds, figuring out how far they can go, how much they can hide in plain sight and still most sheeple won't get it.

  34. A recent comment here is exactly why this website is so important.

    "Better to have a voice…than state opinions…"

    Give in!
    Sell out!
    Lose your soul for a few shekels!
    Be afraid of what people might say!

    What a great philosophy — not.
    Why do you even get out of bed? Stay there, stay asleep, don't question your masters.

    "Not every single thing is a conspiracy."
    That is correct — only the important things are conspiracies, like the Tonkin Gulf incident, 9/11, the Moon landings, Sandy Hoax, the Boston Bogus Bombing…etc etc etc.

    I give a s**t, my friend — why don't you?
    I would rather keep my soul than sell out, and I keep my credibility by NOT giving in to our oppressors, even if that means I'll never be wealthy or famous.

  35. If Muse are Pro 'Illuminati', why would they feature the JFK speech in this album where he is blatantly talking about secret societies and hidden agendas? If anything, it seems to me Muse are attempting to blow the lid on the whole shebang via the medium of popular music: good luck to them.

    • That's where I'm torn, a LOT of money goes into these albums, they aren't just released willy-nilly (lol…) my question is: If they are against, then WHY are they allowed to release it?

      • diabolical people don't make sense to normal ones. it's called mind games. they always have their reasons which are not obvious to normal peeps. that's why you have to take it with a pinch of salt and ignore it. they can't do a lot to you as their power is limited despite the fact they are arrogant to believe they are above everyone else. they aren't and that's tragic.

      • classic misdirection. if mind control is being pushed into view then bigger dealings are going on. unfortunately vc is a proponent, knowingly or not, in distracting us with the small picture.

  36. Guys, when I started reading this website, I didn't believe the articles were true… I mean, I was sure VC was full of lies and bullshit.
    But now… As VC says: it CAN'T be clearer that there is something very wrong with mass media… God helps us!

  37. If someone hear the entire new album "Drones"
    there's a song called [JFK]+Defector.

    JFK is a JFK speech about Secret Sociaties and Defector, there a particular moment from the song:

    Yeah, I'm free
    From your inciting
    You can't brainwash me
    You've got a problem

    Yeah I'm free
    From society
    You can't control me
    I'm a defector"

  38. VC writes:

    "The Handler is one of the most blatant music videos about Monarch mind control in popular culture. However, contrary to other MK-themed pop videos described on this site, the narrative of Muse’s story does not glorify Monarch programming, it goes against it. Does that mean that, despite being signed to a major label, Muse is anti-elite and anti-establishment?

    Well, that’s not clear."

    This qualifier by VC is important. It means that we who despise the Illuminati and what they are doing, must not automatically jump to conclusions.

    Films and videos ABOUT the Illuminati are not always BY the Illuminati. Some of them are exposes of the Illuminati. They are not necessarily "predictive programming".

    A little discrimination is required.

    • Most of the people here are too paranoid, automatically everything in the music biz that can be remotely popular is bad.

      • Not everything is.

        Only most of it.

        The trick is discerning the difference.

        VC makes an effort to do just that.

        His readers should do the same.

    • This song does seem to be against mind control. But why is it currently fashionable to expose the evils of MK? This is a good thing, but why is everyone suddenly an expert on the topic? And some seem to glorify this inhumaine practice.

    • If it comes from the mainstream media it's ALL subversive…even the ones you THINK are 'exposing' the illuminati or Talmudic elites..that you believe the mainstream media has anti-establishment rebels freely speaking their minds is the best possible example imaginable of why elites do this (and VC has pointed this out before many times)….there are many similar techniques used to make the monopolized, controlled media appear as legitimate, democratic and socially responsible….when in fact it is none of these. ..

      • Let's suppose for a moment — for the sake of argument — that your assertion is correct.

        It isn't. But let's suppose that it is.

        If so, then the Illuminati would have outsmarted themselves, because they would have miscalculated. The ultimate impact of their pretense would have been to undercut their message.

        Another explanation is more realistic. They do not have total control — yet.

  39. I wonder if there is a connection between the growing blatant symbolism and the change in musical quality they are undergoing. I know some die-hard fans would disagree here, but please, they're only making music for the sheeple. Like all "big" artists do today. And we find the same symbolism there too.

  40. Great article, VC! Not much of a Muse fan, but I do enjoy some of their songs. As for the video a hand and its purpose – I'd say that's controlled opposition. It brings no new information to the table, it simply recycles concepts and symbols we've already seen a thousand times.

    Seems to me Muse have simply been allowed to uphold their "young, rebellious, anti-establishment" image by releasing an album about topics that have been all the rage in rebellious and anti-establishment circles for years, while not revealing more of "the agenda". So, controlled opposition.

  41. This music is meant to control & program us. And now that we know, it is as if they are laughing in our faces. Desensitizing us to their shenanigans…appalling. Special circle in Hades for these diabolical minions.

  42. I like his voice and love songs. I wish they only sang about love and did not pretend whistleblowers. I don't trust them at all.

  43. Can someone please recommend another site similar to this one? I've learned so much here and have read every article, ready for more…

    • Here are some topics I've discovered on my journey. cryptocracy, James Shelby Cooper, King Kill 33, twilight language, cant language, revelation of the method, Michael A. Hoffman II, synchro-mysticism, toponomy, the dreaming mind, collective unconscious, sub-conscious, nuerolinguistic programming, behaviorism . . . I could go on but —

      • Viola,
        Unfortunately, I think the books of Daniel and Revelation might not be the best place to start if there's no prior understanding of Biblical prophecy or language. They would be good to go through with a trustworthy teacher though. God bless.

    • The site that VC cited in the article Pseudo-Occult Media is excellent!! That guy is so detailed and thorough. He's so good at connecting dots and providing an abundance of picture/video evidence to his claims. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated regularly since maybe 2011 but looking through the archives he's accumulated is plenty of fodder to feed your fix of this kind of stuff!!

    • Read all books by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, INTHEKNOW7, David Icke, Arizona Wilder (forget the reptilian stuff) and Carissa Conte to name a few.

      • Why do you say forget the reptillian stuff? Do you think it is a coincidence (and myth) that nearly every ancient culture from all corners of the planet had reptillian deities? That 100's, if not 1000's of ancient texts explicitly talk about reptillian entities (God's) coming from the sky and possessing incredible technologies must all be myths? What about the statues, art, sculptures found all over the world of reptillian entities? There is simply far too much evidence of reptillians here on Earth, to simply brush it off as if it were a myth/theory. Do the research and it should be pretty clear to any and all that reptillians/chitauri (Zulu)/Archons were overtly directing/controlling humanity in antiquity and are doing so today covertly. Condemning something you know nothing about is the height of ignorance, never forget that.

      • As I recall, Cathy O'Brien herself wrote in her book that George H. Bush Sr. tricked her by sitting on a chair across from her as a halogram of a reptile was projected on to his face. It was supposed to scare and tramatize her. Arizona Wilder(who seems to have disappeared in Canada) stated that she felt she was programmed to fabricate stories about reptilians to discredit her experiences. I feel that both of these women are very credible

      • I just watched a Fritz Springmeier video titled, We are change Colorado presents: Fritz Springmeier. At the end of his presentation, people ask him questions. Someone asked about the Reptilians, and his answer was "That's all disinfo."

  44. I'm a big Muse fan and when this video was released I had started to anticipate a VC article on this or the whole Drones album because of the obvious symbolism under the guise of heartbreak. Unfortunately many fans do not notice the symbolism and only relate to the "heartbreak" aspect of the song. Thank you for the article!

      • I loved Louis CK but as soon as I found out he was a sexual pervert, my mind changed. We find things out that can persuade us gradually over time or immediately after being informed. Criticizing Death2Elite for the change in opinion is, imho, unwarranted.

  45. Meh, never liked this band, they do plenty of triangle symbols in their albums and concerts, pretty obvious who they work for.
    Great article.

    • Plenty of pyramids on this site as well. They constantly attack Illuminati and use an inverted triangle as their sign. Come the hell on now. Matt Balllamy is obviously one of you, quite obssesdly so.

  46. Thanks, VC. As for hypnotic programming, the author's intent is irrelevant. All that matters is the repetition of the phrase. If you are aware, the lyrics are not for you. The lyrics are aimed at the pre-teen, teen, and naive 20-somethings. Such an obvious revelation of the method for us is micro-traumatic for the young.

  47. Chill out guys/gals! I'm pretty sure they are just trying to uplift the masses for the better with their beautifully crafted videos full of love and hope. Only a blind imbecile would think otherwise.

  48. Been waiting for this post. I considered sending it, but i figured every one and their mom already did lol. I really don't know where I stand on Muse, too many conflicting statements.

  49. Muse are mocking those who sing along with their music. They are definitely not nice / good people. Listen to their music in the frame of mind that you are being mocked and you will get it where they come from. They think people are too asleep to be aware of their mockery. They are EVIL from the get-go.

    • Having been to a Muse concert at a major stadium (so, many thousands of people) and seeing almost all chanting along, fists in the air in unison to quite base level "revolutionary" (lite) lyrics…it was really quite disturbing. Most were utterly mesmorised. I had to keep leaving and taking a break (I went with a friend who is a fan) it didnt feel right…i dont think they are anti establishment at all, i almost feel as though they are a tool
      for the "alternative/rock" crowd….like katy perry (and her cohorts) are for pop.

  50. Yet another super article, VC. Thanks.

    I never did like Muse, totally overhyped here in England. And I really can't see a major label act being anti-elite or anti-establishment.

    Bellamy has certainly been mixing with the right people. He was married to Jewish actress Kate Hudson. He is now dating model Elle Evans who appeared in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video and two of Beyonce's videos.

    Teignmouth, where the band met has an interesting history as well.

  51. seenb4in84 – not every single thing is a conspiracy. What is completely clear is he spoke the truth and then had to backtrack because people were attacking him. Better to have a voice in music than state opinions in the open and then be destroyed by the media. He obviously took it back in order to get back 'credibility'. Who gives a s**t – are you saying you wouldn't? Tell your boss at Best Buy all your beliefs if you are so anti-establishment.

    • That's all speculation, there's nothing to prove that your argument is the reason he backtracked, but I know VC might also be speculating. To answer your question "I" give a s**t – and no I wouldn't backtrack even if it meant losing all my money. I wouldn't give up control of my life for money, but that's just me. I "DO" tell my boss at Best Buy all my knowledge and or anyone willing to listen, even if they think I'm a nut. They deserve to know.

    • Wow you must be a superfan. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why personally attack someone else's opinion with your OWN personal OPINION. You don't know this band personally, so you're just assuming as well.

    • You're right. Not everything's a conspiracy. Most of reality is so bizarre, there's no need for elaboration, but it is definitely encouraged of us to have the ability to see evil when it masks itself as righteousness or goodness in EVERYTHING, especially the things we allow to flood our senses (music, movies, food, etc.). You must admit that most people are asleep where half of them are plainly unaware of the truth (that there's a sinister agenda to undo what God did to Babel via Luciferian "enlightenment") and the other half just don't want to wake up (cognitive dissonance).

      An example of knowing a truth without actually having first-hand knowledge? George Bush Sr. is a p*******e. How do I know this? I've read THREE books on 3 different subjects (one about the 9.11 attacks, one about Cathy O'Brien and one about the Franklin Cover-up in Nebraska during the 80's), and they ALL elude to him being a chimo – a Satanist who likes to diddle little kids. The fact that there's not a squeak from the media over it tells me all I need to know. So, no, not everything's a conspiracy, but that's only because it's more than likely true.

      • let him be a pedo. his days are counted. how old is he? at least 90. he won't live forever to abuse children. his face is ugly beyond recognition with all the inane things he's been doing for decades.

      • And what are you, the delivery boy??

        F**k's sake that's disgusting…you and whomever up-voted you are animals just as evil to even think like that.

        What are you even thinking? Somehow less horrifying for the child that he's "at least 90"?

  52. Muse were good and somewhat antiestablishment years ago, then they started to fall off and become irrlelvent as happens to most bands when they get older. The lead singer then started speaking honestly about 9/11 and regained some spotlight then they were clearly made a deal around the 2012 olympics and they sold out. They got another boost of fame and sales, in return the elites avoided having a famous focal point which might wake the masses up. It's so obvious.

    • They have been appearing on the big American awards shows for years. You need to bend over and take one from satan to get on these type of shows. Without a doubt.

      • "You need to bend over and take one from satan"

        I know this is likely true, but I really needed a good laugh just now! 🙂 LOL


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