Bratz Dolls in Illuminati Masquerade Ball


Hello one-eye symbolism.

Bratz dolls are basically younger, sluttier versions of Barbie dolls. They’ve always annoyed me because I personally feel that young children should just be kids and should enjoy their innocence while they can. And, to me, Bratz are another way to promote sexuality, superficiality and even celebrity to young girls. But maybe I’m just acting like a grumpy old man looking at new toys and saying in a disapproving tone: “We don’t have the toys we used to”.

Bratz however took things to a whole other level with its new Masquerade collection by incorporating in it all out Illuminati symbolism. Masquerade balls (also known as Illuminati balls) originate from obscure occult Secret Societies who organized these gatherings for ceremonial and ritualistic purposes. These balls often ended with orgies with the masks playing on the anonymity of the sexual partner (see the movie Eyes Wide Shut). Is there a reason why young girls should recreate the occult elite’s ceremonial parties?

Here we have a couple of vampires dancing on a ritualistic checkerboard Masonic floor. Plus, on the left, a sex-kitten checking everything out.

Here’s the promotional video for the collection and see how Illuminati symbolism is promoted to kids.



  1. cingisbelievin12 on

    And people wondered why there was such a back lash on mcdonalds when they tried to promote these things…smh.

    • Abused children's only "escape" from their traumatized existence is being able to play with dolls. This is due to their dissociative state. The personalities given to the dolls can be organized through suggestion; exposing the child to videos of personalities for them to mimic during their "play", slutty Bratz/Barbie dolls and their movies, of course Disney and the media's general slave personalities (Paris/Britney/Miley etc.) help a lot in this regard & by Barbie's "built for sex" physique makes it perfect for programming doll-like sexual alters.

    • It's called doll programming. A monarch slave was abused and given a doll. So the doll makes it easier for the programmer to dissociate the monarch slave for monarch programming.

      • so you noticed that but you didn't notice that you were shopping around for presents to celebrate Horus' and Mithras' birthday? girl, please…

    • CourtMarieI lo on

      I love those dolls I want to collect them bc theyre so out of the ordinary looking but now im afraid to have them in my house

    • VigilantMarcy on

      Have you read the reviews for the Monster High Dolls on Amazon? Just about everyone was raving about them!! I couldn't believe it!

      • Yes, my step sister just turned 12 last month and she was raving about some monster high books her ma bought her. Says they're awesome.

        I've always hated Bratz. The part where you can take off the dolls' feet always disturbed me. And they're big lips and their bitchy i'm better than you glares and attitudes… ew. It was like middle school all over again. i did like the real life Bratz movie though, but that's somethin else.

        Anyway, almost bought her a Monster High tshirt from Walmart. That trend is spreading like wild fire. It's probably the spooky style. Ppl have always been into werewolves and vampires and ghouls and they're beautifying them w/ those Monster High dolls. All those Twilight movies and vampire books are accenting on that to the point where of Course little kids want toys like that. It's the hottest thing right now. Doesn't make it ok but it's obvious why ppl are into them.

        & with the way VC just explained that pic of the masquerade… i'm officially creeped out. If only ppl knew the background of masquerades… i sure didn't… till now.

  2. What is that two-fingers hand gesture the kid does at the end? Looks familar, but does anyone know what it "means"?

  3. I do have something to say, lol. Has anyone noticed how the entertainment industry is promoting Vampirism. I mean look at the explosion of Vampire shows and movies. For some reason I just will not watch the Twilight saga, don't know why I just don't want to see it. Maybe there is some hidden symbolism that the untrained eye cannot see. Oh yeah, I also saw Eyes Wide Shut VC, heavily loaded with symbolism; although, during the time I saw it I wasn't familiar with it.

    • anamericanmom on

      Yes, so much vampirism in today's culture, including magic and negativity. I encouraged my children away from Harry Potter (i.e., let's not follow the crowd, here are more entertaining options) and did not allow my daughter to get on the Twilight train. I see so much sadness, death, illness, as a nurse, that I told my children there is already too much negativity in the world, lets see the positive. On another note, toys are a major influence of children and then society. In addition to Bratz now, what was the point of Barbie? Who looked like Barbie? Was it a "cultural brainwashing" to encourage perfect women, to those who cannot tolerate "real women".

      • they should watch shows like reboot (some symbolism in there, but more wholesome than whatever's out now) basically whatever was popular in the 90's and before that era

    • Has anyone else made the conection between modern vampirism, occult innitiation and trans-humanism?

      What I see is that they are all aiming for the same goal, just in different ways. In the Twilight series, vampires are much more like normal humans, only better, stronger, more beutiful, smarter, better lovers, dont have to sleep, etc, if they are good then they are very good and if they are evil then they are very evil. Bella is a beutiful girl ho is a bit clumsy but when she becomes a vampire she is even more beutiful, elgeant and graceful in her movements and smarter – oh, don't forget immortal unless killed. Basically that is the same as what transhumanis is trying to achieve through scientific methods such as exoskeletons, implated computer chips, drugs, etc. The occult initiation is the same, you go from being a lowly, animalistic human to higher, spiritual being with the ability to attract wealth, health, energy and power to yourself.

      Nietzsche even has an intellectual version of this, look up the article "Übermensch" in Wikipedia, here is an excerpt "the Übermensch represents a higher biological type reached through artificial selection and at the same time is also an ideal for anyone who is creative and strong enough to master the whole spectrum of human potential, good and "evil", to become an "artist-tyrant". The word Übermensch [designates] a type of supreme achievement, as opposed to 'modern' men, 'good' men, Christians, and other nihilists … the combination of ruthless warrior pride and artistic brilliance that defined the Italian Renaissance embodied the sense of the Übermensch for Nietzsche.

      Of course all of this is just trying to regain the perfect human state that was lost in Eden. In fact the people who are in to these things see themselves as more advanced than primitive "religious" humans yet they are doing exactly the same thing as there are two goals of all religions 1) control the world outside of one's body, 2)gain a higher, improved immortality. Christianity is different, true Christianity is not about humans regaining their original perfect self through any of thier own efforts because they can't! True Christianity is about accepting Jesus as the uncreated creator incarnate and His power to restore you to the perfect priest and ruler that you were created to be.

      • You are spot on, my friend!! I couldn't have said it better. Yes, transhumanism, occultism, vampirism they all revolved around the idea of human perfection, and are diametrically opposed to Christianity which focuses on always being aware of our sins and being HUMBLE.

        All those occult teachings have been present since antiquity and were reborn in the Renaissance (which means, rebirth),generated the French Revolution and they are being forced on our throats today not only by mass-media, but through a heavy promotion of things like "meditation techniques", some self-help books, astrology, a certain part of psychology,etc. They all boost the human EGO which is our biggest down-fall, and the reason for lucifer to fall from Heaven. We can spot on what side the teachings are by simply observing the behavior of its followers. Remember.."the tree is recognized by its fruit" , and that fruit to them is PRIDE. They'll act like they're above everyone else, all-knowing and all-powerful. The elite is the same, but they don't realize they're the ones caught in the trap.

        Transhumanism , occultism, they focus on the idea of satan, with which he made humanity fall, and that is "ye shall not surely die" ..he's the father of lies and please people beware of new age teachings which are, and will be invading us even more in the near future. I'm afraid Apocalypse now is no longer only a movie title. Real Christians should be prepared for martyrdom.

      • I´m half german (as well as american). Übermensch means superhuman (got it from the dictionary)…

        1. having powers above and beyond those of mankind

        2. exceeding normal human ability or experience

        I totally agree with you, promoting a person, even being a fictional character, as more beautiful, and stronger than a human can become on their own, is the agenda and coming heavier dosed. The crazy thing about it is, Barbie in human form is ugly and unrealistic looking. Just check out the woman who went through x amount of operations to look like Barbie. Even the proportions aren´t conform to that of a humans. Guess that´s why women with a size 0 get DD implants???

        Way back when, women (real women) with curves were considered beautiful (yes also because it meant they had money to get those curves), nowadays if you´re a size 12 or bigger you get looked at like you´re a freak and seriously need to lose weight. Everybody is programmed to think a woman has to wear atleast a size 6 and a atleast a C cup to be disireable. GOD forbid you have children, they´d blow that body out of porportion! That´s the next thing, here in Germany if you have more than 1,3 kids (don´t ask me how they do that) you´re a super freak, and seriously having 2 kids is on the border. The elite don´t want kids, not that we´re just overpopulated, they want to breed those superhumans, so that the "low lifes" (normal people) become extinct. And yes, I get that out of those ugly dolls, which would get me started on pushing pedophilia just looking at the childlike doll faces wearing too much make-up, and dressed like they´re asking for it. If you can´t even say anything against being gay, even in church, without getting arrested, how long will it take to push pedophilia to that state? And in my opinion, also taking my faith and belief into consideration, it´s as unnatural as pedophilia.

      • it's all about on

        yup! the only thing u r wrong about is reaching that higher or next level and being more spirital- it's actually the opposite- being "lowly" humans we already are at the highest spiritual level if we wanted to, G-d made us all in the image of him. The new movements going on right now, the basic 3 you mention, are to make us not spiritual and not human. to eventually give ourselves up to the devil. instead of playing board games and watching cartoons, kids will be trying to summon evil spirits as entertainment. there are a lot of things going on right now, not only succumbing to the government in a soon to be police state- but eventually succombing to the evil one.

        doesn't that vodka commercial say- are you bot or not? like being bot and controlled is supposed to be cool?

        also iron man 1 and 2 came out at the best times in the middle of all of this- he is supposed to be a higher level, a hero, but with a fake heart kind of like a chip implant. interesting.

        all these toys like monster high, these new bratz, hec i've even see hello kitty evil versions like with skull and bones- just like harry potter and twilight saga and all those movies = are to promote that this evil is not only cute, it is normal.

        this dark side is going to be part of more peoples' every day they are prepping the kids now to make it normal, just like any other religion… and that is the bottom line

        after all, freedom of religion had its purpose of being in the constitution- and soon we will see the real reasons why our ancestors wanted that here

    • Ever notice the front of the twilight apple for sin..the red flower looks like blood shed..a red ribbon for sacrifice, transformation…and of course a checkerboard floor with a queen pawn (the transformation now complete). The books lead young women into desiring things of a dark nature and their desire for it causes the darkness to win power over their souls. Not that the books have power…I've read them out of boredom because my friend already had them….but women that are unsure of who they are yet can easily be swayed by these things. The books do have a very strong, lets say "sexual power" especially the first one, and that is why they are able to persuade the soul into choosing the path it sets before them, making them believe that real excitement and all the things they desire exist in this occult world. The real power lies within each of us, everything around us are just persuasions for us to make the decision for ourselves, and a soul that is not strong will easily be duped into these illusory pitfalls.

    • Matel might have pit them out of business… but only to bring them back under their full and total control… It was just about Monopolism… And now they also have those other Monster Dolls that go along with Bratz… that are more grotesgue in appearance than those above here.

      • I think the less is known about VC the better. He might be on the list if and when the False Flag/FEMA Camps are started.

      • I bet we're on the list too. But those FEMAs don't exist everywhere -thank goodness. If we won't be killed by a psycho with a knife, a gun or a silicone bag then we'll have to consider bliddy FEMA camps.

  4. Wow seriously? The Egyptian Brat practically has the Eye of Horus slapped on her face! This is too much…

    Also those Bratz Boys dolls look like complete duchesbags. But I digress.

  5. I'm an adult woman have a collection of Bratz dolls, and they were created for teens, not little girls. I also have 6 Bratz tattoos. Does this make me a devil worshipper? I take weekly Bible studies with a Jehovah witness, and I'm gradually learning everything about Jehovah, the Bible, and the truth.

    • I'm sorry but the girl in the video that sits in front of the computer creating her masquerade-something look doesn't look for me as a teen. Besides, the article is about to point out how some occult themes start appearing in the kids-devoted district of mass culture. If you're an adult you won't be as much influenced by some symbolism as chlidren who are growing up and everything that they hear or see now is already shaping their future believes.

      • Trust me when I say that Bratz are for kids. Stopped liking them when I was like 9 :b No teenager would be caught dead with one, come on..a Barbie maybe, if you're a collector or something but Bratz are just tacky.

      • exactly never let anyobne read the bible for you let God guide you through his word and give you his understanding…not some persons understanding.

    • I wouldn't tell anyone else that honey! Just on a basic level if I saw I would talk about a whole lot just on the fact that you claim to be grown and have a tattoo based on a kids toy! I feel the same way about people claiming to be Barbies! You're grown so be that! And the fact that you have 6 of them! Girl you're just stupid!

    • What I've been reading on the Illuminati has stated that the Jehovah's Witnesses, or it's original leader, was a member of the Illuminati. I would research this myself if I were you. If you're going to study the Bible, which I am encouraging you to do, then do it with someone who is interested in getting you the real Truth. The Illuminati is everywhere and they are experts at deception. Be very careful!

      • Believe me, that is SO not true. I've studied with JWs for years and observed them and they are no part of the illuminati. They aren't connected with the government and they don't have any symbolic stuff. Just look at their books and see that there are no signs of MK Ultra. 99.999% of JW are good people.

    • When was the last time you saw a teen playing with dolls, or a grown woman for that matter. Not sure bratz tats are something to brag about.

    • Really? Okay, read the part were it condemns tattoos 😉

      Also, the article didnt say that people who own brats dolls are devil worshippers. Try to study what the bible says and live and love from that. It's written that a tree shall be known by its fruits. Once you gain more understanding in that regard, it's easier to challenge the info you read on this site.

    • Who are we to judge you?? This is but advice to everyone about what is going on in this world. Whoever is clever will take head- there is only one way Fight ! And Yeshia is the only wat out of all of this satanic mess

  6. I knew it!!! my niece got one of this dolls for christmas and as soon as i saw the box and doll i knew there was something weird about it, very symbolic… now i can see what lies beneath, thanks to VC of course ._.

  7. I nearly crapped myself watching this, Thinking this is not for real. There is no shame anymore with how blatant they make it now. It's getting close to disclosure time!

    • What about the Novi Stars? Cila Clops? A doll with one eye that lights up!! Check out the whole line the are creepy. Can anyone explain the deal with dolls?

  8. @Nesha

    "I’m an adult woman have a collection of Bratz dolls, and they were created for teens, not little girls. I also have 6 Bratz tattoos. Does this make me a devil worshipper? I take weekly Bible studies with a Jehovah witness, and I’m gradually learning everything about Jehovah, the Bible, and the truth."

    an "ADULT" with a collection of BRATZ dolls and 6 BRATZ TATS. um….ok.

    in some circles:

    Jehovah witness is a satanic cult formed by freemasonry.

    all "duality" religions are satanic cults.

    you will not find "TRUTH" within a book or a religion. those things are meant to trap you.

    • You're still just as rude and patronizing like when you insulted me by replying to my initial post. Does me being a Bratz fan truly upset you? Is it because VC said to NOT like Bratz and the fact that I'm a frequent visitor on this site who's a fan truly disturb you?

      You and anyone else who has a problem with me might as well get over it. I'm not a member of the Illuminati, I'm not a devil worshipper, and I don't get on my knees and pray at night to my Bratz dolls. It seems like you're just grasping at straws here just to further insult me.

      How said.

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        Cant you just SHUT-UP. Seriously NO ONE cares about you and you're Bratz collection and tats. Stop having a go at people and creating controversy over nothing, okay?? The active discussions are here for all people to comment and share knowledge, not to interrogate and discredit people.

        And yes, if you do some research on Jehovah's Witnesses (which I highly suggest you do) you will find out that it is only a cult founded by Freemasons.


      • @neesha

        I've read quite a few of your comments.

        Thing is you can say people are judging you. But my advice is to pray and ask the one true God to reveal the truth to you. Just tell him about what you've learned in the religion and genuinely ask him to sift out all the lies and show you the truth. Trust me if you're sincere in wanting to know more about him and what HE says instead of man-made beliefs/ideals/interpretations then he WILL reveal himself to you. Please don't leave it up to bible studies seek out God for yourself and spend time in prayer with him.

        He WILL reveal the truth.

        Check out this site. It's just a random website that gives you sound biblical facts that help to pin point what the word of God says about what the denomination believes.

    • Kai is right. The lady didn't know. No need to bash. Get off your 'holier-than-thou HIGH HORSE already, sheesh. Quite an unappealing attitude… *SMH* >=///

      • This reply was originally aimed at @nvra75 or whatever his/her name is. But that goes for anyone else who wants to hate lol. ><

    • And sometimes a fanatical collection of dolls implies "Doll" programming. just like the butterfly one implies Monarch… etc… depends what you mean by collection. Natural… obsessive… programmed?

  9. Those dolls have always creeped me out! They have such a slutty look on their faces. There is no way I would get one for my little girl! Thanks for the article.

    • HA!!! These dolls have always creeped me out to with their Giant Heads and huge eyes!!! We got rid of cable a couple of years ago (we have a toddler) and we didn't want her watching that crap. We do have Netflix, but it is much easier to limit what she watches. She asked to watch the Bratz cartoon the one day and my husband was like "NOPE." We only let her watch educational and positive shows. My daughter does have a Barbie collection, but they're the Holiday Barbies…they are beautiful and dressed from head to toe……they stay in the boxes though. We refuse to buy her the slutty barbies that barely have any clothes on.

  10. For kid girls or for teens girls doesn't matter because either way they keep talking about how 'sexy' the outfits are… (with those little girls going online to play 'sexy' bratz dress up with make-up and stuff)!!! They're are a bunch of big business sex predators.

    • kids have a natural sexuality and all that… as I remember… personally…
      BUT…. of course… these people are aiming at amplifying it and distorting it for their own purposes.
      They want to create a bunch of new Babylons who use sexuality's fire to get their way and they also want to create stupid Samsons who are not real men but who are women-centred fools who replace God with a Scarlet Whore.
      The less sexual you are… in actuality… the more of a REAL Human you are.
      That's why neither St Paul nor Jesus married… they were real Men.

  11. Do NOT see the Twilight series. As I said to my husband after seeing the latest movie, the Twilight Series is a series of very bad decisions. And going to see the movie is one of them. Although, I didn't notice any overt symbols in the latest movie, the entire story itself is horribly, terrifyingly ritualistic and certainly not something I would want my child or young adult watching.

    VC, when are you going to do something on these movies?

    • Um this is what urks me; Twilight isn't meant for young children more like older teens. I dont get how 'parents' don't get that the whole series is more appropriate for older adolescents. I mean come on; it's a bout a 17 yr old girl @.@ Especially if u have seen the previous movies u can see shirtless boys and things like that tht kids wouldn't understand. Anyway that freaking commercial; saying sexy wow thats just disappointing. So wrong…

      • Syrus Magistus on

        The teenage vampire romance genre (Twilight in particular) is an analog for teenage sexuality in America. Written by a loopy Mormon housewife. How do I know she's loopy? I mean besides reading her stuff and getting flashbacks of every crappy fanfic I ever ready by girls one-third her age? Well, I've been that loopy myself. On psychotropic pills. As a kid. And I wrote stories (including fanfiction) with approximately the same flavor, though only in the beginning. I'm a special case however, and you seriously don't get that messed up in the head without going through some messed up stuff in your life, plus it's almost impossible to stay there without reinforcement of some sort.

        The sexual overtones of the whole biting thing and the vitality-sucking thing is an obvious metaphor for letting some gloomy bastard pop your cherry (or cherries, because let's not forget this is America). It seems like a pretty good reflection of how American popular culture perceives sex and its relationship to death. Frankly, we live in a culture of death. It sucks out our energy and does messed up things to your kids.

        PLEASE don't take them to see this movie or let them read this book. You'd be better off handing them something by Anne Rice. Or Roman Polanski for that matter. Being emo is retarded. You listen to mediocre music, you hang out with people who have no personal energy or magnetism, you probably hate yourself enough to cut or en kill yourself at some point. And everybody resents you for having nothing legitimately painful to whine about. And if you manage to survive adolescence somehow, you're basically a boring hipster for however long it takes you to get picked up by the corporate antichrist and retrofitted for the next generation of "Starsuckers".

    • The Twilight series is about what many films are about, such as Underworld. About the birth of a perfect Hybrid that will usher in a New World. In Underworld it's some guy who combines Lychan and Vampire bloodlines. kind of like Twilight… but in Twilight it's a girl.

    • I own all the twilight films and the harry potter films- i see nothing wrong with them except for the fact s.meyer did no research on vampire and werewolf myths and bella doesnt have sex till she's married but she wanted to do it in eclipse but edward wanted to wait which a lot of guys seem to be lacking that respect today

  12. Oh my God…. it creeps the hell out of me ! I used to play with those kind of dolls and see the ads on TV and everything… Thank God I found out the truth, I would propably be "programmed" now. Don't trust Jay-Z, Jesus can save you !!

  13. Can u say "little hoodrat slut bitches"?? That's what comes to mind when I see these dolls. They're made to teach young ladies to be young whores!! There's no masquerade balls for children so this toy company is conditioning the impressionable youngsters to participate in adult activities! How sad & twisted!! This is why girls have babies so early & are so hot in the ass! These dolls are not of childhood innocence!! These hoochie mama, club hopping sluts are programming little girls to grow up to soon!!!

  14. What's next? Dolls with breast and penis. Come on now. Oh wait, get it now your very own doll that has a menstrual and a yearly calendar to keep track of her cycles. Just joking but y'all feel me right? They already have anorexic dolls and emo dolls. Hell is calling our children we must shelter them and teacher them that these are not toys for children but toy for evil people.

    • I think that anatomically correct dolls would be just fine…as menstruation is a completely natural process and there is nothing sexual or wrong about it. Dolls with real parts used as teaching aids would be a helluva lot better than these "sexy" hunks of plastic.

  15. @nvra75 Don't be so rude. Lots of adult women like Bratz dolls and Hello Kitty without knowing the illuminati backgrounds. She is educating her self now so don't put her down. We live we learn, you don't know everything.

    • @kai

      "@nvra75 Don’t be so rude. Lots of adult women like Bratz dolls and Hello Kitty without knowing the illuminati backgrounds. She is educating her self now so don’t put her down. We live we learn, you don’t know everything."

      she does not seem to be educating herself now.

      she seems to be defending her "idol worship" and making rationalizations and justifications of her behavior.

    • Even I like some of the Bratz fashions… but not all of them… I'd like them more if all this sublimimal stuff wasn't added into them.
      Hello Kitty's mouthlessness, though… I have never been comfortable with. It's like that altered photo on the Silent Hill film.

  16. Well I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to collect dolls. You'll have to forgive me for that. After all, the Bible teaches us to forgive and not judge.

    So, according to you and the 5 people that agree with you, I'm a devil worshipper no matter what. If I study the Bible, I'm a devil worshipper. If I go to Bible study, I'm a devil worshipper, if I collect dolls, I'm a devil worshipper.

    Here's another one for you: Mariah Carey is my favorite artist and her albums have been related to Monarch programming. (Rainbow, Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi) She even had a label called MonarC. Even despite the helpful, inspirational songs she makes, I'm still a devil worshipper for listening to her, huh?

    This is insane.

    I'm a frequent visitor on this site and the amount of so-called "Christians" that are belligerent and judgmental astounds me. Considering that Jesus Christ was never belligerent nor judgmental, but people claiming to be his followers it really disappoints me.

    Now I'm saying that it's wrong to dislike the Bratz dolls. I know several people that don't like them. As parents, if you don't like them, simply do not purchase them for your little ones. Purchase a Dora the Explorer doll instead. But wait! Dora is owned by Nickelodeon, a channel which is under Illuminati rule. So Dora dolls are out!

    What's a parent to do?

    Yes, I'm a WOMAN who has Bratz dolls and tattoos. I even had 3 Bratz video games as well. Am I a bad person now? Because I'm a Bratz fan, does this make me the equivalent to a emotionless murderer?

    You decided.

    But I'm going to end my rant with this quote: "Let he without sin, cast the first stone."

    Thank you for your time to the few who read this. Good day.

    • Hey Nesha, you are well on the right path. Keep it up, because you are an encouragement. Nowhere else can you find pure, true worship toward the Almighty :)

    • @Nesha

      "Well I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to collect dolls. You’ll have to forgive me for that. After all, the Bible teaches us to forgive and not judge."

      the bible also warns about worshiping (collecting) false idols and mutilating ones own skin.

      not that im a christian. im not into deity worship.


      "So, according to you and the 5 people that agree with you, I’m a devil worshipper no matter what. If I study the Bible, I’m a devil worshipper. If I go to Bible study, I’m a devil worshipper, if I collect dolls, I’m a devil worshipper."

      well i cant speak for whom ever may agree with me, but my ignorant opinion is this:

      JW the religion, not the good people of that faith, is a satanic institution.

      all "duality religions" are a form of satanic worship. again, not all the people of each faith, but certainly the founders and highest officers of each religion know its true origin and intent.


      "Here’s another one for you: Mariah Carey is my favorite artist and her albums have been related to Monarch programming. (Rainbow, Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi) She even had a label called MonarC. Even despite the helpful, inspirational songs she makes, I’m still a devil worshipper for listening to her, huh?"

      no, but it does make you a complacent accessory to the degradation of your surroundings.

      her songs (on the surface) may sound inspirational to YOU but some of us can read between the lines and the fact that she is 3/4 naked and gyrating her body in all of her videos sends a poor message to women.

      knowledge is a difficult thing because it comes with responsibility. you don't seem to be ready to accept the responsibility that comes with "truth".


      "What’s a parent to do?"

      don't let society raise our children.

      dont' pass on "idol worship" and "material worship" to our children.

      don't let the state indoctrinate our children through public schools

      dont let the state poison our children through tainted vaccines.

      dont teach our children "blind submission to authority"



    • Nesha –

      It seems as if in your 1st comment you were posing a question and wanted honest feedback. I understand your confusion, things that appear so innocent are coming out not to be what it initially seemed. This is deception, this is why we have to be aware of the intention of our actions and those of others so we will not get caught up in the illusion of this world. You have to begin to ask yourself is what I am involved in purifying me, bringing me towards truth, or leaving me in a state of darkness, chaos and confusion. I would say that you cannot look to others for the answers. You have to ask God for guidance with an open and honest heart, he will guide you. He created us, so he knows what is best for us.

      Life is a constant struggle and we flawed human beings need guidance, a right and a wrong way to protect ourselves, our eternal souls. This is where prayer and understanding God's word for yourself comes into play.

      Peace be upon you…

    • Carole McCabe-Joy on

      If I see an item that is in any way associated with Illuminati symbolism I steer clear. Why continue to support the agenda? However with that being said it is almost impossible to not have anything to do with their agenda ie…tv shows, movies, songs, commercials, magazines and I could go on…but try to keep a clean heart and be kind to others. One thing I ask myself when in doubt is would I be ashamed of this behavior or purchase or whatever in front of someone I respect and love?? Would I buy this for someone I love? What I expose this to someone who is not aware of the agenda? Take care Nesha:) I am not here to judge anyone that is not my job nor is it my function in life…we are here to learn and to support each other.

    • God wants a relationship with your heart, not your tattoos; if you look big picture at all this stuff. It's all symbolism, which our whole country is full of and you got those things our of a pure heart, so you didn't know the reason they made them. All the illuminati or mason all work for one group which control everything, that is the Jesuits. Google the Jesuit eye. Also, the master mason himself, the pope, works for the Jesuits. They run everything. Look at how many members of leadership in all countries have been trained in catholic schools. If you want updates, checkout There are many good sites that teach the reason why the Jesuits are doing what they are doing.

      Keep your faith strong in the Lord!!!

    • Nesha…

      I would ask them all this: Is there anything outside of God's Will? Is there anything that happens that God isn't allowing to happen?

      Some of these people seem extremely superstitious and over the top. I think there is an agenda but now that there is talk of Illuminati, these stars and companies are exploiting it! People looking for it on the Internet are helping to create much needed hits/algorithm so I'm not sure if it isn't simply a ploy in many cases to get more attention now that there is a meme going. But you are right- where is the tolerance, the compassion, level headedness. Many of these people are extremely harsh and judgmental to be referring to themselves as CHRISTians. Probably wouldn't take much for their hysteria to reach a fever pitch. Thank goodness there are laws to keep people from forming lynch mobs over toys!! I am surprised we haven't seen a doll burning.

      • People are people, they're short of perfection and always will be. Christians and all other people. Dont follow "Christians". Follow Christ, the living word in the flesh.

    • As you continue your biblical studies, please ask yourself what exactly is so appealing about a bratz doll to yourself or any other grown woman out there. Examine the dolls, be honest with yourself and really ask yourself what you like enough about a collection of dolls to tattoo on your body. I think as time goes on you will understand others' confusion about it.

  17. Nesha. The Jehovah's Witness religion and Watchtower Society were founded by Charles Taze Russell, who was a Freemason. His grave site is a giant masonic pyramid. You are a part of something very dangerous, not to mention heretical.

    Arianism — the doctrine that Christ was a created being, which is what Jehovah's Witness theology is grounded on (claiming that Jesus is the archangel Michael) — was officially declared as heretical by the first council of Nicaea all the way back in the early 4th century.

    • So, what should I do? As far as learning more about the Bible and the knowledge it consists of? People say it's dangerous to go the church. People say it's dangerous to study with a Jehovah witness. People say it's dangerous to NOT study the Bible.

      What's your suggestion?

      • Take a course at a local Bible college, just one at a time, Introduction to Old Testament or Introduction to New Testament or Scripture 101 or something. One class shouldn't cost too much. Ask your local Christian church if they have scripture classes, most of them have a cell group at least.

      • Often you can do courses "not for credit" and they are a lot cheaper, you just go along to the classes and keep up with the reading, you dont have to do the assignments etc.

      • Me again, sorry. If you want to know just what is so bad about JWs, have a look at some of the posts on this forum. This is the stuff they wont tell you, they will also tell you not to read it and that the people there are just bitter or weren't really JWs or in some other way it is their own fault what has been done to them.

      • Nesha,

        You can study the Bible yourself, in fact, it's best to spend more time on your own in the Bible than with others in the Bible, so you can line up what they say with Scripture itself. It is the plumbline.

        There are a lot of churches where you would be hardpressed to find a Bible, but there are a few good ones out there. I'm probably going to raked over the coals for this, but a good KJV Bible believing church is a good place to start. The reason I say KJV, is it is a beautiful & accurate translation. Also, many of these churches tend to want to stay faithful to God's Word, more so than other churches–at least in my experience (and I've visited a lot of different churches).

        God will help you understand Scripture if that is truly what you want. May the Lord help & bless you in your search.

      • Study it alone and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding and wisdom. That's what it says to do to anyway.

      • @ Nesha:

        Because I feel your pain/uncertainty…maybe even confusion(?), yet at the same time your earnest, pure desire to just know the truth and the correct way to live based on that truth am I replying to you.

        What is one to do? Suggestions?

        I would say, continue in the steps you've taken to find the Truth. The living God (Jehovah) of Heaven knows your heart and motives. He knows that of each and every one of us – whether we believe in Him or not. He will see to it that you find that Truth you're desiring…Him. He tells us in His Word that if we draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to us. It will be a tedious journey, and there will be a lot to decipher through (even people who think the very name of Jesus Christ is a joke). The devil doesn't want you to know the truth about our Father in Heaven, so he's going to do all he can to combat you. Nevertheless, you must be determined in your search and persist on. Staying away from open forums such as this might be helpful. I'm not saying the VC's site (love the information here), but the forums/comments which are open for all people in all walks of life. Receiving so much informaion, OPINIONS, thoughts from the WORLD is a sure setup for confusion (which is a direct result of the devil. The Bibile tells us he is the author of confusion). No matter what you've been brought up to believe, have surrounded yourself with as a teen, young adult, adult – there is Truth out there and more than that, the Truth wants you to know Him and He you. He does not wish that any of us should perish, but that we all come to repentance. I will be in prayer for you as you are in a space I find myself in…just wanting to know the Truth and details therein. Seems simple enough, huh? You'd be surprised. Lol! I pray my response is received in the Spirit in which it was given…love, and that you and others will find it helpful.

        Here to Serve – Tambrin!

      • i know they have been bashing on you i was raised catholic and i too started seeing the truth and i READ and READ and READ some more to find out the history of where religion came to be i got really confused because now i see that all religions fight over who's right, catholics are one of the worst religions!the y have taking stuff out the bibles and changed words i can tell you that books written by authors not by governments blah balh will have the truth in them i would encourage reading the grand design that book had me in tears the first pages i couldnt believe what they dont tell you in school another great book is aphocrypt something book apparently the church decided that those gospel should be read by the ppl!!! which is a bad thing we shouldnt be kept from truth but they have hidden it from us for so long we are running around like chicken with our heads cut off is total confusion

        i even decide that the bible is not good to read because it has been diluted so much that if you look at the actuall meaning is completely wrong!!

        please read dont let people tell you different whe you have knowledge you will know what is good and what is bad,

        for me i dont believe in going to church, i read the ( aphocryap—- sorry that is not correct spelling) forbidden knowledge because i know thats where the real stuff is

        i beleive in GOD with all my heart but i dont need ppl to tell me what to believe in GOD is almighty he can see in our hearts and through us i know he listen when i talk to him thats the only way you can keep away from the confusion that will make you even more confused

    • Taking classes at a Bible College isn't necessarily the best advice. I obtained a bachelor's degree in Bible studies at a liberal arts, private Christian school almost ten years ago. I am just now learning that I was pretty much brainwashed into New Age teaching, and that the Chairman of the Board at the time was a 33rd degree mason (who knows, maybe even higher. I can't find out if he chose Jesus or Lucifer at his 33rd degree ceremony.) Also interesting was that this man, the Chairman of the Board and President Emeritus of a Christian college, is on EVERY list of the most internationally famous freemasons that you can find on the net. (That's my only clue that he chose Lucifer. I'm pretty sure masons don't achieve global fame for choosing Jesus.) My advice to Nesha is that yes, you should seek out instruction from someone other than yourself. But tread lightly everywhere you go, trust no one implicitly. Research things going on behind the scenes. It's not hard to do nowadays with the Internet. I would never have known about the intimate ties with the devil that my alma mater had if it weren't for the Internet. Most of all, PRAY PRAY PRAY! Ask for wisdom and discernment. That's one prayer that I'm pretty confident God always answers in the affirmative.

      Praise God that I am now being able to, through the grace of God, unravel the lies that were ingrained into my mind at that "Christian" school.

      • Agghhh! Its all so complicated! Ess, you would think that bachelor’s degree in Bible studies would be just that, Bible study. But unfortunately a lot of colleges do push thier own agenda.

  18. Nesha, this is off topic, but I know a lot about JWs. Please look very carefully and look below the surface of what they are showing you. Bible study is good, but JWs are a cult, very subtle, but a cult just the same.

    • CourtMarieI lo on

      I have grown up in the jw religion since i was a baby and have family members who are baptized and i havent seen anything cult related about it. Yes its a lot different from other religions but i think that is all.

    • lost in paradise on

      Isn't every religion a cult? Worshiping, praying, trying to be good enough/obey, believing in a savior…. it's all very cultish. I think staying away from religions is a great way to stay away from all this stuff. Some religions might even have some kind of satanic "agenda" without it's followers knowing it. So some of you die hard christians might even blindly be involved in something more evil than you thought.

  19. I am wondering how disclosure will come, I am betting it will be the same way as normalizing homosexuality and bondage and witchcraft. First it is all the symboism, next it is the out right T.V. shows that "push the boundaries", then it is talk shows where the audience are coerced in to applauding it, then it becomes part of mainstream culture.

    • I DVR all the tv that I see on mainstream media so I can skip through the commercials… but I still have managed to catch a few ads for very disturbing TV shows that definitely put out there as “normal” some very creepy things. Shows called The Secret Circle and Pretty Little Liars come to mind (Ew!) and for what it’s worth the entire tone of this ad for Bratz dolls reminds me very strongly of that show Gossip Girl which also gives me the creeps. 😛

  20. I'm sorry…I know this is beside the point, but I just don't understand why people say these dolls look slutty. Lol. I just don't see it. I see flashy, not slutty. I've never heard anyone actually explain why/how they look "slutty."

    • Lets see, slutty looks (for children) = mini skirts, make up, tight fitting clothing, exposed stomach, high hills, and any look that would draw attention to the buttock or breast area. THATS slut ware for children. Adults can do it because we vouch for ourselves. Children can not and should not have to vouch for themselves because we the parents are suppose to dress our little girls modestly. This make men think they are older and it also attracts perverts. You must not have little girls or didn’t not dress modestly when you were small. Gosh now I see who’s buying this trash…smh

  21. @ Cinrad: Well you and one other person on this site have been very cordial and I appreciate it. I clicked on the links you provided and I'm glad I did. Thank goodness I only do the Bible study. But now that you mention it, the woman who recommend me to the Jehovah witness teacher I have today wanted me to attend a Jehovah witness convention. I simply declined, and she got an attitude with me and demanded to know why I wouldn't go.

    I found it strange, but I told her that I already made plans for that weekend. In a huff, she finally decided to stop trying to convince me to go with her to the Jehovah witness convention.

    But other than that, I do weekly Bible studies over the phone and that's as far as it goes.

    @ Whitney: People call them sluts because of the mid-drifts and mini skirts. But they are also praising Barbie dolls who have some of the same attire. (I don't understand it, either.)

    And for those who are praising Mattel and downing anyone who's a Bratz fan, you obviously don't know that last year Mattel revealed the official Nicki Minaj Barbie doll. Price: $1000 each. Mattel is no better than MGAE (the company that owns Bratz).

    Nicki Minaj promotes promiscuity, bisexuality, violence, drugs, and sex in her music, videos, concerts (who can forget the woman pulling out a dildo live on stage!), and photographs. Mattel decided to create a Barbie doll for the "life size Barbie".

    This is a woman who's plastic body parts are celebrated and seen as attractive for women and little girls. (The majority of Nicki Minaj's fanbase are tweens and teens)

    So if Bratz are evil, then so is Barbie. No one is better than the other.

    • Nesha,

      Have to agree with you about Barbie dolls. Hate to admit it, but I have bought Barbie movies, most seem pretty innocent and the characters, as far as I remember, are fairly modest. If I find I'm wrong about that, I'll ditch them. All these types of dolls are pretty sensual/sexy. It does seem like they are trying to sell sex to children (& their parents). Some are worse than others. The princesses seem fairly innocent if compared to the "Top Model" line, but still over the top in make up & tight peek-a-boo gowns. So sad. It is very hard to find harmless toys these days.

    • @Nesha,

      I agree totally, Barbies/Bratz, same difference.

      On another note, and I only say this because you appear to be open-minded and open-hearted – keep your mind awake during your Bible studies, as Doodles said.

      You may also want to see what other religions say – I've realized the more we study different religions, the closer we get to the truth. Take a peek at Islam as well – you might be surprised at what you find. Just make sure you stick to historically authentic sources. You'll find there is only one version of the Quran in the world, since the time it was revealed in the 7th Century, so it's the most reliably authentic scripture there is. (Even Wikipedia doesn't have the audacity to deny it, and wikipedia, I have noticed, tends to be subtly Islamophobically biased, as the rest of the illumniati-controlled media). I believe the Quran is the true and final Testament from God, in its pure form, since it is the only scripture that I have read that actually challenges us to try to disprove it, and no attempts at disproving it have succeeded. (Also, as opposed to what the media tries to convince us, it doesn't preach hatred at all. On the contrary, it mentions Christians as people of humbleness, who are close to the truth and recognize it when they see it.) is a website with English translations of the Quran. Check out Chapter 19, the Chapter on the Virgin Mary. And as the Buddha said, don't accept anything without being convinced, look at everything objectively.

      Remember to pray to God, your Creator, for true guidance at every step. If you truly want it, you'll get it. We're all equipped with the basic morality and intellect to figure out the truth.

      Peace, and all the best! :)

      • Thank you so much for mentioning the Quran. I myself have been convinced about the truths in Islam by my best friend, when before I was close to being an Atheist. What the Quran says about the world and corruption is so astounding when you look at the world today. For a book being written SO long ago, it's really overwhelming how much is still relevant about the world. I really recommend looking into things like signs for the day of judgement (whether you believe in it or not), and values from the religion itself, if you can find real Muslims to talk to, or even watch some videos on Youtube, (for example, why women cover up).

    • What's the use of charity that promotes satanism? God only accepts charity that is good and pure. The ends do not justify the means.

    • @nesha

      i humbly offer you my ignorant perspective on religion.

      religion ( the belief in deities) is a tool mass distraction.

      religions rape, plunder, and commit atrocities against humanity.

      religions teach " blind submission to authority and penalty for refusal"

      religions are racist, sexist, and murderous.

      religions keep you busy so that you don't notice your energy been drained right before your eyes.

      religions keep you in slavery.

      this world is not what you think it is. religion is not going to help you. this shit is real!!!!!!

      • I may not be intelligent to you or anyone else on this site for being a Bratz fan, but I'm smart enough to know when I'm being patronized.

        So now I worship the dolls because I collect them? O…. kay…

        And since Mariah Carey dresses a certain way, that automatically means that I'm going to dress a certain way, too?

        It seems to me that parents are looking for a cop-out, someone or something to take the blame for their children not becoming productive citizens in society.

        If a teenage girl gets pregnant, blame some dolls. If a teenage boy gets arrested, blame rap music.

        At some point and time, parents are going to have to look in the mirror and focus their blame on their own reflection.

        This may seem harsh, but the CEO of Bratz, or any celebrity isn't responsible for raising anyone's children. If you're not responsible enough to raise children, don't have them. If a parent notices her daughter wants a Bratz doll and the parent isn't comfortable with the image Bratz portrays, don't purchase it. But don't buy it, and then complain about how the doll looks and say "That doll is the reason why my little girl is having sex!" I can promise you a doll (lol) wouldn't be the reason why someone engages in sexual activity.

        I'm also smart enough to know when I'm being attacked on this website. So you say that I worship false idols by collecting dolls? So if I were to take the other guy's advice and collect stamps, (since a lot of people agreed with him that I should) would I be worshipping the images that are on the stamps that I collect?

        See how silly that sounds?

        I'm a fashion/art student. I like the design for Bratz. They're about fashion, so am I… unless now that's a sin too, and I'm supposed to wear a daishiki and sandals all the time. I'm even willing to bet my tuition that everyone who dislikes me on this website doesn't even wear daishikis and sandals 24/7. But judgmental people will always judge because it's so much easier to cast stones at someone else.

        You and everyone else, God bless and have a great day!

      • But dear collect whatever you like. Nobody knows you or your collections but others prefer to collect stamps and postcards, instead of dolls. You should carry on collecting dolls. End of story!

      • I agree with you, not 100%, but I do agree in some form!

        @Nesha: I understand what you see in them, I studied fashion and aside from the lips, the outfits are what attract me the most, that's why I like the one with white hair the best!

      • @nesha

        knowledge is a difficult thing because it comes with responsibility.

        you don’t seem to be ready to accept the responsibility that comes with knowledge you are seeking.

  22. I'm glad for you Nesha! Really I am! Keep looking and learning. Question people and things. You have proved that there is hope. You have managed to show us all that VC articles do make a difference and that its not just something for regular vc readers to read. I love you sister and may God bless you and open your heart and mind to understand his full glory and truth. My heart goes out to you…

  23. I actually think the design of the dolls is cute, but I'm an illustrator and designer. To that I might add that I consciously add illuminati symbolism to my art. Why you might ask? To get a reaction out of people. Even-though putting that kind of symbolism in my art is different than the big corporations doing it as I'm looking fro an artistic reaction and "they" are looking to brainwash little kids to their so called agenda…

  24. loosethoughts on

    We should not judge Nesha. Everyone has their own set of circumstances and situations. We would do well to remember the bad guys like to take what was once good and covertly turn it bad.

    At one point Bratz probably catered to teens in a more suitable manner, but alas those times have long since passed. Keep in mind anything that would promote bratty behavior is typically seen as bad (at least it is in my books).

    This may have been a ploy from the start….

  25. I use to love these dolls and wanted to be just like them but now im up in age and dont like them anymore. And this masqaurade stuff is just crazy the things they said about the dolls doing witch craft on the floor O_o thats a shame.

  26. Barbie was not perfect certainly but at least /part/ of what Barbie oftentimes promoted through her various incarnations was that it was okay and even cool as a female to aspire to be anything you want: doctor, vet, athlete, artist, military, teacher, homemaker, firefighter, whatever. These dolls seem to solely promote being cool, sexy, fashionable, badass, famous etc. Not cool :/

    • Yeah! I noticed as years went by; Im a 90s girl that from there to now it got worser :/ I think around when that stuff was bustling more >:{ those stupid Fks

  27. One of those ugly dolls has horns on top of its head, devil horns. So they're also promoting satanic symbolism as well as illuministic images. To little girls being programmed by this garbage. Wow, I'm glad I no longer watch TV. It'll poison your mind.

  28. While I don't dispute the oddities (and even esotericism) during the orgy scenes in "Eyes Wide Shut", I'm not quite sure I understand VC's correlation between (read: ALL) masquerade balls and the Illuminati. I've been to masquerade balls that had nothing to do with the Illuminati. Care to elaborate? Anyone?

  29. I do not like Bratz. My niece wanted a bratz doll years ago and I had to search several of them before I found one that was halfway decently dress–that’s not saying much. I grew up with Barbie and Barbie is more like my little pony and friends compared to Bratz. As children we knew that Barbie was a toy but in a way grown up (like Barbie’s Hart family with twins), skipper the teenager and we would actually make additional clothes ourselves if we didn’t like what the dolls were wearing. Anyhow, I think this is ridiculous between that K-pop stuff you write about and Alice and Wonderland themes, they’re trying to mesmerize (hypnotize) the youth with indoctrination so they’ll think it’s normal. The Lost generations…So wrong.

  30. Even though this is kind of off-topic, the egyptian bratz doll sparked some questions in me.. I have egyptian friends, who are either muslims or coptic christians. Islam is the number one religion in Egypt, and there are a lot of christians and jews from there too. So what happened to all those people who worship Ra? Do you think some of these egyptians actually had ancestors who were part of pagan religions?
    By the way, one proof that Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of this ‘group’ is when I was watching one of her interviews with Peirce Morgan. She said during her year off, she went to visit Egypt, and seemed to stress on it (even though according to her autobiography-video, she traveled to other places, but she only mentioned Egypt)

  31. the funny thing is, I liked Bratz more than Barbie coz it was more multi-racial, but now the illuminati's in all of them and they've changed all the girls, all the dolls are as bad as each other -_____- thank God I've passed that stage, even though I only really liked the movies, I hated the dolls and used to rip their limbs apart….

  32. Bratz Masquerade was made as a replacement line for the 'Costume Party' line. When Bratz came back in the business the fans had a boat load of demands. Demands included several things like more creative collection names, and clothes. The Illuminati has nothing to do with this at all. None of the accessories have anything to do with mind control either. Instead of the title being "Bratz Dolls in Illuminati" I think you should title it about how they dress. According to this article your talking way too much about their outfits and "controversy" that it doesn't even piece together.

    • These overpriced toys are marketed towards young children. Not only is the sexualisation of the product range completely inappropriate, but, as 'creative' as they may be, these dolls will not enhance the children's creativity and imagination. Children need to be given a chance to play and invent scenarios. They don't need to be told every detail, especially when these details are totally age-inappropriate.

      There is clear illuminati symbolism here, which is unsurprising, as Bratz is part of corporate/consumer culture. However, a lack of illuminati symbolism doesn't automatically make something beneficial or humanly acceptable.

      • There are currently 2 dolls like this in my house. They do not belong to my girls, they are new christmas gifts that the little girl I babysit and my niece received. Ones a Monster High doll (it belongs to the 4 year old) and the other is a bratz doll and they are creepy. The 4-year-old also knows the words to the new chipmunks movie songs and she is shaking her rear singing something about 'wacking at my tail…wacking at my tail, if you like it them you better put a ring on it'. I asked her if she saw the movie and she said, "no, i saw the commercial"

        Also, if you look at the bratz books all they talk about is buying things and if some boy is going to like them.

  33. Vigilant, you ought to also take a look at La La Loopsy dolls. To me, they look like they are supposed to be dead with their big, black, button eyes with x's on them. (Supposed to be the thread holding the buttons on.) Also, their inward pointed toes and scanty dress also suggest that they are supposed to be "sexy". Sex, mind control symbolism, and death. Great combo for a kid's toy. NOT.

    • I never heard of them, so I just googled them. The button eyes remind me of that movie Coraline. I thought about the saying 'the eyes are a mirror to your soul.' In Coraline if she sacrificed her old life and tore out her real eyes (probably not allowing herself to deal with reality too) she could remain in the other world, only to realize it was filled with deceit and traps. On a lighter note, as a child of the 80's these look loosely based off of Rainbow Brite (much better quality, had yarn hair like cabbage patch kids) but were about the same size as loopsy and Rainbow Brite and friends had little friends called 'sprites' I think. Indigo was also the only black doll in the series…as I am now just older and the past few years I've been thinking "things aren't what they used to be.' Now I sound like my parents and I thought it would be at least another 10 years before I'd start thinkin that. :(

  34. In the picture with the dancing vampires, the constellation Orion can be seen in the opening on the left.

    The star Meissa is at the top of opening, Betelgeuse is a bit lower left.

    Orion's Belt are the 3 stars below them running diagonally up left to right.

    The constellation of Orion and especially its Belt are very important in occult and mystic circles (pun intended). The pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the Belt up in the sky.

    With all our modern night lights, we have lost touch with the dark night sky. Do what you can to regain that touch.

  35. Absolutely vile that they would promote these things to young girls who then crave to want the new up coming and fashionable doll. What happen to the likes of Cabbage Batch dolls, they might of been ugly looking things but at least they didn't promote a sexual agenda to young girls, but hey that is just what I feel about it all.

  36. While I find the dolls themselves creepy, (and the Monster High ones outrageously so) I can't help but feel more alarmed by the option for the girls to go online, to some site that the parents may or may not be previewing, and be introduced/indoctrinated to further programming themes and triggers. It's just another way for these f@ers to sneak into your house and steal your children.

    It does seem to be getting more difficult to filter out the bad stuff. I have to check and double check the cartoons, the commercials, the songs on the radio, the ingredients, the design motifs, (skulls and bones, lightening bolts and pentagrams are all over kids clothes, shoes, accessories) and yes, the toys. At least we have a fresh reminder about the websites.

    Pirates, dragons, robots, witches/wizards, good guys who look/act like bad guys and bad guys who are supposedly secretly good guys. (Despicable Who?) Whew, it's a full time job, in and of itself. And it's even worse if you have girls.

    PS How many of you here bemoaning the public display of disgusting, are parents who had no problem inviting that big fat red demon into your house with an altar of food and drink (milk and cookies)? Or perhaps you encouraged your kids to send him a cute little letter, as a written invitation? Guess what… the word "claustrum/claustra" is a possesive form of "clavus", the Latin word for "key". And the other part of the name, besides being an obvious anagram, is a hermaphroditic corruption of the word(s) "santo/sancta/saint." So, many of you are being tricked into serving your kids up on a silver platter, without even realizing it. Through that cute little story/character/ lie, who is "satan's key" to the hearts of the children.

    Wake up. Be wary, and teach them about the ways of God, or your kids could end up choosing the wrong team.

  37. You are a grumpy old man Mr VC? If I didn't know better, I'd think you were just fishing for compliments. But then again you're aware that you're the eternal young person ever. 😉

    Have a happy new year.

  38. My opinion about Bratz was made up years ago when an aquaintance of mine had a Baby Bratz doll for his daughter. The "Baby" Bratz was wearing a black see through thong…

    So I never bought anything Bratz for my daughter and I taught her that they do not represent good things.

    Every year our village does a christmas party and Santa gives a gift to every child in the village. Imagine my "delight" when my daughter received the masquerade witch Bratz featured in the video. I felt bad about taking the doll away from her even though I was not a happy camper on the inside. Luckily Karma and cheap manufacturing came through for me. In the same evening she started to fall apart and lost her legs and I had the perfect excuse to get rid of the awful thing. :)

  39. As a longtime reader, I must say that this is the first time I've ever truly disagreed with an article on this website. This line was created (as Melvin said above) in response to the enormous demand for a new Halloween line after they didn't release one in 2010. While Masquerade Balls may have originated within the Illuminati, they've since evolved into just another costume party theme, which is what MGA was aiming for in this collection. As for the masonic flooring in the group picture, it's purely coincidental. The set itself is based on a medieval-style ballroom, which checkerboard flooring is associated with (And despite the symbolic meaning of this flooring, MGA did not include it specifically to push any agenda). The artwork where Sasha is covering one eye is because one of the gimmicks of the line is that each doll comes with her face partially covered by the mask. MGA also designed artwork for each character in which both eyes are visible.

    Bratz were not the first line to do a Masquerade theme, and they most definitely won't be the last either. Barbie, MyScene, Moxie Girlz, Disney Princess and more have all done Masquerade lines in recent years, yet VC is only attacking the Bratz for it? I think this article was more for pushing the "anti-Bratz agenda" than anything. While I will respectfully disagree with your opinion on the dolls, I do think it was quite unfair of you to let that alone influence this article so much (Let's be honest here, there was nothing symbolic about that product demo at all)

  40. Seriously u "christians" on dis site r ridiculous! I mean I thot dis was an open site where open minded people com to express their views on issues. Instead all am seeing is a bunch of judgemental Jesus-freaks trying to impose their very one-sided opinions on others. I dnt even think VC is christian for dat matter. At least he never claims any religion is jst and fair and all dat. He's jst pointing things out as he sees them. In d end d articles are about general problems and not necessarily things dat hav to do with religion. Open ur minds people and stop behaving like d Pharisees in d bible who believed their way was rite and killed an innocent man to prove a point!

    • I like and agree with your opinion, but you should improve the spelling of some words in order to reach more people.

      Still, I hear you! Thumbs up!

    • Um, actually VC makes it perfectly clear in black and white that he's a Christian on his "Ask VC" page. While the website is objective and could be written by a non-Christian just the same, VC makes it clear to all where he stands.

    • I know it's very fashionable right now to be hatin' on Christians and everything, but you have to understand that He is the most powerful weapon against the Ills. that we've got.

      When He came 2,000 yrs. ago, people were forced to worship these demons/gods by whichever govt. controlled their lands. This included slaughtering animals, reading the entrails or (literally) bathing themselves in the blood; "sacred" prostitution (state-sponsored sexual slavery); roving bands of Bacchus worshipers would drag people into the forest where they would rape, maim or even tear them limb from limb in a drug fueled frenzy; in some nations people would (again, literally) throw their children into a pit of fire. All this stuff was NORMAL. If you didn't take part, you could be punished by the state, with fines, imprisonment, exile or death. Even the Jews were sneaking in offerings to other local deities, "just in case."

      When Jesus (Yeshua) showed up, He f*@#d up their game plan. In just a few years, and with no army or weapons or anything, he did more damage to the kingdoms following Lucifer than anyone could have imagined. In an instant, all those millions of people funneling spiritual energy and physical power to the demonic hegemony began to dwindle and fade. He reminded people that the One True God doesn't need blood and gold and tears to earn His love, and that all that stuff was worse than useless. To ole one-eye's great dismay, even killing Him didn't help–it just made the message spread faster.

      In the centuries that followed, the demons and their pet humans were clever enough to claw their way back into power by using and corrupting the very church that was built upon their eradication. And despite everything they do/have done to undermine the story, the message and the power of Yeshua Ben Yoseph, they STILL can't win against Him or His believers. They hate him more than any other prophet God ever gave us, before or since.

      So don't be upset when people on this site or out in the world profess their faith in Christ. They are just giving props to Him, and giving all those who don't know a friendly heads-up. His Name itself is a word of power, and can be used to roust demons, to keep them away from you and your loved ones, and generally inspire the Fear of God in all the evildoers who we are up against. Which, of course, is why they changed it, and tried to dilute it, but even that backfired on them. (heh-heh)

      Maybe not all Christians know about the Illuminati, and maybe some of them are haters or hypocrites or whatever, and maybe some of them are even pretending to be "good Christians" while preying like wolves on the innocent. God knows who they are, and He won't let them off the hook for anything.

      But it seems to me, that more and more people in our time & place are realizing just how seriously AWESOME this guy was/is, and that He can and will and does protect us and help us to remember the difference btwn right and wrong, and to act on that knowledge every single day. If you want to get to the same spiritual place by remembering the words and works of Zarathustra or Buddha or Mohammed then that's okay too. They're all Prophets of the One True God, and if they can give you some spiritual firepower like JC does to His followers, then I'm sure all of us Non-hatin' Christians are all in favor of it.

      It's not like our Infinite Creator gave us only one path to salvation. You get to choose. That's kinda the point. Just choose carefully.


      • you're very versed in your knowledge. I love how you've recognized the power that Christ held. But one thing though….the word of God says that he is the only way that we can be saved. Jesus himself stated that he is the way, the TRUTH and the life.. no one can come to the Father except through him….so that's where the power came from..he was God himself in the flesh. Which is hard for so many to understand and believe. But confessing your sins and not just believing in him but living FOR him can do so many wonders for us while we live in this evil world.

    • Sorry looks like the first post didn't work, basically I had said that there was n episode of Dr. Phil (the one I linked above) where they were discussing how Bratz dolls influence kids, and they even made some life-size Bratz outfits and put them on adults to show how they would look in a real life setting.

    • I just checked out the clip from the Dr. Phil show. I think it's funny how the "pro-bratz doll" mom was trying to accuse the "anti-bratz" mom of being shallow and judgmental, like it's wrong to call a hoochie a hoochie, like, just because she's dressed like one! ;P You could tell that the women who were dressed in the real-life versions of the dolls' outfits were uncomfortable–they didn't even show the whole lengths of the photos. And from what little they did show, those appeared to be the least flashy and skimpy of the outfits that they could have picked.

      Urban Myth Check: Is it true that the dolls in Mexico and Europe are more "anatomically correct" than our neuter ones here in the US? If that were true then the bratz could have a full-on "red-light district" playset. And I bet that dumb mom on Dr. Phil would buy it!

      • I have seen the clip, and none of the outfits they dressed the women in were even based on actual Bratz outfits. Just more whiny soccer-moms who think a doll wearing a realistic teenaged outfit will somehow turn their daughters into "sluts". Bratz have been around for more than 10 years. That means there are college-aged people who played with Bratz as children – are ALL of them sluts? No. The smarter, pro-Bratz mom was absolutely correct in calling the anti-Bratz mom shallow and judgemental. Wearing a mini skirt doesn't make you a slut, that should be common knowledge – Grow up!

        As for your urban legend, complete BS. Where did you even hear such a thing?!

  41. I saw a Dora the Explorer book where boots was using the one eye symbolism. I am terribly scared for the children living in these times.

  42. ….reminds me a lot of "the Phantom of the Opera" were they also have a masquerade. Plus the Phantom has his face half covered. And he is called "Angel of music" which reminds me of what Lucifer was before he lost his job…..VC, have you done reseach on this movie yet? would interest me :)

  43. I grew up playing with Bratz dolls and I am quite the opposite of a narcissistic and promiscuous person. The reason I liked these dolls at the time was because of their differentiation from the iconic all-loving blonde American stereotype that was Barbie.

    In my opinion, it's all down to the person.

    Kids can still play with dolls and read a book on political philosophy or just go for a bike ride instead. Only people with narrow minds will grow up to be superficial and conceited in the long run. I just think the creator of Bratz sold out as a way of redeeming their product on the market after the lawsuit that Matel pushed on them. Not the best choice in all honesty.

  44. Why would you ever promote a toy by saying that it's "sexy"? That just makes it sound as if a pedophile came up with it and is just waiting for young girls to turn into these slutty characters. Although barbie is a neo nazi dream, at least she wasn't this hypersexualized. I always hated being called a brat when I was younger and now people actually are buying things that emulate what a "brat" is??? Sick

    • As far as I'm concerned, the New Age Movement LOVES moral relativism– and esoteric religions, like Freemasonry and plenty other organizations 😛

  45. Dolls are fine but so other toys for girls are. It's impossible to avoid all gender stereotyping but all the same you can also gently guide a child's experiences in order to avoid some of the negative effects of stereotyping. You can always encourage a daughter to play physical games. She may not have the same zest for basketball that a boy might have, however she can still enjoy herself. Why not choose clothing that lets her move freely? You see girls of the age of 6 dressed only in mini skirts and 2-3 inches heels. Why not give her chances to play with puzzles, shapes and construction toys such as lego/mega bloks. Books for princesses are fine but there are also other books that show girls succeeding. A girl might not want to become a pilot when she grows up but it's still vital to instil a can do attitude. It's fine to provide the barbie and bratz dolls, nevertheless it's also equally fine to provide other types of activities and let her make decisions.

  46. I think you should all leave Nesha worship whoever she likes.

    We all have different beliefs, yes I know JW was set up by a freemason and all that, but if being a JW is what helps her, day by day to wake up with a smile and survive this wretched world, then I say let her do it. She shouldn't be 'dissed' for believing in something. There are enough people out there to try and train us and conform to the rules without you telling other people what to and not to believe in. I've been a reader of this site for I don't know how long and It has truly opened my eyes to the world around me. I was once completely oblivious to all these symbols and meanings. She might just be understanding It all. Leave her be.

    In relation to the dolls, I had one when I was 13 (now 20) and It was called 'Bratz midnight dance' very dead looking but made them look 'sassy'

    Glamorizing the dead?

    Also could the masquerade ball toys be a depiction of what the future generation of girls are going to be like? Dolls? Handlers playthings for their amusement?

    Could girls in years to come be told what to wear, What to say and how to act?

    Will Our future females be turned into dolls?

    Not if I can help It.

  47. Okay, i'm just going to make this very very clear before i start, i really don't care about you're opinion on what I have to say.

    1. Stop letting commercials, movies, and dolls (i guess, since this seems to be the issue) raise your children. All of you "Parents" should know that. If you do not have the time to sit down with your children or take them outside and see sunlight instead of an episode of iCarly or spongebob do the world a favor and don't have kids. It is so sad to me that people leave their kids with a remote and a couch and see that as fine. Try some exercise if your so worried about this so called "exposure"..

    2. Do you really think that you 5-10 year old knows what the heck any of you are talking about. "Oh Bratz dolls worship the devil, that means its going to make my kids", "The illuminati is taking over toys and using these symbols my 6 year old will definitely notice all these symbols and worship satan" Um no, if you really think your young kids will worship the devil because of that then either your kids are weak, or your a idiot. If you asked your children what the illuminati was they would have NO idea, nor would they know about half the symbols you're talking about. It is outrageous that the society we live in leaves their kids to be raised by a TV. If you dont like the things being said or done to the media, then don't purchase it or raise strong enough children to rise above that and know the difference between symbolism and the real thing.

    3. You are all making Bratz out to be such "Sluts" when in reality so is barbie. I never played with either when i was younger, so don't take this as biased. Just because all the sudden a "symbol" appears everyone is putting Bratz on blast. Grow up and realize calling dolls sluts does not make you any better than you were two seconds before you posted that comment. They aren't even real. I see how that could make you not want to purchase the doll because it could be seen as racy and inappropriate, but maybe if your child points that out in the store, set and example. "Honey, these dolls don't set a could example" or "It's just not appropriate for your age" is a lot better than worrying about symbols your child won't even catch onto.

    Most of you will disregard my comment after knowing that I am 17 years old and have such strong opinions, but after reading this I am just shocked at how judgmental and how far you people read into things. All of this "my religion is right" is BS. Take a step back and stop judging what others believe and let them believe it. I can assure you that you will have a much less stressful life by living your own and not letting others beliefs and ideas run it. Be your own person not what everyone thinks you should be. Take a step back and understand that by judging someone else you are not gaining anything but maybe the self satisfaction of hurting someones feelings and if that is the case, then you have a bullying problem to look into. Leave others alone and let them believe what they want instead of shoving your beliefs down their throats.

    I'm sorry for the blunt and maybe rudeness of this but I see no other way to get my point across. Thank you so much for reading and maybe even seeing a new perspective on things that you haven't seen before.

    • Alixrae, you are so out of touch with reality but what would anyone expect from a 17 year old. You will soon find out that life doesn't always turn out the way you plan.

      • Or.. maybe i spend my time worrying about more important world problems than Bratz dolls.

        But i guess since being 17 automatically means I know nothing, and since your "old" your much "wiser", so you think, I will leave it at that.

        Have a good day.

  48. That commercial made me feel like I was put under a demonic spell just watching it!

    And like VC, I've always HATED Bratz dolls. They promote pedophilia.

  49. I think I can break down the whole Bratz 'appeal' because I used to play with the damn things. I had ONE. And the reason I like her compared to my Barbies was this:

    *she had attitude, didn't look all bubble headed like B.

    *she dressed cool, the clothes were like popstars in music videos, a place where belly tops, mini skirts and high heels run rampant, were considered 'normal' and aimed at us pre-teens. Also the style and colours were more relevant to trends at the time.

    *Finally and most importantly, I could relate to her better then the impossibly tall busty Barbie. She had a small chest, and a youthful face like me. And she looked 'hot' and wore a shit-tonne of make-up. Planting the idea that if I wore a belly top and a shit-tonne of make-up I could like like that. (My parently luckily put a stop to that one)

    I can honestly say this though, she was the last "doll" I played with before I made the jump from fantasy to reality with pop music, boys, make-up, bellytops, platform shoes and everything else. I'm not blaming the doll though, I just find that interesting.

  50. [x] eye of Horus

    [x] witch representing witchcraft

    [x] vaguely suggestive masonic arches

    [x] Baphomet horns

    [x] undersea goddess

    [x] oh yeah, and all those super-neat monarch mind-control masks for you AND you doll!

    I dunno, sounds like good wholesome funtimes to me. Play on, kiddies. Play on.

    Kinda makes me wonder–at 27 I wonder how much of an influence the illuminati have had on my own upbringing in terms of their control over film industry, music industry, and the toy making industry. I'm beginning to get an idea though.

    Thank you, God, for your redemptive power–that in spite of the adulterated content that has been filling our minds since childhood, we are "transformed by the renewing of our minds"–Romans 12.

  51. OMG I had one of these dolls when I was a kid and I pretty much liked it. But I remembered one day, I don't really know why but I totally grabbed her and started hitting her, tearing her up, pulling her hair out and throwing her against walls. I don't know why but I remember that this doll suddenly made me very mad and upset and apparently looked very disgusting to me… Now reading all these things, i'm so glad I stopped playing with this thing early.

  52. releasing_the_chains on

    So an Egyptian Princess/Goddess with the all seeing eye mark under the eye, a Mermaid (or siren/muse), a Pirate, Vampires, Witch, a fairy (that looks more like the devil because she's got horns) and a knight to save them all. Thank you Bratz for pulling in the children with demonic/occult characters, yoking them in spiritual bondage…

  53. Platinum initium on

    I couldn't find the whole eyes wide shut movie online so I typed into google banned orgy scene crime eyes wide shut and well I was shocked I saw it in daily motion and I have nothing left to say I'm just well I'm lost for words

  54. Perhaps it is just me, but I find the dolls somehow looked like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Lady Gaga… :O

  55. I honestly don't see what's wrong with bratz dolls. I have tons. They're teenage girls with tons of makeup. My mom didn't like them at 1st, but then she watched the movie and said it's ok.

  56. the fact that they're called bratz disturbs me to. i was raised to believe that brat has a negative connotation. i live near chico state, and there are whole sorority houses filled with girls who look like this. these girls are like 19, 20, 21. we see them waiting in lines for night clubs, shivering to death in microscopic dresses in the dead of fucking winter. because lets face it folks, wearing a coat to protect yourself from frigged temperatures is just not sexy! they talk with baby voices, and through fits at their boyfriends for breathing the wrong way. they're nightmares, and these "bros" put up with these "bratz" because they look like blow up dolls! and none of this is weird to them, they will never question why they are the way they are, and in the end they just wind up missing the whole point. i really do hope they wake up, what a waste.

  57. My sister collects Bratzdolls and i collect monster high dolls. I never was a fan of barbie cause it annoyed me that she had every single occupation known to man but monster high dolls are diverse in terms of ethnicity which i like.

  58. i grew up loving bratz someone please just tell me that THIS is just a random reference to illuminati, i know it is very hidden, but bratz have been normal girls and less manipulative all through out… they have always taught me to go for whatever i want and be myself.. did anyone see the cancer bratz dolls they made? and bratz gives to charity? mattel is worst.. and they even sued bratz… and made the extremely sinister dolls called "monster high" and that has OBVIOUS clear references… the bratz were dedicated to the creator's daughter, jasmine and showed how dolls don't all have to look like barbies. it showed that dolls can look like any of us.

  59. Darrian Denise on

    Hello, I'm an 18 year-old senior and I have loved Bratz ever since I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I still love them to this day. Bratz got me through everything, especially when I was bullied in elementary school. When I didn't have any friends, Bratz were there for me. I don't see them as illuminati puppets, or whatever you want to call them. I see them as the brighter side of my childhood and they were the only things that would brighten my day. I am defending them, and I'm not trying to start any controversy or any heated discussion. I'm not going to go into religion, because I don't want to get into a heated argument as well. But, I'm not going to stop buying Bratz because of that purpose as well. At the end of the day, I KNOW WHO I AM. I know who I put my faith and trust in. Bratz were very influential to me when I was little, and still are to this day. I didn't write this to start anything, I just wanted to give my perspective on this (and please don't judge me).


  60. I can't believe they were marketing "sexiness" to little girls.
    That's just sick!!!!
    Wake up people!!! The time is up!!! We're living on borrowed time. Rome is ready to burn once more.

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