Bratz Dolls in Illuminati Masquerade Ball

Hello one-eye symbolism.

Hello one-eye symbolism.

Bratz dolls are basically younger, sluttier versions of Barbie dolls. They’ve always annoyed me because I personally feel that young children should just be kids and should enjoy their innocence while they can. And, to me, Bratz are another way to promote sexuality, superficiality and even celebrity to young girls. But maybe I’m just acting like a grumpy old man looking at new toys and saying in a disapproving tone: “We don’t have the toys we used to”.

Bratz however took things to a whole other level with its new Masquerade collection by incorporating in it all out Illuminati symbolism. Masquerade balls (also known as Illuminati balls) originate from obscure occult Secret Societies who organized these gatherings for ceremonial and ritualistic purposes. These balls often ended with orgies with the masks playing on the anonymity of the sexual partner (see the movie Eyes Wide Shut). Is there a reason why young girls should recreate the occult elite’s ceremonial parties?

Here we have a couple of vampires dancing on a ritualistic checkerboard Masonic floor. Plus, on the left, a sex-kitten checking everything out.

Here’s the promotional video for the collection and see how Illuminati symbolism is promoted to kids.

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220 Comments on "Bratz Dolls in Illuminati Masquerade Ball"

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the fact that they're called bratz disturbs me to. i was raised to believe that brat has a negative connotation. i live near chico state, and there are whole sorority houses filled with girls who look like this. these girls are like 19, 20, 21. we see them waiting in lines for night clubs, shivering to death in microscopic dresses in the dead of f*****g winter. because lets face it folks, wearing a coat to protect yourself from frigged temperatures is just not sexy! they talk with baby voices, and through fits at their boyfriends for breathing the wrong way. they're nightmares, and these "bros" put up with these "bratz" because they look like blow up dolls! and none of this is weird to them, they will never question why they are the way they are, and in the end they just wind up missing the whole point. i really… Read more »

Yes, they are using something negative and turning it into something positive. If you were a true bratz fan you would know that they were actually harassed by people and called “brat”, so they finally decided to own that name and make it their own. They’re using something that was made to harass them and turning it into confidence.

[x] eye of Horus

[x] witch representing witchcraft

[x] vaguely suggestive masonic arches

[x] Baphomet horns

[x] undersea goddess

[x] oh yeah, and all those super-neat monarch mind-control masks for you AND you doll!

I dunno, sounds like good wholesome funtimes to me. Play on, kiddies. Play on.

Kinda makes me wonder–at 27 I wonder how much of an influence the illuminati have had on my own upbringing in terms of their control over film industry, music industry, and the toy making industry. I'm beginning to get an idea though.

Thank you, God, for your redemptive power–that in spite of the adulterated content that has been filling our minds since childhood, we are "transformed by the renewing of our minds"–Romans 12.

Amen to that!