Bilderberg 2013: The Official Attendees List



The annual Bilderberg conference, a secretive meeting reuniting some of the world’s most powerful politicians, bankers, media moguls, CEOs and policy makers (in other words, the elite) is taking place from June 6 to June 9th. As usual, there’s a media blackout surrounding the event – except for some British papers as the meeting is taking place in Watford, UK.

This is one of the meetings where REAL decisions are taken and were policies are agreed upon. Elected politicians basically take orders from these types of elite circles.

Thanks to “conspiracy theorists”, the meetings get a little more attention every year. However, the few media sources that attempt to access the 5-star Grove Hotel won’t be able to see much. In fact, a “Great Wall of Watford” has been erected around the premises of the hotel.

Nothing says "we have nothing to hide" better than a giant wall around a perimeter.

Nothing says “we have nothing to hide” better than a giant wall around a perimeter.

Some notable attendees at this year’s conference are Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (he’s a regular at all these kinds of meetings). Here’s the complete list.

FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group
DEU Achleitner, Paul M. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG
DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Board, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd
GBR Agius, Marcus Former Chairman, Barclays plc
GBR Alexander, Helen Chairman, UBM plc
USA Altman, Roger C. Executive Chairman, Evercore Partners
FIN Apunen, Matti Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
USA Athey, Susan Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business
TUR Aydıntaşbaş, Aslı Columnist, Milliyet Newspaper
TUR Babacan, Ali Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs
GBR Balls, Edward M. Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA
FRA Barré, Nicolas Managing Editor, Les Echos
INT Barroso, José M. Durão President, European Commission
FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
FRA Bavinchove, Olivier de Commander, Eurocorps
GBR Bell, John Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford
ITA Bernabè, Franco Chairman and CEO, Telecom Italia S.p.A.
USA Bezos, Jeff Founder and CEO,
SWE Bildt, Carl Minister for Foreign Affairs
SWE Borg, Anders Minister for Finance
NLD Boxmeer, Jean François van Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, Heineken N.V.
NOR Brandtzæg, Svein Richard President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher, Der Standard Medienwelt
GBR Carrington, Peter Former Honorary Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings
ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA
CAN Clark, W. Edmund President and CEO, TD Bank Group
GBR Clarke, Kenneth Member of Parliament
DNK Corydon, Bjarne Minister of Finance
GBR Cowper-Coles, Sherard Business Development Director, International, BAE Systems plc
ITA Cucchiani, Enrico Tommaso CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA
BEL Davignon, Etienne Minister of State; Former Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings
GBR Davis, Ian Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company
NLD Dijkgraaf, Robbert H. Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study
TUR Dinçer, Haluk President, Retail and Insurance Group, Sabancı Holding A.S.
GBR Dudley, Robert Group Chief Executive, BP plc
USA Eberstadt, Nicholas N. Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute
NOR Eide, Espen Barth Minister of Foreign Affairs
SWE Ekholm, Börje President and CEO, Investor AB
DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, EADS
USA Evans, J. Michael Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co.
DNK Federspiel, Ulrik Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S
USA Feldstein, Martin S. Professor of Economics, Harvard University; President Emeritus, NBER
FRA Fillon, François Former Prime Minister
USA Fishman, Mark C. President, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
GBR Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc
IRL Gallagher, Paul Senior Counsel
USA Geithner, Timothy F. Former Secretary of the Treasury
USA Gfoeller, Michael Political Consultant
USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
DEU Grillo, Ulrich CEO, Grillo-Werke AG
ITA Gruber, Lilli Journalist – Anchorwoman, La 7 TV
ESP Guindos, Luis de Minister of Economy and Competitiveness
GBR Gulliver, Stuart Group Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings plc
CHE Gutzwiller, Felix Member of the Swiss Council of States
NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary  General of Bilderberg Meetings
FIN Heinonen, Olli Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
GBR Henry, Simon CFO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
FRA Hermelin, Paul Chairman and CEO, Capgemini Group
ESP Isla, Pablo Chairman and CEO, Inditex Group
USA Jacobs, Kenneth M. Chairman and CEO, Lazard
USA Johnson, James A. Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners
CHE Jordan, Thomas J. Chairman of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank
USA Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC
USA Kaplan, Robert D. Chief Geopolitical Analyst, Stratfor
USA Karp, Alex Founder and CEO, Palantir Technologies
GBR Kerr, John Independent Member, House of Lords
USA Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
USA Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
NLD Knot, Klaas H.W. President, De Nederlandsche Bank
TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.
DEU Koch, Roland CEO, Bilfinger SE
USA Kravis, Henry R. Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute
CHE Kudelski, André Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group
GRC Kyriacopoulos, Ulysses Chairman, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A.
INT Lagarde, Christine Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
DEU Lauk, Kurt J. Chairman of the Economic Council to the CDU, Berlin
USA Lessig, Lawrence Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School; Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University
BEL Leysen, Thomas Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group
DEU Lindner, Christian Party Leader, Free Democratic Party (FDP NRW)
SWE Löfven, Stefan Party Leader, Social Democratic Party (SAP)
DEU Löscher, Peter President and CEO, Siemens AG
GBR Mandelson, Peter Chairman, Global Counsel; Chairman, Lazard International
USA Mathews, Jessica T. President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
CAN McKenna, Frank Chair, Brookfield Asset Management
GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations
ITA Monti, Mario Former Prime Minister
USA Mundie, Craig J. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation
ITA Nagel, Alberto CEO, Mediobanca
NLD Netherlands, H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of The
USA Ng, Andrew Y. Co-Founder, Coursera
FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell, plc
GBR Omand, David Visiting Professor, King’s College London
GBR Osborne, George Chancellor of the Exchequer
USA Ottolenghi, Emanuele Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
TUR Özel, Soli Senior Lecturer, Kadir Has University; Columnist, Habertürk Newspaper
GRC Papahelas, Alexis Executive Editor, Kathimerini Newspaper
TUR Pavey, Şafak Member of Parliament (CHP)
FRA Pécresse, Valérie Member of Parliament (UMP)
USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
USA Petraeus, David H. General, U.S. Army (Retired)
PRT Portas, Paulo Minister of State and Foreign Affairs
CAN Prichard, J. Robert S. Chair, Torys LLP
INT Reding, Viviane Vice President and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Commission
CAN Reisman, Heather M. CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.
FRA Rey, Hélène Professor of Economics, London Business School
GBR Robertson, Simon Partner, Robertson Robey Associates LLP; Deputy Chairman, HSBC Holdings
ITA Rocca, Gianfelice Chairman,Techint Group
POL Rostowski, Jacek Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister
USA Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
NLD Rutte, Mark Prime Minister
AUT Schieder, Andreas State Secretary of Finance
USA Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
PRT Seguro, António José Secretary General, Socialist Party
FRA Senard, Jean-Dominique CEO, Michelin Group
NOR Skogen Lund, Kristin Director General, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
USA Slaughter, Anne-Marie Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
GBR Taylor, Martin Former Chairman, Syngenta AG
INT Thiam, Tidjane Group CEO, Prudential plc
USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Thiel Capital
USA Thompson, Craig B. President and CEO, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
DNK Topsøe, Jakob Haldor Partner, AMBROX Capital A/S
FIN Urpilainen, Jutta Minister of Finance
CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Honorary Chairman, Novartis AG
GBR Voser, Peter R. CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
CAN Wall, Brad Premier of Saskatchewan
SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB
USA Warsh, Kevin Distinguished Visiting Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
CAN Weston, Galen G. Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited
GBR Williams of Crosby, Shirley Member, House of Lords
GBR Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company
GBR Wright, David Vice Chairman, Barclays plc
INT Zoellick, Robert B. Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

According to, here’s the official agenda.
• Can the US and Europe grow faster and create jobs?
• Jobs, entitlement and debt
• How big data is changing almost everything
• Nationalism and populism
• US foreign policy
• Africa’s challenges
• Cyber warfare and the proliferation of asymmetric threats
• Major trends in medical research
• Online education: promise and impacts
• Politics of the European Union
• Developments in the Middle East
• Current affairs

Of course, this is the “official”, media-friendly agenda. Since none of the discussions are released to the public, discussions about NWO or police-state related issues can easily break out and nobody will ever know.



      • As in the Sacred Groves where they typically tied People to Trees and Burned them alive? If that's what you mean I hear you… "Our Elite Protectors"

      • Carolyn Cameron on

        yeah protecting and serving the shit out of us all whether we like it or not………..

      • "yeah protecting and serving the shit out of us all whether we like it or not……….."

        LMFAO I know the subject is not actually funny….but that was freaking hysterical the way you put that.

    • Couldn't I agree more. Holy crap the giant wall if that doesn't mean anything why build it . How could this people live with themselves planning, who knows what . This meeting will unfold something hopefully nothing that would harm anyone in anyway. U.K theirs something about the U.K I don't like perhaps the Queen will be there x.x smh

  1. Mainstream media don't cover that meetings. Why? 'Cause in the words of Gerald Celente: the mainstream media are "PRESSTITUTES".

    The saddest thing is that, officially, north-americans are being monitored by the govt. If you go to alternative media, they will know it. Youtube, Facebook, VC, everything has been wiretapped.

  2. So much interesting news. Between the NSA accessing everyone's phone records without their knowledge or consent, the news that the NSA has been sifting through everyone's web browsing history through Google, Apple, etc. servers, the brand new $2 billion dollar top-secret NSA building in Utah where all this data will be housed, and the convening of the secretive Bilderberg conference this week, what is there to be suspicious about. I mean it's all in our best interest right. Our leaders and the economic elite just want to make sure that our economies are stable and that our security is assured. If only we could just understand and accept our fate, this would all go much smoother. Moo. lol

    • Yeah we cant cope with the challenges of the world and we are not educated enough to rule a country. Good we have leaders to do this for us. Mooo

  3. Yaaay!! Another meeting where the people who take care of us are now going to decide how to rob, cheat, lie and eventually kill us!

  4. Ce ne sont que des humains qui se pensent immortels et indispensables… Un con ne sait jamais qu'il en est un avant qu'on le lui dise, c'est bien connu ! Ils sont heureux ces "gens", ils vivent derrière des murs, auprès de garde du corps, ils passent leur vie derrière des vitres fumées, ils se retournent au moindre bruit… ils sont prisonniers de leur prison… Nous, nous sommes dehors et malgré tous leurs remparts, on les regardent gesticuler… Qui sont les marionnettes ? Ah, laissons les à leur tout petit monde de parano, myto, nazi et nous, dansons la carmagnole… vive le son… Vive le son… du bruit qu'ils font !

    P.S : Finalement, c'est plutôt flatteur de se savoir surveillés… Cela se pourrait-il qu'ils ne nous fassent pas confiance ? (Rire)… A mon avis, quelqu'un a dû jeter un pavé dans la marre et ça fait des ronds dans l'eau ! Surveillez nous messieurs les numéros 666… ça vous coûte une fortune et nous, ça nous rassure !

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Okay, maybe it's me but the first sentence II think means It is only humans who think immortal and indispensable. Okay, if we all aren't human then who are the beings and what would these beings be thinking? Or for that matter is thought too trivial? Just wondering because my intent is never to con somone and I truly get something out of everyone's opinion even if they don't agree with mine

    • It says roughly —

      "These are just humans who think immortal and indispensable… A con never know that there is one it said it before, it is well known! They are happy these "people", they live behind walls, with bodyguard, they spend their lives behind smoked glass, they return at the slightest noise… they are prisoners of their prison… We are out and despite all their walls, on watching them shrug… Who are the puppets? Ah, let them at their very small world of fear and loathing, myto, nazi and us, dancing… strong Cannon sound… Long live the sound… the sound they make!

      P.S: Finally, it is rather flattering to be monitored… Could this that they do us not trust? (Laughter)… In my opinion, someone had to throw a keypad in the pond and makes rounds in the water! Watch us gentlemen the numbers 666… it cost a fortune and we, it reassures us!"

      So, I get this from it:

      1) The elite think they are immortal and more valued than us but they will die in the end, just like us.

      2) The elite spend their lives in fear, with bodyguards, behind walls…in prisons…so they are the real puppets/victims. Victims of their own greed and lust for power.

      3) They are in actual fear of US, the masses, so, this is why they must monitor us.

      4) We need to get off our computers and spend more time by the ocean swimming.

      5) I have NO IDEA what the 666 or "cannon sound" thing is about !!! LOL

      Overall, this French person has some damn good points. :-)

  5. I am quite sure the pope is there too..though his name doesnt factor in on the list..if not him some representative from the vatican…the devil has a rep everywhere just sayin — I even think there are ppl there who's names arent on the list for more clandestine and sinister reasons

    • The Renegade on

      They don`t need these countries to have representatives,because they own them anyway.Through banks and so-called investment funds.All the decisions they will make at this meeting,will be enforced in the next 12 months.Wanna bet??? :-))))))

    • Interesting that they want to discuss Africa's challenges but NO African representation. So I am assuming they don't want to invite the Africans since the talk will be how to pillage even more Africa for it's natural resources. Europe and America have gotten to the super power status off the back of Africans and literally off the backs of Africans backs (Slavery) the elite will continue as they always have.

  6. No latin americans in this "event", not even Carlos Slim…

    I am not drinking Heineken EVER again

    All of this people are probably MK handlers, gross.

  7. The Renegade on

    They will hold talks how to enslave even more the population of the globe through more taxes,increase the ones are now,creating wars,viruses spread throughout the world.Then,eventually and alien invasion ,where everybody has to surrender and go in a camp,FEMA for example,to be checked and in quarantine for and indefinite term.
    My opinion> :-)))))

  8. Thank God they have a big wall to keep outsiders from hearing about the changes in Africa (in which no African countries are involved) and how big data is changing everything (what does that even mean?). So sad.

  9. here we go again…
    lets help these africans..
    but lets not invite one of these black people and everthing will go well

    i am sick of this ….fuck of leave us alone damed you damged us enough allready
    i mean the first people on the earth were black africans means the first people that had food and first goverments were african i would say and noww we are..
    starving and our children die…you dickheads dismanteled us enough we are not recovering at all and now they talk again
    so we will neveer recover…

    • I guarantee that if huge amounts of oil were found in some place in Africa, the USA would create some sort of BS reason to "help" the African people aka get that oil out ground!

      • killuminati on

        its not just oil its everything they can possibly use and they can take since all we got is corrupte leaders that sell us out like they did with their childrenn…

      • Yep Americans are the front of satanism. Everyone who used to be involved with it and tried to leave, always and when I say always I mean always, points against America. Satan's biggest inn.

      • Oh yeah, Satanism originated in America, and the most satanic country is America. (lol) In fact, everything bad is America's fault and the world would be perfect and free of evil without it. Mmmhm…sure.

      • killuminati on

        hmm you almost erased a hole etniciity from this earth while robbin their country and enslaved over a million africans torched abused rob them of their names and dignity
        and wile you were invading africa pretending to be all nice good chistiaans you asked our what you would be called doctors or whatever the teachers off our history.. about us and our land and history
        you killed them and took all theirr knowledge and kept it so nowthe stupid foollowers of these leaders doont know shit from genaration to genartion in africa and thatswhy we got aids cant handle that and are fuckin starvin and all that …. then….

        anohter million trown overboard alive with stones attached to their feet
        went to vietnam to kill little children if i look at these old videos of that war these people were like living on farms or somthing and you be comin down with yo bombs…
        than 20 years or somthin i dont even know exactly all i know is that i hear america and afganistan america and irak and all that ever since i starded fuckin growing

        aall theses wars serve serval puposes one it is being satanism because killing innocent peopl children virgins and and all that they belive shit like this gives them power…

        then i look at the washington thhe street construction plan were the wight house is seated
        by the way the WHITE house was never build for obama….

        but i can see some wierd shit in these constructions…. but maybe it is juzz cause am high as fuck and listen to 2pac phanter poower….
        nd no satanism is everywere ist alllways peple don that shit somewere
        but america iss the biggest donater with all that sacrified blood on your land damn 😀

        excuse my spelling people…

      • Salazar Snakes on

        @Killuminati: The slave trade started with England dumbass. Sadly some people in the States continued that trend, but you know what? It ended, so stop holding it over everyone's head, you're as bad as the people you say you condemn when you promote so much bigotry and hate!

      • @Salazar Snakes well i will say what i feel i guess yyou arre not black and you dont experience the world like we do.. and i am not holding on to it like its gone cause it aint
        it is people like you who condemn people like me for saying what they feel andd the hate i have is not toward all white people i dont give a fuck what race they aree but it was you guys that fuck us that bad that africans have to suffer so much to get some were in this world soo iff africa that big ass kontinent doesnt get shit after allll theessse yeaarrss stilll too dayy i willl hold on to this if i walk the fuckin street and someone treats me like a nigger i will hold on to this
        iff these money hungry goverment doesnt stop threating black people hispanics or any ohter race the way the do i wont let go if this

        and yeah t was britih people taking slave and shipping them to america annd there children probably became americans dumbass…..
        and iit aint hate its just anger but close minded people like you percieve shit as simple as you do

        sorry for my spelling am not american…

      • Salazar Snakes on

        @Killuminati: I mean the slave trade as YOU speak of it. But FYI people were kept as slaves 1,000's of years before England and the US enslaved blacks. In fact, the entire nation of Israel were slaves at one point, and there are still slaves in some Asian countries. Getting real sick of this demonizing whites against black shit, most white people are very accepting, in fact, I have NEVER rejected because of their color, nor did my parents, we embraced people of different ethnicity and strove to understand them!

      • yeah i know bout the slave trade in isreal and stuff and in africa even to arabic people that was big aswell butt how much that affect africas situation now
        they didnt want to build the unitedd states of amercia or something
        you cant really compare it because it was so long ago…..
        i bet in 1000 years we wot talk about that shit because of rehabilitation but as far as these conferences go we ar not near that shit because the rasicts wont let us grow not just us but most of the ohter ethnicitys as well we got so muuch money in the western wolrd but these dumbass goverments buy the selfs 3 million dolla toys that help nobody
        to bomb innocent humans…
        and their are slaves everywhere dammmed its common it was even kinda natural to have slave 1000 years ago
        but the american or if you wanna call british slave trade that evautually became the american slave trade wasss veryyyy veryyy veryy difffrent towards humans and the cruelty and rassisim aint DEAD… these people up there thing about this everyday they i aint gettin tired…
        and again its just the way you pervieve it nerver said whitet against black and shit
        and white are for sure not the one getting demonized..
        should just said HUMANS AGAINST HUMANS … but thats not the way they think up there thats not how they fight these wars……..

        writing to much i know -.-

      • Maybe you could be invited to conferences one day if you improved your spelling and not be high as fck all the time. Im not white and I dislike what the US and GB have done once upon a time, and to a certain degree, even today but as an observer here, blaming white americans for your troubles now paints a picture of poor mentality. You'd be surprised to know the amount of non Caucasians with power in this world. Im related to some and they're not even american, nor are they white. Stop blaming whites in general for the sins of their ancestors. I've met many amazing white americans and some pretty horrible africans (the same africans who come to my country to cheat and commit crimes), at the same time I've met many amazing africans and horrible americans. At the end of the day you judge what's infront of you. Read up more, be aware, educate yourself. The ones at the top love it when we don't.

      • Salazar Snakes on

        @Callie: Okay, don't say "AMERICAN'S ARE THE FRONT OF SATANISM" that is a fucking lie? Why because you are referring to maybe 0.001% of the population, most of the normal citizens don't want that kind of thing to happen, so please don't lump us all in that, that is a load of shit. I hate the government/elite here and I am fighting them every step of the way! That sentence should read the "American government/elite are the front of satanism."

      • IFAmericansKnew on

        Americas is NOT a real country….it's nothing more than a satellite country for ISRAEL.

        Both Israel and England for that matter have an incredible amount of control here.
        ISRAEL much more so than England.

      • IFAmericansKnew on

        Israel receives about $8.4 million dollars per day from the United States, and there is evidence that the total cost to American taxpayers is closer to $15 million a day. Yet this information is almost never printed in American newspapers. Coverage of the Middle East in general, and of Israel in particular, virtually never reports this enormous American connection with this region.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Okay, here's my mind's mystery — if you live in an environment that had every natural resource known to man and it only takes a quiick search through man's historial records to verify this then how in God's Green Earth you are poor, deprived, downtrodden? I don't get it.

        Here's the other mystery, how can some outside force tell an indigenous group of individual's story by only searching for large sites of human sacrifices. Indegenous people don't live in castes, fortresses nor build palaces. Those archealogical digs uncover mass genocide sites where hints of occult activity ravaged the lands and no historical records are found because the first thing is done the libraries are burnt. So the mind control continiues from ground zero

      • To answer the first part of your question is what I call the trojan horse effect. You see nice white folk always had a great way of making an entrance on a race of people they so call "discovered". They would appear to be all pure and innocent (the whole pilgrim incident for example) just to pull off the mask and bring down a whole race. Dont believe its possible? Why do you think Africa is so run down? Pure in resources. Had to get them n**gers out of there! Insecure sons of bitches. Scared to come to any hood but quick to wear one… They need to slide on some panties to because they all some bitches!

      • I am so sick of all the "I hate all white people" bullshit. Even on a site dedicated to bringing people together in truth, we still have all of this divisive, racist bullshit taking everyone away from the point of the conversation. No wonder things aren't getting better- everyone's still too goddamned busy hating everyone else for the color of their skin.

      • killuminati on

        its not that some peopl be llike i hate all wight people but the people that are runnin shit for over 200 years being the most disgusting humanbeings on eartth….. are.. Wight sorry…but that doesnt mean we should hate all wight people cause that juzz stupid exspecially nowdays -.-

      • There's an interesting book called White Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh.
        "The forgotten history of Britain's white slaves in America".
        All the poor are 'slaves' and have been exploited, abused, ignored throughout 1000's of years of history.
        Let's keep our critical thinking skills people.

      • sorry i dont know if its true but i thought i heard something like the blck slave as we know were called niggers but since the white slaves werent rich they were called white trash is that true ???????

      • Apparently the term 'Redneck' comes from the time when whites were slaves in America, from their sunburnt necks from working on the plantations.
        I presume that the 'white trash' in America today are descendants of those people.

        "in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries 300,000 people or more became slaves in America in all but name. Urchins were swept form London's streets to labour in the tobacco fields, where life expectancy was no more than two years. Brothels were raided to provide 'breeders' for Virginia. Hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become chattels who could be bought sold and even gambled away. Transported convicts were paraded for sale like livestock."

        From the book White Cargo.

      • and they never talk about the fact that there were white slaves on the history channel do they -.- mann this world they created and we are forced to live in is soooo dysfunctional……..

      • Real history is very different from the official version of what we are told I think.
        I spent time living in Africa and from what I learned there, local tribes were complicit in the slave trade. Rival tribes would raid each other and sell off captured Africans to the Arabian or British (or whoever) colonisers. I have been to the buildings they deported the slaves from (in Ghana and Zanzibar) and there is no way those places could exist without the acceptance of the local people in some way. Corrupt leaders can always be bought off, throughout history, and today. It's a crappy world for sure.

      • And your point about 'this world they created'. I think about this all the time.
        I look around me at the way everyone I know is behaving and it is appalling. The system we all hate is us, people, can we say others have done it to us and we are innocent victims or are we all complicit. I don't know, maybe I am talking crap.

      • no your not talking crap..
        everyone failed at some point..
        i mean at the and of the day we as humanbeings as citizien have a will and a choice we are 90% they are 10%….. we can act upon our belives and risk our lifes or we keep ignoring holding on to that 9 to 5…
        nobody is innocent anymore… i guess
        but thanks to the internet and vc we like minded people can share or trutths, knowledge and opinion..

    • Trapped thank you for posting right information. On the RT news today is briefly alerted people to activity taken place around the sun and that there will be darkeness that will descend on the planet. They did not mention the 26,000 year cycle of the planet. Lets hope the current 6,000 year European world rulership will phase out gently. I know that we are waking up from mass head trauma but the recovery is slow. Hotep!

    • I hear you. The Elite -European/American dictate everything. They enslaved Africans and will do everything in their power to enslave Africa's God given natural resources. The propaganda they feed the masses with those harrowing/disturbing African charity commercials of starving children – Is that Africans are nothing and always have been nothing and NEED them. They never want the world to know, for example that Sub Saharan Ancient Sudan (Biblical Land of Kush) had own governments. They were an advanced and prosperous people that ruled Egypt for 100 years in the 8th Century (BC). Even History (White man dictated) does everything to rob Africans of their own complex history. In accordance to them African existence without European doesn't exist. Judging by the Elite's obsession with Africa, they will not cease their tradition of robbing us.

    • killuminati on

      but what did we sow we never did shit to them tthey our juzz being evil for no reason… despite them being total psychopaths…

    • Thats indeed the whole thing.

      Sometimes I feel the people reading this website get so fed up, and so angry / sad from all the stories.

      Maybe this whole website is there to just make people angry and sad.. because in the end, thats just the 'alternative' from the mainstream media. Which does exactly the same.

      It sows hatred, and sadness. While the only thing we should do (and which will help a LOT) is:
      Not judging, because it's only HE that can judge.
      And spreading love.

      Sitting behind your computer, feeling sad and powerless. That's what this website is spreading.
      While WE THE PEOPLE have the power… believe in yourself, believe in others.

    • That's completely ironic. You reap what you sow. That applies to the people who do evil deeds in this world just as much as it does to the good people in the world.

      So stop thinking so low. They will have what's coming to them! :)

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Then use other methods; they have throught the centuries. There has got to be satellite technology that uses thermal energy to detect large amounts of spikes in energy. If you can read a single person's energy frequency then you definitely can read others. The reason I'm saying this is because they have violated my privacy to this level and we have not even begun to address what laws should be in place nor why what is being told that protects national security. Define national and why does it needs security?

  10. Also been announced today (not shown publically) that Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron is attending.

  11. NibiruisNOW on

    INTERESTING the CEO & FOUNDER of INDIGO BOOKS ( New Age Indigo Kids etc etc 11:11 etc etc) is on the list …..very interesting…..nopw will someone provide the REAL list rather than just the attendees… Transhumanist Jolie once said in her movies…WHO SITS THERE!!!???

  12. I know this place! I drive past Watford to and from work on week days on the M25. Where's the PM's name as spotted by someone above? Well he's following in his predecessors footsteps, so it was just a matter of time. Reptilian so so and so!

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Are there any strange happenings such as large amounts of missing people? Are ther many outbreaks of mass shootings? Any strange recalls on food? Just wondering if they have a large private grounds where they can carry out these things because I believe all this was put into place before those attendees showed up to carry out whatever they do before they conduct those plans. I wander what type of secured communications protocols they use? There has got to be some type of satellite communications being used there too

    • It is not money that is the root of all evil…. it's the LOVE of money is the root to all types of evil. Sometimes money has nothing to do with the evil that people commit. I feel its the power that these folks want rather than money. If you have power you don't need money but if you have money you still long for power….

      • He thought "Truth is" meant to spell retard! OF COURSE it was re-read!!! I friggin' love you guys!!! Hysterical!!! I got your back Truth & light! Common sense isn't so common…

        I wish love and laughter to all! Transmit only POSITIVE vibes!

        Thanks so much, VC!! I've been borderline obsessed(my husband would say completely) with your articles for two years now. Keep up the good work, I can tell it's a labor of love :)

        Any VCer's heard of any good jokes, lately? 😉

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        I have NEVER heard 'if typos' lol and I thought Truth is meant to type 'retard' not 're read' so I found it funny. Oi!! Truth and light, ever heard of a sense of humour? Sheesh…

  13. Gen. David Patraeus invited but Jamie Dimon is not…

    The US contingent is the size I expected, as is the male to female ratio…

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Isn't the General a Knight of Malta or belongs to Sovereighn Military of Malta? And all other military personnel following his orders? Isn't General Powell one too?

  14. I searched for two particular names from Poland and I was totally right about one. Vincent Rostowski is an person of not fully known past, which out of nowhere became Poland's Minister of Treasure. As a matter of fact, the only thing his ministry and himself do is implementing new and new taxes on every single matter of everyday life, he's a leech in human's body, at least it is good to know that people's suspicions were true that he was a puppet in hands of some greater powers wanting to control Poles by means of ridding the country of all wealth and making its citizens dependent on banks and foreign capital. Well done, next country that can be added to the list of RUINED. That feels so sad, knowing that it is a matter of years when the country will be defeated out in the open, or secretly and that there's less and less time to find another place to live.

  15. How perfect for the Bilderbergs that there is another shooting in the USA today guaranteeing people will be distracted by this tragedy while they get to keep plotting in secret

    • negative zero on

      Indeed. And it's looking like yet another staged FF event…complete with a "live terrorism drill" that same day.
      Always a drill preceding the event…like OKC, 9 11, Boston, 7/7, Norway…missing a few I'm sure, but these come right to mind.
      Search utube for "LA drill" then check out photos of the scene later that day – bogus.

  16. I wonder why our newly appointed King (NLD) doesn't go, and instead the old Queen who is now a princess. Might he just be a pawn for some bigger plan?

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      They are planning to destroy billions so there has to be some super virus on the verge of outbreak or some type of mega disaster too.

  17. Truth & Light on

    A list of evil, vile, revolting, repulsive subhuman s who want to play GODs. These folks hv not interest in making the world a better place but their own little bubble and pockets. I have no respect for such!!

    • Non-Euclidean on

      I wonder if these are really the true elites. Just imagine… all the malevolent power and greed in that room, enough to make you nauseous just standing there.

      And I wonder if the names on the list aren't even the true top dogs. Most of these people aren't very well known, but we know they exist. And we can still research most of them if we like. But what if the actual high circles comprise individuals who instead exist entirely "in the shadows". Names we've never heard of, faces we'll never see. And they make the world's decisions.

    • Wait to see what the Americans will get eventually. It's said for years that even though they plan to destroy more and more, 90% of the Americans will perish and their country will be in tatters. The worst place you could be and it's going to end up in tears. Mark the words of those who know.

      • Do you have information about this that you can provide for people to view and read?

      • It is simple facts:
        The water in america is flouridaded
        There are numerous fema camps around the country – you can google that
        There are unmanned drones, which can kill you without reason.
        There is Patriot act, which enables the government to enter your house and take you to prison, because they think you are supposed to be terrorist
        Everything there is tracked. Everything.
        You can die any moment by crazy programmed killer, just as you walk to the supermarket
        American people are constantly polluted with chemtrailes and GMO foods.
        As you can see this is not going to end well. You can google "illuminati declares war on america" for further reading. America is just testing site for elite's purposes. So in my opinion everyone who can MUST leave USA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    • In my opinion turkey people will be sacrificed in the incoming war. Elite probably needed strong, controlled by them country, which can be used in the incoming conflict. The proof for this is the numerous USA bases in Turkey.

      • ShadowOnTheWall on

        Turkish nation is not the sort of nation to be played with at the first place. Now US catspaw Erdogan eats the fruit of his work. The so-called Big Muslim who buys votes with work-places based on ethnicity and religion priviledges is now taken aback by the power of Turkish youth he did not expect. The US did not expect tat too. Of course the "condemn" the violence, but they bloody well know why they need Erdogan's arse where it sits.

      • Well i can say illuminati now longer can control everything. Thanks to the internet we educated ourselves and learned more than they wanted. I hope that people in turkey will succeed in their goals, but they must not forget that erdogan is just a pawn and removing him will not fix turkey problems.US bases will still stay there and Turkey will keep being part of NATO and it will must take part of the incoming war, simply because it is part of this military union.
        Probably similar thing happened in Bulgaria. A lot of people wanted to get rid of Boiko Borisov(our former PM). He resigned, but nothing changed here. I think that bigger change must take place.

  18. Truthseeker2013 on

    Has anyone ever thought that the word "mystery" itself was some type of trigger? Over the years each time I hear the wor somehow it connects in with some high level type of ritual, occult activity. II've even thought the word is some type of encantation much like the words "Abra cadabra". (Sp here. I've spent 20 minutes with my auto correct and toggle. It keeps freezing and gives several other words to select)

    • Putin definitely had a part in that (in a good way of course). But we know the escaped oligarchs are involved in this agenda.

    • Well my Mail is being delivered by somebody who makes mistakes so no invitation again.

      I bet the food is fantastic – probably 100% non GMO and Heirloom Wheat too.

  19. "africa challenges" and not a single african there..We know it's all about stealing oil,gold,etc and cover it with humanitarian pretexts.
    Nationalism and populism ? my hypothesis is that they'll talk about how to push the third world war.

    • I personally think that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is nothing more than a front for horrible things. They claim to give children and families free vaccinations on that continent but I think it is soft killing.

  20. No mention of care for ageing population or support for sick and disabled,? Wait on they don't feature in Solent Green vision of the future

  21. I see the Palantir people are there – Alex Karp and Peter Thiel. look up palantir technologies. they do "big data" for governments and big corporations. quite apt that they are here.

  22. Powerful elite secretly meeting to elaborate plots for the world? This is what i call a real CONSPIRACY!

  23. Jahprovidethebread on

    Man, Uncle Bob says it so eloquently……. 'Babylon system is a vampire, soaked in the blood of the sufferer'…. Just be thankful that in all of this, you are you, and not some heartless scoundrel. YHWH! All the way Xx

  24. Im glad the creepy meeting isnt held in the USA. I hope a demonic ritual doesnt take place in the UK.

  25. InGodItrust on

    I plead the blood of Jesus over all of them who are sitting around that table, plotting! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!!!!!

  26. Greatest deception in history: the letter J. Look it up. Your salvation from these wicked people depends on it.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        It's a letter with a very interesting history that connects into the name of the true messiah. You can research it through how the Greeks use it and the meaning of Jesus is Hail Zeus as well as (sorry my auto correct keeps changing and freezing when I try to spell Yeheshua or Joshua.) That is my research. I've done more but so far it centers on how our inds have been shaped from the true name and meaning

  27. Thank you VC, Once again – This meeting happens every year in different locations around the world …… It doesnt surprise me one bit, a little step closer in establishing the NWO agenda. These are just think tanks for the illuminati along with the CFR, Trilateral Commison, Club of Rome, RIIA, etc. They have apparently spent a few million on the security, the roads closed and traffic being diverted, also one of the creepiest things that you never mentioned VC is the fact that the locals have to show their passports to get on their own driveways!!!!………….i wonder what terrorist attacks, viruses, new taxes and laws etc. they are going to implement?? Ia can see it already.



    • Amen to that!!! According to a video on Youtube entitled "Slavery By Consent" we are all ALREADY slaves, we are already owned….be warned, if you watch it, you will never look at the world in quite the same way…personally, I believe it is true, but pretty shocking…

  29. You have to remember this "so-called" list is hiding many people so there could be others that either don't want their names listed or are too dangerous to list. Their little agenda list is complete garbage. Yeah, right. Where's the real one??

    1. How to stop more sheep from finding out the truth (they know they're in trouble)

    2. New Haarp testing locations

    3. Most EVIL PLANS CONTEST- Winner gets to pick next false flag event!"

    (Plus many more sinister, unimaginable horrors) These "people" aren't human.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Thank you. You can not sit and plaster a good image front or spend billions to have your image remain respectible if you have a good conscience. Something is goiong to trigger this ain't right when you look another human in the eye because there has got to be a connection with that human that sparks a spiritual recognition between heart and mind in that interaction.

      It appears to be a mind game of some sort where these non-feeling heartless being realize that their time is numbered and the clock is ticking.

    • People on this site keep saying…they know their in trouble, but I haven't seem them stop their plan or even slow down. What have you or I or anyone else done to really make them feel like there in trouble. Posting a comment on a conspiracy website. This meeting would have been extremely secret regardless of this website or any other, and funny thing is they're not really changing that because they're not fettered by weak public protest that doesn't even fight hard enough to make the meeting open to public.

  30. Truthseeker2013 on

    OKAY, NOW I'm just wondering. This is a site that prefaces it's material with phenomenal information about mind control and even details examples of mind control. )et, there are some that I don't get or better wording can't figure out when statements about the sheeple being led or there are too many pathetic ones that discuss off topic subjects. I hope I can express this without sounding sheeply pathetic. That is the point the affects of mind control and what better site to be on with informatin that can help someone identify the traits and become aware of it to become better at using the gift that was misused for an even sinister reason. At some point there has to be recognition so the energy stream doesn't continue to flow into something that doesn't benefit humanity. Especially when one feels trapped for an eternity in a labrynith of miond controlled events. It also confirms that we recognize those in our environment that may be participating willingly or unwillingly too. That is what I've thought as I read posts because sometimes I recognize things that I can see trap me and I become of ways to stop the insanity and become more conscious of God's love surrounding me too.

  31. What does it matter if you say all these comments and tell VC how much you love his articles if you never spread them to others…I know half of you have a FB…look at it this way:if google really keeps tabs on what we browse on the Internet we all have probably been labeled as enemies to Gov't or at least put on list as suspicious…SO. Why not go all at them. Put everything you got into spreading the truth. Not just this website, but any website that has legitimate truth to it. Not Bin :-/. But blogs like Extraordinarily Beautiful by Natalina. Or Internet shows like the Edge broadcast with Daniel Ott. Tell everyone…make a shirt. Who cares what people think…you get someone curios enough and they'll look.

  32. I am amazed that people who are supposed to be anti-NWO are so politically correct and multiculturalist in their thinking. This whole blame game is a huge part of the globalist plan: to instill guilt into certain peoples and to weaken the formerly strong nations so as to create this one-world system where there are no borders or nations, just one big multicultural Babel. I'm amazed that this is not evident to everyone here.

    The whole 'victimhood' drama is a big part of it: the ever-needy Third World is the perpetual victim. Just why is this so? The West is supposed to forever 'take care' of the Third World while being told how evil Europeans are. The former colonies have received billions in aid from the hated West and yet things only ever get worse there. This can't forever be blamed on events of centuries ago. What purpose does this guilt-trip play?

    This line of thought, this victim vs. oppressor view of history, has been instilled in everyone by the globalist propaganda machine. And yet I see it here on this forum. Question authority, meaning, question political correctness, which is the tyranny of our time.

    Question this false and twisted history that is being taught by the globalists. Read old books, not today's propaganda. It might do wonders to think outside the PC box.

    One more point: anti-racism, so-called, is merely racism turned towards European-descended people.

    • You're kidding, right? The third wold is only the third world because the West made it so. While one might argue that colonialism can't be blamed for current situation, what about neocolonialism?
      You're right that it's become almost political correct to view the "White man" as evil and oppressing, and I agree that non-Caucasians are allowed to be racist against Caucasians. But to say that former colonies have received billions in aid? Come on. There are so many other factors you've missed, that money can't make up for.

      Take Africa, for example. Former colonies of Western countries, who used their resources, exposed them to racism, stripped them of identity and so on. When they left said countries, the people there had nothing but "The Western Way" and no education, resources, government, money etc. They were drained! Western powers had split some countries in a way, that causes religious and ethnic frictions, leading to wars, leading to poverty.
      Not to mention, many Western countries still own diamond mines and other resources in Africa. Africa is still a colony, imo. Why do you think France suddenly invaded their former colony Mali – second largest production of Uranium – when they were in financial trouble? In fact, Western counties often use the "Terrorist State" excuse to distract the media and us. Think about Qaddafi and his Gold Dinar that would make Africa independent and united.
      Third world countries are highly dependent on the West, both politically and economically. The Western leaders don't want to help Africa, but merely to re-colonize them.

  33. This just proves that the whole Bilderberg-"conspiracy" isn't just for crazy ovely-religious people. This is actually happening, it's the core of what's happening. Unfortunately, most people only associate Illuminati with Satan, evil child-eating cults and other dramatic, dark things – which of course make it seem very unlikely. I think the true purpose of Illuminati isn't to be found in the symbolic music videos of mainstream music, but rather in politics. The other is merely a distraction – and it's working.

    Hah, I'm not surprised that Bjarne Corydon, Danish Finance Minister is on the list. He's a member of the sitting "left-wing" party, who actually turned out to be more right-winged than the right-winged parties themselves. Politics have changed for the worse in Denmark; we elect someone and they completely turn the table. To make things worse, the politicians of Denmark (all parties, actually) have just created a new law – without letting the people vote at all, which is usually the way it's done in DK – that actually limits free press; the politicians are now allowed to withhold vital information from journalists and the public. Now they can do everything from testing dangerous toxins to create a freaking Big Brother system without telling us.

  34. Spain Portugal nd Italy r in control of all the "Latin" governments so yes Latin America will be apart of this b.s. But like someone above said "their all here to fulfill the prophesies in the bible". I just pray that Jesus Christ is fast on his way!

  35. Why are you guys are all this? Am sick and tired of you all critisizing ppl who are busy working day/night making policy that wil efect change in our daily life. Just look@ the speed of infomation and technology,education,business/commerce etc. Do you think whitout this sitthing for this meetings every year to make decisions,tell me are you going to do it. Stop it ,have any of you been decision making before?tell me what you gat lol! show it to the world ok.stop calling theme names pls.there ppl like you cheers .ttul.

    • Thank you for your support, peasant. We make sure your suffering in the NWO will be ever so slightly painful than everybody else's.

      Ok, we lied; you are toast.

      -The Elite

  36. I remember the Bilderberg meeting two years ago, when it was in Switzerland. Just one month after the meeting, without any explanation the price of the Swiss frank went up and a lot of people and countries got into some deep depts. I am curious what will happen now…

  37. Actually, one of the most known German TV-channels (ZDF) covered the Bilderberg meetings in an online article and how supicious they were. They didn't even state that people who find these meetings suspicious are completely crazy. I was positively surprised about their news coverage. It's something!

  38. Coursera is still a fairly new company. Wow, this agenda moves faster than I thought. Vile people looking to take our rights away.

  39. How about the millions of people left to die of cancer, all in the aid of making money!!!! Youtube or google world with out cancer for hardcore facts and scientific proof that cancer has a simple cure being kept from us!!! Peace

  40. I think a lot of the people with might consider "powerful" or "elite" are actually pawns or will soon be, I mean like in the dark night movie where the joker builds a team to rob a bank and then he makes them kill each other in order to "split the money in less parts" but in the end the only one who stays alive is the joker. I think here, the joker is the devil or whatever the major evil representation is.

  41. Who controls and manages and directs the Bilderbergers??? Is it the Rothschilds, the Morgans, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Rockefellers etcetera?? Are they really the descendants of the Nephilim aka The Fallen Angels aka The Anakim Giants of Genesis 6: 4? Only God knows… but the FACT is that the Illuminati control the corporations that run the whole damn world. And the amount of corporations that control the media, finance, military, etc. etc. etc. can be counted with the fingers of our two little hands. Allegedly, the Antichrist and Dajjal system is already amongst us… May God Almighty destroy the plans of the Wicked One!

  42. I am Portuguese, and sadly, i found three dogs from my contry in this f:::::::::: secret club Bildeberg. Francisco Pinto Balsemão / Paulo Portas / José Seguro. All of this three mother fuckers try every year represent the Portugal Estate, lying in the face of 13 milion people, talking about poorverty, and better lives with out became imigrant, because there are no jobs were in Portugal and no respect for the race diferences, culture or religion.
    Were in Portugal the rich are more rich every year and poor more and more poor. FMI enter in Portugal like Hitler did in Italy or France a few years ago. and sadly all of this ILUMINATI and their objectives are thruth.
    now stays the question: how they rune most over 10 bilion persons…. (with money and power). Jah elp us, and we all must UNITE to figth this Global atempt to KILL HEART.

  43. These lists of attendees are good but to be really useful, all official roles of each attendee should be listed. Most have numerous positions on Board of Directors and there are more overlaps than it may seem

    FOr a single company to have 4 o5 representatives – is pretty big deal

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