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Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials



Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

9/11 has inspired a myriad of memorials that are scattered all across America. Some of them are of questionable taste, others contain strange occult symbolism while others simply piss people off. Here are the five most offensive.


9/11 was a terrible tragedy, no matter who made it happen **cough** Rumsfeld **cough cough ** False flag terror ** cough**. Sorry, I don’t usually cough while typing. Since this event was the most terrible terrorist act committed on US soil, it is simply fitting that many memorials appear in honor of those who unjustly lost their lives. Some of them are very touching, inspiring and heartfelt. Others, not so much. Some even make you wonder if they were actually built for the victims or to serve an agenda. The monuments here are controversial, insensitive and slightly offensive…a little like this article. Enjoy.

#5 Boston Memorial

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

It’s a glass and steel cube. Next to a thruway. How heart-wrenchingly touching. When I look at it, I become moved by so many intense emotions. The main one is boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good cube when I see one. And that is one fine cube. But does it make me reflect on 9/11 and the state of humanity? Not really. It, however, does make me want to go downstairs to get the latest iPhone though.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

The eerie resemblance to the Mac Store

Anyways, the memorial features two intertwining paths representing the two infamous flights who took off at the Boston Logan Airport. The top of the cube depicts a “fractured sky” because the sky was never the same since 9/11. It is true. In the words of Peter Griffin: “9/11 changed everything, Brian. It changed EVERYTHING” Yes, even the sky is changed, it is now destroyed by terrorists. Here are some nice comments from the locals I’ve found on the internets.

“Why does Boston have all these modern international style monuments? that thing won’t last 30 years” -nonumental art

“It took seven years to build that? I can see why it’s taking so long for the Ground Zero projects to be built.” -Snoopy

“Follow the twisting flight paths? Tacky who wants to do that. Its a memorial not a reenactment” -Reflect

“This looks EXACTLY like Boston’s Holocaust memorial. Do they order these from a IKEA catalog?” -Gregoire

It is not the worst memorial I’ve ever seen, but it is painfully forgettable.

#4 Polish Plaque

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

This plaque was installed at the base of the KATYN statue in New Jersey, which directly faced the Twin Towers. The statue (which is also depicted on the plaque), is of a wounded WWII soldier getting stabbed in the back…a little like America who got stabbed in the back on 911 **cough**Bush did it **cough.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Katyn statue on which the plaque installed

Anyways, the plaque has been described as “awkward”, “weird” and “???”. At face value, it seems to be of Virgin Mary mourning the Towers. A closer look at the symbolism of the plaque quickly reveals a hidden, occult meaning. Writer “Ground Zero” perfectly sums up its esoteric symbolism:

“There is the goddess with a hexagramic eagle-pendant hanging from her neck, as well as the sun forming a halo behind her, grasping one of the burning towers like a phallus that is e---------g. The sexuality inherent in these astro-theological themes should bemoan you that some kind of ceremonial magic is being invoked here, even if the artists who created the statue and/or plaque did not know about their art’s greater relevance to the 9/11 mega-ritual.” Source:

In other words, this plaque would commemorate the planned and occult ritual that was 9/11 and the event is even likened to a sexual act. The woman is evidently not the Virgin Mary as the symbolism on and around her refer to the concept of a female goddess who completes the solar deity. This is just sick, disgusting, awful, and I have no more adjectives for it so I’ll just spit on the computer screen.


3- All-Seeing Eye Memorial

All I have to say about this ceremony is this:

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Is this ceremony telling us who’s behind 9/11? An interesting thing very few people know about is the “Oculus” artwork project, which was placed directly underneath the WTC in 1998.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Oculus Artwork right beneath Ground Zero

The centerpiece of the work is an elliptical glass and stone mosaic floor, with a micro mosaic eye at the center of an ultramarine vortex with the image of the City of New York woven into the picture. This All-Seeing Eye, placed right under the actual Ground Zero sends shockwaves around the world. Those of you who know the myth of the eye of Horus, where Osiris experiences a rebirth in the underworld, will surely find it interesting that this eye is located below ground level…in the “underworld”.

#2 Teardrop Memorial

The monument comprises a 100-foot-tall bronze tower with a jagged split down the middle and a 40-foot-long stainless steel teardrop suspended in the gap.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Located in Bayonne, New Jersey, this monument was dedicated in 2006, with little to no media coverage. There are no signs or ads leading to it on the streets of New Jersey. It is billed as being a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin to America and was  created by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli. The monument was the source of many controversies and disputes. It was originally meant to be erected on the New Jersey waterfront but officials rejected it. It was finally placed in Bayonne, facing the New York skyline, but many still complain that this 10 story horror blocks the wonderful view of the city. The art community stated that “it was not just unpleasant, but to the point that it was offensive“. Others have said that it looked like a woman’s vulva and that it was Russia’s indirect way of calling America a pussy…cat. There is also the fact that the memorial included huge pictures of Russia’s dictator Putin (who enjoys shirtless horsie rides) and America’s all-time worst President:

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Thank you, Putin and Bush for your struggle against terror.

Now, here are some comments from people I don’t know, taken from various articles, including NY Times’: “A Jersey City Teardrop for 9/11, Or a 10-Story Embarrassment?”.

“I’m amazed that you can discuss this topic without mentioning the massive controversy that has swirled around the statue, which has been nearly universally attacked as a monstrosity and been booted out every decent placed it might have been erected, ultimately being relegated to backwater Bayonne New Jersey.” -Jason Herr

“People, get real, OMG! It looks like a giant vagina! For Tsereteli it’s just a way to make a bigger name for himself. Putin doesn’t give a crap. And Tsereteli is also best buddy-buddy with Moscow’s mayor Luzkhov. Please. Really. This has nothing to do with our American tragedy.” -Georgian

”It’s insensitive, it’s heavy-handed, it’s simplistic, it’s a cliché, other than that, what’s not to like?” -Leon Yost

”an insensitive, self-aggrandizing piece of pompousness by one of the world’s blatant self-promoters.” -NJ Art Community

Those into symbolism might want to check into Horus, the Sky God, who was portrayed by ancient Egyptians as a Peregrine Falcon’s eye with a teardrop underneath it. Is this teardrop coming from the All-Seeing Eye in the sky?

#1- Crescent of Embrace

This memorial hasn’t been completed yet but it already has created more controversy than any other. The official story of 9/11 is that angry Islamic people “who hate our freedoms” have plotted this attack from a cave deep in Afghanistan while eating hummus with their fingers. Let’s assume this is true… Would it make sense to create a huge memorial in the shape of the Muslim crescent? I mean, if the USA destroyed a building in Iran for no reason, would the Iranians build a huge memorial looking like the US flag? I don’t think so. Unless it was to burn it afterward. Well, if the government is consistent with its Al-Qaeda story, it should maybe try not to incorporate blatant Muslim symbolism in its memorials, unless they want to piss people off big time. And they did. The memorial managed to anger Christians, Muslims, Jews and miscellaneous at the same time. Maybe that’s the memorial’s goal: to unite all religions through hating it.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Above the winning design was chosen for the memorial to commemorate Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. The memorial is shaped like a big moon crescent, which happens to be Islam’s main symbol. It was also proved to point directly to the Mecca. This has caused a huge uproar among citizens and all sorts of political commentators. There’s even an internet petition calling for the investigation of the Islamic symbolism in the design. Here’s a description of the memorial’s features taken from the petition:

Many features of the chosen Flight 93 Memorial design are intolerable:

1. THE GIANT CRESCENT. The centerpiece of the original “Crescent of Embrace” design was a giant red Islamic shaped crescent. Every particle of this original crescent design remains completely intact in the so-called redesign, which only added a few irrelevant trees. The giant crescent is still there.

2. IT POINTS TO MECCA. The giant crescent points to Mecca. A crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca is called a “mihrab,” and is the central feature around which every mosque is built. The Flight 93 Memorial is on track to become the world’s largest mosque.

3. THE ISLAMIC SUNDIAL. The minaret-like Tower of Voices is a year-round accurate Islamic prayer-time sundial (one of many typical mosque features that are realized in the crescent design, all on the same epic scale as the half mile wide central crescent).

4. THE 44 BLOCKS. There are 44 glass blocks on the flight path, equaling the number of passengers, crew, AND terrorists. Intentional or not, these features are entirely unacceptable.

This travesty must stop and investigations must begin.

1) We the undersigned call on our state and federal legislators to undertake their own thorough and independent investigations of the Flight 93 Memorial design. The truth must come out.

2) We ask that the crescent design be scrapped entirely and that it be replaced with a new design that is not tainted by Islamic or terrorist memorializing symbolism.

3) We demand a fitting and proper memorial that HONORS the brave men and women of Flight 93.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

Wow, talk about a bad idea.

So, if you’ve read correctly, the terrorists are also honored in the memorial. That’s a great way to anger people. Here’s what some people said about the memorial and recent redesign.

“The winning design for the Flight 93 memorial ‘Crescent of Embrace’ is extravagant, wasteful and ultimately does not convey the spirit of the resistance and defiance of the passengers who made the ultimate sacrifice that their plane would not be used to attack their own countrymen. (…) How would you stop this travesty of a memorial from blighting the Pennsylvania landscape? This is the intellectual masturbatory fantasy of an architect for the benefit of his peers.” -Simon Tan

“To those who prefer their monuments to be monumental, this may come as something of a disappointment, if not an outright betrayal. Even at this late date, seemingly ordinary citizens can perform extraordinary feats, as Flight 93’s heroic epic reminds us. The problem isn’t that we’ve run out of heroes in America. We just don’t know how to honor them anymore.” -John V. Last

“Redesigned Flight 93 memorial still an Islamo-fascist shrine.” -Alec Rawls

Alec Rawls has written a full book called “The Crescent of Betrayal” describing in detail the symbolism of the memorial. Here’s what he says on the “Tower of Voices”.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

The Tower of Voices…Scary name.

“Every place where the terrorists are memorialized in the crescent design, they are placed in the symbolic Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the design). Every place where the 40 heroes are memorialized, they are depicted as symbolically damned, cast out of the symbolic Islamic heavens.

One example is in the Tower of Voices, where an Islamic shaped crescent soars in the sky above forty symbolic souls that literally dangle below: Forty symbolic souls, never to rest in peace, gonging for eternity in their symbolic damnation, strung like fish as they hang down from the symbolic Islamic heavens projected in the sky above. Is the Memorial Project trying to start a riot?”

Many Muslims have also protested against the memorial, arguing that a symbol associated with Islam is used to remind the world of a terrorist act. They believe that the use of the crescent will only add to the resentment against Islam resulting from 9/11. So this concept managed to piss pretty much everybody off except Bob Saget who found it “amazing”. For this reason, the Crescent of Embrace takes #1. Oh, and they’ve recently changed its name to “Bowl of Embrace”. Nice.

Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials


To Conclude

As you might have noticed, these memorials aren’t on this list simply because of their deficient looks, it is mostly due to their symbolism. If something as honorable as a memorial dedicated to innocent victims manages to irritate regular people, it is because there’s something terribly wrong with it. Furthermore, those who are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job will see in the more occult memorials a terribly sinister meaning. Is there a  reason why they are planning to include the name of the “terrorists” on the Crescent memorial? Are they are considered heroes who sacrificed their lives for the 9/11 ritual?


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Top 5 Worst 9/11 Memorials

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Putin's monument is attacked by the establishment because it presents a subtle reminder that Russia knows what was really done that day and it melted metal. If some find it offensive and shocking then it only profoundly fulfills it's artistic purpose of erecting a reminder of that shocking and offensive day. I'm an admirer.

Bbo obummer

America’s worst president ?? I did not see barry obama’s picture


Honestly… when I first looked at the Russian memorial, I thought it was the twin towers or one tower split by a giant drop of oil. Obviously our country's massive oil use is no secret, nor is the investment many of our politicians and ruling wealthy elite have in the oil industry. Hell a huge amount of people believe the reason we went into Kuwait and Iraq was out of greed for oil so it might be plausible that the Russian-made monument was illustrating that (along with taking an opportunity to have a giant image of Putin installed)

David Anderson

Title of Worst President Ever now passed to Barack Hussein Obama.


You should update this story as it is out dated. Because barock husain obama (mussilum dictator) is officially the worst President of the United States and “Slick Willy” bill clinton should thank the dictator his wife hellary CLITTON is not in prison.


FANTASTIC ARTICLE. But absolutely horrible wrong and backwards interpretation of the events. Still incredibly useful though. Thanks! By the way, 911 WAS an “inside job”, and the 911 Twuth movement is part of it! $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS disappeared in 1999 from the CLINTON PENTAGON. In 2000. another $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS MORE disappeared under Clinton. So that all happened under BILL CLINTON, AL GORE, William Cohen, John Murtha, and Cynthia McKinney during the “lame duck” (never face voters again) years of CLINTON’S PRESIDENCY. Then we had the LONGEST DELAY in the transition of US Presidential power in US history with the “hanging chads” delay and stay in power gambit. Bush finally gets in power and is STONE WALLED by 8 years worth of CLINTON military and Pentagon appointments. 8 months later on September TENTH 2001, (8 months after Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney’s FIRST DAY, and TWO YEARS AND 8 MONTHS AFTER THE MONEY FIRST STARTED DISAPPEARING – FROM THE CLINTON PENTAGON – AND 8 MONTHS AFTER IT STOPPED, Rumsfeld announced a INVESTIGATION into the $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that disappeared UNDER CLINTON. The very next day the WTC collases (the distraction, OTHER EXCUSE – “Osama Bin Laden terrorism – something BILL CLINTON… Read more »


What you don't understand is that the crescent is NOT an islamic symbol.

There is no such thing as symbology in religion, come on I thought you knew that, symbology is directly and ONLY linked with the occult, with magick.

The so called symbols of religion, are actually pagan/occult/satanic symbols, and the crescent of islam is no exception, it is actually a pre-islamic symbol, of a moon god, probably Sin the babylonian moon god.

It was considered an islamic symbol because some muslim countries use it, like Turkey.

And that is why they are so eager to use it.

Think about it, if the crescent was a muslim symbol, why doesn't Saudi Arabia, the most strict muslim country, use it ?


To me it looks like the eye of horus if you view it side on

a random thought

They want you to blame the bush administration, they want you to blame bin laden, they want you to be confused and never really know the truth, The president is the puppet. The terrorist is the scape-goat. The war is the distraction. 9/11 was the mass trauma ritual for brainwashing thousands of poeple all around the world.


Try to tell people that, and you are shunned. Try to spread the truth, and you are mad. Follow along with society as a puppet, and you are sane. Speak of the controversial, and you are untrustworthy. Rebel against society, and you are once again shunned. See the immoral, and you are called blind. See the evil, and you are told it does not exist. Recognize the true leaders and try to spread it, and you are eliminated.

Society is a terrible thing.


All I can say is that the person who wrote the article is an A-----E!




Did NYC commission Herb Kohler to design its 911 "memorial"? It's difficult to imagine a "tribute" to the dead more hideous than the giant toilets dug into the ground where the buildings that defied every principle of basic physics once stood. It's not a memorial. It's a reminder that our lives are meaningless, that any of us can be flushed down the toilet into the bowels of hell at the whims of well-connected war mongers, just as 3,000 were flushed that day to unleash eternal war. These horror clowns love to beat us over the head with symbolism. It's the nihilism, stupid. I think I get the point. It's 911, a state of permanent emergency, shock and awe, suspend civil liberties forever, enemies everywhere, you're potentially one of them and will be flushed down soon enough. Be afraid, very afraid. The giant toilets running on permanent flush invite one to look down, not up. Put your head into the toilet, into the sand, and wait your turn to be flushed down yourself. It must be very amusing to the horror clowns that pulled the job, to control the aftermath. It's like the message of the Kennedy hit writ larger. The… Read more »


These memorial statues need to be destroyed!This is an insult to those innocent people who died unexpectedly just because of the elite and george bush's stupid satanic ritual.These monuments are disgraceful and dishonorable to the people who lost their loved ones on that tragic day and we need to WAKE UP before we all die in our "sleep"!

Btw Here's A cough drop 😛


911 was a Massive ritual sacrifice, perpetrated by the non existent secret society. Okay, the global elite, no memorial would be apprpriate except their imprisonment and maybe put them in the same predicument as the victims. Oh Well, God will take care of them and can't deny it to Him, who sees all.


If looked at from the perspective of occult insight, knowledge, and understanding, the numbers 9 and 11 point to the culprits who orchestrated the crimes of that date, and also serves as a window into their twisted logic and reasoning. Uriel is the arch-angel assigned over the month of September, and he is also the angelic guardian over the Abyss, or the Underworld, himself being equated to Maat, the powers of truth and justice which achieve karmic balance throughout Creation/ the natural order. September is the 9th month of the year. The number 11 carries connotations of being outside the natural order of things to followers of the Qabalah, and is associated with the evils of carnal knowledge, or sex magick. Researcher of the Great Pyramid of Giza have found, and I quote, "it has long been recognized that the main numerical factor in the design of the Great Pyramid and indeed of the Giza necropolis as a whole, is the prime number 11. Also discovered by these researchers (Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, The Message Of The Sphinx) were added facts which help to stimulate our understanding of the events of 9/11. "And the slope ratio of the southern… Read more »

Mike PL

About #4 Polish Plaque:

This is some weird mix of:

Black Madonna of Częstochowa:

with Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn:

“There is the goddess with a hexagramic eagle-pendant hanging from her neck, as well as the sun forming a halo behind her, grasping one of the burning towers like a phallus that is e---------g.

Halo around her head is often seen in catholic art. This is not a sun halo, many holy people have that in their pictures (this is more like holy aura…). I don't see any phallus here, LOL.

But im shocked with this pendant on her chest…. This looks aegyptian, this is not polish eagle:

Catholics hate occultism, this is really strange… I have not found any information about this plaque in polish web.

One more thing – Black Madonna has 2 scars on her lip… not 3. This is well known in my country.

Who the f… made that thing…?


I have been searching all over the internet for a photo of that golden circle shown in the video above. Somebody left a booklet at my place of business and there is a photo of this golden circle with people standing around it on the first anniversary of 9/11. I could not figure out the meaning of this but I did find this….

The Knights of the Golden Circle (K.G.C.), a secretive organization created in 1854, proposed to establish a slave holding empire encompassing the southern United States, the West Indies, Mexico, and parts of Central America. Centering on Havana, this empire would be some 2,400 miles in diameter—hence the name Golden Circle. The Ku Klux Klan was their military arm. They used ritual, borrowed from the Masonic Lodge. Leaders of the K.G.C. argued that their empire would have a virtual monopoly on the world’s supply of tobacco and sugar and cotton and have the strength to preserve slavery in the South.


The Illuminati are master illusionists who create the world of glamour, luxury, and dividsion which are non-essential for life, and corruptive of spiritual evolution, spiritual discernment, and spiritual wisdom. The Illuminati only appear powerful because the mass of humanity sleepwalk in pursuit of mirage and illusions produced by the illusionists which disempower and disconnect humanity from its spiritual source of origin and being. The Illuminati are in reality dark evil spirits who feed upon the souls of the dead in the Underworld. The dead are human beings trapped in the egocentric world created by the Illuminati. The world of glamour and illusion is called the Underworld which is symbolized by the ever-present 5-pointed star within a circle. Human beings do not need the Illuminati but the Illuminati need human beings to produce the energies which nurture them because they are unable to produce these energies themselves. The Illuminati understand that humanity is spiritually connected to a source of power which far exceeds their own which is why they have created confusion, glamour, dividsion, and illusion to keep the sleeping lion of humanity safely sedated and caged. The events of 9-11 was just another Illuminati dog and pony show designed with… Read more »


You people are ABSURD. The American government HATES Muslims, and simply the mention of them makes them sick. WHY would the memorials be representing muslims. God, you would stop at nothing to add some mystery, right? Just keep other religions out of the equation please, because muslims have nothing to do with your memorials. Your government is crazy, that's not out fault. Muslims (in general, some people are an exception i.e, Al Qaeda) actually respect the lives that were lost in 9/11. We ALL feel sick to out stomach at the mere idea of someone staging the demolition of the twin towers. But Islam is an actual religion that you should really leave alone. I really have no idea what bothers you so much about us. We are not Illuminati, the US government hate our guts and if you check 'The Arrivals', so do the Illuminati. They hate us more than anything. Hence all the negative imagery we get in the media. The only muslims they ever show are ones who are completely uneducated and uncivilized. They got ME starting to wonder whether all my people are like that. But you need to stop seeing everything through the media. You… Read more »


Muslims are hated and should be…..


Hey VC!,

I LOVE your site, keep up the good work-keep the public informed.

Also I noticed in the picture with the Polish Plaque that there are 13 visible rays of the sun encompassing the woman's head. This is VERY interesting, considering the number 13 is very prevalent in Illuminati symbolism…

Love is the answer

First thank you The Vigilant Citizen for the great job you're doing here. Awakening, consciousness and love is higly needed in these though times and it's good to see that people are doing they're part and spread the truth. Nevertheless it's seems that it's a long-drawn hard job to make people realize that our governments (and maybe ourselves in some ways) are our first and worst enemies. The medias have brain-washed many people's minds and shape them to think and believe what THEY want. Really the medias are very dangerous and simply manipulate public opinion by twisting the truth. 9/11 is the best example. How many persons do really know that it's an american/zionist job ? How many do know that Bin Laden was dead in 2001 ? Not many cause if it was the case things would happend differently and there would not be war. Innocent people are killed everyday in the name of the so-called freedom. Let me laugh ! But it's serious. I don't want this freedom, this is a deceit. Indeed Muslims are the perfect scapegoats now. Blame it on the muslims. It's pathetic how people jump in it with their two feet. Can't they think… Read more »

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