Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/15


In this edition of SPOTM: Kylie Jenner as Beta Kitten, the one-eye sign everywhere and more proof that the fashion world needs to go in rehab, go to jail and get an exorcism at the same time.

Kylie's photoshoot for Interview magazine portrays her as a still, lifeless sex doll. Everything about these sisters refers right back to Beta Kitten Programming.
Kylie’s photoshoot for Interview magazine portrays her as a still, lifeless sex doll. As stated in several previous articles, everything about the Kardashian/Jenner sisters always goes right back to Beta Kitten Programming.


Not unlike a Kitten slave, she is brought around and used around while having the same lifeless look on her face.
Not unlike a Kitten slave, she is a powerless object that is used to service men while sporting the same idle look on her face.
Used as a slave.
She’s got heels on her hands because she’s a Beta Kitten.
This pic of her in a wheelchair caused controversy because, mainly, Kylie is not disabled, it is being used as some kind of edgy fashion statement. More importantly, it represents the Kylie's true handicap: Beta Kitten.
This pic of her in a wheelchair caused controversy because, mainly, Kylie is not disabled. The chair is used as some kind of edgy fashion statement. More importantly, it represents the Kylie’s true handicap: Beta Kitten.
Coupled with these telling images was an interview where Kylie states that she lost her youth - which is an important part of the forming of a Beta slave. In short, this photoshoot is a Beta perfect storm.
Coupled with these telling images was an interview where Kylie stated that she “lost her youth” – which is the plight of MK slaves. In short, this photoshoot is pure Beta Kitten crap.
This Harper Bazaar photoshoot of Stephanie Seymour with her sons is not new (2014) but it is pure fashion industry sickness. The weird, nauseating sexual context of these pics is just wrong.
This Harper Bazaar photoshoot of Stephanie Seymour with her sons is not new (2014) but it is pure fashion industry sickness. The weird, nauseating, incestual context of these pics is just wrong.
Everybody wants some sideboob action with their moms, right?
Everybody boy wants some sideboob action with their moms while their brother thoroughly enjoying the situation, right?
You're rubbing on your mom dude.
You’re rubbing on your mom dude.
Subtle one-eye sign to close-off this horrific photoshoot and to let you know who is behind this incestual mess.
Subtle one-eye sign to close-off this disturbing photoshoot, letting you know who is behind this incestual mess.
Of course, the one-eye sign appeared everywhere in mass media last month. This is a character poster of the upcoming movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass", which is, coincidentally the favorite tale of MK handlers.
Of course, the one-eye sign appeared everywhere in mass media last month. This is a character poster of the upcoming movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. As stated in several previous articles, Alice in Wonderland is thoroughly used in MK ULTRA programming.
A nice one-eye sign on a poster for the upcoming movie Zoolander 2. The first movie was about a brainless fashion model who was mind controlled and programmed to kill a political figure using a trigger word. Yup.
A one-eye sign on a Zoolander 2 poster. The first movie was about a brainless fashion model who was mind controlled and programmed to kill a political figure using a trigger word. Pure MK ULTRA stuff.
The new album of Sharon Needles is all about the one-eye sign. Before I get a comment saying "Sharon Needles is a transgender hero who needs to be applauded at all times", I say: "Check out this next pic".
The cover of Sharon Needles’ new album is all about the one-eye sign. To the unavoidable comment saying “Sharon Needles is a drag queen hero who needs to be applauded at all times”, I say: “Check out this next pic”.
One-eye, inverted cross Illuminati pawn.
One-eye, inverted cross Illuminati pawn.
French Magazine Le Monde features one big, blatant, one-eye sign.
The cover of French magazine Le Monde features one big, blatant, creepy one-eye sign.
Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is still walking around somewhere doing a permanent one-eye thing.
Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is still walking around somewhere doing a permanent one-eye thing.
The promo of the new season of BET series "Being Mary Jane" is also about one-eye.
The promo of the new season of BET series “Being Mary Jane” is also about one-eye.
The cover of L'Officiel Malaysia feature the sign as well.
The cover of L’Officiel Malaysia features the sign as well.
Justin Bieber is still forced to be appear in all kinds of abusive situations in all of his photoshoots.
Justin Bieber is constantly forced to appear in photoshoots where abuse and violence is not-so-subtly implied.
Blood of innocents on a virginal girl. That is what the industry likes to do.
A bunch of blood on a virginal prom queen is cool and sexy. That’s what the fashion industry wants you to think. A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga was copulating covered in blood in American Horror Story. We can say that mass media has been quite liberal with the use of blood in fashionable situations. It was a bloody year.

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Did anyone else think Stephanie Seymour was Caitlyn Jenner?

For me, I have decided NOT to follow after the world system for it is passing. Learning to be content with what God has given me is all I need. When looking at what sin has done to this world, the only thing I am most thankful for is that Jesus Christ came to die for our sins because its wages is death. There is nothing in this world I envy. I feel empathy for those who have lost their souls for the material things gained in this world, thinking this is a form of Heaven on Earth. I understand that there are many religions and many gods that people follow, good people too, but none of those "gods" came to die on my behalf for everything I have ever done wrong before a Holy God, true love for someone as wretched as me. I stand ashamed knowing that I… Read more »

The worst one is the mom with her sons!!! It looks like she's about to have a threesome with her own kids! Why would any parent or child think that looks cool? Like he's about to make out with his hooker looking mom. Bleh.

the incestual pics are ew!

These set of images with Stephanie Seymore and her sons just made my jaw drop on the floor….The Fashion and Entertainment industry are sick beyond belief.

Vigilant Citizen. Have you considered showing this stuff on Instagram? I think it is the best platform to spread awareness.

the photo of seymour and sons….wtf, man………not at all right.

The bloody prom Queen is a Carrie reference.

I wish there were a secret symbol for people with a little soul. Like if a public figure wanted to let vigilant citizens know they know what's going on, they would flash "our" secret signal. Maybe a hand over the heart? Battle lines being drawn.
Why isn't anybody questioning the fact the San Bernadino shooter's brother was in the Department of Homeland Security?
America is sliding into some zionist Fourth Reich and its people are addled by prescriptions, stunned, zoned out…still, I see beams of light cracking through. Game on.

When I was younger during my teens, I found such sexually explicit pictures to be very incitiating and exciting.
Nowadays however, I personally feel more good attraction towards a real life girl with her simple kind of beauty (real too) that to see a woman converted into a sex slave through surgery, excess of make up, etc. Seriously, what's so interesting about that?

Good for you! Your statement clearly demonstrates one can grow up and use their discernment to know what’s truly important to them, rather than feeding off of what’s being thrown at them. I say this because I remember in high school, two girls were giving a presentation about superstition (I think) and asked the class to draw the first shape that came to mind, followed by the second. I drew a triangle with the shape of the eye inside it. Guess what? So did the majority of the class. At the time, I had no idea what it meant, and I vaguely remembering the girls giving a definition about what it was and what it meant, but it didn’t register with me. It’s only researching this stuff in my later years I realize how pop culture is systematically manipulated to have deviant behaviour the norm. Therefore, it makes perfect sense… Read more »

He He. I thought that woman with her sons was that Jenner bloke. (Now lady)

Kylie in the wheelchair is reminiscent of GaGa's Paparazzi Video.

Great job VC! Should do an article on Adele in the near future.she's just interesting for her quick rise to fame and the way she disappeared and came back.

“A one-eye sign on a Zoolander 2 poster. The first movie was about a brainless fashion model who was mind controlled and programmed to kill a political figure using a trigger word. Pure MK ULTRA stuff.”

Guess what?

Zoolander 2 is about ritual child sacrifice.

No kidding.

“Mugatu and many of the world’s fashion designers prepare to cut out Derek Jr.’s heart and consume his blood, believing it to grant them eternal youth as it contains the blood of Steve [As in “Adam and Steve”].
— Wikipedia

These symbolic pics of the month have become worse as the years progress. They now scare the crap of me lol

What confusingly amazed me is how did those boys feel by even standing so close to their mother. I do not understand really if she wants to have incest with her children. This world is during our days is more evil than ever before. I wish not to live any more.

VC can you please please please do an article on the WWE?

I think there's more to that whole industry than meets the eye, but I'm having a hard time convincing my husband. He thinks it's just wrestling and light entertainment, nothing more. But I get a disturbed feeling in my spirit whenever he's watching the shows. The acts like Undertaker and his brother creep me out the most.

I'm not saying this in judgment or bigotry, but I can't see how an adult (not a kid) can't see that Vince McMahon and WWE is gay as it gets. It's barely sublimated, macho role-playing. Punching instead of thrusting. Get the idea?
Then they get all homophobic. Because it's just too damn close.

1. Kylie Jenner is only 18 years old. This is some of the worst objectification of a young girl I've ever seen. I honestly think child protective should have stepped in with these kids when they were minors.
2. Re Sharon Needles, don't forget to mention the "Armen Ra" title – Amen Ra was an aspect of the Egyptian sun god associated with the setting of the sun at night and thus the underworld and the primordial chaotic abyss. That is a favorite theme in the dark occult, associated with the god Set and the qliphoth in later kabbalah.

Kylie jenner was sold to the illuiminati freemason entertainment business by her mother Kris, just like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. She is a sex slave for hollywood.

Amun-Ra was about as close to Satan as the Egyptian religious system got. The inverted cross in the album title and around SNs neck reveals a connection far more sinister than your typical illuminati party crowd. Although, now that I think about it, the whole one-eye thing is Satanic. That's whose eye it is ! Thanks VC

One meaning of the upside down cross is the descent of the dark sun into the Amenta, the underworld, at night. Whether it's Set falling from the sky when he fought with Horus or Amen Ra as the light setting into the dark each night, or the fall of Lucifer. The concept of a light and dark sun goes back at least to the Rig Veda, with Surya and Savitri as dual sun gods. The darker is alway associated with night, winter and hidden things.

Funny, coincidence. I was in Florida Keys, on vacation. People gathering on the beach watching the setting sun. When the last part of the sun dipped below the sea, people were like, clapping, and yelling yea !!! I thought that was very strange.

That's just a Keys tradition. It's known for its beautiful sunsets.

Can someone explain but does a beta sex slave know that they are sleeping around a lot or they are triggered to not remember?

They cannot remember because they have MPD, for more read the pdf of the book ' Thanks for the Memories' by Bryce Taylor, the free book can be downloaded from wikispooks website.

Do you think Kylie's friend's know whats going on

I feel so bad for Kylie Jenner. She used to be such a beautiful young lady and now she looks like a tranny, her face is a total mess and a lot of girls want to look like this. This photoshoot is HIGHLY inappropriate for someone her age (too suggestive and trashy)

What's even more sick about Kylie Jenner's photoshoot is that she's only a year younger than me.. Like that's so disturbing. My parents and friends would never let me do s**t like that. She's basically naked with something to cover her nipples and p***y. WTF

Too bad I work or try to work as a teacher in public school with special education 5th and 6th graders; the 6th grade girls are the most troubled. It is a high military public school on Oahu.

I just listened to The Future by Leonard Cohen. Seriously, the lyrics would suit pretty well with how things are now. I think it was released in 1992 or something. Hm, integrering anyway.

Leonard Cohen knows a lot about mind control:In 1951,at age 17, he took part in Dr. Donald Hebb’s notorious sensory isolation experiments, for which student volunteers were paid the then-princely sum of $20 a day (you can google it and find pictures of Cohen taken during the experiment) Some of the volunteers were unable to stand this torture for more than a few hours. Some tore off the bandages and banged on the door of the isolation chamber, screaming and crying to be released. D.O. Hebb's sensory isolation experiments became the foundation for torture and mind control techniques used by the CIA: "Recent research has argued that Hebb's sensory deprivation research was funded by and coordinated with the CIA (McCoy, 2007). Some of this research was done in secret, and the results were initially shared only with U.S. authorities. Some of this research involved volunteers who spent hours in sensory… Read more »

What is Gaga wearing anyway? She looks like a retiree recovering from cataract surgery in that turban and nylon pantsuit combo with the weird glasses.

At this point I wonder what people think about the one eye imagery if they either aren't aware of the conspiracy theories or don't believe them. It's so prevalent and it looks so stupid there is no logical explanation for it without the backstory. Nobody in their right mind walks around just doing that. Though I have seen really impressionable kids doing it in selfies online because they saw it in the media.

They don't know. If they saw them all at once, instead if piecemeal in the media, they'd be more curious as to what it means. They simply don't know.

the front cover of ID magazine with adele litrally rows upon rows in train stationgs all over london its a jokeeeee

What kind of "mother" would allow her daughter to do this? (KylieJenner). What kind of "mother" would pose like that with her boys? What sick mind talks them into this?

Money and Satan are part of the same. I hope when Satan is gone we can also get rid of our monetary system and live in a ressource based system.

One word.Satan.

Another word, people.

Another still…money

For the poster with Jenner – she was styled to be a Maria robot from Metropolis.
About Seymour's photoshoot – this is f*cking sick.

Beyonce also imitates Maria from Metropolis all the time. And maria was also a mind controlled slave like Beyonce or Kylie jenner

Not only Beyonce…all Beta-Kitten artist imitated Maria.

Kylie's photoshoot was taken by the kabbalist Steven Klein ..

no surprises there

There were also pap pics of Steph and one of her sons on the beach embracing and caressing each other from a couple years back.

I think the Kartrashians, aren't actually a part of it, but want everyone to think they are, so they play it up & do shots like this. They want any publicity they can get.

that photoshoot of the mom with her two kids tho… totally sick.

Sadly Stephanie Seymore acts this way with them in real life as well. There are many paparazzi photos of her on vacation with her sons in a bikini in really really inappropriate positions – they had no idea the paps were taking pics. YUCK ;-/

Good job exposing this all.

I was wondering about the shoes on Kylie's hands! Makes sense now!

I wrote on a blog about this. How she was wearing shoes on her hands to indicate she has four legs like an animal and not human.

Whats your blog called

Aww man, I loved Sharon Needles! It seems that even "counterculture" icons are just illuminati puppets.

The last pic, i was thinking more of Carrie

Same. And if you think of Carrie, the way she was tricked into thinking people were starting to like her and how excited she was for the dance, only to be covered in blood and laughed at just like her mother warned. I feel it's highly symbolic of what the powers that be can do to a celebrity. Who knows maybe they are saying they are about to humiliate this actress.

Has anyone seen Miley Cyrus's new video for BB Talk, now that is some disturbing garbage you can watch it on Youtube on her official account.

Another thing: Once, remember going in Havan, a small store where everyone will buy there, popular here, had something like a coffee maker which bore the cross with lace. And as everywhere, the current trade spread Illuminati symbolism, as a commercial summer of Havan (a model that was a girl do in your eye a heart) and a brand of products to prevent us from sun rays (the commercial starts with making her a sideways triangle in your eye). Anyway, the motto of this summer, here in Brazil, will be "Let's celebrate the summer with the Illuminati."

Vigilant, to warn you, I'm from Brazil. But worst of all is that the popular channels here enjoy the stocks of the Illuminati, the conspiracies or say that all this is nonsense. See: Felipe Neto (has been criticized for Danizudo, which did well done) and popping (a video about the actors who died but were embodied by technology, speech which said about Brandon Lee, who was Illuminati conspiracy, they sent a AS F**K). The good thing is that here too there are conspirators, few but translate what Google Translate does not translate). Anyway, criticize that unbelievers.

Sharon Needles is a drag Queen not a transvestite plus of course she isn't a hero or whatever. Who would say that, I do like him though but his whole stigma is Halloween Satanic crap and that brothers with mom suit of pictures is just disturbing, especially what she is wearing in front of her kids. YACK and when I first saw those pictures of Kylie I immediately thought of a blow up doll. Disgusting, and the last photo is clearly referencing Carrie.

I'm from Malaysia. There's more than just 'one eye sign' in Malaysian entertainment nowadays. I just don't have time to write it in here. I just can share my opinions regarding this to close friends – others will simply say I'm crazy.

Everytime i see Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber in a photo shoot is about mind control and RSA (ritual satanic abuse) but in a subtle fashionable way. I really believe Justin Bieber is going to be sacrifice when he turns 27.

Kylie Jenner recently turned 18, this past August and looks like she's in her thirties already. Anyway, I think her wheelchair could mean that she has been, "rehabilitated", kind of like in Gaga's "Marry the Night" or Perry's "Wide Awake". I think the man behind her represents her handler.

I could be wrong but in the pic of the sons and mother doesn't it look like the son is touching his mums bits?!

Chloe Sevigny is an actress who has done controversial roles like in the movie 'The Brown Bunny' ( doesn't this movie name ring a bell like MK Ultra) and she also appears in AHS along with lady Gaga.

GaGA is also dressed Cruella de Ville (Cruel devil) as 101 dalmatian. Those who "research" this IN YOUR FACE "whateversatanicdevice" is very familliar with the symbol of 101. We have 7 deadly sins whoever diluted and/or washed out that TEACH and Brainwash our Children and indeed adults and elders. Time to wake UP and show what the 7 VIRTUES MEAN. This MK-ulta program MAY very well be diluted into our culture but it's still the essence of evil that is NO LIFE and Eternal DEATH:

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him! 12"In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets

honestly what the heck is wrong with white people. And I don't need any of your damn disagreements that that is racist. Look at your own damn history.

To answer your question iscystfan: Hermetic Gnosticism, German occult philosophy, Ariosophy, Theosophy, National Socialism.

Yeah! Because black history has no trace of dark satanic rituals like Voodoo/Vodoun and witch doctors and eating bushmeat blood… oh, no… wait. (And I am black before you start) Egyptian, Mayan, Khmer, Aztec etc, all of them have traces of satanic worship in them. You should try looking throughout all of history and not just the ones you are masking your bigoted hate for. Don't think this is all about one race doing this kinda s**t, this has been around for thousands and thousands of years!

Some of these weren't White people so no it is not only White people and while it might not be racist, it is an ignorant comment. You know it's the few minority aka elite right and are no representative of Humanity. Silly and ignorant comment

I hope you're going to cover Rihanna's antidiaRy foolishness

I get mail from Fossil watches all the time, and there is always one model covering an eye. I've got two in my stack of mail right now. My husband points them out to me, and he has a hard time accepting the information on this site, so I know this sick stuff is becoming more and more pervasive in our every day lives.

Vomit inducing and nauseating

Time to wake up people, time to open your eyes and uncover the truth. Not everyone who looks human, sounds human or appears to be human is indeed human. Some are predators of a different kind, hidden in "sheep clothes". Their religion is chaos and war, not peace. They even tell you openley for everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Zara Larsson "Uncover":

Nobody sees, nobody knows
we are a secret
Can't be exposed
that's how it is
that's how it goes
Far from the others
Close to each other