Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15


In this edition of SPOTM : Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Bill Cosby and further proof that the fashion world is sick in the head.

As I've been repeating for years, the fashion world thoroughly enjoys human pain, misery and suffering. It celebrates it, glorifies and sexualizes it. It is also used to sell high end fashion products. This photoshoot by Norbert Baska (a regular at magazines FHM and Cosmopolitan) features women in refugee camps, looking miserable yet sexualized (with partial nudity) while wearing designer clothes. In this picture, the refugee is (believe it or not) taking a selfie using a smartphone with a Coco Channel case with barb wires behind her.
I will never repeat it enough: The fashion world thoroughly enjoys human pain, misery and suffering. It celebrates, glorifies and even sexualizes it. Cherry on the Sunday : That pain is also used to sell high end fashion products to people who live extremely comfortably. This photoshoot by Norbert Baska features women in refugee camps, looking miserable yet sexual (complete with strategic nudity) while wearing expensive designer clothes. In this picture, the refugee is (believe it or not) taking a selfie using a smartphone with a Coco Channel case.
Leaving your country to escape war and living in miserable conditions is apparently not a reason not a reason to not check your Facebook feed.
Combining the animal-like state of people in barbed-wired camps with the opulence and superficiality of the fashion world trivializes and normalizes human suffering.
Depicting the migrants with luxury items and, in this case, a near upskirt angle going on, is a sly way of saying that the sick people in the fashion world get truly excited at the sight of pain and suffering.
Depicting the migrants with luxury items and, in this case, a near upskirt angle, is a sly way of saying that the sick people in the fashion world get physically excited at the sight of pain and suffering.
Showcasing a very expensive handbag while standing under a megaphone used to yell orders at people inside of camps.
Showcasing a very expensive handbag while standing under a LED lamp with movement sensor.
The photoshoot ends with police dragging the models away - while making sure that the situation is as sexy as possible.
The photoshoot ends with police dragging the models away – while making sure that the situation is as sexy as possible. In short, this was about the occult elite taking pleasure in witnessing misery, control and oppression.
The album cover of Justin Bieber's new album "Purpose" features him looking as if he's praying (he often states that he's Christian). There is however a big, white inverted cross painted right on him. It is as if the industry is ridiculing his faith.
On the cover of his new album “Purpose”, Justin Beiber looks as if he’s praying (although his hands are more in the shape of a triangle versus the usual palm to palm “prayer hands”). There is however a big, white inverted cross painted right on him. The industry enjoys ridiculing his faith.
Azelia Banks posted on Instagram a tarot card on which is written "Son of the Morning" which is a reference to Lucifer. She really wants to be part of the occult elite's system.
Azelia Banks posted on Instagram a tarot card on which is written “Son of the Morning” which is a reference to Lucifer. She really wants to be part of the occult elite’s system.
Another month, another MK-inspired Miley Cyrus Instagram pic. In this pic: Butterflies in her hair (Monarch programming), sucking her thumb as if she was broken down to the state of an infant and showcasing her triangle and all-seeing eye tatoos.
Another month, another MK-inspired Miley Cyrus Instagram pic. In this pic: Butterflies in her hair (Monarch programming), sucking her thumb as if she was broken down to the state of an infant and showcasing her triangle and all-seeing eye tattoos.
Katy Perry in Sunday Times is all about transhumanism : Her body parts are being removed and replaced by robot parts (a good way to portray industry-controlled pop stars). She also apparently fell in love with robot pop. Great.
Katy Perry in Sunday Times is all about transhumanism : Her body parts are being removed and replaced by robot parts (a good way to portray industry-controlled pop stars).
As usual, a bunch of pics featuring the one-eye sign popped up everywhere in the last few weeks. Here's Selena Gomez reminding us who is controlling her.
As usual, a bunch of pics featuring the one-eye sign popped up everywhere in the last few weeks. Here’s Selena Gomez reminding us who is controlling her.
Gomez doing it again in the same photoshoot.
Gomez doing it again, in the same photoshoot.
The poster for the new Hunger Games movie features a prominent one-eye sign indicating that the movie is part of the Agenda.
The poster for the new Hunger Games movie features a prominent one-eye sign indicating that the movie is part of the Agenda.
On this cover of Ebony magazine, there's a hole right on Bill Cosby's eye. Is this a way of saying that the revelation of Cosby's dark side was "allowed" by the occult elite? Did he fall from their grace?
On this cover of Ebony magazine, there’s a hole right on Bill Cosby’s eye. Is this a way of saying that the revelation of Cosby’s dark side was “allowed” by the occult elite? Did he fall from their grace?
The Italian actor Francesco Formichetti also needs to do it.
The Italian actor Francesco Formichetti also needs to do that sign.
Adele is back and she is celebrating her comeback with a one-eye sign on the cover of i-D. Some might say: "All of the people on the covers of i-D magazine hide one eye". Yes, indeed.
Adele is back and she is celebrating her comeback with a one-eye sign on the cover of i-D. Some might say: “All of the people on the covers of i-D magazine hide one eye”. Yes, indeed.
Benjamin Lasnier is dubbed "One of the most famous people on Instagram" as he posts videos of himself singing and pics of himself looking fashionable. He recently released a book and, on its cover, he's doing the one-eye sign. He then posted an image of him on social media doing the one-eye sign while holding the book on which there's the one-eye sign. In short, we know where his career is heading.
Benjamin Lasnier is dubbed “One of the most famous people on Instagram”. He posts videos of himself singing and pics of himself looking fashionable. He recently released a book where’s he’s doing the one-eye sign right on the front cover. He then posted an image on social media of him doing the one-eye sign while holding the book on which his doing the one-eye sign. In short, we know where his career is heading.
New TV series, same one-eye sign.
New TV series, same one-eye sign.
The one-eye sign is also on designer clothes, because it has to be considered cool and hip. This Alexander McQueen design features an Egyptian pharaoh doing it.
The one-eye sign is also on designer clothes, because it has to be considered hip and coo. This Alexander McQueen design (a favorite brand of the occult elite) features an Egyptian pharaoh doing it.
This Time magazine cover is far from new, it dates from 1997. The one-eye sign on it tells us that the message on the cover is basically an elite-sponosred warning, predictive programming telling people where society is heading. Almost 20 years later, this cover is truer than ever.
This Time magazine cover is far from new – it dates from 1997. The one-eye sign on it tells us that the message on the cover is basically an elite-sponsored warning, predictive programming telling people where society is heading. Almost 20 years later, this cover is truer than ever.
Speaking of predictive programming in the news, here's a headline from CBC that confirms that the elite is continuously working towards squeezing out the masses from any kind of ressources. With slogans such as "We are the 99%", the masses are basically accepting and acknowledging the situation and are confirming their place in the world. In short, it is about legitimizing the social order towards where the world is heading.
Speaking of predictive programming in the news, here’s a headline from CBC confirming that the elite is continuously squeezing out the masses from any kind of resources. With slogans such as “We are the 99%”, the masses are basically accepting and acknowledging the situation and are confirming their place status in the world. In short, it is about legitimizing the current social order as the elite wants the world to head towards a New World Order.




    • I can't believe anyone is surprised that Adele is an Illuminati pawn like the rest. Having been a musician performing live for 20+ years, it was clear to me that you had to sell your soul for fame for a long time. The degree to which, I did not know until looking deeper into it and learning about the MK Ultra system. There are so many musicians that are worlds more talented than Adele who never had a chance at fame because they can't be programmed. The "elite" know who not to even bother with, such as musicians with socially aware lyrics and music that is channeled from the ether, rather than the ego. None of these pop stars ever had this, and fame was more important to them then their souls. Now they are paying the price for their desires in the 3D, and I am grateful for never achieving recognition in this realm for my years of dedication to the arts.

      • But she does nothing more than sing.
        Her videos don’t feature grotesque imagery or nudity or any sexually forward scenes. Her stage performances are minimal. Only her voice and an instrument, usually a piano. She wears minimal black clothing to keep the focus on her voice.
        She doesn’t have a typical ‘rich spoiled drugged girl’ private life.
        What is her agenda in making the one eye sign?
        She doesn’t appear to push any kind of an actual ‘image’ through her singing. According to me, she’s one of the very, VERY few artists with an actual and real talent that is NOT manufactured.
        What could the masses learn from her? That true talent is the way to go?

  1. I take serious objection to this article's (and the series' as a whole) constant misuse of the word 'is'.

    The phrase you are looking for is: 'could be'.

    I am new to the study of occultism in popular media, and find it disturbing that things are reported here as though there's no alternative explanation, ever.

    Take, as an example, this line: '[The Hunger Games] movie is part of the Agenda'.
    Now, I'm not saying you're wrong, or that the allegation is implausible. What I'm saying is that you absolutely do not have the authority or evidence to make such an allegation.
    If, however, the movie COULD BE part of the agenda? That I agree with wholeheartedly.

    Your method of stating all of these allegations as fact is something we denounce in the media, so why should you not hold your 'truth-seeking reportage' to a higher standard?

    As an aside, I am amused by the sheer volume of sheeple that will agree with every bit of unverified – and unverifiable – 'evidence'. Isn't the whole point of truth-seeking to NOT just blindly follow everything you're told?

    • the truth is sometimes hard to ingest…just like an alcoholic not accepting they have a drinking problem…what you really need to do is STUDY and come to the realization that what the Vigilant Citizen, The Vigilant Christian, Puritan Pictures, Jason Christoff, Good Fight Ministries, Spy Kitten etc can demonstrate this….just like a saying in Mexico that I grew up with NO HAY PEOR CIEGO DEL QUE NO QUIRE VER!!! Don’t understand? Then study it…

  2. If you have friends who say the whole covering one eye thing is a coincidence in the fashion and entertainment industry. Make the do a google search of "i-D magazine". 98% of the covers feature the one eye symbol.

  3. Have you ever read the Hunger Games series? Have you even watched the movies? Because as much as I believe in all this stuff and have enjoyed some of your insight, I believe you fail to understand the entire premise of this series. I'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games. You want to know why? Because it speaks out again a totalitarian government, it not only does that, but it shows the 'little people' standing up and rebelling against it – AND WINNING! It also shows the horrible effects of war. Something of note – Peeta Mellark, the leading male in the series, is taken hostage by the Capitol and is tortured/brainwashed (MK ULTRA style) and when he is rescued, his memories have been altered. He's been programmed to think that Katniss, the girl he's been in love with his whole life, is a 'mutt' – a monster created to resemble her, and even tried to kill her because of it. Despite this, he's able to overcome it with therapy and such, and he's able to make a recovery by the end. In the end, the government is overthrown, the Hunger Games are destroyed, and the people rise above. The epilogue is poignant. Katniss and Peeta, 15 years later, have married and have two children. Here's an excerpt of that:

    The questions are just beginning. The arenas have been completely destroyed, the memorials built, there are no more Hunger Games. But they teach about them at school, and the girl knows we played a role in them. The boy will know in a few years. How can I tell them about that world without frightening them to death? My children, who take the words of the song for granted:

    Deep in the meadow, under the willow

    A bed of grass, a soft green pillow

    Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes

    And when again they open, the sun will rise.

    Here it's safe, here it's warm

    Here the daisies guard you from every harm

    Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true

    Here is the place where I love you.

    My children, who don't know they play on a graveyard.

    Peeta says it will be okay. We have each other. And the book. We can make them understand in a way that will make them braver. But one day I'll have to explain about my nightmares. Why they came. Why they won't ever really go away.

    I'll tell them how I survive it. I'll tell them that on bad mornings, it feels impossible to take pleasure in anything because I'm afraid it could be taken away. That's when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness I've seen someone do. It's like a game. Repetitive. Even a little tedious after more than twenty years.

    But there are much worse games to play.

    — Anyways, I'm sorry, but if you take this movie as an 'elite agenda' when it is nothing close to it, but in fact the opposite, you evidently missed the point.

    "The only thing stronger than fear is hope." – Hunger Games

    • Dear, the Illuminati puts those movies out. They have one frightening army coming too. There’s never been one like it, nor will there ever be again. It is doubtful any of us will survive.

  4. Look up a YouTube video titled: "Adele live at the royal albert hall: someone like you/rollin in the deep" It's about 13 minutes long. But, don't watch the whole thing. Instead, go to the end of the video where Adele is leaving the concert hall: 12:31. Then pause the video at 12:33 and read the license plate of the limo she's riding away in. The producers of the live concert video made certain the license plate was visible to everyone. READ ADELE's LIMO LICENSE PLATE.

  5. It's sad to see how corrupt "high fashion" these days.. And this is coming from a fashion student. The reason why I took fashion it's because of the art, and these pictures are definitely ot art, they're garbage. I've been a vc reader for almost 5 years now, and the sad part is thag the world is getting more corrupt each day. Stay vigilant guys, and thank you vc for another great post.

  6. The one eye gesure being such an unnatural pose and not really attractive in photoshoots makes it even more obvious how theyhave to go out of their way to do the one eyed salute.

    I've also spotted it on new star wars posters featuring Boyega. He has a light saber over one eye and it just looks below awkward but almost no one will notice.

  7. "Modern man imagines that it is sufficient to open the windows in order to cure the soul’s infection,
    that it is not necessary to clear out the trash". (Nicolas Gomez Davila)

  8. It took a second look but actually,……that I-D cover reads as I-D sideways but adjust your view and you clearly see it;s a smiley face where the faces right eye (the viewers left side) is closed. WOW! They truly are good at this stuff. Sad!

  9. After hearing allll the commotion about Adele "coming back", so NOT surprised to see her flashing the one-eye. *yawn* Soooo predictable.

    Good work, VC.

    • Greed and fame. Perhaps she’s already marked, so she would be a zombie. You will be lost. The mark will change your DNA with recombinant DNA and you become a beast; a hybrid.

  10. I would call the Muslim refugees invasion of Europe a set up for WW3. The values of most Muslim do not match the Europeans. So what's it gonna be? Neo Nazi's against Jihadists? Islam is a DEATHCULT that needs to be eradicated. But oh well Satan can make good use of this evil cult that is anti women, anti any form of progress really. Just using and abusing the European Welfare system. The prophet Mohammed was married to a six year old and he forced everyone into Islam by the sword. Nothing good can come from this.

    • I wrote a comment but I don't want to msg it to every person bc I don't want it to seem like I'm spamming, but I noticed so many people on here are religious and practicing Christians and that is very heart-warming.

      I am a Muslim and in my comment I discussed Islam and how basically it is the same as Christianity except unchanged, and that we don't believe Jesus is God but rather only a Prophet.

      If you have time please do scroll down and read the comment I posted (same name – Muslima).

      I invite you to read more about Islam. It is not a bad faith like how the media portrays it. Just like we doubt the media, movies, musicians, magazines, etc, I urge you to doubt what they say about Islam because just like the elites are foolishly challenging God, they are trying to ruin the reputation of His religion.

      We also believe Jesus will return soon, and he will kill the anti Christ, and we will all be brothers and sisters under the True Faith 🙂

    • LOL….blaming muslims or any other group for the evils of the illuminati/elite/masons just shows you and people who think like you are part of the problem

  11. Interesting that you show Arrow.
    They recently brought back characters using a pool of revival. In which they are WARNED that if you do, what comes out is pure EVIL and is a killing machine… Regardless of being pleaded with they do it anyway.
    Also in last season they are PISSED with the arrow cuz he goes behind their backs and lies to them iin order to save their lives. However they go behind HIS back to revive someone even though he has realized that his own sister has turned evil after being revived.. Basically saying, who cares if you betray your friends and loved ones for your own selfish needs.. Everyone is doing it right? Even the Arrow did it. Regardless that his intention was to save them… oh well the F with that right??

    In the most recent episode the bad guy tells the police chief that he has to kill his daughter (who was revived by the pool) since she is now not the same person. She is evil… First of all, the one person who is supposed to be the good guy here is taking advice by the evil (devil). Being told to sacrifice the good in him… He tries to and is stopped by his other daughter. The nit wit who brought her back despite knowing what will become of her sister…

    On top of that Arrow confronts the Police chief telling him that he thought he was the only good left in the city.. Now I was waiting on him to tell him about his dead risen daughter cuz you'd think he'd assume that the Arrow knew about it.. but no… more lies… more corruption of good people…

    So these 'heroes' of the shows are lying, betraying, and listening to the devil.
    Showing how good people get corrupted by evil. Even the heroes.

  12. I know Justin and he has a good heart and he loves God. He loves making music, he always has, but he "would give anything for a normal life." He goes out late at night just wandering along the street because that's the only time he can. While people sleep, he's awake because it's his alone time. He knows exactly what he gave up for fame and says if he had been old enough to make this kind of decision about his life, he would've chosen to be normal. Thwere a tremendous amount of sadness he's dealing with.

  13. It's going to get better. Sometimes things just have to get worse before they get better.

    Jesus is Real, as is God. Despite all of the nastiness of the world and the things we just cannot control love still exists. Love itself is proof of God. Even when your suffering love is still there. Don't worry. Don't give up.God loves you not as the world does. He gives not as this world gives.

    • truthislove, you're correct. And, we're reminded 365 times in the Bible not to be afraid. That's a reminder for every day of the year. My humble advice to everyone: lean on and into the LORD. When the dark things come, and they most certainly will for each and everyone of us, lean on and into the LORD, AND don't be afraid.

  14. The "Goddess" Rihanna has revealed the album cover of her highly-anticipated album, titled ANTI. You better look on this creepy artwork .. The title ANTI(christ?), the braille …. It's absolutely weird.

  15. Great analysis as usual. I think the fashion shoot is also showing the model as a person who is obsessed and controlled by vanity, social media, and status signified by the luxury items, while reality is stark, soul killing and heavily surveiled.

  16. Hi All!
    It's my first comment here on this site. I've been following, however the VC for while now. All I can say, is that satanic revolution is spreading all around the world. Perhaps, its dark core is nested in US (or rather commonwealth countries) but its tenticles are reaching far, all around the world.
    Personally, I come from Eastern Europe, but in my home country the same agenda traits and effects can be widely recognised. This influence is somewhat offset by Catholic Church, but unfortunately the latter one is greatly suffering from the internal enemy. One common trait of all the agenda activity is promoting feminism and killing masculine values, manhood and everything that is connected with man. It's a war! Have no illusions! Maybe this is what has been said in the scripture: When they hit a shepard, the flock will scatter (nb: quoted from memory).

  17. I think that fashion shoot is actually a little devious, insider's joke. Nothing about the migrant crisis in the EU makes sense. Many of these migrants are coming from safe zones and are Muslim, young, fit males, despite Syrian Christians, Jews, women and children being the most in danger in war zones.

  18. All – lets not forget the elite are puppets too. They may have all the wealth and power but let's be real, God will judge them too in the end and they will have their place in the lake of fire with the rest of the major sinners of this world. Good vs Evil. Good ALWAYS WINS!!!! GIVE YOUR SOUL TO CHRIST AND YOU WILL BE SAVED. This life is temporary. God the Almighty is ETERNAL!

  19. Barbed-wire, not barb…barbed as in loaded with sharp points, edges…credibility matters. So sad for Justin as he seems to appear trapped whereas Miley flaunts her evil. Ke$ha, completely given over to the darkness. Katie, however, despite that oh-so-pretty face & physique – she is quite beautiful on the exterior – but it can't hide her "souled-out" (great phrase…you're welcome : ] ) existence. The most tragic aspect of this, all of these folks are "role models", for an entire generation, world-wide, not just in plastic, sub-human, mainstream American Pop Culture (what an insult to true culture, as in higher learning, the arts, literature). My heart breaks for the fate of those sucked in and forever lost to the nightmare that dominates most (not all, let's be honest) of the entertainment industry.

  20. Vigilant, I believe that the death of James Dean, actor Rebel Without A Cause was intentional as the poster appears in clothing from a known person here in Criciuma (Brazil)

  21. “All of the people on the covers of i-D magazine hide one eye”. Very true. I said that FYI, in the sense that theres nothing new about someone being on that cover and doing the specific gesture. Problems with understanding, VC?

    • Didn't Vice Media buy i-D Magazine? I'm pretty sure they did.
      Vice, what was once a snotty underground publication produced by coked out Canadian douche bags is now something of a new media tastemaker, as Vice was itself bought by…Fox Media.

  22. I think that fashion shoot is actually a little devious, insider's joke. Nothing about the migrant crisis in the EU makes sense. Many of these migrants are coming from safe zones and are Muslim, young, fit males, despite Syrian Christians, Jews, women and children being the most in danger in war zones.

    Many, Middle Eastern Islamic Theocracies refused to take even one, single migrant. Many of these migrants are shown taking pictures with expensive phones, refusing housing they think is too rural, there are numerous accounts of aid workers being gang raped in camps, as well as children being raped by smugglers. There are numerous videos of angry, male migrants throwing food and water on train tracks because they are not being allowed to move as freely as they like, as well as singing jihadi recruiting songs on trains.

    Personally, I think it's an organized cheap labor scam by elites (notice how quickly Merkel claimed Germany would be "putting these migrants to work" despite her people's own unemployment rate) although I'm sure it also has radical Islamic elements in the mix who plan on organizing attacks against Western lands. Instead of letting aid workers help the scant children in miles of young men, the men throw these kids around like rag dolls that can give them easy access to resources. Poor kids. I wish we could take only them and care for them.

    • Yes, A.R. Here in the U.S., one of the serious and barely discussed alarming issues about the flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S. isn't the plot to create a grotesquely underpaid slave class with no voice (that seems obvious), it's the total lack of documentation and special care of the lone children making the trek. Some are sent alone, some are sent with family members and get separated, some may be orphans. They are all ripe for the picking for the never-discussed child sex slave rings in the U.S. This is far too dark and revelatory a subject for the bilious, agenda-adherent PC morons and bigots driving the immigration debate.

  23. The new Hunger games poster is quite disturbing. The rose could represent the order of the rose or rosicrucians, and the bird could be a phoenix or Nazi eagle. We see the masonic one eye of Horus again. There appears to be a red Nazi swastika on the rose on the bottom with the long stem. The lower roses have droplets of blood on them.The poster has the nazi occult masonic colors of red, white, and black.To me, black and white represent gnostic duality, and red represents blood sacrifice. The Hunger Games logo of the bird and arrow in a circle is identical to the Nazi radio gunner badge.The Hunger Games seems to be about the NWO Hitler spoke about, as did Bush Sr.

  24. i think david bowie has something to do with all of this. bowie is known to be active in the fashion industry as well as of course music. he has been nicknamed "mr. showbiz" among other things. he is originally from england, with an african wife – that is conformity to the agenda. he has created his own cult of personality much like john lennon except his as this site will tell you is all for the wrong reasons.

    • Follow the money, follow the people, in for example the biographies of celebrities. The music, popmusic scene is much more based around an aristocratic society than is commonly known. They stay mostly in the background, but the best parties, biggest moneydeals, quickest wit.. it is too often in their houses, offices and venues to be ignored. Old money everywhere. Bowie knew, Jagger knew, Turner knew, Jones knew, they all know.

  25. That forever-present eye of Horus where one in the "industry" flashes in acknowledgement of the elite who can not only give (in exchange for their soul) but also take away and those celebs with it if anyone dares to expose the truth or tries to escape.

    Constant sexualization of pain and suffering while posing as refugees…..these fashion models sure love sending the "secretly deceitful" messages on any topic. Agenda never gets old, although I check often for "fresh meat" if any (like that instagram guy), apart from the occasional ones like miley, adele, and the rest of the regulars.

    "I pity the fool" who would gain the world at the expense of their soul since they might end up facing the same humiliation as the "Bieber" himself if not an unfortunate end.

    • I think it's because he kept getting fed up with the "thug ethos" that has taken over American Black culture.Every once in a while, he goes on a rant about how hard work and education are the only guaranteed ways out of poverty, and the PTB don't want him reminding millions of youth of that, when they could be busy frittering their youth, strength and lives away by partying and shooting each other. Mr. Cosby also holds to the belief that whole, unbroken families are the basis for stable communities and a stable society, which, as we all know, is simply not fashionable anymore, according to what we see in the media.

      After his son died, he had a lot less to lose for the sake of keeping quiet and obedient; it also wouldn't be surprising if he'd lost patience with the hollywood machine. It can't be easy watching them use up kids and spit them out for so many years.

      I get the feeling that the things he was accused of were things that he may have been witness to back in the day, and maybe he was considering blowing the whistle on some of those backroom perverts. The guy has been rich & famous since the early 1960's and I seriously doubt he needed to drug any women for them to be willing to have sex with him. But, of course, the easiest way to undermine his credibility would be to pay other people (fame w****s, really) to accuse him of such crimes.

      • Exactly, Cosby has been attacked by the media because the Freemasons that control hollywood want to destroy him and then sacrifice him in a blood sacrifice just like they did with Robin Williams.

      • He's been doing that for years though and hasn't been getting much attention for it recently. I think it's something behind the scenes. They protected someone so disgusting as Jimmy Saville while he was alive so I agree I wonder what he did…must have been big….

  26. this one eye s**t is getting OLD…….time to find something new! i'd feel like a FOOL if i were a celebrity and forced to do the one eyed photo shoot….ok, we get it. s**t is getting old

  27. Transhumanism – taking the human population, turning them into sexbots and make them obedient slaves of the elite.
    Don't follow the rest of the sheep, people.
    Wake up now!
    Good job, VC! Fantastic work as usual.

  28. In islamic scriptures the description of Antichrist is that he will have one eye from which he will see. These satanic people know whats coming and they're placing the red carpet to welcome the arival of the greatest deception "the Antichrist".

    • The AntiChrist with one eye, his left, is in Christian scripture as well. In the book of Revelations it says that acharismatic leader, the one to bring false peace, will be mortally wounded and his right eye destroyed. He will be proclaimed dead and rise from his death and the world will stand in awe and wonder and begin to worship him as he does more miraculous deeds.

    • His name in Arabic transliteration is Ad-Dajjal, a'oudu bilah (I seek refuge in God)! May Allah, Rabbil 'alamin (God, Lord of the worlds) guide all the people of his books, as well as all those on a quest for the truth to the right path. One of Allah's names is Al-Haq (The Truth), so may we all be guided to him as well as the right path.
      When the Antichrist finally comes to sit upon the throne of the dunya (world) after Al-Mahdi (The Guided One) is revealed and Jesus, peace and blessings upon him, descends from his place beside Allah (God) in the heavens, he will unite the true believers of all nations and faiths under one banner with Jesus leading the charge in the final war. All we need to do is prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies, as well as those of our families and friends for his return, by keeping steadfast in our worship of the God of Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace upon all of them, the one and only True God, whatever your name for him, or interpretation/understanding of him is. We as the faithful, must realize that no matter our differences in understanding, none of us as his creations, his children per se, can ever fully understand his majesty while we exist on the mortal plane. We must trust in our individual, as well as our collective connections to him, and stay aware of the Luciferian's intentions for us, by keeping our intentions pure and focused on pleasing and obeying our Lord as best we know how. This is a war that they can not win as long as even one of the sons of Adam, peace upon him, still breathes. This is His promise to us and to the great deceiver, whose abode will be the fires of Hell eternal. Amen!

    • she only ever posts picture like that though. her entire IG could be symbolic pics each and every month. she goes to graveyards, posts spells, snakes, esoteric books, call herself a witch. she has these out of control blow ups on social media. sad cause she is so talented.

    • Sorry, I just saw your post. I just made this comment. It took me a second glance but I was like…..wait…..WOW! They're good at this garbage!

  29. When you get your ass up off your couch or church bench and start doing something to create change change will happen. Stop WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SAVE YOU!!! Stop being sheep!!! Wake the ffff up!!!!!

      • Okay, since both of you seem to know what you're talking about, what do you propose should be done? Maybe you should lead us and tell us where to start making changes so the Elite idiots don't become the 1% they believe they are. Any suggestions? Ideas? happy to read them.

      • I can suggest a few things. How about EVERYBODY stops complying to the beast system. Stop watching mindless TV shows and rigged sports games because all you are doing is making them RICHER. Stop the celebrity worship and letting the tv/mainstream media do all the thinking for you. Unplug your tvs… stop paying for cable. Stop poisoning yourselves and your children with the GMO foods they are selling you in the grocery store and grow your own healthy food. Stop vaccinating your kids and pull them out of those indoctrination centers called "schools" and teach them critical thinking skills at home. Stop the materialism when you line up to buy "Made In China" products on black Friday just to give them as "gifts" from Santa Claus on that pagan holiday called Christmas (Halloween too- just masked as a wear-whatever-you-want and dishing out GMO candy day). Be honest with your kids and tell them that is a fairytale. Stop borrowing money from financial institutions which are in place only to enslave you in debt that you may never be able to pay back. Stop lining up to vote for these puppet politicians who pretend to care about you. Stop relying on your government to ever tell you the truth. Stop supporting corporations/pharmaceutical companies that make money from you and your illnesses. Read more and reconnect with nature. One thing the religious folks get right is that this is a spiritual war. Indeed it is, it's a war for your MIND. When your mind is free then you yourself are truly free. But all you folks want to do is sit around waiting for Jesus to save you. Good luck with that.

      • You gave advice on what NOT to do. Try again. Here's some advice for you on what TO DO: go read your bible. God cannot be mocked.

      • Telling others about their eternal salvation, that death doesn't have to be the end, not only gives people the ultimate hope but it is the only way to save them from this world. Jesus is the only path and it's narrow for a reason. Imagine if the wealthiest people used their money and power to feed thirsty and hungry people. We could end so much suffering if it weren't for the unholy alliances that comes with such wealth. Be rich in Christ and you can actually be a Light in the world for others. And all it costs is your will to spread the Truth.

    • This is Spiritual Warfare that we are in. Every single day of our lives. If you want to grab a gun and start a riot, in the end, you will just be doing exactly what they want you to do. They just want us all to be led away from God and lose our salvation.

      This is already done, the NWO is going to happen, and many people will die. Maybe not now, or tomorrow, but it will happen and its already in motion. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is your salvation. Worry about your own soul, your place in Heaven first, than lead others by your example and tell them the good news. CHRIST DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, AND ROSE ON THE 3RD DAY! WE HAVE RECEIVED SALVATION FROM OUR GREAT AND MERCIFUL GOD! WHO IS ALIVE AND AT THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER TILL HE RETURNS!.

      • Way to go! The war is not against flesh, but against spritual demons that control this world and people. we must try to live the kingdom in this earth, call for His presence, He will help us until the end. He is the Only One that knows us 100% and love us even with all the mistakes we insit to make…. Lets turn to Him and pray that the Holy Spirit can be with us all the time.
        Lets pray for the rich and famous, for the miserable and poor, for the people we work with, our neighboors, lets pray for the ones who hurted us. Lets pray and talk to Him, He will talk back and get us through this, remember that this life will go away, and eternity by His side is forever. dont waste your chance here to be God's son, after your heart stops theres no going back… this artists probably think they have no way out but they do, cause Jesus already died for their sins… and ours… but they sold their souls and life for this, are vicitms of money and fame that Lucifer can offer, they are sorounded by demons and pacts they made to be where they are today. fame and money, many of us want that to, its hard to deny it, just like Paul said, just focus on the goal, the cross, just ignore all this bullshit that does not give u peace, instead make us slaves, aiming our entire life to fullfill this dreams… to buy a house, cars, pay this and that… life is not money guys… life is not only sex.. life is not just enjoying yourself and see the time pass by.
        Lets wake up cause the Lord is coming and He wants to take u with Him. I bet the people that will stay here will think is the ET's getting people to Saturn LOL dont be fooled cause the liar is already defeated and his day is coming, he knows it and to bring u all to his eternal flame! and I want to be with Jesus how bout u?

    • It amazes me that there is such a stigma about religious people being 'lazy' and 'waiting' as though there is no ambition or focus at all, when all I've ever seen from religious people is evidence to the contrary. Prayer is a sharp and passionate focus on the will of God for one's life and the life of the world and is an active use of one's own personal time to address the issues of not only one's own personal life but for the live's of friends, family and other people in the world, many of whom are not known to them personally. If this is evidence of anything, it is surely proof of a dynamic life lived unselfishly for the concerns and welfare of all people.

      As for waiting for someone to save you, everybody seems to be looking for salvation regardless of creed, race or religion. People seek salvation in money, in sex, in relationships, in materialism, in power, in reputation… religious people seek salvation through a relationship with self, others and God. To pigeon-hole the desire for salvation as being unique to religion only demonstrates a lack of perception and awareness of the human condition.

    • he post videos listening to hillsong all the time and hanging with their pastors, something really sick is going on with that church I can tell u that

      • and he mentions Jesus/Godall the time, last snap I saw he was listening to a worship song by hillsong and wrote ''always give glory to God'' I mean wtf………. he influences teens to think that THIS is being Christian, the same way Selena does it

      • There are videos of hillsong singing secular songs at conferences and I remember reading something about them having gay preachers.

  30. "Refugees" with very expensive and swanky smartphones are actually a common sight in Europe.
    The masses of people storming the continent are clearly part of the hidden agenda.

    • You do realise that smartphones aren't all expensive, right? Some older models are pretty cheap now, which is what you see the majority of these refugees with. The Guardian did a piece on this a few months ago.

      • Drop this condescending attitude.
        I know that there are cheap smartphones; but those Refugees I met used high end models.
        If you would spend just a few minutes to analyse the current "European migrant crisis" (term wikipedia uses) you would see that it has the handwriting of the elite all over. This tidal wave of people is just another attempt to destroy the natural structures of society and accelerate the creation of a one world government.

    • Oh yes… Millions of people invading Europe.. That'll end well! And yes some may be genuine but many are from countries like Albania, where there is NO WAR. Economic refugees

      • You're right! In Germany the government even put them in military camps close to weapons and at the same time the soldiers in the camps are not allowed to carry arms!?

    • You should see them in our illegal immigrant camps here in Western Australia. They have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) they want and need.

      • They left their country due to war! Do you wish to be displaced from your home, family and country? I highly doubt they have everything they want and need. Rethink carefully about your comment.

  31. Oh that Ebony cover says it ALL! I dont mean to make light of all this but I did a lol when I saw VC used the word "coo" under the Alexander McQueen ad, thats too funny!

      • That is a terrible thing to say! No matter what she has become due to whether it was her choice or not, she is still a human being who deserves love and help. We have become so desensitized to the hardships and cries for help of others that we almost relish in their misery and pain. You should be praying, we all should be praying for them, because God knows, they need His help and FAST.

    • It seems that part of the agenda is to gradually and deliberately expose it to the masses. Get them so conditioned to it that eventually it is accepted as normal, even cool and attractive. That seems to be why it dominates so much of fashion, celebrity, and music–particularly that directed to the youth. Their desire to fit-in, be accepted, be cool, and rebel against their parents and status-quo is being deliberately manipulated with these symbols so that they associate them with desirable things. Then, when they finally totally reveal themselves, this same youth–now grown up–will embrace them willingly with open arms–they have been trained since birth to enjoy and idolize them.

    • People don't care, they either deny it and say we're just making stuff up, or they don't deny it, and think it's some "cool occult stuff" with no actual meaning.

      Really, they don't pay attention, they just repeat the same song they've listened to a hundred of times, neglecting its actual meaning, and just mindlessly watch videos neglecting what's being flashed right in front of their eyes.

    • I think it's got to do with over-exposure. Expose something enough times it will be seen as normal and no one will second guess it. It's a way of conditioning us and at the same time representing everything they stand for – it gives them image and with the image is power and dominance. Also, if they do it enough times out in the open it desensitizes people. When educated people such as ourselves speak out about symbolism people will not believe us because it seems to be normal and not a 'conspiracy' anymore because it is so deliberately blatant and in your face.


      I just wish more people would wake up!

  32. I do agree it's happening but it's really not as common as this site probably makes you think it is. If you actually read the magazines you will see this stuff is pretty rare.

    • That's far from true, you can open ANY popular music video made in the last few years and I'm 100% sure it's going to have plenty of these symbols.

      What we should do is stop reading these trashy magazines, stop listening to their harmful music, stop watching the corrupt shows they make, and we'd finally see how disgusting the culture they've created is.

      • Exact. And I wish I could watch one of the nrew movies without seeming one eye, robots, programming humans, end of the world, ets, planets.. sick and tired. where are the real meaning of life? lets turn off the tv and radio and talk to the One who created us and wants to talk about real things. Jesus is coming back, for reaaaal

    • Most of them are likely trafficked slaves, with human trafficking being the most profitable business in the world today and there being more slaves than free people, it would not surprise me in the least if many of our entertainers are literal slaves. It is all to fit an agenda, pretty soon all that will be left is the elite and their slaves.

    • It's quite understable..they rather live their lifes with (false) pride, a lot of money and charm, than have a regular, stressful and bad paid job. They just don't have conscience/don't care about the damage that cause to the young and imature minds..

      • It is clear you do not understand Christianity, which isn't abnormal for non-Christians, and even many so-called Christians, so you may want to think before you speak.

        We do take action, WHILE WE WAIT. Maybe not the kind of action you're thinking of, but we do. Also, there is nothing wrong with waiting, but waiting for Christians is not inactive, but non-Christian's have a hard time understanding this.

      • Exactly, that is the problem with and the main point of christianity is to keep people from being responsible for their future. Why do anything to truly become a empowered individual who takes a active and positive role in making the world a better place when you can just leave it all up to someone else and be their cheerleader?

      • Right, because the elite and the one whom they serve are more powerful than God. God allowed these few pathetic evil men to completely change His word and destroy it. Seems to me like you believe the "elite" are the ones in Heaven sitting on a throne, and God is here just as confused as the rest of us. The Lord our God is the Creator of everything you see, hear, feel, smell, and touch. He laid the foundation of the heavens with His hands and with His word He spoke everything we know into existence. You are His creation, yes you whether you believe it or not. Guess what? He also loves you more than you could ever know.

        The devil is going to try to lie to you, and tell you everything under the sun to keep you away from praying, reading the word of God, and going to a good church that preaches sound doctrine. Don't believe the lies!!!! Jesus is not dead, He's alive, and He will come back soon. In the meantime, start looking for Him with all that you can. He promises that he will open the door to those who knock, and those that seek will find.

      • @NoWeaponShallProsper. Amen! Your entire post is the truth.I noticed you only received one thumbs up prior to me giving you one.You're writing to much truth for most people on here.Hopefully they won't ignore the conviction that the Holy Spirit will give them.

      • I'm sorry to tell you friend, but the bible has been changed the original word and messages are non-existent. It is just a normal book like any other now, the Nasara (christians) where given the responsibility of safeguarding the book Esa (jesus) left them. But unfortunately shaytan (devil) is strong and you guys failed. Esa(jesus) will come back because he never died. His most devoted followers will be the Muslims because Esa As is a prophet and servant of Allah, look to the Quran for guidance friend

      • @Truth & Light. Your user name is Truth & Light yet you're still in darkness because here you are believing the WORD OF GOD(the BIBLE) isn't the ONLY REAL TRUTH AND LIGHT.Hopefully you and anyone else who continues to not take the WORD OF GOD serious,will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior before it's to late.

      • According to the word of GOD, no man can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him. It's not so much a choice that we make moreso than it is GOD choosing HIS people. Jesus told Peter after 4988 of the disciples walked away from HIM 'Have I not chosen you 12 although one of you are the devil?" GOD always chose HIS people be it Moses, Noah Abraham, David etc.. None of them were looking for GOD, HE chose them. Think on that.

      • Don't do that. You are making people think that they can't be worthy. Jesus said that WHOSOEVER believes in Me will inherit the Kingdom of God, because He is the Light, the Truth and the Way. By saying that God chooses people you are saying that we don't have a choice, when that is the whole point of being here on earth, to CHOOSE Christ as our personal savior and redeemer. Sure, we all have separate journeys and many variables determining what we choose in the end, but I believe Jesus comes into every single person's life offering the opportunity to get to know Him and choose Him. Don't deter people by saying they have no choice, they do. Jesus made that VERY clear when He died on the cross for ALL of us hell bound sinners and rose on the third day, conquering death and sin so we might not perish but have eternal life.

        God bless you brother/sister.

      • Thats why Christianity ain't true, it's a hoax. Find Islam and you will see that the Holy Quran was NEVER edited for centuries…

      • Well, acentury from now,all of us alive now will know for sure know the truth just like those that have gone before us are now aware..

      • Amen again and again and again brothers and sisters. Also @Cui Bono Perhaps try looking at Sufism as an introduction to your research into Islam. It is more of the spiritual tenets of the faith and the refining of that aspect of the self. Perhaps it will give you a different perspective on any negativity you've leaned to feel in regards to other aspects to the faith. Islam literally means to submit to the creator of the universe. Therefore by definition, Buddha was a Muslim. Jesus was a Muslim. You yourself by definition, may already be a Muslim. May God guide all who seek universal truth and knowledge to his path.

    • John 16:33 – "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

    • Majority of Christians are disillusioned about the rapture. I want you to take this food for thought: Jesus got HIS tail whipped for absolutely nothing, was denied and betrayed by those whom HE choose, bore a cross and was mocked while dying and even had his side punctured after he died, do you really think we're going to get out of tribulation that easy? none of the disciples got off easy they're deaths were horrible, We will not be bailed out of it at all. The whole pre trib rapture is a false doctrine by the churches to get people to believe it so that when the tribulation does happen and no one goes anywhere, most "Christians" will walk away from their faith. Sitting there saying "Jesus please come soon" is lazy. Just because Jesus paid the price for our eternal salvation doesn't mean HE's bailing us out. The best we can do is strap on the armor of GOD and prepare to battle, there's work to be done. GOD said his grace is sufficient, and when the trib comes, you better believe the only mercy God's people will see is that we get to honor HIM by dying in HIS name and get beheaded.

      • No. The rapture is as real as Jesus Himself. You quote scripture when it only serves your purpose, and that isn't right.
        God IS love. You speak in such a manner that one would assume God to hate us all and want us to suffer, when He has made it perfectly clear that He does not wish for even one soul to be lost. The rapture is for the faithful, those who have chosen Jesus Christ and who did not need any other evidence of His existence, His sacrifice and His promise. The 7 year tribulation is the LAST CHANCE so to speak, where God will demonstrate His power and where the Antichrist will be given a platform and free reign. During that time you will have only one of two choices, you are either with God or against Him. After the 7 year tribulation Jesus will return and rule for a thousand years, after that Satan will be destroyed for all eternity.
        Remember: God is not human, He is not subject to sinful behavior such as revenge. He is perfect. He is worthy. He is King. He is the beginning and He is the end. The Alfa and Omega. All glory be to the One True LIVING God. Amen.
        John 3:16
        For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
        1 Thessalonians 4: 16 – 17
        16.For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17.Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
        1 Corinthians 15: 51 – 55
        51.Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52.In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 53.For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. 54.So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 55.O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

    • all you "christians" or "non christians" or whatever, religious fanatics sicken me. THINK for yourselves, get education, get other perspectives, sensibilize yourselves.You are as good as your enemies.


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