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Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15



Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

In this edition of SPOTM : Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Bill Cosby and further proof that the fashion world is sick in the head.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

I will never repeat it enough: The fashion world thoroughly enjoys human pain, misery and suffering. It celebrates, glorifies and even sexualizes it. Cherry on the Sunday : That pain is also used to sell high end fashion products to people who live extremely comfortably. This photoshoot by Norbert Baska features women in refugee camps, looking miserable yet sexual (complete with strategic nudity) while wearing expensive designer clothes. In this picture, the refugee is (believe it or not) taking a selfie using a smartphone with a Coco Channel case.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Combining the animal-like state of people in barbed-wired camps with the opulence and superficiality of the fashion world trivializes and normalizes human suffering.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Depicting the migrants with luxury items and, in this case, a near upskirt angle, is a sly way of saying that the sick people in the fashion world get physically excited at the sight of pain and suffering.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Showcasing a very expensive handbag while standing under a LED lamp with movement sensor.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

The photoshoot ends with police dragging the models away – while making sure that the situation is as sexy as possible. In short, this was about the occult elite taking pleasure in witnessing misery, control and oppression.

On the cover of his new album “Purpose”, Justin Beiber looks as if he’s praying (although his hands are more in the shape of a triangle versus the usual palm to palm “prayer hands”). There is however a big, white inverted cross painted right on him. The industry enjoys ridiculing his faith.
Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Azelia Banks posted on Instagram a tarot card on which is written “Son of the Morning” which is a reference to Lucifer. She really wants to be part of the occult elite’s system.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Another month, another MK-inspired Miley Cyrus Instagram pic. In this pic: Butterflies in her hair (Monarch programming), sucking her thumb as if she was broken down to the state of an infant and showcasing her triangle and all-seeing eye tattoos.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Katy Perry in Sunday Times is all about transhumanism : Her body parts are being removed and replaced by robot parts (a good way to portray industry-controlled pop stars).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

As usual, a bunch of pics featuring the one-eye sign popped up everywhere in the last few weeks. Here’s Selena Gomez reminding us who is controlling her.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Gomez doing it again, in the same photoshoot.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

The poster for the new Hunger Games movie features a prominent one-eye sign indicating that the movie is part of the Agenda.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

On this cover of Ebony magazine, there’s a hole right on Bill Cosby’s eye. Is this a way of saying that the revelation of Cosby’s dark side was “allowed” by the occult elite? Did he fall from their grace?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

The Italian actor Francesco Formichetti also needs to do that sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Adele is back and she is celebrating her comeback with a one-eye sign on the cover of i-D. Some might say: “All of the people on the covers of i-D magazine hide one eye”. Yes, indeed.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Benjamin Lasnier is dubbed “One of the most famous people on Instagram”. He posts videos of himself singing and pics of himself looking fashionable. He recently released a book where’s he’s doing the one-eye sign right on the front cover. He then posted an image on social media of him doing the one-eye sign while holding the book on which his doing the one-eye sign. In short, we know where his career is heading.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

New TV series, same one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

The one-eye sign is also on designer clothes, because it has to be considered hip and coo. This Alexander McQueen design (a favorite brand of the occult elite) features an Egyptian pharaoh doing it.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

This Time magazine cover is far from new – it dates from 1997. The one-eye sign on it tells us that the message on the cover is basically an elite-sponsored warning, predictive programming telling people where society is heading. Almost 20 years later, this cover is truer than ever.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

Speaking of predictive programming in the news, here’s a headline from CBC confirming that the elite is continuously squeezing out the masses from any kind of resources. With slogans such as “We are the 99%”, the masses are basically accepting and acknowledging the situation and are confirming their place status in the world. In short, it is about legitimizing the current social order as the elite wants the world to head towards a New World Order.


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Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/15

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It's going to get better. Sometimes things just have to get worse before they get better.

Jesus is Real, as is God. Despite all of the nastiness of the world and the things we just cannot control love still exists. Love itself is proof of God. Even when your suffering love is still there. Don't worry. Don't give up.God loves you not as the world does. He gives not as this world gives.


truthislove, you're correct. And, we're reminded 365 times in the Bible not to be afraid. That's a reminder for every day of the year. My humble advice to everyone: lean on and into the LORD. When the dark things come, and they most certainly will for each and everyone of us, lean on and into the LORD, AND don't be afraid.


The new Hunger games poster is quite disturbing. The rose could represent the order of the rose or rosicrucians, and the bird could be a phoenix or N--i eagle. We see the masonic one eye of Horus again. There appears to be a red N--i swastika on the rose on the bottom with the long stem. The lower roses have droplets of blood on them.The poster has the n--i occult masonic colors of red, white, and black.To me, black and white represent gnostic duality, and red represents blood sacrifice. The Hunger Games logo of the bird and arrow in a circle is identical to the N--i radio gunner badge.The Hunger Games seems to be about the NWO Hitler spoke about, as did Bush Sr.


Have you ever read the Hunger Games series? Have you even watched the movies? Because as much as I believe in all this stuff and have enjoyed some of your insight, I believe you fail to understand the entire premise of this series. I'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games. You want to know why? Because it speaks out again a totalitarian government, it not only does that, but it shows the 'little people' standing up and rebelling against it – AND WINNING! It also shows the horrible effects of war. Something of note – Peeta Mellark, the leading male in the series, is taken hostage by the Capitol and is tortured/brainwashed (MK ULTRA style) and when he is rescued, his memories have been altered. He's been programmed to think that Katniss, the girl he's been in love with his whole life, is a 'mutt' – a monster created to resemble her, and even tried to kill her because of it. Despite this, he's able to overcome it with therapy and such, and he's able to make a recovery by the end. In the end, the government is overthrown, the Hunger Games are destroyed, and the people rise above.… Read more »


Dear, the Illuminati puts those movies out. They have one frightening army coming too. There’s never been one like it, nor will there ever be again. It is doubtful any of us will survive.


s--t nooo!

The Chembow

I can't believe anyone is surprised that Adele is an Illuminati pawn like the rest. Having been a musician performing live for 20+ years, it was clear to me that you had to sell your soul for fame for a long time. The degree to which, I did not know until looking deeper into it and learning about the MK Ultra system. There are so many musicians that are worlds more talented than Adele who never had a chance at fame because they can't be programmed. The "elite" know who not to even bother with, such as musicians with socially aware lyrics and music that is channeled from the ether, rather than the ego. None of these pop stars ever had this, and fame was more important to them then their souls. Now they are paying the price for their desires in the 3D, and I am grateful for never achieving recognition in this realm for my years of dedication to the arts.


But she does nothing more than sing.
Her videos don’t feature grotesque imagery or nudity or any sexually forward scenes. Her stage performances are minimal. Only her voice and an instrument, usually a piano. She wears minimal black clothing to keep the focus on her voice.
She doesn’t have a typical ‘rich spoiled drugged girl’ private life.
What is her agenda in making the one eye sign?
She doesn’t appear to push any kind of an actual ‘image’ through her singing. According to me, she’s one of the very, VERY few artists with an actual and real talent that is NOT manufactured.
What could the masses learn from her? That true talent is the way to go?

Doom Sir

If you have friends who say the whole covering one eye thing is a coincidence in the fashion and entertainment industry. Make the do a google search of "i-D magazine". 98% of the covers feature the one eye symbol.


Look up a YouTube video titled: "Adele live at the royal albert hall: someone like you/rollin in the deep" It's about 13 minutes long. But, don't watch the whole thing. Instead, go to the end of the video where Adele is leaving the concert hall: 12:31. Then pause the video at 12:33 and read the license plate of the limo she's riding away in. The producers of the live concert video made certain the license plate was visible to everyone. READ ADELE's LIMO LICENSE PLATE.


S666 CRW… mean satan 666 crew? or something??


I know Justin and he has a good heart and he loves God. He loves making music, he always has, but he "would give anything for a normal life." He goes out late at night just wandering along the street because that's the only time he can. While people sleep, he's awake because it's his alone time. He knows exactly what he gave up for fame and says if he had been old enough to make this kind of decision about his life, he would've chosen to be normal. Thwere a tremendous amount of sadness he's dealing with.


All these picture make me cry honnestly. This World is over …
Thank you VC for your important work 😉

Kiss from France


Chalk up another media example of objectifying the Syrian refugees:


It's sad to see how corrupt "high fashion" these days.. And this is coming from a fashion student. The reason why I took fashion it's because of the art, and these pictures are definitely ot art, they're garbage. I've been a vc reader for almost 5 years now, and the sad part is thag the world is getting more corrupt each day. Stay vigilant guys, and thank you vc for another great post.


The one eye gesure being such an unnatural pose and not really attractive in photoshoots makes it even more obvious how theyhave to go out of their way to do the one eyed salute.

I've also spotted it on new star wars posters featuring Boyega. He has a light saber over one eye and it just looks below awkward but almost no one will notice.


I swear VC, you could do a SPOTM until the end of time. Its just never ending.


It took a second look but actually,……that I-D cover reads as I-D sideways but adjust your view and you clearly see it;s a smiley face where the faces right eye (the viewers left side) is closed. WOW! They truly are good at this stuff. Sad!


After hearing allll the commotion about Adele "coming back", so NOT surprised to see her flashing the one-eye. *yawn* Soooo predictable.

Good work, VC.


I can't believe Adele came back to the old Hollywood satanic s--t! Why does she came back?


Greed and fame. Perhaps she’s already marked, so she would be a zombie. You will be lost. The mark will change your DNA with recombinant DNA and you become a beast; a hybrid.


The "Goddess" Rihanna has revealed the album cover of her highly-anticipated album, titled ANTI. You better look on this creepy artwork .. The title ANTI(christ?), the braille …. It's absolutely weird.


Barbed-wire, not barb…barbed as in loaded with sharp points, edges…credibility matters. So sad for Justin as he seems to appear trapped whereas Miley flaunts her evil. Ke$ha, completely given over to the darkness. Katie, however, despite that oh-so-pretty face & physique – she is quite beautiful on the exterior – but it can't hide her "souled-out" (great phrase…you're welcome : ] ) existence. The most tragic aspect of this, all of these folks are "role models", for an entire generation, world-wide, not just in plastic, sub-human, mainstream American Pop Culture (what an insult to true culture, as in higher learning, the arts, literature). My heart breaks for the fate of those sucked in and forever lost to the nightmare that dominates most (not all, let's be honest) of the entertainment industry.


Lol on the soul-out!


Great novel about all this kind of stuff called SOUL'D OUT. read it a while ago but lots of stuff in it has come true since


“All of the people on the covers of i-D magazine hide one eye”. Very true. I said that FYI, in the sense that theres nothing new about someone being on that cover and doing the specific gesture. Problems with understanding, VC?


Didn't Vice Media buy i-D Magazine? I'm pretty sure they did.
Vice, what was once a snotty underground publication produced by coked out Canadian douche bags is now something of a new media tastemaker, as Vice was itself bought by…Fox Media.


That forever-present eye of Horus where one in the "industry" flashes in acknowledgement of the elite who can not only give (in exchange for their soul) but also take away and those celebs with it if anyone dares to expose the truth or tries to escape.

Constant sexualization of pain and suffering while posing as refugees…..these fashion models sure love sending the "secretly deceitful" messages on any topic. Agenda never gets old, although I check often for "fresh meat" if any (like that instagram guy), apart from the occasional ones like miley, adele, and the rest of the regulars.

"I pity the fool" who would gain the world at the expense of their soul since they might end up facing the same humiliation as the "Bieber" himself if not an unfortunate end.


The refugee photo shoot is spectacularly, sociopathically warped in about four different ways at once.

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