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Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15



Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

In this edition of SPOTM :Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Britney Spears and a whole bunch of industry slaves forced to hide one eye for the camera.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

As I stated in previous editions of SPOTM, the fashion world is all about abuse and dehumanization. This cover of Pop Magazine, which features a model suffocating herself (while smoking a cigarette) is a perfect example of this disturbing trend.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Speaking of abuse and dehumanization, Justin Bieber is the poster boy of the occult elite’s favorite pastime. In this photoshoot for Complex magazine, he is chained to a chair, the same way he is chained to the music industry.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

He is then shown submerged under water and struggling to get out.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

He finally frees himself and wonders : “Why the hell does this kind of crap always happen to me?”. In short, the photoshoot is symbolic to the contrived “ordeals” he is made to go through as the industry’s whipping boy.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

In a previous issue of Complex, Bieber’s photoshoot was about him taking a serious beating. I don’t knowtoo many artists who get constantly portrayed in that manner.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Another industry slave is Miley Cyrus, who constantly posts MK-Ultra-themed pictures on Instagram. In this pic, we see a skeleton wearing a bra with a butterfly in the general area where the genitals would be. In short, a great way to portray Beta Kitten slaves.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Speaking of Beta Kitten slaves, Kylie Jenner (who very recently turned 18) had a photoshoot with industry pervert Terry Richardson. The result? Kitten programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Katy Perry wore a head dress inspired by the same Monarch programming imagery.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Lady Gaga posted this passage from a book which describes dissociation when facing extreme trauma. This is, coincidentally, the goal of trauma-based mind control. It is not the first time that Gaga hints to dissociative behavior after trauma.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Canadian singing duo Lennon & Maisy signed with Disney/ABC. Shortly after, they are featured in Monarch mind control-themed photos.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

As usual, in the span of only a few weeks, a bunch of stars displayed the one-eye, sign all over the world. Here’s Kate Upton on the cover of W Korea.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Magdalena Parys on the cover of Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Willow Smith on the cover of I-D.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

This kid with a robotic arm (promoting transhumanism) is on the cover of Child magazine.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Fetty Wap covers his one good eye, leaving him literally blind to the evils of the industry.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

K-Pop is definitely not exempt from this one-eye madness. This photoshoot of the girl band Lovelyz features everybody and their mother doing the one-eye sign, making sure you understand that none of this is “coincidental” and all of this is forced.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Du Juan for Vogue China. She is touted as the “first Chinese international supermodel”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Even athletes are being told to “Just Do it”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

Kanye West is fashion designer now. His fashion show featued miserable-looking people, wearing miserable looking clothes.. Instead of marching to music, they were marching to militaristic orders, as if inside a concentration camp. Is this post NWO fashion?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

The models were ordered according to skin tone, while wearing clothes that matched their skin tone. Again, is this post NWO fashion?

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/15

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A longtime friend of mine, who I trust, works closely with Bieber and has for years. She says he's a sweet kid. You have to understand these people are virtually slaves, with masters. Who use, abuse and direct them ruthlessly.

Scientology is very thinly veiled outright Satanism. (check it roots). So anyone who is a hard core, prominent Scientologist is very much in the know, and gaining thru their compromise with evil. (Cruise, Travlolta, Will Smith, etc.) Hence what you see…

This onslaught is due the "externalization of the hierarchy" per Alice Bailey, queen of new age evil. She explained how it would pan out decades ago. And it's happening exactly as they planned. Don't fear- just build up your Faith. What is coming on the earth will cause many to literally die from shock and fear…


They want you to be ignorant unhealthy and addicted to something.


So Kanye West can take a freaking rag, make it into a shirt, and charge $500? But a homeless person in raggedy dirty clothes is looked down on?!? WHAT THE F--K IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!! And FETTU WAL- he says "I'm a devil worshiper" in 679 with remy boyz; so are we surprised? Nope.


Hi all! I would love to hear your opinion on this: in islam,prophet Mohammed warned us of the great deciever/ devil in the last times of being one eyed. When he was asked to describe this evil deciever(dajjal in arabic) he described him as being one eyed. What do you guys think about it?


Reference to the all knowing one eye. The illumintati satanic cohorts use technology to enlighten so they can "know everything". One illumaniti member I met back in 2000 claimed to know everything. She could see details into my future even things I would think in the future. This is all done by artificial intelligence. It's not from God it's Egyptian meant to deceive the masses into believing things that aren't true. It also can deceive a person into thinking the illumanists are god as they can disguise themselves that way through AI.. It's not working that well. That is one thing I know. People are smarter than demon give them credit for. Most demon illuminati are grandiose in their belief of themselves. They think they cam be god.


Kanye West = fashion designer? No way. He is just a brand along with his wife. Calling him a fashion designer is an insult to the real fashion designers out there who studied and obtained the proper skills to become one.


Why kanye organised them according to race and put all the blacks at the back? If he was white the world would be crying racism! His models are very thin even the males are thin. I dnt think that this had anything to do with fashion!

Wagner Marinho

Must be really sad to be a celebrity. You have to do whatever they want you to do. Wear whatever they want you to wear. Even act or behave the way they want. You become literally a puppet. A product of the system. And then people will love you and try to be just like you. Be influenced by you because you're cool, rich and famous. But actually they will become something unreal and empty. And industry sells all of this through mass media. They sell stuff in order to destroy our morals and dignity. See that they don't care even about this people. And much less about you. Hollyweird is a really sick environment. Stay away from it.


Agreed, Wagner. That is why I think "Mulholland Drive" is such a brilliant movie. The story is presented in a dream-like way, but it is loaded with truth about "the industry" : the childish director is told in no uncertain terms who the star of his film will be (and face career ruin and even death if he refuses his mysterious bosses), starlets wander in amnesiac states, what is believed to be true love is just a doorway to obsession and eventual betrayal, the depiction of the fracturing of the female psyche, the powerful human drive for escape and ascension in a surreal Los Angeles…it's all there! Brilliant!


Kayne's designs and models look like out of a concentration camp.


People are so blind to see the truth. These 'celebrities' ooze mind control from every pore.


Its truer than ever. You should've never gone to Hollywood….


Please do a write up on Rihannas disturbing artwork for her "ANTI" album


My prediction for the the next hokey Kardashian/Jenner "scandal" to make headline news will be a Kylie Jenner sex tape and/or she joins the p--n industry. Those pictures are nasty and it makes me so sad that she has so many young, impressionable girls obsessed with her.

Kanye… didn't he already do this? Granted the clothes weren't all flesh-toned like this but they were very similar "styles" and everyone was set up the exact same way like it's a prison or concentration camp. *facepalm*

And poor Justin Bieber… he deserves better than this. Just like Britney, Miley, etc. So abused. 🙁


That Korean W magazine inside has pics of Kate Upton doing stretch exercises similar to the Marilyn Monroe photo shoot for Pageant magazine back in the day – you can google the images.


funny you mention this fashionline and post NWO clothing because apparently the whole inspiration behind it is a movie called Children of Men.


Thank you VC for all you stuff.

I recommend you to read and look the NME Magazine with Rihanna, it can be interesting.
Kiss from France.


I look at Kanye's "fashion" show and think: "They're rapidly self-destructing." It's also creepy that Beiber is shown doing Harry Houdini's underwater trick, considering both Houdini and River Phoenix died on Halloween and Beiber is the industry's fair-haired boy. Fair haired boys seem to be the sacrifices The Elite crave the most.


Creepier, when you remember the recent roast of him and his entrance in angel wings — before crashing to the ground as a "fallen angel".


Christ is fair-haired. Maybe the reason behind it.


How do you know? Were you alive back 2000 years ago?


They like blonde hair and blue eyes usually. I have no idea why probably for some creepy reason.


Maybe because people with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes quite often look amazing and unique. Why people dye their hair, wear coloured contact lenses and have eye surgery to have their eyes turned to blue. Matter of taste I suppose. Maybe people want to have fair children, so they are attracted to fair people. Some are attracted to wealth, some to fame, some to looks. We are all weak in some way.


I watched a David Icke interview with a woman who was an illuminati slave. . she said blonde hair blue eye people have the blood that is most powerful for demon posseessed people to feed off of. creepy to me bc i am blonde hair & blue eyed.


I hate to see lovelyz on this article 🙁


same. but i don't think it was their idea either. the whole of kpop is lowkey into that symbolism. eg: vixx with the voodoo, transhumanism themes etc. tbh i think it's about the company heads (im lookin at chu yg/gd) they'd def know whats up. i love lovelyz though. i'm so glad jisoo joined them again. sadly, i think woollim is using her "scandal" as mediaplay as of now. which is gonna be a hurtful experience for jisoo, definitely.

praying for seventeen and bts and day6 to be untouched!!!!!


I saw where Jim Carrey's girlfriend committed suicide the day after the blood moon and he said we've been hit by a bolt of lightning.


She committed suicide. But did she really commit suicide or is that a cover story? They almost always say it's suicide or an accident, or accidental drug overdose. But this is not always the case.


Maybe she was into drugs because of Carey who introduced her to the world of drugs and if he decided to stop paying her rent and fund her lifestyle, she got depressed. who knows but Carey is absolutely off. Can't watch him on the screen.


She was deep into Scientology. RIP


Ugh, those creeps? She was probably a sacrifice then, like John Travolta's son. No death of people involved in that nonsense ever looks innocent.


Doesn't surprise me to see Serena Williams modeling for the elite….Born a male – like his brother, Venus…they owe their criminal sporting 'success' to the 'illuminati' who love transexualism and its subversive dynamic….especially when used in such a degrading manner..


Really?! Serena and Venus were not born males, sorry. Pawns of the elite, yes, but both are females.




That kylie pic is super creepy, she literally has 'tyga' on her pussy!

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