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Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/21

In this edition of SPOTM: Greta Thunberg, Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, Poppy, and why does mass media hate the word “woman”?



Lil Nas X is currently a “chosen celebrity” which means that mass media is intensely shining its proverbial spotlight on him. The result: He’s all over magazines, award shows and he’s “trending” on any platform you can imagine. The only reason why he’s is being promoted: He’s a celebrity that was manufactured to push specific agendas.

To announce the coming of his new album MONTERO (which was promoted with a highly satanic music video), Lil Nas X had a “pregnancy shoot”. As seen in previous SPOTM articles, there’s a clear yet insane agenda of depicting pregnant men in mass media.

Lil Nas X the vessel that was chosen to bring the gender-blurring agenda to young people.

As seen in previous SPOTMs, Lil Nas X’s works are also permeated with mind control symbolism. His album cover is all about butterflies (representing Monarch programming) and him floating (representing dissociation).

In one of his promo pics, Lil Nas X stands naked, holding his junk with butterfly wings on his back. The perfect way of representing an industry slave.

In my article about the 2021 MET Gala, I also described Billie Eilish as a “chosen celebrity”. While everything about her has always been symbolic, things are clearly being taken to another notch.

After the MET Gala, Eilish posted this picture of her in a revealing red dress (color of initiation in the occult elite). Her entire look channeled Marilyn Monroe – the prototypical industry slave.  Most young female celebrities have to channel Marilyn at one point or another in their career. To make sure you understand this about industry slavery, the caption of this photo is … a butterfly.

Of course, as an industry slave, Eilish has to constantly show the one-eye sign. In this ELLE magazine photoshoot, her hair was strategically placed to hide an eye.

Eilish is not the only female celebrity getting the Monroe treatment.

Industry slave Selena Gomez also had to channel Marilyn in a recent photoshoot. Bonus: A one-eye sign using strategically placed hair.

Iris Law (the daughter of actor Jude Law) is becoming a celebrity model.

And, as expected, the symbolism surrounding her also indicates that she’s also becoming an industry slave.

Chained, tied up, creepy double eyes and devil horns on her head: Pure industry slave symbolism.

Here, still with horns on her hand, Law does the one-eye sign using a spoon. Creative genius.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over mass media last month, clearly indicating who is owned by the occult elite.

The Guardian recently launched a new magazine and the cover of its first issue could not be more symbolic. Greta Thunberg, the media-manufactured climate activist, has one eye hidden by an oily substance that probably represents pollution. Through the one-eye sign, they are clearly telling you that she is a pawn being used to push a specific agenda. Yet most people do not see it.

A fake tear. How appropriate.

Greta has been displaying the one-eye sign since the very start of her “career”, as exemplified by this 2019 i-D magazine photoshoot. My article titled The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg explains exactly why this seemingly random girl rose to global prominence.


This Instagram post by Nicole Kidman is MK-101: A one-eye sign, monarch butterflies everywhere and eyes on her shirt. She knows about all of this stuff: Her father was deep into the occult elite madness.

The poster of the movie Last Duel has Matt Damon doing the one-eye sign.

… and Adam Driver.

The promotional poster of the British series Wolfe is just the main character giving you a one-eye sign. The message: The series will most likely contain elite agenda garbage.

K-Pop rapper Lisa (of the group Blackpink) has been dominating charts in Korea and is crossing over the United States. The big fat one-eye sign on the cover art of her album Lalisa explains the reason behind the success.

In the past years, I’ve written a couple of articles about Poppy because she’s all about occult elite and MK symbolism. Her recent collaboration with the Japanese brand Q-pot could not be more blatant.

 This ad combines the one-eye sign (using an eye patch – so clever), eyeballs everywhere atop a creepy image of internal organs.

Another one-eye sign combined with brains (mind control).

This image is pure MKULTRA. Poppy’s brain is separated from her head and placed on a plate. The butterfly on the brain indicates that this is all about Monarch programming. Furthermore, this image refers to cannibalism – one of the elite’s favorite obsessions.

On the latest cover of the “reputed” medical journal The Lancet, the word “women” was replaced by “bodies with vaginas”. Let that sink in. They truly believe that the word “women” is offensive and that the grotesque and thoroughly dehumanizing term is a better option. In their absurd quest to erase genders, they are willing to replace the word “women” with an expression that a psychopathic serial killer would use. In short, this cover is proof that the world of science has sacrificed objectivity to the altar of ideological wokeness.

This is another example of the insanity that is becoming the norm in mass media. The only way that a toddler can “come out as trans” is because they’ve been subjected to pressure coming from unhinged parents. My message to these parents: Do you know what toddlers actually strive for? Chicken nuggets for lunch. Just focus on that for now and messing with their brains.

In my article about the MET Gala, I pointed out that the only people who were wearing masks were the help. We’ve seen the same absurdity at the Emmy Awards. While the elite-owned stars were free to breathe, the peasants had to hide behind a mask. This is not about a virus anymore, this is about power and privilege. This two-tiered masks system needs to stop because the hypocrisy of it is all too ridiculous to comprehend.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!



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