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Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/21

In this edition of SPOTM: Mind-boggling examples of social indoctrination directly aimed at children, celebrities bowing down to the occult elite using the one-eye sign, and more proof that streaming services are actually monolithic distributors of propaganda.



The gender-blurring agenda was first identified on this site over seven years ago. Since then, it only amplified exponentially. In fact, the war against genders has taken Orwellian proportions as it took over popular culture, politics, sports, education, and even language itself.

Here’s how this agenda manifested itself in the past month.

The “prestigious” NY Times published a story titled The Boys in Their Summer Dresses. The subtitle says: “Gender fluidity enters its next phase”. What they really mean is “gender-blurring propaganda enters its next phase of indoctrination”.

Madonna posted on Instagram a video of her 15-year old adopted son walking around in a dress. Why? Agenda. And what is going on with that painting?

Last year, I posted an article describing the intense media tour promoting Dwayne Wade’s 12-year-old transgender child. Here’s stepmother Gabrielle Union cashing in the media attention with a Prada ad.

Kellogg’s created a cereal in collaboration with the “media monitoring association” GLAAD. The box invites children to “create their own pronouns”. In my article about the Great Reset, there was talk about “stakeholder capitalism” which is about forcing private companies to engage in social indoctrination. This is a blatant example.

Children’s network Nickelodeon aired a segment featuring drag queen Nina West singing a song called The Meaning of Pride. The chorus says: “Wave the pride flag up high” while Nina West saluting it. This scene reminded me of something very specific.

The difference between this pic and the one above? None. They’re both propaganda. Except the one above is worse because it is insidious and aimed at children.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place during the past weeks. And, as usual, it was featured in prominent places such as album and magazine covers while using prominent celebrities.

Lily-Rose Depp uses a flower to make the one-eye sign on the cover of ELLE Russia. That’s so creative and original.

Selma Blair uses a flower to do the one-eye sign in Town and Country Magazine. These people are geniuses.

The album cover of group Japanese Breakfast features the one-eye sign using a persimmon fruit.

A very obvious one-eye sign on the cover of L’Officiel Italia.

Same magazine (L’Officiel), different country (Ukraine). Same one-eye sign.

Alessandra Ambrosio does a massive one-eye sign on the cover of Numéro Russia. The eye-shaped ring on her hand is there to make sure you understand that the one-eye sign has a meaning. It is not random at all.

The album art of HER’s latest album is all about using light to create a one-eye sign.

In another shot, HER also hides one eye. The fact that the entire marketing of these artists revolves around the one-eye sign indicates the stranglehold the occult elite have on their careers.

This is the cover of a comic book created by Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Of course, intense focus on the one-eye sign. The superhero is a single mom whose superpowers are her menstruations. Also, she can swing like Spiderman from her armpit hair. These people are not well.

The cult series Charmed, which is about “good witches” was recently rebooted. This promo pic manages to incorporate a triple one-eye sign, indicating that it is triple-approved by the occult elite.

This is an ad for Sweet Tooth – a Netflix series about half-human, half-animal hybrids. While some might call this fake headline “great marketing”, it appears to fit the definition of predictive programming. Because actual hybrids are happening RIGHT NOW and, apparently, they want the world to be prepared for them.

A headline from about actual hybrids that actually lived.

The recently G7 gathered in the UK to discuss how to bring about a totalitarian world government. Of course, COVID hysteria helped bring about a whole lot of freedom-killing policies across the world and they’re very happy about that.

For the official picture, the leaders were very socially distanced.

Of course, that official picture was only for show. They don’t give a crap about any of these measures, they are for the peasants that need to be treated like cattle.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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