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Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/19



In this edition of SPOTM: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Christina Aguilera and more proof that the occult elite is on a mission to expose the world to the One-Eye sign.

Christina Aguilera was featured in Galore magazine in an editorial titled: “Christina Goes Back to Her Roots”. Apparently, her “roots” is Beta Kitten programming (mind controlled sex slaves of the occult elite). To be fair, those are truly her “roots”. In 2010, I analyzed her video Not Myself Tonight which was all about Beta Kitten programming. In this pic, the bills she received in exchange for her “services” have unicorns on them. Slaves don’t get paid.

Christina being choked by the hand of an unseen person = Trauma at the hands of a handler. Behind her is a butterfly = Monarch programming.

A butterfly silencing Christina – a classic symbol representing the MK slaves silenced by their programming.

In MK symbolism, feline prints are used to identify Beta Kittens. On her breasts are rifles. In the world of MK, sex is indeed a weapon.

The One-Eye sign – proof that this is all pure occult elite garbage. Read my article The One-Eye Sign: Its Origins and Occult Meaning to fully understand the implications of this important sign.

Another One-Eye sign. But this time she is giving us the finger. So brave and edgy. Thank you, Christina, for this inspiring photoshoot.

As usual, the One-Eye sign was everywhere in the past weeks. Anybody who is somewhat relevant or influential needs to do it in order to remain in the public “eye”. This is beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina doing it on the cover of Essence.

Lil Nas X became an overnight star after the independent release of his song Old Time Road. Shortly after, he was signed with Columbia Records. Shortly after that, he’s doing the One-Eye sign on Teen Vogue.

This is the profile pic of singer and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. on all social media. It basically says: “Alright, I’m hiding one eye, can I have my money now?”

Madonna on the cover of New York Times Magazine. Yup, another One-Eye sign on the cover of another major publication involving another major star.

This is the poster of the Australian movie The Nightingale. The movie reportedly made viewers nauseous (many of them walked out) due “scenes that showed extreme violence inflicted on babies and young children, as well as horrific zoomed-in footage of rape and torture.” Everything that the occult elite loves. Hence, the One-Eye sign.

Carla Delevigne on the cover of Vogue Korea. One eye is hidden by shadow. That issue was filled with One-Eye signs.

The same issue of Vogue Korea.

Same issue.

Adobe (the makers of Photoshop) have been displaying the One-Eye sign all over the place. Here’s another example.

One-Eye sign on an ad for international supermarket chain Aldi.

Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge does an obvious One-Eye sign in GQ magazine.

The poster of widely acclaimed French Canadian movie La Femme de Mon Frère features an obvious One-Eye sign.

Queer Eyes’ star Jonathan Van Ness became the first male spokesperson of Essie nail polish. The gender blurring agenda keeps on going,

In the past weeks, we’ve witnessed a bizarre, unprecedented “love” campaign for abortions. There is a difference between supporting legal abortions as a sad, unfortunate last resort option and painting the killing of babies as a glorious, life-affirming act of feminine empowerment. This specific picture says “Abortion is Healthcare”. No, it’s not. It is not good for anybody’s health. The fact that this thing is promoted by Miley Cyrus, a figurehead for Beta Kitten programming is telling as well.

Same photoshoot. Beta Kitten.

Mass media also has a “sweet spot” for Satanism. For years, media outlets have been hard at work redefining the meaning of Satanism with public-friendly buzzwords such as “freedom”. This headline from The Guardian associates Satanism with “progressive values”. Media also love to depict Satanists as “atheists” who do not actually believe in Satan while they’re literally erecting massive statues of Baphomet across the country. In this pic, they’re holding a Sigil of Baphomet. Sigils are symbols used in ceremonial magic to invoke demons and other entities. In other words, deceit is the name of the game. However, symbols never lie.

Special thanks for everyone who sent in pics!

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