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Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

In this edition of SPOTM: Travis Scott, Miley Cyrus, Jeffrey Epstein, COVID insanity and more proof that the gender-blurring agenda is reaching new levels of absurdity.



leadspotm0221 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21
2021 02 26 09 51 19 Photos e1614351207568 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Last month’s SPOTM featured promo pics for Miley Cyrus’ “Super Bowl Tik Tok Tailgate” and they were all about Beta Kitten symbolism. Unsurprisingly enough, the actual show was replete with similar symbolism. In the background of this pic, we can see a teary eye surrounded by feline print – a symbol representing Beta Kitten slaves controlled by the elite’s MKULTRA system.

gANsWKxK o e1614351626275 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Of course, Miley also had to pay tribute to her satanic handlers.

LA3jL14 e1614352235835 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

On Valentines Day, Meghan Fox posted this picture of her posing with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. If we go past the match devil horn signs (so romantic), what is going on with this “painting” in the background? Why do Hollywood people love trashy paintings featuring children in dire situations?

32 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

A closeup of the painting. Also, I’ve mirrored it to make the words legible. Although I cannot see it in its entirety, this painting appears to reek of MK-influenced, deeply disturbed “art”.

glma1 e1614280627864 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

The gender-blurring agenda was first mentioned on this site in 2013. Since then, this agenda made its way into all facets of society. As usual, mass media is driving this agenda through relentless propaganda. This is the cover of Glamour magazine featuring a model who has chest hair.  

323 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

“Influencer” James Charles is part of this agenda. He recently posted this (photoshopped) picture of him being pregnant. Of course, he has no organs allowing him to carry a baby. But the gender-blurring agenda is all about blurring the very clear and distinct line between males and females.

nybz404 225 2021 163839 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

When I say that the gender-blurring agenda is reflected in all aspects of society, I truly mean all aspects of society. Hasbro recently announced that it is dropping the “Mr.” from Mr. Potato Head and to gender denominations from its toys. Some might say: “Well, potatoes don’t have genders”. Actually, these “potatoes” are anthropomorphized which means that they are given human qualities. Actual potatoes do not wear glasses or and I’m pretty sure they don’t grow mustaches. The actual goal of this rebrand is to train children to reject the concept of binary genders.

2021 02 25 09 07 55 Travis Scott I want to make a new sound i D Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place last month. This is Travis Scott on the cover of i-D magazine. The dog’s face says: “Please don’t use me for this crap”.

6075698 gad elmaleh pose pour paris match dans s 950x0 2 e1614289747443 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

The career of French comedian Gad Elmaleh was almost destroyed after he was accused of plagiarizing jokes. However, by doing the one-eye sign, he’s been given “la nouvelle vie” (a new life) in showbusiness.

pg9ld7qs o scaled e1614290441607 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Hailee Steinfeld does the one-eye sign on the cover of Boston Common using a flower. That’s so original and creative. Nobody ever thought of this.

PhotoMar1254616PM e1614291688847 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Ashley Usich-Iha is the twin sister of Marilyn Manson’s wife. She launched a clothing line and she models some of the clothes on the official website. This is her hiding one eye using a flower. Pure creative genius. It’s like, wow.

2021 02 15 13 28 08 Bling Empire Netflix Media Center e1614348703248 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Nearly every edition of SPOTM contains a Netflix poster containing a one-eye sign. That’s because Netflix is all about the elite’s agenda. This is the poster promoting Bling Empire, a reality series about wealthy Asian socialites.

2021 02 26 09 16 26 Resident Evil Village CAPCOM e1614349091777 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

The marketing surrounding the video game Resident Evil Village is strongly focused on the one-eye sign.

2021 02 15 12 26 00 The tall lady in Resident Evil Village is taller than the tallest recorded human e1614349288940 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

This is another Resident Evil Village promo image featuring one of the main characters (Marilyn Manson in drag?). Big focus on the one-eye sign.

Screenshot 2021 02 16 23 53 35 e1614349862918 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

YouTube “celebrated” Black History month with this image featuring a whole lot of one-eye signs. The message: They don’t really care, this is elite-sponsored, corporate PR.

4324 e1614352916855 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

The government of British Columbia in Canada published this COVID “Self-Care Bingo” card on social media. It tells fully grown men and women with jobs and responsibilities to “make a blanket fort” in response to oppressive COVID measures. This “game”, which appears to come straight out of an elementary school, is a prime example of how COVID is being used to infantilize and demoralize the masses.

57dfb3e4 2334 48fe 96b2 006ed9f01825 e1614353377981 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

This is a picture of band practice in a high school in Central Washington. The dystopian nightmare is now.

38794804 9215741 image a 13 1612295700972 e1614352594568 Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/21

Ever since Epstein was “suicided”, the light that was being cast on the elite’s pedo system was turned off. In this recently surfaced picture, Epstein holds a child inside his private jet with a creepy look on his face. This is the kind of sickening crap they are trying to hide.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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