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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

In this edition of SPOTM: Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Billy Porter, Netflix pushing more agenda and an important question: Can boys be princesses too? The answer will shock you.



Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20
Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Jennifer Hudson was recently featured in an As If magazine photoshoot and the entire thing was all about Monarch Mind control. More specifically: Beta Kitten programming. As stated numerous times on this site, Monarch programming is represented in popular culture with monarch butterflies. Beta Kittens are often identified by wearing feline prints. This photoshoot combines both elements + other symbolic imagery.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Here, next to Hudson, there’s an actual “kitten”. Inside the kitten’s mouth is a diamond. While this detail might seem random to most, diamonds hold a specific significance in the Monarch system: They are used to identify “Presidential Models” – high-level Beta slaves. To make things extra obvious, Hudson wears feline prints, in front of a feline-print background.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Here, she is literally draped in the wings of a Monarch butterfly – representing her being a Monarch slave. On top of that layer is a feline print coat – representing the extra layer of Beta Kitten programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Once again, Jennifer wears feline print. She also holds a bag of money. Well, it’s a fake, for-show-only, drawn-on bag. That pretty much sums up the life of a celebrity MK slave.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Janet Jackson recently posted on Instagram a photoshoot that is also blatantly about Monarch programming. Here, her head is surrounded by monarch butterflies. It’s a great way of representing the fact that Monarch programming takes over one’s mind. The caption of that pic: A Monarch butterfly, of course.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Here, we see two Janet Jacksons. It represents the ultimate goal of Monarch programming: The creation of alter personas.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

There’s a lot going on in this pic as it refers to some occult aspects of Monarch programming. The two mirroring Janets refer to the all-important concept of duality and the hermetic saying “As Above, so Below”. Taken separately, these three pics could be interpreted in several ways. But taken together, the pics become MKULTRA 101.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Speaking of Monarch butterflies, this is Billy Porter at the Critics Choice Awards. As usual, he is wearing a lavish dress (gender blurring agenda). He is also covered in butterflies, including a massive monarch butterfly on his chest. While these butterflies might not necessarily mean that the person is an actual MK slave, it does mean that they are fully subservient to the occult elite’s agenda. Need more proof? Keep reading.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

This is Billy Porter in Allure magazine. A black rose hides one of his eyes, effectively creating a one-eye sign, proof of compliance to the elite. Want more proof? Keep reading.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

This is another pic from the same photoshoot. Again, one eye is hidden. That’s all of the proof you need.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it was, as usual, all over mass media in the past month. To make sure that the world is fully exposed to this symbolism, the sign is often prominently featured right on the cover of magazines. This is model Kōki on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

The January 2020 issue of Picton magazine featured a big fat one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

The January 2020 issue of Picton Men magazine also featured a big fat one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

The January 2020 issue of Picton Black magazine also featured a big fat one-eye sign. I think they are trying to tell us something here.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

John Rahm hides one eye with a golf club on the cover of Golf Digest. At the very top, it says: “Jon Rahm: Eyes the Next Level”. Yup, that’s what you have to do to reach the “next level” of fame.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Rihanna on the cover of i-D magazine. Her face says: “I am so sick of doing this one-eye sign”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Willem Dafoe on the cover of El Pais Icon. Even award-winning veterans have to do this crap.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Here’s yet another Netflix series that is promoted with a big, fat one-eye sign. In case you didn’t know, Netflix is 100% down with the agenda.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

This is an ad for a new series titled Interrogation. As you can see, there’s a very clever and creative one-eye sign there.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Wow, this is the other side. So clever. I don’t know exactly what the show is about (probably about an interrogation), but the one-eye sign indicates that there’s most likely some elite agenda-pushing in there.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

A photo project called “Boys can be princesses too” went viral online. And by “viral”, I mean that it was pushed by mass media because it was in line with the elite’s agenda-blurring agenda.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

In the past years, I’ve shown numerous examples of media “celebrating” young boys wearing dresses. It is almost as if they love killing budding masculinity. By the way, boys cannot be princesses. They can only be princes. Because they are male. By definition, only females can be princesses.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

Another abhorrent agenda that is being pushed is to have children (especially young boys) hanging around drag queens. The Netflix series AJ and the Queen is about Ru Paul traveling with a 10-year-old orphan girl (who is dressed as a boy) in an RV, going from club to club. Why do they keep wanting to involve children in the highly sexualized drag culture?

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/20

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America the Babylon has become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah

D D d

I live in the Netherlands. While they might be washing away Amsterdam’s centuries old culture and make it into a disneyfied yuppy hang-out.. (the customers and friends or our royalty have to live somewhere nice and special)..the magazines are more and more full of the s--t ‘they’ want of the streets.
Normalising sex to youngerster and children is big time here as well.
Newspapers have ‘news’ about dil-do’s and other sextoys galore, some days they repeat it again when you scroll down. The same article that is.
No log-ins or registration needed – frontpages of public accessed local ‘news’ work on the same agenda as the celebrity people shown here..
When I was under ten, at school we had to read those newpapers for schoolstuff, I assume children still do that too, mandatory.

D D d

Let me I mention too: newspapers like De Gelderlander used pictures of dil-do’s with news about a dil-do-making workshop on offer locally, on the frontpage?

Maybe Fan

White atheists have created this mess, they hate Christianity, they hate morals, gender norms, family unit. They have been successful in making abortion acceptable, families obsolete, religion as oppression, and confusing children about gender.

Maybe Fan

This is meant for @ Cameron Harris

Literally Hitler

“let me tell you who you are”

Morals Are Done.

Not yet, its getting there though..Remember when Gods angels materialized to humans and the people around all banged on Lots door (male from youngest to oldest) demanding to rape the men and Lot offered his daughters instead and they were offended by offering women? We’re not there yet, give it another 15 years if we’re allowed that long.


Yes getting to critical mass. Bible prophecies look ever more convincing. Especially Mat 24. I go for Jesus’ second coming soon, but you won’t find many churchgoers into eschatology, and if you pointed them in the direction of Vigilant Citizen, they would diss you with contempt, then go back to their cosy churches. It is very hard ( in my case impossible ) to find like minded Christians, or a like minded Church.


Churches are Babel Buildings, government subsidized (controlled) 501c3 organizations – in the USA, at least. Globally, they have been infiltrated, as well. Jesus taught the body is the temple, and that we are to honor Father God in thought, word, and deed.

His true followers are scattered.

The Holy Spirit unites, and keeps us in the know.


Throwing the baby out with the bath water is not the solution. The Bible plainly tells us to assemble as a body and not to forsake doing so. Each of Paul’s letters are written to a church (or churches), a separate body of believers that met to sing praise to God and hear the word preached. The problem is not getting together as a church, the problem is that nearly all churches have sold out. Find yourself a non-501c3 church that teaches God’s word, move across country if you have to. The Holy Spirit unites through truth, not man made ideas. Read God’s word and obey it.

Average Joe S-O-T

I’ll tell you for free, that if you genuinely meet to speak about actual God and teachings of jesus… The reality of it, in the UK- even if it is in the privacy of your own home involving just a few… Prepare for that shizzle. You will be attacked by small minded fools, and the authorities will make you homeless in order to control and surveil where you live.
Idiots will also try to drown this out by staging their own persecution.

They will record your every word in order to try and set you up by taking it out of context. Your social media accounts will be closed. The white jackets will be hot on your heels. Any one who relies on the state or is employed by the council will attack. Racists bigots will set you up as an extremist.

And every one will act like the creepoids from the film GET OUT. “whats wrong? everything is finnnnneeeeeee” :/

They will put you under immense pressure in the hope you will snap- or even better just die.

Stasi methods are alive and thriving.
Gonzo Bronson.


As Paul told Timothy, all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Hang in there…and make sure you are suffering for the truth, not for man-made ideas and notions, there is no point in suffering for doing evil (1Pe 3:17). But to suffer as a Christian (a disciple of Christ, Acts 11:26) is a reason to glorify God (1 Pe 4:16).

Consider the prophets and the Lord Jesus Christ himself who for the joy set before him (bringing his children to glory) endured the cross. If they hated him they will hate you (Jn 15:18). But take courage, God will not allow you to be tried beyond what you are able to bear (I Cor 10:13) – and this is a promise from a God who cannot lie (Titus 1:12). He will be your hiding place, when things are more than you can bear, and your shield, when you must face things. (Ps 119:114)

As the old hymn says, trust and obey!


But God will make a way for His body. We are not to live in fear of man.


“We are not to live in fear of man.”
That is correct.

“But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.” (Luke 12:5, NIV)

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” (Psalm 118:8, KJV)

D D d

The bigger the Church is built, the bigger the deal with the Masons what I think. In most countries, taxes come in the picture as well.. or better: lack of tax.


It’s not the Masons- it’s all about the Templars.. The red cross worshippers.
Look it up and study. Even to the core of our American founder’s. The Mason’s had to work with them for a time until they infiltrated. The Templars are true Satanist. Tri-lads, aluminati, N.W.O. Zionists.

D D d

One big cooperating network today, no?


The Bible also says:
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Those are the words of Emmanuel, God with us: Jesus in the flesh.

It is important to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit above all else.


Change the churches covertly from within… Lol. Leading them back to the Bible.


@ Larry,

I totally agree.
Like me, YHWH has separated you for a reason.
I learned many years ago that the majority of believers doesn’t really want the truth – they are satisfied with the “version” that they have been “given”.
I’ll make a comment and they’ll look at me like I’m crazy – then I’ll back it up with undeniable Bible verses, history, and even headlines sometimes, and they want to distance themselves from me – except for a FEW.

It tells me that they have “religion” .

There are some interesting verses concerning a “few”.


“Being considered “crazy” by those who are still victims of cultural conditioning is a compliment.” – Jason Hairston


Religion is not bad, man’s ideas about religion are the problem. As James said: Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27).

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.


“Pure religion” in James 1:27 is a poor translation from the Greek.

It should read, “Ritually clean and undefiled”.


Jesus said: “If you love me, keep my commands.” (John 14:15)

What is the greatest commandment in the Law?

Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:37-40)


You’re right, Branch.
And it’s the religious ones who attack.

Love the quote.


Thank you, i feel the exact sake way. Have you watched the docukentary “american gospel: Christ alone”? It deocuments how many of today’s Christian churches are just out to promote the “feel good” kessage and to get money out of the church goers while selling them the lie that bexoming a Chrsitian goes hand in hand with becoming financuallt successful and having it all. I’ve tried loking for smaller more old style churches and congregations. But i swear i knew a lot ofnthenlocal small ajd big churches have been infiltrated and become into some sort of mlm scam. I’d rather skip those churches than takw their watered down new policaly correct, money scheming versions.


Nowhere in the Bible are we guaranteed financial prosperity for our obedience to YHWH. Also, We are not told to go to “church”, Paul never wrote letters to “churchs” and Yeshua didn’t address “churchs” in Revelation. “Church” is an INTENTIONAL mis-translation of “ekklesia”, which means – congregation or assembly. This intentional mis-translation in our Bible is a fingerprint of Rome’s influence. When you study the history of the word “church” you’ll learn that it actually refers to a BUILDING of IDOL WORSHIP. This is what Anon meant by “Babel Buildings” in the post above. Rome wants believers to go to a BUILDING of idol worship – a “church”. Tyndale’s 1525 English translation used the word church two times and translated it correctly – both times in reference to “buildings of idol worship” – they are found in Acts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Then Iupiters Preste which dwelt before their cite brought oxe and garlondes vnto the churche porche and wolde have done sacrifise with the people.” – Acts 14:13 – (TYN) “For ye have brought hyther these me[n] whiche are nether robbers of churches nor yet despisers of youre goddes.” – Acts 19:37 – (TYN) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When it comes to the Greek word… Read more »



The Bible forbids the adoption of pagan practices (Dt 12:29-32), it does not forbid the adoption of words with pagan origins. Also, it is incorrect to call the building a church because this is not the Bible use of the word. But it is not incorrect to use a word with pagan origin to refer to the things of God because God does not forbid it.


“…it is incorrect to call the building a church because this is not the Bible use of the word.”


Not true!

We are to worship YHWH in spirit and … “IN TRUTH”. – John 4:24

The truth is – The TRUE Bible use of ekklesia should read “assembly” or “congregation” – not “church”.

“Church” is a blatant and INTENTIONAL mis-translation from pagan Rome.

TOLERATING paganism in any form is what’s wrong with the “Assembly” today!


More optimism is needed I think about the Church! Many are becoming more aware and discerning about these things! I am having these conversations with many believers. Keep the faith! Find likeminded people, they are out there. We can change the culture, or at least save more people before Jesus returns, which I also think is very soon!


Also, maybe you might not find a whole heap of likeminded people in your Church- but maybe it’s your role to offer discernment to them! We all have our different roles and gifts and callings…


Ironically, I found out about VC from a Christian website.


Angels are still here everyday.


so you dont see an issue with Lot offering up his daughters to be ganged raped by a bunch of strangers?


@childofra Right! I have a major issue with the offering daughters to be gang raped.

Seeing the BIG picture

For the squeamish, I think you will find that they consented to this case in extremis because of the dire situation.
The sacrifice of a few (present generation) for the many (future generations).


Yes I find this very troubling… Though although the Bible says it happened, it doesn’t necessarily endorse it?


Lot offered his daughters to the men outside because they sought the homosexual rape of his three visitors, who, unbeknownst to them, consisted of two angels and the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ. By offering his virgin daughters, Lot was choosing the lesser of two evils – especially as it accorded with the letter of Jewish law.

The Bible describes sin, but never endorses it.
The New Testament is the New Covenant,
made possible by the sinless blood of Jesus Christ.

Seeing the BIG picture

It’s all about the bigger picture i.e. calling increasingly sinful society to keep to & obeying God’s boundaries.

The boundaries are male & female.
The boundaries are males having sexual intercourse with the opposite gender.
So on & so on until the sanctity of marriage as witnessed by the normal majority of humanity throughout time, bar a relatively few perverse transgressions.

If society degrades so far, then to hell in a handcart it will go, as ultimately the proliferation of perverse lusts leads to very few children being born & cared for in stable homes of loving (non carnal sense) families.

Society implodes & humanity is wiped out both in the sense of micro & macro scales.

So, in extremis, extreme measures have to be undertaken as a sacrifice for love of humanity by a great messenger of God. Naturally sacrifice is not easy for the spoilt children who indulge every whim & desire to empathise with.


15 years? Nope more like within 5.

J Williams

It’s not worse yet , but it’s getting VERY VERY close !!


I read that it is happening in India for some years. There are news reports but it is largely suppressed.

Truth & Light

Babylon will fall

Prophetic Explorer

They are now aggressively trying to turn the children into homosexuals. Unfortunately, we cannot allow our children to remain unaware of such things. Teach your child the way they should go.


The transgender agenda is a lot worse than the gay agenda. If small children are allowed to change their gender while they are still CHILDREN, think of all the damage this could cause! Even many adults have regretted changing their gender! Now think of a child!!! If they regret, there’s no way to go back to their original genders!


Lol. Do you think a child is MORE or LESS likely to regret performing a transgender change?? Of course their MORE likely to regret, they’re just children. And SEX CHANGE IS IRREVERSIBLE! That’s the worst thing about it!


Unfortunately a damaged psyche is almost irreversible, especially when it leads to suicide. You seem like one who likes facts, look them up.

Truth & Light

Awful, just awful. Jhud photoshoot is just boring *yawn*. That billy dude has mental illness. Leave the kids out of it – let children be children UGH


Because the art of drag goes back to Shakespeare when men had to also play women – and make up effects artists make bank in and out of Hollywood – yes. How dare we teach children history, read stories to them, and teach them a skill that could actually be profitable for them. All because of some fragile idea of what men should be doing and dressing like.


Nobody believes your trash.


While I disagree with the whole idea behind the princess campaign, I do have to say that males wearing dresses only became taboo in more recent history. Same can be said with gendered colors.

Seeing the BIG picture

I don’t think it has ever been a major taboo, but it has so often been seen as comical, as it is an upturning of the natural social order.

Average Joe

Its not supposed to be offensive Mr/Mrs HAHAHA – no one is saying to white wash Drag and its various roles throughout history. It’s simply not on when it SEXUALISES (can’t spell) CHILDREN. DO NOT F--K CHILDREN. DO NOT SEXUALISE CHILDREN. DO NOT BRAINWASH VICTIMS OF CHILD ABUSE TO ACCEPT IT AS NORMAL. DO NOT SELL CHILDREN. Not one picture here even references historical significance does it?

Its not about bashing drag queens- actually a lot of them should get on board because a lot of them have been subjected to all sorts of abuse that needs to cease. Its about education. An adult understands about choices. Children are the ultimate sheep who rely on shepherds.

As for money- people also make banks of money by sex trafficking children- Doesn’t make it any less of a perverse d*** head move does it?

But let me guess… By your reasoning we should all just allow paedophilia because if we got rid of it how could we ever address it historically, it would be because of some fragile idea of what kids should be doing and dressing like. Do you see how fragile your own offence is yet? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.


You’rein the wrong website, mr/mrs progressive

Deborah Barmess

@ HAHAHA all the way back to Shakespeare’s time, huh? Try again with the history lesson.

Ret @rd troll

Lol teachingkids a skill that can profit them later would be classes like workshop, auto mechanics, heck, even home economics. Drag is a form of trash art that degenerates do to get laid and make some cash on the side being a clown. You have no clue what a skill is. @HAHAHA

Rey @rd troll


Seeing the BIG picture

I wonder what the cultural context was with regard to Shakespearean drag?
Was it about money, thanks to the sensationalist shock value of upturning the natural order?
Do you agree with with underage children working?
Teaching or brainwashing without parental or child’s consent?
Regarding a profitable skill, REALLY…what percentage of workers work in drag compared to other careers?
As for the future, with Virtual Reality, I doubt that in the not too distant future, real actors etc will replace computer generated fantasies.
Sorry to be a drag…

Truth & Light

Kobe sacrificed just before the grammy’s!


At this point everyone knows Hollywood is a freak show. If you are a musician stay independent. If you are an artist stay independent, period.

T. Levy



Thank you, Iceberg. I make music at a professional level. I left Hollywood nearly two decades ago, and it took about seven years to “release the dream” of being a major artist signed to a big label. (Thank goodness I got out when I did!)

I do not regret my choices along the way and have made amends, continuing to work on my connection to the One True Divine Creator.

Now, living in a smaller and more rural region, I have to deal with cliques — that is, musicians who were born and raised here and have a distinct advantage. It’s really like a mini-Hollywood. (Some researchers say that Satanism and Luciferian worship are rife even in small towns like the one I live in.)


It won’t stop, it will only get more disturbing as time passes. What saddens me is that there are children growing up and believing this is normal as that’s all they watch, see and hear.

Nuke Hollywood

If we teach them, they will remember. It may be at a later time than you’d like but trust me they will remember a kind words of hard wisdom.

I think most kids today will be disgusted looking back at the path the culture has gone down. I’m a millennial and escaped the dragnet. It is possible.


Good job on pointing these out again, VC. You never disappoint.

Ray ray

Thanks for your awesome work! Been following and telling people about this site since 2012!

That AJ and the Queen show, just the other day my friend was watching that crap. She didn’t wanna hear about why the show was trash and propaganda but she is not woke , for example she uses Siri and Alexa even after I told here they record everything. Some people u just wanna stay asleep. Sites like these keep me sane!!! Thanks VC


Doesn’t really take anything away from the point you’re making but I just wanted to note that AJ, in AJ and the Queen, is actually a girl who passes herself as a boy.

Thanks for the great work, VC.

That is just wrong!

Thats even more disgraceful!!!

RIP masculinity

It’s as if the media is so hellbent on creating a new generation of emasculated soyboy beta-male whimps. Gone are the days where strong masculine alpha-males are the ideal prototype for men. These days, heaven forbids if a man projects a strong assertive character because it is now deemed “toxic” by the SJWs and crazy feminazis. I heard that the reason for this “feminization of men” is because the elites want to create a new generation of weak men that would not be able to fight and/or defend/stand up for themselves should war come so that the public would be a lot easier to control. Just look at these effeminate soyboys! They will not be able to pick up a gun and/or survive during hard times (e.g. the war/famine) even if their life depends on it. They’re too busy playing dress up and makeup to even learn basic defense/survival skills. Don’t even dream of sending them to war zone. Our country will lose should we rest our hope onto their shoulders. Btw regarding Jennifer Hudson, idk if you’ve already written an article about her, but I heard rumors back then when her mother, brother, and young nephew died in their… Read more »

Nuke Hollywood

This is exactly why I “rebelled”, chose the farm and family life, and moved to a traditional (yet broken) small town.

It’s crazy how many people I grew up with are now sad, lonely debt-slaves before she 30. There’s dignity in living like your great-grandparents. Honor > smartphones.

Nuke Hollywood

*age 30. Damn keyboards lol

Virtual isn't Reality

There’s no shortage of hyper-masculine superheroes and gun-toting, fast-car driving, fist-swinging men in entertainment either.


My theory is she needs all those deaths for what she asked Satan for..

A successful career with accolades, to lose weight, to find a man and have a baby.

She received a lot of blessings after their deaths.


This alpha-male stereotype is somehow toxic, as much as this idea upsets you. Men have been asserting their dominance for decades creating a toxic atmosphere, because god forbid someone tell them they’re wrong, they should listen to their master!!! right? I’m not pro-hollywood agenda but i’m a realist. Some men prefer to have different interests and hobbies that differ from your hyper-stereotyped idea of what a real man should do in his free time. And thats okay. We are people that should be FREE to do and wear whatever we want to.


Ive met a fair amount of so called ”alpha-males” and not only the idea of a man having to ”assert his dominance over everyone” IS toxic but also harmful. “Crazy feminazis” you say? More like slaves males have created that finally broke from their conditioning. Do you know how many of MK-ultra handlers of celebrities are these “alpa-males?” Countless.


This makes the idea of transgender women why they’re are so many according to transgender men. More men want to be female. Being you said to make weaker men to defend for humanity.


Is it just me or do Jennifer Hudson’s eyes look odd in the 3rd photo (the one with a cape??

We as consumers need to stay vigilant and not allow ourselves to be desensitized by Hollywood.

T. Levy

She has the “Witch Eyes”. John Todd whom is now deceased spoke on that. John Todd had and gave a great deal of knowledge before they killed him. Look him up.


John Todd had a mental illness. Yikes.


It’s just make-up. They have drawn her eyes practically to her temples, probably to make her face look less chubby. My first thought – she’s lost weight. Then when MBS mentioned it I looked closer and saw that they were so extended it looks like she has two pupils in that shot. Nothing sinister, just a little smoke and mirrors to slim her face down.


She is most likely been drugged up and of course in a trance split mind, poor souls only God or the Most HIgh knows if theyre ever going to recover,


She paid for that “fame” off the back of her mother and nephew. She is literally bought and paid for with blood sacrifices.

D D d

It is the black-white-thing again: it messes with the interpretations of our brains when we see it .
It uses the effects of small checkers, like a checkered tie on television: that ‘moves’ without moving.

It is used to disassociate some folk, is what I am told.


The demons are very active. We are living in the LAST of The Last Days…


Billy Porter……ughhhhh why am I not surprised?

J Williams

Porter is repulsive !!

Team Jesus

Jesus come quickly


Hi Vigilant Citizen,
Could you write an article on the connection between the coronavirus spreading currently throughout the world and the movie Contagion, as predictive programming? There are a lot of parallels emerging between the two

J Williams

I remember when Jennifer Hudson’s family members were killed a few years ago, she was asked if she was with the illuminati, and was she involved in any way with their murder. She seemed very angry with the interviewer and insisted that she was not involved in any way. At that time she seemed believable. There was NEVER any signs or symbolic pictures that would give her away. Now suddenly, that’s completely changed !! I guess she was ALWAYS involved !


Or perhaps she wasn’t involved in the past, but is now. I’m not defending her (I honestly don’t even know who she is), but if there were no signs or symbolic pictures in the past, then perhaps they just hadn’t gotten their claws into her at that point. Just a thought.

J Williams

Looking back at the time her relatives were killed, I remember that she never REALLY seemed too upset about their murder. She never really seemed too concerned. Perhaps she was involved from day one !


Just a little something I noticed is that logo for the ‘boys can be princesses too’ photo shoot is reminiscent of a goat’s head.


Also in the text “Boys can be Princesses too. Star is diagonal over the “c” and if you look at the letters in a reflection, it looks like there’s a 666 in that’s here (the c, and the two e’s)


The emasculation of men is really very sad but it has been going strong for a few generations. It usually happens when women leave bad relationships and try to be the natural role model for their sons. Their instinct will always be to shield their sons from each and every pain and discomfort when dads adopt a more balanced view on the subject. Older moms ( which sadly seems to be the norm from what I see around me) are even more set in their ways and unwilling to broaden the group of male role models available. It’s a shame because boys need a range of male role models to enrich their experience.

It is very important for parents to encourage their sons to take up martial arts where they can learn about safe combat techniques and how to put psychological considerations at the forefront of any decision to take physical action.

I could carry on but something needs to be done to produce men who are proud of being providers to their families rather than living off their moms and then their wives without feeling ashamed.

Former Brainwashed Teen

OMG i can’t believe u actually used the pic i sent in! Thanks VC! And great article once again


Liked your name….Former Brainwashed Teen hope you stay vigilant. For young people it must be harder to dismiss all the “trends” and chose to be different.

D D d

To be an ‘influencer’ (of young minds) is a big thing in our media:
in the Netherlands they are hyped up by mainstream like free bread.
For the older generations they are normalised in late night talkshows. For the rest on all frontpages with long trails of hot air.

Because: the internet has no rule about lying in commercials and product-placements ..and our other mainstream still has, by law.
That law is one of the things that protects our children. Useless if the lie is now hidden in a glaring flickering moving shouting badly grammered and intonated stream of nothingness, propaganda or ads.
Poor minds that suffer while thinking it all is a must-see.

Former Brainwashed Teen

Thank u, i appreciate the compliment. Yeah,when everyone around u at school is praising all the celebrities that u know are trash, it is difficult to bite your lip. But it’s easy to keep ur eyes open once they are. U never look at a music video or movie the same again.


The pc of Jennifer Hudson holding the flowers in front of her groin are, shows flowers that are symbolic of the vagina and clitoris. Just one more layer of trash symbology.

Suivez le Chemin

She’s probably being pimped out by the record execs as we speak. That’s part of the fame deal


Do you think some of these people do the one eye cover because it’s “trendy” to do in photography? I can’t imagine every time I see that it means there’s something behind it. BUT if there is, that’s pretty freaky! Thanks for all you do, love the site. Love from TX! Xoxo


Like with every agenda ‘they’ are pushing I guess, they make it trendy so you there’s no way of knowing who is forced to do it, and who is doing it willingly cause it’s trendy.

D D d

The connection between facts is context and repetition.


The photog tells them how to pose. I’m guessing more of an insider industry thing. The entertainers are typically just pawns in the game. Some are willing participants, but not all.


I started questioning the hand over the eye years ago. Wondering if it was a trend and what it stood for. That’s when I discovered this site. I think people now a days see it but follow “trends” dont question and just “do”. Trying to tell anyone about meanings behind anything is like talking to a brick wall. Even if you have the article in front of them they refuse to take 2 minutes to read it atleast. They dismiss anyone trying to explain to them why these artists are all doing what they do and continue to be brainwashed by them and all this culture. It’s sad nobody wants to know.


Some years ago I started seeing videos of little girls refusing to be called princesses, and their fathers loving to show the world how smart and independently thinking their daughters were, and everyone else being amazed by them; the being a princess dream that girls used to have growing up, getting married to a prince who would love and protect them forever after started to be frowned upon, because women were not to be protected or taken care of by a man. Now the Disney princesses started going against that sweet model and the princes became secondary characters–they’d always been, as the stories revolved around the dreamy and delicate and feminine princesses, but now the girls would take the lead in everything, as we’ve been seeing in virtually every movie that’s been put out in the last years.

Now that phase 1 was successful, move on to phase 2: girls can’t be princesses, but boys can.

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