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This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The video “Le Prix à Payer” by French artist Maître Gims depicts him signing a contract by blood and giving the occult secret society that rules the music industry. It vividly depicts nearly everything that was discussed on this site for years.



This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Although Maître Gims is barely known in the U.S., he is kind of a big deal in Europe. His last two albums reached number one in France and in Belgium and peaked at the top 40 of various European countries such as Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland. In 2018, his hit single La Même made him the most played artist on French radio and television while becoming the 7th most played artist worldwide on Deezer. This notoriety allowed Gims to work with several international artists such as Sia, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, J Balvin, Maluma, Sting, Stromae, and others. Gims now owns his own record label (named MMC), which is affiliated with Universal Music France.

So did all of this success come at a cost? According to his video Le Prix à Payer (which stands for The Pice to Pay): Yes, big time. Indeed, the video depicts, in a highly symbolic manner, the price to pay to become successful in the music industry. And it is all about shutting up and obeying the occult forces that rule it.

Here’s a look at the video.

The Price to Pay

The video begins with Gims sitting in a waiting room with men dressed similarly. A mysterious woman dressed in black and red (the favorite colors of the occult elite) walks to him.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The woman indicates Gims to follow her. He’s been chosen.

The woman takes Gims to a board room that contains some rather symbolic elements.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims stands in front of the woman and a record exec. Between them, we can see picture frames containing variations of the most recognizable symbol associated with the occult elite: The eye-seeing eye inside a triangle.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

A closeup of the symbols on display in that room.

To add to the symbolism of the scene, these frames are hung on the pillars of the rooms – symbolically indicating that the occult elite that “holds the weight” of this industry.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Although the woman is alluring, her eyes indicate that there’s something “supernatural” about her. Is she, like, a demon? Or Satan?

The record exec then hands Gims his record contract. To sign these papers, Gims is not offered a pen … but a knife.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims cuts himself with the knife and signs the contract with his blood.

This is not a simple business contract. It is a blood oath. It is a staple in occult circles and involves dire prices to pay if the oath is broken.

The first verse of the song aptly describes Gims’ situation. Here’s a rough translation:

We do things we truly regret
After some time, I gave an oath
I did it sincerely
We forget that I dream of a life
where I can go to sleep quietly

After signing the contract with blood, Gims’ new life begins.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The mysterious woman (who is still dressed in her red and black outfit) picks up Gims from his house in a limousine.

In this scene, Gims symbolically leaves his family to enter the crazy world of the elite. And, at first, it seems really great.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Inside the limo: Models and champagne. He’s really living the life. OR IS HE?

As the elite’s newest recruit, Gims’ career takes a sudden turn for the best. Also, we realize that Gims has zero input over his image or his career. He’s become a pawn.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Back at the board room, a team of people works on Gims’ album while he sits there and says nothing. Meanwhile, the mysterious girl stands back and watches over everything.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The record exec presents Gims’ new album cover. It contains the secret society’s triangle sign and there are “sunrays” around one of Gims’ eyes creating … of course … the one-eye sign.

Like all industry pawns, Gims has to partake in every single promotional stunt that is planned out for him.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

A photographer asks Gims to pose in a specific way and Gims refuses. Then, the photographer gets really pushy about it. The mysterious girl (who is hanging in the background) allows it to happen.

My series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month often feature photoshoots of artists doing occult elite stuff (i.e. the one-eye sign). Readers often ask who tells these artists to keep doing this stuff. The answer: Industry-chosen photographers are a big part of the equation.

When the photographer gets a little too pushy, Gims’ limo driver tells him to back off.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Scars on the driver’s forearm indicate that he’s part of the secret society.

After all of these emotions, Gims needs a break. And the limo driver has exactly what he needs.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The limo driver pops open the drunk to reveal a case of ice-cold Fanta.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims twists open a Fanta and drink it with a satisfied look on his face. Oh yes, there’s nothing like a 250ml bottle of Fanta to quench your thirst after a hard day fighting the Illuminati.

So, obviously, this is product placement. It is not satirical and it is not a “commentary” about fame. It is a real product placement paid by The Coca-Cola Company to Universal Music Group. And Gims had to hold that bottle and drink it. In short, this weird scene basically confirms that Gims is not truly “rebelling” against anything. He is still very much part of that system.

After this refreshing Fanta break, Gims continues his meteoric rise to success.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims is on the cover of magazines worldwide.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

He tours the world and performs in packed stadiums.

Although Gims appears to be living the dream, he is not.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims realizes that the blood oath cut is leaving a nasty scar.

The scar is a representation of the never-healing “wound” that comes with selling one’s soul. And Gims realizes that being a celebrity is not all fun and games. Those who control him actually do not care about him and use him in whatever way they feel fit.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The mysterious woman pays photographers to harass Gims.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

This fake, artificially created event is captured by the mysterious woman who posts it on social media to generate viral buzz.

After all of the shenanigans, things get real.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims finds himself at this massive château with his elite owners.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims tells the record exec that he is sick of this crap while pointing at his scar. He then storms out of the room.

However, one cannot just leave the industry without any repercussions. There are repercussions.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Two hooded figures grab Gims and kidnap him.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims then finds himself at the center of an occult ritual that is presided by the record exec.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

Gims is laying down and his hands are bound. Is he about to be ritually sacrificed?

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

The record exec calls on a higher force. Probably Satan. His attire is strikingly similar to the traditional garb of Masonic Worshipful Masters.

This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

An actual Masonic Worshipful Master. Wearing a top hat is a privilege reserved for high ranking members.

Luckily for Gims, one of the hooded men hands him a knife, allowing him to free himself and run away. However, that probably means that his music career is over. However, in real life, his actual music career is still alive and well. So, what does that mean?

In Conclusion

Le Prix à Payer is one of the most blatant exposures of the music industry and its dark side ever created. It depicts several elements that were discussed on this site for years such as the oath required while signing a record contract, the lack of control of artists over their own careers and image, the prevalence of the one-eye sign and the all-importance of occult rituals and sacrifices.

Judging by the comments about this video on YouTube, many believe that this video is actually a call for help. Indeed, the song lyrics convey regret and powerlessness while the video depicts a reluctant artist going through the motions of being an industry pawn.

While the video shows a clear desire to break free from it all, it also contains elements that indicate that this is not actually happening. For instance, that weird Fanta product placement screams out: “This video was sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company”. Most artists hate seeing their work compromised by such shameless advertising and it is often imposed by the record company. On the other hand, one might say: Kudos on getting paid while exposing the industry.

If the video actually exposes the record industry, why was it allowed by this major, elite-owned label? Well, first, the video is cartoony enough to fictionalize the entire subject. Second, the elite actually wants to reveal some part of itself to the masses. And it wants us to know that, if you cross it … there’s a price to pay.

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This French Music Video Exposes the Occult Music Industry

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This is why I wanna slap people when they say this s--t is just a conspiracy

Truth & Light

Sign at your own risk


Skull & Bones on his jeans jacket at 0:18

See the Hope

Exposing the truth and hiding it at the same time! By taking on the role of “exposing the truth” and forcing awareness upon us they remain in control of the narrative we are listening to. And that’s what it’s all about, them being in control of our perception of the reality we exist in. If subject A is continually inducing reactions from subject B, then A is effectively in control of B. The human race is currently addicted to electronic screens – similar to drug addictions, our brains NEED it. We can’t go very long without getting a screen in front of us. We are like information junkies. This dependency has been capitalized upon by subject A. Subject A is not worried about being exposed. The only thing making subject A nervous is that you, B, will break relationship with it and not need it anymore. Subject A is OK with the truth of itself being gradually exposed. What they are not OK with is you discovering the truth about YOURSELF, subject B. That you don’t need subject A or anything they are peddling. You are whole already. Any message to the contrary is a scam to get you to… Read more »



People have the mortally incorrect idea that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are actual individuals outside themselves, and that they have absolutely nothing at all to do but to naively wait for them to come for their rescue, without having to break a sweat.


God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are as much outside yourself as they ARE inside! That’s the TRUTH behind the infamous “as above, so below” (paraphrase it as “as outside, so inside”).
No need to lazily waste your life away waiting for them to magically show up like this is a cheap Disney movie.

They are all already within you… UNLEASH THEM! RELEASE THEM! Let them take control and become an instrument for they every action and purpose.

But that… takes work. Effort. Lots of it.
Everybody can and should (MUST!) do it but do not want to out of pure laziness and conditionment. Some don’t call it “The Great Work” for nothing. Pick yourself back up and START NOW for this is the one, the true, an ONLY meaning and purpose of any human life, irrespective of their background, culture or walk of life.



Do what


Magnus opus Its Catholics teaching. Charlottes Web


I don’t need to give Jesus “permission” to take control of my life. If he needed my permission to do anything, he wouldn’t be God. Your theology is skewed.


God isn’t going to override people’s free will. He wants their cooperation, not blind obedience. So yes, we do need to invite Jesus to take control of our lives.


And what if you don’t want eternal life? What if you just want to go back to the darkness and completely cease to exist?

See the Hope

Great question, Nope. I will answer. You’ve perfectly described the issue at hand. The question, indeed, is: What was God to do, when his beloved creation had lost its way, become blind, entangled and immersed in the darkness – UNWILLING to come to the light – and in danger of lapsing into nonbeing? What was the Father, Son, and Spirit to do when their dream of sharing their joy, love, and fullness with us was sinking into oblivion? Their response was a resounding “NO! I did not create you to perish”. But in our blindness, it was obvious we were not going to seek him. Since our very ability to relate to God in a manner that keeps our humanity intact depends on our free will to never be violated or overridden, the lover of the human race came TO US, where we were, stooping down into the reality we had created for ourselves in our blindness – to help us find our way to the light, the light of life we were created for. The whole story laid out through the bible is the story of God gradually walking the human race, step by step, toward the reality of… Read more »

Rachel Silver

What a beautiful walk you have with the Lord.


That didn’t answer my question.

See the Hope

Well, I’ll give it another try. In reference to the 1st part: What if you don’t want eternal life? That’s a choice we are free to indulge. And it won’t be forced on us. But, my point is that the buffet table is already laid out, and hungry people by the nature of their design will want to eat at some point. Eternal Life is not “go to heaven when you die”, but engaging and participating in the relationship between you, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. The dance of LIFE. It is a description of a unique quality of life, not duration. We are already ingulfed in it. Our belief, or faith, doesn’t bring a relationship with God into being, it just recognizes it and says yes to it. We are free to refuse money, reject meals, never make any friends, and yes, we are free to not want eternal life. But none of those are very wise choices. We just end up missing out on their benefits. In reference to the second part of your question: What if you just want to go back to the darkness and completely cease to exist? Jesus said I am the… Read more »

Love is gold

What you say is wonderful, because it is true, and truth is beauty, light and joy! Thank you for speaking these words. Where can I read more of them?

Dan Kairu Wachira

What you are saying about our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is indeed true and beautifully said. But, and it is a Big But, Salvation is a choice. Jesus Christ has already paid the price. But we must choose it. Yes, the Bible says, that we, who are saved, were Pre-destined to be conformed to the image of Christ. That means God already Knew and Chose that we would be saved. That is the Amazing truth. And for those of you who aren’t saved, as long as you are still alive, the choice is still on offer. But, there are those that will not take the offer while on this earth. The Bible has already spoken of Hell. Jesus Himself has spoken about hell. How can we, who are saved by and love Him, deny His Own Words? Jesus says that those that take away a jot or a tittle from the Word will be punished. So I humbly ask you to repent and stop trying to dilute God’s Word. God is Love. Yes. But He is also Justice and Judgement. Some people just don’t want the Light. But the Light will always be available and will… Read more »


Exactly this. No more, no less.

See the Hope

Dan, thanks for the response. We are all on a journey and learning as we go. I would put forth that the classical response of rejecting the view that God found a way to FULLY rescue his creation from its self-inflicted condition is actually not rooted in the teaching of Jesus or the bible, but is the predictable result of a mind aligned with traditional western Christianity. That’s where I came from too. We have grossly UNDERestimated Jesus, the success of the cross, and his love that brought all of this into existence in the first place. The New Testament writers and the early church fathers saw the true scope of Christ’s work and the holiness, relevance, and completeness of the trinitarian nature and character of God, a God who is RELATIONAL at the core, that had dreamed of, planned, and provided for our inclusion into their eternal relationship all along. And they have written to help us get a glimpse of it too. But even they wrestled with how good the goodness of God really is and how to put it into words. There is a mystery to it all. Through the history of humanity, and for us in… Read more »

Love is gold

This is so beautiful and true!

Suivez le Chemin

And this is why its absurd to suggest that Bieber is trying to expose the elite pedo industry. He’s not in charge of anything relating to his brand people! Wake up! Once you’re signed you have no control


Weird how the chauffeur didn’t partake in the Fanta drink, it had a near symbolic feeling of drugs. Nice article VC, I felt a bit sick after watching the video for educational purposes.

Sweet Dee

A play on Lean? Rappers use codeine and grape soda in 2 styrofoam cups and carry it everywhere.

John Doe

Again, interesting article and thanks for your great analysis of the content!
Maybe the fact that the nazis invented “Fanta” during WW2 could be an information that adds something to the story?


the takeaway from this article is NOT Fanta


The Nazis started MK Ultra so that may be a nod to them.

Lizard King

I thought the CIA started mk ultra?


A lot of CIA’s programs came from the N--i scientists they brought over after WW2. It wasn’t just rocket scientists. It was mind control, torture, everything they were working on.

Frank Black

The American Jewish Council and the CIA did, it is subtly stated in the Authoritarian Personality by Adorno


Do the nazis control the banks, media, hollywood, publishers, stoled a whole country in middle east and can’t be criticized by law?? I think no.


No, but their legacy continues through CIA.


Good point. I agree.


Its the luttlest gountry stolen on earth Look at the history of english colonialism It was the greatest empire the eorld has e er seen and it created Israel which it had rights too because the palestinians supported the nazis and lost the war and their territory


Palestine as a nation did not support Nazism. Yes ther was Amin al-Husseini but his stupidy does not justify what The Zionists have and continue to do to the Palestinian people.


The mind control began with paganism really The original religion After the creation of the catholic church the vatican took iver The nazis were Catholics really and the cia was created from the nazis ss or secret police at americas request .The Pope is the moral authority over americas rule of law They wear red and black there who have power Red and black symbolises a desire to cause pain .Sadism .The woman is like the w---e of babylon ,the jezebel ,and the industry is like the merchant of venice where capitalism was invented .Maybes hes trying to say hes free and still popukar so saying its really ok to sign a deal because they let you go if you want too .?Is he playing the devils advocate ?or the w---e ?


Please elaborate on the connection between mind control and paganism


There are probably Catholics here that down voted your comment because they lack understanding of the symbolism. Sorry (not sorry) people, the Pope is NOT a holy man. Nor is he a Christian. Jesuits are a military order & were trained assassins. Nothing about the RCC or the Vatican is the slightest bit Christian. It’s Sionism/Nimrodism under the veil of ‘Christianity.’ Nimrod was deified as a sun god. Sion=Sun. Black is mostly about transformation, although it can be to create discord/chaos (Saturn) while Red is all about energy, passion/desire/lust, hate..or even confronting an enemy (Mars). What I saw was that it was *his* choice. He was not coerced into signing the pact, but did it of his own volition. And it’s right out in the open as it’s both a nod to those in the know as well as making light of it for the uninformed to say, “See, this stuff is just make believe or they wouldn’t be able to use it in their video.” Hiding in plain sight.

Frank Black

There is no evidence to support this. Citation required…


It’s too bad more people don’t ask for evidence and citations of the things people say here. What’s being discussed here is Operation Paperclip where the CIA and US Department of War brought German scientists to America and had gave them citizenship as well as jobs, homes, and etcetera (as well as new identities for some of the higher profile individuals) to assist in the development of the hydrogen bomb and the atomic bomb because the Americans were desperate to defeat the Russians in the arms race of the Cold War. The German scientists who werw brought here didn’t work exclusively on weapons research and development, though; they also worked on TONS of other projects, even crazy ones…for example, both the US and Russia were interested in developing the psychic abilities of people to do things that would put them at a military advantage, such as remote viewing (which is when a person supposedly can psychically “view” far away places such as foreign military bases and etcetera). If you’re interested in learning more about this, simply Google “Operation Paperclip”, start with the Wikipedia page, and then dig as deeply as you’d like.


I don’t have time to write an extended explanation but this video is primarily about pedophilia and I think it will be widely distributed in the south East Asian market (many links to France, especially Vietnam where there is a strange obsession with the country despite the bloody history). Fanta’s link to the occult is well established in that region. The huge problem with pedophilia is also well known ( western men visiting to abuse underage boys and girls in particular). At the International airport in Thailand, there is a polite request in English asking them to try not to abuse children. It is not a stern warning but an obvious plea. Fanta has previously run a commercial showing the same symbolism as in this video. Inside the limo, the bouquet or ruffles on her shoulder is the LB ( little boy lover) logo. The superimposed triangles are deconstructed BLogos ( boy lover). The drop of blood is in the same shape as the GLogo ( blood does not naturally fall into that shape). The bow tie of the grand master is the CLogo ( child lover). I’m sure CLOMAL is in there somewhere, perhaps in the shades with the… Read more »

Suivez le Chemin


A Crabtree

Wow! That’s a lot. Thanks for the input. And I’m sure there’s still more we’re missing!!


Thanks, it does get crazier, I would not dare to put it all down but another poster may come along and do that! The Fanta advert I remembered was actually Korean, come to think of it. K pop shows us that it is a fully signed up to the agenda.


I live in Thailand and yes red Fanta known as ‘Fanta Nam Daeng’ (Fanta red water) is placed everywhere around spirit temples (look like elaborate bird houses placed in the corner of many shops, houses, land etc). It is not Buddhist in origin, its a far more ancient practice offering ‘life force’ (blood sacrifice) to the dead spirits/ghosts.
The Fanta placement is a weird product placement for a cool sexy artist. Fizzy orange is a child’s beverage and they have changed the bottle to a shape and smaller measurement that would be more appealing to children.


It’s strange, I agree. It is not a new practice either. It has been going for generations. I suppose it is better than ritually sacrificing animals for their blood. I also noticed in Malaysia that the shamanic type of beliefs run merrily alongside the religious ones.

I met several, educated, wealthy Malaysian women who were advised by their seers to put menstrual blood in the food they served to their husbands as it would prevent them from straying. It was not even considered bizarre.

I suppose these are moon goddess cultures in origin and while Malaysia doesn’t have the full moon parties anymore ( like Thailand) , the depth of these old beliefs and the animist power hierarchy is clearly still there.


There is absolutely NO links whatsoever between Thaïland and Vietnam, now and in the past and Thailand filled with filthy pedophelia and thaï people selling their own children for sex traicking in exchange of money like in Supermarkets. You will NEVER see that in VIETNAM. Plus vietnamese people are LARGELY christians (thanks to the rench colonisation by the way) and not dirty pagans!


Question: Let’s say you grow up in a remote village somewhere with limited human contact other than your own people and you believe in your own gods. Will the “dirty pagans” still go to hell even though they have no idea of “christianity”? Pagans are much less judgmental than christians, also “you don’t want to believe in christ, so we will burn you on the stake. Forced religion!!!


I dont know but catholic vietnamese people “growing up in a remote village somewhere with limited human contact” do NOT and have NEVER sold their own children for money. That’s the only result and not the least of it.
And if you have ever been to Thaïland, you would see that this “merchandising” do not only occur in remoted areas.


Please tell me one country in the entire world where you would be completely unable to find some depraved human being who would sell their child? It doesn’t exist. You will find them everywhere and especially in highly organised wealthy countries in the West.
The USA is a hotbed for child selling/trafficking and not from the lone-wold sleaze bag the media like to portray, but via the Elite establishment indulging in energy harvesting adrenochrome imbibing activities. You don’t need to scour remote locations and peoples – just check out your own politicians, big business, big charities and of course Hollywood and the music industries.
Check out the Dutroux case in Beligium, the Dolphin Square case in London as well as the more recent pizzagate issue and the Clinton foundation saving (buying) kids stranded in Haiti.


“ My country is paradise because it says so in the American brochure. Everybody is perfect. Next door on the other hand…They’re just awful” etc.

Jennifer Jones

Thanks for mentioning “energy harvesting adrenochrome imbibing activities”, I’m familiar with the practice, but did not know the term. There was a testimony given by a former high priest in the occult that this is done by 33rd degree masons at the temple alter (sodomizing children), in order to harvest the energy/adrenochrome that is produced in these children when they are seized with terror during this ritualistic abuse/rape. He noted that the screams of children undergoing this ritual abuse, as well as the blood produced by the act of raping them were highly desired, and used as “offerings” to demonic spirits who fed off of the energy and thus energized/transferred the youth/energy of the child to the perpetrator/rapist. Cathy O’brien is a great example of the elite’s child trafficking/pedopheoila obsession here in the USA. She was trafficked under MK Ultra Monarch program by President Gerald Ford. Her and her daughters rapists include Dick Cheney and George W. Bush ( a major pedo.) amongst other senators and high ranking military officials. Cathy O’brien also notes that the child p--n racket was ran by the CIA here in the USA. On a side-note, just to bring some awareness to the issue-I seen… Read more »


People who have not formally been exposed to Jesus can still reach out to Him and have a relationship with them.

This is seen all over the Arab-speaking world, where many Muslims, in spite of not having been taught, are having dreams where Jesus appears to them and they convert.

God moves in mysterious ways and yes, no one is forcing it.

But for those who are truly seeking the true God, He (Jesus) will make Himself known.


Vietnam is a lot, lot better than Thailand in that respect, I agree. I should not have generalised as some of the Thai islands are full of beautiful souls who would never cause harm and Bangkok and Pattaya are obviously seedy and disgusting.

However, as the western tourist industry has taken off around the Mekong Delta and in the three big cities, it is slowly being recognised that the problem is inevitably growing and that there are legal loopholes that are allowing creepy, old, white perverts the chance to push the boundaries ( there were a few high profile cases reported in the press but most goes unreported).

There is absolutely no legal protection for boys who are raped by homosexual pedophiles, for example. There is also a problem of western men raping teenage minors and being let off with suspended sentences and other inadequate sentences. The vetting of foreigners employed in schools is inadequate.

The shame culture probably arising from Catholicism means that all sides involved are ashamed of allowing investigation for fear of losing face.


MASS pedophilian leisure industry is in THAÏLAND AND also for a bit in MAROCCO.
Pedophilians travel the whole world to get to THAÏLAND.
Stop your stupid “american” lessons about a very serious topic and your lack of instruction, basics of geography and religious history about these countries. I recall that you mixed in your previous posts Vietnam whiwh has NOTHING in common whether geographically, historically, religiously, culturally with Thaïland!!!
Sexual Tourism is something very serious as it implies human beings being traffiqued and traded and in that small children. VERY small children by their own parents, I repeat! AND AS AN INDUSTIAL LEVEL.
So go back to school, open a book and shut the f… Up with your stupid arrogance for a while.


I pity you. You sound totally insane.

You really think you are teaching me something valuable but all you are doing is strongly projecting your aggression and insecurity about your own lack of knowledge and displaying your huge prejudice against Thai people and paganism. That’s typical small-minded unpleasantness.

Thailand is next door to Vietnam so of course the activity moves in that direction. There are many concluded court cases which confirm this. I’d give examples but I don’t think you are at the level of being able to process academic facts.

As Sarah says, of course there are pedophiles in Vietnam and everywhere else. Don’t you have access to free press?

Take your own advice and read some books and try to get smarter before you even try to take me on lol.


You seem to be so idiot that I am going to repeat it, once again and for the last ever time.
Thaïland is the ONE and ONLY country in the WHOLE world – except perhaps with Marocco – which has raised the trade of small children as an INDUSTRY.
Got it? Or still not, Morron?!


The original post actually states that Vietnamese have a lot of interest in FRANCE, not in pedophilia. This is seen in the many French style villages they have built recently, all well known.

You are intellectually lacking because you misunderstood the argument. Perhaps you never understood the level of English used but you aggressively started getting mean and aggressive towards a person who is obviously knowledgeable, intelligent and well travelled. Perhaps you are simply jealous?

You must Improve your English comprehension A LOT and learn some manners before you start coming online and behaving like an idiot, you ugly person.


Apologise for your error or GTFOH. This isn’t Instagram dumbass.


Thailand is quite literally the worst place to “push your luck ” watched a dude who got caught with an underaged boy get dragged into the street and beaten to a pulp by the crowd. This is a country that executes you for minor drug offenses and slaps you in irons for life. They got sick of their country being considered the drug and sex capital of the world a long time ago.

Kathleen Murphy

You sick idiot!! “Dirty pagans”? Really?! The bible is the ultimate tool of Satan, tricking us into destroying all earth based cultures, demonizing the term “pagan” which originally meant earth-based cultures. Forcing everyone to “seig heil” to Christianity or be killed. Have you not noticed that the entire Catholic church has been exposed as a pedo-conglomerate? Read John Lash’s research on the pagans.


Well said.


I’d love to hear more, Noa!


Hi AB. There appear to be lots of accounts of nasi kang kang online. I don’t think most partners would particularly object to it but when it is being done to colleagues at work in order to secure promotion then it is unfairly manipulative.


Thank you, Noa. I will look it up.


I just looked it up, and I was actually referring to the Fanta info you shared on your original post, which intrigued me.

This nasi kangkang thing, I’ve heard accounts of Brazilian women whose religions are of African origin, such as candomblé, umbanda and quimbanda, who do “love” binding spells with similar practices. That’s also portrayed in that horror movie, “Midsömmar”, which is set in Sweden, though I wouldn’t know if any of their religions involved that. It’s interesting to think that such old practices take place in different cultures and belief systems.


I do apologise for potentially putting you off your food for no valid reason! I haven’t researched the African practices so I’ll look those up, thank you. I am aware that many regions have their own spin on moon goddess rituals. Apparently, practitioners need to exercise caution as if it fails to work then the magic can rebound with interest. I always find it amusing that people would resort to such practices rather than working on their charms to achieve the same outcome without damaging freewill on either side. What happens if the spell succeeds but you change your mind and find that you cannot rid yourself of the love interest?!


There’s a YouTube channel I subscribe that focus on the supernatural. One of their “shows” is on reading people’s submitted stories. It’s in Portuguese, so I think it would be of no use to share the channel here. But anyways, there are people of all backgrounds sending their stories, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of accounts related to these Afro rooted religions. What you said about spells rebounding with interest is true.You have people making spells to destroy other people’s lives, be it by killing them, making them sick or making them lose it all. Usually it all springs out of envy. The authors are always the victims or the victim’s friend, relative. When the target starts experiencing all those tragedies, they usually seek spiritual help. Some go to church and Jesus releases them if the evil, others go to spiritualists, and others go to those African religions places. They are not temples, but I wouldn’t know how to translate it here. They’ll talk to someone who is “receiving an entity” in their bodies, incorporating, and those entities will say that someone has cast a spell with a specific goal. Then the entity says that they’ll take care… Read more »


I suppose that’s what those strange Craig’s List offers are all about. It appeals to distressed and/ or ambitious materialists who want an effortless, instant solution. They are obsessed with how they are judged from the outside and how their lives stack up against their peers.

There are several well known new agers in the US who charge crazy amounts of money to render these services without any provable credentials. Thousands of dollars for a few sweet affirmations. They are extremely persistent and defensive of their rights to defraud.

I am interested in this topic right now because I believe that a close relative of mine (now estranged from the whole family ) is under such an influence of a Mexican woman who started out working for him but a year later seems to own his soul. There doesn’t appear to be any way of safety reversing it other than detaching and appealing to G-d for guidance.

It’s strange to think that regular people in your neighbor hood are carrying out dark magic and spirit cooking and building up armies of brainwashed people to do their bidding within a kind of giant mlm.


Yes, the only possible way to get out of this is God. Only He can definitely break these spells.

I wouldn’t doubt this woman is doing this, it’s completely possible.

They used to advertise in newspapers here before, don’t know about now. But sometimes they would distribute flyers and paste posters on walls and lamp posts offering their services. “I’ll being your loved one back”


I think in Mexico it’s called santería.


Yes, it is Santeria and it is happening to my so-called father. She has openly admitted to practising it in the company of other women working there. Apparently, she boasted about doing it to two other men in the past which seemed to draw him in rather than repel him. She rapidly took over cooking meals for him even though this was not a part of her job and it happened very rapidly after that!

My godmother works with a shaman and offered to help but I would have had to endorse it without any ambiguity. I refused to do this because it is not part of my belief system. In my dreams, I see my late mother and we talk about it a lot. My sister ( and sometimes my brother) also have the exact dreams almost down to the last detail.

We are waiting for it to cease. We know that this will end horribly and that perhaps his past actions make him karmically deserving of little compassion when it does.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! It’s true, they use food a lot in their spells. Sometimes they’ll take something from the person–it could be a strand of hair, a piece of underwear, jewellery–without their knowing it and make their spells. They might also bring some item into the house of workplace of the person and hide it somewhere to keep influencing the person, keep an open door for the entities to act. One thing the mention too is tossing cemetery dirt over someone’s roof or garden. It’s horrible what some people are willing to do. I completely believe that he might be under her spell, so. Only God can rid him of whatever they are doing. I don’t know of another way.


Thanks AB. Your insights are very helpful and much appreciated. She has ample access to all those things you listed as she has taken over as the lady of the house and all his own children are now disowned. She has taken tens of thousands of dollars from him for her own children and he is determined to give her everything and leave us nothing.

I don’t believe it will end well because I believe that their immorality will turn on them and defeat them in the end and the natural order will establish itself. My mother came from a very powerful bloodline and her influence as an ancestral spirit won’t lie dormant. When I go to Mexico, I will talk to my godmother’s shaman to find out her opinion on this woman. I have never been so tempted to turn to the dark side but ultimately, I would never do it. However, that is not to say that things don’t just happen anyway. Besides, there are people who care about us who wouldn’t turn a blind eye.


Oh, Noa, I know exactly what you mean about “turning to the dark side”. When my blood boils, I feel like doing whatever I can to ruin the other person’s life, I “make plans and strategies”. It’s really hard to not want to do anything bad or think of bad things. The bright side is that we “pull on the break” and don’t act on our carnal and sinful wishes when it comes to violence and wrongdoing. At least, not consciously. Unfortunately, so many don’t have that “break” and just live an imoral life. Don’t mind my mentioning the Bible here, but it’s written that revenge belongs to the Lord, so we should trust and wait on Him to make things right. It’s tough, but we have to remind ourselves of that and hold on to that, especially because His time is different from ours. But it’s not like you don’t know that. You kinda said the same, only with different words. I pray that the Lord will open your father’s eyes to see and reveal how he’s being used and tricked, and that He’ll send someone who can help him get out of this situation. May this be sooner… Read more »


Thanks AB. I do understand that we are here to resist reacting in negative situations order to connect ever more closely with the higher reality. It’s really hard sometimes because especially in ether, the same adversary operates through wildly different people. That’s why I stall sometimes. I’m still working on it!

As for our father, we are moving forward as orphans and it’s not difficult as we honestly have nothing in common with him and haven’t had for a very long time. Nor do we need anything from him or even miss him. My youngest siblings live with me now and Joe and I provide for them as a mom and dad would without any problem.


I’m glad to hear that you cope well with the situation and that you are able to mind for your siblings. May everything get sorted out soon. Have a nice week!


Hi AB, would you mind dropping the youtube channel – my husband speaks Portugese and would think the channel may give us understanding as his business has been terribly slow.


Hello, Maggie! It’s called “Assombrados”, and they are a married couple, Mateus and Ana. Ana is the one who narrates the stories that people send to the channel. If you find something similar to what you are experiencing, I hope it helps. And my suggestion is to go to God and ask that He reveals what’s going on and delivers you from it.


Thank you!!


PS You might want to go to the “Maledithe days”, which are solely about people casting spells to destroy other’s lives, steal partners and do bindings.


I’m intrigued now, I need to learn Portuguese! There are very real rumors circulating that Sanchez used these kinds of spells on Bezos. Then again, judging by his cringeworthy banter (which never grows old for all the wrong reasons) , I think his options were more restricted than people assumed.


I’m so ignorant on this subject! I don’t know who Sanchez is and don’t know much about Bezos, except that he is always in the Bilderberg lists.

I tried to find some info in English for you, but I think you’d have to dig deeper to find people’s experiences with it. You can research Afro-Brazilian religions, umbanda, quimbanda, macumba, candomblé… many of those mix themselves with Catholicism, and it is not surprising to see Catholics participating in their rituals, spells etc. Another religion that mixes a lot with the all the aforementioned is spiritualism, which began in France, I think, and was organized by Alan Kardec. I think Madame Blavatski was into it, too. It’s all about consulting the dead, getting in touch with spirits, incorporating them, evolving, reincarnating etc. Same thing with the afro-Brazilian ones. You’ll see a lot of Brazilian Catholics professing that religion, too. There is a movie on Netflix, “Kardec”, but I haven’t watched it. And there are others about spiritualism there, too, but I haven’t watched them either. Anyways, there are way too many religions here. Some of them “are all about love”, while others seem to be to cause harm to others.


As a Christian, I don’t condone to any of them, because the Bible says not to talk to the dead, to stay away from sorcery and so on. I enjoy listening to those accounts I mentioned because I am curious and I want to learn about them so I can understand where the person is coming from. However, many Christians would say that we shouldn’t even listen, read or watch movies on the subject, or horror movies. I do, though, and I don’t condemn those who shun me for doing so. It’s one thing to learn/know, and another to practice…


Surprised you missed out on doing an analysis of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” music video when it came out last year. It depicts very similar imagery.

It starts with Dua and her friends entering a pedestrian bar where she signs (an allusion to her pre-fame days).

Later, however, she’s taken to a backroom where a rothschild-ball inspired party is taking place.
Everyone has blond hair and only those wearing royal attaires also wear the masks (they’re the elite; the others, mere pawns).
She’s offered a drink (deal?) there and she accepts it. Then, she notices she’s being observed by the figures in the paintings on the wall.

Seemingly scared, she runs away, going down erraticaly through a bunch of stairs (Alice falling through the rabbithole symbolism). A pair of eyes keeps observing her all troughout.
At the end of the trek, she goes through a door that takes her back to the club, and heads straight to the bathroom to wash her face while looking into a mirror (a ‘purifyng’ ritual or the need to wash away her wrongdoings).

In the end, however, she returns to the club like nothing’s happened and keeps dancing along with the mob looking like a mindless zombie.


I suggest you Vigilant keep an eye on this girl, she’s quite… interesting.

I got into some of her music very recently but had never seen one of her music videos until now.

They’re ALL LOADED with symbolism of all kinds, most of it is just spiritual/esoteric (like the marriage of the sacred masculine and femenine, which is portrayed in at least three of her videos), but I mentioned the video for “Don’t Start Now” because it depicts the classic illuminati initiation case study.


Do you know who Caucasians are and where the caucas region is on your map??

Dua is an Albanian Muslim ( just like Rita Ora is a Balkan Muslim ) and she is dating Anwar Hadid who seems to have led her a little astray recently .

The Caucasian race is certainly non-black but includes many peoples of both the Middle East and Asia. The Eurasian region will become more obviously important soon.

A lot of people who claim to be Egyptian today have no DNA connection to the ancient Egyptians. Different species have mixed and created hybrid species. The leftist propaganda has ensured that the knowledge of our true origins has been kept hidden. A whole structure of fake research and artefacts was put in place as so called proof. They don’t want you to know that humankind as we know it, does not originate from a single species but many different ones. The dna markers are very different between modern Africans and Caucasians as are skull shapes and other crucial determinants. The Nazis knew about it.


Let me guess, you are a full supporter of racism?


The occult does not control souls- the Lord Jesus Christ does. There is always a way out – accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Prayer is more important than you think

As per usual another great article by VC. It would be great if you could do a article on the Royals. How people THINK THE Queen is a sweet, frail little old lady that goes to church when really she is top of the Illuminati/deep state and has been accused of stealing, hurting and sacrificing young children. Look at the case of her And her husband going to Canada and The group of Indigenous children that went missing after her visit.

Truth & Light

Shes big in adrenochrome


The clue is “ her husband” who is staying alive in mysterious circumstances. The Profumo Affair of the 1960s (?) was deliberately misreported and Dr Stephen Ward was suicided towards the end of the trial because his debauched parties were attended by the Duke. They needed to cover it up and they were worried that if he was imprisoned then he would feel bitter and tell on the Duke. My British grandma knew Ward as a child and she has always known about this injustice.

Those documents have been locked up since the 1960s and this has now been extend to until around 2050 which is mysterious given that half a century has passed already and his family have been seeking answers. The treason, Russian spies and other dimensions were deliberate distractions.

Kelly Graves

Great article. We need to come up with a better moniker other than “Elite” for this bunch of morally corrupt clowns. Suggestions?


Luciferians. Perfect description of this Satanic Death Cult.




I mean appointed. Lol.




morally corrupt clowns is not a bad suggestion


I don’t know… I like “Elites” with quotation marks, there’s a derogatory quality to it 🙂


Hell’s angel’s?


Oh boy naming them wouldn’t be beneficial to the website owner, but pay attention and you’ll notice. Lots of cohencidences..


Theyre NEVER allowed out. Look at Britney and how many times she broken down. Theyre used for dollarmachines for life, thats why Madonnas in her 60’s and still going. Doesnt matter if theyre high satanic priestesses, its STILL “Do or die” and will be until youre exposed of like a suicide as with Whitney and Kristina Bobby.


If something is in our face all the time then it can’t, by definition, be occult knowledge. Something else is happening. The last thing power mongers do is share their secrets. Having pop stars blaring it through the mass media is propaganda, not information. What we are exposed to are the lies intended to deceive the profane, in their terms. Modern media is a Warholian photocopier. Say something once and it is multiplied by thousands, or millions of echoes. We think we’re getting a glimpse of some great secret, but I am beginning to suspect that the reasons for media occultism are far more mundane. Number one is that intrepid researchers were beginning to notice and look into secret power societies and their communicative symbols, so they decided to wash it all out with a flood of misinformation pablum through pop culture. Now everyone who would have been genuinely interested in the topic either thinks they see eveything or are buried in a mountain of bs when they seek the truth. Two, it makes the relatively few who are actually involved in occultism seem monolithic and fearsome – not to be messed with because they are so powerful. Like the… Read more »


“…it makes the relatively few who are actually involved in occultism seem monolithic and fearsome – not to be messed with because they are so powerful.“ I completely agree. I’ve felt this way so many times while learning about all this; like we were all doomed, that whatever we did would be useless, that if we said anything we’d be watched and under surveillance, and that it was all just a matter of time for them to take over. Helpless and hopeless. Very easy to feel that way. But now I’ve begun to think that, since they control the media, they can very well blow up their might and presence, just like it’s being done with transgenderism. If we think about it, they are at the top of the pyramid. They might have all the money in the world, but we all outnumber them greatly. And for those of us who fear God, the almighty, it doesn’t matter how tall Goliath is, it doesn’t matter what he says or threatens. We know they are defeated, and that we don’t need a physical armor, shield and sword. All it takes is faith and two stones to put them down for good… Read more »




Hello AB! VC’s Holiday Post from 2018 (I think) was called “shut that noise” and that’s exactly what we should do: stop listening to them, stop watching the shadows on the wall, stop being hypnotized by the big smoke-and-screen trainwreck show they are putting on.


You are right. We shouldn’t listen to them, as it’s all lies. I’ll look that post up again. Thank you, Luxx.


VC, will you write about the Megan Markle situation? I’m not sure if you research royalty or not but I’m wondering if something has happened to Megan. She hasn’t actually been seen since Megxit and the pics they released seem to be old/ photoshopped. I wonder if she tried to get out and they wouldn’t let her? I was thinking she may have threatened to release occult info On them like Diana was going to. Any thoughts you Or your readers have would be appreciated

Dr. Mysteriouso

Diana’s ‘death’ was faked. Photos don’t match up the story makes no sense. She most likely wanted ‘out’ and was given the opportunity to get out of the queens hair.


Interestingly, in the video, the artist is the one that drinks the Fanta, but the limo driver doesn’t


As always, the truth stares at us in our faces. But it has always been what we do with it that always mattered than for the sake of just knowing it.

I’m praying.

A Crabtree

PRAY. For this man, for his fans, for those who are programmed to handle and control him. He knows he’s being held captive! Pray for his freedom, which is only bought by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Kathleen Murphy

Controlled opposition. Satan likes to be referred to as “God” and succeeds in tricking humanity to call him God through his oldest and most effective tool, the bible itself. Jesus is a fictional character created by ancient Roman elites to keep the people submissive to their rule (sources- James Valliant, Joseph Atwill). Christianity has worked so well for the elites over the centuries that is still the most effective social control tool of the elites today.


Supposedly the reason they show us these things is that when you watch these pagan rituals you’re participating in them. Just by looking at a ritual you become a participant.


So when I watch some ppl eat it means I already had a meal? Somebody doesnt know what logic is all about?


@ mariaregina –

“This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information [back] into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who wish to expose us. The meme that constitutes our initial structure in then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is exposed.”

– To the best of my knowledge this quote originally linked to conspiracy theorist, James Shelby Downard, who may have gotten it from British Intelligence.
I can’t remember, positively.


Or maybe it’s also a fanta-sea (delusion)? Of a MK slave


The name Fanta comes from the German word Fantasie (imagination).


Fanta- perhaps a reference to “lean”. Typically in the US south purple fanta is mixed with codeine cough syrup, but apparently orange is used in New England- according to my Google search. Maybe the lean mixer choice in France too?
Lots of rappers have died from it.

J in SanD

You forgot:
Who runs the university departments and fields of Psychology, Sociology and Political Science? All of which have “ology” or science in their names even though none are hard sciences.

Lizard King

well they are very good at usury and correct me if I am wrong but i think it says in the BIBLE that usery is an abomination.

Bob Saccamano

After watching all this crap for years I think I`m convinced that the MUST show what they do in so their black magic can still work.


Your comment reminded me of that movie, “The Skeleton Key”, where they work to make the main character start believing in hoodoo so that their spell will work on her.

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