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Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

To promote his new single “Yummy”, Justin Bieber posted strange pics of random babies with the hashtag “Yummy.” Also, there are lots of references to pizzas. Also, the “Yummy” music video has a hidden message. What is going on with Justin Bieber?



Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

Justin Bieber released a new single called Yummy and it seems to be custom made to piss people off. For starters, the song’s brain-numbing hook is somewhat infuriating in its own right. It’s like it was written for toddlers.

Yeah, you got that yummy-yum
That yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy
Yeah, you got that yummy-yum

However, the verses make it clear that the actual subject of the song is very adult and very sexual.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

A headline from Elite Daily about the song’s lyrics.

Here’s an example of suggestive lyrics:

That jet set, watch the sunset kinda, yeah, yeah
Rollin’ eyes back in my head, make my toes curl, yeah,

Here’s another barely veiled sexual verse:

Standin’ up, keep me on the rise
Lost control of myself, I’m compromised
You’re incriminating, no disguise (No disguise)
And you ain’t never runnin’ low on supplies

While Bieber is clearly not the first artist to release a pop song with sexual innuendo, the promotion surrounding the single makes things extremely weird and uncomfortable. Whoever handler’s Bieber’s Instagram account decided it would be a good idea to post pictures of random babies with the hashtag “Yummy”.

Here are some examples.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening. Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening. Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening. Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

Bieber’s IG account contains many more pictures of babies. To make things even weirder, Bieber also posted the song’s title with pizza letters.Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

It is now a widely known fact that “pizza” is a code word used in pedophile circles. It even became a meme in internet forums such as 4Chan. To those who understand the sick codes of these people, the combination of the song’s lyrics with pictures of babies and the word “Yummy” written in pizza letters is difficult to ignore.

Another widely known meme associated with these creeps is pedobear. Here’s another post on Bieber’s IG account in the midst of the Yummy promotional blitz.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

To make things even stranger, the music video adds another layer of “what in hell?”

Yummy Music Video

The music video takes place in a posh restaurant that is attended by posh-looking people. It’s the type of place people in the elite would go to.

At the beginning of the video, the camera lingers on children playing music.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

The only children in the restaurant are the musicians. In other words, children are the “entertainment”.

While the children are playing, Bieber enjoys weird food with some weird-looking people.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

Dining with the occult elite?

Considering the subject matter of the song, one can easily interpret that this orgy of food is actually meant to represent an orgy of people. The close-ups of people suggestively eating food are not very subtle.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

This older man is fed a strawberry by this older woman. Suggestive.

The final frame of the video explains what the food in the video actually represents. That frame is so symbolically important that it was also posted on Bieber’s Instagram account.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

A cake is eaten and reveals the face of a very young Justin Bieber … with the word “Yummy” underneath.

The final frame basically says that the dishes represent children. They are being “tasted”. And Bieber is a victim of the very system he is celebrating in the video.

What is Happening With Bieber?

Some might wonder why Bieber is partaking in this is creepy and overt child-loving stuff while he could, like, not do it. The short answer is: He doesn’t have a choice. Since the very beginning of his career, Bieber was always an industry pawn, with little or no control over his career. As the last frame of Yummy appears to say, Bieber himself might have been abused by creeps in the music industry.

Others wonder why Bieber – who is a devout and outspoken Christian – is partaking in this occult elite stuff. Indeed, there are lots of Jesus-related posts on his IG account (although weirdly mixed with creepy, Yummy-related pictures). However, to get a better picture of what is happening here, we need to look at Bieber’s church: The powerful, star-studded Hillsong Church.

Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

Hillsong Church went from a small local church in Australia to an “international movement”.

The Church is famously attended by various stars such as Selena Gomez, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Nick Jonas, Hailee Steinfeld, and Bono. All of them are pawns of the occult elite.

The founder of the church Brian Houston also has close ties with the political elite of Australia.

Hillsong Church has attracted support from high-profile politicians, especially from the Liberal Party of Australia. In 1998, Brian Houston met with then Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, and most of his Cabinet, at Parliament House in Canberra before sharing prayers. In 2002, John Howard opened the Hillsong Convention Centre at the Baulkham Hills location. In 2004 and 2005, the then Treasurer of Australia, Peter Costello, spoke at its annual conferences.
– Wikipedia, Hillsong Church

All of this elite endorsement happened despite the fact that the Church has a dark secret: The father of the Church’s founder Frank Houston admitted to abusing several young boys in Australia and New Zealand. And the leadership of the Church did everything possible to cover-up this sordid affair.

Frank Houston, the father of Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston, was a pastor in New Zealand and Australia who abused as many as nine boys over the course of his ministry. In the 1960s and ’70s, one victim was routinely subjected to sexual abuse from the age of 7 to 12. In 1999, his mother reported the abuse to the church. Although Brian Houston was legally obligated to report the crime, he did not do so. The victim later testified to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that Frank Houston offered him AU$10,000 as compensation at a McDonald’s in the presence of Hillsong Church elder Nabi Saleh. During an internal church investigation, Frank Houston eventually confessed to the crime. The commission also heard that he was involved in the sexual abuse of other children in New Zealand. Frank Houston resigned from his church in 2000, which then merged with Hillsong Church. Contrary to what is stated in Frank Houston’s resignation letter, he retired from the position of senior pastor of Sydney Christian Life Centre in May 1999 and was never employed by Hillsong Church. A further internal investigation by Assemblies of God in Australia, in conjunction with the Assemblies of God in New Zealand, found six additional child sexual abuse allegations, which were regarded as credible.

In 2015, the royal commission examined allegations that accused Brian Houston of concealing his father’s crimes and censured him for failing to report his father to the police. In November 2018, 60 Minutes aired a segment revisiting the sexual abuse scandal, because newly revealed documentation allegedly reveals that Brian Houston was deeply involved in a cover-up and that Frank Houston’s abusive behaviour was worse than initially thought. Brian Houston allegedly used his position within the Assemblies of God in Australia denomination to conceal his father’s serial child sexual abuse. The matter was referred to the New South Wales Police Force, which confirmed that Brian Houston was under criminal investigation for failing to report a serious crime. Following the 60 Minutes story, Hillsong released a statement in response to the allegations.
– Ibid.

In Conclusion

So, to circle back to the title of the article: Why did Justin Bieber tag babies “Yummy” on Instagram? Because he is a pawn of the entertainment industry which is controlled by some very sick people.

Since the beginning of his career, Bieber has been caught up in a never-ending whirlwind of strange, humiliating events and has often displayed bizarre behavior. He’s always been a “whipping boy” of the industry and the face of crappy pop music. With Yummy, the pattern continues. His handlers purposely turned Yummy into some kind of “child-lover” anthem by associating it with overt imagery and creepy Instagram posts.

In short, Bieber was used to push one of the elite’s favorite agendas: The normalization and the celebration of child abuse.

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Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies "Yummy" on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening.

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also, has anyone noticed that he bleached his hair recently. we see that happen a lot in hollywood after a reprogramming. i.e. kanye west, katy perry.


I read somewhere that blonde hair is useful in ritual….


Very useful. Blue eyes too, dark or light blue. Something about race purity.


Not necessarily


He is also wearing makeup in the video.


He could be easily mistaken for a girl.


Might not be a mistake, if it’s in his DNA.

Average Joe

Just to let you know blonde hair is used in respect to signify that they are what’s known as a BETA KITTEN – See Marilyn Monroe articles on VC as the reference. Its used so that you publicly are associated as a prostitute up for grabs. The ultimate sex slave….


Celebrities openly laugh at Justina because, as sexual slave he is hermafrodita. Search for Kevin Hart disgusting words.

D D d

Kevin Hart has his own role to keep up for faking it succesfully in the entertainment industry. He is giving what they and we want maybe, but is it the truth? Is anyone on stages?

George Carlin was maybe (for a long time)?

Lizard King

Was afraid l could get a sexually transmitted disease if I looked at that picture for longer than a millisecond.

Farfarle Neri

That’s possible?


The Fallen Angels who descended upon Mt. Hermon to make a pact to sleep w/ and/or rape human women mentioned in the Book Of Enoch (AKA “The Watchers”) were said to have had blonde hair. These same beings were the fathers of the Nephilim. Maybe there’s some kind of occult connection here, since these same Fallen Angels introduced humanity to occultism.


The Bible says “beware of false prophets”. False prophets like Hillsong.


Yes many years ago when they just started there was one in the park where i walked my dog’s It was always somehow very creepy and not least by the security guards who lurked about looking dangerous sinister and evil


The “H” in the Hillsong logo is an inverted cross. That’s not by accident.

Southern Belle

Omg…i just realized


Good eye!


WOAH!!! Hidden in plain sight. good catch


The “yummy” pizza words also look like they have penises and nipples hanging off the letters.
Sick society and sick world.


I saw that, too.


Yes, It cannot be just coincedence.


absolutely no denying the 2 M’s definately represent little p---s’.


I also thought the mushrooms looked like baby pacifiers (or dummies as we call them in the UK).


Babies receive “dummies” in place of nipples for breastfeeding as “pacifiers” – to calm and soothe their anxious cries. I did notice that the two leftmost mushrooms resemble the tops of baby bottles – again, a replacement for the real thing.

MK and Ashley recorded a song about pizza when they were kids so this whole “pizza” thing is nothing new, but the mainstreaming of it is.

Gonna Throw One More Thing

Abusing the sucking instincts of babies.

Go find the impact behind that in a psychological way..

Then, again, make connections to some networks that follow youngsters during their carreers from pre-school on.

Who does that!


Lol!!! I don’t see penises and nipples! maybe if I really try hard to see them I can kind of see how you’re imagining it… maybe that’s in YOUR head!


Not maybe! That IS exactly what’s in your mind. Who is the sick one now?


Penises and nipples are there.

The “sick one” is whoever is not consciously aware of what they are subconsciously seeing. Unless one has eyes to see or ears to hear, they are constantly being assaulted and controlled by hidden sights and sounds on a very deep, spiritual level – “psyche” means “soul” – hence, such subliminal messages are like a viral, spiritual sickness.


Red sauce on the pizza.


And the dripping cheese like man fluid. Omg that’s sick.


Bieb’s relationship with Brian Houston was very questionable, as well. They were living together at one point. Poor kid has been taken advantage of his whole life.


It is common knowledge Usher also sexually abused Bieber.


Less known is so did Will I Am.


Common knowledge would imply that your average pajama person is aware that Usher abused Biebs sexually. I don’t think we are there yet xyz.


I wonder hiw much they paid him to promote rheir church


The baby pictures are NOT random.

Almost every one, many not pictured here, clearly are meant to be titillating to pedophiles.

There is a CLEAR pattern.

The pictures manage to be two things.

– Pictures of perfectly innocent babies doing perfectly innocent things.

– But if you substitute an adult they would clearly be insinuating sexual overtures.


Because of this approach to the selection of the pictures, anyone that speaks up and points it out would be immediately branded a pervert.

And dressing Beiber up, and posing him, to look little girlie, child-like in pink is intentional too.


There has to be a special place in Hell for people who use or abuse babies.


Hillsong is a cult and it’s own religion. Do they make good music? Sure. I enjoy some of their songs. As a Christian though you need to be aware. Are you worshipping God or the music. Are you worshipping God or the artist. Justin Bieber and his fellow artists only fool weak minded, easily manipulated individuals. Do I enjoy his music? Some of it. Am I buying whatever his puppet masters are making him sell? No. I also don’t know his walk with God but I see the church he attends. Not buying what they are selling either. The pics of the babies with “yummy”- super cringe and super creepy.
I love how an ad for audible popped up on my IG and the book was regarding the satanic church. This world is getting worse and worse.

Freemasons Serve Lucifer

Bieber’s tour was cancelled in 2017 because he was brought in the tie bus to participate in an occult ritual where they told him he had to rape & kill a child(that was drugged) but he refused, that’s why his career was put on hold, he got closer to god & started going to church. Bieber was already a sellout by getting down with homosexuals in the industry, now they wanted to move him up to the next level in the occult( human sacrifice, pedophilia, etc) he refused in the beginning but now it looks like he is down with it.


How do you know what he was told to do on a tour bus?


It’s likely Bieber’s a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse which could easily result in a Multiple Personality Disorder (look up any of Russ Dizdar’s research on Programmed Multiples). He may have one personality that is the born-again Bieber we’ve been hearing about. And then, there’s the other who’s the puppet of the same people responsible for the abuse he’s suffered and, now, perpetuating.


Good tip on Russ Dizdar. Thank you!


Dear Veronica, it matters not whether you purchase the music or not. It matter not whether you think you are discerning and can listen to the music you like without being a part of it. We are fallen. We think we are living a life of atoms and hard matter but actually we are living in an energetic universe. Everything is energy. When you “pay” attention to something you are giving energy to it, you are giving Life to it. We are made in God’s image and that also means we are creators. Don’t “pay” attention just because you are enticed by a particular tune or melody. The energy is the same. You are being sucked and manipulated because you are God’s child in his image and they need to harvest and manipulate the direction of YOUR energy to prevent you from being the fullest embodiment of who you are.
Blessings to you Veronica.


You are so right Sarah…. I just said the very same thing.


Very well said Sarah and so true.


Lucifer was the Angel of Music and cast out of heaven – a fallen angel. Now we have the music industry which appears to be extremely Luciferan.


Hi Sarah. I like your post in answer to Veronica. There is, however, your reference to Lucifer as a fallen angel which is at issue. Lucifer is only mentioned once in the scriptures, Isaiah 14:12. The word (not a name) in Hebrew is ‘heylel,’ not Lucifer, meaning ‘brightness,’ or the ‘morning star.’ The word ‘heylel’ was translated as Lucifer by the RCC, because that is who they worship. Why they chose it and when they placed it in the scriptures? I’m still working on that answer.
The ESV translation is ‘O Day Star, son of Dawn.’
The et Cepher translation is ‘O Heylel, son of the howling morning.’
The YLT translation is ‘O shining one, son of the dawn.’
The DRB, KJV, and the Geneva all refer the translation as ‘Lucifer.’


Mate you listen to their music? Why? You need to stop. Don’t you know music is their prime way to influence people? When you listen to their music and like it you are surrendering a piece of your heart to their purpose. Making a stand against means… making a stand against… otherwise you become complicit.

Sayonara Tsunami

Plus, that music sucks!


Yes and the church show er, Service is filled with Illuminati symbolism. The mega churches are all big business and have been infiltrated. You’ve got to really be aware and careful of many so called churches.


Hi Alisadoll. ALL churches are businesses, and they have ALL been infiltrated.


He also has a post on instagram that says age isn’t a number but just a word…… Such is sickening


Anyone else notice the R Kelly Refrence, “age aint nothing but a number. . .” Why is vigilant not speaking on this?


His parents sold him to music indursty like Amanda and britney… only for green dollars. I did not like him. But now i feel sorry and i hope he is doing well in healthcare condition.

Victor K

His parents sold him to the industry just like Greta Thunbergs parents did with her.


uh–his dad was absentee


Greta’s family is connected. Her grandfather was promoting climate crisis decades ago too. Think lineage with anyone in entertainment or in the news. She seemed to come out of nowhere but that’s not the case. She is in the family business, this is what they do. Perform, influence, manipulate.


In Greta’s family it’s multi-generational I think. Her mom also looks like a dude.


Agreed. Does anyone know how procreation works in generational, Luciferian families?
Transgenderism is a big part of their belief system, so where do those children come from? Test tubes? Surrogates? I have a hard time understanding.


Breeders and surrogates. Springmeier says there’s a whole class of women who just carry babies for the elite.


True. I just remembered at least two actual Luciferian breeders were interviewed by Geraldo Rivera in his shocking 1980s special investigation: Devil Worship: EXPOSING Satan’s Underground.

Search YT: “Geraldo special on satanic cults/Satanic Ritual Abuse” – great source, too.

Still, the idea of chemical weddings, arranged marriages, and surrogacy is so…contrary to nature and completely devoid of love that it is utterly heartbreaking!!


I always say this. Most people are conceived via an o----m(male). The fact that these kids are not conceived during an o----m but rather in a petri dish makes me wonder about them. Their souls, their temperament, and mannerisms; they seem almost robotic. Because they were conceived coldly by science.


The faith of children is the most powerful energy in the universe hence why Yeshua said you must become like children. More and more movies and music are mixing dark acts and dark magic in situations involving children. The turning is a perfect example of a movie that twists the imagination(faith) of a child in darkness. Now more and more songs are normalizing the sexualization and including children in unholy acts and imagery. Once the acts of darkness are normalized upon the minds of children portals into darkness will be opened in the minds of children and make way for the fallen ones to take over the childrens mind and bodies as their vehicles, then a new age of darkness will be ushered in upon this realm of reality known as earth. Heed these words and sleep no longer. There is a war raging on amongst us and you peons are not even aware.


Many are aware Millions are Your not alone


Pls could u recommend a book, blog or video where I could learn more? Thanks


KJV Bible, from cover to cover. Explains it all.


@Chi90 Fritz Springmeier is a great start. Cathy O’Brien was a presidential model that’s written a great book called, Tranceformation. Search those two authors to start. Much love.


Got it! Tnx man


I’m wondering if anyone noticed how intentionally feminine they made him look. In the part of the video when he puts on the round glasses, he easily could be mistaken for a girl. More gender-blurring agenda-pushing?


For sure!!


Mary, I suggest that you trust your eyes and your God given senses. 🙂

Reality sucks

Justin is an FTM anyway


What’s FTM?


Female-to-male transgender


Has anyone else noticed that you can’t watch a movie or series these days without Hollywood promoting the gay agenda? Brainwashing!


I feel very sorry for him… I have never seen someone being humiliated so many times… 🙁 it’s very sad. 🙁


Indeed. He’s being used as a puppet and played like a fool.

Its true

And his “wife” is a man.


They are more worthy being called “Hellsong”..People go to these sort of churches to feel all nice and fluffy..not to really learn the knowledge of the bible. The lightening is dim the sweet sugary music and rock style concert feel bring nothing to sincerely advance true christianity.

Average Joe

TBN- short for The Babylon Nation. They’re all a bunch of pedos that twist the word of G-d to try and rationalise it. Age is just a number- ONCE YOUR AN ADULT. These C**t’s would have us believe f-----g a child some how enlightens them. Its all the same Alcester Crowley inbred Lucifer sucking s---e. Lucifer- the light giver … get it?
I believe skinning people alive was invented for a reason- but then again there are so many organisations sticking up for these pedo’s that I’m sure they will up surveillance on me for merely EXPRESSING THIS… pfffffffffftttttttt.

Average Joe

I must add that I don’t believe that Justin Bieber is anything but a slave. Not like I know this as fact because I obviously don’t know the dude.
Its the people that own him who should be held accountable. I believe the purpose of this video is not only to humiliate him but to also keep him in line by saying “see, nobody cares, we can do what we like”…


I see what you mean. But i think he should be held accountable too. There will always be other options. Example: go through with the pedophilia or fall off (no more tours, no more hits, no more fame) or even possibly die. Although it can seem like he is being forced to do all that, i still think he has another choice. Personally, anything even death is 100 times better than committing horrible acts on a child (or even seriously hinting towards pedophilia)

Oh Susanna

You have no idea what its like to be an SRA victim. I suggest you watch Phoenix and Aria on youtube discuss their abuse as children at the hands of the secret societies and elite. They may also not want to choose to defy the system because of the fear of death to loved ones, not just themselves.

Resident Graphologist

I’m not so sure these people wind up with much, if any, self will. The Luciferians think NOTHING of killing them if they don’t *perform* and this would make a typical case of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ look like that ‘walk in the park’ by comparison. Instead of participating in his enslavement by buying his stuff, pray for him. Judging from this content, he needs that more than anything. Only God can free him now.


All of the names mentioned in this article, as well as Katy Perry, claim to be “Christian.” But simply use your discernment and ask yourself: Does anything these people say or do even remotely reflect Christ?

Think U S U R P A T I O N . . .


The Cake is a refrence to Placenta, from Latin placenta (“flat cake”), because of the flat round shape of the afterbirth.

Its about the birth process and pumping more kin (Pumpkin) in the Garden of Eden/Eatin, so the “Gods” can munch on your kin (munchkin).

When “the water breaks” you have more I’s in the image of you. Whats the root word for “body of water in Proto-Indo-European it is “Mori” or Mor I / More I.

When eggs-is-tense (existance), you serve X (cervix). “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”.


Who is X? Whats X in roman numerals? Say 10 or Satan.


I see where your going with your statements. Any authors or books you would recommend.


Chiron Last, The Golden Web


Was only able to watch about 45 minutes of the first video. Wow, unbelievable and very informative. The Great Awakening is upon us.


x is simple 10, I don’t know anyone who sees X and says ‘say 10’. reaching.



Santa is a anagram for Satan. Christmas comes from Saturnalia. Saturn has a Hexagon/Cube/Box on its north pole. The word for Hexagon in Russian is Shatigol’Nik/Nick. Old Nick by definition means “The Devil”. So Nick/Santa/Satan has you put “Boxed” gifts under the “Pine Tree”(chopping a pine tree symbolizes chopping your s-pine and pine-al gland, and being trapped in the matrix). This is called Satans Clause.

Playing the X – Box, or 1 and 0 binary code matrix of phalic and yonic, Say10.

Also 10 in armenian is “Tas” spelled backwards its “Sat”, Sat-an Sat-urn.


Thanks for posting. Yes words are important they carry energy which carries in-10-tion. It’s why we call it spell-ing. We cast spells with our words. God created the Earth with his Word.


I read a fascinating scientific article about energy and how every word becomes light energy and travels out into infinity forevermore And the Lord said , Let there be light and there was light


Can you post a link to the article?


Fetus / Feedus / Feed Us


Justin Bieber was sexually abused when he was starting out. There have been rumors about it for years. The story goes from how Usher abused him repeatedly and how he was passed around. He was like only 14. And judging from his drug addiction and how f----d up he is nowadays, it’s obvious that he was abused and traumatized.
Whenever someone goes into a downward spiral, then there’s a very high chance that the person was abused. That’s always the biggest clue. And since there’s a cycle of abuse happening, not a least surprised that Bieber turned a pedo himself. That’s the sad reality of it. The abused turns into an abuser. The cycle won’t break at all.


and this exact scheme is played in the Omaha pedo case and recently in Epstein case. I wonder, how many cases has to be aired for the people to finally accept what happens?


It breaks my heart to think of what he and others have gone through and still do. I don’t think they realize what goes on behind the scenes when they dream of making it big in show biz.


and the trick is these people think they choose conscious. so when bad things happen they think there is no hope for them. These alters don’t know that they are controlled and shaped from their birth on and that means they could never really choose.


They might also be convinced that they have no choice but to play the game, huh?


“That’s the sad reality of it. The abused turns into an abuser. The cycle won’t break at all.” I want to argue this with every fiber of my being, on behalf of every victim and dissociated victim-turned-abuser. Had a relationship with one of those, years ago. He appeared normal, seemed like a nice guy with good values. But he had problems. He could not control himself. He did something outrageously unspeakable to me and was just as shocked as I was…wanted to comfort…couldn’t believe he did it. He was the only guy to break up with me. Said he was afraid of turning into a coke-head like his biological father – who was abusive, and whom his mother had fled from when he was still a young boy. So, maybe you’re right? He once used the pronoun “we” in an inappropriate context. It felt like a red flag, but I did not understand dissociative identity disorder at the time. “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who still reminds me of him, and all the others like him. He played it for me once and said it was about the devil. He obviously identified with it. It is unfair and a sad… Read more »


I thought Behind Blue Eyes was every white guy’s anthem :/


being somewhat of a pessimist disguised as a self proclaimed realist, i generally agree— except the cycle CAN break and DOES but it is up to the individual to choose… if they have hardened their hearts towards God, He will not allow them to see the truth, but if they don’t harden their hearts towards God, He will show them the truth as He did to me and so many others who were abused or a product of intergenerational trauma and dysfunctional family systems… I read a quote yesterday; “pain travels through families until someone is finally ready to feel it” once you feel it, you accept the pain, and you heal, which is extreeeemely painful


Justin Bieber simply sums up the music industry, what’s wrong with it, how dreadful songs coming out of it are; the music, the laughably moronic lyrics, bland, boring, non melodic crap and nothing more.
He sums up image (beauty), is now more important than actually being able to sing.

I’m waiting for a rise in ugly models who are great singers and songwriters from the fashion industry to start appearing………..

As for ‘yummy’ well he’s just FUBAR, like the rest of the ‘patients’ in the mental asylum, music industry. They’re all loopier than a fruitloop unfortunately, totally deranged, money obsessed, egotistical narcissists who have nothing, whatsoever to say. They are zombies, walking dead and nothing more.


Image has always taken precedence over substance.


Well models aren’t as pretty as they used to be, famous ones now are just surgically enhanced children of the Elite, for the most part. That’s why models look “pretty” now, but nothing like 90s supermodels.


I know one whose mom was a top runway model but her boyfriend said no to her doing it too . It’s not just looks if they’re feminists they won’t do it


I wonder what anyone here (author or commenters) think about Justin’s statement that he has mono and Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a big thing among celebrities (such as the Hadids). Do you have any info on that? thanks


I’m reading here that, regarding this disease, “chronic illness is rare”. So I assume it is probably a result of the crazy rituals or trauma that these artists undergo: “Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that is only transmitted to humans when they are bitten by an infected tick”.


Yes I know, it’s very prevalent on the East Coast but a lot of these celebrities in LA are getting it (probably from the Hamptons but whatever lol). I was wondering if any kind of parallel was drawn between those crazy rituals etc. I will have to look into it further.


Lyme Disease is the result of the Three Mile Island.


plum island


yes. I read that it was closed. Their experiments kept escaping into the sea. Rumor has it that it was moved to Utah.


The vectors have likely been mutated.
Chronic illness is more prevalent than realized.
Most goes undiagnosed.
I had a tell-tale bullseye rash in the 80s and received treatment. Ten years later, a blood test indicated that yes, I had it…but the test itself came out negative? Some doctors are trying to specialize in this area, but not much is known, as it only appeared after the Three Mile Island incident.

Victor K

Im not sure where I heard this but I believe it was on the TV show “Ancient Aliens”

Supposedly the infected ticks were used by ancient mayan people as a way to the closer to “god”, the maya people who ultimately got lyme disease were looked upon as stronger and more powerful.

Victor K

“as a way to GET closer to “god”

Sorry for the typo


Dr Alan Macdonald proves that lyme bacteria is genetically engineered.


@Victor K How could that be? It is well known that N--i scientists came here after the war & genetically modified the disease into ticks on the east coast of the U.S.
I watch Ancient Aliens & have never heard this so I’m guessing you heard this elsewhere. It’s not true.


I thought he said he has lupus


Selena Gomez was said to have lupus.
It was treated with chemo (?!?)

tell-tale signs

Springmeier says Lupus is common in mind control slaves. A side effect of the constant stress and torture


he looks like pete davidson now…. and I read, allegedly bieber has now lyme disease and mononucleosis (epstein-barr virus…epstein, haha). would be curious what’s really behind it.


Yep, he’s sporting that bleached-blond hair (pink in the video) as many industry slaves do at some point or another. (Kanye, Britney, Miley, the list goes on.) I believe this symbolizes being recently programmed – or re-programmed – as the case may be.


What does pink hair mean, I wonder? Several platinum blonde women sported pink hair for awhile, including Gwen Stefani around the time of the No Doubt album, Return of Saturn.


I read that it signifies the beta kitten alter.

D D d

That ‘the kitten’ is broken in / ritualised ? Blood was let?
(Used the information of what is said bout white and red… brrrrr.)

D D d

Long ago I watched a clip with that hillsongchurchman, several actually.
I could not bare to listen very long to his sugarry sweetened advertisingly intonated spin on things. So I turned the sound off and watched the bodylanguage.
It turned creepy, very creepy to see. Worked on more clips on him, best when he is in company of a fellow hillsongchurcher.

But you folk are best to make up your own mind about that information.
See for yourself, it works on most people (mind the botoxed).


That’s a great tool to use – turn off the sound. Try it with the news especially on the false flags. When you drown out the audio (which is basically them telling you what you are seeing) and just trust your eyes and inner guidance and ask yourself “what am I actually seeing here?”, the answers are amazing and so much looks kindergarten-level fake. Add the smooth voices over the top and they can convince you that blue is red and vice versa!


if I feel I am being manipulated by Voice Modulation techniques, I always turn off the sound. That is why I prefer to read my news rather than watch it.

D D d

Notice the frequencies used in the music during the announcements in news-programs, the irritating high pitch and rumblilng low noises some call intro-music or bedding. It is not.


This comes at a very strange moment. Where I live, in Para State, Brazil, we just had two different cases of pedophilia that shocked us. Over the last couple of weeks, two babies were killed by different pedophiles while being raped. One of the babies was 13 days old. The other was being used in a black magic ritual. It’s sick and it’s like all these news are coming together, showing us a horrible picture. The elite is everywhere, and they are winning so far.


Your country is more likely to resist and push back against these sick people. Make some noise about it and someone will resist.

Sadly, my homeland of the USA is the center of all this garbage. Remember, they won’t get away with it forever.

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