Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing Illuminati Imagery


Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” video features hundreds of images superimposed on the singer, all flashing at high speed. Unsurprisingly enough, there’s a whole lot of Illuminati symbolism.

Although this is my first full article on Justin Bieber, it is nevertheless quite obvious that he has been a major music industry pawn for years. Considering that he was discovered and marketed at a very young age, Bieber most likely went through the most horrific path to success, which includes being “introduced” to some of the biggest creeps in the industry and “initiated” through some kind of abusive and degrading ritual. He may have been even subjected to mind control.

As if he was chosen to play a specific role, Bieber’s career has revolved around an astonishingly long list of humiliating and embarrassing events ranging from strange, erratic behavior (not unlike other MK child stars, such as Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes) to brushes with law enforcement officials around the world.

Bieber is also the recipient of near-universal hate from music fans worldwide, a hate that keeps growing with each additional “douchey” thing he says and does. Through it all, Bieber does not appear to have any control over what is happening to him, as he is transported from one place to another while constantly displaying his “I’ve been severely abused, please stop” face.

For this reason, the overall concept of Bieber’s video Where Are U Now is perfectly fitting. By having random people draw whatever they want on Justin Bieber, the video reflects Bieber’s lack of control over his image, his message, and his entire raison-d’être. He is basically a blank canvas on which his handlers can paint anything they want – and he cannot say anything about it — even if it’s really insulting … even if it goes against his deepest beliefs. Welcome to the music business.

Where Are U Now

The visual contents of Where are U Now were gathered from an event held at the Jack Ü headquarters where fans customized frames from the music video with crayons and colored pastels. The final result is Justin Bieber moving as these images flash at about 30 frames per second. The only way to actually view these images is to pause the video at random times (which is how I managed to grab some screenshots). While many of these images are genuinely funny and creative, a specific set of symbols keep reappearing. And, coincidentally enough, it is the exact same set of symbols the occult elite keeps peppering throughout the music videos of other major pop stars. Also, many of these images basically insult Bieber. While this might show Bieber’s mature and vulnerable side, it mostly shows how he has no control over how he’s portrayed.

We don’t know much about the “real” Justin Bieber, but, throughout his career, he did insist on the fact that he’s a faithful Christian. Considering this fact, why are there SO MANY satanic inverted crosses in that video? I am not talking about a few odd ones, it is a clear pattern. Here are just some I managed to catch.

An inverted cross on his forehead. Prepare to see more of those.
An inverted cross on his forehead.


Another one.
Another one.


Yet another inverted cross + bonus messages such as : "Kill the Poor", "Love the Devil Back" and other stuff I won't type out.
Yet another inverted cross + bonus messages such as : “Kill the Poor”, “Love the Devil Back” and other stuff I won’t type out.


Another inverted cross on Bieber's forehead. Our generation is so creative.
Another inverted cross on Bieber’s forehead. Our generation is so creative.


An another inverted cross on his forehead and the words "False Gawd".
An another inverted cross on his forehead and the words “False Gawd”.


Can you see a pattern forming here?
Can you see a pattern forming here?


Another inverted cross plus a penis I censored to save the jobs of people at work.
Another inverted cross plus a penis I censored to save the jobs of people at work.


An ironic "Jesus Saves" with Bieber portrayed as the devil with 666 on his chest. As a self-professed Christian, I am not sure Bieber approved of that slide. But he unfortunately has no power over whatever is projected on him - in this video and in real life.
An ironic “Jesus Saves” with Bieber portrayed as the devil with 666 on his chest. As a self-professed Christian, I am not sure Bieber approved of that slide. But he, unfortunately, has no power over whatever is projected on him.

In addition to the many satanic images, classic Illuminati imagery appears throughout the video. The pyramid and the all-seeing eye make numerous appearances.

The All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle with the words "We Made It" next to it. Yup, Bieber "made it" thanks to them.
The All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle with the words “We Made It”. Yup, Bieber “made it” thanks to “Them”.


Bieber is just chilling, holding an Illuminati pyramid.
Bieber is just chilling, holding an Illuminati pyramid.


Biebs appears to be chained to an Illuminati pyramid. We all see a bunch of other Masonic symbols such as the square and compass and the hexagram.
Here we see an Illuminati pyramid and a bunch of other Masonic symbols, such as the square and compass and the hexagram.


More of the same symbol + aliens.
More of the same symbol + aliens.


Bieber is turned into a horned monster thing with the Illuminati symbol at the bottom right.
Bieber is turned into a horned monster with the Illuminati symbol at the bottom right.


Biebers face is the pupil of a big Illuminati pyramid.
Bieber’s face is the pupil of a big Illuminati pyramid.

All of these images flash throughout the video at such a great speed they are basically subliminal unless one pauses the video at random places to admire these great works of art.

Another pattern: Ridiculing Bieber in his own video.

Bieber turned into a Miley Cyrus look-a-like doing what he probably had to do to make it big in the industry.
Bieber turned into a Miley Cyrus look-a-like doing what he probably had to do to make it big in the industry. I’m sorry if that was harsh, but people still do not understand how Hollywood is chock full of child lovers.

During the video we see Bieber looking very sad and vulnerable, as paint drips from his forehead – not unlike Jesus bleeding from his crown of thorns.

Bieber is suffering from these paintings. It is not a pleasurable experience. Look at him.
Bieber is the whipping boy of the music industry. That’s how his handlers want him to be.
The video ends in a somewhat fitting way : Beiber turns into a big blob of paint and vanishes away. Not unlike when the industry will let him down to become a has-been.
The video ends in a somewhat fitting way: Bieber turns into a big blob of paint and vanishes away.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is no intricate storyline in the video, just a bunch of images flashing on Justin Bieber. While these images were apparently drawn by random people, some symbols and messages keep reappearing and, coincidentally enough, they perfectly fit the overarching Agenda of the occult elite.

Some might say, “you are analyzing crappy drawings made by some dude wearing square glasses and a backpack”. Yes. Maybe those who made these drawings were being trollish or ironic. Maybe they did it because drawing occult symbols is cool and trendy right now. Maybe some know about the Illuminati industry and tried to communicate a message about Bieber being a pawn. Maybe today’s generation has been so brainwashed by Illuminati videos that they cannot think of anything else to draw. Or maybe some of these images were added by the video makers themselves to preserve a healthy quota of required Illuminati symbolism.

Whatever the case may be, the ultimate outcome is the same: Where Are U Now is yet another music video with millions of views that flashes Illuminati symbolism directly into the minds of the youth. You can rationalize it any way you want, but in the end, that’s what happened.

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It's odd, Bieber is a product to the people who signed him, they are not going to let a bunch of fans draw satanic and gay stuff to put in his video and risk damaging his image. Everything is planned, if there is anything in these videos that is blasphemous and satanic , which there is, then it was planned, and put there with the agreement of everyone involved in the video. It's creepy, people saying it's just fans messing around, no it's not, it's like Nintendo allowing a bunch of gamers to put naked women in the next Mario game, it's not going to happen. This is deliberate, to send a message, some type of strange ritual, these people believe in alot of weird stuff. like magic that can be sent through the tv to effect people watching. They don't deal with the physical, these people are targeting your… Read more »

Honestly, this is the most messed up article ive seen on here for a while, who can read something like this and still say the illuminati doesnt exist? I feel bad for justin i really do

Hello. I took many looks on the video and ther're many others symbols and signs, Its full of dark stuff. May god protect us.

Thankyou VC for this post and addressing Justin's case. Its sad that his heart wants to break out and be close to God and he's even quoted the Bible many times and is a genuinely good soul who has admitted mistakes and wants to be redeemed. I definitely agree that he may well be MK Ultra Programmed which is basically a necessity in Hollywood because their evil way says that they HAVE to have a massive amount of control over somebody who is on the pedestal and is therefore an influence on alot of people. REMEMBER people though this is just the beginning. This is all showing us a world so unGodly and what it is like without God incharge so we will and can truly appreciate why God made what is good, good. They can only control minds and bodies for so long – the spirit of a person… Read more »
justin is the illuminati .. drifted so and has now become one and it’s bad to hear your music with subliminal messages I invite you to seek God in a Christian and invite others to church He always has something great for us even when we asked for something is not met because everything helps us good to those who believe and love God (Romans 8:28) in the right way obviously gone bone as commanded in His Word (the Bible) God bless you and guide you and your family and loved ones as well. Thus, the Bible has been written by men, were inspired by God, I mean that’s what God said (read> 2 Timothy 3:16) if you do not believe in God, ask yourself who created all that we see? or who gave him intelligence and cooking man to create technology, medicine? (using such things worse is another matter)… Read more »

It's just getting worse day by day. I hate this world.

Keep faith in yourself bro and others, but we have to talk about this and find a way to stop these evil motherfuckers

We need to understand that decades ago there was a planned agenda to pervert and sexualise our very young children. The so-called 'Illuminati' (international Money Power) working towards a One World Government (an end to individual countries' rights) knew that to brainwash the people to see government as their leader instead of their families, they needed to 1) create feminism (yes they planned this and paid Gloria Steinhem to promote it through her Ms magazine etc) – she was paid by the CIA. 2) Trash the traditional family structure (families support each other and teach each other right from wrong and independence – not state dependence). 3) to remove the christian religion and trash it and remove it from schools, govt etc. Dr JOHN COLEMAN ex British intelligence, reveals all this in his book "THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE" the mind-control organisation with sub organisations all over the world. You can see… Read more »

you are on point.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the defacing of images can be used by practitioners of black magick similar to the way that voodoo dolls are used. These derogatory and satanic drawings scribbled over Justin Bieber's face may be a way to curse him and bring him to the dark side against his will. These tactics have been used by sorcerers and magicians for thousands of years.

Thats true,i think its one of the popular forms of people who mess with magic ,esspecialy Eastern Vlach magic – Images and eyes on images are really important and people wishing you harm can make you some serious harm through them – its also interesting how you can use facebook as source for your evil intentions,all you have to do now is download someones pic from facebook or instagram,print it and try to make them suffer

Thank you, VC, for viewing Justin Bieber videos so we don't have to.

And all of these songs are brought to us in such a normal, lighthearted, just for entertaining and fun purposes way. In the meantime they totally pollute our mind. I heard a song of Madonna the other day where she sings "yeezus loves my pu**y best. SAY WHAT???? But oh well it was just playing on the radio, it's normal, it's acceptable, it's all good. Or the movie Trainwreck where Amy Shumer just has sex with EVERYONE. Oooooooh but it is just a movie, real life you know, we all go through this. NO WE ARE NOT! It pollutes our children's mind and action and how is this good for society? I don't even think pple need to be brainwashed, MK- ultra processed. People have sold their soul for a lot less then fame and fortune. But GOD always knocks on your heart sooner or later. If you ignore that… Read more »

I feel sorry for Justin Bieber,he is obviously a sad and confused man-child w***e for the ruthless and psychopathic US entertainment industry.I bet he would like nothing more then to get off the whole sick gravy train,and go live in Fiji or somewhere,but he can't because its not allowed.

Apparently his parents sold him out at an early age and it is sad to see him now. There is a certain naivety and vulnerability as evident during his recent appearances on TV promoting his video. He doesn't seem to have a real clue. What a price to pay for the limelight.

If you go to minute1:40 you will come across a frame that says "Bush did 911". Also check out minute 1:39.

I saw that video a while ago and saved some screenshots of things I saw that . I uploaded the pictures to imgur: 1. "Bush did 9/11": http://imgur.com/hk69a9F 2. "Help me pls": http://imgur.com/tlSj5NE 3. "If your readin this then its already too late”/ Who f****n cares appears on t shirt: http://imgur.com/tyUY792 **Coincidentally "If your reading this then its too late" was also shown on Drakes album cover ( https://d3rt1990lpmkn.cloudfront.net/640/cce71590… ) with the O's being upside down 6's and at the bottom there are hands pressed together in praying position, with a 6 at the top left corner, indicating that he's praying to the beast/antichrist mentioned in Revelation 13:18 :" Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." 4. "Unworthy role model": http://imgur.com/BTEeJWl 5. Luciferian “third eye” symbolism/… Read more »
Thanks for going into such detail, awesome work 🙂 So true that this will only ever make perfect sense from a spiritual perspective. The biblical view is paramount, but also many catholic mystics have had spiritual experiences detailing these things that are to come and those which are being very quickly unveiled now to those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to contemplate. Something tells me that these are just the opening shots of the first battle of the most epic war the world will ever see… the sad thing is, most people won't see it at all and will blindly follow the anti-Christ because their eyes are closed to the spiritual realities of this life and the next. We must all pray for people to wake up and embrace the God who loves them always! Everyone grab a Bible and start from… Read more »

The second to last pic where he is "whipping" reminds me of Jesus face when he had already been crucified and the black coming down is blood. They are mocking Jesus. Thats just so disgusting….. And btw the puppet is just as guilty them puppeteers.

The imagry is offensive at times..but I find the song utterly boring and insipid. Diplo has the be the least talented "producer" out there. Man, Frankie Knuckles must be rolling in his grave!

Please correct me if I"m wrong, but it looks as though fans (and Non-fans, hence the 'devil' imagery) were encouraged to draw on top of these stills, and this is what they came up with. Given that fact alone, you're going to see LOTS Of evil/devil type of imagery since a huge chunk of the population hates Beiber with a passion. Correct?

Justin Beiber's brand right now is rediscovering his self and putting the trouble making past behind him. The pictures could represent what people feel he became, and what happens to celebrities when they "make it". He turned 21, got roasted, released successful music for the first time in 3 years. He's a human being discovering himself. Society chews them up, society, and yes an illuminati, or what we could easily call the Establishment. Beiber knows it, he lived it. Trump, Sanders, and now Kanye tonight speak to a new mentality and a new self confidence. Power is diffused. Thanks to mass media and websites like this we know who gets what and why. We might disagree on why but their is an Elite watching the gears spin. We as people are now more aware then ever that they don't spin without us

All I can say is if I had a child now, they wouldn’t be watching or listening to any of this disgusting garbage. And I would be explaining why to them very truthfully. I can’t stand to look at that stuff myself, I can’t imagine what it does to young minds. Every time I come to this site and see that gross bloody pic of Rihanna I click away from it, and this painted up face of Beiber just makes me feel so sorry for him.

The more I read and look around the better I arrive at the conclusion that this world is totally distorded financially and perverted morally and we are probably well into these proverbal last days separating us from the well -deserved and long overdue day of Reckoning. Don't follow thier wicked ways, keep your mind sane by shutting MSM off your life and turn to Lord for your peace of mind. God bless all of you and help us survive what is coming..

WOW i don't know why i'm shocked because none of this is really new but the profanity is out of control!!! extremely disturbing, simply f**ked up!!!

i'm also never listening to diplo or skrillex.

I’m not a christian but these obscenities need to stop. I really can’t believe what’s happening, we get so distracted by this trump stuff that we don’t see what’s happening to our f****n kids.

Don’t defend the boy so much. he has some level of control as do the abused chose to stay silent.

it’s almost always the same hand drawing and writing the creepy stuff. it’s put there deliberately, no doubt about it…

Just… wow.

Don’t ‘hate’ Bieber. It’s incredibly immature and obnoxious.

Pity Bieber.

This is most embarrassing and the most dangerous shortcut to success by becoming illuminati… justin no more wants to be… but he is forced…

Justin bieber is threatened by the illuminati spirits

In the video, you see a montage of what looks like ordinary people drawing on the frames. It seems like people did this just so they have something to talk about. I’m not saying I believe in the Illuminati, but, again from what it seems, the industry didn’t hire someone to draw each frame.

I could be wrong through. The montage could’ve been hired people to draw stuff. I’m just going on what the video shows.

Those people in the industry are sure going to hell for selling their soles to Satan. Power and money are controlling over and generations are surely getting worse over time.
However, God’s power is the strongest of all and will concur the evil. May God protect and be with us.

I can’t believe u Justin and I can’t believe I used to like you

What is the symbolism of what appears to be an upside down horse shoe with two dots above it? It resembles an empty container/vessel that appears next to the blank chalkboard at the beginning of the video. Is that the meaning? If you pause the video throughout, it appears in many of the drawings. Perhaps this is a commonly known thing people associate with this artist — but if it's not, it's hard to imagine many different people would happen to draw it. Just curious.

@jw2 they already got you, it seems.

If you want to see every frame, use media player classic and play it at .13 speed during the flashes.Hit the space bar twice real quick, and it you will be able to see them all. Most of them are just silly, but like the article said the ones mentioned here stick out. Either on purpose in editing, or the fact that everyone knows these symbols now because it's all over their clothes.

They cannot gain their soul back.

The Illuminati imagery is there but the song and lyrics, combined with the video, sounds like something else: A soul falling into despair, calling out for help (I believe many people are experiencing this similar feeling in a chaotic, increasingly dangerous World), Beiber trying to cling to God's mercy in an industry that constantly rips at him and tries to pull him away from that instinct. It sounds like he's reflecting on his Christian background and trying to find a way to pull himself out, feeling forsaken.

This kid was used and possibly abused. Tearing him down as part of some creepy, public ritual won't help him or his fans, either. Believers, pray for him. Everyone else can too.

The children are bragging about the deception found on this. They all think it's just the greatest. I have no hope!

That picture of Beiber with paint dripping down his forehead is obviously about Christ with thorns on his head. This was done to Jesus to bring him pain and to mock him and his beliefs.I saw a photo on the cover of Rolling Stone with Kanye West with thorns on his head as well.It seems to be popular now to imitate this image.The Satanic elite hate Christianity, and mock this religion any way they can. Perhaps they enjoy mocking Christ with this image. Or do they enjoy mocking Beiber?

They may be mocking Christianity but perhaps more importantly they may be casting a dark spell over Justin Bieber. Defacing images can be used by practitioners of black magick to curse people and attack them spiritually, the same that voodoo dolls are used.

One night I went to the Kodac Theater in Hollywood to see a show by Cirque du Soleil. There was a lot of illuminati or masonic symbolism. Soleil means "sun" in French, and "they" worship the sun. Before the show, a man turned a large flashing light on wheels toward the audience. It flashed like a strobe light very fast, but I was able to see a subliminal image of "one eye". I was wise to the whole mason thingy by then, and I couldn't stop laughing to myself. How devious of them to sneak in their symbols in a subliminal way. The same thing is done here in this Beiber music video. I understand the the drawings around Beiber were done by the public. Even so, they were edited by the music video company.(Is this the same company in Toronto with a masonic temple below it? Instead of MTV,… Read more »
Catherine the anti-christian.

I see the One Eye every time I put my mind machine on. It was inside your head.

Where did u get these images from?? And have u checked the video urself??? I went thru the video and paused every second I dont see these images. Im definetely not a Justin Beiber fan. But these images are a little far fetched. Please let me know exactly what time these images show. Maybe im wrong

Justin, you sold your soul!! Is it worth it?? All the money and fame? You don't own yourself!
What can a man give for his soul?
Matt 16:26

He was a kid when he was brought into this. He shouldn't be blamed for not being protected, as all children should be.

Her mother sold her, now she can't scape.

I once met the powerful prophet, Isabel Alan who prayed & prophesied a powerful destiny over Justin, when he was just a kid, homeless and living in a car with his single Mom in Canada~ FYI people are still praying for him, even though it appears that the enemy; who comes to kill, rob and destroy has supposedly consumed his life ~ poor boy needs a chorus of prayer warriors to pray that he is pulled out of the pit, and brought back to his rightful place with His Heavenly Father who loves him dearly and like the Prodigal Father in the Bible will welcome Justin back with open arms!

If you have a heart of compassion pray for this lost sheep who is manipulated and controlled by very evil & sick people; who have no doubt unlawfully stolen his innocence, and draped him in shame.

If a child is abused, there is no shame THEY have to carry. As for the abusers, it would have been better that they tied a millstone around their neck and cast themselves into the sea. THEY will be the ones who will have to answer for what they've done.

Praying for him & all other entertainers trapped in the industry to escape and find salvation & freedom through Jesus Christ- AMEN !

You are right – use the power of prayer. Once the psycopaths that control him (and all others in the music industry) are done with him, they will spit him out with nothing to show. THEN he may listen to his conscience, the quiet voice within.

That boy was indoctrinated so very young that there IS no "real Justin Beiber". There ARE no "deepest beliefs".
Blank slates don't have these things. Empty vessels don't have them.
You just paint on them. You pour into them.

That is what he is.

He is a "Christian" just as they're all "Christians".
Does that mean he follows The Most High?
Does that mean he knows The Most High?
…it doesn't mean that.
People say lots of things and blank slates are told to say lots of things so I wouldn't focus on that.

Did Justin Beiber approve of this video? Did he know that these images that someone drew around him would appear in the final video? Especially the picture where he holds a male private part in each hand? (sorry, I don't know how else to describe this) Are "they" mocking him? Does he think it is cool or funny? I would really like to know what Justin thinks of this.

There is clearly masonic imagery here, such as the T square/compass and pyramid with eye of Horus. If I was a good mason, I would be outraged that disgusting imagery was being presented with masonic symbols. Isn’t there some good mason group out there that will present a law suit against these music videos? Ofcourse, the fact that a masonic lodge in Toronto, Canada is in the same building as MTV makes it difficult to sue this company. And all masons are required to cover a brother for a crime. Do the” good” masons get mad at this stuff?

Sadly, the highest levels in the Masons do worship Lucifer – and they hide this fact from the lowest levels. This is actually in top American Mason Albert Pike's own writings in his book "Morals and Dogma". You cannot rise to the high levels unless you are anti christianity and Jesus Christ and unless you have proved that you are corruptible. Hence those many decent Masons stay stuck in the lowest levels, unaware of what they have really joined.

I agree with you. I am familiar with Morals and Dogma and the references to Lucifer. I can't believe that there is a statue of Albert Pike in Washington D.C. in his honor. He may have been involved in the KKK and was a horrible confederate general.

My cat listens to Skrillex in the sewer.

The artwork in the video were from the public and the fans. Why would it be a surprise over the occult images in the still frames? Some people are obsessed over it. It's everywhere and out in the open now. I saw alot of strange images in the video. Reportedly there was a frame that said "I hate jews and blacks" in the video that was removed. These expressions came from the people not Justin Beiber.

Skrillex looks so much like Corey Feldman I find it impossible to take him seriously in any way. Corey Feldman after being caught in a storm drain. I think the recording industry is now fully promoting utter no talent morons as just further insult, aside from the sick messaging. They aren't even trying to source real talent anymore – too much trouble.

I'm not surprised if those "doubters" still think that conspiracy theories are not involved when its well written and "right-in-your-face" for all to see, thinking its something else that cannot make sense of it other than the latter.

The Bieber himself is clearly no exception to the puppets of the Illuminati and their forever-unimpressive agenda thats portrayed throughout any music video I see today on TV and mass media overall.

Even if he tried to get out, he might end up facing the same fate as those before him who broke the "no-exit" policy that the elite has in place for any who dare enter the industry for fame at the expense of their dignity.

But like VC said, JB had no choice anyways, even though his true deepest beliefs and conscience tells him that its wrong and out of line, just the way the puppet masters like it.

Whoa! Did you all see Skrillex's name?

There is no explanation about the event that took place where hundreds of fans can sign up to be part of making this video by creating artwork? One of my friends went to this thing and created some images.

I like how VC explained the meaning behind this video and how Beiber has no control anymore. Now that is how look between the lines. As for all the trollish Illuminati symbolism, I think it's just that, trolls being trolls. Then again, you got to hand it to the Elite, sometimes they don't even have to try anymore. They have invaded our brainspace and now we're all seeing pyramids.

I've been thinking about this video lately. I find it interesting that given the freedom to draw what they wanted, the people who participated in this video, managed to fill a huge portion of this video with the very symbolism that the elite wants. I see it as us showing them just how much its is that we've truly absorbed. Whether it's to parody or not, these people put these images up to only give our elites what they want and that's our attention. This must of been easy for them, they didn't even have to hide the symbolism, the people who participated, drew it all out for them.

I can see how the eye of Horus, capstone pyramid, and 666 sign have become pop culture. But most young people do not know how to draw the masonic square and compass by memory. This was possibly drawn by a mason.

I don´t believe they just took random people to draw some random pictures… not at all.
I´ve been recently visiting an art gallery in my town, they have interactive workshops and sometimes you can draw or write whatever you want (which I did a couple of times during my lunch time, and no one told me what to do, I even used my own pen). Oh well I saw quite a bunch of drawings and stuff, some bad words here and there, horns and pentagrams yes, but no pyramids! No eye of horus! How so…??!!

You're assuming that what was presented is fact. That is rarely the case in these corporate media spectacles (example YouTube: their hit counts are rigged). We are shown hordes of young people drawing on the stills, and we are told that these images are what appears in the video, yet we don't know who actually drew the images (although I agree with you, hate and murder and rote "evil" imagery is the default these days. There is nothing "alternative" about these images anymore, they are mainstream and corporatized).

I am waiting for a music phenomenon – a self-directed ELVIS of the conscious community who imitates no one – who has his/her own label, fan base and so much talent and charisma that these broken down, creepy, manufactured "stars" are instantly rendered obsolete, so that the 21st Century Renaissance can begin.