Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube


A great number of YouTube videos aimed at children contain creepy, disturbing, violent and sexual content. Some even border on child abuse. It is time to take a closer look at these videos that generate millions of views per day.

Warning: This article contains disturbing images … although they’re all taken from children’s videos.

There is no easier way to get small children to pipe down than handing them a tablet or a smartphone. Toddlers know how to launch YouTube, play videos and even navigate to other “recommended videos”. This keeps children silent and entertained for long periods of time – a luxury that busy parents greatly appreciate.

While most parents hear the children’s music playing in the background, they rarely watch the videos played by their children. When they do glimpse at the screen, they see a  character such as Spiderman or Princess Elsa and assume that everything is cool. But everything is not cool. There is something terribly wrong with some children’s YouTube videos and, often, those who create them do not have the best of intentions.

A great deal of these videos contains weird, disturbing, violent and even traumatizing content. They are insidiously mixed with other children’s videos, causing them to appear as “recommended videos” by YouTube and, therefore, easily accessible to children.

I am not talking about rare, obscure videos hiding in the depths of YouTube, I am talking about channels that cumulate billions of views.

Of course, the main motivation behind these videos is profit. All it takes is a few superhero costumes and a smartphone to create videos that can potentially generate lots of revenue.

However, some of these videos are simply not right. There appears to be a motivation that goes beyond profit. Some videos trick children into watching traumatizing content, others expose them to oddly “adult” situations. Even worse, some appear to cater to adults … who like to watch children. Here are some examples of the video cancer growing on YouTube (I won’t be linking to any of these videos or channels because I don’t want to help them get more hits).

Tricking Children

Some video channels use popular characters to trick children into watching violent and disturbing material. The BBC recently reported on some of these videos.

Mickey Mouse gets his ear cut off with scissors. Lots of blood.
An evil little Spiderman cuts the top off a girl’s bikini.
In another disturbing video, Peppa Pig turns into Venom and looks quite demonic.

Exploiting Fears and Terror

Many videos clearly exploit children’s visceral fear and repulsion of certain things such as blood, syringes, cutting skin, tarantulas, evil clowns attacking them, etc. Children are horrified by what they are watching yet they cannot look away because the content is engrossing.

A great number of videos revolve around the theme of cutting open the stomach and extracting all kinds of weird and horrible things. In this video, a scalpel cuts open this bear’s stomach and a big ugly worm pops out.
In this video, a “nurse” cuts open a small girl’s stomach and takes out all kinds of scary objects such as a huge kitchen knife.
Here, someone dressed as the Joker threatens to throw a baby down the toilet. A great way to start potty training.
In this video, creepy fake babies end up covered with spiders and cockroaches.
A giant tarantula crawling on a girl sleeping with a pacifier.
In this video, a bear poops all over his entire family. He then ends up stuck in the washing machine as family members drop their dirty clothes inside of it. All the while, a horrible rendition of the “Daddy Finger” song plays in the background. So many videos feature that song – as if something about it captures children’s attention.

Adult Situations

Some videos are clearly sexual – in a creepy and perverted way.

This video strongly hints at Spiderman doing it with Elsa.
Here, Spiderman grabs Elsa’s breasts for a very long time. Hulk and a bunch of other dudes are watching in the background.
This entire video features Elsa and Spiderman in all kinds of … positions.

YouTube is also quick to recommend a bunch of other similar videos.

Each video has millions of views.

Child Abuse

Several YouTube channels star young children in all kinds of bizarre situations. Other than the fact that these children might be forced to appear in hundreds of videos for profit, they are also often made to enact traumatic situations. Here are screenshots from a channel named MaddaKenz Vlogs where the girls often appear to be genuinely unhappy and distressed.

Many videos feature the girls screaming or crying their heart out. In this video, this girl has something in her mouth that tastes horrible … And she’s forced to keep it in her mouth … And she doesn’t seem to be acting. Later in the video, they are eating snow with dog pee on it. Hopefully, it is fake pee. But still.
Here, a girl takes something from the toilet and force feeds it to the other girl. She doesn’t like this.
In another video, a creepy dude with clown makeup barges into the girls’ house and starts grabbing them while the girls scream and attempt to resist him.

Things get even weirder – to the point that I feel uncomfortable even posting screenshots on there. But this filth needs to be exposed.

The two girls are sitting in a bathtub dressed as mermaids. Who would actually sit there and watch that? You know who.
The girls are then given lipstick and they begin smearing their faces with it. There are actual adult videos that feature this type of stuff.

Catering to Pervs

Unfortunately, there are other channels that produce these kinds of videos.

There are tons of bizarre videos of children in bathing suits getting a shot in the butt. WHY?!?!?
A girl in a high-cut outfit appears to be bleeding + there are bugs around her. EVERYTHING about that video is wrong.
“Recommended videos” leads to a bunch of disturbing thumbnails and so much more content.

In Conclusion

Viewing these videos in order to write this article was a disturbing experience. Most of them trigger that gut feeling that something is wrong and that children’s innocence is being preyed on by twisted minds. Although there’s an absurd amount of this type of content on YouTube (this article could have been 10 times longer), I attempted to expose the various reasons why these videos are cancerous. Using underhanded and manipulative ways, these videos deliver disturbing content directly into the brains of very young children.

One wonders how these “amateur” channels can even exploit the likeness of these children’s characters without being hit with copyright infringement lawsuits. Also, many channels are clearly sponsored by major brands to produce videos that brainwash children into consuming their stuff (I recall watching a video where The Hulk eats Kinder chocolates for like 4 minutes non-stop). Obviously, there is big money and big corporations behind these cheap-looking videos.

However, the true aim of this article is not about YouTube moderation, it is about vigilance: Keep an eye on the videos watched by children. Analyze their contents. It only takes a few taps on a touchscreen for children to end up watching videos custom-made to poison their minds and shock their very core. And don’t be surprised if some of these video channels are linked to actual child abuse systems.



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All of those things, the bugs, eating poop, cutting and bleeding, playing “doctor,” are used in satanic ritual abuse. Kerth Barker’s books on the subject are heartbreakingly in alignment with this stuff. It’s a level of evil that good people have a difficult time believing because it’s so far removed from human decency, it’s unfathomable. And rightly so. Just take heart that vengeance is God’s, and these things won’t go unpunished.

Ffs that satanic ritual abuse s**t was a hoax, and the “abused kids” have even said as much. It was a cash grab for a bit of fame and to sell books.

you are one dumb motherf*cker zets… go ahead and believe whatever that tv tells you too. Jack*ss

everything about them reminded me of the film, Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom. Teens are exploited, tortured, raped and forced to eat s**t. It’s obviously based on satanic ritual and sin (Sodom and Gomorrah) but the way these videos resonate with it is quite frightening.


Please report all of those channels to the authorities!

Like Youtube will do sh*t. They already control content creators. If you post videos that don’t match their agenda, they will make it so that you cannot make money off your videos. No matter what the video is, or even if only you can see it. It’s borderline censorship

Why? Guess who the authorities are?

I reported the maddakenz video about an hour ago.

Why? Why wouldn’t you report these messed up things; they’re against every human moral.

Because those committing these atrocities ARE the authorities.

The s**t in this article is bone chiliing and yet there are smartasses that can only use the comment section to take cheap shots at other people religion. Yeah Christians are so naive and backwards, how could they believe in teh sky fairiez, good job, such a scathing critique, no problem at all with the borderline p**o content at all I guess.

F*****g A

“Just take heart that vengeance is God’s, and these things won’t go unpunished” Keep telling yourself that. Let us know how that works out for you.

Alyssa Faison you will meet God one day.

Here’s the thing. The elite who are manipulating children are also destroying the environment, destroying the poor, and madly pouring resources into weapons and space exploration.
The kids may be distractable, but there is NO WAY they can be “mind-controlled” into the destruction of earth. Whether or not it’s God, or the collective conscious, this collusion between the many and powerful few will come to a head in our children’s lifetime.

Aww come on, don’t drag Satan into this. I doubt he’d touch this crap with a ten foot pole.

Wow I guess nobody here understands sarcasm. Matt’s comment wasn’t Defending this bs, the opposite in fact. Oh well My take is if ur kid(s) see any of this/other garbage online; its The Parents fault. I’m not defending it either, but just going on about SRA/Satan/ect is pointless imo. Its irrelevant who puts out the content..&I mean If u realy think reporting the vids will help, go for It. But don’t you think many have before & nothing’s happened? Idk Maybe you’ll get something pulled, (&good..) but my point is what was said at the start of this article: “Busy parents putting tablets/phones/ect in front of their kids to entertain them..” “..not realy paying close attention to the content..” That’s the probem. Parents who do this; its their fault 100%. The internet (YouTube/ect..) will Not Stop putting out & allowing people to upload all kinds of thing; not just “disturbing”… Read more »

You tried being a single parent when the other one’s decided its too much hard work and gone home. You have a predatory approach where you blame the victim for your stalking. You cant guard every street corner against drug sellers if thats whaten have decided is cool to do to little girls. And it is largely little girls being abused in these videos.

So you know him personally?

You doubt he would touch this stuff? Satan?! How stupid are you?!

Satan’s not real.

Yeh, poor f**king satan eh Matt? He takes so much flak.

Watch som videos on youtube of people wh have died and gone to hell and see what they say about Satan. He even beats his own demons because he’s not satisfied with them not luring enough people into hell. This is a desperate time for him and there is nothing he wouldnt do- except worship God. It is a raging WAR between good and evil to a length we’re not made to understand.

Link Please !

Indeed, its not my style. I prefer to corrupt the masses by my false religion called Christianity. Haven’t you ever wondered why you worship an effigy of a man being tortured?
Yours lovingly, Satan.

Beelzebub=Lord of the flies…of the dunghill– Yes everything you say stinks and is dead wrong! The Cross of Christ to those blinded spiritually is foolish and to the Jews a stumbling block. But for those who believe it is the power of God unto salvation!

The Lord of the Flies is one of the crown princes of Hell dude xD Demonology is actually a very interesting field.
That said, there are evil people everywhere. Regardless of who enacts judgement, be it God or cosmic karma, they will all get theirs.

You ever think maybe them demons are aliens /shrug they say some were “gods” who really knows with all the BS being shoved down our throats every day

Yet its not christians who abuse children, but satanists. How are you feeling, way W A Y down below, Satan? Is it warm enough for you? You used to be an arch angel and so soo beautiful, and now you’re disguistingly ugly. You’re soul is showing on your outside, boy did you pick the wrong one to mess with!

This isnt funny, guys. It’s extremely serious, this war between good and evil and should NEVER be taken lightly!

I would never name them but i know a few men who grew up at St Cashels Ophanage who have, under oath, given great detail of their sexual abuse at the hands of the Jusuit Christian Brotherhood. Two, I knew chose to end their lives, after they testified as adults in the hearing into what happened and how it could. So, Christians are not exempt.

Jesuit isn’t Christian. Lol! What are they teaching out there? Jesuit is a mob of bullies that are evil….willing to harm innocent people. And not care!

Uh…..shall I direct you to the MANY cases of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking involving ministers, priests, youth counselors at churches, boy are you naive. Wolves love to hide behind innocent looking masks.

Satan is the father of these things… and you want to leave him out of it???? Smh

It’s true yes there are. But that is not of God, it’s people using the position they’re in in a very wrong way, then to still proclaim God. All that does is cause pain and confusion. God is not the author of confusion. People turn away from religion, more importantly, away from God, because of these issues.

God states in the Bible that he created good and he created evil….both.

Evil…..not evil people. Look it up.
(Producing or threatening sorrow, distress, injury, or calamity; ) like a evil disease….pestilence!
Lets us words in the right way. The dictionary have many uses….I love reading it. You should too.

I suppose the many who have claimed abuse in the hands of priest and clergy are lying?

@???. Maybe Vixy doesn’t consider catholics to be Christians. I know I don’t.

We don’t worship the effigy, we worship the entity. You should know that, Satan. I can’t imagine you’d have devoted so much effort, with such deep longing, just to enclose yourself in plaster and ride a couple of wooden beams for all eternity.

Lmfao….funny but true

I assume you’re being sarcastic.

Wake up matt this is the work of his coons, they after our kids

Fantastic article VC! I personally don’t have any children but I’m disgusted by the way kids are being brought up these days. I was just at the DMV this morning and almost EVERY KID in that place had some sort electronic device in their hands. There is no accountability anymore. Parents are getting lazier and lazier, their children becoming more brainwashed everyday. In fact, this is one of the reasons I don’t want to bring children into this world, there is too much poison to truly protect your family. Disney, Nickelodeon and YouTube are not appropriate entertainment for kids!! Wake up people! Peace, Love and Light!!

Great comment DeeLish, until the end……..with your peace, love, and light thing:( Thank you for this platform for me to take a moment to say: Right now is the time for us all to realize that this earth will only know of peace, love, light, and truth amongst other things…….WHEN Jeshuah returns. He is waiting for those of us who are awake, to open our eyes. Each of us are building our spirit’s character even at this very minute. What a strange time we are living in. It is tough to see through all the brainwashing and lies that belong to this dead world. Wow, your spirit must be strong already if you truly hear this and know it. Jeshuah is preparing a place RIGHT NOW for you. John 14:1-7 Will you be a teacher, farmer, rancher, scholar, carpenter, artist, or even something else? Revelations 20 What secrets does the… Read more »

Oooof really? -5? WOW!
The Christians truly are gone from this site. I’ve been here since the beginning, but its time to say…..”whatever it is that the muslims say for bye!”
Good luck with your stuff, all.

You’re making a bad name for Christians. You sound more like a bigot than anything. PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT!

I see this wih my own sister sadly… disgusted by it all

Ok but, the one place I would totally put a device in my child’s hands would be the fing DMV.

LOL That’s exactly the problem. Why can’t they color in a coloring book? Or play with a toy car? The problem is LAZINESS, not the florescent lights in a government building.

I agree. I’m strict on controlled screen time, and tablets never take precedent over outside play. But at some bureaucratic shithole with nothing but the buzz of fluorescent lights and the ominous sound irritated murmuring, yea the phone or tablet seems like a viable option.


The world has always been messed up. Imagine having kids in ancient times when there was even less law and order, and the threat of a different people coming in and killing you and kidnapping your family was a very real possibility. That didnt scare them from having familes. Dont let these people scare you so much, cuz then they’ve already won. I myself cant wait to start a family. My job as a man is to protect them and thats what i’ll do. Im not going to allow them to scare me to the point where i stay some lonely hermit locked in a basement. Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Good for you Sara. I have a teen and she is unschooled, not on FB, not exposed to popular culture. There are so many real and beautiful things out there. As parents we need to protect our kids, and that includes protecting them from toxic vaccines.

Well good luck to you in trying to protect your future kids because it will be one hell of a job to do. You can do your utmost best in the confines of your own home, but once the kids step out into society then it’s a whole different ballgame. They are being influenced by other kids, teachers, irresponsible adults and the media (celebrities). Back then you could say you had more control over what your kids are exposed to but in this day and age where everything is computerized, microchipped, common core sanctioned by the government, big brother etc then you can only do so much as a parent in protecting their impressionable minds and cultivating independent thought.

It’s possible to protect kids from a lot of that, though. We have 3 kids. We homeschool and are careful with what they watch and hear, and we choose good associates for ourselves abd them. We eat well and avoid most medications and no to vaccines. So far we are as happy as we can be in this system.

While I commend you for not being one of the herd, only naive and misinformed parents would deny their kids the simple right to immunisation. You are putting them and those they associate with at grave risk of preventable diseases. My parents did not immunise me. I suffered through measles, mumps, chicken pox and rubella. I wish I hadn’t gone through that. All 3 of my kids have all of their shots. Grow up. read some modern science books. /rant

Well, you should be glad you “suffered” from these very common diseases. It was only temporary and your immune system grew stronger with each illness. Essential for a healthy life on the long term. Ever wondered why so much young children get cancer, nowadays?

I don’t think facts are things anti vaxers are interested in.

Really? Ever hear of shingles? There are ton’s of cases of children turning autistic and even dying from shots. The immune system and proper nutrition/exercise is all kids need.

Maybe you should do us all a favor and keep your unvaccinated kids away from everyone.

Marcus – If the vaccines work as well as they claim, why would you fear unvaccinated kids. Yours are all protected, right? Or do you work for a pharma company and get paid to spread your fear and lies? Hey parents, get the facts.
Watch the movie Vaxxed and learn what was leaked by Dr. Thompson at the CDC……Remember the big tobacco coverup, except this time it is our kids suffering at the hands of corporate greed..

FFS do people realize that SANITATION AND PLUMBING are the real reasons why we don’t have rampant disease ? Come on, talk about not knowing facts try learning some truth, minimal research shows you exactly what’s in these vaccines and absolutely none of it is life saving. You know what else makes for outbreaks of previously eradicated diseases, migrants and immigrants from third world countries WITH POOR SANITATION.

If your kids are vaccinated what would you need to worry about Marcus? Don’t those vaccines work?

Actually 4 kids lol.

Brilliant Sara. Best wishes to you and yours. Roy

I’m so glad you posted this article. Our 3 year old daughter has an iPod with just a couple of basic apps and a few months back we downloaded YouTube KIDS so she could watch her favorite cartoons. Soon after we starting seeing these weird videos popping up all the time and they were some of the exact ones you posted here and some others that are just as bad if not worse. My wife and I kept saying who the hell is filming this, for what purpose and how would it end up on a kids app? All of it didn’t sit right with us and we ended up having to delete the app. Something truly sinister is going on here and requires further investigation!

Glad you saw it and did what you did! One other thing every adult can do, along with deleting these apps, is to broadly alert the people they know about this hazard. Use all the ways avaiable: WhatsApp, Facebook, Live Conversations, etc. Let’s spread the word!!! Peace.

I don’t even have a phone with internet and your 3 year- old has one? This is not necessary. It’s wrong.
As you saw, but you still allow this- any way?
When I was a kid, we didn’t have computers, or internet, or portable phones. We brought coloring books and crayons (our mother brought these for us) and real books and toys.
You could make being at the DMV, into a time to spend ‘quality time’ with your daughter— actually talking to her, teaching her about God, reading, coloring together, playing other children’s games, etc.
Use your imagination! Maybe… don’t force your 3 year- old to even have to go to such a dreary place -where there isn’t accommodation for a child, really. You can make it acceptable by your parenting choices though, if it’s absolutely necessary for her to be there!!!

ChristianMother: You are the exact reason why most people run from Christianity. While you do have some good points, your self righteousness is blinding your true meaning. Just because someone is doing something different from you, doesn’t make them less than you. We don’t all worship the same God and we don’t have to. Seems like you may have a good grasp on what good parenting is but if you are teaching them to condemn others who don’t think the same way as them…well then you are adding to all the angst and poison in this world. I almost wonder if you come from the backwoods of Arkansas, telling all the colored folk to get off your lawn….? You see how that judgement thing works? Not very nice, now is it? Be the true peace and light in this world, stop pointing the finger and start effecting change. Oh and… Read more »

This is such a toxic thread. 🙁 I’m 19, and I’d like to have children at some point. Being paranoid about everything is sickening, and tbh I’m damn tired of being afraid.
One real issue in raising kids is their interaction with the world – children are exposed to inappropriate things at younger and younger ages, and for some reason people aren’t questioning it.
Have a quick story: I myself was exposed to p*********y at 12 years old. Recently, I broke my phone and used my younger sisters until Christmas came around and I could get a replacement – my sister had plenty of sexually-charged content in her YouTube history. She was only 10 at the time. That’s the downward spiral into both sexual immortality and development of voyeurism, obviously both things that are rampant in society today.

christianmother47, So everyone who isn’t parenting like you is doing it wrong then? Seriously, you sound just like my mother. Let’s go ahead and bring up all the faults of everyone else to try and minimize yours. Does that make you feel better about yourself? I was raised to play outside and help out around the house. I ALSO was allowed to play video games and the computer. I went to an art school with lots of other gamers and techies. They have an excellent sense of imagination and are also vivid dreamers and genuinely hard-working GOOD PEOPLE. Like many others have said, moderation is key. If you want to keep technology from your children, that is your choice. But they will be at a disadvantage when they grow up and aren’t up to date with the ever-evolving tech world. That is where the world is headed, like it or… Read more »

ChristianMom, I get that you are passionate and have strong feelings about this subject, but you need to chill a little bit. Your message has a lot of good truths in it, but the instense judgement is a real turn off. Loving and wonderful parents can entertain their kids with some nursery ryhmes on YouTube while waiting at the DMV. That does not make them bad parents. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Not everyone has kids with the same temperament as yours.

3 years old huh? and already plugged in. sad. hey maybe try putting a reeeaall book in her hands instead. or how about a musical instrument?

There’s also the damage done to the child’s eyesight from watching rapid movements on a screen. The images move much faster than anything in the natural world. There will be long term negative effects from young children staring at screens.

A book would cost extra money and an instrument makes noise. Children have to sit on their butts, don’t bother and be quiet. That is all the parents want.

My 3 year old does all the above. There’s nothing wrong with watching videos with a toddler. Obviously the parents above *are* paying attention to what their kid is watching, or they wouldn’t have noticed and tried to take action. Some videos are educational, even ones from non-educational shows. Animaniacs has a few great ditties about the world and our universe. Sometimes shows and things have a way of reaching kids in ways that we can’t. Kids don’t always want to be on their parents laps looking at books, and most parents need to prepare meals or do work around the house; thus we need to distract them while we do said tasks. Most wee ones will often rip pages in a book, and we don’t always want to listen to them “make music”. Unless a person is deaf, quite often the loud repetitive noises of a tots music instrument… Read more »

Yes! I couldn’t agree more Thy Unvielling. Same as above, I noticed a sinister turn in the videos my 3 year old was watching several months back. She showed me a video w/ Peppa Pig stabbing George Pig w/ a huge syringe. We immediately deleted all YouTube and YouTube Kids apps from all devices. She had the iPad for educational apps the ABCmouse and was only occasional YouTube time and those sick bast**ds were still able to slip this vile swile pass our parental restrictions, blocks and watchful eye. SMH

There is No reason why a 3 year old needs a computer!!! You just want to be lazy
parents- or care more about your ‘yuppie, cool parent image’ ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ mentality- that is what this sounds like!
Kids don’t ‘rip’ books- unless they are not being raised properly! They need to be taught about values, morals, and how to behave and what is expected of them!!! This is done by truly loving your kids and spending time with them and treating them as a human being and not as just a nuisance to be shut up with television or computers!!!!

Kids most of that age most certainly do not needs screens and moving clips to induce interest in discovering this world, in my humble opinion. Coloured blocks of wood will do more to their fantasy and imagination. But you have to give them a story – not someone on the other side of the world or some wified devise. Why deminish you own role to just a part of it?

Thank You!!! I agree 100%!!!

How about just getting out and exploring the world.

Don’t take your 3 year old to the DMV!!!!

ChristianMother: Exactly, keep your children away from the rest of us who are just trying to renew our drivers license!!

D d d – are you from the Victorian era? For actual f**ks sake

Lazy parenting- you don’t truly care about your children! The only way to raise them is to be engaged with them! It is not about ‘loving’ them by giving them devices to shut them up!!! Or about looking like a ‘cool’, ‘with it’ parent or something. If you care more about your image- than your child’s health and well-being -you should not be having children!

It is about the learning of the brain to be creative. Pushing buttons or icons of apps is nothing compared to being able to imagine and develope something in your own mind. It is not about being able to cope with the devise/telephone/tablet, as some might think. I use them myself, too. But such discussion is again about the form. A 3 year-old has no use of being able to use a phone, as it should be under supervision of an adult most of his time, don’t you agree on that? Then learning to use the brain comes before learing use be lazy-but-smart enough to have some electronic devise ‘help’ them in real life. I hope I have not offended anyone, that I have used neutral words. But most of all, I hope that I have not pushed any faith-buttons so that religion will be left out of any reaction-comment… Read more »
I agree 100%!!! Children should be using their own minds and imaginations, not being fed images and garbage from the internet! Especially at such a young age. Maybe the conspiracy theories are really true! They have completely indoctrinated the young people of today into believing they must all be linked to the internet and social media at all times, even 3-year-olds! They were not raised this way themselves. Imagine what will happen to this new, upcoming, generation!!! It is SO SAD!!! Loss of God- force-fed in schools, the loss of family values and actual -mother and father families, as trans-genders and gays take over. Also, the ‘desensitization’ of the population as we are fed more and more sex, violence, p*********y, and death and occult themes and images- in all the music, movies, and television programming- it is TRUE!!! The end is coming! I hope and pray people will come to… Read more »

There is everything wrong with 3 year olds watching videos. No matter what videos. What is wrong with you? A child needs it’s parents’ love, spending time with parents/grandparents so it can learn from them, and being outside in the fresh air.

I agree with you!!! Thank you!!!

Jim – so you haven’t heard of the baby Einstein videos? I bet you haven’t even got a kid. Videos are fine in moderation

You sound ignorant- and I have 3 children- all of whom were never given these things, including the video games of ‘violence and death’. This is a form of ‘desensitization’ and ‘brain-washing’- Look it worked on you!!!
Parents who truly love their children will want to teach them by example. Good parents also should WANT to spend time talking to them, and teach them about God, and INVOLVING them in whatever they are doing, themselves- such as baking, cooking, gardening, reading, making crafts, coloring, running around OUTSIDE!!! ETC.!!! ETC.!!!

I play violent videogames, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go to school and take out the .42… If I had to kill a chicken I would barely be able to, much less a HUMAN BEING.

My kids grew up with these wonderful videos!!!!!! And, as they got older, the Little Einsteins cartoons. Every episode has a featured classical score and work of art that is very present throughout the adventure. AMAZING and has continued to nurture my son’s love for the Classics. Screen time is absolutely ok when PROPERLY “managed” as i could never introduce those genres as seemlessly as they do!!! And we watch it together, interact with the adventure, dance etc. Just another way for us to spend time together. Obviously, there is time when the tv is off and they just play. But there’s something magical when my kids hear a score and look up to us and say “you know that song!” <3

The little Einstein episodes were exposed to be extremely lacking in true educational content. There was a lot of info that came out on it. Google it. Simply having classical music and imagery of objects was not enough and actually hurt some kids development. There wasn’t enough information and the images moved too fast for children to truly comprehend any real meaning. You drank the koolade.

Or even Super Why, where they have a GREAT motto “when you have a question, we look, in a book!” Not Google; a BOOK! There areee good shows for your kids to help learn what i can’t teach. Because, in today’s world, sometimes momma and dadda gotta cook or clean or just need a moment!!!

Kids can help with chores and this can be ‘quality time’, with their parents. It is the parents job to teach their kids and build their self-esteem!!!

That “your baby can read” DVD set actually works. It’s highly educational quality stuff. Some screen time can be very positive. It’s lazy parents or neglect guardianship that’s the issue.

Exactly. We don’t all have maids and cooks, thus allowing us to give our kids 100% of our attention 100% of the time. Some of us *are* maids and cooks.

Why can’t you INVOLVE your kids in cooking and cleaning???
That is what I did with all 3 of my children and it is the BEST Thing for them! It teaches them about life and BUILDS THEIR SELF-ESTEEM!!! “I can cook, I can bake, I can sweep and help mommy and daddy” (and be a grown up who can handle life, some day.)
This is what we should all be teaching our children- it can even be FUN! With a little imagination and a good attitude and true LOVE for your kids- you can make chores into ‘Quality time’!!!

Because kids aren’t always cooperative and sometimes trying to get them to help is the opposite of fun for those involved? It’s called knowing when to pick your battles. Sure, sometimes they help out happily. Other times I get sick of asking then telling then nagging and then we need time outs from each other; which is when it’s better to do the jobs myself. But when there’s no time out needed, the wee one still needs to keep off the floor while it dries after mopping. She gets bored with books or toys, yet old school Sesame Street or not-quite-golden oldie videos (like Buddy Holly) keep her attention long enough for the floors to dry. Yeah, sure, judge me for letting my kids watch stuff (that I have watched myself and made specific play lists for; like educational fun, or older music. Like I know the Periodic Table let… Read more »

I don’t want my four month old son around a stove or deep fryer, thank you very much. Do you let you kids around bleach or other harmful things?

With my 6 oldest kids I wouldn’t have agreed. But 9 years after the 6th was born we had a little premature baby girl who has Down Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and is partially deaf. We first got her an iPad when she was 2 after seeing her interact on one at her early childhood development program (a playgroup run through special education in Australia). The number of apps that are made for kids with special needs has really opened up the world of language to her. We subscribe to a few special needs programs designed to help her language development, motor skills, spatial awareness, knowledge etc. in addition to this, she has some videos we have downloaded such as the Wiggles. We are about to get her a second iPad at the age of 8, which will be used only as a communications device as she needs… Read more »
I didn’t see anyone say they give their children free reign over electronics. For being self described “christians” there is a lot of judging others, self importance and self righteousness in this comments section. Very unchristian like behaviour in my humble opinion. As with most things, moderation is key. I studied childhood development and there are multiple studies that suggest that children who play open ended games like Minecraft, hidden object games, games like Tetris, and educational games score higher on tests measuring perception, IQ, and the speed in learning “novel” ideas. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but this was only true when children were allowed a limited time with technology (I think it was up to 30 minutes a day). There was no benefit to spending more time on technology and that scores decreased for children who regularly used tech devices over a specific time frame (again I… Read more »

Just deleting the app isn’t sufficient. Personally I would’ve thrown the IPod out the window because there is no reason for a 3 year old to have one. If you guys really love your daughter, then dont let an Ipod destroy the most vital years of her mental development.

Grass hopper – there are some Great apps for mental/cognitive development, learning language and maths etc. You don’t burn all the books just because some are porno

The “Net”. The “Web”. Burn the fking computer.

I have no clue how it became acceptable to hand a portable cancer causing device to a child that also contains all of the worst things that humanity and evil itself have to offer. The parental controls rarely work because there is always some evil scum sneaking their filth into children’s content. Also, I don’t think devices help in a child’s development in any way. These devices are being promoted by the same cabal that this site exposes. An iPad is another handheld corruption system that will probably will knock 5-10 years off of your lifespan.

Ipads don’t cause cancer you fool.

Sure they do, a*****e. It’s called cancer of the mind. It’s dumb fks like you that keep this s**t going.

Much like the “Don’t hug me, I’m scared” videos covered a while back, these are constructed precisely for effect and to bypass filters that would otherwise catch this sort of thing.

Produced by some of the sickest minds out there that seek to destroy children from within.

Be vigilant indeed, and never let children near anything you haven’t screened.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared was not intended to scar children… The entire point of the show was to “show” (heh heh) the brainwashing that television does.

I agree 100%!!!! Thank you for making sense and standing up for what is good and decent in the world, today!!!

Like mentioned above, Dont Hug Me is a satire of children’s programming being as stupid and corruptive as it is today. If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually a parallel to the first time television networks became privately owned in the UK, and how business made its way into the mainstream media through advertisement.

To be fair, Don’t hug me I’m scared was aimed at teens and adults. Not children. And it was an art project aimed at exposing and making fun of brainwashing children’s programs.

America is filled with sick forks

“America” is not unique in this respect. The sickness you speak of is universal.

Hollywood is where⁉️

If Hollywood had to rely on American audiences for revenue, they would have gone bankrupt years ago. They make a great deal more in overseas sales, so you could say that the real audience for Hollywood is the international community.

My self and my wife noticed this, this is an attack on kids knowing that most parents give their phones to their kids thinking Youtube is safe. I have personally emailed youtube to allow user to block channels from their recommendation videos on the side and also allow parents to stop auto play. Is pure evil.

Thanks for bringing this to the surface.

Heh. Youtube will do nothing. They already attempt to silence Youtube channels by not giving them money if they don’t spew love for the latest transgender debacle

Glad you saw it and did what you did! One other thing every adult can do is to broadly alert the people they know about this hazard. Use all the ways avaiable: WhatsApp, Facebook, Live Conversations, etc. Let’s spread the word!!! Peace.

I have an app on Chrome that allows me to block certain channels. It only works on PC, but you should install it

Some are just collecting what they block for you and sell that information – you choose.

Did YT react to you? You do know YT is part of the portfolio of the same investors as your televisionchannels, radiowaves and computerbrands? Your fridge-brand probably is too (does it have sensors and internet already, too? You know why, to make shopping for milk more easy, as they say).

Report the video channels to the FBI internet crime branch.

Unlikely anything will come from it, but there are still good folk inside the service.

Crazy world.

Yes!! Report, report! To every authority you can think of! That channel is straight up criminal and something could very well be done about it. Catch those guys!

P********a and satanism wouldn’t be as viral as it is today if the FBI were allowed to do its job…or even wanted to. Unfortunately, even if you took one video down, they’d probably just re-upload it with another channel.

The only solution is to avoid all media, as these sickos attack from all angles.


Amanda, you mean Daddy of 5? Yeah, Philip DeFranco blew that up…and God bless him for it! Maybe you can point him or his fans in the MaddenKanz videos?

Seriously, at least the MaddaKenz videos. I know of one YouTube family that got their kids taken away for mental and physical abuse. We can try to help these girls too.

Are you referring to Daddy o’ Five?

I flagged as many MaddaKenz videos as I could. I encourage everyone to do the same! Someone please help those babies!!!

i am trying to report/flag the channel but it’s not letting me do it from my mobile device. I could flag each video but i feel there should be a way to flag the CHANNEL itself??



Growing up in the 90’s, i just cant understand why people give their kids smart phones and tablets and all this other stuff they DO NOT NEED. I didnt have a cell phone till i was 14 and it was a dumb phone at that but i got by just fine. I can understand you might want to give your little one a cell phone in case of emergencies but do they really need an iphone 10+ maximum? Number 1 you’re spoiling your kids cuz they havent done anything to earn jack except be adorable. Number 2 you are opening an incredibly bad door because kids are curious and do not know better. Use that tool between your two shoulders people.

Well I grew up in the 00s and I had my first cellphone when I was 6 and that was way back in 2001 , I’m in my twenties now and I turned out to be quite normal! So don’t judge the children of today! Spoiled or not they are more mature than previous generations!

You are ignorant of the facts. This is completely untrue!!!

You didn’t grow up watching cartoons or TV?

Back when Saturday morning tv was worth waking up for

I grew up in the 90s, have 2 children now, and I don’t understand it, either. At all. My favorite line from parents I ask is “He/she only uses it for educational games.”

Aside from the disgusting content you risk exposing your children to, I wish more people understood the actual, physical damage that is done to developing areas of the brain by “learning” on a screen, Passive learning vs active learning, etc. There is plenty of literature out there on it, if you dig.

Deeply disturbing . There are probably a number of reasons for these images . Money . Desensitisation of both adults and children to these aberrant behaviours to ultimately seduce them into accepting them as the ‘new norm’ . Paedophilia is now one of the biggest of all the agendas we all face. The sexualisation of children is everywhere in the media, even adverts selling the most mundane and everyday products are filled with very disturbing sexual innuendo . Violence seen in the context of just a cartoon or’ fun’ inures children and adults to the reality of the violence being perpetrated towards our fellow man during acts of terrorism or war . The business of war becomes acceptable as does violence generally . It’s obvious our humanity is slowly being degraded , we will eventually lose everything that essentially makes us human . On a more mundane level , who… Read more »
I AGREE WITH YOU! It is soooo SICK! It really seems to be true about the conspiracy ‘theories’. I have been very disturbed lately, as I have been learning of all this. I never watched mainstream media much- since I felt it was stupid. But I had no idea how far it has gone! The young people of this society and the world, are heavily influenced and have been indoctrinated into this evil mind-set. This is really the parent’s job- to be a vigilant parent and not allow this to be viewed by their children. They should also teach their children good morals and about God too, so they can make wise judgments when they are out in the world and on their own. Do you think the theories about the Satanic Illuminati, Free Masons, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers: controlling wars and presidencies, and media and all banking and all… Read more »

What in God’s name is this filth…. As the mother to a young daughter, this rattles me more than i can ever type into words…. COME ON GOOD PEOPLE OUT THERE, LET’S PROTECT OUR BABIES FROM THESE PREDATORS, EXPOSE THIS FILTH AND GIVE OUR CHILDREN A SAFE AND BRIGHT FUTURE….. rock on vigilant citizen, you have my undying support. As Martin Luther king said… our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter……

i totally feel you join our parenting thread on the forums!

There’s a parenting thread on the forum? This is my first time commenting, but I’ve read all of the articles on here. Maybe it’s time I venture into the forums…

Creators of the Elsa with Spiderman video are:
Creek & River
Actually located in Japan, previously locatedin NY City. Common idea is that it’s about getting ads revenue, but there are still many unanswered questions, as:
– How is it possible to use Disney names in such videos?
– How is it possible to get such high number of views without tricks?
– Moreover, how is it possible these videos still run, looking at the previous questions?

Here we have a number of videos with strange content – flagged many times – doing shady view counts, with names and characters owned by big media.

It’s really strange thses videos are still around.

Google no longer cares about removing material due to copyright infringement as they were a few years ago; they are far more interested in monetizing it. And the more views they get, the more ads they can sell.

As long as the rights holders don’t complain directly to Google, they’re more than happy to keep these gray-market videos up and generating revenue.

”There is no such a thing as bad publicity”
”Don’t complain, just have them spell your name right.”
”Attention of fellowman generates interest, and revenue, with their peers.”

Yeah- WTF?

canst not bear them which are evil

You echo my thoughts exactly with this post. It’s outright surreal these videos can even exist. Like I wrote in my own comment above, I suspect YouTube is lying about the number of views this is getting, in order to in fact PROMOTE this material. This alone should have people up in arms and questioning just what the world is going on. I really, really hope YouTube is in fact lying because the alternative of people actually accepting these videos is too disturbing for me to even consider.

Look at the Trending tab on Youtube. See how many Buzzfeed, College Humor, and Lgbt videos you can find with under 500k views. Odd how a bunch of these “Trending” videos have barely any views….

actually, usually videos like this are watched by kids. and these kids love to watch the same videos over and over again (from observing my sisters’ kids). I believe most of the views were from these little children.

Didn’t you ever have a favorite song or something that you couldn’t get enough of? Even now I could listen to certain songs on repeat…I guess that’s why sometimes we’ll see 10hour long videos of (typically stupid) songs on loop. But yeah, a couple years ago my friends kid kept wanting to see Santa get punched in a Megan Trainor (Bart Baker) parody. It wasn’t the song, just the punch they wanted to see. Repeatedly.

All of the videos on that channel are titled Bad Baby. How disgusting! Thank you for bringing this out of the darkness as disturbing as it is

I reported the maddakenz or whatever the f**k their disturbing name is!! There’s something seriously wrong with those videos!

There’s also something VERY WRONG with the people that actually enjoy that trash. It’s awful.

For those of you thinking “YouTube Kids” is a “safer” version of YouTube, think again! You’re kidding yourselves if you think a team at YouTube sits and watches every uploaded video to screen for adult or inappropriate content.

On another note, YouTube could care less about disturbing content for children, much less fraud. Anyone notice how ALL of the MaddaKenz videos have one or two letter comments in the commens section of their videos? They are clearly using view bots and blackhat SEO to manipulate their view count.

The stupid allow their offspring to be taught by the enemy.

There’s also this channel called Queer Kid Stuff…indoctrinating 3-7 year olds. There have been a number of response videos about it.

That channel is disgusting

Oh my god, my niece has watched every single one of those videos! She is only two and absolutely addicted to these youtube channels. We put on some innocent cartoon for her at first but a few minutes later, she somehow manages to go back to the Daddy Finger one and Elsa/Spiderman one. Every time we look at what she’s watching, something weird is going on. I will never let her watch any of this again.

Let me quote myself here : ” with your child yourself, lazy dumb-S. Connect with it. It does not talk back but needs your attention, not your stuff…”

I agree with you 100%!!! What is wrong with parents today? Money is not more important than your child. Maybe 1 parent stays home with your kids and the other works- that was a great concept! These things would be much harder to have happening that way – unless the stay-at-home parent is evil, lazy and/or stupid.

Surprising to me, that in this corner of the web one can accuse welknown people of the worst things, but one can not use profound language directed at ourselves. Then we have to watch the words we use to express emotion. The form is more important than the content. Even over here. Disturbing, regarding the content of the reports.


I watched some of the videos and noticed that 99% of the comments are just random letters, a mashup of smileys or someone saying only the word ‘Nice.’ There’s occasionally one comment or two in English that says something like ‘This is so sick’…

YEP! Disturbing and Sick!!!

They must be using like-generating bots. This is a common practice, which generates fabricated views and likes, which in return boosts the video’s ranking and pushes it up the hierarchy in YT’s search engine.

I noticed that too. They probably buy fake likes/comments, just like people do on Facebook and such.

Me too! What is up with that?! So odd…

As long as parents continue to allow “the system” to indoctrinate their children via mindless entertainment, then they are no longer considered their children but property of the state. Remember what Hitler said – “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” The rabbit hole goes much deeper I’m afraid. Reference the video – Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children on YouTube to realize the full extent of this lunacy.

Disgusting. Especially considering my niece has watched some stuff from these channels that initially start off innocent, then when you look closer, have an underlining creepiness. =/ I’m 100% sure these vids cater to the SICK BASTARDS in this world and it’s heart breaking. People should def monitor this type of stuff when they have kids. And, why is the injection in the ass cheek?! Why not the arm? Finger? That right there proves who is creating these type of vids. PRAY for the kids.

My son used to be allowed to watch you tube kids a little over a year ago we saw a disturbing “daddy finger” video it included stabbing and blood. After that i took you tube off my son’s tablet. It is terrifying.

My husband and I don’t let our daughter watch YouTube unless we’re right there. Even if it doesn’t switch to inappropriate video content, the ads are often questionable. She has the KindleFire kids edition with Firefly and I go through it every week or so to block content. It doesn’t allow her to go to the internet and I have full control over what she can see. I’ve had the YT kids app on my phone for awhile, but something in my gut just told me to hold it back. Now I’m glad I did.

Well, I wonder how much you earned by mentioning the brand name. If nothing, you are trained to make ads for free? Wow.

Downvoted for questioning? Wow.

This just happened to me a few days ago!! I was playing YouTube for our son and that violent “daddy finger” video you are describing showed up. I am done playing any YouTube for him. The risk is just too great! I checked out the MaddaKenz Vlogs. So disturbing. They need to be reported!

do these videos run ads??? and yet they are demonetizing truther and conspiracy videos??????

These are harsh realities indeed of the world that is the current setting for humanity. The need to “WAKE UP” is truly worth our attention. “Mainstream” everything possesses the minds, and is directing the lives, of humans on the planet. After creating the “system” to flow comfortable and acceptable “mainstream” indoctrination to literally everyone’s minds through the advance of technology and having created the unquenchable craving in us for more, more, more – all that needs to be done is gradually introduce pure evil little by little into the flow and a population can be created that is thriving off the direct supervision and control of the one Jesus called “the god of this world”, and “the spirit that rules this world”. Our race is being unwittingly entertained and delighted by demons behind the curtain… think about it – is there any other explanation? A satanically possessed human population is… Read more »

Thank You!!! I agree with you, this is so disturbing!
Do you think the Illuminati and Free Masons and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers ruling the world, starting wars, controlling the media, poisoning us with non-food, poisoned water, chem-trails, cancer-causing vaccines, and all that is true?
So many ppl say its all a lie, but it fits in with end-times prophecies and the Bible.

What’s also real sickening is the tons of people praising these videos saying how great the animations, etc. are. Some of the videos even claim to teach colors and counting to look perfectly acceptable to watch. I, too, used to allow my daughter to watch YouTube videos until I noticed that she was watching ones that had a lot of crying in them. Turned out she was watching some fake Peppa Pig videos where she’d be vile to her brother, turn into Venom from Spiderman, poop all over the place, you get the idea. There were even claymation videos of Spiderman having a lover that you couldn’t tell what gender it was, but it looked male. They did a lot of sick things. And I remember also seeing a video of someone playing with kids toys and giving a doll a shot in the butt like it was something you’d… Read more »

Sounds like you need to be a better parent.

Another effing Puritan…

To the moderator/owner of VC. I’m so sorry you reviewed this trash for our sakes. I empathize with the sense of revulsion you must be feeling. Please, for your own sense of mental health. Cleanse your mind with the Spirit of God. Listen to Enya’s music. Have your favorite comfort food. Dwell upon that which edifies. I among many here, care about you. I for one cant imagine having your sense of duty. Thank you. But…WOW! This is so incredibly surreal.

This is the saddest VC article i’ve seen yet…

The banality of depravity and war on innocence has reached a scale in my lifetime i never could have begun to imagine.

Please forgive us little ones for failing you…

I’m not from America, so could someone from America please call the police on this ‘MaddaKenz Vlogs’ concerning child abuse? I’m genuinly worried for their well being, and I’m pretty sure some content from their videos falls under child abuse.

OMG This is just sick. Nothing is age appropriate for children these days. What’s worse is that you have young children walking about with smartphones now.

There is one man who uses his two daughters to attract the attention of food fetishists…they all feed each other globs of chocolate pudding, chew food & let it spill out of their mouths, smear foods of all kinds onto each other. The number of ‘likes’ is very telling; it is disturbing how many pervert p********s have felt comfortable enough to ooze out of the woodwork.

I don’t think p********s is a dirty word Tara. It’s nasty and despicable behaviour but you’re allowed to say the word!

Oh yeah – the point was: it is horrifying how many of those “likes” are most likely “normal” people who do not see the wickedness & depravity behind the “innocent, amusing” kiddie videos.

I had a problem with this with my child. Like the article points out, many of the disturbing videos are auto-played on YouTube. There is a TON of poo videos out there, due to the “cute” emoji pile of excrement. What got me literally sick is when my hubby caught him watching intently these exploitative, abusive videos with a man and his two young daughters (4-6 years I estimate). It felt incredibly like p*******e “soft p**n” geared toward kids, but also the adult sickos who knew where to look. I couldn’t take it, I made a concerted effort to never let this happen again, if possible. Although he can’t understand what’s going on, I CAN and it’s my duty as a proper human being is to shield him from as much of the satanic, demoralizing material as possible.

Very vile and disgusting, i once came across a video called the banana challenge where the objective was to force a banana down your throat.. however in the video their was 2 little girls doing it. WTF If i ever have children they will not be using the internet!

There was recently that “DaddyOfive” scandal. Where the “parents” abused their children for stupid “prank” videos. “Pranks” were such as slamming kids to the floor, slamming heads against a bookcase till the nose was bleeding, taking away and destroying kid’s belongings, causing the kids to hit and fight each other, using guns, etc. That case got exposed by the YT community and the parents lost two of their kids, that were actually not really their kids to begin with. And those two kids were those who suffered the most under those “pranks”. I don’t get why anyone wants to film or put up photos of their kids online? First of all they cannot consent and second people should know by now that the internet is full of creeps. And I personally would never give a child a device with internet access. Too much creepy and disturbing stuff out there, even… Read more »

Talk about poisoning the upcoming generation into peril and doom by dark elitist corporations that feed off of this monstrosity. A clear promotion of old man Crowley’s motto…”do what thou wilt”

My kids watch similar videos and I have come across SEVERAL that I have to skip because they’re just plain WEIRD! Or inappropriate. So glad you posted this article because these videos are horrid and parents need to know they’re not as innocent as we think. There is this one channel “bad baby” or something like that where you’ll frequently see the grown father sucking on a pacifier with his kids…. wtf? Or the mom and daughter on a close up shot eating some kind of marshmallow lollipop thing and smearing it all over their mouth and SHARING IT! Weird!

The time has come to use high placed christians for things like these. May the Lord’s wrath come upon these sick childabusers.

Never trust someone based on their religion alone.
Some of the top “Christians” “Muslims” “Jews” “Buddhists” have multiple identities, and allow or create this content.

I found out about this first on H3H3Productions, then 4chan, and now on this site. I am so glad not to have kids. TO the people doing this…IT’S TIME TO STOP! SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO WROOOOOOONG.

What’s even creepier are the comments left by people on the YouTube videos. If for example a video shows one kid smearing cake in another kid’s hair the comments will be “hmmmm chocolate cake” followed by “I love chocolate”. Then another “that’s so cute” and on and on.

Really? Cute. Very odd. Very creepy.

They sound like zombie predators when you read them…. yuuuuck!

The very popular Jimmy F*llon made a very big point on American Televison over the years, of abusing children for entertainment. Ofcourse he went ”viral” more than once. The biggest names come to him, the most expensive actors come to the show.. to play stupid games, really stupid games.. to promote their creative products like movies and televisionshows or musicvideos and downloads. And in between that , aimed at young people, lengthy, popular, hilarious segments of children in confusion, pain or anger.
Encouraging parents to emotionally scar their children, disturb the trust-bond between them, over santaclaus/xmas-presents, candy, toys…to make us all… laugh?
Or just to make you watch the commercials?
Or maybe there is an alternative motive for all this.?

Jimmy Kimmel, not Jimmy Fallon.

Oh boy, Tom, you got me there. You are probably right and I am a little ashamed. But thinking about both – I can mix them up and still make the same points. Wonderfull things, words, letters, caracters.

Why are you mentioning Jimmy Fallon in your comment? He doesn’t have “hilarious segments of children in confusion, pain or anger”. The only thing I can think of is you’re talking about when Jimmy KIMMEL does his annual “Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Ate all My Childrens Halloween Candy” videos. Before you comment about something and bring someones name into your rant, maybe you should look up facts first.

Oh ? Did he stop doing it? I must confess that I do not keep up with his work anymore that deeply. But, it was about more than just candy, Erin. Maybe nowadays he is just showing stupid games between promo’s, but it wasn’t always just ”stupid”, it was painfull to watch (and I watch American Dad for fun).

Subliminal mind control programming for kids. And of course, they’re being subjected to p********a rings. But the masses, will just say “OK.. It’s not a big deal” since some of the cases will not showed up in mainstream media.

Did we forget Tom & Jerry running with scissors and planting them in their backs, to amuse people from 1 up 10 100 years old? Roadrunner? Five children solving murders in books for under-20?

Good point. This stuff is on a continuum. Evil couldn’t jump right in onto the sick depravity of the sort shown in these YouTube videos. It began earlier with milder stuff, such as Pepe Le Pew committing suicide after sexually harassing some poor cat or Bugs Bunny acting sadistic. The “Golden Age” of cartoons set the stage.

Do you seriously see no difference between Tom & Jerry and these things?

There is huge difference between classic cartoons and that! First of all the “violence” was so crazy and over the top that is was unrealistic and most people(including kids)know that. But the violence in modern cartoons(especially adult cartoons)is realistic and can be recreated. In modern cartoons we see blood, guts, feces, broken bones, etc, classic cartoons didn’t show that. The whole point of cartoons(at least back then)was being able to do wacky things that are not possible to do in real life.
Also those videos show creepy sexual fetishes, which I can’t remember seeing in Tom & Jerry.

Even on youtube there are vids of classics – not monetized ones, that show exactly the things you mention. When the public expressed their horror, the cartoons were slightly simplified and published again. The building up of violence in movies started at the very start. The p*rn was made when it could be made, the use of war and murder occured in the early movies as well. Just look back, on the fields besides your yellow brick road of life yourself, and see more gross things than you did when you were little. It was their all the time.

(sorry it feels as a snarky retort but it’s a legitimate question. Let me rephrase; do you think Tom & Jerry back then were the equivalent of this sick videos only we see them as something innocuous?)

Gradually building up of desensitization takes a while and small steps at a time?
Using violence as amusement is not always amusement. Especially when it comes to young minds that see things in a lot more simpler way. But yes, I do see differences. I merely tried to open a sideline about what dosis is acceptable.
(Did I mention already somewhere that because of those cartoons, the dog breeding of bulldogs totally got out of hand, so there is hardly a bulldog on this planet that is healthy. Most can not even be born healthy anymore because of mis-bred proportions for customers who find it adoring or cute when it looks like a cartoon).

Thanks, when thinking about it the violence in those old cartoons seems objectively less than innocent. However I feel that those that did the old cartoons felt they were more or less bringing to a kind of an “extreme” the simple slapstick comedy, I guess they too were victims of a kind. That said old stories and narratives were more vivid and violent in general, and yet mainstream entertainment was less rotten; on the contrary we now live in a very sterilized world of political correctness but strange perversions creep more and more in the mainstream. That said, I think there is a huge moral limit to cross between laughing at cartoonish violence and being interested in the suffering of children, sure you can push someone that way but there is something more deep that must push someone there, more than “simply” desensitizing it slowly through entertainment ( I am… Read more »

the Happy Hollisters were not depicted seductively….

Thank you. I can not stress it enough to befriended parents : watch what your children are watching and even better, screen on forehand. OH : and teach them yelling and screaming is only for emergencies.

The Spider-Man/Elsa things I beyond weird. Once my daughter ended up watching an Elsa/Spider-Man video that didn’t have that disturbing content, but easily could’ve linked to those videos. We don’t allow youtube without us watching and we only allow it for one or two videos. I plan to continue this especially after this article…
My niece was telling my mom how she learned about a five year old girl who got pregnant after spending hours on YouTube unsupervised. She was 4 years old at the time. So wrong

I’m sorry that needs clarification. My niece watched YouTube unsupervised for hours and ended up learning about a five year old being pregnant. It was super disturbing to hear from a child.

There is a channel called Anna Kids TV which is supposed to be a kid friendly channel…one of the videos has a Russian title with “Doing Shots In The A**!” at the very end, in English. Such a kid friendly title??? I feel sick discovering this. 🙁

Pure evil. Children should NEVER be watching a computer screen without a parent able to see it within the same room, like in a family living room. There is absolutely no excuse for a child having private internet access in a bedroom or place out of sight of parents. None.

This is so disgusting and enraging, that I’m fighting the desire to curse these people that they be dragged down with the demons possessing them. But God, please heal their sick souls, instead.

This makes me sick! P********a is the next step on the agenda. Apparently p********s want a P added to LGBT as they are claming it is also just another normal attraction. They also want p********s to be realeased from prison.

That’s messed up. We won’t let it happen.

Alabama is apparently going to be doing chemical castration of the peds. I hope the LGBT community pushes back since adding the P would be an insult to orientations that are generally more about age-appropriate and consensual relations. Another YT scandal I recently learned about through Philip DiFranco is some nearly mid-20-something y/o singer, Austin something….he was manipulating 14 y/o girls into sending him naughty videos of themselves twerking or exposing their anus for him to “score” and jerk off to. Having been a teenage girl who “dated” a couple guys in their near-mid-20s, I know how the damage hits home long after. As a teen, you think you must be very mature etc if older guys like you. This would be intensified 1000fold were it a “celebrity” you admired. When you’re nearing the age those guys were, most people with a conscious will find themselves wondering “How could he?… Read more »

Clearly all satan’s handwork!! Whoever can view these videos and know there is something terribly wrong and still not admit that satan exists and is using these so called “elites” as a tool to achieve his end goal….must be deaf, dumb and blind, otherwise why would they just want to corrupt people like this…there has to be a very real reason. Absolutely sick!!

VC, you get serious points for actually watching all this filth, in order to write this excellent article. I don’t know how you can sleep at night, because this cr*p is positively traumatizing. THANK YOU.


If you find out please let me know and the rest also, Thank You!

WEIRD. there are numerous channels that have the same themes and music and style. Same story lines. The clown face makeup some on those channels are using is in the style of JOHN WAYNE GACY.

I agree with Dixie as does a professional I consulted with about this topic. We equate these videos to MK Ultra type conditioning and brainwashing to normalize abnormal behavior and p********a. The video themes are commonly centered around “learn colors” and of course “hero” characters such as spiderman and elsa. The MK ultra research and backround literature can be found below our research in these videos. I agree with the author of this article on various points but, take it a step farther and attribute these videos to a satanic p*******e ring running on YouTube as we speak. If you don’t believe me search for elsa or spiderman videos. Click a few deep and start looking at the comments. These people are talking in code. They are marketing and selling things and services. This is Big Business at the expense of our children and hundreds or thousands of victims. This… Read more »

Thank you for sharing your research.

I apologize for my language, VC, but I just have no other words.

This. S**t. Is. F****d.

Very good Advice, Thank You! I will report it, too!


Oh and btw VC, peppa pig has turned into Venom in that picture, not some spider demon. Although i suppose you could say that the symbiote alien suit that Eddie Brock wears to become Venom is very similar to an actual demon.